Guess Who's Back?

The friendly face of Justin Masterson was back in the clubhouse this morning. David Aardsma was placed on the disabled list with a groin injury this morning. Here comes Masterson, ready to start his fourth stint of the season with the Sox, this one as a reliever. This should be real interesting.

Terry Francona talked about not wanting to give too much too soon to Masterson. In other words, he doesn’t want to put too much pressure on him. But we’ll see what kind of role Masterson works his way into. This kid seems pretty unflappable.

I think his role in this bullpen could be enormous.

That was some catch by Coco Crisp yesterday. “He does things with his body I can only dream of,” said Sox ace Josh Beckett.

I have to give Coco credit for being a good teammate this season and not whining about his situation, even though he obviously wants to play every day. Will he be on this team past the July 31 deadline? I am starting to think so. You knew Theo was planting the seed for keeping Coco when he said back in Spring Training that trading Jay Payton was one of the worst moves he ever made. In other words, don’t trade a player just because he wants to be traded when your team is better with that player.

Another dreadful day weather-wise in Southern Cal. 80 and sunny yet again. Clouds anywhere? Anywhere? Anywhere? I can’t find one.


I also think Masterson’s role will be big. I have been very impressed with him and who hasn’t? He looks like he has been in the big leagues for years. I am hoping Boston can salvage one tonight. I hope these Boston bats will wake up tonight. Only 5 runs in the first 2 games.

I don’t agree with Wakefield going against the Angels. They like to do alot of running.

Not impressed what I saw from Garland in the 1st inning. This year Garland has allowed more hits than innings pitched. Boston will have there chances tonight. Will they hit with men on base?

If I recall Jay Payton whined about playing time. I think there was an incident in Texas where he was kicked off the team plane. When your the 4th outfielder and whine about playing time, it’s time to get rid of that malcontent. Kudo’s to Crisp not crying about playing time. I agree with you Ian. Crisp would start for most teams. I assume Boston could deal him in late July if not he’ll be dealt in the winter. No reason too keep him. He should be given a chance to play on a daily basis. I thought Crisp’s catch yesterday was the best I’ve seen in a Boston uniform in a long time.

The trade that Theo should regret is getting Suppan back in 2003. Also another trade he should regret and he has admitted his mistake. Getting rid of Cla Meredith, he sure would look good in that Boston pen.

Another runner stranded in scor. pos. I have seen this act wayyyyyyy too many times this year, especially on the road.

Gurrero gets this team going. His leadoff H.R. got it started yesterday. His H.R. tonight, gets it rolling again.

Rank #1 (charge $23.25 payable to Boras, Inc.)

Tim just gave up the lead runs. I’m sure he’s fed up with the lack of run production and saying “why bother…no matter what I do…I get another ‘L’ on the column and this is not worth $4 million a year. (Of course I suspect that Tim is only frustrated.
Two patterns:
Pitching gives up two many runs

Hitting is shooting for the LOB record of the year. Ellsbury can’t hit, Varitek can’t hit, Lugo and crew can’t hit, Drew can’t hit (lately), etc., etc. This is a sad and pathetic team.

Sorry — I meant to say Rant #1. All this money is affecting my brain (LOL)


GSMBSB Inc. will NEVER make a payment to Boras. lol. You are still under control of GSMBSB Inc. so you might have violated your contract by going on your own to Boras. It clearly states in the contract if you go on your own to another agent you could get suspended or traded. One of the teams you could get dealt to is well you know who. Gsm said it best yesterday, pinstripes are in your future. lol.

Ramirez goes the other way, nice too see. Boston should knock Garland around for 5 runs in 6 innings.

What a great throw by Cash. Very surprised they threw out Figgins. I really thought going into this game the Angels would steal 4 bases. None yet!!!

Time for Boston to take the lead. They are getting some good at bats against Garland.


Recall that my rant tied the game and Boras will be sending some fasinating people to visit you at GSMBSB (LOL) I’d start paying if I were you (LOL)

Sox tied it only because they get two runs per game. They can’t go beyond that so expect a 6 – 2 loss. The Sox will then say after “oh we just need to pull it together…oh we tried real hard by the LAA are weally, weally hard to beat. ”


What kind of fascinating people are you talking about? Your contract clearly states that if you rant and the Sox score that doesn’t translate into automatic money. lol. You get paid only if Boston sweeps on the road. In other words, no money coming your way. Boston will never sweep on the road, not this year. Good job by Crisp, running down the line the entire way. He wasn’t fooled by Kendrick.

Rant # 2 ($1.20)

Red Sox have an LOB of 7. 7 chances to drive a run home and they blew it. How is this possible? I don’t think even Boras knows that answer.

Rant # 2 ($1.20)

Red Sox have an LOB of 7. 7 chances to drive a run home and they blew it. How is this possible? I don’t think even Boras knows that answer.

Dave, your problem here is that Boras will take $22.00 of the $23.25 you’re demanding. You’re left with a buck and a quarter. GMSBSB Inc. never tood a nickel of your salary. Boras is a great negotiator……………. for himself. LOL!

I hope Masterson does well. However, keep in mind he is another young pitcher who had issues with command and finding the strike zone. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see this as a huge improvement.

Nice throw by Cast to get Figgins. We haven’t see that in a while. I initially thought Figgins was safe, but instant replay clearly showed nothing. LOL! It was very close and upon further review, the ump probably made the right call.

Wakefield is not getting ahead of hitters like he has been recently. Still, the knuckler seems to be dancing. If he can avoid the walks, he should be OK.


These fasinating people can write new contracts on the spot without an resistance. Boras uses them all the time to get those great contracts! (LOL)

rant #3 ($2.20)

Red Sox games are too long. They should just go to the plate and ask for an automatic out. It wouldn’t change the outcome of the game and we’d lose in a quicker time period. Lugo can just stick his head out in front of the plate — it won’t make a difference anyway.


I think it is time for GSMBSB Inc. to get rid of you. You are quite demanding. lol. Have fun with Boras and ranting for the Yankees. lol.

Bosoxbrian (charge $2.10)

GSMBSB cannot get rid of me. It’s under contract. It’s the only way the Sox can win games!


Besides you guys pay me with colored paper with numbers on them — I would hardly call that a great way to keep employees happy (LOL)


They have won 2 titles without GSMBSB Inc. I think they’ll do just fine. lol.


And the reason why we have GSMBSB — because we need a third (LOL)

I’m sorry, we are talking now DGSMBSB !

Rant 3

If the Sox can only score runs on a mediocre pitcher then why not have LAA throw underhand. It won’t make a difference.

Sometimes you need a break like that. The Red Sox will take a run anyway they can get one. Runs are few and far between against the Angels this weekend.

A B.B. S.B. and E-9. Sounds like a run to me. Just the way Francona planned it. lol.

Somethings got to be wrong with Ellsbury. Another time when he should have attempted to steal – with Pedroia up and two out. Even if he is caught stealing, Pedroia leads off. If he had stolen the base he may have scored as Pedroia then singled. Either there is something wrong with Ellsbury or there is something wrong with Francona.

