Youkilis, Red Sox exhale

The last thing the Red Sox needed was for Kevin Youkilis to be belted on the right hand by a 92-mph heater and have to leave the game.

That’s what happened in the first inning on Wednesday, but everyone can breathe easy. It is just a contusion. X-rays were negative.

Youkilis has become perhaps the most well-rounded hitter on this team now that a certain someone doesn’t play on this team anymore. The guy has been an absolute machine this year.

He leads the team with a .317 average, and is second to Dustin Pedroia in hits, second to Pedroia in doubles, tied with Jacoby Ellsbury for the team lead in triples (four), tied with the former (and now Dodgers left fielder) in homers (20),  leads the club in RBIs with 76, third behind Drew and Manny in OBP, leads in slugging, and is just one point behind J.D. Drew for the team-lead in the tell-all category of OPS.

Yes, Kevin Youkilis is the current MVP of the 2008 Red Sox. I had Drew at the All-Star break, but Youkilis has definitely pulled in front.

It says something that Terry Francona thinks this is the guy who should hit cleanup in the wake of Manny leaving.

At any rate, they might have dodged a bullet on this one.

Did you see that Joba Chamberlain went on the DL with rotator cuff tendinitis today? The Yankees can not afford to lose him for any significant length of time. Thus far, they’ve been very hush-hush on what the report was from the highly-noted orthopedist, Dr. James Andrews of Birmingham, Ala.



Okay…. What are the guys waiting for?? You step up to the plate and smack the c rap out of the ball.. ( I really know better, but bear with me, I’m doing a mini rant)… Let’s go.. Be the damned ball players that I and everyone else here know that you are!!!! GET A HIT!! GET MORE THAN JUST A HIT… SCORE SOME RUNS!!!

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Okay, JD follow up with more of the same or better!!

By on August 6, 2008 9:13 PM
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Although I’d love to try it, it must get uncomfortable for them resting on their big fat freakin wallets!!!

By on August 6, 2008 9:13 PM
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That would make my butt cheek HURT!! But I’m willing to give it a try as I said!!

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hey my mini-rant worked.. now we need one more run to get around my superstition of us putting up 2 in an inning, and then losing!!!
Oh Yeah!! Here comes Papi with a single to score Lowrie!!!
Go RedSOX Go RedSOX!! ( doing a little dance here!! clothing is on!! so far)

Youkilis has had a career year this year. I expect more season’s like this for Youkilis. Youkilis is a gamer!!! I also would love too see Youkilis hit cleanup. I don’t want too see Drew leadoff anymore. It makes no sense at all. Just Francona tinkering, that’s all and I don’t mind seeing that. Drew knows he will not be hitting lead off too much longer. I know Drew has a high on base %, runs well but he wasn’t brought to Boston to hit leadoff.

Worst 3 words a pitcher wants to here is Dr. James Andrews. Not good for Chamberlain. I think Chamberlain is done for 2008 and if he is the Yankees will be done as well. Torre got out of Gotham just in time. N.Y. will spend big $$$$ in the winter for Sabathia and others as well. Texeria will be high on the Yankee wish list as well. Perhaps Ramirez will be in pinstripes as well.

I read where this will be the first time all year that Boston could win back to back road series in the A.L. Who would have thought that when the season started? First time that happening and it is early Aug. I guess that is why they play the games.


Okay Wake, take a breath.. breathe in, and out… in and out.. NOW KICK SOME BUTT BUBBA!!!!

Thanks for the heads up, Ellen. You’ll have to fill in for Dave since he had to give himself a time-out.

Tito- Wakefeld lets another runner on- pull him. Have someone warming up now!!! Don’t wait until its too late!!!

hey we all need one from time to time… I think Wake needs one now!! I can hear Tito now, OKAY>> WAKE, 10 minutes in the Time out chair!!!! no argument. Go NOW!!!

A great catch by Ellsbury!!!!

That’s it get him out. Don’t pull another Grady Little. TB already won and the Yankd are leaving. Don’t worry about loyalty- start managing!!!

YEAH!!! Thank you Jacoby!! (obie wan).. You just saved at least one!!

What a catch!!!


Pull Wakfield in the 5th inning? He gave up no runs thru 4 inning. He gives up 2 in the 5th and you want him pulled from the game. I say let him finish the 5th for sure.

That was close. Wake held the lead but not by much. Maybe he has forgotten what to do with a lead.

Bay with another hit. Gotta love it.

Ellsbury is back. No doubt. He pulled the pitch that was in to him and goes the other way with the outside pitch. He’s got his stroke back.

A great catch by Ellsbury and starting to get out of his funk. Even the KC annoncer gave Ellsbury his props for that catch

Somehow someway Drew needs to get on. Boston has a chance to break this game wide open. Will they cash in?

