No Manny

Walked into the clubhouse a little while ago and Manny Ramirez was sitting peacefully with his right knee all taped up. He won’t be in the lineup today. Sean Casey will DH. Details are still sketchy on exactly what is wrong with the knee because this happened last minute this morning.

No word on whether Manny will play Friday night against the Yankees. David Ortiz will almost certainly be in there that  night against the heat of Joba Chamberlain.

Jed Lowrie is in the lineup for the fifth straight day. Obviously they are impressed with the way he’s handling himself. Needless to say, Julio Lugo could be getting Wally Pipp’d here.


Ramirez might have hurt his knee jaywalking. Ramirez will be fine. 2 days off in a row, he’ll be ready for the Yankees. Hernandez seems to pitch quite well against Boston. Let’s see how Buchholz does today. The first inning has been an issue for him. Buchholz should be fine today, a weak lineup in Seattle.

Let’s see what Buchholtz can do with this pathetic Seattle linup. He’d better pitch like Lester. The Rays and Yanks already won their games this afternoon.

Manny probably slipped on some spilled bong water.

Arnie, our poor, dear arnie… he has finally lost it!! We know this because on the prior post, he’s calling for a RedSox loss!!! Arnieschmo would NEVER predict a Sox loss!!! I know, it isnt really Arnie!!Who is this imposter who is using the Arnieshmo tag?? Give up you imposter!!!! You fraud!! Give us our beloved Arnie back.. You can’t have him. Tell us your ransome demands. Kidnappers we’re listening!!

Manny out huh?? Well, it gives Sean Casey some time at the plate.. I really like Casey. As a matter of fact, his is the next jersey I get. There is an auction taking place on the RedSox home page. You can bid on 3 different packages. One is with Beckett, one with Papi and one with Sean Casey. Casey has the most bids and the highest bid at 1500.00. I just asked my husband to give me 1501.00 so I can win Sean Casey!!!
All kidding aside, I think he’s one of the rare breed. The ones who don’t care what role they are playing just as long as they get to play. You know the ones who give everything they’ve got everyday. Just an everyday Joe. I read that he walks to Fenway each home game. Said he loves the interaction with the public. My kind of ball player!

Just when Manny seems to be hitting like he should. Bad timing- especially against the Yanks. Let’s just hope it’s not Manny’s chronic September illness coming in July. Glad to see Lowrie in the lineup. At least he gets wood on the ball and doesn’t stand there and scowl after he’s taken the third strike typical of Lugo.

Best 1st inning Clay has had this year. 1-2-3 with 2 strikeouts

What’s the matter with Ellsbury? Out on three pitches and poped out on first pitch second time AB. Buchholtz has to pitch a shut out to win.

Great catch by Ichiro, taken away a 3 H.R. from Drew. Ichiro made a spectacular catch against Varitek back in May. You gotta love that 2 out hitting by Youkilis. Is there anything better than a 2 out hit that drives in a couple of runs? Those run producing 2 out hits are backbreakers!!!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Double. 2 runs scored. Thanks coco, pedroia, and yoooooooooooooooooouk!

Ichiro saves 3 runs and gives back 1. Odd.

bosoxbrian: It was a nice catch by Ichiro but the ball stayed inside the park, I think, and was catchable. Nice shot by Dew, any way.

Buccholtz looked sharp so far. 4 Ks in 2.2 innings. keep it up. I feel 2 runs ain’t enough for him. Need more runs.

Reverse psychology, Ellen. The Sox have been acting like spoiled teenagers on the road this year, not seeming to care, sulking, and underachieving. So, for the first time ever I have called for a loss, hoping they would react in a teen-like fashion and show me up. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this will be a tough two weeks coming up when the Sox’ season defines itself. Mark your calendar because you won’t hear a prediction like that again from me for a long time.

Wow! That was great! Drew just threw his bat in digust! He’s normally so composed, poised, and controlled on the field, maybe he’s frustrated by Ichiro taking away his HR. Way to show a little emotion!

Buchholz fields his position really well, he’s made two good plays out there today. And he’s pitching well also. Go Buchholz!

Lowri should have walked and Tek looks pitiful.

Man, you got to bed after a late game and you wake up and it’s the fifth inning the following day. I must really be getting old.

Manny is having more and more durability issues. All he’s been doing is DH…….. how can he get hurt doing that? He’s been hitting, but I’ve had it about up to my eyeballs with his antics and BS. The Sox are fighting for their lives, Papi isn’t there, and Manny takes a day off. What’s wrong with that picture.

Ellsbury must be getting very frustrated. I’m glad Tito is being patient with him. I think it will pay dividends in the long run as it did with Pedroia. He’ll be OK, but I still think he’s a huge key to the Sox success.

Buchholz looks pretty good today. He’s got awesome stuff if he can regain his command and this looks like a step in that direction. Let’s see how he does over the next couple of innings.

That was weak by the Sox. Bases loaded, no outs and they get one run. ONE! Couldn’t get a ball in play. 2 strikeouts and a weak foul pop. Pathetic!!!!

It looks like Ellsbury has lost all confidence in himself– whether it’s on base and not stealing or even attempting to steal— or at bat, where he is taking pitches that he should swing at– when he does swing it seems to be a half-hearted -defensive swing.

Francona should pull Bucholz if anyone reaches base.

Get smart Francona. It looks like you are going to blow another game.

Buchholz now looks a little flustered.

Francona must be in a coma. What does it take for him to wake up??

Finally!!! Let’s hope it’s not too late. It would be much better to bring in a relief pitcher without his back against the wall. Bad management—-again.

Master – 28 walks in 54 innings. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see him much differently coming out of the pen than Delcarmen, Hansen or Aardsma. He’s got the stuff to do it if he can throw strikes. Don’t like him against lefties though.

Atta boy Justin – shove it right up there where the sun don’t shine. Feels so good! ……… Nice Job!

Dave Rant #1

Terry said he wouldn’t bring in Masterson in a tight situation “du…now you put the kid in a disaster. ” The Sox have scored their pathetic 3 runs in this game so look for an automatic loss despite Buckhotz’s performance — what performance — we’re talking the Seattle Mariners here. Most of the team would hunger for Lugo’s talent.
Speaking of which, Francona is exhausted. Manny is out with a knee problem and Lugo still lurks. Here’s what he had to say:

“Hi Lugo fans, I’m just happy to contribute to the team you know. I mean those errors I made…that’s just what Francona tells me to do…ya that’s it. And all my pathetic hitting…I’m just following the manager…ya that’s it…manager…what’s a manager?”

That comment about “feel so good” you’re scaring me (LOL)

Dave rant #2
Red Sox are almost brain damaged with all the LOB’s they’ve accumulated. How is that f**king possible? 19 LOB for this game. That’s just insane! Sox can’t drive in runs. That’s why they are LOSING! No run support AT ALL!!!!

There I feel better!

Drew keeps trying to pull the ball all the time. He looks pathetic when he waves at outside pitches. When he gets up he should focus on going the other way.


I think Masterson is a big upgrade over Delcarmen, Hansen and Aardsma. Perhaps I am hoping that he is, drinking some serious kool-aid. I think Masterson has more poise than the other guys and he shows a little more moxy as well. Masterson comes across as a very mature guy. Delcarmen gets down on himself real quick. When things go bad for Delcarmen, he needs to be yanked right away. Hansen has the hardware but does he have the software? Aardsma has alot of tools but doesn’t know how to use them. Aardsma can’t be trusted late in the game because he can’t get the ball over. Masterson stepped into the rotation and felt like he belonged. I don’t think he is intimidated at all and that goes a long way in my book.

C’mon Dave……. you were right here on the blog and watched the whole thing unfold…….. you loved every minute of it. The kid did a great job. He needs to be thrown in under fire. How else is he going to learn.