Brian: We have retained Weinstein, Feinstein and Einstein….Scheisters at Large. They will be filing tampering charges against Boras. They will also file suit against Dave the Traitor for violation of his valid contract by inappropriate double dipping. They are telling me we could realize three or four dollars from this, and retain Dave’s services at our discretion with a fine of one year’s salary. Dave is screwed. LOL!

Ellsbury finally had a good swing, but I don’t understand why he wasn’t running. He should have been on second base when Pedroia got his hit. Worst case scenario, Pedroia leads off the next inning. He must be really gun shy. He needs to get motoring.

Crisp’s stolen base and slide reminded me of Major League when Willie Mays Hayes slid into second base and came up a foot short. Crisp just about reached second base. A good throw would have had him by two feet.

Vlad is way behind Wakefield’s scorching 72 mph fast ball. LOL

LOL! Vlad just couldn’t catch up with the heater.

Hope Francona keeps a short leash on Wakefield. If he starts to get a bit wild or if they begin to hit him hard he should be pulled. Don’t pull a Grady Little.

Wake blazed another heater Hunter couldn’t catch up with. This is unbelievable. LOL!

I think Lowell needs a rest. His swings are beginning to get pitiful!!


I agree with you, Ellsbury should have been stealing!!! No doubt!!

I think you could be right pangelotti, he is struggling although he did have a key hit earlier. He’s still worth his weight in gold in the field though.

I guess you could say the same for Tek and Coco– but it doesn’t help the offense.


I think Epstein ( Theo ) will help as well. LaRussa should as well. Dave is playing with fire here, lol. He has clearly violated his contract and worse of all he is throwing it in our face. LOL!! He is underestimating the power of GSMBSB Inc. Also in one post, he put his initial D in front of us. That did not go unoticed, lol. I really want Dave to wear pinstripes and real soon. LOL!!!

I am very glad I have been dead wrong. I didn’t like the idea of Wakefield pitching against the Angels. Dbenjamin, you said it best, you can’t steal a base if you don’t get on base. I can’t believe I just gave you props. lol. I am off to church, lol.

Time for Wakefield to go!!!

Too late!!!!

Francomna pulls another boner!!!


Have you noticed Boras isn’t sitting behind home plate for this game. He was the last 2 games. The reason he isn’t there tonight, our reps have contacted him. LOL!! Never mess with the little people!!! lol.

Wakefield sure pitched well. Again the Boston bats have gone silent. Manny D. is in, uh oh!!!

Careful Figgins may bunt!


Boras couldn’t make it because he has obtained the agency of “Do We Cheat Them and How” and is sending a dozen lawsuits your way for not changing the name to DGSMBSB as it should have been so. He is also going to arrange for a visit from Lugo for exactly two weeks. He will spend time with you and share his philosophy of baseball. Have fun (LOL)

LAA once again is going to take this game away. It’s so baffling to deal with this situation. I just don’t get paid enough to rant for this team. I want more money! Come on Boras!

Delcarmen is clueless……. he has no idea where he’s throwing the ball. Might as well walk Figgins so he has runners on second and third with one out.

Another quality start by Wakefield is wasted.

This rant is for free!

Manny Delcarman — stop the $#$#$#, $%W#$#, @#$#$ walks. What holes are drilled in your head to follow the example of a totally blind person. Stop whatever you are doing and start pitching the game. It’s already tied up — are you desperate for a loss!

Grady Francona blows another game!!!!

Delcarmen is blazing fastballs by this guy, and hangs a curve ball. Clueless, absolutely clueless.


I realize the squeeze play is your favorite option (e.g. load the bases and then get squeezed out of the game…but please you @#$#$#, #$#$#$, #$#$#$, #$#$#$ player…do you want your job!
#$#$#$ Manny D. Fire him, burn him, destroy him. I’m tired of the stupid bullpen killing the game. Three runs…are you an idiot now or were you born that way!

Bullpen help needed should be the sign at Yawkey Way. There isn’t one arm that you can rely on.

Manny D.

Get a lobotomy and then come back and pitch. The new brainwaves you generate will do a great deal to help you win this game. Gee Manny, you have so much talent and you can’t hold a lead. You are a (censored)

Whew…I feel better now

Crisp leads off, should try to bunt for a hit. Casey should hit for Cash.

Great Manny — thanks to you we have three losses in a row. Fortunately this time YOU get the loss and the ERA problem. Why don’t you trade yourself to the Texas Rangers…they could use a good closer of your quality.

The Sox have once again averaged three runs per game. I think I will have shock treatment if they win this one — it’s just not possible.
Why don’t they all resign and just accept last place.

Casey should pinch hit for Crisp.

Three easy outs for the LAA. They swept the Sox and the Yankees will soon overtake them and you know what — why not. The Sox have less talent than the Texas Rangers right now.

I think we ought to pool our brains (????) and elect a Committee to replace Francona when the Sox are on the road. Theo should hire our Committee of Three (???- have to have an odd (???) number in case we can’t all agree. We can scan our computers to take a continous poll of the Nation and make our Decisions. We can be called the CTScans!!!

Casey and Moss should pinch hit for Crisp and Cash.

I’m going to show up at Fenway Park with a “I Pitch for Food” sign hanging from my neck. Hell, I could be out there in the bullpen all by myself and come in and blow every lead. I can walk hitters with the best of them……. and they can get it from me for a Cheeseburger.

Francona and the entire team should be fired. What are Fisk, Yastremski and Lynn doing these days? I’ll also take Carbo and Lee and Tiant.

Casy looked like he was playing golf.


It’s not Francona’s fault they can’t hit on the road. They have been swept 6 times on the road. UGLY!! They have a team psychologist on the bench with them. Perhaps they need 2 of them. There bullpen gets exposed on the road. Game after game.


I already talked to Boras. For ten million you can have the job on the Red Sox. He apologizes for the small number but there are incentives…and he says if you blow your shoulder the Sox will still pay you four million.


The Sox are willing to do a trade. If you want to live with Manny Delcarman and Julio Lugo for ten years you can get the job.

Do the SOX really have a team psychologist on the bench with them (at least on the road)? Hopefully that was a joke?

If true, that explains their woes, once those guys start messing your head, your done, might as well hire Stuart Smalley (Smiley) of SNL, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough enough… and gosh darnit — people like me”!!!

I apologize to any of you bloggers who might be in that profession — but in my opinion you are toast once you need a shrink to try to convince (or mesmerize) you that you can play.

Dave, I have retained Brian of the renouned BSBGSM Inc. managment firm as my agent.

Another tough loss for the Sox. Really, Wakefield should never have come out for the 8th inning. However, there is so little faith in the bullpen, Francona almost had no choice. I don’t think you can fault him for this one. I think it would have been a great time to break Masterson in. They started him under fire, why not use him as a reliever under fire? It’s not like there are a lot of alternatives at this point. The Sox have zero chance to repeat if the bullpen doesn’t improve.

