Yankee Stadium — for the last time

Let’s face it, there’s not going to be a Red Sox-Yankees ALCS this year. So three more games between the Red Sox and Yankees at Yankee Stadium, then on to the new digs next year.

But the retrospectives will be left to the media and the fans. The Red Sox need to win baseball games right now. The Yankees need to win them even more.

As for the news of today, J.D. Drew went the DL before today’s game. And just as quickly as that piece of paperwork was completed, the Red Sox were reportedly close to landing a replacement. It appears Mark Kotsay could  be coming to the Red Sox in a trade with the Braves. Kotsay was scratched from the lineup and reports surfaced that a trade was close to  done, with just some paperwork left.

Like Drew, Kotsay is a left-handed hitter who can play right field and center. He doesn’t have the same power as Drew, but he is similarly strong with fundamentals and a very good outfielder.

Josh Beckett is good to go for Friday. Mike Lowell will start hitting off a tee tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out a pretty good story by Alex Speier of WEEI.com on how the new Yankee Stadium could impact the rivalry.

Talk to you in a bit.



Let’s Go Red Sox..Clap, Clap….Clap Clap Clap. Hopefully it’s a good series. Sox have shown up for the most part on this road trip. Just keep winning series and it’s all good. Can’t wait to crack open a Mt Dew and watch the game.

Holy Crap,
Kramer is old!!!!!! I think he wrote Custer’s exit plan!!!!! Just kidding Cramer. But I do think you might have been around during the Babe Ruth trade. I think shortly after the Ruth trade is when this whole rivalry mess started. Garry?????? Shed some light. Someone was saying it was the Bucky Dent game but I think it was way before that. Am looking forward to the series…..there are stakes here and that’s waht makes it a great rivalry. Go Sox.

I’ve said elsewhere, or here a while back, that the final three at Fenway may be the Yankees “playoffs.” Will you bury us this week? Maybe, but it will be fun! Let’s hope for no further injuries on either side!!!

“The curse of the bambino” started twenty years before my birth and lasted 80 years. As previously a NYRanger hockey fan, I was sick of the derisive “1940” chant, just as sick as RSN was of “1918.” I’m glad both are gone.

Tonight’s Line up:

Ellsbury RF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Youkilis 3B
Bay LF
Lowrie SS
Crisp CF
Bailey 1B
Cash C

Crisp, Bailey, and Cash… Yikes. We better get a good outing by Wake and our big bats!


Not exactly murder’s row is the bottom three. lol.

A vital series for the Yankees. They need to win 2 of these games from Boston. Of course if Boston wins two games, I think the Yankees 2008 season is over. Yankees payroll at 200 million and Boston’s around 125 million, these teams have issues for sure. Not exactly money well spent. Who would have thought when these teams broke camp ( it seems like a longggg time ago ) they would be chasing the Rays? I hope that thrilling win on Sunday ( I think Boston’s biggest win of the year ) will get some momentum going. Ortiz has been back in the Boston lineup for a month now. I think it is time for David Ortiz to be David Ortiz again. He loves hitting at Yankee Stadium, the lights are on and that is when he thrives!!!

I feel like a little kid now that I’ve found my Dad……. Kramer. Little did I know I am the offspring of a Yankee fan. How bad is that? Well, if Kramer were a Sox fan, I would defer the Crown of the Eldest (notice I didn’t say wisest) to him, but there are some things that just can’t happen in life and one of them is for a Yankee fan to be king of anything on a Red Sox blog. Hope you understand Kramer….. LOL! But this blog compared to the Yankee blog is like the Sox compared to the Yankees. We can now confirm we are younger, faster and have more energy. Hey Arnie, how about us young guys go run a mile or two?

Arnie, the Schnapps had Geritol in it? Dude, that’s bad for my hemochromatosis. No wonder I’m setting off metal detectors again.

Time to get ready for the big series. Winning the first game takes a lot of pressure off the Sox. Let’s see what they can do.

I read today that Yaz has been released from the hospital and that his operation was a complete success. That’s great news for all of baseball.

Hey everyone!! I dont know, but somehow its just really strange not to be truly battling the Yankees at this point in the season… I love the rivalry. When was the last time (other than this year) when you didnt get double your moneys worth when these two giants got together?? Its electric, you can cut the tension and adrenellin(sp) with a cleat cleaner!! I know I have always been more excited when THE Nation and THE Evil Empire clashed.
Anyway.. LETS GO REDSOX LETS GO!!!!! and just one more little teeny tiny thing..


