Live from scalding Kansas City

After a horrific travel day — I stepped out my front door at 4 a.m. and arrived in Kansas City shortly before 2 p.m. CST — I was positively shocked to feel the air when I exited the airport.

It was like stepping into an inferno. Just disgustingly hot. Gross, gross weather.

Lowell, as planned, is off. He got a shot on his right hip, so hopefully he’ll be in less pain when he takes the field again on Tuesday or Wednesday.

So Manny is crushing the ball in LA and running like the wind on the bases? There’s a shock. How long do we suspect the honeymoon will last?

I’ll blog more later when I have any energy to speak of.



K.C., Mo. could be the ugliest city the Red Sox will ever visit. lol. I feel bad for Ian and everyone else in K.C., Mo.

Ramirez will play hard for the final 2 months and a little more. I think the Dodgers will win the West and edge out the D’Backs. Where he ends up playing next year and beyond is anyone’s guess and right now I could care less. My focus is on the Red Sox.

I hope Buchholz can get his act together. This K.C. lineup is weak. Red Sox pitching should get the job done and Boston should take 2 out of 3 if not all 3. They need to take advantage of this schedule. I am expecting the Sox to go 4-3 on this road trip. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boston go 5-2.

Ian, it’s been hot like that here in Colorado for over three weeks. This weekend was 104 for the high. Luckily we don’t have the humidity.

Sox off to a good start, 2 runs off Meche. Keep it going guys.

Easy inning for Buch, one harmless hit.

I have only been to KC once for a conference when I was in the Navy. I did get out to watch a ball game there and the park is one of the most beautiful I have visited.

It’s time for Buchholz to start doing some positive things. He should be beyond the rookie jitters and start pitching like we think he can.

One thing about Manny being Manny and that is that Manny is Manny and that’s never going to change. He will hit, probably for as long as he plays the game. However, that’s all he cares about. He’ll got through the motions of running hard, but I doubt it will last two months. It’s not his game, it never has been, and never will be. Manny is a one tool player and his tool is a bat. That one tool is likely to carry him to the Hall of Fame, but in every other area, he is an average or below average player. The Sox in the long run will be better off with Jason Bay.

For those of you who missed it from the last blog:

Monday lineup: This is a great lineup guys!
Because of all the demands to compete with food, everyone on the team was required to provide a dish. Here’s the dishes they’ll be making for the game.

LF – dbenjamin— dbenjamin will be making his suicide pizza. Just bake regular pizza crust (flour, water, yeast) and mix in the tomato horseradish sauce. Add red pepper, garlic cloves, endive, cool whip and ketchup and back at 500 for an hour or until it explodes in the oven. Serve the remains immediately.

2b – Ellen — Ellen will continue in second base with her famous colonic hot dogs. In a regular hot dog combine soaked raisins, prunes, Metamucil, Fiberall, Citrucel, Konsyl, and Serutan. Let sit in the back yard for a couple of hours and then serve immediately with some fizzy water. Have plenty of toilet paper handy!

DH – BosoxBrian – BosoxBrian will make his famous clam potato sauce. In a hot oven, bake the potatoes and then when soft soak them for three days in a mixture of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, clam shells, chocolate syrup, and baking powder. Once complete, heat in oven and then let sit for a day in the sun. Serve immediately with a sprinkling of parsley and lemon zest – you are gonna love this. Great for future sick days

RF – Arnie — Arnie’s kitchen will be serving a huge assortment of alcohol. I don’t know what inspired Arnie to do this but he said it all has to do with helping the stomach out.

1b – cfarnham04— will be serving his famous Octopus casserole. Start with fresh whole Octopus. Bake at 350 then create a stuffing of (cabbage, onions, raw turnips, bell peppers and peanut butter). Combine ingredients using a blender or a good mixer. Stir all together and then add fresh parsnips and beer. Leave in the sun for ten hours and serve with red wine – Mother-in-laws really love this delicate treat.

C Jody Foster was scheduled for catching tonight but some reason has a case of food poisoning.

SS – chman712 – will make his famous oatmeal surprise. Take fresh oatmeal and creamy cool whip. Mix together (ah that is so good) and then add fresh parsley and humus. Mix all together and bake in the oven with string cheese, raw meat, and pizza sauce. I am already dying for this dish. Add a sprinkling of nuts and raw seaweed and serve with skim milk, toast, and a tough attitude.