Way to go Drew!!! I like it. It is about time the Sox came up with some big hits.

Nice hit JD. Last year if he came up in that situation I would have had no confidence. This year it’s a good feeling to have Drew up there. Good job, JD.

Good swings from Lowrie lately. Ellsbury with back to back multi hit games. Ellsbury is the key with this offense. He adds a dimension this team hasn’t seen in years and years!!!

Lowrie hit the ball hard. These guys are starting to get some good swings. Could it be the bad vibe from the “unnamed one” is dissipating?

We’re thinking the same things Brian.

Not a good sign for, in case you haven’t read some of my posts,lol.

Oops… not a good sign for you….

Wakefield’s like a machine out there. When he’s on, I love to watch him pitch. Some of the swings against him,,,funny.

Hey, is it open season on Sox first-basemen?

WOW!!! Three run homer for Ellsbury. Heeeee’s baaack!!!

Jacoby goes yard. JB also got ANOTHER hit. I think he is going to be fine in Boston. That was Ellsbury’s first homer in a while

and to think… my rant started this whole thing… YOU GO ELLEN!!!

Wakefields problem is that when he goes bad he really goes bad- and goes bad fast. He has Ells to thank for bailing him out with that catch. I’m not concerned with having Wakefield qualifying for a win by finishing five innings. I’m more interested in winning the game. He now has a reasonably fatter cushion. I would still keep an eye on him if he begins to waiver- in any way

You rock, Ellen.

I’m surprised Wake’s not back out there. Cmon Manny DC.

Everything is clicking so far,is a shame that Tampa still winning but is still August,Tampa has a tough schedule specially in September. I hope Jed Lowrie stays as the everyday shorstop,he has the same number of RBI that Lugo has,he remainds me when Ellsbury came up last year and the impact that he had.All I want is for him to stay as the everyday shorstop after Lugo comes back.

New name for Manny D. I used to call him II manny (because of that OTHER guy with the same name). Now I call him MD or doctor.. a good night he’s DR Feelgood, bad night, he’s Dr. NO!! What do y’all think??

Ellen, I think you’re right up there with Dave, both in ranting and creativity. Take that as a compliment……. I think.

The player whose name will not be spoken is two for three with a home run. He’s only hitting .625 so far with the Dodgers. It will be interesting to see how long the honeymoon lasts.

Everybody keeps waiting for T.B. to fold. I don’t see it happening. They will be in it right to the end. They dominate at home. There pitching is very good. Anytime you have solid pitching, your in alot of games. They also won one of those wild games that seem to really help a team. Especially on the same day where Maddon sits Upton because of lack of hustle. I think Maddon is the runaway choice for manager of the year. He has done a great job!!! That being said, Boston still has a great chance to win the division. If I was a fan of the Yankees, I would be very worried. There run of making the playoffs year after year is coming to an end.

Come on JBay BAAABAY!!!

I’m convinced Manny will be a very good soldier with the Dodgers. He is motivated by????? $$$$$$$$$$$$$. lol.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled raver.daver

This Royals team is like the A’s, a lineup of outs!!!! Boston has taken advantage of there schedule, amen!!!!

The ball flies out of Comiskey. I am expecting too see some longballs from the Red Sox in Chicago!!! Boston should split for sure. I am hoping for 3 of 4.

Mike Lowell is hurting. I can see it in the way he swings. Maybe Tito should have played Pedroia tonight and given Lowell the night off. He’s gutsy

Steve Balboni on deck for the Royals. lol.

Buddy Biancalana waiting on double deck. lol.

Don Orsillo just said the Sox bullpen has gone scoreless innings in the past six games and have posted a 1.26 ERA. Now, if they have pitched scoreless innings, how can they have an ERA above 0?

Hal McRae on deck!!!! Followed by Frank White. lol.

I guess Jamie Quirk will not hit tonight!!!

Does anyone know why Wake was lifted after the 6th inning, having only thrown 80 pitches, and commanding an 8-2 lead after the Sox half of the 7th? It seems odd to me, unless Tito was trying to get the bullpen some work, particularly with the off-day tomorrow. If so, that’s rich, don’t you think, trying to get the bullpen some work!!!

It certainly is great to see Ellsbury rebound, and to see Jason Bay continue to respond to his new environs. They’ve taken 2 of 3 from KC. Now if they can win the series in Chicago, Baltimore, Toronto and New York in August, they play most all of their games in September at home. Great start to a tough month!!!!

Maybe Tito read my prior e-mails. In any case, for whatever reason, it worked out. The off-day tomorrow should help Lowell and Youk (I hope he is OK).

