Slumping Captain Gets a Rest

Tonight is one of those rare nights that Jason Varitek is sitting on a night when someone other than Tim Wakefield is pitching.

When you consider the grueling schedule the Red Sox have had lately and a day game on Wednesday, this is a sensible time for Varitek to get a breather.

Ortiz took some more rips in the cage and it’s reasonable to assume he will start a rehab assignment right around the All-Star break.

If I had to guess a target date for his return, I’d say July 25. Who are the Sox playing that night? Just a certain Pinstriped rival.


Ortiz’s bat is much needed. Too many 1 run games not going Boston’s way lately. We’ll see what kind of Ortiz will be hitting. He has so much force with his swing. His return will give Boston a major boost!!

Lester was outstanding his last start. He made the Yankees look foolish. So bad that Girardi had a closed door meeting, lol. The Red Sox starter’s have been excellent. The starters are the reason I am optimistic. If the starters were getting smoked, I would be very worried.

Tavarez just signed with the Braves. Just found that out.

We need Papi’s bat

Get Sean Gallagher off the tradeable list. He was traded to the A’s for Rich Harden.

I assume the A’s trading Harden will be followed by more deals by Oakland. Street could be on his way out. I would love too see him in Boston, dreaming as I wrote before. Arizona could end up with Street. Blanton could be dealt by Oakland as well. Harden so much talent but he gets hurt almost on a daily basis. If he could ever stay healthy but doubtful he ever will.

The Twins are one of those teams that play the game right. They seem to never beat themselves and do alot of the little things right. There minor league system must have some great coaches that know how to teach the game. It seems they have been like this for several years. Remember Bud Selig tried to get rid of the Twins a handful of years ago. What a joke that was. Contraction was the word he used.

Some people have compared Lester to Pettite. He has a pickoff move like Lester. Great job by Youkilis on the throw to second.

I meant to write Lester has a pickoff move like Pettite.

Lester needs to have a couple of low pitch count innings. I don’t know what Drew was thinking about on that ground ball. As it turns out, it doesn’t make a difference, but he has to be smarter than that.

I’m glad to see Moss playing tonight. He needs some time plus the Sox have a few more late inning options with Crisp on the bench.

I still think tha Manny ought to be going to the opposite field. They leave a wide hole between first and second- at least when Drew was on second. Drew screwed up again going to third on a ground ball to short.

I’m glad Tito benched Tek- he certainly wasn’t contributing anything to the team. He should be kept out , particularly if the Sox continue winning. The longer the rest, the better off both he and the team will be.


Thanks for the note on Taravez. Another contract the Sox have to swallow. Glad they have the cash flow to do it.
Lester is doing a Dice-K pitch count but Cash is holding his own. Glad to see Tek get the night off. Manny needs another night off as well. Wish we had a power hitter right now.

Also — Drew — yes he has hit incredible as of late but that’s tapered off and he’s back to being J.D. but I’m grateful for the double.

Lester has a no hitter through three. Rock on Lester!

Lugo just cost us 2 runs — I walk in the door, turn on the TV and watch Lugo botch a double play, next thing Twins score two runs and take the lead — arrgh.

Some of Twins are doing what the Sox should do–go to the opposite field.

Nice going Dave. Way to screw up a good game. Tough inning for Lester, but not a bad one. Twins hit some good pitches and sometimes that’s going to happen. There’s nothing wrong with the way Lester is throwing. Sox just need to help him out a little tonight.

Since I’m tbe only one on, I once again grieve that we have lost this game. Given the Sox unable to get beyond 1 – 2 runs a game there is no way they are going to get three. Bummer..

Manny at least made contact going the other way. He just got under it a little. No strike out!!!Drew also should be going the opposit way- first inning double. Let’s focus!!!

4 pitch walk, not good. Lester needs to regain his command…….. quickly.

You know when Teks playing and batting in front of Lugo I wonder if the announcers ever just want to announce the next two batters up as the Captain and Tenille


What do you mean I screwed up the game? Last time I checked Lugo messed up the game! What was that all about!

Sox once again blow an interesting game. I’m so sick of the impotent bats that get us nowhere. Might as well use the helmets to hit the ball with — no use in protecting their heads!

