Back in Baltimore

It feels a little strange to be back in Baltimore. Last time we were here — back in late May and early June — Manny Ramirez belted home run No. 500, a truly majestic shot.

That night, you couldn’t imagine Manny being happier anywhere than at that very moment, wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform.

Back here tonight, his successor Jason Bay clocked two homers high and far into the Baltimore night.

Last time we were here, J.D. Drew had vertigo. The series ended with Drew embarking on his most torrid month as a member of the Red Sox.

Back here tonight, Drew’s back is the problem, as he had to miss the game. Maybe he will rebound as strongly from the back as he did vertigo.

Last time we were here, Jason Varitek was having a highly normal season offensively.

Back here tonight, the captain came in with truly horrific numbers. But tonight, he smoked a home run on to Eutaw Street that, who knows, maybe is the start of something.

Last time we were here, David Ortiz had just torn that tendon sheath in his left wrist and would be lost to the Red Sox for nearly two months.

Back here tonight, the big man is back in the saddle and perhaps very close to getting in a groove.

Last time we were here, Rob Bradford was a key member of the Boston Herald.

Back here tonight, Rob made his writing debut for, where he is not just a tireless reporter but also the site editor. I expect that website will be a must visit for Boston sports fans, considering that Rob has added writers like Michael Felger, Ron Borges and the highly-underrated Alex Speier, who made his debut with a terrific and extensive piece on the man of the hour — Jason Bay. Also, frequent contributor Mike Petraglia will be blogging for the website, and Mike virtually covers every major sporting event in Boston.

Good luck to Rob and his crew. I’ve already bookmarked that sucker.

Also, the Red Sox continue to call Josh Beckett their ace but Jon Lester continues to pitch like the ace. What would your rotation be in a potential Division Series? I’m curious.


Hey BosoxBrian:

I wasn’t going to bring up the College Football pre-season rankings….but now that you mention it…..

I don’t want to talk about the playoffs and who would start game 1 just yet for the Red Sox. They need to get there first. I think they’ll make the playoffs!!! Will they make it as a wild card? Division winner? The ride will be fun too watch for sure.

Boston starts the 9 game road trip on right note. Other than Delcarmen’s implosion in the 8th, an all around solid game. Jason Bay busted out tonight!!!

Jon Lester wins his 12th…8th best in the AL, and drops his ERA to 3.17, also 8th best in the AL. The way he’s finishing, he should get some serious “Cy Young” consideration, except for a guy named Lee, from where BosoxBrian…no, it can’t be…not Cleveburg….How can that be????

And, oh by the way…BosoxBrian…doesn’t Lee pitch in the BUCKEYE STATE?!?!?!?!?

Dbenjamin……Lee is a slamdunk for the Cy Young. He won that award a while ago. Chances are the only thing the Buckeye state will win, lol.

Time to have a good road trip. Get some confidence and get that snowball rolling at about 80 MPH. Someone just tell me that if we get the snowball flying that Buchholz is not going to pitch in the middle of something good. He has great stuff but he can’t locate. I do think one day he will be ready and do great things. They should not push him though because confidence is a big factor and they can really put him behind the 8-ball if they keep putting him out there only to be abused by the other team. With the added pressure to win this late in the season….it only causes him more anxiety. Hopefully things work out for him. In the meantime…let’s pray for Wakefield’s speedy recovery. Lester, Beckett, Dice-K, Wakefield and Byrd would be a decent rotation. Has anyone heard about Colon’s status? It’s there if the Sox can get healthy.

Man, talk about Jason Bay. He’s sure loving it here that’s for sure. It’s hard to think about this team without him now. I remember about a week or so ago, on WEEI on “The Big Show,” I forget who it was, but the possibility of an off-season trade involving Bay was brought up: Jason Bay for Matt Holliday from Colorado. Great debate if you ask me. Personally, it’s something I can’t even pick a side until the Red Sox enter the off-season and we see where Jason Bay stands. He’s been able to adjust to AL pitching better than I thought he would, and that’s always a good sign. However, it’s something I’d love to see discussed here.

As for Jon Lester, sorry Josh, but your status as an ace has been temporarily revoked. As much as I love Josh Beckett as a competitor, he’s not been the ace of the staff this season. Jon Lester? He’s been dynamite (or “dy-no-mite!” as one may say, heh). Another something which I’m sure has been discussed: Is Josh Beckett injured? Did his injury in Spring Training really throw him off for the entire season? It’s something I want to know about. I know he was “very upset” (to put it lightly) after Sunday’s loss, so he might not have lost his firey competitiveness, but something is definitely not on the up-and-up.

