Gone Fishin'

Well, not really but it seemed like the right thing to say with me taking my personal All-Star break at the moment.

I’m leaving for New York on Saturday night to cover the All-Star festivities, beginning on Sunday, which includes the always interesting Futures Games for those who truly love baseball. Monday will be a press conference with Terry Francona and NL manager Clint Hurdle at a Manhattan hotel. The teams will take batting practice Monday afternoon, and then the home run derby Monday evening.

On Tuesday, there will be a press conference with all the Hall of Famers in town for the game. That should be fun also. The game itself is Tuesday night, and is there really a closer controversy here? I don’t see any way that Mariano Rivera doesn’t pitch the final inning of an All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Besides, he’s having a better year than Papelbon, so it’s not like it would be a stretch for Francona to play it that way.

Anyway, my break started Wednesday night after that fiasco of a game. I spent Wednesday night at my mom’s comfortable and spacious house right on the beach of Hull. It was nice to get away from the city. We had some beach time with my kids on Thursday afternoon, and then I went to the Bon Jovi concert with my wife and oldest son last night.

OK, I have to admit — I used to make fun of my wife for worshiping Bon Jovi. But I’ve come around. He put on a good show last night. My eight-year-old son was thoroughly entertained.

One of the best parts of the show was when he played the song, “I Love This Town”, and on the video board during that song, there was a great montage of all the Boston teams winning their recent championships. The place was going crazy during that part of it. I also noticed during the show that the Celtics first (1957) and last before this year (1986) banner was missing. It must be on display somewhere, or maybe it was out of view.

Today is just a chill-out day, that’s all. Keep me posted on the weekend events at Fenway against the Orioles as most of you will probably see more than I.

That’s all for now.



Hey Ian. My Mom’s from Hull and I still have a lot of family on Nantasket Beach. Definitely a great place to get away for a vacation. Just wanted to share that. Enjoy the All-Star Game.

Good for you, Ian. Must be nice when you get to hang out with the family for a few days. Enjoy!!!

Tonight is the night for the Sox to realistically pick up another game on the Rays. Cliff Lee is pitching against his equal Shields. The Rays will have Garza and Kazmir pitch against the Tribe’s two unkown pitchers on Saturday and Sunday. At least on paper the Rays will win 2 games although in Cleveland. Let’s go Sox and Buchholz! Keep the momentum going!

It’s great too see Buchholz back in the rotation. I have been waiting for him to be back. He should really help the Red Sox this time around. What a great moment it was last Sept. when he threw his no no against the Orioles. I am expecting at least 6 innings from Buchholz tonight. Boston should at least take 2 games from the Orioles if not all 3.

I can’t take it. two runs in the first inning. When are the Sox able to get out of the first inning without running into problems. 37 pitches and we’re not out of the second inning. What a despicable situation of disgrace. Why can’t the Sox win a game with ease — no they instead have to be no-hit by the Baltimore Orioles which Clay throw 2000 pitches just to get out one batter. Grrrr!

Hi I’m Clay — I went to the Manny D. school of the strike zone and I will throw out of the strike zone because it’s fun”

Buchholz is missing up in the strike-zone. A much better 2nd inning than the 1st inning. Boston’s bat should be able to knock Burres around. Not exactly an imposing pitcher, lol.

Brandon Moss drives in another run. I don’t know what Moss is hitting against lefties but one thing I do know he hangs in there pretty well against them. He had some good at bats against Kazmir last week. Crisp being out only helps the Red Sox. As the trading deadline approaches it makes more and more sense to deal Crisp away. Only negative if the Sox do deal Crisp is who would play c.f. when Ellsbury isn’t in the lineup? Ellsbury needs time off here and there. Drew would be my guess but then again who says he’ll stay healthy. We all know the history with Drew over the years. Drew has only had 1 season with more than 500 at bats.

How in the world did the first base umpire miss that call? Lugo was closer to canvas alley by the time the ball got to first, lol. Lugo has to think everyone is against him.

Whew…these rants are exhausting.

Two runs — is that all you can give us Sox? Where are your bats. Tell you want, grab some brooms from the closet and start hitting with brooms…it might improve your ability to hit the ball on a regular basis.

61 pitches???? 61 pitches???that’s not possible…in three innings!

