Beckett pushed back again

As a lot of us sort of suspected, Josh Beckett won’t pitch Tuesday against the Yankees. Instead, it appears as though Wake will make his return that night, and the latest on Beckett is that he’s penciled in for Friday against the White Sox.

Also, it came to light today that numbness in two of the fingers is not the only symptom for Beckett. He also has some inflammation in the elbow. As most of you faithful readers have probably noticed, I’ve been wondering all year about Beckett, suspecting that there must have been a reason for his dip from last season. This would explain a lot.

J.D. Drew is out of the lineup again with that ailing back. It wouldn’t shock me if he goes on the DL. I’m sure Theo is hammering the phones trying to find a productive bat. Brian Giles would have looked pretty good right now, eh?



I wish Beckett a good healthy quick return to his Ace form.
Ian mentioned Giles, he doing great for my fantasy team.. I picked him up about 2 months ago very rarely has a bad day.

I was wondering if Ian cleared customs and he did. lol. Great too here. I’m not sure if I believe the” I slept on my arm”. The inflammation I believe. As Ian said that does explain a lot.

Lester needs to continue what he has been doing. He has been the Red Sox ace ever since his no hitter. He has grown leaps and bounds this year. I expect Lester to go 7 innings today. Boston needs to win this game today because Burnett awaits tomm. and I don’t think the Sox will beat him. Burnett has pitched very well lately and seems to pitch his best against good teams. Also with Dice-K going tomm. afternoon, who knows what we’ll see from him. He might be done after 5 innings or he could go 7 innings. He is a wild-card for sure.

Litsch the former bat boy of the “Devil Rays” is on the hill.

The first 2 reach and Ellsbury and Pedroia do not score. I’m glad I’m not watching this, lol.

Lester gives up one (plus one on). down 2-0

Things are not going so well for our man Jon…. What the heck??

WOW! $10.5M for this years Bo$$$$$$ton Red $$$$$$ox draft class! A new record!

Korea is now the world’s champion! NOT! Let’s see if they can repeat in the next world competition and unseat Japan.

How much can one girl take?? Down 5-0??? I think the handwriting is on the wall (although right now its in invisible ink). Unless The DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS tank…. well you guys can fill in the rest.

This is brutal. I can’t take much more of this. One step forward, two steps back. That’s been the story of the Sox this year.

Hey Bosox: You say Burnett pitches his best against good teams?? Well then, we should be okay tomorrow!!! LOL

Last time I looked, the Jays were 7 games behind the BoSox. So as much as Boston has underperformed this year, the Jays have been even worse. They’ll kill Boston, and then turn around and get swept by Oakland or Texas.


lol. Quite true. Burnett is having a contract push. He can opt out at the end of the year if he wants to. What happened to Lester today? His worst outing of the year. He picked a bad time to have it.

Ellsbury and Pedrioa got on in the 1st inning. Ortiz, Youk and Bay go down in order. Boston had a chance to jump the Jays early and didn’t.

This week, the Yanks won only one of three!

If the Jays played the Red Sox and Yankees all year they would win 120 games. LOL!!

Why is this not on MLBEI anyone?

Maybe it was reserved for Fox. I hope I’m getting Dodgers @ Phillies at 4:00.

I think I’m going to stick my head in the oven!!! oops!! That wont work.. its electric!

Well, I expect to be in Fenway on Friday night. Maybe I’ll get a chance to see Beckett. I better get there early in cas he has another flame-out. It sure would rot if this injury is as ominous as it sounds.

Fox has a contract with MLB that says that no other game will be televised before 7pm on Saturday other than their Game of the Week.. sucks but true!!

Just checked in. OUCH!!! 9- zip. Maybe I’ll just check right back out!

I think Tek will sign for 2 or 3 years at 8 million per. He’s not having a good year at the plate and that will drive down his price a little. It also makes other teams think twice…..hmmm, when has that happened? Maybe Kramer’s Yankees will ante up and pay him 15 mil for 5 years. Why not, they love to get old Sox players and pad their retirements, don’t know why. Next it will be Schilling for 20 mil.

I have the game on MLBTV and trust me , you’re better off not warching it. Sickening. We had opportunities in the first two innings and nothing. Let’s hope the DEVILRAYS!!DEVILRAYS!!DEVILRAYS!!!(and the Yanks) bite the dust and go down the tube as well. OK Ellen????

“Sandy Koufax” Litsch tossing a three hitter at the Sox. Jays pound Lester. Looks like I woke up in the wrong universe again! I’m going back to bed.LOL

Scutero jacks one on an 0-2 pitch. Looks like Chris Smith will be the sacrificial lamb today. Go get ’em Chris!!!

It seems lately, with just a couple of exceptions, our pitchers are doing nothing but serving as batiing practice pitchers for the opposing teams….. I’m getting seriously depressed about our guys…


I agree with your opinion on Varitek. A 2 year deal worth 8 million per season. I’m sure the sticking point will be the 3rd year. I assume Varitek and his agent ( Boras ) will be pushing for that. I would be very hestitant to give Varitek a 3rd year guranteed. Perhaps a built in clause for the second year and if makes a certain number of at bats etc. the 3rd year will be picked up. Theo and the front office didn’t want to give Lowell a 4th year and I’m glad they didn’t. They knew Lowell didn’t want to leave Boston and they know Varitek doesn’t want too as well.

Koufax Litsch, good stuff. Boston has had some really ugly losses recently. That is not a good sign!!!

Smith has an above average change-up. Other than that, I am not impressed at all.

Wow, two pitchers and they can’t get past the 5th inning. Batting practice is right, Ellen.

Thanks Phil!!! I knew I could count on you!!

Brian, I don’t know what it is, maybe the attrition with all the weird travel, little injuries, the ZAZU drama, but the roof has caved in on the Sox sometimes lately. 15-4, what was the score in Clay’s last game? now this debacle. Something’s up and I wonder if it is just all those things added together.


Not too mention the Texas game where Boston won on a late f.g. by Youkilis. When Boston was losing close games on the road earlier, the pitching was there. Certainly not the case lately. Some of these guys are serving up b.p.

11-0…………….. Not only this but our local Fox affiliate has decided that rather than This Week in Baseball, they will show Obama and Biden as they appear in public for the 1st time!! WHOOP DE DOO!


I beg please no political talk or mention any of those names. I am begging. lol.

There is no way that we will make the playoffs if our pitching , and relief pitching, doesn’t hold up–nor do we deserve to. We can’t depend on our competition losing. When we face them we have to win and hopefully sweep. We can’t afford splits.
DEVILYANKS!!!DEVILYANKS!!!DEVILYANKS!!!.Maybe we can kill two birds—fish—at a time.

