Not hard to top last night

Is it me, or was last night one of the most non-descript home wins of the season? There was just no flow to that game at all. Nobody stood out, other than Dustin Pedroia, who can seemingly get two hits in his sleep.

The Orioles define mediocrity.

Hopefully we can see some better action tonight.

Jason Bay is out of the lineup, getting his first day off since coming to Boston.

Kevin Youkilis was scratched just moments before game-time with lower back spasms. I guess I shouldn’t have filled out my scorebook in ink. Rookie mistake!

Chris Smith is back on the roster for the fifth time this season. I’m glad September is here. It is one of my top two or three favorite months of the year and probably my favorite weather-wise.


Ian, good for you that you love September. I always fight depression this time of year. Ever since I was a kid.

I just have time to get this in before 1st pitch…
Are we going to face Daniel Cabrera this series??? That would be nice, the Sox have terrorized him this year.. One more time wouldnt hurt, lol!!!

By on September 2, 2008 6:56 PM
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By on September 2, 2008 7:03 PM
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Youk is out with lower back spasms… Please I hope they get them worked out!!

By on September 2, 2008 7:09 PM

Well Arnie, that depression stage should have lifted back in 2004….

Jon is thrrowing really hard today

Yeah, i was a weird kid. I always looked forward to summer ending and school starting. The main thing I like is structure, so i guess that’s why i liked september.

Oh I thought you were depressed in September because the Sox were always done then!! lol

Growing up in Mass. I didn’t like September. For a few reasons. Going back to school. Cool/cold weather was on it’s way, not too mention snow/sleet and all that other stuff. It got dark early and of course the Red Sox had another season of dissapointment. I love Sept. now because I live in Florida. Sept. is just another hot/muggy day for me, love it!!! No snowflakes here, just flakes in general and I guess that includes me. LOL!!!

Time for these bats to get things rolling!!!

It’s the light. Or lack thereof. I think I don’t have enough seratonin or something. As soon as the days get shorter I get this sinking feeling. I don’t think I could move back to New England where it’s gray all winter. Gives me the heebee jeebee’s just thinking about it.


It gets really cold and snownt in Longmont, no?? But I guess its a lot brighter and not so dismal there!!
Arnie you’d love winter here…. ALL 3 DAYS OF IT!!! Right Brian??

Nice bunt, CoCo!!! Top of the order up now… LETS GET SOME HITS, RUNS, HOMERUNS!!!!


I love Florida!!!
It gets cold here but the sun shines every day. And the sun here feels warm even in winter, unlike in Ct.

I am 49 too. Can’t wait till the Big 5 Oh. Get to go to Pebble Beach and play some golf on hallowed grounds courtesy of the old battle axe!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Brian….you are right about Tampa Bay on the last thread. It is not easy to play in September with the division lead when you haven’t been there. They will be looking in the mirror and I think the Sox will be smiling back at them. We’ll see how they do now that they own the pace. Look at those Sox go!!!!

Well, here is another lineup. Enjoy!

LF – dbenjamin— is building a great new deck out on left field. It’s his down time between making those spectacular catches that defines him. He’ll be grilling chicken, steak and tomatoes as well as watching the game on his new $5000 80” Hitachi plasma TV – that just got destroyed by a fly ball. Oh well…that’s the breaks.
CF – redsoxfan015 – is really excited about being in the outfield. In addition to making his wall slamming catches, he’ll be doing some monster car races tearing up that greenery and having the audience cheer. You should have seen what his Monster Ford did to the dugout. Currently redsoxfan015 is in hiding pending some minor lawsuits.
RF – Arnie – Arnie will be doing some spectacular flaming meals that have won the crowd over and set the right field grass on fire. Arnie! I told you to invest in fire extinguishers but do you listen to me? Of course not! On top of that your Vodka burgers set the first three rows of the right field stands on fire. You guys need to be more careful!
3B – jimmaynard3 – Jim really is having a fun time with his science experiments. I had no idea he was so talented and while we all thought the fireworks was a great idea especially with the Rolling Stones music. It’s unfortunate that Jim ‘accidentally’ injured Julio Lugo in the process while practicing his cannon fire.
SS – chman712 – will be filming his new movie “Super” Man. It stars Rosanne as Lex Luthor (she shaved her head for the part), Richard Simmons as Jimmy Olsen, Paris Hilton as Lois Lane and O.J. Simpson as “Super” Man. The film is rated NSPA (No sane person allowed) but Liza Minelli plans to see the film at least fifteen times.
2b – Ellen – will be opening her pet shop. She’s a real hit with the club. Francona loved the cute cats and David Ortiz loved the puppies but how Lugo got the poisonous Cobra is anyone’s guess. Fortunately Ellen locked and nailed the room shut to make sure the snake didn’t get out but forgot about Lugo in it. Oh well, nobody is perfect.
1B – cfarnham04 – because of Garry’s great pitching will not have much to do at first base so this will give him time for his new used car lot. The lot will stretch into right field and will feature some novelty cars including the Batmobile, O.J.’s getaway car and Lugo’s Yugo with those famous gloves in the glove compartment to help push the car along when it breaks down or blows up – whichever comes first.
DH – BosoxBrian – will be performing a magic show with Julio Lugo. Planned events are cutting in half trick, the cutting the head off trick and the set-fire trick as well as the chainsaw trick. Should be an exciting show.