3b – redsoxfan015 – is a health food nut. Combine, Kale, Sour Kraut, Hot baked beans, turnip greens and beets with a sauce made of egg yokes, flour, salt, stewed tomatoes and creamed corn. Stir together and soak in brine water for about two days. Serve fresh with spinach leaves and cheese of your choice. (Optional – Rolaids and a stomach pump)

p – gsm52 – will be making New England Beans. Combine Kidney beans, ham, sausage, hard boiled eggs, cabbage, olive, soy sauce, egg yokes, dung, vanilla ice cream and butter (about 4 sticks) in a sauce pan and cook until the succulent and wonderful smells pour out all around your house. Sprinkle salt, grinded pepper and some corn starch and serve fresh. (Some tell me the smell is like having a break in your natural gas line)

p – Pangelotti — Pangelotti will be serving a mechanic’s special. Take baked potato, soak in gum out and add bearing grease. Mix together and spray with some quick start before lighting. Mix in the whipped cream while smooth and textured before adding a sprinkle of salt. Be sure to be near the phone with 911 programmed in before you try this delicious holiday classic!

P – Rayman — Rayman will be making his famous chicken nuggets. Combine chicken, corn starch and salt with a cup of water in a pan. Stir liberally until the mixture starts to harden. Mix with as much water as needed to get a creamy texture then add some lard and last years freezer burned soup and then sprinkle with grinded chocolate and serve chilled. It’s a chic-delicious treat. This dish will make you forget your hangover.

P – jimmaynard3 will be serving his gastro intestinal surprise. Combine baking soda, baking powder, flour, water, salt and shrimp. (Let the Shrimp sit for a few days until soft and slimy). Mix all the ingredients together until a kind of watery texture appear (sort of like leaving a watermelon soaking in the sun for six months) Combine a mixture of carrots, lettuce, and one cup low fat unsweetened soy milk. Mix together and serve to the former friend of your choice.

1b coach — 007 chow. For desert we’re serving cultured milk. Combine raw simmering milk (sun bake for a month or until mold appears), chocolate, sweet rice milk and sugar. Mix in some whipped cream, yogurt and vanilla bean. Chill and then serve fresh. (Optional use this dish as a rejuvenating skin cream)

Umpires – Rosanne is back calling balls and strikes and is asked not to bend over during the game to support the family atmosphere of the park.

Billy Joel will be singing his new single “Please don’t make me eat this”

Clay gave up a run. Ellen, please give him some of your famous colonic hot dogs. While you’re at it, give a dozen to Manny and tell him no Rosanne for a week unless he eats them — you know he won’t say no!

Meche is looking stronger. Sox need to take a lot of pitches and foul off pitches to wear him down. Cmon Sox!

Left a note for you on one of the other threads. Noticed you were in the Navy for 33 years. I was in the USAF for 26 years. Am still working for them as a civilian. Was at my first duty station when Bucky F’ing Dent went yard over Yaz’ head into the monster off Mike Torrez. I can still see Yaz buckle when he saw the ball go into the net. I’ll say one thing, the Red Sox got me through all my assignments….good and bad. God bless the armed forces and the Sox!!!!!

So far Buchholz is looking good. Nice mix of ….uh oh.

Is anyone else tired of hearing about how small Pedroia is!!?? These announcers just obsess on it without end. It’s getting old.

Go talk to him, Tek. He’s flustered.

So much for Buchholz looking good. Oy!

I told you guys before, Beck should pitch tonight. Take that AA pitcher out of rotation. It’s too much to ask him to pitch against a AAA+ team.

Clay is going to be a terrific pitcher someday. Until that happens he will continue to be the joke of the team. He has great potential but right now he’s almost annoying as ‘he-who-must-not-be-named’
Sox need to score 240 runs to help out Clay tonight and it looks like the bats are playing on the road again.

Clay has the pitches, but he seems to lack poise. He gets taken out of his game pretty easily.

Buckholtz appears to have really lost it — it looked like he was hyperventilating on the mound. Not even the same pitcher he used to be. I can’t help but suspect his dating habits has gotten to his mentality and focus, it has to be taking a toll. How can a young kid really focus on baseball and also be hanging with the girl he is reported to be dating. Is that still going on? Yea, you have to have a life, but there are degrees with everything. Seems to me he is too young to handle a Brady life style, his choice is even more salacious, one would suspect.

Is Clay Buchholz dating Jan Brady??? Sorry Dave, looks like your week with Jan is off. Dang!

No worries. Jan came over and after an hour of whining I suggested she go back to Clay. No wonder Clay is a wreck. I would be too. Jan was also heavily drinking a combination of beer, chocolate syrup and whole milk yogurt. She was also eating mashed up ding dongs, twinkles and honey mustard sauce. I don’t know how she kept the stomach in place. She says that Clay really gets turned on by the food.

