All-Star Tuesday at Yankee Stadium

What can I say? I am extremely fortunate to be here. This is history
tonight. I remember what it was like in 1999 at Fenway, and this is
every bit as special.

The introductions are taking place as we speak and you can feel the
anticipation. Actually, you can hear the boos. Each time a Red Sox
player is announced. And they are very loud. I guess the Yankees fans
have no aspirations of getting to the World Series because if they did,
they’d be hoping the Red Sox players would help them get home-field by
winning this game tonight.

Terry Francona’s best experience of the day?

“I’ll tell you the other thing that was cool, and it
actually almost overwhelmed me and was great. When we went to go to the parade.
There was a staging area and you get on the bus to go to the stadium and you
walk off the bus and you run into Harmon Kilebrew, Tony Perez, Brooks Robinson,
who was my dad’s first roommate, Ryne Sandberg, who I hung around with. There was
about three other guys. Rod Carew, Steve Carlton.
It was like boom, boom, boom.  It was really neat. Oh, also, Hank Aaron and Bob Gibson.”

And now, they are having this overpowering celebration on the field
just moments before game-time with Hall ofFfamers standing at their
respective positions and the American League and National League
reserve squads lined up on the grass just taking it all in. This is
something else.

The starters are now taking their positions, about to be joined by Hall of Famers at their positions. Great idea, i must say.

The pitchers on hand who are standing on the
Yankee Stadium mound: Steve Carlton, Dennis Eckersley, Bob Feller,
Rollie Fingers, Bob Gibson, Fergie Jenkins, Juan Marichal, Phil Niekro,
Jim Palmer, Gaylord Perry, Robin Roberts, Bruce Sutter, Don Sutton,
Gossage (huge ovation) and Whitey Ford (another huge ovation).
Ben Sheets just ran out to the mound to meet those giants of the game.
And here comes Cliff Lee from The Indians, who will start for the AL.

Now, on to first base: Orlando Cepeda,Harmon Killebrew, Eddie Murray,
Tony Perez and Willie McCovey
Lance Berkman (the NL  first baseman)
and Kevin Youkilis — from you know who — just ran out to stand next
to them.

On to second base: Rod Carew, the hitting machine. Bill Mazeroski (you
might remember a walkoff home run he hit). And Ryne Sandberg. Chase
, the next great second baseman, and Dustin Pedroia got to stand
with their second base predecessors.

The hot corner: Brooks Robinson, Mike Schmidt, George Brett (my
favorite player when I was a kid) and Wade Boggs. Here come NL third
baseman Chipper Jones and A-Rod to stand with them. Yes, A-Rod got a
monster hand.

Now, Joe Buck is announcing the shortstops and mentioned the late,
Great Phil Rizzuto in tribute. Those actually here are Luis Aparicio, Ozzie Smith,
Robin Yount
and Ernie Banks. Oh, and Cal Ripken who just got the
loudest non-Yankee hand of the night. Hanley Ramirez and a guy named
Derek Jeter (biggest hand of the night so far) have come out to stand
with the former great shortstop. Cheers of “Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter,
Derek Jeter” are absolutely thundering out of this place.

Paul Molitor is representing the DH’s. Here comes Albert Pujols. And
MIlton Bradley. Big Papi
would have been there to get more boos if he
was playing but instead he will stay in the dugout.

On to the outfield: Lou Brock, Billy Williams, Ralph Kiner in left;
Starting left fielders, Ryan Braun of the Brewers and Manny being Manny
. Let’s move it over to center field: One of the true giants of
baseball, says Joe Buck. He must be talking about Willie Mays. It’s
been a while since Willie stood out there. And this year’s starting
center fielders: Fukodome from the Cubs and the story of the season —
Josh Hamilton.

Right field: Tony Gwynn, Al Kaline, Frank Robinson, Dave Winfield and
Hank Aaron
. Of course they save Yankee Stadium favorite Reggie Jackson
for last. Here come the current right fielders. Matt Holliday from the
Rockies and Ichiro from the Mariners.

How about managers? Earl Weaver, Tommy Lasorda and Dick Williams, Hall of Famers all of them. And
here come Tito and Clint Hurdle to meet the great managers. In a
shocker, Tito got booed.

