Last time at Yankee Stadium

This, barring a miracle, will be the last day I ever sit within the confines of legendary Yankee Stadium.

I hope nobody mines that I’m going to be a little self-indulgent today and give you my personal top seven moments in this truly-historic ballyard in the Bronx.

Without further ado, here are SEVEN to savor.

1. October 20, 2004: Game 7 American League Championship Series, Red Sox 10, Yankees 3: Johnny Damon belts two homers, including a grand slam. The Red Sox become the first team to ever come back from 3-0 and exorcise, oh, I don’t know, an entire lifetime of misery against the Yankees.

2. October 16, 2003: Game 7 American League Championship Series. A few terms of quick reference. Pedro Martinez. Grady Little. Pitch Count. You know the rest. Without this epic loss, the next year isn’t quite as surreal.

3. October 19, 2004: Game 6 ALCS: Curt Schilling and the bloody sock. A-Rod knocks the ball right out of Arroyo’s hand. Foulke strikes out Tony Clark with the game on the line. The umpires get Bellhorn’s home run call right. The stage is set for history.

4. September 10, 1999: I’ve seen two no-hitters live, but this was the best game I’ve ever seen pitched. It was Pedro Martinez at his best at a time the Yankees were at their best. Pedro fired a one-hitter with 17 strikeouts and had the Yankees fans cheering for him when the night was over. “That performance was better than my perfect game,” David Cone told the Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan. Who could argue?

5. May 28, 2000: Pedro vs. Roger. By far the best duel between arguably the two best pitchers in the history of the Red Sox. It was a Sunday Night ESPN Game and it was scoreless until the ninth when Trot Nixon won over Red Sox fans forever by belting a two-run homer to break a scoreless tie. Pedro went the distance.

6. July 1, 2004: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4, 13 innings. Maybe the best regular-season baseball game I’ve ever seen. Derek Jeter diving into the stands and scraping apart his face is the lasting memory. But there were plenty of other moments from this one.

7. October 31, Nov. 1, 2001: Yankees-Diamondbacks, Game 4 and 5 of the World Series. Because this is a Red Sox blog, I listed this last. But in truth, this should be top two or three. Yankees, on consecutive days, two runs down, in the bottom of the ninth, only to get game-trying homers off your pal B.K. Kim. Tino Martinez hit the Game 4 shot, and Derek Jeter hit a walkoff off Kim in extra innings. The next day, it was Scott Brosius with two outs in the ninth and Soriano with a walkoff single in extras. Curt Schilling’s friends Mystique and Aura were definitely in the building in this one.

And there you have it.


My favorite Yankee Stadium moment was when that nutty fan fell onto the screen above home plate. That was a classic moment. LOL!!!

More production from the bottom of the order. I love it!!!

I would be happy if computers replaced all umpires. I’m watching a game where literally every single close play is wrong… The strike zone is completely laughable… every pitch outside 6 inches is a strike. Complete joke. Ellsbury was absolutely safe at second. Reply confirmed that. Pedroia was out of the baseline. Honestly, just about every close play was wrong. Anybody who says… “I prefer to see humans blow close calls repeatedly”… should be shot. What a horrible game to watch. Thank god we’re winning.

Win or lose, I wonder how the Sox will do at the end of game? Waving goodbye to tye crowd or any friendly gesture.


#1 memory has to be Curt Schilling and the bloody sock. Game 7 seven doesn’t happen if not for Schilling and his effort.

This is one of the worst called games ever. As I said in the last post… every close call is wrong.

My memory has to be Aaron Boone’s HR off Wakefield in ’03 ALCS which left me heartbroken, bitter, infuriated, and disappointed for days. The shot and Randy Levine’s outburst that finally broke the Curse of Bambino.

Ah oh, I hate this when a pitcher’s doing so well, to pull him with two outs — after he gives up one hit — and to bring in Oki? who is just now settling down? I would stick with Lester for one more batter — but there is no way to justify it if you get wrong either way, your only hope is that Oki gets it done — here we go !!!!!

Now all 10 or so bad calls by the umps mean something. I knew they would.

I knew it — Francona has such costly proclivity on this one issue — this is all on Francona — and to not let Lester finish it off — argh — my only hope now is that Giambi’s curtain call will ultimately cost the Yanks.

It hurts a little more when the poster boy for overpriced, steriod junkies gets the hit.

Everybody knows, Oki just hates having runners on base. So his first order of business when he comes in from the bullpen is to empty the bases. Then he can get down to business.

What possible logic is there to pull a stronger leftie for weaker less reliable leftie, pitch count? come on, didn’t he just strike out the previous two batters? I don’t get it.

And a question. How many pinch hits have the Sox had this year? It seems that their pinch-hitters are 0-fer, and other teams’ pinch hitters are batting about .500. Is it just my imagination?

I was shocked that Francona pulled Lester with 2 outs. So what with runner on 2d.

I agree, Francona blew that call. Would they have pinch-hit for Molina if Lester stayed in the game? If so, then he should’ve gone to Masterson or even Delcarmen. If not, then he should’ve just left Lester in the game.

This one is totally on Francona — he should say its on me in the post game — what a bonehead move, he hasn’t done that in quite a while — but this was a biggie.

Well, now they have to play for the 10th or 11th inning. The Sox are completely hopeless against Mariano.

Oki should be ok now. Not playing with the lead and the bases are empty. Go get ’em!

