Happy Dave Righetti Day

The planets sure are aligned. Exactly a quarter-century after Dave Righetti no-hit the Red Sox on a hazy, Fourth of July afternoon at Yankee Stadium, the two teams are facing off today in the final year of this great ballpark.

Would anyone like to put odds on Darrell Rasner no-hitting the Red Sox today? The odds would be much slimmer of Josh Beckett no-hitting the Yankees.

Do all of you remember where you were when Righetti threw that no-no? I was at Minot Beach in Scituate with my mom, stepdad and sister. Let’s see, 1983. I was between fifth and sixth grade. I had a transistor radio next to me and it was the first time I had listened or seen any type of no-hitter.

Ken Coleman and Joe Castiglione were at the mike for the Sox as I listened to them in one ear and the waves crashing in the other. The great, great, great Ned Martin was calling the game on channel 38, along with Bob Montgomery. Remember how Wade Boggs swung at a slider in the dirt for out No. 27?

Speaking of lefties with nasty stuff, Jon Lester was amazing last night. A complete-game shutout at Yankee Stadium, the first for a Boston southpaw in this yard since Roger Moret on July 4, 1973. That was the second game of a doubleheader by the way. And it was a thrilling 1-0 win for the Sox. A guy by the name of Carl Yastrzemski drove in the only run for Boston, scoring Rick Miller with a single in the top of the fifth.

What will today bring? Perhaps a breakout performance by Manny Ramirez, who has been awfully quiet at the plate of late. Things were not quiet in the Yankees clubhouse last night, where Joe Girardi aired out his nine for a job not well done. Is it really great strategy to air out a team just hours before they are about to face Beckett?

These are strange days in New York when hard-hitting New York Post columnist Joel Sherman refers to Derek Jeter as nothing more than an ordinary player, and some days, less than that. Then again, these are also days where you see the New York Daily News with the front page photo of A-Rod and C-Rod and the headlline, “Madonna Broke Up Our Marriage”. As one of the great singers of all-time Jim Morrison would say — Strange Days!!!!

By the way, the Righetti masterpiece isn’t the only memorable Fourth of July Red Sox-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. Does anyone remember the fireworks of 2003?

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Perhaps you guys and gals can check out the blog in between burgers and dogs.



Happy 4th to everyone. 232nd anniversary to America.

If Lester did that to the Yankees, can’t wait to see what our TRUE ace can do to him. Anybody calling back to back complete game shutouts?!lol

Happy 4th everyone from BoSoxbrian to Arnie to gsm52 to redsoxfan015 and all others who contribute. We love you all.

Varitek got a hit last night. My opinion — if Jason can just hit with runners on, I don’t care if he hits 230 but if he drives in runs…that’s all I care about. He’s not a lead off contact hitter but he’s always been good when you need him. That to me is what a catcher must do. Their job is managing a pitching staff and as of late — that’s been hard.
I fear we’ll see a different Yankees team today. A tough vengeful team that will attack the Sox with gusto. I hope for the best especially since I won’t be seeing the game.


Happy 4th to you as well. I would like too see some fireworks from the Red Sox bats today.

Wade Boggs said making the last out in Righetti’s no hitter was the most embarassing moment of his career. Jerry Remy lead off for the Red Sox that day. Peabody’s John Tudor was the losing pitcher.

My best memory of Red Sox and Yankee battles on the 4th of July is back in 2003. Oh by the way the Sox had just lost 2 out of 3 from those Devil Rays before going to N.Y. back in 2003. July 4th 2003 was a coming out party for David Ortiz, he jacked 2 longballs that day and Varitek did as well. David Wells made his best throw of the day, he tossed his glove into the stands, lol. That was a great day back in 2003. Let’s hope 5 years later that will happen again. Pitchers like Rasner always worry me when the Red Sox face them. Look no further than Brian Moehler last Sunday. Those are guys Boston should smoke but they don’t for some strange reason.

Joe Girardi had a closed door meeting with his team after last night’s lackluster effort. Lou Pinella once said, you show me a team with alot of team meetings and I will show you a team with alot of losses, lol.

Yanks lineup doesn’t look as potent anymore to me. They are not consisent at all this year. They scored 18 runs on Wed. night and 24 hrs. later they get shutout. Perhaps they should all grow mustaches!!! LOL. If Beckett pitches the way he has been lately, the Sox should win. I hope it goes from Beckett to Papelbon. I don’t want too see anyone else from that Boston pen.

I watched the Righetti no no at my folks house in Mass. I remember saying why isn’t Montgomery playing, Jeff Newman should be watching like me, lol.

Oh no — I hope its not back to no clutch hits, and in particular no run support for Beckett

Jeff Newman! That is a player I never thought I would ever think of again. Man, was he useless.

Red Sox get the bases loaded with 1 out and they can’t even get the ball out of the infield. Not good!!

I’ll give kudo’s to Damon, he spoke during that team meeting last night and came up to the plate and got on. If you speak up like that, you MUST produce, especially the next game.

Beckett should be used to lack of run support. That is what has gone on in his last 2 starts.

Hi everybody! I’m back from my self-imposed one day exile from Browniepoints and Sox baseball and I feel refreshed and good-to-go! We were so busy last night I couldn’t have snuck into the office to catch an inning or 2 even if I wanted to.

Happy 4th to all. I always feel privileged to be able to live here. With all the freedoms we enjoy and opportunities we have, we are very lucky indeed. I try not to take it for granted. Thanks to all military personel past and present for protecting us.

Let’s go Beckett! Sox bats, I’m praying for you.

Jeff Newman was a player that could take b.p. at the team hotel and he would never break anything, lol.

N.Y. has come out swinging today!! Abreu has the Bon Jovi look, has a hole in his pants, lol.

My younger sister was in Yankee stadium for the Righetti no hitter.

Hey this doesn’t look good for Beckett! Sox load ’em up and can’t score and the Yanks come right up with 3 in the bottom of the first.

Man, i hate when mlb.tv has the red sox opposing team’s broadcast. Whenever the opposing team scores a run the announcer is saying,”AND THE (put team name here) SCORE!”

Do like I do, turn off the volume. They usually don’t have worthwhile to say anyway.

Lugo delivers again– another double play. Wake up Francona!!!

Lugo another DP. Yikes! How can a guy with his speed lead the team in hitting into double plays?

Anybody want to say the red sox struggle to score runs again

I think a platoon situation should happen with Lugo and Cora. I would prefer too see that but unlikely to happen. Red Sox don’t want a guy who makes 8 mill. per season sitting on the bench. Lugo is really hurting the Red Sox!!

I expect Beckett too settle down. This might be one of those games where he gives it up early and that is all you will get.

You can always count on Lugo — another frustration, how can he pass on a pitch right down Broadway, forcing himself into a count where he has to swing on a pitch designed to make him hit into a DP. His pitch selection drives may crazy — like he is afraid to swing until he has to.


I agree with you about Lugo. That 2-1 pitch from Rasner said “hit me”. When your struggling you get gun shy up there. Just like basketball, when your jump shot is not dropping, players shy away. Which is the worst thing you can do. Pedroia got off to that horrible start last year but he was never afraid at the plate. Lugo is afraid!!!

Varitek staring at A-Rod, mmmmmmmmm. I like that!!! You don’t mess with the captain.

Also, why is it that the Sox face so many Cy Young candidates? where do the come from?

I hope Francona had a counter message to his team, saying something along the line of do not discount the Yankee “team meeting”, be alert, don’t let them off the mat, they are going to come out determined today — you need to ready to meet and match that determination. You would think you would not have to say things like that to pro ball players, but from a spectator distance, we do seem a little complacent (to my sense), like we need a rally cry somehow — Ortiz did it (supposedly) last year in the playoffs — Francona, has never been known (or given credit) for rally cries (too my knowledge) — just great steady faith and management of his players.

The best part of Ellsbury and Pedroia, we will be watching this for years to come.

Time for Ramirez to put one in the new stadium!!!

Deja vue one inning a apart — hopefully not — need a clutch hit this time

I don’t like that pitching by Rasner. Your leading by 3 runs, be aggressive out there. Your asking for trouble with the bases loaded. Rasner got lucky in the 1st, not this time!!


Finally, some clutch hitting — thank you Youk!!

Way to go Youk!!! What a great effort by Damon. That is as close as you can come without hitting a H.R.

Have you ever seen the ball sit on top of the wall like that one Youk hit? See enough games you see a lot of strange things.

Damon plays for the Yankees but I have always loved how he played. He plays all out all the time, never loafs out there. He is a hustler, busted his butt down the line every game he has played. That being said, I would have never given him a 4 yr. deal worth 52 million.

Man, that hit by Youk, has to be a near forever MLB record for the hit closest to being a home run, but not — if the ball had just teetered the other way, rolls into the bullpen, and is gone.

You would think (but when does it ever work out the way it is suppose to) that we have an advantage now — Beckett usually gets stronger, Rasner tends to struggle — advantage Boston, but alot of baseball left.

The most amazing part of that play, Ramirez hustled all the way from first to score, lol.

This umpire has not been introduced to the strike-zone — somebody should tell him it has be over the plate to call it a strike

Ellsbury’s something else, he almost got back to the bag at first in that rundown.

Actually the run-down of Ellsbury might turn out ot be a good thing in the end, with our failure to set the table for the run producing part of our order (at least today so far) — we can start over next inning with no outs, rather than two.

Home plate umpire definetly has a wide strike zone. Drew complained in the 1st inning, it looked like a strike though. Ramirez complained as well and that pitch was inside. Varitek struck out on a pitch that was outside, never hit part of the plate.

Yanks guessed right on Ellsbury, sometimes that will happen. It looked like Ellsbury was going to get back to first. He made it look interesting.

Beckett is struggling in the 4th. I didn’t like that curve to Posada on the payoff pitch. I would have preffered too see some nice gas from Beckett. Posada isn’t the hitter he was last year, he has been in a rut.

Beckett seems to be losing something. He gets ahead 0-2 and then can’t seem to put them away. Let’s hope he can get back the movement on his ball.

Beckett won the battle of the 4th inning, but is losing the 9 inning war — bullpen is coming — any takers on who we call on?

That was a long inning. The red sox got lucky there

I’ll bet Timlin gets the call at some point

Probably Timlin and Oki. I’ stay away from Del Carmen, Hansen and Lopez unless the game gets out of hand or you want to give it up.

If I was at the game, I would cut the wires to the bullpen phone, lol.

Lopez is fine, as long as he is facing a lefty.

Lowell goes deeeeeeep!!!!!!!! Earl Weaver said the best hit in baseball is the 3 run H.R. I would have too agree.

That is weird. A long inning for Beckett, no runs given up, and then hit a three run homerun. Good job of taking advantage oof a good thing

That kid jumped out of the stands to get that ball. Michael Kay said he fell out of the stands, I don’t know what he was watching.

Crisp should be running, stealing second.

Are they going to throw that kid out? The crowd is chanting, let him stay!!! Let him stay!!! How funny.

Is Varitek finally snapping out of it? I hope so. Nice at bat by Varitek, it doesn’t take much for him to turn it around. Let’s go Lugo, bust this game wide open.

I think they have to throw the kid out. Supposedly it is a “ground rule” which at one time, they probably announced before the game.

Lugo comes through again.

I was going to write immediately after Varitek’s hit — Lugo up with two outs — end of inning, but I put a lid on it, until he did his thing. If must be really frustrating being on base with Lugo up, knowing you are not going to score.

BoSoxbrian wrote — let’s go Lugo — I have a new chant — Let Go Lugo!

Crisp and Varitek should have called time out– went back to the dugout and relaxed while Lugo did his thing.

Pretty good play by Lugo. What’s that saying about a blind squirrel? Sometimes finds a nut? Or something like that.

Maybe we could print up bumper stickers: FREE LUGO! Like the “Free Tibet” ones. Get Lugo out from under the tyranny of laboring for John Henry! Go Lugo! And take Timlin with you.