Jan also said she plans to visit your restaurant and offer some new food combinations for your enjoyment. Here they are:

1) Yogurt and ketchup dipped in a lightly fried batter sprinkled with garlic and shellac.

2) Beer soaked ham and eggs with a light coating of buttermilk and tender lettuce

3) Deep fried cantelope and watermelon soaked in soy sauce and lemon juice with just a dash of chocolate chips and mustard seed.

She says she insists. Good luck Arnie

You’re a riot Dave! LOL!

Hey, will she whine while I prepare all that? “Whine and Dine with Jan Brady” That was her show on the Food Network that got cancelled after one week.

Sorry I forgot her desert combinations:

1) Combine pineapple and sour cream. Mix together and let soak in fish oil. Add just a dash of sugar and horseradish candy (available on line at

2) Combine cream, honey, chocolate, liver, day old bread and tomato beer and freeze for an hour. Serve fresh or with a stomach pump — delicious

3) After making a basic pie crust (flour, water, baking soda, coca cola and lemonaide) use a filling of apples, pine nuts, walnuts, leftover egg yokes and caster oil. Bake at 350 then top with Jan’s edible latex paint. An awesome desert.

cfarnham: I had a chance to back to Washington DC or to Millington, TN as a consultant in career progression. I managed the Navy’s enlisted promition system for almost four years before I retired and did not like the direction the Navy was headed (and still don’t) so I elected not to take those opportunities. Although I loved my career, I was also tired and ready to retire. The jobs I was offered were very good paying jobs but would have involved a lot of travelling and continued dealing with the bureaucracy. I wasn’t in the mood. Instead, I had the chance to go to work for a very good friend and go to school which is what I did. So now I work, but have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and I get to wear shorts and a polo to work. I’ve had my career and had no interest in starting another. I initially enlisted in October 1969 and retired on 1 October 2002.

I can still see Yaz on the Dent HR, as I can see Wake on the Boone HR. Can you imagine, two dream seasons wiped out by Bucky F’n Dent and Aaron Boone. How pathetic is that.

Looks like we’ll have to have a Jan Brady Memorial Dinner soon at the restaurant. No sense waiting until she has passed on for a memorial. I’ll take your recipes with me to work and tomorrow I’ll start working on them. Bulking them out so we have enough for 300 will take a little time so I better start now.

Who’s that guy in the stands holding those signs? KC’s an odd place it seems.

Nice double play.

Tito is trying to squeeze the fifth out of Buchholz. He is struggling for sure. He has lost command and confidence. He is breathing hard. I think his mechanics need a lot of work. He works very hard on every pitch. That isn’t good.

Great DP, great play by Casey on a tough throw from Lowrie. Buccholz escapes the fifth.

OK…I’m on a roll now Arnie. Introducing the Brady Bunch recipe book:

Cindy’s lisp oatmeal. Combine oatmeal, rolled oats, milk, sugar and tongue. Mix together and boil for an hour or until you choke on the fumes. Serve with beer.

Jan’s knockout punch. Combine jello pudding, white wine, caster oil, lemon oil, tong oil, motor oil and ice. Grind up and serve immediately to Marsha.

Marsha’s nose job. Combine the nose of a pig, baked pineapple, anti depressants and beer. Cook for an hour in the oven and then light with a match.

Bobby’s grub juice: Combine water, wine, dust mites and cod fish (wait until it has that shiny slime to it). Bake in the oven with lemon juice and bread crumbs — yummy

Peter’s hair casserole. Combine pasta, lemonade, baked tomatoes and oreo cookies. Blend together and then throw out before you even consider eating it.

Greg’s singing meatloaf. Combine ground up chuck, tomatoes, onions, parsnips, cat hair and a Brady Bunch CD. Run it through the lawnmower and then back in oven for an hour. Serve it to your neighbor and run.

Alice and Sam’s freak food: Combine one entire chicken and cut up with a chainsaw. Bake in the oven and add lettuce, tomatoes, a touch of insanity and one whole bag of rice. Cook and give to “He who must not be named”

Carol and Mike’s hot dog fiesta. Combine eleven hot dogs, sour cream, chocolate chips, pineapple, apples, rice meal, raisins, peppers, chocolate sauce, onions, radishes, eggplant, turnips, sweet potatoes, catnip, cabbage, garlic, spelt flour, rice flour, horseradish, banannas, blueberries, blackberries, oranges, bananana, planktin, grapefruit, green onions, cauliflower, salt, pepper, chicken, octopus, prime rib, veal, frog legs, zest, lemons, limes, sprite, cool-aid, rolaids, orange aids, beer and a touch of madness. Serve immediately and then throw out.