Now, the catchers: Geovani Soto and Joe Mauer are the starters in this
years’ game. They are joined by a couple of Hall of Famers, including
the Kid, Gary Carter, and Yogi Berra. He played for the Yankees in case
you didn’t know. It ain’t over until it’s over.

I must say, that whole thing was pretty awesome and well orchestrated.

Can the game live up to this?

George Brett
spoke to the American League squad before the game and as
part of his message, said: “Don’t try to be a hero. Try to be a winner.” Willie Mays challenged the NL to regain their swagger.

By the way, Sheryl Crow’s anthem was nothing special. Can’t win em all, I guess.


Wouldn’t it be great if a member of the Red Sox won the M.V.P. That would be just GREAT!!!

I am sick of hearing about Rivera and that he should start. Who are these dumb—es that think that? If there is a chance for a save, Rivera should close it out. Red Sox fans will say once again thank you to Rivera, this time to make sure Boston gets home field advantage for the Fall Classic, lol.

Great job with the pre-game ceremonies. So many great names out there. What is up with Gary Carter’s mustache? LOL!! He is one player that has always annoyed me.


Your dad’s first roommate? What do you mean by that? Did your father play pro ball? I had a chance too meet Brooks Robinson when Yaz, Bench, among others were inducted. I thought Brooks Robinson was a very nice guy, quite the Southern accent as well, lol. Everything I have ever seen of him and read, he was the best defensive third basemen. He made web gems almost every night.

Wow, those names give me goose bumps. I think Ian was quoting Tito when he wrote that Brooks was his dad’s first roommate;meaning Tito’s dad.
When I was a kid I lived for baseball. The Sporting News, SI,etc. Every day I’d check the paper to see if Willie Mays had hit a homerun the day before. Willie was chasing 600 HR’s at the time. That to me seemed impossible. Then here comes Hank Aaron and blows right by Willie and everyone else.!! That was just unreal!!! I thought no one would ever pass Babe Ruth. Juan Marichal with that crazy leg kick. What fun!! The players on the field must have the jitters hanging with those legends.

The pregame was extraordinary. I was so moved to see these great names. Wade Boggs of course had to be a Yankee because he’s too conceited to acknowledge his years with the Sox.
The game itself was Francona desperate for political points. Jeter was dead weight in the lineup but it was almost pointless. The American League is getting nowhere fast giving up runs like crazy. Home field advantage to the National League — oh well. I could rant but it’s the all star game and I haven’t the heart — which is the big problem with the players of the AL who look tired and worn out.

gsm52, bosoxbrian,

I do a mind rant and within a minute the AL tie the game. This is getting creepy! I mean that kind of freaked me out!

ESPN’s rdio announcer had a classic line regarding J.D’s 2-Run homer in the bottom of 7th, something along the lines of “They don’t know what to do! Do they boo him because he’s a Boston player, or do they cheer him because it’s AL scoring?”

Hey all!

I haven’t been around, what with all the job hunting and job switching I’ve had lately, so sadly I haven’t kept up with what’s been up on Ian’s Blog (sorry Ian).

Anyways, my two cents about the All-Star Game:

Big mouths get burned. That’s my reference to Papelbon. Sorry, but I just have to. As much as I bleed Red Sox red, I have the utmost respect for Mo’ as a baseball player/closer.

He gives up a run (which is now moot), and I guess the ghosts at Yankee Stadium won’t go down without a fight.

This has been a fun All-Star game, IMHO. But then again, I love any baseball game, so it doesn’t matter.🙂

Go AL!



After reading that your right about Francona talking about his father.

N.Y. making a big deal about Papelbon’s comments. Who cares!!!! Personally from what I read, he didn’t say much anyway. Ken Rosenthal who was at the press conference thought that as well. N.Y. media trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill.

Navarro has to be the most improved player. A year ago, he couldn’t do anything right. He struggled behind the plate and at the plate. He’ll win Comeback Player Of The Year easily!!! He threw a perfect throw to second and Guzman was out easily.


Welcome back, I’m new myself but have had a great time on these boards. I hope your job situation is over and settled with a good ending. I know that feeling!
Papelbon is a big kid with a big mouth. He has been vocal though about Rivera taking the closing position but to hear that his wife had death threats against her was so sickening to me. NY fans need to calm down. It’s an all star game. You don’t boo the Red Sox. This is your league as well! I would say the same thing if the Red Sox fans booed the Yankees. Francona has bent over backwards to please the Yankee crowd. Yankee fans need to grow up.
I also agree that Papelbon is continuing to struggle. Not the same closer of last year at all. I have confidence he’ll figure it out. Very tight, very competitive game but the AL looks a bit exhausted and lackadasical (sp) at times.


