If it ain't broke …

Yes, on the heels of last night’s eight-run assault, Dustin Pedroia is once again hitting cleanup.

Youk and Coco are still out sick. Josh Beckett, who thinks he had food poisoning, rallied from his sickness to play catch today.

All systems appear to be go for Beckett’s start Friday in Texas.

MIchael Bowden, on the heels of his first Major League win, was sent back to Pawtucket this morning. He will work out of the bullpen for the PawSox on Friday, and be back with the Red Sox shortly thereafter. Terry Francona left the door open for Bowden to pitch in relief or a starter the rest of the way.

Speaking of Tito, he admits to being a little dazed and confused when he ran out to argue Pedroia being safe at second last night.

“I go out there, I look up last night, I haven’t been so
embarrassed in years. I could not figure out what the hell Ozzie was doing out
there. That was the damndest thing. I wanted to go out through the Monster, I didn’t’
want to go  back to the dugout because I knew
what was awaiting. Kevin Cash is just screaming, lay off the Red Bull. And
Millsy is just wearing me out. I could have sworn I thought Pedroia threw his
arms up, like he was [mad]. And I put my head down. I put my head down and I go,
why is Ozzie helping me? I didn’t know what to do. Petey’s like, get out of


Here we are again!!! Horrible looking day here in Fort Lauderdale… I’m saying prayers for all of those people in Louisiana and that region. They are going to slammed by Gustav… God Bless and Help Them. All the minor league teams in that area called an end to their seasons on Friday.
That area has had way more than its share of misery and disaster in the past few years. As a matter of fact I think the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was this past week..

I hope that Wakefield can keep things in check today and that our bats stay as hot as they’ve been..

Great moment with Francona last night. Everyone can laugh at it because the Red Sox have won 2 titles and they are winning now. Imagine if John McNamara did that? Red Sox fans would have killed him for it. I can hear it now, how could he manage this team and he doesn’t even know if the runner is safe or not. Winning cures it all, no doubt.

It doesn’t seem too matter where Pedroia hits. He can flat out hit. Some guys if you move them around the batting order they get all messed up. Not Pedroia. Let’s hope Wakefield can keep this winning streak going here and sweep the Chi Sox. It seems like the Red Sox hitters are locked in at the plate. They are feeling quite confident and very comfortable in the batters box. Alot of hard hit balls against this White Sox team. I hope that trend will continue today and of course the rest of the season. I also would love too see T.B. lose at home. At least one time, lol.

If I was Pedroia I would play megabucks. lol. Then again with the way he is playing megabucks will coming his way. Remy is dead on when he says when things are going your you get breaks like Pedroia did. Everything is going his way this weekend. His wife is from the Chicago area and that makes her happy as well. More importantly. lol.

How in the world is this White Sox team 17 games over .500? I have no clue. How many games have they won by forfeit? LOL!!

Bay smoked that one. Great snag by Crede.

Wake is looking pretty comfortable(minus that 2run hr).. He’s taking his time and thats a good sign.. when he rushes he ends up in big trouble..
Let’s GO REDSOX!!!!!

How are you doing today Brian?? Where has Dave been lately.. I miss his lineups..!!!

The Sox have let Floyd off the hook so far, but I think they’ll get some runs soon. Get into the bullpen. Go Sox!

Is it me, or do Konerko and Thome remind you a little of Shrek??

The 3rd base umpire that called Papi out (said he went around) couldnt have clearly seen the play… He’s on camera picking his NOSE!!!!! That would definitely screw up your line of vision.

Wake needs some runs to back him up!!!

I don’t like Pedroia hitting cleanup. I think he’s much more effective in the two hole. Lowery is better at sixth or seventh. Until Youk gets back, Bay could be moved in behind Papi. Ellsbury is having some good rips over the past few games. He’s looking more comfortable.


CMON SOX!!!!! You can beat this guy! GO SOX!!

Floyd stymied the Red Sox today. The Chi. Sox bullpen before Jenks is not so good.

Let’s go Ortiz. Let’s have a big fly!!

The Sox have had so many chances but can’t get the one clutch hit to break out in this game. Bay’s line-out may have been their best chance, he hit that ball hard!

It looks like the good Manny Delcarmen has showed up today. Great catch by Delcarmen.

I would have pinch hit Varitek for Cash. Varitek is hitting very well and Cash isn’t much of a hitter. Floyd challenged Cash with fastballs right down the middle. Cash couldn’t do anything with them!! Cash was over matched.

Tough for Quentin to pick up Delcarmen’s fastball. Delcarmen is in the sun and Quentin in the shade.

I agree Brian, Cash should not have hit.

Where is “Crazy Dave” from Nashville? This is his wife’s team the White Sox. That is what he told us earlier in the season. I am guessing Dave has alot to do on the “honey do” list. lol.