Gr…Sox are frustrating…but that’s what I get paid for (LOL)


You don’t have to rant thru-out the game. Your rants are needed when the boys are down, tied or need a nice kick you know where. I don’t know if those are official ground rules on your ranting. I think gsm is the one that has your contract, lol. Ranting thru-out the game will not get you a bigger check, lol. Just wondering what did you buy with the check? Enquiring minds want to know, lol.

Whew…I read through the contract and it’s true. However we are in a tie so obligations require it.
As far as the money…I decided to spend it on gas money for the van and managed to get almost a gallon of gas in the tank. With an almost 20 gallon tank that’s appreciated!



It’s funny the South shore has Hull and the North shore has Hell, lol. In other words Lynn, lol. Hope nobody is from Lynn on here. Then again if you are you know what I mean. Best part of Lynn is when you leave, lol. I guess I will not be receiving the keys to the city. lol.

I watch this Orioles team and I have no idea how they are near .500. A few good players but there starting pitching is very weak. Bullpen has been solid but I wonder how long that will last. I assume the Orioles starters don’t go deep in the game.


That is quite true about the tie. The Angels have the rally monkey and the Red Sox have Dave. Also back in 2003 the Red Sox had the kairoke guy ( Kevin Millar ) I think Dave is more successful. I think your most impressive game yet was on Tuesday night. You went on a rant and the Sox scored 4 in the 8th. I think Manny might have logged on that night and said this guy Dave means bussiness, lol. So Manny decided to put one in the monster seats.


Have to head out now to see Hellboy II with a friend. Can you be my stand in rant guy for this game?



The contract clearly states you are the official ranter, nobody else, lol. Perhaps 1 rant before you leave, it worked great on Wed. didn’t it? LOL.

Brian Roberts is wearing out Buchholz tonight.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I’m only getting this game on the computer, and I can’t tell. Did Buchholz look good or bad. In your humble opinion, if its between Clay and Justin, who should be starting right now?


Buchholz did not look sharp. Alot of his pitches were up in the strike zone. Walking too many guys. As of starting right now no doubt Masterson. Look at the results, I was very impressed with Masterson. The Red Sox see Masterson as guy out of the bullpen. I’m not sure if I agree with it. The Red Sox know there pitchers alot better than me. If you can’t throw strikes you will make your own bed in the big leagues.

Boston’s bats were silenced by Oriole pitching, never saw that one happening. Red Sox should bounce back tomm. night.

Lugo trying to leg it out looked like he might have hurt his quad. He was still on the bench after leaving the game. Usually if it is serious they go to the clubhouse right away. One good thing, I expect too see Cora tomm. night at s.s. Lugo bobbled a ball at s.s. I thought with the Sox down a run late in the game, Cora should have been in anyway. Not sure why Francona didn’t make that move. Anytime it is close late in the game, Cora should be in at s.s. not Lugo. Timlin struggled out there, no surprise. Delcarmen gave up 2 very important runs. No go between with Delcarmen, he either pitches well or he gives up runs. He loses confidence quick out on that mound. That is not a good thing!!

Buchholz, like many of the young Sox pitchers, needs to find his command. The Sox pitching staff simply gives away too many free bases, throws too many pitches, and pitches from behind in the count way too often. I look at this as a coaching issue. There is way too much talent for the Sox staff to be struggling the way it is. Attitude is a huge part of pitching. It looks to me like many of the younger pitchers are pitching scared. In order to get hitters to chase bad pitches, they first have to know and believe that you can throw strikes. Any hitter going up agaist Delcarmen, Hansen, Aardsma, Buchholz and until recently Wakefield will go up looking to take one or two pitches to get ahead in the count. These pitchers many times seem to oblige hitters by not getting ahead. Wakefield has turned himself around because he is now throwing lots of strike ones.

Dave, your contract clearly gives you the ranting green light. However, it also requires that all rants will be clearly articulated in order that they may be specifically applied to a certain situation or specific triend occurring in a game, or series of games. LOL! What the heck does that all mean? In any case, rants are not quantified for the purpose of generating additional income under the terms of your contract with BSBGSM Inc.

