Field Trip

First, to the news of the day. Yes, one knuckleballer will replace another one when Charlie Zink makes his Major League debut on Tuesday and Tim Wakefield officially goes to the DL. Also, David Ortiz has some tenderness in his wrist today, so he’s getting the day off. J.D. Drew will DH. And Clay Buchholz is still in the rotation. He will start Friday night against Toronto.

So after covering Sunday afternoon’s Red Sox-White Sox game, what did I do? A)Went out for a nice dinner; B) Ordered room service; C) Filled out my expense reports; D) Went to another baseball game.

If you selected D, you are correct. Yes, I could not pass up a busman’s holiday at old Wrigley. It was definitely worth it. I had been there once before as a fan in 1986, when I was 14 years old. It happened to be the same day that the Celtics and Bulls staged that classic at the Garden when some guy named Jordan dropped 63 in double OT and still lost. Full confession. I spent most of the last few innings in the tunnel watching the basketball game on TV. That game was against the Pirates, and wound up being postponed due to darkness. Eck made the start for the Cubs.

Other than that, the only other Wrigley appearance for me was that three-game Sox-Cubs series in 2005, when it was about 120 degrees every game, and the national media contingent was so large that you couldn’t even move in the clubhouse.

I think, overall, last night was my most enjoyable Wrigley experience. I started in the press box, paying my respects to former Red Sox PR guru Peter Chase, who is now running the show for the Cubs and doing a great job of it. Also in the house was Godon Edes, formerly of the Globe and now of Yahoo! Gordon made his debut last night, spinning a couple of typically good stories.

Then, it was on to the stands, where a slice of pizza and a frosty cold beverage awaited. Joe Haggerty of Hacks with Haggs fame took in the scene with me. It was interesting to  see and feel how fired up Cubs fans are these days. It reminds me of what it was like at Fenway Park pre-2005. Yes, times have changed over there. Red Sox fans still love their team and love the game. But there isn’t the urgency and the over-the-top passion that once existed. That’s just human nature. The Cubs still haven’t been there.

 Wrigley is just a great spot. Is it any better than Fenway? Probably not. But it’s unique in it’s own great way. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who has never gone. It continues to strike me how big a difference there is between American and National League baseball. The NL just flies by with its sacrifice bunts, hit and runs and double switches. The AL is just more plodding, with every batter hoping for a 10 or 12-pitch at-bat. I saw two great catches last night — one by Edmonds and the other by Fukodome. All in all, good stuff, and a nice prelude to tonight — the last of this seven-game road trip.


I watched that Cards–Cubs game last night. The last 4 winners of the World Series were in Chicago last night. Jon Miller ( did the games for the Sox on radio back in the day ) said that at the top of the broadcast. Only thing that stunk about that game last night was Joe Morgan. He is awful. Cubs are the team to beat in the N.L. If the Sox don’t get that far ( unlikely they will ) I will be rooting for the Cubs. Safe to say Steve Bartman will be as well. lol. I haven’t made the trip to Wrigley, would love too. Perhaps someday. Ian you are a baseball lifer for sure. No doubt!!!

I hope Beckett picks up where he left off. The Sox need at least 7 strong innings from Beckett tonight.

That has to be a baseball first, One knuckleballer replaces another one in the roatation. Tough start tomm. night for Zink, facing the Texas Rangers.

Zink replaces Wake. Hopefully Masterful will replace Buchholtz.


I doubt the Sox will take Masterson from the bullpen. They don’t want to go back and forth from the rotation to the pen, back to the rotation and possibly the pen again. They probably should have left Masterson in the rotation. Buchholz is a lost sole right now. At least his next start is against Toronto, not much of a lineup. Then again when you pitch like Buchholz, every lineup looks like the 1927 Yankees. lol.

If Boston wants too keep pace with the Rays ( never thought I would ever write that ) they need to get there act together. There record is 10-11 since the All Star Break, that will not get the job done. Can you say Wild Card? Perhaps no playoffs as well.

One good thing with Zink pitching tomm. night I don’t have too see Varitek in the lineup. He needs to take a page out of “The Bad News Bears” and act like Rudy Stein. Lean into one. lol. This is the worst slump I think I have ever seen a Red Sox hitter have. He is basically an automatic out.

I still think that performance by Jordan that Sunday afternoon at the old Garden was the best I have seen in my lifetime. He nearly beat the best team in my lifetime ( my opinion of the 1985-1986 Celtics ) Certainly the best starting 5 in my lifetime and no doubt the best passing team!!! Who was M.J. surrounded by back then? Dave Corzine, Orlando Woolridge and Charles Oakley, in other words a bunch of nobodies. Enough of basketball. lol.

Some good news for the Red Sox. Longoria placed on the D.L. and Crawford as well. It sounds like these guys will be out for a while. Baseball is a longgggggg season. Injuries are a part of the game as the young Rays are finding out.

Good news in Longoria and Crawford going to the DL and he is the face of the franchise. Also Longoria is a future superstar. And hopefully the Red Sox take advantage of that

The Rays lineup was weak with Crawford and Longoria. They will be scratching to score runs now for sure. Upton and Pena need to step it up for T.B. Like Drew did when Ortiz went on the D.L. How will this young Rays team respond? Boston has caught a break ( no pun intended ) they need to take advantage of it. Start playing .600 baseball, not .500 baseball.

Ortiz getting the night off. That’s not a good thing. Having tenderness in his wrist is secret code for things aren’t right. Ortiz has all the excuses in the world in his corner right now. He doesn’t have ZAZU hitting behind him, his wrist hurts…… blah, blah, blah. This team is in a dog fight for the division title and/or a wild card berth. He’s a team leader and he needs to suck it up like Lowell is and get out there and give it his best shot. If he can’t do that, then he needs to go to the DL and quit whining. I understand an injury like his can shake your confidence in your swing. It screws with your head but he’s not doing anyone any good if he’s going to the plate afraid to swing the bat. Maybe the Sox should have traded for Adam Dunn.

I still think Buccholz can be a big plus to the Sox staff. He’s got great stuff but like most of the rest of the young Sox pitchers, he lacks command and consistency, and in his case, it’s primarily with his fast ball. I don’t care who you are, that’s one pitch you have to be able to locate. It’s even true for Wakefield. Buchholz has not been able to do that recently. That renders his curve and change almost useless. I think this is a coaching issue and is probably more mental than anything else. He’s going to stay in the rotation if for no other reason, there are very few alternatives. He’s learning under fire. He’ll be better in the long run.

By the way, I don’t like the Sox lineup tonight. Drew hit like a maniac when he was hitting third. I would have hit him third, followed by Youk, Bay and Lowell. I’d take a little pressure off Mikey while he finds his way out of the funk.

We try to avoid the name of the big -mouth shirker who was anxious to be traded for thirty pieces of silver- which at one time used to equate to around $25 . Today with inflation it equates to around $7M. One way that he can be referred to is ZAZU. For all the Yankee fans that wish for their team to pick him up, we Sox fans hope they get what they wish for.

Amen, it’s on N.E.S.N. I am like gsm, I don’t think I could have taken Hawk Harrelson tonight.

Yeah. Harrelson drives me crazy. Get foul! Get out! that kind of thing is annoying if you aren’t a White Sox fan

Harrelson is the ultimate homer. I guess he went to broadcast school with Johnny Most. lol.

36 walks in 137 innings for Danks. This kid throws strikes!!!

One thing I don’t like about this lineup is Crisp leading off. Why is Crisp leading off? I don’t think I would hit him leadoff this weekend in Williamsport, Pa. LOL!!!

gsm: I agree with your line up except I will bat Veritek 9th.

I would hit Varitek 10th. lol.

Looks like I’ve got the White Sox announcers tonight. Blechhh! How did you guys get NESN?

Sox will get a victory tonight. And then back to Fenway and I think they’ll start winning and winning and bring home the AL East title. Go Sox!!!


Extra Innings package has the N.E.S.N. feed. Sorry about your luck with Homer Harrelson. Also Darren Jackson is pretty weak.

Beckett and Danks cruised in the 1st. It’s amazing how good you can be when you throw strikes.

I wonder how Harrelson became such a White Sox homer. He never played there. What’s the connection. He quit playing young. Did he get hurt?

Beck was economical in the 1st – 9 pitches. I’d rather see Moss than Crisp in the line up. How’s Moss doing in Pitts?

Harrelson might have been the worst g.m. in the history of baseball. LOL!!!

Harrelson might have been the worst g.m. in baseball history. LOL!!!

Harrelson might have been the worst g.m. in baseball history. LOL!!!

Harrelson might have been the worst g.m. in baseball history. LOL!!

Harrelson might have been the worst g.m. in baseball history. LOL!!!

Harrelson might have been the worst g.m. in baseball history. LOL!!!

I thought Harrelson DID play for the White Sox after he left Boston. But that was so long ago and I was still quite young, hahaha, maybe my memory isn’t so good. Wait, I’m thinking of Jimmy Piersall.

I thought Harrelson DID play for the White Sox after he left Boston. But that was so long ago and I was still quite young, hahaha, maybe my memory isn’t so good. Wait, I’m thinking of Jimmy Piersall.

I thought he did play in Chicago. Maybe I’m thinking of Jimmy Piersall?

Harrelson might have been the worst g.m. in baseball history. LOL!!!

Oooops, sorry. I got the “send error” message so I assumed that my message went into space. Weird.