I wonder if Kramer eats dinner at 3:30 p.m.? LOL!!! Early bird special anyone?
If he does eat that early, what could our “Great Chef Arnie” cook for him? mmmmmmm. LOL!!

Hey Garry!! Kramer can be King of the Nice Yankee fans here!!!

The last time Wake pitched this line up got him a TON o’runs if I remember correctly!! Hopefully the bat warmer is on HIGH/SCORCH tonight…

and everyone PLEASE when referring to the Tampa team CALL THEM THE DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS!!!

Well, one of my nephews has a house on Amelia Island. And a company I spent 11 years with had a branch in Jackonville. So maybe I feel a little like a neighbor. But I am the king of nothing.

The new king of MLB salary may be the Detroit Tigers. They are well past $100M now with many holes to fill for 2009!

Enjoy the game tonight everyone. I will not be bloging, so write anything you want, not that I think you would actually hesitate!!!

Thanks. But tonight I wear no crown. Just a Yankee cap that, frankly, is getting a little dirty.

Brian, 3:30 is nap time. 5:00 is early bird dinner. You have a lot to learn young fella!!

Sox will put the beat-down on the Yankees tonight. They are getting geared up for September.

Garry, I used to run the mile in under 5 minutes, now it takes me that long to tie the laces on my running shoes. (As if I had running shoes!)


Obviously I’m a little younger. lol. I always thought the older folks ate dinner at that hour? I guess not.

No runs for the Red Sox but Pettite threw alot of pitches in the 1st inning. Ortiz and Youk showing great patience at the plate. That takes alot of discipline.

Come on Wake calm down!!

How do you beat the Yankees?? hit everything at Arod!!

The bottom of the order got the job done in Toronto and tonight it happens again. Bailey and Cash with swinging bunts but get on base anyway you can. Nice 2 out hit by Ellsbury. Pettite’s pitch count is climbing.

Let’s hope Beckett doesn’t sleep on his arm. Great to here that Beckett is ready to go on Friday. Obviously Boston needs him down the stretch if they’re going to do anything.

…. I shoulnt ought to have said that!!!

I like what I see from Ortiz tonight. His first at bat he showed alot of patience. Goes the other way to lead off the 3rd.

Youk is doing a great Zazu impersanation.

Youuk! And JB! The DEVIL RAYS are losing. LOSE DEVIL RAYS, LOSE!

Brian, I agree Youk is like Zazu lately, driving in runs

A quick 3rd inning for Wakefield. Get Pettite back out there again.

Nice play by Lowrie and Pedroia. Thanfully for me I have NESN.

I’m very happy the extra innings feed is N.E.S.N. Amen!! I am not sure if I could take Michael Kay tonight.

Good news and bad news. The Jays are winning 3-0 with Halladay on the hill. The bad news, Migrane was allowed back in the coutry, lol. I was hoping he would have stayed in China or somewhere far far away. LOL!!

The home plate umpire has been very generous with the corners. That pitch to Ellsbury was a good six or eight inches outside. Now it appears he’s making Wake throw the ball right down the middle.

LOL! I’ve had a headache since yesterday and now I know why Brian. It’s Migrane. We have to listen to him six more times this year. I think I’ll start taking the Tylenol now.


6 more times, please don’t remind me. Oh no. I would love it if the Rays fell apart. It could be the Migrane curse!!! LOL. Blame it on Migrane!!

Getting the 3rd out can be very difficult at times. Bottom of the order holding their own weight again tonight. Crisp with a 2 out R.B.I. I can’t believe my eyes.

I am loving what I am watching!!!

Crisp hustling all the way. He scored from second base, are you kidding me?

The housing market stinks, the stock market is down, unemployment is up, gas is out of sight, and I’ve put on 50 pounds since I retired from the Navy and it’s all Migrane’s fault.

Baseball Rules 101: A batter checks his swing and the home plate umpire calls a ball. Does the home plate umpire have to allow an appeal to the base umpire? Part two. If the home plate umpire rules the batter swung at the pitch and called it a strike, can the batter request an appeal to the base umpire?

Heads up play by Coco Crisp! Great hustle by Bailey. Zazu would have been out at first by three steps. Speaking of Zazu …….. it would seem things have cooled off for Zazu in LA. Dodgers get swept over the weekend and Zazu is hitting .250 in the last 10 games.