Good job today by Beckett. After a rocky first, he took command and gave the Yanks very little. Will we see him for the 7th? Hope so.

C’mon Crisp- stop fishing and swing at strikes.

The Sox need this run.

Cmon Coco, you can do better than that! Arggghh

That was pretty weak. Runners on 1st and third, no outs and Sox fail to score. This is getting old.

Rolan Tyner up — get your mutes button out

Maybe Lowell and Youk should have called time out and went back to the bench and relaxed and let Crisp, Varitek- and if Lugo got up- do their thing. What a waste. At this point in the game Tito should have pinch hit for Varitek since he got the best of his swings his prior at bat.

Oki is in. Here we go again!!!

101 pitches for Beckett. He had another inning in him. What the matter with Francona?

What a horrible bullpen.

Delcarmen coming in. This could go from bad to worse. Got your rosaries out everybody?

Well, here we go, gopher ball Del Carmen. Hope he’s got his good stuff. A truly pathetic effort by Oki. I’ll concede the broken bat single, but once again, walks are the devil’s advocate. He comes in to get the 789 hitters and can’t do it.

OK Manny, go get ’em.

How many times does Francona have to get hit over the head?? Beckett should have pitched another inning. Her cmes DelCarmen- nice and fast- just what Rodriguez likes. Assuming he gets the ball over the plate.

Maybe ranting works!!!!

Phew! Got it done. 6 outs to go. Can the bullpen hang on? Cmon Sox, give us a July 4th win!

Dave, I’m turning into a better whiner than you…… but whatever works.

The field is a quagmire, don’t ya just love being able to trot out a word like quagmire? Think this one will be called?

Good rants guys. Always seems to help.

Hey BosoxBrian:

Recognizing how dangerous it is to manage from “the bleachers” (or in this case, the other end of a computer line) I don’t understand Francona’s thinking today (an you know I think the world of my birthday buddy!). Given how precarious the bullpen has been, don’t you have to begin to count outs? You figure Pap is good for 3 (or, given that he hasn’t pitched for a week, maybe 4-5), meaning you’ve got 3 – 6 more to get. You send Beckett back out not necessarily for the 7th inning, but to get one more out. He’s at the bottom of the order with whom he’s had good success. If he gets Cabrera out and quickly, you ask him to attack Molina. If that goes well, maybe you ask him to deal with Gardner, who’d he’d struck out twice alerady. However many outs he gets, you are that much closer to Pap.

Even though the same thing effectively occurred with Oki Doki and Manny D, and the Sox may not have to face Abreu, Jeter and A-Rod again today, I just don’t understand not asking Beckett for some additional outs. After all, he has been deprived of some victories because of the ricketty relief bridge to Pap. Why not give him a chance to shrink the size of that bridge?

Hey, hey, Lugo finally avoids making an out. If only he could have done that earlier when he had ducks on the 3rd base part of the pond. I’m sure he’s the nicest guy in the world, but its getting difficult to resist joining in the chorus of “Lugo Must Go!”

My daughter and Yankee-loving son-in-law are at the game. Seeings as how it was the last year for Yankee Stadium, my wife and I got him a five-game pack of 2 tix each, and today is one of the games. I talked to them as the game started, and they seemed pretty psyched. Every once in a while you find a gift that’s just perfect for the recipient, and this one was. He’s taken a few of his buddies to games, and I think there’s one more Sox game left.

Oh well, how long will this rain last?

I would have liked to see Beckett for the 7th. No question, with the bullpen the way it has been you just never know what you’ll get. But you knew Josh was throwing well and he looked to have one more in him. If he gets through the 7th you have only 1 or 2 outs that the middle guys need to get before you can go to Pap. All of what you said is valid, Dbenjamin. But who knows, maybe Tito has some diabolical plan to get his bullpen going in the right direction and it is not obvious to us. Also, why have relievers if you can’t trust them with a 3 run lead?


I was thinking just like you. Scary thought, lol. I was hoping Beckett would start the inning and take it from there. You said it very well, you start counting down outs. I’m like you, I like Francona. That being said, I didn’t like the hit and run the other night against the Rays. I thought that was his dumbest descion this year, clearly!!

Papelbon should be available to get 4 or 5 outs today. You don’t want to do that alot but today I would for sure. It is very obvious, this bullpen needs to get another arm or two. Either within or thru a trade. Okajima was pretty bad today. He pitched well in his only inning on Wed. and I thought maybe he turned the corner, not. When the game gets into the pen, anything can/will happen. Lately it has been nothing but bad. When they enter in the game, I think negative thougths right away. I’m usually not like that but with this pen you have to feel that way. Until they show me otherwise, which is highly unlikely.

I think it will be Timlin on a short leash in the bottom of the eighth and Papelbon for 4 or 5 outs since he hasn’t pitched in a week. I was scratching my head about turning to Okajima. I know that Francona likes to stick with his players and let them rebound, but Okajima has shown all season that he can no longer retire hitters on a consistent basis. I think Aardsma would have made more sense in the seventh, or Delcarmen from the start of the inning. It doesn’t make sense to keep Okajima on this team if he creates trouble every time he appears. Hopefully, the Sox can hold onto this lead. THey have squandered several more scoring opportunities today. This should be a blowout, but it’s not.


With Giambi, Posada, Cano and Cabrera due up in the 8th, you’ve got to figure that Francona would go with Lopez the lefthander, probably with Aardsma heating up. Or, better yet, maybe the Sox will win by rainout!?!?!?!

Talking about deadline trades, do you think the Sox stand a chance of getting Brian Fuentes from the Rockies? They saw him last year in the World Series, so they’ve seen him pitch in the clutch.


I would agree with you about Lopez coming in. He has does an excellent job against lefties this year, unlike last season. A year ago lefties pounded him.

Fuentes will be a player alot of teams will be looking to get. Huston Street could be another name that could get traded. I think he would look good in Boston. I’m sure Beane will be asking alot for Street.

5:45 and we will be watching baseball again.

Let’s get Lugo in and extend this lead.

Here we go again, starting with the walks.

I am very surprised too see Delcarmen in. He hasn’t pitched in over 90 minutes. Why send him out? Girardi was smart enough, he didn’t bring back Farnsworth. Lopez should have started the inning.

Lopez gets it done.

Even though the Sox didn’t have anything going in the 9th, it was good to have Edwar Ramirez throw 25 pitches. He should be toast for tomorrow. Now, let’s see if Pap can get it done in the 9th!!!!!

Very impressed with Edwar Ramirez. 2 scoreless innings. Drew was the only one who had a good swing against him. Lowell sent one deep but well foul. They list him at 165 lbs. that must be with bricks in his shoes.

It’s Papelbon time. Just blow them away with gas!!

Michael Kay keeps saying Damon is listed day to day. Charlie Steiner then of e.s.p.n. said ” Aren’t we all day to day? lol. I will take a guess and say Damon will miss tomm.’s game for sure. He is a gamer but unlikely he will be in that lineup tomm.

Walking people must be very contagious in that Sox pen. Your up by 3 runs, let them earn there way on. Your better than that Papelbon.

Bad call!!!! HORRIBLE!!! Watching it live I thought he had it.

Abreu smoked that one but the wrong place to go, deep center. Nothing is easy when it comes to this Sox bullpen.


Hey BosoxBrian:

Your Rays must still be on fire, up 7-0 on KC in the 5th. I can’t wait for them to coooooolllll off.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I know that its still early in the year, but I’ve got to tell you. If the remainder of the year stays consistent with what I’ve seen so far, I wouldn’t be inclined, were I Theo, to extend either Manny R’s or Oki Doki’s time with the Sox. Granted Manny’s production numbers are decent, but he has looked very foolish many times striking out in ways I don’t remember. And with Oki Doki, he can’t seem to get his fastball into the 90’s, and doesn’t seem to be fooling anyone with his body movement this year.

What’s your take?

Hey guys! Man it feels great to be back. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL. Man Red Sox were GREAT i love this.


My Rays? LOL.

I agree with you about Ramirez and Okajima right now. Of course alot can happen between now and then. Alot of good could happen but not so good as well. Ramirez is in a big rut right now. Rasner pitched to him as if it was the Ramirez of season’s past. They chose to pitch to Mike Lowell and we all know what happened there. The Rays went right after Ramirez and I agree with that. Earlier in the season Mussina went after Mussina and Ramirez smoked him. I hope that will be the case tomm. I thought going into this weekend, Ramirez would snap out of it. So far not the case. The Red Sox need Ramirez to start hitting. He is constantly up with men on base and they need him to drive in runs, not strand runners. My confidence in him right now is very low. When he came up against T.B. I could only envision him striking out. He didn’t have a chance against any of those fastballs. He was swinging way late. I don’t think it is his hamstrings, he still runs the bases hard. I’m sure it is wearing on his mind.


The Rays have the Royals for 4 games. This just in that is 3 wins for sure. They go to N.Y. for 2 games and then they are off to your neck of the woods for 4 against the Tribe. I think they’ll split in both N.Y. and Cleveland. Perhaps the All Star Break will coooooollll them off as you say.

I would be very surprised if the Red Sox do not trade or DFA Okajima if he continues to struggle. The bullpen is not deep enough to carry two left-handed specialists (which is what Okajima would become if Francona stops using him as a regular set-up man). Javier Lopez has been very effective against lefties this season, so Okajima is the odd man out. I think that you will see Masterson in the bullpen and Buchholz or Colon back in the rotation after the All-Star break. You will also see Theo Epstein acquire someone, perhaps Brian Fuentes or Damaso Marte (Pittsburgh). The bottom line is that Delcarmen, Hansen and Timlin need to step up. Epstein can’t reshape the entire bullpen in a month’s time, so some of the help with have to come from the existing relievers.


Continuing thinking about Brian Fuentes, if the Sox begin talking to the Rocks about acquisitions, what do you think it would take for the Sox to acquire both Fuentes and Matt Holliday? Holliday was an absolute stud in the Series last year. I think you have to consider the possibility that David O doesn’t return this year, and, at least to this point, Manny’s having too many “ice cold” periods for his brief “red hot” periods. If Manny’s performance doesn’t pick up over-all, I’m not sure that Mikey, Youk, DP and JD can lug the “production wagon” enough to keep up with BosoxBrian’s Rays (Can you tell I’m having fun blaming them on you — I get tired blaming SEC football on you [lol]).

The Sox could offer to trade Manny in return, maybe even offer to pay his salary for next year (I know, you all want some of what I’m smoking). Realistically, how much of the Sox talent would they have to part with to support a deal like that. With Manny, do you think they could get away offering perhaps some assortment of Michael Bowden, Charlie Zink, CoCo and maybe Brandon Moss. Or do you think the Rocks would insist on the inclusion of some of Jon L, Buchholz, Justin M, Jacoby, or even DP or Youk in return.

As good as he is, would anyone consider giving up Jacoby for Holliday and Fuentes? Holliday is only 28, and appears to be a natural replacement for Manny. With that replacement, the Sox would have settled a major transition they have to address in the next few years (the others being catcher, SS, 3B and RF) and made themselves a whole lot younger. I know it may sound like just another outlandish thought of mine (remember that I was the guy who suggested, that while the Sox were talking about Johan Santana, they should ask about Joe Mauer as well, and touched off a bunch of your guffaws). However, I just read a Rocky Mountain News Report suggesting the Rocks have some other OF options with Taveras, Podsednik, Iannetta and Spillborghs. Why not move one of them to LF, put Jacoby in CF, and shore up 1B with Brandon Moss, where Todd Helton is not getting any younger, and is currently on the DL, using some of the other OF’s as trade bait to acquire other talent. Just a thought…as I obviously don’t worry about being outlandish. I don’t mean to sound cavalier about Jacoby, because I am convinced he is the real deal. But LF for the Sox has always been the position where the guy who carries the team plays, whether that’s Teddy Ballgame, Yaz, Jim Rice or Manny, and it just seems like a perfect fit for Matt Holliday.