I am not drinking folks. Not yet anyway. This blog is acting screwy. Vodka and cranberry please, I might as well start. LOL!!!

Hey Brian, you think Harrelson was a bad GM? Is that what you’re trying to say? lol

Did I mention that Harrelson was a bad g.m. for the White Sox. LOL!!!

One trade that will have ZERO impact on his team is Griffey, Jr. going to the Chi Sox.

Danks has had a solid year but he isn’t this good.

It’s going to be a long night for the Sox! The Sox always has problem hitting a pitcher with ERA below 4.

Minn is up by 2 runs. I’m not sure whether I should root for the Yanks or the Twins.

Root for the Twins 007….

007, Sox have had trouble with almost all pitchers on the road this year. They just can’t find themselves when they play on the road. I sound like Dr Phil now. “..can’t find themselves…” Haha.

How could Beck give up a leadoff hit to a No. 8 hitter?

and to a No. 9 hitter?

It would be great if the Red Sox bottom of the order did something like that. I guess I am dreaming there. lol.

I did a little research and found that Harrelson was traded from the Red Sox to the Indians. He played one year with the Indians and broke his leg the following year in spring training and then lost his job to Chris Chambliss. He retired to pursue a professional golf career.

The Sox got him when he ticked off Charley Finley when he was playing with the A’s. He said Finley was a menace to baseball after Alvin Dark was fired.

He has done broadcasting for the Red Son (79 with Ned Martin). He was fired for mouthing off about moves made by Sox GM Haywood Sullivan. He also broadcast for the Yankees for a year or two. He went to work as a broadcaster for the White Sox where in his fourth year he left the booth to become maybe the worst GM in baseball history. He fired Tony LaRussa who went on to win with the A’s. He also fired Asst GM Don Dombrowski who went to become the youngest GM in history for the Montreal Expos and he hit the trifecta by trading Bobby Bonilla to the Pirates where he went on to become a six time All Star. He was then fired. Too little, too late. So basically, we have another Joe Migrane who has repeated proven over the years that his brain occupies only a minute portion of the space in the skull in which it resides. A lot of talk, not much insight and really, really irritating.

The ball is not bouncing the Sox way this year. I have never seen so many seeing eye hits as I have seen given up by Sox pitchers this year. Another off Beckett which results in a run.

Crisp is useless at the plate. When he steps up to the plate, he might as well sit down!!! Wasting his time up there, he has no clue up there.

Red Sox go quielty, AGAIN!!!

Danks is crusing right now. Mowing them down!!! Has he broken a sweat?

Perfect through 4. Argh…………….

Danks’ approach is much like Beckett’s. If you take the first pitch, you’re likely to find yourself behind in the count. He’s got four pitches and command of them all. However, he’s very hittable, except by our inept Sox of tonight.

Beck was tough thus far w/ the top of the lineup and yet gave up consecutive hits to No. 8 & 9 hitters. Go figure. That’s baseball.

The Hawk is even more stupid than I thought. Thanks Gsm. Why did the White Sox hire him back as an announcer? You’d think they would want him to go far, far away, as I wish he had.

At least Beckett is keeping Harrelson at bay for now. Now if the bats would get going he might go into a shell for a while.

Perfect through 5 and counting…

Danks perfect through five. Tut tut

The Sox look pathetic.

HBP ends the perfect game. Now they need a hit

LMAO…… Remy is hilarious.

Ells should steal ASAP to try and getting something started.

Crisp isn’t getting the first hit anyway. He should have been traded anyway

Tito- wake up. You look like you are sleeping like the rest of the team. You should have had Ells take off on the first pitch. It may have waken the team up.

Danks with a no hitter through 6. This is amazing.

I am running out of good luck positions on the couch with this team this year. Any suggestions? I am getting old so twister positions are out.

If only Coco could hit a little bit. He does make some fun plays in the outfield.

Youk breaks up the no-no. Now get some runs!!

Finally got their first hit, thank God

cfarnham, in my drinking days I found that putting one foot on the floor while I was laying back on the couch kept the room from spinning(don’t know why), then I’d put my other leg over the back of the couch. Comfy.

JD DREW!!!! Yes!!

Good call. JD makes you look like a genius!!!

WOO! Now they lead in a game that they looked like they were going to be no-hit in

No beer but it worked. I’m still in position…..

just an odd thought but the sox lineup includes 6 players whose name starts with J

OK Tito. Have somebody warming up in case Beckett begins to waiver. When he looks like he is having difficulty controlling his pitches don’t hesitate to pull him Don’t wait until its too late. Have them up now.

Ok Beckett, hold them here. Cmon, you can do it.

It’s a shame that Tito’s loyalty to Tek is costing games. Tek is a hard, dedicated worker but he looks really bad. Something has to be done.

Don’t move, Cfarnahm, don’t move!!

It is truly amazing how walks come back to bite you. Danks has a no hitter, which should be a perfect game going and gives up a single. No big deal. But he walks Lowell, a double by Drew and everything is gone. I wonder what percentage of walked batter wind up scoring. Except for Dice-K, I’ll bet it’s pretty amazing.

Excellent play on Ramirez by Lowell.

This home plate umpire is really squeezing Beckett on the inside corner to left handed hitters.

I’m stiil here Arnie. So waht if I can’t feel my right leg and my left nut is on fire. Anything for the Red Sox.

Great job, Beckett.

cfarnham: In Florida, we call that feeling fire ants.

He Gone!!!!!!!

GSM….I missed you man. In Nevada we call that….well, we haven’t named it yet. Feeling fire ants works for me.

Lol, Cfarnham! No worries about your leg, you’ve got another(I hope) but that left nut is a concern. But the Sox need this game!

I think Beckett should go 1 more inning and then hand the ball to Papelbon

OK Ells we got a break. Let’s take off!

I’m still here Arnie. Glad you did not come up with this at the beginning of this road trip!!!!! It’s about time the Sox got a seeing eye single. They’ve had a ton against them lately!!!!!

The Sox ought to see if they can catch the White Sox sleeping. I don’t think having Ellsbury looking to steal third is a bad play right now.

Those symptoms sound like someone has been fooling around with Rosanne.

We on this blog spend a lot of time flapping our gums about how the Sox don’t hit in the clutch. Let’s all recognize JD’s 2 out hit that plated 2 runs and gave Beckett a lead. Hip hip huzzah!!!!!!!

Let’s hope we keep the lead!!

One foot further to the left and Ellsbury scores!

I love it when the Sox announcers sound dejected. Let’s keep it that way Beckett. I think JD Drew needs to Jedi mind trick himself into thinking Big Papi is out of the line-up even when he is in the line-up. Look at what he’s done with Big papi gone……as usual.

Here we go BBP. Bring in Paps.

Bring in Paps!!!

Alright, three outs to go and Cfarnham can get off the couch. Some insurance would be nice.

Beckett pitches a beauty through the 6th inning, when the Sox score 2 and give him a lead. He blanks them through 2 more innings, and hands over the 9th to Pap. This is a team that can go deep into the play-offs, even without Manny (Who!?!?!?!?) and Big Papi for an evening.

Let’s get some runs!!

I smell a close win. Come on! We need another win to be within another half game!

I’m still there. Could you at least whip me something up in the kitchen while I’m stuck here?

JB has hit safely in 9 of his 10 Red Sox games so far. I think he knows his teamates by now

Man, Beckett made some great pitches to Dye. He was right on the corner all the time. Even the pitch Dye popped up was a great jam.

I think if the third baseman is back, Drew should be bunting. It could wind up being a base hit.

I’m all over it, cfarn. How ’bout some nachos?

I guess a bloop hit is now known as a “duck snort” as far as the Chicago announcers are concerned. A duck snort is the result of an aging Ken Grieffey in CF. GO BOSOX!!!!!

Nachos work…….that one by JD Drew must have been a squirrel snort.

GSM….ever heard of a duck snort. You are the only one I know who might know where they came up with that one.

OK Lowrie. Imagine if we had Lugo up.

Those freaking bats are unbelievable. I never remember bats splattering like that when I played. Very dangerous.

How about a squeeze!

Varitek needs to shorten his bat stroke. He has lost a lot of bat speed over the years and that long swing won’t work for him anymore.

OK Ells!!!

This couch thing works. I think each night we take turns. Arnie…..can you make up a roster?

You wouldn’t mind so much if they said duck snort only once per game. But to keep saying it is sooo annoying. But then, these guys are annoying even when they don’t say anything. Clutch hitting in the 9th. I love it. And I love it even more hearing the announcers complain. YES!!

You mean a line-up of who sits where and in what positions? I’ll give it some thought.

Same position until we wear it out. Different bloggers each night. Volunteers????????

Does anyone know where Dave is?

You can put it in the books…….YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Great game, Sox! No hit over 6 innings but they sure took full advantage of their last 9 outs.

Way to go Paps! Way to go Sox. Let’s keep the wins coming!

The RED SOX WIN! Now back to Fenway for some home cooking

LOL! Cfarnham, why would you think I would be the only one to know that. Well, it just so happens…….. a duck snort is a soft line drive or blooper that is just over the infield and lands very softly just in front of an outfielder. LOL! It is derived from duck feathers, which are thought to make ducks’ farts softer…….. LOL! ……. like the ball that lands gently in front of the outfielder……… and there you have it.

