Going, going … for a few days

You guys and gals are on your own for a few days. I’m taking some annual summer family time. I will resume coverage of the Red Sox on Monday in Baltimore.

I won’t be seeing much baseball — if any. So feel free to use the comments section like you usually do — as a place to discuss all nine innings every night. Perhaps that is how I will keep up with the team while I’m on this break.

Talk to you in a few days.



First comment? Woo Woo. Who would have believed a few months ago that our SS would bat 6th and have 28 RBIs over the course of 41 games? Guaranteed the question would have been… “Great, who did we trade for?”. Nobody on earth would have believed we were talking about Lugo. And nobody would have predicted this for Lowrie. But here we are… and life is good.

Have a nice vacation! We’ll try to keeps things going. Be safe.


Have some wonderful family time. If you do check in here from time to time, don’t let you family see any of our comments. LOL!!!


Agreeing with me, lol. Your right about Lester. I never really thought about Lester for Santana straight up until Sutcliffe mentioned it tonight. I wouldn’t do that deal and I assume most everyone if not all wouldn’t as well. I thought Sutcliffe made a great point. Sutcliffe and Hershiser are one of the analysts I enjoy listening too, they know baseball and they know pitching. Varitek also said before the game that Pedroia could be a captain down the road. High praise from Varitek. Perhaps co-captains, Pedroia and Youkilis down the road.

It’s great too see the Boston bats kicking butt the last 2 games. Texas or no Texas it is alot of fun. I hope Dice-K brings his A stuff tomm night, no free passes to Texas. The Rangers with or without Hamilton will make you pay for those free passes.

After tomorrow the Rangers have a few games with TB. After we win tomorrow (think positive) let’s hope that Texas uses the batting practice that they got with our pitchers and put TB away. They can’t complain that they didin’t get enough swings in.

Enjoy, Ian!!

Hey, we have Dave the “ranter” maybe we could ask Ian to get sound on the blog and we could also have a cantor or hazzan to chant the line-ups and comments. Just a thought.

Rayman, I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that Tito does NOT, I repeat, NOT show loyalty to Lugo and re-instate him in the line-up when he comes off the DL. Lowrie is very solid in the field and is 100 times better at the plate. Compare that to Lugo’s poor fielding and pathetic hitting. Can they send Lugo to LAD?


You will never ever believe this, Joe Migrane is covering baseball in the Olympics. It could be a great thing, maybe, just maybe Migrane gets stuck in China and never returns to the states. LOL!!! I doubt the Chinese govt. would put up with his crap!!!

Brian, I’m actually watching the A’s game and finding it almost enjoyable because Joe Migrane isn’t here. Right now, game is tied 2-2 in the bottom of the sixth. Maybe we should send a note to the Chinese consulate and tell them Migrane is a spy feigning to be a baseball announcer. It would probably work since even the Chinese would know that Migrane is faking it as a baseball announcer. You’re probably right though, even the Chinese wouldn’t have him.

Ian is slacking on us. How can you take a vacation from being a beat writer for the Red Sox. Isn’t a job like that like being on vacation all the time? LOL!

It was awful Brian. I’m completely traumatized. I may never recover. I woke up this morning and decided to check out the Olympics and USA baseball was on and there he was…… Joe Migrane. I rolled over in bed thinking I was having a nightmare but it wouldn’t go away. I quickly switched to ESPN where there was Mike and Mike, which is just about as bad……… Fortunately, 8:00 AM came and the USA basketball team came on. I was saved. With all the great baseball announcers there are in this country, couldn’t we do better than Joe Migrane? If the rest of the world doesn’t like us now, they certainly won’t like us after listening to Excedrin’s biggest reason for existence. How embarrassing!

No Josh Hamilton tonight and a guy with a 10.61 ERA on the mound for Texas. We better take care of business tonight and get the sweep!


I am extremely dissapointed too see that your not on your way to Boston. I was expecting too see you listed as tonight’s starter for the Rangers. Did Nolan Ryan lose your cell #? LOL!!

I was thinking the same exact thing. With all these baseball announcers that we have in this country, Migrane is sent to China. He must have pictures on someone. lol. Sounds like a rough morning, first thing in the a.m. and Migrane is on the tube. Now that is rough. LOL!!!

