Lugo suffers setback

Put that shortstop controversy on hold for now. Julio Lugo had a setback today, re-pulling the quad that he tore in early July.

Rob Bradford of first posted the story about 20 minutes ago. I just spoke to Lugo, who was pretty dejected.

More details later.


Things are looking up for the Red Sox. They have won the first 2 games of this series and Lugo gets hurt again. How sweet it is!!! I don’t wish any player getting hurt but the more time Lugo misses the better!!! It sounds like it could be season ending. Nice!!!

Well I guess that temporarily takes care of the decision for Tito!! How big a hammer did someone smack him with to keep him out…. I say it was a sledge hammer!!! (dont tell anyone i contracted the hit)

Can anyone point me toward Clayboys locker??? I have a sledgehammer with his name on it!!
Seriously I hope he gets his “stuff” together tonight, I hate to see someone slide the way he has. I know he’s got talent, but talent only goes so far. If you have the talent and make a mistake, but have the self confidence to step up again and figure it out thats one thing but he just doesnt seem to be able to recover form a bad inning or a bad outing….

..and Ian, how come Bradford is scooping you??

Hey everyone,

I just to get up every single morning before school just to watch Don Kent’s forecast. He had a gentle and amiable personality. Those were the day where you drew on the map instead of the CGI of today. Losing Don Kent was the end of an era for me. I just checked on youtube. He still looks great at his age. I kind of miss him — hey that’s two happy memories of my childhood. I’m just stacking them up!

Where did you read about Lugo reinjuring himself? I’m sadly elated because I can’t help feeling disgusted with myself for cheering bad fortune on a player. Yes Lugo is not exactly your star player but he’s still a human being and I’m sure this isn’t the type of situation he likes to be in — then again he didn’t turn down that Presidential campaign salary did he?

Memories of Carl:
For some reason my greatest memory of Carl was his last fly ball into left field of the 75 World Series. it was a poignant moment but even with that swing there was a lot of dignity and honor with Carl at bat. They lost the game but Yaz was the last of the loyal team players. To have Tim Wakefield play with one team is now the rule not the exception. It was a different era back then and in a strange way, the 75 Red Sox still hold the mantle as the best team I’ve ever seen on the field. They were impressive even if they didn’t win the W.S. (they would have if Rice was on the team!)

Correction. I misspelled not as now meaning that Tim Wakefield was the exception to sticking around with one team — NOT the rule.


The new thread talks about Lugo re-pulling his quad.

Bradford scoops Ian as Ellen points out. Wow, Ellen is a little rough I think. lol. Remember Ian welcomed you back Ellen, after you were not around here for a while. Be nice to Ian. You can do it Ellen, I know you can. LOL!!! That Phillies boss of yours must be getting on your nerves. lol.

Ellen. ouch! Ha ha. It’s all a matter of timing sometimes. Rob had good timing in this case. everyone should also check out as well as on a daily basis. Rob is going to do great things with that site. But make sure you come here first🙂

I never did bother to read the thread. Oh man Lugo has got to feel lousy about himself right now. That bites. He may be out for the season. Guess we should be glad we have Lowrie.
Buchholz is going tonight. This guy needs a confidence boost. Fortunately he’s facing a rather struggling team — which I know because the Sox beat them twice. Unfortunately the Devil Rays can suck in some air and win twenty in a row.

Casey is not playing, Drew is not playing, Tek is not playing. Buchholz is pitching. Lots of luck!

HEY!! I was just wondering why Ian would let some one get the better of him, but Bradford is a buddy of his I think!
No harm intended!! lol


You don’t bother to read the thread. Ian works awfully hard to get a new thread just about every game. At least read it. LOL!!! Gsm will be very dissapointed to find out you don’t read the thread. He might drive up from J’ville, then again with Fay on the way. He might anyway. LOL!!!


No harm intended? Sure, I don’t believe that one at all. lol.

That’s a tough break for Lugo. It’s funny how the timing of injuries is coincidental with things that sort of need to happen. Last year, Wake went down just before post season making Tito’s decision for the pitching staff much easier. Beckett has tingling in his pinky to push him back to Tuesday, which means he’ll miss Toronto, the one team that has repeatedly kicked his butt. And now Lugo, whose return was going to cause a major controversey. As Brian would say …….. things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm! In any case, I hope Lugo recovers to play some because otherwise he won’t be worth anything on the trade market in the off season.

Well, I’m looking out the window and the wind is picking up a little, but still not much rain. Don Kent tells me it’s on the way though. Captain Bob is still out under the garden hose, happy as a lark! I should be able to get through the game tonight. Everything is closed here tomorrow. Banks, schools, city offices and most importantly, the dog track. My office is closed but there’s no golf, no dogs, no baseball …… what’s a guy to do?

Anyone following the US Olympic Basketball team? They look awesome. They should win the gold easily.


Have some vodka and cranberry for me. lol. I know one thing you could do is call Nolan Ryan and ask him if you can pitch for the Rangers. Perhaps watching re-runs of Migrane’s telecasts could help you pass time. LOL!! What a very strange storm Fay is. One tough b–ch.