Time to get some runs!!!

Wait, it Buck Martinez talking about “our” Manny Delcarmen? I would say making statements like he did about Delcarmen, he did not come to this game very wll prepared. That being said, Delcarmen did a nice job today.


Ross or Varitek should have been up there. Varitek would have been my choice, anyone but Cash!!

T.B. continues to roll. N.Y. plays the Rays for 3 games this week. Go Yankees!!! Yikes, lol. I am guessing the Yankees will have there lunch handed to them this week!!! lol.

Dotel is one of these guys that does not impress me. Everytime I see him pitch, he gets knocked around.

I smell a rally coming!!!

A leadoff walk, I like it!! Keep it up Dotel, show us who you really are. LOL!!

I don’t think that 3-0 pitch was a strike to Kotsay.

What a nifty D.P. turned by the Red Sox. Pedroia with a great feed to Cora.

The great thing about Masterson, your always 1 pitch away from getting out of a jam. Masterson has been great coming out of the pen!! I really like what I see from him.

HUGE run for the White Sox. Rays kicking butt on the Birds. 6 games back in the loss column.

Well, maybe Tito is smarter than we are. He still has Tek to hit for Cash this inning.


Assuming he will. Ross should have hit for Cash, anyone but Cash should have hit.

Ellsbury should be running to take away the possibility of the double play.

How big was that run by the Chi. Sox in the 9th. It always seems to be big and in this case it is.

Ortiz let’s have some flashbacks of season’s past!!

Is there anyone on the bench to run for Ortiz?


Crisp should be stealing second!! Base hit and the game will be tied.

No pressure on Pedroia here. lol. Capacity crowd chanting M.V.P. M.V.P. No pressure at all.

Sox were one or two key hits from a win. It wasn’t to be, nor is the Eastern Division championship.

Well, you cant ask Pedroia to do it all, all the time.. 2 out of 3 is much better than 0-3 or 1-2….
I hope that this flu thats going on there is done with just Youk and Crisp…
I have to say that I haven’t seen this team look this much like a playoff contender since last year!!! I really think that things are FINALLY falling into place. and I STILL BELIEVE!!! Honest to God I do!!!

The Sox were 18-9 in August while playing 16 of their games on the road. That’s not such a bad month. Who would ever have believed Tampa would be so crazy?

Garry, its been a strange season for all of MLB!!! The yankees?? The Angels?? But experiance helps sp much in the p.s……

Ok, I really am not Mel Gibson, but I think the SOX should begin to wonder/check if there is not a mole in their organization somewhere — way to many players out this year with food flu like systems, food poisoning — seems conspicuous to me, I wouldn’t be surprised if something specific was going on.

Its going to be really tough to catch the Rays, they are too hot and not much time to close 5.5 games. But there is one (weak) upside to this — if the Rays take the division (and we make the play-offs) — I won’t have to feel as greedy to root for us taking it all (again) this year. So the Rays can be satisfied with a division title, and we take the WS again.

Don’t want to be like a heartless Yankee fan🙂

Bailey was the International League MVP playing for Pawtucket. The Paw Sox were remarkably adept at coming from behind in late innings, or seemed to be from what I noticed on Gameday.

Speaking of MVP, what are Youkilis’ chances? To me he’s got the numbers this year. Of course he’s always an MVP, as in Most Volumes Perspired!!! Did his “energy” drink catch on? I think it was called “Slump Buster.”

And here’s a new trivia question. Q: What RSox pitcher, who pitched in AA, AAA and MLB, won his first MLB game before winning an AAA game (minimum three AAA decisions?) A: Michael Bowden.

I agree with your assessment of Bowden. His “stuff” isn’t outstanding so he’ll need to rely on changing speeds and hitting spots. All the more reason Tek needs to stay!

Yankee fans all have a heart. But, it’s bruised, battered, and aching for another W. S. Championship. The RSox will likely have a third (eighth overall) before we get #27.


I know Bailey was I.L. M.V.P. you can’t be possibly telling me he is a top prospect are you? Zink has also pitched well in A.A.A. and well enough said……Bailey is a marginal player at best. Absolutely no future in Boston, not the small sample I have seen anyway. Enough of Bailey, I am falling asleep here. LOL!!!

Boston needs to sweep the Birds and T.B. has to get tripped up by (gulp) the Yankees. Bos. is 6 games back in the loss column with Sept. less than 24 hrs. away, not good. If Boson is going to catch T.B. they will have to sweep them in Boston, likely and win 2 of 3 in T.B. also likely. 6 games back in the loss column is alot to make up. Then again I thought the Mets had their division won last year so stranger things have happened. I think the biggest question that needs to be answered is the health of Josh Beckett. Time will tell. They will need him in October for sure!!!