I realize that Francona cannot hit for his players but the Sox can play better “baseball” – bunting when they should and attempting to steal a base- as they should. If we play a little basic baseball we may be able to fool the other team so that they may think we are awake.

If Francona pulled Wakefield after 7 innings and brought in a relief pitcher to start the eighth, the only fire he would have faced is the one that he created for himself. Last year it would have been Oki and Paps and we pack up the bags and go home. This year it is a little bit different. This year, whoever we bring in, including Oki and Paps, we light a candle and bring out the rosary beads. Again, I agree, Wakefield should not have started the eighth.

The Red Sox were screwed either way. If the bullpen came in they would have been toast. It is more and more evident that Boston needs to add another arm or two to the pen. Lopez has pitched well against lefties. Why didn’t he face Kotchman? You play match-ups in the 8th. Papelbon for 3 outs in the 9th. I also think Wakefield should have been taken out. Francona has ZERO confidence in that pen. Delcarmen does his usual. He is either good or just awful!!!

It is ridiculous to fault Francona for this loss, and any loss involving a starter going a little too long. The Red Sox have NO set-up men who can be counted upon. Masterson will help the bullpen, but this is not a problem that can be fixed with one or two arms. This is an issue that cannot be remedied until the off-season. It is pathetic that a team with a 36-11 record at home cannot play at least .500 ball on the road. The bullpen is the main reason why Boston is 21-32 on the road and unlikely to repeat. The bottom line is that the Angels and the Rays are better because their rotations and lineups are good enough, and their bullpens are significantly stronger than the Red Sox. This is not a rant for laughs, just an honest assessment of a team that does not look good enough to reach the post-season with a bullpen than cannot get outs.


bosoxbrian, gsm52, etc…

You also forget hitting. The LOB percentage is unforgivable. The Sox cannot drive runs home and have put tremendous pressure on the pitching staff that has the consistency of the weather. I’m afraid unless we see the bats catch up we’re toast. Yes, the pitching has struggled but the Sox manage 3 runs per game. Once they get their quota they’re done. It’s so frustrating and I’m sure Francona and the team are feeling the weight of frustration. It can’t be fun to lose game after game after game. The Sox don’t lose games…they lose series.

Hi guys. I have not posted for a while, but as every time the Red Sox have a painful loss (like today), I spend arround 2 hours trying to take the game out of my head, this time I prefer to get in touch with other passionate Red Sox fans like you all.
I think we all feel bulpen help is needed urgently, and hopefully Theo will get something done there in the near future, but as Jeff pointed out, offense is becoming a frequent concern (especially on the road), and I have my suggestion for a possible shake-up in the line-up.
I think Ellsburry needs to be taken out of the lead-off spot, because he is not getting on base enough and scoring enough runs (dont take me wrong, I love the guy and really beleive he is going to be a star, but as of today, he is not contributing enough offensively).
So, assuming Big Papi is healthy enough to be his usual-self when he returns (and I really hope he will), I would love to see something like this:


The reason I put Pedroia leading off is because he is actually the one who gets things started most of the time despite he is not relly fast.
Drew has really enjoyed the protection of Manny (who wouldn’t?), so I would keep him in front of the 2 big bats, and putting that line of right/left from 1 to 5 could create some match up problems for the oposition late in the game.
And having Ellsburry on the 7th Spot makes sense to me because you have a guy in the back of your line-up with a smaller preasure (if that is possible in Boston), that can create things with his speed (base stealing, hit and run, defensive positioning, etc) for the lower hitters behind him. Any way, thats just my opinion, but of course I would love to find out what you (including Ian if possible), think about it.

Wow, another sweep. Depressing. It’s pretty obvious Tito has zero confidence in his bullpen. Can you imagine Wake going out for the 8th last year? Maybe not even the 7th, in a game that close. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t with this bullpen. And the offense is shameful on the road. Just pathetic.

Sergio, I’d argue that Drew is not a number 2 hitter, but with all the futility that the Sox have shown us so far, I say why not Drew as the #2 hitter? Could it get worse? Maybe Tito could hit them in alphabetical order, what’s the difference? Oldest to youngest? You could keep Pedroia as the leadoff guy if you bat them shortest to tallest. Maybe Ian could put in a good word for us and the Brownie Points regulars could each get a turn at filling out the lineup card for a day. I like your idea of right/left, right/left through the line. I think that confounds the pitcher and manager both. Of course, that assumes some of the guys actually get a hit once in a while. It’s not too much to ask that the offense pony up and take the pressure off the bullpen sometimes. They keep losing close games and if you look at the LOB stat, you see that most times there have been opportunities to score that were not capitalized upon. Like I said, depressing.

Personally, I prefer the humor on the blog this season as opposed to the complaining from last year. And we have way more to complain about this year. Nothing like a little goofines to ease the stress and frustration levels.

How about batting them in order of weight? The small, fast guys up front and, as you go down the batting order you slow down. We’ll be so slow at the end we may put the other team to sleep. Same thing in the bullpen. When you bring in your first reliever you bring in the smallest. It doen’t matter whether he’s righty or lefty- it won’t make any difference anyway. In order not to tire our bullpen- when you end with one guy, the following day you pick up where you left off. If we run out of pitchers I understand tha maybe we could get Drew in for an inning or two. It won’t matter how he pitches, it won’t make any difference anyway.


I could flop Youkilis and Drew.
I would give Ellsbury another week or so. If he continues too struggle, drop him to the 9 slot. He would act as another leadoff hitter. Ellsbury needs to learn how to hit the inside pitch. He is getting jammed too many times.

I was away for the weekend and did not watch any of the three games against LAA. I knew the Sox would lose game 1 with Buchholtz pitching.
But Game 2 and 3? Tito had no confidence in any of his relievers except Papelbon. It was not hindsight. I would not let Beck pitch in the 8th and Wake to start 7th.
We used to say the bullpen was inconsistent. Wrong, it is awful.
The road woes continues and lack of timely hits compounded by an awful bull pen. Assuming the Sox takes AL East by default and doesn’t have the home field advantage, we know what the results will be.
NYY swept the A’s because the bullpen held up in close games although A’s was a sleeep walking team.
The Sox needs a fifth starter. Hopefully Colon will come back soon. It’s his job to loose. I don’t think Colon will be less effective than Buchholz with whom I have no confidence.

Dear Official Brownie Points Ranter,
May I please borrow your soapbox for a minute?? Thank you.
What in the hell is going on with this team?? i am usually THE most upbeat, look through the rose colored glasses type of fan there is, but I’ve had it up to here (holding my hand WAYYY above my head)!! Do these Sox NOT want to win?? They let the opponents sleep for a few innings and then someone goes up and slaps them awake. Here, we’re tired, you guys go ahead and win, we don’t need it.
I know he got a hit last night but it seems as if Ellsbury is more concerned with stealing bases than getting hits. Someone needs to tell him he has to get on base first before he can pilfer one. And it seems that all the batters who are struggling are just SWATTING at the 1st pitch offered. We’ve all said, the Allstar break would provide needed rest, its the fact that they are on the road, yada yada, yada yada!! Its PAST time that they need to start taking the Rays AND NOW THE YANKEES a WHOLE lot more seriously, and get up off theire collective butts AND WIN!
I know we’re getting Papi back (supposedly by weeks end) and thats a light in our tunnel.
Something has to happen and it BETTER happen soon or the RedSox and the RedSox Nation Will be looking at the Rays and Yankees butts and they’ll be headed toward the Post Season, while we’ll be crying and moaning and the Sox will be playing golf!