I think I have a better chance of getting a diploma from Harvard. lol.

He doesn’t have to allow an appeal to the base umpire. no appeal on the second part of that. I am not sure if I am comprehending the situation, lol. Remember I finished 251 in a graduating class of 252. LOL!!


Zazu sent a couple deep last night but warning track power. lol.

I think if Wake makes it through the fifth inning, it should be his last. His knuckler is rolling which makes it an easy pitch to hit. Bay got a terrible jump on Abreu’s hit. I thought that ball could have been caught.

just added to the post on kotsay being scratched tonight. hmmmm. is he boston-bound?

I would love too see Kotsay Boston bound. That would be a great move. Kotsay can play c.f/r.f. and he has a very good arm. Boston wouldn’t have to give up much to get him. He also is a free agent at the end of the year.

What are Kotsay’s numbers like? Is he injury prone? He has a bad back too doesn’t he? I heard he went on waivers today.

Yankee fans sound very desperate tonight. Any ball hit in the air, they all stand as if it is a H.R.

No appeal allowed after the strike is called by the plate umpire.
I doubt he “has” to allow the check by the base ump in the first scenario but they always do.


We wait patiently again for the answer. lol. Gsm where are you? The envelope please.


Your right about the second scenario, they always do.

Hey Brian,
How’s it going? I am watching this on MLB.TV so I’m getting the Yankee announcers. Actually they have been pretty decent tonight. Kramer must have had a talk with them!!!
I think Garry asks these teasers and then goes to the driving range for a couple hours before we get our answers!!!!!!! Ha Ha.

LOL! Brian, and cfarnham, you both earn your baseball GED with a one for two effort. You were both correct in the second situation. Once the home plate umpire rules a swing, there is no appeal. In the first scenario, either the catcher or the manager (most umpires will also recognize the pitcher) makes the appeal directly to the base umpire. The home plate umpire has no say in the matter. The cfarnham is why you never see such a request for such an appeal rejected by the home plate umpire.

I can sense the frustration of the Yankees thry my t.v. Let’s go Youk bust this game wide open!!!

Well Garry,
I never umped any games but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. So I’ll take one for two. I was two for two last time so I am 3/4. I’ll take that!!!!!


Extra innings package for me and the feed is N.E.S.N. I like it!! Does Kramer have that much authority? I never knew. lol. I think you could be right about the driving range part. He also could have a honey do list. Honey do this and honey do that. lol. Garry just gave us our G.E.D. that means I am eligible to play for the University of Miami this football season. LOL!!

The Yankee pitchers are not learning this umpire’s strike zone. The ump is not giving in on those low pitches. Got to give him credit for that.


If you are 3/4, you will get a call from Sandy Alderson or Bud Selig very soon. lol.

I think former Red Sox g.m. Mike Port overlooks the umps. If you see his cell # on your caller I.D. you will know why. He wants you. lol. 3/4 will get you right behind home plate for game 1 in the world series.

The GED takes care of my eligibility to play basketball for UNLV. Now I just have to steal one more purse from some poor old lady and I pass the entrance exam!!!!!!

Supposedly ESPN reports we now have Kotsay.


LOL!!! Great reply. Doesn’t Lon Kruger run a clean program? Certainly Jerry Tarkanian didn’t.

I love the Kotsay move. I am sure the Red Sox didn’t give up much. A marginal prospect if that.

I was here in the 80’s during the shark tank days and you are right….Lon Kruger wouldn’t touch me…..but Tarkanian would have been all over me!!!!! Now I had a buddy of mine just call me…..Brave fan….says we stole Kotsay from them.

I feel a new thread coming!!!!! (Kotsay)


If you stole a purse, guranteed playing time under Tark. lol.

Figures….on the edge of getting Kotsay and Coco has a good night. He can’t catch a break in Boston….I think he probably had his chance but it seems like he does good right before they lower the boom. Lack of consistency has killed him.


Wizard of Oz girl is at it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Garry. what satellite/cable system do you have?? I swear the best decision I ever made was getting MLB on directtv.. It was more $$ but I can watch it anywhere in the house and I can listen to NESN every game… just our homers not the OTHER teams!! lol

Is Delcarmen Dr. Feelgood tonight… we cant afford to have Dr. Strangelove or Dr. No!!

