"Enough's Enough"

This time, Manny was right. Enough was enough. Enough of his unpredictability. Enough of injuries he didn’t want to play through while other guys on the team would do just about anything to play. Enough of the mood swings. Enough of the contract obsession. It was just time. This divorce could not wait.

Jason Bay is here. He’s batting fifth and playing left. Mike Lowell is taking over for Manny in the cleanup spot.

I huge apology for the lack of blog posts lately. I’m sure most of you probably realized I was a little busy reporting for the website.

At any rate, a great, great move by the Red Sox to get Manny out of town. He was a great character and one of the top three or four Red Sox hitters of all-time, but they couldn’t go on like this. Wednesday night was the saddest, most lifeless performance I have seen from a Red Sox team in a long time and you could feel it from the crowd to the field to the dugout. It was clear this situation was becoming an overwhelming distraction.

More later.




You were busy. Why? Not much happening with the Red Sox lately. lol.

I thought Wednesday night’s game was the worst game I have seen the Red Sox play under Francona. They made 4 errors. Something tells me Francona slept very well last night. Time for the Red Sox to move on and focus on the field. AMEN!!!

After having read comments on this blog, and Peter Gammon’s articles, it is true as most of us have concluded that Manny behaved poorly, selfishly, and in the end cared about money more than his teammates or fans.

As some have argued, it is probably very difficult to resist this temptation when you travel in the scale and salaries of these guys — look at A-Rod, Damon, etc. However, really most companies and exes do the same thing. Take what they can get is a virtue and not a flaw unfortunately through out society from sports, to entertainers, to business. There are very few Lowell’s in this world in baseball or business.

That said, the only defense I have for Manny is that the RedSox also have to be a very difficult (if not definitely coldly statistical, which can seem mean/cruel) team to play for when your age approaches a certain statistic. The RedSox chart and worship their statistics. The won’t let any pitcher pitch over 100 pitches per game (except for on very few occasions like a no-no), they manage the innings of younger players by formula, even recovery time on injuries, and they certainly almost always push out players who are in their mid 30s, Muller, Loretta, Millar, Damon, now Ramirez, the only exception being for pitchers (for some reason, probably not the daily wear and tear).

Now they may have statistics to justify their policies, but one thing is certain, once you reach your mid 30s you are not playing for the RedSox unless you are pitcher (who is holding up) — or Mike Lowell and agree to when they think you will break down.

That is only beef I have with the RedSox, the iron will belief that you cannot contribute after 36 — then again the whole baseball world believes this, except of course the Yanks (LOL) until perhaps recently. For that reason, I fully expect Manny as a DH for the Yanks next year.

I agree with you 100%, Ian. I just hope that Red Sox Nation will give Jason Bay a chance to prove himself at Fenway. JD Drew didn’t click right away but now he’s on fire. The acquistion of Bay and sending to Manny to LA is not a “silver bullet” for immediate gratification / winning. But I do think it’s big step in the right direction for improving team chemistry and morale.

PS. I agree with you, dgneubert on the Sox “age formula” but, I also think the Sox would have been happy to keep Manny around if he had a better attitude and was a team player. Manny just basically went off the deep end with his criticisms and tantrums this time.

Jason Bay will get one thing from the Sox line-up….a little more protection than he was getting in Pittsburgh. I think his numbers are pretty good for coming from the Pirates.

Jason Bay has decent number with a bad team. His stats will get better with the potent Boston lineup. We will see immediate gratification from Bay as compared to Manny’s halfhearted attitude at the plate.

Ian , I agree with you yhat Manny`s reaction during the past weeks was out of order, no excuses for that. But this past weeks by no means should be more important than Manny`s legacy, and no matter what, with Manny we accomplished things that seemed imposible. I also think we really pay a lot for Jason Bay and I hope he can deal with the pressure of Boston Press, the same one never get along with Manny. About the Boston Press I`ve been hearing a lot that teamates did`t want him and wasn`t supporting him, Is that a fact, or are they making a bigger isssue with that so we Red Sox Nation won`t complain about not letting Manny play until the end of the season even if trading him might lead us to problems towards the postseason. There`s no need to be too smart to know that no matter the tantrums, the more interested in putting good numbers in the last 2 months was going to be Manny whose seeking a huge contact. I`ll allways think Managemet could have dealt with this at the begining of the season in a smarter way, not making one of the best hitters in their team ever believing he needed to prove what he deserved, I`m sure $20 MM a year is a lot but there are inferior players with $18 MM salary this year.
Again, Manny worst than usual went too far, but I don`t think management was great either. Finally, I hope they really improve, because is enough of excusing their performance because of Manny. No way Beckett, Matsusaka and the bullpen are so affected by this that allow that amount of runs, or tha Tek and Ellsbury loves Manny that much that even forgot how to bat. As a a Red Sox fan I really hope everything turns out for the best, both our team and Manny who we should never forget as one of our best hitters ever and a future HOF that certainly made us enjoy much more than suffer. Thank,


Dropping the option as part of the trade certainly makes more $$$ for Boras. Do you think that he might have been stirring the pot and instigating Manny?? The solution that I had suggested prior to the trade was to keep Manny and send him to Pawtucket for the rest fo the season – and if we really wanted to cut off our nose to spite our purse strings– pick up his option and keep him there for another two years. Boras gets nothing. We get satisfaction- and Manny hits minor league pitching for two years. That would certainly take away two years out of his attempt to establish any major league records. Getting even– you bet.

Wow, I can’t believe no one knows the answer to the “Three Sisters” question! Especially you Gsm. Don’t you remember when Squanto and Massosoit showed us how to plant? I know it was a long time ago, but sheeesh, that kind of knowledge stays with ya!
Sorry to interrupt the Manny memories here.
Sox are gonna win tonight, you bet!

I’m going to take Ellen’s advice and start cheering for Jason Bay now. Also, I think the Manny Moment I’ll remember him by is his “fine running catch” as Ned Martin would say, he jumps onto the wall, high fives a fan and turns, throws, and completes the double play at second. A fine moment to be sure. But like Reggie Smith, Manny’s a Dodger now. Thanks Manny, ya done good while you were here. Good luck to you.

Unless something was done to fix this blog, I think the problem in gettig that ###$$$***## message might have been due to the over-accumulation of comments without updating the basic Brownie Point comment for some time. More frequent Brownie Point lead-in comments may be the solution.


No doubt Boras played a role behind the scenes. Boras will get his pay day when Ramirez signs in N.Y. either with the Yankees or Mets.

You think the Yankees have yet to learn that aging superstars are not the way to go? I don’t think they’ll go there with Manny. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Manny’s numbers will be declining and he’ll no longer be the force he was with the Sox. How much protection will he have in LA? Look, I’m not going to start Manny bashing, but weren’t we all wondering where the Manny of old had gone? How many times on this blog was it noted that he “can’t catch up with the high fastball anymore” ? He’ll be a very good hitter, but the days of him being the BEST in MLB are gone. I’m not sure if we’ll see him in pinstripes.

Career-wise he might be better off playing with an AL team since they allow for the DH. That’s assuming that Manny gets a relatively long-term contract and seriously wants to play. If he gets a long-term contract with lots of $$$ and doesn’t care whether he plays or not, then maybe he may be better off in the NL where he van he resume his career of “Manny being Manny”.

Brandon Moss had a tough time 3 AB, 1 BB, 2 SO at Chicago this afternoon. I hope this won’t happen to Jason Bay at Fenway.

Jason Bay will be fine. He’ll be pumped to play in front of the frenzied crowds at Fenway and he’s now in a pennant race. It’s all good for Jay Bay. Ellen. I beat you to the nickname! I don’t like the way it sounds though. JB will be better.

I’m looking forward to seeing what our new acquisition looks like at the plate and in the field> I hope that he took some ball off the monster and learns to play the carom, I will say Manny made that difficult task look easy. But at any rate… Does anyone else out here feel more than a little relieved that this situation with Manny is behind us?? As you all probably well know this thing bothered me more than a little. Now I feel that everything is going to be O.K.
Hey Jbay, how about starting off your career with a HR?? That’d suit me JUST FINE.
Good Luck Jason!

Agreed, Ellen. If it’s a relief to us think how the players must feel. I think you’ll see a revived Sox team starting now.

Let’s hope Boston can find some of that Fenway Magic again. 1-5 on this homestand. It needs to start with a win tonight. Boston should take 2 of 3 from the A’s and maybe a sweep. Not impressed with the A’s lineup at all. It seems like forever ago that Boston started the season in Japan against Oakland. Another season starts again tonight. The post Manny Red Sox. One thing I do know they have a someone in l.f. that is looking forward to playing and doesn’t have a personal agenda.

BSB: I can appreciate the fact that your not impressed with the A’s line-up (hell who would be after seeing the Brownie points lineup!!lol), but be careful. I have this belief that its the teams that dont look strong that can put your BVD’s in a terrible twist. Look what the O’s did this week to the Yanks, and the Royals to the Rays!! Its the little guys that’ll bite you in the butt and make you look silly!!

Sorry, I can’t stand it — at least one more Manny comment from me– lets forget about attitude and tantrums for a while and talk straight up value.

Take Pedro Martinez … the Sox did not think he was worth the value he thought he was … so they wouldn’t offer him the money he wanted… they offered a lot… but it was not enough. So in effect — they took millions away from him .. that someone else was willing to pay (the Mets). Who was right? I think we all know it was the Sox. If I were Pedro, I would feel way guilty deep down inside… now way I delivered to the Mets (on any year). Sox Management 1 — Players 0.

Johhny Damon — to me a wash — more money we keep him, has he helped the Yanks – yes/no — not enough to matter or to hurt us — so its a tie.

Loretta, Muller, Millar — you get the point, hard to assess. They were great players, but we got probably even better players to fill their spots. Sox +0.5 Players 0.

Now take Manny — in affect, the SOX may be taking 60 million out of his pocket — if he thinks he can get 25 million a year for 4 years now vs play two more years at 20 mill and then try to market himself. So worst case he is down 100 mil – 40 mill if he can’t find a job in two years.

I think that betrays a fear in Manny that he may not be worth the money he is asking… if he doesn’t think he can get it in two years… why does he think he is worth now for 4 years …..???

which brings me to my final point and question.

Question: could the SOX had just released him from his options, saying , Manny we will let you be a free agent at the end of the season… just play your butt off please, and try to bring us another ring, and the highest bidder on you next year wins.

Point. I know they had no contractual obligation to do such a thing. But if there were any thought that both sides could get along — that seems like the best compromise to me… you get a player really trying (to drive up his value for next year) — and you don’t have to mortgage the farm to get him out of town. You just say… ok — we are not going to pay you 100 mil over the next 4 years, but if someone else will — your free to go, just bring us home another ring please.