One final thought: IMHO, unless we play the Rays and beat them, it’s going to be hard catch them in the division right now. Heck, they beat the Angels today and that’s no easy task as well know.


I think JD must be allergic to Maryland blue crabs or maybe has cr…. never mind..haha.
Great game. I said 2 starts ago that Lester is now our ACE pitching out of the 2nd spot. Just keep him in number 2 and dont mess with his head and he’ll keep mowing em down!!
JayBay baybay!!! KILLER NIGHT FOR HIM!! You keep going BAYBAY!!
I still love Kevin Millar (sorry i just had to say that, you can NEVER NOT like that guy.. just something about him, and he makes TWIB EVERY week!!!)
1 down 4-5 to go on that streak I want!!
Oh and TEK Baby…. Great JACK tonight!!!! TEK TEK BABY!!

Hey everyone.. eerily quiet here right now.. Brian, take care tonight!! Hey isnt Jeff down here with us?? yake Care Jeff!Brian, You’re tee time will be fine this weekend, but as for your golf game, I dont know lol! I think it’s time to call it a night and say Thank you.. Thanks for the good thoughts Arnie.. I’ll be at the office after 12 tomorrow and I will check in with you guys… Can I be girl for a minute?? I love my Brownie Point Guys!!! Thanks y’all, I ‘ll see ya tomorrow!!

Ellen loves us. I feel loved.😛😀


Hey Ellen, do you ever get over to Dania Jai-alai? I love jai-alai and have followed it for many years. The Asst GM at Dania is a good friend and I have several friends that play there. Before gas went out of sight, I used to get down there once a month or so to visit the boys at Dania.

Brian, I just talked with Don Kent. He said the storm won’t be too bad down there. Take care tonight and tomorrow. I suspect the Rays will be able to play tomorrow night.

See y’all tomorrow night.

Gotta wait til the end of September to start talking post-season rotation. But the Sox know what they’re talking about in calling Beckett the ace. He is. His teammates know it. Some players are special in that they pick things up a notch in October. Beckett is one of them. Lester is awesome; so are the rest of these guys. Dice-K is so much fun, and Wakefield is a rock. But let’s don’t forget that Beckett is our guy. If this was The Matrix, he’d be the one playing Neo. I can’t wait til October!

After last night’s game as well as that of Sunday, there is no scintilla of doubt in my mind that Lester has undeniably emerged as THE ace of the staff. I have confidence when Lester pitches and an uneasy confidence when Dice-K pitches. I know both will get the job done. I have serious doubt when Beck pitches, whether the Beck of 06 or Beck of 07 will show up.
If the playoffs start tomorrow, the rotation will emphatically be Lester, Dice-K, Beck, Wake/Byrd although I have no problem if Beck is inserted as a No.2 starter. I agree with pacol Beck’s status as an ace has been or should be temporarily revoked. It should remain so until 2009.
Undoubted Beck has proven to be is a big game pitcher, but not this year because of injury?
Letting Lester pitch for 7 innings was a wise decision. The Sox need to preserve his arm for the stretch run.
To me Masterful’s role in the bp is undefined. If he is a setup man, why didn’t he pitch in the 8th? Personally I’d like to see Masterful and Byrd respectively as a 4th and 5th starter until Wake and/or Colon is reactivated.


As usual Don Kent is right on the money. He could be the only weatherman of all time that has predicted every forecast 100%. lol. A living legend and it will be a very sad day when Don Kent leaves us.

007 – scintilla? I had to look that one up. I thought it was some sort of baseball jargon I missed or some creepy little protozoa like thing with a million tiny tentacles. Anyway, I would define “ace” as the pitcher I would most want to start a game that I absolutely must win, such as a post season game. To me, that guy is still Josh Beckett. He, more than anyone else in the rotation can go out there and be dominant. Lester is certainly moving in that direction and this post season, if the Sox make it there, will tell a lot about him. Dice-K has been fortunate. You just don’t see pitchers walk as many hitters as he does wind up on the winning side of things so often. He has great stuff and has been supported by great defense but at some point, it’s going to catch up with him. I have to agree with pilgrimradio on that one.

