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Great movie by the way. And that’s also what walking into the streets of Kansas City feels like. I only wish my friend Rob Bradford was on this trip. Rob (formerly of the Boston Herald and now had a wager with several players and others related to the club — with all proceeds going to charity it should be noted — that he could wear a suit and tie for every game he covered this season.

Rob would have either lost the bet or been drenched in disgusting sweat if he had been on this trip.

On to real news, David Ortiz appears to be OK in the wake of a report in the Boston Herald that he felt some sort of clicking in his wrist last night. As of three and a half hours before the game, Ortiz was in the lineup and batting third.

Mike Lowell is also back in there after getting a shot for his right hip on Monday. In an interesting development, J.D. Drew is again leading off. A day ago, manager Terry Francona indicated that the only reason Drew was leading off is that Lowell was out of the lineup and hitting cleanup. Well, here is tonight’s lineup:

Drew RF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Youkilis 1B
Lowell 3B
Bay LF
Lowrie SS
Varitek C
Ellsbury CF

Beckett SP


For some reason the Sox are coming up one hit short of getting a lead or blowing the game open. They are losing way too many one run games. If this continues they will not be a playoff worthy team. They’ve got to win the close ones if they want to do well this year. They desperately need some clutch hitting the next two months.

Hello everybody. Just got back from Beantown today. Saw JB (The nickname I gave Bay) hit his first dinger in a sox uniform in real life and saw them beat Oakland 12-2 and 5-2. When Pap came in the speakers blurred out “I’m shipping off to Boston”. I also was on a Duck boat and saw alot of Boston. It feels good to comment again

I don’t understand Francona’s thinking with Drew leading off. It should be Pedroia or Ellsbury. Ideally Ellsbury but he was in a prolonged slump. He seems to be hitting better in the 9 hole. Not a good thing when Ortiz has a stolen base under his belt and Ellsbury hasn’t done any of that lately.

Will the real Josh Beckett stand up? His last start reminded me of Beckett back in 2006. This K.C. lineup is quite weak. Not sure where they stand in all the offensive numbers ( I’m not a stat man ) but I assume they’re near the bottom in alot. I’m sick of watching Ground Hog Day.

I did post a lineup so check that out. Here is a much easier question:

What is Maxwell and why is he important to science. I might also add Maxwell gave me a lot of headaches in school. He’s easy to understand but try to do those equations…


Maxwell hint — he’s got a real magnetic personality!


Welcome back. I miss Boston — to visit. Love seeing the Constitution, walking the Freedom Trail, etc. Great city — expensive and chaotic but a great city — and the people put on their lunatic face when they drive — but it’s still a great city.

Maxwell reward.
First person to get the answer on Maxwell will get one month of Jody Foster as your personal slave.

Hey everyone.. kept getting blocked from the blog last night.. I think it was Roseann and E.T. (e’Liz Taylor), they are still jealous of me and Naked Sean Casey!!
Anyway.. These games!!! I posted last week that whenever we leave an inning with 2 on the board, we end up losing.. that’s like the 5th one in about 3 weeks.
What the hell happened, I dont show up here for 24 hours and the team just cant get it done!!lol
And, I’m usually the last one to call for a demotion, but Buccholz has got to do something… I think the Penthouse Pet has irreversibly screwed him up and I think the Yankees set her to him.. Only way I could see that matchup (sorry, but he just looks geeky) and does he have to wear all that crap around his neck. I used to think that was why he always walked off the field with his head down, but now I realize its because he has not been pitching worth a k rap.
Glad I’m back!!!!
Dave, the menu situation?? I’m not sure…. lol

Dave, I agree with you. A bunch of honking.

uh, is it Maxwell Smart?? LOL

RSo15.. did you see Casey strolling the streets of Beantown??

O.K. Maxwell was the scientist who proved that electricity and magnetism were related just as mass and energy are. There are four differential equations that relate the two and they are a bit challenging to deal with — I hated the class.
Maxwell never worked for Control (LOL)

Wow….good thing I was not blogging last night. All that relativity malarkey and brain teasing would have had me putting tooth picks in my eyes. None of that would have happened if the Sox would pull their collective heads out of their a$$es. The Sox are obviously sending you guys down a path to hell. The Sox better start winning or I’m going to have to dig my kids’s school books out. STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP…I have a headache already!!!!! I was however quite impressed with the knowledge of the bloggers though. Ha Ha. Now go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave — check out's_equations

for a starting refresher 🙂

I have to say, Ortiz looked like a broken spirit last night at the plate and with his interview with Heidi Watney as well. He may really be hurt by Manny’s defection. He did have the sparkle in his eye or the infectious smile.