If such an arrangement were possible, I can’t believe it was not thought of — so it sounds to me both sides might have been trying to put it to the other and both sides lost. Sox -2 Player -1 (I give SOX -2 cause they gave up two first round draft picks to let Manny go — that is what really irks me).

The situation had deteriorated too much to be able to reach such an agreement, IMO. It went downhill pretty fast. By the time the Sox FO looked up and saw what was happening it was too late. You think maybe it’s just another MBM moment and before you can blink it’s out of control. It is what it is. We move on.


Alot of automatic outs in this Oakland lineup. 13th in the A.L. in runs scored, not good. Red Sox pitching should be just fine this weekend. If they score 5 runs in each game they should sweep Oakland.

Bay ran faster to first base than Ramirez did on Tues. night against Lackey, OUCH!!! lol.

Bay has already made an impact. A walk and then scores a short time later. Fenway seems to have energy again!!!

Let’s go Wakefield . Start throwing strikes

I’m liking Bay already. First time up he walks and scores a run. Gets the crowd on his side, gets rid of the jitters and his team mates gotta love it. Now he gets HBP in his second at bat. He’s a OBP machine, lol. I like this guy!

Manny doesn’t fit the Yankee mold. He won’t cleanup like Damon did. Girardi would be pulling a “Reggie Jackson/Billy Martin” episode with Manny too. No telling what will happen to him. I know Jeff Kent could not stand Barry Bonds and his antics so that will be interesting with those two now team mates. But….I think our clubhouse has new life and no more walking through the locker room on pins and needles!!!!! Go Sox.

Cash GIDP. Another run wasted. What’s Francona thinking?

No wild pitch

Good job Wake.

Nice catch by Bay. Let’s get some runs.

Nice sliding catch by Bay. He is having a nice impact on this game. I would like too see him up the next time with a chance to swing the bat.


Personally, I would really like if it Manny found himself another Barry Bonds next year. What he did was unbelievable and what team in their right mind (which I know poses a problem) would want such behavior. LAD did not pick up 2009 or 2010 options so they’ll take him for the season. No Manny needs to be out of baseball. He really does because this type of attitude only hurts the game for everyone.

On the good side the Sox look tired but relaxed. Ray is making some great plays and doing the little things like — not being a complete a^^hole or running instead of Sunday Park strolls to first base or throwing people to the ground or cursing everyone on the team. You’d be surprised how much effect that has on the team.

I don’t know what the numbers say but Lowell is in a funk e since the All Star break. Not many good swings from Lowell lately. Alot of soft outs from Lowell. He’ll snap out of it eventually, I have confidence in Lowell and who doesn’t?


what is GIDP anyway?


Bay played that one well off the Monster. I don’t think he’ll have much of a problem there. He seems to fit right in.

GIDP=Ground Into Double Play

Cash with a great throw. Bay leads off, time to get some runs!!!

Runs are indeed a problem but right now the Sox need this win. This will shift momentum. Right now the Sox look like a different team — tight on defense and sharp. Big difference from LAA.


Thanks for the GIDP.

Wakefield is another ace on the team. He’s so solid and tough and holding a one run game in order. I’m impressed…as always.

Anyone else gets on he should pull Wakefield.

Ells is still not with it. He has to get his confidence back.

It seems that some of the Sox are committimg to swing no matter where the ball is.. Bad runnuing by Youk–with Papi coming up.

Although I am sad to see Manny leave I wish the Red Sox front office had planned a little better with the way the trade turned out. Getting a younger left fielder with a good bat was key however I would have liked to seen some bullpen help thrown in with the deal. The Sox didn’t win with this deal but they did free up some funds and with Manny’s tantrums and antics in the past, hopefully the team will start feeling the closeness that won them 2 World Championships.

Here we go again. Wakefield pitches a good game and the bull pen gives it away.

I also think that is was bad baserunning by Youkilis. Someone should tell him there is a guy named David Ortiz hitting next. lol. Baseball doesn’t need to have replay, they need umpires that hustle. How could they miss that one? They did get it right but come on now. Oki had been pitching well but gives up the gopher ball. Boston still needs another reliever and maybe they can swing a deal for one in the month of August.

Red Sox need a guy like Ziegler. 30 innings pitched and hasn’t allowed a run yet. Very impressive!!!

Yanks losing 1-0 in the 9th. Rays up 2 over Det. in the 6th in St. Pete. T.B. is quite dominate at home.

Do the Red Sox lead baseball in pickoff attempts that get thrown away? Why is Papelbon worried about the runner, there are 2 outs!!!

Great bunt by Lowrie and a good call by Francona. Sometimes the Red Sox don’t bunt in those situations and that drives me nuts. Casey with the game winner? Ziegler has to allow a run sometime this year doesn’t he?

Set up the D.P.–smart move to walk Casey. Ziegler is a ground ball pitcher. 1 pitch away is Ziegler. Ellsbury with the game winning hit?

Pedroia is the hot hitter. He broke up Lackey’s no hitter on Tues. night. The little guy has been known to come up big!!!

Come on Red Sox. This is the A’s not the LAA. You can get more than one run per game right? Right?

I thought when this series started, all Boston had to do was score 5 runs in every game and they would sweep the A’s. In the past if Street took the mound, I would say oh no. Not the case now. Street has been getting roughed up as of late.

OK that was hard. You have the bases loaded and fail to score. The hitting is just not there and I’m sure it’s part exhaustion and part mentality in your belief in yourself. This will take time to rectify and the Sox do not have that luxury but this is why most teams don’t repeat — it’s a lot harder than you think.

Loco Lopez is coming on in. Now the game went from stable to a train on a speeding track where every third rail is on fire and rockets are bombing the train track.

We may be the only two left watching this edgy game. Amazing how I have no confidence in the Sox in driving in runs. This is not the Sox of 2007.


Is Lowell hurt? Please tell me it’s nothing serious.

On man I’m going to bed. I’m done for tonight.


Lowell strained his hip.

Bosox Brian,
Arfe you still awake? I am in Nevada so no biggie here. I am watching the Dodger game on FSN West and listening to the Red Sox since it’s blacked out here.

Ortiz looks out of it as well. Lousy swings.

Thank you, Jed Lowrie.

Jason Bay scores the only 2 Boston runs. Way to go, JB!! great start.

How ironic….Bay busts his butt for a triple and Jed Lowrie HUSTLES out an infield hit to win the game. NICE HUSTLE!!!!!!

Dave, the A’s have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, so it’s no surprise the Sox scored just two runs in 12 innings. Expect more low scoring games in this series. After all, both rotations are strong.


I just have the gameday tonight. Thanks for the info.

And, yes, the A’s still have one of the top rotations, even without Harden and Blanton. I’m glad that, after this weekend, the Sox will be done with the A’s along with the Angels this season.


I really feel good about everything after tonights game. What a great way for JBay to start: A standing O.. Good Job Fenway fans!!. Jed Lowrie more than did his job tonight!! Dave:: I was sorry to see Sean get intentionally walked, especially fully clothed…LOL

Okay.. now I have a question from someone who is blondley challenged: With 2 outs and a runner on 3rd, the ball is hit to the infield. Runner at 3rd goes home…. does he score if he beats the throw to 1st??
This is one that has always thrown me!!

Ellen, the answer is no, the runner doesn’t score on a force-out.

Isn’t it curious how baseball works sometimes. This had the feel to me of a second opening day. And in the first opening day; against Oakland, Moss hit a homerun to tie the game and the Sox won in extras. This opening day the guy we got, inpart for Moss, gets the 2 runs that are the only Sox offense. Like Joachin Andujar said, “You can sum baseball up in one word….Youneverknow”

The answer is No. The batter has to be safe at first.

Even Timlin pitched good ball. He had good location and some of his pitches were in the 94mph range. I haven’t seen the Sox so happy in a long while. Maybe this game will turn them around. Let’s hope!!!

Hey Y’all!! I think i failed to post a pertinent point. Mikey T, had a great game tonight. I love Mikey as I know some others do, but we have all at one time or another been REALLY REALLY tough on the guy, so its time to give credit where credit is due. GOOD GAME MIKE TIMLIN!!

Jason Bay has to feel like a kid at Christmas. Welcome to Boston!!

A similar analogy that might help you. If a runner is on third with two out and the batter hits a high fly ball. In all probability (unless it’ Manny running ) the runner on third will touch home plate before the ball is actually caught. As before, the run will not count.

It’s funny, but the way the Sox won tonight reminds me of many a game when the Yanks beat the Sox on the kind of hit Lowrie got.

Watching Manny vs Diamondbacks. He’ wearing No.99. His second AB he hit a hard groud ball past SS for a base hit. Note: he is still wearing his dreadlocks. I guess Torre hasn’t made an issue of it————yet.

Justsaw Burke hit a line drive just past SS. the ball rolled between the outfoilders to the wall. Manny was doing his usual trotting from LF. Burke wound up with a triple. Go Manny.

Good game- Bay sored both runs and Lowrie batted them both in. Hopefully, the sign of a turn-around.

Well…so much for going to bed. Had to find out the ending. Sox got a vitamin boost tonight. I heard an interview with David Ortiz…he was down. There was a bitterness in his voice and I think his ties with Manny were burned. he looked really angry and his answers about Manny were bitter. He really sounded burned.
I am so glad this Manny situation is over. The Sox were an extremely happy memory of my childhood — in many ways my only one and to see Manny smear the Sox like this really hurt me. It really dragged me down. It was like he was smearing a part of my life that’s very personal to me. I’ll honestly admit I was devastated by his behavior. I really was. I’m glad it’s over and hopefully the Sox can win more than 1 out of 5 for they deserve it.
New Lineup tomorrow including Barbra Streisand and Barbra Walters — check it out.

We need to laugh so here is the lineup.

LF – dbenjamin– Dbenjamin will be building some small picture frames made from curly maple and cherry. He’ll be using all hand tools since he gets a little too wild with a router!

2b – Ellen — Ellen will continue in second base but will be designing and building a small book case made of black walnut with cherry trim. She’ll be using Porter Cable and Festool equipment and using her safety glasses. Ellen will be donating all power equipment to Dave after the game.

DH – BosoxBrian — Brian has been given the nailgun and says “I’ll take care of the rest”. I’ll have to see what he means by that.

RF – Arnie — Arnie’s kitchen will be making South African food in his new kitchen made by Rachel Ray who will be helping Arnie by providing some stimulation and excitement in the food — whatever that means.