Like it or not, Buchholz will likely be in the rotation the rest of the year. He’s having a rough time and it will either make him or break him. Everyone knows he has the talent to do well and I think it’s a question of getting his mental game on track. All the “stuff” in the world is no good to him if he can’t command his fastball. Changeups and curve balls work primarily because of change of speed and getting hitters off stride. If hitters know a pitcher can’t command the fastball, changeups become batting practice pitches. There is only one pitch that hitters can know for sure is coming, and they can look for it, and time it, but can very seldom hit it squarely and that’s the knuckleball. Otherwise, pitchers who can’t command their primary pitch are in trouble and that’s where Buchholz is right now. When he gets that down, he’ll be an awesome pitcher.

Brian – let’s talk this weekend about plans for the upcoming series with the Rays in Tampa. Anyone else interested? It should be fun and exciting.

Arnie – I haven’t had a good meal in a long time. I’m wasting away to nothing. I’m skinner than Al Roker now. How about something Oriental for tonight’s game?

Dave, we’re in the stretch drive and you’re not producing. I’ve shown up at the ball park ready to play and never know where I’m playing and even worse, I can’t find Jody Foster. Tell Mrs. Dave and the Davelets you need a night out with the boys and Ellen.

Brian – Don Kent called me this morning and told me to break out the rain gear and to have plenty of “Gansett” on hand because we’re going to get pasted tomorrow. He’s sending me a dozen “Floaties” golf balls because he said that’s the only way I’ll be playing this weekend.


I’m not sure if Buchholz will be in the rotation until the end of the season. If everything goes to plan ( we all know how that goes at times ) Boston should have Colon back in early Sept. If Colon does return ( A big if ) I assume he’ll go into the rotation and not the pen. When Wakefield returns he’ll be going into the rotation. Byrd is a guy that should stay in the rotation as well. Byrd gives up alot of hits so Byrd coming out of the pen wouldn’t be a good thing. That leaves Buchholz in the pen if Wakefield returns. Colon who knows what will happen with him. Colon could make 3 starts or he might never take the hill again as a member of the Red Sox. Then again if Buchholz pitches well from this point on he’ll keep himself in the rotation. It usually works itself out. Injuries etc. Obviously Buchholz is the future and I still think he’ll be a solid starting pitcher in the big leagues. He has great stuff, all he needs is some experience. Buchholz should take the mound on Wed. with alot of confidence. It was 11 months ago he tossed a no no against the Birds. It must be very tough for a young pitcher learning while on the Red Sox. Alot easier if your a young pitcher with the Royals, Pirates or Nationals. The pressure in Boston is immense!!!!


If Don Kent called and told you it is going to rain. You can take it to the bank that it will. Don Kent is the Don Larsen of weathermen, the man is perfect!!! LOL!!!


Don Kent has been known to predict storms weeks in advance. He says the water in Quincy has made him quite intelligent. LOL!!!

Hungry???? Let’s go to Thailand tonight, shall we? I’ll be back when I have a few moments to type in a menu. You’ll love it.

Garry: Your definition of ace is same as mine. As of this season, this moment, I will start Lester in Game 7 of the WS. For whatever reason, Beck is not the Beck of 07. I am not saying he won’t be again, but not likely be this year. Simply put Beckett is pitching like an ace this year.

If by consensus, Beck is still considered a big game pitcher for this year, I have no problem with that as Beck is still my favorite pitcher. Personally I think this is not the year for Beckett.

gsm52, the lineup is for you. I had a frustrating situation with the insurance company and a repair of one my powertools but I assure you those frustrations didn’t make it to the lineup — NOT!

Looks like you guys are moving to the big time.

LF – dbenjamin— will be reading the weather forecast during the game. He predicts strong snow storms and possible gale winds with a wind chill of minus 100. He says the Orioles should be dressed in thermal underwear and heavy parkas with electric, battery operated heating pads. Dbenjamin – he sure to save those forecasts when the Devil Rays head to town.