Go ahead, shoot holes in my thought (or my head if you prefer BosoxBrian [lol])


My Rays are playing your Tribe very soon, lol. It sounds like the Brewers are the front-runners for Sabathia. I guess the Brewers farm system is stacked especially at A.A.

Matt Holiday would be a perfect fit, I totally agree there. I don’t see him being dealt at the end of July to Boston or anywhere else. Holiday could be dealt during the winter. I guess the Angels are interested in Holiday as well, among others I am sure. If Boston hooks up with the Rockies it is all about Brian Fuentes. Marte as Jeff mentioned as well ( Isn’t every year Boston after Marte? ) Ron Mahay is a possiblity and the guy I would like too see is Huston Street. He would be the ultimate bridge to Papelbon. I don’t see Street coming to Boston but hey I can dream can’t I? LOL. Sean Gallagher was just sent to the pen by the Cubs, could be on his way to Boston? One thing that is very obvious Theo needs to get another arm or two. I also think this could be it for Mike Timlin if he doesn’t turn it around. If he struggles this time I think the Red Sox will give him his release. Timlin got hot last year around this time so perhaps he can do it again. I am hoping he can turn it around because he has been a solid performer most of his Boston career.

One more thing Dbenjamin, I hate the S.E.C. just as much as you but I call it the way I see it, lol. A friend of mine is a HUGE Gator fan ( season tickets and all ) and anytime they beat someone outside of the conference. He always says the S.E.C. is too fast. My response is how come anytime a team from the S.E.C. goes West and gets smoked? He never likes when I say that, lol. I was very happy when Michigan beat Florida in the Cap. One Bowl. Enough of that. Too much baseball to be played.

Hey guys,

I miss one game and I’m glad the ranting did not stop — especially for Lugo — you guys make me proud of you all! (LOL) Manny has said he is planning to come out of his hitting slump when playing for the Yankees next year when he hits 385 with 97 HR and 200 RBI’s. Oki is really struggling with his splitter. He’s just floating it over the plate. If he can solve that he will be the old Oki again.
Right now the players I love to watch are Youk and Lowell and Pedroia. Varitek is always impressive though because he manages a very difficult pitching staff. Even the Yankee announcers — which are so much more tolerable than Tampa Bay — admit to Varitek saving the tails of a lot of those pitchers.
Sox have to sweep the Yanks. They have TOO. Why? The twin cities are coming to town and are bringing a hurricane.

Hey, how’s eveyone doing ?

I agree with Jeff that Delcarmen, Hansen and Delcarmen have to step up if the Sox want to be in the playoff mix in October. Personally i think Delcarmen and Timlin will. I might be one of the last Hansen’s fan standing so i hope he will too, but it’s getting ugly.

Delcarmen has all the tools but is still relatively unexperienced. Bad days are somewhat normal for him and anyway he’s not pitching that bad. As for Timlin, he’s been there before and, surprisingly enough ( at least to me ), has still something in the arm at the venerable age of 42.

I don’t see Oki being moved anywhere though. It’s stating the obvious, but his true value probably is somewhere between his stellar 07 season and what he’s done so far this year. Maybe closer to what we saw last year, who knows ? Last year he didn’t really have the usual mid-season slump a lot of new players suffer. It’s hitting him now. Sophomore slump, anyone ? Oki is struggling, and like many good pitchers before him he will be back.

He has to !

I do have a question about yesterday’s game. As it landed on the top of the fence, why wasn’t Youk’s triple a home run? If a ball hit on the top of the Green Monster and bounced back into the field, wouldn’t it be a home run?

Wow, i just read my post.

Among other mispellings, it’s “everyone”, not eveyone, and it’s Delcarmen, Hansen and TIMLIN ! I guess i’m rusty.🙂

Dave, I know the Twins are playing well, but Boston will be back at Fenway. I think the Sox will take five out of six at home against Minnesota and Baltimore. It would be nice to get one of these final two at Yankees stadium and take five out of six at Fenway heading into the All-Star break. This is certainly possible.

I don’t think Ellsbury should be traded. He should be untouchable. The only reason he has been struggling in recent weeks is that his wrist is still sore. It takes time for an injured wrist to heal, and he is playing through the discomfort. Ellsbury is a rarity – someone who can hit for average and power (his power will only get better), cause disruptions on the basepaths and play stellar defense. The Sox have their leadoff hitter for the long term.

I like the idea of Matt Holliday in left field, and I think that, if he is not traded this year, the Sox could land him in the off-season, if they decide not to pick up Manny Ramirez’s option. I highly doubt Boston would move Ramirez during the season. This team has good chemistry, and a trade like that would be disruptive. Now, if Ortiz returns and reinjures his wrist, I can envision a deal for Holliday since Ramirez could be the DH. A deal with Colorado involving Holliday would likely require Jed Lowrie (they are high on him, and he can play second or third for the Rockies since they are also considering trading Garrett Atkins), Michael Bowden, perhaps Crisp and/or Moss, and low minors prospect.

Personally, I would like to see the Red Sox swallow Lugo’s contract and DFA him (if they can’t trade him) and call up Lowrie to play shortstop. I know that is unlikely to happen since Lugo makes $9 million a year and is signed through 2010.

I do think there will be a major deal that will rival the 2004 trade, and I have a feeling it will involve a shortstop and a reliever coming to Boston. Just a hunch.


I guess Ortiz’s injury is his hand, but you get the picture.

Bosoxbanter: I certainly hope a major deal that will rival the 2004 trade (that solves are short stop problem is in the works) but at what cost?

Garciapara was presumably seen as great value given the risk — Lugo obviously is not — so where is the value (Rameriz, Lowrie, the other names you were suggesting)? That will take so guts.

Personally, I think if they can eat $8 million on Schilling, then they can eat $9 million on Lugo, but how many years, would they have to do this? If you DFA Lugo for instance, how many years to you have to pay him if no one picks up his contract? through 2010? Even if so, though incredibly hard to part with that kind of money, why make it cost you more, why make it cost you a division title or a championship, or lure you into a bad trade — minimize you loss by correcting your mistake in the best way possible, even if that means taking an 18 million dollar loss over two more years, bring in Lowrie, a low cost better option all things considered, and trade away your assets.

Relatively few trades really pay off, but the 2004 trade and obviously the Celtic trades this past year, prove it can be done. It will be very interesting to see what unfolds — lets all hope if it happens that its not a Gagne quality trade, we all know what an ouch that was.

oops, I meant “not trade way your assets” above.

Introducing a new topic — I wasn’t able to see the end of the game yesterday, saw that bad call by the 3rd base umpire calling Coco’s catch a trap, when it was clean, and should have been out #3. Fortunately it did not alter the outcome of the game, but infact did come about 5 feet short of possibly altering the outcome of the game.

That said, I thought I read somewhere that instant replay was coming to MLB in August? is that true, false, or just rumor?

Even if it does come, I wouldn’t put it past MLB to be some pedantic about its rules of use, that that play would not be reviewable by instant reply — perhaps just home runs and foul balls — but what about game ending plays, etc. — maybe that is what is holding this all out — what plays will be reviewable and what will not?

Anyone know the status of this?


What does the acronym DFA mean?

Sorry all, I forgot to mention Ellsbury. He really is an amazing player. Part of me wants to unload Manny but he’s a hall of fame player going through a tough time. I’m frustrated with him but it would be nice for him to retire on the Red Sox. We’ll see.

I would like to see the Sox roll past NY. They need the wins considering that Tampa Bay is unbeatable — of course they’re playing teams that are playing like summer camp squads.
I will add, great play by Crisp. Too bad it wasn’t recorded as an out. Those are so hard for an umpire to tell without an instant cam. Very difficult and sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re wrong. Thankfully Papelbon was able to hold his own.
I like Matt Holiday a lot but the Sox have so much talent in Pawtuckett right now with Moss, Lowrie, Buckhotlz, etc. that it’s a shame to waste that talent.

I heard on ESPN this morning that the umpire who made the ‘Coco-call’ “later came out and admitted that he MADE A MISTAKE”.. Wonder if the outcome of the game had changed, whether he would have admitted he screwed up?!! I keep hearing everyone complain about the announcers, it makes me even more glad that I changed from MLB.TV to the DirecTv package.. You have your choice of two coverages unless one is a local blackout. I always go with Remy and Orsillo.
Today, we have to deal with FoxSports, and that usually means Buck and Mc Carver… Lord I cant stand McCarver!!
But game on soon…. see y’all later!!

Ramirez isn’t go anywhere this season. He has a no trade clause and he will not agree to any trade. The Red Sox have a very difficult descion to make when the season is over. Do they pick up his option of 20 million? I think whenever there season ends they have 15 days to decide. I might be wrong on that but perhaps someone could/will help me. I think Ramirez will end up hitting anywhere from 28 to 33 H.R.’s and drive in around 100 to 105 runs, end up hitting around .285 to .295. Is that worthy of picking up the option? I don’t think so but that is very easy for me to sit here and say that. It will be one of the toughest descions the Red Sox will have to make. Since Henry/Werner arrived in Boston, I would say there toughest descion yet.

The Rockies will be sellers come late July, there 15 games under .500 as of today. There not just going to give away Holliday. They would need to be knocked off there socks ( no pun intended ) to deal Holliday away. Fuentes will be dealt away for sure. Holliday, highly unlikely. The Rockies will either try to lock up Holliday long term or trade him away during the winter.

If the Red Sox deal Lugo away they will have to eat half of his contract until it runs out. That is what they basically had to do with Renteria. This Lugo situation is very similar to the Renteria situation. It is very obvious Lugo has to go and very soon. He doesn’t help them in any way. I would like too see a platoon going with Lugo and Cora. Cora is in the lineup today and he should be when the Sox face a right-hander. Have Lugo watch like the rest of us, lol.


I will try to answer your question. The Green Monster has that red line( not the subway system in Boston ) if it goes above the red line it is a H.R. I hope I helped, I don’t know if I am right but that is my thought.

I heard on ESPN this morning that the Umpire who made the ‘Coco call’ “Later came out and admitted that he’d made a mistake”.. I wonder that if the outcome had been affected adversely (against the Sox), would he have admitted it then?? Let’s see… ummmm, I say NO.
I keep hearing everyone complain about the other announcers. That makes me even more glad that I made the change to DirecTv and their package. You have your choice of 2 coverages, unless one is a local blackout. I always choose Reny and Orsillo.. I’ll complain now.. Today we have to put up with McCarver..ARGHHH!!!
Happy Anniversary to Jerry Remy, our RSN President and NESN Broadcaster on his 20th season in the booth!!!

Wow, a lot of stuff posted since I was last here.

Dbenjamin, your question concerning Youk’s triple not being a home run……. if the ball fell the other way to the back of the fence it would have been a home run. It all has to do with ground rules and each park has a unique set of ground rules. In Yankee stadium the ball has to wind up on the other side of the fence. That fence has a funny padding on top of it. It is possible for a fly ball to hit the top of that fence with that kind of padding and bounce back. In that case it would be a live ball and in play. This is unlike Fenway park which has a yellow line at the top of the green monster. The ground rule in Fenway is that any ball that lands above the yellow line is a home run. That’s why a ball can hit on top of the monster, above the line, come back on to the field and be ruled a home run.

MLB is considering instant replay, and it may even be enacted this year. I think the issue is what kinds of plays are going to be reviewable. Obviously, ball/strike and out/safe will not be among those things reviewable because both are entirely judgement. I think you’ll see fair/foul, home run or not, and possible catch/no catch among the things considered. I also think you’ll see the same caveat you see in the NFL in that calls will only be reversed if there is indisputable evidence the call was wrong.