Lowrie is a good ballplayer who comes out to play. He and Pedroia make a Fantastic (not Dynamic- that’s for Oki and Manny) Duo. I see Lugo will be out until September. Lugo should focus on getting his legs back in shape. Assuming he comes back in good health, he might make a good pinch-runner.
Glad to see Ells put one out of the park. He really needed that to help get his confidence back.

The more I watch Lowrie play the more I like him. He’s solid out there and can come up with a big hit. He’s going to be very good. Now we may have a S.S. controversy when Lugo is healthy. If I were Tito I’d keep Lowrie in there, but thank God I don’t have his job.

I enjoyed the KC broadcasters for the most part. They gave a lot of back-ground info on the Sox players and were complimentary. They weren’t overly homers, didn’t do too much cheerleading for the Royals. Very good, I thought.

The Sox looked tired in the first game but the last two they woke up. They actually had some rallies on the road these 2 games, very good sign. I was missing the old days when they would string together hit after hit. Yesterday and today they did that. Looking good, Sox, looking good.

I guess another reason the umpire looks over the inside shoulder of the catcher is that if he figures there is a wild pitch, better the batter gets hit than himself.

Pangelotti, I was typing my post and your entry about Lowrie was not there yet. Looks like we’re both liking Lowrie simultaneously. He’s good!

Although 1 game does not make a season….give Tito credit for sticking with Ellsbury when it looked like Ellsbury should have been going to Pawtucket. Hmmmm….reminds me of a young kid named Pedroia who Tito stuck with last year when everyone wanted his head!!!!!!!

One thing I really like about this blog is how more and more of you are recognizing just how good a manager my birthday buddy Terry Francona is!!!! Way to go, Tito!!!

Bosox Brian< I used to go to the single A Yankee games here(the only baseball around at that time, and I didnt look at them as THE YANKEES) Steve Balboni is a really funny and wonderful guy. We all (my best friend was engaged to one of the players)used to go to the comedy club here and Balboni, Rex Hudler, Rafael Santana, Chuck Hernandez (pitching coach for the Tigers)and the rest were hardy party-ers. Those were a fun 2 years!!

dbenj: I always thought he was a good manager, how could he be anything but the way he came in and took the guys he was handed and won a chapionship his FIRST SEASON?? and being born on the same day as you?? His luck started right there!!

Ellsbury was never going back to Triple A, nor should he have gone back. What is the alternative? Ellsbury was struggling at the plate but has played brilliant outfield. Also, even struggling he’s hitting better than Crisp. It’s a matter of time before things begin to go right for him and it appears he may be starting to find himself again. If he is, he picked a good time for it to happen. It would be a huge boost to have him doing his thing down the stretch.

I’m going to disagree with you Brian. I still think the Rays fade and I think the Sox catch them. The Rays have a brutal schedule for the rest of the season. They are on the road a lot. Their pitching is good, but is showing signs of slowing down, especially their starters. They are a horrible road team. Conversely, I don’t think the Sox are as bad on the road as they have played so far. If they can finish the season at .500 on the road, they run away with the east.

What a great catch by Ellsbury last night. It brings me to a Baseball Rules 101 question. Let’s suppose in that situation, there is one out and a runner on third. Let’s also suppose Jed Lowrie slightly deflects the ball before Ellsbury catches it (which was very close to happening). At what point can the runner on third tag and advance to home?

…And Hey, didn’t the “other Sox” move out of Comiskey?? or did they just rename the park?

Let us all now fully take in the incredible difference between Lugo and Lowrie.

Lugo – 22 RBIs in 261 at bats
Lowrie – 22 RBIs in 101 at bats

Lugo – 16 errors in 292 chances
Lowrie – 0 errors in 89 chances

If anyone here has any reason to believe Lugo should ever play again, speak now…. so we can shoot you.

A runner can tag up and run as soon as any fielder touches the ball. Doesn’t matter if he catches it or not. If this wasn’t the rule, fielders would bobble the ball all the way back to the infield.


I didn’t say the Sox will not catch the Rays. Sox have a very good shot at the division. For some reason people think the Rays will just fold. I don’t see it. If Boston wins the division it will be by no more than 3 games. If T.B. wins the division it will be no more than 3 games. The Yankees will be the team on the outside looking in. The Yankees streak of making the playoffs is looking bleak.

You are absolutely correct rayman, and for the right reason.

I also think Lugo should play again ……… for the Yankees. Do I get shot for that?

No you get a medal. Although I don’t think the Yanks would give us Jeter, in addition to picking up Jeter’s salary(like we did Manny’s). We could always ask.

Wednesday’s lineup. Read the whole thing — it gets a bit insane but should give you a good laugh.