I thought you would have given up ranting during the All Star break. I thought it was in your contract? lol. What will you do until Friday? You can’t rant until then, lol.

I would love too see a tie tonight, lol. Perhaps Whitey Ford, Goose could finish it for the A.L. lol. Steve Carlton or Sutter for the N.L.


In my contract it says if the manager of the Red Sox is managing the AL team, I am allowed, via contractual obligation to give a mild rant to engage the team (LOL)
Terry must be saying to himself “can’t I play a game that isn’t a nail biter!” Right now the team that wins is the team that doesn’t get exhausted! Glad to see Drew get two big ones — courtesy of a Dave rant.
Dave is looking forward to no rants. I have a canoe trip with the kids planned on Thursday and time on Friday to prep for another vacation week so I’ll be busy indeed. Kids and I tried the place today. It was fantastic and my older daughter enjoyed the hunt for shells and exploring the life on the river. We are going back again and Dad takes a day off on Thursday — what I won’t do for my kids!

The All Star Game that lasts till 5:00 am in the morning and goes 100 innings! (LOL)

dave: More like 1:45am and 15 innings..😀

While the Sox have lost 13 1-run games prior to All-Star break, they have also won 13 1-run games in that same time period. I maintain that if you can do that, you’ll be okay.

As for all of the NY booing of anything Boston, what was with that? Was that a reaction to something that happened at Fenway, or is that Yankee fans acting even dumber than Red Sox Nation?

It was interesting, as the Hall of Famers were announced, thinking about how many of them had spent some time in Boston: Juan Marichal, Fergie Jenkins, Dennis Eckersley, Orlando Cepeda, Tony Perez, Luis Aparicio, Wade Boggs, Dick Williams.

I still don’t understand why that ballpark is coming down in favor of one being built next door. I know that same concept was proposed for Fenway, but was defeated. I guess I could better understand, with one of these quintessential ballparks, having the team play one season somewhere else, and have the stadium totally redone in the process, to maintain that the team plays on the same field. I recognize that the next Yankee Stadium will have much of the same feel that the House that Ruth Built had, but the ballplayers will be playing on a different field. When I have talked to my “Yankee-loving” son-in-law about it, that has always been his resistance.

You could leave some small portion of the stadium in place, while building all that additional-revenue generating seating. Yes, I would like to have access to more affordable seats without having to always resort to But there has got to be a happy medium. Someone with true problem-solving thought capacity has not run through the alternatives.

Thank you JD Drew and Scott Kazmir for securing the Sox the much needed home field advantage for the ’09 WS.

Was Theo totally, completely, ultimately, and quintessentially exonerated in signing JD Drew as a FA? Any doubters out there?

007chow: that’s yet to be seen, though his recent resurgence has certainly made that a good sign.

Good call on the Sox MVP, Brian. I think it’s great the Drew won the MVP. I think the Red Sox will win the AL again, but if they don’t, it surely won’t be the Yankees – not with the team they have this year. So at least Yankees fans had something to cheer for last night.


Oh I meant to say home field advantage for ’08 WS. penwhale: What JD did in ’07 ALCS and his timely resurgency in Ortiz’s absence and MVP in ASG made that an excellent sign.
Papelbon has to learn to shut up and pitch. Unfortunately we cannot count on him to close a 1 run lead game in the 9th every time as it stands now.


I don’t know if I predicted it but I was certainly hoping for it. I would agree with you about the Yankees. Angels or Red Sox in the A.L. Dare I say the Cubs in the N.L. lol. I still don’t know why Wakefield is starting against the Angels this weekend? He should be making his first start of the second-half against the Mariners. Wakefield pitched a gem in Seattle a couple of months ago. Angels do too much running and we all know how easy it is to run against the knuckleball.

We nail players for saying the same old thing. When they say something different, we nail them for that. This just in, they can’t win can they?