2b – Ellen – will present her new ‘pay as you want’ insurance policy. For only $3400 a year you get an insurance plan that matters. Need a doctor’s visit, just pay 99% of the bill and we’ll pick up the rest of the tab. Had a heart attack – no problem, just call our insurance agency and we’ll listen with sympathetic ears as they take your house away in foreclosure. This is the plan you want for you and your families health care needs. Have a nervous breakdown – no problem…when you’re cured we’ll then talk to you about the bills. Have a long term illness – no problem – we’ll still send our bills on a prompt and timely basis. You won’t have to wait for your bill for long. No money left – no problem. We’ll send redsoxfan015 over to take care of your disobedience!
DH – BosoxBrian – BosoxBrian’s new television series called ‘killer for hire’ tells of a down and out Red Sox fan looking for love and money in the heart of Cleveland. Bosoxbrian lives as a fish tank salesmen by day but guns down the scum at night. Watch every week as he and his partner Halle Berry battle crime on the streets. Together they are unstoppable and when the night ends they continue their battles with passion and love. Watch ‘Killer For Hire’ this fall on Fox.

RF – Arnie — Arnie’s new TV show ‘cooking for burned out Red Sox fans’ includes his Vodka pasta, beer belly burgers and O.D. casserole are guaranteed to make the nights watching Lugo return to the lineup that much less painful. Check out his chocolate Budweiser cream pie or his Rolling Rock smoothies. Eat healthy and eat a lot as you cope as Lugo returns to the lineup.
1b – cfarnham04— cfarnham04’s returns with his new woodworking show. He’ll be making fine cherry furniture. With his new assistant O.J. Simpson he’ll really have those killer designs ready for delivery. Cfarnham04, who’s been missing for ten days after the show started is considered one of the best builders in the business. O.J. now takes over with his new cutting edge designs. Check it out.
C Jody Foster returns tonight looking forward to a great ball game with gsm52 and is already talking about their new tv show – Garry and Jody. Together they have an up and coming marriage but fight crime at night as two pathologists cutting open the deep recesses of crime in the big city of Newark New Jersey but they have little time for that as their passions can’t get them out of the bondage of love.
SS – chman712 – will be the new newsreader for Boston’s Channel 4 news. He’ll be adding a fresh perspective and a new outlook to the news division. Focusing on how frustrating the Red Sox are, chman712’s drunken rants on national television are the rage for everyone. The new Lugo dartboard, while littered with broken glass and beer serve as great color to Boston’s fan base.

2b – redsoxfan015 – will add his new ‘problem solving service’ to the television audience. His tools include pliers, baseball bats, grinders, chainsaws, large german knives and gasoline. We’re not sure what this is all about but somehow we’re afraid to ask. Good luck redsoxfan015!
p – gsm52 – gsm52 will be a political commentator for the nightly news. He’ll be talking about politics. We learn new things from gsm52 such as the idea that South America is located just north of Florida or that the five branches of the U.S. government are in bitter frustration over policy. We learned that Russia is found somewhere in Australia and that France is a car company. Good luck gsm.
p – Pangelotti – will be actually pitching tonight. Sadly he’ll have to deal with Lugo who will be giving him pitching advice. Lugo’s new gutterball has proved to be problematic but Lugo says unless that’s his only pitch he’ll start at SS on Tuesday in the nude while flirting with Rosanne. Pangelotti had no choice but to give into his requests.

P – Rayman – Rayman will be advertising his new tool repair service. With a turnaround time of six months and cranky attitudes he says that woodworking contractors really feel at home with him. Once you enter the smoke filled dingy building and smell the apathy you just want to come back for more.

P – jimmaynard3 wanted to pitch but is afraid of getting injured and having to deal with Ellen’s insurance policy so he decided to go on the disabled list with a broken knee. He’s not sure what knee it is but he says it’s no problem. Other players have tried this and it worked out well for them.

P — 007 chow – is really excited about being a stunt double for the new James Bond Film but says that Ellen’s new insurance policy is a real problem. His forty thousand dollar salary went entirely to one doctor visit and now he has to work with five broken ribs and a broken jaw.

Umpires – Jim Rice and Fred Lynn will umpire

Did you hear?

Lugo is taking batting practice and is excited about returning to the lineup. I hope he likes his new position as waterboy because if Lowrie comes out of the lineup for Lugo I’m giving up baseball because that will be the stupidest move I could even imagine.
Incidentally, the Devil Rays are an amazing team. If they don’t win the World Series this year I’ll be stunned. They are unstoppable.

Why isnt anyone giving Dice-K his due here. He’s 14-2 and all I hear about is Lester and Beckett and even Wakefield more so then the Dice man. Granted he gives up a ton of walks, but he’s not giving the hitters anything to hit. He has only 2 losses!!!! If Beckett were sitting at 14-2 we would all be singing cy! Way to go Dice man, you got my vote!!!! Nothing against the rest of the staff, I love the way Lester’s throwing the ball, future ace for sure! Just give the man his due!!!!!!!