Dave rant #3
Youk strikes out, Drew strikes out. Man…this team is pathetic. This is the Mariners we are talking about. The Seattle Mariners. No…I am sick of this.
J.D. Drew is starting to hit but considering his past experience he needs to hit like Yaz in 67 to win me over for his talent.
Dustin should not run. He’s not that much faster than Ortiz.

Dave rant #4
Red Sox — you can’t win tie games….just an FYI

It looks like we are going to sit back and wait for the shoe to fall so that we can pack our bags and go back to Fenway to hide. I hope it doesn’t happen but judging an recent perfomances —-

Ya I loved it too. It was great to see a bullpen pitcher not go to the Manny Delcarman school of pitching. I asked Manny the other day why he struggles:

“I struggle? Come on that’s just my natural talent showing its true colors. I mean I give up a run or two…or three…or…four…or…OK, OK I’m crap I admit it!”

Masterson looks like a winner but in fairness he’s also never been seen by Seattle before (someone correct me on that if I’m wrong)

Masterson looks like a natural reliever. Just comes into a mess and goes after the hitters. He’s going to be a real bright spot in the bullpen.
Why was Tito hit-and-running with Pedroia and Youk? I guess you have to try SOMETHING to get these guys started. Didn’t seem like the right thing.

One thing I do know is Masteron will be lethal against righties late in the game. Perhaps Okajima can get his act together. I read where Okajima hasn’t given a run since June 23rd or so. I didn’t see last night’s game but Oki came in and threw strikes and retired the 2 batters he faced.

How many times has Francona called the right hit and run? I have seen too many times this year where they fail to execute the hit and run. Francona’s worst hit and run call was against T.B. with Varitek at the plate and Lowell running and Boston got swept right there and then.

Has Boston won a game in extra innings on the road this year? If so how many? That speaks volumes of there pathetic bullpen.

I can think of one game on the road they won in extra innings. The first game in Japan. Probably there only one all year. They haven’t been involved in too many on the road.

The last few games he had Ellsbury on first with two out and he doesn’t even make an attempt to steal. People are giving Francona a pass when they say he is doing a good job of managing this year.

Sox better think about scoring some runs NOW. Battles of the bullpen don’t go their way. Does Papelbon have one more in him today? I hope so.

Tek and Crisp are jokes.

I still think Tek should hit right-handed from now on. His average is 60 points higher as a righty and I think it would take a little less work if he only had to take BP from one side of the plate. Time to give up the switch-hitter idea.

Oki Dopey is coming in for Boston. Well…it was a nice game and two out of three is not bad. I asked Oki about his performance.

“I just listen to whatever Manny Delcarman tells me to do.”

Ya we understand that one.

Tek has nothing to lose batting right handed all the time.

This is where it gets real interesting. Masterson was phenominal.

Ellsbury is amazing in left field — just amazing. Oki Dopey should be grateful for the help.

Oki Dopey does it again — 4 pitch walk. We gotta love it (GRRR)

Oh no….Manny Delcarman is coming in. Oh no…not Manny Delcarman. Please bring in Papelbon.

We are throwing the dynamic duo at them, Oki and now Manny. We are going to baffle them with science.

Come on Francona, Delcarmen?! Lopez is a better option than that, especially in a critical situation

The announcers were ‘impressed’ by Delcarman. They must be blind.

That was a great line. We do have the dynamic duo. I was roaring over that line.

Delcarman is worried about missing his plane flight so he’ll be sure to walk the side — crap he got out of the inning.


We’re going into extra innings of course but I’m not worried because our bullpen will pull through and show us what they’re made of — oh no…we’re going to lose!

I have no faith for the Red Sox to get another run at all.

LOB continues to climb. I’m taking a break.

Poor baserunning by Drew, no excuse there!!! Someone should tell Drew the best outfielder in baseball plays r.f. for Seattle.

Ichiro may be the best outfielder in baseball, maybe the best I’ve ever seen. He gets to balls easily other fielders don’t get close to. He gets such an incredible jump on everything. He also has a better than average arm.

Maybe Theo can trade Lugo and Crisp to Seattle for Putz and Morrow. If Henry agrees to pay all of Lugo and Crisps salary and half of the rest of the Mariners salaries, they might go for it. Ya think?

The good news is the Sox are 4 and 2 in extra innings. Maybe they can take one on the road here.

I understand that Ichiro covers the outfield well, but Ellsbury does an excellent job too!! He saved 2 base hits last inning.

Arnie, the Mariners need some pop in their lineup. Maybe they’ll take Lugo. I mean, didn’t a brilliant GM like Theo pick up Lugo for that very reason. Maybe we can play a trick on them.

Seattle is getting even with us for winning two in a row. They are going to prolong the game so that we will be tired for our games with the Yanks.

Hitters are no match for Delcarmen when he’s on. Why can’t he be consistent? He’d be so awesome. Sox pen is hanging in there today.


I’m 36 and Ichiro is the best outfielder in my lifetime. Just ahead of Griffey, Jr. Ichiro covers the most ground and has a rocket for an arm. His throws are always dead on. One play that sticks out with Ichiro is when he threw out Terrence Long at third. Very early in Ichiro’s rookie season, Long was out easily. Everyone in baseball saw that and said don’t run on Ichiro!!!

Delcarmen is either outstanding or he just plain stinks.

Clay looked better today (for a while) than he has in a long time. And Justin Masterson looked great!! Delcarmen doing a surprisingly good job as well.
Oh, btw… Nice baserunning by JD!! (not)

To those in the Fantasy League: Has any one heard from the Commish?? I’ve emailed him regarding a trade, and havent heard back from him.. it’s been 5 days.. ZACH, WHERE YOU??

Manny DC pitched pretty well today. If he could only bottle those good mechanics when he’s on and carry it over to the rest of the season.

Maybe Lugo could dress up with those balloons inside his uniform like on Saturday Night Live(pump you up!) and look fierce like when he strikes out, then we could fool the Mariners front office into thinking he’s big and strong! You’re on to something, Gsm.

Ichiro looks like spiderman climbimg that wall when he chases foul balls.

Moss should pinch hit for Crisp!!!

Tek surprised and Coco did his usual.

As soon as I hit the submit button Crisp grounds out, no surprise. I will take a guess and say Crisp is hitting under .240 from the 7th inning and beyond. Closer to .220 I bet. He should be a pinch runner and be a defensive replacement. Moss should play more. I assume Boston will deal Crisp come late July. That is the only reason I can think of why Francona plays Crisp.

He brought in Paps so that he could hold them so that the top of our order gets a shot. If we pull ahead, by some stroke of luck- he has Timlin ready.

Pacman, you’re such a juvenile. Has your voice changed yet? I’ve been sitting here trying to think of someone better but I haven’t really come up with anyone. Junior was really good. Wille Mays is right up there too. He could really go get ’em. I’ll keep thinking (but it’s so painful to do that).

Papelbon is throwing meatballs.


Great line, has my voice changed, lol. Good stuff for sure!!!

Good job by Lowell to go for the double play. I think some third baseman might have gone home. Momentum is on Boston’s side here. I can smell a run here for the Red Sox!!!

Thank God for that double play. We need some runs, boys!

Phew. I thought it was done for a second

Papelbon throwing for the 3rd consecutive game, it showed. I agree with you gsm, meatballs being tossed. He had nothing on his ball.

Delcarmen was really throwing well. I wonder why Tito brought Pap in with a no save no win situation.

Time for Ellsbury to be on second base. D.P. should bunt.

Good job by Pedroia to get Ells to second. I would have preferred that Ells stole second and was then moved to third.