There are three things about that call on the Crsip catch. The first is that the umpire was out of position. That guy is too fat to be an umpire and although he could be seen waddling as quickly has he could toward center field, he essentially made the call from third base. He was out of position. The second is that an umpire must see the catch to call the out. If he could not positively tell whether Crisp caught the ball, he must call no catch. He cannot assume an out. That, by the way, is true for all out calls. An umpire cannot guess out, he must see it. Finally, I did not see where Francona asked to the umpire to defer to or ask assistance from another umpire. Certainly, because because the ump called no catch, most likely because he could not tell for sure whether Crisp caught the ball or not, the could have conferred to see whether any of the other umps clearly saw the catch. If any of them did, the call could have been deferred to one of them.

I do not see the Sox making a huge move at the trading deadline. If they can steal someone, they might do that but I don’t see them making a major deal. If there is a trade to be made, I still think the guy most likely to go will be Crisp. He is their best expendable commodity right now.

Despite recent struggles, Ellsbury is still among the league leaders in runs scored and leads the league in stolen bases despite having 50-80 fewer at bats than those ahead of him. He’s a little impatient at the plate and is getting jammed a lot. He’ll get those things worked out and he’ll be fine. He is also covering a ton of ground in the outfield and making brilliant catch after brilliant catch.

I have had a really long fuse when it comes to the Lugo situation.. but everything has to come to and end and thats where my fuse is now.. AT THE END. They have to do SOMETHING and SOON!! Why is it that they wont sit him and play Cora or bring someone up from AAA.. How much worse could they do than Lugo.. ?? A). He’s not hitting.. B) His fielding leaves aTON to be desired lately. C) He keeps making baserunning mistakes…. and he’s playing like he’s got this huge chip on his shoulder. No matter what the Sox will have to pay him, but I’d rather pay him to SIT!! Start Cora until something else happens.

D.F.A. is Designated for Assignment

Brian, you are exactly right about Fenway. I was thinking the line was yellow. There is also a lip on top of the monster and I have seen several balls hit on top of that wall, hit that lip, and come back, which in Fenway is a home run.

Ellen, the ump couldn’t do much else except admit he blew the call. The replay clearly showed it to be a catch. That might seem like a very bad call, and it was. However, a worse call is to call a trap a catch. In the Coco catch, the ump simply did not or could not see the catch. In the other scenario, where the ump calls a trap a catch, he is absolutely guessing, and that’s real bad.


I agree with you about the umps call. It would be alot worse if it was a trap. We have seen that many times over the years. If you see it as you say,you can call it. If you don’t see it, you can’t call it.

Papelbon is one funny dude!!! I’m sure when he has had a few cold ones in him, he must be the funniest guy!!! He cracks me up.

I agree with Francona, if baseball is to use replay it should be at the start of the year. Not in the middle of the season. Coco’s catch wouldn’t be reviewed anyway. For H.R.’s only, which there wouldn’t be many over-turned anyway. Not as much as people think.

Good play by Pedroia, try to grab the extra-base early in the game. Damon would have bounced that one to second, probably 15 bounces, lol.

One thing I know for sure, today will be a bullpen day. Masterson will probably go no longer than 6 innings.

Brian, I think replay could be used effectively for catch/no catch. For those plays, replay would ensure at least 90 percent are called correctly. Even though we see some blown calls, I would almost hate to see replay come to baseball. Think about it……. one less thing for Dave to rant about if they bring in replay.

Seriously, I guess I’m a baseball purist. I really don’t like the direction the game is taking and I think putting more technology into the game would further serve to ruin it. There’s no doubt that we have the technology to call balls and strikes and just about everything else if we wanted to see that in baseball. A big part of the game is the uncertainty of what’s going to happen next. It’s part of what makes the game exciting.

Another walk, another run.

BAD pitch call by Tek on the 0-2 pitch to Cano. He should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have Masterson throwing up in the zone. First, he doesn’t throw hard enough to get away with that. Second, his ball moves down and away, and if he doesn’t get it up and out of the strike zone, it hangs right out in the middle of the strike zone, just like that one did…… and finally, down and away is much more difficult to hit from a guy like Masterson. More and more, I question Tek’s pitch calling. Tek also with a poor effort on the throw from Drew.

Cora is slower than I am.

Gsm– I only want replay for close H.R. calls. There aren’t that many during the season anyway. The one thing I am afraid of, baseball would see how that goes and if it went smoothly. They would be replaying more stuff, like the Crisp play. I don’t want that to happen.

A 1 out walk by Materson and it comes back and bites him. Lefties are defintely giving him some problems in his young career.

I agree with McCarver when he said he didn’t like where Varitek was when he received the throw from Drew. If Varitek was back a bit, he could have blocked the plate and they would have had a better chance in getting the slow footed Giambi.


I was wondering about Cora as well. Did he have a piano on his back? lol.

Mike Lowell is the best defensive infielder I have ever seen in a Red Sox uniform. I don’t know how he made that play.

I agree Brian…… Lowell is something else.

Masterson is having command issues again. This has the potential to get ugly fast.

Nice job by Masterson on Giambi, but he sure left that 0-2 pitch up and in the middle for Betime. He was very fortunate on a good play by Pedroia.


N.Y. is having major issues hitting with guys in scor. pos. Unlike Yankee teams in the past. They feasted when they had guys at 2nd and at 3rd.

I have seen it many times, a team squanders a chance to break the game open and the other team comes up and takes the lead. Boston has some momentum!!! Time to get these bats going. It starts with Ramirez. H.R. for Ramirez?

That’s true Brian, but Masterson was very fortunate to escape. …… and now he hits Cano on a 1-2 pitch. There’s no excuse for that.

I am with you gsm about Masterson being fortunate. Overall not bad from Masterson so far. These Sox hitters are not getting good wood on Mussina.

Ouch. Vince just called Dustin gremlin boy


Right when we thought we were safe, Joe Buck mentions the name of Joe Migrane, UGH!!!! LOL.

Gremlin Boy? LOL! Good one Vince……… Gremlin Boy is hitting about .800 against the Yankees.

Brian, Masterson is hanging tough which is one of the things I really like about him. He has had some tough outings where he didn’t have his best stuff but still managed six good innings. He’s doing the same today.

Gsm–Tony Gwynn spoke very high of Masterson. Masterson went to San Diego State where Gwynn coached. When someone like Gwynn talks highly about you, your a talent for sure. Dusty Baker compared Masterson to Drysdale, he said his delivery is very similar to Drysdale. I really like what I see from Masterson.

Molina gets rid of that ball quick, textbook stuff from Molina.

I think the Sox have to seriously consider Lowrie as an option for the second half of the season. Cora is a good utility player, but he’s not the every day answer. Lugo has been given every opportunity and has not produced in any way.

Ellsbury thrown out again. He didn’t have a very good jump, but not a bad play with two outs. He’s been getting caught a lot lately. Molina can really throw. He’s got about the quickest release I’ve ever seen.

I am so sick of the Red Sox not scoring. Come on…this is abysmal. They never score runs. They are a terrible offensive team. The only reason why this isn’t 18 – 0 is because the Yankees can’t hit any better. All the money and all this talent thrown away because we have players like Lugo, Cora, and Ramirez who can’t hit and we have Varitek who can’t hit either — but he’s a good catcher.
Next year is clean house for the Sox. Lowrie and Moss need positions on this team. Get rid of Cora for Lowrie and push Lugo to a backup position. Get rid of Manny and use Moss in left field with Ellsbury in center and Coco as a backup. If he doesn’t like that then trade him for someone who can hit about 300 with power. The Sox have no one. Drew once again is asleep at the plate, Ramirez can’t find the plate and those are supposed to be the two big home run hitters on the team.
This game is terrible. The Sox are terrible and they should crawl back into their holes until they are ready to be baseball players — there hopefully that Rant will wake them up!

I really hate that shift. I just don’t think it takes that many hits away and it disrupts the whole infield.

Worse than the shift though are the hitters against whom the shift is employed. Runner on third and all Giambi has to do is bang the ball down the third base line. He has a hit, and RBI and the Yankees have a 2-0 lead. Instead, he hits a liner to Youk. That kind of baseball is a freaking joke.

Ramirez is absolutely clueless up there. He got a second life with a break from the umpire and stood there and watched it go by. He couldn’t catch up with an 89 mph fast ball right down the middle. The more I see, the more I think the Sox don’t pick up his option next year, and they shouldn’t pick it up unless he finds the fountain of youth and his swing.

Ramirez looks totally lost at the plate. His confidence must be zero. A day off I think would do him wonders. Francona did that to Ortiz on a Sunday night at Fenway against the Yankees back in April. Perhaps that will happen tomm. night with Ramirez.


Ramirez starting caring about the game in a big way this year and I think that really crushed his spirit. He’s putting undue pressure on himself and is playing like Lugo. Francona wants to put him the outfield. I say bench him for a month. He’s just an automatic out. He’s out of gas and will never recover. I guarantee another team will pick him up and he will become Manny the monster at the plate with the pressure off. He should chose a team that has no competitive spirit — the Rangers for one and will tear the house apart with his ability.

Um….. was it time to make a pitching change with Gardner up?

Come on Masterson

Masterson has worked his tail off today, you have to give him credit for that. You give up two runs to the Yankees, you should have a good shot to win, but the Sox are making it easy on Mussina.

Masterson did his job. As usual the Red Sox can’t hit in the game. I never realized how good a clutch hitter Ortiz was until he was out of the lineup. Man I miss him. He was the reason why they hit so well. Now the Sox are as useful as the Bad News Bears. Wait till they take on the Twins. The Twins will show them no mercy and mow them down like crab grass.

I never thought I would write this but I am glad Mussina is out of the game. Red Sox had a very difficult time with Mussina today, not many good at bats against Mussina.


Crab grass? lol.

Here is another positive prediction (NOT) — I have a strong hunch the NL is going to win the All-Star game this year — the AL team will be stocked with too many Sox and Yanks who are not hot right now — (if it had a bunch of Rays on it — maybe, LOL) — but the so-called law of averages plus combined with too many SOX and Yanks going into this game where they can not possibly be feeling really great about their play — and the AL could easily drop the game this year.

Too continue my rosey outlook, looks like the wrong end of a shut out is coming are way today.

Man, we really miss a bench with some clutch hitting — Kielty in particular — what a tease, Crisp, Varitek, and Lugo — all with was it no outs — no fly balls, no weak grounder, no nothing but pop outs and wiffs — arrgh.

Does Lugo always have to finish the game striking out?

embarrassing embarrassing. Im totally pissed now.

Not surprised that trio didn’t come thru in the clutch. Only way those guys were going to get on if they leaned into one like Rudy Stein, lol.

True. Crisp is a big waste, Varitek is only good for calling games, and Lugo is equivalent to a ****.

t urd

Well at least we made it very interesting — but I can’t believe bases loaded with no outs and not if a ball deep enough to get thrown out at the plate! All I saw was the ninth — do we not have a bench at all? I think I saw a highlight that Casey had already hit — was Cash our only pinch hit possibility? — as I said before — we really miss Kielty.

Yes plz we need Kielty again. Cash is garbage too. Im about to list the line up and say who is garbage and who is not.

Maybe Rivera hit our guys on purpose (the ones who can actually hit) and said I take my chances at the bottom of the order — I doubt — but if he did, it would have been a winning strategy.

Ellsbury – Good
Pedroia – Great
Manny – Great
Drew – Good
Lowell – Great
Youkilis – Great
Crisp – Garbage
Varitek – Gargage
Lugo – A dumpster full of garbage.

That trio at the bottom of the order are a joke. Crisp swinging or lunging at that third strike was pitiful. It seemed that he was in a rush to get back into the dugout. Varitek is pathetic. Everyone excuses him because he is the captain and he handles the pitchers. – But that is not enough. If that is all he can do- make him the bullpen coach. Lugo- as everyone knows except seemingly Tito and Theo is a disaster and all he does is bring the team down. I don’t know what they can do but there must be some players in the minors that can be brought up. We can’t wait for them to straighten out while we are losung ballgames that we could have won if they had performed in a half way decent manner. Theo- your supposed to be the whiz kid– wll start whiZZing and I don’t mean going to the head.
PS- In that prior rating ofthe team I would qualify Manny as potentially great but lately a stiff.

