August 2008

"Enough's Enough"

This time, Manny was right. Enough was enough. Enough of his unpredictability. Enough of injuries he didn’t want to play through while other guys on the team would do just about anything to play. Enough of the mood swings. Enough of the contract obsession. It was just time. This divorce could not wait.

Jason Bay is here. He’s batting fifth and playing left. Mike Lowell is taking over for Manny in the cleanup spot.

I huge apology for the lack of blog posts lately. I’m sure most of you probably realized I was a little busy reporting for the website.

At any rate, a great, great move by the Red Sox to get Manny out of town. He was a great character and one of the top three or four Red Sox hitters of all-time, but they couldn’t go on like this. Wednesday night was the saddest, most lifeless performance I have seen from a Red Sox team in a long time and you could feel it from the crowd to the field to the dugout. It was clear this situation was becoming an overwhelming distraction.

More later.