Yaz recovering after surgery; Ace ailing; shortstop controversy

This just in: Captain Carl Yastrzemski is resting comfortably after triple bypass surgery that his representative Dick Gordon has called “a complete success”.

Good news. Sounds like Yaz got off the operating at about 8 p.m. tonight.

Manager Terry Francona announced a little while ago that Josh Beckett will be pushed back three days and will pitch next on Tuesday in New York.

The righty has been dealing with numbness in his pinky and ring fingers, partially due to sleeping on top of his arm.

It doesn’t sound good. Any time you hear numbness, a red flag goes up. Hopefully Beckett is OK. All year I’ve suspected maybe there was something going on — nagging or otherwise — that has prevented him from being the complete ace he was a year ago.

Away from the medical news and on to the baseball field, Joe McDonald of Providence Journal fame asked Tito tonight what his plans are at shortstop once Lugo returns, which could be around Sept. 1. There was no definitive answer from Tito’s desk.

“Oh, oh, not today. we’re two weeks away. It just doesn’t
make sense for me to say on Aug. 19 who is going to be the shortstop on Sept.
1. It doesn’t make sense. Lowrie has done a great job. We’re thrilled to death.
It just doesn’t make to do something when we don’t need to.”

Can anyone read through the tea leaves on this one? I think you need to stick with Lowrie if he keeps hitting like he has.


That doesn’t sound good with Beckett. Let’s hope he’ll be just fine, time will tell of course. Sleeping on top of his arm? Never heard of a pitcher being pushed back because of that. They should have come up with something better than that.

Let’s hope Yaz a speedy recovery. I really enjoyed watching him play and who didn’t?

Lugo should watch the first 7 innings just like us the fans. He should be a pinch runner only and every blue moon make a start. Lowrie has earned his keep at s.s. not only this year but for the future as well. Lugo should be dealt away at the end of the season. Boston will just have to admit to there mistake. They did it with Renteria and they’ll have to do it with Lugo. Pretty easy situation to figure out!!

Hey to all!! I read about Our Yaz on line today while on break at the office. God Speed you back to health, Yaz!!
This part is weird… I have a framed 8×10 of Yaz and Bench at an All Star Game on a corner shelf in the bedroom (that’s not the wierd part, believe it or not). The wierd part is that when I came home this evening I went in the bedroom to change and it was shattered on the floor!!! It’s too high and out of the way for the cat to have knocked it down, and the storm was long gone hours before. I just think its very very strange that today of all days it ends up broken on the floor…


Do you have a ghost at your house? LOL!! Things that make you go mmmmmmm.

I think we all agree about next year Brian, but given Francona´s reputation of being a”player friendly” manager, in my view, he will put Lugo back for a few games, following that unwritten rule that a starter should not loose his role to an injury, and especially if Lowell continues to be out by the time, we will probably see Lowrie playing 3B, and if Lugo doesnt prove in a short period of time he desearves the position, then he will have lost it “on the field” and become as you said a pinch-runer.


Lugo will play a few games but he will not be the regular s.s. Lugo has been awful this year, not only at the plate but in the field. They can’t have him in there on a regular basis. A start here and there and that is about it. Lugo would serve this Red Sox team best as a pinch runner. Francona is a very player friendly manager but when it comes to Lugo, Francona will put his best team on the field. That team is with Lowrie out there at s.s. and Lugo watching most of the time!!

Dice-K walks the tightrope again.

Varitek with another H.R. Wow!!! It would be a great thing if Varitek got his bat going again. I have my doubts but we’ll see.

I wonder if he will ever pitch a game without a walk…But still his numbers with RISP are impressive….
Great to see Varitek swinging with some confidence!!!! No better time to get hot Captain!!!

Hernandez should keep the Box Score of tonight´s game. I really dont beleive that many catchers will ever be able to say they got Ellsbury on a ground ball unnasisted.

Angels jumped out to a 1-0 lead. Vlad goes deep!!!