Of course, that’s not the only baseball reference to ducks. Runners on base are often referred to as ducks on a pond……. and speaking of ducks cutting the cheese…….. cheese, heat, gas…… all refer to Nolan Ryan type fastballs. There are lots of baseball terms that we don’t hear much of any more unless you run into an idiot like Harrelson. But they are fun.

Good win for the Sox tonight. They needed it badly.

I can feel my leg now.

I’ll take Wednesday. Otherwise I’ll be working for all the other games. Hmmmmm…. we do have a couch in the office!!!

Thanks Wikipedia….I mean GSM. I knew you would know. You must have read a bunch of books when you were out in the middle of nowhere on those ships and subs!!!!

Way to go Sox. Way to win one on the road that you could have lost, against a team you may have to edge out for the Wild Card, on a night when you put another game’s separation between you and the Yanks, and pulled 1/2 game closer to the Rays. Hits were even, but runs were not. This is the Beckett of last year, rounding into form at just the right time. With Beckett, Dice-K, Lester and a little offense, this team will have to be reckoned with, I don’t care how many regular season games they lost to the Angels. Now home vs. Texas and the Blue Jays. Let’s see if they can’t win four or more on the homestand, and get to 19 games over .500. How would you like to be Charlie Zink’s stomache tonight?!?!?!?!?!?

I’ll take Thursday again….I should be recovered by then.

All I have to say is, thank God for whoever made the duck food that had them snorting all over the place tonight!

Some clutch hitting on the road against a worthy team. When did that happen last? Beckett looked like the Beckett of last year. That is 2 solid starts in a row for Beckett. Back to Fenway where they should take 4 of 6 and here’s hoping for 5 of 6.

Drew with the biggest hit of the night. Taken the lefty the other way. A great piece of hitting!!! A year ago Drew would have struck out or grounded into a d.p. and killed the inning.

T.B. loses Crawford and Longoria for a while. Let’s hope Boston can start winning series and put the heat on the Rays. The Yankees are taking on water and lots of it. I’m not counting out the Yankees but there chances of winning the division are nada zip zero. They need to focus on the wild card and of course winning some baseball games.

When Danks went perfrct through 6, I was so fed up with the Sox inept offense that I went to bed early.
Wow when I woke up and the Red Sox WIN and the Yankees loooooooooooooooooooose! What a feeling!
Welcome back! Mr. Ace Beckett!
Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, Wow…..
That said, Crisp is a waste at plate except for his defensive play. With all due respect, his tumbling catch was overly dramatized watching the video replay.
JD should bat 3rd or cleanup and Veritek 9th.
gsm: you were right saying Danks was hittable but for the Sox inept hitting in early innings.
Let’s start a 4 game winning streak and start another streak after the pet lover pitches.

Things are certainly looking up today… First, and most importantly, I won’t have to listen to WhiteSox announcers again for a while. I live in Chicago and am generally happy when the RedSox come to town so I can watch the games on TV. There couldn’t possibly be any worse, biased announcers than the WhiteSox. It’s like listening to 2 drunk, stupid, teenagers watching a game and complaining. Every pitch, every out, every play is exaggerated to death in favor of the WhiteSox. Even replays that clearly show a strike, a swing, or an out… they complain if the call doesn’t go their way. I had to watch it on mute until the RedSox took the lead… then I enjoyed their whining and complaining.

Longoria and Crawford hurt…. The Yanks in a total free fall… All of a sudden, Bucholz isn’t bothering me as much as he did a few days ago.

However, every day that Crisp remains in our lineup is a bad day. I expect him to continue to deteriorate until he ends up like he did in the playoffs last year… curled up in the fetal position in the batters box, shaking, foaming at the mouth. I think Francona just puts him in the line-up and closes his eyes… thinking that if he doesn’t see a completely inept Crisp at the plate, than maybe he doesn’t really exist. Francona then opens his eyes at the end of the game, hoping we won.

I’m still pretty angry at Theo for doing absolutely nothing to help the team at the trading deadline. Manny/Bay doesn’t count because that deal was mandatory. Theo did nothing in the “optional” category.


I’m with you about Crisp. He is absolutely pathetic at the plate. He should only play when they need a pinch runner late or playing defense late in the game. Why would Francona have Crisp lead off? The definition of a leadoff hitter is to get on base.

We are having another Guess the Red Sox Lineup, Win a Red Sox DVD contest. No winners yet. The deadline is tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon for that night’s game against the Rangers.

I hear you about Crisp. He prevents a lot of rallies with his exceptional defense, but for some reason, he has not remotely resembled the hitter he was with Cleveland.

Rayman, what did you want Theo to do – sacrifice several prospects for a marginal reliever like Marte or Mahay, who are not worth the cost (of prospects)? I applaud him for not making a ridiculous deal like he did with Gagne last year. I sure would like to have David Murphy, Kason Gabbard and especially Engel Beltre back.

The Red Sox bullpen is pitching much better, especially with Justin Masterson as a set-up man. Hopefully, Colon’s rehab proceeds smoothly and Wakefield is not done (like he was last year when he experienced the same injury). I think Buchholz will eventually be a solid big league starter, but not this year. Perhaps Charlie Zink and/or David Pauley will emerge as this year’s version of Gabbard.


Do not read too much into TB’s temporary loss of Longoria and Crawford. TB”s sucess is largely due to its strong starting pitching and above average bullpen.
I cannot wait to see Charlie Zink’s debut and hope it will be electrifying and sucessful as that of Masterful.
Just wish Friday will never come to see Roy Halliday v. Clay Buchholz. Is there a way the Sox can forfeit a game so that a whole team can get a much needed rest?

Just think- if Zink works out and Wakefield comes back Tek will have two days off instead of one. The Sox may then have a bit more offense.

I understand that ZAZU was late coming out last night in the last inning. Evidently he went into the clubhouse thinking he was going to be taken out. (I guess he felt that he neede a break). They had to go back and get him. Allegedly Torre told him that “We play nine innings here”. Also Torre was supposed to have said that they will soon come to some resolution about ZAZU’s dreadlocks. And the beat goes on….


Longoria is hands down R.O.Y. and has made several spectacular plays at third. He also seems to come up with alot of big hits late in the game. Crawford also is a top notch player, having a down year at the plate and doesn’t run as much even when he gets on but Crawford covers so much ground in left. Those 2 will be missed for sure!!! Can the Red Sox get there ship going in the right direction. If T.B. plays .500 ball from here until the end of the month. Boston has a great chance to be in 1st place by the end of the month if not very early Sept. It will be a fun final 7 weeks or so. I agree with you when say the reason T.B. is where they are at is there solid pitching and a very good bullpen but defensively they are taking a hit without Longoria and Crawford. That is where they’ll be missed the most!!!

Without Longria and Crawford is tantamount to the Sox’s losing Pedroia and Ellsbury. That hurts. TB’s strong starting pitching can conceivably stop Sox’s hitting especially at home. However, if the Sox stay close to the Rays, the division title is by no means out of reach. Hopefully, the Sox can pick up some grounds after the weekend as the Rays are on the 6 game road trip.

I can’t believe it. Paul Byrd is coming. We did not give up much for him. The player to be named later is Buchholz. lol
I think Paul Byrd will start on Friday.

lol. The Paul Byrd era has started in Boston. Balls will be flying all over Fenway Park!


Byrd will likely be the 5th starter. Can’t be worse than Buchholtz.

Byrd can be effective for 5 innings.

Call me crazy but I like the idea of Byrd with the Red Sox. He has pitched very well as of late. Byrd has been around a long time and pitched well against Boston last October. I read where they tinkered with his delivery and the results lately have been outstanding. Also I like how he handled his name being linked to H.G.H. on the same day of game 7 last October. He was a stand-up guy.

I think the player to be named later is Adam Stern, lol.

At the end of the year they can give Byrd a cool 25k ( his buyout ) and I assume get a draft choice for him. Byrd will fit in just fine!!! I love his old fashioned wind up.

I’m not buying the BS that Theo could do nothing at the deadline. The Yanks gave up nobody for Nady and Marte. Why doesn’t Theo make a trade where we give up nobody and get serviceable players in return?

I guess the Byrd pickup was worth it. His 4.53 ERA is way better than Bucholz and probably better than Zink will perform. He’s 4-0 since the break… as long as he’s consistent, he should be a good addition.

Oh my, after watching Dice-K and Byrd pitch back to back will subconsciously make your head/body rock back and forth.

Paul Byrd last pitched a complete game win (4-2) on Saturday agisnt Roy Halliday. He will likely pitch against Halliday again on Friday.

Who said Theo wasnt’ smart. He just solved our pitching problem. Byrd is supposed to be a five inning pitcher. Since we already have one in Dice-K we can have them pitch in tandem. First, Dice-K starts and at the end of five we bring in Byrd. The next time Byrd starts and goes five and then we bring in Dice-K. Brilliant!!!!

Byrd is more than a five inning pitcher. The reason he always has a job is that he throws strikes and gives a team seven, eight and occasionally even nine innings. If he locates his pitches, he keeps hitters off balance, makes them put the ball in play and eats innings. Sometimes, Byrd gets cuffed around because he throws in the low 80s, but he is a decent No. 5 starter who will give the Sox a chance to win most times he steps on the mound.


All Theo has to do now is convince the Indians to take two players–Crisp and Lugo. If they hold out we can throw in Lopez as well.

I wish Friday comes little sooner if Byrd pitches. It will be a rematch Byrd v. Halliday.

It’s amazing what a win does for the mentality and attitude of this blog.