I agree with you pangelotti. What do you think of my overall evaluation?

I would say that Ellsbury, Pedroia, Drew and Youkolis are Very Good. Lowell is very good, and at times can be great. Manny is great- but so far has perfomed like a stiff. Ortiz is also great- but now he is injured. Varitek was very good but now seems to be washed up. Crisp was good but now stinks. Lugo was never any good.

Let me modify my rating for Drew. He is good and at times can be very good.

Alright Pangelotti, I agree. Therr you have it folks. Thanks man.

While I am upset with Varitek for his ninth inning collapse (as well as his collapse for a good part of the season) and don’t want to continue to rant about him– I thought that if he blocked the plate on Molinas (?), like he probably should, instead of being up the first base line, then that throw from Drew would have nailed him. Also, on a prior “wild pitch” by Masterson which allowed runners to move up- it really wasn’t that wild. The batter, I believe swung at it. Quicker reflexes may have at least stopped it It is obvious that Tek is tired and not performing like he used to. Maybe he is disgruntled with some of the players on the team, or with some of the decisions by his management ( as are many of the fans) and that it is beginning to affect his play.

hey guys,

Oh — we lost — that is so surprising. I can’t believe it. It just never happens lately.

Here are some cruel realities. We need some youth catching. Varitek is wearing out and we all know it. I hate to admit it. He’s the hardest worker on the team.
Crisp — I believe in Crisp. he’s an excellent fielder but a shaky hitter.
Lugo — We all know about Lugo. I won’t say anything else except sell him to the Yankees — they make excellent purchases like this.
Manny — Time to let him go. He’s too old and too worn out. I believe he’s got more years but not at this price.
Cash — Cash is a backup catcher and does just fine as a backup catcher.
Drew — Drew is a lot of fat with little meat. He hits once in a while then dies out for the rest of the season.
Oki — he needs to figure out how to fix his splitter and he’ll be OK.
Manny D. — he needs glasses. Then he will find the strikezone again.
Hansen — needs more work in Pawtucket. It was foolish to bring him up this soon.
Cora — Sell Cora. He’s OK as a backup but this would move up Lowrie and because management can’t get rid of this stinker at least this allows Lowrie to play instead of rotting in the minors.
Moss — needs to come up. We’ll lose him and then some other team will enjoy his talent — not smart.

If the Sox do this we might be a .500 ball club by the end of the season. As is they will be in the cellar and begging for light.

One more thing:
Wakefield — truly the most underrated pitcher on the team. He works hard, is a team player and doesn’t get a Lugo salary. He’s wins/losses do not reflect his abilities. The Sox — unable to avoid shutouts as of late — are sending his record down to where it shouldn’t be. Of course if the Sox pitched no hitters and went nine innings they would win a lot more games — and we are blaming the offense.

Here is one more idea.
Get rid of Lugo and replace him with retired Rick Burleson. It won’t be any worse than it is now.

Hey everybody, looks like we lost another game we should have won. How many good pitching performances have the Sox turned into losses? Way too many. Usually those things have a way of evening up by the end of the season; if so, the Sox will be winning a lot of games in the second half of the season and we’ll be scratching our heads saying, “What??? they had no business winning that one!” I HOPE, I HOPE!!!

I have to berate the bottom of the order a little. I know you all have handled that well in my absence, but……You have the greatest closer ever on the ropes, struggling. You’ve got to finish him off! Got to. These opportunities don’t come around often. 2 strikeouts and a popup?? Please!!!

Oh, by the way, if I were to acquire a pitcher from the Rockies it’d be Taylor Buchholz. He’s awesome. He comes in, goes after the hitters and throws strikes. Fuentes has too much trouble with control. Gsm would have a heart attack if he came to Boston. Just my 2 cents, and barely worth that!

I never post anymore but reading this blog today and seeing some people calling Varitek garbage is absoluetly insane. What he means to that team may not show up in the box score but if there ever was a guy who made a team better and most importantly a staff better it is him. Just wait until next year and the FO does not resign him and watch the effects it has. First of all if the pitching staff were exactly the same it would have an ERA AT LEAST half a run higher than it is right now. ERA this year=about 3.75/ W/O Tek= 4.25 at best. Do you really think 1 rookie and 1 2nd year pitcher would have no-no’s on their resume if it weren’t for a 12 year vet guiding them through 27 outs? I agree he is not hitting at this time and may not hit the rest of the year or ever again but calling him finished or garbage or whatever based mostly on one plate appearance today is ridiculous. I would hate to see a home grown guy come up next year and win the job only to see his HR, Rbi, and Avg production be better than Tek but watch the pitchers suffer in the process.

I will end with the fact that Tek is more important to this team than Manny or Ortiz or Beckett or anybody. Hence the C across his chest. Calling for his job or calling him garbage implies to me a spoiled fan. I would hate to see your reaction next year when he is gone and this team is hovering around .500 (like the Yanks) b/c they can’t get any pitching. Then maybe you’ll see the importance of Varitek.

You know, going into spring training, this team was looking like a winner. So far though, only the starting pitching has held up its end of the bargain. The hitting is good as far as the fact that they are one of the best run scoring teams out there, but that’s because they pile on when they have a good night and get nothing otherwise. It adds up to too many nights of nothing and too many losses. The bullpen???? Terrible! The bench has been OK when Casey hits, other than that you’ve got your Coco, Cora, Cash trio. Unremarkable at best. So there you have it. The starters have got to be shaking their heads at their bad luck to have the team under perform so badly when they have put together a great first half.
They just can’t seem to hold up without Papi. Youk, Pedroia, Lowell, and to a lesser extent Drew and Ellsbury have been good, but the others have failed to step up when needed. Manny, Tek, Lugo, Crisp have wilted under the light of day without Papi.
Makes me wonder if Theo is thinking about taking up alcoholism as a hobby. He did a great job last off season, but it’s not panning out well for him. And as Sox fans we take it sooo personally. I guess it’s time for us to grow up, get real jobs and not live and die by our Sox any more. Nah….JK! JK! GO SOX!!! Get ’em tomorrow!!

Good point Rizzo. Unfortunately we need some bats to step up and cover for the Captain or else this team will falter badly in the 2nd half. Those guys have not done their job.

I was so disgusted at the end of today’s game, I couldn’t even post because everything that came out was obscenities. The most disappointing was Tek. He pops up s 2=0 pitch which would have been ball 3. A weak effort to say the least.

I see people are rating players, so I’ll take a shot, but I’ll do it a little differently.

Ellsbury: About what I expected. Nobody could have expected him to hit .350 this year, but he’s having a solid rookie season.
Pedroia: Better than I expected. I simply think I underestimated Gremlin Boy. He’s one heck of a ball player all around.
Drew: Better than I expected. He’s had a solid year and has played great defense. The Sox wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for him.
Manny: About what I expected. I think age began to catch him last year, and it’s catching up rapidly now. His bat is slow and average pitchers are blowing him away. He’s having durability issues as well.
Lowell: Better than I expected. I knew he was a solid player and I expected him to hit about .280 and drive in about 70 runs which would have been a good year. He could reach 100 RBI’s again this year. Defensively, he’s the ace.
Youk: Right now, better than expected. I expect he’ll hit around .285 when it’s all said and done. He’s also having a solid year and is one of the best in baseball around the first base bag.
Crisp: About what I expected. He’s a .275 hitter with little power and good speed. Great range in the outfield and continues to make great catches, but he throws like my sister.
Tek: Way below what I expected. He looked to be in great shape. I thought he’d be around .270 with some big hits. We haven’t seen much of that. He’s very feeble at the plate. His defense is deteriorating. He can’t throw well any more and in my opinion, he really doesn’t call a game that’s all that special. A catcher should be the Sox number one off season priority.
Lugo: Below what I expected. Lugo, like Drew, came to Boston with a much bigger hype than his career indicated. He has always been a mediocre fielder and a very average hitter. Now, he’s a mediocre fielder and a very average hitter, but he’s also a dummy. He has no baseball sense. I don’t know how he got as far as he did.

Dice-K: His record is better than I expected, but his performance is about what I expected. He’s not focused on the mound. He tries to do too many things and be too fine when he doesn’t have to be.
Beckett: A little below where I expected. I expected him to be at least as good as last year and he isn’t. That being said, he’s still a fine pitcher and is doing a good job.
Wakefield: Better than I expected. His record isn’t reflective of his performance. He should have a few more wins. He’s done a nice job.
Lester: Better than I expected. I confess I misjudged him. He has much better stuff than I thought he did and his command is really coming around. He’s going to be an ace.
Fifth Starter: About what I expected. If we get a .500 record from the kids and Colon, we’re doing well.
Bullpen: The biggest disappointment. The Sox can’t get to Papelbon with any consistency. For Tito, it’s just a matter of choosing who’s going to fail. Papelbon has blown four saves already. I didn’t think he’d blow four all year.

Overall: Below what I expected. The Sox are inconsitent, unable to deliver timely hits, and unable to close out games. Those things don’t make for another run at the World Series. Right now they are six games behind Tampa in the loss column. They have a lot of work to do and guys like Manny and Tek better start stepping up and taking care of business or there’ll be no October.

Hey BosoxBrian:

My memory of Mussina is that you have to get him early. The Sox had a chance, but risked it on DP trying to stretch his hit into a double. If it works, he looks like a hero, and the Sox probably kick off a big inning. It didn’t so the Sox lose another well-pitched, low scoring game.

I was as frustrated with the 9th inning as the rest of you — bases juiced, no outs and the next two hitters can’t find a way to fly one into the outfield. CoCo should be embarrassed with the way he looked at the plate, particularly on that 3rd strike.

From my observation, Jacoby keeps getting thrown out in this series, but the Yanks are running at will. I find that to be problematic.

While I know a number you don’t like Joe Buck and McCarver, I found one of their 9th inning observations to be perceptive. Had the Sox overcome the Yanks and Rivera in the 9th inning to win the game, I think it would have really thrown the Yanks for a loop they might not have recovered from. Now the Sox, in order to take 3 of 4, have to muster some offense against Joba, and hope that Wake has another good game. Lots to ask for.

With regard to Tek, his career numbers put his best performances at 17 – 25 home runs per year, and 65 – 85 RBI’s per year. With 17 HR’s and 68 RBI’s last year, he wasn’t that far off his typical year, his BA was a bit off, but the guy is a career .265 hitter. If you look around the majors, few catchers have significantly better production numbers than Tek, with the exception of Geovany Soto of the Cubs. Several have significantly better BA’s, but few have better production numbers (Joe Mauer only has 3 HR’s and 36 RBI’s, and while the Indians Victor Martinez, renowned as one of the very best hitting catchers in the majors, has been on the DL since June 14th, he had 0 HR’s and 21 RBI’s in 200 AB’s before going down). I agree that the Sox need to find a young catcher to bring along for transition, but I’m not sure we’re quite at the point of calling Tek garbage (or gargage — however you spell it).

If BosoxBrian’s Rays (lol) are going to keep playing the way they are playing right now, they are going to run away and hide, and the Sox will once again pursue the wild card (from which they won the Series in 2004). But I agree with Brian…I don’t think that will happen. At some point those young kids are going to recognize its the hot Summer, and they are in the midst of a pennant race, and their collars are going to get tight. They play 16 of their last 26 games in September on the road.

Timlin looked good for an inning today, as did Javy Lopez. I can’t prove it, but I don’t feel they are as good a clutch hitting team as they were last year. Part of that is Big P’s absence, part of that is Manny’s ordinary year. However, they’ve got pitching like they’ve not had in recent years. They’re 8th in the majors in Team ERA, and they are right on the heals of the Braves for 7th. They have a shut-down closer which I believe is one of the key ingredients for a team to make it to and well into the play-offs (I also agree with BosoxBrian that losing Troy Percival could really hurt the Rays in the long run, Dan Wheeler or no Dan Wheeler). And they’ve got contributors who are not contributing right now — Buchholz and Colon. The more and more I see of the way Justin Masterson pitches, the more and more I see a setup guy for Pap.