I hate so sound like an old time Boston the-sky-is-falling fan — but I think we are real trouble this year, and maybe for years.

It sounded like baseball had now become a job to Ortiz as well, and no longer just plain fun, which Manny if a way brought to David I think. But what do I know — just didn’t see the sparkle in him at all.


No, no…not the Maxwell equations — for the love of sanity! How is it I did well in everything else but Maxwell just baffled me. Why! I hate you Maxwell. Freaking divergence and curl operator and those stupid equations that haunted my very waking hours. Curse you Maxwell. You ruined my 4.0 and I hate you for it.
O.k…I feel better now.

Oops left out a “not” below, and a bunch of typos, which kind of changes my points a bit: LOL — corrected below:

I have to say, Ortiz looked like a broken spirit last night at the plate and with his interview with Heidi Watney as well. He may really be hurt by Manny’s defection. He did not have the sparkle in his eye or the infectious smile.

I hate to so sound like an old time Boston the-sky-is-falling fan — but I think we are in real trouble this year, and maybe a very good run is in jeopardy.

It sounded like baseball had now become a job to Ortiz as well, and no longer just plain fun, which Manny in a way brought to David I think. But what do I know — just didn’t see the sparkle in him at all.

Maxwell you gave me sleepless nights. Fourier transforms makes more sense than your cursed equations. You call them beautiful — I hate you Maxwell.


To have David sound happy and chipper would have been a bit forced. Of course he’s down, who wouldn’t be but unlike Manny, David’s a professional and will recover and help the team. I’m not worried about it. Give him time and he’ll be OK. As I say, I find it really impossible for them to take the crown this year but they’re going to put in a good fight and regroup in the offseason.

Sox ahead by one with a single by David. Sox should single this guy to death. Go Sox!

What on earth has happened to Beckett. He should be mowing these guys down, not giving a single and a double to a .240 hitter, to allow the score to be tied. Where is that unhittable roundhouse curve he threw last year for strikes? He can’t get by on his fastball alone!!!

Remember when Josh Beckett was dominant?

Beckett is beginning to throw that curveball for strikes…and outs….Could this be the “real deal” Beckett?????!?!?!?

Let’s hope this is the real Beckett. The Beckett that has pitched recently has gotten hit quite hard. Fooling nobody. He needs to pitch like an ace!!! This is August, not May.

Will someone (bosoxbrian or anyone else) tell me why the Sox are making Brian Bannister look like a world-beater????

I didn’t see Casey. But I stayed where the players park their cars and saw Mike, Tek, and Dice-K

Dbenjamin– Red Sox made Meche look good last night. Dennis Leonard, Charlie Liebrandt and Danny Jackson could take the mound tonight and the Sox would struggle. I would be surprised if the Red Sox scored more than 5 runs tonight.

I really thought that with Manny gone a lot would clear itself up but we have the same old Red Sox as before. Bay did a little but right now it’s the same-old, same-old. Get a run and leave 200 runners on base as you bang out a bunch of singles. Force your pitching to sweat a no-hitter since you can’t get more than one run per game. Make stupid errors to help out the other team. Go 300 innings because you can’t get more than the runs needed for a game. I’m really tired of this. I really am.

Bay with the big hit!!!

Here is the Red Sox pattern.

1) Score first blood in the first inning leaving the bases loaded because you’re out of luck.
2) Make a stupid error and have the starting pitcher give up 3 runs all in one inning.
3) Sox scramble to have runners at first and second and leave them there to become scarecrows in innings 2 – 7.
4) Give up more runs to the other team in inning five.
5) Wake up and get two more runs in the ninth.
6) Say afterwards “he was tough. he threw more than 60mph and had more than one pitch to his record and it messed up my brain. We just have to play our game and we’ll be fine.”
7) Start again tomorrow and repeat steps 1 – 6

Just checking in. Flipping Sox are at it again I see. Blue Moon Odom could get these guys out if he came out of retirement. Is he still among the living? I don’t want to insult any players who have passed. Anyhow, this version of the Sox is going nowhere.