Well it looks like you crazy guys had idea for fixing up Fenway Park and the players and the stands. I must say they are all a bit eclectic but whatever.

LF – dbenjamin— check out dbenjamin’s new hair growth product. He’ll be using it to help out Terry Francona. It guarantees a massive rich layer of prehistoric hair right on your head. Guaranteed to give you that rich brown think dung laden hair you always wanted and you know it works because you’ll be injected with wooly mammoth hair DNA. Minor side effects include shedding, slightly longer teeth, horrendous breath and an incredible desire to graze twice a day.

2b – Ellen – Ellen will present the new ‘home care dental kit’ to keep the player’s teeth shiny white. With this kit you can do tooth extractions, fillings, cleanings without ever having to go to your dentist and save so much money in the process. Kit includes pliers, dewalt 9000 rpm grinder, well sharpened cold chisels and a 90 degree angle drill with diamond tip and some liquid epoxy for the fillings. You even get your own magnifiying glass. Ellen says that anyone who buys this kit should also consider drilling holes in their head.

DH – BosoxBrian – BosoxBrian’s feels the Sox need more music in their life. The new album called “The Songs of Britney Spears and Shawn Cassidy” which he sings, dances and plays guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, flute, harmonica, base guitar, cello, violin and horn has taught Brian that all night drinking binges can lead to incredible creativity. William Shatner calls it ‘the best album I’ve heard since the time I did my rendition of ‘Rocket Man’. There have been a huge sale of 40db sound dampening ear muffs since he started singing.

RF – Arnie — Arnie’s kitchen will be open tonight. He’ll be doing festive Hungarian cooking. We’re all excited about this. He’ll be using fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit from the gardens at Fenway – more about that later.

SS – chman712 – is starting a new décor to the park itself. Rather than a boring lawn he’s added flower gardens and fruit trees to Fenway’s outfield make Fenway Park such a beautiful scenic facility. So far Jacobe Ellsbury smashed his head into two pear trees catching a fly ball, Bay banged up his ankle tripping over the “$##$#’ apple tree in left field that now has bird droppings all over it, and J.D. Drew got stomach cramps after consuming fifteen scrumptious bartlet pears, forty tender and juicy peaches and two plums off the wonderful trees in the right field corner field. All he can say is ‘where’s the toilet!” Go J.D. Drew.

1b – cfarnham04— cfarnham04’s new painting service will add an art deco style to the outside of the park. He’ll be using faux to create a pink, purple, and orange outside that he calls ‘so unbelievably beautiful. He’s painted picture of carnations, roses, tulips, daffodils and iris’s. He’s a bit upset at some uptight fans calling it a ‘piece of ‘&&&&’ but cfarnham04 says that’s not true. He never used brown.

C Jody Foster returns tonight looking forward to a great ball game with gsm52 and is already talking about their cruise to the Mediterranean.

2b – redsoxfan015 – Thanks to the new infield vegetable gardens it’s really tough out there for pitcher Clay Buchholz as he admitted his addiction to tomatoes in the new tomato garden on the pitchers mound. Rather than throwing to the plate he’s comsuming those red ruby tomatoes that have stained his shirt spraying seeds all over the place. Jason Varitek was also frustrated trying to see through the corn plants surrounding home plate but adds that Michican sweet corn does rock. Mike Lowell’s hip is even worse trying to dodge the large watermelon patch. The watermelon that sprayed all over his uniform on a bad hop from a ground ball did provide him with a mouthwatering array of delicious seedless watermelon that left his belly so full that he just sat under the sun and let the leaves of the plants warm his soul.

p – gsm52 – after opening a new clothing line decided it was high time to move some style into the lineup. He’s dressing the umpires in tweed jackets with cute black suede shoes and a beautiful bonnet on their heads. Rather than those ugly masks, gsm designed one with stars and flowers on them that flash in neon – so cute. Next for the Red Sox all players will have their Red Sox uniforms but with purple flowers on them and gorgeous shorts that have little stars and strawberry shortcakes on them. The shoes have sparkles and have scent packs on them and the gloves are purple with little cute princesses on them.

p – Pangelotti – started a new beekeeping service and he’s having a glorious time of it. Short Stop Lowrie really enjoys the honey but Terry Francona has gotten stung twice but David Ortiz says the bee stings have really helped his wrist. Kevin Youk also says the bee’s wax really gives a shine to his face and whatever is leftover he uses to replace the old wax ring on the stupid toilet in Fenway that keeps leaking.

P – Rayman – There is some competition thanks to the herb garden’s that Rayman has planted on first and second base. Dustin says he’s so relaxed with the sniffing of basil, oregano and thyme that he just munches on the herbs but Youk at first base says to save some since he’s making a savory spaghetti sauce that is so to die for – it should be, he’s using some of the habanera peppers found near the pitchers mound near the tomato patch. Youk is really upset about runners squashing certain herb plants that he argues make great paper and cloth and he only uses them for that purpose alone – but he argues they add great scents to the ballpark when burned.