I don’t like the idea of Pedroia not bunting. Francona doesn’t make sense at times. That was the time for Pedroia to bunt. I am with you gsm about Papelbon pitching. We all saw it in N.Y. on a Sun. night against the Yankees. I wonder about Francona at times. Thank you Bloomquist!!! Ichiro is the best defensive outfielder and Bloomquist could be the worst. He is a infielder, hasn’t played much outfield. Not the best baserunning by Ellsbury.

Too bad it wasn’t two out so that Ells would have been running. We got lucky, that ball should have been caught.

We haven’t seen much of this on the road this year. Clutch hitting and a good bullpen. That is a good recipe for a win!!!


Masterson is the unsung hero for today’s game. He was outstanding today. I really liked what I saw from him today. He is someone that can be trusted in a tight game. He didn’t mess around out there. He was very aggressive on the mound today.

The man that started the double play comes in the clutch.
People haven’t said this much this year, but you have to give the slack to the bullpen. Who is closing the game though?

Ellsbury is NOT running anymore? Why?????? Why does he have to be advanced. That makes no sense. This game was badly managed by Francona. Papelbon in? I suppose he’s afraid of Lopez and Hansen who both have no ability to hold the game in play. Sox need just another fifty five runs to support Lopez or Hansen


Tom Burgmeir is on his way!!! lol.

In fairness to Francona, he looked just plain exhausted out there. Must be those nights out with Elizabeth Taylor.

Brian, I don’t think you can fault Ellsbury for not scoring on the dropped fly. He was heading back to second to tag and advance. In fact, it was a good read that he recognized the ball was going to (should have been) caught.

I probably agree that Pedroia should have been bunting. However, I think if the first pitch was a ball, Ellsbury would have been running. I also think Tito probably knew that if Pedroia bunted and was successful, Drew would be walked. As it turns out, the Sox get a little help and it doesn’t matter.

Does Pap come out to finish the game?

Let’s keep it going. We need all the runs that we can get.

Pap doesn’t have anything left. Hanson never had anything to start with. We’ll see.

Hansen is in. Let’s hold our breadths. Oki, Manny, and now Hansen. Could it be possible??

Hansen should be fine with a 3 run lead. This Mariners team doesn’t have Jay Buhner, Griffey, Jr., A-Rod and Edgar Martinez coming up. This Seattle team should bring back the pitchforks!!! lol. That is how they are playing.

Uh-oh, it’s Hansen. OK, let’s see what he can do. The Sox have responded so far this game. One more inning.

Hansen is off to a great start. By getting batters on with walks you can get the double play ball at any base once you load the bases up.

On deck for Seattle is Phil Bradley and he’ll be followed by Steve Yeagar, lol. If they reach, we’ll see Spike Owen. lol.

LOL! What a bunch of klutzes the Red Sox pitchers are. They’re like Weebles.

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Good Job Sox!!!!

Hansen made a great defensive gem to allow a runner on first. Let’s go Hansen, we know you can blow this game. Grrrr

I just saw Ken “Good Evening Mr. Phelps grab a bat, lol. Alvin Davis to follow. Gotta love those pitchforks!!!

Ibanez is dangerous!

Hansen is dangerous, to Red Sox fans!!! lol.

Oh man!! I say good job and Hansen gives up two hits… what the h-e-double hockey sicks is that!! Please do take your cranium out fronm where the sun doesnt shine and end this thing!!!!!


Hansen. I was joking. I didn’t MEAN for you to load the bases — I was just KIDDING!!!!

Danny Tartabull coming up, Jim Presley to follow. Hansen is like Delcarmen, either good or really bad. They lose confidence real quick out there!!!

It’s not over yet. Unless Hansen gives up a gopher ball.

Good job Hansen. This sets up the easy force at the plate. I can read Farrell lips……… if there’s a ground ball back to you, let it go to someone who knows what to do with it.

This is just plain freaking ridiculous to even be in this situation. I’m sorry, Hansen does not have what it takes to be a major league pitcher.

Hansen is going to walk a run. I am sick of Hansen. Sox will lose this game and that means four losses and two wins. Way to go Hansen.

Hansen can’t be trusted!!! He did get a save but he deserved nothing!!!

Hansen — do you have ANY idea how many rants it took me to WIN this game. Please….

Sox make every game look PAINFUL.

Gorman Thomas was on deck. lol. He would have taken Hansen into Pugent Sound. lol.

They don’t make it easy.Why is it that even when they win—I am still aggravated. Am I alone????

Hansen needs to be SENT DOWN NOW. Get RID OF HANSEN. Get Rid OF HANSEN. Get RID OF HANSEN. There…I said it.

How many times have we seen one of those squib hits late in the game turn into an adventure or a loss? Thank goodness this one was just an adventure.

I take full responsibility for this win today. My first ever prediction of a Sox loss inspired them. Had to have been the reason.


You are not alone at all. There are plenty of us that are aggravated. Especially with the way Hansen pitched. It should have been over with ease but not with Manny Hansen out there, lol.

Craig Delcarmen, Manny Hansen, what’s the difference? Delcarmen did pitch well today though. I’ll give him props.

Hansen looks pretty scared out there when a runner gets on base. If the Sox had a 10 game lead in the division I’d say keep putting him out there till he learns to pitch in a tight situation. But Tito doesn’t have that luxury.

Tito had Gsm warming up in case the game went 13.


I would have had gsm out there over Hansen. They have no book on gsm, no scouting report. I heard that gsm struck out Fred Flintstone and Mr. Slate back to back one time. I read that in the Bedrock Times, lol.

I just found a scouting report on gsm, thanks to scouts inc. A above avg. fastball that can be thrown to both sides of the plate. A great change-up, of course when he throws the change-up it changes the score. lol. A great slider, once again when he throws it, it slides off the fence about 400 feet away. Bunt on him, not much of an athlete on the hill. Basically get up and swing. A great way to pad yout stats when you face gsm!!! lol. In other words it sounds like he could get 5 years worth around 65 million and that is with Dave as his agent!!! Imagine what Boras could get gsm? Barry Zito money for sure!!! lol.

Arnie!!!! You’re back!!! Thank God they didnt hurt you!! Did you know there was someone here impersonating you??? LOL. I figured had pulled out the old Reverse Psychology Book!!

Hey guys — game evaluation.

By right the Sox should have LOST this game. The only reason why they won it — Seattle is even a lousier team. Seattle gave up unearned runs. Thats’ the ONLY reason why the Sox got six runs. By right it should have been two runs. Manny D. was OK, Okijokea was OK but Hansen was miserable. In fairness he’s incredibly young to be out there at his age. For some reason Masterson can handle it for now but somehow Fred Flintstone Hansen and Barney Rubble Delcarman choke when the going gets tough.

Finally — NO HITTING. Everyone talks about the bullpen but the Red Sox practically have to perform a rain dance out there to get a run. Lowell driving in a run — that’s the exception NOT the rule. Tight games IN SEATTLE????? how is it possible you can’t blow past the Seattle team! I expect the Yankees to sweep the Red Sox in three straight at Fenway and flip positions with the Red Sox. I hope I’m wrong.

I have lost total faith in Hansen. From what I have seen from him he should be back in A.A.A. Riding the bus in the minors. He can’t be trusted and when you come out of the pen in a tight game it is all about a manager having confidence in you. Okajima has pitched well as of late. Masterson showed me alot out there today. Without Masterson Boston would have lost this game. He take the hill with alot of confidence, he didn’t mess around out there. Masteron looked like a young gsm out there. lol.

Funny stuff!! Fred Flintstone???!!

The Sox have done so poorly in Safeco that this is really a pretty good sweep. Definitely turning it around there.

I understand that Hansen had a rough start with the Sox back in ’06, but after a while you’ve got to put that out of your mind and start to take control of the situation, not let the situation control you. If Hansen wants to keep putting on a Boston uniform he has to trust his 97 mph fastball and his slider and get mentally tough. Stop nibbling around the outside of the plate with runners on. He should take a page from Papelbon’s book; here it is, hit it if you can. He’ll get burned from time to time but in the end he’ll have success.