Yea, I almost forgot that one. It’s like they have these huge lapses of concentration or something and when they look up……ooops, they’re 10 runs down. Are they ALL getting divorced?

You’ll get no argument from me there BSB… I’m just p’o-d that they have taken all my baseball from me today!!

I would think Jason will not even test the FA waters!Given Kottaras performance this year again, he will not leave Boston, even for more $ or years!
I heard some rumbling that the RSox will go after Saltalamacchia! If the Yanks choose to also (not likely) we could afford a few dollars more. We won’t be putting the current longest name in MLB on the back of any uniforms!:P

I wonder if ZAZU could run for Veep? What a team that would be: “ZAZU and The Messia” !!! A good name for a band, comic strip or Indiana Jones movie. But could ZAZU field those tough questions???

I have a question?? If the season were over today and all the division leaders were in the playoffs, who would you pull for… Me, I’m an American League fan top to bottom, but I cant see me pulling for the DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS…. I have always liked Philly, so I guess I would be pulling for them.

Timlin stopped the bleeding for now, but the Sox still have only 3 hits. CMON SOX!!

I wonder if Dave’s wife has him in time-out? Where are you Dave??? Could use several rants! We’re about a dozen rants behind, here.

Ellen if the season were over today, would the Sox be in? If not, I’d find some hobby. No way I’d root for Philly or any of the others. Just skip a year and focus on ’09.

I’ll root for the Phillies! They’ve been my number two since my youth at the Jersey Shore. I’m actually living closer to Phillie for the last ten years. And, with Randolph gone, I’m back to cheering against the Mets.

I’m also “traditional rivalry” and ALEast fan. So, with the Yankees out, I will root for the RSox. Except against the Phillies.

I think this one’s ovah! Maybe I’ll go to work early. See ya on the ‘morrow friends.

Wow Kramer, you impress me! Root for the Sox in lieu of the Yanks? You just upped your stock in my estimation. OK now I’m gone for good, well, for today, not for good.

No, for the sake of argument… Its the Dodgers,Cubs and Phillies- The Angels,Twins And theDEVILRAYSDEVILRAYSDEVILRAYS…

See ya Arnie!! Make me something goood for Dinner!!

I’m going to head over to to play some backgammon…. See y’all later on!

I have a question for our resident historian: In the days of old……did Christy Mathewson/Bob Feller/Herb Score/Walter Train Johnson etc. have arm problems like we see now? Those guys had to pitch 9 innings every time they pitched no matter if they were getting shelled or not and they were in 4-man rotations. It seems now-a-days no it’s an exception when a starting pitcher goes the whole season without injury. And these guys are lucky if they average 6 innings per start. Unless the problems now are more publicized than they were back then…..WTFO???????

Actually, since I know the personnel better than the rest of MLB it’s a natural for me. And the Rays lost all chance of support from me with Maddon NOT condeming the collision in the Spring that broke the wrist of a Yankee AA catcher, Fransisco Cervelli. If they make the WS, I may root for the NL!!!

God. I’m sitting here watching Nomar bat with Manny on base!

ZAZU can easily run (Oh! I forgot ZAZU doesn’t run ) for VP. If he screws up they will say that’S “ZASU being ZAZU”.

Looking forward to Dice-K tomorrow. It took 2.5 hrs to finish the 5th inning today, they may surpass that mark tomorrow with Dice-K pitching. My prediction is that he throws his 100th pitch in the 3rd inning. Tito should probably get action going in the bullpen when the game starts.

All that was missing from today’s game was a pointless solo homer from Youkilis or Pedroia in the 8th inning.

Tampa Bay falls behind in early innings, comes back in late innings, wins.

Boston falls behind in early innings, falls behind more in early innings, falls behind more in middle innings, empties the bench in late innings, lose miserably.

5 1/2 back. This team is doomed. If we’re lucky Chicago or Minnesota will tank worse than us (and NY or Toronto doesn’t sneak up the middle). But even if we make the wild card, we’re out in the ALDS. This team hasn’t a prayer against the Angels or Rays.

Looking forward to 2009.

The bull pen will be up and throwing as Dice K warms up!! If nt THEY SHOULD BE!!!!

You guys all know me and my dedication and thru and thru “Bleeds RedSox Red and Blue” attitude. With that type of “Rose colored glasses” outlook, the past month has been incredibly hard for me. I’m finding it harder and harder to keep a positive outlook, and easier to throw around the negative thoughts. I need a favor from you, my fellow RedSox Nationers, to help me find my inner Pollyanna and keep on shining through this cloudburst that we are experiencing. If I start getting negative PLEASE get on my case and call me a fair weather fan or something. PLEASE??

Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve been so busy lately. We’ve had a lot of social engagements and I’ve been repairing and prepping the deck for winter and repairing some tile in the bathroom and repainting the living room and I’ve also got some frames to make in cherry and a coffee table and gutters to clean and shop work to do and etc, etc, etc.
On top of that the Sox have not pulled me into games as of late. Tampa Bay has been like 200 wins and 1 loss while the Sox find ways to lose no matter how hard they try — and I am convinced they are trying. It’s just depressing. I’ve not even had time to generate a lineup or rant.
On top of that my daughter’s school semester begins and I want to plan for that since I try to be that involved Dad type of guy. Whew…does it ever end!
incidentally, anyone want to help me with some of these projects will get all the pizza and beer they can handle (LOL)


Oh ya, we’re also going to be replacing the kitchen counter tops and I’ll be doing that once I’m done with the kitchen cabinets and then I have to start on the bathroom cabinets.

Whao! I’ve got to take these one at a time.
Ellen, you first; You just need a little bit of perspective, just a little. Do you remember how you felt when you saw that baseball flying into the stands in Yankee Stadium on the last pitch by Wake in 2003? You remember that? If you are like me, your heart was crushed, yet again, and you felt that no way, no way, will I EVER see the Sox win the last game of the year. Did you do what I did and just lay on the floor unable to move? Just once, God! Can’t we win just ONCE??? Fast forward one year later. Down 3 games to none. Weren’t you tempted to cash it in? How are they gonna win 4 straight?? Remember how you felt after the fifth game??? Elated!!!! Two dramatic come back wins! I knew then that they were going to the Series. But it wasn’t until I heard Joe Buck say, “What Red Sox fans have longed to hear…..” Those words are etched in my brain. I get teary eyed just remembering that! And I wish my Dad could have been there. He was a fan his whole life and never saw what I got to see. So try to get a bit of perspective. All you have seen from the Sox over the years, this is nothing. What’s a few losses? Buck up and don’t let it get you down. As a friend of mine always says,”Don’t let the b/a/stards get you down!” Take heart Ellen. We’ve seen what many Sox fans never saw! Two championships!!!