Did any of us EVER think that we would EVER EVER wish for the Yankees to win????? Well I’m not proud!!!! GO YANKEES GO YANKEES GO YANKEES!!! KILL THE DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS/// JUST RIP THEIR FREAKIN STINGER RIGHT OFF THEM!!!!!!!!!

Kramer… I like you.. really I do… But its very hard to feel sorry for a team, or actually a fan base that continually reminds everyone within earshot that they have won 26 Championships and have 26 RINGS!!!!!! I have no bad feelings against you and none against Vince, but everytime I meet, speak to or blog with a Yankee fan they have to tell me that the RedSox stink and then they give me the Ring thing!! I’m truly sorry for you that your team had a bad year. As far as the majority of the Yankee fan base, well “wait till next year!!” just a little
PS: Look at your post… even you in a very subtle non-offensive way reminded us that The RedSox have 2 and The yankees have 26……. Will Girardi change his number on his uniform??

Well said, Ellen! I’ll back you up! Not a whole lot of sympathy here.

Have you all seen the Rays schedule in September? I don’t think it could get tougher — unless the Yanks tank and pack it in, which is looking more and more like they have already done.

Sox schedule isn’t easy either, but the Rays schedule is definitely tougher: NY(3@home), Tor(3), Bos(3), NY(3), Bos(3@home), Min(4@home), Bal(4), Det(4).

I didn’t think it was going to be possible to catch the Rays, but with their schedule and all the away games, it just might be. Maybe the O’s can help us win another division title, like they did last year (knocking off the Yanks in the 2nd to last game of the season) — I don’t see how we catch them before that series, if we do at all.

Winning the AL title is going to be a lot tougher this post season than last year, with the Rays, Angels, (hopefully us) and Min and Chicago.

I think I would want to draw the Central winner in the first round if possible.

I didn’t see anything wrong with Kramer’s statement.

Anyway, what good is the last 26 meals? if you don’t have the next one, you start feeling it quickly. Yankee universe is pretty dark right now — and they have have a new curse brewing — they no longer have the house that Ruth built, and they have A-Rod, which I suspect will cause them not to win another title until they get rid of him.

Sox fans should know that any title you win, you should be truely appreciative of, you never know how long it will take to get back there.

There’s nothing “wrong” with Kramer’s statement, however, many Sox fans are sensitive to Yankee fan taunting. Even if it isn’t meant to be perceived that way. Too many Sox fans have had it thrown in their face for decades and it takes a while to get over that treatment. So I think it is fine for Ellen to take exception to any real, or perceived, “in your face” attitude from the Evil Empire or its minions. I’m pretty sure Kramer did not mean it that way, but I’m also sure it rubbed Ellen the wrong way and she can express that. That’s what is fun about this site, we can all join in and say our piece.

Dgn, you are so right; do not take any World Series title for granted. You never know when a decade(s) long drought will come along.

You can’t obsess with the performance of the Rays. Except for the 6 games they play head-to-head, the Sox can’t control what the Rays do. All they can control is what they do. They are now 79-57, with 26 games remaining, 17 of which are at home. If they can win 17 of those games, they will be 30 games over .500, at 96-66. I think that’s a definite play-off maker. For the next couple of weeks, the Twinkies, who are now 3 games back of the Red Sox in the loss column, have a soft schedule. Then they go to Cleveland for 3, Tampa Bay for 4 and have 3 at home vs. the ChiSox. The Rays play the Sox, the Yanks, the Twinkies, all by Sept. 21st. If the Sox are not dead on their heels by that point, the division will belong to the Rays. The Yanks have 3 @ Fenway, 6 vs. the Rays, 3 vs. the Angels and 4 vs. the White Sox. There are only 3 teams left capable of winning the Wild Card, one team from the Central, the Sox and the Yanks. If the other teams keep beating each other up and the Sox keep feasting on their schedule, they will lock up the Wild Card early on.

In the play-offs, they have shown no fear winning on the raod…can anyone say “Yankee Stadium” in 2004…or the Jake (now actually the “P” [for Progressive Insurance, headquartered in Cleveland] right next to the “Q” the basketball arena…and people say Cleveland isn’t a big joke [lol]) in 2007! I think the Angels will make it to the ALCS, so the Sox are going to have to face them at some point on their way to the World Series…might as well get it out of the way early, when they have shown a clear ability to sweep the Angels. Much as it pains me to say it, I agree with BosoxBrian. The Sox have to have Beckett healthy and throwing bee-bees to advance in the play-offs. Lester and Dice-K will be fine, and Wake will pitch his guts out when asked, but Beckett is the successor to Schill in the play-offs…Just give me the ball, get on my back and get out of the way. In the play-offs, I think the Sox focus on defeating the Angels and then the Rays will be different than it was during the season. Tito has demonstrated that during the season he focuses on a whole lot beyond winning and losing individual games. Frankly, his refusal to send Dice-K out for the 9th inning Friday night surprised me. I certainly feel it was the right move, but as I have read Dice-K’s comments in the past, he has wanted to pitch a complete game, and that will probably be his best chance all season. I’m all in favor of saving his arm and giving Timlin an inning of work…but I was surprised Tito didn’t allow the player to have his way.