I agree that Papelbon should mostly shut up and pitch. His talk in the off-season about $$$$ was just sickening(not that I have anything against money) doesn’t he know he’ll be very rich soon enough! But this time he didn’t say anything remotely bad, or even poorly thought out. He just said that his competitive spirit made him want to close the game. I’m guessing he simply voiced what all pro players feel. If they don’t they probably wouldn’t be pro players. The NY media should save that kind of journalism for politics where it belongs. A little sarcasm there.

Do we like JD Drew yet?? Anybody? I confess I haven’t been much of a supporter, but he’s winning me over.
Once again Francona loses the battle but wins the war. He was out maneuvered by Hurdle and down to his last pitcher who was out of gas, but his team won the game. Gotta love it.

Papelbon almost lost the game for the AL after JD’s game tying home run although the run was unearned. He gave up hits, didn’t he? Papelbon was great last year. But the hitters are hitting his fast balls and his pitches this year. Can’t figure it out, the velocity’s there.
Bosoxbrian, Wakefield has been phenomenal lately. I guess one has to get on base to run on him. By same token why start Wakefield in the NY series? The Yanks used to knock Wakefield around like BP. I am more comfortable with Wake on the mound than Buchholz for the time being.

In everything I’ve seen from Papelbon, including his contract negotiations, he has never expressed anything but the utmost respect for Mariano Rivera. The NY press is out to lunch, as are most Yankee fans if they believe what the press had to say. Pap is a cocky young man, but he has never been disrespectful.

Brian, I’m thinking we don’t have to pay Dave a nickel. He’s an addicted ranter who can’t help himself. LOL!

I thought Francona showed a lot of class last night with the way he handled Yankee players. He put the Yankees and the celebration of the event above winning the game, which in this case I thought was appropriate. If he had put the game first, K-Rod would have finished the 8th and Rivera would have been available for the 9th.

I felt really bad for Uggla. Fortunately, his miscues weren’t responsible for the NL Loss.

I may be dating my old self, but I saw every one of those Hall of Famers play except Bob Feller and Ralph Kiner. However, I did see Bob Feller pitch an exhibition along with Lefty Grove when I was playing minor league ball in 1970. I felt a little bad for some of those older Hall of Famers like Luis Aparicio who did not get real good ovations probably because a lot of people didn’t recognize them. To see those guys brought back a lot of memories. I would love to have seen Yaz out there along with Carlton Fisk. There were quite a few there, but there should have been more. If Willie McCovey could get there in his wheelchair, the likes of Johnny Bench, Jim Palmer, and a bunch of other younger guys in good health could have made it too. Willie Mays didn’t look like he even knew where he was, or what he was doing. It’s funny, but I remember most of my life by either music, or some significant sports event.

007: It’s hard to fault Papelbon for a bloop single that smashed a bat into a million pieces. He gave up a hit, but you can’t exactly say he was ripped or hit hard. Last year was an extraordinary year for Papelbon, no question about it. This year, he’s working more. He’s on pace to make about 70 appearances, or maybe more before it’s over. His WHIP is still under 1.000 which is incredible by any standard. He’s a dominant pitcher and next to Rivera is the guy I’d want to close out a game. You look at Rivera’s stats and you wonder how he could possibly have lost three games? For closers, it happens and when you’re used to seeing them close out game after game and they blow one, it sticks out like a sore thumb. If they blow two in a row, the world must be coming to an end. I think Pap will be fine. He’s a cocky kid with a lot of confidence and the stuff to back it all up.


I agree that it would have been nice to see Yaz and Carlton Fisk last evening (Fisk did show up a couple of weeks ago for the “Jerry Remy” celebration at Fenway), but, assuming they were both going to get the “Bronx Cheer” meted out to other members of the Red Sox, I don’t blame them for avoiding that unpleasant experience!

I don’t know the selection process for the Hall of Famers, but I would think that the players that were there, we ther by invitation.

Yaz doesn’t like those kind of things anyway. He is a star but he would rather go someplace far away and don’t be bothered again. I agree with dbenjamin with the jeers they would have gotten anyway. Why show up and your going to get booed my most in attendance. Boggs has to be the politicians of all politicians, shows up with a Yankee hat. If the All Star game was in Boston, he would have worn a Red Sox or if it was T.B. he would have been wearing some T.B. stuff. Pick a side pal!!! lol.