The Sox need to start hitting. They can’t be wasting all these games on the road any more.

Arnie, do you think that Brady Bunch recipe book would sell well at your restaurant?

Dave, that’s a masterpiece. I’m off to the printer now. Look for your copy at

Can they trade Coco Crisp already,he is killing us today

Dave, I just bought this How to Make a Billion Dollars in Three Days on the Internet” CD from an infomertial. I need something to sell so I need to order 462,311 copies of the Brady Bunch Recipe Book. Can you get them to me by Thursday?

Good sixth by Buccholz. All I have to do is say bad stuff about him and he’s lights out.

I’ll give Buchholz credit. After that meltdown in the third he hung in there even though he’s obviously without great stuff and zero confidence, he’s kept the Sox in a position to come back for a win.

Sox are running out of innings to get some hits. GO SOX!!! Cmon guys.

Indians have beaten the Rays 5-2 and the Rangers are playhing the Yankees tough leading 5-4 in the 6th. Good night for the Sox to win.

Rangers got to Joba for eight hits and five runs.


No problem. The Brady Bunch cooking book is on its way to your place in Florida and Arnie’s restaurant. The first ten copies are not only readable but edible. you can chew on the cover. It’s like eating shoe leather left in salt water for a week in 100 degree weather. Jan still eats it for a snack and Rosanne says it’s what keeps her young.


We need a Dave rant, for sure. Are you all still in a contract dispute? Dave, get out of the kitchen, we have to have a rant!!!!

The Sox have done nothing since the first. Time to hit, boys. Time to hit.

Arnie, it would appear Dave has given up ranting with the hope of become an executive chef, major league manager, or best selling author of edible books. BSBGSM Inc. is looking for a new ranter. I think Brian is getting ready to intervies this dame named Ellen…..

Dave Rant #1:

They get rid of Manny for you, bleed the team dry and your thanks it so sit on your Jan Brady’s and do nothing. Stop thinking like Marsha with the football nose. Get your Mike Brady on the field and start slamming the ball around. You are crap to me and to all of New England. Get your Peter in gear and win!

Dave rant #2
You think you’re going anywhere Red Sox. This isn’t like The Brady Bunch Cook book ($14.94 or $15.95 with edible cover) available at and it isn’t the RSNBlog cook book available at @12.95. No it’s about winning. It’s about hearing Dave’s rants and responding. It’s about Dave who is sick and tired of your pathetic road record. Do I have to come and lecture to you (You can schedule me at for $125/hour. Get to it!

Dave rant #3

I am so frustated with you guys. Sounds like I have to manage you Red Sox pathetic players. That can be done at I charge just $245 an hour for a maximum of $5000/day. I will turn you guys around. Just log onto


How’s that for a rant!

Thanks Dave. This is looking better. They’re turning Tek around so he can hit from his stronger side. Go Tek!

Happy to help Arnie. Ironically, there really is a and I’m not kidding about that one. I couldn’t believe it.

BTW guys. Clay is coming over to Dinner tomorrow. Jan is doing all the cooking. I assure you that he may never be able to pitch again for the season once we get through with him (LOL)

I can’t take the suspense of Jason’s at bat. It’s killing me. I think I may try Ellen’s colonic hot dogs to cope.

Tek had some good pitches to hit and missed them all. Then he strikes out on ball four.

F$$king Red Sox. Once again they mess up. I hate them. I hate this team. Why can’t they do anything on the road. They are so pathetic. it’s pathetic. Runners on first and third and you can’t score. We’re talking K.C. here. We’re talking K.C. and the sunshine band. It’s sick!


Sox are wasting a chance to gain ground. Arrrggghhh!

You won’t score two runs in the ninth against K.C. Oh what is it going to take Manny.
Well if anything there will be a new lineup for tomorrow. That will cheer everyone up after this pathetic loss.

The ‘he who will not be named’ name that was inserted in my last comment was not intential.

Lineup will follow tonight’s loss. I need a new lineup to cheer myself up. I’m trying to think of the theme, medical, police, scientist, biologist, chemist, janitor, school teacher, mathematician, realtor, dog washer. I’m working on it.

Interesting phenomenon — Soria walking Youk the righthanded hitter to get to Jason Bay the lefthander. Let’s see what Jason can do for us tonight?

I know, I know, Jason Bay is a lefthanded hitter, but Sean Casey isn’t. Way to go Jason!!!!!