Dave, you need to prioritize!!!! What’s most important? Probably your deck, winter is coming fast. So get a list going and do what I do. Blow things off in their proper order. First thing; ignore the deck. DONE! See how easy that was! Now, your caulking can’t be forgotten so easily, so make a cup of coffee and space it out after two days of agonizing.DONE! Just go down the list and put things off in the order of importance. It’s so simple!

Good to see Aardvark going to be on the 90 day– I’m sorry, 15 day -wishful thinking- disabled list. He’s joining our beloved Lugo. If he has something that is catching maybe he can sut close to Lugo and pass it on. Hopefully, Pauley can bring something with him when he comes up- even if it’s some life. The DEVILYANKS won again. We’ve got to turn things around or we will “be waiting for next year”.

Hey Dave. What happened to your @ LOL!The only good thing that happened today was that the White Sox are still a half game in behind OUR sox. Pffft! Like that matters this very day. All that we can hold the WILD CARD for another month. 2009 looks alot better, with maybe signing Mark Texeira to a contract, getting BETTER relievers, and even though if we re-sign Varitek and he might have the same offensive numbers, he still is the leader of the clubhouse and pitching staff, and also we will get a better back-up. So if you look on paper the sox will be a muck better team than this year

Hey Dave come on down to Fort Lauderdale, I can put you to work for awhile.. you sound very accomplished at so MANY things!!

Wow…. Arnie, I think that is EXACTLY what I need to hear…
To answer the question.. No.. I didnt lay there on the floor and do nothing.. I sat there on the white tile in a 4×6 tile area and pounded my fists and actually cried .. and cried and cried… the neighbors heard me… ( i found that out days later) In 2004 I also sat on white tile (a new house) and pounded my fists and cried.. But it was a COMPLETELY different kind of CRYING.. more like shrieking, LOSE YOUR VOICE KIND OF CRYING…
Arnie.. My dads dad played for the Yankees.. you can’t hold it against me.. but my dad stepped out of line and became a very early, if unofficial, member of The RedSox Nation and I followed him. He died the October before Ted Williams threw out the 1st pitch at the AllStar Game at Fenway (I cried then too!!, for my dad), Ted was his ALLTIME HERO and the reason he NEVER gave up on the REDSOX.. He never got to see Fenway in person either..
You definitely have given me the perspective that I needed to stand up and declare…. I AM A MEMBER OF THE REDSOX NATION… and It aint over till Grady Little leaves Pedro in too long!!!! ARNIE, THANK YOU!!

You have no idea how OCD I am. Believe me when I say a project is going to get done — it gets done (LOL) I love doing this for the family though — gives me a sense of pride.

I do know enough to be dangerous in a lot of things but I do know woodworking and I’ll give myself that credence; however when my wife said to me “I almost want to buy a fixer-upper’ I knew I had gone too far! (LOL)

The fact that the Sox are where they are is amazing — injuries, bad relations and he-who-must-not-be-named smearing the entire attitude of the team. Right now if the Sox don’t make the playoffs I’m OK with that. Next year though — watch out. The Sox will be on a tear, I guarantee it. This will be sweet revenge for 2008.

Ellen, who was your grandfather? When did he play? My father was also a Ted Williams fan. I was a Yaz fan and my Dad would say,”Ted Williams would have hit a homerun” if Yaz struck out. But he would also tell me stories of Ted W being cranky, spitting at the fans after his homeruns and being a pain in the you-know-what. I got to go to Fenway with my father one time, in the early 80’s, and he was so excited. We brought a pair of binoculars and he’s looking at the players and he says,”Hey, these guys all look like kids!” Then he thought for a while and says,”I guess they ARE kids , to me.” Now I’m looking at Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz and Jed Lowrie and thinking the same thing.

I missed the game today since there was no way to watch it here in Jacksonville. It’s 3:00 AM and I’m up watching the Gold Medal Basketball game. Spain is hanging tough here in the 2nd quarter. US is up by 10 but it’s not easy.

Cfarnham: To answer your question about pitchers and arm problems ………… Pitchers of the Walter Johnson and Christy Mathewson era would complete between 80 and 90 percent of the games they started. More amazing, these guys were their teams’ best pitchers and often pitched in relief between starts. Through the 60’s and 70’s, most teams employed a four man rotation and pitchers starting 35 to 40 games and approaching 300 innings was not all that uncommon. I really think there are four major differences between the pitchers of yesteryear, and the sissies of today.
The first is attitude. Pitchers took the mound expecting to pitch a complete game. Note I didn’t say nine inning, I said a complete game, however many innings it took. You didn’t get tired, and if you did, you never admitted it. You were expected to pitch a complete game.
That attitude led to a conditioning conducive to pitching more innings. There was no such thing as weight lifiting for pitchers. The name of the game was loosey goosey and flexibility. Arm strength was derived from throwing, not from weight. Today’s pitchers are bigger and stronger and can throw harder, but they are conditioned athletes, not conditioned pitchers. Throwing a baseball is a violent, unnatural motion and I truly believe the only way to be conditioned to do that is to do it over, and over, and over. A 100 pitch limit is a joke, but very few of today’s pitchers are conditioned to do any more than that.
Money is a huge factor in the way the game is played today. Pitchers are like farmers. They get paid a lot of money not to pitch. The investment is so huge in these guys, that management, agents and pitchers would rather them not pitch if they are experiencing even the slightest bit of pain. They set a 100 pitch limit on starters, and won’t pitch closers more than two days in a row so as not to take a chance on their health. Of course, you have the fact that these huge contracts are guaranteed so you have the Carl Pavano and Matt Clement problems.
Finally, all pitchers have arm or other physical problems. That’s not unique to pitchers. If I didn’t pitch every time my arm was a little sore, or my back was a little stiff, I would have missed half my starts. Pitchers had sore arms, and blisters and other issues and they didn’t miss starts. The reasons pitchers didn’t miss starts, and players played hurt because they were afraid of losing their jobs. Baseball has evolved into a different game which is driven more by money than anything else. Performance, pride and even winning is now secondary to protecting the huge investments in players and all parties, management, players and agents are all guilty.

Wake says Yankees taste like chicken!

