Manny's back — Is he back big?

One of the most anticipated lineups in recent Red Sox memory was posted a little while ago, and Manny Ramirez was in it — this time for good.

Playing left field and batting fourth, the latest Ramirez controversy appears to be over. Although you never know.

The Red Sox still have very little to report on what the “injury” was, which still makes you wonder if there was anything wrong with Ramirez other than the normal aches and pains every starting Major Leaguer goes through over the course of the season.

What will the reaction be when he digs in today? Cheers, boos, a mixture?

And how many of you get the headline of this blog?


I think Ramirez should get booed. My prediction says it will be a mixture. I also predict a first inning H.R. for Ramirez. The guy can flat out hit!!

Fans should give him what they feel he deserves. I for one would boo him as loud as I could. Let him earn back the respect of the fans by action not by antics. His first move at reconciliation would be to get rid of those dreadful dreadlocks. They have hampered his performance on the basepaths to the detriment of the team. Then we’ll take it from there.

Let’s not focus on Manny for a second… is somebody going to wake up Theo? The Yankees just bent over the Pirates big time, getting 2 good major leaguers for absolutely nobody… some guy that was in A-ball for 5 years, another guy that is 3-9. And Olhlendoof? What is his ERA 6, 7? What a joke. Seems like colusion when the Yanks pull one of these off every year and we get Gagne’d. Wake up Theo! Wake Up! We’re hanging on to a playoff spot by a thread. There has to be a way to pillage teams like the Pirates for somebody that can help.

And absolute retaliation is in order for Joba-Youks. We’re supposed to believe a guy who’s throwing a shutout accidentally throws at Youks head, for what… the third or fourth time? Why not peg A-Rod again… maybe he’ll stick his face in Tek’s fist again?

Since I don’t know the situation with Manny, I don’t think I’d boo him. If I knew him to be faking, that would be different but I don’t know that for sure. I agree with you pangelotti on Manny’s dreds. They look bad and I don’t know how he can stand to play with them. It would bother the crap out of me. Manny’s antics are often tolerated, or even overlooked because he has been such a productive hitter over the years. He gets away with a lot of stuff that would cause a lesser player to be gone. The harmless, stupid and fun stuff I don’t mind. If he wants to go into the scoreboard between innings for a Gatorade or to make a phone call, so what. If he gets caught J-Walking, so what. But when he is taking himself out of the lineup or doing things that affect the performance or welfare of the team, then he has crossed the line. Enough is enough. Manny needs to concentrate on playing winning baseball. After all, he is getting paid $20 million to do that this year.

What I do know is that today’s game is huge for Boston. I won’t say it’s a must win, but life would be a lot easier if they do. The Sox need another stellar performance from Tim Wakefield. He has been very good and doesn’t have a lot to show for his efforts. The Sox have wasted a lot of good efforts by starting pitchers this year. I’ll bet between Wake and Beckett, there have been at least ten quality (and I mean good quality) starts where they have not won due to inadequate run support. There are always going to be some of those, but those numbers seem very high this year. It’s difficult to believe the Sox lead the league in hitting and are second or third in runs scored. I must have missed something along the way.

If we are going to peg Arod let’s not have Wakefield do it. A 50 mph fastball doesn’t send the right message. Let Manny throw one of those 100 mph fastballs. Manny, being as wild as he is, would probably get away with it. If the Sox are way ahead or way behind let the pitch be on a 3-0 count. No one can claim that he would deiberately throw a ball 4.

rayman – it would be difficult for me to believe that Chamberlain was throwing at Youk, who was the leadoff hitter that inning, with a 2-0 count, and only a one run lead. From a baseball perspective, that just doesn’t make any sense and while the Red Sox – Yankee rivalry is a hot one, and the Chamberlain – Youk feud is also hot, I think the priority for both teams is winning games. I think Youk was pretty upset, but I also think he understood the situation or more might have happened than did.

