"I'm tired of them, they're tired of me"

Sounds like Manny Ramirez is fully prepared for a divorce with the Red Sox at the end of 2008 that now seems inevitable. The star slugger ended his weekend-long silence by gracing reporters for one minute and 48 seconds today. This, after his wildly entertaining phone interview with ESPN Deportes writer Enrique Rojas, during which Manny stated he would even play “in Iraq if need be. My job is to play baseball.”

Of course, much of the furor started because Manny didn’t want to play baseball for the Red Sox on Wednesday in Seattle or Friday against the Yankees because of right knee soreness. The club didn’t seem to be buying what Manny was selling on the injury, but who knows. Here was what Ramirez had to say to a mixture of Boston and New York press earlier this evening.

Manny, on telling Rojas he’d waive his 10-5 rights and approve a trade: “What I said was, if the Red Sox, if
they think they could find a trade, you know, that’s going to make their team
better and both sides are going to be happy, I’m going to agree. But if they can not find that trade, it’s something
simple. It’s no big deal. At the end of the season, all they’ve got to do is
call my agent and tell him, hey, we’re not going to pick up Manny’s option for
’09, he’s going to become a free agent and that’s it. I’ll go my way, and you
guys go your way. it’s something simple.”

Manny feel like they want to go separate ways? “I don’t
know. That’s my idea. It’s something simple. I don’t want to talk to them about
contract right now, so what. I know they’ve got me, but hey, enough is enough.
I’m tired of them, they’re tired of me. After 2008, just send me a letter or
whatever, you don’t even have to call  my
agent or  whatever,  thank you for everything, you’re going to
become a free agent, we’re not going to pick up your option in  ’09.”

Expect that will happen? “They’re not stupid.”

Will he be traded? “Boston
is not stupid. They’re not going to do it. They can say whatever they want. But
when it comes to make a deal, they’re not going to pull the trigger because
they know what they’ve got here. ”

Happy here? “I’m happy. But enough is enough, you know.”

Enough is enough? What does that mean? “That’s it. You’ve got to ask Theo and John Henry. They know.

“I have to go hit, guys.”

And that was all.


Oh My God!! I think this is starting to stink like Arods post season thing with the Yankees and Scott Bore-mya..
I wonder how Papi feels about this?? He’s got to feel like a tug-of-war rope, you know.. loyalties both ways??
My advice to Manny?? Be very careful.. what you do in this situation will surely be watched VERY carefully ny owners and management throughout all of baseball. I know he can knock the crap out of the ball and score alot of runs, but at what cost to a team, and in this instance I’m not speaking financially.
Also… HEY MANNY, I make less than 40 thou a year and I am at work everyday, do you think you’d like to trade places?? Or better yet why not go fight for THIS country IN IRAQ, this country and the people in it are paying the majority of your FAT damned salary!!!!

I have said this before, World Series or no World Series Ramirez is gone at the end of the year. Boston will not pick up his option. They will spend there money on a player or players that want to play everyday. None of this my knee hurts. The M.R.I. showed nothing. How did he hurt his knee? Nobody knows, a big mystery. Enough is enough. Try to get as much as you can out of him from here until the seasons ends. The Red Sox have bent over backwards for this guy over the years and all he does is play mind games. He has acted very immature over the years and the Red Sox ownership has had enough!!

Lester stopped the 5 game losing streak earlier against the Yankees. Stopped the bleeding with a big start against the Mariners this past Monday. The Red Sox turn to him again and I assume he’ll come up big again. Boston’s bats need to be alive tonight and they should pound Ponson tonight. At least Boston can salvage a game this weekend. Pretty much in my eyes a lost weekend for the Red Sox. Manny Ramirez was a total distraction and I assume there are some guys in that clubhouse that would drive him to the airport!!

So many people, media, mgmt, fans (me included) have been always ready to chalk Manny’s actions up to MBM… I think that’s about to stop now. That thing about Iraq?? that really lit a fire under my behind!!! he needs to shut and and do his job, and as he said “my job is to play baseball. So Manny, SHUT THE HELL UP and PLAY BALL!

I just read BSB’s post and realized that I had not even thought about tonights game… That my friends makes Manny a distraction. I say we get our feelings out now, and then just focus on the game at hand… that’s my thought….

Rain delay, hope they can get this one started. Anybody else here??

Hey guys…I just thought about juxtaposing superheros with the Red Sox starting lineup. here is what I came up with.

LF – Ellsbury (a.k.a. The Flash) Like the Flash, Ellsbury is a team player and lightening fast speed.

2b – Dustin Pedroia (a.k.a. Wolverine). Dustin is scrappy, tough and ready to take the field every day. He is Wolverine.

SS – Julio Lugo (a.k.a. The Condiment King) A lesser known villain on Batman that squirts mustard or ketchup on his victim and thinks it will work.

LF – Manny Ramirez (Robin in tights sitting in the bat cave trying to find the toilet.

CF – Coco Crisp – Gambit. Gambit is eccentric and quirky and makes mistakes but can be a tough player.

RF – J.D. Drew Bruce Banner. Like his counterpart, once in a while he turns into the Hulk but most of the time he sits there and acts pensive.

C – Jason Varitek (Batman) No question Jason, like Batman is a leader and an brilliant hard working man.

DH – David Ortiz – The Thing — sometimes gruffy, always loveable and the strongest hitter on the team.

P – Dice – K Dice K is Daredevil. He’ll wear you out with his moves and wear himself out at the same time but he gets the job done.

P – Lester – Lester is Spiderman. Tough, funny, tenacious and the best thing the club has right now.