There is always justification for whatever the managerial move is. This one is plainly dumb unless Lester indicated that he was tired or…………

Now Francona is going to let Oki lose the game for us — nothing like forcing your players to work it out — that is always been Francona’s logic — to get people where they need to be for the stretch run — which takes courage — but the call to Oki in the 7th was still the wrong time, and the wrong call.

I’d like rather have a loss sandwiched between 2 wins. Not a smart move. Tito!

How long can Masterful pitch? After Masterful, we have Lopez, Delcarman, OMG. The Sox better score now.

When’s the last time the Sox got to Rivera? I can remember a game in early 2007 but since then…nada.

One more inning of Rivera. Then we might have a chance…

Looks like another instance where middle relief fails miserably–not only loses the lead, but loses the game.

So this is, what, the 20th time this has happened this year?

That one more inning may never come.

Last year, middle relief routinely got the job done. This year, they have routinely screwed it up.

Truly horrendous game to watch… Thankfully we still have a decent cushion.

This loss was on Francona. Giraldi 3 – Francona 2.

Tough loss. The Yankees are out of it, and the Red Sox will likely get the wild card anyway. But it’s games like this, which they won last year but lose this year…that’s the difference.

Stupid call by Francona in the 7th, nonconfidence in the bullpen. Just another day…

Well, back to work.

This one is totally on Francona — he almost cost us the division title last year with his repeated moves to Gagne down the stretch — this one might cost us the division title this year, its going to be tough to catch the Rays — lets hope it isn’t the spark that brings the Yanks back to life — that would be truely costly. What a shame for Lester, to have W taken away from you.

I missed most of the game today because I was doing something else, oh yeah, working. I did catch the 9th inning and walks will get you every time. But beyond that, how many times is Papelbon going to get beat on a splitter that drops right over the plate. He has Giambi 0-2 and throws that piece of crap. I just don’t understand. It was a great oppotunity for the Sox to put the Yankees away once and for all, and to put some pressure on TB. Now they have to rely on someone else to do their work tonight.

Only nine more road games for the Sox and they control their own destiny.

Looking at the posts, it appears umpiring was an issue in todays game. I think it has been an issue most of the year. There have always been bad/questionable calls in baseball, but it seems to have been getting progressively worse over the years. Very few umpires have any consistency with the strike zone and there are a lot of blown calls and in my opinion, it’s because umpires are not in position to make the right call. The last thing that can happen is for an umpire to become a spectator. He can’t be watching the game. He must be aware of his responsibilities at all times and it looks like we have a lot of wandering minds out there. It’s sad, but replay can’t fix much of that.

This loss as many of the bloggers have said was totally on Francona. There was no logical reason to pull Lester with 2 outs albeit there was a runner on 2d. We fans all know Oki cannot pitch effectively with runners in scoring position entering in the middle of an inning. Lester could get Molina or Giambi out better than Oki.
For the same period last year the Yanks were 7 games out of the 1st and finished within 2 games and won the wc. I wish this is not the game that brings the Yanks back to life as dgneubert said.
What Francona has to say in the post game?


Umpires lack hustle most of the time. We don’t need replay, all we need are umpires that love their job and hustle every game. I have seen umpires too many times out of position. Most of the home plate umpires have a strike zone that is all over the place. That being said, all the calls even out thru out the year. Red Sox lost today because they only had 5 hits and 2 runs. If you hit like that you’ll lose most of the time. Overall their best road trip of the year. They played their best road baseball when it counted the most. I like that. As Garry said, they still hold there own destiny. What more can we ask for?

Hi folks from Cape Cod. I’m taking my entire family (imagine 15 tix in the bleachers @ scalped prices…but after all, family is family…thank goodness 2 of the tix I got from my RSN membership!!!) Just watched the last pitch (only one I got to see) of this afternoon’s ballgame…to see Pap miss with strike 3 over the plate and Giambi lace it into centerfield for the walk-off win. I hate it most when the Yanks beat the Sox because of something good that Giambi does. I just don’t like that beedie-eyed, greaser. I’m hopeful that he won’t be back with the Yanks next year. I’d rather see Teixeira on 1st for the Yanks than Giambi!.

Just heard that I won’t be seeing Beckett tomorrow night. That’s not good. I like the brave face Tito puts on it, but a plane trip to Alabama is a plane trip to Alabama. Saw Dice-K last year on Labor Day night get way out in front, only to blow the lead. Hope he’s better tomorrow night.

I gotta disagree with you about Tito’s call on Lester. Lester had pitched a phenomenal game, had run his pitch count to 119, striking out 8 and walking no one. Tito’s concerned that Jon L. may have run out of gas a bit, and doesn’t want him, after such a wonderful performance, to get tagged with the loss. It’s clearly a tough call, but he figures he can get the last 7 outs somewhere else. This is what he earns his money for. I understand why he did it, and I commend him for it. Its part of what being a “player’s manager” is all about IMHO.