Its bust out time for the Sox

or not

Dave…… you mentioned Lester had a no hitter going and then he blew up the next inning. It’s all your fault. LOL!

That was a very tough play by Pedroia up the middle. He made it look easy.


Your job is too help the Red Sox win not lose, lol. You need to rant and that can help the Sox win. Start ranting Dave, start ranting. LOL!

Red Sox bats are dead again!!

Here we are again. A decent game pitched by a Sox starter, absent a momentary mistake (which did result in 3 runs scores), and now the Sox cannot recover and score runs to pick up their teammate-pitcher. Who is this Nick Blackburn and why isn’t he in the Hall of Fame if he is so good?

Usually when a young pitcher game up a run in the first inning at Fenway. Boston would knock him out of the game by the 5th inning. Ground Hog Day continues, lol.

Kazmir out after 5 innings in NY with 100 pitches. Yanks lead 2-0.

Another pathetic offensive effort by the Sox. They look listless tonight.


Kazmir can’t seem to get past the 5th lately.

Youk put a charge into that one.

Dave’s rant

This team is crap. Just aim your heads on the ball and bunt to first base. Lugo should do it several times being he already had a frontal lobotomy. Drew is NOT hitting anymore. He drove in one run. Manny is as useful as a car with four flat tires. Trade him, retire him, send him through the wheat thresher. He’s useless. The team is useless. They can’t pitch and they can’t score runs and the bullpen just blows it. I’ve had it.

Whew — that felt actually good!


Great stuff, lol. I’m smelling 4 runs from Boston, lol.

Good job by Moss, getting the run in. That is why he should play more and Crisp watch like us. I’m expecting Crisp to be traded in late July anyway.

You’re a sick puppy Dave! Rant on!

The Sox are so pathetic offensively, even Dave’s rants can’t inspire them any more. Dave was effective earlier in the year, but he’s now floundering right along with the Red Sox bullpen and Jason Varitek. I’m thinking we’re not picking up your option after this season Dave unless you really start pulling it together and get the Sox rolling. We just can’t afford to pay a ranter that doesn’t produce.

Surprised too see Lester out there for the 8th. Then again this is Lester’s last appearance until after the break.

Lester has lost 4-5 mph off his fastball. I’m surprised he came out for this inning.


lol. Does Dave have a buyout on his contract? Just wondering how much they’re paying Dave to rant? Dave producing like Lugo, lol. Perhaps Dave could be traded away for a ranter to be named later, lol.

Fact is, it should be 2-1 Boston, instead of 4-2 Min, courtesy of the fact that our short stop could not throw a straight ball — that was a difficult play though, but still its the difference in the game now, unfortunately. I don’t sense a late rally. Maybe Dave should start a Mary Kay like pep rally speech, see if that works.

Hey BosoxBrian:

Brandon Moss is only hitting .260+ but he keeps getting runs across without getting hits. I think I told you, the Wednesday night I was in Fenway when the Sox beat the D’backs 5-0, Moss plated the first 2 runs without getting a hit. He plated the 2nd run tonight doing the same thing. The guy seems to have a sense for getting runs across the plate when he’s up. In 250 AB’s, Lugo has 19 RBI’s. Moss has 10 RBI’s in 90+ AB’s. I know they don’t play the same position, but really.

Of course the concern becomes, does this make him trade bait when Theo goes looking for bullpen help?

As always, I look forward to your comedic response(lol)!!!

I saw Jeff Baily play for the PawSox on the 4th of July, did pretty well, and as I recall knocked in the game winning run on a solo home run — but he sure has troubled in on the ML squad — I think he is still looking for his first hit. The call strike three on him was very debatable — didn’t look like a strike to me.

Brian, we can buy out Dave’s contract for $1.49 and be done with him. It will cost us $4.50 to pick up his option for next year. I guess we should give him a chance since he has demonstrated the ability to produce earlier this year. But he better turn things around or he’ll be designated for assignment to the Lakers Cheerleaders.

dbenjamin, this is Brians’s twin brother gsm52, I doubt Moss will be traded. I think you’ll see Crisp go before Moss does.

Here comes our bullpen!!!


Moss could be traded. What is his future in Boston? Does he have one? What I have seen from Moss is nothing but good things. Sorry no comedy here tonight, lol.