P – Papelbon – He’s like Superman — a tough opponent but will smile and laugh afterwards — but he’s been hit with some Kryptonite lately from the Condiment King. Bad Condiment King.

P – Manny Delcarman — Two Face. With the flip of a coin it can get ugly with him on the mound.

P – Oki – The Riddler – with him on the mound you’re wondering what the riddle is and how to solve it. Sometimes he’s great and sometimes he’s awful.

P – Beckett — Ironman. Like Tony Beckett likes to go it alone and often times he’s met with great success and yes he’s tough as (I’ll say it) Iron.

P – Hansen – Hansen reminds me or Robin — tough but unable to throw his batterrang.

Manny’s latest press conference represents a little boy who can’t take a tongue lashing from his superiors. He has to play baseball because he’s not mature enough to work for a living.

I’d have to think this rain delay results in an informal team meeting or at least a dscussion of the distractions where Ortiz says something to pull the team together.

p.s. I know I didn’t include Youk but he’s a tough one to match up. Closest I think might be Green Arrow.

Terry Francona – Professor X…no question about it.

Brian, looks like Dave has released us, or at least benched us along with Ellen, Roseanne and Jody Foster. Let’s “buck up” for the right to sit beside Jody Foster.

About the Manny situation……… Manny has done a lot for the Sox over the years. Certainly, he was a big part of their accomplishments in 2004 and 2007. There is inevitably resentment in these kinds of situations. There was with Pedro, there was with Damon, and there is with Manny. It’s part of the baseball business and personally, I think it’s OK for Manny to speak up on his own behalf as long as he goes out every day and earns the $20 million the Sox are currently paying him. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the bottom line and the end of the story.

Manny really hustled after that base hit by Abreu. Sad, very sad.

………..but Manny can still hit a little.

we need someone who wants to lead by example ,and manny you have lost my respect ,so tuck tail and run. redsox pride runs deep and wide ,so i guess its time to run coward run shut up and play or just get lost look at the rings on your fingers and how you got em no egos need apply just baseball players looking for the dream of a lifetime putting on redsox pride if you lost yours ill lend you some of mine

Manny shouldn’t have run through the stop sign, but why was Hale holding him…… Herscheiser’s rationale doesn’t make sense.

Manny did the right thing. The third base coach is not with it unless he thought Manny really had a bad knee. Manny looked like he could run when he wants to. Maybe a fire was lit under him. Regardless, he doesn’t desreve to be on this team.


Don’t worry. I haven’t released any of you guys…just wanted to have some fun with superheros and the lineup. You guys are still my team.

Red Sox just got their standard three run lead. If Lester and the bullpen cannot hold this lead they will lose since the Sox have exhausted their run supply for the game. Also did you notice that Lester and Dice-K are the only two pitchers that are winning games for the Sox. For some reason luck is on these two because Wakefield and Beckett have taken some hard loses.

I would disagree Pangelotti. If Manny can put the BS aside and play ball, he deserves to be on any team, including the Sox. I think it very possible you could see Manny go on an incredible tear……….. just to prove a point! If he does, and he proves his point, and helps turn the Sox around and do what we all want the Sox to do, then I’m pulling hard for him.

The only people making this whole thing a distraction are the media. The Sox players seem to be taking it all in stride, as does Tito.

Wow….With Manny’s stats he would be a leader by default but he can’t lead his way out of a pepaer bag. What a waste. If I was in Iraq on a convoy I could ride with almost anyone on the Red Sox with the exception of Manny. Hw would most certainly get you killed. Good thing he’s playing baseball.


I have to agree with your points and they are excellent. The reality is you produce — you stick around. I’d still like Manny to stick around for his talent and there is no question the media hype is there because Manny makes news. Unfortunately this year compounds the problem because we have a tired and frustrated team.

Whatever criticism was made of Manny was what he brought upon himself. From here on in he has to prove himself and he has a long way to go.

Sox got 4 runs? Is that possible? What is going on here?

cfamham …….. I think comparing Manny as a leader on the baseball field and how he might be in Iraq is a pretty tough comparison. I will say this about Manny…….. he became an American citizen and did run out to left field the next day proudly displaying his American flag. I was pretty proud of him for that and I think he might be a pretty good patriot.

What a freaking job by Lester. You talk about composure? There you saw it. He gives up two crappy singles on good pitches and comes right back and gets the job done. That’s a big league pitcher folks.


Lester and Dice-K are holding this team together. As I said earlier, if you pitch a shut out you will win games for the Sox this year. They just can’t generate runs any other way it seems.

Sorry, I was gone from home most of today. Thanks for putting me in the lineup Dave. I read “A tale of two cities” a few years ago. I thought it was a good book. Nice to see the sox leading today


Happy to help. Always try to have everyone on the team. Looks like the Sox MAY win this one.

I read Tale Of Two Cities recently. It went from a bit of a struggle to get through to a page turner. I really liked reading it but I have enjoyed Les Miserables better — even when Victor gets a bit verbose!

Sox got five runs? What is wrong with this team. It’s like 2007 again? Is that possible?

Guys I realize now that YOU are out on the field. gsm52 why didn’t you tell me you’re playing in the game. No wonder the Sox are winning!

It’s going to be tough to repeat this year if Manny is going to pull this cr_ap all year long. Yeah, he’s great most of the time when he feels like playing… but he’s such a mor_on, I wouldn’t be surprised if he sabotaged the team on the way out. $20M… what a joke. I can’t believe he can belly ache the way he does with that salary.

