Kicking it in the OC

Yes, the return of Brownie Points. Sorry, I’ve been in shutdown mode the last few days just trying to regain my bearings after the All-Star Game that never ended, or did it?

Anyway, it’s been quiet out here in Anaheim in terms of news. The most eventful thing that has happened thus far is the positively outrageous defensive play involving our very own Manny Ramirez. What in the world was he doing? Terrible jump. So he overcompensates by making a ridiculously bad dive and having the ball go several feet behind him. Then he starts running backwards like a dump truck in reverse and falls on the ball and it gets stuck under, yes, his butt. Manny couldn’t help but smile. This morning, Red Sox manager Terry Francona said that what makes the people on Baseball Tonight laugh doesn’t necessarily make him laugh. Point taken.

As for Ramirez openly laughing on the field while letting a run score? Francona chalked it up as your typical Manny being Manny situation, saying that he the player was by no means being “malicious” by laughing.

In other news, Jed Lowrie gets the start at short today and the Red Sox are very excited about seeing what he can do. Francona tossed out an interesting comparision this morning: Bill Mueller.

The only bright spot of last night’s game? Craig Hansen was absolutely lights out, albeit in a non-pressure situation.


I’m glad to see that Francona isn’t too happy with Manny’s play. The question is what is he going to do about it?? Manny being Manny doesn’t hack it anymore.


Nobody talks about Theo Epstein but his face was a look of “I’m going to kill Manny” I don’t blame him. First he whines about the Sox then looks like a complete idiot. Manny has had a tough year in attitude. He’s picking fights and getting into them. Personally, part of me wants him next year and part of me will celebrate if he goes. Grow up Manny! Diapers ended a long time ago.

I really think Ramirez’s time is done at the end of the season. Whether Boston wins the World Series or not. He made some very odd remarks the other day to Ian’s pal Rob Bradford of the Boston Herald. John Henry wasn’t too happy with the Ramirez remarks. I don’t blame Henry at all. The Red Sox have bent over backwards and then some for Ramirez. This hasn’t been one of Ramirez’s better seasons, on and off the field. At the end of the year Ramirez will end up hitting anywhere from 25 to 30 H.R.’s–105 R.B.I. perhaps a little more. Those numbers are not worthy of 20 million, not even close. It has been a great ride with Ramirez. The ride isn’t over yet obviously but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Time for Beckett to step it up today.

My advice for Manny:

1) Stop whining about the Sox. Apologize about your attitude. I know you’re under stress but really!

2) Relax on the field and play the game. Stop trying to crush the ball — just hit it.

3) Take an anger management course. Learn to control your temper.

4) Grow up!

Theo like most general managers in sports sit in there seat stone faced. Theo shaking his head at Ramirez was priceless. I don’t blame him at all. Ramirez’s attitude is wearing thin within the organization. Obviously I have no proof just a hunch on my part. Ramirez needs to produce and start acting like a major leaguer!!!

One more thing Manny…there are people out there trying to make a living and making house payments and dealing with high gas prices and a crappy economy — and you are living off the fat of the cow and complaining. How dare you act so arrogant about your ‘poor little problem’ How dare you think you are so special. You are not! You’re a human being and let me tell you watch Dustin Pedroia. He works twice as hard as you and never shows anything but class on the screen. He doesn’t moan or whine or act cocky. He’s just happy to be there. I mean…I grew up on the Sox. You smear the name of the club. Nuff said!

I didn’t realize Ramirez had 19 H.R.’s, he’ll end the season with 30 to 33 longballs.

Youkkkkkkk!!!! Gotta love this guy. Youk and Pedroia are cut of out of the same mold. Those 2 are gamers.

YOUK! He and Pedroier (Remdawgs’ calling of Pedroia) have been the bright spot of the Red Sox this past month

Beckett could go all the way this game with his pitch count and his pitching so far (which is good because they won’t use the bullpen)

Considering Manny struggled for such a long time, actually a couple of times, his numbers are pretty good. He is generally a better second half hitter. He could wind up with close to 40 HRs and 120 RBI’s if he gets hot….(he just ripped that ball at Figgins). I’m still not sure the Sox pick up his option. Some day I’ll figure out why those option years even exist. It’s inevitable that at least one party isn’t going to be happy with the conditions when it comes time to exercsie those options. Manny would be easier to keep if the price wasn’t $20 million. If he does leave, I’d be surprised if he gets that somewhere else.