Great Sox. You just can’t help yourself can you!

That was sad. The road blues continue.

Hey Dave, can you go with a Village People theme tomorrow? That should wake up the Sox hitters.


There I feel better.

Tough loss for the Sox tonight. Buchholz was a little unlucky although he brought on some of his own problems with walks and a hit batter. He didn’t give up much in the way of hard hit balls. Sox had their chances and couldn’t cash in.

So, let’s liven things up with a little baseball trivia. First question: “Hitting a ball right on the screws” is common baseball jargon you often hear. Easy part…… What does it mean? More difficult part …….. Where did the term originate?

Second question: You have also heard the term “Southpaw”. Easy part…… What is a southpaw? How did that term originate?

Tuesday lineup:
It’s crazy science tonight for the lineup

LF – dbenjamin— dbenjamin will be arguing that the earth itself is 1000 years old as provided by new scientific evidence that he has discovered in his sleep after a major Friday night fun fest. He’ll be discussing how he found rocks outside his home near his whiskey still on Monday after the Red Sox loss and they looked about 1000 years ago before he passed out. Attend this important lecture.

2b – Ellen — Ellen has discovered an ancient unknown civilization in her backyard. After the Sox loss she went in her back yard and found a littering of beer cans. She tested the metal and found that an ancient civilization addicted to beer and the Red Sox (which were formed about 400 years ago but later disbanded) had been living in her back yard for over 400 years ago. Ellen called the people the ‘alcoSoxtis people. They apparently had large scientific brains that slowly deteriorated over time. She will present her finding tonight during the game.

DH – BosoxBrian – BosoxBrian’s will discuss latest experimentation with radioactivity (He’s a big fan of Superhero movies and wanted to turn himself into the Hulk) in his underground cellar. After major surgery he has discovered that what is presented in 1960’s comic books do not necessarily reflect real life realities. He will speak tonight about why he is suing Stan Lee for false science claims.

RF – Arnie — Arnie’s kitchen will be open tonight. He’ll be doing Italian vegetarian cooking. We’re all excited about this.

1b – cfarnham04— will be explaining tonight that the human body is a lot tougher than you can imagine. He’ll explain this through a computer modeling program called Grand Theft Auto. He’ll show that the body can instantly repair itself after a devastating loss of life with the right medical treatment. Bosoxbrian will be talking to him later about the realities of science.
C Jody Foster returns tonight looking forward to a great ball game with gsm52 as they discuss the sexual life of plants in their home later. Jody will bring tulips and gsm52 will bring the instruments.

SS – chman712 – will finally explain to everyone how he derived that the speed of light is 125 mph. Chman712 discovered the reality after accidentally smashing his head with a baseball bat that was actually being aimed at the television set. After the strike to the head he could clearly see the slow moving photon particles flow through the air.

3b – redsoxfan015 – will demonstrate that Einstein was an idiot and there is no way that the distortion of spacetime is responsible for the movement of the celestial bodies in our universe. Instead he will show that it is actually the distortion of spacetime that is responsible for the movement of the celestial bodies of our universe.

p – gsm52 – will be busy with Jody Foster tonight and have no time to pitch the game.

p – Pangelotti — Pangelotti will be explaining string theory. He was really excited about it. He was planning to talk about cotton string, nylon string, etc. It was only later that Pangelotti discovered that string theory is about objects that have one dimensional spatial extent that tie in the quantum world with the larger world generated by Einstein. This grand unification theory has excited Pangelotti and once he recovers from his nervous breakdown he will try to present the ideas at the ballpark.

P – Rayman – Rayman has found the mysterious dark matter that has haunted scientists for ages. He got the entire scientific community excited until he presented them a bag of unbleached white all purpose flour painted black to the scientists. They just have no sense of humor do they Raman?

P – jimmaynard3 will be explaining the different cloud types including stratus, cumulous and cirrus and then explain the combinations and then realize that this can be explained in about 10 minutes begging the question ‘why did you chose to explain different cloud types’

1b coach — 007 chow. Will be explaining Maxwell’s famous equations attempting to point out the staggering importance of these equations. 007chow only has one problem – he has no idea what Maxwell’s equations are and why they are important. Then again Pangelotti pointed out that with string theory, Maxwell might not be so important anyway.