It seems that Manny has a mental problem which probably affects him physically. Whether his “injury” is perceived or real, he has a problem and unfortunately it affects the entire team. Sad but true.

Hey, I didnt bench anyone!! I thought everyone had too tough a weekend and was under their blankeys for the night…. I’ve been here all day..
Now, gentlemen, what can I do for you?? If you were looking for a rant… >> see 1st post on this thread<<
I think that manny is a guy that can hit the ball whenevr and where ever he wants. That being said, the question begs, does he want to hit… Looks like it tonight. Bad knee?? didnt look like it going into second or running through Hales stop sign at third.
These guys look as if someone just said win tonight or no pay this week!! (oh but if they could do that!!)

Lester looks great and getting the run support that Beckett sisnt get Friday night. You go Jon Lester!!!

dave, my right arm was a little tired after pitching Friday night, so I’ve turned around to pitch left handed tonight. By Tuesday night the right arm will be ready again.

BOOM. That was the sound off the bat of Ortiz

Bases are loaded — here come the Yankees. gsm52…we need your arm out there HURRY! Ellen get Rosanne to attack Johnny Damon. Do what it takes.

OKay, get this guy out!!! Get yourself back on track…. Come on JON LESTER!!!!!

Wait, ihave to steal Jason’s gold thong and put a mustache on her (face) lol

You’re right…..comparing Manny to an American in Iraq probably is not a good thing. I just have to say that when you are over there for a year….you can’t just give up and call it a day. I just hate to see his god given talent coupled with his attitude. I guess he just gets frustrating to watch. Sad thing is….I’ve gotten used to it and for the most part have accepted it through the years. GO SOX!!!!!

Lester is pitching better than his line score. He has given up some real scratch hits tonight including that piece of crap by Jeter. I didn’t like the walk much and I have to say that at that point, most pitchers would have crumbled. Lester really showed me something that inning.

I have to be honest and say that in 2006, even when he was winning, I didn’t think he had what it takes to be really successful in the major leagues. He was the benefactor of a lot of run support, and got some pretty cheap wins. His stuff was average, velocity was average, and he had big time command issues. This year he has aboslutely blossomed into a fine pitcher. His velocity is much better than I ever thought it would be and he has gained command and confidence. He has developed incredible poise on the mound as he has in his life. I am really happy for him.

I agree on Lester. No wonder so many teams wanted him. Lester is going to have a great career in the majors. I am happy for him — a rare talent. Clay B. could be there as well if he just works at it.

About Lester: Tito said that “he’s growing up right in fornt of our eyes!!”

I’d like to see Lester go back to getting that first pitch over.

A very nice come back inning for Lester. I wonder if he comes out for the 7th. He’s probably right around 105 pitches right now.

Hey guys!! I’m toast from a long day. Can y’all give me a pass for the rest of the night?? I’m going to watch the rest from the comfey confines of my big bed!!
See y’all tomorrow!!
GO Sox!!!!

Let’s not forget a very important fact about today’s game… No Crisp!!!

Lester was solid again. He has grown leaps and bounds on the mound this year. Lester looks very confident and pitches with ease out there. He is very much in control when he is on the hill. He looks like a vet out there. He reminds me of a young Andy Pettite. I hope his career is as good. Pettite was a member of those Yankee championships and pitched some very important games in the month of October. I can see Lester doing the same thing. He has stopped another losing streak.

Ramirez made his comments now. He had to get some stuff out of his system. He will let his bat do the talking and that is a great thing for the Red Sox and there fans. He smoked the ball tonight. Great too see Ortiz go deep tonight. That H.R. put the game out of reach. Ortiz is doing a great job at the plate. Staying on the ball and looking to make contact. It will be no time at all when you see him going the other way and driving the ball all over the yard. Ellsbury responded hitting 9th. He adds a little punch to the bottom of the order. The bottom 3rd of the order have been automatic outs lately. I expect Ellsbury to hit the way he is capable of. Mike Lowell said it best yesterday, if we play the way we are capable of, we will be just fine. I totally agree. I still think Boston is the team to beat in the A.L. East!!! Even though the Yankees went into Boston and took 2 out of 3. It is never as bad as it looks and it is never as good as it looks. I don’t know who said that but I agree with it. I have no clue what I just wrote but it sounded good, didn’t it? lol.

It’s good to see Papi take hefty cuts at the ball – even when he makes out. It seems he has his swing back. Let’s hope he can keep it going and that this club turns itself around. The Sox put together a pretty decent lineup today. All theyhave to do is perfom to their abilities.

I feel bad for you folks that have to watch the Sox on E.S.P.N. tomm. night. That would be 2 nights in a row of Steve Phillips, ouch!!! Phillips and Migrane, 2 fools for sure.

Big Papi’s swing looks right. That was what I was worried about. The rest of the team will sort itself out. The Sox have a decent ptiching staff. They won’t be dropping off the map anytime soon. It should be a good race to the end. Put on your seatbelts!!!!!!!

A turning point was when Lester got out of that jam with the bases loaded and none out after the Yanks had scored two runs- one by a slow roller down the third base line that Lowell had no play on and the walk to Abreu forcing in the second run. Arod hit a line drive fortunately right at Lowell. The next two outs were uneventful. But just as important, the Sox came back with their own two runs which broke the backs of the Yanks. After that the Yanks lost all their enthusiam. Couldn’t happen to a better team..

hey guys,

I was really seeing this game as critical and it was the first time in a long time I saw the Red Sox play as they should. They were hitting and what a load off the pitching staff. Great defense from Lowrie who looks stellar out there and great work by Lester and Timlin. In short, probably the best played game in a long, long time from the bean town Red Sox.
Tomorrow will be another day with a very tough team. Is it Dice-K. If it is we should take that game assuming the dynamic duo of Manny/David (not me of course) keep hitting hard as they did tonight.
This has been a very long first half for me as a Red Sox fan…but I’ve had the greatest time of my life on the blogs. Ellen you rock. bosoxbrian you rock…gsm52 you rock, etc.