Hey, BosoxBrian, Most of the commentators on ESPN’s “Around the Horn” must be drinking your Kool-Aid, as most, except Jackie Mac, a reporter from where else, the Boston Globe, is picking THE Ohio State University to be beaten by USC. I knew I liked that gal a lot! (no laughing on this)

You’re right Brian. The Sox didn’t hit and two isn’t enough runs most of the time. Unfortunately though, the impact of poor officiating isn’t readily identifiable in the box scores and a bad call here and there can change the whole complexion of a game. Balls and strikes have gotten worse since umpires were directed to expand the strike zone and I’ll tell you why. Before the guidance, even though the strike zone was otherwise defined, umpires had their own definition which was basically from just below the knees, to just over the belt. A letter high pitch was always a ball even though, by the book, it should have been a strike. With a well defined strike zone, you could get your eyes down just above the belt, and you could see the entire zone very well. With the expanded strike zone, umpires simply can’t see it all. They are too close. They are standing up straighter to be able to cover the higher pitches, and judging low pitches on the outside corner away from them is very often guesswork. It’s no different than sitting a foot away from your big screen TV. You just can’t see it all. It changes the umpire’s whole thought process from being able to see a strike zone and determine whether a pitch went through it to seeing a pitch, then trying to determine whether or not it went through the strike zone. I know that is happening because I have seen many pitches go right down the heart of the plate be called balls, and many more pitches that are ridiculously away from the zone be called strikes. In both cases, the umpire looks absolutely foolish.

Brian: You’re right. When you had 2 runs, you don’t expect to win many games. But when you carried 2 run lead into the 7 and your opponent didn’t score any run, you should win the game. Unless Lester was tired or his arms were about to fall off, he should finish the inning with 1 out to go. This was not second guessing. Many bloggers already called that Oki would blew it before the HR.
The way you lost that pissed me off.
I’d like to hear what Tito has to say,

Dbenjamin, I almost agree with you about Tito’s call in removing Lester, except that Lester has thrown more pitches than that in the past and five or six more in this situation wouldn’t have hurt. He’s a big strong kid and could handle it. If he was struggling, that would be one thing, but I don’t think that was the case. If you do make the change, why not go to the guy who is the lefty specialist in Lopez. Okajima isn’t that much more effective against lefties than he is against righties. Lopez backs guys like Giambi off the plate where Oki doesn’t. You’re right though, it’s a tough call, but if I were Lester, I would have been fighting to stay in.

Worst 3 words a pitcher wants to here is Dr. James Andrews. I hope it is just a precautionery thing with Beckett. Perhaps to clear his mind. Here’s hoping. Without Beckett, Boston would be a 1st rd. exit in the playoffs.


In Cape Cod, you lucky s.o.b. lol. A beautiful place this time of year. Cape Cod and the islands, great times in the summer!!! That is alot of tix for tomm. night’s game. Have a great time and please don’t wear any Ohio State stuff to the game. LOL!!

A DEEP BREATH! My dad had one more, just before he died!

How did you cope the humanity of umpires? My only experience was in softball, as a player, team manager, and finally league commissioner!
All those minor league parks. Were you a player?

The bigger enemy now is those %Z@&*CQXX Rays. Hope I have a choice between the NESN and Florida feeds. I like Orsillo’s(sp?) voice, but not Migraine’s(sp?)

Can the Yanks “spoil” the Rays lead over the Sox? We shall try! A couple of call ups may be an upgrade, and Pavano looked decent.

Correction, the second team to come back down 3 – 0. First was the NY Islanders.


Ian obviously was talking baseball. Does anyone even count hockey anymore? LOL!!!

dbenjamin: I have to stick by my call to leave Lester in as well. Definitely the wrong move (and I posted that before Oki gave it up for whatever that is worth, LOL).

Whatever happen to finishing your own work, if you are able (ala Roy Halladay)? Like garry said — if Lester were showing signs of weakening, that is one thing, but he wasn’t. And the player’s manager argument … didn’t look like Lester wanted to come out — you pitch 7 and 2/3 shut-out innings to the Yanks in their own yard, and have to give up the ball and not finish your own work? — when you nearly struck-out the previous batter were it not for a foul tip — and made quick work of the previous two batters?

If we had a lights-out setup man that would be one-thing, but we don’t. So what do you think Lester thought of his players-manager type move? I’ll bet he wanted to finish it off and that he was the best option to do so…. and he would have been right.

If your relief is stronger than you are — you should give it up. If your relief is equal or less, then you should be allowed to finish what you start.

I don’t call that player’s management — let me take you out so you don’t get an L after 7 2/3 shut out innings. That is just fear. If I were the pitcher and I was not hurting the team by staying in — I would want to finish my W rather than put in in the hands of lesser pitcher. So I was protected from an L this time — hmmm, lets see, I still lost my W and my team got the L — sorry, I don’t buy it. It was a poor decision.

Where is Grady Little when you need him!!! (oh that was bad — sorry couldn’t resist, just poking fun at my own certainty on this).

Tito got out- managed today by Girardi. I agree with everyone here who thinks Lester had one more batter in him. Last year with the bullpen being so strong and Lester still regaining his strength, well, that would have been different. But there is a case to be made that this year Lester has been the Sox best pitcher overall. So give him a chance to get out of the inning and clean up his own mess. Of course, if Lester gave up the HR then we’d all be crying that Tito left Lester in one batter too long. Oki has been better lately, but maybe it was just Monkey-boy Giambi’s day. (Don’t take offense Kramer, I mean Monkey-boy in the very best sense of the word!).

Wow….Glad I did not see the game today. Sounds like Tito was in no man’s land again today. He always errs on the side of caution when it comes to the starters and I usually don’t have a problem with that. He has little to no confidence with the bullpen and who can blame him? So he’s back to the should I or shouldn’t I? Delcarmen has been pulling the Jeckyl and Hide act of late and that’s better than he was before!!!!It’s rare when Tito gets two consecutive decent innings out of the same guy two nights in a row. So some nights he tries to get an extra inning or so out of a starter to avoid the bullpen and he gets burned or the bullpen burns him. Poor guy should have been a fireman. Anyways…..Go Sox. Will be in San Diego this weekend so you all will get a rest from me!!!!! Enjoy.