I wonder if Farrell went out there and said “Dude,I’ve got a family to feed. You’re gonna get me fired. Throw a strike or I’ll kill ya!”

The Sox won because Seattle is pathetic. But a win is a win. The Sox remains 3 games ahead of the Yanks. Why didn’t Ellsbury run? A leadoff single in the 12th, ideally he should steal and let Pedroia move him to 3rd for an out. It worked out the Sox way because Seattle was lousy team.
Every one has a hit except for JD. If he has a hitting streak going, does 3 BBs preserve the streak or not?

Hey to all!! Wow really great “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat” game today!! I really like Masterson in his new relief spot.. IImanny (delcarmen) pitched well too.
I think that young Clay Buchholz needs to spend more time on his game, and less time on his “time out” hobby (i understand he’s dating a penthouse pet!! But then again maybe she can loosen up his inhibitions!!! lol
We have the day off (from baseball, not blogging) tomorrow, right??
Glad that we kept pace with the Rays and are still holding the Yanks at bay….
Anyway, Goodnight to my Nationer family!!
We’ll read and write agaian tomorrow!!
Night ALL!!!

just a p.s.: To everyone who is saying the Sox should have (or desreved to have) lost this game, I say no, you’re wrong. This was exactly the kind of win we needed going home to face the not so far behind Yanks. They had to go and work EXTRA INNINGS HARD to pull this one out. The Hankee Yankees are going to expect to see us in “unravel” mode. Our guys are on a streak now and the last time I looked a sloppy “W” in the column looks better than a very neat “L”!!!!!!!!!!! I”m hoping for some more W’s I dont care if they a sloppy or not.. AS LONG AS THE “W” IS IN OUR COLUMN AND NOT THEIRS!!!!

The Sox could have, not necessarily should have, easily lost at the bottom of 12th on a walkoff hit or scarifice. The Sox won because Seattle is a lousy team. The Sox’s inability to score more runs with RISP continues. Just 1 run, courtesy of a walk, on a bases loaded and none out situation. Give me a break.
All said about Ellsbury, not hitting and running, he did make a spectacular running catch saving extra bases. With Papi back in the line up, it’s time to move him down the batting order.

You guys are brutal. Struck out Fred Flinstone? LOL! Good one. Pacman-1, GSM-0. Pacman, I’ll buy most of the scouting report you found, except the part about fielding my position. In the day, I was an excellent fielding pitcher. However, I’ll concede that most of that was a matter of necessity……. field or be killed by the rockets hit back through the box……. LOL! When you finally see me and note that my nose and right ear are unusually close together, you’ll know why!

It’s difficult for me to see Hansen going back to Triple A. I think if that happens, he’s done. More likely, I could see him being packaged in a deal with Coco Crisp or Julio Lugo for a good reliever. Hansen might flourish in another environment away from the pressures of Boston. Along those lines, it’s amazing to me how many struggling players leave the Red Sox and do pretty well. Not in that category, but someone I often think about is Hanley Ramirez. He has turned out to be one of the best players in the game in Miami. One has to wonder if that would have happened had he stayed with the Sox. We have done well with Beckett and Lowell, but could you imagine having Ramirez at shortstop? How awesom would an infield of Lowrie, Ramirez, Pedroia and Youk be? ….. and it would be that way for years.

Agreed, Ellen. Any win is better than a loss. The Sox did not deserve to lose. That is ridiculous. Sure, it was a nailbiter, and they are stranding too many runners on base, and Craig Hansen looks like a deer in the headlights. Yet the Sox have lost several games they should have won (because of the bullpen), so this win is deserved.


Big Papi back in the lineup tommorow. I’m excited that he is back, but something in the very back of my mind tells me he will get the wrist injured again

Hey BosoxBrian:

Sometimes I don’t understand the reaction of some of the bloggers on this site. The pre-game discussion about yesterday’s game was that with the Sox throwing their 5th starter vs. one of the premier starters in MLB, the Sox were looking defeat straight in the face. Then, they pull out a victory and everyone’s talking about how they should have lost?!?!? Sounds like the sleeves have been turned inside out to me!

Also, many are chirping about the inadequacy of the Sox bullpen yesterday. However, in almost seven relief innings, they shut out the other team. Yes, I know that the Mariners are one of the lowliest teams in MLB, but they are in the “bigs.” And I know the relievers flirted with disaster, but in the end, the “scores the thing.” Maybe someone should ask the Rays about playing another lowly team in their home park (yes, my precious Indians — [lol]) and recognize how the Rays fared in those 4 games in Cleveland just before the All-Star break.

Beyond that, Justin Masterson pitched almost 3 innings of no-hit, no walk, shut out ball. That should be a cause for celebration in and of itself!!! The fact that the game went 12 innings required the use of most of the Sox bullpen, exposing its weaknesses. After that display, the Sox are now 4th in the majors in Team ERA…and that’s both the starters and the bullpen…Along with leading the majors in Team batting average and being third in runs scored…In fact, about the only team category they aren’t high in is (fewest) walks allowed…and we all have commented on that as the main problem for the Sox pitching staff.

However, when we talk about replacing pieces in the bullpen (and I agree with you that the Sox could use some talent infusion here)…the front office has to delicately look at what is available and what it will cost….The Sox could have gone after Jon Rauch (and maybe they did)…whose ERA is higher than Oki Doki, Aardsma, Chris Smith and Javier Lopez…The Nats got a middle infielder for Rauch…did they demand Jed Lowrie for Rauch?, and if so, if I were in Theo’s shoes, I would have declined…I suspect that the Sox have discussed Brian Fuentes with the Rocks…but again the issue is…what have the Rocks requested?

I know Joe Borowski, the ex-Indian closer is out there and could be gotten on the cheap (lol). Kidding aside, you’ve got to have some faith in a front office that has put teams together that have won 2 of the past 4 WS, and who had injuries deter them in the other 2 years. I thought that Chris Smith looked pretty good when he was up, but the front office felt that he needed more time in the minors. They apparently saw something I didn’t. They retooled Justin Masterson from starter to reliever, and the initial returns look pretty darn good. I’ll tell you, I’d rather be in the Sox position — having enough great starting pitching to convert a young starter into a reliever, than be in the Yankees position, and have such little starting pitching that they had to convert a kick-%&* reliever into a starter (and remember, this is the second time the Sox have done this with great success…does anyone remember the rookie starter Papelbon?????…who now is well on his way to breaking the Sox record for career saves in his 3rd-4th year in the majors!!!!!) In my mind, the jury is still out on whether Kyle Farnsworth will provide the necessary bridge to Rivera…and if he doesn’t what do the Yankees do then? Get another pitcher off the scrap-heap like Sidney (take me deep) Ponson. I suspect they could pick up Shawn Chacon again, although, after Chacon’s display in Houston, Brian Cashman might have to worry about whether or not he’d get thrown around.

Or, they could ask Houston about Runelvys Hernandez, who was in the Sox minor league system last year. Or maybe they could convince “my Indians” to part with Paul Byrd. I just think that no matter how much more performance the Yanks get out of the Moose this year, and how alive their bats get, they are so pitching poor they won’t make it this year.

The Sox on the other hand, have an abundance of pitching in the minors…they have David Pauley, Hunter Jones, Chris Smith, Michael Bowden, and Daniel Bard among others who they could promote without needing to give up any talent. Assuming that Masterson performs well in this role, and Aardsma can come back soon and perform at the level he has been performing at…the Sox’ bullpen will improve markedly…Hopefully, Oki Doki has also found his stride for the balance of the year.

I find that yesterday’s performance was cause for celebration, not commiserating.

Oh…and please keep your kool-aid that Carson Palmer has been drinking away from my refrigerator (lol). I can’t believe he’s trying to wake the ghost of Paul Brown (lol).