P – jimmaynard3 is starting a meet butchering service. He uses the ground near first base to butcher delicious tenderloin steak and tbone. He cooks it fresh right there but the stink has attracted some flies and vermin but jimmaynard3 says nobody turns down the steak including Big Papi who’s become Bigger Papi after consuming a whole side of beef – mmm.

P — 007 chow – has started an interior decoration service really dressing up the Fenway dugout with the new Martha Stewart towel and sheet collection. Instead of all that gross spitting, players now just feel the soft warmth of the towels and sheets. Johnathan Papelbon says this is the dumbest idea he ever had because real men don’t use Martha Stewart. Jonathan was last scene taking a two hour shower thanks to Martha Stewart’s new line of soap that Jonathan gave Manny Delcarman a bloody nose when he tried to grab some away.

Umpires – The Terminator T1 model will be calling balls and strikes as well as attempting to kill Sara Conner and send the world into turmoil.

p.s. I want to take a poll over the funniest joke (if there is one in the first place (LOL) Whoever gets picked as the best of the best, that position gets a week with either Halle Berry or Shawn Casey depending on your preference.

Red Sox pick up Brian Giles off of waivers… a ploy to keep Tampa Bay and LA A from getting him?? I think thats more than just a possibility!!

Maybe Ellen can lend her kit to Lugo who can drill a hole in his head.

Dodgers have lost two despite Manny’s hitting. You need a team to win games — not a superstar. The White Sox proved that in 2005 and the Sox may yet prove it in 2008


You’re too late. If you look closely you’ll notice two large holes in Lugo’s head. He claims they don’t affect him at all and actually help his baseball playing. He says those so-called errors were not possible without the brain air holes.

Dave, you mentioned the player whose name shall not be mentioned. You are guilty of treason to the Red Sox Nation. Your punishment is one week in Joe Migrane’s bedroom while the Rays are on the road. We hear there is a reason Joe Migrane is the way he is, and you’re going to experience it first hand.

Dave, it’s Thursday. There’s no game tonight. You’re a day late and a dollar short. Brian, check Dave’s contract and see if we can fine him for making us come to the park on a day when there’s no game.

I see this as a huge weekend for the Sox. It could define the rest of road season for the Sox. If they can take three of four from the White Sox, that would give them a 5-2 road trip which would be excellent. It would do a lot for boosting their confidence in being able to win on the road. They really only have two extended trips left. Later this month they go to Baltimore, Toronto and New York. Next month they visit Tampa and Toronto back to back and have a three game set in Texas at the beginning of the month.

I’m brain dead…… pushed the send button before I was done. 19 of their last 28 games are at home. They have six left with Tampa, and six left with the Yankees, so they control their own destiny. I like how it’s all setting up for them. Now all they have to do is go out and play some solid baseball.

That thing Ellsbury hit out in KC last night was crushed. He’s a strong kid, who is still learning. The Sox are so good, and they have so much youth. This is really exciting for now, and for the future.

hey dave, j-go can always use another 1 or 2 holes in his head.. His credo is “you can never be too horrible a short stop and you can never have too many holes in your head..” better circulation

The post was for tomorrow’s game so no worries. Migrane is already having an serious affair with Julio Lugo and he-who-must-not-be-named. The screams are horrible but everyone walks away happy from it.

Migrane then finishes up by drilling holes in Lugo’s head. For him it’s very exciting and Rosanne comes around later for a nightcap.
Have I properly grossed everyone out yet?

I’ll take that as a yes (LOL)

The Chicago series will be tough. We just have to concentrate on winning series and the rest takes care of itself. Please tell me that we aren’t going to be talking about “you know who” next year and the years after. Wonder how long our ancestors were talking about Babe Ruth after he left. No wait…..we are still talking about it. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s not hand this one down to the next generations aka the Babe Ruth mess.

GSM said stop…so it is said, so it is done.

Don’t worry. He who must not be named is too busy with Migraine right now to care about anything else so we all consider it a topic that needs to be put to bed — oh somehow I don’t think I said that right (LOL)

My preferred pitching rotation for the CWS series is Lester, Dice-K, Beckett, & Wake. I don’t see why Buchholtz, unless he is Masterson, has to pitch every 5 days. The role of a No. 5 starter is to fill in the gap so the regular SPs have normal days of rest. Any thoughts?