Umpires – Rosanne is back calling balls and strikes and is asked not to sing ‘don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’

I don’t know what Papi’s problem is but after the first couple of games from rehab- he looks pathetic. If he is going to swing this way he may as well sit down for a while. He is playing with little or no enthusiam. If the Sox are expecting to look up to him for leadership they better starting looking elsewhere. The two players that are constantly grinding it out are Youk and Pedroia. After that – especially now that Lowell is out, though he hadn’t contributed much lately- probably due to his hip problem, we have no one. Crisp is totally useless. He swung at balls that he couldn’t come close to. I would rather have Ells , though I realize that the way he has been lately- he is the lesser of the two evils, As far as tonights game is concerned, though Bucholz came around- I would have pulled him ih the third inning before they got their third run. At that point in time he was constantly behind the batters and when he did get it over he got hit. He had little or no control over his pitches. Maybe Tito left him in to see whether he should be kept with the Sox, sent down, or be traded. Perhaps he left him in for a purpose – besides trying to lose this game. Let’s hope we get over these on -the-road doldrums. Toady we could have picked up a game on both the TB and NY.

Gsm52: I’ve always assumed that “hitting it on the screws” is a golf-derived term, referring to wooden-headed clubs which had its face attached to the body of the club by small screws located in the center of the clubface. “Hitting it on the screws” has always meant to me “hitting the golf ball on the center of the clubface.”

As a lefthander, I’ve always relied on “Rocky’s” definition of “southpaw”, that the left hand was somehow “South”, southpaw…South Jersey…(lol)

In any event, I suspect all of you are as frustrated as I am with last night’s loss. I felt their best chance was in the 8th inning. I assume that the reason Tito didn’t pinch-hit Lowell for Tek was that Lowell’s hip was really hurting him. However, what about Kevin Cash? Tek had had a good night, with a single and a couple of walks…and he is a switch hitter. But at some point, you have to face the fact that most of the time, he just can’t get it done at the plate. You knew you were going to see Soria in the 9th who has been pretty much lights out this year (although, the Sox did a pretty good job of getting to him…if the Mayor could have just pulled his drive a bit more in the 9th, I think it would have avoided being caught by the right fielder and scored go-ahead runs…nice try Sean…and the 30+ pitches he threw should make Soria unavailable for tonight…)

Fortunately, both the Rays and Yanks lost, but let’s not lose sight of the Twins, who are closer to the Sox than the Yanks. I certainly don’t want the Sox to “settle” for the wild card spot, but I do want them to somehow make it to the play-offs. Also, I wonder how much trouble Joba really will have with his shoulder. I remember how well Liriano was going a couple of year’s ago, and he’s only now coming back effectively from his shoulder ailments.

I’m wondering if the Sox should have converted Buchholz to relief this year, leaving Masterson as a starter? I’m sure they know what they’re doing…but I’ve got to believe they would have won a couple of the games Buchholz lost had Masterson been starting them.

Ramirez or no Ramirez….Ortiz or no Ortiz….Same old same old when it comes to the Red Sox on the road. Another 1 run loss.I wonder what the record is for 1 run losses on the road in 1 season???? …No clutch hitting again!!! Ground Hog Day continues with the Red Sox on the road.

Ortiz said he heard a click….uh oh….Doesn’t sound good does it?

I think the Twins will win the Central. Just a guess, my predictions stink anyway. lol.

dbenjaimin, although commonly used in baseball jargon, you are correct. Hitting a ball right on the screws is derived from golf for the exact reason you said.

Being a southpaw, you know that means being left handed. While the term southpaw is not limited to just baseball jargon, that is where it is heard most and is derived from the game of baseball. You may not know this, but most baseball parks are built facing the east so the sun would not be in the batter’s eyes in the late afternoon or early evening. Of course, if the batter is facing east, a left handed pitcher would be facing west and his left arm would be to the south making him a southpaw.

Baseball Rules 101: There are runners on second and third with one out. The batter hits a fly ball to right field. Both runners tag and advance. The defensive team notices that the runner advancing to third left second base too early. The pitcher makes a proper appeal by tossing the ball to the second baseman who steps on the bag. The umpire rules the runner at third out. Does the run score and does it count?

I don’t think so. It should be a double play and the run doesn’t score or count.