Keeping Crisp this year hasn’t been a bad thing. Ellsbury isn’t used to a 162 game grind, so having Crisp has enabled Tito to give both he and Drew an occasional day off which I think will help in the September stretch run. It’s been a tough year for Crisp. In fact, it’s been a tough time for Crisp since he arrived in Boston. Between injuries and Ellsbury, he really hasn’t had a chance to give it a real go. To his credit, he’s handling it all very professionally. It’s not easy to hit with the number of times he gets to play. But he’s giving it his best shot and has played well in the field when he could easily be dogging it, like ZAZU did. I have a lot of respect for Crisp, who has put the team first.

I’m looking forward to seeing this kid Zink pitch tonight. One would think that anyone who could throw a knuckleball consistently for strikes could be reasonably successful. However, that’s easier said than done which is why there aren’t many of them around. Wakefield is an enigma to hitters. Since about 90 percent of his pitches are knuckleballs, he gets away with a 74 mph fastball because it’s almost like a changeup, in reverse. It really screws with a hitter’s timing. Wake can also change speeds with his knuckler and can bring it from different arm angles. He’s pretty amazing. It will be interesting to see if Zink approaches Wake’s knuckleball prowess.

Gary Sheffield was placed on waivers this afternoon. No way Boston will let him slip to Tampa Bay. I bet they at least claim him and block his path to the Rays. It would be nice to have his right-handed bat off the bench, though I know he wants to start, and there is really no room for him on the roster, unless the Sox would go with six relievers instead of seven. Rosters expand on September 1, so perhaps the Sox could find a temporary solution. Of course, the Twins, White Sox and even the Yankees could claim Sheffield to prevent him from going to the Sox or the Rays. We shall see.


I think the Twins would be wise if they added Sheffield to there lineup. Some much added punch to the Twins and a veteran presence as well. The Twins kind of need a little edge to them and Sheffield would give them that for sure. In Boston Sheffield runs into a numbers game just as you said Jeff. Sheffield could give them insurance if Ortiz’s wrist acts up, we shall see. Francona has alot of respect for Sheffield and Sheffield has respect for him as well. They were former teammates in Millwaukee. Francona at the end of his career and Sheffield just starting out.

I am looking forward too seeing Zink pitch as well. It should be interesting. Tough way to make your debut, facing the Rangers. These guys can hit!!! Rangers pitching is horrible and always has been. Perhaps with Nolan Ryan running the show that will change. He’ll be after just about anyone that can throw a pitch more than 80 m.p.h. Gsm—Give him a call, lol……..

I’m warming up Brian. Last pitch clocked at 37 mph and travelled 52 feet, 3 inches. I’m almost there.

I looked at the lineup on the Extra Bases blog and unless it’s a typo, Drew is in CF and Ellsbury in RF. I wonder what’s up with that?

Hey Brian, I was reminiscing today about the old days and found a web site….. It’s a little outdated but there was some pretty interesting stuff there. I looked through the minor league rosters for that year and saw a lot of names of guys I remember. There was also an interview with the GM of the Newark Co-pilots, Don Young and he tells some stories that are pretty funny. One player he talks about, Ron Jordan, was my room mate. We went to the park that afternoon, and he didn’t come home that night. It wasn’t until the next day I found out he had been released. He was stealing bats…… LOL! I am listed on the site as a player who was drafted but did not play that year. I signed that year but did not play until the following year because of my military obligation. Yep, we had this thing called the draft and my draft lotter number was 146. So it was into the reserves I went. I was very lucky. It was very difficult to get into the reserves in 1969. Little did I know that I would ultimately spend most of my life in that canoe club. Any way, the site was pretty interesting……. something a fanatic like you might enjoy.

Have you seen the Rangers pitch over the years. It sounds too me that you would be there #1 starter, lol. You would make the rotation for sure. lol.
It sounds too me that Boras could you at least 45 million for 4 years. lol. Then again, I don’t think Nolan Ryan will fall for that. Ryan will be going after some of the big fishes out there. Sabathia for sure. The Rangers were players for Zito a couple of seasons ago. Texas has the $$$$$.

I’ll check out the website for sure. Sounds great!!! Stealing bats, gotta love it.

I would expect Zink to do just fine the first time thru the order. What will happen the second time thru the order? That will be the key.

Boston’s bats should be alive and well in this series against the Rangers. Boston should score 20 runs in this 3 game series!!!

Good luck to our new Flinger of the Fluterrer!!
There used to be a kids show host down here (when I was a kid so we’re talking about a hundred years ago) named Chuck Zink (real first name Charles) his tag name was Skipper Chuck. He had the Popeye Playhouse.

Boston needs to sweep the Rangers. No messing around here!!!

A leadoff walk scores 55% of the time. I assume that percentage must be higher when it happens in the 1st inning.

I guess the rest helped Ortiz!!!

Then again this is Scott Feldman. I could take him high off the green monster. lol.

Sox did the double steal the other day in Chicago and it worked. They do it again tonight. The go go Sox. lol.

I think Francona might want to hit tonight. lol. Crisp might even get a hit tonight. Ya right!!! lol.

The extra point is good and the Red Sox add a f.g. lol.

Ortiz with 6 R.B.I.’s WOW!!! Feldman or no Feldman. When was the last time a pitcher allowed 10 runs in the 1st inning? This reminds me of the Marlins—Sox game back in June of 2003. Kim vs Pavano. Boston scored about 11 runs or so that night in the 1st inning. I think Boston scored around 25 runs that night. Damon had 3 hits in the 1st inning that night.

Has Nolan Ryan called you yet? lol. Zink has plenty of run support!!!

June 27, 2003….

I just looked it up. Marlins—Red Sox.

Boston scored 14 runs in the 1st inning. Pavano didn’t get anyone out that night. No surprise, lol. They beat the Marlins 25-8 and ended up with 28 hits. Damon had 3 hits in the 1st inning. Oh by the way Mike Lowell playing for the Marlins that night went 1 for 2. 5 years ago, it seemed like it just happened last week. Time flies as they say.

Hey, I just checked the score. Did I see that right???? 10 runs in the bottom of the first? OMG!!!!

I started out the game in the Go Sox position. Unless the Rangers get within 4 I am taking a break.

GSM–I agree with you about Crisp. I think in the right situation with him getting regular playing time he would do okay. Can’t beat his glove, speed and range. He has handled everything professionally and has caused 0 disruptions. A real class act. His attitude will help him in the off-season if he is trade bait.

I am however amazed how Casey comes off the bench and hits like he’s been playing all season!

I am doing the couch thing just for Ortiz this inning. Never seen anyone hit three straight three-run dingers!!!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

Why Paul Byrd? I know I’m from Cleveland, and supposed to be in his rooting section, but I don’t get it. And the idea that he was stand-up concerning his H. G. H. issue — didn’t he suggest that he got the H. G. H. prescribed for him by a “mail order” dentist in Florida.

I recognized that I asked for a solution for Buchholz’ problems, and that Byrd will likely take Buchholz’ spot in the rotation, but I’m not sure the Sox are any better with Byrd, just payroll poorer. If it works out, you can tell me, I told you so.

Hey, on another issue, with the So. Cal QB down and out, are you still predicting a W over “my Bucks?”

Brian, Pavano hasn’t gotten anyone out since, and made $40 million for not pitching. Nolan just called, he said if I leave now and drive to Boston from Jacksonville I can get there by the seventh inning. I don’t need $40 million for 4 years. They could pay me the minimum to go out there and throw my 37 foot heater.

I’ve got a little break here at work so I’m taking a peek at the game. I like Zink so far, he can throw his knuckler for strikes and mixes in a 81 MPH “heater” that must look like about 100 MPH.

Cfarnham, sorry about the discomfort. I didn’t think it through that you’d be in that position for 3 hours. Hang in there. Good thing I didn’t suggest full lotus,LOL!

The trivia question on MLBTV is ‘Who is the last Sox player whose name started with the letter”Z”?. That’s easy– ZAZU.

How about Bob Zupcic?


Remember when that story broke with Byrd using H.G.H. it was the morning of game 7 A.L.C.S. Byrd could have easily said no comment, not going to talk about it. He talked about it. I don’t know if the guy is telling the truth or not. His background seemed to back his story.

I don’t know why your not in favor of the trade. Absolutely no pressure with Byrd coming to Boston. He is going to do what a #4 or #5 starter should do and that is give his team innings. Byrd has been dynamite since the All Star Break. Buchholz is a guy that is totally lost right now. Byrd will step in and give them at least 6 innings ever start. What did they give up to get him? I am not a I told you so kind of person. My gripe of the day, I hate those kind of people. lol.

Mark Sanchez will be back and he’ll lead the Trojans to victory. lol. I’ll go U.S.C. 20 Ohio State 16. Sorry…


That is my guess as well. Zupic. What he is doing now?

Nolan Ryan might even pitch tonight. Good luck going thru N.Y.C. and D.C. and all those other major cities on I-95. You should get there in time to start tomm. night. This game will end sometime early tomm. a.m. lol.


Your right about Pavano. 40 million for 4 years. Great signing by Cashman, NOT!!! lol. His claim to fame is he dated Alyssa Milano. Lucky him!!!

Alyssa Milano must have put a spell on Pavano.

I know that Tito would like for Zink to win his first game but he shouldn’t risk the ball game.

That was a catch by Crisp. I thought watching it live he made the catch. Replay clearly shows he made the catch.