Watch for tomorrow’s lineup. I may make some adjustments! (LOL)

Hi everybody, I’m back home! I missed the whole game and just caught up on all the comments. Sounds like the Sox are back! Maybe I’ll watch some of todays game tomorrow on my day off. Oh man, am I ever tired. Now that I’m older than Gsm, these 13 hour days sure take their toll.

Some thoughts on Manny: now I more or less understand where he is coming from. Seems to me that Manny is the kind of guy that will hold it all in and just say,”Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Or ” It’s none of your business.” He pretends that nothing is bothering him when something IS in fact on his mind and bugging him. He may just be the kind of person who has trouble putting into words the things that are on his mind and in his heart. Earlier this year, in spring training he was happy and said more than once that he wanted to end his career as a Sox. I have a feeling that by expressing these “warm and fuzzies” he was really telling the Sox FO to pick up his option right away. He really, really wanted that. Even though he HAD to know that Theo would not do that(not to the tune of 20 million anyway) he appears to have let it bother him that they didn’t pick up his option. Instead of airing it out sooner, he let it get in the way of his performance on the field and let it spoil his relationship with his teamates and the organization. He ended up getting in a fight(almost) with Youk, knocking down the poor traveling secretary, bad-mouthing John Henry, acting like a clown on the field, holding the bat for 3 strikes against Rivera, faking a knee injury; all because he couldn’t reconcile what he really, really wanted and what the reality of the situation was. And because he wouldn’t or couldn’t express it. He may have felt that he was being dissed by the organization without ever having clearly stated what was on his mind.
Now, he has made the problem irreconcilable. But at least he has finally talked about it and gotten it out in the open. He has to feel better just to have it over with. He can concentrate on baseball again. I don’t think he’ll go on a tear just to show up the Sox, but he may start hitting the cover off the baseball because his mind is clear again. I’ll refrain from passing judgement on him at this time except to say I’m disappointed it happened in such a way.
This is, of course, pure speculation on my part, but after 2 decades of working with some very peculiar people and studying what drives them and what their limits are and talents are, I’ve noticed some patterns in people. And I would bet that I’m not too far off.

Trivia: I used to keep bees. fascinating little animals! (yea, I’m a bit eccentric!) Everyone knows that worker bees can sting you. So can the queen, but she won’t. You can pick her right up off the comb and she won’t sting you! Why not?

Hey, BosoxBrian:

I get the feeling that Tito did with his starting pitcher tonight what we have been advocating. I really think that Jon L. was sent out in the 7th to get Damon, a lefty. When he got him, to get Jeter, and when he got him, Abreu, another lefty.

Damon’s legs must really be giving him a problem. Why else would you send an absolute novice out to left field and leave Damon as your DH, someone who had a better chance of playing carems off the wall, particularly with Ponson pitching? I’m sure that Nady will eventually pay the Yanks dividends, but it was fun tonight to watch one of their big acquisitions stumble.

Man oh Man oh Manny — I sure hope he is looking for $25 Mil for next season and beyond, and that he tries to demonstrate his entitlement (to other teams looking in) so that he can help Big Papi carry this team over the next 2 months. Whoever said this is just something hyped by the media — I don’t agree. The Front Office is showing a lot of restraint not snapping up the Manny bait…in fact John Henry’s comments were simply complimentary of Manny.

But, taking a page out of Tito’s book (remember last year when he said Buchholz was going back down to the minors after his first big league start “no matter if he pitches a no-hitter” — which Buchholz then proceeded to do the second time he was called up) I agree with you, Manny is gone, even if he were to win the Triple Crown and the MVP this year. I just get the clear sense that Manny is now toast, and I cannot blame the Front Office. They try very hard to field a competitive team, overlooking hair (Damon and CoCo), among other things. But Manny just calls them out too much.

You wonder, if Manny had been in the line-up Friday night behind Big Papi, if he (they) would have seen enough of a better quality of pitches to change the outcome on a 1 – 0 game?

Well, let’s see if the Sox can get a bit of “back at ya” against LAA starting tonight. Need another great game from Dice-K. Lester and he have been an extremely solid part of the starting rotation. Now, if only someone can find a little “run luck” for Josh. Those should be 3 very potent starters. I believe that we saw the real Sidney Ponson last night, reminding the Yanks of why they cut him adrift previously. The Yanks can get all of the bats and relief help they can afford…they have trouble with both their 4th and 5th starters…and I believe that Moose will start pitching his age at some point soon.

Dice-K should pitch enough innings tonight to get himself listed among the ERA leaders, and he should be at least 3rd on the list, with Jon L 7th (along with 6th in innings pitched). Pretty solid stuff for the Sox who now rank 5th in MLB in ERA. If they can start scoring 5 or so runs a game, the last 55 games or so should be fun to watch.