The next 2 pitchers for the Royals are horrendous. We better destroy them. 12 LOB… there might not be anything more predictable in sports right now than the Redsox pathetic play on the road. We should rename the team to make it sound more like a music band… “Pedroia, Youks, and the Sleepwalkers”

It is imperative to take Buchholtz out of the rotation. The fact is everytime he pitched , the Sox lost. It didn’t matter he pitched well overall for the the Sox to catch up every time. Simply put Buchholtz is not ready for the MLB as evidnced by the 3rd inning meltdown. KC has a week lineup. If Buchholtz faced a heavy hitting team, the result would be disastrous.
I’d like to start Masterson until Colon returns. At least when M or C pitches, there is a chance that the Sox will win. When Buchholtz pitches, it’s a forgone conclusion just a matter of how bad the result will be.
I know it’s unfair to criticize Buchholtz for last night’s loss. The offense was largely to blame also, 21 LOB.
If Buchholtz did not give a walk, a wild pitch, and hit batsman, he could easily just give up 1 run in that fatal inning. It showed that Buchholtz lacked poise and confidence like Masterson and Lester do in similar situation. The Sox could still won 3-2.
The only consolation is the Rays and the Yanks lost too.

Joba Chamberlain may be lost for the season for precaution. The Yanks replaced the ineffective Rasner with Dan Giese. I hope Sox will do the same thing to its 5th starter before it is too late.

I’m with Pangelotti. That would be considered a force-out and therefore the run counts not. If the runner was thrown out at third and it was determined that the other runner had touched the plate before the tag, then the run would count.

Now about the southpaw debate. If you study history you find that in the ancient days there was a prejudice against lefties. Whether it was the Hebrews, the Christians, the Hittites, Mennonites, Zoroastrians, Islamists, Druids, Fluids, Goths, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Huns, Puns, Followers of Osiris, People of Kush, Indus, Aztecs, Toltecs, The Riders of Roitan, The Neandertals, and so on; they all felt that lefties were minions of the Dark One(no, not Manny!) and therefore were likely scheduled to burn in Hades. They were thought of as headed “south” and became “southpaws”. It seems we humans have some deep-seated fears and one of them is a distrust of people different from us. Since 87% of folks are “righties”, left handers are different. It’s a fear common to all types of societies and could be thought of as the “human condition”. So, southpaw is as ancient a term as there is.

O.K. here is a trivia question that’s so easy to answer. Explain the theory of special relativity and its consequences. This should be a no brainer to you all. Winner is a hot tub weekend with Halle Berry and Jodie Foster and Drew Barrymore with a weekend ending with a dinner with monique Curnen who says she loves hot dogs and bananas.

Baseball Rules 101: The scenario I posted above actually is not a force play. It is an appeal play and in this case it is a live ball appeal play. This appeal may be made by tagging either the baserunner, or second base. It can be done immediately. For example, when the throw comes in from the outfield to second base, the defensive player can call to the umpire and tell him at that time he wishes to appeal that the runner, now on third, left second base before the catch and the umpire can make his ruling. As an alternative, if the time has been called and the ball goes back to the pitcher. The pitcher can take his place on the mound, wait for the umpire to begin play. The pitcher can then step back off the rubber, walk the ball over and tag the runner or second base, or toss the ball for the runner or base to be tagged, and make the appeal. In either case, if the umpire rules the runner out, the out occurs after the runs scores, it is not a force play, and the run counts. Two notes of interest on this rule. First, the appeal must be made before the next pitch. Second, the ball is in play during the appeal. Were the pitcher to toss the ball over the third baseman’s head, the runner could advance at his own risk. If the umpire rules against the appeal, that run would count as well.

Now that we know about appeal plays, how about this one. Same scenario, runners on second and third with one out. The same fly ball is hit, except this time it is the runner on third who leaves early. Also, this time the throw back to the infield is wild and the runner who was on second comes all the way around to score. The defensive team appeals that the runner who was on third left the bag before the catch and the umpire rules him out. Does the run count for the runner who scored from second base on the wild throw?

As Arnie can tell you, when you’re old, you’ve had the chance to do a lot of things. Umpiring was something I did and enjoyed for many years when my playing days were over.

Want to add if you answer the question you will also get one hundred dollars in currency produced in the United States Federal reserve given to you by Rosanne herself.

Hey Dave, I know all about that special relativity stuff. That’s the series of theories that allows Jacoby Ellsbury to have superluminary speed, to be two places at once, and to be able to travel someplace and get back before he left. LOL! I studied all that stuff in school, but it was mostly way above my comprehension level. Can I just have dinner with Jody Foster.

Arnie: “So now I’m the official Browniepoints expert on old age?”
Gsm “Well, that Depends….”

Regular relativity goes like this; I get pulled over for speeding. If my wife is with me giving birth to our first child I get an escort to the hospital. If Halle Barry is with me and I’m trying to get back to my hot-tub before she comes to her senses then I get a ticket.
SPECIAL relativity is like this; I get pulled over for speeding. I explain that I am lefthanded and driving on the right side of my brain, I’m an artist and this is my form of self expression. If the officer has had political correctness training he lets me go with a warning. If I’m truly an artist, I’m unemployed so I take the city and the officer to court to sue because I have been traumatized by the warning and deserve one million dollars for mental anxiety. And I win! That’s special relativity.