I am in the office and picking up on the last of the comments from the previous blog. Me, grossed out?? Think again.. also, me?? in a closet?? not… I will tell you all that I was raised with 3 older brothers, so there is not a whole lot that can “gross me out”!!! In case you can’t tell by some of my writings, I’m as sick (if not more so) than the rest of you!!!!
Good job by all last night. I think that Tito will do the SMART thing and NOT start Lugo when (or if ) he returns. I know he’s been in the dugout, I saw him the other night when Papi went homer bashing. OOPS, 12:00 time to start work.. I will be back on my break!! Have a Good Day Nationers!!!

Any loyalty that Tito has with Lugo should go by the wayside. Lowrie should continue to play whether Lugo is healthy or not.Pulling Lowrie to satisfy a loyaly whim could adveresely effect Lowrie

Lester has definitely and unequivocally emerged as an ace of the staff. Lester shut out the potent TX line up (best team BA in the MLB) for 7 inings. Doubt Beck can do better than that.

I cringe at the thought that Buchholz is pitching on Sunday agisnt AJ Burnet. Oh yeah, he has good stuff. He will be good at prolonging the losing streak and snapping the winning streak. I have a suggestion why not let him pitch for 3 innings only even if he strikes out 9 batters in a row.
Then Masterful and the bp take over. My projection of probable pitchers for the remaining August, Buchholz will likely pitch again on August 30 against CWS.

I’m hoping that they will send Ol Clay boy back down to the farm and pick someone else up. Just a thought, when is Pauley scheduled to pitch next?? I swear if I had been Tito/Theo, I would have had Clay boy’s bhutt on the 1st train/plane/bus or donkey back down to instructional league!!! 1st instruction being.. DON’T GIVE UP THE LONG BALL, GIVE UP THE CLAYMATE!!!

ellen: According to Jeff Pauley will be optioned back to AAA and an infielder Joe Thurston (or acquire another infielder) will be recalled on Friday. The Sox brought up Pauley as a precaution after Tuesday night’s slugfest.

Pauley is back in A.A.A. and Bailey is with the big club.


Lester as you say might be the ace of the staff but if the Red Sox make the playoffs. If the playoffs started tomm. Beckett would be the game 1 starter.

Brian: I am saying Lester is a ace type pitcher. If the playoffs start today, I agree the rotation should be Becker, Dice-K, Lester. Wake or Byrd.


Top 3 starters for the Red Sox are as good as any team out there.

I don’t want too see any free passes from Dice-K tonight. The Rangers will capitalize on the walks. Boston’s bats should be alive and well again tonight. I want a sweeeep!!!!!

Dice-K seems to cut down a lot on his free passes. Yes, you cannot afford to give the Tex lineup extra outs. But the Sox can score runs from its dreadful starting pitcher. The sweep is in order. TB is down by 1 run, 4-3 A’s.

Ellen, you sound like my sister. She was one girl among six brothers. Poor thing. She’s a little damaged now, but I still love her.

If you have one game you need to win, and you can choose your starter for that game, who do you choose. If it’s me, I’m choosing my ace, and that’s Josh Beckett. Lester has certainly pitched well this year but Beckett might be the best big game pitcher in baseball right now. He’s the ace, hands down.

I wonder how Ellsbury’s **** is? He needs to get back in the lineup. Things were coming around for him and he needs to continue.

Brian, I’m thinking I wouldn’t want to run into Ellen in a dark alley. She seems the type likely to kick my butt. Of course, being the gentleman I am, she’d have no reason to, but I think she’d do it anyway, just cause she can….. LOL!

The Sox have amazing depth. They’ve lost one of the best hitters in the game, their starting shortstop, Lowell for the second time, Curt Schilling, along with a bunch of other nagging injuries and they fill the gaps without blinking. The kids have come through so they haven’t had to go out and fill their roster with worn out and aging veterans. This is good stuff.

Ellsbury has the night off again. The Sox definitely needs him back for the Toronto series. Francona was saying that Buchholz’s frame of mind has changed since his last start in Chicago. Can’t believe Buchholz was 0-5 in his six starts since his recall from AAA, not to mention his ERA. To me Buchholz is a AAA+ SP at best until he proves me wrong.

Has anyone else noticed the fact that Youkilis has avoided the second half decline that he suffered the last two seasons? He seems to have gotten stronger this year after the ASB. I wonder why. Is it because he is used to the grind now, or is he doing something different?