My observation of the weekend series: Lester has clearly emerged as THE ace of the staff who has once, twice, and thrice stopped the bleeding.
Game 1: Give credit to Chamberlain who pitched a gem and fearlessly attacked the strike zone.
We can blame the home plate umpire for bad calls. The fact remains that the Sox’s batters taking too many close pitches.
Beck pitched a good game but gave up too many hits. The “excuse me” single by Gaimbi was the result of his putting runners on bases.
Game 2: I have told you about the Yanks and Wake prior to the series and many agree with me although Wake did not pitched that badly as the stats show. Masterson diappointingly did not get any outs. If Lester were pitching, the Sox could have won 3-2.
Game 3: A must/good win for the Sox. I am not particularly excited about the win against a Texas rejected pitcher. Any one of the Sox SPs could easily win the game. Why wasted your present best pitcher against a below average pitcher.
The Yanks won 8 out of 9 games since the AS break and are playing Baltimore tonight while the Sox are up against the tough LAA.
With respect to Manny I couldn’t have cared less. It is nice to have him in the line up. If not, I’d like to see Brandon Moss at LF hitting for averages.

Arnie, I pretty much agree with your assessment on Manny. I too think he is a misunderstood person. I have thought that for a long time. He doesn’t communicate in English very well and I sometimes think what he says, and what he means are entirely different. From a player’s persepctive, I can see where it would be tough to play not knowing what’s going on with your life next year. I have often wondered if that very thing is affecting Tek’s play this year. Watching Manny play last night, you’d never know anything was wrong. He seemed happy, and he seemed to mingle well with his team mates. The best thing to do at this point is for all concerned to let it go and to concentrate on winning games.

One more thing about the Manny situation. Manny is Manny. There are things he does which we as fans don’t particularly appreciate, like not running out ground balls and some of his antics in the field. I don’t think Manny would ever intentionally tank an at bat, or undermine the team’s efforts to win. That would not bode well for him if the Sox don’t pick up his option in his negotiations with other teams. With Manny, what you see is what you get. It’s always been that way, and always will.

Now, about queen bees. As I remember 10th grade biology, queen bees have a stinger, but unlike the workers whose stinger is barbed, the queen’s is flexible and without barbs. It is therefore more suitable for repeated stings and she uses it exclusively to fend off rival queens in the hive. I also know a couple of beekeepers and they tell me if they handle multiple queens and pick up the scent or feremones or whatever it’s called, a queen will occasionally react to that and sting them.

by the way arnie, I don’t think being a former beekeeper makes you eccentric. Like I said, I know a couple of people who do that, mostly as a hobby. I have been up close and personal with their bees and it was pretty cool. Wait, maybe I’m not the person who should judge your eccentricity……. I could be a little eccentric too…. LOL!

I have to give Tito a lot of credit. It would have been easy for him and the organization to slam Manny, take disciplinary action, and make the whole thing very public. He could have, for all practical purposes, put the rest of Manny’s career in jeopardy. But Tito is a class guy and he didn’t. Whatever has happened over the course of the past few weeks with all the Manny stuff has been kept pretty quiet. Tito, in his own way has maintained control and kept his team’s focus where it should be, on the field trying to win games. He probalby understands Manny better than anyone and even when things aren’t going right, he has Manny’s back. In the long run, that will pay huge dividends because that kind of an approach will inspire trust in confidence from any player who ever plays for him. I still get frustrated and don’t understand some of his moves in games, but Tito has been a master of managing, taking care of, and getting the best out of people. Pedroia, Lester, Ellsbury, Drew and Manny are all proof of that.

Ellsbury had a good game in the 9 hole. After a day of resting the mind Ellsbury had an exceptional day going 3-for-4. Since everyone agrees Manny is going to be kicked out of Boston at seasons end, I have a few opinions on who should play one off the monster in 2009 and beyond.
1. I think Matt Holliday is a free agent at the end of the season, so the Red Sox might go after him.
2. The Red Sox could go to the farm and use Chris Carter, he has 22 homers in AAA this year and has more than 70 RBIs
3. The Red Sox should sign someother free agent left fielder ONLY if Holliday isn’t a free agent at seasons end


I think Lester is a type of pitcher that gets stronger as the game goes deeper. He allowed those 2 runs and after that shutdown the Yankees. His confidence is growing with every pitch. He competes his butt off on that mound.

Where Ramirez ends up next year and beyond is anyone’s guess. If he is a free agent he’ll get a deal for at least 4 yrs and 60 million. Something tells me he’ll be a member of the Mets in 2009 and beyond. Minaya has craved him for sometime now. I think Ramirez needed to get it out of his system and now he can move on just like everyone else involved. His actions became a total distraction, no doubt about it. He knows what he is doing, he is smarter than what people give him credit for. He plays that dumb role very well and for some reason people buy into it. I would like for him to show up and produce. Have his bat do the talking!!! With Oritz back and Ramirez hitting the way he has lately this team should get there bats rolling again. I also like the idea of Ellsbury hitting 9th. Take some pressure off of him and add something to that bottom of the order.

The bullpen still needs to addressed, that kind of goes without saying. I also agree with gsm about Francona and how he handles these situations. He knows how to handle people and dealing with these large ego’s. Nobody does a better job than him in that regard. He has there back and the players have his back. That goes a long way for sure!!! Let’s face it alot of teams don’t have that. You never here a player talk about Francona in the press. Even players that get traded or leave as free agents. Unlike in years past. A player left town and he would nail everyone, including the manager/management.