I’m as disgusted with Manny’s antics this year as anyone. I mean, why couldn’t he just buy 16 tickets for his friends? Did he have to knock down the team secretary(or whatever his title is)? What does he gain? And these phantom injuries!!! Gimme a break. How many out there work with pain?? Go to work when you are sick, sometimes? Show of hands. I’ve seen chefs, cooks, dishers get some gruesome cuts and they get themselves stitched up and they’re back on the line that day. And burns! You know how it hurts to have a nice, fat, egg-size blister and be working over a grill or working the oven where you are putting that blister into 450 degrees for 8 hours? And I can assure you these guys do NOT make 20 million a year! But having said all that I will stick by my principles: you don’t boo the hometown players. A nice round of silence would send a loud message.

Trivia: During the COLD winter of 1778 our Revolutionary troops’ morale was low. So the great General Washington(a Sox fan, rumor has it) asked his cook to make a special dish for the soldiers. Trouble was: the pantry was pretty much empty. But if you get an order to cook a special dish, you cook a special dish. So, Philadelphia Pepper Pot was invented! What’s the main ingredient in PPP? Prize: an autographed photo of Julia Child. Hey, Dave could digitally put YOU in the picture with Julia!

Hey Rave Dave, Where am I playing today?? What spot in the line up do I hit in?? Do I need to bring my clothes??

EWWWW, Arnie, It’s tripe, YUK!!!

Ian, : Meaning, is he back to being the Manny of a couple of (maybe 3 or 4) years ago (when he was really a pain) or you could mean is he going to give it everything he’s got??

Tripe it is, Ellen! Give Dave a call and he will edit Julia’s picture to include you. Not a big tripe fan? I have to agree there, we have it on our menu: menudo. I cook it but I don’t eat it.

As for the headline, it was a play on Don Orsillo’s call when Manny was almost traded in july of 2005, he took the weekend off to “clear his head” and then he got the game-winning pinch hit an hour after the trade deadline passed. Orsillo shouted with glee, “Manny’s back — and he’s back BIG!”

oh, ok… that was before i had nesn.

Ian, what do you think of the topics the past few days??? check out all the alternative lineups…

We Red Sox fans are a forgiving bunch. One hit from Manny and everyone in Fenway will love him again. How in the hell do you go from an MRI one day and back in the line-up the next? Only Manny does some crap like that. Spend $20 million on some one who cares about the other 24 guys instead of disrupting the entire team. No wonder Youkalis wanted to pop him last month. He’s the only one with enough nuts to call Manny out. Manny’s time is up after this year.


So, I’m listening to Joe Castiglione on radio.


That same day that Orsillo shouted with glee was the same day Papelbon made his Red Sox debut as a starter. Papelbon then was called Jon. Against the Twins was that game on a Sunday afternoon.


Sorry to here about J’ville airing the Phillies–Braves game. The people that make those descions must be pretty freaking DUMB!!! If you live in the Atl. or Philly area, you should get that game. Anything outside of that area it should be N.Y. vs Boston. I have never understood how that all works. Never have and never will.


Joe Castiglione has been doing the Red Sox games for years and years. He might have the worst voice of anyone on radio. The late great Ken Coleman was my favorite!!!

I believe Jacksonville is considered the Atlanta market.

Stay away from those bases on balls!!!They’ll come back to haunt you.


Tampa is considered a N.Y. market, go figure.

Yeah, we’re in the Atlanta market when the Braves play, we’re in the Tampa market when the Sox play the Rays so I have to put up with Joe Migrane. I’m thinking about moving. LOL!

Ken Coleman was excellent for sure Brian. He was from my home town of Quincy. I used to really enjoy Curt Gowdy. I used to listen to Castiglione when I was stationed up at the Naval Air Station in South Weymouth. You know where that was Brian? We have actually had pretty good radio people for the most part.

Sounds like Wakefield got about 1200 feet worth of outs last inning.

I still say that Drew ought to go to the opposite field and stop trying to pull the ball. Particularly against Petite.

What gives Manny the right ot not run when the balls in play? He still gets away with murder. Blame Tito.

At least Drew hit the ball this time.