No Celtics on the Olympic team. That could be a good thing. They’ll be fresh for the season as defending champs. I like how that sounds.

I don’t think Lugo would be worth much in the trade market anyway. Theo saw something in him I never saw. Never understood that signing, especially the length of the deal. 4 years for Lugo, never has been an All Star and was coming off a poor season. He really struggled in L.A. after being dealt from T.B. It was a classic case of a team bidding against themselves.

I think Buchholz has a solid outing tonight in Birdland. He threw a no no against these guys just 11 months ago. His confidence must be there tonight. If Buchholz struggles I don’t know how much longer they can keep him in the rotation. I’m guessing he goes at least 6 innings tonight and earns his keep for at least another time thru the rotation.

If Don Kent say’s it is on it’s way, you can count on it. Don Kent predicted the blizzard of 1978 in June of 1976. LOL!! He is amazing!!! He doesn’t even need Doppler and all that other weather crap. He looks out the window and goes from there. lol. A true pioneer!! It must be the water in Quincy.

Brian, you’ll enjoy the sample lineup I included to demonstrate the format for the Guess the Lineup contest. it features the 1997 opening day lineup. That was Boston’s last season with a losing record. The immortal Rudy Pemberton was in the lineup.

I agree about Lugo. I never root for someone to get hurt, but the Sox are much better with Lowrie and Alex Cora. They would even be better off with Josh Wilson, who has big league experience and is now the starting shortstop at Pawtucket, than Lugo since at least Wilson can play reliable defense.


Jeff….I barely remember Rudy Pemberton and I do mean barely. I would have never ever thought of his name. Now that you mention it, my wheels are turning. I assume he is working at a 7-11 somewhere. lol. That is one obscure guy!!! Great stuff.

Lugo has been horrible this year. He hasn’t helped this Red Sox team at all this season. I doubt anyone got the Red Sox lineup right tonight, no chance!!!

Boston should be able to score some runs tonight. This guy doesn’t have much.

This Orioles chick is no Heidi Whatney. Whatney beats her out by a mile!!

Youk loves hitting in the 4 hole!!

OK! Positive thoughts here. This is the game Buch gets his stuff together and comes up with a win. Nice leather by Bailey and Youk. Bailey looked like Youk at first base and Youk looking like Lowell at third. It will be nice when Mike comes back and these guys can be themselves again.

I think Lugo took one for the team and re-injured himself on purpose.LOL Nice work Julio.
Cash with a hit!!!! WOW!


T.B. is off too a quick start. They jump out to a 3-0 lead. Gsm said it already and I agree, they are hitting better without Longoria and Crawford. It’s gonna be tough to catch the Rays, no doubt. Boston will have to earn it. In other words keep winning and hope T.B. stubs there toe a few times. They play each other 6 more times and Boston has to win 4 of those games.

Jim Palmer said Lowrie hasn’t made an error in 142 chances. Mighty impressive from the rookie. Lugo couldn’t go 42 minutes without an error. lol.

This umpire is horrible. I don’t know how pitchers can pitch or hitters can hit with an umpire like that. Papi was very lucky. I agree with Palmer. How could the ump not have called that pitch to Ortiz a strike? That was horrible. Balls and strikes have been really inconsistent this year, again. These guys are awful.

The walk comes back to bite Buchholz.

Way too many three ball counts for Buchholz.

Absolutely ridiculous. He’ll be lucky to get to the fifth inning.

Okay, I’ve been silent on the Clayboy issue long enough tonight!! He throws to 1st when no one is there, he shakes off Cash (Cash calling fastball, Clayboy wants change up, shakes him off twice) Clayboy throws a high changeup walks the batter and then falls off the mound after a dribbler that he couldnt have done anyhthing with anyway!!! we’re looking at the results now…..
Pull this yahoo, and pull his Asp now!!!! Reserve him a spot on the last train to Clarksville!!!
And hey you guys, have any of you MET IAN???

Buchholz’s struggles continue. He will not be long for this game. He needs to gut this one out. He has thrown over 30 pitches in the 2nd inning. His 1st inning blunders are behind him but all the other innings are not. Buchholz like Delcarmen needs to forget what just happened and focus on what’s going on at the plate. The pen ( thanks to Dice-K ) had too be used for 12 outs last night. I’m guessing the pen will be needed to get double figure outs again!!! At least there is an off day tomm.

That just drives me nuts! Sox get a nice 4 run lead going and Buchholz gives it back. Arrrgggg!


I have seen Ian down in Fort Myers but couldn’t get near him. He has body guards all around him. LOL!!

Lowrie was only going to get a double anyway. The ball girl did goof but don’t boo her. Some of the fans that are booing couldn’t bend down anyway. LOL!!!

Wow, the ball girl pulls a ZAZU!

Tito should pull Bucholz and put him on the bus to Pawtucket. He’s been given a four run lead and he quickly dissipates it. He cannot control his pitches. Even Tito should see that.Tito has to learn that there comes a time when you have to fish or cut bait and he is past that time. It’s about time that Tito starts managing this team to win. Nice guys finish —– out of the playoffs and even worse, nice guys finish— behind the Yanks.

