And tonight's cleanup hitter?

Would you believe Dustin Pedroia? No, it’s not a misprint.

I’d like nominations for another smaller cleanup man in the history of baseball.

The move was the result of Kevin Youkilis being sick, and Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew on the DL.

“I’ll never hear the end of this from Pedroia or Ortiz,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “Pedroia said it’s long overdue and Ortiz says he’s retiring.”

The last Red Sox second baseman to hit cleanup was one Carlos Baerga in the forgettable season of 2002.



Pedroia hitting cleanup? That is something I would never see. What’s next, Casey pinch running for Ellsbury, lol.

Can’t wait too see Bowden take the mound tonight. I’m sure 6 innings is the goal for Bowden. Let’s hope Boston’s bats continue to stroke it. Bottom of the order have really turned it on as of late. Varitek looks like the Varitek of season’s past again. Which is great too watch.

Rays trailing by 3 but plenty of baseball to be played. Garry–can you believe it, Migrane is on the national scene. My oh my!! lol.

I should say I am sure 6 innings is the goal for the Red Sox from Bowden tonight.

Wasn’t Frank White the first second basemen to bat cleanup in the 1985 World Series? White also a former Red Sox base coach and had one helluva glove at second. White won his fair share of gold gloves. Pedroia should win the gold glove this year.

I have never seen a delivery like Bowden’s before. Quite odd.

Pedroia batting cleanup? You don’t see that often. Nice start for the Red Sox

2 out hits are back breakers. Dye made a fantastic play last night in r.f. but look pretty bad out their on Bay’s hit. Dye should have made the play.

Welcome Mr Bowden…. KICK WHITE SOX BUTT!!!

By on August 30, 2008 7:06 PM
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come on PETEY BOY!!!\

By on August 30, 2008 7:18 PM
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By on August 30, 2008 7:21 PM
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Good start for the boys tonight… They’ve given Bowden a lead… I hope he can keep up… You’ve got my vote!!!! GO ROOKIE!!!
Strange seeing Petey batting behind Big Papi, but he still tags the ball.. Still do you think he;s too small to play in the bigs?? lol

By on August 30, 2008 7:30 PM

Sorry, I didnt see the new thread and nobody told me!! lol

Nice snag by Kotsay. Bowden has an excellent change-up. What I really like about Bowden, he isn’t afraid to pitch inside. That will make him successful. Some vets never mind rookies are afraid to pitch inside. The inner half is much as the hitters as it is the pitchers.

Bailey crushed that one.

Remy is dead on when he says Buehrle is having a hard time keeping his pitches down in the zone. Everything is up in the zone. He doesn’t throw hard enough too survive.

You better be careful with Buerhle on the mound. Cora caught leaning.

You know what would be funnier than Pedroia batting cleanup? Ortiz pounding out a couple of homers today, ostensibly because pitchers are now gonna have to throw quality pitches to him.

Who knows, when Youk, Lowell and Drew are back, maybe the punk stays in the cleanup spot anyway!

Did anyone else notice or post about the youth of our infield tonight?? Two veterans (Pedroia-Cora) Rookies at 1st 3rd and pitching…. When is the last time we saw that??

Elsbury halfway to the cycle!

Oh and a rookie in center field…

I just hope this doesn’t turn into the “Zink” game.

The umpire behind the plate is clueless with the strike zone.

I wonder if the Sox are coaching these kids into this funky windup. His windup is very similar to Masterson’s when he came up as a starter. It’s almost like pitching from the stretch. It seems very stange because they can’t build any momentum going into the pitch.

Nice try by Ellsbury.

The average age of this RedSox team tonight is 29.55555.. gee, before you know it they’ll need rocking chairs.

Okay, Mr Kelly…. lets have the glass half full tonight… Nothing but positives….
I guess you guys must be tired of this but….

Tampa keeps finding ways to win. They had almost 35,000 at the Trop today.

Settle down Mikey B. dont let it get to you… just listen to Tek!!

What’s with the Masterson/Bowden haircuts?

Not too much damage… handled that pretty well I’d say!!

What’s wrong with their hair cuts?? Did I miss something??

Nothing wrong with the doos, but the look more like DI’s than ball players.

Just checking in. So far the kid’s hanging tough! Good for him. Buerhle had nothing early and I’m glad the Sox took advantage. Gotta go!

Youngest player for the Sox – Jim Pagliaroni. I have one real memory of him. I remember a Sunday afternoon double header against the Washington Senators and he hit a three run homer and a grand slam. How can I remember that? I was only 11. The Sox swept the double header.

