Dice-K could have the shortest 20 ever

If Daisuke Matsuzaka can win five more games this season and finish with 20, he will set a record.

The pitchers in Major League history who won 20 games with the fewest amount of innings?

Red Sox crack PR man Henry Mahegan was kind enough to dig up the list for me.

Bob Grim: 20-6 for 1954 Yankees in 199 innings.
Pedro Martinez: 20-4 for 2002 Red Sox in 199 1/3 innings.
Josh Beckett: 20-7 for 2007 Red Sox in 200 2/3 innings.
Tim Hudson: 20-6 for 2000 Oakland Athletics in 200 1/3 innings.

At most, Dice-K has seven starts left this season. He is currently at 126 2/3 innings. You do the math. He has no prayer at reaching Grim’s 199 innings or even coming close to it.

So yes, if you feel like Dice-K’s season has been bizarre, I couldn’t agree more.


I think the Fat Lady is singing now!! Thank you Clay Buchholz. Dice-K and Buchholz are bullpen killers. Didn’t the Red Sox lead 4-0? lol. I would be willing to bet that T.B. will lose tonight.

Dice-K wins 20 in less innings than anyone but I bet Dice-K’s games lasted wayyyyyyy longer.

This is depressing. I think I’ll go cut my grass. See ya later tonight gang.

I wonder if we can clone Jon Lester? LOL!!

That’s like the most important record in the world.

Garry? Are you being a wise a**? I’m trying to bring you guys and gals interesting nuggets and that’s the thanks you give me. Man, I’m just so wounded right now.


Ian comes out swinging. LOL!! You might need Don Kent’s help.

Bay with the longball. That is the only way they are going to make a game of this.

Early odds has Ian as a 4-1 favorite. Remember Ian, gsm is a little old. Take it easy on him. LOL!!

Bob Grim has one of the shortest names in the game. Only 7 letters. lol.

Mel Ott I assume has the shortest name of all time.

Jeff Bailey needs to make that play. Have a chance at a d.p.

If Timlin was a horse he would have been shot a long time ago. His career is coming to a close. He is a shadow of himself. He had alot to do with the Sox winning 2 titles and who knows maybe 3 but I hope he retires at season’s end. He has been a member of 4 championship teams and was on the mound when the Jays won one of there titles. A very impressive career but I hope he sees the light at the end of the tunnell.

Wow! Garry 1 Ian 0.

Don’t be wounded Ian. Actually your “nugget” prompted me to do a little research of my own. There are a couple of amazing things about the record. One is that he will likely break the record by as much as 20 innings which is incredible. More incredible than that, it is possible he will win 20 games averaging less than six innings per start. Considering the overall performance of the Sox bullpen this year, that makes him pretty lucky. Pedro and Beckett averaged almost 7 innings per start as they both did their thing in 30 starts. However, Grim made 37 starts to get his 200 innings. That puts him right down there a little below Dice-K in innings per start.

I would agree that Dice-K’s season has been more than a little bizarre. You need me to pull out the arrow?

By the way Brian, I’m old, but I’m quick, and I can take a punch. No brain, no pain. LOL!

Garry….Old and quick, I have never heard of that combo before. lol. I think your hanging out with Don Kent too long. LOL!! Now no brain no pain I have heard of that one before. I see it every single day in the mirror. lol.

It looked around 7:45 p.m. that the sweep was a strong possiblilty and then Clay took the hill and then ………….

Jeff, you changed your posting name to mrwrite… very cool!!

By ellencullum@bellsouth.net on August 20, 2008 9:29 PM
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The Sox led 2-0 after the 1st… there’s that 2-0 superstition I have… every time we’ve started the game (doesnt matter what inning) up 2-0, the bad thing happens.. you know that thing that is not a win??

Ian has a couple of wounds tonight. Ellen socked it to him earlier, saying he was scooped by Bradford. Then Garry with his sarcastic comment. Ian with the standing 8 count. LOL!!!

Hey Ian, Youre not mad are you?? I mean at me not Clayboy…

Rays have tied the Angels in the 8th.

Brian, shortest name in baseball history is Ed Ott. Longest name is Salty.

Now my yard looks sooo good. 11 to 5? So much for positive thinking!
You guys better take is easy on Ian! He’s very sensitive. Can you imagine him having to read through all our posts looking for “bad stuff” , he must be shaking his head sometimes. Thankless job!

Thanks for the blog, Ian!!

Angels 5 – Rays 4 heading to the bottom of the 9th.

Yet another new post. move the thread. I’m on a roll tonight.

Angels have beaten the Rays 5-4

Ha, it was all in fun Garry. I enjoy the give and take.

Sox should consider moving Dice-K to the bullpen. He seems to do well in getting out of jams, so maybe he could bolster their inconsistent middle-relief.

I have really been unimpressed by Dice-K in his 2 years. To me, he hasn’t lived up to the hype, not by a long shot. At his best, yes, he is very commanding and domninating. Only problem is that he’s “at his best” maybe 2 or 3 times a year. The rest of the time he’s a frustrating mediocre pitcher who creates too great of a reliance on a frustrating mediocre bullpen because he’s thrown 200 pitches by the 4th inning.

One of the most underrated stats in baseball in the number of pitches per inning. Give me a Paul Byrd type ground-ball pitcher who throws an average of 13 or 14 pitches per inning any day to a fireballing strikeout guy like Dice-K who throws an average of, what, 30 pitches per inning? I want a guy who chews up innings, not someone who chews up my middle relief.

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