Sox have a runner on third. Of course they’ll leave them there because the starting pitcher is throwing that nasty 80 mph fastball that is just unhittable.


All Lowrie had to do was a sacrifice fly? Is he that pathetic! A stupid sacrifice fly. hit the ball in the air…it’s not Maxwell’s equations here!

Varitek strikes out and Lowrie grounds out — this is so sad. Do the Sox need a night with Rosanne or should she just come in, strip naked and sing “do you believe in love?”

JB had a good part of the bat on it. 6-18 to start his sox career

If the Sox lose tonight I would have them all were bikinis tomorrow night until they started hitting.

Sox should be 4 – 1 but they worry about their LOB percentage not being high enough. Bay once again saves their butts. He can’t do that forever. Sox need to be a team and not sit back and ‘wait for something to happen.” Right now the Red Sox need Liza Minelli and Rosanne going into their dugouts and taking care of business.

Beckett it working hard but having no run support — as usual — is tough on any team. Sox are worthless.
I just realized I’m ranting without realizing it. This is really getting to me!.


Just wondering if there are any doctor’s in the Nashville area? Please get an appointment. lol. Red Sox in bikini’s? I am wondering about you. lol.


You’re right bosoxbrian. I wanted them in bikini’s to shame and humiliate them and to snap them into shape. Listen to what they are doing to me! They are torturing me!

Sox need to score runs before I have a breakdown. I’m losing it! (LOL)

A leadoff single by Ellsbury. Now an easy three outs with a double play — I can see it. They’re doing this to me. They’re driving me insane!!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

I like dave’s bosox bikini idea. Something is needed to get them out of their lethargy!! Maybe that would do it!! Beckett is settling in. Can he pitch 7 or 8 innings of 1 run ball? Seems as though his teammates are requiring this of him. Frankly, the Sox have to start doing this until they break out with their hitting on the road.

Let’s see what happens?!!?!?!?!?!?

Drew is 3 – 1. Watch for that easy strikeout!

O.K. I was wrong twice but it’s going to change. Now Pedroia will ground into an easy double play or Ellsbury will be picked off…or Pedroia will fly out to center field.

OK I was wrong again but you watch it. This will be it. Ortiz will strike out or fly out to center field or ground out into a double play. Yup that’s it.

Where would the Sox be this year without DP — in the middle of everything. Sox 3 — 1. Now let’s see if big Papi can keep it going and knock out Brian Bannister!?!?!?!?!?

Pitching change. Ortiz will blow it. You just watch it. It’s going to happen.

Easy swing by Ortiz. What a surprise…I knew it. Ortiz is useless. What a pathetic excuse for a team. They all should go home…OK…I’m starting to scare myself. I think I need to give myself ten minutes to be away from this insanity.

Youk will do a double play. I can see it. Useless pathetic players that can’t get anything done. Forget bikini’s. They will all walk around naked with ‘hit me’ on their backs while Rosanne runs around ‘singing’ Partridge Family songs.

Three outs coming soon. I can’t take it. I have to stop looking at this because I will crack!

Dave, snap out of it! Remember WWMD(what would Maxwell do?)? Whenever you start to hyperventilate remember: WWMD.

You’re torturing me. (LOL). Thank you. I have a good laugh over that one.

Hey Guys,

The sky isn’t falling. Let’s have some faith. 2 WS Championships in the past 4 years. Entitles them to sommmmmeeee faith!!!!

All I can say isL WWMD, WWMD, WWMD. Hey that actually works.

Oh now Lowrie hits a fly ball. WWMD, WWMD, WWMD.

Hey the picture of this L Nunez kid on the Sox homepage looks like a young Coco without the goofy hair. Check it out.

Sorry, I gotta keep working. Catch ya later.

Have fun Arnie. I gotta read to my daughter. See ya later as well.

Where would we be without Dave’s positive outlook????????????????

What on earth does WWMD mean “What would who do?” The Sox have now scored 5 runs in 6 innings, when their season-long average is 4.95 over 9 innings. Beckett has given up 1 run on 3 hits in 6 innings, having thrown 75 pitches, which should make him good for 8 innings or more. If the Sox don’t win tonight, when will they win?