Well, I did the research. Pagliaroni did hit two home runs that day. A grand slam in the first game and a solo job in the 13th inning to win the nightcap. That was back in the days when doubleheaders were scheduled as doubleheaders and you got two games for the price of one.

They’ll probably pull Bowden.. I think he pitched pretty damned well… He has given us at least 5 of solid stuff.. Imagine being 22 again… and you get the call to go to Boston… You hear youre pitching against Thome, Piersynski, Griffey?? I dont know about you, but I’m puking my guts out on the mound in between batters!!
Good Job Mikey B!!!!!

You know that your manager hs your back when you’re called safe ant 2nd and he’s running out to defend you… Whoa Tito. Whoa boy… TOO FUNNY!!!

I’ve done a lot of complaining about umpires this year, but that guy at second was right on that play. Nine of ten times Pedroia is called out even though he wasn’t. Good job Blue!

A great slide by Pedroia. He has done that a few times this year. Kotsay continues to hit. With Kotsay playing so well, Crisp will be the one that will see his playing time dwindle. Bowden has a great chance to get a win in his first start. Bowden has an excellent change-up!! He was in trouble almost every inning but never gave in. I really like that about him. Bowden competed his tail off tonight!!

Buehrle got smoked tonight. He fooled nobody!! Alot of hard hit balls by the Red Sox tonight. How in the world is this White Sox still in it? I am not impressed in the least. White Sox live and die by the longball. They really don’t know how to manafacture any runs. Feast or famine for this White Sox team.

Pedroia is 7 for 7 in his last two games? Unreal!

Bowden did his job, I think since they have a five run lead, they should have let him go in the 6th until someone got a hit — but I have to admit, I can’t remember seeing a MLB pitcher that looked as nervous as Bowden looked — he look petrified — but he did a good job and got a great outcome — now lets hope the bullpen does their part.


You call them haircuts? LOL!! Rays only had a big crowd because of the concert after the game. Concert’s follow home games on Saturday’s. Sounds like a minor league team going on. Again T.B. wins it at the end. They feel they are never ever out of the game.

Time for this Boston pen to get the job done. Throw strikes throw strikes, no free passes. White Sox can hit the longball so they are never out of the game.

Great comments by Guillen about Pedroia. The more Pedroia plays the more respect he is getting from the opponents. Pedroia is a manager’s dream!!

I just heard what Ozzie Guillen thinks of Pedroia… “He can beat you so many ways.. hits, homeruns, steal bases.. If more players played the game like him.. more people would watch,, the game would be more fun to watch” Quite a compliment from someone who doesnt give many compliments!!!

Remy and Orsillo are having fun with Francona. As Remy said Francona is going too here about that one. Ready to argue a safe call was Francona. Great stuff!!

Brian, considering it was his major league debut, I think Bowden did real well. You’re right, he showed a lot of courage and he made some great pitches. However he gave up a lot of hard hit balls and I really think he got away with one to Dye who just missed hitting that ball 500 feet. I think his “stuff” is pretty average. He has an average fast ball and probably an average breaking pitch although we didn’t see much of it tonight. However, he gets his outs by changing speeds and he has great command of his changeup.

Ellsbury was safe at first base. Swisher’s foot was off the bag. Blue should have caught that one. I’m surprised Remy didn’t jump on that.

Hey Brian, was Migrane doing the Fox game today? We didn’t get the Rays here, we got the Cubs/Phillies.


He defintely did give up some hard hits. His changeup is excellent. Above average changeup for sure. What I also liked about him he isn’t afraid to pitch inside. I think Buchholz has better stuff than Bowden. So much pressure on Buchholz going into this season and he obviously wasn’t ready. We just have to remember these guys ( Bowden & Buchholz ) just had their senior prom last week. LOL!!


Your in Florida and you didn’t get the T.B. game? That is weird. Migrane did the game with Kenny Albert. He wasn’t much of a homer. Quite surprised but he is still annoying. lol.

It looks like the good Manny Delcarmen is pitching tonight. I am convinced he is bi polar. lol.

LOL! Pedroia jumped as high as he could to get that line drive. It would have hit me in the nose.

MVP= Most Valuable Pedroia!!!!

Pedroia with a spectacular catch!! Delcarmen gets the Chi Sox in order. I doubt Hawk Harrelson is saying put it on the board yessssssss. So sorry Hawk. lol.

I think the M.V.P. in the A.L. is still up for grabs. Quentin is probably the front runner but not a slam dunk winner. Still alot of baseball to be played. Youkilis or Pedroia still have a shot to win it. Hamilton is playing for a team that is under .500 and Hamilton hasn’t done much since the break. Vlad won it a few years back with a big push in the final few weeks. Chipper Jones did it with the Braves when tore up the Mets in the final couple of weeks.