Zink had a 10-0 lead and couldn’t get the win. Are you kidding me? He’ll be the one to talk to if you want to know about minor league cities. LOL!!!


lol. Great line. Charmed was the show.

This Texas team can hit. Looking forward too seeing gsm pitch the 8th for Texas tonight. lol. You still have time to get to Boston.

Tito is really blowing it with Lopez. Is he kidding?


Texas likes Zink as well. Ask Zink about restraunts in Pawtucket. He’ll give you quite a list. He will need to. lol.

Zink now Aardsma. Great stuff here. First time that has happened since June 2, 1955. From A to Z. I read it on the Herald website. Great tidbit. Harry Aggannis ( Lynn, Ma. native ) Norm Zauchin were the pitchers.

I can’t believe what I am watching. WOW!!!!!

Tito blow this game he ought to resign. No excuses,

I’m afraid Charlie Zink is a make believe knuckle ball pitcher. There is a huge difference between Zink’s and Wake’s knuckleballs. If you watch Wake, his knuckler has virtually zero rotation. Zink’s knuckler has a definite forward rotation. That rotation takes away the magic of what a knuckleball is supposed to be, which is unpredicable. Zink’s knuckleball will predictably drop the same way every time and that’s why he’s getting whacked around the way he is. He’s not going to fool major league hitters for very long with that thing. Zink also delivers all of his pitches in the upper part of the strike zone, which is not good either.

Good thing the Sox pitching is far superior to the Rangers….. LOL!

Brian: I was on my way to Boston when Tito called and asked me if I had signed with Texas yet. So I’m on my way and I’m going to let them fight over me when I get there.

I did not think I’d say this tonight but I’m back on the couch.

While I think Tito should have pulled Zink around the third inning- the wrong call by the umpire on the Crisp catch is inexcusable. What happened to the Video replay that was supposed to go into effect August 1? Who are the idiots that prevented it from taking place?. The commissioner ought to look at some of the blunders/missed calls.


Your right about Zink’s pitches staying up in the zone. They say ” hit me far and deep” lol. Zink better get used to long bus rides in the minors. Next time he is at Fenway he is a paying customer. lol.

My money is on Francona winning the fight. Washington looks like a passive guy. I don’t even know if he is alive in that dugout.

Who are those stupid fans out there? Get rid of them, along with Zink. Probably some dumb college students from New York, lol.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I didn’t mean to call you out, I just appreciate your viewpoint.


You can call me out all night and day long. My parents have been doing it for a longgggggg time. lol. I also like your viewpoint as well. Except when it comes down to the Big 10. lol. Big 1 and the other 10 it should be called.


Well, I don’t think instant replay would help on that Ortiz blast to center. I couldn’t tell for sure whether that ball would have gotten out or not from any of the angles. As an umpire, from that distance, if the fan doesn’t lean over the wall to make a play on the ball, I’m calling home run.

Way to go Youk!

I still can’t believe a pitcher was given a 10 run lead in the 1st inning and he couldn’t get a win. That is amazing to me!!!

This is like the 1978 Red Sox tonight. At least there is no Zimmer in the dugout.

Keeping up with the Ranger’s offense is awesome……keeping up with their pitching…..Aye Yie Yie!!!!!!

They keep pitching Bay away/ on the outside corner. He should consider going the opposite way. There is pleny of outfield in that direction. I hope he doesn’t develop the bad habit/Fenway swing.

Rangers pitching has stunk for years and years. At least they have the right guy in charge and Nolan Ryan will at least make an attempt to bring in some arms. Other g.m.’s in the past bring in bats and more bats. Fun to watch but you will never win anything if you score 8 runs and they score 12. I can even figure that one out. lol.

I am hearing thru the grapevine that the Rangers will offer gsm a 4 year deal worth 60 million. Only catch is Joe Migrane is your pitching coach and you also have to be roomies with Migrane. lol. Also the Rangers will hire Hawk Harrelson as the asst. pitching coach. LOL!!! Good luck gsm.

Pangelotti, I respectfully disagree with you on the Crisp catch. A case could be made for the call either way on that catch. However, it looked to me like Crisp made the catch but then the wall jolted the ball loose as he was going to take it from his glove. That would explain why his throwing hand missed the ball so badly. If that was the case, the umpire made to correct call since the ball was jolted loose and not released voluntarily. If the umpire has any doubt, he has to call not catch. The fact that there could be any argument about it, as in our discussion here, further supports the call he made. I also believe that call would not have been turned over by instant replay.

What interesting about that play is that I’m sure Coco Crisp firmly believes he had possession and that the ball was dropped in transfer to his throwing hand. He’s probably not even aware of the impact the jolt from the wall had on what he was doing.

Hey Aardsma….. may as well walk the leadoff hitter and give the two runs back the Sox just scored. Unbelievable.

What’s with these “professional” pitchers that give lead-off walks?


That’s the only contact Crisp has made all year. LOL!!! His bat certainly doesn’t make contact.

Are you getting your arm loose?

Sorry Rangers, I’m going to the Sox for minimum wage with no Migrane or Harrelson. I also get ZAZU’s vacant locker.


“Professional pitchers”, where? I haven’t seen one yet. lol.

It’s going to be one of those games…may as well sit back and pray.


Old what’s his name’s locker, lol. Good stuff. Who’s locker did Zink take? Keep away from that locker. I am guessing it was either Snyder’s or Corey’s locker. lol. Bad vibes there!!!

This is really f’d up.

If the Sox blow this game they will never recover from it -and they shoudn’t. Thanks to Tito’s poor judgement!

If Boston loses this game, they don’t deserve to make the playoffs. This is just insanity!!! 10-0 in the 1st inning. A 1 run game. What a joke!!!

Is the mound cursed tonight? If you take the hill, you automatically stink!!!

The Rangers hit the extra point, tied at 14. wow!!

LOL! Zink didn’t get a locker. His stuff is in a picnic basket on a table in the laundry room.

Caldonatto was out at home.

This is a joke. It’s more like a woman’s slow pitch softball game than major league baseball.


LOL. I don’t even know if Zink deserves a picnic basket. Hopefully Yogi The Bear takes it from him. A parting gift for Zink, a road map of minor league cities. lol.

Unreal. Rangers have the lead.

Is Feldman coming back to pitch?

When Zink goes down, Tito ought to go with him. Again-NO EXCUSE>


It’s like playing T-Ball back in middle school tonight except it’s not in gym class, it’s at Fenway.

Did Aardsma and Delcarmen forget how to pitch?

I wonder if we’ll get the lead back.


Crisp pull a Rudy Stein and lean into one. lol.

How bad is Cash as a hitter? He doesn’t even have a hit yet. Crisp should try to steal.

Coco needs to be running. Cash is an easy DP

@pangelotti: I was surprised Tito didn’t yank Zink ASAP. I dunno if he was just in shock at how quick it all fell apart or what.

@bosoxbrian: Simply put, the Rangers rip the cover off any baseball that comes their way. Doesn’t matter who is pitching it seems.

Don’t we bunt anymore? Or would we rather strike out?


I agree with you about the Texas lineup. They always have a potent lineup.

I don’t know why Crisp hasn’t run yet.

Great now our guys are swinging at junk…and making outs…hooray!

Heh, I’ve been really cynical this season; I should stop that.


Has a team ever blown a 10-0 lead in the 1st inning?

Even if Boston wins, they should be ashamed.

Tomm. night’s game will probably be 4-3. lol.

Where is Masterson?

Now I don’t know how good or bad the possibilities were for stealing second seeing as how I’m “watching” on MLB Gameday…but seriously, with the number of pickoff attempts at 1B, I would have started to stop trying to steal for one pitch and then started up again. Then again, that’s just me.

Theo or Tito, if you’re reading this, if you pay me 20k, I’ll go out there and pitch. Granted it’s been nearly 8-9 years, but give me some warm up tosses and I’ll be ready.😛


Hey BosoxBrian:

He did, and he was thrown out. I must say, as much as I try to be a positive force for the Sox, they have to find a way to win this game, after getting out to a 12-2 lead after 3 innings. Tito did stay with Zink too long, trying to get him a win. This is one of those situations where you have to focus on the task at hand — winning the game, and not on the individual personalities.

DelCarmen still in for the 7th and leaking oil. I know that the Texas line-up is potent, but not this potent!!!!

Just checked back. WTF???????

Why is anybody pitching to Marlon Byrd? Why? He’s now what, 5 for 5 tonight?

Somebody that hot, you walk.



Crisp should have been running while Cash was at the plate. Tex. guessed right and tossed him. Leaking oil, like the exxon valdeez. lol.

This is such a nutty game perhaps Varitek will come off the bench and have the game winner.

Charlie Zink will always be remembered. lol.

@boxsoxbrian: You know…if ‘Tek came off the bench, I’d wonder what Tito had been smokin’

Granted it would be nice for him to hit a walk-off anything for the win, but I’d still wonder.


I don’t think the Sox will pull this game out. They have that dejected look like they want to get the game over with and go back to the clubjouse and sulk. I think that Tito should go on National TV and apologize to tha Sox fans for bliowing this game.

Sadly, I’ve got more important things to do than watch the Red Sox blow a 10-run lead, so to my fellow fans on our favorite blog, I’m calling it a night.

I guess I thought my lucky Pedroia t-shirt would help, but I guess not it seems.