Jim Palmer was there, jockey underwear and everything, lol. I’m sure Ellen was very happy with Palmer being there, lol. Willie Mays kind of gave Hamilton the cold shoulder, then again maybe Mays didn’t know what was going on out there. I agree with you about Francona and the class he showed. Once again Francona shines at Yankee Stadium!!!


We shall see on Sunday night. I am not one to agree with everything the Red Sox do and this is one of them. Quite true about Wakefield struggling against the Yankees but they had no way around it. Then again this Yankee lineup don’t hit with runners on base. Wakefield should be on the hill in Seattle not Anaheim. The Angels will create alot of havoc out there on Sunday night.

I don’t know how it is today in the Yankee Stadium. But some 25-30 years ago I took my family to watch a Sox-Yankee game. I had box seats on the rail in the upper deck along the first base line. My kids were around 12, 10 and 8. They checked our bags going into the stadium to make sure that we weren’ bringing anything in. During the course of the game someone threw a bottle that hit the back of my daughters’s seat. If it had gone over the rail who knows what would have happened. Fights broke out all over the place. Fans wer dumping containers of beer onto the fans in the lower deck. In a word the fans, probably predominantlyy Yankee fans at that time were a bunch of animals. I never went to another game at the Stadium since then. Maybe today, with the price of the tickets, some of the animals may not be able to afford it. But what happened to the Sox at the stadium is nothing new. The fan action is directly associated with the class of people there.

Hey BosoxBrian:

Maybe I’ve finally found something to disagree with you on (lol). I would normally agree with you about Wake, particularly since he seems to pitch better in domed stadiums (Seattle) rather than non-domed stadiums (LAA). However, right now he’s pitching so well that I’m not sure it matters where he’s pitching or who he’s pitching against. They’ve got to get on base before they can run!!!! I hope the Sox can ride the Wake wave for as long as it lasts. I also hope he can notch several more wins while he is pitching this well. Currently, he is 33 wins away from surpassing a certain Rocket as the all-time winningest Red Sox pitcher, and I would sure like to see him get there.

Also, when we talk about non-HoF Sox whose numbers should be retired, No. 49 will clearly be one of them, especially given what he did in Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS Series. Giving up his start in Game 4 to get hammered in Game 3 so Tito could save the balance of his bullpen was the ultimate selfless act, and was the reason, almost as much as the Big Papi heroics, for the team winning that series. Unsung hero, thy name is Wake!!!!

gsm: I generally agree with your assessment of Papelbon. It is just that I feel he is no longer, at least for the time being, a lights out in the 9th with 1 run lead. A hit is a hit, be it blooper or not. A run is a run, be unearned or earned. Yes, he will get the done but not without a bit of nervousness and apprehension.

bosoxbrian: I guess Wake has a better chance of a W pitching against Jared Weaver in LA. Otherwise he will start against Erik Bedard (for some strange resaon, I thought Bedard got traded away) in Seattle. I would rather see Lester against Bedard in Seattle.


It’s about time you disagreed, lol.

Bosoxbrian: I am glad that Dice-K is not pitching in Anaheim, not necessarily by design on the part of JF & TF, for the same reason you don’t like Wake to start. I can see LAA running the bases amok courtesy of Dice-K’s mathematical certainty in giving out free passes. Wake has been spectacular so far and you have to earn your way on to base.

Anyone notice that our short stop can’t even go on the DL the way he is supposed to?

Lets see hitting, fielding, running the bases, interfering (when not necessary), stepping out the batters box and calling late time outs in virtually every at bat, tough guy stroll after ever strikeout, and now going on the DL when the SOX have four days off during his time!!! Why couldn’t ge have gone during a time when we were playing games every day? We get him back effectively 4 games sooner now.

That was bad, I apologize — clean slate for 2nd half.

What’s with Manny? As much as he has struck out at the plate this year, it now looks like he’s starting to strike out at the negotiating table. I wouldn’t want to call out John Henry a few months before the Sox consider holding onto him at $20 Mil. per year, no matter how much Big Papi likes him.

If the Sox make a play for a “big time” outfielder before the end of July, I think Manny will have his answer, even though he might not like it.

Wake is pitching against Joe Saunders, not Jered Weaver as previously posted. I wish my prediction of Red Sox/Mets WS holds up. It seems highly unlikely just 2 weeks ago.
What do you think of the idea letting JD Drew pitch if the Sox clinches AL East early. Let’s see how his knuckleballs dance.