1b – cfarnham04– cfarnham04 will be building shaker furniture using white ash and poplar with a three part finish including shellac, laquer, and a concoction of alcohol and vodka.

C Jody Foster returns to the catching position tonight. She’ll be making small bird houses with pine trying desperately to have them look better than Homer Simpson but gsm52 says he’ll help her nail it home.

SS – chman712 — chman712 will be building an end table with purple heart and teak arguing that “rainforest’ wood used once in a while is OK. He’ll be using all hand tools except for his new shaper that only cost him $2400 dollars and will be giving to Dave after the game.

3b – redsoxfan015 — redsoxfan015 will be making an king’s chair out of solid quartersawn oak with a beautiful carved centerpiece made out of hickory.

p – gsm52 — gsm52 will be making an outdoor playhouse filled with extras that he’ll fly personally to Dave’s house for his kids enjoyment. gsm52 rocks!

p – Pangelotti — Pangelotti will be building a solid cherry fence to surround the entire ball park.

P – Rayman — will be pitching but in between downtime he’ll be building a portable tool cart and clamp cart that will donate to Dave for his workshop. You guys are the best.

1b coach — 007 chow. 007 will be building a beautiful bedroom set, including a fourposter bed in solid cherry. I am giddy with excitement to put this in my bedroom. Thanks 007chow.

Umpires — Barbra Walters will be handling balls and strikes after breaking up with Manny Rameriz who only seemed to run hard when Barbra walked in the room.

Barbra Streisand will not be singing tonight but instead be building a canoe from hemp and white oak using a beautiful Delta lathe that won’t do much of anything so she’ll be donating to Dave’s shop.

Once again guys thanks for all the equipment and furniture you’ll be donating to my family (LOL)

Did I miss something? What happened to Roseanne?

Hey, regardless of the So and Manny doings, the bits and pieces i heard quoted from his interview had Manny praising the RedSox fans saying they are te best in the world of baseball and thank all of the fans for supporting him for so long. I guess he’s smart enough not burb that bridge!! But HEY MANNY, MANY THANKS AND GOOD LUCK!

Manny wont (in all probability) have to lose his locks.. The no long hair, no facial hair policy wasnt Torre’s, it was a Yankee policy. app(hair)ently after Gossage, Guidry,Munson etal.

I hear that Bawbwa Wawters only handles balls for ex politicians!!

Dave, thanks for getting Rachel Ray to stimulate and excite me, um, to excite the food, I mean. I’ll have to do some home work. My South African food skills are pretty rusty.

Dave, after reading Mr. Singer’s article on Manny and his transgressions over the years, I have to agree with you that he wasn’t exactly a model citizen. And I’m sorry that you had to suffer that way. I feel that Manny ultimately hurt himself by doing this.

This Bosox team will be better and more exciting with the kids and the solid veterans. They’ll make a run at a 2nd championship, you’ll see.

Trivia: what is shellac made from? Prize, you are excused from the Julio Lugo Swiss ski trip.

Well im proud 2 still be starting shortstop lol. Im buying an la dodgers hat 2moro….. 5 bucks from wal mart lol. I miss manny. Yankees r gonna bust our “bleaps” wen we see em again =(

Great, great, and gratifying win for the Sox! Welcome to Boston, Jason! Jason scored 2 “winning” runs. If Cash did not GIDP, the game would end in 9th making Wake the winner (deservedly so) and Papelbon the save. Justice was served when Jason scored the winning run in extra inning. B/w Jason scored both the Sox runs.
Oki should never be a set up man with fewer than 2 run lead. Oki threw nothing but 88 mph fast balls and curveballs in that inning.
The League had Ellsbury figured out. He saw nothing but inside pitches.
I think either Bay or Drew should bat behind Ortiz until Lowell has his swing back.


Come on give me a challenge here! Shellac is the secretion (for lack of a better term) from the lac beetle. It’s found as a parasite on certain trees but it’s a valuable poo in Asia especially India and Thailand. It’s dried and cleaned up and made into flakes. You can buy shellac in a variety of shades but I tend to use just clear. On Oak or Beech it pops the grain but not as sharp as linseed oil so I actually like it better since Oak’s grain is bit loud (the grain) for my tastes. Shellac is the ONLY finish that is safe for kids. You’ll find it on M & M’s and I use it if I’m making something for the kids.
Shellac dries really fast since it’s dissolved in alcohol so it’s very tricky to put on and can leave runs and streaks (not that it ever bothers me). It’s the basis for the ‘french polish’ technique to give that incredibly smooth finish. It will be damaged by water and heat so it’s not the most durable finish. It is also one of the oldest finishes. You can buy the flakes at Rockler.com. Here is the link


Rosanne married Manny as his second wife. She painted her body as a large cell phone so that Manny could call on her at any time…ug that entire image creeps me out.

I guess I shouldn’t say the word poo since it is a secretion but that’s what runs through my mind when I think of Shellac but seriously it’s really not poo.
Incidentally Rosanne and Manny now take Shellac baths together in their condo. Ug…I don’t think I can eat breakfast now!


You are always welcome on the lineup but consider this — if your father was the travel agent that Manny shoved to the ground — would you feel so good about Manny? I know I wouldn’t. Would you feel good about him berating the entire team just because he didn’t get his way faking a knee injury just because he can? As I said before, Manny’s behavior was horrible and one blame I have is for MLB that seems to allow this type of fiasco. You have fights on the field and you get fines. In real life would that happen? Baseball is wrong. Nuff said!


My wife makes one great deal from Africa. Carrots and sweet potato with peanut butter and wild rice. Oh is it good.

Incidentally, did you guys see the press conference afterwards. it was a long time since I’ve seen Terry Francona smile. It was a good feeling.

So Jason came thru in the clutch game 1, Manny did not — so far — Humility-1 Ego-Selfishness-0 — that is nice.

Dave, I have a question for you. Does your wife ever read your posts?? If so, other than “you are a nut job”, what does she think.. My husband (also Dave, by the way) was reading yours the other day while he was on break at work… I got a phone call from him but couldnt understand him because he was lauging so hard.
Oh yeah, how come we havent had My Casey on here in a while??

It makes sense that Manny forced the issue. He probably feels he can make a lot more than 20 mil as a free agent. If the Red Sox had picked up his option for both years, he would be 38 by the time he became a free agent. Notice he waived his no-trade only on condition that he be released from the club option. He and Boras probably believe that he can get a 4 year deal for a lot more money at the end of this season. They are probably right. I would not be surprized to see him home in NY next year.

That said, I like the looks of Jason Bay. He is no Manny, but he is a solid hitter, and has a reputation as a great team player. He looked good tonight. Time will tell.

Any word on Lowells hip strain?? I hope that its not serious.


You won’t believe this but I’m actually a pretty boring and reserved person in real life. The only time I act insane like this is on the blogs. This is why I write so much — it’s my creative outlet since I’m not usually that open in real life — it’s my outlet.
I’m a workaholic by nature and woodwork and work as a living in IT. I spend as much times with my kids and wife as I can. On Friday we took an all day canoe trip — 14 miles incorporating rock collecting and swimming. Today I’m going to mow the lawn, build some picture frames (cherry, Maple and Ash) and then take my older daughter out for dinner and backgammon at Whole Foods.
However with my kids I do have so silliness and that’s probably the silly side as well. I do it because with kids I find that acting crazy takes the stress away with their schoolwork, etc.

I’ve been gone for a day and it took me most of today to get caught up with all the posts. Looks like I missed some good trivia arnie.

Manny was 2 for 4 last night but Dodgers lost. Bay scores both runs in the Sox win. So far, we have the best of the deal…. LOL!

Dave, you’ll have to send me your address so I can send your girls something for Christmas! Include sizes, I have something in mind.

Interesting that according to the Providence Journal, some of the veteran Sox players met with Theo Wednesday night before the trading deadline. They told Theo they lacked confidence in Manny and it was time for him to go. If this is true, that says something about Manny’s demeanor in the clubhouse and the impact he was having on the team.

Games are becoming increasingly important for the Sox. They need to pull out all the stops to win as many as they can.

For anyone except Arnie: What are victuals? …… No looking in the dictionary…… Hint! Beverly Hillbillies.

New York Times article:

Rosanne and Manny Ramerez open up hot tub business. You can see the full page add with Manny eating a ham sandwich while talking on the phone and snuggling with Rosanne and Madeleine Albright in their green monster hot tub. The hot tub line is called “RosMan tubs” Check it out. The tubs sell for $2100 dollars but if you buy now you can have a weekend with Boras and Rosanne as they perform their juggling firedance act right in front of you.


Wait till you see the lineup for tomorrow!

Dave, the thought crossed my mind of disqualifying you from the shellac trivia and then, of course, I realized that I need not take myself so seriously.

Menu for today’s/tonight’s game.
Appetizer:Biltong(which is the famous SA version of beef jerky) cut into bite-size pieces with mango, candied ginger and pickled African Bird Chile. Careful of those chiles!
2nd course: Individual Boboties- South African Shepard’s Pie.
3rd course: Boerewors, Homemade sausages, grilled and served with sauteed wild greens and steamed millet.
Dessert course: South African wines are becoming well known so I thought I’d make a sorbet from a nice Trinity Hill Syrah scented with cinnamon and cardamom, sweetened with honey.
Beverage: Beer, Beer, Beer.

Dave, I’m more familiar with North African food. Those great Morrocan dishes and when I was in Kenya visiting my room mate’s family we ate a lot of Indian dishes that used the local produce and of course, Kenyan versions of British food. Does your wife make Harissa or those pickled lemons? Great condiments!

Trivia: What part of the crocus is used to make saffron? Prize: A week in Venice Florida working with elephant trainers. Sort of an appreticeship.

Arnie, we have the best fed blog in the world.

It’s always about sex, isn’t it. Saffron is made from the stigma, which is the part of the pistil that receives the pollen or the plant’s female sex organs…… LOL! To be honest, I wasn’t sure which part was which. I have the same issues with human anatomy which probably explains why I’m single.

Arnie, when I was a kid, we had tons of crocus in our back yard beside the house and along the fence. My mother loved them. They were the first sign of spring and would even sometimes come up through the snow on a warm day. I can still hear Mom say, “The crocuses are blooming, it’s almost spring.” Little purple flowers with yellow pistils as I remember.

I love crocus for the same reason your Mom did. I have them under my apple tree. I love gardening season. A pound of Saffron Crocus flowers yields 0.2 ounce of saffron. There are three stigmas in one flower. My Indian friends grind pistachios, almonds, cardamom and saffron together and add a teaspoon or two of that to hot milk with some sugar. Makes a really nice dessert drink on a winter evening. Or chilled in summer. I forget the name for that drink. Maybe I’ll think of it later.