Okay… Everyone please take a breath… OHMMMMM OHMMMM OHMMMM… Somebody please go back and look at our posts for the past couple of days. Then read the ones from today. Get a grip..
The past couple of weeks everyones been talking about taking 2 of three.. We did that… We ARE NOT out of ANYTHING YET>> just please, can we regroup, take another breath and look toward tomorrow… we have bigger problems than losing to the Yankees (God Did I just really say that?? never thought that would be so). We have to focus because the “other”sox are coming in… Go ahead and yell at me if you want.. but dwelling on todays game does no good for us//////////

Ian, Thanks for bringing back a great memories with all of them (especially #7)… A friend sent me a still photo of Trot crossing the plate on that one… A really great on for me..

Ian, exactly when did you start Brownie Points??

Thanks for the pep talk, Ellen. You are right, the Sox took 2 of 3 in each series this road trip. HUGE improvement. They are well set up for the stretch run. GO SOX!!

I was calling Britton and Ponson Gorilla’s because of their size (275 and 260) and Giambi is only 230, but, if it’s fun for you Monkey Boy it is. I think he’d like the Boy part. And right now he’s auditioning for a bench spot next year. We need to buy out his option for $5Mil or pick it up for $23Mil. Seems like a no brainer to me!

How nice you speak! I was thinking you were ignoring me! I thought my mention of a dirty Yankees cap might stir memories of the ill fitting, faded, old Yankees Championship shirt, with you or Ellen!!!

Right on Ellen,
We may have gotten a little greedy after taking 2 of 3 from the Yankees at the Stadium. it was a good series for the Sox and as long as they keep winning series they are in good shape!!!! You are right though….keep the faith should be our motto. I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!

It’s not so much the loss, but how the loss happened. Sometimes I prefer the 11-0 and 14-3 blowouts to the 3-2 come-from-behind loss in the bottom of the nineth.

Anyway, bigger worries now. Is Beckett out for the season? When is Lowell coming back? Drew? Will Ortiz ever hit another home run or is Pedroia now the power hitter on the team and Big Papi’s new role is solely to protect Pedroia in the batting order?

I guess you can question Francona’s sometimes fatal unwillingness to abandon his players (Eric Gag-me last season, Feet-of-Clay Bucholz this season) but sometimes his unwavering faith in his players has worked out–Pedroia and Drew, for example. So let’s hope Delcarmen and Okajima come around soon, and Timlin has one more playoff run left in his dirty uniform. Let’s face it, if they don’t, we’re as toasted as the Yankees are.

Kramer, I wasn’t aware of your gorilla comments. But I’m glad I was able to tie them all together with “Monkey-boy”. Sometimes things just have a way of working out. Great minds think alike.
Anybody else we can insult while we’re here???

We were hoping for taking 2/3 out of the Yankee series. The Sox did it. But I’d rather have the loss sandwiched between 2 wins. I believe it would have a negative impact on the Yankees series if the Sox lost last Sunday. ronkelly said it right that it’s not so much the loss, but how the loss happened. Tito pulled Lester because Lester’s pitch count was “high” and giving up a double to an unknown batter Ransom (Is he put on waivers by the Yanks?). Tito was overly protective of Lester – did not want him to lose.
The home plate umpire didn’t help either. Pudge Rodriguez should have been struck out twice by Masterson.
The Sox are winning mostly because of Lester and Dice K. The Sox are winning in spite of Beck sub par performance because of his ailment. Losing Beck for the season hopefully will have a dimple effect on the Sox’s hunt for Red October. If Beck is declared fit to pitch, I doubt he will be in the same 2007 form or shape. There is something wrong with his arm. I hope Theo and probably he is in pursuit of another reliable starter.


I would never ignore my elders! At least you have 1 team alive. Phillies and Mets will be quite the race in the final month.


Off to S.D. I am quite envy. What a great city.

Why Pauley on Saturday who was 0-2 for the Sox with ERA above 8 against Mark Buehrle?

When Pauley is on, you’ll see alot of groundballs. Who else could take the mound tomm. night. Not many alternatives. Boston should take 2 out of 3 but a sweep is possible.

I just read that Josh is going to visit Dr. Andrews.. ?my 1st thought? Well, lets just shut it down… Then I thought about it. These are the RedSox.. deep farm system,lots of money… Maybe they’ll pick up someone.. They will do SOMETHING to fill the gap. The pennant race (chase) is very close…. This is not a team that is going to just pack their bags and get ready for an October tee time. This is a team that will scratch and fight its way till the very end.. If the RedSox don’t make it won’t be for lack of trying.
All we can do as the Nation is keep being POSITIVE and KEEP BELIEVING!!!

You’re right. Who else? Losing Beck would hurt but realistically Beck is not as formidable as last year b/c of his arm problem. Beck will give you at the least a quality start every (most of the) time he takes the mound.
For the hope of getting into WS, it’s cliche to say that the Sox need to beef up its bp knowing that Dice-K and Wake and Byrd are 6 inning pitchers at best.


I don’t think there are many options to turn too right now. Perhaps Colon could be ready in a week or two. I have read where Millwood could be available but I wouldn’t want him. Padilla from the Rangers as well, again another arm I would say no too. I hope Beckett can come back but I have my doubts.