Dave: Don’t be surprised that Francona opts for Lugo in stead of Lowrie as SS. However, Lowrie may play 3d if Lowell is still out. Remenber Francona stayed with coco until the Sox was on the brink of elimination in ALCS.

I see that Yaz is in the hospital. Get well soon Yaz. You were my favorite player growing up. I only saw him play once in person and I’ll never forget it. It was on Monday Night Baseball and Yaz was still playing left field. Of course I had to get tickets out in left field. After Yaz hit his second homerun of night some jack*** threw his beer towards Yaz as he came out to take the field. I had to defend my guy and little melee broke out and my friend ( a Yankee fan) dragged me out before anybody got hurt.

d_reinbold – I did give Dice-K his due. He is due to get lit up. You’re right, he’s 14-2 and has shown signs of absolute brilliance. He’s got great stuff and has realized more success as he has focused on a good fastball and a good breaking pitch rather than all that other crap. Despite his wins and good ERA, I have some problems with Dice-K’s performance so far. First, he averages less than six innings per start although recently he has been better. This means the bullpen has been tasked almost every time he pitches. Lester is in the same boat in this respect although he has gotten noticeably stronger as the season progresses. The other issue I have with Dice-K is that his games take four hours and I have trouble staying up late enough to watch them to completion….. LOL! Seriously though, he throws a million pitches. It required him to be shut down last year for a while, and for a while again this year. Hopefully his midseason rest will carry him through the season, but who knows. He’s a good pitcher but despite his record is not Cy Young worthy nor is he the Sox ace at this point.

If Lugo comes back into the lineup and they send Lowrie back to Pawtuckett I will need one of Arnie’s famous ‘I Hate Lugo’ drinks real quick. That would be the most disgusting move ever in baseball. Lugo is the worst player in the league making Michael Jordon seem like a superstar baseball player. I think tomorrow’s lineup will be my lugo bashing lineup.


Yas was an amazing player but the problem was that after winning the triple crown he was never as good (who would be) and I always ended up comparing the 67 season to every other season. Totally unfair to Yaz. it was also hard for Yaz to get that final hit. I remember him in the 75 playoffs. He played left field like Fred Lynn did center field. he was amazing with key hits. he sort of had a variation of Youk’s stance minus the flexible hands.

viper – I share your sentiments for Yaz. I didn’t see what is wrong with him, but I hope he gets well soon. Yaz was also an inspriation for me. Do you remember Yaz Bread? When I was a kid, I learned to hit left handed, complete with the cocked bat and the big swing, just so I could be like Yaz. I also used to spend hours behind my school taking balls “off the wall”, just like Yaz. In those days, it was just “the wall” …… not the Green Monster.

Garry: Do not worry Lowrie won’t be sent down to Pawtucket. By the time Lugo is ready to play, it will be the time for expanded roster. My concern is how much playing time Lowrie will get once Lowell and Lugo are activated.
B/w, Fred Lynn was my favorite player growing up. Yaz was DHing, no longer playing at LF.

Yaz is sick?? Oh no! Yaz was the Man. I was converted to Sox fandom in ’67, how could anyone else be the Man? Get well Yaz!! How many times did a hitter loft a fly ball to left and Yaz would stand there with his arms at his sides unmoving. The hitter would go into his homerun trot and Yaz would grab the carom from the wall and throw him out. Or double up a runner from third. Yaz swung the bat harder than anyone else. I thought he’d hurt himself, but players were tougher then, not like the delicate players of today. Drew would end up in the hospital!