Lugo must have cast a spell on Cora before the game. lol. Cora is having a poor season. He has made some miscues on easy plays. Cora will be gone at the end the season anyway.

Sergio, believe it or not, that is the second time that has happened to Ellsbury. It happened during his very first major league at bat last year. I didn’t get to see a replay of this one but I’d like to.

I just flipped to the Rays game and they had an interesting Aflek question. Who are the only two players in MLB history to have 10 consecutive seasons with 25 HR and .300 batting average. One didn’t surprise me, but the other did. Any guessers? Not you Brian because you probably flipped to the game like I did.

I like what I see from Dice-K tonight. When this series started I expected the Red Sox to win the first 2 games. Boston clearly had the starting pitching edge in the first 2 games. Of course this game is far from over but Boston should be able to get a few more runs across against Cabrera. Tomm. night with Buchholz will be anyone’s guess what will happen.

I have to disagree a little Brian. Third inning, three walks and a bunch of pitches. Same thing, different day. He’s getting through the game, but it’s not easy and once again it’s likely the Sox will get six innings at the most out of him…….. and right on time ……. the walks become costly.


I know who one of the guys are. He is in r.f. for the Angels. I have no clue who the other guy is. I missed that question, had too pour myself a drink, lol.


I think your dead on here with Dice-K. As soon as I wrote that, he was looking like the same guy. Blame it on me. lol.


Who is the other guy? I need to know. Is it Don Kent? lol.

Dice K scares the poop out of me every time he pitches.. He’s like Houdini most of them getting out of the tough spots he puts himself in, but it cost him and the Sox just now!! 67 pitches through 2?? Thats a lot of pitches!!

Why is Sean Casey trying to take the extra base? Dumb baserunning. Parked cars are faster than Casey, lol.

You are correct Brian, Vlad Guerrero is one of the players. That really surprised me. I knew he was a good player, but I didn’t realize he was that prolific a hitter. The other doesn’t surprise me although I guessed Babe Ruth and was wrong. The other was Lou Gehrig.

I get the feeling Jim Palmer is not a fan of Cabrera.

Garry…..Only reason I knew Vlad was the guy, Rays are playing the Angels. Those questions always include someone who is playing. There was only 1 player to choice from. lol.

By the way Brian, the Babe hit 25+ home runs 15 years in a row. However in 1925 he only hit .290 in 98 games. Must have had a lot of hangovers that year.

Home plate ump is a little inconsistent tonight. Both he and the guy last night really like low pitches. The pitch to Ellsbury looked low, but it was too close to take.

Garry….Ruth led the league in hangovers. lol. Jimmy Reese his room-mate said he roomed with Babe Ruth’s luggage. Great line by the late Jimmy Reese. He died not long ago. He was a coach with the Angels.

Who would win this race? Johnny Pesky or Sean Casey? My money is on Pesky!!!

Somebody needs to inform Casey that he should stop trying to take the extra base. He’s old and can’t run a lick. I remember a while back he got thrown out in back to back games trying to stretch singles (off the wall) into doubles. No big deal playing station to station when you hitting .350… Please stop giving them back!

Garry…..I read in the Herald today that Coco walked on ball 3 last night. Talking about a rough night for a home plate umpire. lol. That guy should be ashamed of himself.

Dice-K is showing everyone why he isn’t an ace. His numbers look good on paper but …………..

How can Dice-K even think about throwing that pitch to Mora on a 3-2 count? He got away with one there.

He walks the tightrope again. Jim Palmer said living on the edge.

Time for Boston to get some runs. Momentum is on their side!!!

Freaking Houdini…….. Huff pops up a hanging slider. Unbelievable.

OK, so Dice-K escapes again but in my mind, he has not done his job as a starting pitchers. With nearly 90 pitches, he has maybe one more inning left in him and then the bullpen has to pick up the slack for four innings. He’s thrown 7 innings worth of pitches in 4 innings.

How can he keep finding ways to scape from these type of situations?? Amazing….However 90 pitches to get through the 4th Inning!!!! Again we will have to expect Dice-k to get a 5 Inning win….