SSSHHHH!!! Dont jinx him Arnie!! Its okay I dont think he heard you!! lol
You know its like a no hitter, you dont mention it (unless its AGAINST you, then you yell it from the rooftops “HE’S GOT A NOHITTER GOING!!!)!!

Brian, I’m watching the Rays and A’s, and I don’t believe it but there is a Joe Migrane clone. I have no idea who he is but he sounds just like Migrane. I can’t believe it……. there is more than one idiot like that around.

Percival got hurt fielding a bunt. I can see why, he’s fatter than I am. Balfour came in and gave up a single to Frank Thomas and the game is now tied in the 9th, 5-5.

Yeah Arnie, and you’d better listen to her or she’ll kick your ****!

Brian, I am in Boston and I have negotiated a one game contract. I have stolen Tommy Hunter’s uniform and I’ll be starting for the Rangers tonight. I don’t expect to be around long because I’m going to be serving up some sweet pitches to the Sox. I have my laptop in the dugout, so I’ll check in with you between innings.

Hey, how did my gsm change to garry. Now everyone knows who I am….. LOL!

I gave up the jinx superstition in ’04. It’s fun to talk about though. I have to admit, however, that the Sox have never won a game that I attended. I used to think that if I was offered a World Series ticket, and the Sox were playing, I would decline for the good of the team.

You are the ultimate team player Arnie……. oops, gotta go pitch now. Probably should have warmed up.

I served up the old cantaloupe ball to Drew, but he hit it right to Kinsler. Then I threw two meatballs to Pedroia and he missed them both. Papi gets two right down the middle and that’s all he’s getting. There’s only so much I can do without looking like I’m fixing the game. I need to get a bigger uniform. This one is stretching to the max to get around my rather robust body.

Thanks Dice-K. I took a little nap while you were throwing a billion pitches. Long drive to Boston from Jax, I’m pooped.

I hope the history won’t repeat itself! 7 big runs for Dice -K.

8 runs and counting…………

I never even heard the click..!! You know when things finally started coming together!! dice K needs to be steady the rest of the way tonight!!!
WOO WOO (chugg-a chugg-a chugg-a chugg-a)!! Thats my rally cry!!
I do the woo-woo’s, David does the chugg-a’s. LOL (oh and the dog just chimed in too!!) Her name is Boe and and I call her Boe-Sox!!

Youk hits nothing but doubles and HRs. We have to teach him how to hit singles. lol

Man, I can’t believe Washington left me out there that long. I must have thrown a million meatballs. It was perfect, I had nothing. Well, I did my part. It’s out of my hands now. The Sox can’t go blowing an eight run lead. My sister called, she said I looked fat on television and that I had more chins than a Chinese phone book. Guess I better lose a couple of pounds. LOL!

Hey Skip, do I have to stay for the rest of the game? Can I go home now. It’s a long drive back to Jax.

Lowrie did it again! Please Lugo do us a favor, take your time recuperating from whatever you are suffering from.

Jason, not Bay, the rally killer!

Good inning by Dice-K. He gave up a couple of hits, but that’s OK. Much better that than dilly dallying around, walking batters, and throwing a bunch of unnecesary pitches. He’s got a 9-0 lead, he needs to pitch to contact and get through innings as quickly and efficiently as he can and give Tito seven good innings.

Jason not Bay is an automatic out, not that the Sox needs his hit tonight.

Its great to see he is in the right form (Dice K) he is like Jekyl and Hyde. on Good nights he is Dice-K Matsuzaka and on bad nights…he is Di Ck- K WALKsuzaka.

TB keeps winning. Fortunately we are keeping up. Hopefully, they will hit a slump against the Rangers and hopefully the Rangers will hit like they have been doing against the Sox. The bottom line is that we cannot control what our competetion does. We just have to keep winning.

What’s wrong with JD? I hope he is physically ok.

Next time Jason, Not Bay comes to bat watch how long his swing is. He needs to adjust and cut it down. May be too late this year but he needs to work on the short stroke this off-season. His age doesn’t allow for that lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng stroke anymore.

Dice-K looks like he is beginning to cave- lose control. If two more people reach base he should be pulled. Tito should have someone warming up now. Dice-K exceeded hus five innings.