Putting the cart way before the horse… what if Jason Bay turns out to have a great stretch run, we bring home another ring or he does really well in the post season how ever far we get, and given that he will have another year on his contract — what art the chances that we trade him for a lesser left fielder in spite of all this, like we seemed to have done with our short-stop position for four years?

A friend of mine who lives in Pittsburgh area told me that Jason Bay is a good hitter and hits in clutch too. Well, he is right. But it’s just one game. I am anxious to see what Bay can contribute in the pennant race.

Jason Bay right now just needs to play his game and ignore the publicity because it will fade over time anyway as the team — not the player — takes the field.
Girardi though is making the Yankees a team and I’ll give him credit for that one.
IMHO Manny will not get a four year contract with anyone. The poison he left in Boston will have far reaching implications. He’s got a bad reputation now and I hope he knows it. Unfortunately, the public has a short term memory.


Victuals and the Beverly Hillbillies? OK, I don’t get the juxtaposition but I won’t say anymore in case somebody else wants a crack at the answer.


that first dish with Mangos. I was already practically tasting the dish. What a great idea for a food combination. My wife never has been much on the exotic. I’m the more ambitious. I’ve tried Indian, Korean, Chinese but I’ve had the greatest success with Northern Indian — which of course is the easier of the two IMHO. I’ve also tried Mexican but got bored with it. I’m not a big meat eater so vegetarian dishes are few and far between in authentic Mexican and on top of that — I have a bad wheat allergy.
So it sounds like the next lineup we’ll have you do North Korean dishes. That sounds great.

One last Point. If Bay his .280 but always drives in runs with runners on base — he’s already ten times the player than Manny is right now for this team.

Dave, if you don’t eat a lot of meat, and wheat is a problem Indian food is great, except the North Indians eat a lot more wheat, mostly in flat breads. Mexican food is good for the wheat allergy too because there is so much emphasis on corn there. You have to play around a little with the style. Then you just leave out the meat. I tend to stay away from a lot of it myself. For instance, I love posole but avoid the pork, so I cook it with a lot more chiles, mostly the sweet Anaheim types. And if I am in the mood, I might add a carrot or maybe a jicama for a little substance. You can make some chile rellenos and wrap them in corn tortillas and bake them in a chile con queso sauce or a mole. Fabulous. Ooops… Ian will not be pleased if we turn this into a food blog. GO SOX!!!

Dave, if you like Indian vegetarian, find the book called Lord Krishnas Cuisine. You’ll have to ignore the Hare Krishna aspect of it if that doesn’t appeal to you, but there are hundreds of good recipes in it.

I don’t understand dgneubert’s comments. Major League Baseball is, after all, a business. The Front Office has to constantly assess investment/return on investment, hoping that they don’t ever fail to make the right investment, and hoping that all of their investments do bring handsome returns. It’s also a matter of cost containment.

I suspect that was why they granted Mark Loretta free agency. He had performed well for the Sox in 2006, but the Sox had this youngster in the minor leagues named Dustin Pedroia who they wanted to bring along, and had a less expensive back-up in Alex Cora. With Bill Mueller, they got some outstanding performance from him (who will ever forget his batting championship, or the 9th inning, Game 4 hit that he got off Rivera in the 2004 ALCS!). They had to have an inkling, when they granted him free agency, that they were about to complete a trade which would bring a more expensive, better producing 3B’r in Mike Lowell to the Sox. Only the Yanks continue to collect expensive duplicates.

If you look at the information on Kevin Millar, his performance numbers declined over the 3 years he was with the Sox, at which point he was making $3.5 Mil. per year. After getting his free agency, he went to Baltimore for $2 Mil. Even if the Sox had offered him $2 Mil. to stay at that point, I doubt Millar would have taken that reduction to stay with the Sox, who had a young player named Kevin Youkilis coming along. Loretta took a $750,000 salary hair-cut with his next team. I doubt he would have volunteered to do that without testing the free agent market, and recognizing what his true value was.

Johnny Damon was making $7 – 8 Mil for the Sox, and was offered comparable money to stay. He went to the Yankees for $13 Mil., and while he continues to perform adequately, I don’t believe he deserves (or ever did deserve) “Big Papi”-type money.

In the first 3 years (2005-2007) after Pedro left the Sox, he won 27 games for the Mets while earning $40 Mil. The Sox made him a decent offer to stay, but he chose instead to go where he could make more money. I don’t understand how the Sox deserve criticism for their stance concerning either Damon or Pedro. I particularly don’t understand the critical remarks Damon made about how the Sox treated Manny recently. I must say, I tire of Damon playing the Yankee apologist.

Yes, the Sox have made some mistakes. On this blog, we have well-chronicled their mistake letting Orlando Cabrera go, and picking up Renteria, and then letting Alex Gonzalez go and picking up Julio Lugo. Let’s not even talk about the Babe Ruth choice!!!!!

However, on balance, I think the Front Office, particularly the current occupants, have done a pretty good job in acquiring and holding onto valuable talent, while allowing less valuable, more expensive talent to seek more remuneration elsewhere.

I believe they caught breaks with Tek, Wake, Mike Lowell and Big Papi. When Ortiz renegotiated his contract, he had demonstrated that he was as valuable as Manny despite not regularly taking a position in the field (as the AL MVP voting has routinely demonstrated), and yet did not demand “Manny money” instead accepting $13.5 Mil. per year to remain with the Sox.

I am concerned about what will happen with Tek in the off-season. When he renegotiated his contract in 2004, I believe that he accepted less than he might have seen on the open market, because he wanted to remain with the Sox. Now, no matter how well he handles the pitching staff, he’s not worth anything close to $10 Mil. per year. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires.

How different is it on other teams, really? Do we really think that even the Yankees will tolerate for very long, Damon and Matsui who each make $13 Mil. per, and who are demonstrating less and less ability to play the outfield? They can only have one designated hitter — Will Jason Giambi really be around next year at $20 Mil.+ per?

How will the Dodgers really handle Manny at $20+ Mil. per next year, alongside Andruw Jones at $18 Mil. per and Juan Pierre at $7.5 Mil. per, particularly when their performing outfielders are the far less significantly compensated: Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier? Can you imagine paying Jones all that money to ride the bench, which is what looks like will be occurring for the balance of this year. Granted, the Sox did pay Eric Hinske $5.6+ Mil. last year to ride the bench, but that was for one year only. And he then found out this year that his value on the open market was something far less than that.

The reason the Sox and the Pats are viewed as model franchises is their institutional ability to judge talent value and allow significant talent to go elsewhere when they determine that the salary demand far exceeds the talent value. With the Pats in the past 7 years, the names abound — Antowain Smith, Corey Dillon (who has not played anywhere since demanding — and getting — his release [be careful what you ask for, it might just come true!!]), Willie McGinest, Lawyer Milloy, Ty Law, Joe Andruzzi, Roosevelt Colvin, Reche Caldwell, Donte Stallworth, Damian Woody, Tim Dwight, Asante Samuel, Jermaine Wiggins, Deion Branch, and others, not to mention a face of the franchise — Adam Vinatieri. Few people did more to bring New England 3 Super Bowl Championships, but when it came to his increased salary demand, the Pats took a pass and have found a suitable substitute, while Vinatieri received the enhanced compensation he sought from the Colts. Some of these players have had significant post-Patriot careers, although most have not achieved anything as significant as what they enjoyed as Patriots. Nonetheless, they were entitled to seek the most compensation they could receive at times when they were most likely to receive it — as members of a championship team. As I understand it, the Patriots remain significantly under the salary cap, while continually fielding a highly competitive team.

Criticism of a sports franchise for attempting to get full value for all of their expenses is missplaced. It is a vibrant part of the American capitalist system — individuals in a free market trying to maximize the return on their investment. With athletes, they are trying to maximize the return on their perceived talent. Some receive far more than their actually worth (ask the Dodgers about Andruw Jones or the Yankees about Carl Pavano). Some receive far less (I suspect in a candid moment, Youk, Pap and DP would all complain about that — but hey, they are captives of the talent development considerations given to MLB franchises).

The volume of comments about Manny’s skills having diminished has been loud on this blog — while Jason Bay may not be Manny Ramirez, perhaps as Manny gets older and Jason continues to gain experience that gap will narrow — besides which, even if the Sox were to pay all of Jason’s salary for this year and next, they would still save $5 Mil. on what Manny’s option for next year would have cost them — a significant cost savings. Couple that with the $8 or so Mil. they will save on Schill for next year, and the Sox have some serious dough to begin the off-season with. Armed with that kind of cash and a stand-out (though not Manny-like) ballplayer to trade (Jason Bay) maybe the possibility of putting Matt Holliday in left field becomes more possible…or maybe they just find that Jason Bay is a suitable replacement…perhaps not Jim Rice…but maybe Mike Greenwell. That was not a bad transition once…maybe it will be again.

Maybe instead they will turn some of that retained cash loose to find the final pieces of a pretty solid pitching staff, or a stand-out catcher to replace Tek. Whatever they do, I don’t think they deserve to be criticized for adopting the positions they did with regard to players allowed their free agency. I also must say that, at least thus far, their positive statements about Manny’s many contributions to the franchise shows a class not always present in the front office. Bravo, gentlemen!

Well you make a good point once again Dave. Who knows, maybe a guy like Jason Bay will be the component we needed that was missing. But man, sometimes i dream of a line up of 9 Dustin Pedroia’s …. too good to ever happen. Now if you got a line up of 9 Lugo;s…. you may as well forfeit the season.

Hey Arnie, When are you going to make a menu for me?? Really easy…. I LOVE BEEF and I LOVE Shrimp I LOOOOOVE regular veggies. I know BOOOORING!!

ps I also love grouper and I absolutely ADORE snook.

Dbenjamin: You make some really great points!! Your post was really really good. Let me ask everyone a question…
We all know what Tek means to this team, pitching staff and glue. Would it be so far fetched as to think that next season maybe he would become say not a “wakefield catcher” you know, 1 every 5, but say maybe 2 or 3 out of 5 with Cash learning the rest of the staff other than Wake?? I think Cash has dome a GREAT job catching our knuckler this season..
dbenj, what are your thoughts and anyone else??

Well said, Dbenjamin.


Thanks for the cooking book. I now know the Christmas gift my wife is gonna get me. It looks incredible.

