Papi in the House; Manny being Manny?

When David Ortiz stepped into the batter’s box for the first time since May 31, Fenway Park was nothing short of electric. A great hand, and well-deserved. This guy has given his heart and soul to this team since arriving in 2003.

What about Manny Ramirez? Has he given his heart and soul to this team since arriving in 2001? That question can not be answered because so much that involves Ramirez is a mystery. We do know he’s been a machine at the plate. But we also know that his injury history is very checkered. It’s hard to get a straight story.

Unlike most players, Ramirez won’t hold court in the middle of the clubhouse and describe the nature of his injury. How did this ailment occur? Nobody has said. Is Manny’s knee sore? Probably. Is it too sore to play a key game against the Yankees in late July? Only Manny can say for sure, and he hasn’t said a word the last few days, other than a very tongue in cheek, “Dont’ worry about it” or “day to day”.

I find it odd that manager Terry Francona posted the lineup with Ramirez in it, and only pulled him after Manny told bench coach Brad Mills he was a no go. In typical cases when a player is injured, that player will call or text message Francona in the morning and say whether he thinks he’ll be able to play or not. In this case, it was relatively clear that Francona and Ramirez had little to no communication during the entire course of the day.

One of the reasons Francona gets to the park early for every game is so he can confer with the training staff on who is available or who isn’t. A lot of times, players will come in early and get treatment from the training staff in an effort to play. We’ve received no word on whether that was the case with Manny today. Sean McAdam from the Providence Journal just reported that Manny left Fenway before the game to get an MRI. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

You wonder just how much of a disconnect there has been between Ramirez and the organization since the whole Jack McCormick saga unfolded.

Put it this way. Earlier in the year, and many times last year, Francona raved about how well Manny had been communicating with him in regard to injuries and other matters. I’ve heard Tito say nothing like that in recent weeks. Reading between the lines, there doesn’t seem to be that great communication we had a couple of months back.

It all makes the club option all the more fascinating. At this stage, I could see them not picking it up. But what if Manny goes on a tear the rest of the season and carries the team to another World Series and starts communicating again? We’ve seen this go both ways so many times that it’s hard to know where it’s going to go next.


Manny being Manny. His act is old. He needs to act like a man and not a boy. I think his option will not be picked up at season’s end. World Series or no World Series. Theo shaking his head last Friday night in Anaheim after Manny’s embarassing act in the field. Usually Theo shows no emotion when watching the game, just like most general managers when watching there team play. I think Theo and the front office has had enough of his act. They are tired of it and I am sure most everyone in the Red Sox organization are as well. I am just a fan and I am annoyed with his act and I am not even around the guy. At least he doesn’t have a sore throat this time around. Who can ever forget that saga back in the summer of 2003.

Tek missed by a foot. So did Coco. Ellsbury’s swings don’t seem to be as aggressive as they shoud be. It looks like he is just trying to meet the ball for fear of striking out. If they expect to win they have to wake up and seem like they are trying.

Ellsbury continues to have a hard time with the inside pitch. Perhaps his wrist is still hurting. Francona’s first lineup posted today had Ellsbury hitting 9th and I agree with it. He hasn’t done anything lately in the leadoff spot.

Yankees are very close in getting Nady and Marte. Good moves by the Yankees.

That 3-1 pitch to Lowell wasn’t even close. I can’t believe the home plate umpire called that a strike. Lowell walked anyway but still a bad call.

Red Sox are shut out and will continue that trend. Manny is being a child again. Beckett is pitching one great game and will get another loss as a function of that since the Sox can’t get a run if their life depended on it. Give me some good news somebody!

Prediction for today Yankees 3, Red Sox 0. I’m depressed.

Red Sox are getting mowed down by Chamberlain.

Yanks came to play. Sox came to hide.

Ellsbury has that scared “Lugo” look in his eyes when he comes up to bat.

I can tell the red sox aren’t scoring today

Beckett has pitched a great game today. It won’t be long before he gets disgusted with the Sox attitude/mentality and says what the heck. They are truly pathetic.