PC disclaimer:
No offense to anyone intended, lefthanders or police.

I’m as frustrated as everyone else with Clay B’s inability to have a top-to-bottom good game like his starts last Fall. However, if the Sox are to make a statement through the end of this season, Josh Beckett has to make his own luck. He has to take some shut-outs or 1 run games (2-3 hitters) into the 7th or 8th inning as he did last year. That’s what he could be counted on for last year, and what the Sox got from Schill more often than not in 2004. Then, between him and Lester and the contributions they are getting from Dice-K, the Sox would be formidable.

I know they left 18 on base last evening. However, they remain 6th in Team ERA, only .07 behind the Rays, ahead of the Angels who are 7th, and well ahead of the Yanks. They are 3rd in team batting average, ahead of the Yanks who are 7th, and the Rays who are 19th, 20 Team BA points lower. They are also 3rd in runs scored behind Texas and the Cubs (the same teams ahead of them in Team BA), ahead of the Yanks who are 9th in runs scored, and the Rays who are 20th, having scored 64 fewer runs, which is more than 1/2 run per game. I recognize that some would argue that these are first half statistics, but the runs scored disparity is greater than what would yield to that argument. They’re getting lots of hits, scoring lots of runs and pitching effectively (comparatively). Their results somehow don’t match up. I know statistics aren’t everything, but based on the statistics, they should have a significant divisional lead. I know some would answer they have to drive in more of the “ducks on the pond” but that would only make the disparity between them, the Yanks and the Rays greater.

Someone please try to explain it to me. I don’t get it. Are the Rays and Yanks winning more close, low-scoring games and getting shut out more often than the Sox? Are the Sox blowing teams out more often than the Yanks and the Rays. I can’t think of any other explanations.

You guys are so bad. Here is the answer:

Special relativity simple compares the relationship of speed to a frame of reference (e.g. if you are going 50mph in a car, your body is at rest but you are still traveling at 50mph. You relative speed is only a function of faster or slower objects (e.g. 30mph faster than carx or 20mph slower than car y). Observation says you are not moving, relativity says you really are. This has some interesting situation that come up when you consider the speed of light.
You have a clock in your hand. You set the time. You look over to another clock. That clock is a different frame of reference and will appear to be slower even though you are both set at the same time. Why? Since technically the speed of light is a finite quantity your time will be different than the other clock since light will take time to travel to your clock.
Under normal time you don’t care. Speed things up near the speed of light and the laws get funky. You have two factors — time dilation (time is now shorter) which is what Einstein used to say that you can travel forward in time through that principle) and lengths are now shorter as you approach the speed of light for an observer. Therefore as you approach the speed of light you clock appears to be running slower and the lengths of objects appear to look crushed.
This throws away Newton’s idea that space and time are uniform and they are not. Gravity does not act simutaneously on every object in the universe. There is a time factor involved so if the sun blew up (4 billion years or so for that) you will have about 9 minutes before you saw the effects on earth and feel the gravitational loss of the sun.
Is that easy to understand? Absolutely not. It takes a lot of work to get that stuff in your head which is why the reward was so high but for just attempting an answer you get the prize so gsm52 gets one weekend and Arnie gets another.

I did a winkpedia search to give you a link on the subject. It’s quite accurate. Have fun.

At least I had the traveling in a car part right.

yes I way oversimplified it but I really didn’t have the energy to explain the Lorentz contraction or Galileo’s relativity or the exact functions of these principles since that’s an entire semester of physics and I know Manny’s dreadlocks would explode and as much as I can’t stand him right now I won’t fry his brain.

Arnie, Dave is obviously a nerd. We on the other hand see things from a more practical perspective. We applied the relative specialty thing to real life scenarios, like baseball and driving a car. Of course, Einstein might not agree that who is in the car with you has a definite bearing on the relative specialty of things, but we know better. Professor Garry gives you an A+ for imagination and practical application.

Now let’s see if Albert Einstein Dave can get the appeal question correct.

Thanks Gsm, I feel better now. Dave, I never went past high school so you will need to dumb down your questions. As an aside, I’ve always felt a little irritation with people who have perfectly good educations and want to open a restaurant. I tell them that the restaurant business was created for people who DON”T go to school. Pisses me off. Now I REALLY feel better.

New thread!!

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