FYI dbenjamin,

In the case of Babe Ruth, if you look at the history — as I finally did, Ruth became Manny. He didn’t want to pitch anymore, he was becoming intolerable and the Sox finally let him go because he hated Boston and wanted a change. There was no theater company deal or anything of the sort. The fact was Ruth wanted out and seemed to find a home in New York. There was no curse for the Sox. The Sox inherited Tom Yawkee — a good old southern gentlemen who had issues of integration. The Sox became the last great major league team to integrate. During the World Series of 75, Roger Moret and Cecil Cooper suddenly failed to appear. In addition the Sox didn’t spend their money wisely over the years and had the green monster syndrome — they needed lots of pull hitters to get over the wall. Look at Pedroia. His swing never would be that way were it not for Fenway Park. Look at how he bends his body to pull the ball over the monster. He wouldn’t do that in Cleveland.
That’s all.

Ellen, regarding Tek. I think it will partly have to do with the Lugo and Crisp situations. Right now we have too many “automatic” outs to be able to score enough runs. If the FO unloads Lugo and Crisp and we have a better offense with Lowrie and maybe Bay, Ells and Drew with a good backup from AAA then they would be foolish not to keep Tek. At least until one of the prospects is ready.

As far as cooking goes, I would like to get Ian’s permission before this blog turns into a food blog. Ian has created a family here and sometimes we digress away from baseball a bit. But if he gives his OK then I will give food ideas from time to time. What say you, Ian?? The team menus will continue as long as we have a blog lineup.

I’m taking my daughter out tonight for dinner but I expect all of you to complete your projects and deliver them to Nashville, TN including all the expensive woodworking equipment.

I’m sure Ian wouldn’t mind food diversion. It’s a baseball blog but if we just stuck to baseball, we’d have only so much to say so I say go for it. By the way, your food is to die for. I want to see your restaurant someday. it sounds great. Can you post the number/location again!

Thanks for the note. It was great.

Guys I just realized, Lugo will heal up someday but Terry said the other day it’s going slower than expected. I’m sure we’re all worried Lugo returning but at least with Lugo — he doesn’t act like Manny.

Lester off to a rough start. Alot of Lester’s pitches are up in the zone. Lester gets stronger as the game gets deeper. I hope he’ll settle down. A D.P.–much needed for Lester.

It sounds like Mike Lowell’s hip has been bothering him for about 5 weeks. He says it only hurts him when he runs. Let’s hope this injury doesn’t become worse as the season moves along. When Lowell got injured last time, Casey stepped right in and produced. Casey made Ellen proud!!! lol.

Varitek and Crisp hitting 8th and 9th. Talking about easy outs!!!

Youuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkk!!!! Gotta love that guy!!!

Nice shirt being worn by that guy from Aerosmith, lol. I wouldn’t wear that shirt if you paid me. lol.

Boston bats are alive and well!!!

This team is showing some fight and resilience. Probably my imagination but I can live with that!!!!!!

That ball was CRUSHED by Bay!!!! Nice!!! I don’t think he’ll have to pay for a drink in Boston!!!

You must have the same blackout rules that I do. I am watching Game Day and listening to WRKO at the same time!!!!! Talk about ghetto. I am not much of a cook but I’ll be glad to sahre a bag of Doritos with you while I watch and listen. How ’bout that Bay guy?????

Happy Birthday to Wake, Happy Birthday to Wake, If I was in Boston I’d bake you a Cake!!! Timmy,Happy B-Day and many many more… you’ll be able to throw that 71 mph fastball when you’re 71!!

You can see how much Mikey is hurting with that hip!…. and he made the slide on that right side!! OUCH!! He’s a gamer, but Tito has GOT to recognize that he’s in pain.. Tell you what, I’ll be very good and not be mad if they put Casey in (putting Youk at 3rd).. Do you think it will be clothing required??lol

Toatally different attitude by the Sox despite being down two runs. Let’s hope they keep it going.

They could even put Lowrie at third and Cora at short like they did last night.

Well, Phil, we’re up by 7 now… I’m liking this VERY much, ARE YOU LIKING THIS!!!!! I would gues VERY VERY MUCH!!!

I know it’s a little early but do you guys think that Julio Lugo has ever heard of Wally Pipp?

DBenjamin, interesting post. Of course, that it what I expect from a fellow Ohio State fan. We can both celebrate on this blog when they defeat the professional…er…college team USC. I firmly believe that Ohio State will play either Georgia or Florida in the national championship game. Will the third time be a charm?

Regarding Manny, he is still an All-Star caliber hitter, but he is no longer worth $20 million a year. Even if was a model teammate, he would not be worth $20 million. The Sox are in better shape with Bay in left field at $7.5 million next season. I look for them to aggressively pursue Mark Teixeira. If the Sox win the Teixeira sweepstakes, they will likely deal Lowell and move Youkilis to third. I think the Sox need a Teixeira like bat in addition to Bay, and even though Lowell is my favorite Red Sox player, it makes sense to deal him in favor of Teixeira.

In addition, the Sox will probably pay half of Lugo’s salary ($4.5 million of $9 million) when they trade him. Crisp will also be dealt in the off-season. I think the Sox will go after Sheets or Sabathia as well. I also believe that Varitek will return with a two-year, $20 million deal, and he will see less time behind the plate, likely sharing duties with Dusty Brown (who will probably get called up in September) or an acquisition (Laird or Teagarden of Texas?).

The Sox will have a lot of money off the books with Timlin, Tavarez, Schilling and Ramirez. The $4.5 million they are paying for Renteria will be over with, but they will have to pay at least that to get someone to take Lugo. Youkilis will get a dramatic bump in salary as well, as will Papelbon.

I imagine the Sox will bring in a bullpen arm from the outside, but they will bring back Okajima to go along with Papelbon, Delcarmen and Masterson. Who knows what they will do with Aardsma and Lopez. Daniel Bard and Richie Lentz will compete for bullpen spots, as will left-hander Hunter Jones.

I am confident that Theo Epstein will make sure the Sox have enough offense and a better bullpen to accompany a solid rotation in 2009.

As for this season, I believe the Sox can play deep into October if the bullpen stabilizes. Pitching wins championships, and the Sox have a solid rotation. Yankees and Rays fans may be happy right now, but I think they will be less gleeful in September.


Ellen- I am liking this very, very, very…..very, much. I’ts a long time coming and it certainly feels good. Finally a game that you can sit back and not get aggravated. A game which one can hope will turn the Sox around. I would imagine that we will be getting comments on the blog that are complimentary rather than deservedly critical. Doesn’t it give you that good feeling??

Cfar, I think you’re right. Bay won’t be paying for a drink in Boston for a long while.

Nice way to break in for Beantowners, no?

Manny made a comment about LA being the “greatest place in the world” and he’d “like to finish his career in LA”. The first commen couldn’t be further from the truth. Lived there 10 years — left skidmarks. Second quote? He’ll be playing somewhere else next year — hopefully not in NY. But don’t rule it out. That’s where he’s from.

Jed’s looking good at short. It’s only a matter of time for Lugo. Sorry Julio.

Looks like the offense is waking up. And look at what TB’s doing to the Tiggers!

Welcome to Boston Jason!

Is it just me, or does Jason Bay bear a slight resemblance to a younger, leaner Terry Bradshaw?

He’s got some wheels, doesn’t he? Damn near beat out that routine grounder.


Texiera is in Cal. Won’t play in Boston. Not happening. Lowell stays put. Crisp goes. Lugo goes.

Is it me?? Does anyone else sense a “oh what a weight is off our shoulders” type of feeling with the guys tonight?? I thin k that its a great thing and says alot about their confidence level for the “2nd half”. I always say it, and I’ll say it again: “I LOVE OUR SOX!!”

Good job by Jon Lester// I think that he’s our ACE next year. Any takers on that?? Good game.. I’m out for the night (I think, back kicking up again) If ican’t sleep later … I’ll BE BACK>>>>> g’night everyone!!

I don’t agree, Jim. The Angels are not a lock to sign Teixeira. He is going to play the sweepstakes and let the offers pour in from the Angels, Red Sox and Yankees. I firmly believe he will be playing in Boston or New York next season. There is no doubt that Epstein will acquire or sign another big bat for next year.


Cfarnham, I’m not blacked out of the California games but I work a lot on the weekends and sometimes at work I put on the gameday. Cmon out and see me, I’ve got a boatload of chips.LOL

Great game, eh? Look for a rock and roll 2nd half from the Sox. It’ll be their vengeance tour through the AL!

Manny just hit a two run home run his first AB.

It was a bomb……I guess now I have closure. I don’t need to watch anymore.

Maybe J Bay gave Manny some competitive reason!!

I appreciate the compliments on my last post. I spent a good deal of time thinking about it and researching it. I feel I have to work to keep up with BosoxBrian, the Ying to my Redsox Yang (lol).

Ellen, about Tek, I really like him, but I believe that we are on the back side of the hill. I like Kevin Cash, who does everything he’s told and never seems to fuss. However, he doesn’t hit a lot (I saw him launch his first Sox home run in late June against the D’Backs), and doesn’t seem to have a gun for an arm. If you look around the contenders, other than Joe Mauer, who everyone would like to have, Giovany Soto, who the Cubs have, and Russell Martin with the Dodgers, there’s not a lot of overwhelming back stops. A. J. Pierzinski of the White Sox, Dioner Navarro of the Rays and Yadier Molina with the Cards have significant averages, but their production numbers are not a lot better than Tek’s. Jose Molina of the Yanks numbers are worse than Tek’s, but he seems to have a gun for an arm, at least when it comes to throwing out Sox runners.

Over the course of time, the Sox have not had an abundance of outstanding catchers. When I started following the Sox in 1960, they had Heywood Sullivan, Russ Nixon and Jim Pagliaroni, and Nixon and Pagliaroni could hit. But other than Carlton Fisk, who played for them from 72-80, and Rich Gedman who could hit some following Fisk for about 8 years, the Sox had no catcher who was a consistent offensive weapon until Tek emerged in 1999. So I think they could get by with Tek for another year, but need to find someone who can do at least part of it — like throwing base stealers out.

The more and more I see of Kelly Shoppach here in Cleveland, the sadder and sadder I am that the Sox traded him. Now they felt they needed a centerfielder to replace Damon, and found CoCo to be attractive, I get all that, but still sort of wish the Sox had Shoppach back.

The most likely place to go after a young catcher would seem to be Texas, where Jarrod Saltalamacchia is only 23, but seems to have been given up on, and Gerald Laird is only 29. The Texas outfield seems pretty well set, with Josh Hamilton, David Murphy and Milton Bradley, so I don’t know that they would be tempted by CoCo. However, they always need pitching, and perhaps could be interested in Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden, Charlie Zink, or whomever.