Arnie, His name was Al “Coalyard Mike” Handiboe (played only a few games, but still… He did make into the Hall of Fame when the entire team was inducted.. he played on the 1911 Highlanders (the next year they changed the name to the Yankees). One of the things that made my Dad love Ted so much was that he served in our Armed Forces twice and still posted huge career numbers. ( My dad was Army-Air Corp, a flight instructor). You know its funny.. I look at Lester, Masterson and Buchholz and I swear they look 12….
I have a question: When did the Mets collapse start to happen last year and how many games ahead were they when it started.. I think you know where I’m going with this.

That is cool though even though he played for Yankees(Sorry, HighlandersLOL), Ellen. Only 5 games, huh. I guess he was a September callup. His first game was on September 5, so i’m just taking a guess

Yeah, but still I think he’s probably spoinning in his grave at the thought of his grand daughter being a member of the RedSoxNation….


Its almost game time and I want to say that I am going to think POSITIVE thoughts today… Everybody on the team is going to have a great day!! Let’s Go REDSOX . Woooo woooo chugga-chugga chugga-chugga… No I haven’t been inbibing early today!! We’ll save the Bud Light for later when I make my World Famous BBQ Hot Wings (well they’re famous in MY WORLD)!! LOL Today is my trial run for College Football Saturdays. Every Saturday during College season I make about 5lbs of wings… some go to the neighbors, my brother (only if he’s been nice to me) but most are devoured by my better half, David…. I also mix up the blue cheese dipping sauce by whipping up a little Hellmans and then Maries Super Blue Cheese salad dressing and blue cheese crumbles. Last I had a teaspoon or so of celery seed to it!!! AWESOME!!! Then CHOW DOWN!!!!!

Burnett has been one tough customer as of late. Burnett certainly has #1 stuff but concentration is his problem at times. The Boston hitters have there work cut out for them.

Dice-K needs to step it up today. His numbers look great but this game of baseball isn’t played on paper. Dice-K needs to go deep into this game today. Enough of this 100 pitches after 5 innings. I would like too see 100 pitches after 7 innings!!!

Wells goes deep again…

How bad are the Red Sox… let me count the ways. I had a strange feeling recently that our only bright spots would finally crash (Dike-K, Lester) and it looks like its happening… at least in Toronto. Miracle we even took game 1. Vernon Wells can stink up the league all year long, but he’s just about 1 HR per game against us.

Watching the game on N.E.S.N. ( Amen ) and they just showed Jesse Barfield. Barfield had a great arm!!! The Jays for some reason have turned out alot of solid outfielders over the years.

Wells continues to smoke Boston pitching. If it isn’t Rios it is Wells crushing Red Sox pitching. A rare H.R. allowed by Dice-K. Can’t fall too far behind Burnett, Boston is asking for trouble.

Dike-K is giving up a line drive every single at bat. Is there any possible way we can turn this thing around?

Dice-K mostly pitched in domes in Japan. He should be very comfortable out there today.

I do believe, I do believe, I do believe… Ido Ido Ido Ido!!!!

Way to go Petey Boy!!! 3 run dinger!!

Pedroia is one tough customer!!! I’m glad he is a member of the Red Sox and should be for years to come. Remy is dead on with Pedroia looking for that pitch. That is the only way you hit that pitch that far. Walks always will get a pitcher.


Remy also is dead on about that roof. Roof open Boston is winning. Can’t get anything by Remy. lol.

Very surprised too see the Boston swinging the bats well against Burnett. Bottom of the order getting on with the walks.

I hope Ellsbury is alright…

This is good command by Dice-K even though he is getting hit. 7 strikeouts, 0 BB’s

Great play by Cora. Goes to the bare hand. When was the last time Dice-K didn’t give up a walk. Definitely not this year

Didn’t give up a run in a game

Vernon F’ing Wells…..

What were we waiting for Tito- he pitched his five innings. Gte him out before it’s too late. Don’t blow another one.

I know it’s only August….but this is a big game. Just the whole way it is going. Sox need to come back and win this game just to prove they can do it to themselves if nothing else.

Wells continues to beat down Boston pitching. I watch him play against other teams this year and he doesn’t do much. Go figure!!

Somehow I think Dice-K pitches better when he walks half of the line-up.

Who to go to in the bullpen? Timlin? Lopez? Delcarmen? Probably best to stay with Dice-K or perhaps give the ball to Cora.

This game is lost. They can’t get to the 8th inning with a lead.

Big K for Dice-K against Overbay. If Dice-K can strand Wells at third, Boston has all momentum on their side. The bats will come alive and get some runs.

Garry (GSM),
Thanks for the great explanation on the difference between yesterdays workhorses vs today’s wussies looking for the all important $$$$$. It wasn’t that long ago when Mickey Lolich, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Ferguson Jenkins, Steve Carlton, the 4 Orioles starters and many others were out there chewing up innings… the whole year.

At least another run didn’t score. Now they have to wake up and score more runs

Use the three you used the other day- Masterson, Oki, and Paps. They certainly earn enough $$$ to pitch at least every other day.

Atta way- Coco. Let’s keep it going!!

Now that was what I was talking about Coco!

Every once in a while Coco will surprise you. Glad it was today. Talk about staying with a starter too long….Gaston should have pulled AJ but I’m glad he didn’t. The Yankee announcers were whining about how the Red Sox hit AJ so well and they can’t seem to do anything against him.

Ells and Papi have to contribute more to the offense. They look way off. Ells is not taking strong cuts at good pitches- he looks like he is just trying not ot strike out. Papi is way off stride- doing more guessing and is not able to hold back on his swing at balls outside the strike zone.

Let’s hope Masterson can avoid any bases on balls. They will kill him.

Dice-K gets off the hook again.

C’mon Masterson- throw strikes. Don’t keep getting yourself behind batters and get yourself in a hole.!

They hit some good shots but his good defense came through. Let’s get some runs!!!!

C’mom Oki- keep the pitches down!! No Walks!!!

How ’bout Tek lately?


The Sox look like they are back in their “road rut”. Waiting for the other team to score and then go home.

Is that like the Wizrd of Oz believe?

WHAT A PLAY BAY! OH MY GOD! Manny wouldn’t have caught that. Hahaha

Taht’s the first time I’ve seen anyone catch up to that ball when Pappelbon throws it up that high!!!! Nice catch buy Bay….ZAZU would have been watching that one!!!!

# 2 for Jed…and none bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a time to get your 2nd career homer in the time of Jed Lowrie


Del Carmen–suicide!!

Everyone say a prayer…..Is this the DelCarmen of ’07 or ’08????

Ellen…you better crank up your I DO BELIEVE”S

Oh no

If Tito blows this game he ought to get on the bus with DelCarmen!!

No control whatever!!!

He should have left Paps in!! Pitchers today are babied!!

Get the damn ball over!

Tito do something!!!