I had a dream that the Red Sox had a game tonight, lol. It seems like they haven’t played in weeks.

I guess we can pack it in now given the Yanks signing of Richie Sexson. Can you imagine the booing he’ll receive when he hits .200 there? I can’t believe they are going to use a roster spot to sit a guy that will play once a week against lefties.

Papi hit a homer in a rehab start yesterday. Just 7 more days until he is back in the lineup.

Good news down on the farm, Casey Kelly, the red sox first round pick this year, signed yesterday

this is going well so far or not


I’ll tell ya something that drives me crazy: a starter gives up runs early, then his team battles back and ties the game or takes the lead, and the very next inning! the pitcher gives it back and gets behind again!!! Grrr

Cora seems to be another Lugo. It’s time to get Lowrie back into the game and use Cora as a backup. May as well give Lowrie some game time before Loooooooggggooooo caome back.

When Ardsma came in with two on and threw the 3-2 pitch for a ball, the announcer seemed surprised that he walked the batter. I could have predicted that before he even threw a pitch.

Well its pretty obvious Francona over-managed this situation. Going into the break, I thought to myself… perfect time to line up our rotation to MAXIMIZE THE AMOUNT OF GAMES OUR BEST PITCHERS GET. Instead, the think tank comes out with… “Let’s start our worst pitcher, on the road, against the best team in the league.” Great one guys… Let’s all hope the end of the season doesn’t come down to 1 game… because this one wouldn’t look as charitable as it does now.

This is a frustrating game. ‘Night everybody, and hello looking up at the Rays again

What the F was that? Manny tried to insert the ball into his own A?


It’s pretty obvious that Clay has not found his stride and is wasting time in Boston. He’ll be around till Colon returns then sent back down to Pawtucket to rot as far as I’m concerned. You don’t come up and blow two games in a row and call yourself a starter. Maybe next year he’ll get his confidence back. I hope so — he’s a great pitcher who is still crossing his arms on the mound hoping for a miracle.
Sox now back to their temporary position of second place before heading down to the cellar as their 40 game losing streak begins.

Also want to say I saw “Dark Knight” It is one of the finest films I have seen in a long, long time. This is not a comic book film. This is almost art on the screen — ya it’s that good!

Well the rest didn’t help our bullpen. They went right back doing what they have been doing before the break. Giving games away. What a way to start the road trip. When the Sox got up after the Angels broke the game open it looked like they couldn’t wait to get the game over. When is Francona going to get wise and get rid of Lopez.

Manny also looked like a clown out in the field. When his hat flew off he looked like Whoopie Goldberg with that ridiculous mop on his head.

Here we go, it’s downhill all the way until we go back and hide in Fenway.

Sox are doing their best to put ‘be stupid’ on the top of their list.

Crap Sox are proving once again that Tampa Bay will only allow short interruptions onto their World Series winning year. Sox are a pointless brain tumor in baseball that needs to be cut out of the equation. They need to forget about anything but retiring to some place in Australia. They would save the world’s fans a great deal of stress for every game we gather enough hope to consider the idea that they may endure a win or two once in a while.
Manny is going to have a breakdown worrying about his stupid contract. He’s turned into a five year old child pouting about his stupid contract as if he’s that important.
The Sox have no arms willing to win games — unless the bats can generate a run or two but they are unable to get more than three runs a game.

I’ve got it. The Sox are a baseball team that has been inspired by Mr. Magoo. Gotta be the answer to explain incompetence.

Can we just go to a retirement home and call out some retired folks to play the field of the Red Sox. That would make a much better team than we have now!

Game over Red Sox — in more ways than one!

Manny what a brilliant move in the field. You personified the quality of work the Sox have been achieving lately.

I think Manny is history. Did you see the look on Theo’s face after that clown act Manny pulled last night. He wasn’t happy. Stunts like that and mouthing off in the press won’t help his cause to stay around. Personally, I think the price tag is too high for him anyway. That being said, Manny has had a great run in Boston and has been a major part of some great years. I hope if he does leave, both sides can find a way to do it with class and dignity so Manny will be remembered the way he should for his days here and contributions to the Red Sox.

Obviously whoever wrote “gameover Redsox” must be an Angels fan. It’s funny, one way I can tell it’s not October yet is when the Angels beat Boston. See ya in a couple months…..if you get past round 1.

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