No production from the top of the order tonight. That will almost always mean disaster. Fortunately, Rays and Yankees both lost, but tonight would have been a good time to win.

gsm52, (no rants since this is pre-game)

It’s hard sometimes to focus on certain situations when you’re trying to get out the door and see a movie — however — I’m not sure the movie worked out. Hellboy II is once again in this long stream of movies that rely heavily on eye candy and not enough on character. There are some nice scenes but we go from “will they survive this” to “oh so they CGI’s this scene and this was puppets and this was blue screen” Too many filmmakers worry about dazzling special effects and forget that you need a story and characters you care about to make it work. Hellboy II Strong B-

Sox once again find difficulty hitting the ball. It’s very frustrating. Ellsbury and everyone else was shut down. As far as Clay — he needs to believe in himself. He has so little confidence on the mound. if he was playing in Texas he’d be their top starter. He just needs to build confidence but he’s young. What’s so amazing about Lester is that somehow he found that confidence and that’s why lester is strong and Clay is weak. Another thing I think is that Lester works harder at it. I know all the times he spent with Farrell and he has that killer instinct. Clay is still finding that motivation. I remember in the Japan game he said “I’m going in blind” That’s not a pitcher who cares about the game yet. That’s immaturity at work. I have some confidence he’ll get there but unless he grows up…he’ll be another great offspeed pitcher in AAA

Wow… JUST when we could have gained some much needed ground, our bats take the night off… and Brian Roberts looks like he did in, what was it, 04-05?? The out that was called on Lugo at 1st was abominable (and I’m surprised that Julio didn’t just beat the k rap out of the guy, I think he’s just that frustrated), that umpire should visit and optometrist and a Priest, the first for glasses and the 2nd to confess. Forgive me Father for I have sinned: I told a lie and I robbed Julio and the Sox.
For your pennance you’ll be Umpiring at Class A ball in Podunk for the rest of the year.
Well, at least the Rays didnt gain any on us and today is a new day.
Wakefield has been strong the past couple of starts and with any kind of luck, that 68 mph fastball and the fluttering knuckler will be where he wants them tonight.

I guess Lugo will go on the DL. Time to bring up Lowrie and alternate him with Cora. Sorry to see Lugo hurt but it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the Sox.

Good news for Red Sox fans, Lugo went on the D.L. I didn’t want Lugo in the lineup but I didn’t want it too happen this way. You never want too see a guy get hurt. That being said looking forward too seeing Lowrie again. I was impressed with him his first time around. He played 3 positions and played them quite well. I also thought he held his own at the plate. I think he was hitting around .270 at A.A.A. this year.

I read in the Boston Herald that Lugo will be out of the lineup for 4 to 6 weeks. It sounds like it will be 6 weeks. Lowrie is in the lineup tonight. Imagine a s.s. that can hit and field, what a novel idea, lol. Also good news for David Ortiz, he is going to go on a rehab assignment and that will start just after the All Star Break. He is slated to play in 6 games. 3 games in Pawtucket and 3 games in Portland. If all goes well he’ll be in the lineup against the Yankees on July 25. Ortiz’s big bat will be a major lift to the Red Sox, just his presence alone will help.

Wakefield has really pitched very well as of late. I just hope these Boston bats are awake tonight after sleeping thru last night’s game. Baltimore doesn’t have the pitching and Boston shouldn’t struggle scoring runs against the Birds. If the Sox don’t get there bats rolling perhaps a nice rant by Dave will get them going, lol.

Gsm—BSBGSM Inc. LOL!!! Great stuff there. I don’t know where you came up with that one. Nice!!! Remember I’m the one that sent the check to Dave, I guess I am the treasurer, lol.

10 times this year the Sox go back to back with the longball. That must lead baseball. A rare Drew H.R. to the monster seats.

I think if Drew goes to the opposite field he would be better off. Especial;y at Fenway.

These are games I enjoy watching. So many frustrating games during the year. Nothing to complain about tonight.

I agree with you pangelotti about Drew hitting at Fenway. He has a perfect swing for Fenway. Youk with the grand slam, puts the game out of reach.

Good news along the lake the Indians just hit the extra point, Tribe 7 Rays 0. nice.

Wakefield’s knuckler is really moving tonight. Sometimes it’s almost comical to watch hitters swinging. I think they need a Wham-O bat. He’s unbelievably effective when he gets ahead in the count and keeps the walks down.

