Recovery for Youk and Coco

A much more standard lineup for the Red Sox tonight has Dustin Pedroia back in the No. 2 spot, with Youkilis batting cleanup and playing third base. Coco is also back, batting ninth. Jeff Bailey is starting at first.

Sept. 1 means no September callups for the Red Sox, at least today. Let’s face it, David Pauley and David Ross basically are September callups, they just hapened to be promoted earlier.

Once Portland and Pawtucket are through, the Red Sox could have some additional moves.

Terry Francona was non-committal when asked about Clay Buchholz today and whether he will resurface this year.

Speaking of Buchholz, tonight marks the one-year anniversary of his no-no — against these very O’s.

Other than that, a very slow Labor Day.

I went fishing this morning with my son Ryan. We both reeled in some nice sun fish and threw them back where they came from. It was a lot of fun. All the usual fishing stuff, rods getting tangled, catching big piles of seaweed, etc. It was a perfect day for it though.



I think that I’d like to see Dustin stay in the clean up for a couple of more days, but with Youk back…. Hopefully Pedroia can slide back into #2 and not miss a beat. He’s been too hot and productive to have him cool off now.
Do you think that Byrd will have an equal outing as his last???
All I really know is:

Great too see Youkilis back in the lineup. I’m sure it killed Youkilis being sick the last 2 games. With Byrd, Lester and Dice-K going, Boston needs to sweep the struggling Birds. Baltimore got smoked against the Rays this past weekend. Boston needs to take advantage of the schedule. Beat down on teams like the Orioles. Time for the Red Sox to get back on their winning ways!!!

Ian, really nice to share in your adventures with your children. It takes me back to my childhood and my Mom and Dad, I know your sons will look back one day too and smile at these times that you spend with them…

Just read this on Jason Bay had 29 RBIs which lead the team in the month of August. Good times for Bay in Boston. I expect more of the same in September for Bay. I really would like too see Ortiz turn it on this month. Get Big Papi’s bat rolling again!!!

Good news regarding Mike Lowell today. Lowell is hoping to return this weekend against the Rangers. Lowell being healthy will be a big lift for the Red Sox. Let’s face it Lowell hasn’t been 100 % healthy in a while. I am looking forward too seeing a healthy Mike Lowell back in the Red Sox lineup!!

Jones absolutely crushed that one. I’m glad I wasn’t driving on the Mass. Pike, lol.

Olson has allowed 139 hits in 108 innings. Are you kidding me? This guy has gotten smoked this year!!

Can’t be too disappointed with Lowrie. I’m quite impressed with his output on only 180 ABs this year–35 RBIs. Pro-rate that out to 600 ABs and that’s pretty good production from your shortstop.

Wouldn’t you agree, Julio?

If Byrd can pitch the way he is capable of the Boston bats will take care of the rest. I don’t see how this Olson kid will last past the 5th.

Way to Go TEK!!! You rock!!!

Back to back!! (to Back??)

Varitek loves Oriole pitching. You don’t see many H.R.’s like that at Fenway. My guy Jeff Bailey goes deep!!! lol.

Good to see the bats waking up to support Byrd!!

V-Tek should be in a cell phone commercial…..”Can you hear me now?”

Tek and Bailey back-to-back!! What the……? We might not be saying that again Time for the big guns to join in and we can have a nice slugfest here. Looks like Byrd will give up a few, so the Sox need to pile on. Cmon Sox!!

Lets Go Sox!!!!


Back from S.D. What a great city that is. One of the best in this country, no doubt about it!!

That curve ball Castro hit floated in like a beach ball with a big “Hit Me” sign on it. Byrd knows he going to give up some dingers but he minimizes the damage by not walking people. Are you paying attention Manny Delcarmen???? Byrd keeps the game moving. I’ll bet the Sox love playing defense behind him.

OK, Byrd’s doing his job, c’mon bats!!