Nope, I will leave Dice-K there as long as possible. Save the bull pen for the Toronto series.

Yeeeeees! Got Kinsler for the 3rd out!

Hi everybody!! 7 shutout innings by Dice-K. Even with 5 walks—-way too many—but still, to keep this lineup to 0 runs is a great job. 6 outs to go.

Hey Garry, to paraphrase Joe Torre … we play nine innings here!! that was supposedly told to Woman-ny

Bet you a bottle of Amstel Light, Dice-K will pitch a complete game shut out.

Everybody got their whacks tonight!! Papi’s looking stronger and more comfortable than I’ve seen him in months… I think “everything” took its toll him too!

That’ll cost you more than “a Damn good bier”!!

I still predict that Tampa Bay will hit the wall… It may not be until the playoffs BUT>>>>> THEY WILL HIT IT>>> Does anyone remember a team that last year won 19 games going into the WS??? Colorado???I think that is the most recent example of SLAMMING into a wall.. Tampa will do it…

… I think it was nineteen or was that the number of days they had off in between?? been a long day.. I’m going into my blonde stage now!!

manny D is is.. Is he MD feelgood or MD strangelove tonight!! I’m hoping for the 1st….

Remdawg just made a great point. We shouldn’t get to wrapped up by the Sox offense against the Texas Little League staff. We’ll find out more this weekend against a very good Toronto staff. Meanwhile, I think the Rangers head south to play the Rays. Maybe they’ll take out their frustrations of this series in Tampa.

Where are all these fat Texas pitchers coming from? I’ve never seen such a conglomerate of fat pitchers.

I think Arnie has been feeding the Texas pitchers.

Sox had an easy time with Texas crushing them but Toronto is now a tough team again and will not roll over. Unfortunately Texas will take their winning ways and bow down to Tampa Bay so the Sox need a sweep not to lose more ground — ug. Therefore we need to help our team!

Arnie, I expect you to be the official cook of the Toronto Blue Jays and include your special compost burgers, toilet bowl smoothies and of course your delicious pickled cabbage with whipped cream and pine tar. The desert (if they survive) should be chocolate steampipe surprise with boiled lemon and garlic cake — oh this is all to die for!
Ellen, be sure to setup the Rosanne scream a-long golden oldies music roundup in the Blue Jay’s hotel rooms that night. Rosanne should perform such classics as ‘come fly with me’ and of course ‘The National Anthem’ such over fifty five times that night.
007chow — be sure to get a job in the hotel give complimentary prune juice IV’s (while they are asleep). That eternal cleansing will really make them ready for the game.
gsm52 — be sure to have ‘Migrane sings the Elton John’ CD blasting through the halls.
bosoxbrian — be sure to wash all their uniforms at high heat with your special ‘shrinking fluid’
cfarnham04 — be sure to flatten the tires of the team bus — assuming they make it this far.
Pangelotti — be sure to include your pet skunks in the hotel room and if they make it to the park, don’t forget to have two starving tigers in the training room.
redsoxfan015 — be sure to drill their bats out and stuff them with heavy lead and then drill random holes in the bats and drive screws in them.
raymen94 — if this all fails be to dip all the gloves in battery acid before the game.

I’m counting on your guys — get to work and report back your findings.

If all of this fails, it could be a tough weekend.


It looks like ZAZU is taunting Torre by having his deadlocks cut about an inch which he feels is satisfying Torre’s request. Torre said that it was OK–for now. I guess so long as ZAZU performs it will be a sort of standoff. When ZAZU slips a little we’ll see how Torre reacts. ZAZU is a jerk and he continues to live up to that reputation.

I must have found the Yankees bus instead…the wheels have fallen off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll keep looking for the Blue Jays bus….you are right….they are tough and their wheels need to be slashed. I’m on it like white on rice!!!

Keep on trying. The Sox play tomorrow night against one tough arm. We need your help. Also note you can remove certain wiring clusters in the engine compartment. You can also bring your hacksaw and grinder (wear safety glasses) and customize the engine — good luck! (LOL)

I noticed the Jenny Craig need to be’s tonight when the starter had to come out of the game (he was huffing and puffing because of the walk from the mound!!. But hey who are we calling fat.. Back to David Wells, to Gag-me, now to Bartolo bad smelling Colon!! david Wells had a little tunnel at the back of the mound that delivered (it was all programmed each game) pbj’s, doughnuts, abd jack daniels to wash it down.. another favorite was grilled cheese BLT”S with jalepeno’s and bananas with maple syrup (Holiday Isle/Bahia Cabana RumRunners followed that)!!