Ramirez will get a nice contract offer from someone else and it will be worth way more than 20 million. More like 60 million for 4 years if not more. Lowell was offered around 50 million or so from Philly last winter. With Boras as Ramirez’s agent, he’ll get at least 60 million from someone else if not more. Mets come to my mind, perhaps the Phillies or Dodgers among others will be all over Ramirez if the Red Sox don’t pick up his option. He’ll have plenty of options, no doubt.

I don’t see him ending with 40 longballs, unlikely. No more than 35.

Even though Pedroia is hitting, I think the thing to do was to have him bunting. Second and third, one out, is almost a guaranteed run. Tito made a bad decision there.

Too early for Pedroia to be bunting. It was in the 5th. If it was in the 8th or 9th, lay one down.

Brian, I agree, Manny may get 60 million for four years, but that isn’t $20 million a year that he’d be getting from the Sox. I’m sure the Sox would be more likely to keep Manny at $15 million. If he gets hot, he could reach 40. It’s not that much of a stretch..


What would you rather have? 60 million guranteed or 20 million guranteed? I think I know your answer. I know mine, lol. I think 60 million is on the low side, Boras will get some big $$$$ for Ramirez. There are alot of dumb g.m.’s and owners out there. lol.

So far this is Beckett’s best start of the year. Figgins just doubled, I hope I didn’t jinx Beckett. Figgins is a pest, one of my favorite players to watch. He plays everywhere and he creates so much havoc on the bases. I wish Ellsbury would start to hit like Figgins.

bosoxbrian, gsm,

Consider this issue. Manny’s attitude and behavior is doing nothing to aid in his reputation. He’s also 36 as well. He may be in great shape and he may generate a larger income but I’d be surprised. Manny has talent but this type of garbage is uncalled for.
The sad thing is that take away the contract year and Manny has been great for Boston. There is a temptation to sign him arguing that next year he’ll be back to the old Manny R. I think money is not the option. I think Manny wants to retire in Boston. he loves the fans who worship him. If he was after money:
a) He wouldn’t be so desperate to stay in boston
b) He wouldn’t have put himself in shape and talk to the press.
No this is about staying with Boston and because of his immaturity he’s handling it like a nine year old kid. Manny is a child inside a man’s body unable to manage his passions. In considering the issue, a three year deal with Manny is probably money well spent assuming he continues to hit in production. Frankly we’ll see at the end of the year.

Incidentally, The Sox need to start manufacturing runs. Tito had the sluggers last year and is unable to play the manufacturing game and it’s hurting the Sox. He has the ability to do so but it’s just not happening. LAA has a running and manufacturing game but of course needs power on the field.

Dave, your point about Manny’s age is a good one. That’s exactly the reason I don’t think a four year deal is appropriate for him. He has become less productive and durable. He has missed quite a few games this year and last. I don’t think there’s any question he is slowing down a little and his days as an outfielder are probably numbered. Still, Brian is right, there are a lot of stupid GMs and owners out there.


Ramirez defintely wants to stay in Boston and retire, no doubt. We shall see what happens when the season is over. Hopefully we’ll find out about the Ramirez situation sometime in November.

I think Ellsbury is gun shy on the bases. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams why he wouldn’t have been running with Pedroia hitting. Just doesn’t make sense.

This umpire behind the plate is pretty bad. He’s been real inconsistent and that call on Drew on the third strike was a makeup call. It looked like that pitch was considerably outside.

Dave & Gsm,

Remember Ramirez’s agent is Scott Boras. I’m convinced he could get me 30 million for 3 years, lol.

I think Boras could get Dave a nice deal for his ranting. Newport Beach, Ca. is where his office is located. Just to let you know, lol. Better than what GSMBSB Inc. have got going, lol.