Byrd goes like he’s in a rocking chair. He’s fun to watch, but he seems to give up alot of dingers.

I do think Jed Lowie is cooling off quite a bit, especially in clutch situations or RISP — lets hope that doesn’t stick.

Don Orsillo’s first broadcast was the Nomo no no in Baltimore. Buchholz only tossed his no no against the Birds because Wakefield couldn’t make the start. Funny how things work out like that.

I would be very surprised to see Buccholz again this year. The best thing he can do is take a month or so off and then start getting ready for next year. I’m thinking some sort of winter ball wouldn’t be a bad thing for him. He didn’t throw all that many innings this year and it would be an opportunity for him to work on his command.

Baily needs to start hitting with men on base as well — I think his only hits in the majors so far are solo dingers and infield hits with the bases empty


I’m with you on Buchholz. No reason for him to even pitch in the big leagues this year. Winter ball sounds like a great idea too me. Work on command as you said and confidence as well. His confidence must be shot!!

San Diego was great. Nice to get out of this heat and catch some rays at the ocean. Went to Petco and sat 4 rows behind Matt Holiday. 28 bucks and we were practically on the field. Great game. And to top it off the Sox win yet another series!!!! And now one for Ellen….I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

Byrd leads the league in home runs surrendered, but I’ll be there are pitchers who have given up a lot more runs on home runs. Schilling was like that a couple of years ago. He gave up a bunch of home runs, but only a couple with men on base. Byrd is a smart pitcher. He knows the only way he’s going to get hitters out is to pitch ahead, and pitch to contact. He knows giving up freebies doesn’t go well with giving up dingers.

One thing about Byrd….he gives you a chance to win every time out.

Nice play by Youkilis.


San Diego and great usually end up in the same sentence. Like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

All Byrd does is throw strikes and he gives you innings. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was with the Red Sox next year.

That ball was smoked by Ortiz. It never got more than about 20 feet off the ground.

Dang! I can’t believe the Sox only have 2 hits off this guy!! Good thing those 2 hits were HR’s.

I am very surprised too see Olson still on the mound. I thought he would have been toast by the 4th.

uh oh!! This isnt looking good right now… WOOOO WOOOO LETS GO SOX… GET OUT OF THIS MESS!!!

Is Byrd wearing Gary Allenson’s old number?

I’m glad to see Don Orsillo going to TBS for the playoffs again. He’s one of the best play by play guys in the business.

Byrd wiggled out of that one. CMON SOX!!!!! We need a good RALLY. RALLY!!! RALLY!!!! RALLY!!!! GO SOX!!!!

Gary Allenson, there is a name I never thought I would here again. Where are you now Gary Allenson? LOL!!

This kid Olson has nothing on his ball and I mean nothing!! Give me a bat. lol.

Gary Allenson wore number 32 as a coach and 39 as a player.

WOOOO HOOOO!!! Lowrie!!

Payton with the worst play off of the monster in my life. He should be embarrassed of himself!! Some ropes off of Olson here in the 6th.

Nice try Payton…..Yaz was the best at selling that play as a catch. With salesman skills like that Payton will soon be working at Wal-mart!!!!!!

Allenson is A.A.A. manager in Norfolk, Va. The top farm of the Orioles. That is where Gary Allenson is. I never knew. He still looks the same, I don’t know if that is good or bad. LOL!!

What # was Greenwell?


I’m guessing Payton could end up at Dollar General as a top salesman. LOL!! Your giving him too much credit and saying he could be at Walmart.

Brian, Gary Allenson is managing the Tidewater Tides in the International League.


#39 for Gator Greenwell.


What would we do without Wikipedia? I think the world would end. LOL!!

Crisp with a rare big hit. Solid play by Roberts, saves a run, for now.

You’re right Brian…..Like any other profession Payton will have to work his way up the chain!!!! How ’bout Crisp? These guys can piece mail an inning with the best of them.. That’s what it’s going to take. A little something from everyone the rest of the way this month.