Colon won’t be a viable option either. I don’t believe he is ready to pitch to major leaguers ever again, at least not yet. sigh…….
I hope Beck will be back. If he won’t, what the Sox basically is searching for a reliable 5th starter for September. With off days there will be about 4 starts for the no. 5 spot?? Howver, the Sox will have a double header on 8/13 against Tor. It will be intersting in September.


Colon could be ready in 2 weeks. No Beckett means no World Series it is that simple.

Sorry, I dont believe that no Beckett means no WS. I’m sure that the FO is looking at all viable options as we speak…. the phone wires from Theo’s office are probably sizzling right about now. Although Beckett is a great pitcher he is not the ACE he was last year. I still believe that the Sox will fill the spot and move on with things.

I agree with you Ellen. If Beckett’s record is 15-2, we can say no Beckett, no WS. The fact remains Beck is hurting this year. The Sox needs to bolster its bullpen. Can’t let what happened yesterday happens again.

There must be another arm Theo could claim. Or you could piece together those five starts from the 15 extra spots available Monday. Is Bowden on your 40 man? Give another start to Masterson?

I lay no claim to a great mind.

Here’s the extras on your 40 man:

* 53 David Aardsma (DL-15)
* 61 Clay Buchholz
* 43 Devern Hansack
* — Eric Hull
* — Marcus McBeth
62 David Pauley (25 man)
* 59 Chris Smith
* 51 Charlie Zink

Hansack and Pauley have been used before.

When it comes to October baseball it is all about starting pitching. I don’t see how this team could get far into the post-season without Beckett. Even with Beckett, I’m not sure how far this team can go. A year ago at this time it was very obvious too me that Boston was the team to beat in all of baseball. As of right now ( without a healthy Beckett ) you would be fooling yourself if you think they can win it again. I certainly don’t see it. I would love too be dead wrong!

Kramer, Zink has been used before as well.

Unfortuanetly Zink was used. He showed up for about 2 innings. Next time Zink is at Fenway he should be either a paying customer or on another team.


Chris Smith has been up as a reliever and he has shown nothing. He has gotten roughed up. He has an above-average change-up and that is it. Perhaps Bowden could be used. I have never seen him pitch but from what I have read he sounds very promising.

Theo and all g.m’s are burning up the phone line but not much out there in the starting pitching market. We shall see. Time is winding down.

Brian: There is truth to what you said. However, even if Beckett is cleared to pitch, I doubt he can replicate his dominance of 2007. Beckett is obviously hampered by his ailing pitching arm. In reality Beckett’s record this year exemplifies a No. 3 starter. The Sox post-season rotation of Lester, Dice-K, Wake, and Byrd is solid. In order for the Sox to go deep into post-seson, bull pen is more of concern than the health of Beckett. The four starting pitchers will certainly offer quality starts. The salient issue is can the bull pen hold the lead.
Last year the Sox had the best record in MLB. But the Sox struggled in the last few weeks of the season and in the first 4 games of ALCS. The Yanks were 7 games out at this time last year and lost to the Sox by 2 games.
Anything positive or unexpected negative can happen in the post season.
Think positive, think Lester is last year’s Beckett and actually he is!

That’s OK Kramer, I’m claiming a great mind for you! And believe me, I know! Haha

Bring back Matt Clement and Julian Taverez and Karl Synder — that will solve all our problems. Oh yea, and then re-quire Gagne — there WS guaranteed.

Arizona Diamond backs proved you could win it all with two strong pitchers (even against the Yanks still in their prime) — so if Lester could stay strong, and Dice-K, Wakefield, and Bryd could combine for the equivalent of 1 strong pitcher in the post season, we could still win it all, even without Beckett. But the offense would have to be consistent, 1-0 or 2-1 victories are not likely under that scenario. And we would have to get by the short series first — where we would be more vulnerable.

So I would agree with solving the BP for the stretch run over trying to get another SP — either acquisition is extremely tough, but the SP acquisition is probably impossible, who is cleaning house now of SPs?

Its really too bad Buckholz tanked this year, we would moving along like clockwork if he had been able to rise to the occasion. I really don’t expect him back. I have my theories, but you all would throw tomatoes at me. Hint personal life.

If Buchholz only rises to what Lester was in 2007, the Sox would be romping in the PENTHOUSE drinking champagne and rejoicing the ecstasy of being on top the AL East.

Three catchers? Wonder if David Ross can catch knuckleball?

I like the idea of Kotsay leading off.

Geez are all you guys trying to hint about what I’ve been saying all along about Clayboy???? The Penthouse pet??? I would definitely be absolutely FLOORED if she is still with him at class AA

Did yuo all know that he was arrested for stealing 29 laptop computers after he was drafted???

mistake, it was before the 2005 draft


The steal of the laptops happened before the draft as you said. Happened long ago and I am not sure why you are even bringing it up. That is why Buchholz slipped a little in the draft. People make mistakes and the Red Sox looked at it as an isolated incident.

The only reason I brought it up was because I didnt know it and I was reading his Wiki page… no harm intended

Wow.. sorry if I touched a nerve BSB!! as I said no harm was intended.. I just wasnt aware of it…


You did touch a nerve because I stole 28 laptops. Buchholz stole 1 more. Oh well that’s life. LOL!!

Too funny!!