According to reports the Nats wanted Lowrie for Rauch. Bowden’s name was mentioned as well. I wouldn’t do the deal as well. According to reports the Rockies have asked the Sox for Buchholz. I guess the Rockies want to have another Buchholz on there roster. I wouldn’t give up Buchholz for Fuentes. I would go after Marte, Mahay, you wouldn’t have to give up as much. Masterson looked great yesterday, without him. Boston would have lost.

Who cares what Carson Palmer said!!

Has Dave Magdan ever commented on too many LOB? Many games should have been won despite the shaky bullpen.
Thank God there were no runners on base when Hansen came in. Or we would see another heart breaking loss. Can we send Hansen down and bring up Smith?

Whatever trade the Sox make has to include gettimg rid of some of our dead wood that might be of use to another team. Let’s not worry about salary– we could pick up the tab for Lugo, Lopez or Coco. The money that would be layed out would certainly be returned with another World Series win. While Delcarmen, and Hansen might turn around, we have to focus on getting some mid-relief. In any case, unloading the losers should be a priority. Lugo, in particular- all he does is bring the team,and the Nation, down.

Hey BosoxBrian:

You’ve got to admit, my surmise about what the Nats were likely asking for, was pretty astute!! I hadn’t seen any of the reports you did ….damn you are thorough…about Carson Palmer…I like “busting your onions” and I get so few chances (lol)

On a more serious note, have you heard anything about why the Sox sent Chris Smith back down…after the first batter he faced took him deep, he looked pretty good.

On another matter, I am a serious devotee of golf in addition to being a lawyer. I just read where Rudy Giuliani’s son sued over being eliminated from the Duke Univ. golf team. I’ve got to say, I find that ludicrous. Apparently, the lawsuit makes no allegation that the boy was removed on any discrimination basis, but apparently is trying to force the school (and its golf coach) to demonstrate that it had “just cause” to eliminate him. Whatever happened to our society respecting the exercise of genuine judgment, even when that judgment is mistaken. Not every situation is fair, but if it isn’t tainted by illegal or inappropriate considerations, society should be magnanimous enough to accept the results, even when they disagree with the determination. Rudy of all people, someone who sought to exercise the pre-eminent judgment accorded the President of the United States, should respect that. I don’t know what he did to discourage the filing of the lawsuit, but in my humble opinion, he didn’t do enough.

If this lawsuit ultimately is determined to have substantial basis, imagine all of the volunteers who will no longer consider being Little League or softball league, or soccer league coaches, for fear they will be sued for not playing sonny boy or girl as much as their parents’ view of their “talents” warrants. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

DBenjamin, Chris Smith was sent down because of the numbers game. Only Hansen has options, and at the time the Sox apparently liked Hansen more than Smith. If you recall, Smith looked like a deer in the headlights when he walked the bases loaded in his last appearance. I think he is like Hansen, good stuff but lacks the poise to be an effective reliever over the long term in the big leagues. The Sox are talking about using Bowden in the bullpen. They want to limit his innings in the second half. I like that idea. Let him get a few more starts at Pawtucket, and give him a shot in August.

Next year, Daniel Bard should be Major League ready, and Richie Lentz is emerging as well. Left-hander Hunter Jones is another candidate to make the team out of spring training next season. Two of this year’s draft picks out of college – Stephen Fife and Kyle Weiland – are pitching well at Lowell and could climb the minor league system rapidly.

The Sox are grooming a lot of promising relief pitching prospects, so in a year or two, they can build a bullpen from within. Of course, that doesn’t help this season, when guys like Mike Timlin, Javier Lopez and Hansen are wasting roster spots. I believe Delcarmen will once again be the set-up man he was last year. Masterson will help. Aardsma will contribute when he returns from the disabled list. Okajima is starting to pitch better, though I still get nervous when he takes the mound. Timlin, Lopez and Hansen are clinging to roster spots because the Sox have no viable alternatives, at least until they feel Bowden is ready for relief work, and Aardsma gets healthy.


Let’s package coco and lugo for anyone to keep moss and lowrie on the roster. When big papi is activated, moss will surely be sent down to Pawtucket.

Hey guys,

Please understand a win is a win…but I always look at HOW the Red Sox win. The Sox WON despite their poor performance simply because Seattle is even worse. When they face the Yankees they will NOT be given these luxuries. The Yankees will not offer them a 12th inning fielding error that will allow yet another batter to walk to a pitcher shaken by the mistake. They will not face pitchers who will walk in a bases loaded run.
The Sox did not score with the bases loaded — it took a gift from Seattle. The Sox did not score when needed. They are NOT hitting as a team at all. Their LOB percentage and their ability to hit in the clutch is terrible. Yes they have a decent average for batting but when it counts — they can’t get a runner home and when they do it’s early on leaving them to fumble for the rest of the game. Buckholz just didn’t get better — he faced a lousy team.

I admire Theo for saying ‘work within’ but I know the front office is saying “after Lugo, Drew, and Gagne, I think we need a break from your ‘brilliant trades’ Notice other teams are not even mentioning Lugo, Drew. They are talking Lester, Buckholz, even Hansen, etc. The Sox have dead trade weight that needs to go away and it won’t forcing them to work within. Fortunately they have an excellent scouting team that fills up the organization with talent.

If the Red Sox hope for an October run they need a solid bullpen and solid hitting. Ortiz will be dead weight until he gets back into the swing of things weakening their lineup even more. We’ll see but I suspect a sweep by the Yankees and a third place slot for the Sox. (of course if gsm will finally pitch for the club and Ellen is the DH — I’ll definately reconsider that option with Brian being the manager. (LOL) I would also suggest a nude Rosanne Cash batting for Varitek. That alone will get a walk in (LOL)

What’s the story on Manny? If this knee injury is even 1% BS, he’s done after this year.

I just talked to Rosanne and she would be willing to appear nude and be the DH for the Yankees series. All Yankees pitchers agreed to give her intentional walks if she would put some clothes on (LOl)

Manny is coming unglued. I can see it every day. There is rumor of another altercation. The pressure at playing with the Red Sox is getting worse since 2007. They are just a worn out ballclub. Personally, they need a vacation in Hawaii just left alone for a week. Tito should get a vacation to a nice quiet place where nobody bugs him. They all look exhausted.

dbenjamin, your statistical analysis of the Sox make some good points. What has happened to the Sox has happened to every team in major league baseball. All bullpens have blown games and all teams/players have repeatedly left runners in scoring position. The problem is this. The Sox seem to do that more than almost everyone else we see them play against. That being said, the Sox really have considerably more talent than most other teams. That’s why they can repeatedly have the bullpen blow leads and lose games, consistently not hit with RISP and still be a half game out of first place in what is likely the toughest division in baseball. They do a lot of things wrong, but they do an awful lot of things right too. Really, despite all of our criticisms, all of which are very justified, they overcome those things more times than they don’t. My guess is that everyone on this blog believes the Sox could have and should have won 10-12 more games than they have. Subtract the 5 or 6 games they won that maybe they should have lost and you’re maybe 6 games ahead of where you are now.

We just see things from different persepctives as lunatic Sox fans. Lester loads the bases with nobody out and gets out of it and we think it’s a great thing. The Sox load the bases with nobody out and don’t score and they’re the worst clutch team in baseball history. We lunatics expect the Sox to be victorious in every challenge. Right now, they have the third best record in all of baseball, which just isn’t quite good enough for us. Nobody’s sleeves are turned inside out. We’re Red Sox fans, complaining when things aren’t perfect is what we do……. especially since we’ve had a tasted of the good life.

Anyone know if Bobby Kielty can make it back this year? We could use his bat on then bench especially when the roster expands.