By the way, I’ve sent a call to the “WHAAAAAMBULANCE” and told it to head to Fenway Park; the team looks like a bunch of sad, lost puppies or something.

Peace out folks.


Except for leaving Zink in a little too long, I’m not sure you can blame Tito. Lot’s of crap has happened in this game. If this series continues like this…and it might…the bullpen is going to be busy. He has tried everything and nothing has worked. Blast me if you like…Tito is not the only one blowing this game.


I am with you. I can’t blame Francona. He did leave in Zink too long, no doubt. Aardsma should walk home after his performance tonight.

You can’t even make this stuff up tonight. This is beer belly league softball stuff going on here. The little leaguer’s in Williamsport, Pa. can do better.

I agree, there’s no way you can hold Tito responsible for this mess. This is a pitching joke. If Tito had any hair coming into this game, he wouldn’t have any now.

Mike Lowell you gotta swing the bat pal. That pitch was right there.

Francona was a genious when the Sox were leading 10-0. lol.

What’s Lowell looking atHe swings at a ball that almost his him and then he takes a perfct strike.

Lowell must be hurting for sure. If he was hurt, Casey should have been up there to pinch hit.

Not a good at bat for Lowell for sure. I think he was confused. He was way behind the pitches he did swing at.

Looking forward, we have Crisp and Cash to start the 8th. Crisp will likely hit. I think Tek will hit for Cash.

I’m surprised Okajima is back out there for the eighth.

I am surprised as well too see Okajima out there. Then again only Masterson and Papelbon are left out there. Some nice defensive plays in the 8th by Boston. Youk and Pedroia.

Ain’t that the truth. He was a genius last night too during the 5-1 win. I just wonder how the bullpen will hold up during and after this series. There is already a big dent and it’s only game# 1 vs the softball line-up from hell. Sucks to be Tito!!!!!

Ells should bat for Crisp. If he gets on. he should steal and then Casey should bunt him over to third.

cfarn…..I’m guessing tomm. night will be a 6-4 type of game.

All Boston needs is a safety and they’ll have the lead. I would prefer a touchdown. Brady to Moss sounds good right now. lol.

I think it was smart to hold Masterson back. We will need him before this series is over and you don’t want to wear him out. He may become the set-up man before long.

All you have to do to get Crisp out is throw one right down the middle. That is exactly what the Texas pitcher did. Hitters like Crisp will get themselves out. He is useless at the plate!!! Why bring a bat with you to hit, he doesn’t even know how to use it. lol.

OK Ells- let’s get to second. Don’t wait until the batter is ina hole.

I’m guessing Lowell goes on the D.L. with that strained oblique. Casey get your first baseman’s mit ready.

He could move Yuok back to first, put Cora in at short and put lowrie on third.

The smallest guy comes up big AGAIN. Ellsbury scores from 1st on a wall double. You don’t see that happen many times if at all. Orsillo said it is tied at 16. That sounded quite strange I thought.

Youk. Let’s go Youk.

Orisillo said, are you kidding me? Great call.

Atta way Pedroia, Youk!!!! Let’s hope rars holds them!

Thought I’d check in again. 19-16. What a mess. Youk!!!!!
What happened to Mike L?

I think this was one of those games if the Sox lost it would have really dented there confidence. A win like this, can really get them going. Sounds strange, they were up 10-0. How could a game like this propel them? Bizarre I say.

Youk was all over that one!!!

Youk kicks a 42 yard field goal. We’ll take the three points. Good analogy Brian. If the Patriots scored like this against the Giants, they would have won the Super Bowl.

It ain’t over yet, but the Sox have showed some character tonight.

The Sox went from third to fifty-second in team ERA tonight. LOL!


Would Bellichick kick the f.g.? He passed on remember.
Another story for another night.

19-16. I had the over in this one. lol.

I can’t believe Francona went for it on 4th and 5 with no timeouts and he was out of challenges. lol.


Didn’t Zink and Feldman start. They don’t even get a descion in this one.

Nolan Ryan willl take the hill tomm. night. He is saying enough of this crap. lol.

!9 runs and we have a save situation…..Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we need that save!!!!


Lowell has a oblique strain. I think he is headed for the D.L. Sheffield to Boston? mmmmmmmmm.

How could that umpire miss that strike?

Charlie Zink last seen leaving Fenway with his picnic basket. Just call him Mr. A.A.A. lol.

The scary thing is there are 2 games left against this Ranger team. Boston goes to Texas during week #1 of the N.F.L. season. How appropriate. lol.

Sheffield is french for ZAZU.

It’s not over until it’s over!!!

After the game, Charlie Zink’s reaction. Zink’s comment, I had a 10-0 lead and I didn’t get the win. Enough said about his performance!!! lol.


Sheffield has alot of respect for Francona. I doubt Boston will end up with Sheffield. If Lowell does go on the D.L. They need to do something. Millar?

A win is a win bloggers. Don’t try to make sense out of this one. If you are a Sox fan you’ll understand. Wahtever it takes to catch the Rays and bury the Yankees. Sox win…..THAAAAAAAAAAA Sox win!!!!

Let’s go A’s.

Why did the Rangers go for the 2 pt. conversion? LOL!!!

Guess I’ll stay up and keep an eye on that one. Go A’s go!!!!

I’d be astounded if Sheffield wound up in Boston. The only way that happens is if Theo thinks he needs to keep Sheffield from Tampa and nobody ahead of Boston claims him first.

We’ll see how bad Lowell’s injury is, but it could be just a tweak. If not, Casey is a capable player and he and Cora could platoon with Lowrey moving to third as necessary.

Beyond that, I’m lost for words about this game.

Rivera just gave up a 3 run homer to Delmon Young. Twins and Yankees are now tied 6-6. Rivera’s first blown save.

I think Youk could play 3rd and Casey at first. I’d at least try it. I think Casey has earned a shot while Lowell is out. Not sure at this point. Casey has been clutch though.

See you tomorrow night for Chapter 2 of The Neverending Story……..

I hate to admit it but….I keep an eye on the Yankees no matter how far back they are. It’s not a matter of fear but a matter of 49 years of hate!!!! 6-6….go Twins although the Twins may be who we may need to stave off later on.


I agree with you about Casey at 1b and Youk at 3b. That is what they did back in April when Lowell had his hand injury. A spot is open on the bench. I think Boston goes out and gets someone. Sheffield is too expensive, wayyyyy too much $$$ next season. Of course we are totally guessing about Lowell’s injury. Lowell needed a rest anyway. His hip and now the oblique. Perhaps his hip injury put more strain on the oblique. Trying not too put too much pressure on the hip and then you have another injury. Lowell says his hip only hurts when he runs. I don’t believe it but one thing we know for sure, Lowell is a gamer!!! I hope he is just out for a few games but unlikely.

Yanks are finding new ways to lose now. Rivera gives it up. I never count out the Yankees but I don’t see them making the playoffs. They should have traded for Byrd. Perhaps Theo can give them Zink, lol. Zink would look great in pinstripes. lol.

You hit the nail on the head. A lot of secondary injuries are the result of compensating for the main injury. Big time with pitchers.

I think Mike Lowell was due for a rest. I think he’ll come back healthy and ready to make the stretch run. Casey is a gamer and knows how to win.

Positive thoughts!!!!!!

Sorry Brian (Brain),
I’m sure they are both true!!!!

Hey guys,

Just checking in. My friend from Michigan is still here and won’t leave till Saturday but I saw bits and pieces of the game. We have a pattern here don’t we:

1) When the Sox score a lot of runs the other team somehow manages to turn the Sox pitching staff into the Bad News Bears no matter who is out there.

2) The Sox always blow the lead when they smash runs on the board.

3) This game as exciting as it was, also was equally humiliating. The Sox entire bullpen looked feeble. I’m giving some slack to Aardmart (sp) because he’s just back from the DL but Delcarman and even Papelbon looked incompetent. The rangers have one great offensive team but the Sox were bleeding runs. All I can say is that I miss the Sox of 2007 but in fairness, they are finding ways to win with a battered lineup and a struggling team.

Welcome back Dave.

A strained oblique usually keeps a guy out 2-4 weeks. I think the Sox will consider Sheffield, or maybe Millar or Aubrey Huff. They could also acquire a middle infielder and move Lowrie to third, which they did when Lowell was on the DL before. They could also call up Argenis Diaz from Double-A. Diaz is already considered a solid big league caliber defensive shortstop. They might recall Jeff Bailey, who can play first, and let Casey and Bailey handle first, Youk and Lowrie handle third and Lowrie and Cora take care of shortstop. Chris Carter would be a perfect call-up candidate, but he is on the DL at Pawtucket with a…you guessed it….strained oblique. The Sox could also make a bold move and summon Lars Anderson from Portland, but I think it might be a year too soon.


A’s beat TB 2 to 1. Yanks pull it out. We picked up a game. Sox, keep it going.

I’m not sure how much I like Charlie Zink anymore. He did pitch well in the one half-inning I saw. Maybe I jinxed him by praising him, he went down in flames about 5 minutes after I typed in how good he looked. Sorry Charlie, hehehe.

I sure hope Mike Lowell can come back sooner rather than later. The Sox will need him. Casey and Youk will take care of business in the meantime.

Tomorrow’s game will be low scoring, no doubt. These guys are probably exhausted. And they’ve gotta be feeling numb after all that tonight.

DAVE!!! How the hel/l are ya? Don’t feel too down about this game. The Sox will take any win they can get and so will I! Tomorrow we have Lester. He’ll put the fire out.