The late great Bob Starr was another one that did the Red Sox on radio. Coleman and Starr had radio voices, they were superb. Dave O’Brien does a solid job on radio. I believe he is from the Quincy area originally.

Yankees have had some good swings against Wakefield. Alot of long flies off the bat of the Yankees today. Cano smoked that one to dead center. Cano seems to love hitting at Fenway. I don’t know what the numbers say.

Let’s hope that this isn’t going to be a typical Wakefield game. The Sox get the lead. Then Wake gives it back to them and the Sox pick up their bats and die.

Every walk or single turns out to be a double against Wakefield.


According to the t.v. listing at the Yankees—Sox game was supposed to be on in your area. Makes no sense at all.

Where is the ranting???

Great throw by Cash to nail Cano. Let’s hope some of that momentum will carry into the bottom of the inning. Pettite has settled in rather nicely. Time to get these bats rolling!!!

Manny is back.
Finally, Tito pulls Wakefield. When he loses control he shouldn’t stay in the game. Let’s hope it’s not too late, though the way the Sox are playing and their attitude, it doesn’t seem to make any difference



Your the lucky one here, your not watching this game. lol.

Well its up 2 Lester tomorrow to avoid a sweep.

Time to pack it in. I have some better things to do today than watch this debacle. Look forward to hearing some comments later today. Let’s hope the Sox have a change in attitude tomorrow.

As usual wel just lose the season series to the Yankees as always. No biggy.

This one got ugly real quick!!! Yankees look like a different team this weekend.

A great play by Youkilis to end the 6th. I would like too see Boston at least make a comeback and make a game of it.

That H.R. by Drew was absolutely crushed!!!

This is absolutely HORRIBLE!! Its just like tthey are sleeping at the plate. Has anyone bothered to tell them that they wil be able to get plenty of sleep while the Yankees and Rays are playing in the post season???? I think that the way they are playing now they ought to save us and the Vegas bookies alot of heartache and $’s and just give up the fight. It looks like we want them to win more than they want it.

This one isn’t over yet.

This heartless team.

I agree with Ian, this one isn’t over yet. Didn’t Ortiz take Marte deep back in 2003 in Chicago to win a game? Early September if memory serves correct.

This is the time to strike

A 3-2 slider to Molina, are you kidding me? Hansen doesn’t take the hill with confidence. Molina isn’t much of a hitter, give him some heat!!!

Molina ended up on the grass, clearly out of the baseline. Molina should have been ruled out.

Hansen wanted to hit A-Rod, no doubt!!! Youk is happy. He is saying it’s about time someone stood up for me.

Hansen has nothing

Enphasis on the word NOTHING. The Red Sox need to trade for bullpen help right away

I think it’s time for Hansen to be traded or sent down to A.A.A. He looks totally lost out there. His body language speaks volumes out there on the mound. His confidence level is at ZERO!!! Perhaps the stage in Boston is too much for him. Pitching in front of friends and family in Pittsburgh would do wonders for him.


I agree with you, bullpen help is needed right away. Fuentes? Street? Also this team needs to start hitting!!! Too many good hitters for them to struggle.

Lester will have to pitch a gem tomm. night to avoid the sweep. Never thought I would write that, to avoid the sweep, ugh!!! Not good!!! Yankees have treated the Red Sox like a red headed step-child, lol.

This skinny little Ramirez is pretty good. I wish he was in Boston’s bullpen. He has quite the change-up.

Word has it the Yankees are going to get Washburn. Some good news for Red Sox fans. Why Washburn? Thank you Brian Cashman if that rumor is true. If I was a Yankee fan I wouldn’t be too happy. Not impressed with Washburn at all. His best years are behind him.

Hey guys — comcast was down…again,

I’m glad Comcast was down. This game is yet another example that I was saying about hitting — they can’t freakin hit. In fairness Wakefield and crew had a very bad day but once again the bats are silent. Yankees must be saying “man this is easy” The Sox have no team to speak of, just a set of individual players who share a motel. They are not congealed as a team — they express it as is today. Expect a sweep by the Yankees as I expected. Sox can’t win ballgames anymore. They don’t know how. They scrape a win out of Seattle and we expect them to just take down New York. Yankees earned all three wins this weekend. The Sox are pathetic and deserve to lose every series they face and sail down to last place. They have NO chance of winning this year. No chance at all and we will see them in the cellar of the east real soon — watch for it.