By the way, as bad as we think things are, the Sox were 61-39 on this date last year. There’s just a couple of games difference. At this time last year the Sox had played a lot more home games. Of course, their road record was 27-20. compared to 24-32 this year. Seems like most of baseball has gone that way though.

DGNeubert, the Sox released Kielty. Jeff Bailey is the only outfielder at Pawtucket who hits right-handed, and he has shown that he is not a Major League caliber hitter. I really don’t think the Sox need a right-handed hitting fourth outfielder. They have Crisp, who is a switch hitter, and Moss, who is a lefty but hits lefties well. I would even be comfortable if Boston dealt Crisp for a reliever and kept Moss as the fourth outfielder since Drew can play center field, if needed. Moss will likely be optioned to Pawtucket tomorrow when Ortiz is activated, but he will be back sooner than later, I believe.


We really need to give the Yanks the slap-down they deserve. There probably has never been a team with more washed up, old, players trying to hide in the DH spot… Damon, Posada, Giambi, Matsui, etc. etc. Too old and beat up to play the field. No way this team can limp their way to the finish line. Time for other washed up veterans to come back down to earth too… Mussina. His ERA was 5.15 last year for Christs sake. Wake up and realize you are over the hill.

I hafta say, the discourse on this blog in 2008 is much more upbeat and civilized than it has been in years past. Remember last year when bloggers were calling for Tito’s job, Magadan’s job, even Theo’s. There was the Lugo-derogatory-name contest(which I found amusing, I must admit) and general bashing of everyone and everything. And the Sox won the world series last year!!! And let us not forget Fagan! When you consider that any idiot can log on here(I’m living proof of that) the dialog is pretty good. This is sort of like Ian’s Bar And Grille. You’ve got Gsm serving up draft beer and baseball wisdom, Bosoxbrian dispensing buckets of Brian’s Belly-Up Kool-Aid. Ellen dishes up good cheer, you might see me pop out of the kitchen with a burger and fries once in a while. A great place to hang with your Bosox buddies! We’ve got Carlos Santana on the jukebox….hey! that reminds me…..the trivia question for the day: who recorded Black Magic Woman before Santana? I know, it’s an easy one, but we have to start somewhere with the trivia questions. Hmmm…. where was I??? Oh yea, Ian’s blog. I think there’s good reason to be a little frustrated. All the great stats, this team should be in first by 4-5 games! But the bright side is the tough times will make this team stronger. The blown games and injuries will inspire them to win when it’s important. That what I say.

Don’t forget Dave. Ranting and raving into his beer, grossing us out with references to Liz Taylor, Jeff reminding us of the benefits of proper perspective and giving us cogent updates, and anyone I left off intentionally or unintentionally. All of you are great to shoot the BS with!

I forgot to mention the prize for the correct answer to the trivia ??? Free costilla(ribs) dinner ; we take St Louis Ribs and slow-cook them with jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic and spices. We serve them with country potatoes and refried beans and tortillas. Wash that down with a Patron Anyejo margarita and you’re in heaven!

Black Magic Woman was written by Peter Green and first performed by Fleetwood Mac ….I play guitar

You win!!!

What’s freaky is that people actually read that far into my posts.

You have to read this: I have made the lineup for Friday night.

LF – Naked Rosanne — we need to put some fear into them. Rosanne said every time she does this the players run off the field except for Johnny Damon who finds himself attracted to Rosanne.

2B – BosoxBrian — together with kool aid, he’s unstoppable. he also has lightening fast reflexes as demonstrated by his ability to dodge rain drops coming at 100 per second — you have to see it to believe it.

DH – Arnie with a case of beer which he’ll need if he blows it for us because we expect 2 grand slams and a triple. Arnie can hit a ball out of fenway park and make it sail outside of Boston like a missle while using a broken bat.
Bosoxbrian has an IQ of 450 so he can almost calculate the position of the ball when it gets hit while still generating the math of dark matter.

CF – Ellen — we know she can take the scrutiny and curses she’ll feel if she doesn’t go 4 – 4 with a grand slam. Ellen by the way can throw a ball 212 mph from the outfield while in a leg cast with a broken thumb on her throwing hand.

3B – Youk — he agreed to help out what he calls the “suicide lineup” whatever that means.

SS – dbenjamin — Watch the four home runs he’ll hit this game! dbenjamin also can run 47 mph top speed.

RF – Jodie Foster — she agreed if we got Hugh Jackson to play first base as well as go out with me that same evening if they win.

1B – bosoxbanter – I lied (LOL) bosox banter can hit a curveball out of the park with just one hand on the bat.

RF – 007chow — he’ll show them what he’s made of. 007chow can lift a volkswagon with one hand behind his back and jump a height of 24 feet.

Pitching – gsm52 — his 105 mph 4 seam fastball, his 97 mph curveball, his 89 mph changeup, his 92 mph splitter, his 98 mph slider, his 78 mph knuckleball, his 91 mph cutter are the stuff of legend. While his pitchcount is expected to be 220, already Francona has stated “he’s better than the entire bullpen combined. I’m just in awe of him…I really am. He’s like a God for this team.”

Manager — democratic team effort. I will be there as first base coach.

Do you guys see three wins in a row with this lineup or what!!!!

Saturday and Sunday pitchers.

dgneubert will go saturday. His pitchcount includes a 120 mph fastball, a cutter that smashes home plate every time it strikes it because its thrown at 240 mph.



Bosoxbrian isn’t over powering but he can throw a slider at 200 mph and a fastball at 97 mph (LOL).

I asked Terry Francona what he thought of this lineup and he said, “I really need a bud light right now…more than ever (LOL)

*** All stats provided as-is by Boras.

I forgot to mention the bullpen. Julio Lugo has agreed to be the guy you can count on in the pen. Manny Delcarman also signed up as well. Eric Gagne also wants in but I decided in the end pangelotti because he knows 15 different types of pitches and he says “they all go exactly right over the plate so I promise no walks!

Arnie ,
I was killing time so I was reading through the different ALE blogs …lol…..I love all baseball but I live north of the border so follow the Jays . Sorry if I intruded on your blog and gave the answer. It was typed and sent before I realized. Take care

Dave, can you overnight me some of what you’re smoking? It’s got to be good! Hilarious!!!! Thank God you have Bosoxbrian batting between me and Rosanne! Blechhh! I pity BSB!

Don’t worry, Indigo. We’re baseball fans first and we cheer for our individual teams second. Well, except Yankee fans,JK. Thanks for the answer.

Dave: Thanks for inserting me in the Friday’s lineup playing RF. I promise I can easily make the play like Ichiro did taking away JD’s 3 run home run.
gsm50: It is true that the Sox shares almost the identical record as last year at this time despite its lack of timely hits and shaky bull pen. What’s different this year is the unexpected surging of the Rays and the reversed dominence of the Red Sox by LAA as well as its woeful road records. That said, I am still confident that Sox will make to the playoffs either as a division champion or as a WC.
I can envision Joba strikes out Ellsbury on 3 pitches and flies out on first pitch second AB. Then Ellsbury gets a leadoff single which eventually leads to the Sox scoring the only and final 3 runs in the inning. Final score 3-2 Boston. Papelbon gets his 31 saves.

In all truth I have 16 pitches. I picked up a new one last night. I call it the Tornado Ball. It comes spinning up to the plate and then drops down into the catchers glove. I only use it in crucial situations like the kind that Tito brings in Delcarmen or Hansen. When I warm up in the bullpen I have a special target with the center cut out where Lugo puts his head. That’s why I have phenomenal control and I can guarantee no walks. I’m standing by now waiting for Tito to call.

I forgot to add that Tek has a special glove with a picture of Lugo giving me that third strike snear. No matter where Tek puts the glove the ball goes dead center.