Frankly, I think that Tek would eventually make a wonderful pitching coach. Perhaps that’s in his future with the Sox. I know how much John Farrell likes it in Boston, and Boston is extremely lucky to have him. However, some team is going to come along with a boatload of money to get him to manage, and eventually, he will not be able to say no, and the Sox will not be able to match it. After all, while they just extended Tito’s contract, he’s not at the top of the managerial salary list, meaning that to match an offer from an “out of his mind” owner, the Sox would not only have to raise Farrell’s salary, but Francona’s as well. I’d love for Farrell to stay until its time to replace Francona, but I think that’s terribly unrealistic.

As for Teixeira coming to the Sox, that seems awfully Yankee-ish, going after different talent simply because it seems better. After all, the Sox already have 3 corner infielders in Youk, Sean Casey and Mikey L. In Pawtucket they have Jeff Bailey and Chris Carter. While both are currently outfielders, I suspect the transition to 1B would not be insurmountable. I really don’t think the Sox help themselves that much, especially with Youk having a year which is comparable to Teixeira. It only makes sense to me if the Sox basically acquire Teixeira with the expectation of getting rid of Youk (at his age, I don’t think Lowell will have all that much trade value). There may be some temptation to block the Yanks from replacing Giambi with Teixeira, but I frankly hope the Sox resist the temptation.

I hate to keep harping on the same old thing, but I really like the idea of Matt Holliday. If the Sox feel compelled to add a bat, they can do it in left field. There’s a young power hitter who seems capable of putting up “Manny”-type numbers. Jason Bay might well be of interest to the Rockies, perhaps throwing in a pitcher like Devern Hansack or David Pauley. However, that does not permit Jason Bay the opportunity to prove himself, and after tonight, I really think he deserves that!!! Don’t you.??? I didn’t see the game, but my sister called me from Massachusetts to tell me that after Jason’s home run, a sign went up to the effect, “The Manny show is over, Welcome to Bay-watch.” What a riot!!!

I’m glad to see Chris Smith was brought back to fill Craig Hansen’s roster spot. Now let’s see if he’s the real deal.

I like J Bay. He is a gamer. That’s what the Sox need. Manny just needed a change. We’ll see what happens when the luster wears off. If I were Manny I’d be very wary of Jeff Kent. He is allergic to bull crap and isn’t afraid to call you out.

If I get out that way I’ll look you up. Sounds like a great place to get a meal. Yep….I’m looking forward to the 2nd half too. That’s what is great about being a fan….it’s never our fault!!!!!!!!! We don’t do the wheeling and dealing. We just deal with what happens later!!!!

BTW….Where is GSM tonight?

DBenjamin, Lowell would still have good trade value, especially for a team like Philadelphia or Minnesota. Lowell is just 34. It’s not like his is 38 or 39. He is still solid at the plate and in the field. The Sox really, really like Teixeira, so you can expect them to aggressively pursue him in the off-season (unless the Angels sign him before the season ends).

As for a deal with Texas for a catcher, the Rangers are asking for a top Major League ready pitching prospect, so it would take Buchholz or Bowden. Zink, Pauley or Hansack wouldn’t cut it. They are not top prospects. Dusty Brown and George Kottaras are close to Major League ready. The Sox also have Mark Wagner at Double-A Portland and their best offensive and defensive combo catching prospect, Luis Exposito, at advanced Single-A Lancaster. Exposito is emerging as the catcher of the near future. Thus the reason I think Varitek will return next season, and Brown will be the backup, and Exposito or Wagner (who the Sox are very high on) will be the starter by 2010 or 2011.

Next season, you will likely see Chris Carter replace Sean Casey as the backup first baseman (he can also play left field) since Casey will probably seek a full-time opportunity. I wouldn’t mind Casey returning, though. He is definitely an asset, but Carter can hit for average and power, though he is not as good defensively as Casey.

I don’t think you’ll see Bailey in the Red Sox organization next season. Guys like Josh Reddick and Zach Daeges will be ready for Pawtucket, as will Jeff Corsaletti (who was recently promoted there). With those three, along with Jonathan Van Every and perhaps Bubba Bell, the Paw Sox outfield will be stocked. I also imagine that Bailey would like an opportunity to go to an organization where he has a chance to reach the majors. That won’t happen in Boston. Bailey, by the way, can play first base as well as the corner outfield spots.

Now that the Sox have Bay (who is signed next season to a reasonable $7.5 million deal) you will see them acquire either Teixeira or a big shortstop bat (like Michael Young of Texas, if they would take Lowrie and someone like Bowden or Buchholz). Of course, if Lowrie stays, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. He can hit, and he is dependable (but not spectacular) at shortstop.

The next two seasons will be exciting for the Sox because they have a lot of catching, outfield, starting pitching and relief pitching prospects who will be Major League ready, or close to Major League ready. The Sox also have some exciting shortstop prospects, like Argenis Diaz (who would be one of the top defensive shortstops in the bigs right now; he just needs to catch up with the bat) and Yamaico Navarro (who can also play other infield positions and is more advanced than Diaz at the plate).

Remember the names of Felix Doubront, Stolmy Pimentel and Brock Huntzinger as well. They are three starting pitching prospects who will be household names in a year or two. Ditto for Stephen Fife, Kyle Weiland, Bryan Price and Richie Lentz, who are all draft picks out of college and promising relief pitching prospects.

As for whether the Sox will pursue Teixeira or not, it could depend on how close they think Lars Anderson is to the bigs. He is a left-handed hitting first baseman who hits for average and power. Next year, he will likely start at Portland and end at Pawtucket, so he is not far from being Major League ready.

Sorry for the long post. I just get excited about the Sox farm system, especially with the prospects from Lowell to Double-A Portland. Theo Epstein has done a tremendous job building the system. We are just scratching the surface with Papelbon, Lester, Buchholz, Bowden, Ellsbury, Pedroia and Lowrie.


How could you NOT like Jason Bay? All he does is come in and score the only two runs in yesterdays win and the belt a 3 run? homer in todays game. The kid’s the opposite of Manny in attitude and he produces right away so the fans love him and forget about Manny that much faster. If all of Theo’s trades worked out like this, well he’s be the Wunderkind! I know it’s only two games, get ahold of yerself, Arnie!

Nothing personal, but I could not care less what Manny does or doesn’t do. He’s a Dodger now and they are the Yankees of the NL to me for some reason. Can’t stand ’em, never could.

My 2 cents on the Texiera chronicles:

The Angels have more $$$$ than most people think. They will spend it when if they have a sure thing. I have already heard that they do not plan to re-sign K-Rod because of the emergence of Jose Arrendondo in the bullpen. They think Arrendondo can close plus K-Rod is looking for $15M a year for 5 years. That’s a hefty price for a guy who pitches 1 inning a game about 70 times a year. If Texiera has a good 2 months and comes through in the play-offs I think they will keep him. If he has an average 2 months and they flounder in the play-offs I think he’ll be available. Also, who will the Angels put at first if Texiera leaves? They have a great team and doubt they’ll leave themselves open at a critical position if they don’t have to. No doubt the Angels have some decisions to make in the off-season but Texiera’s status will be depending on his performance the rest of the season.

BTW….I still think the Sox have an above-average rotation. Every staff goes through a drought here and there. The Sox are poised to finish strong. GO SAWX!!!!!!!

Ellen, here’s a quick idea for you sometime when you have your grill fired up. When I was visiting Nassau with my business partner several years ago we went to the “fish market”. It wasn’t really a fish market at all but a series of stands where the locals went for a quick meal. So we sat down, had lunch and chatted with the proprietor. He made a shrimp dish on his grill that was so easy and delicious. Here’s what he did: take a handful of shrimp, however many you like and lay them out on a large piece of foil. Sprinkle over them some Mccormick poultry spice a little garlic salt, a squirt of lemon juice, a dash of cayenne or chipotle, a couple pats of butter. Fold this foil up into a package but leave room in there for the steam, make it a hollow package and seal it tight. Put that on your grill for a few minutes, 5 maybe. Open it very carefully(the steam can burn you) and pour it over some rice or just eat it plain. We had it with rice and pigeon peas. It’s a great technique for cooking peppers or chicken or even potatoes. Just play with the seasoning. You can take a thin steak, onions, tomatoes and red peppers, season them up and cook them the same way. Get a good cajun spice blend, Zatarain’s comes to mind, and away you go. If you are adventurous, try pineapple that way, just with a little salt and red chile.

Trivia time: Don Preston played keyboards with an outrageous ’60s band from LA. What was the name of the band?

Likely I won’t be here much tomorrow, work!!, so have a good game folks. Sox Rule!! Sox Rule!! Sox Rule!!

Put me in, coach, I can play!

So the truth comes out:

As reported in the Boston Globe, Boras had contacted Theo at the last minute basically saying:

1) You remove the options on the contract
— Manny R. will suddenly become a good boy.

Boras and Manny working together to create a sick situation. I was about to get sick but then thought of Arnie’s restaurant.

Apparently Theo said no. I’m sure that surprised Boras. Now Manny’s being a good boy in LA because he knows his back is against the wall. He’s 36 and has a bad rep — we’ll see. He has to do really well in LA to turn things around — will he?

Gsm, I’m surprised no one knows victuals–vittles. Viands. FOOD!
If I was Irene Ryan I’d be cookin’ up some hog jowls, collard greens, grits, black-eyed peas, fried chicken, BBQ ribs, smoked brisket, pimiento cheese, biscuits and red-eyed gravy, corn bread, sweet cole slaw, crawdads, Bourbon and brown sugar glazed Virginia ham, green beans with bacon, Dixie butter peas with fatback, yams, pecan pie, peach cobbler, sweet potato pie, Mississippi Mud Pie, a couple hogsheads of iced tea, and BOURBON—Makers Mark, Old #7, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey! Gimme some Southern food any day. Sorry, I know I was disqualified from answering but….

Manny and Satan…..not a good combo, eh, Dave


Sorry I didn’t answer as to what Granny Clampett used to be cooking up, but I thought the answer was too obvious.

Manny is history. From hereon he could bat 500 and drive in all the runs for the Hollywood Dodgers. If the Sox missed the playoffs, I don’t want to hear from the RSN lamenting the wisdom of letting Manny go. Manny had to go.
Dice-K is Dice-K. Let him pitch the way he pitches. Maybe he is effective because he nibbles. Throwing strikes ended up in serving up long balls.
I was surprised to see Masterson came in the 8th, He should came in the night before.
Is Magdan working with Ellsbury? We need his speed on the basepath.

You said it, 007!! Manny’s gone, Sox move forward. On to the playoffs.