I agree with you about Dice-K not doing his job as a starting pitcher. Dice-K will probably pitch thru 5 innings and that is it. That means the bullpen will have to get 12 outs and Buchholz goes tomm. night.

Youkkkkkkk goes deep!!!

Rays trail 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Alot of baseball still to be played and the Rays are awfully tough at home.

Jays beat the bleep out of Boston and then they come home and can’t get anything going against N.Y. Yanks are up 1-0 in the bottom of the 7th.

and yaz is resting comfortably after triple bypass. i updated the top of the entry.

Let’s all hope the Great #8 will bounce back!!!

Varitek looking the married Varitek.

Lord I hate agreeing with BosoxBrian, but he’s right…the Blue Jays beat up on Sox pitching and then get no runs and 2 bleeping hits off…..Darrell Rasner??????? I guess that’s why they are a .500 team.

On another front, Tek hits 2 dingers (albeit solo jobs) in 2 nights in addition to a run-scoring double. Maybe now that his domestic problems are out in the open a ton of weight has been lifted from his shoulder, allowing him to swing straight through the ball. Go TEK!!!!!!

Crisp is absolutely clueless at the plate. Every day he plays is a big mistake for Redsox management. Terrible decision keeping him in the lineup.


I love it when you agree with me. lol. It makes my day!!!
I’m with you about Varitek, let’s hope his off the field issue has been lifted off of his shoulders. The bat has been off of his shoulders, swinging the bat well in Balt. Boston needs his bat!!!

I wonder if this game will get over by midnight?

That was a great catch by Ellsbury. That line drive was quickly slicing away from him and he caught up with it. That’s a very difficult play for a right fielder, and even more difficult for someone not used to playing right field.

Rays have bases loaded with one out in the bottom of the 8th. They had bases loaded with nobody out.

Oliver walked Pena with the bases loaded. Game is 2-2, Rays still with base loaded and one out.

Willie Eibar singles in two runs for the Rays. They now lead the Angels 4-2, two out, bottom of the eighth.

Why on earth didn’t the Angels bring in K-Rod for a 5 out save, if he is the “best in the business?”

Jays now lead Yankees 2-1, top of the 8th with two outs. Scutaro double in the go ahead run.

dbenjamin ……… because like most closers, K-Rod is a pretender. Great saves stats but where is he when you really need an out or two.

Rays win 4-2. Rays are 14-0 against the Sox, Cubs and Angels at home.

Lopez gets 3 outs in the 6th, 9 more to go. Who pitches the 7th, and the middle of the Orioles order?

Jays beat Yankees, 2-1. Yanks are 11 behind Tampa and 7 behind the Sox if the Sox win tonight.

While with a win tonight the Sox won’t get any closer to the Rays, they will get further from the Yanks. AJ Burnett gets his 16th win with a 4.51 ERA. I just don’t get it.

Rays are treating the Angels like step children. Pretty impressive after what the Angels did to the Sox and the Yankees while they were on the road. The only injury the Angels are dealing with is Izturis so they can’t blame it on that. The Rays are picking up the slack with two of their big guys out. That’s kind of scary. Sox just need to keep winning and hang tough. That’s the only thing they can control.

On 14 pitches, Masterson goes through the heart of the Orioles order 1-2-3, including the ever-dangerous Aubrey Huff. Do you bring him back for the 8th, and wipe him out for tomorrow night, or bring in one of the ??? (Oki Doki or Manny Remainder)

Yaz was a great ballplayer. He came up as a .300 hitter who they thought might hit 20 homeruns and knock in about 80 runs. They came ’67 when he put the “cardiac kids” on his back. A Dave said they expected that every year. He did hit 40 home runs a couple more times after that but no season was close to ’67. He hit 40 in 1970 and lost barely lost the batting title to Alex Johnson. Not sure how close he was on the home runs and RBI titles that year. GSM probably could tell you exactly what he lost the batting titile by. It was like 1 thousandth of a point. He was not a big guy but generated a lot of power. No telling how many home runs he would have hit of not for the 380′ mark in right field. That has plagued a few left hand hitters in Fenway. It does leave more room to pump up the average though. Get well Yaz. You are a legend. Go Sox!!!!!