Oh My GOD!!! His Honor is back!!!! I BOW TO THE (ex) RANTER!!! oops did I say that ex thing out loud!! OOPS Hi Dave how the hell are you??? and where the hell have you been?? Okay Dave.. how come Seans has been clothed in the lineup lately?? Not good!!!

Whe looking for the Blue Jays bus don’t be fooled. Though they are the BlueJays, they ride the Little Yellow Bus!!

Hey Ellen,

I’ve posted twice on this situation so I have tried. I have a dear friend named Chrystal who came from Michigan to see this family. She leaves on Saturday so I should be more able to catch up on everything but I don’t get friends from Michigan that come that often. In addition I’m writing a college recommendation letter to her sister so I’m very busy this week.

ellen — find that bus and destroy it. We need to stop the birds of Toronto before they crush the Sox.

The Sox offense decimated Tex AA starting pitching. The real test comes this weekend against the MLB pitching. With Byrd on the mound, the Sox has a reasonable chance of W and keep the winning streaking going. I will be pleased if the Sox can take 2/3 and hope for the sweep if there is an unexpected change of pitcher on Sunday.

Looks like we have a rationale reason for Varitek’s pitiful offense this year…

“Boston’s Varitek files for divorce” on Truth and Rumors today… I’d like to blame it all on that bee-atch.

Hopefully he’ll engage in some slump-buster activities and get his mojo back before the playoffs.


I think the reason you pitched poorly was wearing the Rangers uniform. lol. It looked like you had a very difficult time locating any of your pitches. Perhaps going to the Joe Migrane school of pitching can help you develop some much needed confidence. LOL!!!

Boston is 10-3 since the Ramirez trade. Taking advantage of there soft schedule. Playing the A’s, Royals and Rangers in 9 of those 13 games. They should take 2 from the Jays this weekend. Byrd pitched a gem against the Jays in Toronto his last start. Let’s hope he can go at least 6 if not 7 innings tonight. Byrd throws strikes and that is a good thing. No free passes from him. If your in the infield be ready and of course the outfield as well. Halladay is one of the best pitchers in the game but Boston seems to have his number the last couple of seasons. I don’t know what the numbers show but he has gotten hit hard in Boston. Halladay is still one of my favorite pitchers. I would love too see him pitch in Boston. I am dreaming of course. He is one of those rare pitchers that looks to finish what he starts.

Brian: Halliday is good but hittable. He has career ERA 4+ against Boston. In April Halliday beat the Sox 7-4 giving up all 4 runs. Later in April, Lester and Papelbon had a combine shut out 1-0 against Halliday.
If Byrd can repeat his last outing against Halliday, the Sox has good chance keep the winning streak going and tomorrow we have beck pitching.

Every pitcher is hittable. Halladay only gave up 1 earned run against Byrd , it was the Jays defence ( lack of ) that beat Halladay, not Byrd . Jays should have won that game 2-1 . Jays offence has been missing all year . Here is to a good series .

You mentioned the name of the “unmentionable”. I refer to him as ZAZU.

whimpsy: Still Byrd pitched a complete game only gave up 6 hits and 2 runs. I will take it any day, any time against any pitcher from a No. 5 starter.


The punishment is spending a weekend with Roseanne and Joan Rivers and they get to do whatever they want to do to me. mmmmmmmmmmm. I guess I will never ever say Ramirez’s name again, screwed up again. LOL!!!

You just did it again. 2 weekends with Roseanne and Joan Rivers.

My prediction for Byrd’s first Boston start, 6 innings, 3 runs, 5 Ks

Two weekends with Rosanne and Joan Rivers– you have to be careful- that could be a crushing experience!!

My prediction is 5 and a third with 6 hits and 3 ERs

Breaking News from Yankee Universe: Melky Cabrera has been optioned to AAA and Richie Sexon was released.