2 out. Come on Delcarmen!

No Walks!!!

Come on Manny…..reach back and give us what you got….

I DO BELIEVE I DO BELIEVE I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

STRIIIIIIIIIKE THREE! Exciting AND a great game today. Maybe that will be momentum. And the white Sox tied it against the Rays.

yayyyyyyyy!!!!! THEEEEE REDSOX WIN, THEEEEEE REDSOX WIN.. Well its about time, huh?? and you know what??

Nice….2 of 3 against out newest nemisis…the Blue Jays. I can’t believe this….I just turned over to watch the White Six/Devil Rays game….there’s a change….

I just got to see Del Carmen pitch the 11th. Not too bad, one walk, a scary play at 2nd, Lyle Overbay, does he ever go 0-fer against the Sox, and a strikeout. NICE work Manny! The Sox bullpen gave up one hit and one walk after Dice-K left the game. Great work by the bullpen. And we’re loving Lowrie and Bay, ain’t we?
Hang in there Ellen. We could be in for some more thrills and stress. I notice Tito has given up the tobacco for a big chaw of Tums.LOL.

It was intended just to be my mantra for today, and I guess my subconcious did remember that from the Cowardly Lion… But it or something else helped today… Something just felt different!!! Even before the game.
Arnie…. Thank you!!

You’ve got to love Tito. Pap had only thrown 16 pitches in 2 innings. With tomorrow off, he could have stretched him to a 3rd inning, but no, he wants DelCarmen in to give him the fire…and it works. The man is worth twice what the Sox are paying him. Now, if they take only 1 of 3 from the Yanks, they will win 5 of 9 road games, and return home with a wonderful September to look at. 2 out of 3 translates into 6 of 9…

Frankly, I’m not sure if I want the Rays to win or the White Sox. I’d love for the Red Sox to win the division, but I want them in the play-offs, even as the Wild Card (from which they have done a lot of damage!!!!!)

Someone asked if this was the Delcarmen of 07 or 08. Because his initials are M.D., I like to refer to him as either Dr. Feelgood or either Dr. No or Dr. Strangelove. Today he was Dr. Feelgood!!


Cfarnham, You said workhorses right?? A good comparison would be plow horses vs lippanzaner stallions (prima donnas)

I just looked and if I read it correctly the Sox (OUR SOX) have only 9 more road games. Hopefully we’ll get beack to having the best record at home for the league… That would be great and to take 6-7 of 9 on the road??? Really Great!!!

Right on Ellen…..And now you have me calling the Rays the DEVIL RAYS!!!!!!

If the Sox’ bullpen can pull together like this for September it would be nice. Great win today….it was a big one.

DEVILRAYS_bite the dust.

Looks like the DEVIL RAYS have about 1/2 there games on the road the rest of the way. Sox need to take this win and fill their sails. Get Wake and Colon back for the September stretch and start the steamroller. I think it’s time to show the DEVIL RAYS what “new money” is all about. No magic for them today….hopefully Tinkerbell quits sprinkling “fairy dust” on their a$$e$.

Now I’m watching the Yankee game…..maybe I can bring them some bad luck.

No bad luck for the Yankees today but I see Wake is scheduled to pitch Tuesday. Maybe their bad luck will be Tuesday! I can only hope.

I couldn’t watch most of the game today because we lost our cable video signal. I got it back for the 11th inning and the first thing I see is Delcarmen walk the leadoff and then go 3-1 on everyone else in the universe. No wonder Tito has no hair. Good win, especially with the Rays losing. I turned over to watch the rest of the Rays game and I loved listening to the Rays boys whine about what really was a controversial call. Although the Rays boys erroneously called the play interference, it was really obstruction (Type A obstruction to be more specific). It occurred because in a rundown, Rays third baseman Aybar made contact with the Sox base runner when he did not have the ball. A fielder is not allowed to do that. When obstruction is called, the play is dead, and the runner must be awarded at least one base. Granted, the obstruction was very minor and probably didn’t obstruct anything, and the runner was most likely going to be out. But it did happen. It’s kind of like having your baggy uniform nicked by a pitched ball, or being pregnant. You aren’t a little bit hit by a pitch, nor are you ever a little bit pregnant. Like it or not, the umpire made the correct call.

The other worst call in Rays history the boys keep whining about occurred last week when BJ Upton over ran first base and the ball got by the first baseman. When seeing the ball, Upton stopped quickly and turned. He did not take a step or move toward second base. He was then tagged out as the umpire ruled he showed intent. The key word is intent. Intent doesn’t mean taking a step or making a move toward second base. Intent means you thought about it and did something that enabled an umpire to judge that you were thinking about it. In this case, the quick stop and turn did the trick. In both cases, while they were judgement calls, the two worst calls in the history of the Rays franchise were made correctly and for the right reasons. And oh by the way, the umpire wasn’t the only one who thought there was intent on the Upton play. The first baseman must have thought so too since he made the tag immediately.

Today’s baseball rules 101: Let’s say on the Upton play there are two outs. A run scores from third before Upton is tagged out for the third out of the inning. Does the run count.

Two questions for the price of one. Let’s say Upton misses first base and the first baseman sees that and then goes and tags Upton and the umpire agrees and rules him out for the third out of the inning. On that play, a runner from third scores before the tag is made. Does the run count?

I say the run counts on the first play because he already touched first and it wasn’t a force play when he was tagged out. No run on the second scenario because it was a force play when he missed the base.

Ellen….long time no talk…you are well I hope. I hope so too…it would be great if the Sox pour it on at home and stay respectable on the road. Everyone seems to be talking about home domination for a few of these teams…Rays Cubs etc. I still remember the 78 Sox home record of 63 – 19….(that 19th one was a killer). Does anyone know if that is the best home record over 162 game season? I don’t remember how Seattle did at home during their 116 win season or how the 98 Yankees did at home …but does anyone know what the record is?

akihiro!!! REALLY long time…. How have you been, and how long has it been?? Since you havent been here for a while let me give you just a couple of dates!! We no longer say the name of the guy who used to be in left field for us, now we call him ZAZU… and we refer to the team from Florida which is leading our division FOR THE MOMENT as the DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS (they really stunk when they were the DEVILRAYS so I launched a campaign to bring them back to their bad old days).

** that should have been updates

Wins like this can really get thing’s going again for the Red Sox. 4-2 on this current road trip. I like it. Delcarmen came up big despite walking a batter and falling behind other hitters. It wasn’t pretty for Delcarmen but he got the job done. Bay with a great catch in left. Bay might have saved the game for Boston. Taking away a double and who knows what happens after that. The one thing I have liked from this series in Toronto is the bottom of the order coming up big. Also Boston finally beat a good pitcher on the road and they did that twice this weekend. I hope this outing gives Delcarmen some much needed confidence.