When Beckett begins to lose his composure and walks anyone. Especially if he is high– it’s time to give him a well-earned rest.

With Nady being dealt to N.Y. Safe to say Bonds is not going to the Yankees. It wasn’t going to happen anyway. The Yankees are now out of the Brian Fuentes sweepstakes, they have there lefty in the pen. I wonder if the Yankees will grab a starting pitcher. Beckett certainly gutted it out tonight. He hung in there. Pitched around some trouble but somehow someway allowed only 1 run thru 7 innings. The Boston bats have been silenced by Chamberlain. Not many good at bats by Boston.

I don’t blame Youkilis for being upset. I think Chamberlain was trying to throw one up and got a little close to Youk’s head. I agree with Remy, it wasn’t intentional. I don’t think Chamberlain is that dumb. Why would he? It makes no sense at all. Chamberlain is having his best start of his career tonight. He has been in total control of this game.

Wow, I just found the new thread… I had a really nice Yellin-Ellen session there, how do i bring it here??

If ranting really helps the Sox– Where are the Ranters???

Lopez is in—it’s all over. Tito has given up.

Dave Rant:

This is so frustrating because the Sox have built their hitting foundation on the Ortiz/Ramirez house and unfortunately both have been unable to carry the load and the rest look like a bunch of little league boy scouts. Ellsbury is an incredible talent that can’t hit. Crisp does better at eating coco puffs than hitting. Varitek is a brilliant catcher that can’t hit, etc. The Sox are useless. My lineup with Rosanne and a drunk Tom Cruise would do better than this pathetic bunch of losers.

Wait– I forgot. Delcarmen is coming in now. Tito is pulling out all stops, throwing in the Dynamic Duo. The tide will turn and the Yanks will cave. I can see them shaking in their boots.

Manny is an excellent pitcher. He likes loading the bases to allow the easy double play ball to give him the only two outs he can get in a game. Sox are going to begin the long hard slide down to last place snuggling up with Toronto and chewing on some beef jerky and spam. Ya some future.

Somebody tell me how to bring my rant from the last post
DAVE, WHERE ARE YOU!!!!! I need my i.t. guy!!!

If Terry isn’t cursing the name of Manny Ramirez I will. He cost the sox dearly tonight. Blasted runny nose Ramirez.

Okay, we’ve got Rave Dave, and we’ve got YELLIN ELLEN!!
It’s WAY past time to do those cranial abyss-ectomys.. in other words.. get your heads out of, well you know what I mean. A few of the Yankees have Josh’s #.. and I dont mean his cell #. He’s 3-0 against them this year. and we have ABSOLUTELY ZERO BATS!!@!@!@
This is the night WE need to rally round our guys nut tell them to get it TOGETHER!!!
… and now JoJoba throws at Youk.. and Remy says its not intentional?? My ssa!! That guy hates Youk and vice-versa.
Okay here is my session from the last thread!

Here comes Oki- the second part of the Dynamic Duo. It’s all over for the Yanks!!!

I’m here Helen. I’ve dousing my 121 beer in order to cope with this heinous and vial loss the Sox endured tonight. Oh Ellen…where is Rosanne and her beautiful singing voice when you need her!

NUT=AND… that happened when i jumped up with JOJOBA throwing at YOUK.. I’d love to see them go at it MMA style
Youk would destroy him.

Oki’s famous saying is “when you walk somebody you show the world you give out a lot of walks and increase your pitch count…but that increasing your status….ah crap…where is Rosanne when I need her!”

No way was Chamberlain going for Youkilis, nor do I think the was even trying to go up and in. The count was 2-0 and like Remy said, the last thing he wanted to do was put the leadoff runner on. He then blew Youk away.

Manny’s stuff is really getting old. I think it’s time that the leaders on the club like Tek and Lowell start to take issue with Manny’s antics. Very strange that there is zero information about how he did it, or what is wrong.

Sox can’t even get one run. They have the usefulness of a four tires running over a bed of nails.