I agree with you about the home plate umpire. A rough day for him. No reason for Ellsbury to be gun shy out there, he is one of the fastest guys in baseball.

Brian, we have the Wakefield Option on Brian. We can keep him as long as we want to for $3.98.

Beckett’s getting banged around. This doesn’t look good.

So much for that. The Sox will never get them back against the Angels pen.


I know your point about Boras and considering the Met’s selling their souls for Santana there is a degree of truth to the matter — nevertheless, age is everything in baseball. He won’t get a big contract but he will get picked up. Manny is still a killer hitter even when he slumps he never goes to .212 and that says something.
Personally. I think the Sox will sign him but with conditions and Manny will accept…unless he listens to Boras…then he might find himself sitting on the beach with Barry Bonds — we’ll see.
Incidentally, Boras is my official agent now and that $3.98 contract will be going up real soon guys when he talks to you (LOL)
#$#$#$ Francona. Let’s keep Crap Beckett up there till he gives up four runs. Everyone knows how the team can’t generate runs. Oh the sad and sorrowful downfall of the Sox. Hey — I really lost my temper this time!

That changed quickly


Terry can’t seem to handle having a lead these days.

What a great catch by Crisp!! I thought the catch Crisp made against David Wright a couple of years ago was great, this one was better. Boston has had some success against Shields over the last couple of years.

Well Dave, if Boras calls, you could become a free agent. Brian and I are the Tampa Bay Rays of Ranter Management Corporations. Our budget is limited by very small market concerns and limited incomes. So if you want more money, you might find yourself ranting for the Yankees.


If Dave does become a ranter for the Yankees. Something tells me he will ranting alot, lol.

A leadoff walk is always a good thing.

I would have Moss or Casey pinch hit for Crisp.

You don’t know Boras. Despite your limited resources, I assure you Boras can be very persuasive. Nevertheless, I will not be a Yankees ranter. After the way those barbarians taunted the Red Sox during the All Star game told me they went to the Manny R. school of social behavior.


If Boras flew to Nashville and knocked on your door and asked you to be a ranter for the Yankees. You would say where do I sign, lol. No doubt!!!

Varitek goes deep!!! yes!!!

Whatever Tampa Bay’s confidence level was they will see is skyrocket as the Sox can’t get past the LAA without disaster.

I was dreaming when I wrote that. Will Varitek hit another H.R.?


It has to be any other team but the Yankees. In all fairness the Yankees are one messed up organization. The Steinbrenner family is a bunch of loonies. Remember the old fire/hire Billy Martin phase. That does not express to me any sort of logic or reason. Martin was a smart manager and the players were talented but face it, building a baseball team is much more than your manager. Its the coordination of players and management and you can’t pin that on any one person — except for Lugo.

Crisp and Lowrie should have been pinch hit for. Don’t know why Francona didn’t, things that me go mmmmmmmmm.

Francona is exhausted and tired — face it he needs about a week off and he won’t get it. I am beyond frustration with the team. This is a team of serious losers. The Sox can’t do anything right. Where is clutch hitting and excellent solid pitching? Here are some bonehead tips for Francona since he is thinking this way.

* Have Varitek take pitches in the head to get on base.
* When a bull pen pitcher is doing bad — keep bringing him back until you break him.
* When a player is slumping put him in the cleanup slot.
* When a player is hitting be sure to give him some days off to keep him fresh.
* Get Cash to act as a pinch hitter.
* Make sure pitchers go deep into the game and take them out when they’ve made the game “interesting”
* When your winning the game put Timlin in there.
* Make sure the combination of Manny/Hansen is used often in clutch situations
* Have Manny R. bunt — he’s so good at it.
* Have Casey steal some bases — put some life into that man
* Have Youk play excessive innings — he can take it.


Did I cover the Francona “mystery management course” properly?

anybody here?

Signing off.

Boston had there chances but couldn’t hit in the clutch. That pretty much sums up this one. They have scored 5 runs in 18 innings against the Angels. Not good.

Yeah Dave, we’re here, but you were on such a roll that we decided to just let you go.