Guillen’s comments concerning Pedroia apply to a lot of the Red Sox. Youk, Lowrie, Ellsbury, Bay, Tek, Lowell, Crisp and probably a couple I forgot play the game hard, all the time. I think the Sox are overachieving this year and a part of their success is the way they play the game. I don’t know if Pedroia is the MVP, but a case could be made for both him and Youk.

The White Sox can’t get Pedroia out. Wow, he is on fire!! He is beating the Chi. Sox in so many different ways. Guillen will see Pedroia in his sleep.

Is anyone else out there BELIEVING???


Not only do they play the game hard they play the game right. Kotsay with another hit. A nice trade by Theo. Theo has made all the right moves this year. I don’t know if it will translate into another title but he has found the right pieces.

You’re right Brian. So far, everyone he has brought in is contributing. Kotsay brings a veteran experience that is good heading to the post season if the Sox get there.

Varitek with the I.B.B. Wow. Never thought I would see that happening to Tek this year.

The comments that Guillen made MAY apply to alot of the Sox players but he made them strictly in re: to Dustin.

One guy I am not too impressed with is Jeff Bailey. I know he did hit a H.R. earlier. I see him as a marginal player and that is about it. Perhaps a star with the Pirates. LOL!!!

BSB. whats the I.S.S with the I.B.B.?? You lost me!!

Masterful is here!!! Come on Justin..

Speaking of trades, anyone know how Moss and Hansen are doing — I’ll bet ZAZU won’t get any holiday cards from them?


Intenional walk. Intentional Base on Balls if you are scoring at home. I.B.B. I lose alot of people. lol.


LOL. Great line. No holiday greetings from Hansen and Moss. Penthouse to the outhouse. I am sure Bay is going to send Zazu something. lol. I know Hansen has struggled, no surprise there. I am not sure about Moss. I liked Moss. Moss had no future in Boston though, o.f. too crowded. Hansen looked a little over-whelmed at times.

Great baserunning A.J.— NOT!!

Hey, I have no idea what color Tito’s hair was, when he had hair, but imagine him saying to the umpire when he charged the field to defend Dustins safe call at 2nd… “Oops, I had a blonde moment”…

That was an unbelievable double play. I wasn’t sure they had a chance at either base once Lowrey went to second. I think Pedroia turns the best double play in baseball right now. He gets rid of the ball so quickly and he has a rocket for an arm.

Oh ok.. thanks for the lesson!!!

Ellen, he should have just kept running to second base to tell the umpire “great call”!

Why didnt you just say “intentional walk”?? You wouldnt confuse this blonde!!!

Good one Garry!

Pedroia is the best defensive second baseman in the game. He should win the gold glove. Joe Morgan ( I know bad broadcaster ) is a big Pedroia fan. Of course Morgan a small guy himself and a former 2b. Garry your right about Pedroia’s arm. I guess know we know why he played s.s. as well.

Hot damn you all, I swear!!! Fleet of feet!!!!

An IBB to The MVP

LOL! The mighty Dusting Pedroia draws the Intentional Walk.

just kidding with you Brian!

If your down by 6 runs in the 8th inning. Why would you issue a I.B.B.? Why? Why? I guess Guillen has had enough of Pedroia. Guillen doesn’t want too see Pedroia do any more damage. It still makes no sense at all.


I don’t know how to spell that word that begins with an I. LOL!! I.B.B. is easier.

The Red Sox have deystroyed this White Sox team. Rockets hit all over the yard and the Chi. Sox hitters have been handcuffed so far this weekend. You can put it on the board, yessssssss. LOL!!!

Brian, you watch these kids play and guys like Lowell and Lugo have to be scratching their heads wondering if they’re going to have jobs next year. Well, Lowell will but Lugo is history. I just saw where Lowrie has 17 doubles. Seems like he was just called up yesterday. The Sox have so much depth and flexibility. Here’s a thought. The combined salary for the present Sox infield is just over one million dollars. What kind of a bargain is that?

Congrats to Michael Bowden!! Win #1 and I hope many more with the Red Sox.

Brian, about Bailey, I equate marginal with mediocre, and right now mediocre beats lousy or sucks!!!

Okey freakinn Dokey!!!! Good effort, nice win for Mikey B!!!!


Your dead on there. If Lugo does stay next season, he’ll be mr. utility. Lugo has seen his job go to someone else. Lowrie has stepped right in and has done exceptionally well. Lowrie hits from both sides of the plate and has played a solid s.s. and third. I think he leads all s.s. in the A.L. in R.B.I.’s since the break. Lowell will be back in about a week or so. Can’t wait too see Lowell healthy again!! If Beckett comes back healthy, I love there chances in October!!!