I’m not sure we need another left handed, right fielder (Giles)… if he was right handed and a center fielder I would gladly have him over Crisp. Speaking of Crisp… I have the final resolution on him… His #1 issue is that he can’t handle pressure. Data:

– He did pretty well in Cleveland. Nobody cared about Cleveland from 2002-2005 (never made playoffs)
– Early in his Boston career, pressure was on and he stunk.
– Last year in the playoffs, he was absolutely horrendous. I’m surprised he didn’t end up in the fetal positioin at the plate, foaming at the mouth
– This year, early on, with Ellsbury performing well… the pressure was off of Crisp and he did relatively well for a while.
– Ellsbury has struggled for a few months now… maybe we would actually need Crisp… and he again is horrendous.

See a pattern here?

For the Giles trade (probably), I don’t really care about him. But I guess they were worried about Tampa getting him, so they went after him and they need an extra outfielder. I don’t really care about this one

I see on ESPN that the Red Sox are interested in signing Borowski. Are you kidding me? A guy with a 7.56 ERA that hasn’t pitched in a month. Somebody would have to first find the old age home where he’s been staying… then wake him up… then test out his arm… too much trouble if you ask me.

Great lineup Dave. Thanks for giving me a day to refresh my Hungarian repertoire. I’ll post the menu later. And thanks for all the insanity. This blog is so wonderfully twisted since you’ve been posting your loony rants and lineups. And Ellen filled in nicely for you yesterday when you had your mental health day off.

Red Sox are going to smoke those W Sox! Take no prisoners this weekend.

Maybe we ought to offer Lugo for Giles. We should insist that they pick up Logos’ salary, because if we offer to pay Logo’s salary, like we did Manny’s, they may think we have an ulterior motive. We all know that’s not the case. We could even offer to drill a couple of more holes in his head.

I was thinking that I could develop a bee capsule that would be electronically controlled. It would be multi-purpose. It could serve as filling the holes in Lugo’s head or act as a suppository. It would have been ideal when Manny was with us. It would have certainly inspired him to run when he hits the ball. Maybe we could sell it to the Dodgers. I’m pretty sure that whoever inherits him will be needing it at one time or other.

Uh oh! Pangelotti committed the mortal sin of mentioning the player’s name who shall not be mentioned. As the self appointed Marshall of the Blog, I find him guilty of treason. There will be no seafood pizza delivery by Roseanne in a bikini with three tops for Pangelotti. I know his weekend will now be ruined.

I don’t see the purpose of making a move just to make a move. Neither of the names I see mentioned on the blog here will help the Sox much. If they could get a decent arm for the pen, that might be OK but with the way the pen is performing now, I’m wondering if the need still exists.

In today’s game, it’s the role of the sixth starter to give one of the five a day off if necessary. Buchholz needs to pitch on schedule. If the Sox make it to the playoffs, the decision will need to be made between Buchholz and Wakefield as to which one comes out of the rotation. Wake has been pitching so well. He should have about 12 wins.

Baseball Rules 101: I line drive hit back up the middle hits the pitching rubber and deflects into foul terretory to the on deck circle. What’s the call and why?

The call is fair because it hit something in fair territory.

His record does not reflect it but I think Wake is having one of the best seasons he’s had in a long time as far as quality starts. Just hasn’t had much offense behind him and the bullpen has let him down. He has been clutch though.

GSM…..It should be called a fair pole….not a foul pole

The ball is foul!

Since the ball was never touched in fair territory, nor did it pass a base (first or third) while in fair territory nor did it stop in fair territory as in the case of a bunt–the ball is foul. Can Roseanne now deliver my pizza’s, but now with only two tops on her bikini?

Menu for Fridays game: Dave, you picked a very meat-heavy cuisine with your Hungarian choice. Ellen will be pleased, although I doubt she’ll recognize any of these dishes.

For starters a soup: Halaszle, a fish soup cooked with Paprika—–You need to understand that paprika in Hungary doesn’t just mean that red powder you sprinkle on top of your potato salad. Paprika means peppers, chile. There are sweet paprikas and fiery hot and medium. All shapes and colors. So for this dish I will saute a mix of sweet red and a little hot paprika,both fresh, when it’s just starting to brown I’ll mix in a little lemon juice, thyme, marjoram and crushed black peppercorns. That seasoning mix will be pureed and added to the soup which consists of white fish, cooked lightly in a court boullion with some sweated onion, celery and bay.
Second course will be Toltott Kaposzta-Stuffed Cabbage- with a clove and coriander touched tomato coulee. Very fragrant.
Third course is a spicy Paprikes Krumpli, a stew with sausages, potatoes and a variety of chiles. Deep red and smoky, this is rich and a little fiery. Just the thing for a Chicago night.
Accompaniements are home made noodles very simply done with sour cream, white wine and crushed green pepper corns. Julienned carrots with wild mushrooms, flash sauteed with dill and a splash of apple cider. Lecso, a vegetable stew.
Dessert is a tough one, there are so many good choices. I went with a Palacsinta, a crepe-like pancake filled with sweet cheese and served with vanilla sauce scented with the slightest hint of juniper, anise and cardamom.
With dinner the famous and quite delicious Egri Bikaver–Bulls Blood of Eger, a fine full bodied red wine.(I used to have that on my wine list-loved it) and for dessert: Tokay and Unicum. Enjoy, my team mates!