Next year Manny will be gone and the Sox will have solidified their pitching staff with the departure of Timlin. Wake will be back if he wants too but if I were him, I’d retire. Sox will look very different next year but a better team me think.

This is why I have been screaming about the Sox and their inability to score runs. They need to score runs. Tonight is the quintessential example of no hitting talent on this team and the vicarious and stagnant attitude that each swing takes.

For the first time since Manny’s helped us win 2 World Series can I honestly say it’s time for him to go. I think both he and the Red Sox have lost usefullness for each other. There must be a young outfielder we can pay his salary to. Wow, Farnsworth pulled something that we are used to seeing the Sox do!!!!!!

The Sox NEED a clutch hit against Rivera

Sox lose, make fools of themselves at Fenway courtesy of runny nose Ramirez. I’m so fed up I may jump up and down ten times in a row shouting “Why”. Of course after 1,279 beers that could be a dangerous tactic (LOL)

Might want to add I am an hour earlier so don’t go by my timestamps without subtracting an hour.

Ellsbury has been called out twice tonight on very bad calls. He couldn’t have reached either of the pitches if he swung. This umpire is absolutely horrible. No wonder the score is 1-0. These hitters have no chance with a strike zone three feet wide.

I don’t know why Chamberlain was taken out. He had retired 10 in a row. Chamberlain’s last inning the 7th inning, he blew the Red Sox away. Chamberlain looked like he was getting stronger. Dumb play by Farnsworth, zero chance of him picking up the ball and swiping the tag on the speedy Crisp. Farnsworth is not that athletic. Ellsbury’s confidence is gone right now!! He is feeling the pressure for sure. Rivera makes it look very easy out there. The best reliever during the situational bullpen era. He is just about automatic out there.

It’s officially over…finally. So much for our bad bullpen. Nope…it’s hitting folks. Sox didn’t even have enough to generate a decent LOB of 121 like they usually do.

I am so ******* tired of this. Just get a hit

I don’t like the lineup changes Tito made. When Manny sat down, he should have hit Papi 4th and left the rest alone. Why disrupt everyone for one hitter?

I’ll bet none of you have turned off your TV yet.

Let’s see, last series against the Yankees Manny was hurt, then pinch hit, and stood in the batter’s box and watched three pitches go right down the middle without lifting the bat off his shoulder. Now we have the mysterious knee ailment and Manny is out of service for the Yankees again.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm!

Only the Red Sox and Yankees can play a 1-0 game that ends in over 3 hours. When was the last time the Red Sox were shutout at home? When was the last time the Sox were shutout at Fenway by the Yankees? Last time I remember was Mussina’s near perfect game, broken up by the nuts of all nuts Carl Everett.

Okajima looks like the Oki of last year. Perhaps with him coming around. Masterson looking really good the other day. Boston could piece together a bullpen. Lopez did what he should be doing, facing a tough lefty. Lefties only for Lopez. Delcarmen looked really sharp against A-Rod. That 3-1 change-up was perfect, it set up the 96 m.p.h. fastball perfectly.

We have had our shot. It’s time for Tito to take Ellsbury out of the lineup. Maybe send him down to Pawtucket where he can try and get some of his confidence back. I truly feel sorry for him. It seems the only way for Tito to bench Tek is to pitch Wakefield. But Tito should also bench Tek for a week or so. There is no way that the Sox will remain in contention if he keeps playing them. As far as Manny is concerned I think most everyone feels that his time as come. No one wants a shirker on the team and Manny has proved that he truly is a shirker year in and year out. Tito and Theo must be blind not to see it. As I have said many times Mammy is Manny is no excuse.

I have written this before. World Series or no World Series. Ramirez will be playing somewhere else next year. Perhaps the Mets, Dodgers, Phillies and pick a few more. There are about 25 other stories we don’t even know about. The Red Sox are fed up with his behavoir. You can put up with it when you hit 40 H.R.’s and drive in 130 runs. After a while the act is getting old as well. Enough is enough is what Henry/Werner are saying. Not too mention Theo as well.