That catch by JBay saved,at the very least, an extra base.. and when you get an extra base like that… thats… MOMENTUM!! Thank you Jay Bay!!

Hey Nationers!!! Does anybody else out there believe???? I Do Believe, I Do Believe, Ido Ido Ido Ido…. I BELIEVE!!! night guys!!! See you tomorrow!!! Evil Empire vs THE Nation Tuesday!!

Is this the Red Sox biggest win of the season? I think it is.

Crisp walked in Baltimore on ball 3. Andre Either of the Dodgers tonight walked on ball 5. Jon Miller said here comes the 4-2 count and it is ball 5. LOL!! I’m not sure if it is the same umpire but how does that happen? I think those umps should be fined!! They need to get their head into the game. The Crisp situation happened very late in the game. Either’s happened in the 1st inning, either way no excuse!!

Just saw an interview with Torre between the innings of tonight’s game. He looks as if the weight of the world is off his shoulders. He said he doesn’t miss the craziness of N.Y.C. Good for you Joe. A class act is Torre.

Lowrie is coming up huge. Lugo’s probably miserable right now… until he cashes his next massive check. Let’s start a petition “Lugo Lowrie Salary Redistribution Act of 2008”. Let’s see… how should we split it? How about… exactly the current salaries, switch names. That’s fair!

I love ironies and today’s game had Dice-K pitching 6 innings and only giving up one walk; surely a great day for him, but wait, he has one of his worst days! Go figure!
Tek looks relaxed. After the game Tek looked like the proud parent of Manny DC. And the picture of him with Lowrie after Jed’s homer looks like he’s enjoying himself again. I don’t know what happened but I’m glad it did.
Sox are 14-7 since July 31st despite Buchholz. A nifty .667 winning percentage. Tito’s teams have a habit of playing well toward the end of the season, and this year they need to really step it up for the stretch run. I think they may be primed and good to go.
How did Pedroia hit that pitch?? I watched the video 3 times and I can see how he would foul that pitch off, but I can’t see how he hits a homerun! That kid is amazing.
Two consecutive series wins on the road. Sox are only 5 games under .500 away from Fenway now. They are figuring it out. I’m thinking that if they get in a groove we could see some sweet revenge in Anaheim and I would LOVE that! I can’t stand LA teams and I desperately want some payback in southern Cal this fall.
This year’s Sox have had their ups and downs and RSN has had some agonizing moments but I’m smelling a good end to a looong season this year. Go Sox!! Go get ’em Wake!

Unlees I counted wrong
Sox have 19H 12A
DR have 16H 17A
NY have 16H 16A

The Sox actually have 20 more home game with the double-header rain-out, make-up vs. Toronto. After they take 2 from the Yanks in NYC this week, they’ll only have 9 more road games — 3 vs. Texas, 3 vs. Toronto and 3 vs. the Rays. They have to play tough at home, tough vs. the Yanks, Rays and Blue Jays, and their in the play-offs!!! That’s all there is to it!!! While I hope that by that point the Sox will be in command of a play-off spot, I hope that “my” Cleveburgers co-operate during their 4 game visit to Fenway in late September.

Hey BosoxBrian — despite our earlier conversation, you and I do agree on one thing — Joe Torre is a class act. I like the fact that he and Tito maintained a close friendship despite having their teams go hammer and tong against each other. Good for him if he’s happy in LA. Unfortunately, even with the Manny sideshow, it doesn’t look like the Dodgers will make the play-offs. Only 12 home games and 20 road games left for them. While I would like Torre’s team to make the play-offs (particularly with Derek Lowe on the pitching staff who I still miss — and follow) I think it would be poetic justice for Manny to miss out on the play-offs resulting from his kookie behavior. I guess not that he really cares, he avoided those 2 dreaded $20 Mil. per season team options. Imagine how much weight must be lifted off his shoulders (lol)! Enough of that, its a new Bay Day!!!


Bay had his hand directly in 2 wins this week. His 2 H.R. game in Baltimore and his great catch in left. I really like what I have seen from Bay. He has produced from game #1. A solid all around player is Bay. He seems to be fundamentally sound.

I hoped that the Sox would take 2 out of 3 from the Jays. I gald they did. But I didn’t expect the loss was from Lester. We have been complaining about Dice-K for nibbling. I just have the feeling that Dice-K is more effective if he nibbles. That’s the way he pitches. Yesterday was Dice-K’s atypical game giving up only 1 BB but 8 hits in stead. Walks don’t score. Hits do. It seems when Dice-k pitches, the Sox wins.
The Sox kept pace with the Rays except that the Yanks picked up 1 game on the Rays and the Sox. The Yanks swept the hapless O’s which has AAA pitching and AAA+ lineup. That made the fans and the management infuriated about Buchholz’s last loss to the O’s.
If Delcarman bombed, Francona would have a lot of explaining to do when Papelbon threw only 16 pitches in 2 innings and Delcarman 26 pitches in 1 inning.

GSM (Garry) or whatever your call sign is this week,
You put out an umpring quiz with no answer. I am patiently awaiting……..


Not only are you waiting patiently the world is as well. LOL!!

The Red Sox are winning on the road despite the ranting from Dave in Nashville. It sounds like Dave is Mr. Fix it. A multi-tasker for sure. Perhaps we’ll get a lineup this week from Dave.

Whining? Bad luck? Hmmm, stir up the hate? Are you in Orlando too? Or just another RSN member NOT learning anything in NJ?😛

UmpIring was another thing I found hard to do, but, to me, the out is effective at the time the bag was missed. So, Garry, I’d say the run doesn’t count! And “whatever your call sign” is both undeserved and rude!

Note the capital I in umpIring.

And here’s something I’ll enter. Just to see Fenway:

I forgot Big Papi is or was a Packer fan. Another good reason to go!

I was born and raised in Vermont but I now reside in Las Vegas. Courtesy of 26 years in the USAF and this is pretty much where I ended up and did not have the thick blood to
weather any more Vermont winters. I can only guess that the bloggers from Florida are transplanted as I am.

You can probably guess by my blog entry that I was handed down the Yankee hatred through many generations. I have carried that on to my 2 daughters. I must tell you though….after listening to Hawk Harrelson I have a new respect for John Sterling but am still having a hard time taking much of Susan W. or whatever her last name is that sits beside him.