So lets come on back off the ledge and close the windows for right now. I think everyone recognizes that the Sox are not getting $9 Mil. of value at the SS position. The question is whether the Sox management will take another 2 years of that salary commitment in the ear (or is that rear) to make a permanent change at that position. And, if they do, will they get it any more right than they have since letting Orlando Cabrera get away? That my friends is the $64 Mil. (or perhaps the $36 Mil.) question.


My Rays should be there until the end, lol. My Rays, hahaha. So many of there fans are coming out of the closet, even some Yankee fans. If the Rays pen continues to pitch the way they have, they will make the playoffs. Grant Balfour is blowing people away late in the game. A year ago, he got rocked. J.P. Howell suddenly can get people out, again a year ago he got smoked. That is a tough stretch to close it out as you say, 16 of there last 26 games on the road. The Rays haven’t shown me anything on the road. At home they look like the 1927 Yankees, unbeatable.

Yesterday in the 9th inning basically summed up the 1st half of the season for me. They didn’t deliver in the clutch. My confidence in those 3 were at zero so I wasn’t surprised at all. Varitek can’t hit anything right now, Crisp never delivers in the clutch and well Lugo is Lugo.

I would agree with you about getting too Mussina early. He always seems to have some 1st inning trouble. I don’t know what the numbers say but I am sure it isn’t good for him in the 1st inning. Ramirez would smoke some of those 89 m.p.h. fastballs in the past, not yesterday. I said yesterday, Ortiz got a night off on a Sunday night back in April against the Yankees because of his struggles. Will Francona do that to Ramirez tonight? I hope so. It turned around Ortiz if memory serves correct. Ramirez needs a day off in the worst way, a mental break as Francona would say. If Ramirez is in the lineup tonight and Chamberlain’s gas, I would expect him to get over-matched just like he did vs T.B. Ramirez is a huge cog in the lineup, he needs to get it going. When he starts hitting like he can, it will make it a very difficult lineup to pitch to. Also I would like too see Moss in the lienup tonight. When he plays, he does some good stuff out there. Hung there well against Kazmir and that isn’t easy for a lefty to hit him, righties struggle against Kazmir as well.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I see on the Pawtucket Red Sox (the Sox AAA Farm club) where they are listing Jed Lowrie as ****. I thought he was primarily a 2B’r. Do you think they’re doing this to get him ready to put Lugo “on the pines?”

I was just looking at Jed Lowries MLB stats. Better than Lugo’s!! Why can’t they bring him up?? At least just to see what he can do.


Lowrie from what I saw he can play s.s./second and third. I think the Red Sox will try to ship Lugo out of town in late July. Of course #1 they need a trading partner, that will not be easy. The Red Sox will end up eating half of that contract until it expires, ala Renteria. If that all happens, Lowrie will be the s.s. and Cora will fill in at times. One thing for sure the Red Sox have alot of options, they have the prospects and they also have the $$$$$ to buy themselves into someone or buy themselves out, Lugo fits the latter of course. One thing that some of the insiders say about Theo is he kicks alot of tires come trading deadline. That can be good and bad at the same time. Go back to 2006, that was certainly the case. I agree with gsm what he wrote yesterday, Crisp will be the one dealt away. Where he ends up, is anyone’s guess. N.L. perhaps, it seems Theo makes alot of deals with the N.L.

Brian, when can we anticipate the launch of your Rays blog?

We can trade Lugo for a reliever, like the Rockies Brian Fuentes, or the Cubs Sean Gallagher. I just hope when we do(Hopefully) it won’t be another Gagme.
Speaking of Gagme, Bryan Price, the person the sox drafted out of Rice for Gagme leaving Boston, signed. We might see him in the future


The Rockies don’t need a s.s. they have Tulowitski. Lugo could end up in Chicago, that wouldn’t surprise me. Lugo played under Pinella, that would be a good spot for Lugo.


My Rays blog, very funny. If I start one up, do I get to eat at your restaurant for free? lol. I love tacos, mmmmm gooooood. I think dbenjamin should start up an Indians blog. It could be called “Chief Benjamin”. lol.

I think we will see what the sox are made of tonight. Would have been great to see them pull it out yesterday. I have to say Crisp chokes like no other, man he looked brutal. Tek will get it going enough to get back to 250 plus. Lowrie should be playing in lugo’s place. Better offense\ better defense…whats the hold up? We do need another bat on the bench, and possibly another arm in the pen. Would have been awesome to see mariano blow another sox game. Manny isnt losing anything..seems he’s not playing as well since the dh thing..or the youk arguement, maybe playing in the field makes him more focussed? He seems quite streaky this year. I will make a prediction for today’s game, Manny hits a dinger and the sox pull off a 5-4 win. Tek gets it going, and crisp fresh off an embarrassing plate appearance starts another nose dive.

I mentioned several times on this blog before, but no one has responded yet (not sure why, maybe I am all wet) that concerning Lugo:

(1) he has no trade no trade value at all, so we will will not be able to trade him unless it is condition of trade for someone else, like when we got Lowell and Gonzales as conditions for acquiring Beckett, otherwise there will be no takers for Lugo, and

(2) the reason I hope that we have not brought up Lowrie yet is simply strategy, waiting to the last possible moment, like we did with Ellsbury last year, just enough to get a very late push, hopefully a hot streak, and before other teams can really target in on how to approach him, and hopefully not too late before you blow your chances for the season.

If not reasons along the lines above, than it is purely money, not willing to put a $9 million/year guy on a bench next to minor leaguers, probably sets up for really bad feelings every which way, in doing that, but better that than blowing your season.

I can’t believe we paid $9/yr for Lugo, thats more than Drew isn’t it?, boy that is a stinker of a pick, how did we ever get so snookered, I hope it wasn’t that fellow who is getting famous for his statistical system that is revolutionizing baseball and was on 60 minutes recently, who pushed for acquiring Lugo — wouldn’t it be great to know who was pushing for him internally, man we would hammering and running that guy out of town — unless of course that/those same individual(s) (if they were the same) were responsible for many of the good trades as well, in which case, everyone is entitled to stinker of a pick now and then. Hope its not same team who pushed for Gagne — then I would think we would want to run him out of town (lol – unless is was Theo’s himself — ouch!)

Question for anyone — contractually, can’t you just quit using a guy (I would think so) — designate him for assignment, and eat you $9 million per year? I know that has to be unimaginably painful to those paying for the poor investment, but better than pulling down your time and losing a few more (perhaps critical) games the remainder of the year, than you would with a better player?

I understand that the Dodgers are in need of a shortstop as Furcal is injured. DO WE HAVE A NOMINEE????

Maybe they would take a healthey (physically if not mentally) Lugo for a Garciaparra, who is just coming back from an injury. Sounds even up especially if they take over Lugo’s salary. That would be interesting.

Dgneubert, since no one else is answering your question re Lugo, I will. Why not?? I may not know a lot of the technical aspects of baseball, but I know a little abt business. To my way of thinking there is probably little chance that an underling signed Lugo. It was Theo and his staff maybe with input from John Henry. Call me crazy, but I doubt Theo would entrust a deal like that to anyone but himself. Turned out to be a mistake as far as we fans are concerned. If they are thinking of trading him, he has zero value sitting on the bench. They have to keep him in the lineup and then try to sell his positives; which are…. let’s see…. oh yea, he hardly ever gets hurt so he’s always available to play(well, that’s just as much a negative, but don’t say anything), he runs fast, he …..um…..Ok so that’s about it for positives. Unless maybe he can cook and clean house.
I doubt they would play him every day if he weren’t on the trade block. I think Tito would sit him and have him work on his skills; hitting, fielding, baserunning, etc.
Theo made a mistake, that about sums it up. Now they have too much invested in him and can’t sit him down. I suppose they could just fire him. They’d still have to pay him, but that’s life in the Majors. We’ll just never know all the details.
If they are waiting to bring up Lowrie, they are waiting until Lugo is gone. It doesn’t seem likely they’d try to wait until the last minute as a strategy. Lowrie could just as easily be a bust in a short time with the team in Sept.

You know what??? The more I think about how Lugo has played in his year and a half with the Sox I can’t think why Theo would ever have even considered him. Gonzales was a much better choice at half the price. The guy could field and he didn’t hit much worse, maybe better, than Julio. It’s one of those mysteries of life.

Brian, you got a deal! set up your Rays blog and I’ll feed you some tacos. How often you get out my way? Look me up.


I am off to the airport in Tampa and book my flight to Denver. I love tacos!!!! Who cares about the game tonight, lol. I’m gonna eat tacos.

Theo gets all the credit when a deal he makes works. That being said he deserves the blame with the Lugo signing. My thinking with Lugo at the time of the signing was why give him a 4 year deal? I never understood that and still don’t. What team was offering 3 years? Did Toronto ever offer Lugo a 3 year deal? I know Toronto was interested in Lugo and the Cubs as well. Does anyone remember if those teams offered Lugo a contract? I guess I could look it up. That will take time and I am not going to waste my time looking up something about Lugo, lol. In 2005 it was very obvious early in the season that Renteria would have to go. Here we are a few years later and once again it is very obvious Lugo must go and hopefully sometime in late July if not sooner.

arnieschmo: Thanks for your response, definitely sounds more plausible than mine. And Gonzales for half (or less) price of Lugo reminds of what a net bust we have had at that position since the trade of Garciapara — like a Las Vegas win (though I don’t gamble) where you are way up, and then you proceed to blow it away until you are in a big hole — if only you had stopped when you were up. Lets see:

(1) Cabrera and lots of good extra stuff for Garciapara and whatever else we threw in — way up!

(2) Pay more money for Renteria than for Cabrera — way down!! but at least we got Ellsbury in our draft pick as part of that trade — so maybe a wash, maybe a long term plus, but anyway you slice it, at least a short term deficit — long term ok or plus to be proven.

(3) Lose Renteria, get Gonzales, Lowel, Beckett — way way up, but alas we can’t leave that it alone either, gotta tinker….

(4) let go Gonzales, acquire Lugo (for more money!!!) ouch, and we pay for that move every year he is here….. if only they would have recognized what they had and stopped, especially if you had Jed Lowrie in the farm, why not ride the Gonzales acquisition another year or two???

Oh well as they said, no use crying over spilt milk, gotta make yet another correction and move on, but it sure seems like all the bone head moves in the Theo era are that the short stop position — and worse than that, everytime they fix it (wonderfully) — they undo it the next year, and make it worse than before, so the net trend since 2004 is steadily down (at that position).

oh yea, forgot about Gagne, — so other than Gagne, all other bonehead moves under the Theo regime seem to be at the short stop position, maybe SOX management should delegate this position to this blog — we (and Ian) can fix this one position for us — I am sure Ian won’t mind suggest that to Theo!!!!

If the Dodgers weren’t in the running perhaps Joe Torre would pickup Lugo. That’s one way of getting back at this former team.

Make Chamberlain work!! Yankee bats aren’t what they used to be, Wakefield should be fine. Will Boston get anything done offensively?

I thought Ramirez would get the night off, good move by Francona. Just get away from the game for a night. It helped Ortiz back in April. Will it help Ramirez? It can only help.

Absolutely unbelievable. Casey has to know Youk is running, how can he just stand there and take a third strike? I think Francona has badly mismanaged the running game in this series and against the Rays. He has had guys like Youk and Lowell, who have no business running, moving on high risk, low return plays.


With Chamberlain on the mound a hit and run might not be best the thing to do. He can blow it right by any hitter. If your facing a guy like Mussina or Rasner the hit and run is a good play. Your going to get alot of contact. I’m surprised Casey just stood there. He is smarter than that. I think Fracona’s hit and run on Wed. night vs T.B. was his worst descion of the year, hands down.