Sending Ellsbury to A.A.A. makes zero sense at all. Benching Varitek makes no sense at all. Your frustrated like everyone else. This team needs to be tweaked a little here and there as the trade deadline approaches.

“Lets go Red Sox” Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

All freaking night long this umpire has been awful. That was absolutely horrible. You don’t see Lowell get pissed like that very often, in fact, I don’t ever remember seeing that. These hitters have no chance. Those pitches are six inches outside. Horrible.

She’ s reapeating her performance of singing the National Anthem and grabbing her… EWWWWW, you know.

I think that Sox fans, like Francona, are letting loyalty to Ellsbury and Tek cloud their judgement. When someone doesn’t perform he needs a rest.

Oh My God!! Have you EVER seen Mikey do that??
‘HEY UMP, GET OFF YOUR KNEES, CAUSE YOU’RE NLOWING THE GAME!! I stand corrected.. You BLEW the game!!!
Oh man I’m so pissed off!!!!

Lowell got screwed on a pitch earlier in the game, he later walked in that at bat. I think Rivera got the benefit there for sure. Lowell was very frustrated with the home plate umpire tonight. Bottom line Boston didn’t hit and that hasn’t happened many times at home. Chamberlain was solid tonight. Rivera was Rivera, what can you do. That pitch to Drew was right down Broadway. Drew must have been looking for something else.

Great too see Okajima looking good out there. I hope he has put his struggles behind him. He is needed in that pen. When the season started Boston was counting on him to get some big outs late in the game.

That was a ****** strike zone by the umpire. Mike should have been angry. Only the Yankee games. They Red Sox should rest and bounce back tommorow

Stop it Rosanne…your work now is done. You kept the Yankees off balance but “singing” the National Anthem naked while Johnny Damon chases after you in a bikini is a new low for you.

Sox need hitting and the big tweak is shifting around the lineup. This present setup is not helping anyone. Ellsbury and Varitek are really hopeless at the plate. Manny R. is hopeless as a Red Sox. He is useless to this team and he knows it. He needs to apologize for his acerbic, abstruse, ignoble behavior and expiate himself and soon. His seemingly immutable obstreperous behavior needs to go away. There I said all these fancy words. Amazing what a loss from the Red Sox does to me.


They have only played 7 games since the All Star Break. How are they tired? Bench your team captain for a week, what? That makes no sense at all. Play a week down a man, what? Please explain, I need to here this one.

That wasnt a bikini that Roseann was wearing!!; It was Jasons Gold Thong… Terribly ironic thing though, It fit her better than Giambi!!!

Fox is doing the game tomorrow. Tim McCarver will have a major protrusion in his pants when the Yankees destroy the Sox tomorrow. I hate Tim. He’s sickening in his bias. I am bias of course but I’m not a national announcer. Grrr…

If Tim starts touting the Yankees, I’m going to send Rosanne and Liza Minnelli up there. He’ll beg for mercy.

NESN showed the pitch zone.. the one pitch to JD was WAY outside!!!

Mc Carver is another ssa ckaj!! I absolutely HATE HIM..

The home plate umpire was bad for both sides. He didn’t decide the game.


I think the umpire had one thing in mind “I’m tired, it’s 10:22 pm and the Sox could have a 2 ball and eighteen strike count and they still wouldn’t hit Yankee pitching. It’s not fair…but that’s the way it works sometimes.

What’s sad is even when Lugo is gone the Sox can’t generate wins.

I’m going to send McCarver down to Broward County to visit Ellen. I guess McCarver will not be playing r.f. with Ellen and Casey naked, lol.


Remember I am a lefty, you can’t have me catch. Put me in c.f. and leadoff. I’ll be Brett Butler for you. The table setter for the big bopping bat of dbenjamin, lol.


If I do catch, can Halle Berry be the home plate umpire? I am begging, she can call every pitch a ball, lol.


Halle Berry actually asked for the position on the condition that YOU play the catcher so I have no choice there. She says she will promptly reward you for your efforts after the game — I guess she’ll buy you ice cream or something…but she said ‘hot and wild’ whatever that means.