Thanks, Garry.

Pedroia with a chance to break this game wide open!!!

Tehy should just call it Garrypedia with a little spice.

Great piece of hitting by Pedroia.

Petey comes through again…. Where was that pitch?? in the Orioles dugout??? Damn he amazes the hell out of me… You go Petey Boy!!!

What a great hit by Pedroia!!!

Let’s go Red Sox….Clap Clap…Clap, Clap, Clap. Ellen likes that.

I meant the RedSox dugout///

Pedroia reminds me a little of Craig Biggio. Can you imagine if the Sox get the kind of longevity out of him?????

Someone tell the scorer tho put his crack pipe down and pay attention!

Youk makes 2 outs in the inning. Great comparising with Biggio Cfarn. Remember Biggio came up as a catcher.


Mike Greenwell was a good player. I saw an interview he did and he is a very bitter former player because of the steroids crap in baseball. In 1988, he was the runner up to Jose Canseco for the AL MVP award and he feels like Canseco and his steroids screwed him out of the award. He is probably right. He had some good years in Boston and should be a bigger part of the Sox folk history.

I do remember him coming up as a catcher. Someone made the right move because he was a damn good second baseman and a first ballot HOF.



A little small to be behind the dish was Biggio. Whoever did make that descion, very smart for sure. Biggio a Seton Hall product like Mo Vaughn and John Valentin.

Brian ………….. Wikipedia, Google, and Garry’s Red Sox Library which was there before either of the other two.

The Sox pen needs to start heating up. Byrd is starting to pitch from behind in the count.

How freaking good is Pedroia at second base?

You are spot-on about Greenwell. Great hitter and held his own in the field. Was he the immedite replacement after Dewy Evans? Pretty tough act to follow considering Dewy’s longevity. But he was a pretty good ballplayer in his own right. He only played about 12 or so years with about half of them decent but I sure as heck remember him.

What more can you say about Pedroia….he gets better and better. We will soon be spoiled and that will be sad!!!

Dustin Pdroia could be the fiercest player in the game right now. He attacks every play, every inning, every game. He’s the best!

Oooops… PEDROIA, not Pdroia.

We knew who you meant!!!!!! Superman!!!!

Okay Garry,
What is the longest winning streak and the longest losing streak the Sox have been on this year? I bet there isn’t much difference between the the two. I’m too lazy to check and you probably already know!!!!

Superman is right. Haha. Wouldn’t want to fight him, that’s for sure.

I guess Lopez is coming in for the 8th. I’d have Pap warming for a possible 4 or 5 out save.

Nice pitching Lopez and nice play at third by Lowrie. Good job Sox.

I hope Kotsay doesn’t get cold sitting on the bench now, he is going to get less and less time to play now — he seemed to have pretty hot bat over the past few games.

Craig, in April, the Sox won six in a row followed immediately by a five game losing streak.

Mike Greenwell was a left fielder while Dwight Evans was one of the best right fielders in history. For the next couple of years after Evans, right field was mostly patrolled by Tom Brunansky is memory serves me. I think Ellis Burks played center field.

Tonight’s baseball trivia: Who is the only player to ever pinch hit for Ted Williams?

Pedroia does it all. He hits, steals bases, scores a ton of runs, drives in runs, plays gold glove caliber defense; I wouldn’t be surprised if he does the ground-keeping in his spare time.

Bill Starr

Bill Starr? Who’s that?

Some guy named Carroll pinch hit for Ted Williams.

Pedroia doesn’t get the respect he deserves from around the league. I get a sense that most people consider him someone without alot of talent who’s playing way above his head. Funny looking little short kid who just doesn’t know any better.

Fact is, as Francona has been saying all along, he IS THAT GOOD! I read a comment the other day that “Pedroia has a quarter of the talent than Robinson Cano but is playing 10 times better.” That’s an insult to Pedroia. Yes, he’s playing 10 times better, but a quarter of the talent??