Sunday’s lineup — a little more insane than usual.

LF – dbenjamin– Dbenjamin will be drilling and setting up an underground pipeline for oil drilling. He expects to tap about 1 liter of oil that may spill over the field but will provide the much needed fuel for our gas tanks.

2b – Ellen — Ellen will continue in second base but will be drilling for natural gas. She says the Federal government’s regulations are nuts and will not provide the needed safety precautions. If a small explosion does occur she has a small bucket of sand available to douse the fire that will burn the park down.

DH – BosoxBrian — Brian will be drilling for plutonium 238 no matter how big the hole will be at home plate. if he has to drill to the center of the earth he’ll find it. He isn’t sure what to look for but figures if he gets permanent radiation damage he’s hit the mother load.

RF – Arnie — Arnie’s kitchen will be making Tex Mex today. Surrounded in a strong bomb shelter he and Rachel Ray will just hit the hot tub and serve each other gin an tonic with a zest of lemon.

1b – cfarnham04– He’ll be drilling for diamonds using high pressure water pumps. He’ll be careful not to tear apart the stadium but being he is the only one using the equipment he can only protect safety by putting out a duck tape sign saying “warning I have no idea how to do this”

C Jody Foster returns to the catching position tonight. She’ll stick around for an inning but is really worried about the combination of explosions and radiation damage from the other mining operations.

SS – chman712 — chman712 will be drilling for coal underground that he’ll immediately burn because it’s a great way to practice his meditation.

3b – redsoxfan015 — redsoxfan015 will be simply digging holes. He loves digging holes in the ground even if its 100 feet below the surface. He plans to dig about 40 and is not worried about getting burned alive from Ellen’s natural gas digging.

p – gsm52 — gsm52 will be discussing geology with Jody Foster far away from Fenway park as he’s decided that all these insane ventures are not designed to keep anyone alive.

p – Pangelotti — Pangelotti will be using nuclear explosions to help him dig for clay. He says his back is bothering him and he’ll be wearing safety glasses for the fallout.

P – Rayman — Rayman will be using dynamite and throw it into the stands. He just loves the sounds and colors of the explosions and the hissing of the dynamite.

1b coach — 007 chow. his only goal is to stay as far away from the stadium as possible.

Umpires — Barbra Walters will be handling balls and strikes until her hair falls out from the radiation damage.

Barbra Streisand will not be singing tonight but instead building a rocket ship to get out of Fenway park before the ‘fun’ begins.

Once again guys thanks for all the fun.

Lineup continued

jimmaynard3 will be managing this operation. He says there is nothing wrong with managing the operation from the Hawaii sitting on the beach with Nicole Kidman and some humus with lightly salted corn chips.


Manny is greatly responsible for the former attitude of this team. If he were still on this team we’d have lost the last two games — BADLY.

I wonder if Manny is going to come down woth the September “flu”. You know the kind where you seem to choke and have to rest for a couple of weeks.

Let’s hope that DiceK can get more than six innings today. However, Tito should plan to have someone ready to go in inning number six and not wait until the game is beyond reach. If he goes more than six all well and good, but I wouldn’t take any chances. Let’s hope the new team atmosphere will help prolong his staying power.

One sign in the bleachers said ” Bay being Bay”. lol. Threw a strike to second base and Ellis was out easily. Welcome to Fenbay Park as another sign said. It must be nice being Jason Bay right now. Free meals for him and free drinks as well in the city of Boston.

ZERO chance to get Pedroia at home. What a stupid descion by there young center fielder. As a pitcher that would drive me nuts. Throw to second and keep the chance of a D.P. alive.

I just have the gameday on, but a leadoff triple and Dice-K gets out of it! I like it. Dice-K and Lester are really doing well this year. Even with the walks from Dice-K.

Ok, enough about Manny. As someone said above, he’s history. Next person to mention Manny spends a weekend with Roseanne in the Clampett’s old cabin in Bugtussel.

Arnie, you listed some of Grannie’s favorite victuals. She also did some intersting things with ‘possum and pork bellies. LoL.

How could I forget the ‘possum?!?! And don’t forget the squirrel pot pie!


O.K, you really think that Grannie’s cooking incorporates victuals. I mean that was one nasty cook.
I hope also we don’t have a one run game today. Nice to have another breakout as was yesterday to end the road trip on a high note. Dice-K cannot last long. He’s already close to 50 pitches as we’re talking three innings. Another long day for the bullpen coming.

Keep the faith, Dave.

What a strange inning that was!

Bad baserunning by Ellsbury, trying to do too much I think. He is fast but he isn’t that fast. I don’t fault Youkilis trying to get to second but then again Ortiz is up. You want Ortiz to hit with guys on base. Not leading off an inning.

This A’s lineup has to be the weakest in the A.L. Dice-K should go at least 7 innings against a team like Oakland. Orisillo mentioned earlier the A’s only have 20 home games left. It is going to be a long second half for the A’s!!! I wish they were coming to Boston again.

You gotta love Lowell. The guy can barely run but he is in that lineup. That is what you want too see. Lowell will have a much needed day off tomm. night in K.C.

Pretty sad inning. Sox appear to be as brain dead as most of us here on this blog. Not very good team baseball. Gremlin Guy has got to be thinking about getting Ellsbury to thrid. I don’t know what Ellsbury was thinking about on Youk’s ground ball. Then Youk finishes things up nicely with a brilliant base running maneuver.

Dice-K looks pretty good today. The thing that’s making that pitch they are calling a slider very effective is the change of speed and he seems to have good command of it keeping it down.

Nice swing by Mike Lowell. He looks like he’s in some pain while running……. but he’s a ball player. He’ll play until he can’t play any more. I really like that.

Your line-up is missing the cop who “trades fists” with Pappelbon on the way in to put the opposing team away. Of course he is only at the home games. If we get to where we are running out of positions for bloggers I’ll stand down and be the cop!!!!!!

So who do we find to take Lugo’s salary??????

I was just thinking of the people we’ve lost this year: Gagne, Taravez, Moss, Hansen, Cory. All of these players we got nothing for or were stuck with their salaries. All are doing well — even Gagne but Cory and Taravez are tough. I won’t even talk about “he-whose-name-must-not-be-spoken” Shame to burn all that money away. Hansen though I would agree with bosoxbrian, he really does need a smaller market to refine his skills and step up to the plate. He will be a solid reliever in years to come. Moss will be a solid outfielder and it was a shame to let him go but I look at it this way — there was no future in Boston and that was represented with Bay coming in. Moss was going to rot in Boston.
That is all…

Sox 4 – 0. Ellsbury needs to get it game back into play. He’s a Fred Lynn with the speed of the Six Million Dollar Man — but without the leisure suit and bionic eye. He’s a superstar that just is under the pressure veil.
Lowell needs a day off. He’s no good playing that injured but I greatly respect him.
Dice-K up to 71 pitches. Look for the 7th inning on to go to the pen but with 4 runs I feel quite a bit better than 1.

Speaking of Moss….he just went yard against the Cubs. Good for him!!!

Lowrie is turning into **** with some bat. I’m really impressed by this guy. Maybe Lugo can fake an injury to keep him out longer or perhaps he wants to help Ellen out on her nuclear fusion experiments involving hydrogen and some very heavy shielding.

What was blurted out was the word ‘ss’ for shortstop. I didn’t know that was a swear (LOL)

Dice-K walked and then gave up the long ball. Now 4 – 2 and a lot of game to go. Sox need to score more runs and now Dice-K is upping his pitch count. Sox have some work to do.

Let’s hope that Dice-K can last the 6th at least.


As soon as DiceK lets one man reach base, Tito should pull him. He should have someone warming up now.

C’mon Sox- let’s get some runs. We’re going to need them!

Oritz showing the wheels. What a great slide by Ortiz, lol.
Red Sox have to be concerned with Lowell’s hip. He sure is gutting it out.

It sounds like if everything goes well with Colon, he’ll join the rotation in late August or early Sept. Farrell told the lovely Heidi Whatney that it will be like spring training for Colon. He’ll need 4 or 5 starts in the minors. If Colon does join the rotation, ( assuming everyone is healthy ) Buchholz could be headed to the bullpen. It usually works itself out.

Good news for the Red Sox and us the fans. Yanks losing 9-8 in the 8th. Texeria goes deep!!!! Rays losing 2-1 in the 8th.

The Yanks just tied and are threathening. The Rays are losing 3-1. Is this an official game? The A’s has a weak lineup, their pitching is decent. Hey a win is a win.
Tomorrow Buchholtz is pitching although against a non contending team, it’s toss up wheather he will pitch to his potentials.

It appears that the Rays and the Yanks are going to win again unless their bullpens falter. Imagine if the Sox lost the last 2 games which were likely if Manny stayed. Whew!

Hey everyone, we have a winner. 007chow mentions the M-word and wins a weekend with Roseanne in Bugtussell. Let’s here is for the chow man.

I think Colon’s return will present some issues for Tito, especially if Buccholz finds himself and begins to pitch well. I don’t see Buchholz heading to the bullpen. I don’t think that’s in his future and I really don’t think the Sox want to work him from there.

Ellsbury had some good swings his last time up and hit the ball hard. Things will come around for him and when he does start hitting he will become a formidable weapon again.

Now that chowman has won the vacation, I heard an interview on the radio today with Rick Monday who is a broadcaster for the Dodgers. He reports that Manny has brought life to LA and the fans are all hyped up over his being there. After one game, Manny has already said he wants to finish his career in LA…….. LOL!

I just saw one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in a baseball game. I was flipping to the Rays game and I saw Detroit reliver Rodney throw a fast ball and blast Rays player Riggans right in the middle of the chest. I thought the kid was dead for sure. He got up, and took first base, but I’m not sure how. It was unbelievable. This guy Rodney has no business being a pitcher. He has thrown a couple over hitters heads and seems to have no clue where his fastball is going. I sure wouldn’t want to hit against him.

Good game by the Sox today. Most importantly, the bullpen seems to be coming around. It was a pretty good effort by Dice-K with a couple of timely hits. They beat a team they should have beat and that’s what’s keeping them in this thing so far this year.


I agree Buchholz’s future is in the rotation. If Colon does return and assuming everyone is healthy ( let’s hope anyway ) That would give the Sox 6 starters. Your not going to put anyone else in the pen from that rotation. A numbers game but as I said before it usually works itself out. Dice-K could have shoulder issues, Beckett could have an injury and Wakefield isn’t getting any younger. Perhaps Buchholz has an injury. Time will tell and who knows Colon might have a setback anyway. Alot can happen between now and then anyway.