Yes, my love for this team is a biased LOVE. But we should NEVER bench Tek. Do you all remember what happened to our pitching staff in 06 when he was out??… THEY GOT THEIR BUTTS HANDED TO THEM!! I’ll take his lack of production at the plate any day than do without his presence and direction in regard to the pitching staff!!

Oh and look at both leagues. With a few exceptions, and I do mean a VERY FEW> there are no catchers that have great production at the plate.

Sad, so very very sad and the nays were winning last time I looked!! THIS BITES!!


If we do bench Tek there is only one person we can trust and that’s bosoxbrian. Despite the fact that he is left handed he will revolutionize the game. He has incredible vision and reflexes with a photographic memory as well as Halle Berry chasing after him (but bosoxbrian will find out about that soon enough)


“Hot and Wild” WOW. I am liking that comment. lol. She is hot for me and I am wild for Looking forward to catching now. My only problem is Roseanne might try to eat her. She could see her as a snack, lol. Does Roseanne have to shower in our clubhouse? If she does I might not play, she makes me sick!!!! lol.

Oh, and Arnie, you were talking about the blog 08 vs 07; I think 08 has a much better comaraderie than 07.
Now if only the Sox knew this.. Maybe they’d get off their butts and start to hit and the LOB percentage wouldnt be so high.
PS… NO FAGAN< NO FAGAN< NO FAGAN!!!! I also think he wrote in as Kaylee….


Halle Berry will not be chasing me, no way. If she is chasing me, something is seriously wrong here. I would never ever run from her, not that I would ever get that chance to run from her. I’ll be chasing her, just like the Yankees will be chasing the Red Sox!!!


Rosanne hasn’t showered in 1,245 days so no worries. She’s just not into it because it takes time away from her singing passion that has driven the Yankees organization into catatonic states of suicidal tendencies. She hopes to bring that talent to the rest of the world in time.

Halle Berry did say she also expresses interest in gsm52 and likes your organization HB-gsmbsb and says she wants to be a contributing member of it.


You forget that she sometimes wears a Liz Taylor disguise just to mess you up. next time you see Liz Taylor running down the street ready to attack you — look for the zipper!

Good comments on Ellsbury and Tek Brian. First, what are the alternatives? Second, Ellsbury is a rookie and while he’s struggling, it’s difficult to hold him at fault for the pitches he was called out on tonight. He’s going to be a dynamic presence in the Sox lineup. Cash is the alternative for Tek. I’ve been tough on Tek this year but I want someone out there who cares about winning and who can provide some leadership and inspiration to this team. There’s no doubt he is suffering but he’s still out there busting his hump which is more than you can say for at least one person on this team. I’ll bet he plays in more pain every night than Manny has on his worst days. There were a lot of 0 ‘fers tonight.

The one run that scores happens on that ridiculous shift they put on for Giambi. He’s hitting against one of the best power pitchers in the game and they play that ridiculous defense. It was a matter of time before it cost them. That being said, it was an accident. I can assure you Giambi wasn’t trying to hit the ball there. None of those guys who hit against that shift have enough desire to be a team player to do what’s right in most situations and that is take the ball the other way. Every single time we have seen Papi do that, he winds up on base. I just don’t understand.


If Halle Berry shows any interest in gsm. I will have to hunt gsm down before she gets to him, lol. I don’t think my pitcher is deserving of her, no way!!! lol. She isn’t the only one that is showing interest in GSMBSB, Inc. A long list of hot women from all over the world. The list includes Joan Rivers, Star Jones, Rosie O’Donnell, Roseanne, Ellen Degeneres, Queen Elizabeth, any girl from the Rutgers basketball team, all girls in the W.N.B.A. and so many other gorgeous women!!!


You have just run down Rosanne’s date list. I’m impressed.