Remy was saying Kotsay might get a start at first tomm. Sorry Ellen but Casey might go on the D.L.

A great start to this game. Ellsbury with a spectacular catch!! Dice-K tossed less than 10 pitches to get the Chi. Sox out in order. Time for the bats to jump Chicago early!!

Awesome catch by Jacoby… and he wasnt even supposed to play tonight!! You go Oby-wan!!


I guess Casey is already on the D.L.

He did… I told him to use the fur lined ankle cuffs, but no.. he thought he knew better!!


A sqaundered oppurtuninty for the Red Sox in the 1st. Bases loaded and nobody out and they only get 1 run. At least Vazquez threw alot of pitches. I am not impressed with this White Sox bullpen. Jenks is a solid closer but the bridge to the pen is shaky!! That sounds familiar doesn’t it? LOL!!

White Sox live and die by the longball. Dice-K did get touched with a couple of longballs in Tor. Overall though Dice-K doesn’t give up the H.R.

What a great catch by Dye!! I guess it helps when you are 6 feet 5 inches tall and have long arms. Dye has won a couple of gold gloves in the past and shows everyone why he has. I think Dye is one of the most under-rated players in the game. I have always liked his game.

M.L.B. replay system is brought to you by Disney World!! LOL!!


The Rays hit the national game of the week again this week. Migrane is doing the game with Kenny Albert. I feel bad for Kenny Albert and also others outside of Florida. LOL!! Migrane has pictures on someone, that is the only reason he is doing the Olympics and now on the national stage again. My oh my, what is this world coming too.

Pedroia with another multi hit game. Red Sox are 36-15 when Pedroia has multiple hits in a game. I’m not much of a numbers guy but sometimes the numbers don’t lie.

Where is Joba Chamberlain? All these bugs!!

A leadoff double and the Red Sox go down in order after that. Not good!!

Okay… enough bad things!!! Lets get going Right Sox!!! thats what we are……..

Come on Youk!

Ozzie deserves this loss, after talking trash about how the right-colored-Sox will have a let-down after the Yankees series. If he doesn’t consider two out of the last three in the Bronx a victory (and really, anyone who thought that the last game between the Sox and Yankees in that historic stadium would end any other way besides a walk-off lacks a poetic sensibility) then he doesn’t get it. Oh, and a hello to Ellen and Arnie, the most dedicated Sox bloggers. I read your entries every game, even though I only check in about twice a year. Keep it up, and let’s go right-Sox!

Matsuzaka looks REALLY good tonight!!
Excellent inning..
Go RedSox!!! one bad thing… DevilRays DevilRays DevilRays are up 10-0….

Tek looks as if he is much more comfortable at the plate..

Exciting to hear that Michael Bowden will make his big league debut tomorrow. I still think Buchholz will develop into a solid big league starter. Bowden has the same potential.


I don’t get it. Why not let Dice-K finish it out? Only 104 pitches. Heck, he’s thrown that many in one inning.

Great game by Dice-K and PETEY!!!

Typical Timlin. When they’re winning by alot or losing by alot, he turns into Cy Young. Trust him with a 1 or 2 run lead though, he starts throwing batting practice.

Ron, no need to wear out Dice-K with a big lead. We need him as fresh and rested as possible for September and hopefully what will be the post-season run in October.



I think that is great news with Bowden going tomm. night. I love watching the young guys play especially the pitchers. I have never seen Bowden pitch but from what I can have read he sounds like another solid prospect. For so many years Boston didn’t develop anything in their system. I absolutely love what I see from Masterson. He is either going to be a solid starter or a great bridge to Papelbon. I also agree as well, have Dice-K be fresh and rested. I think tonight might have been Dice-K’s best start in his young Red Sox career. There was a start in Cleveland where he also pitched great. I was hoping Dice-K would give them a great start tonight. Chicago is one of those teams when I watch I wonder how are they still battling for a playoff spot. I don’t they’re that good. I would like too see Boston go at least 5-1 during this homestand.

It sounds like the Red Sox are targeting a start in Arlington for Beckett. It sounds like Beckett was really concerned with this injury. He said he was having sleepless nights. Thinking about it. From what I have read/heard it sounds like his mind is clear and can focus on pitching and not his injury. They showed him in the dugout tonight and he was joking with one of the trainers and I think that is a good sign. Also J.D. Drew is ready to return as well and Mike Lowell in a week or so. This has been a long and trying season for everyone involved with the Red Sox.

Brian, I find it amazing the the White Sox are in the hunt, too. They do have a decent lineup, and a decent rotation, but nothing extravagant. Of course, I also don’t understand how the Rays keep on winning with their lineup. C’mon. Willy AYbar, Eric Hinske, Ben Zobrist, Greg Gross and Shawn Riggans? Cliff Floyd as the clean-up hitter? Exceptional pitching is definitely what is driving them, but in the playoffs you have got to at least score some runs. That is what has hurt the Angels in recent years, and that is what could hurt the Rays as well. That is why it is unwise to count out the Red Sox, especially if they can get back a healthy Drew and Lowell, and Beckett is able to put together a string of decent starts and overcome his elbow issue. Even without Beckett, the Sox could make a playoff run with Lester, Dice-K, Wakefield and Byrd. I know it would be more challenging, but I think the Sox could still make some noise in the playoffs even if Beckett is not healthy.


Thanks wordman, right back at ya. Keep tuning in, the Sox are going places.