Pangelotti!!!! All the women out there and you nauseate us with Roseanne!!!!!! Ahhhh!! Grrrrr!!!! Ok, I feel better now. Just had to get that out. Go for it Pangelotti, it’s your fantasy.

I agree if acquiring Brian Giles will cost the Sox the top prospect. no deal. However, I would package coco and lugo for Giles.
If the Sox has no intention of picking up his ’09 option, Giles will likely veto the trade as he is comfortable in San Diego. Also, will Giles be happy as a back up OF?

Ian, I’m going to the game tonight. Any update on the line-up? Please tell me Youks is playing, but Crisp isn’t… I beg you!

rayman: Fear not. Lester is pitching. It won’t matter even Youk is not playing and coco is. I’ll give Youk another 2 days rest and ready for Sunday’s game.

I’m not leaving anything to chance… Last year, I drove from Chicago to Detroit in July with my 3 year old son and nephew. We get there and Francona decides it was Big Papi’s turn to take a day off (his first or second all year). The Tigers blew them out and my son didn’t even get a glimpse of his favorite player. It should be mandatory that the Sox play only their best players on games I attend…. and we all know Crisp ain’t one of em.

Do not worry. It won’t happen again. Big Papi is playing. Ellsbury is playing. Youk is iffy.
Sunday game is on TBS. I am not quite sure how Buchholtz will fare under national limelight.

THANK HEAVENS Brian Giles said NO……….Giles is just another guy that is on the bus for the ride.

Here’s my thought for the Day!! “They my be the White Sox, BUT WE ARE THE RIGHTSOX!!!

Padres’ Giles nixes trade to Boston — What a wuss-bag. I guess he’d rather wallow away in last place vs. going for a ring. We don’t need his steriod-ridden, washed up, as_s anyway.

Rayman: please dont hold your feelings in…. it isnt healthy!! Tell us how YOU REALLY FEEL!!!

rayman: Giles nixed the deal b/c the Sox won’t pick uo his 09 option. As reported the Sox did it just to prevent the Rays from acquiring Giles. Personally I would trade coco for Giles. Enjoy the game. You won’t be disappointed.

The reason why I asked for Rosanne to deliver the pizza with two bikini tops instead of three is that I am trying to diet (re: food) and I thought by reducing the number of tops would alter my appetite and induce me to eat less.

Oh, that explains it! I bet it works. Worked for me just thinking about it.

LOL! Pangelotti, you are correct. Roseanne delivers, two tops instead of three. I guess it doesn’t matter which top we remove, cottage chesses is cottage cheese.

The four letter network is reporting today that MLB is going to investigate the Sox trade of the player whose name shall not be mentione here. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any sound, so I don’t know what they are investigating. However, the film clips I saw were all of the player whose name shall not be mentioned here dogging it on defense, at the plate, and running the bases. Can we just call him Dick? It’s appropriate and a lot easier to type than the player whose name shall not be mentioned here.

Its on about the nameless ex-left fielder. How he and Bor-**** were in cahoots to get old nameless out of his option years. Boras denies it (of course, and he didnt leak it to Fox during OUR world serieswhen Arod opted out either, lol ) I saw a funny thing on there about Boras. How do you know when Boras is lying? His lips are moving!! Seems that goes for old nameless too.

I think that when we refer to the individual that was recently traded, and since we cannot mention his name per se, I suggest that we refer to him as “The Unnameable One”. Any thoughts/alternative suggestions.?In this manner one would not be punished if one slips and mentions his name.
PS- While I am trying to diet and do enjoy cottage cheese,the type that gsm mentions is not on my menu, unless of course anyone else has tried it and recommends it.

If one wants a shorter contracted name we can call him “UNO”.

I like “old nameless”, or old shamless, or bhutt head or Mr self-important.. or mr bad knees, or/………. “to INFINITY….
Actually I do think old nameless is ok, once I have a couple of beers I’ll have trouble spelling Mr un nameable

no because uno means One and he thinks he’s >numero uno<

Ellen, how many beers before you have difficulty spelling Luci—-short for Lucifer? That’s my suggestion.