No more Sabathia talk, he’s off to Millwaukee. I hope when the team plane takes off, Sabathia and Fielder aren’t sitting on the same side. If they are, that plane will never get off the ground, lol.

Indians a year ago were oh so close to getting to the World Series last year. They led the Sox 3 games to 1. Not even a year later, they become sellers. Rays in 1st place, what is this sport coming too?

hey everyone,

It is so frustrating to witness game after game after game of the Sox losing because they can’t hit.

1) Team X — gets the first run.

2) Red Sox have shut out/no hitter for few innings

3) Red Sox pitching gives up more runs because they are worn out mentally

4) Red Sox get their first run in the ninth and wonder why they lost the game.

I think the whole world is upside down Brian. The price of gas, the economy and the Rays are in first place. It might be the End of Days.

One thing that has to happen to ignite the Sox is that Ellsbury has to start hitting. He’s not really even making good contact now. Weak grounders and popups aren’t going to get it. For a while, it was bad luck. He was hitting line drives right at people. Now, he’s just struggling.

Oh one more thing:

Lugo makes an error

Well Wakefield gave up number one. Let’s hope he can keep it down. I guess Tito may be reading the blogs,( or at least he should) in “resting” Manny. They don’t use the word “benching” anymore because it isn’t poltically correct and may hurt feelings.Tek is getting his rest because of Wakefield. Tito mshould look to extend this rest.
Crisp is again looking pitiful at the plate. Swinging, and dancing, at a ball in the dirt. Lugo is Lugo- no surprises. It’s difficult for the Sox to win with only half a lineup of decent hitters. Unless a miracle happens, I don’t have much hope for the team this year. They should be in for a major shakeup next year. Funny, Theo was so confident in standing pat in ’08. Some foresight.

Miller brings up a good point concerning Lowell not being on the All Star team. No question, he should be there. He’s just one solid player.


Fox during yesterday’s telecast had a graphic where only Ryan Howard has more R.B.I.’s than Lowell since May 1. Not too mention Lowell’s great defensive plays. Kudo’s to Francona for selecting Navarro from the Rays. At least Francona is a believer of T.B. Unlike Ortiz and Youkilis. There not in first by mistake, they have earned it.

.153 for Lugo with runners in scor. pos. I knew it was bad, my oh my!!!

Why didn’t he have Lugo bunt. Good call Tito!!!

Lugo bunted on Thurs. night in a similar situation, why not tonight?

Lugo is by far the worst starting player on our team in years.

The little guy comes up big again. Pee-wee as Papelbon called him, lol. It sounds like alot of Red Sox fans are there tonight. Great to here!!

Let’s hope that Wakefield keeps his control.

I just hate it when any batter looks at two strikes, and then only gives himself once chance, and then wifs — but hey, any chance a 2 run lead will hold?

Here we go.!!!!

Tito- pull him if you have to!!!

One tendency that Wakefield has in close games that drives me crazy, is once he gets a small lead, like 1 or 2 runs, he often coughs it up the very next inning — hope he can not do that tonite.

So glad I was wrong – that was great sign!

I hate this. The Sox have a lead and will blow it and the Sox when they get runs…they only get it in one inning then die for the rest of the game. It will be 5 – 3 loss. Another loss for the Sox. Yes that’s right. They will still lose this game because they can’t hit and they never will. I’m waiting for the game blown. Hey Francona how about sticking Okijama in there — that’s a run or two and then Hanson. How about Manny D. He’s great for blowing a game as well…or how about Timlin. Ya Timlin he can give up eighteen runs without coughing…I love it. Oh I have a million ways for you worthless Red Sox to lose this game…but just use your imagination. You have a great one!
Whew — glad I’m not bitter (LOL)

Oh…if the Sox get another run it will be 6 – 4. Gotr that contingency down!

Chamberlain with his heat should be a closer. This is a way to destroy an incredible talent. What are the Yankees thinking? A guy who throws that hard will destroy his arm doing 100 pitches every five days. Am I missing something?

I can’t take the stress. The idea that the Sox will blow this game is tearing my insides apart. It’s not right! I can’t take it. I can’t!

Somebody calm me down. I need reassurance that we can win this game (LOL)

Don’t bother. it’s now 3 -2 and soon to be 3 – 3 and then 4 – 3 Yanks. Oh well.

Don’t bother. it’s now 3 -2 and soon to be 3 – 3 and then 4 – 3 Yanks. Oh well.

I never ever thought I would write this, what a GREAT play by Lugo. What is this world coming too? LOL!!

It’s time to pull Wakefield. I think he did his best and is clearly faltering. Who do we put in? I’d say, put the names in a hat and pull one out. That’s probably as good a decision as Tito will make. Maybe he is already doing this. Now is the time for prayer!!!

I would like too see Moss in the lineup over Crisp. I thought Moss would have started at least 1 game in this series.

What a horrible play by Jeter, why make that throw? He got doubled up the previous inning, is that the reason he threw it?

Cash driving in Lugo, not exactly Ortiz driving in Ellsbury, lol.

Ellsbury has clearly lost his confidence at the plate.

Tito, time to pull Wakefield- don’t wait until it’s too late.

Is Lugo out playing Jeter tonight?

Let’s hope that Lopez only gives up his one run per inning.

Maybe Lugo contaminated the dirt at shortstop and Jeter picked it up.

Way to go Lopez. now load the bases and blow the game!

I thought thatTito brings Lopez in to pitch to lefties. But a switch hitter????

I think if your Francona you stay away as far as you can from that bullpen. Lopez should only pitch to lefties and lefties only.

Let’s hear it for the Red Sox bullpen that comes through in fine style again.

There goes the ballgame!!!

How can Francona win? its impossible to tell who in the bullpen is NOT going to have a bad night, and pick that one pitcher.

Pedroia is money at the plate and in the field. Cano was out at the plate. Great job by Cash to block the plate.

This bullpen drives me nuts!! What does it do to Francona?

I would disagree with you Dave about Chamberlain. He’s got the stuff to be a starter extraordinaire. He reminds me of a young Roger Clemens.

Too bad, another good effort by Wakefield wasted.

I wonder if Dennis Lamp, Mark Clear, Bob Stanley, Tom Burgmeier or Wes Gardner will answer the call if Theo calls? LOL. My oh my, this is like that movie “Ground Hog Day” It is the same thing over and over again.

Only things remains right now is what reliever will give it up tonight? Delcarmen? Aardsma? Timlin? Hansen?

Farnsworth is one of these pitchers I watch and he gets hit hard by the Jays, Orioles among others. Against Boston, he blows it right by them. I would like too see his numbers against Boston, they must be pretty good.

Not another 1 run loss brewing??? — how many of those have we dropped since Houston, five — six if you throw in 2 run loss?


Ouch. The Yankees have Roger Clemens number 2 don’t they! Wow it’s tied and we all know how well the Sox are hitting the ball lately. Lopez blew it. The bullpen blew it. They all should see the torture rack at the Tower of London for an hour. Come back when you can pitch! (Ow…I sound angry!)
Bob Stanley! The guy who couldn’t get out the Mets in the 86 world series. The guy who looks like an advertisement for prozac. The guy who threw a wild pitch and tied up the game. No not Stanley. I’ll take Bill Lee though. Why not. He can’t be worse than the combination of Delcarman, Hansen and Lopez.

Incidentally why don’t the Yankees bring out the female softball team pitchers. Why waste good arms on the Red Sox!

“Ground Hog Day”! Good analogy Brian.

Well, we better hope this game gets to extra innings because we have the Three Stooges coming up in the 9th.

Dave, I’m beginning to see some reality in your rants. It would not surprise me for Tampa to win the East and the Wild Card to come from the Central. The Yankees are pretty pathetic and the Sox are almost in a rebuilding mode with the way things have been going.

I wonder what the rule is if we send up a batter without a bat in his hand. Crisp and Lugo might be better off. They can stand in the batter’s box and do a few dance steps They might be lucky and draw a walk or get hit by a pitch. Crisp is lucky since he is a switch hitter- he can do a few steps from one side and then a few steps from the other.

OK…I think I need to sign off. I’m sounding hostile — even for me. I need a night off from the BoSox otherwise I’m going to start cursing the day I became a fan of the beantown farts
Guys…I’ll talk to you either tomorrow night or Tuesday — depending on tonight’s automatic loss.

We used to hit Farnsworth last year, but like the Rays pen, this year we can’t touch pitcher’s we smoked last year.


I can’t believe I didn’t come up with that myself. I think Lugo needs to come up — Manny R. can do this too with a big dot on their chest that says hit me here. At least they will get on base and what’s a few broken ribs anyway?

OK…now I really am signing off. My nerves can’t take this game right now. I feel like Arnie — I need a night off.

Ellsbury may be struggling at the plate, but he is one heck of an outfielder.


It just seems to be the same thing every game. I guess Francona is Bill Murray, lol. Trading deadline is late July. Can the Red Sox wait until then? Francona should have gone with Wakefield as far as he could. Delcarmen got the side in order, what is this world coming too? lol.

Tek for Lugo. The blind hitting for the blind.

Man, we sound really terrible — its just a ball game — we should remind ourselves.

Having said that — I might as well take tonight to add a probably unpopular comment — I never liked the Casey acquisition that much. I know he is a really likable guy, has a good average, singled and scored tonight – but he has no power. Unless he knocks one out while I am typing this comment.

I would have demanded on his spot, someone who can knock it out of the park, for nights like this. I know he has a good batting average, but we don’t have any bench players that can go yard, except maybe tonight — with Manny on the bench, and we all know he is in a slump.

We need Kielty and guys like him on the bench.

Varitek is 15 for his last 113, ugly!!! Make it 15 for his last 114, uglier!!

Manny is Manny!!!!!

I thought the reason you go to the plate with a bat in your hand is to swing. Ramirez is like a ball in high grass, lost!!! Bill Parcells’ old saying and quite true with Ramirez right now.

Even Lugo could have done what Manny did. In fact, Lugo would have done it with class. He would have stared down Riverera.

Lugo and Cash could have done that. It was a horribly pathetic effor by Ramirez.

dgneubert, Casey is a real professional and good fit for the Red Sox. They didn’t get him for power. I think he’s done what was expected, and maybe a little more.

Okie Doke, here’s Okie Dokie. A-Rod should eat him alive.

A year ago when Okajima entered the game it was over. That is true tonight, it’s over for the Red Sox. I’ll be very very surprised if the Yankees don’t win it here in the bottom of the 9th.

Manny, what a way to convince a team to pick up your option — if that were Lugo, we’d being spewing all over the place. Something is really in Manny’s head.

And tell me one time (and I mean one time) a sacrifice bunt has worked for the SOX this hear. I can’t stand wasting an out, especially when the team is not hitting reliably — it NEVER works unless you got some really dependable hitters coming up, and we obvious don’t right now.

I agree with some of the Yankees, some of those pitches look like they are out of the strike zone. K-Zone and I don’t know how accurate that is, shows they are strikes. Laz Diaz has been dead on I guess.

Okajima looking like the Oki of a season ago. I would have bet anything he would given up a run.

Boston bats wake up!!!! Wake up!!!

Ellsbury needs a rest. He is totally out of it.

There are very few umpires who call the whole strike zone. The strike zone is really pretty large and a lot of terretory for a hitter to focus on. Diaz calls the whole strike zone. It’s almost like he had K-Zone projected up there in front of him. He’s been pretty much right on all night.

The Sox are pathetic. It looks like they are just biding their time for the Yanks to score so that they can pack up their bags and go home.

I don’t think it makes sense to bring Papelbon in now. Even if he holds the Yankees, and the Sox score, will he come back for a second inning.

Papelbon had plenty of time to go to second.

Tek should have made the call.!!!!