I have a question about the Sox 6th(I think) . The inning started with an error and both runs the starter gave up- what was his name?- were unearned, but the relievers’ runs were earned! Shouldn’t all those runs be unearned? If Perzninewsky-sp?- catches that foul pop those relievers would not be in there. Help me, oh wise one Gsm. Does the “earned run” clock restart as soon as a reliever comes in?

Great game Dice-K. Although he might mess up his record if he keeps going deep into games like that. Haha. 20 games in fewest innings, that is.


I am with you about the Rays. Longoria and Crawford went down and they have played there best ball without those guys. I didn’t see that one happening, no way. I really thought when those two went down, Boston would be in 1st place in late Aug. or early Sept. Aybar thinks he is Longoria I guess. lol. He has really stepped right in and has had some big hits for T.B. Gross has had some big hits as well. Hinske thinks he is good again, lol. Floyd has hit some lazers. He hits the hardest line drives I have seen. He could get hurt rolling out of bed. That is the big negative with Floyd. The Rays pitching has been dynamite all season long. Especially the bullpen. In the past as you know there pen was horrible. You could get Kazmir or Shields pitch count up and then feast on the pen. Not the case this year. J.P. Howell, Grant Ballfour and Dan Wheeler have been superb. They come out of the pen and throw strikes and challenge hitters. Joe Maddon deserves alot of credit. He is the easy choice for manager of the year. Too bad in this area hasn’t seen much of this. lol. Nobody really cares. They’re more focused on the Bucs, Gators or the U.S.F. Bulls. I doubt many folks in the St. Pete/Clearwater or Tampa area could name the Rays manager. lol. Less than 50% for sure. Ask them who the Bucs coach is and almost 100% will say Jon Gruden. If I was the owner of the Rays, I would look for some moving vans and get out of this area and quick!!! The fans around here don’t deserve anything.

With the uncertainty(sp) regarding the Starters I agree with not asking Dice K to finish it out. Plus he had 2 (maybe 3) innings whre he sat for, I know one was for 23 minutes…a longtime… I know how pitched great tonight but I think that the Coaching staff and FO are just being conservative.. Smart in my opinion..

he not how

Hey Wordman, hope you stick around…!! This could get very interesting..


I agree with you about T.B. in the playoffs. Just like the Angels in the past years. You need to come up with some big hits in the clutch. October baseball is a new animal. Boston is certainly playoff tested. Angels with Vlad, Texeria and Hunter, a tough trio in the middle of that lineup. Angels limped into the playoffs last year. Boston did get smoked against the Angels this year. A healthy Beckett, I would take the Red Sox chances against anyone. Beckett has proven he is clutch in the month of October. He thrives in those situations. Without Beckett, my confidence level would be at zero for another title.

There’s no way in the world those dang devilrays should have the best record in the AL. Sorry, but there just isn’t that much talent on that team. They’re good, sure, but they’re not THAT good. They have just got hold of some magic; we’ve seen it before. (anybody watch the Superbowl?) They may go all the way, who knows. And if they beat the Sox fair and square, I say congrats, but we’ll get you next year when you come back down to earth. I honestly thought they’d have turned back into a pumpkin by now, but somehow they maintain. Fairy godmother or not, they’re time will come. And the Sox will get payback!!!

Hey, I just looked it up. For August, Tek is batting .275 and for the last ten games, .380. He’s getting hot at just the right time. Glad for him.

I’ve got to tell you, even sitting in the centerfield bleachers last night, you could see how masterful Dice-K was last night. 46 pitches after 4 innings, running the ball in on hitters with a lot of movement. You can’t dismiss the White Sox quite that easily. They look like the Red Sox of old…Get a couple of singles and wait for the 3 run home run…it just never happened last night. Hopefully, Michael Bowden can avoid it today…and then Wake on Sunday.

And that catch Ellsbury made to begin the game!!,my… From where I was sitting (not far away), he made it look routine! And how about DP! I took my 84 year old mother to her first Fenway game in June, and she loved watching the Sox beat up on the D-Backs. DP is her favorite player, and my sister showed up last night with a DP # 15 jersey for my Mom. She was then in heaven, watching “her boy” perform, just for her! (lol) Fenway is just such a fun ballpark to be in!

You’ve got to be amazed with what the Red Sox are doing. My son-in-law complains about the Yankees “hospital zone”, but come on…The Sox have not had their “guts and grit” starter at any point in the season…their ace has now landed on the DL twice this season…their number 2 starter, who has racked up 16 wins, barely has enough innings to qualify for ERA consideration because of time on the DL. Their No. 5 starter went down on the DL, was replaced by their No. 6 starter who also went down, then their No. 4 starter landed on the DL, then their No. 5 starter forgot how to win ball games, and got sent down to the minors.

Their ever-dangerous DH stumbled out of the blocks, and then wound up on the DL. Their 2007 WS MVP, and their 2008 All-Star Game MVP, have both been on the DL twice this year, and their starting ss has been on the DL virtually all Summer! Now, their back-ups, including their back-up 1B, are finding their way onto the DL. (Not to mention that they willingly (??) traded away one of their perennial sluggers)…And still, they are in position to get to the post-season.

Yes, another WS title would be grand, especially in that it would begin to position the Sox in the same rarified air as the “Turn of the Century” Yankees. But come on. People should be worshipping Tito for the job he has done under such circumstances. Holy Cow!?!?!? (Where’s Harry Caray when you need him?!?!?[lol]).