I think Lowrie will play the bulk of the games while Lugo is out. Cora will likely have the same role he has now. I just don’t think they would bring Lowrie up to sit on the bench. I think he’s ready to play in the big leagues now.

Hey Brian, looks like Joe Migrane is getting another slice of humble pie tonight. It would be great to see the Rays finish the first half with seven game losing streak. That would give them a few things to think about.

It wasn’t so long ago that Jason Giambi was the putz of the universe and maybe the most downtrodden player in baseball. All of a sudden, the Yankees are giving away 20,000 mustaches to support is election to the All Star team. Memories are so short.

Manny is starting to heat up a little. That could be very good for the Sox in the second half, especially if Papi makes it back.

Remy and Orsillo are hilarious. They crack me up. That little clip on Remy’s tirade was great. Hey Jerry, get really mad, toss a batting glove or two at someone…. LOL! I don’t know whether or not they are the best play by play and analyst or not, but the are the best to listen to. They are certainly entertaining if nothing else.

Great game tonight. I didnt realize that Youk had not hit a Grand Slam up to this point. Seems kind of unbelievable. You know I really like Dirt Dawgs. Brandon Moss seems like he’ll be one. Casey is one and Pedroia definitely. But the next jersey on my back is Sean Casey. Just something about him that just says BASEBALL player!!
Great game by Wake.. They showed Mora, and his face when he struck out.. Then they showed the clip of the last time Wake faced Baltimore at their yard. Wakefield struck Brian Roberts out to end the inning and as Roberts walked out towards 2nd, he just had the “I’ve been punked” grin on his face as he said “man I hate you” to Wake.. Pretty much a compliment to Wakefield!!

The beauty part of bringng Lowrie up at this time is that he is not filling in for a “super star” and feels that he must try to measure up to him as best he could. Lugo, truly did not contribute much to the Sox, and any contribution that Lowrie can make at this time is more or less a bonus compared to what Lugo did. Hopefully that absence of pressure could make him perform better.

This could be the the day the redsox get back on top the A.L. East. The fast and fading Rays just need to lose 7 straight( And get swept in a 4 game series against the INDIANS) and the sox need a win today


It’s a great thing when Migrane gets served a nice piece of humble pie. They might get swept by the Indians, that is pretty bad. Going into that series the Tribe were playing pretty lousy, I think they had a 6 game losing streak. Indians gave up on the season when they dealt away Sabathia. Dbenjamin’s Indians are helping out the Sox, gotta love it. Kazmir ripped into his team-mates the other night saying they shouldn’e be scoreboard watching. I agree with Kazmir, scoreboard watching in July? Inexperience is the word that comes to my mind.

The look on Mora’s face was pretty funny. He had a couple looks back at Wakefield and his look spoke a thousand words. Mora was basically saying your knuckler should be illegal. The late Bobby Murcer who just passed away said trying to hit Phil Niekro is like trying to eat Jell-O with chopsticks. Too bad Bobby Murcer died, I enjoy listening to the games when he was there.

I hope Dice-K can pick up where he left off from Monday night. Monday night was his best start here at the states. Throwing strikes and finishing off hitters. He pitched deep into the game on Monday night and he wanted to finish that game as well. He wasn’t too happy when Francona took him out, you could tell by his look and his body actions. Great too see the Boston bats alive and well last night. How about Brandon Moss 11 for his last 24, mighty impressive!! I think he has a 7 game hitting streak as well.

So far, so good for Dice-K today. Looks like he has good stuff and pitch count is reasonable after 2 innings. I’d like to seem him give the Sox seven good innings today.

Little bit of brainless baserunning by Drew last inning. Not sure what he was thinking about.

Cabrera is throwing a lot of high stuff today which should be good for Sox hitters. LOL…… Casey looked like me falling down avoiding that pitch by Cabrera. I wasn’t sure he was going to get back up.

Brian – I think the Indians had lost 10 in a row before the Tampa series. They have too much talent to be losing like that.

Dice-K has a chance for an easy inning throws a four pitch walk. Let’s see if it comes back to bite him.

What’s funny is that I was in town from Thursday until Saturday afternoon. (New York, that is.) And a friend of my sister had 2 tickets to the Bon Jovi concert.. too bad that I couldn’t stay for it.😄

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