Boston Tee-Off Party

What a beatdown this has been. Just one of those days where everybody is finding the barrel with the bats.

Weren’t we just talking about the slumping offense? After scoring four in the eighth last night to overturn that 5-2 deficit, the Red Sox just mauled the Twins today.

It was a top to bottom bashing. Every member of the starting nine had at least one hit. Jacoby Ellsbury had four hits. Youk had three runs, three hits and four ribbies. Manny Ramirez scored twice, had three hits and three ribbies. Mike Lowell had two runs, two hits and two RBIs. Sean Casey comes off the bench and belts three hits. On and on it went. Jason Varitek was 6 for his last 63 coming into the day and had a pair of knocks today. Kevin Cash comes off the bench in the late innings and swats a solo shot.

Granted, this was not a day where you’d expect a crisp pitcher’s duel, as it was about 160 degrees at game time and it hasn’t cooled off yet.

As for Beckett, he was pitching through a stomach flu today, which explains his rocky outing.


To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Beckett this year. The wins certainly aren’t coming as easily, but that’s true for the whole team, not just Beckett. His numbers are very comparable to last year. His ERA is up a little, and he had that one bad home run game that have inflated his HR number, but overall, I think he’s the same pitcher. We remember Beckett for his dominance in the post season because he was something special, and I mean really special then.

It all seems roses when you win 20 games and your team wins the World Series. When everything doesn’t go so smoothly, you ask questions about your ace and what has happened to him. How about Wake who won 17 games last year? What has happened to him? Answer: Nothing. He has 8 great starts in a row, and one win to show for them. Orsillo mentioned the Sox bullpen has lost 16 decisions. How many of those belong to Beckett and Wake? Beckett could and should be about 11-4 right now. Wake could have 3 or 4 more wins. I’m not worried about Beckett. He’s fine.

Now on to more important things: LOL….. Brian, you are the king of knowledge of all important things including that John Bonser changed his first name to Boof. LMAO. How the H-E-L-L did you know that? He should have changed it to Booger Bonser!

If I’m managing I get Hansen out. He had a confidence building outing. No sense in screwing that up. I probably give Delcarmen and inning and Timlin an inning. Another good outing by Timlin could be a step in setting him up for a productive second half.

I don’t know about pitching guru Brian, but I can rant right up there with Dave when they start walking people. LOL!

Nice to see the sox hitting well today, spreading it around too. Manny seems to be back on track, tek has a couple of hits, even lugo has a couple. Beckett will pick up a win in a game he didnt pitch too well in for a change. It’s all good, coupled with the big comeback win last night and the dice k shutout, things are looking up. Funny how disaster changes to sweet in 3 days. Now if only we could win on the

I think Gagne could close it out now

Yankess win — we should pickup a game on the Rays again, although I think I would have rather lengthen the distance between us and the Yanks quite frankly and close the gap on the Rays later.

That’s exactly why I would have started the inning with Delcarmen. Hansen had a good inning, got out of a jam and then comes back with a walk and a base hit. A positive experience is turned into a bad one.

A nine run lead, why would a pitcher who can throw 98 mph do anything but thorw 98 mph for strikes?

It doesn’t really matter re Hansen, he has to be the one going down when Mastersons comes up, don’t you think — otherwise, I totally agree with you

Lugo gets an RBI when we are already up by 10 runs — is that progress?

You’re probably right dgneubert. You could also see Hansen traded as part of a Crisp deal for a decent reliever either in July, or over the summer. I think he’s still viewed as a good prospect, but the Sox have some depth there and could afford to let him go. If he goes back down, I think that’s a sign the Sox have no confidence in him and he would for all practical purposes be done with them anyway. He needs to go someplace where there is less pressure and get a new start.

He also needs some decent coaching. That Papelbon like stare serves more to tense him up than to intimidate batters. He needs to learn to relax on the mound. It’s too bad because he has great stuff.

Hey Brian, the great pumpkin head gets an out!

Cmon Timlin, I’m hoping you have one more good half-season in you. …Starting now.

Hey guys,

BosoxBrian…what’s that you said about my rant earning about 8 runs…well…I have given you guys a total of 18 runs. I just checked the score — unbelievable. The bats have finally been released…hey…I’m not ranting. I can’t…I have nothing to rant about…do I?


Hey Dave, the check’s in the mail. Brian, send Dave a check! LOL!

Brian, we gotta get some folks together for the next series in Tampa. I don’t know how much baseball we’d watch, but it would be a laugh a minute. Where do you live Dave?


I just mailed the check. I hope it doesn’t bounce!!! lol. That check could get you a gallon of gas or better yet a souvenier cup at Fenway, lol. I really think Dave’s big rant today got these bats going. This guy Dave is unreal. He went on a tirade and the boys responded.

Sounds good to me. Gsm better be careful of our favorite red neck Florida towns, Waldo and Starke. Dave lives in Nashville I believe. I would agree, I am not sure how much baseball we would watch. Then again, the Sox will have everything wrapped up, lol. Sunday night I am thinking if they can take 2 of 3 I will be happy. Watching the game Mon. night I am thinking if they can only score a run, lol. Wed. evening = World Series!!! Yahooooo. lol. Just kidding. Boston should win 96 games, 55 at home and 41 on the road. That is my math. Does it add to 96? lol. My grandmother a former teacher would be so proud of my math.

Well ,the Sleeping Giant finally woke up today. Let’s hope he can stay awake for a while. Hopefully, everyone got some degree of confidence back.

bosoxbrian, gsm52,

First, thanks for the check. The $2.80 of money written in crayon was deeply touching (LOL)

I would love to come. I live in Nashville, TN…how far a drive is that??? I believe you guys live in Florida???