Pedroia’s got guts. I guess I’m very biased, speaking as another 5’7″ guy in the 150 lb range who was always told that I was too small to play baseball competitively. Pedroia should be an inspiration to small-stature guys.

Remember Garry,
Except for Kramer….I think you and I are the oldest cronies on this blog.

You would be correct Craig. It was Carroll Hardy who pinch hit for Ted Williams after Williams fouled a pitch off his foot. Notably, Carroll Hardy also pinch hit for Yaz and for Roger Maris over the course of his career. He’s a pretty interesting character and worth reading about. He’s done a lot of stuff.

I don’t know who he is either, but I just wanted to see if you actually DO know everything. Just goofing around with ya! Carrol Hardy, I think in 1960.

ronkelly, I think Pedroia is generating more respect as time goes on. He’s not the conventional graceful athlete most people associate with major league baseball players. He’s sort of the Larry Bird of MLB. He was selected to the All Star Team which says something about the recognition he is getting. He goes out and gives 110 percent on every play which enables him to make plays and do things that you don’t see from a lot of other players. He’ll be good for a long time if he doesn’t get hurt, which is a problem with players who play with the reckless abandon Pedroia displays.

You’re right, it was 1960.

That was like a Mark Clear save. Papelbon had to work for it.

A hard fought, grind it out victory to start off September….I like it. I expect to see a lot of these this month. The spoilers who want to make it tough on the contenders will do just that. The Orioles and Jays will make sure they are heard before it is all said and done. And….it looks like the Yankees MAY be playing the spoiler role for the first time in a long while. I am still keeping a weary eye on those guys though. They have a way of sneaking up on you and we all know how that is. Way to go Sox and Paps!!!!!! I still remember when Paps said…..”The name on the front of the Jersey is more important than the name on the back.” Hear that ZAZU????????? That was in Spring Training ’07 when Paps had a chance to be a starter again and took one for the team and volunteered to be the closer and we all know what happened last year. Here’s to hoping for a good September and long October!!!!

Paul Byrd is turning out to be a great pick up. He’s not flashy—well, except for his full windup— but he gets the job done. He’s more of a blue collar guy, I like him.

I agree that Paul Byrd has been a great acquistion. He is going to be worth it in the stretch run. I am really concerned with the number of runners that we are still leaving in scoring postion. Although Tek is one of the best behind the plate, he is unfortunately a rally killer at the plate. I hope Mike Lowell can come back and really contribute during this home stand.

I think Pedroia is an inspiration for all those guys out there who were said to be too small, too slow, not enough range, below average arm etc. If those guys have the heart and guts Pedroia shows every night they’ll have their shot.

If a slow guy gets a good jump on the ball he has a chance. If a guy with a below average arm gets to the ball quickly and has a quick release he has a shot. It’s all about desire….and Pedroia has enough of that to go around the clubhouse.

Garry mentioned Larry Bird and that was spot-on. We all know Larry was too slow, couldn’t jump and whatever else he supposedly could not do but he made up for it by instinct on the fast break, great ability to find the open man and boxing out under the boards.

Fundamentals mixed in with some controlled recklessness and you have Bird and Pedroia. Not sure about the fans around the league but the players have a ton of respect for this kid. He is……SUPERMAN!!!!!

Cfarn: I think that I’m up there with you in the “longevity” department!! 49 and proud of it… and I think Arnie will turn 41 soon (lol)

Papelbon really worked hard for that save last night. Not too many 1 2 3 innings for Papelbon this year. Papelbon in the month of August ( Great stats ) 12.2 innings–0.00 E.R.A.—11K AND 0 B.B. Very impressed for sure!!!

If I had too compare Pedroia to any player it would be Doug Flutie and not Bird. Flutie was the little guy that could just like Pedroia. Best part of Pedroia, he’ll be a member of the Red Sox for several years. I can see down the road where Pedroia and Youkilis will be co-captains.