Oh, and Ranter, thanks for the use of the Podium, I appreciate it.. Bloggers, I now return you to your regularly scheduled RANTER. (hopefully alry in progress)


Ground Hog Day continues!!! Delcarmen is Bill Murray!!! lol.

I know it’s hard and unfair to blame Francona for the last 2 games. But a tired arm is no better than a shaky bullpen. It is unfair for Masterson to carry the whole bullpen by himself. What if he bombs in his first outing as a reliever? We have seen him pitch with poise with runners on bases.
Ellsbury should steal everytime he gets on first base if he is physically ok.

007. he’s got to get there 1st. right?? How about some more BP with Magadan.

Yes. Ellsbury is not the main culprit. The bullpen and inability to score RISP kill the Sox. If the Sox cannot win with Lester tonight, you are looking at 1 out of 3 at best with Seattle and possibly another sweep.


You are more than welcome to rant as needed. I however will provide another yet unbelievable rant for you all frustrated with the team.

1) The Red Sox are expected to win and when they don’t — we are frustrated. Fair enough — but I think what frustrates us is the way they lose. We expect big hits with men on base — that never happens anymore. We expect big run games — we get 2 – 3 runs per game IF WE ARE LUCKY. We expect a good bullpen — we HAD a very good one but now we have the Julio Lugo bullpen school of thought and I quote (not really): “see what you can screw up because they pay you anyway, but don’t let anyone know you’re screwing up. Look at me and you’ll see the incredible results.”
2) Theo:
Theo is an interesting character in the sense he’s learning on the job. He’s made some bad mistakes but alters his plans as a function of that and I respect it but it also says he’s not the brightest lamp on the block. His biggest mistakes — dumping way too much money on players and not acknowledging the realities (e.g. age). I feel bad for him next year because Manny and Varitek are tough choices.
3) Terry:
Terry has managed an enormous amount of games, he’s had to go to Japan and balance these egos. he’s had to manage the all star game. Is he tired — you’d have to be blind not to see that. Terry needs a break. I’m sure he’s worn out and I’m sure he knows it. I think now we need Julio Lugo and Manny R. managing the team — at least we’ll get a good laugh. Can you see the lineup?

1) Manny R.
2) Julio Lugo
3) Jim Rice with a bat designed to break on contact with the ball — Lugo loves practical jokes
4) Manny’s dad who always wanted to hit in a game
5) To be decided because Manny has such a sense of humor
6) Fred Lynn with “hit me” taped to his back
7) gsm52 — because we need a good hitter and I talked Manny into it since Boras is my agent
8) BosoxBrian
9) Ellen

Pitching — Julio Lugo because he always wanted to try it.


I think it is time to put you in a looney bin. lol. You cant in rubber rooms. You have officially lost it!!! C

I agree with ranting dave that it is the way the Sox lost is frustrating. I am at ease with the game 1 deserved loss, but cannot live with game 2 and 3 loss. I don’t fault Francona for letting Beck and Wake pitch deep into game. But as soon as they gave up a hit, it was the time to yank them respectively in 8 & 7 inning.

Its obvious — we need Lugo back to win !!!!!!


You have become a cult hero on here. lol. I think your more popular on here than in your own house, lol. I think the ranting needs to start sooner and you need to bring it on strong!!! You can do it, I know you can. Have about 6 red bulls and you will be ready to go. If you do purchase 6 red bulls, bill Boras your new agent, lol.

The part that bothers me the most this year is the massive gap between our home and road performance. Our guys truly stink on the road… I haven’t looked at the stats that closely… mainly because I just ate lunch… but its just hard to believe how great we can be at home and how horrendous we are on the road. I feel bad for Youks and Pedrioia… they are the only ones that seem like they have a clue these days. Whatever they are doing on the road… the rest of the team should follow. Given the joke division the Angels are in… it would take a near miracle to get home field against them in playoffs. If we don’t, its deep deep trouble for us… assuming we even make the playoffs.

Looks like the SOX are still planning on Colon playing some critical role down the stretch — I like Colon, no attitude like Gagne had. However I have a feeling this will not play out well, maybe a bit better than Gagne, but overall, not successful. Seems like we got two good starts out of him, then his numbers started going down hill, then the ill advised swing in the Houston series — but his numbers were already headed in a negative direction over his last few starts.

Not sure where they would put him in the rotation anyway — probably a crap shoot between him and Buckholtz — surprising that Buckholtz has tanked so much this year.

Brian, don’t be pumping Dave up or he’ll be wanting more money again. Did you see Ellen’s rant? I’m seeing a potential client here.

Dave, if you’re gonna put me in the lineup, I wanna pitch.

Frustration makes the world go round, and it’s spinning very fast with the Sox right now. The frustrating thing is that we expect reasonable performance from professional athletes and we’re not getting it. You think it’s frustrating to us? How frustrating do you think it is to the guys forking over the $130 million dollar payroll?

Ellsbury needs to lead off. He is the guy who’s going to light the fire at the top of the order. Pedroia can get on base, but he can’t do the things Ellsbury can do once he gets there. The whole outlook of the batting order is different if Ellsbury gets on and does what he does best. The problem has been that even when he does get on, he’s not running when the situation dictates he should. He got killed in the Yankee series on the bases and has been quiet ever since. Memory has to be short for a base stealer. He’s going to get caught……. getting caught can’t make him afraid. One stolen base in the past 25 or so games. That doesn’t get it. I still think he winds up around .300, but we’ll see. Once he gets motoring, the Sox will roll.

The other key is Tek. I know, I know……. he’s a great receiver, works with the pitchers, prepares better than anyone…… blah, blah, blah. He’s got to hit, period. He gets up in a lot of situations with a lot of men on base. He’s got to drive some of them in. No position player can be an almost automatic out, no matter how valuable he otherwise might be. Tek and Ellsbury start swinging the bat, the Sox score many more runs.

Enough said about the bullpen. Delcarmen, Okajima and Hansen might be the only three people in the world closer to being the Three Stooges than Brian, Dave and Me!

If Colon is activated, I would either send Buchholtz down to Pawtucket or to the BP. I just feel that Buccholtz doesn’t have the poise like Masterson has. I had the bad feeling about Buchholtz when he was recalled from Pawtucket. That said, I will not let Colon pitch more than 5 innings, maybe 6 even if he has a no hitter going. I am confident about Lester. But how many run support will he get and whether the bull pen will hold up.