Finally, “Flags of Our Fathers” I cried in so many instances not because of melodrama but because of the issues brought up. I also saw “Letters of Iwo Jima” Eastwood has two masterpieces in these films. Check them out.

After this game Theo should think long and hard about aquiring a reliever, and I agree with McCarver (Even though I resent him) about that I would be shocked if the Red Sox don’t get a reliever soon after what the Yankees got from the Pirates and they really need a reliever after the dissapointing loss today with Hansen and even Masterson doing today. I have just about had it with the bullpen and Hansen

I thought I was watching Little Big Horn at Fenway where General Tito Francona was wiped out by Chief Sitting Bull Giradi

okay, someone give me the bad news… I shut that debacle off.

In retrospect, if Manny was truly hurt that is one thing. But, if he was feinging injury, then he doesn’t belong on this team. In fact, if that be the case, he doesn’t belong in baseball. If he was faking at this time, when he really seemed to breaking out, and particularly against the Yankees then he not only let his fans down but more importantly his teamates. Whether he would have contributed when they lost 1 to 0 one can’t assume but he certainly would have had a good shot. I don’t know what the rules are or what his contract specifies, but if he did indeed cop out then, if I were John Henry, and I had that kind of money, i would bite off my nose to spite my face and send him down to Pawtucket for the next three years. I’d pay his salary and let him feast on minor league pitching. Perhaps when he came back no one would want him. In any case it would certainly put a dent in any Major League record he thought of achieving. I realize that injury could be defined as both physical or mental. If the latter perhaps he shold be seen by a psychiatrist. If I sound angry, I guess I am.

Pangelotti. How the hel l are ya? My night-owl buddy. I don’t know if Henry could do that even if he were crazy enough to pay Manny 60 million dollars to rot in AAA. He has three option years? I guess it doesn’t matter;3 or 2, whatever. You’re right, if Manny’s just s/crewing off then he shouldn’t be on the team anymore, because it’s not like this is the first time he’s been trouble for the Sox.

Somehow the Sox have got themselves in a bad habit the last few years of letting the Yankees come in their kitchen and clean their clock. What are they thinkin’? Every year?!?! Lose an important series to the Yanks EVERY YEAR? You kidding me? But here they are again hoping to salvage a win in Fenway in late July.

I am going to ratchet my expectations down from thinking the Sox were sure to go deep into the playoffs to believing they won’t make the playoffs. I don’t see how they can hope to. They don’t have the same game-winning edge that they had last year. I’ve learned a couple of true facts in my 53 years…..hey, I just realized something!! I’m older than Gsm52 now! Haha, take that, Gsm! You’re still 52 and I’m 53! Uh……..sheeeesh! I get sidetracked so easy these days. Where was I??…….Oh, yea, 2 things I’ve learned: 1. If you have no expectations you will be far happier than if you have them. Expectations are rarely met and even when they are, you don’t have the same level of joy, because you were ready and waiting. (Look at it this way, you’re out in a club and you ask a drop-dead gorgeous woman to come back to your place. You know she won’t, but it’s worth a try, right? If she says yes, WOW!!) You still have to try hard in life though. Just don’t expect everything will come your way. 2. Comparing yourself to others will cause you endless misery. A lot of anger, jealousy, hatred could be avoided if we stopped comparing.

Trivia: This year marks the 60th anniversary of a car that had as one of its features a third, directional headlight. What car was that? Very few were made. Prize: Bsbgsm Corporation will send you a gift certificate to the Don Cesar. Swanky!

20 million dollars for playing rounders!!!!

Is that the Tucker??

Yup. The Tucker 1948 Sedan. Nicknamed The Torpedo. Beautiful car. Bosoxbrian will scamper on down to the Don and pick up your GC.(Maybe). Good job, Pangelotti!