How about Youk with 2 errors and 2 homers? What a freakish game tonight.

My greatest nightmare, aside from if the Sox lost last night, will be leaving Buchholtz in the rotation and replacing Wake’s spot with Byrd.

I don’t know if someone has mentioned this before. Byrd’s ERA after AS is 1.20. Sorrect me if I am wrong.
Tex has a potent lineup which will be offset by their dreadful pitching. They will win games facing pitchers like Buchholtz, etc..

Byrd will be pitching on Friday against Halliday. Who’s gonna pitch on Sunday? Personally I think Zink deserves another shot. But Zink was already sent down. Anyone but Buchholz, please.


Zink another start? You must be joking. I think Kevin Morton or Jeff Sellers deserves a start before Zink. How about Brian Rose? lol.

How about John Dopson? lol.


No chance they’ll call up Lars Anderson. He is still at least a year away if not a little more from the Fenway lawn. He’ll be 21 in late Sept. If the Red Sox were out of it, I say give him a shot. In a pennant race, no way. Everything what I have read about him is he is a can’t miss prospect. Looking forward to watching him down the road in a Red Sox uniform.

Brian: OK Zink is not as good as Wake. I think Masterful should pitch on Sunday until Colon is reactivated and back to the pen. I hope the Sox can gain 2 more games as the Rays cannot score runs on the road.

Is it sacrilegious to option Buccholz to AAA where he truly belongs? He should not be recalled until his ERA falls under 3 in AAA. If the Sox is not going to use him in the pen, why waste a roster spot.

When I signed off from here last night, there were around 130 comments. Well gee, I guess I missed alot on here.. I havent read them yet but will on my break at work.
All I have to say is, I know it was good, then it was bad, then it was great!!!!! I saw the whole game, but what I like best was at 2:30 this morning I woke saw sports center and theat the RAYS LOST!!! That was wonderful!! The rest of the night I slept like a baby!!! See Y’all later, off to the office now!!

ellen: You’re off to work at 10:22 am. What do you do for living?

Hey guys,

Thanks for welcoming me on this board and your inquiries about where I am. The Sox did get a win but still look battered. Buchholz is going to be a great pitcher, I have no problem with that concept. He’s super young and has been moved up the ranks a bit too quick for my taste but the Sox needed pitching desperately this year. They literally gave away Taravez who could have filled in as a spot starter and that hurt them IMO. They also gave away Cory and then gave away Hansen. How many teams can afford to do that one?
Right now the Sox need a sweep of Texas and they need it badly. That would really ease some pressure off of them since TB just continues to win like mad. They lost last night but that’s been the exception not the rule.
Next year will be interesting. I wonder what the Sox of 2009 will look like.

Cfarn, don’t worry, I’ve got the couch tonight. Take a break. Stretch your legs.

Don’t forget everybody, this is Danny Bonaduce’s birthday! Win one for the Partridge Family.

bsb: can I ask you a question??? What do you think of Harrelson as a G.M.??? lol

Well guys, what a wild one…. YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUK!!!!!!! Youki my boy!


Hawk Harrelson is one of the best general manager’s of all time. I think he ranks right up at the top and I also think he deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame. Not only as the greatest general manager also as a WONDERFUL broadcaster. LOL!!!

I was thinking of you serving me drinks that night and I got carried away. The thought of Ellen in a ???????????? Things that make me go mmmmmmmmmmm. lol. Time to go, my bottle of Absolute is near empty. Time to buy a new one. Will you join me Ellen? I’ll tell you I’m Sean Casey and you tell me that you are Halle Berry. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? LOL!!!

I work for a financial group in Fort Lauderdale, I have part time hours 12-6… (unless the Sox start at 4!! I have a very understanding boss, if his Phils are playing a day game, I set up my account and we listen, he is also co-owner of my fantasy team.. This job is perfect. Since my back surgery last year I’m not able to work full time. The people I work for are the Greatest.

BSB, you bad boy you!!! I don’t know Sean might get mad!!! And Halle?? Well she’d cut you off, and Well then she’d cut YOU off!!!

ellen: The Yanks are losing 4-1 that will make you feel better. Glad you have a great job and an understanding boss.

Hey Ellen, can I be on your fantasy team? BSB wants to play too and I’m sure we could talk Dave, Arnie and a bunch of others into it too.

I watched the Twins broadcast today and they do a good job. I love how the Twins play the game and their interviews with the players on the bench during the game. Almost feels like old time baseball. I might have to become a Twins fan.

Big game for the Sox tonight. It’s a chance to put a little more distance between them and the Yankees. It’s also a good chance to put some pressure on the Rays. The young Rays are soon going to learn that now is when it really gets tough. Injuries, many road games, and facing the teams that are right on your tail. They are a good team, but as BSB said earlier in the season, they aren’t battle tested. We’ll see what they are really made of over the final seven weeks of the season.

Meanwhile, the Sox have a tough road stretch of division games after this short home stand. That will also say a lot about them. They need to have another winning road trip and they absolutely must continue to dominate at home.

See you tonight.

P.S. Ellen……. I see you are already on Brian’s Fantasy Team……. LOL!


I’m also a big fan of the Twins and the way they play the game. They play the game right. David Ortiz learned to bunt playing in the Twins organization. If you come thru the Twins organization, you will be shown the right way. Alot of fundementally sound players go thru that system.

When the Twins leave the dome, they will lose some of there home ( dome ) field advantage. Boston has gotten beat down there the last few years. Lost 3 out of 4 this year and got swept there a couple of season’s ago.

Lester needs to come up big tonight. Give this Red Sox team a solid 7 innings.


I would love it if Halle Berry cut me off. LOL!!! mmmmmmmmm gooooooood.

Wow, Mikey on the DL… makes me wonder what with that hip flexor (right side) and now the oblique,(also right side) if there isnt something more going on on that right side, but I certainly hope not.. I’m not even going to say what my 1st feeling was.
On a lighter note…. WE ARE ONE SICK BUNCH>>> AND I LOVE IT.
I’m hoping that Jon Lester has one of his better outings tonight. WE NEED TO PUT SOME REAL HEAT ON THE RAYS.. And having the Yankees eat our… DUST!!!!!


We are sick….I blame Dave the ranter….lol…..Ian must think we are totally insane/nuts…..He must read this stuff and say what? He sees all the comments and says to himself, where is the baseball talk? lol. Not what I had intended. Sorry Ian. You rock!!!

I’ll be on the couch tonight in the “lucky position” for the game so I won’t be able to read all your posts. What a shame. But the good news is you won’t have to read MY posts, lol. Oh, more good news. Erin Andrews said she could drop by after the game to help me “work out” any numbness in my extremities. Looking forward to lots of numbness and a Sox win!! Have a great game, RSN!!!


LOL….Erin Andrews and Arnie, you lucky guy. I have seen her in person several times, she is better looking in person. Very nice for sure!!! Her father is an investigative reporter for the local N.B.C. affilliate here in Tampa. I remember her when she covered the Lightning, she was younger but just as good looking. Heidi Whatney or Erin Andrews? Let’s have a poll.

No we were sick here before just not THIS SICK!! lol
Not a bad 1st By Jon the Kid, Keep it going Jonny Boy!!!
Is it me?, or do our “newer” pitchers look like they need Boy Scout scarfs around their necks or they should be buying clearasil??? Wow, Masterson Lester and a couple of others sure make me feel OLD!!

Hey Arnie, I don’t think that THAT particular body part is considered a true extremity!!! I dont think the wife would consider it as such anyway!!

I can’t believe this guy Mendoza is in a rotation of team in the big leagues. He has absolutely nothing on his ball. Feldman was pathetic last night and Mendoza is equally bad.

With Lester on the hill, I don’t see a comeback tonight.


Are you on your way to Boston to pitch for the Rangers? They need you bad, real bad. lol.

Hey all,

Um…did I really see what I thought I saw last night? I guess my lucky Pedroia shirt actually was lucky. I guess it’s never over “until the fat lady sings,” huh?

Already there’s a carry-over effect from last it seems with a 6-spot on the board. Let’s hope there’s not a carry-over in the team’s pitching, though.

Lester gets W number 11 tonight, I predict.

Buchholz will pitch on Sunday against the Jays. He remains in the rotation. Halladay, Marcum and Burnett are the trio that will take the hill for the Jays this weekend. Huge difference this weekend from this Texas pitching staff. If the Jays and Rangers combined teams, that would be one difficult team to beat.

I agree with Brian. This is all Dave’s fault. We were all normal, relatively well adjusted people who came here to talk baseball until Dave showed up. Now look at us. We’re a disgrace to baseball bloggers everywhere…….. Isn’t it great?!?!?!

Ellen, my guess is that you are likely a spring chicken compared to the likes of Arnie, cfam and me. I know Brian just went through puberty. I talked to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago and his voice was just changing.

Sox come out swinging again tonight. Let’s see if Lester can hold the Rangers to single digits. We saw last night, and again tonight that the best way to protect Papi in the lineup is from in front of him. If he gets up with runners on base, he’s going to get pitches to hit like last night, or get walked, like tonight. Either way, it’s good for the Sox.

I am really liking Jason Bay so far. He’s not the crusher that ZAZU is, but he hustles on every play. I already recall two occasions he reached first base on ground balls that would have been double plays had ZAZU been running. He’ll play a better outfield, be a better base runner and pay more attention to what’s going on around him in the game.