If Ellsbury continues to struggle I would take him out of the leadoff spot. I wrote earlier I would give him a couple more weeks. His speed is much needed at the top and I totally agree. He is getting killed on the inside pitch, that is a major weakness of Ellsbury. I also agree with you about his lack of confidence on the basepaths. As you said he needs to have a bad memory just like cornerbacks in the N.F.L.

As we all know Theo needs to add a arm or two to this team. If he doesn’t, this team is in trouble. There area of weakness can be fixed and I have confidence in the Red Sox front office it will be fixed. Delcarmen shouldn’t pitch with a lead again late in the game. If he does, the Red Sox are asking for trouble. His confidence is shot!!!!

I thought Ellen’s rant ranked right up there with Dave. I would have to give Ellen the edge over Dave. Also Dave if you put me in the lineup, I want to leadoff and play c.f. Put me in coach!!!! LOL!!! Dave as the coach, Francona has absolutely nothing to worry about. lol.


I want to be Curly!!! lol.

I’m definitely all for sticking it out with Ellsbury… maybe dropping him in the order is a possibility. We now have 3 years worth of data that Crisp can’t hit… in fact, we have last year’s playoffs (and the last month) to show that when the pressure rises, he stinks even more. I knew we should have traded him when his stats were at their high point this year. Trade him now… for anything we can use…. or else he’ll end up in the fetal position, frothing at the mouth, like he did last year in the playoffs. It would sure help our chances to get a real shortstop… one that can hit or field… I’ll take either at this point.

I think its also time to start pointing the finger at Francona. Our run differential is +87. Tampa is +44 with a better record. Translation… we put up 8-10 runs, we win. If the game is close, we lose. I could manage our way to a win with 8-10 runs to work with. I thought maybe a 2 inning save was warranted last night with Papelbon. He has pitched all of 1 inning in a week. Is he so fragile that we can’t tap into this option once in a while? Like maybe when we’re playing the main team ahead of us in home field advantage?

OK Brian, you got it. Give me a nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!!!!

rayman, I was just thinking about Papelbon today and trying to think when the last time he pitched outside the All Star game was. I think you may have hit on something. The Sox were in a situation where they needed a strikeout by a pitcher unlikely to walk a hitter. Answer? .. Papelbon. There was one out so he pitches 1.2 innings. Big deal. Even if he gives up the tying run, you get him out of there and bring someone else in for the ninth. Managing relievers is a very tunnel visioned science. Today’s closers can’t be compared with the closers of yesteryear. They can’t do as much, as often, or for as long. I’d trade Papelbon, Okajima, and Delcarmen in a heartbeat for a Fingers, Eckersley or Gossage. Those guys weren’t interested in saves, they were interested in winning games and doing whatever it took to do that. That’s what really ticks me off about the Sox bullpen, and in fact all bullpens. They are asked to do and prepare for so little. Pitch to a left handed hitter, give me one inning, save the game with a three run lead……. and somehow the baseball world has come to recognize these guys as something special. 30 years ago, guys like Javier Lopez, Myers and some of these other specialty pithcers would have been laughed off the baseball diamond. Now they make millions for their ineptitude. Un – freaking – believable. When Ryan, Koufax, Marichal, Drysdale, Ford and today Doc Halliday pitched, no manager would have the b—s to pull them out after eight innings with a three run lead. Are you kidding me? Those guys busted their humps for eight innings and from the first pitch they were out there to finish what they started. I am so sick of guys who can’t come in to face one hitter, and walk him, or to pitch one stinking inning, and can’t do it…… over and over and over it’s happening to the Sox and it’s really getting under my skin.

Watch out Dave….. I’m after your job.

Can’t fault with Farncona’s managerial ability before the ASG except for a very few instances. He seemed to learn from last year’s “mistake” by not staying too long with a pitcher. For the last two games, I don’t know what he was thinking. Francona was back to his old self. Hate to second guess Francona. If the Sox won just 1 game in Anaheim, we would be only 1/2 game behind the Rays. Argh….

Well, I have to say I didn’t see this coming: one rant and Ellen is threatening Dave’s starting job. Brian and Gsm are ready to toss him under the bus. Dave, I think you need to head out to the bullpen and have a bull—t session right now with your coach. Three straight losses and now a trip to the House of Horrors, doesn’t look good, Dave. If Ellen tosses a couple innings of inspirational rants tonight and the Sox win, we could see a new DR(designated ranter) in the lineup. It’s lonely at the top, Dave, everybody wants what you’ve got.

It is hard to beleive that the only person that consistent is the whole year is the young Jon Lester (and Dice-K if you don’t count the walks and his time in the DL). If the Red Sox want to be on top of the Rays and stop the Yankees they need to start TODAY and against the Mariners, the worst team in MLB and the team who will probably get the #1 overall pick next year.
Today or no-day

The game has changed in many ways. I don’t remember hitters pimping every home run they hit, standing and admiring their work. One time I heard an interview with Ron Blomberg and he said he hit behind Reggie Jackson. Every time Reggie hit a HR he stood and took a good look, showing up the pitcher. So every time Ron B came up to hit after a Jackson HR he ended up flat on his back or hit by a pitch. So he says he asked Reggie,”Could you stop that? I get hit or dusted every time you hit one out.” And Reggie says,”I’ve been doing that all my life, I’m not going to stop now.” These days a pitcher throws within a foot of a hitter and he gets a warning, in a situation like that. Then there was the time Doc Ellis hit about 4 Cincinnati Reds hitters to start a game after some incident, I forget what. The manager had to come and take him out of the game. Can you imagine that happening now? Now players celebrate singles. Complete games are a thing of the past mostly. Hitters don’t run out popups and ground balls every time. How many players played all 162 games last year? I’m guessing not many. That wasn’t so unusual 20 years ago. Pitchers used to pitch close to 300 innings. Now there are only a few who go 200. The game now is less workman-like and more glamour.


Great stuff there. You made me laugh. Gotta love it!!! I think the folks over at Pass A Grille heard me, lol. Dave has been linked to Boras and he went behind our backs. GSMBSB Inc. will not put up with that s—. Unlike the Red Sox, who always say we’ll keep it in the clubhouse not GSMBSB Inc. We will air your dirty air very quick!!! Also Dave added the letter D in front of GSMBSB Inc. It clearly states in his contract that if he tries to hook up with another agency or tries to smear the name of GSMBSB Inc. pinstripes will be in his future. LOL!!! It is either pinstripes or being Joe Migrane’s personal asst. for 1 year. I don’t what is worse, lol. Dave the ranter thinks he is worthy of a book deal. How can anyone be worthy of a book deal if they don’t know how to read? LOL!!

Lester will pitch a solid 7 innings tonight. Will the Sox hit enough to give the Sox some breathing room towards the end of the game. They should put up some crooked numbers against Washburn tonight. I want Boston to take 2 of 3 from this PATHETIC Seattle team. The Mariners are the worst team in the A.L. Only the Nats are worse than them in all of baseball. If Boston loses this series. I will give new definition to ranting!! lol.