I know this way too impatient — buy hey — it is possible… and maybe someone has already made this point…. but the SOX have 5 games (2 with Orioles, 3 with Texas) — before we meet the Rays at home — and the Rays in the same time have 3 with the Yanks and 3 with the Blue Jays — so it is possible to pick up 2 or 2.5 games on the Rays during the next six days — and have them at home with a chance to tie or take a half game lead — and hopefully hold it — we just have figure out how to win the next series with them in Tropicana Field as well.

dgneubert, the Rays have a very tough schedule in September, but at this point, six games in the loss column is a lot to make up. We’ve talked a lot about Dustin Pedroia on this thread. Well, the Rays right now have a whole bunch of Dustin Pedoias and they are playing their tails off. If the Rays play under .500, say 13-14 over their final 27 games, the Sox would have to go 17-8 to catch the Rays. I guess what I’m saying is that the Rays would pretty much have to stink up the joint to blow their lead at this point. I think Tito and the boys will be much more concerned about Minnesota and Chicago than they will about Tampa. I also think, as he has in past seasons, Tito will be more concerned about making sure the Sox are fresh and healthy come October 1st. He’ll pull out all the stops to win if the need arises, but at this point, they are playing well and injured players are healing. If the Sox get to the post season, they will be tough to beat. Unless they manage to win the division, if the Sox do get to the post season, they will see the Angels first. While the Angels have dominated this year, it’s 0-0 and I like the Sox chances.

Cfarn: thanks for the Woo woo’s and the claps… yes thats plural.. wouldnt want to put the singular tense there people might wonder…..

Hey guys,

I’m almost done with the deck repairs, then after the kitchen cabinets and gutter work and picture frames and coffee table and the ceiling fan in the living room that almost collapsed, I’ll have more breathing room (LOL)
Anyway, Ellen — new lineups will come when I have time and I’ll try to squeeze one in this week. Can’t believe how the end of summer/start of fall buries me in work. It’s like I’m panicking to catch up with the house labors. Homes are a labor of love and sweat.
Sad to see the Sox in this position. I want to blame it all on he-who-must-not-be-named, old Dark Vador himself but that is simplistic. There are a lot of factors but for sure the most consistent baseball came after Dark Vador left campus. Then again, who needs him. We have Dustin Pedroia who is playing like Dark Vador but with ten times the heart.
Whatever happens this season, the Sox have played their hearts out and they are playing their hearts out. If they don’t make it post season they can and should go home proud because despite all that happened to them they continue to scrape away at wins. That’s something.
Also want to say that I feel like I’m talking with a great family of bloggers and you all are terrific people and I have deeply enjoyed blogging. Once my schedule of home repair lightens up I’ll be able to breathe. Looking at a week or two.
Finally, cheers to Lowrie, Pedroia, Youk, Lowell, Papelbon, Varitek, Wakefield, Lester and Bay who have all proven team leaders.
Consolidations to Lugo, Delcarman, Crisp, Lopez who try really hard to make the games interesting and torment us with their inconsistent abilities.
Finally cheers to next year where Dark Vador will not find a contract and become a line dancer, Delcarman who will become a spokesman for viagra and Lugo who will become a crash test dummy.

Jeff thinks that the Sox have a shot for the division title. It’s gonna be tough but possible. The Sox have a chance to sweep the O’s and the Yanks at best win 1 (Mussina pitching tonight) out of 3 from the Rays. The Rays are playing the Jays the next series. There is a distinct possiblity that the Sox will pick 2 games from the Rays after the weekend. Just keep winning!
Are you kidding me? Dice-K pitched 8 innings shut out with 2 BBs and 8 Ks. Injury or not, the Sox are picking up one another. Wait till JD and Lowell return to the lineup and Ortiz’s power surge in September and Beck to the rotation. the Sox will be the team to beat just like in 2007.