I understand at 8 –1 you don’t pinch hit for Tek. But earlier, you have to begin to think about it. He has stranded so many potentially important runs. Kevin Cash isn’t a bad catcher, and if Tek can’t get the run in, why not give Kevin an opportunity. Let’s now see how many more Beckett can go?!?!?!


WWMD means what would Maxwell do” Maxwell refers to the dutch mathematician that created the ‘Maxwell equations’ uniting electricity and magnetism and called it ‘electromagnetism’ Believe it or not electricity and magnetism were considered separate worlds from each other as once mass and energy were.
Glad to see the Sox have 8 – 1.
A lot of you want Cash in there. Cash is an excellent backup catcher but he’s not a great hitter. He’s a bit like Doug Mirabelli (whom I miss). Cash will frustrate you just as much as Tek right now.

Way to go Timlin. Great way to get out of there.

Hey Dave, isn’t there some law of inertia or something that should have kept Bay’s ball rolling toward the back of the fence. Why am I asking you? Where’s Maxwell?

Beckett pitched well tonight. It was more the type of effort we are used to seeing from him. I hope Timlin can get this last out to protect Beckett’s ERA a little bit.

Good night for Ellsbury too. Couple of hits and it’s good to see him running again. I”d like to see him get back on a roll.

LOL! Did you see Timlin field that one hopper back to him? He must have had a two or three inch vertical leap on that one.

Wow, Timlin like a cat on the mound.

Wow, Timlin like a cat on the mound.

technically, a ball rolling into the field encounters resistance so once the resistance overcomes the momentum then the ball will stop rolling. It’s basically Ffinal = Finitial – ffk

Ffinal = final force
Finitial = initial force from the hit. Force is mass * acceleration and ffk = force of friction kinetic which is uk * m. The mass being the mass of the ball. uk is a constant generated between materials (rubber vs plastic, etc). In our case leather vs. grass. All Bay has to do is hit the ball hard enough to generate enough force to overcome Ffk. Simple!

Might want to add that if you find a surface that eliminates all friction then the ball will technically never stop rolling in the outfield — oh crap I’m sounding like a nerd!

I think the ground crew tilted the top of the wall back towards the field. Much like they do the base lines if the home team bunts a lot. That’s as technical as i can get.

Baseball Rules 101: Runners on first and third, one out. A batted ball is hit toward the second baseman but the runner heading for second base is hit by the batted ball in front of the second baseman. What is the call?

Same scenario, except the second baseman is playing in. The baserunner heading for second runs behind the second baseman and is hit by the batted ball. What is the call?

Dave, this is much easier than Maxwell. A chance to get your 4.0 back.


That works for me. Then the friction is at an angle and you have to calculate Force getting both the x and y components then using the simple A squared + b squared = c squared (e.g. the old triangle issue. Since it is at an angle negative to the path of the ball, the force of course would be much greater since in the y component would incorporate gravity.
As Paul Simon once said ‘maybe I think too much’

I already like Jason Bay. He has a nice swing and is going to hit some. He hustles and he plays defense. He doesn’t seem intimidated by the Red Sox environment.

Does he who shall not be named on this blog comply with Joe Torre’s wish and get his hair cut? It’s Torre’s test to see if he who shall not be named on this blog understands who the boss is.

Chris Smith is underrated. He’s going to be something else. Much more than ‘he who must not be named in this blog’ or HWMNBNITB for short (LOL)
I don’t even check in on HWMNBNITB anymore. It angers me too much.

Important game for the Sox. Bay is amazing out there. Should have a lineup for tomorrow but might need a night off. Feeling pretty tired right now @ 10:15 pm.

I think your math prowess is related to your ocean-going experience. You were in Decaturs Navy where they had to triangulate their location by using a compass, stars and whatever the hell else was available. In the USAF we just use GPS….yes we were whiners and lazy. BUT SMART!!!!! Works with our missles too. Ha Ha.

Tuned into the 9th inning of the Yankees game and listened to my buddy John Sterling…..Yankees lose….THAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yankees lose!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! (That was me)

GSM….Remember when the Yankees had Horace Clark and Gene Michael? Now those Yankee teams stunk up the joint. You were probably an E-4/5 in the Mekong Delta back then.