Just ask my husband, I win the “rant war” HANDS DOWN> I’m forever ranting at him!! I get LOTS of Ranting Practice!!lol

Arnie, with regard to the statement you made about running out pop ups and the like, (and I know its going to seem like I’m picking on Jacoby (OBY wan Jacoby) today) but I saw him last week pop one up and he stopped running after about 3 steps. I actually screamed at the TV!!
I really really hope that the Big Show is not going to his head. You know he see’s Manny or JD or Mikey do that and he picks up the “bad habit”. I don’t remember who the Sox were playing against last season, but the batter hit a pop up to the outfield, stopped running and the Sox player dropped the ball and still recored the out at 1st because the runnner gave up. I truly hope that soesnt happen to one of the Sox.

Glad I could offer some entertainment for you, Brian. Pass-A-Grill beach, one of my favorites. “How can anyone be worthy of a book deal if they don’t know how to read” Ouch! Good one.
Ellen, when I was married I learned not to try to win an argument. I tried to limit the damage. My downfall was I could not feign interest convincingly enough. One time when she was on a roll I commented that all I really wanted was for her to be happy. And I meant it too. Honestly. She never was quite the same after that and soon I was happily single again. I’ll never understand why that one sentence sent her over the edge, but in hindsight I see it should have been said sooner. How any of this relates to the Red Sox is yet to be determined but give me a few minutes and I will think of some connection, however tenuous it might be.

Ellen, do you remember if there was a runner on first when Ellsbury quit running out his popup? That makes all the difference.

David is really great when it comes to the Sox. He wasn’t a huge baseball fan but knew enough to get by in a conversation with the guys at work. Since we been married he’s has picked up on and learned a great deal.. He says that the most important thing he’s learned is that the more quiet I am after a game, the bigger the loss the Sox had!!
I try not to rant here in the house (out loud anyway) because he’s always so wonderful about me watching all the games. He doesnt know that I KNOW but I he’s had the Sox on the TV in our back room almost every night this season!! So, I can leave my “winge-ing” (that is a combination of biotching, whining and moaning) for my commiserating fellow sox fans!!

When Ellsbury hit the pop up, there was no one on.. he was leading off the inning.

When Ellsbury hit the pop up, there was no one on.. he was leading off the inning.

Looks like both the Yanks and Tamps Bay will win tonight. Let’s hope we can keep pace.

That’s too bad. And to think, he’s a rookie! I wonder if the older guys gave him a talking-to after that?

If the older guys didn’t do it maybe Francona should– tell him as well as any others who don’t play the game the way they should.

I hope so, I would hope that Terry or Mills would have said something.

There’s a lot that goes on in the clubhouse we know nothing of. That’s why I get amused by all of our commentary here. We are so far removed from what goes on and yet we think we know. It’s really quite funny. Einstein once likened quantum mechanics to looking at a watch that cannot be opened and attempting to figure out how it works. We take our best guess at what the coaches are thinking and doing, the FO moves that might happen. We even try to divine what motivates Manny! He’s the definition of inscrutable at times. But that’s what fandom is all about. We live and die with the fortunes of our team, and that passion allows us a certain intimacy, or illusion thereof, that makes us a family of sorts. Dysfunctional at times, to be sure, but hey, what family isn’t?

Us, disfunctional? no, It’s the Cleavers that are disfunctional!!

The Brady’s were the most dysfunctional family of all time!!! Cleaver’s were close but I think the Brady’s take it. LOL!!

Hey Phil!! Nice to read you, how has everything been going?? Seems like just about the whole family is here tonight, except for Jeff and Vince.


Vince will show up when the Yankees creep closer. Until then, he’ll stay away!!! lol.

Francona has been on Ellsbury’s case a couple of times this year. I didn’t see the incident, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t get away with that.

Arnie, sounds like you have the same disorder I do. I listen, but I don’t hear. I too have been relegated to bachelor kingdom. On the other hand, the association between your comment to your wife about being happy and the Red Sox is crystal clear. Too little too late. And like you, if they don’t get it together soon, they will be on the outside looking in come October.

Thanks for tying all that together Gsm. I knew there was a connection but I did not see it. My other problem; I looked but did not see.

Lester’s looking sharp. He’s really turned it around this year. Throwing strikes now.

LOL! Excellent Arnie. We are men, we can’t help ourselves.

Coco’s hitting a robust .091 for the month of July. Think he’s anxious for August to begin?

What a nice play by Dustin! Ranging toward second, gets the ball and as his momentum carries him past second makes a strong throw to get the speedy Ichiro. Well done!

5 strikeouts in 3 innings for Lester.*A “wow” kind of whistle*

Now for some runs!!!

Well, here we go again. Washburn’s throwing junk and the Sox can’t hit him. I’m gonna dig out my Dick Radatz glove and pitch batting practice for the Sox. Get them used to hitting some REAL crap!

bosoxbrian: even if thats the case, I have to say that Vince is THE nice most non-arrogant Yankee fan I have ever met.


TEK!!! My man!! I think he hits better right handed.

WOW. Maybe this is the end of the funk for Varitek

Hi Ellen- missed you on the blog. Things aren’t going too well for the Sox. So far tonite, Lester looks good. Tek finally hit one out. The thing to do now is for the Sox to continue to press the issue and get more aggressive and get some more runs. The last few weeks we get ahead by one or two runs and they go back to sleep and wait for the other teams to catch up and beat us. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen tonite in light of the Yanks and Rays.

Come on fellas,
We’ve got a long way to go. Unfortunately this team is streakier than the last 4 years we have been used to. They win 6 in a row and lose 4. The bullpen has gone through good and bad streaks. If they can get one decent road trip in then maybe the ship will be righted. Stick with it….sometimes I think the Sox worry so much about getting the rotation right for the Yankees they forget about everything else. We’ll get there. It can’t be October yet…..the Angels beat us. Chin up Sox fans!!!!

Why didn’t Tek just hit right-handed? He was doing great!

Well, Tek had done his thing earlier. To expect him to deliver twice is really reaching. Let’s hope we hang on.

It’s not so much I EXPECT him to deliver, but he seemed to be seeing the ball well from the right side. I’m thinking that if a game’s going well for you and you’ve been in a slump lately go with what works. That’s the point I was making.

Jed Lowrie; practically at the warning track to make that catch. Well, OK so that’s a stretch but he was waaay out there.

We can’t say we don’t get the opportunities!!! We just can’t deliver.

Hey guys,

Ellen does a great rant as well and if she wants to rant — I encourage it. I think we all should…however, do you ever hear a more dysfunctional or irrational rant than myself? I don’t think so (LOL)

Tonight the dingbat Red Sox can only score two runs. Two runs per game — it’s pathetic. As always the pitchers have to induce shutouts every single f—ing day just to get a win. All that physical and mental talent and you can’t win a game. Here is my new lineup.