Ellen, I have the Extra Innings Package on Comcast Cable. I can’t have satellite because I live in an apartment and the only place I could put the dish doesn’t work. I started out with MLB.tv on my computer but I couldn’t watch the game and keep up with you guys …… LOL!

Hopefully Delcarmen is ready to shake off the demons and do well the rest of the way. The Toronto game wasn’t too bad…..baby steps!!!!

This guy has a wide strike zone, but he’s been consistent.

I hate when Delcarmen pitches. I never think any lead is safe. He’s got nothing tonight.

Looks like Dr Strangelove… Come On Delcarmen!!!!

Delcarmen has been around for a while now. He should be way beyond this crap. The Delcarmen school of pitching says walk Abreu to bring up the best hitter in baseball as the tying run.

cfarn: you can call me anything you want as long as my stuff works!!! lol!!!! btw do they call you FARNSEY too?? That would drive me bonkers!!!!

I just hope Masterson doesn’t hang one of those sliders inside to A-Rod. He’ll hit it 500 feet.

So who does Tito bring in here?? Masterful or Okajim-er (as Remy call him)… I say Justin will get us out of it….


Actually, I am known as the Donkey!!!!! Came from golf believe it or not. The Donkey from the Shrek movies.

See I told you guys… JUST BELIEVE…

What a f’n job by Masterson –> Cora.

I have noticed that Masterson’s biggest problem comes against lefties. He slider curves right into them and he has no deception against the lefties. Now pray…….


Ha ha ha. Stupid A-Rod! Report: Red Sox close to aquiring Mark Kotsay

Don’t know what Masterson has but you can’t teach it. Ice in his veins or is he just to young to be afraid of one of the best hitters in the game. Although A-Rod may not go down as much of a clutch hitter and he is starting to hear some boos.

Three semester hours credit AS Degree in Baseball Scientology for the correct answer to this question. How is it possible for a player to play 163 games in a 162 game schedule if there are no playoffs and the All Star game doesn’t count?

Jump from one league to another.

LOL! Mr. Popularity…… A-Rod in the first year of a 10 year deal with the Yankees. He’s gotta be loving it. Of course, for $27 million a year, they could boo me too.

Yankee fans are all over A-Rod…….should help him the rest of the series….

Very good Farnsie, or just be traded. But I lied, you have to get part 2 to get your three hours. Can a player play for two different teams on the same day? If so, how?

I hate that freaking shift. If Pedroia is in position, Giambi’s grounder is routine, right to him. It’s difficult for an infielder to play that deep. It screws up timing and he has to make a throw that is completely different than what he’s used to. I just hate it and I think teams get burned by it more than it benefits them.

Say it with me!!! OKEY DOKEY!! OKEY DOKEY!!

We need outs!

Holy crap…..you are putting a steak in front of me and then yanking it away. You weren’t an instructor in the Navy were you???? I would say play a game in the morning on the east coast and play a game at night on the west coast?? Garry…..time for you to go to the driving range!!!!!!!

Cfarn: I’m glad you clarified the origin of your nickname…. I WASNT going to ask!lol!!!!!

OKEY DOKEY, OKEY DOKEY, OKEY DOKEY!!!!! This better work Ellen. That was embarrasing.

Teks bat has been getting hotter…why is he not in.. af ull night off??


1 game playoff. I never like seeing Delcarmen pitch when the Sox have the lead. I think negative thoughts.

My wife can verify that it is only because of golf!!!!!!

OKEY DOKEY, OKEY DOKEY, OKEY DOKEY….it worked and that kind of overides the embarrasment.

Farnsie, with this bullpen, I have to keep asking stupid questions. I have to keep my little Garry brain working or I start throwing things at the TV. The answer is a suspended game. Ken Griffey did it yesterday. He played with the Reds on Apr 28th, and the White Sox in the finish of a suspended game which is considered to have been played on April 28th.

Oki got a gift on the called strike on Matsui, but that guy has been calling them like that all night long.

Is it possible to go through the 8th and 9th without this drama every night. 4-run lead and I’m crapping my drawers.

You should have been here during the Series last year and in 04

Farnsie, I’ll call Kramer and have him send you some Dependz…… LOL!

…and cfarn.. more embarassing than the 5 clap at the beginning of the post???

Thank you for that image cfarn!! lol…. man, there goes my dessert!!