Joe Buck said yesterday that he asked Theo if he was shopping Manny. Theo replied that Manny has a no-trade clause in his contract. But he added that if Manny were to waive that clause that they would be open to trading him.

Not surprising. When Manny’s not happy he makes it pretty obvious. Not the stoic type.

Hey Arnie, whats cooking for breakfast at the Schmo household??

Hey guys,

I should have checked the blog at 9:00 am instead of 10:00 am but that’s OK. I knew it was the Tucker.

However, since we are indeed doing trivia questions here is one I guarantee you will not know the answer too. Who invented the mathematics of integral Calculus. Careful about your answer — it’s not whom you think — but take a guess. I’ll give you a hint though. The inventor of Calculus found his document made into a prayer book and lost into history — until very recently when the document was restored. Any guesses?

Want to mention again that yesterday’s game does not scream a new bullpen. It screams hitting. The game was already lost when Wakefield fell apart…the Sox who always get no more than three runs per game were already done as a team that day.

Theo wanting to trade Manny according to Ellen. That’s a great sign that the tensions in the organization are falling apart. I remember when Francona said that in 2005, it was the hardest number of games to play. 2008 is a repeat of 2005 for sure.

Forgot to mention that the winner gets to date Monique Curnen or Halle Berry — your choice for an entire weekend of fun, festivities and excitement. If you guess wrong three different times, you get a weekend with Woody Allen — so chose carefully.

Also wanted to mention that Rosanne would be joining you for a nightcap as well…so guess wrong no more than two times! (LOL)

Here’s another one and it gives you a week with either Monique Curnen or Halle Berry. Name two things that are happening to the earth’s magnetic poll as we speak and what is the prediction of what will happen to the poll.

Guess I don’t ask easy ones do I? You can guess as much as you want on this one without danger or Rosanne paying you a visit.

Ellen, I’m at work. Our whole menu is cooking! I’ll be here till about 11:30pm your time. Want to own a restaurant, anyone?

Three guesses. Archimedes; Exodus; Liu Hui. I won’t make any more guesses as I don’t know what my penalty… I should say reward … might be.

No thanks Arnie, but call when you need a fabulous bartender/server (glorified waitress), cause I’m your girl!
The statement I made a bout Theo/Manny was reported by Joe Buck during the game yesterday. It shocked me that he would say that to a member of the Media, and w/out beating around the bush according to Buck.
Dave, where’s our lineup for the day??

Since the Magnetic pole shifts about 20km/year, I guess it will be in Fenway Park before the end of the Century. By that time our runs/game may reach 4 with a 30% increase in LOB. Wakefield will still be pitching and our bullpen will have a new Dynamic Duo.

With the magnetic pole in Fenway my Tornado ball will spin in the opposite direction.

In addition to the first thing that will happen re; my Tornado Ball, the second thing is that Wakefield’s knuckle ball will be so effective that he will pitch three no-hitters. Sorry, that there will be no third thing in that the new Dynamic Duo will be just like the one we have today.


You are correct. First Archimedes did invent Calculus, but unfortunately when Rome invaded Greece he was not only killed but his document ended up being rewritten as a prayer book. Fortunately thanks to an anonymous billionaire (My guess is Bill Gates) it was purchased and setup for restoration. That’s the great news. The bad news is the document itself is in horrible shape but so far they did extract that info. Specifically that Archimedes estabished infinity and that the summation of geometric shapes will lead to the exact area with a nonlinear expression (e.g. 2x squared). Unfortunately Newton had to invent it again in the 1600’s. Great waste of time for Mathematics.

Correct on two. The magnetic pole is not only moving but weakening. At its present rate eventually the pole will shift from north to south and then back to north again when it stabilizes. In a few hundred years our children’s children will see the northern lights — everyone on the planet when a solar flare strikes us.

For such amazing knowledge you get two weeks with Halle Berry and whomever else you want (limit 4) for your brilliance. Lineup coming next:

LF – Joan Rivers — she’ll be given a microphone as well as a flame thrower. No fly balls will survive in left field today!