Menu for Garry,
Appetizer: Squid Yam. I learned this in Key West. I worked with two chefs there, one from Thailand who was meaner than cat sh*t, had an unpronounceable name(we called him Danny) but he could cook! And a classically trained chef who had cooked for the officers in Viet Nam. I bluffed my way into this kitchen, I was entirely unqualified, but I eventually became the lead prep guy. This was over 30 years ago and we were cooking Fusion food 20 years ahead of its time. Asian with Classic French influence. Fun! What a cast of characters worked in that kitchen! We had Leonard the Garde Manger who often came to work in full drag, complete with make-up, wig, dress and heels! He and Danny despised each other; I had to work between them so they wouldn’t come to blows. Ooops… I digress…. This dish is a marinated squid salad with lime juice, cilantro, chile and garlic.
Soup: Shrimp and grilled pineapple(sounds funny, but it’s GOOD) with red curry and lemon grass.
First course: For Dave, a yellow coconut curry with veggies and silken tofu. Served with jasmine and basmati rice.
Second course: Massoman curry. Beef and chile paste and vegetables with lotus root noodles.
Third Course: Pad Thai
Dessert: Mango and Passion fruit ice cream.
Beverages: Thai Iced Tea, Sinha Beer, and Mekong rice whiskey(for Brian)


If Dice-K cut down on his walks, I would be with you all the way. Way too many free passes for my liking. He walks the tightrope too many times during each start. If he could ever cut down on the number of pitches he throws, he would make it into the 7th or 8th inning almost every start. He has A plus stuff but nibbles too much. I think he needs to trust his stuff more. When your ahead of a hitter 0-2 and 1-2 put them away. Dice-K never seems to do that. He needs to be more aggressive in the strike zone. Stop nibbling!!! He’s another pitcher that must drive Farrell and Francona nuts. You can see the pain on there face when Dice-K is on the hill.

Hi, All:

We’re having another Guess the Red Sox LIneup, Win A Red Sox DVD. Nobody has won yet, and I have seven DVDs to give away. It will be a challenge for readers to accurately guess the Sox lineup seven times the remainder of the season, especially when the fragile J.D. Drew is on the roster, and Lowrie and Cora are alternative at shortstop. Good luck to everyone who enters!


I’m having Pad Thai for dinner tonight, Arnie. It’s one of my favorites, aside from anyting with scallops.


Garry or E.F. Hutton….lol. When you speak the bloggers reply. Dave puts up a lineup and Arnie has something cooking that sounds delicious. Master Garry as some might call you!!!

Too bad about Yaz, let’s hope he’s o.k. I was at Fenway when he hit H.R. #400 off of Mike Morgan. Eckersly went the distance that night for the win. Yaz was of course the first guy to have 3,000 hits and 400 H.R.’s. You don’t here much about Yaz now. I don’t even read about him going to games at Fenway. I don’t think he likes the spotlight. He had his time as a player and he prefers to go under the radar now. Hope all is well with Captain Carl.

This season is all for naught… Carla Pavano is coming back soon and that should clinch the World Series for the Yanks. If we only had Matt Clement to counter.

Lugo will need bodyguards on the field if he gets any significant playing time over Lowrie. I might personally track Francona down myself.

Dice-K still has a shot at Cy Young… if he finishes 18-2 or 19-2 with an ERA around 2.50… he’d probably win it if Lee finishes up ~18-5, ~2.60. Dice-K should finally qualify for the ERA title after tonight’s game. His usual 5-6 innings and his few missed starts have prevented him from making the list.

Yaz in the hospital?! Oh man, I hope he’s get through his heart problems. I heart on WEEI he was supposed to have heart bypass surgery.

Hope he gets well.


Yaz was a great ballplayer. He came up as a .300 hitter who they thought might hit 20 homeruns and knock in about 80 runs. They came ’67 when he put the “cardiac kids” on his back. A Dave said they expected that every year. He did hit 40 home runs a couple more times after that but no season was close to ’67. He hit 40 in 1970 and lost barely lost the batting title to Alex Johnson. Not sure how close he was on the home runs and RBI titles that year. GSM probably could tell you exactly what he lost the batting titile by. It was like 1 thousandth of a point. He was not a big guy but generated a lot of power. No telling how many home runs he would have hit of not for the 380′ mark in right field. That has plagued a few left hand hitters in Fenway. It does leave more room to pump up the average though. Get well Yaz. You are a legend. Go Sox!!!!!

Ok, I’ll put it this way. The RED SOX, not me necessarily, are calling their ace Josh Beckett. That is something designated by the organization, not me. That means, basically, that Terry Francona is designating Josh Beckett as HIS ACE. Terry Francona says that HIS ACE of HIS PITCHING STAFF is Josh Beckett. That’s his position. I agree with Terry Francona. I think the man is right when he says that Josh Beckett is the best pitcher on his staff. Terry and I see eye to eye on this. We are lucky to have this awesome staff led by Beckett. Someone wake me up when October gets here, we’re gonna roll!

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