Francona should have never had Lester start the 8th inning. I blame that run the Twins got on Francona.

Hey, BosoxBrian:

Darn it, I really get uncomfortable agreeing with you so often (lol). However, I agree, from what I see on the computer, Lester struggled (valiantly) all evening. He should not have gone out for the 8th. That one I’m afraid, is on my birthday buddy. He (Tito) did a nice job on “Rome is Burning” today on ESPN, (at 4:30 pm) though!


You don’t want to be my twin, no way, lol. I think Crisp will be dealt as well come late July. I don’t see where Moss has a future in Boston. I think Moss could play everyday for a team out there. Just like David Murphy, Moss could be better. I would like too see Moss with the Red Sox.


Rome, a funny guy.

Sox are making it look interesting. At least they have a threat going. Will they get the runs across, that is another story.

What was Ellsbury watching??

Ramirez is back!!! That ball was smoked.



Dave gets to hang out with the Laker cheerleaders if he gets bounced from here as our ranter. That is a total upgrade, lol. I think he should have to be Joe Migrane’s gopher if his rants don’t help, LOL. I think Dave’s rants are helping, tied at 5-5!!! Dave–keep ranting, rant more and more.

Twins should pitch to Lugo. Lugo can’t drive in runs.

That is why Moss should be playing instead of Crisp. Twins are dumb, Lugo is on deck.

Moss- alittle bit different than Crisp!

Morneau was asleep down there. Funny play. Morneau was trying to tag who? Casper The Friendly Ghost, lol.

Thanks Dave,lol

Hey, BosoxBrian:

This time Moss got a hit!!!! Sox lead 6-5. Maybe last night’s game was their turning point. If Theo considers trading this kid, I hope they get a bunch for him — like Matt Holliday (commentators are starting to suggest he is available trade-wise).


Does Dave have any incentives in his contract? His rant helped put the Sox ahead, this guy is unreal, lol.

Exactly- they should have realized that Lugo got his hit for the week last at bat!! Let’s put them away!!!

Rays losing too. This might be the time that proves everything


Holiday could be available but Boston will not get him during the season. Perhaps in the winter they get him. Papelbon on for the save, his third consecutive night pitching. Fastballs and more heat!!!

LOL! You’re right Brian, designated for assignment as Joe Migrane’s assistant it will be. However, as long as he rants about the Sox pen now, and Pap gets the save, he’ll be safe through the All Star Break. Even worse, we could make him carry Reyes’ head around. Has that guy got a pumpkin head or what?

No incentives for Dave. He gets paid too much as it is.

I have officially lost it for Lugo, not only did he cost us three runs with his off target throw, but ends a late rally with a patented strike out when it matters — and to top it off, now he is throwing in his also patented tough guy look and tough guy walk after every failure.

It looks like Pap has a hard time getting that third strike. While it seems he has the velociity he doesn’t seem to have the movement!!


One thing I know for sure is Reyes likes his drive-thru’s, lol. I don’t think Hulk Hogan could carry that pumpkin head around, lol. I think Dave might have really helped tonight, this guy is on fire!!!

I agree with Remy, Crisp shouldn’t have dived.

Papelbon isn’t the same pitcher he was last season. He blew away just about everyone a year ago. He has really struggled in the last month or so.

Hey BosoxBrian:

Why can’t Pap get the 8th hitter out with this best heat. The guy gets a double. Tell me what the problem is. The Sox should be “socking this one away.” Instead, it looks like they are going to have to struggle to win this one again.

Holy cow — I was trying to ablidge others at home, and not watching the game — I didn’t realize we were up 6-5 — have to rewind — so we have overcome Lugo (amazing) — I still have lost it for him — though I apologize for the errant comment.

Sorry guys…I was out for a walk. I might add I do have incentives in my $1.49 contract which includes (courtesy of BoSoxBrian) of a weekend with the hollywood beauty of my choice with plane fare paid for — my rants are my ticket to Hollywood!

Papelbon is not the same pitcher. Watch for a tie ball game and then a loss in the eleventh when Lefty specialist Lopez faces another switch hitter. I also predict that with the hitting as of late, Francona will pinch hit for Lugo and play short stop to show him how the ball is handled at short stop.