Does this mean we have to give Bay back and take back Luci? Say it ain’t so!

at least 14-15!!! lol Lucifer sounds good to me… But compared to old nameless,ol’ Luci doesnt seem so horrible, lol!

I cant see the Commish reversing the trade at this point… I think if ANYTHING happens it’ll be a “stiff” fine for our “ex”. Hopefully more than he was fined for throwing the traveling secretary to the ground.. and if I were that guy now, I’d be suing the CRAP outta Luci

How about the ‘L.A. “They don’t deserve me” baby’?

How about FARCE. That’s what he was when things didn’t go exactly as he thought they should.

As Obie Wan would say “May the farce be with LA”.

How about “ANON” or short for Anonymous? We need something short.

We could call him “ZERO”.

Or we could call him “SOX-O” short for Sox heave-ho

How about Seya Like See ya later (hope not)

I think GSM is going to out you and I in “time out”.

what about manure?

OKAY::: Its time.. excuse me Dave.. I have something to say.
Its time to put the wood to the leather and smack the k rap out of the ball.. DO NOT let these “IMPOSTER SOX” get over on us!!!
All of you players, take look at the short stop// THATS THE WAY YOU ALL NEED TO PLAY… LIKE YOUR JOB, FAMILY AND WAY OF LIVING DEPEND ON IT.. Look at Jason Bay. he’s on FIRE..
We’re down 0-1????? Not a good thing so get your collective bhutts up, hold your heads up and JUST DO YOUR JOBS!!!!!

… oops I forgot. We all LOVE PAPI. BUT… he needs to get over the fact that old nameless is not behind him anymore. (nice bit of loyalty there, huh??) He has to get a mind set that whoever is batting behind him has his back more than ol’ whats-his-name..
Collectively they need to remove their cranial spheres from the abyss that is located at the lower back, between the hips.

HEY WHERE ARE ALL THE RSN FAITHFUL??? If someone doesnt show up soon, I’m going to start checking Nationer Cards.
Sorry, wasnt feeling good today and the Dr’s (Feelgood, No, and Strangelove) told me to admisister 2-4 rants and raves and call them in the morning!!

Its way past time for thebats to start warming up!! GET SOME HITS SCORE SOME RUNS//////

WOW… this stinks. Big game on the line and I am THEEEE OMLY ONE here?? I’m stunned.
These guys (we) are down by 2 and we need for someone to come up BIG, no= HUGE NOW!!! GO-OOOOOOOOO REDSOX, defending World Series Champions!!!! We are the RIGHT SOX!!!!!!!

I’m back home from the game. What a snooze-fest. It’s hard to believe how bad the Red Sox are away from home… I’m trying to think of a good description of the team this year… How about, “Pedroia, Youk, and a bucket of Puke?”

Buerhle came into the game with an 8-10 record, 4.07 ERA, giving up 12 runs in hist last 9.1 innings… and we put up that effort. Pitiful.

rayman94, i know the Red Sox haven’t been great away from Fenway. But it isn’t as bad as a “bucket of puke.” They are still winning baseball games, and can still win the AL East, which is arguably the best division in the Major Leagues this year. As long as they can win their 3rd title in 5 years, I don’t care how they get it done.

rayman94, I know the Red Sox haven’t been good away from home this year. But it isn’t as bad as a “bucket of puke.” They are still winning baseball games and have a great chance to win the AL East, which is arguably the best division in baseball this year. As long as they find a way to win their 3rd title in 5 years, I don’t care how they get it done.

I would agree the ‘puke’ line is a bit extreme but there is no question that they have demonstrated their struggles away from home. They go from a fairly solid team to a middle-of-the-road team. Last night was a telling sign. They have to win the big games and have shown so far they can’t do that.

I did a long canoe trip with the kids and came home pretty exhausted. I caught the final score and said ‘glad I had a long canoe trip with the kids and came home pretty exhausted.’
Hopefully Dice-K can shut em’ down and give them a win. Chicago is a tough team and the Sox look tired.

Okay dave, you are forgiven, i think… so you were out in the canoe with the kids, sounds like a nice adventure for all. Its really nice the way you spend time with your kids.
I think the Sox were there too, if not they will be soon.. you know up the creek w/out a paddle… ??

My knee was hurting so I called Dave ten minutes before the game to tell him I wasn’t available to play last night. I have to go get an MRI on my left……. er…my right… wait, my left knee. Dave said if I wasn’t able to play tonight I wouldn’t be able to partake in Arnie’s feast for the day, so I’ll be there.

See y’all tonight.

Okay, gsm… it was a very plausible “excuse” so you are forgiven too!! But if i see you NOT running full speed tonight (after roseann) you’re benched!!!!

Well let’s remember “gsm will be gsm”.

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