I think when the runnergoing grom first to second is in front of the second baseman ad gets hit by the ball the runner is out; the batter is credited with a single and the runner I believe goes back to third.

If the second basement is playing in and the runner going from first to second is behind him and gets hit by the ground ball, I believe the ball is in play. This one I’m not too sure of as my memory taxes me.

It is great to see the Sox bats come alive last night or was it largely due to KC’s lousy SP?
If someone cared to read my post prior to the series. I suggested that Beck should start against Meche and Buchholtz against Bannister. If Buchholtz pitched the way he pitched on Monday, he would be the WP yesterday.
I am excited to see Ellsbury started to come around hitting and stealing.
I hate to bring this up about Ortiz?????????????????
lol about Bay’s home run turned double. Luckily that run did not decide the game.

It was funny that Yankees fans were in euphoria and smiled in their sleep last Thursday learning that the Sox had traded you know who to Hollywood Dodgers. All of sudden it is all gloom and doom after losing 2 games to Rangers with their best pitchers (Joba & Pettitte) and almost reality of losing Joba for the season, at least most of the season. Ha ha……….

pangelotti, you are exactly correct. When a batted ball strikes a baserunner before the ball passes or has been touched by a fielder, the ball is dead, the runner is out, and the batter is awarded a single, and all runners are returned to their original base unless forced to move by the batter. If a batted ball is touched by or passes an infielder and then strikes a runner, it is alive and in play. Roseanne will be delivering your seafood (octopus and sardine) pizza shortly.

Dr. Dave ……. technically speaking, a ball moving on a surface with no friction would not roll forever. It would slide since rolling is caused by friction. LOL! By he way, it’s Garry, with 2 r’s. You make that mistake again and Mom will zap you with a lightning bolt from upstairs.

cfarnham ……. I actually started my career on the Aviation side of the Navy. All the planes I worked with are now sitting in museums. However, my ship board days were on small boys and we were sub hunters. You’re right, all that triangulation stuff with sonobuoys, sonar, along with info provided by P-3’s and H-2’s got pretty complicated. I never seemed to have enough fingers and toes to understand it. GPS is a better way, but I’m not so sure that works with finding subs. Of course, I’ve been gone a while. Who knows what they have now?

007: I though Buchholz pitched pretty well the other night. He had a rough inning but regained his composure and actually went further than I thought he would. This is all good for him. It will make him a better pitcher in the long run. The only way you can learn to pitch under fire is to pitch under fire. The Sox could season him a little more in the minors, but it’s a better thing to learn to adapt at the tougher competition and to struggle a little than to dominate in a place you know you can excel. We are seeing the same thing with Ellsbury, and last year we saw it with Pedroia. They will come around. They have never failed before, and it’s unlikely they will start to fail now.

The real Josh Beckett stood up last night. He was in total control last night. Great too see!!!

Good too see Ellsbury get on last night and then steal second with ease. I hope that will get him running again. Bad baserunning by Ellsbury, trying to score at home. He is fast but not that fast. He was out easily. All you want is Boston to win series on the road. They need to win tonight!!! Bay with 4 hits, nice!!! T.B. continues to win at home, they are dominate at home!!! They look too sweep another series today at home. I think it will be their 8th series sweep at home if they win today.

Brian, I would be interested to see the signal Ellsbury got from Hale at third base on that play. My guess is that they tried to catch the Royals sleeping and it probably wasn’t a bad gamble. I doubt Ellsbury ran through a stop sign. If he did, his rear end will be a little lighter today. Although I think Ellsbury would have been out anyway, I think Pedroia’s bat right in his path took some sliding options away. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt.

Beckett looked real good last night. He had good location. I’m a little miffed by the velocity thing with these radar guns. I don’t think they are very good for determining the actual velocity of a pitch. As I remember, they have about a plus or minus five percent error in accuracy. That’s three or four miles an hour which for a pitcher is pretty significant. It seems like the gun at Fenway reads much higher than some others. Guys like Pap and Beckett are as much as five miles per hour faster at Fenway than in other places. I would be looking more at the consistency in numbers than the numbers themselves.