I’ll be your agent, lol. Then again I think dbenjamin is more qualified. I at least want my share, gsm wants his as well. Remember if your ranting doesn’t work, your off to hanging out with Joe Migrane, lol. That is about as low as it gets, lol.

I like Papelbon but he is not the same — oh we won! I can’t believe that we won that game — and you guys think I’m being PAID TOO MUCH! My RANT won the game! I demand a .50 cent raise and a weekend with Jody Foster right now!!!!

Way to go Sox. You had us holding our breath- but turned out OK. Looks like TB is losing- albeit to the Yanks but at this point in time I guess it’s OK.

A 4 run 8th, how sweet is that!!!

What a difference a pitcher who can throw strikes makes. Pap gives up a tough hit but comes back and gets the job done.

Brian, I think if the Sox sweep tomorrow night we should consider giving Dave a raise.

Ellsbury getting on base makes such a huge difference. So great to see Manny get one. He looked like a little kid running the bases.

Tampa Bay has LOST!!!!! Yes we love you New York. Humble the Florida Devil Rays — never thought I’d hear myself say that! (LOL)

Of course I trust when the season ends and the Sox are victorious you will fly me out to Hollywood to hang out with a hollywood starlett — oh wait…I’m married. Rats I never have any fun!


I think we should double Dave’s pay if the Sox sweep tomm. afternoon.

Rays lose, Sox are 5 back in the loss column. Yanks with a shutout, never thought that could happen, lol. It was great too see Ramirez go deep into the night. That is some serious clutch hitting!!! Moss with the game winning hit!!! Always great too see the kids coming up with clutch hits.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I understand what you are saying, but I suspect you will have to agree with me, as difficult as that may be to choke down (lol) that Pap has to be a major force in the 2nd half of the season if the Sox are to make any noise.

The Sox will have to have consistent production from Lester, Beckett, Dice-K, Pap, Manny R., Mikey, DP, JD and Jacoby if they are to get to the post season. I’m assuming that the Sox get little if anything out of Big P.

But for tonight, they win, yippe cayyay Mother F@#$er. It feels strange being happy that the Yanks won as well. There’s something wrong with the world. Who pitches tomorrow night — Josh — hopefully the Sox will sweep, and then welcome the Orioles into town before the All-AStar break.

While the Yanks beat TB, I won’t go so far as saying that I love them. Normally I would like them to beat each other up. But, today, with our bullpen we can’t be choosy.


Are you trying to be the A-Rod of the blog world? LOL. Shame!!!! LOL.

LOL! Actually Dave, it’s the Hollywood beauty of Brian’s choice. You might want to think hard about exercising that option.

Pap throws several pitches, same speed, same location which is why you see so many fouls. I think he kept shaking off Tek’s location. He was reaching 96 or 97 so I think he’s OK. Guys who take little swings are a royal pain in the ****. They are tough to strike out but they can’t hit. I was happy to see Pap stay with the hard stuff. He wasn’t going to get beat on some BS hanging splitter.


I totally agree with you ( yikes!! ) about Papelbon and being a major force in the second half. He’ll be the Paps of old, blowing it by people. Great at bat by Punto though, he battled and battled. Papelbon blew away Kubel on the payoff pitch, that was some serious gas.



A Hollywood beauty of my choice, lol. Dave you don’t want to know who I would choose, lol.

Brian, I just read the fine print in Dave’s contract. The Hollywood starlet has been predetermined. In fact he has a choice between Joan Rivers and Ellen Degeneris….. LOL!

Agreed though, if the Sox sweep tomorrow, Dave’s salary goes to $3.98.


OK…if my choices are Joan Rivers and Ellen Degeneris…I was looking more in the line of…oh…Scarlett Johansson…but Joan Rivers…somehow though that’s the one actor that my wife would be OK with. (LOL)

I am also excited about $3.98. I could easily buy one hot dog at Fenway Park — I think. (LOL)

OK…I am many things but A-Rod….nah! However I will take his salary any time (LOL)

Paz Vega seems OK too. Nana Visitor, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry, I mean we have some options here!

Last year it seemed that Paps had pretty decent breaking ball, which not only kept the batter’s off stride but broke down enough to get swinging third strikes. He just can’t keep throwing heat- Good hitters will eventually either foul them off or get decent wood on it. He’s got to keep them off stride.