No question Mike Lowell will be missed, but Sean Casey can fill the bill for a while in the lineup. He’s a good contact hitter and he’ll be worth his weight in gold before it’s all over. There’s another team guy who has been super professional about his role with the Sox this year.

I read a piece by Peter Gammons today and he said that Jed Lowrie is rated fifth defensively among 62 shortstops currently on major league rosters. That’s pretty freaking impressive. He also said Lugo would likely have to accept a role as a utility man with the Sox next year, or he’d be gone. Lugo will be a dilemma for Tito when he’s ready to come back in play. There’s no comparison between Lugo’s and Lowrey’s performance. I don’t see how he could sit Lowrey.

Youk is looking pretty good at third so far tonight, but he scares me a little down there. Before moving to first, he was an adequate third baseman, but nothing special.


I just got my first zit yesterday. Also my senior prom was just great!!! lol. My mother just told me, lights out at 10:00 p.m. I have to go to camp tomm. lol.

I don’t see Lugo next year playing a utility role. That is alot of $$$$ hanging around on the bench and he also seems like a guy that would give a little attitude. He comes across as a guy that thinks he is really good. I think Boston will eat half the salary and deal him away. They did it with Renteria and they’ll have to do it with Lugo.

Casey will spell Lowell just fine. Casey played so well when Lowell hurt his hand back in April. Lowell needs the rest and in the long run it is going to work just fine for Lowell and the Red Sox.

Lester looking sharp tonight!!!

Brian, I drove all the way up to Boston last night for nothing. I even cut my dreds. The Rangers didn’t want me. Theo signed me to a one hour contract prorated based on the minimum. They dressed me up as Jonathan Papelbon and sent me out for the 9th. I was really upset at Youk for booting that ground ball and ruining my perfect inning. I was released right after the game. Pap was really upset when they finally let him out of the closet in the laundry room. He didn’t like my wearing his uniform.

@gsm52: Did Pap bean you with a 95 MPH heater for taking his spot?😛

So folks, it’s official. The waiting game begins for my new apartment in Lowell, MA. I leave CT for MA and will be 30 min away from Boston; can’t get any better for a lifelong Red Sox fan who hasn’t been to Fenway park since middle school.

First things first, though. I need to get settled in my new job in the beginning of September. Then it’s time to hit up Fenway. Who’s with me?


Raj – I’ve thought a lot about moving back to the Boston area. I still have family up there, but I’m too old and it’s too cold. I’m about two years from final retirement, so I’ll be spending some time up there during the summer when it’s too freaking hot down here to enjoy a round of golf. I love the Boston area…….. it has so much character compared to Florida. Actually, I don’t mind the winters but for a retired military guy, Florida is a better place to be. I really envy you though. Have a blast up there.

By the way raj, Pap is from Jacksonville and he was yelling something about catching up with me in the off season. Wonder what he meant by that.

Wow, Hamilton uncorked a rocket, right on the money. Lowrey runs pretty well and it wasn’t close. Great play.

Hamilton can do it all.

Hey Brian, I think we grossed Ellen out. She’s cowering in a closet somewhere wondering if it’s safe to come out and play.

Hey you guys probably already blogged about this, but why did the San Diego kid have Boston as one of his eight no trade teams? I thought the whole world was Red Sox fans? weather? management, or just very poor taste? — anyone know?

dgneubert, part of the Peter Gammons thing I read today talked about the Giles situation. He just loves it in San Diego and didn’t want to come to Boston. I guess it just comes down to he loves his life out there and didn’t want to move. I wonder who the other seven teams he would not accept a trade to are.


Ellen in a closet? mmmmmmmm. I’m off to Broward County to find her. lol.

If Giles wasn’t committed 100% why would the Red Sox want him anyway? I certainly wouldn’t want him. Even if he wanted to come to Boston, I was hoping he wasn’t on his way. I don’t think Giles would have made much of an impact anyway.

I still would like too see another arm in the pen added. I would prefer a righty but a lefty that could get lefties and righties out would be fine as well.

Lester with a superb start. I don’t know how much more praise we can give him. Rick Sutcliffe said it early in the game, you wouldn’t even trade Lester for Johan Santana straight up right now and I totally agree with Sutcliffe.


I think your phone will be ringing very soon. Padilla scratched from tomm. night’s start. Nolan Ryan wants you gsm tomm. night on the hill. LOL!!!

OK Tito- Let’s not pull another one like last night. We may not be so lucky. Get Oki in as soon as you can-when he has to face a left-handed batter. (Stay away from Lopez). Oki seemed to do well last night. If necessary bring in Papi. These games you should not lose.

I don’t know, I pitched an inning last night. I think I might have rotator cuff fatigue or something. I don’t know if I can be ready tomorrow night.

Timlin didn’t have much. That thing he threw to Bradley was like a beach ball.

Brian, you’re heading to Broward County. Watch out Ellen, be afraid, be very afraid.

OK, let’s see if Masterson can come in and get this thing closed out.

Don’t waste time , get Paps up–NOW.

Tito- don’t bring Paps in with his back up against the wall. Get smart for a change!!

Nice come back by Masterson. Salty hit the first pitch which probably took everyone by surprise. I don’t have a problem with that as Masterson was trying to get ahead, which he should be doing. Held his composure on the DP and then blew Young away. Good job.

The Sox put another game between them and the Yankees and are putting the pressure on Tampa to win. Dice-K tosses for the sweep tomorrow night. Hopefully, Ellsbury will be ready to go. If Nolan calls me tonight to pitch for the Rangers tomorrow night, I’m going to hit Ellsbury right in the ****! LOL!

Think I’ll go check on the Rays. Never thought I’d be saying that.

GSM, (Dressed As Paps)
Was that your first career save in game # 1 vs the Rangers?
You would be the oldest to ever record a save in MLB history. You are da man. Noticed you play golf. What’s your handi-cap?

Youkilis doesn’t even bother with singles anymore! Home runs and doubles, gotta love Youk! That was a pretty relaxing game except for the softball Timlin lobbed in there. I could have hit that pitch. Man, that lucky couch thing is tough!! Uncomfortable! I really need Erin to hurry up! She called for directions to my house and said she really didn’t want to talk much because that would seem like work, you know she makes her living talking; so I said, fine, I wouldn’t listen anyway. Lotta numbness and stiffness to get rid of. Hey, I watched the game on ESPN and they have all these commercials about “reptile dysfunction” What’s up with that?

@Arnie: That would be “erectile dysfunction.” And since you mentioned Erin Andrews…

My apologies in advance, but there’s a lewd joke here, yet I can’t find it. Probably a good thing too, for Ellen’s sake, heh. Not to mention Ian would probably temporarily or even perma-ban me.😉


I always get nervous when I “chime in” with BosoxBrian, but he’s right on the nose with Jon L. Only 7 AL pitchers have a better ERA than Jon (and Jon keeps lowering his ERA), only 4 have thrown more innings, only 15 or so have more K’s, and only 10 have more wins, and Jon keeps chalking up wins with almost every outing recently, meaning that he is likely to pass many of those in front of him. In fact, with approx. 8 more starts, Jon could easily have 17-18-19 victories, and put himself into serious consideration for the Cy Young Award. That’s the kind of season he’s having. Think of all the Sox losing skids he’s stopped this year with an outstanding performance that resulted in a win!!!

Think of the short list for Sox MVP this year — Youk, DP, Dice-K, Jon L, JD, Pap. While there have been a lot of good performances, those have been the superlative ones. Imagine, no Big Papi, no Manny, no Schill, no Beckett, no Mikey Lowell. The Sox have really re-made themselves, which to me makes them an even more dangerous play-off team.

Go Sox, sweep the Rangers, and take at least 2 of 3 from the Jays, on your way to Baltimore, Toronto and New York, and then home for most of the balance of August and September. What a great time to encounter the Yanks, when they are reeling with injuries. My Yankees loving son-in-law was in last weekend, bemoaning all of the Yanks injuries. I daresay the Sox come a close second, but they are shrugging them off. Way to go Sox, keep gutting out the “W”s.

cfam ……….. yeah, that was my first save. However, unknown to most people, Nolan Ryan got a lot of credit for games I pitched wearing his uniform. Pitchers can’t last as long as Nolan Ryan did without a little help. Clemens used steroids, Ryan used me…. LOL!

I do play golf, and yes, I am handicapped. To be honest, I never picked up a golf club until after I retired from the Navy. I never thought I was old enough to play golf. But when I started getting hurt playing softball because I started having trouble seeing under the lights, I decided golf might be a good alternative. I started playing, and now I can’t stop. However, I vowed I would only play that game for fun. I’ve never taken a lesson nor do I keep a handicap. I swing my driver like I swing a bat which means I can hit a ball a long way, but I tend to have some directional issues….. LOL! So, I’ve been playing a little over six years. My best round is 80 and I’m pretty consistently in the mid to upper 80’s. I try to play twice a week and I never, never practice….. LOL! I have a limited number of strokes. One of my best clubs is the foot wedge and in Florida, we have the root rule. We don’t risk breaking clubs or wrists on wayward tree roots. I really enjoy playing. There are at least 30 courses within 15 miles of where I live.

@gsm52: Now for a second there, I started taking you seriously about your Nolan Ryan commentary, LOL.

I was about to take a closer look my old baseball cards of him as well. I guess it’s time to really hit the hay now, heh.


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