How long have you all been on this blog anyway? Give me some numbers!!!!! Garry, Ellen, Brian, Dave, Arnie and whoever else.

Garry, I was an instructor in the USAF for a couple years and every once in a while it’s okay to have fun with the students….keeps them on their toes. I forgive you this time…but that steak looked pretty good!!!!

Meanwhile Sox fans, the Jays have defeated the DEVILRAYS (Did I do good Ellen?) 6-2.

I’m not sure I really think that we were here either during the 04 series or early 05// HEY IAN… When did you start his thing??

C/mon Ellen,
You know you do the 5-clap when it’s appropriate. It’s worked so far tonight right?????? I could not think of any other way to start the thread. I guess I am not much of a lead-off man. There’s a lot of pressure in starting the new thread!!!!!

I also did some instructing in the Navy and I found if you take the steak away once or twice, they enjoy it that much more when they get it. This was was just a sirloin…… it will be a tenderloin before you’re done.

I think this is my fourth year on the blog. It might be longer than that. What year is it anyway?

I know that I’ve been here for a while, and with one exception (and we all know who/what that was ) IT HAS BEEN A great EXPERIENCE.. I have my spring/summer/early fall family!!

Look at Coco….on the midst of being replaced.

THE DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS LOSE!!!!!! HaNg on and we can pull to within 3.5!!!!!

4 years…..now I really need those depends!!!!!! Okay Ellen….I did the OKEY DOKEY malarky….you have to do a 5 clap.

Let’s Go Red Sox..Clap, Clap….Clap Clap Clap. I cheated… I cut and pasted yours so it would be exact!! I didnt want to screw it up!!!

In Tampa tonight, 13,478 turned out to support the division leading Rays. How much does that $uck?

I saw your clap clap… now I raise you my Ido believe!!

Cash, Coco and Bailey….go figure.

I did your I DO BELIEVE in Toronto….right after Dr. Goodglove got the last out.

OKay, now give me a “woooooooowooo, chugga chugga chugga chugga!!!! why do you think my husband has taken out mental health insurance on me???? lol

How far from Tampa are you? That would be nice to just show up to the window and get good seats whenever you wanted. I am going to Petco this weekend to see the Padres and Rockies. I just love MLB. Will go to almost any game if I get the chance. That is sad in TB though.

woooooo what???????????????? I’ll stick to your I DO BELIEVE. If the SAWX hold on I’ll give you one of those!!!

I’ll take it!!!! you guys are really good sports with me!!!!
2 down… Come on JONBON!!!


K-ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!! I did not even cut and paste!!!!!!

I like your Dr GoodGlove thing!!

Great job!!! OKay….. 1 down 2 to go.. I’ll see you huys tomorrow.. light day at work and the boss doesnt mind if I blog, as long as its baseball and I dont say anything bad about th Phils!!!! GOOD NIGHT NATIONERS!!!

Farnsie, how about a first name? Any way, I’m about three hours from Tampa. I wouldn’t go to the Trop to watch a game except if the Sox were there. It’s a horrible place for a baseball purist to watch a game. It’s very noisy and bush league. The Tampa-ites, or are they Tampanese, haven’t learned to behave like major league baseball fans yet. The stupid cow bells, drums and loud freaking music will drive you crazy.

First name is Craig.
Yeah, Iwent to a game at the Trop two years ago while visiting a buddy who was stationed at MacDill AFB. It was in September and they were playing the Yankees. The big unit was on the mound and the DEVILRAYS were all over him. Actually enjoyed it then, but now they are tough as nails!!!!! Sheffield had just come off the DL and they had him playing first base. That was a circus watching him over there. It was a good time but you are right….the fans were pretty bush league and with the Yankees there on top of that so it brought more people there who should have been elsewhere.

Glad to meet you Craig! I’ll see you tomorrow night for Chapter 2 of the Final Yankee Demise.

It’ll be another barn burner for sure!

Hey, hey, the Sox beat the Evil-doers!!! I love it!!
Lordy momma, what a day I had! Oy Gevaldt!! as my Dad would say. Equipment breaking, orders of food coming in short. Food arriving rotten and/or moldy. Grrrr… BUT the Sox win so it’s all OK. Sounds like the blog had fun tonight. Hope I can catch up with you tomorrow, or is that later today?


Migrane returns and the Rays lose, love it!! I think he could be the jinx!!! LOL!!!