Mental error by Lowrie. Big one.

What are you doing Jed Lowrie? WOW!!! A Kangaroo Court fine for Lowrie!!! One thing major leaguer’s don’t do very well is run the bases. Alot of bad baserunning over the years!!! Absolutely pathetic by Lowrie.

Arnie, One pitch from Clayboy is TOO much for me!!!
I went to the Sox v Marlins me 2 years ago and actually met that fine “young”man who writes our blog… I hope he know that I think he’s got it over all the other RedSox reporters!!!! and kinda cute too!! lol

but he’s no Naked Sean Casey!!!

Angels are up by a run. L.A. trying to avoid the sweep, imagine that?

I’m sorry, but please just pull him out before he does any more damage to us or to Mora!!

I think someone should get the hammer that was used on Lugo and use it on Tito’s head. When is he going to get smart and pull Bucholz-when the game is over?

You give this guy 4 runs to work with and….. My thoughts are so jumbled right now I dont know what I want to say! PLEASE SHIP HIM OUT!!!!! I volunteer to go at my expense and pitch in his spot for no pay!!… I cant do much worse!

Buchholz is really overthrowing. He’s toast.

Dice-K gives me high blood pressure. Now Buchholz is giving me heart attacks!

Ellen, you had a chance to compare a naked Ian and a naked Casey???? You naughty girl you! Go for it!!!

about the hammer… I VOLUNTEER FOR THAT TOO!

You hear what Palmer is saying? Same thing I’ve been saying, except he says it so much better.

As a player (Buchholz), how do you face your teammates after games like he’s pitched his last 3-4?? And as a player (the rest of the team) what do you do when you see him?? I’ve been on teams my whole life and have never been on either end of that one.

The Sox need to hire Palmer as a pitching coach. Buchholz needs to forget the runner at first and worry about throwing strikes.

No I never said I met a “naked Ian”…

Oh my Lord…. Here it comes!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, John Farrell…….

Wheels coming off!!! This GAME is toast.

Angels have come back to take a 4-3 lead over Tampa. It’s the bottom of the 4th with 1 out.

Tito, Thank You.. and he didnt even give him the obligatory pat on the back as he left the mound. NightEllen, Night Clayboy, Night Brian, Night Clayboy, Night Roseanne, Night Clayboy!! (for those of you who remember the Waltons)

The pen had too be used for 12 outs last night and I can’t count high enough to figure out how many outs they’ll be needed for tonight’s game now. lol. Buchholz needs to be pulled from the rotation. I don’t see how he can make his next start.

Talk about mental errors. What is Youk doing covering second base on a walk allowing the runner to go to third. Perhaps Tito’s decisons with Bucho;z is mentally affecting the rest of the team. Lowrie included. And now we have Aardvack.

This is disgusting!

You CANNOT try any harder than Coco just did…Amamzing effort!!

Tito gives another game away. Great managing.

That’s the problem when Aardsma comes in. The lead is gone!!! If Aardsma isn’t walking people, he’s getting hit awfully hard. It will be a very good day when Delcarmen and Aardsma are wearing another uniform next season. Masterson, Okajima and Lopez ( only when Lopez pitches to lefties ) are the only guys that can get people out not named Papelbon.

Save room on the bus to Pawtucket for Aardvark as well.

I’ll be back. Captain Bob is lost and Don Kent wants to talk about the weather. That’s gotta be better than this game.

WOW>>> This started off soooo good!

We just have to hope for the Boston bats to win this one. They will need to score at least 8 runs to win this one. More like 10 runs. lol.


LOL. Tell Don Kent to go to Baltimore and get his arm loose for the 8th inning. lol.

Don’t try to wiggle out of it, Ellen. I certainly don’t mind what you do with Casey or Ian, it’s OK, I’m not judgemental.

Buchholz has turned into a nightmare pitcher. Now I won’t sleep tonight. Cmon Sox, you can still come back and win this.

What a horrible inning!!! Buchholz should be ashamed of himself. He no hits the Birds 11 months ago and tonight he met alot of bats. Aardsma what can you say about him, same old same old. Theo put in a claim on Brian Giles, last time I checked he wasn’t a reliever. Theo should try to snag an arm for the pen not an outfielder. Boston isn’t going after what they need the most. The next start for Buchholz should be in Southwest Florida, in other words spring training!!

Buchholz certainly put a damper on this game. You can almost here the balloon coming out of the Red Sox.

Jim Palmer is a good announcer. I enjoy listening to him talk about baseball. He knows his stuff and has been around so long he’s seen it all. Or nearly all. And he’s pretty objective, unlike our duck snort buddy.

You got that right, Brian. How do you get back up for this game after that pitiful performance by Clay? Disheartening.

Just posted a new thread. bring the comments over there.

Make room on the bus for Lopez. Perhaps Tito should escort them as well,

Could this be another 19-16 game??


Miey T has to have his A+A+A+A+A+A+ game tonight!! GO MIKEY T!!!!!

Jeff, you changed your posting name to mrwrite… very cool!!

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