Big thing right now is shifting the lineup a bit. Ellsbury needs to go away from the opening spot just to take the pressure off of him but it could also panic him. I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions. Tek is amazing and you hire a catcher to manage the staff not to hit, albeit Tek was the best clutch hitter the Sox had last year. If you had men on base, Tek became dynamite.

and dont forget all the female golfers!!

regarding Ellsbury: remy and orsillo were saying that before Manny said he couldnt play today, Oby-wan Jacoby was scheduled to be in the 9 slot. Changed up at the last minute..
Also, so many base hit/doubles have been saved by him this year. So many that even with CoCo’s magnificent defense we wouldnt be were we are.

There is no question that both Tek and Ellsbury are excellent defensive players. But for quite a while now, even before the All Star break, they have contributed very little consistently from an offensive standpoint. They have struck out more often than not ,when even putting a ball in play may have made a difference. Professional ballplayers are supposed to make both offensive and defensive contributions. While it was hoped that the All Star break might have turned them around, it really hasn’t. During this time, prior to Papi coming back, the participation of Casey (except for catching Wakefield) and Moss were hardly felt. When people were down on Coco, myself included, we felt that Moss should have been given more playing time. Now that Moss is down to AAA, unless Delcarmen is injured and put on the DL, and he is brought back, he’ll have to wait until something happens. Hopefully, “tweaking” the team, as suggested, might help, but if it doesn’t something more aggressive must be done if the Sox are to stay in contention. The bottom line is that we have to do what it takes to win ballgames.

Loooooocy, I’m home from the club! You got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Sox lose one to nothing to the Yanks and there is only a little bit of simmering outrage on the blog. I expected more. I’m surprised no one is calling for Tito’s job yet. Are you all tired? Complacent? What’s up? Ellen had a pretty good rant and Pangelotti did call for Tek to sit and Ellsbury to go to AAA, but other than that you have been quite calm. Poor Dave, so caught up with his lust for Rosanne, he couldn’t even rant straight tonight. Might have cost us a game there, bro. Get your head on right for tomorrow’s game, we might need ya.

I think Wake has a good game in him tomorrow and the Sox prevail 6 to 3.

Dave, it’s clearly stated in my contract that if Ellen gets to be naked with Casey, Papi and Kirk, then I get Raquel Welch, Claudia Cardinale(Barbara Hershey’s busy) and Salma Hayek. Thanks, Ellen.

Fagan had more than one nom de plume, I’m afraid. Freakin’ psycho!

Trivia: tobacco and belladonna are in the same botanical family as which vegetables? First prize is a night out with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, or Miley Cyrus, at the discretion of GSMBSB Corporation which holds the rights to all 4 of those celebrities.

Potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants.

All three are correct and there’s one more.

chilli peppers

We have a winner!!! Talk to Bosoxbrian and/or Gsm to find out who your lucky date is. Hey, Pangelotti, what are you doing up so late? You in California?

I’m off to bed, myself. Good night all.

No,AZ. But it’s not that long a drive for my date if she (or they) are in CA. It will give me something to dream (???) about. Goodnight. Let’s hope we have a better day today.


I’m not able to bat in the line-up after you…I have a runny nose too (lol).

I just read where the Yanks lifted both Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady from the Pirates for 4 minor league prospects, including Ross Ohlendorf, who, if my memory is correct, started the year in the Yankee pen but was sent down when he didn’t perform adequately. Did the Sox show interest in these players, and if so, what were they being asked for? I guess I need it translated into Red Sox prospect-ese so that I can judge how badly the Yanks ripped off the Pirates. The Yanks got 2 guys who are solid performers for 4 guys I’ve basically never heard of.

Are these just rentals — are both of these guys free agents at the end of the season? Also, Nady is indicated as a right fielder. I suspect that he’ll be played in left, but his numbers approximate Abreu. Is it likely one of these guys (Nady or Abreu) will be gone after the season is over, especially if the Yanks are obligated to Damon and Matsui for next year? I also found the reports that the Yanks are looking at Bronson Arroyo to bolster their starting pitching more than a bit amusing. I still have visions of A-Rod slapping the ball away from Bronson during the 2004 ALCS.