The bullpen continues to do well. Timlin allowed the inherited runner to score, but it was on a real piece of garbage hit, so you can’t fault him for that. If the bullpen continues to come together for the stretch drive, the Sox will be tough to beat.

gsm: I agree with what you said about Buchholtz. He needs a WIN to boost his confidence and get him going. I just feel he would fare much better against Bannister than Meche.
He will face another “tough” pitcher 11 game winner Gavin Floyd in his next start on Sunday. Would Beckett on his normal 4 day rest in a better poistion to pitch against CWS’s “ace”? The Sox has a potential 4 game winning streak going on Sunday.


Yes and no on the baseball idea. That would work if the ball was heavy enough and perfectly balanced. Bowling balls tend to slide if you just toss them just right with little spin but a baseball landing from the air will tend to roll because of the hard strike on the ground (and bounce as well). Assuming a condition where you force the ball moving forward in air through a cannon and got a frictionless surface when it lands it would tend to slide assuming perfect balance on the ball itself. Any weight variation and it would tend to roll a bit.

I enjoy every minute of it when the Yankee fans are in misery. We know now that the Yankess couldn’t hit an AAA call up last night. The Yankees are yet to face LAA and Minn on their current road trip. Lots of luck! Ha ha……

I don’t mind the Ellsbury play… he should always be aggressvie, especially when we have the lead and the other team on the ropes. I did notice that the bat was directly in front of the only place he could have slid.

I live in Chicago and will be attending the Friday night game… Lester vs. Buerhle.

The Yanks have Ponson going tonight… could be a nice, continued slide into oblivion for NY. I’m sure they will whine and complain about their injuries… but that’s what you get when you rely on old men (Posada) and kids (Slobba, Hughes).

rayman: Ponson that drunken f—n has all the breaks and lucks in the world when he pitches. He shut out LLA his start. When he was good he was bad. Whe he was bad it became ugly.

What about Line up #6

Dustin Pedroia
J.D. Drew
David Ortiz
Jayson Bay – Lowell (if he is 100% healthy)
Mike Lowell – Jayson Bay
Jason Varitek (or Kevin Cash)
Jed Lowrie

I don’t mind the seafood pizza with Anchovies, but no octopus. Also, can I request that Roseanne deliver it in a bikini?

We need a menu for today. When I was a kid my Dad worked in a factory and every summer there was the shop picnic. One of the highlights of my summer. It’s getting to be shop picnic time of year so my menu will be from those fabulous picnics.
Cherrystone clams on the 1/2 shell. Always, always there. With lemon, Tabasco and cocktail sauce.
Steamed clams, piles of them with a coffee urn of the broth and a little dish of butter. You can’t find that anywhere else in the country. Good old New England.
Corn on the cob, done the old way, baked on the coals still in the husks. Sometimes they were soaked in cold salted water first. Butter, butter, butter.
Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage and peppers, lasagna, potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, and if it was a good year for the factory there was steamed lobster meat with rolls to make a lobster roll!
Baked beans, could you go anywhere in New England and avoid those wonderful beans?
Chocolate cake
Cott sodas on ice. Beer for the adults, and coffee and doughnuts. I used to eat myself sick.

Dave, hope you are OK. No heart attack? No nervous breakdown? Seemed like it was a rough go for you last night. Here’s my trivia, which will show you my level of scientific sophistication. When I lived in far northern New York the winters were brutally cold. It got so cold the roads were not slippery any more. You could drive 65 on a sheet of ice and not skid off the road. I tested that theory and it’s true. Also, it was said, if it got too cold you could not ice skate(I didn’t test that!) Why not? How could it be too cold to ice skate? I don’t believe it, but the old timers swore it was true.

Re: Maxwell. Did they not name a coffee that he ground in his own house??

Hey, does Tampa Bay ever lose anymore? The Sox have won 5 out of 6 and they are still 3 games behind. Our Sox are going to have to go down Tampa way and kick some Ray butt.

Let’s see if the good vibe carries over to tonight. It would be fun to see them win a close game, although I admit I would prefer they blow the Royals right out of the water.

Pangelotti, you remember the old joke?
Customer: Waiter, this coffee tastes like mud!
Waiter: I can’t understand that, sir, it was ground this morning.
One of the all-time worst jokes.

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m giving away a 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series Collector’s Edition DVD set to the reader who accurately guesses the lineup that Terry Francona uses in Friday night’s game against the White Sox. It won’t be easy!