Hey BosoxBrian…Maybe the Rockies will make the trade if the Sox throw Charlie Zink in along with Jeff Bailey…what do you think?!?!?!? (lol) I do think the Sox are showcasing Bailey, hoping he will perform well in September as Ellsbury did last year, to attract some sort of decent trade for him. Maybe they will try to engineer my deal with Texas for Saltalamacchia? After all, Charlie Zink is better than most of the pitching Texas has. (lol) Thanks for the info on the Rays play-off tix. When you hear more, particularly when their home games in the 1st round are scheduled, and when the tix go on sale, please pass it along. Being in New England, I didn’t get much on the OSU game, so I didn’t hear anything about Beanie Wells’ condition. Perhaps Tressel is pulling a “Belichek,” and Wells is as injured as Tom Brady has been the past 3 years…to make your Trojans over-confident. (lol)

Heard a good one on a Cape Cod golf course yesterday with my son-in-law wearing his NY Giants hat (the kid has no fear). Seems that Brett Favre just threw his 1st touchdown pass as a Jet, forgot where he was, jumped into the stands for some love….and got stabbed 14 times (lol). NY…its a TOUGH town.


My Trojans? lol. I do like Pete Carroll but then again who doesn’t? He is having a blast out there in So. Cal. I just think they’re the team to beat for all the marbles this year. As long as it isn’t the Gators. lol. Enough of that.

Saltamacchia would be a good move. Too get him, Nolan Ryan and the Rangers would want pitching and probably some more pitching. Theo seems too really like Salty. They had interest in him when he was with the Braves.

I am in agreement with you dbenjamin (gulp-yikes) 96 wins would get you in the playoffs. Playing pressure packed games the Red Sox have obviously done that over the years. How will T.B. respond?

If I here anything more regarding playoff tix for T.B. I will let you know either thru here or I could email you on the email you have on here. How does that sound dbenjamin?

No, Bailey appears to be a career minor leaguer to me also.

I was just trying to say we do have a heart in response to another comment, and that the RSox will have another ring before the Yankees. Guess I should not mention any number in the high twenties.
If I run into a gloater, especially one from Orlando, I have far more original material ready!

Hey BosoxBrian:

Either will work. Thx.


We agree, yikes, double yikes!!! LOL!!! Some guys tear up A.A.A. and that is about as far as they’ll go. No shame there at all. Just too get drafted by an organization is impressive. Your Yankees found a team they can beat today. Perhaps your Yankees will try to stay in Motown, lol. Red Sox fans will be rooting for the Yanks for 3 games anyway. Then again it doesn’t matter what goes on in St. Pete. Boston has too take care of their series with the Birds. I would love too see a sweep of Baltimore. Byrd, Lester and Dice-K, I like that trio against the Birds!! Baltimore got off to a good start but they are falling apart lately. T.B. tore them up!!!


Anything I here I will let you know. T.B. is defintely heading to the playoffs. I hope I just jinxed them, lol. Unlikely but stranger things have happened in recent years. Mets collapsed last year. Rockies came out of nowhere a year ago. Lots and lots of pressure on T.B. coming down the stretch!!!


I am in agreement with you regarding the Red Sox record in August. As you said 11 of the 27 on the road. Boston seemed to get their act together on the road in August. I hope that trend continues, especially this month and October as well. The Red Sox road struggles all year baffled me. So many 1 run or 2 run losses on the road this year. A hit here or there and they win some of those. Also if Delcarmen, Hansen just too mention a couple of names pitched well they could have won some of those games. So many of those games were decided late, 7th inning and beyond. That is when you have too be clutch, pressure packed times late in the game.


I love reading some your stuff on here. Always talking about that high number in the 20’s. lol. Perhaps that is the Yankees problem, living in the past. They have not moved on. Just a thought. You do have the Phillies to root for. I’ll be pulling for the Phillies too over-take the Mets. I am no fan of the Mets, not in the least. That 1986 ( Mets) team had so many players I didn’t like. Notice I didn’t use the word hate. lol. Carter,Strawberry,Dykstra, Darling,Teufel, Bachman, Hernandez, pretty much the entire team except for McDowell. McDowell was a character.

Is all of that from the World Series in 1986? I think McDowell became the Braves Pitching Coach after Mazzoni left. And what I remember from that WS, the lady rolling her arms behind home plate!

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