Hi, All:

If anyone is planning on attending any of the Sox-Orioles games in Baltimore, feel free to enter a contest on Sox and Pinstripes that will give you one free night at Harbor Magic Hotels and tickets to the National Aquarium. All you have to do is be the first person to correctly answer a simple trivia question: What year did Fenway Park debut. To win, you must post your answer under the contest blog entry. I hope one of you wins this!


The Rays are finding out what it’s like to be a first place team. All their attempts to get some help for their offense are being foiled by the Sox who seem to be claiming any worthwhile player on waivers. It’s lonely at the top Rays.

I think Melky Cabrera is going to be a good ball player and that the Yankees are probably doing the wrong thing by sending him down. He’s been a part of the team for a couple of years and to send him down now casts an ominous spell on his career.

I’m not a big Paul Byrd fan. He’s one of those pitchers who gets by on probability. He knows that if you make hitters put the ball into play, the odds are better than 70 percent you’re going to get him out. So that’s what he does, and it seems to work. Guys with much better stuff have much less success becasue they don’t throw strikes and get ahead in the count. He’ll eat some innings and take up some starts, but I wouldn’t want to rely on him in a big game, despite what he did last year.


I’m not too high on Cabrera. One thing he has that is above average is an arm. Other than that, just another ballplayer. I don’t think he’ll hit any higher than .285 ( on a good year ) 15 -18 longballs. My opinion, a marginal outfielder. A 4th outfielder in N.Y. and starting in Pittsburgh, K.C. among other baseball hell holes.

I think getting Byrd was a solid move by Theo. Byrd is a vet and has played under Francona, that is a major plus. Absolutely no pressure on Byrd. He’ll give the Sox at least 6 innings every start and from a 5th starter, you can’t beat that. If I was the Yankees, I would have been all over Byrd. He would have fit a need for sure. Rasner, Ponson ( has pitched well lately–still stinks though ) Kennedy. Byrd would have been a major upgrade in N.Y. Cashman was asleep on Byrd.

Your also 100% correct about the Sox blocking anything and everything. The Red Sox are doing there best John Hannah impersination. Blocking anything in sight!!! Ibaneaz would have been a nice fit with T.B. No Crawford and they can’t make a trade for anyone, sorry T.B. lol. Giles as well would have been a nice fit in T.B. As you say, lonely at the top.

Byrd will give them 6 innings tonight if not more. Toronto can pitch as we all know. I wish the Rangers left there pitching staff behind. lol. I am convinced I could have taken one of there pitchers deep and far and onto the Mass. Pike. No doubt!!! LOL!!!

Wow… I’m kind of crushed for Tek. Divorce is never pretty especially with kids involved. I wish him the best of luck and yes he has a need for some “safe” slump busting endeavors.. I wonder if he’ll war his mask or chest “protector”?? lol…


What’s that I hear about Tek? He’s divorced!

I just checked the headline — that’s really sad. Unfortunately being a celebrity, you can’t hide a divorce so not only did it happen but it’s not private. No wonder Jason has been slumping. That explains a lot. It’s obvious he’s not as focused and you can’t go through a divorce and feel good about the situation — especially with kids involved.
As a father of two I know how important a stable home is to two children who really need mom and dad to have their act together. It’s really bone crushing to hear.

Can any of you please be so kind to give a weather report? (it´s hard to figure out this far).Do you think there will be a game tonight, if so, what would be your best guess for starting time?. Thanks.

The final punishment for he-who-must-not-be-named.

From now on, if you mention the name you get to endure this five step punishment.

1) Attend a private Rosanne, Paris Hilton tv-theme show concert. Rosanne will be screaming the themes from Gilligan’s Island and Happy Days while Paris Hilton will be singing a variety of rap songs while dressed in an orange jump suit.

2) John Goodman and Rosanne will reunite and fight with each other for two hours straight using you as an intermediary and punching and screaming bag.

3) He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Rosanne will demonstrate and then practice on you various pleasure positions while Joan Rivers provide play-by-play and Carol Burnett sings Paul Simon songs in the key of F flat.

4) You must then hear two hours of John Kerry and Michael Dukakis lectures about how to be energized and exciting when speaking to an audience while having a bad case of the runs.

5) Joe Migraine performs his one man transvestite show featuring the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe.

If those divorce rumors are the case (seems it though), that’s really got to stink. Like Ellen said, especially when kids are involved, that’s really got to hurt. This would most certainly explain the pained look on his face in recent games.