cfarnham – Yaz was great for sure. 1970 was a good year. Like you said, he lost the batting title to Alex Johnson by a couple of ten-thousandths of a point. He finished third in home runs behind Frank Howard (44) and Harmon Killebrew (41). He was about 7th in RBIs but led the league in slugging and runs scored. How about 1968 when he was the only hitter in the AL to hit over .300. He won the batting title with a .301 average. Yaz could really pull the ball, but he was on of the pioneers of the inside-out swing and he hit a bunch of balls into the left field nets. He could do it all.

Dice-K goes to 15-2 with a little help from his friends. He gets the win, his ERA stays low, and everything looks great except that if you were here for the 3 1/2 hours like we were, you know different. A marginal effort in my opinion that created more work for the bullpen than needed to be created. He’s the benefactor of good fortune which is OK, because if he is, then so are the Sox.

Minnesota is 1.5 games behind the Sox in the Wild Card and they are pounding Oakland tonight.

Was it after that ’68 season that they lowered the mound? Too tough on the hitters or what? I think that was the year Bob Gibson had a 1.12 ERA. I also think Danny Cater was 2nd to Yaz that year batting around .290. Unbelieveable!!!
As far as stats goes….maybe not the good old days. But ’69 came back strong.

GSM, How is the weather????? Also, remember Rod Carew’s inside out swing?

Get well quickly Yaz. You’re still my baseball hero after all these years.

Bosoxbrian, you are absolutely right, Garry/Gsm has become the Patron of this blog family. “Whatever Garry wants, Garry gets.” And why wouldn’t he? He’s avuncular, witty, urbane, charmingly self-deprecating, funny, personable in a non-intrusive way, knowledgeable, and has an appreciation of good food. In fact, I’m considering adopting him, if I can get around these silly blue laws here that say you have to be older than the person you adopt! Crazy! But I have to say, I prefer Gsm to Garry. Gsm just has more panache……. Of course, this being a baseball blog, maybe panache isn’t such a great thing to have. So Garry it is.

Dice-K does it again. I’m glad I didn’t watch this game. Dice-K isn’t real good for my blood pressure. I get too stressed out sometimes. I find myself yelling at the computer, “Throw strikes!!! Is it that hard??? Do you HAVE to go 3-2 on EVERY hitter? Arrrrgggghhhh!” Like that. But somehow, some way, he gets the wins. He’s wearing out the bullpen all by himself, as a matter of fact, I think he should hire his own personal bullpen. Maybe Dave can come up with a bullpen lineup when Dice pitches.

The Rays are having one of those fairy-tale years where everything goes right. This is the team that made an artform out of losing and now they’ve inhaled the magic dust and are leading a charmed life. The question is: when will the magic spell wear off? When will they turn back into a pumpkin? Hopefully against the Sox and the sooner the better!

I think Tito should give Lugo a shot when he feels better and he should continue to play him so long as he gets three hits in every game. When he gets less than three hits he should go back on the 15 day mentally disabled list.

I was watching the last inning of the Yankee game and Arod led off. He hit a pop fly behind first and watched the ball (like ZAZU does) and when he realized that the ball was going fair and dropping in, he began to run and tried to get to second base where he was thrown out. He should have had a standup double with no one out. Great Running AROD.

The Rays don’t know how to lose at home against any MLB team. Ellen’s Clayboy is pitching tonight. Although my head tells me otherwise, my heart says Buchholz will be fine if he receives enough offensive support as Dice-K did last night. Also, a pitcher with only 3 major leagure starts is pitching for Bal. Bucky will get the WIN tonight.
Can anyone tell me what’s Masterson’s role in the bp? I was very surprised to see him pitch when the Sox had a cautiously comfotable lead.