I agree. Lugo would be the definition of sucks!! You would see his photo if you looked it up. lol. Bailey doesn’t even look like a big leaguer.

i did look it up and, lo and behold THERE IT WAS!!!

Brian, give him a chance, you never know… When we had Loretta and they were bringing up Petey, I said how bad Pedroia looked in April and May last year… I have owned up to my mistake on this blog at least a dozen times. Iwas wromg, I was wrong…. Petey we love you!! LOL

hey nobody can ever say that I said Lugo sucks.. someone else said that!! I will never say any one of our players sucks.. Check the blog.. I think that he could have approached everything a whole lot better and differently.. more bp, more infield practice, but I will never say Lugo or any other RedStocking sucks.. what I said was in response to BSB (i think) that if you look up “sucks” in websters his picture is there.. I feel kind of bad for him.. but not too much!!

I almost forgot… Pedroia was amazing again tonight.. What a showing for his first time in cleam up.. I say that he should stay there.. even when Youk gets over the flu..Cant wait to see what we can do with Mikey back in the lineup…
See you all tomorrow…
I still believe!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

Maybe the Rockies will take Jeff Bailey for Matt Holliday, what do you think? (lol) (Sometimes you just can’t budge me off a subject).

I’m 3-0 watching Sox games this year, but knew instinctively they would win Friday night. Why? Not only was I 2-0 watching them previously, so was my Yankee-loving son-in-law (who was with us, along with my daughter/his wife, who had also witnessed the 2 Sox wins @ Yankee Stadium) in the two Sox games that I sent him to at Yankee Stadium for his birthday present (although he wasn’t so pleased about it — he still doesn’t believe that I “hexed” those tix. I think the Yanks were 1-4 in the 5 games he got in the tix pack. You don’t screw with me about my beloved Sox (lol???)

About the Bucks, I’m glad they got their early test out of the way so they can now tackle the “soft” part of their season schedule the next 3 weeks. Jim Tressel showed no mercy on his former team, with whom he had been so successful.

Sox now 23 games over .500. If you remember, I suggested that they would be five games over each month, to end up 30 games over, at 96-66, which I believe gets them into the play-offs quite nicely. Even if they can’t beat Gavin Floyd today (who has had a stand-out year), they are still 22 games over ending August. If they take 5 of 6 vs. the O’s and Texas, it will get them to 26 games over. Then, they need only go 12-8 in the last 20 games (of which 14 are at home) to reach my projection. Quite doable I think. If they do win today and go 24 games over, then I think its “Katie bar the door,” maybe to a 100 win season!?!?!

What do you hear about Rays play-off tix? I’m considering coming down to visit my sister and brother-in-law at the Villages North of Orlando and take in a play-off game. Only problem is my schedule is more adaptable for the ALDS when they wouldn’t be playing the Sox, then for the ALCS when they might be. Let me know what you hear down there, I would be interested. I can’t believe they beat the O’s yesterday. I watched the early part of that game and they were down and out. I hope they use up all of their “fairy dust” during the season. Looks like someone may have to break Grant Balfour’s arm or legs to beat them!!!


I’m the one that said Lugo sucks and I am proud to say that. It’s stating the obvious anyway. lol. It will be great thing if Boston unloads him during the winter. Certainly not much of a market for him. At least Renteria played the entire season and hit o.k. Lugo is coming off of one of the worst season’s a player could ever have. We’ll see what happens with Lugo during the winter. Perhaps he is back as Mr. Utility because Cora is gone after this season.


Putting a jinx on the tix, very nice. I’m not sure if Boston would do the Bailey for Holliday swap. LOL!! I doubt we’ll see Holliday in Boston, highly highly unlikely. Sorry to inform you debenjamin.

Wells injuring himself and nobody even touched him. You should be worried with that injury. U.S.C. was very impressive yesterday. I only watched them for about 30 minutes. So much speed on both sides of the ball. Trojans D is really fast. This could be Pete Carroll’s best Defensive team yet.

Only thing I heard about Rays playoff tix was they had a package for the rest of the season. If you bought into that package, you would be guranteed playoff tix. That was the only thing I have heard. How many close games have they won all year? In the past they would lose those games because of a really bad bullpen. This year’s pen has been the difference maker. Howell, Wheeler and Ballfour have been dynamite all season long.

I would like too see Thome’s numbers at Fenway. I was hoping the White Sox would leave Fenway without Thome going deep. When he was with the Tribe, he always seemed too hit some longballs against the Red Sox. I had always would say oh no Thome is up. I think he is a Hall Of Famer he did it legit which I like about him. Unlike others.

Ellsbury with another great catch. He is awesome out there!!!

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