The Rays lost today and now are tied with the Red Sox for first place in the Al East. Now hey just need to win against the Yankees…

Brian, we have succeeded. We have turned everyone’s brain to mush and they are now in the gutter with us. In particular, arnie and dave were particularly brain dead today. LOL. Ian must read our stuff and and just sit there and shake and scratch his head. He could never have envisioned his beloved Brownie Points blog would be turned into this.

Dave, great lineup. However, I liked it better when you had me catching Jody Foster. Don’t fear though, I’ll do it for the team. I’m just not sure you should play Brian aka Pacman at second base. You could be jeopardizing that golden arm of his and we really need him on Sunday.

Hey Pangelotti…… 17 pitches? What’s the signal from Tek for the Tornado Ball? LOL! Does that pitch work better in a dome?

Rays lost today to the Super Royals. The Sox have a chance to put some distance between them and the Yankees this weekend. They need to take two of three and then do the same to the Angels. The next week is a tough and important stretch for the Sox. I think Chamberlain gets a dose of the Fenway frolics and takes his first lashing tomorrow night. Beckett’s first real big game of the year. This is what he lives for. It should be fun.

Gsm, you’re still awake? Hey, I highly resemble that brain-dead crack! As usual, Dave has 2 right fielders and no catcher. Gsm, you’ll have to pitch AND catch. Like Bugs Bunny.

Funny, Pangelotti. I’m so immature, I love any joke with Lugo in it.

We need a new trivia question. Here goes: the name “Vincent Black Shadow” refers to what???? Nope, not a new Pangelotti pitch. Not a race horse. Comic book hero?? Mafia boss?

The prize is a chile relleno dinner with a tecate draft.

Tek gives me the secret signal. He calls time asks the umpire to check the batter’s bat. He then borrows the bat and taps both his feet before giving the batter the bat back.

I think it was a 1991 TV Show.

You might be thinking of the 1994 movie,”The Shadow” from the old radio show. “The Shadow knows.” Lamont Cranston was the Shadow’s name. But that’s not it. Good guess, though.

I cheated. Look up IMDB on the internet and put in the name Vincent Black Shadow.

IMDB stands for Internet Movie Data Base. You can look up any movie and it will give you a review, It’s good to check out any movies that you may be interested in seeing in your local theater. Let me know what you think.

I tried that and sure enough a 1991 tv Vincent black Shadow comes up. I clicked on the link and it went nowhere. I don’t know what that tv show was about if it even existed. But the Vincent Black Shadow I’m thinking of is something completely different from a tv show.

Check out a movie entitled “You Got Nothin”. It’s a movie my son wrote, produced, directed ,edited, and acted in. It won several Film Festival Awards. It is truly better than many of the movies that are being showed in theaters today. read some of the Reviews. He is still trying to get distribution which is diffiicult to do without a name actor. “Good Will Hunting” is an example of a fantastic movie that may never have made it without Robin Williams. If your interested check out his website ‘you got”

Hey everyone. Check out this funny picture of Pedrioia. Not too far off from the truth…

The Vincent Black Shadow is a motor cycle built in the late 40’s early 50’s. It is also an aternative rock band that has been mostly an opening act for other bigger stars but released their first real song “Fears in the Water” in 1996.

Speaking of motorcycles and movies, if you haven’t seen The World’s Fastest Indian yet, it’s worth renting. It’s an excellent movie starring Anthony Hopkins who does practically the entire movie by himself. It’s a great and true story.

rayman…… that Pedroia Photo is hilarious. What was it someone called him…….. Gremlin Guy? LOL! How about Elf Boy!

You got it right Gsm. In my heyday(long ago, sadly) I used to ride and a buddy of mine had a VBS. Fastest machine on the road, at the time. If you nailed second and twisted the throttle, it would pull you right off the seat. Fun bike. Stop in sometime and get your dinner and we’ll chat, Gsm.

Anyway, game today and this blog will be serious again. I’ll check in after work and see how it all went. Have a great day, Sox fans.

Great photo, rayman. It’s like the greeting card that shows a kitten looking in a mirror and the image in the mirror is a tiger.

Hey guys — questions answered:

1) the smoke is a mixture of gasoline, wood smoke, benzene, mercury and some other stuff I found at the local nuclear power plant and toxic waste dump that I can’t identify. It works great to put me in the mood to cope with watching the Red Sox lose the next three games.

2) Ya, I guess we need a catcher. I’ve decided on a T1 model of the terminator. He says he can spare a few moments from destroying the world and taking it over to catch the next three Yankees games (hint)…if you tell me that one of the Yankee players is John Conner…but don’t mention which one…you may not have to worry about the next three games (LOL)

3) The tornato ball pitch signal is four fingers, then three fingers, then just the thumb in a circle sequence which he hops up and down two times. Look for that signal.

4) gsm52 has already signed with the Texas Rangers at forty four million dollars courtesy of Boras so bosoxbrian you’ll have to pitch Friday’s game, play second base as well and then pitch Sunday’s game…or you can have Rosanne play second base — it’s up to you.

Nice photo rayman. Got a laugh out of me. A little man with a big bat,LOL

Rayman—That photo was great!!! Thanks for the laugh.


I’m a lefty, no second base for me. Roseanne naked in left, I am loving that thought!!! lol. Personally I think she should be the hitting coach. She would say hit my weight, lol. She has to be a biscuit over 300 lbs. lol.

Dave, I’m a lefty as well. I’m also tall (6-foot-5) and slow, and I actually still play in a 30-and-over wooden bat baseball league. I’ve always played first base, from t-ball to present-day, so you put me in the right spot. I’m like Sean Casey, though. I hit liners all over the field, but I have little power. And I run like Casey, so don’t expect an automatic double when the ball is hit into the gap. A good throw might get me!


I can’t believe absolutely nobody, anywhere is giving an update on Manny… Baseball world… wake up and give us the news. Geez.


Ramirez is fine. He just wanted to have 2 days in a row off. Manny being Manny, lol.

Maybe Manny will make his entrance as the Caped Crusader. But then again Delcarmen and Hansen are dubbed the Dynamic Duo. Manny might more appropriately be the Joker.

No news meant bad news the last few days on Manny. He’s out tonight. What a crock.

No explanation on what happened… Just his yearly disappearance I guess. Good timing Manny.

Okay Dave… First you had me batting behind a naked Liz Taylor.. Now I have to share the same ground with a naked
Roseann????? Why are you always putting naked women near me!!!????? lol, are you trying to tell me something?? and btw, they are always fat old women! again, is there something you’d like to say, lol!

But otherwise your description of me was pretty darned accurate! lol

…ps again.. How come you never Naked Sean Casey anywhere near me, HUH???

🙂 never have

I knew Manny’s Pre-Menstrual Cramps would flare up eventually.

Hey Dave, excellent choice for Saturday’s pitching — I have been waiting a long time for someone to see my potential and get my first call to big league. I floated the idea with Tito — and he said he was up for it as long as I featured exclusively my knuckle ball and my slow-curve (which I also have in my repertoire) — its the “strategery” for Saturday’s game, so if I pitch a lot like Wakefield, don’t blame me, blame the “strategery”.

Ironically, I won’t be able to be on this blog tonight or tomorrow (so you guys know why now, got to prepare for my debut).

So I am counting on being able to get real balanced, insightful, dispassionate, rant-free, play-by-play, move-by-move (the ones that count of course) from this blog on these two games.

Until Sunday….

Also, I don’t want to upset a formula, many of you guys think is helping/working…. so I won’t really say this, and haven’t… but the last prediction I made came our pretty darn close… so….

what I am not saying is that if Beckett gets on it tonight, pitches strong… then our entire SP rotation really is pitching quite well… and with Big Papi’s return… and payback (so to speak) due to the Angels… I am thinking (but not saying, I wouldn’t dare) that at the end of the next 6 days, one team might have 6 or a 5 and the other two teams combined, might have a 0 or 1… just a feeling, but who dare challenge the force of the dark side (oops, I meant rant).