Arnie, I hear you about Tampa Bay. But remember, after this road trip, the Sox have 25 games remaining at home and just 18 on the road. Plus, no more west coast road trips. Tampa Bay has a more difficult schedule.


007chow, that lineup is definitely an option. Personally, I prefer Lowrie in the No. 7 spot and Varitek at No. 8.


Jeff: Personally I prefer Veritek at No.8 spot also, even at No.9 spot. I put him in No. 7 hole simply because he is a veteran and captain of the team.

arnie: here is the similar joke for you.
Customer: Waiter, the soup does not taste like the one I ate last week.
Waiter: No, it can’t be. It was from last week.

OK Pangelotti, Roseanne in a bikini it is. However, be warned she has to wear three tops because she can’t tell which roll is which.

Arnie, being a New Englander, I have heard the story but have never seen it happen, and I have skated in some pretty cold weather. One theory goes back to Dave’s friction stuff. The actual temperature varies depending on the weight of the skater and size of the blade, but it is right around -25 degrees F. Needless to say, the weight of a person on a skate blade creates an incredible amount of pressure in a very small area. It creates so much pressure, that a very thin layer of water forms lubricating the skate blade and allowing it to glide through the ice. It can get so cold that this water either cannot form based on the weight/pressure, or if it does form, it refreezes too quickly to allow movement.

Another theory has to do with surface melting which all has to do with bonding molecules. Since surface molecules have nothing above them to bond with, they are less likely to hold their frozen state and create a very thin layer of water on the surface. (Same thing happens with a frozen chocolate bar…. LOL!) Still another theory says that just the pressure of a blade on ice creates enough friction to melt enough ice to create enough water to allow the blade to slide easily through the ice. All of the theories would involve it being too cold to allow that water layer to form. Personally, I haven’t ever seen it. I also know that outdoor ice skating occurs in Alaska, where it gets a lot colder than it does in New England or Northern New York.

By the way, if you drove 65 mph on a sheet of ice, you’re crazier than Dave.

I think that the lineup will be as follows: Pedroia,Youk, Papi, Bay, Lowell, Drew, Lowrie,Tek, Ellsbury. But Jeff I already have the DVD, (i’m bot going to winanyway!!)

Hopefully she’ll wear 3 bottoms too!!

Ellen, if you want to enter, you have to post the lineup in the contest section. If you win, I can send you the Essential Games of Fenway Park DVD.

Gsm, like I said, I don’t believe it. I think the old timers were just teasing me trying to get me out on the ice when it was 30 below. But I assure you, when it is that cold you are perfectly safe driving like a maniac on ice. All the roads were covered with ice all winter, it seemed, so really you got used to it and got a sense of when it would be a good time to slow down. But you’re right, I did some dumb things when I was younger. No more, though, I don’t want to push my luck.

jeff. where is the contest section??
is it on bosoxbanter?

No, Bosox Banter is no longer. I ceased that when I created Sox and Pinstripes last year. It’s on Sox and Pinstripes.


Jeff Karsten is perfect through 7. Go Pirates!

Baseball Rules 101: Runner on first attempts to steal second base. When attempting the throw, the catcher’s arm hits the umpire. What is the call if the runner is ruled out on the tag at second base by the second base umpire? What is the call if he is ruled safe by the second base umpire? The prize: A weekend for two, and Dave is one of them.

Jeffe Karsten pitched a 2 hit shut out against Arizona, 1 BBs and 4 Ks, when the Yanks desperately need pitching.

My guess is that if the runner is called safe he is safe. If he’s called out then he is out. As far as I know, the umpire is part of the playing field and therefore if the ball bounces off him or if a player bumps into the umpire the ball is in play.

Sorry Jeff, thats what my mind said, but my fingers keyed in the old one!!

Arnie……This is a little unique in that it is Umpire Interference and in this case the Umpire must rule interference on himself. I have seen it happen a couple of times. In this case if the runner is ruled out at second, he is out. If he is ruled safe, he is sent back to first base because of the interference.

Your thought about an umpire being a part of the playing field is correct as long as the umpires are behind the infielders. A batted ball that hits an umpire in that case is alive. However, in the case of the second base umpire who can be stationed inside the infielders, if he is hit by a batted ball, the ball is dead. The batter is awarded first base and any runner who is forced to advance as a result, are advanced one base. Runners who would not be forced to advance are returned to the base they occupied.