Garry, I obviously hadn’t done the math. Funny, I think our chances are better in a short series against the Angels anyway, assuming we can line up our pitching the way we want to . Imagine being Francona? will Beckett stabilize by then? I might be tempted to go (right now):

(1) Lester
(2) Dice-K
(3) Beckett (home)
(4) Wake/Bryd, (with very quick trigger on both)
(5) Lester

You’re right 007, the Sox are peaking at a great time.

DAVE! You’re still alive! Now you know why I paid a little extra to get a house that had most of the remodeling already done. Hang in there.

Knowing Francona, the post season rotation will be Beck, Dice-K, Lester, Wake/Byrd.
Me too, as of this moment I’d like the rotation of Lester, Dice-K, and Beckett although I will reserve and see how Lester and Beck pitch in their next starts.

If Beckett’s healthy he should be your #1 starter. I’m hoping he’s fully recovered. He sets the tone and if he’s 100% he gets the Sox off to a good start in any post season series. Then you have Lester and Dice-K. Formidable.

We can have friendly debate as to who should be the No.1 starter. The fact remains that the Sox are in such enviable position that either one (Beck, Lester, or Dice-K) can be the no.1 starter and be effective.

yea, who is best on the road?

I thought I posted this earlier, but it didn’t take — surely Lugo can’t be taking this long to recover — this must be a politically correct / kind / save-face way of dismissing him? or do we have to worry that he may come back just before the playoffs?

If Lugo comes back just before the playoffs he may have to hire a bodyguard. The thought of him back on the field for the Sox ruined my lunch! Go Lugo!!! And don’t stop until you get to Tampa Bay. Maybe they’ll take you back!!!

If the Red Sox make the playoffs ( very likely ) if the rotation is lined up Beckett should be starting game #1 and nobody else. If Beckett is hurt, Lester should be, not Dice-K.

The Sox will likely face the Angels. In a five game series, I could see a three man rotation if the Sox are down 2-1 after three games. If there is a fourth starter, I’d bet it would be Byrd. Although I think Wake is deserving, starting him means taking Tek out of the lineup. I don’t see that happening. In fact, for the Angels series, it would not surprise me to see Wake left off the roster. It’s the price you pay for being a knuckleballer in Boston where your starting catcher takes the day off when you pitch. I don’t think Tek would be comfortable catching Wake, and Tek is starting to hit so there’s no way you give up his bat for Cash.

I assume if the Red Sox play the Angels. The Angels would do what the Red Sox did last year. Remember last year the Red Sox took the extra day ( first time implemented by M.L.B.) If that’s the case, Boston would only need 3 starters. No reason too have a 4th starter. Not sure if M.L.B. is doing that this year. Of course the Angels would have to have the best record in baseball. I assume they will. I really like Boston’s chances to repeat only if Beckett is healthy!! October baseball is a whole new ballgame, T.B. will find that out!!

Garry, ye of little faith! Considering Boston’s abundance of home games and Tampa Bay’s road schedule this month, it is not a stretch to think that the Sox will win the AL East. I firmly believe this will happen. I do think that Lester has surpassed Beckett as the staff ace, but Beckett will be valuable in October because he is the new Schilling – the guy you want on the hill in October no matter what has happened during the regular season. Of course, Beckett’s post-season success means little if his elbow is not healthy. We shall see soon enough.

Regarding Byrd, I would like to see the Sox sign him as a long reliever and spot starter, if he would be interested. I think that Boston will try to get someone like Roy Oswalt (for a package of Crisp, Buchholz and another top prospect) in the off-season, but it would be nice to have veteran insurance in case Wakefield struggles or lands on the DL, which is likely. I love it when pitchers do what they are supposed to do – throw strikes.


I just have time to get this in before 1st pitch…
Are we going to face Daniel Cabrera this series??? That would be nice, the Sox have terrorized him this year.. One more time wouldnt hurt, lol!!!


Youk is out with lower back spasms… Please I hope they get them worked out!!

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