OK, here is the updated lineup.

LF – Naked Rosanne and naked Liza Minelli — we need to put some fear into them. Rosanne said every time she does this the players run off the field except for Johnny Damon who finds himself attracted to Rosanne or Liza.

C – BosoxBrian — together with kool aid, he’s unstoppable. he also has lightening fast reflexes despite his broken back from player catcher for several days to prepare for this.

DH – Arnie with a case of beer which he’ll need if he blows it for us because we expect 2 grand slams and a triple. Arnie can hit a ball out of fenway park and make it sail outside of Boston like a rocket because his bat has a cast iron core covering the maple (shhhh on this)

(so that Ellen is satisfied)
RF – Ellen and naked Shawn Casey and naked David Ortiz and naked William Shatner — we know she can take the scrutiny and the curses she’ll feel if she doesn’t go 4 – 4 with a grand slam. Ellen by the way can throw a ball 212 mph from the outfield while in a leg cast with a broken thumb on her throwing hand. In case anyone hasn’t seen Ellen in person think Nicole Kidman and Rose McGowan and Jodie Foster and if that doesn’t make sense tell Ellen that — it was her idea

3B – Youk — he agreed to help out what he calls the “Julio Lugo lineup” whatever that means.

SS – dbenjamin — Watch the four home runs he’ll hit this game! dbenjamin also can run 102 mph top speed.

CF – Jodie Foster — she agreed if we got Hugh Jackson to play first base as well as go out with me that same evening if they win.

1B – bosoxbanter – I lied (LOL) bosox banter can hit a curveball out of the park with just one hand on the bat. He is also a lefty and is eleven feet tall without shoes on. To him a guy like David Ortiz is a little girly man (LOL)

2B – 007chow — he’ll show them what he’s made of. 007chow can lift a volkswagon with one hand behind his back and jump a height of 24 feet.

Pitching – gsm52. gsm52 Has thrown his arm out from trying to prove to everyone he can throw a 120 mph fastball. That and a combination of beer and steroids did it. However, all is not lost. Gsm can throw with either arm and promises not to make any mistakes on the field with his 2000 mph bulletball.

Manager — Rose McGowan which has nothing to do with her looks.
first base coach — Dave
third base coach — Eva Mendes — so I can wave to her.
bench coach — Boras

If Manny is trying to not sign again with the Sox he’s doing a great job of it.

Because Manny is out, the fine lineup is once again back into play no-hit Ellsbury is leading off (he was moved to ninth), Pedroia who was leading off moves to second. Youk who was third moves to forth. Crisp who was out moved to ninth. Got all that — I didn’t! (LOL)

Ellen thanks for being a great sport about this. I added both Casey and Ortiz and Shatner. I hope that works for you.

damn dave!! I am not sure what you do for a living but if you arent a writer of fiction already, you SHOULD BE!!!! Thank you for the adjustment to the line up I feel alot more secure in my nudity with Sean AND Papi out there!! and I got my self a pair of wrap around sunglasses so my peripheral vision doesnt become impaired with Naked Liza and Roseann in center ( and Scotty, go ahead and beam Captain Kirk up, up, up and away) My husband said Shatner should do the play by play like he used to (sing/talk) in the commercials!!


Wow, you guys have some time to kill before the game starts. Shatner talk? Well, I suppose he is one of the coolest guys ever.


I just heard that based on this lineup the Yankees may consider forfeiting the games for fear of the left field problem. We’ll see.
FYI Ellen, I do IT and yes am working on a series of sci-fi/fantasy novels called “The Hammer Of Harpel”

Finally got the story right. Julio Lugo says he’s better than Manny in all aspects and Manny was so upset about it that he smashed a hammer in his knee attempting to pick a fight with Lugo. How he did it we don’t know but Manny’s been using gsm52’s steroid youth treatment which has known side effects which I’m sure gsm will talk about later. (LOL)

Rave-Dave: Make sure that you model one of your nicer and more human looking characters after me!!


The first book is called “The Rise And Fall of Benjamin Dudgeon” I’m writing all six at once just to get the story tied together — labor of love.

Sorry Ellen. The books and characters are already set in place and 90% of the story is complete…however I plan to write other material once this monster is off my back…and I will keep you in mind.

Dave’s pre-game rant:

Josh Beckett has an overblown reputation and thanks to Manny’s injury the reformulation of the lineup got washed away into the evening sun. The Sox should find an easy one run through Yankee errors but otherwise expect a 4 -1 Yankee win with their eyes closed. Unfortunately Beckett has been unable to be Beckett of 2007 but he’s getting a lot closer. Frankly what the Sox need is hitting and reducing the LOB. If you can’t hit in the clutch,averages don’t account for much.

Okay, for some baseball talk…. i cant wait to see how Papi (one of my naked wingmen in the out field) has progressed. I want him to take the Winnebago (I found out that Joba is Native American Indian from the tribe Winnebago,, FOR REAL) and drive him right the hell out of Fenway!!!!
I really want to see OUR SOX take the lead in the East and put some more dust between us and the Yankees. We need some breathing room.. and this is the time to do it. I’m hoping that the Rays have seen their best days and we havent..

Okay then you can dedicate the book (or at least a chapter)to your fellow bloggers, lol!
Seriously let me know when i can buy a copy, I’ll ask you to autograph it for my husband, he’s a sci-fi NUT!!

Oh my Lord, don’t tell me this, BosoxBrian and I are both lefthanded?!?!?!? This is really scary. I’m better at left out (lol) than I am at SS. But I’m happy to chase the naked women around the bases. I can motor around the bases at 102 mph, as long as I’m in my 1972 Triumph TR6!!! Do you think the Sox will let that out on the field???

Maybe we could collaborate on fictional a work about bloggers!!

Beckett is doing badly — what a surprise. Grrr.

A short story about blogging does sound interesting. I see a thriller.

Beckett did 24 pitches for inning one. I’m glad he didn’t give up a run but PLEASE…control the pitch count.

A few more pitches than Tito wanted, i’m surem but all in all, good start. I especially liked madonna’s material striking out!!

Ortiz strikes out but in fairness he put more heart into that at bat than I’ve ever seen from Lugo.

Chamberlain is a nasty pitcher. I have a great deal of respect for him…but then again I’m supposed to be RANTING HERE.

Ellsbury got 91 mph fastballs. Youk got 100 mph fastballs. This guy is tough.

The #7, #8 and #9 hitters Beckett should get them out with ease. Yankees lineup isn’t as stretched as it would be if they were healthy. Yankees made Beckett work hard in that 1st inning. Chamberlain threw 20 pitches or so in the 1st inning.

Pedroia with a great slide. I think he did that one time before.

Sox will NOT be scoring runs today. I feel bad for them. They are facing a great pitcher. Have to get to the Yankee bullpen quick.

The headline says No Manny, it should say No Ian. Where are you Ian? New thread?


Your a lefty, lawyer and you root for the Buckeyes, my oh my!!! lol. 1 out of 3 isn’t too bad, lol.

new thread. go there.

Okay, we’ve got Rave Dave, and we’ve got YELLIN ELLEN!!
It’s WAY past time to do those cranial abyss-ectomys.. in other words.. get your heads out of, well you know what I mean. A few of the Yankees have Josh’s #.. and I dont mean his cell #. He’s 3-0 against them this year. and we have ABSOLUTELY ZERO BATS!!@!@!@
This is the night WE need to rally round our guys nut tell them to get it TOGETHER!!!
… and now JoJoba throws at Youk.. and Remy says its not intentional?? My ssa!! That guy hates Youk and vice-versa.

nut=and (DONT ASK ME HOW THAT HAPPENED!!?, it was when bhuttface threw at Youk….

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