I kind of like Drew in the leadoff spot. He has a high on base percentage and runs pretty well. A heads up base running effort when he advanced to third on Papi’s fly to left. Bad break for Youk. I hope there is no pun there and he is OK. He is a critical part of the Sox lineup, not to mention defense. It looked like the pitch got him on the inside of his right wrist where there are lots of little bones that are easily broken.

Dave taking the night off.

The stress of yesterday’s game tells me I need a night away from the Red Sox baseball game. I knew this was a problem when I was literally wanting to scream at the Sox. I have to remind myself it’s just a game — a great one that I am addicted too — but just a game.
However, tomorrow, I’ll post Friday night’s lineup

Wow, I learn a lot from these questions. I wasn’t aware of all the little details about the umps. Thanks.

Relax Dave. Get a little rest and decompress. Talk to ya tomorrow.

I REALLY hope Youk is OK. He’s so important to the Sox in a lot of ways, not the least of which is his energy.

Dave, go do some yoga, or stand on your head in a corner or have some ice cream with one of your cute little Davelets. You can be like Dustin Pedroia. Since there’s no game tomorrow, you get two days off.

Yeah Arnie, there are a ton of rules and those don’t even include ground rules that are unique to each ball park. Here’s one on umpires that isn’t a part of the rule book but is part of standard umpiring mechanics. Note the home plate umpire always calls balls and strikes from the inside side of the plate. If the batter is right handed, he is looking over catcher’s left shoulder. If the batter is right handed, he’s looking over the catcher’s right shoulder. Why?

Good news about Youk, no broken bones.

Sox need to get something going. Why do they struggle so much against average pitchers on the road?

Wouldn’t the ump’s view be obscured if he was trying to look around the catcher?

I can’t remember when Wake has looked so good for so many consecutive games. He has really pitched well for a long stretch this year.

Hey we finally are getting some rain! It’s been over 2 months. Yay!

This may sound bad but…..if the Rays keep winning and we keep chasing them successfully, we may not gain a lot of ground on them but we will pull away in the wild card. Every race I ever won was using the leader as a pace person. If we pass them…good. If they continue to play well and we stay on their butts, we will be in the post season. The Sox have won it all as a wild card before. Go SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellsbury hit that ball hard. Good to see. Didn’t get a hit out of it, but he’s hitting better now. If Ells is back it’s good news for the stretch run.

The Sox are determined not to scoring any run for Wake. Until proven otherwise, Ortiz, Lowell are automatic outs.

Okay…. What are the guys waiting for?? You step up to the plate and smack the c rap out of the ball.. ( I really know better, but bear with me, I’m doing a mini rant)… Let’s go.. Be the damned ball players that I and everyone else here know that you are!!!! GET A HIT!! GET MORE THAN JUST A HIT… SCORE SOME RUNS!!!

Okay, JD follow up with more of the same or better!!

Although I’d love to try it, it must get uncomfortable for them resting on their big fat freakin wallets!!!

That would make my butt cheek HURT!! But I’m willing to give it a try as I said!!

cfarnham…… I think the Rays are in for a long couple of months. They have a brutal schedule, most of it on the road. Ditto for the Yankees.

Arnie…… there are those that think an umpire’s vision is obscured most of the time anyway….. but an umpire can see just as well over either of the catcher’s shoulders. However, if you watch foul tips, about 99 percent of them go to the outside. Umpires stay on the inside of the plate so they don’t keep getting pasted in the kisser by foul tips.

How about Youk……… got pasted, got X-rays, and is still dressed and on the bench. He’s a freakin ball player. I love that. His team mates and fans know he’s OK. That’s good stuff.

Ellbury had a rip last time up. He’s looking better.

Great hit by Lowrie!

Man, Lowrie looks good. I wonder if Lugo would clear waivers so the Sox could trade him.

Lowrie! Lowrie! Papi !

Papi looks loose out there. Having some fun at first base.

new post!! Let’s go everyone, over there!! I held a rant/rave and it worked!!!

Ok now, finally, the Sox got some runs for Wake. Let’s see if he can hold the Royals. GO WAKE!

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