Two things stick out in my mind in that game that reflect the Red Sox lack of aggressiveness. The first was when Pedroia was up with two on and nobody out. Instead of bunting, he hits into a double play. I understand he’s been hitting, but that’s just bad baseball. The second is when Ellsbury singled and stood on first base. I still don’t understand why he wasn’t running. I’m not sure a change in either case would have made a difference, but both would have put a lot more pressure on the Angels and at least put the Sox in a position to do some damage. Tito’s got to take the hit for this one.

Dave, don’t be wasting your rants after the game. What the hell good does that do? Like the Sox today, your timing is bad. I’m seeing pinstripes in your future. LOL!


Actually my comments were during the game just seconds after the beckett fiasco…so like Manny R. and his contract confusion, you misinterpreted the time data left after each message. I’m seeing pinstripes in your future (LOL)


I agree totally, Dave and the Red Sox were on the same page today, lol. I think your onto something here gsm, pinstripes for Dave. I’m not sure if he he’ll accept it but he might have to. I was wondering gsm, Do we put Dave on waivers? Do we acquirre a ranter to be named later? LOL!! If he hires Boras, we are in trouble. Boras knows how to negotiate and always gets the best deals for his clients. lol. Then again GSMBSB Inc. aren’t as dumb as some of these owners and g.m.’s. lol. We will not budge any further than $1.49, take it or leave it.


You guys are on some serious medication today (LOL). I hired Boras — if you remember — and I did rant during the game. I want a raise just because of all the time I used up today explaining to you guys to plot (LOL)

What is up with the Sox this year??? They don’t seem to have any consistency or sense of direction or urgency this season! Manny’s had one too many bong hits this year, I think. He’s one toke over the line. Josh was cruising along today and out of the blue gets roughed up just enough to lose. Very un-Beckett-like. Then there’s the bullpen. Don’t get me started!! How could those pitchers ALL be so bad this year after being the best BP in the AL last year? How? It’s not possible. But it’s happening. ZERO clutch hitting on the road. Zilch, nada, bumpkis, nichts. Did all the other teams move their pitcher’s mounds to 50 feet 6 inches? And why do we have the same shortstop as last year??? Just when we need a new SS we don’t get one!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

Ok, I feel better now. Hey Dave, you’re adding some new moves to your repertoire, I see. Making lists and calling out the Steinbrenners. Very creative. Can you make a powerpoint presentation for tomorrow’s game? And throw in some more Lugo jokes, OK? I love Lugo jokes. Like the one where he and Coco go to confession and the priest says………….well I forget, but it was a good one. Where was I??? Oh yea, maybe it’s because July has been a trying month here for me, but I’m just not confident this year anymore about the chances for a good run in Sept for the Bosox. Forget October! I’m losing faith that they’ll turn it around. They seem to be stuck in a malaise that they can’t shake. Just when I need cheering up, the Sox are letting me down. Hey, has anyone seen that movie about the Sox that was made after the 2003 season. I think it’s called, “Still, We Believe” or something like that. There were some funny parts in it. Angry Bill, he was hilarious. Wonder if they made another one after 2004? Well. Gotta go. See ya tomorrow.

I agree with the comments that Pedroia should have bunted and Ellsbury should have attempted to steal. Whether anything would have come out of it- who knows.But at least it shows some aggressive play and that it is good baseball and Francona is at fault. Manny seems to have found his groove. That line drive he hit with men on base almost knocked the third baseman down. Further, as much as we like him, Lowell did nothing. Going 0for 5 and leaving 6 on base certainaly didn’t help.As far as Crisp and Varitek are concerned- if they did anything offensively it should be considered a bonus. We can hope but we can’t expect anything from them.Let’s hope the Sox can take one today.

Well, its previous obvious this season now rests squarely on Theo’s shoulders… We can’t beat anybody on the road, period. And we’ll be playing in LA in the playoffs if we’re lucky enough to even get there. The Angels play in an easy division that will only get easier as the A’s and Rangers give up shortly and play younger guys. There is almost no way we’ll catch them without help.