2b – Ellen — time to move her to the infield. I had no idea she was a firedancer and with that skill set she will easily take down the Yanks.

DH – BosoxBrian — unfortunately, Brian shattered his nose and jaw when having too much fun with Halle Berry last night. However he says through the use of sign language “victory…or death”

3b – Arnie — Arnie will have a sword today to use to cut the ball in half when it’s hit towards him. I had no idea that Arnie had such skill at the sword but he said he greatly improved after accidentally cutting off his left leg in practice.

1b – gsm52 — since he’s not pitching today he’ll take first base instead. GSM52 will carry guitar and sing songs to the Yankee players as they cross the base paths. His specialty is James Taylor music in the key of E flat.

C – 007chow. He volunteered for the job since it will give him time to take care of his two pitbulls that will hang around home plate. He wants to remind all Yankee players about the strong jaws of the dog and how he hasn’t fed them for two weeks.

SS – chman712 — We know little about his skill set but his seven foot size glove does have me worried about his ability to handle ss. Lugo tried to take it from him arguing it was the only way to save his job.

RF – redsoxfan015 — redsoxfan015 will be reading from “A Tale Of Two Cities” today as well as selected works of Shakespeare to keep the crowd inspired. “It was the best of times it was the worst of times.”

p – Pangelotti — his Tornato ball (thanks to some mild scientific rigging) can go about 400 mph so expect some Yankees to crawl to the plate. Pangelotti also said it was time for some revenge against the Yankees — better hope those helmets are working today (LOL)

Umpires — Rosanne, Liza Minelli, Woody Harrelson and John Kerry. John Kerry said he’d call the balls and strikes but everyone feared they’d fall asleep in the process.

RAVE-DAVE::Wow!!! I am absolutely completely totally impressed!! This proves that the common RedSox Fan (redsoxious obsessious fanious) is intellectually, FAR superior to its nemesis, the common Yankee fan (twenty-sixious champinious). The common Yankee fan is easily identified. Upon spotting one, it will jump up and squak, “wehave26championships” and repeats itself often, to anyone who will listen and even those who dont want to!

Looking forward to you setting up my two weeks with Halle. I’m sure my wife wouldn’t mind, though I know she would like to increase my life insurance. Not that she would do anything but that the two weeks with Halle, at my age would be a challenge. However, I am willing to take the risk. After the first week I’ll let you know if I wear out Halle and need a replacement or another participant (female-of course). Just in case, have Adriana Lima on call. If I die, I die. At least I’ll go out with a smile ala John Garfield.

Did you guys read the latest article on Manny. “Whew’ he is burning relations with the team. Reading between the lines everyone is ready to strangle him. Manny even got booed from the crowd. In a way I feel bad for him and in a way I feel bad for the team. He is in-a-sense shooting himself in the knee (pun intended)


I just talked to Halle Berry and she said she’ll ‘bring the accessories’ whatever that means. However, somehow Bosoxbrian got some serious injuries with Halle but he didn’t complain. I think you’ll have great fun (LOL)

Thanks for the complement. Apparently the lobotomy did not affect my intelligence (LOL)

Manny may be suffering from depression. I think he can’t take the pressure anymore. What do you guys think?

Thanks for having me as your starting pitcher. I don’t think the Yankees would need strong helmets. With that speed and the accuracy of my Tornado ball some of the batters will be soon be talking with the voice of a soprano (and I don’t mean Tony).

A lobotomy, huh?? Maybe they could do one on me and add some A.I. articial intelligence!!

Maybe Manny ought to talk to Dr. Phil.

Is anyone on this blog on the Fantasy league that Zach set up??

I’m shocked!

RGK, what did I do to shock you?? is it my outfield “play”??