Pangelotti: The Yanks are in a dire situation where any team in the majors can beat them in any night regardless who is pitching for the Yanks. I was listening to the Yankee game the last inning. When A rod was thrown out by Overbay at 2nd base leading of and down by 1 run, I know the team is, I hate to use the word, c—-d. They got brilliant pitching from Rasner and yet scored only 1 run with Dammon, Masutui, Giambi, A-Rod, Jeter in the lineup albeit against AJ Burnett.

cfarnham – I remember Rod Carew well….. the man could really hit. I’m not exactly sure when they lowered the mound, but it was right around then and Bob Gibson was the big reason. He was almost unhittable.

It’s about 0830 and the weather in Jax is overcast with some light rain. Winds are light right now at about 15 mph. It is expected to deteriorate throughout the day with some heavy rain and winds up to 50 mph tonight and tomorrow. I guess how bad it gets depends on how much the storm intensifies over the water and where it comes back ashore. If it comes north of us, we won’t get much. If it comes south, we’ll get whacked pretty good. As long as I don’t lose power and can watch the game tonight, I won’t even know it’s happening.

Garry or is it Don Kent, lol. You should have a weather blog. Perhaps have special guests such as Don Kent, Harvey Leonard or Dick Albert, lol.

My favorite memory of Rod Carew, he almost choked in the dugout during the All Star Game. He sure could hit. A great bunter as well.

Arnie….Your right about the Rays. They are finding ways to win. It seems every night it is someone different. Upton isn’t even running hard on some plays and has been benched for a game because of his lack of hustle. It doesn’t seem to faze this team at all. Maddon is the runaway winner for Manager Of The Year. The sad part the fans still don’t show up. This series against the Angels is a possible A.L.C.S. preview and nobody is there. Only time they get crowds is when they have a concert or the Yankees or Red Sox are in town. Cubs also drew a big crowd when they came into town.

What a shocking turnabout of the Rays! Last year the Rays finished 30 games below 500 and now they stand at 29 games above 500. It appears that only hurricane Fay can stop the Rays. Only time will tell whether the Rays can sustain the winning drive in September and October.

Brian: The Rays Angels (Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons) series is a possible A.L.D.S. preview. The Sox will get in as a wc and play CWS or Minn and the Sox and Angels or the Rays in ALCS.

I think someone finally suggested that Tek make believe the baseball is his soon-to-be ex-wife.

I know this is going to sound strange… but I really believe we would be in better shape now if we signed Bonds the minute Big Papi went down. Crisp is absolutely, positively clueless at the plate (hitting less than .200 with RISP – and the few hits he does get are usually infield hits that don’t drive in runs). Drew always has health issues as well. Big Papi is still unpredictable with his health. We could find creative ways to get him in the line-up. Instead, we’ll just keep trotting out Crisp until he checks himself into a mental hospital. And then what will our backup outfielder plan be?


I am saying the Angels get by Boston and whoever wins the Central will go down to T.B. That is why I say a possible A.L.C.S. preview.

Brian: As it stands now, Boston is the wc card team and will play a Central team in the ALDS and not the Western champ LAA. Or is it a wc team will play Western champ this year?


If the playoffs started today the Red Sox would be heading West to play the Angels. The Rays would host the White Sox. The W.C. can’t play there own division winner in rd. 1. that is the reason why the Sox would go to Disneyland. As of right now T.B. would have home field advantage thru the playoffs. T.B. has the best record in the A.L. I think the Angels will end up with the best record in the A.L. because of there easier schedule. It has nothing to do what year it is on who will play who. Just what I wrote above.

I think we should start referring to the Rays as The “DEVIL” Rays..they just dropped the ‘Devil’ this year and look at em!! DEVIL RAYS DEVIL RAYS DEVILRAYS

Brian: Pardon my ignorance. Why can’t a WC (Boston) play CWS and LAA against TB in ALDS?
If the playoffs started today, is it possible that TB (assuming best records) would host LAA or vice versa and CWS host Boston, a WC team?