I thought when this series started Boston would sweep. Alot of automatic outs in that lineup. Billy Beane knows pitching but his lineup’s over the years are pretty weak!!!

The Sox better not let up or take the Royals lightly. They are hot right now. Play hard….win big.

Great day for the Sox. The only thing that could have been better was if the Angels didn’y give the Yanks 9 unearned runs. Also, if Farnsworth didn’t let TB bang him around and that wild throwing Rodney didn’t let them win it. Farnsworth must be looking to get back at the Yanks.

Both Manny and JBay had good days today. Maybe the change in scenary did them both good. Manny is really putting out– setting up his free agency demand. Hopefully the Yanks will bite.

Monday lineup: This is a great lineup guys!
Because of all the demands to compete with food, everyone on the team was required to provide a dish. Here’s the dishes they’ll be making for the game.

LF – dbenjamin— dbenjamin will be making his suicide pizza. Just bake regular pizza crust (flour, water, yeast) and mix in the tomato horseradish sauce. Add red pepper, garlic cloves, endive, cool whip and ketchup and back at 500 for an hour or until it explodes in the oven. Serve the remains immediately.

2b – Ellen — Ellen will continue in second base with her famous colonic hot dogs. In a regular hot dog combine soaked raisins, prunes, Metamucil, Fiberall, Citrucel, Konsyl, and Serutan. Let sit in the back yard for a couple of hours and then serve immediately with some fizzy water. Have plenty of toilet paper handy!

DH – BosoxBrian – BosoxBrian will make his famous clam potato sauce. In a hot oven, bake the potatoes and then when soft soak them for three days in a mixture of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, clam shells, chocolate syrup, and baking powder. Once complete, heat in oven and then let sit for a day in the sun. Serve immediately with a sprinkling of parsley and lemon zest – you are gonna love this. Great for future sick days

RF – Arnie — Arnie’s kitchen will be serving a huge assortment of alcohol. I don’t know what inspired Arnie to do this but he said it all has to do with helping the stomach out.

1b – cfarnham04— will be serving his famous Octopus casserole. Start with fresh whole Octopus. Bake at 350 then create a stuffing of (cabbage, onions, raw turnips, bell peppers and peanut butter). Combine ingredients using a blender or a good mixer. Stir all together and then add fresh parsnips and beer. Leave in the sun for ten hours and serve with red wine – Mother-in-laws really love this delicate treat.

C Jody Foster was scheduled for catching tonight but some reason has a case of food poisoning.

SS – chman712 – will make his famous oatmeal surprise. Take fresh oatmeal and creamy cool whip. Mix together (ah that is so good) and then add fresh parsley and humus. Mix all together and bake in the oven with string cheese, raw meat, and pizza sauce. I am already dying for this dish. Add a sprinkling of nuts and raw seaweed and serve with skim milk, toast, and a tough attitude.

3b – redsoxfan015 – is a health food nut. Combine, Kale, Sour Kraut, Hot baked beans, turnip greens and beets with a sauce made of egg yokes, flour, salt, stewed tomatoes and creamed corn. Stir together and soak in brine water for about two days. Serve fresh with spinach leaves and cheese of your choice. (Optional – Rolaids and a stomach pump)

p – gsm52 – will be making New England Beans. Combine Kidney beans, ham, sausage, hard boiled eggs, cabbage, olive, soy sauce, egg yokes, dung, vanilla ice cream and butter (about 4 sticks) in a sauce pan and cook until the succulent and wonderful smells pour out all around your house. Sprinkle salt, grinded pepper and some corn starch and serve fresh. (Some tell me the smell is like having a break in your natural gas line)

p – Pangelotti — Pangelotti will be serving a mechanic’s special. Take baked potato, soak in gum out and add bearing grease. Mix together and spray with some quick start before lighting. Mix in the whipped cream while smooth and textured before adding a sprinkle of salt. Be sure to be near the phone with 911 programmed in before you try this delicious holiday classic!

P – Rayman — Rayman will be making his famous chicken nuggets. Combine chicken, corn starch and salt with a cup of water in a pan. Stir liberally until the mixture starts to harden. Mix with as much water as needed to get a creamy texture then add some lard and last years freezer burned soup and then sprinkle with grinded chocolate and serve chilled. It’s a chic-delicious treat. This dish will make you forget your hangover.

P – jimmaynard3 will be serving his gastro intestinal surprise. Combine baking soda, baking powder, flour, water, salt and shrimp. (Let the Shrimp sit for a few days until soft and slimy). Mix all the ingredients together until a kind of watery texture appear (sort of like leaving a watermelon soaking in the sun for six months) Combine a mixture of carrots, lettuce, and one cup low fat unsweetened soy milk. Mix together and serve to the former friend of your choice.

1b coach — 007 chow. For desert we’re serving cultured milk. Combine raw simmering milk (sun bake for a month or until mold appears), chocolate, sweet rice milk and sugar. Mix in some whipped cream, yogurt and vanilla bean. Chill and then serve fresh. (Optional use this dish as a rejuvenating skin cream)

Umpires – Rosanne is back calling balls and strikes and is asked not to bend over during the game to support the family atmosphere of the park.

Billy Joel will be singing his new single “Please don’t make me eat this”

Great lineup, Dave. I’ve got the Jeagermiester(how do you spell that?), Fernet Branca, bitters, 151 rum, Everclear, Red Dubonnet, Chartreusse, Absinthe and Ouzo in the blender with crushed ice and vanilla bean. The crack pipe is lit. And I’ve scored a little crystal meth to perk everybody up a bit before taking the field. Psylocybin jello shots are manditory as per the new baseball “Dave rule”. This could be our best game to date!

Glad you got a good laugh. I had great fun writing it.

Let’s see how Buchholtz fares against a AAAA team tonight. If Colon returns, I have a suggestion, why not let Colon pitch 4 innings and Buchholtz 3 innings every 5 days. lol.
If Colon returns, Chris Smith will be optioned to Pawtucket vacating a spot in the bp. Barring any injury, who will be the 5th starter? For the time being, I prefer Colon.

I know Tito won’t go along with it. I would pitch Beckett on his normal rest against Meche and Buchholtz tomorrow against Bannister.

I’m getting tired of everyone saying that Bay won’t be as good as Manny… Several points to argue that… 1) His stats were nearly as good this year, 2) His stats were put out with a line-up with NO PROTECTION, 3) Fenway might be better suited to his swing (short left field), 4) The pressure of meaningful games might inspire Bay 5) Manny is on the downside of his career (bad year last year), 6) Manny dogged it most of the time. 7) Bay will be a better fielder and runner (can’t be any worse).

Rayman, Manny is a better PURE hitter. But his bad attitude is probably the reason the Sox dropped out of first after the All-star break. So, one the whole, he had a negative effect that more than made up for his talents. As you say, Bay will be better in left (when he gets used to the monster) and be a better hustler and team player. So I see Bay as a plus, a big plus, for the Sox. The kid seems to love playing in Boston and that has got to mean a lot to his team mates. He may just be the guy that helps them get to, and do well in, the playoffs.

Ooops…..”on the whole”…. not “one the whole”…….

Looking ahead for the August schedule, the Sox of course should not take each game lightly. However, if the past records justify projection of future results, the Sox should have a great August. The Sox swept 4-game series at Tex and at KC respectively in April and May. The Sox hasn’t played the CWS this year. But the Sox swept all 7 games played with CWS in 2007. Toronto is the only team that gives the Sox trouble either away or at home. I’ll be happy with a split of 6 games.

I agree Arnie. You could put Jason Bay in a little league park and he’ll never be the hitter or bring the fear to pitchers that Manny has. However, in every other aspect of the game, Jason Bay is the better player, and that’s worth something, in fact, in my opinion, it’s worth a lot. It’s difficult to calculate how many runs the Sox have given up as a result of Manny’s being in left field, or how many more they may have scored if Manny had hustled down the baseline. I see Ellsbury in left field get to many balls Manny wouldn’t have come close to, and cut off others and hold runners to singles when Manny would have been chasing them to the wall (or more likely waiting for Coco to chase them). It’s not all about offense. If I’m looking for a DH, it’s going to be Manny over Bay. If I’m looking for a ball player who can hit some and win me some games in other ways, give me Bay.

The huge question is whether David Ortiz will remain the hitter he has been now that Manny is gone. Personally, I believe Ortiz is in decline. I believe those huge seasons he had was a combination of over achievement and being the benefactor of having Manny behind him and good table setters in front. He is unlikely to hit 40 home runs again in my opinion. I hope he proves me wrong, but I don’t think so. I do think he’ll give the Sox 30 HR and 100-115 RBI (pro rated for this season, of course).

As far as the Jason v manny argument, I’ll take Bay .. You cant convince any pther fan base of this but its true… Manny was not going to perform for the Sox no matter what they did. He wasn’t getting his way, he got reprimanded by the F.O. and that in Manny’s mind was the end (imo), so a guy who gets along with everyone, who produces and doesn’t cause the F.O. guys to develop bleeding ulcers, he’s ok in my book.

I wonder if Ortiz’ skill level is in decline or just his health. I’m thinking it’s the injuries. If he can recover and stay healthy you’ll see some great numbers from him for 3 or 4 more years. That’s a big IF.

Trivia for Monday: There is a family of birds called Goatsuckers. Yea, you read that right, you wonder what the folks were drinking when they came up with that. Anyway, the individual species have some whimsical names too. What are some of the common names for these birds? Prize is a week in Aruba with Jan Brady.

I so want a week with Jan. I must confess that Jan was the cool looking girl and Marsha was just ugly to me. Although Jan sure whined a lot.
Anyway, Goatsuckers came from a European belief that somehow these quirky birds drained the milk from goats — we were so scientific at one time. They are classified with wide gaping beaks which make excellent insect hunters. They cannot perch due to their weak feet so either are on the ground or flying in the air and they are nocturnal. Common in the species are whippoorwill and nighthawk.
Incidentally, Helen Keller when she moved into her house in Wretham after graduating from College had a whippoorwill near her on the porch. Annie Sullivan finger spelled the word into her hand. Helen of course couldn’t see or hear the bird but felt the vibrations in the air and she knew it sounded different to her.
Arnie — can Jan and I have fun in Aruba now?


Did you like the lineup. I actually worked on that one!

Great Dave! The limo will pick you up later tonight. Jan’s still a little jealous and whiny but 25 years of therapy have helped her see that, in fact, it’s not her fault. Marcia really WAS better than her in every way. Oh, the joys of modern psycho-science! Actually the goat-suckers can sit on branches and power lines but they do it parallel to the branch. They look funny doing that.

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