Here I am again in the Letterman time-slot on Ian’s blog. Busy night for me.
Looks like Dave had a full night, too. An uncharacteristic mental mistake by Dave; complementing Lester on his no hitter in the third!, but he made up for it with a couple late-inning rants that won the game! Almost Lugo’d the game there, Dave. Nice recovery, though.

Is Manny back? Hope so. It sure looks like it. 2 huge hits in 2 nights.

I really like Moss, he comes up with the RBI and that’s what counts. I’ll take him over Crisp, Lugo and even Tek(at the moment) hitting in a crucial spot.

So Theo says that the Sox are going to fix their problems from within. Fine with me, I always feel cheated when they trade away some prospect who then turns around and makes good with his new team. I won’t nay say the Beckett, Lowell trade but some of the others…… well I just like it when the kids come up and do well.

PS, Dave…….Jody Foster????? I thought I read that you wanted a weekend ………wait, let me double-check…………..yup, it was Jody Foster. Have you been drinking? No Cameron Diaz? Salma Hayek? Oh well, to each his own, I guess.

Arnie, I agree with you about Moss. I think he would be a good run producer if he was given regular at-bats instead of starts here and there. I think they should have recalled Jed Lowrie instead of Jeff Bailey, who simply put is a Four-A player (good in the minors, but can’t hit big league pitching). I hope the Sox don’t make the mistake of dealing Moss like they did David Murphy, who now has 11 home runs and 55 RBI in a full-time role with Texas.



It sounds like Dave has some great options, Rivers or Degeneris? lol. As Arnie said almost Lugo’d the game, great line by Arnie. Where would we be without Dave? If Boston goes 6-0 on this homestand, I think he should get both Rivers and Degeneres at the same time, great visual, lol.

The Angels have the rally monkey and the Red Sox have Dave, lol. My money is on Dave. He is like E.F. Hutton, when he rants the Red Sox respond!! lol. Aardsma got the win but Dave deserves some credit, doesn’t he ?


Jody was always great for me — don’t ask me why? Just something about her. I’ll also take Sara Jessica Parker as well. Nana Visitor is great as well. Angelina Jolie will also be great…the point is that we can go beyond Joan Rivers and Ellen D. There are possibilities people! (LOL)

OK. Won’t be able to see a large part of the game so…next message is my rant. Let’s hope the Sox don’t Lugo the game!

Dave’s Wednesday Rant (since I can’t see most of the game) This must last for most of the game!

You call this a Red Sox team. I’m sick of it. Manny gets one home run a month and that’s it. You think he can collect $20 million by hitting as pathetic as he does — use your brain Manny and figure out the pitches instead of swinging at wind. Drew is useless. When’s the last time he did something besides ground out to a double play. Then there is Lugo. Lugo — second base is not near the green monster. Follow the square white blocks on the field — are we asking too much here?
Come on Beckett. What happened to 2007. You’re always blowing the lead. The minute the Red Sox get their pathetic one run lead, Beckett comes back and gives up three runs and says “I feel better”. How about this ridiculous bullpen. To Manny D — Aim for Varitek’s glove! Don’t aim for the pretty girl ten rows back!
To Jason Varitek — with all the time you spend back there you would think you’d have a pretty good idea how pitching works when facing a batter. Come on — we need you!
Then there is Oki. One good start does not redeem you from a Dave rant. You need to hold onto this ability.
Papelbon — you come across as a nice, really nice guy but your pitching is weakening. What does it take to get that splitter working again? You’re useless without it. Throwing heat just means somebody is going to hit to the opposite field and base hit you to death. Get your tail with John F. and learn how to pitch again!!!!

OK Guys…let’s hope this lasts for the game. I never rant on Youk or Lowell or Dustin. They are just too amazing…although I came close when Dustin went into his slump. I also don’t rant against Coco…why? I think Coco is a hard working outfielder. Just me!

Finally…there is Olga Kurylenko in the new James Bond film. I mean guys…we can go beyond Joan Rivers (which is keeping me up at night with nightmares (LOL) and Ellen D. (which is giving me daymares)

Well…at least you guys didn’t pick Rosanne. I’ll give you that!