007chow – The team with the best record overall plays the wild card team, unless the wild card team is in the same division. In that case the team with the best record would play the team with the worst record that is not the wild card team. Assuming Tampa wins the East, if Tampa has the best record, they would play Chicago, and Boston winds up in Anaheim. If Anaheim has the best record, Boston still winds up in Anaheim. The only way Boston doesn’t wind up in Anaheim is if they win the East, then they would host Chicago. All of that being said, the setup is stupid in my opinion. Playoffs should be based on overall record without consideration for division or wild card. The best should play the fourth best, and the second and third best should play. In my opinion, the only consideration should be that division winners should get home field over a wild card team, regardless or record.

Thanks Garry and Brian. I understand now.

This is gsm in not so sunny Orange Park, Florida, broadcasting live with Meterologist Don Kent with a special appearance by Captain Bob. (Who remembers Captain Bob?) Well, actually I’m by myself because it’s Don Kent’s nap time and Captain Bob it outside playing with the garden hose since it’s not raining hard enough for him to justify wearing those silly slickers and that silly hat he wears. So I set up the garden hose to spray and put a big fan out there just like they do on the Weather Channel and Captain Bob is feeling just like he’s in the middle of a Category 3 Hurricane. I haven’t seen him smile like that in 40 years.

Well, Fay just can’t seem to make up her mind whether to come ashore or stay out on the ocean and become more of a pain in the ***. So far in the Jax area, we have had some rain as some of the outer bands pass over, but nothing really heavy. In fact, as I look out the window right now, there are even a few blue spots in the sky. There has been no wind at all although the National Weather Service says it’s blowing at 15 mph. I can’t even get my kite to stay up in the sky.

However, looking at the Garrycam Doppler Radar, it appears as though there is some significant precipitation coming along the way. Captain Bob took a look at the screen and started giggling uncontrollably. Projections have Jacksonville right in the middle of the path of Fay, which probably means she will turn east and we’ll get nothing. I can’t seem to get Don Kent to wake up to tell me what’s really going on. Once he wakes up, takes his medication and changes his Dependz, I’ll let you know what’s going on.

In the meantime, the weather in Baltimore looks good for baseball this evening and it’s time for Clay Buchholz to step up and have a good game. The Sox are getting a little more timely hitting. Ellsbury got on twice last night and generated two runs with his speed. He also had a chance to drive in some runs with RISP, but I guess you can’t have everything. Papi is looking better and Youk is having an MVP year. I know his number aren’t up there with a couple of other guys, but when you add his versatility and what he’s brought to the Sox, he is the epitome of an MVP. Delcarmen struggled again last night and the gsm confidence meter is registering low with him right now. I’d be very hesitant about putting him in a situation where I needed an out. Ditto for Aardsma. Masterson looked great. He’ll be around forever. His motion is so fluid and easy, and he’s learned the importance of throwing strikes and getting ahead.

Gsm, what happened to Garry? lol. Did Garry hook up with Fay? LOL!!!

It will be a very happy day in my home when Delcarmen and Aardsma are dealt away. What good is 96 m.p.h. when you can’t locate it. It also seems even when they throw strikes it gets nailed in the gap. Masterson as you said gsm will be around for a while. This kid is very aggressive and doesn’t seem fazed by anything. Masterson seems like a very mature guy. He was solid as a starter and is equally solid coming out of the pen!!!

GSM, Dont forget the Captain got his bat on it a couple of times!!

The Sox will score some runs for Buchholz tonight. I am gravely concerned that the bullpen, namely Aardsma, Delcarmen, Oki, will generously give the runs back. I hope Masterson is available.

It is imperative that the Sox win tonight because the Twins won this afternoon.

Here’s a Yankee fan wishing Yaz well! In my mind, he’s right up there in class with Joe DiMaggio!

Varitek is finally hitting ( 2 longballs the last 2 games ) and Francona takes him out of the lineup, I don’t understand that at all.

Nice post by the Yankee fan.

Lugo re-injures quad,,, new thread!! meet you there!!

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