Sorry you’re having a tough July. The Sox will NOT go anywhere this year and it’s obvious to me. The coordination between pitching and hitting are not in synch. The Sox will have the highest LOB percentage of any team in the history of the game this year 15,245. The Sox’s ERA is growing by the day. I suspect the team ERA will be 234.34 by the time the season ends. When we start commenting about bunting and stolen bases, it shows just how desperate we are sounding.
OK — did you hear the one about Coco and Lugo go to a bar….rats I forgot that one too! (LOL)
I think the problem with the Sox is pressure. Last year it was “hey we can do this” This year it’s “will everyone stop expecting us to do this! We’re trying…and we have Lugo and Whiny Manny to put up with — give us a break”
Right now even Lugo out of the lineup can’t help them. Right now everything is going wrong for them. Today’s game (LAA 1, Red Sox 0) in a two hit shutout. Wakefield will be brilliant as usual and the bats will be silent. Hey, the Sox have batting helmets. Let them get hit once in a while to get on base.

Sox are only 4 games or so away from third place when they replace the Yankees in that spot. Then comes Baltimore and then Toronto. If they work hard on it they should be in last place by the middle of August. That is something to look forward too — all that money and talent and this is our reward GRRRRRR

What do Lugo and Michael Jackson have in common — they both were a glove on their right hand for some reason.

Q: What do Oji Dokie’s pitching and a spiderweb have in common?
A: One hit and they fall apart.

Best I could do Arnie.

Hey, Bosoxbrian:

Watching yesterday’s game, I was surprised as everyone else that Ellsbury didn’t even venture off first base. Could he be hurt, and no one’s talking about it? When Lowrie came up, I figured the reason we didn’t see an experienced pinch hitter like Sean Casey was the club is intent on getting Lowrie into clutch situations, no matter the short term outcome (another instance of what you typically describe as Tito thinking for the “long haul”).

What I am continuing to find curious however, is the pitching line-up coming out of the All-Star break. The Sox had four (4) consecutive days off, and could have lined up their starters however they wanted. Given that, why did they start off with their fifth starter going first, and why do their two (2) most consistent starters not go until Games 4 and 5? I find that curious, and wondered if you had any thoughts about it.

About Manny, if I wasn’t sure before, I am now….the Front Office will not even acknowledge the issue of Manny’s option until after the team plays its final game this year. If you look closely at John Henry’s remarks, you see two (2) things — 1) Personal affront, and 2) faint praise of manny (almost being damned by faint praise). You don’t even see an “all in due time” remark. I sure hope Manny can keep from doing anything else embarrassing. It would be sad if Manny doesn’t surpass both Ted Williams and Jimmy Foxx on the homerun list in a Red Sox uniform. He should pass Williams this year, but I wouldn’t expect him to reach Foxx until next year…that would be 44-45 home runs, and that would mean a collosal hitting streak for Manny yet this year, one he hasn’t seemed capable of.

Sure hope this train can get itself back on the track, so the Sox aren’t reeling when they return to Fenway and the Yanks. You take Youk’s blast out of yesterday’s game, and you have a rather pitiful offensive show.


I am with you about Buchholz starting the first game of the second-half. That means he’ll be the only starter that goes twice on this 6 game road trip. Beckett going yesterday, means he’ll open up the Yankee series, that makes alot of sense.

I still think Lowrie or Crisp should have been pinch hit for. Casey and Moss were the options. What I have seen from Lowrie so far at the plate, not impressed. He looked like a better hitter earlier in the season. I also wonder how long Ellsbury will be at the top? I would give Ellsbury another couple of weeks at the top. If he continues to struggle, Pedroia will leadoff followed by Youkilis. Have Ellsbury hit in the 9 hole, act like another leadoff hitter if he continues to struggle. If he starts hitting the way he should, this lineup will produce in a big way. At home and on the road. The return of Ortiz will be a huge boost to the team. It will take pressure off of Ramirez. Even though right now Ramirez looks pretty good at the plate lately. Except in the 9th inning yesterday.

Boston still needs another arm or two in that pen. Who will it be is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Buchholz and Masterson will be in the pen together. Masterson for sure. When is Colon ready? I assume in the next couple of weeks. Colon has been out since mid June. Last time he’ll swing a bat, AMEN!!!

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