Roseanne was high on the list. She could sing the national anthem to you, lol. I am quite relieved you got your rant in today. Beckett I here is very happy. Dave your becoming a cult hero on here. Any book signings lined up? Special appearances on “Rome Is Burning”?

Brian, I think we should rant on Dave for not ranting on Coco for that lame try for a routine fly ball last night that could have cost the Sox the game. How stupid was that. He’s just like Lugo, he works hard but he has no brain, or maybe it’s just that those braids and corn rows are too tight. I guess we can still give Dave the raise if the Sox win today, but leaving out Coco makes his last rant a pretty weak effort.

I think the Sox are without a closer today, although it wouldn’t surprise me to see Timlin in that role. It would be nice to see Beckett have a solid effort and for the Sox offense to score a few runs early.

We gripe (except for Dave, he rants) about the Sox, but all things considered, they have done pretty well. This year they will be very competitive and have a good shot at getting to the post season. But what an exciting future they have. Ellsbury, Lester, Masterson, Buchholz, and even Pedroia are just babies, and will only get better. We haven’t even begun to see what Jed Lowrie is going to do, and Brandon Moss looks like he is going to be a solid ball player. We can just now start to call Youk and Papelbon veterans and Beckett and Dice-K are coming into their prime. The bullpen except Timlin, is very young. There’s a lot of potential out there that hasn’t come to fruition. It’s possible we could lose Manny and Tek next season, but I don’t think either of those are all that painful. It’s unfortunate for guys like Manny and Tek, who have brought so much to the Red Sox, that baseball is a “What have you done for me lately?” game. Overall though, I love the prospects of the future Red Sox. They will be fun to watch for a lot of years.


I would totally agree with you about Dave not ranting about Coco. I don’t think Crisp should have dove for that ball, Remy called that immediately and I agree. Play that into a single not a double. Crisp also doesn’t hit late in the game or early in the game, lol. He’ll be dealt at the end of the month anyway. For who and what only time will tell.

I would agree with you about the players that are their now and are on there way. Theo and the baseball ops. dept. have done a great job. These youngsters come up and they contribute right away. They don’t seem to be awed in any way. Looking forward to watching Ellsbury and Pedroia at the top for years to come. Also having a guy like Mike Lowell around must really help. Professional is the word Francona uses to describe him and classy is a word I would use. Who doesn’t like Mike Lowell? Of course having Varitek around is huge as well. He has the “C” on his shirt for a reason. Winning and developing, a fanstastic combination!!!

I think your right about Papelbon not being available. Timlin could be the guy in the 9th. At least he throws strikes, unlike the others.

Hey guys…

Just stopped for lunch and if you think a rant on Coco will help — heck, that’s why I get paid the big bucks!

Coco — what was that last night. “Hey I’ll just sit here until my brain reboots and then I’ll go after that fly ball. ” What was he thinking? That late jump forced Papelbon to pitch to another batter? He’s always making those diving plays because of a short circuit in his brain that doesn’t respond quick enough to the outfield. I rant on Drew’s hitting but when’s the last time you see Drew do that. He doesn’t because he knows where the ball is going and reacts appropriately. He’s a solid outfield. Coco is a solid crash test dummy pretending to be a ball player!

There — how was that!

Rant II:

And another thing Coco — since you can’t play the field properly (no pun intended) just take em’ as a single. Play conservatively. Pause…wait for your brain to say “Coco…hey Coco…” and then react and play that routine fly ball as a single and be done with it.

That’s my best effort!

Rant III: (if Timlin pitches)

Timlin, you’ve been doing this forever. Get the byfocals and hearing aid! Come on Timlin you can hit the strike zone if you try. Timlin, wear the back brace and if you need to go out in a wheelchair — whatever it takes to pitch that one inning!

Dave — I show no mercy when my raise is on the line!

Rant IV:

Beckett: Stop just throwing heat. Mix up your pitches, throw some strikes and prove you are the number one starter on the Red Sox. Come on Beckett…this isn’t pretend…this is real. Come on Beckett…I need my raise!

Beckett — you are just spraying the plate. Where’s the intelligence in your pitches…

Whew — I’m spent guys and have to get back to work. Check back with you when I get a moment.

We’re in for a long season if Beckett doesn’t wake up soon.