I, like probably many Sox fans, am not in the multi-million dollar tax bracket so I may not appreciate worrying about where I might be playing next year if I am virtually assured of making 10 to 15 million dollars a year. I guess when you are in that tax bracket it isn’t quite as important as to how much money you get but what are you getting as compared to some other super star- and how the media plays it up. I guess it comes down to bragging rights.I think that if ballplayers are truly interested in staying with one team for their entire career it isn’t the amount of money that they will receive but that they would be concerned as to how the team and their management perceive them ( as well as team standings, that often drives mangement to do stupid things). Prior to this recent chaos I did not think that either Manny or Tek should have been concerned–particularly if they live up to the performance expected of them, as to where they might be playing next year. Management demonstrated a degree of loyalty when they signed Lowell.. I realize that today baseball is more of a business than it was years ago but I think that Sox management truly believes in their loyalty to their team. What happens from here on is anyone’s guess. Let’s just hope that the Sox build on this one victory over the Yanks and crush the Angels.

Gsm, you are spot-on about queen bees. There is only one queen per hive, but when bees swarm–that’s how they reproduce–the bees will raise up to a dozen or more queens to replace the old queen(she leaves with the swarm) and these new queens fight it out. Queen bees actually have a voice of sorts-I’ve heard them! they make a kind of chirping sound. They will call out to each other so they can find one another and fight. Sometimes the first queen that hatches will go around and kill all her sisters while they are still growing. It’s truly astounding the things they do. I never used gloves and all that protective gear, I just had a veil to keep them out of my face, and over time I became allergic to the stings. I miss them. So now you have won multiple prizes that you’ll likely never get. Well, if you’re ever near the Denver area, stop in and see me. You won’t go hungry!! That goes for Pangelotti,also, who has gotten 3 or 4 trivia questions.

As far as Tito goes, I think he is the best at creating a safe envoronment for his players. These guys work under ridiculous scrutiny. Can you imagine if your work-day was filmed, with super slo-mo, and those extreme(and sometimes gruesome) close-ups? And if you make a mistake it is shown over and over from every possible angle while some fool of an “expert” points out all the things you did wrong!! And everything you say is analysed for subtle hidden meanings and nuances. I can’t imagine that for myself. Tito makes it very clear he will run interference for them as much as he can and they don’t have to fear that he will call them out publicly. That’s huge. It’s also why so many times he answers a question but says nothing of substance. And he is also the best at managing for the season as a whole. Sure, he wants to win every game but he also knows that he is supposed to end the season with his team at the top. He juggles those two things masterfully.
If his in-game decisions seem odd at times, so be it, he’s shown me enough over the years that while I may not agree with his choice at the time(as if my opinion matters!) I won’t argue with the long-term results.

I’ll address our collective eccentricity on this blog in a later post. I have some thoughts on that, all good.

Here’s hoping the Sox will now gel as a team and once again finish at the top of the heap!

I agree Francona is a classy guy for whom I’d lke to play if I were a MLB player, although I still do not understand (actually I do) why he didn’t start Lester in Game 2 and Wake in Game 3 of the Yank series.
Let’s see what the team is really made up starting tonight against the LAA. I am hoping for a revenge sweep but will be pleased with taking 2 out of 3 then move on to sweep the sleeping walking Oakland to conclude the home stand.

Considering the things Pangellotti said about exhorbitant salaries, certainly the amount ballplayers make dwarfs what most baseball fans will ever see. However, the desire to be comparably paid, or even paid more than some other similarly situated employee, is something that comes right out of human nature. While there are a number of individuals who are unconcerned about how much they make, the vast majority see it as a statement about their value, whether its $15 per hour or $15 Mil. per year, and those compensation demands effect everything we consume, whether its tickets to the ballgame, gas to get there, hot dogs or beer when we are there…the paper and pencils we use to keep score…They are shared among corporate CEO’s, even where their performance has not made the company successful.

When the numbers get dizzingly big, it gets more difficult to understand and accept, but I have seen it as a constant in most fellow employees I have worked with. Two employees can be closest of friends, but allow one to get more than the other receives, or thinks the first one should get, and look out.

I’d like to blame the greedy agents for this phenomenon in sports, but, as an attorney, I recognize that a representative is usually a reflection of what the person being represented is. Like him or not, that’s what A-Rod demonstrated to me when he took over his off-season debacle last Winter. This is not what I want, I’ll do it myself.

Tek could have gotten more money 4 years ago, but signed with the Sox for a substantial amount and the chance to remain with the Sox. Wake could sign for more money with another team, but makes a significant amount pitching for the team that he wants to play for. Mike Lowell clearly could have gotten better terms than he got from the Sox, but made a business decision to accept good money and good terms to stay with a team he enjoyed. I don’t understand, having agreed to grant the Sox a “home team discount,” why Bronson Arroyo didn’t insist on a clause in his contract that would have allowed him to veto any trade. Once the Sox signed him, they then shipped him off. I still get uneasy thinking about the way the Front Office handled that one.

There are a lot of people around Indian-town here that wonder what CC could do with $25 Mil. that he couldn’t do with $18 Mil. It is an interesting question, but I’ll say this for CC — he’s honest about what he wants — the most money his talents can command. I still remember the disdain I had for the Rocket and Mo Gone when both insisted that they weren’t leaving for the money. In fact, I remember Rocket insisting he was leaving the Sox for a team with a better chance of winning, and then played the 1997 and 1998 seasons for a Toronto team that finished behind the Sox in both years, as they had the 2 years prior to Roger’s leaving the Sox. A more competitive team, my hiney…be honest about what you’re doing..I think the fans who support the payment of a ballplayer’s salary are entitled to that!