I hope everything works out for the best for him. As far as I’m concerned, getting his family life in order is more important than his .212 BA. Heck, that could certainly explain that BA.

About today’s lineup, I’m definitely loving the order. Maybe I’d do a little tinkering but probably not much.

Heh, hooray for a rain delay.

In the end, I’m sure if Jason were with us he’d probably say ‘give me some space’ so I’ll do that out of respect for him and the idea he can have a private life.

I’m watching NESN and during the game delay they are showing alot of stuff about the Jimmy Fund and the Farber Center. They are close to their goal of 4 million dollars. In April a little 9 year old boy asked his parents and friends for money as his birthday presents. He got 700 dollars, and gave it all to the Jimmy Fund!! You know we hear the stories about all the rotten kids and teens in this world. Its so very nice to hear a story such as this. Way to go little guy!! Maybe he’ll inspire another young person to do something nice like this.

poor tek

radar not looking too good

dthatcher, you’re right. I have the Doppler Radar up on my computer for the Boston area and there is a long band of rain and thunderstorms heading to the Boston area. If the game was on the south shore in Mass., they could probably play, but it doesn’t look too good right now. Doesn’t look very good for the Yankee game either. I guess that would mean a day/night double header tomorrow if they don’t get the game in tonight. If I were them, I wouldn’t wait too long to call the game. There’s no sense in having players hanging around all night if they might have to play two tomorrow. Of course, the Jays come back in September and the Sox have the Thursday off before that weekend series, so they could play it then.

game cancelled tonight, will be played tomorrow

Yep, no game. See ya’ll tomorrow.

To all that know me from a souple of years ago, you all know that I am a HUGE fan of Trot Nixon. I was listening to the Jimmy Fund Charity Fundraiser tonight, and they had Trot on the phone. He’s doing a rehab stint in Port St Lucie… just up I-95 from me…. David is taking me next Saturday night.. I hope that I can get my Jersey signed….

couple of years

Actual managerial decision upcoming for Francona… Skip Bucholz due to the rain out? The game is resched. for Sept. I would absolutely skip him, give yourself a chance for a win, and give everyone their normal rest.

I hate the Yanks more than anyone… but they are so bad right now, I almost feel sorry for them. Just watching the game against the Royals… bases loaded, none out, A-Rod up… strikeout, Giambi double play, no runs. They had 3 hits and a walk last night in the ninth and couldn’t score a run to tie. In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz… Ha Ha.

I will never feel sorry for the Yankees. Just watch them this off-season. They will do some major re-tooling. You know they are going to offer Texiera big money and they won’t stop there. Our hate will be refueled before long.
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True Sox fans always hate the Yanks. They take that hate to the grave!!!

What I like about Byrd: He works fast, throws strikes and wears his socks the way they are supposed to be worn.

The Sox are having some good swings at Halliday. They have hit some ball very hard. Byrd needs to hold the Jays close until the hits start falling.

What I don’t like about Byrd….. they are banging him all over the park.


I agree with you about the Yankees. They will give big $$$ too Sabathia as well. Texeria as you said will get big $$$$ from the Yankees as well. Boston will be after Texeria as well. I also think Boston will get in the Sabathia sweepstakes, only reason too drive up the price for the Yankees. I wouldn’t sign a pitcher to a 6 or 7 year deal worth 20 million per season, no way!!! That will be a signing whoever does it, will totally regret after season #4. They will try to make a big splash in there new stadium. They’ll go on a spending frenzy. The kid plan going into this year with the Yankees will be an after thought.

Typical Byrd outing. Hits and more hits allowed. Which is o.k. but the H.R. is unacceptable. Bryd pitches out of the stretch almost the entire night. If you play behind Bryd, you better be on your toes. The ball will find you eventually.

Halladay looking his typical self out there. He is one of my favorite pitchers to watch. He is another pitcher that doesn’t mess around out there. He throws strikes and works fast. Halladay is a fielders dream. I doubt he has had many unearned runs behind him over the years.

I agree with you about signing pitchers to long deals. They get hurt too much now-a-days. 3 year deals for a quality pitcher would be ideal but the agents will never allow that. The gane is way past that kind of sanity. Did you see where K-Rod wants $15M a years to close out games? Wow.