Cano would have been out at second. I’m with you gsm about bringing in Papelbon. I don’t like it. Aardsma should be in or Timlin.

All the Yanks need now is a creepy hit.

There it is. Another blown game!!!! The way the Sox are playing they deserve to lose.

Pagelotti—I guess your crystal ball was in focus. A creepy little hit is what you call that. They had Cano out at second.

Poor Lugo — his too much effort might have cost us (though everything leading up to that point can’t be discounted) — I think Pedroia might have been able to get to the ball, had Lugo not deflected it — and possibly held the runner at third — still not throwing to 2nd on the bunt was probably the greater mistake.

Why don’t sac bunts work for our opponents and never for us? oh yea, you have to get a hit after the bunt!

That graphic by ESPN of the SOX record in close games with Ortiz and without was really telling. The SOX are going to have to drop any excuses, refuse to wait on Ortiz, especially Manny, and find away back into this season. Everyday (or few days) it looks like a different part or two of our game is critically inadequate, right now the 1-2 punch of lack of hitting, and bullpen holes is beating us up.

What a shame, the one year the Yanks look really beatable, we look really beatable as well — at least so far.


Ok, we are now down 5 to TB, 7 in the loss column. TB schedule looks easier in July than ours, but starts to even out in August, and Sept (and TB has more games on the road than we do).

Assuming we can pull it together, stay ahead of the Yanks, and TB does not fold (doesn’t seem likely more and more) — it may be late August or Sept before we can catch TB, even if we play great. Not sure we can catch them earlier.

But our schedule in Sept may be turning out to be fortuitous: Bal(3), Tex(3), TB(3 home),Tor(3), TB(3 away), Tor(3), Cleve(4), NY(3 home). It is possible that Bal, Tex, and Toronto (though Toronto is always tough on us) might be fading by then — leaving us with only 9 games likely to be tougher — all against who are likely to be our contending foes at that time: 6 against TB, and 3 against the Yanks. Might as well duke it with them.

Until we can win in TB, it might seem like we would need to regain at least a 4 game lead by mid Sept (9/15) when we play our last 3 games with TB in Tampa. That is not going to be easy.

But that is so far ahead of the game, I almost deleted this whole comment, but alas, did not — sorry about that.

BTW — go see Get Smart if you have not — someone was asking about that earlier — just saw it — I thought it was really funny (hysterical) — there was a good crowd when I saw it — but I think I would have laugher nearly as hard if I were alone.

Got busy at work and missed the entire game. From what you guys have been posting here it looks like we’ve hit a new low. Dave has had to bench himself! Manny R is like a holograph–not really there– Lugo is Lugo, and once again the bullpen is not coming up clutch, the hitters are indifferent at best. And another, yes another, good, solid effort from Wake goes by the boards with no win for him OR the team. OUCH!
For the life of me, I can’t understand it. This is essentially the same team that won it all last fall. Actually it should be a shade better than last year. How could they be so abysmal now??? One year older does not make them all over the hill all of a sudden. What gives???

I have to say, though, the starting pitching has been great this year. Fabulous! What’s the ERA of the starters? Anyone? Where’s the stat guys? If Theo can get one solid hitter, a masher, and maybe two good arms for the pen this team could make a run. They’d be nearly unbeatable. Hmmm, well maybe three good arms for the pen.

Someone said earlier that it must be like playing Russian roulette for Tito(well, those are my words but I’m paraphrasing) one day Manny DC is lights out, the next two days he stinks. Lopez, same. AArdsma: throws strikes one day, walks everybody the next. Oki has mostly just struggled. Hansen; fuggetaboutit. Tito might as well just grab someone out of the stands every night and see how he/she does. Couldn’t be much more unpredictable. So I come back again to my question: What is going on with this team???? These are talented ball players. Its a mystery why they can’t do better.

Oh hey, I just thought of something: do you think we could have the Curse of Nomah? Sox are doomed to find one SS after another that progressively get worse and worse. Just something to mull over.
I wonder if Ian’s OK? He hasn’t posted a new thread in a while. Perhaps he’s sick of us, wouldn’t blame him. G’nite all.

Hologram; not holograph, sorry.

Hey BosoxBrian:

Chief Benjamin!, its Little Chief Wahoo to you (lol). You called it about Tito resting Manny last night. Bad thing is, someone should have told him that his night off was over BEFORE they sent him up to the plate. I’ve got to tell you, Manny, CoCo and Jacoby are all looking pretty pathetic at the plate right now. I thought it was pretty funny (and sad) when Peter Gammons said Manny promised he’d start hitting tomorrow, and one of the announcers pointed out it was only 11 pm when Manny went up to the plate. Those last 2 strikes he took looked like they were right in his (former) wheelhouse. Its no wonder they’re losing all these 1 run games.

I wonder how much more of this, and Big P’s absence it will take until the Fenway Faithful ignore his criminal problems and start calling for Barry Bonds?!?!?!?!?!? Don’t have to give up any prospects for him…and I suspect you could sign him to a “Rocket” type contract (rest of the season and you’re done)


Get that Tribe blog started, you have so much to talk about with the big trade, lol.

Lack of timely hits and a poor bullpen. Look no further than that. Francona is trying to get things going offensively with some hit and runs but it more like run and get thrown out and no contact. Francona hasn’t pressed the right button in any of those sitautions. Lopez was AWFUL last night. Delcarmen and Okajima were surprisingly good. After a bad road trip the Sox come home to face the red hot Twins. They need to finish the 1st half strong and go at least 4-2, 5-1 would be ideal. The All Star break is much needed, this team looks out of gas!!

The Sox have a multitude of great arms in the bullpen. (I would not include Lopez in the multitude) Unfortunately, those arms are connected to bodies that have no brains. The bullpen is full of Julio Lugos of the world of pitching. When Delcarmen, Hansen, Aardsma come in and throw strikes, they do a great job. But they are always walking hitters at worst, and pitching from behind in the count at best. In either case, the result is disaster.

How many times is Papelbon going to get beat throwing that splitter before he learns either not to throw it, or at least, not to throw it for a strike. All four blown saves and last night’s loss occurred on ill begotten hanging splitters right down the middle. He should watch and learn from Mariano Rivera. Rivera throws the same pitch, the same speed, every time. He has total command of one single pitch and will likely go down as the greatest closer of all time. Papelbon has more natural talent in his big toe than Rivera ever thought of having. The difference? Rivera has a brain. If Rivera gets beat, he gets beat throwing his best stuff.

Tek and Manny should respectfully decline their invitations to the All Star game and make room for more deserving players, including team mate Mike Lowell.

This team looks conspicuously a lot like last year’s team. Seems like it was Youk, Lowell and Pedroia carrying the load a good part of last year. Deja vu all over again, only this year with a little assist from JD Drew.

What would life be if we didn’t have the Red Sox to complain about? They are getting good starting pitching and the bullpen is likely to improve. Manny and Tek just can’t be as bad as they have been over the past month or so. Despite it all, there are a lot of teams that would like to be where the Sox are right now. Maybe Papi will make it back in a big way. There’s a lot to look forward to for the second half, but here are some things I think really need to happen.

The Manny/Papi punch has to return. The rest of the lineup has done pretty well in their absence, but they can’t make up for the loss of those kinds of numbers. Ellsbury has to hit. He is the catalyst for the offense. His on base percentage needs to be around .400. If he’s on base, life becomes a lot easier for 2-3-4 hitters. Dice-K needs to give the Sox more than five innings. He and Beckett have to put up seven innings every time out. This throwing 110 pitches in five innings crap has to stop. Tek needs to pull his head out of his rear end, both offensively and defensively. He’s a liability in both areas right now and this handling pitchers and calling games crap is way overrated. I feel bad for him because I know he works hard. But working hard isn’t enough if you can’t produce.


Your right it does look like last year’s team. The biggest difference is they don’t have a cushion at the top. A year ago Boston was well ahead in the standings.They are looking up at T.B. and are 7 games behind in the loss column on 07/07. Time to play the lottery will those lucky sevens,lol The Rays should hit a bump along the way but when?

Boston leaves for the 10 game trip with a lead in the division but comeback 7 games back in the loss column. This has to be there worst road trip in years.

Canseco was the first 40/40 player. It looks like A-Rod will be the first 50/50 player, lol. 50 % for him and 50 % for her.

Hey guys,

No question the Sox are batting zero this year. The main problem I think is MENTAL — ‘we have to repeat’ vs Tampa Bay which is saying ‘hey we can do this!’ That’s a very different attitude and a very different perspective. The Red Sox, it’s all pressure. With TB, it’s all fun. Last year, it was all fun for the most part.
Manny is feeling the pressure of 500 home runs then the renewal of the contract. Tek is feeling the same issues as well since his contract is up for renewal. Ellsbury is feeling the pressure of competing with Crisp. Oki’s contract runs out this year as well. Top that off with the management’s decision to win a world series and Japan and the flu, it’s unbearable. Who would want to be in that club house. On top of that we had clean house with Cory, Mirabelli and Tavarez getting fired. Then Schilling failed. This is not a fun team this year.

Hey BosoxBrian:

A little taste of Little Chief Wahoo’s blog (lol). After the Indians cut Craig Breslow…The Twinkies picked him up…so guess who’s heading into town…Did you know I’m also an attorney?…you’ve got me really salivating over that A-Rod 50/50 comment…I guess like Pavlov’s dog…Oh, to be A-Rod’s attorney, either Mr. or Mrs…Either way…there should be plenty to go around. Like the long renowned lawyer story. This bright young attorney…after passing the bar…found this quaint little town which had no lawyers…So he moved in and opened the office and was so underused that he had to take a job in a local restaurant as a waiter. Then one day, he had a brainstorm…he’d invite his best friend in law school down to visit…which he did…the other young lawyer liked the community so much…she also moved in and opened an office…and the two of them became very successful and the richest two people in town…There are two NYC matrimonial attorneys who are about to become very well-off. If A-Rod doesn’t get his puss out of the tabloids, he may have to worry about becoming a 30/70 guy (lol). Good thing he’s not married to Christie Brinkley…looks like she looking to make her guy 10/90…This is just too much fun…Back to baseball…The “big trade”…what a comedian you are becoming…I loved that line about Sabathia and Prince Fielder on the same side of the plane. Do you do stand-up for a living? If not, maybe you should consider it?!?!?!?!?


At least I made someone laugh. No stand-up, no way Jose. Red Sox have the starting pitching edge in all 3 games vs Twins. That is the only postive thing I can say about the Sox right now. I think it could time for a new thread by Ian.

While we judge everyone on the SOX, it occurs to me that Oki and Papelbon are tied for blown games — have memory for 4 for both. Interesting how the struggles in the pen have spread to everyone.

In spite of all the contributing factors, I think we could have withstood the absence of Ortiz if Manny had not completely tanked. He really has struggled (for a long time) at the worst possible time. We might as well have Manny and Ortiz out of the lineup the way he has been hitting. The combination of losing (effectively) the here-to-fore best 3-4 lineup in baseball is just more than than this team has been able to withstand. Still they are close, but the inconsistency of others all around, along with the total absence of Manny and Ortiz, has produced the negative difference in tight ball games.

Manny needs to recover and stay hot, or its going to be very tough to recover. We may be in trouble this year, unless other teams falter as well.

Masterson is headed to Pawtucket to get some innings as a reliever, and will likely be back after the All-Star break. Buchholz will make Friday’s start. This is good news for the Red Sox. I really think Masterson will be a dominant set-up man. With Masterson and an acquisition like Damaso Marte (I like him more than Fuentes, but do the Red Sox?), the bullpen will be dramatically improved.



The price for Fuentes will be higher than Marte or Mahay. I think that is the reason Boston could end up with Marte or Mahay. Masterson could end up being the Sox 8th inning guy. Boston needs to wake-up and it starts tonight. Dice-K needs to come out throwing strikes early in this game. If he does he might get into the 8th inning tonight.

Has Masterson ever pitched in the reliever role?

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