I just got a call from Michelle Williams! Excellent choice. Unfortunately being married at all..but I can dream…as long as my wife doesn’t find out (LOL)!

Hey Dave, Brian sent your check. Don’t spend it all in one place……. LOL!

Umps did a good job today in reversing the triple play. This is exactly the opposite of the Crisp fiasco the other night. Whichever umpire made the out call didn’t have a clue and just guessed. If he saw the play, he would clearly have seen the ball bounced…… in fact, that one wasn’t even close. I think everyone in the park saw it correctly except the umpire that made the call. I wonder why they didn’t get together on the Crisp call the other night. Even though I’m not a fan of instant replay in baseball, if they are going to implement, catch/no catch is a reviewable play most of the time.

Brian, I have tried to email you a couple of times but for whatever reason, the address shown on here doesn’t work. I had a couple of funny things. In any case, my email address on here is correct. Some time in the future drop me a note and we’ll put together a plan…….. LOL! Boof, why would anyone do that?

A nice blowout win for the sox.Now they can just sit down, relax, and see if Tampa can lose a fourth straight

I am feeling more confident and comfortable though the Sox is 2 games behind the Rays, more so than the Sox was 2 games ahead two weeks ago.
The half of the season is almost over. There are few surprises concerning the Sox. The pleasant surprizes are Dice-K, Javier Lopez, Wakefield, Lester, and JD Crew. And I might add Colon.
The negative surprises concern Beckett, Oki, Buchholz, and to a lesser degree Papelbon. Any other surprises I missed?
If Masterson returns and Colon is activated, who are likely to go down? I believe Hansen is the likely candidate. I am glad I don’t have to make the decision.

007chow, Colon won’t be activated anytime soon. They’re wisely taking their time with him. His presence will be like a trade deadline acquisition. Hansen is the likely candidate to be optioned to Pawtucket when Masterson returns. If Ortiz returns later this month, I imagine Moss will be sent down. Not sure what they will do when Colon is activated. Of course, usually those roster decisions work themselves out with inevitable injuries.


Oh, another pleasant surprise, Cash jokingly has Manny like power. Both his homers were out-of–the park home runs.
When Ortiz returns, I’d rather keep Moss other than Crisp. I know it won’t happen as it stands now.

Dave, you’re about 725 miles away from St. Pete. That’s a pretty long drive, and expensive at $4.00+ a gallon for gas. Brian lives down in St. Pete and I live just outside of Jacksonville. It would be great to get a bunch of us down there for the Sox series in September. The bad thing is that it is during the week which makes it tough for some people.


Whew you are not kidding about expensive. I may check into a plane flight. Would be great to sneak out of work and hang out with you guys — put faces on names. Let’s make a point to keep up with the idea. It’s a great idea…to bad during the week though…but I like the idea. Have to check the budget. With two kids I have two gas guzzlers for vehicles. As Charlie Brown would say — ug!

My thoughts:
Since my rant can take a day off — no game tonight — I can instead say that I learned something about the 2008 Red Sox. The 2007 Red Sox had core players bursting out on the scene — Ortiz, Manny, Beckett, Papelbon, Oki, etc. that just dominated the team. It became not “you are great” but “why aren’t you great?” That was the 2007 team.
The 2008 team has been forced to play more as a team. Casey came in (an unbelievably good trade), Lugo is starting to play…better, Drew came in when we needed him most, Cash took a lot of catching duties and the starting rotation was a ring side circus of juggling just to get an arm in the game. Even the bullpen took some changing around.
We also lost some players (Corey, Taravez, Mirabelli) which others found health a challenge (Varitek, Manny, Ortiz being the big one). Compared to last year the Sox have had a hard time keeping their players healthy.
In short, whatever happens the 2008 Red Sox are a team not a set of stars. That was a cool evolution.

Bosoxbrian how come your not on Jordans blog anymore belive it or not we miss you.

It makes my day waking up in the morning and find out that the Rays were routed by Cleveland (Jeff, you’re right, Tribe is due) and the Yanks lost to the lowly Pirates (doesn’t seem so playing against the Yanks).
Let’s hope that Buchholz pitches a gem tonignt. Hopefully the Sox will be back in first by the end of the weekend. Does Buchholz still hang out with the model/actress? If he does, please ask her to stay away from Fenway. Not a good idea. learn it from Tony Romo and Tom Brady.


What makes it most exciting is that the Ray’s announcers which have such a chip on their shoulders are now eating humble pie. Whew great to see the Rays endure some losing streaks. According to the headline, their all doing what Manny did — try to hit the ball out of the ballpark every single time. That attitude — that took Manny the first half of the season to realize — doesn’t work.
Buckholz needs to relax tonight and do what Clay does best. Fortunately, if he does falter a bit the bullpen has been rested a bit.

Dave Rant:

Sorry but I’m seeing Hellboy II tonight so here is the rant now so that it gets in at the game. I feel obliged now that I have the raise (LOL)

Oh come on Red Sox. You have been handed the gold apple and once again you throw it away. Manny is swinging away like he used too because he just can’t help himself. Clay can’t pitch. Confidence seems to be impossible to find on this pathetic team and once again Lugo is playing center field because he can’t find the second base bag. What is it with Lugo? Why doesn’t this team see the great opportunity instead they try to have a large losing streak to carry around. I’m sick of this and the Red Sox. Why bother with this team. They are so frustrating to deal with!

Whew — OK guys. busy day for me but I’ll try to squeeze in another before the game. Take care!

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