If they are going to give Halladay those “strikes” against Lowrie, they might as well call the game right now. I can’t believe umpires can completely violate the rules and greatly affect the game the way they do. You see the pitches live and say there is no way in he-ll that pitch is a strike… then they show the replay with the box and sure enough its 3 inches outside. For the 100th time… just because the pitcher hits the catcher’s mitt, doesn’t mean its a strike… The catcher is moving 3 feet over. It’s not magic.

You think Sabathia is worht $20 million a year, or more? Consider this. Since 2004, he has won 5 more games than Tim Wakefield. If you consider that Wake should probably have three or so more wins this year, the difference would be negligible. CC is deemed to be worth his weight in gold because of his 19 wins last year (Wake had 17) and what he’s done since he’s been with Milwaukee. No question, he’s a great pitcher, but he was one of two 19 game winners with Cleveland last year and then choked away the big ones. The Sox have a solid three at the top of their rotation. That’s a game they probably don’t need to play.

cfarnham: Put this in your memory banks because there’s no doubt about it. K-Rod will have serious arm/shoulder problems within two years. No way am I paying a guy $15 million to pitch 50 innings a year. I don’t care who he is. The Yankees were foolish to give Rivera the money he got. How many of K-Rod’s and Rivera’s saves have occurred with two or three run leads. I’ll bet by far, it’s the majority of them. Ninety percent of the pitchers in baseball can pitch a single inning without giving up three runs. Most of the blown saves occur with one run leads and in Rivera’s case, he has lost five games that were tied when he entered the game. In my mind, the importance of the closer is way over estimated and most are way over compensated.


I don’t think he is worth 20 million per season but I think some dumb owner/g.m. does. Zito got big $$$$ and Santana last year as well. With the way Sabathia is pitching in Millwaukee he is raising his price tag everytime he takes the hill. Red Sox got involved in the Santana deal, only reason was to jack up the price on the Yankees. Yankees didn’t blink. I think Boston will do the same with Sabathia and this time the Yankees will blink, no doubt!!! Especially with the pitching woes the Yankees have had this season and also this season ( chances are ) they’ll miss the playoffs. They’ll be giving blank checks to Sabathia and Texeria in the winter.

Boston bats have been silented by Halladay. A HUGE difference from Toronto pitching and Texas pitching. Toronto has given Boston fits over the last 3 years or so. If the Jays played the rest of the league like they do Boston, they would be near the top of the division.

K-Rod will get 15 million per season from someone, I’m pretty sure about that. He’ll sign the biggest contract ever given to a closer, no doubt. Rangers, Cubs, Indians and D’Backs just too name a few will give him a big $$$$ contract. K-Rod will leave the Angels and all for the wrong reason, money. It will be a totally different for K-Rod when he takes the hill next season. The big $$$$ contract will be hanging over his head.

Halladay with a 4-0 lead, this one could be over. I would have taken Byrd out after 7 innings. The pen is well rested. Don’t know why Francona didn’t. He was an inning too late.

Halladay threw that pitch to Varitek right down the middle and said try to hit it. Of course Varitek swung right thru it. When Varitek is up, the Sox are playing with 2 outs that inning. Tough too score when your playing with 2 outs. I think I could throw one right by Varitek. lol.

At least there isn’t a shutout. Way to go Pedroia!!!

This was a game they never had to play. Did anyone honestly think we had any chance against Halladay? We’re finally pounding the heck out of bad pitchers… but we still can’t hit a lick off good pitchers.

All in all, Paul Byrd threw a pretty decent game. He gave up four runs, which is about what we expect but kept the game moving. The only problem was that he ran into Doc Halladay. If you spot him four runs, you’re probably going to lose. I love watching him pitch. He reminds me of me…… or at least how I wanted to be. He plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

I really think Tito ought to consider hitting Drew leadoff for the rest of the season. He’s got one of the highest on base percentages in the league, he’s a smart player, and he’s a good baserunner. Ellsbury has been tearing it up hitting 7, 8 or 9 but seems to struggle in the leadoff spot right now. Maybe he’ll turn it around, and of course if he does, he’s the best option. I just daw the Sox offense being more productive with Drew up front.

Beckett gets another chance to show why he’s the ace. Big game tomorrow and he needs to come up big.

Tampa got shut out by Texas tonight which is some consolation.

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