With the Yanks making these sorts of acquisitions, can the Sox afford to stand pat? Or must they now go out and try to pick up some pieces? I know most of the commentators suggest that Matt Holliday is not going anywhere until after the season is over, given that the Rocks are within 6 games of their division lead, and probably in at least as good a position as they were this time last year when they made it to the World Series. However, last year they had a starting rotation that was a significant part of the reason for their late season streak. This year, they have Aaron Cook and Ubaldo Jiminez, and not much else. Even if they somehow did win their division, they’re not going anywhere. They’d get swept by the Cubs, Mets, Brewers or Phillies.

I’d consider offering Buchholz, Michael Bowden and Brandon Moss, or someone of his caliber from the Sox farm system. I know that’s alot, but Holliday is only 28, and surely looks like the long term “real deal” for left field for the Sox, especially with all the talk about walking away from Manny. The Sox have typically gotten major production from their left fielder (Teddy Ballgame, Yaz, Jim Rice, Mike Greenwell…), and I don’t think that either Ellsbury or Brandon Moss are ready to fill that role. As a clean-cut kid, he sure would be a change from Manny!


I thought it was a very good trade for the Yankees. They didn’t have to give up any major league talent and they didn’t have to give up any top prospects. Your right about Ohlendorf ( what a name ) being in the N.Y. pen during the year. He came to N.Y. in the Randy Johnson deal. Marte should help them coming out of the pen against some tough lefties late in the game. Some have questioned Marte’s make-up pitching in a tough city and under some pressure. Nady is having a career year and played with the Mets in the past. So playing in N.Y. he should do just fine. Nady will help them when a lefty is on the mound. Nady should be in the lineup against Lester tomm. night.Obviously Boston had no interest in Nady, they don’t need him. Boston had interest in Marte. I have heard Marte’s name linked to Boston for the past couple of seasons. Marte has an option at the end of the year for 6 million. N.Y. can either pick it up, re-negotiate or let him go and get 2 draft picks for him. Nady isn’t a free agent until after the 2009 season. Overall a good move by N.Y. it can only help them. Arroyo’s name has been linked to N.Y. and I doubt he is too happy about that. Arroyo did come out and say he doesn’t want to be traded from the Reds. I think that was his way saying I don’t want to go to N.Y. Arroyo absolutely loves Boston and goes there every year during the winter to play his music. One thing if Arroyo does get dealt to N.Y. he would be with his pal Damon again. Washburn’s name has been linked to the Yankees as well. I like the idea of Washburn going to N.Y. His best years are well behind him and he makes too much $$$$$. If I was the Yankees I would run far away from Washburn.

Hey BosoxBrian:

If the Yanks pick up Washburn, then they would have 2 bp pitchers with Ponson. (lol) I only hope that Wake can hold it together again today, so that perhaps our Sox can eek out a win and get themselves in position to take the series with a win behind Jon L tomorrow night. Then 3 with LAA. Getting 20 games over .500 by the end of July looks less and less likely. Let’s see if they can break out against Pettite today. Come on Sox!!!


I assume Ian Kennedy will be called up soon. I have read where he is throwing better at A.A.A. Then again wasn’t Buchholz?

Wakefield pitched very well against the Yankees on July 6th. Wakefield has found a groove. He has pitched really well as of late. Typically the Yankees have hit him hard but there lineup isn’t as potent. No Posada and Matsui. Posada usually hit Wakefield pretty good if memory serves correct but Matsui struggled I believe.

The Boston bats better be alive today. I expect them to bounce back today. They roughed up Pettite pretty good last time they faced him.

What is the story with Ramirez? Will he be in the lineup today? He had an M.R.I. last night and it showed he is healthy. It sounds like the Red Sox have had enough of his immature ways. At the end of the year, they will say thanks for the memories and good luck in 2009 and beyond!!! Time to get some players that want to play day in and day out. They need to clone guys like Lowell, Youkilis and Pedroia. Those guys are gamers!!!

head ’em up!!! move ’em out!!! New thread.. looks to be a GREAT ONE!

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