Okay: game time is a little less that 3 hours away. Time for a little “inspirational words of wisdom” from the Head Cheerleader or do they call them “Spirit Enhancers” now?? oh, who cares. In my esteemed estimation the following people should do the following things:
Dustin Pedroia> keep doing just what you’ve been doing, only go stand next to Manny, touch him, and let some of your determination and dedication rub off on him.
Youk: Slow down a little at the plate, maybe some yoga before each at bat would help. You need no help at first. Oh and Go over and backhand Manny for not running out balls and rolling around in the outfield the way he backhanded you for your temper tantrum..
Papi: Just invision each ball has a picture of Joba on one side and “Farnsey” on the other.. (Youk can do this too)
Manny: Quit being Manny being Manny and play freaking baseball. do your job, in case you havent noticed your not yourself this year and last time I looked, next year is your option right?? 20 million?? If your not hitting The Sox wont pick it up and big red flags will be going up in every managers head across the country.
Terry Francona and Theo: refill your xanax and valium prescriptions as you are both going to need them, ALOT
That’s all for now, I’ll think about the rest in a little while..
Rays Lose!!! Time for the Sox to remove their collective heads from their collective, well you know where, and WIN TONIGHT

NO. It seems that “antagonist” at work is getting under your skin again. At least he’s too dumb to come up with new material! Got to be some way I can help you combat the very old and very tired number 26!


Manny did talk about going on the show but he had a massive toothache on the right side of his leg and said it disabled him too much to be on the show. (LOL)


Manny did talk about going on the show but he had a massive toothache on the right side of his leg and said it disabled him too much to be on the show. (LOL)

no that antagonist at work IS LONG GONE!! I’m just trying something different than the usual old “rose colored glasses/pollyanna” outlook.. THT”S JUST NOT WORKING THIS SEASON>>
But don’t despair, this is the same OLD(ER) Ellen!! The Cheerleader is still here!!


Manny did talk about going on the show but he had a massive toothache on the right side of his leg and said it disabled him too much to be on the show. (LOL)


Manny did talk about going on the show but he had a massive toothache on the right side of his leg and said it disabled him too much to be on the show. (LOL)

Sorry that repeated four times. Stupid Firefox browser.

Thanks for having me in the starting line up Dave…I did play Right Field, 1st Base, and DH when I was a baseball player and I did do a little second base but very limited…but im sure I can hit better than Lugo….I was a number 3 guy in the line up anyways. Perhaps my glove will be better than Lugo’s as well Dave?

Hey RGK, things at work are really good… my boss and i have a fantasy team together (almost last place)(he’s one of the Phaithphul Phillie Phanatics). So no more Crankees!!! He and I have made a pact that he will ask about prospective employees about their MLB affiliation (i don’t think that’s discrimination or against the law is it??) and NO MORE OF THOSE #26’ers

Yeah Dave, blame it on the browser, not the booze!! lol

Chman, Hell even I get hit better and further than Lugo. Hey, maybe I can bat and he can run the bases for me. Let’s propose that to MLB and the MLBPA and see if I can do it!!

Oh! Thank God that guy is gone! Well, just remember you know at least one uncommon Yankee fan. I have a different view of Red Sox fans since I started reading here!

The Phillies have been my second favorite team for over 40 years! Has he ever been to Citizens Bank Park?

Dave looked at the line up again… are you sure you to give Joan Rivers a FLAMETHROWER????? all the plastic in her body?? LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!

He grew up in the Vet and CB Park!! He’s from south Philly/Jersey. Our home office is in Cherry Hill NJ.

Ellen, ur right. Poor Ole Lugo.

OK. I’m in south Jersey now too and closer to Philly than NYC. We moved to Ocean County from Bergen County 10 years ago. The Mets/Phillies rivalry is great recently too.

I think we’ve finally, completely answered the Coco Crisp mystery… Let’s review… He was good with the Indians… when they stunk and went nowhere… Pressure was finally on with the Redsox and year 1 he stunk. Last year in the playoffs, the pressure was really on, and he was beyond horrendous. The only time in his Redsox career that he didn’t completely stink, was when Ellsbury was playing well early in the year and we didn’t need Coco to actually perform. Now that Ellsbury is stinking it up, the pressures back on Crisp to perform and he again is beyond bad. Did everyone see him in his first at bat yesterday? Couldn’t even lay down a bunt (took 2 strikes).

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