With the wind blowing out… we should have no problem scoring 5-10 runs against Livan Hernandez… but Beckett really needs to get his head out of his *** in the first inning. He did settle down last time against the Yanks… but this is ridiculous.

It could be a loooong and painful game watching Livan Hernandez lob his fastballs up to the plate at 82 MPH. We really should pound this loser…. Wake up guys… don’t donate a game to this bum!!!

Ok, well now we have to come from behind again. At least it’s not new territory. Sox should pound Hernandez, but somehow they have trouble with soft throwers. Cmon Sox!! We need some hits! Dave’s done some good work here today, should be good for 8 runs, I’m guessing.
Gsm, I couldn’t agree more about the Sox in the next few years. Should be FUN to watch. That’s why I like Theo saying he’ll fix the problems from within. No Gagne-style trade or Rentaria debacle. No Mirabelli for Meredith disaster. Gotta love it.

Hey BosoxBrian:

It amazing how everyone comes in off the window ledges and gets into a good mood when the Sox win 2 in row. Imagine if they win tonight, and keep the streak going against the Orioles. What a happy fest that would be!!


If I jump from a ledge, I will land into a nice swimming pool,lol.

My problems with the Red Sox are when they play on the road. At home I expect them to win most series and end up with 55 wins at home. What is the old saying, every team will win 50 and lose 50. What will happen in the other 62 games that will decide it.

It’d be even more amazing if we DIDN’T get happy after 2 wins. My apologies, I know that comment wasn’t directed at me.
Beckett’s looking off today. RUNS, we need runs!!

Manny!!! Opposite field double. Heeeee’s baaack!

Mikey! Yahoo! Off the ledge, officially!


Good times at Fenway, tied at 3. My Kool-Aid is going nice today, lol. I think Dave’s pregame rant helped. It was almost Lombardi esque, LOL.

LOL! Ellsbury and Ramirez are quite the ballet team in the outfield.

Left handed hitters seem to be all over Beckett today. They are all having good swings against him. It’s hard to understand because he looks like he’s throwing pretty well.

Gotta love Sean Casey.

Great to see Casey get a couple of big hits. He’s been a real plus for the Sox this year. He just does whatever they ask him to do. I really like that.

Boof? What mother names, or even nicknames their kid Boof? LOL! Boof! Boof! Boof!

Tak connects.


The worst part of Boof is he changed his name from John to Boof legally. Some of this stuff you can’t even make up.

Boof Bonser. Hmmm….if Boof is my given name, I’m pissed off at my parents, and I go by my middle name, which, hopefully, isn’t Biff! If my nickname is Boof, I’m an idiot for keeping it. Either way, you have to wonder.

He changed his name to Boof???? Are you kidding? Proves you don’t have to pass an IQ test to play baseball.

Tito’s stomach’s gotta be churning now. Who will pitch well and who will give up the lead?

So the Sox bullpen has lost 16 games so far. Even with the relatively poor clutch hitting, the Sox should easily be in first place. Has to be very frustrating for the whole team.

Lopez doesn’t belong on this team. When is Tito going to wisen up? How many games must he give away?

Bullpen has blown 16 games? ouch — not sure why they have dropped so many games — its really very quite simple — determine which SOX BP reliever is not going to serve up cookies today — and send him in for the rest of the game, lol.

Lopez on the mound with Hansen warming up. Sox might need 15 runs today.

LOL….. Brian, you are the king of knowledge of all important things including that John Bonser changed his first name to Boof. LMAO. How the H-E-L-L did you know that? He should have changed it to Booger Bonser!

Ian has started a new blog thread — 2 on, Hansen coming up — Francona sure likes to temp the baseball gods — this is not good at all.

So how costly will this walk be? What is wrong with these guys. I’d rather have a guy hit my best pitch 500 feet than walk him.

Well the game is in the hands of Craig Hansen. All those who have great confidence right now, say Aye.


Our guy with the favorite name went to a high school not too far from where I live. That is the only reason I know. He came to the Twins a deal with the Giants. Liariano, Nathan, Bonser for A.J. Pyrezenski. I think Bonser was involved. Your our pitching guru on here, you know that for sure. Every time a Red Sox pitcher walks someone, I always enjoy reading what you write.

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