Well said, Dbenjamin. I think players like Tek, Lowell, Wake value stability and want to play for a team they like and are willing to pay a premium(by taking a lower salary) for that stability.
Agents are paid to get the most for their clients. To blame them for doing their job is childish. You are correct about that.
And you are right about the constant comparisons we make. My staff is always comparing paychecks. And then sooner or later it causes trouble. We do it as a society, trying to punish people who make too much, or blaming people for not making enough. It’s silly, but it is the human condition.
I’ve often thought it would be better if we didn’t know what the players make. It’s not our business. We have a choice to support baseball or not, why should we care what the players make? And it’s not as if WE would get their money if they didn’t make the huge salaries. So why do we think it’s our business? Anyway, great thoughts, Dbenjamin.

I decided we needed a real mix in the lineup tonight for the Angels so here it goes.

LF – dbenjamin– He’ll have the rocket launcher just in case a fly ball gets hit his way. If that doesn’t work I’ve also armed him with a flame thrower and submachine guns. He’ll be invincible.

2b – Ellen — Ellen will continue in second base and with her lightening fast skills and her ability to use handgrenades will really help with ground balls.

DH – BosoxBrian — Now that Brian is all healed up this will be his last day as DH before we move him to another position. I’ve put a cast iron rod in the center of his bat so expect some home run action tonight.

3b – Arnie — Since Arnie works in a restaurant, I’ve supplied him with a full kitchen where he can make meals. Since Ellen says she’ll cover the infield anyway, we can all enjoy his indian and french cooking skillset.

1b – gsm52 — Because of arm damage gsm52 will remain at first base. Tonight he’ll be using his saxaphone and playing some David Sanborn classics.

C – 007chow. Once again his pitbulls will take care of the catching position. He wants to remind all LAA players about the strong jaws of the dog and how he hasn’t fed them for two weeks minus the meal they had last night on some unfortunate Yankee players (LOL)

SS – chman712 — Now that he’s had some practice, chman712 will move back to a regular glove size. I was amazed that chman712 also can run 112 mph for a distance of half a mile.

RF – redsoxfan015 — redsoxfan015 will be reading from “Bleakhouse” by Mark Twain today as well as selected poems of Milton to the crowd. I pity the crowd when they get to Milton. I’ve read Milton — beautiful but a bit stretched out.

p – Pangelotti — his Tornato ball (thanks to some mild scientific rigging) can go about 140 mph since he wore his arm out yesterday but let’s face it…we have no better pitcher on the team.

P – Rayman — Rayman has had his arm slightly modified through some techniques and now can throw a ball at about 200 mph that not only breaks but smashes home plate on the way down. Unfortunately at these speeds we’re talking an inning or two of relief but we need him.

Umpires — Rosanne, Joan River, Halle Berry (home plate umpire, Roger Clemens. Roger says he’ll give the same integrity of umpiring as he did about steroids. What an honest guy!

If I left anyone out please let me know since I want everyone to feel included.

Hey everyone, how’s every little thing??
Dave, have you done the line up card yet??? I need to know where I am tonight….

you snuck that in on me as i was typing!!

Any chance Manny could end up like Barry Bonds did this year? Yeah, everyone knows Manny is a great hitter, but his attitude is just atrocious… along with his defense, his baserunning, his employee relations, his interviewing, and his dependability.

Every team will have to realize that if his feelings get hurt in any way, he’ll just opt out. Who knows… he might even opt out for new reasons. Who really wants to commit big money and likely a few years to that?

Ellen, looks like Dave has recruited us to be the food service team for the team. The theme he’s given me is French/Indian(like the war?) so here’s the inaugural DaveSox menu:

Soup: Khadi – An Indian yogurt soup, I’m not sure of the spelling, taught to me by a yoga friend from Gujarat.
Wine accompaniment: Pinot Grigio
Appetizer: Escargot. But with an Indian twist. I’ll mince up some Jolokia chiles(world’s hottest) into the garlic butter and follow it with a mini Mango Lassee to cool the burning.
Salad: Baby field greens with a toasted cumin and coriander vinaigrette. Served with a Taj Mahal beer.
Entre: What else could we have but Maine lobster? But I have to add a little Franco/Hindustan zest to it. So I’ll par-boil the lobster and remove the meat. I’ll saute that with a Kerala-style coconut rice and serve it with lamb Kofta in cilantro cream. A side of haricots vert with a little fennel butter. Chateau Gloria Bordeaux washes it down.
Dessert: Key Lime Creme Brulee. A tribute to all the Florida Sox fans out there. (Jerry) Remy VSOP Cognac puts the final nail in our coffin.
For the REAL MEN;you too, Ellen!; who like an after dinner cigar: Montecristo #2 imported from Havana. Aquavit or Absinthe for all!
It’s an honor, Dave. Thanks.

arnie, I’ll pass on the cigar and the VSOP, just give me a virgiania slim menthol ultra light and a really good vintage bud light.. bottle of course!!!

Oh and Arnie, What kind of service attire should I be donning for this function? I dont look good in a veil.

but if Roseanne is going to be helping us.. I DEMAND that she wear one.. Her face is too shiny (and grotesque)from all her facelifts and botox, and the glare will blind me.

What kind of a meal is this that the waitresses only wear veils?? Is it a Frech or Indian tradition??


I must say I am impressed. This is not food —- this is luxury and I am so there. The menu is to die for and I am so impressed. Rosanne said she’s going to bow out now. If it’s not hamburgers, beer and ho-ho’s she is so not there.
I will make one more request — Indian Kale Soup.

You stir roast mustard seed until they pop, fry onion, garlic, ginger and cumin seed. Add tomatoes and stir in turmeric, hot peppers and coriander powder. Add boiled potatoes and of course kale and roasted red pepper with salt and pepper. Then add your home made mixture of garam masala avoiding any of the sweet spices such as cloves. Cook for about 1/2 hour and serve. This is actually my own recipe combining Portuguese Kale soup and Indian spices. Oh I am so hungry already.