I only wish the Twins and White Sox played more than the 3 games against each other remaining on their schedules. It would make the Sox road to the Wild Card just a little easier. Winning this series is critical, as it puts separation between them and the White Sox. Then hopefully they can beat up on the O’s, before going to Texas for three with the Rangers who appear to have all but given up since they were clubbed by Boston in Fenway, going 5-9 since leaving Fenway. Then the Sox have the make-or-break part of the remainder of their schedule: 6 home games vs. TB and Toronto, followed by 6 away games vs TB and Toronto. We will know a lot about the Sox fortunes as the Cleveburg series begins at Fenway on 09/22.

Signing off, while I gaze out at the oceans of Old Cape Cod.

Gmorning Nationers>>> Tonights game (I guess like all of hte remaining games) is big big… 4.5 behind the DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS and 2.5 in front in of the Twins for the wildcard.
Jeff, what kind of pitcher is Bowden?? Could you tell us what you know about him??

I’m both envious and impressed Dben!!! I think that taking your Mom to Fenway is great!! My mom is 83 and used to go ta lot of minor league games still loves B-ball, what she can remember of it. and I love the fact that your sister got her the Petey jersey!! Stuff like that makes me tear up!!!
Youre a good son!!!

One thing I really like about Bowden is in 144 innings ( 140 innings in A.A. 40 innings at A.A.A. ) he has walked only 29 batters. Of course that is the minor leagues but too me that shows a guy that has command of his pitches. How about the 2005 draft ( Theo’s 3rd draft ) Ellsbury, Hansen ( got Bay ) Buchholz, Lowrie and Bowden. Wow!!! That is some serious talent and a great job by the Baseball ops. dept. Bowden will be helped as well with Varitek behind the plate tonight, just like all young pitchers when making there debut. Look at Papelbon’s debut, Buchholz, Lester ( drafted by previous regime) and Masterson. All 4 of them pitched very well when they made their big league debut. I expect Bowden to duplicate what those guys did. Boston’s farm system/coaches do a great job in preparing these guys for the show! These young players come in and they don’t seem wide eyed when they are out there. They feel like they belong and that goes a long way I think.

It’s always a good thing when a Ozzie Guillen managed team gets blitzed!!


Are you 3-0 or 4-0 when attending Red Sox games this year? Very impressed. I can almost smell the Cape Cod air from here. lol.

Ohio State 49

Youngstown State 10

Whats wrong?? OSU couldnt find a high school or vocational tech school to play??

just kidding about OSU of course… My Hurricanes played Chaleston
Southern Thursday night

Just a little piece of useless knowledge (like all of my stuff). I was checking within the Mets organization to see how Trot was doing on his rehab from the DL and saw a familiar last name…. LUGO… Ruddy Lugo, Julio’s brother.. he’s a pitcher….

Arnie, concerning your question on earned runs. I did not see the game yesterday so I don’t know exactly what happened. However, the earned run clock for a pitcher starts when he comes into the game. It is possible for earned runs to be charged to a pitcher, but not to the team. If for example there are two outs and a batter reaches base by way of an error. There should now be three outs. If the same pitcher continues and gives up a home run to the next batter, then both runs are unearned. However, if a new pitcher comes into the game and gives up a home run, the previous pitcher is charged an unearned run. The reliever is charged an earned run for the batter who hit the home run. For statistical purposes, the team is charged two unearned runs. In summary, the earned run clock starts for a pitcher when he enters the game, regardless of what happened before he got there.

Thanks Garry. I’d never given it a second thought before last night when I looked at the box score. All these years of watching baseball and I’m still learning.

Thing are looking up in RSN. Bowden starting tonight, I gotta see some of that. Beckett should have just enough starts to be sharp for the playoffs. Dice-K with a sensational effort yesterday, very impressive strike/ball ratio.

Here’s a little reading fun for all:
The Dodgers losing streak is a Samson story, they made Manny cut his hair:

Pitching Durability: In 1879, Will White pitched for Cincinati. He started 75 games, and completed 75 games. His record was 43-32. He pitched a record 680 innings. He won 40 or more games in three different season.

Cy Young is the only pitcher to pitch over 7,000 innings. He completed 749 of the 815 games he started.

Since any of us have been alive (including Kramer), the two pitchers with the most innings pitched in one season are Robin Robert (1953) and Steve Carlton (1972) who are nuber 384 on the all time list. Next are Mickey Lolich and Wilbur Wood. Gaylor Perry, Phil Niekro, Denny McClain, Sandy Koufax, and Nolan Ryan are the only other modern day pitchers in the top 500. Phil Niekro, Wilbur Woods and Robin Roberts appear twice in the top 500.

No pitcher has thrown over 300 innings since 1980. The last pitchers to throw over 300 innings were Jim Palmer in 1977 and Steve Carlton in 1980.

Has the game evolved or what?

Good column about Zazu, Kramer!! You know it probably is because of the hair in a round about way…. He had to cut it, then began another of his pouting parties… The Sox put up with enough of that Krap and they didnt even make him cut his hair!!!!

Welcome Mr Bowden…. KICK WHITE SOX BUTT!!!

come on PETEY BOY!!!\


Good start for the boys tonight… They’ve given Bowden a lead… I hope he can keep up… You’ve got my vote!!!! GO ROOKIE!!!
Strange seeing Petey batting behind Big Papi, but he still tags the ball.. Still do you think he;s too small to play in the bigs?? lol

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