1) gsm (who is also a catcher)
2) Bosoxbrian (who is playing right field)
3) Arnie (third base
4) Ellen (cleanup and right field
5) Elizabeth Taylor in the nude (induce fear into the opposing team (DH)
6) 007chow playing short stop
7) Julio Lugo playing shortstop (because he gets confused)
8) Michael Jackson left field (this is like having Lugo at bat anyway
9) Oki Jokey second base also short stop to help out Lugo

This is the new Red Sox.

hey guys,

I forgot a starting pitcher. Considering some of the fine talent we have I think the best choice is:

Jack Nickolson with the closer of Jody Foster — if she can pitch in the Bad News Bears…she can pitch for the Red Sox.

Lester is about to blow the game but I can take comfort in the fine performances of the bullpen….hmmm…do we do Oki Jokey, Manny Du-carman, Craig Hackson…it’s so hard to chose!

14 LOB. This is just disgusting. What are these Red Sox going to do. 14 LOB. This is why they are losing games. This is why they are struggling. You’ve got to bring down your LOB.

Looks like they are getting around on Lester. He’s not putting them away.He may be tiring. Let’s hope Tito doesn’t wait too long to replace him.

I have to go to bed. It’s 11:12 pm my time. I’m done.


You guys. Remember that I am in central time — an hour behind eastern so when I am posting at 12:12 am it’s really 11:12 am. Remember I’m central time!

It’s almost like waitng for the shoe to fall.

Look at that! Coco with a hit!

Scratch that 11:12 pm. I’m getting tired and this time for real — did Coco really get a hit???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I was hoping Lester could go 8 with his low pitch count. But that’s not likely to happen. Pray for Tito to pick a reliever who is having a rare good night. One of those guys is due for a good inning, the trick is to find him!

Finally Lowrie give us a little breathing room. Let’s see who the mystery relief pitcher will be tonight.

Anyone else gets on base Tito has to pull him.

Tito–get smart. Let’s not pull two Grady Little’s in a row.

Lowrie’s had a really nice game tonight. Lester still in there. He’s not fooling anyone now, hope he gets lucky.

Instead of relief pitchers coming in with a little wiggle room- Tito waits until their back is against the wall. Especially with this bull pen. That is poor management, no matter which way the game turns out.

Oki or Pap? May as well let Papelbon air it out for a 5 out save. A 4 run lead isn’t safe in the 8th inning. What a difference a year makes.

That’s the Pap I know and love(figure of speech, nothing weird here)!

Tito’s gun shy now with this bullpen. He’s not saving the arms for the playoffs this year, he’s just trying anything to get a win. We’ve seen how many blown games from this BP? If Tito had hair it’d be snow white!

See what I mean? Papelbon’s got a 4 run lead in the 9th and Tito’s got Hansen warming up. I doubt Hansen’s just getting some work in. Tito’s nervous and I don’t blame him.

Of course, then again, if you think Hansen will be able to clean up a mess Papelbon creates, you are probably drinking Brian’s Kool Aid! Or dropping acid.

Am I the last one awake?

Looks like it’s up to me to give the benediction for the game. My apologies in advance—you all know that game analysis isn’t my strong point. Hmmm…. wonder what my strong point is? Well, we’ll get to that later….
Great game, Sox. Tek looks to be coming out of his slump. And Manny is stinging the ball again, going up the middle and to the opposite field. Lowrie looks solid in the field and at the plate. Did you know he has the same initials as our other SS? Lester pitched a great game, first pitch strikes and when he got tired he showed a lot of heart out there. Ellsbury is frustrated. He’ll come out of it. But after his last at-bat you could see him throw down the bat. If I were Tito I’d give Lowell a night off. Just to freshen him up…. no, that sounds too girlie, hehehe……. just to let him catch his breath. The Sox have a chance to get their act together in Seattle against this pitching staff.

Dave, you’re creeping me out with Liz Taylor and Micheal Jackson in the same post! Next you’ll have Britney Spears catching!


Of course I would never have Britney Spears catching — she’s the first base coach!

Lester is unequivocally another ace of the staff. The Sox is still not hitting. Didn’t score against the second tier pitcher Washburn until the 5th inning. Tito has lost confidence in his bp. I have the sneaky feeling that a wholesale change is underway by acquiring a new arm before the trade deadline and bringing up Charles Smith, David Pauley, and/or Michael Bowden. We shall see.
Dice-K will pitch a gem tonight. The only way for Buchholz to win is only if the Sox scores a ton of runs for him.

Did I call the 2 inning Papelbon save yesterday afternoon or what? Why not try it once in a while… 15 pitches by Papelbon… averted disaster. About time Francona tried something different.


You have 2 playing r.f. Ellen and I. I like the idea of sharing r.f. with Ellen, lol. I doubt she likes the idea of sharing space with me. LOL!!

I am very happy this is the last late night game for the Red Sox. AMEN!!! Papelbon for a 5 out save. That speaks volumes of the Sox confidence in there bullpen. They will get someone thru a trade to help that bullpen. If not, Boston could miss the playoffs ( yikes ) or not go very deep in the playoffs.

Lester stopped the 5 game losing streak in N.Y. He stopped the bleeding last night. He has really come of age this year.

I know it’s been said before, but how smart was Theo for NOT trading Lester for Carlos Santana??? This kid is fabulous.

I believe they will trade for a new arm for the bullpen. I am fed up with the existing bp. I wish the new bp after July 31 would be Papelbon, a new arm, Masterson, Carter, Bowden (let him develop in the bp before starting), and you pick the rest.

I meant to write tonight’s game is the last late night game. AMEN!!! Varitek going deep last night. It doesn’t take much for a hitter to turn it around. Francona says a hitter can get hot just as quick and can get cold just as quick. Remember before Pedroia’s hot streak, he wasn’t hitting that well. Perhaps Varitek can raise his avg. to .260 or so at the end of the season. He still has gas in the tank.

Dave, I wouldn’t mind catching Jody Foster in the late innings, or the early innings, or any other time. Thanks for thinking of me……. good lineup…….. except ……… Arnie is right about that Michael Jackson – Elizabeth Taylor stuff. That’s a little weird. Are they clients of Boras? LOL!

I’m getting really excited about the prospects of Jed Lowrie. This kid looks like a baseball player right out of the Pedroia, Youk, Ellsbury mold. He looks very smooth as shortstop. He has great range and a good arm. He also doesn’t look like an intimidated minor league hitter. He’s taking some good swings and he seems to run very well too. Move over Coco, Julio is going to be sitting right beside you in that boat that will be leaving Boston. If Lowrie keeps playing well, there is absolutely no reason to even consider putting Lugo back in the lineup.

Lester did seem to slow down a little in the 8th inning. I think it was more that he was starting to pitch from behind in the count than anything else. They were starting to see a lot of pitches from him where earlier in the game they were becoming immediately defensive because they were behind in the count. Stil, it was a good effort and it looks like he’s going to be a pretty fine pitcher. You watch a guy like him who does not have the electric stuff that a Buchholz, Delcarmen and Hansen have. What he is developing is command. He makes good pitches, changes speeds and hits his spots. If Buchholz and Dice-K ever develop what Lester is showing us now, they will be lights out.