You must be a pretty decent guy as these other bloggers know you from a lot earlier than when I joined these folks and they seem to respect you so I’ll go off that alone because they are beginning to be like family to me.
I bleed Red Sox red and there’s not much I can do about that….I was born that way sort of speak. The Yankees are the Yankees and I can’t do much about that either. The Orioles used to be the team I liked the least and then the Yankees a close second….but somewhere between 1970 and 1995 the Yankees surpassed my disliking for the Orioles.

Anyways…that’s more than you wanted to know but that’s why I am the way I am. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!!


You are 100 % correct about the bloggers in Florida from Mass. or New England. Gsm is from Quincy, Ma. I am from Salem, Ma. I believe Ellen is from New England. The worst part of Susan Waldman ( there are many bad qualities about her ) she is a native of Newton, Ma. ugh!! She gives New Englanders a very bad name!!LOL!!! How she has her job is beyond my comprehension and I assume most Yankee fans say the same thing.

cfarnham: Sorry about the delay. You are exactly right on both calls. In the first scenario, the run counts because the appeal was allowd after the run scored. In the second scenario, the runner missed a forced base, and the run would not be allowed since a run cannot score on a force play on the final out of an inning.

Since we are on appel plays, here’s a good one. There is a runner on third and the batter hits a fly ball. The runner properly tags and scores on the fly ball, but he misses home plate and heads to the dugout. The defensive team believes the runner both left early and missed home plate. What should the defensive team action be, and why?

OK, OK, OK, it’s Monday and there’s no game tonight, so here’s a bonus question. Same scenario as above, except there is a runner on first base as well who remians on first base during the play. Also, the fly ball that is caught is the second out in the bottom of the 9th inning, and the run that scored would be the winning run. After the runner scores, time is called and the ball is returned to the pitcher. The defensive team then begins its appeal that the runner missed home plate. Since the ball is alive during an appeal play, a runner may advance at his own risk. Before the appeal is complete, the runner, knowing the runner that scored properly tagged but missed home plate, takes off for second base and the defensive team makes the throw to attempt to get him out. In this situation, this could be a real heads up play by the baserunner or a very stupid play by the defense. Why?

This is one blogger form Florida who is NOT transplanted… Born, raised and living in the Sunshine State and proud of it… Hence my always “sunny disposition” lol!

I’ll try to answer the second question. If the defense makes a throw to get the runner , then the appeal is dis-allowed. If the defense knows the runner missed the plate they should go for that play. It’s a great play by the runner because if he succeeds then the run counts, game over, and if he doesn’t succeed then the run scored before he is tagged out and the game is over.

You’re right in that we all are who we are and nothing can change that but the worst I feel about RSN is jealousy or envy not hate. Sad that you passed it to your children!

Hate is such an ugly thing. Though it can be motivational. Look at all that was accomplished in Germany in the 1930s. Is that the type of legacy you want? I’ll do my small part to combat that!

I can’t stand Susan Waldman and know no one who can as you surmise. She did do a little TV a few years ago and I used the Mute button a lot. When I listened a little she would repeat four or five phrases game after game after game.

Okay RKramer….
I am a christian person so…..I don’t hate the Yankees…. I just can’t stand them anymore than you can stand Susan Waldman. I will brief my kids when I get home but……my oldest dughter likes the Dodgers and she can’t stand the Red Sox or the Yankees. She doesn’t like it when they are playing each other because that’s all the networks show. Oh well, sucks to be her during baseball season!!!!!!!! I got to my younger daughter in time and she is a bonafide Bosox fan.

Germany had other things going on besides hate…..a little insanity along with the stupidity to carry out henious crimes made for a bad recipe. Really a bad scene. I will never have that kind of craziness going on inside…it’s just the Yankees and a lifelong dislike.

GSM/Bosox Brian…….help me out here. You guys don’t like the Yankees either!!!!!! Ellen?????????? Arnie??????? Never mind Arnie….you already got your pee pee spanked by Kramer earlier this week!!!!! Ha Ha. Didn’t you spit in something? You are exempt from getting slapped again for a while. Well, I’ll check back later……HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know why Kramer got a little sensitive when you said you hate the Yankees. What else would a Red Sox fan say? I love the Yankees and I wish they could win the World Series every year, Not. LOL!!! Remember this is a Red Sox blog and Red Sox fans are here. Are we supposed to say great things about the Yankees? I have never rooted for the Yankees and this just in, never will. If Kramer is too sensitive with what Red Sox fans say about the Yankees, I don’t know what too tell him. This might not be the best place for him. Hey Kramer, I don’t like the Yankees!!!! LOL!!! Only thing I can think of is you used the word hate but haven’t we all said that word before. I know I have. Oh well, that’s life.

I certainly can’t stand the Yankees, but to compare them to Nazi Germany is just too much. So many times people throw around comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis that are ridiculous. Sure the Yankees are no good, but is Steinbrenner Hitler? Would Jeter and A-rod be SS Troopers? Nope, don’t go there, I say.
Sox fans don’t like the Yankees and don’t need to apologize for that. Yankee fans don’t like the Sox and that’s fine. Some stupid fans are seething with rage and hostility but that is their own burden and I pity them.
So don’t be giving me any Hiel Hank’s!

Kramer is OK, and he’s welcome here, he’s not some psycho Yankee fan foaming incoherently.
But these are dangerous waters to go wading in. It’s very easy to stir up bad feelings when you get into the Rivalry on a personal level.

I’ll say one thing…..I won’t go looking on a Yankees blog for Red Sox Kool-Aid!!!!!! Kramer, of course you are allowed here but there are some not so nice things said about the Yankees or any other team that keeps Boston from winning. Even Arnie stays away from a recipe if he sees it is going to cause a mess in the kitchen. Unless of course it ‘s worth the mess….but only Arnie would know that. Brian, you are spot on….I don’t remember anyone on this blog feeling sorry for the Yankees. That’s why we come here…we all understand why the are the way we are. Oh well, enough rambling….Forgive me Kramer but, Ihope the Sox sweep the Yanks this week!!!!!!! Ha Ha!

Chill out on the Yankee vs. Red Sox rhetoric. Save your hatred and vitriol for some political blog that I’ll never read. This is baseball after all–whatever happens, there’ll always be a “next year” to defend/avenge.


Your a native of Florida? Wow. I never knew you folks existed. LOL!! Just kidding. I always thought everyone that lives in Florida is from elsewhere, Mass. N.Y. In. Oh. Mi. among other states.

Sorry Ron,
Just having some fun on an off day, there doesn’t seem to be much else happening with the Sox off tonight.

Sorry guys……I hear so many stories about people from New England being brought up to hate the Yankees. I have only my experiances on blogs to form my own opinion.