Bottom 3, uh? Automatic outs? Crisp, Bailey, & Cash had a combined 7 hits, 1 BB, and 3 RBIs. That’s baseball.
Give credit to Crisp when the credit is due. Coco did a fine job replacing Drew in the OF thus far, offensively and defensively.
Papelbon rightfully deserved the save. However, Masterful and Okajima deserved honorable mentions, brilliantly picking each other up. Masterful bailed out Delcarmen by inducing A-Rod hitting into inning ending DP with bases loaded.
Oki bailed out Masterful and more so Pedroia (fielding error) by striking out Matsui looking with 2 on and none outs.
Matsui fouled out ball 4 and took strike 3.

Mr. Epstein: Can you please throw in Delcarmen in the Mark Kotsay deal? or just trade him away for a case of beer to be named later. Preferrably Heineken or Amstel Light.

RoberKramer: You see Giambi play everyday. This guy was terrible at the plate and at 1B. Does he have any clue at 1B? Although the error was charged to A-Rod, Youklis would have scooped the ball up. What was he screaming at and letting Crips scored without throwing to the plate?

A great win for the Sox particularly the TB and Minn lost. With the win the Sox can play loose. As I said it yesterday the Yanks need a sweep to be in the wc hunt.

Brian: The way the Sox have been playing with the incomplete lineup and rotation. I think the Sox can beat any team at any night. No more authomatic loss every 5 days.
I am not thinking about wc any more. I have a greater design in my mind.

Bottom of the order did it in Toronto this past weekend and they contributed in a big way last night. Kotsay will certainly help as well, not only in the field but at the plate.

Yankees biggest game of the season and they have Ponson on the hill. Not exactly the guy you want out there if your a Yankee fan. Ponson has pitched o.k. but remember this is Sidney Ponson. lol. It seems Boston always win the first game of the series in N.Y. I don’t know why that is.


Boston can beat anyone on a given night and to lose to anyone on a given night. I guess that is baseball as you say. N.Y. in a must win situation tonight. They lose and their season is over!! Let’s hope Toronto can give T.B. fits like they give Boston trouble.

Masterson is one nasty guy against righties. I have so much confidence when he comes into the game. He throws strikes and is very aggressive out there. You can see his confidence out there, his body language speaks volumes. The opposite of Buchholz.

Brian: Ditto on Masterful. The fact that the Sox beat the Yank’s so-called “big game” pitcher made you feel extraordinarily exhilarating. I don’t see how the Sox will lose two in a row to the Yanks. It can happen but not likely. There is no mystery to Byrd. If the Sox can score 4-5 runs for him and the bp holds up, Byrd will likely win. And we have Lester pitching tomorrow. Let’s go Sox and Jays!!
Take notice MLB, wait till Drew, Lowell, and Beck fully recover from the ailments. The Sox will be potent force to be rekoned with in October!.


Masterson and Okajima are given the Red Sox a very nice combo coming out of the pen. I would like too see another arm emerge as well. Delcarmen is a yo yo, up and down. Delcarmen looked horrible last night. He loses confidence too quick out their on the hill. I personally think Boston should deal him away during the winter. I have had enough of Delcarmen and I think most of us feel the same way!!

After watching Giambi play first last night. I think the Yankees will go very hard after Texeria, no doubt about it.

Brian: Can’t wait till winter to deal away Delcarman. This guy has great and hard stuff good for 1 or 2 hitters. From there on disaster follows. If Masterful faltered, what a catastrophe could possibly become in the bottom of 7. As I said, throw Delcarman in the Kotsay trade or for a case of Amstel Light. No lol. Did you notice the changed atmosphere, momentum, or karma since Buchholz was demoted?
The other thing we can do with Delcarman is do not let him pitch to any contending team unless the Sox have at least 5 run lead, 4 runs won’t do b/c a grand slam will tie the game. Delcarman can only pitch to the second tier teams


Delcarmen is too inconsisent for me. He is either hot or cold. He seems to get down on himself quick, loses confidence. He needs to get over it and focus on the hitter. He needs to have a bad memory. Pitching in Boston isn’t for everyone and he is local product. Even more pressure!!! Oh well enough of the negative stuff. Time to focus on the good stuff, the team is finally winning on the road.