Julio Lugo wanted something as well. Take boiled potatoes and add honey mustard and ketchup with butter and olive oil. Combine that with pizza sauce and melted mint chocolate chip ice cream and serve over a layer of provolone cheese and mayonaise. ug!


For tonight’s game can you also do some Paul Simon on your Sax (LOL)!

As far as veils are concerned, Ellen O.K. But Roseanne would need more than veils, unless you want to keep the cost down so that everyone’s appetite suffers.


My wife saw the entry and wants a good recipe for “Key Lime creme Brulee. Please post or you could just use my email address. My wife will love you for it.


My wife saw the entry and wants a good recipe for “Key Lime creme Brulee. Please post or you could just use my email address. My wife will love you for it.


OK the entire blog voted — sort of — and decided that you are the official cook of the Red Sox. Don’t forget tomorrow’s game and make something special for Manny — food can calm the savage beast.

Sorry Dave, I’m going to arnie’s for dinner. Did you see the meal he’s cooking up? Oh man……. I’ll eat forever.

Arnie, I may take you up with a visit to Denver. I love Denver. I had the chance to visit there three or four times while I was in the Navy to address different conferences. It’s one of the nicest places I’ve visited and I’ve given thoughts over the years to moving there.

In all seriousness, it would be really great to have a brownie points blog get together some place. We have a real cast of characters here. It would also be great to be able to put faces with names. I think Brian and I are going to try to get together for the Rays series with the Sox in Tampa in September. If anyone is interested, let us know so we can get tickets for whoever wants to come. If it turns out to be just Brian and me, we have agreed to hunt down Joe Migrane like a couple of bloodhounds and stuff Red Sox in his mouth so we don’t have to listen to him any more. Although I don’t really drink, I might make an exception to try some of Brian’s patented Kool Aid.


My goal for 2008 was to get rid of Migrane somehow someway, lol. I love listening to him when the Rays are losing. It makes me smile!!! lol.

Time for the Red Sox to beat down this surfer looking Jered Weaver. Fast Times At Ridgemont High anyone? He reminds me so much of Jeff Spicoli ( Sean Penn’s character ) lol. If Dice-K can throw strikes the Sox should win this one tonight. I think the Boston bats will be alive and well again. I hope some momentum will carry into the game tonight. I think it will. Ortiz and Ramirez both go deep into the night, I can sense it!!!

Remember when you’re cooking for manny, something with a little hemlock…

Terry Francona said in so many words that he’d rather have a whiner who hits .500 than a nice guy hitting .100. That’s the game. I got the point.

Arnie, thanks for the mail order dinner. You rock!

My husband and I were trying to put together a weekender to Tampa but he’s scheduled that weekend. I’m seriously depressed about that.. Last year I had tickets but couldnt go because of my surgery.. He went… AND FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES… then he slept on the couch for a week!! lol


A get together would be great…it really would be. I suggest we get a geographic location map of everyone and pick and fair and balanced distance for everyone to travel for such a venture — if that’s possible of course.

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

OK Dave: Key Lime Creme Brulee.
Your wife will need a 15 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk(NOT evaporated milk) , one lime, 2/3 cup of Nellie and Joe’s Key Lime juice, 3 egg yolks, and a little white sugar.
Beat the egg yolks with the zest from the lime until the yolks turn very light lemon yellow and begin to thicken. Add the can of milk and the lime juice. Beat slowly for a minute. Pour this mixture into creme brulee ramekins and bake them at 320 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. The custard will start to thicken a little . Don’t over cook them or the texture will be grainy. Set them out to cool. When they are completely cool sprinkle a tablespoon or so of sugar over the top. Do you have a propane torch? You’ll need that to caramelize the sugar. You can get a little one at Bed bath and beyond, but I use my torch out of my tool box. It takes a little practice to get the sugar right, but basically you hold the flame over the sugar and twirl it slowly and as it starts to melt you can tip it a little to coat the top evenly. You want a nice even brown color. It may smoke a little, don’t be afraid. After 30 seconds or so the sugar will be crisp and it is time to eat. Don’t caramelize the sugar ahead of time or it will get soggy. Enjoy.

game is on:

Everyone take the field. Arnie pass out the prune juice beers to everyone on the Angel’s team and make sure it’s concentrated!

Gsm, next time you are in Denver look me up. I live north of Denver about 1/2 hour and our restaurant is 1/2 hour north of that. But it’s worth it.

Actually, any regular from this blog is welcome. Just call to make sure I’m there. 720-494-0777. Efrain’s III Mexican Restaurant. Soon Ellen will be waiting tables, if we can pry her away from Miami. I’m missing the game!


Thanks for the recipe. It will help as the Sox lose this game 3 – 0 on a two hit shutout. I’ll have my wife make it then add the right intoxicants aftewards (LOL)

Hey guys,

Sorry again about the redundant messages. Comcrap has been like a weekend at Manny R.’s resort — sometimes it works, sometimes the place feels like it’s going to burn down. (LOL)

ooh Arnie, how could you think so little of me as to think I would live in Miami!?? No way… I live in FORT LAUDERDALE, lol. I never venture past my county line in to Miami, I value my life too much!! You’ll either get shot, or run down on I-95!!

Sorry Ellen. I haven’t been to Miami in 9 years. Didn’t know it was so bad.

The game looks pretty bad, though. Dice-K fell apart in the 6th in a hurry! Hansen just had a good inning. Hits!!! We need hits.

looks interesting! I bookmarked it, will read later. keep up the good work fellas!

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