And I have a nephew in North Haven, CT that last I heard was leaning towards becoming a RSox fan. I don’t think he wears his old Kaz Matsui Mets shirt anymore. He won’t be teased or prodded by me. He’ll just see me in a Yankee cap.

Yes, Arnie, these are dangerous waters. And what fan of any team wants to see them lose. But, since I am so outnumbered, what occurs here reflects more on you and the rest than on me.

Arnie, you are BRILLIANT and you answer is exactly correct for the second question. An appeal must be made before the next pitch, or play of any kind. Once the defensive team made a play on the runner, the appeal is gone. If the runner advances and the team doesn’t make a play, worst case scenario is the runner who missed the plate is called out and the game is still tied. You will almost never see this happen because very few runners or base coaches are heady enough to even think about it.

To apply the word hate, or even dislike to the Yankees to the way I feel about them wouldn’t be correct. I love the Yankees, who they are and what they stand for. It makes beating them so much more enjoyable. I love to criticize everything they do, even if it’s good and I love to see them struggle. All of that is part of the best sports rivalry in existence. I don’t dislike Yankee fans either. In fact, I admire the passion they have for their team which rivals the passion we have for the Sox. Some of that passion is missing from both sides because the Rays have screwed everything up. However, starting tomorrow night things could heat up again. It’s the Sox chance to bury the Yankees for good this year, or the Yankees chance to sneak back into this thing. It’s a critical series for both teams. The Yankees need to win to stay alive, the Sox need to win to keep pace with the Twins, White Sox and Rays. It’s a wonderful thing.

I have never felt ill will toward any Yankee fan unless they come here and start with the ridiculous profanity and name calling crap. But that’s not unique to Yankees fans. Visit the Yankee blog sometime…….. there are Sox fans who are just as guilty. I actually went to the Yankee blog when Matsui broke his wrist last year to wish him well. There were quite a few Sox fans entries indicating they were glad to see his injury, and even some wishing he could never play again. There’s no place for that, here or there.

To call the Yankees the Evil Empire in good fun is fine. To compare either team with Nazi Germany is unacceptable. Enough said about that. Baseball is a game. Fans and players are supposed to enjoy it and have fun. We mostly have fun here with our ridiculous posts. It’s the one place we can come and make believe we know more about anything than anyone playing or managing the game. What’s really hilarious is that we believe ourselves. LOL!

By the way, I’m old, so that gives me license to lecture, and you’d better pay attention, or it’s out with Roseanne you go!

Brian: You’re stereotyping Floridans whom you think are old retirees from among other states. lol
I would never forgive the former Florida governor, someone named, who? oh yeah, Jeb Bush and that woman secretary of state who sabotaged Gore campaign. Florida in 2000 was politically tatamount to the Blacksox scandal in baseball.
Buchholz pitched 7 innings in Portland and gave up 4 runs (3 ER). As usual Buchholz pitched “well” except for one rough inning.


In the part of Florida I am at is the wheel chair ramp capital of the world. lol. Retirees are everywhere you look. As they say Florida is “God’s Waiting Room” also it is known as home of the nearly dead or home of the newlywed. Enough of that.

Great too see Wakefield back in the rotatation. I hope his shoulder is o.k. I want Boston to take 2 out of 3 and finish the Yankees for good. If N.Y. sweeps or takes 2 out of 3, the Yankees will still be hanging around.

Wow, I thought I was the ONLY old person on this blog!!!! LOL alot!!!

You know what? For me, the Yankees are much of the reason it’s so much fun being a part of the Red Sox nation. Ya win some (2004), ya lose some (1978, 2003). But sure as spring will return next year, there will be a chance either to defend or to get revenge–depending on what happened the previous year.

Like now. For the umpteenth time, I find my team approaching the end of a season with a series in New York, and I’m thinking “jeez, if they could only sweep this series…”. And if my memory serves, it seems that they have more often been swept in similar scenarios.

So this year, I’m going to be more conservative. Could we at least win the series? If by the end of Thursday the Yankees are 1 game further back with 3 less games to play, I’ll be satisfied. Heck, even if they’re 1 game closer with 3 fewer games to play (Yankees take 2 of 3), I’ll take it–that would mean a .500 road trip which is a coup in the context of this season.

Just DON’T let them sweep, ok!!

It’s a must sweep series for the Yanks in order to stay in the wc race. The Yanks have tough series ahead of them – TB, LAA, Toronto, CWS. The only conceivable easy series are against Baltimore and Seattle. I just don’t see the starting pitchers like Pavano, Ponson, and Rasner will hold up in September.
I am confident that the Sox will take 2/3 of series and hope for the sweep and knock out the Yanks once and all for the season.

After the Yanks series, the Sox will face CWS, Baltimore, and Tex and will likely win each series. The real test comes on 9/9 through 9/21 when the Sox play just TB and Toronto. The Sox nonetheless are in an enviable position where they control their own destiny. The Sox still lead the wc by 1.5 games.

Let’s just make this easy on ourselves and win tonights game. Would be no pressure after that.


Hey all,
What is old anyway? I don’t feel like that guy staring back at me in the mirror! At 67 I’m thinking 100+ easily.

The number two waiting room is Ocean County, NJ. Glad we’re not first there also.

Hate is such a terrible thing. It should never be the core of any group, country, or religon. And if the terrorists had boarded those planes at Logan wearing Yankee caps you know they would have been noticed! The rivalry is great, and this week I also have the Mets vs Phillies, for first place. Am I ever going to be busy!!!

Whoa Garry!!! You’ve just been Slam-dunked in the old age dept. by Kramer!!! You young whippersnapper!!!! You’ve got to give back the Geritol Schnapps I sent you! haha

Hey guys,

Wanted to wish the Sox good luck at Yankee stadium. I never understood the rivalry between the two teams. They are both from the northeast so you have to wonder how neighbors became enemies. I think it’s time we all moved on from the rivalry and just see the Yanks as they are — a very tough elite set of players that is compete but sometimes fail to become a team. Whatever the situation, I have those memories too: — Bill Lee getting his shoulder torn apart and being cheered by the Yankee fans or of course this years All Star game. I say let’s bury the guillotine and move on — we’ve got the Devil Rays to worry about and the possible return of Lugo someday.


Off hand I don’t know the distance from Boston to NY, but, Philly is only 90 miles. So the Mets and Phillies ar even closer neighbors. The key word is “rivals”, same league and division. With the Mets only 46 years old that rivalry has a ways to go to equal Red Sox/Yankees. We can never just move on but thank god the Sox killed the curse. And this blog helps heal old wounds too. BTW, anyone needing to talk direct, my sig is my active E-mail!!!

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