You might as well buy all new Yankee attire for Texiera and Sabathia. The Yankees will stop at nothing if they don’t make the post season this year. It will be very scary this off-season. They won’t wait for the winter meetings either. Actually the winter meetings have been rather anti-climatic the last few years. By the time they roll around most of the big moves have been made. Anyways…..Go Sox!!!!!!

Brian…..check your home e-mail.


Your right about the spending spree the Yankees will be on. They can have Sabathia, he’ll be throwing right handed in 3 years. Perhaps Sabathia could be on the line for the N.Y. Giants in 3 years or so. lol. He’ll eat himself out of the league. Especially with all that money coming his way. LOL!! Texeria would be a very wise move by the Yankees. A switch hitter in the middle of the lineup and a great glove at first. Texeria had the #23 ( he had that number in Texas and I think Atlanta ) because of Don Mattingly. I believe Texeria is wearing #25 with the Angels. My email on here isn’t my home email.

One last comment on last night’s game. Kudos to Javier Lopez who pitched the perfect 6th inning.

Delcarman’s buddy Craig Hansen is really struggling at Pitt, his ERA there is above 8. Last night Hansen blew another game for the Pirates giving up 1 hit, 3 BBs, and 4 ERs with no outs.

I sent you an e-mail to the address that’s displayed here. Just wondering something that I did not want to put on the blog. I sent a CC to Arnie. Was wondering if the same thing happened to you guys that happened to me. I was going to send it to Garry but his is not displayed anymore.

Just a quickie before I catch up on my reading:
Ouch. That hurt. Another nail in the coffin that is the Yankees season. One or two more and the party should be over!

But how about those Phillies? And Igawa pitched six innings of four hit shutout ball in AAA! The sun is always shining somewhere!!!

I was hoping Delcarman for Kotsay. It didn’t happen. Welcome to Bston, Mark!!

Ever been to Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Citizens Bank Park (Phillies), or any minor leagues?
Giambi is one of the last remnants of George Steinbrenner. He has always been a fielding liability but is actually great at a scoop, but not last night. I remember him making a throw only once or twice, neither with good results. he showed quick thinking by acting like he didn’t know the call, saved him some booing. He’s proven too inconsistent for the Yanks, both in performance and health (‘roids?) But, George had to have his power.

So here we need to win without a consistent bat behind A-Rod. A healthy Matsui or Posada is sorely missed, but so is Drew or Lowell. Yet the Sox play with confidence, even the kids. Francona is great, I thought so with the Phillies.

I was thinking of some RSNs having to listen to Kay, Leiter, and Flaherty and I thought they were pretty good in that context without my coaching.

Tonight we have a job-hopping number five starter (at best) as our #3. I’m the one who needs help!!!

Baseball rules 101: I had NO to both, and I’ve seen umpires refuse to check 1B and 3B.
The 163 game Q makes me think of Bucky Dent though you said no playoff. Funny you now have a Dent of your own!
I have used a Depends like product, 15 years ago raising orphaned baby Squirrels.

Doubt that we will add both Sabathia and Teixeira. Some other teams (?) will either bid us up or beat us for both, likely the same team on bid up (???) but not the same team to beat us. The NL is weaker, so one addition can mean a pennant. We need multiple upgrades.

How much you know about Luis Sumoza? It seems to be a good trade. I guess there won’t be a DVD contest winner for tonight’s lineup. No one would have guessed that Kotsay might play for the Sox.

Robert GK,
I have been to Fenway numerous times. The only thing I miss when I go now is the cigar smell. Tha’s how I knew I was there. Love that place. Made my maiden voyage to Yankee Stadium this past June. I had great seats and enjoyed the game. We were in mahatten on a small vacation and I went because this was my last chance. Been to many, many minor league parks and I’ll leave that one alone!

Hey, I screwed this up a bit. The Giambi Q was from 007!

I live in Japan and am one of the fanatic fans of Red Sox and Matsuzaka.
After his discouraging pitching, I was truly heartbroken at the consecutive loss today. I wonder why Francona, like most MLB managers, doesn’t like to adopt sacrifice bunts.
I think the greatest chance was the 10th inning, Pedroia on the second, Ortiz on the first, no outs. Only one run was needed for the win. I admit Youkillis is the one of the best hitter, hitting 0.313, but there is always the worst possibility of double play, which turned out to be the case. If he could send Pedroia to the third base, next batter could have more chances than to hit: a sacrifice fly or good grounder. Francona should put more weight on the possibility for the team’s win, especially this time of the year. What do you think?

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