I was really happy for Tek last night. I know he works hard and he’s one of my favorites and he’s a good guy. You want to see people like that do well. Like I’ve said in a couple of other posts, I think he is one of the keys to the Sox success. If he can finish the year at .260 or so, that means solid hitting from here on out which means many more runs from the bottom of the order. Mark my words, he and Ellsbury are the offensive keys for success for the rest of the year. If the rest of the lineup keeps doing what it’s doing, and those two guys hit, run production will increase a lot.

I can’t figure out Buccholz, Delcarmen, and Hansen who all have good stuff but cannot get an out at the right time. Buccholz’s first/early inning woes continue. Let’s see what he can do with the lowly Seattle tomorrow afternoon.
In a close game and with runners on first and second with 1 out, Delcamen or Hansen would come in and get an easy out, then a walk and a hit, two runs scored. Or gets 2 easy outs and gives up a double. Their inability to strand inherited runners in a close game is predictable. They are better off to start an inning.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I got a kick out of arnieschmo’s misspeak. While I was in favor of the Sox trading Jon L for Johan Santana, it would have been great for them to trade him for Carlos Santana!!!! Think of all the great tunes in Fenway. Maybe the theme song would have become “Black Magic Woman” instead of “Sweet Caroline.” (lol)

On a serious note, I am glad Jon L’s still with the Sox. If he continues on the way he’s going, I think he has a decent shot at being the Sox MVP this year. Certainly, he would have competition from Youk, DP, Dice-K, Beckett and Pap, but if he keeps going as the Sox stopper this year and chief innings eater, he’s got to get some serious consideration.

Hey, do you think Tito’s reading our postings? Right after you and I questioned why Jon L’s first post All-Star game start was held off as long as it was, Tito indicates publicly that they were trying to give him some extra rest.

In a lot of your postings, you continue to suggest the Sox will get some bullpen help before the trading deadline. I agree they could use it, but how do you think they get it? Do you think they get it by trading someone currently on the main roster, like CoCo, Lowrie or (gulp) someone else, and if so, who? Or do you think they get it by trading a minor leaguer, and if so, who? I hope they don’t give away some of their promising young talent like Michael Bowden, Chris Smith, Joe Thurston, Jeff Bailey, Chris Carter, or one of the young catchers, but lets face it, they have to give up something to get something. I would love to see them pick up Matt Holliday, but I don’t know that I would be ready to see them part with Youk or DP (or now) Jon L to do it! Last year, I (along with most everybody else) hated it when they gave up Kasson Gabbard to get Gagne, and, as it turned out, it wasn’t a good deal for the Sox. But, face it, to acquire what appeared to be some talent, the team had to part with some talent. There aren’t a lot of deals where both teams make out well, like Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez, or Bartolo Colon for Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee, or Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell, or where only the Sox make out, like Heathcliff Slocumb for Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe! I like the thought of getting more bullpen talent, but I get nervous at the thought of giving up some significant talent the Sox now possess. How much help do you think Justin Masterson will provide in the bullpen, and, assuming that Buchholz doesn’t show significantly more than he is right now, do you think Masterson could wind up back in the starting rotation?

I didn’t realize it, but you’re right, tonight is the last regular season ballgame starting later than 8:00 or so et. You really keep your eye on the schedule.

Go Sox and Dice-K. I hope he stops nibbling tonight, and just takes a big bite out of Seattle! It’ll be interesting to see how the Sox do against a knuckleballer. Do you think Wake will throw batting practice tonight (lol)?


I didn’t have a choice on Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. They were choices of Boras and since he’s my agent I have little control in the matter. He also insists on Pee Wee Herman and Dr. Phil. Boras is seriously starting to scare me (LOL)

The Sox can’t depend on Lester and Dice-K to save their tails. In fairness to Wakefield he’s been dominant but the Sox have let him down over and over again. Sadly Buckholz and Beckett have been problematic. However we do have two bullpen aces coming. Theo said he traded Hansen, Manny D. and Lopez for Taravez and Halle Berry and gsm52. Theo once again proves how competent he is.

Bosox Brian: I will gladly share right field with you!! I wish Tito would make JD share it with someone!! I know he’s been hot at the plate, but sometimes he still looks lost out there (and yes, I’m predjudiced about who plays right field in Fenway!! lol)
And, I’m not batting in front of a naked and 70’s plus plus size Liz Taylor, but maybe it will distract the oitcher enough to where I can steal a base or 2!!


If the Red Sox want to win it all again they need to go out and get another arm and help out this PATHETIC bullpen. Marte? Grabow? Fuentes? Mahay? Street? Just too name a few. I’m not saying give up the farm but as you say to get something you need to give up something. Boston’s farm system is stocked with alot of quality players. Also the Sox have $$$$$ they can always buy themselves into something or out of it. This bullpen has cost the Red Sox probably at least 5 to 7 wins. I think Masterson will be a big lift but there has to be another arm or two that steps it up as well. Theo can’t be gun shy come trading deadline. People talk about last year’s deal. He had the right idea, he just didn’t get the right player. Gagne is like driftwood at the beach, washed up!!! Boston needs to focus on one area and one area only. A year ago I didn’t think Red Sox needed to add an arm to the pen. This year they need to do it. It was the same ordeal with the Santana sweepstakes. The Red Sox didn’t have to do it, while the Yankees needed to do the deal. If Boston sits on there hands and don’t pull the trigger on a deal for someone out of the pen. I will not have much faith in them to go deep in the playoffs.

I hope Dice-K watched Lester pitch last night. This Seattle team is a lineup of outs. Ichiro is the only hitter, perhaps Ibaneaz that is any good. There is alot of breathing room for a pitcher when he faces the Mariners. The M’s are the worst team in the A.L. If Boston can score 5 runs in tonight’s game and tomm. they should sweep them.

I also think they wanted Beckett and Lester to face the Yankees at Fenway this weekend. Also they let Lester pitch in front of the home folks last night. I’m sure that is part of it as well. More importantly the extra rest for Lester as well. Starting pitching is the least of the worries for this team. We all know what the problem is and it is a MAJOR PROBLEM!!! There should be a sign at Yawkey Way—Help Wanted—Bullpen help. Apply within. lol.

I just looked: the bullpen has 16 losses by itself and that doesn’t include the times inherited runners have scored to give the starter the loss. So that’s probably 20 losses that can be attributed to bullpen failure. I’d say the Sox could have won 12 more games if the bullpen had been average to good. At least 10. That’s how good the Sox COULD be if they had the bullpen from last year. Or the improved bullpen they were supposed to have.


I would say with a good bullpen the Red Sox would have close to 10 more wins. From Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald. In road games decided by 1 run the Red Sox are 2-14 only the Braves are worse at 0-17. When scoring 4 runs or less the Red Sox are 3-26. Only the lowly Pirates are worse at 1-24.

The D-Backs got Jon Rauch today from the Nats and I don’t think they gave up alot to get him. Where was Theo I ask?????

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