C – Jody Foster – Jody is concerned about my home projects and has volunteered to take me out to dinner several nights this week to cheer me up. Afterwards we’ll head back to her place to hear music and shake hands and have fun together. Ya…that’s all that’s going to happen. Ya, that’s the ticket.
P – Garry – Garry will be without Jody tonight but will have Dick Cheney for a replacement catcher. Mr. Cheney will be doing some duck hunting tonight so watch out!
P – Pangelotti – will be hanging in the dugout performing his fire dance. Lugo is invited. He’ll be using a flame thrower and propane torches to really dazzle the audience. Lugo – if I were you, be sure to get a front row seat.
P – Rayman – Rayman decided that the entire crew is a bit too violent tonight and will be singing some songs and telling children’s stories to a dedicated crowd of children and trying to stay away from the “assassinate Lugo’ crowd.
P — 007 chow – and his new bullet ball that features an incredible spin and dip. It also has the advantage of being shot from a bazooka – which he says will not be aimed at Lugo.
Umpires – Stan Lee will umpire and pitch his latest comic book line.

message from Lugo — why does everyone hate me!

time for lesters weekly crani-ectomy!!

Hey Lugo…..we don’t hate you…we just dislike your lack of ability to play the game of baseball at a professional level. I would love you on my slo-pitch softball team though. We’ll need to talk about your salary though.

If Coco Crisp is destined to be trade bait in the off-season his stock is rising……

Hey Brian, if you’re going to be doing magic tricks with Lugo, maybe you can do the “Make Him Disappear Trick”.

Yankees have taken the lead in Tampa, 3-1, bottom of the 4th.

Lester has thrown a lot of pitches. He’s not at his sharpest tonight. I’d like to see him get through the sixth and call it a night.

Okay, EVERYONE root for the yankees, (I know thats weird, huh?) they are leading the DEVILRAYS, DEVILRAYS, DEVILRAYS 3-1

Most ValuablePetey Boy!!!!!

I was just thinking….no don’t call the fire department..there weren’t that many sparks. Remember how when the Sox had a September lead we were always worried about the Yankees catching up….and a lot of times they did. Wonder if TB has that feeling with the Sox trailing them.

LOL! I hope Papi doesn’t crack Pedroia’s cranium with those hugs!

Big Papi was hugging Pedroia and almost looked like he has gotten over the ZAZU mess. Lots of things have a tendency to go to the wayside when you are winning.

I dont want to get too far ahead of things, but doesn’t this team look familiar?? I think we saw them here about this same time last year, didn’t we??

Different team….same results!!!!!

Some of you talked about moving (or not moving) back to New England. I’m here just south of Jacksonville and the weather is nice. I can play golf all year and my retired pay from the Navy goes a lot further than it would in the Boston area. But New England is home and I miss it a lot. Florida has no real character. St Augustine has some history but the topography stinks, the foliage stinks, the sports stink and the city of Jacksonville stinks. Boston has so much character and there is so much to do there. I don’t particularly care for the bitter cold, but regular cold (zero or above) is OK, and I like the snow. About this time of year, I am so sick of hot, humid weather and in general, the weather is just boring here. When I finally and totally retire at the end of 2010, moving back to New England is a serious consideration.

Papi and Pedroia make a pretty good 3 4 combination. 8 rbi in 4 innings!

Don’t do it, Garry!! The skies are gray for 6 months in New England! I’ve thought about it, but can’t bring myself to go back. Why not go to the Keys?

Garry, I was born and raised here in Fort Lauderdale, so tell ME about the humidity… We didnt have a/c in school until I was a junior in high school.. 1976.. But you have to admit we do have some REALLY beautiful weather after November, December…

Scorpions, hurricanes, hot weather, too expensive, too far from everyone and everything.

I loved being born and raised in Vermont but there is no way I could go back there full-time. Winter would kill me and there is at least 6 months of that. I do plan on spending May-September there when I fully retire. I will stay here in Nevada for the winter since I’m already set up here. Those are the days I have worked my whole life for and can’t wait till it’s a reality!!!!

Hey, let’s all meet up in Vegas with cfarnham!

Yankees now lead Rays 5-1 in the bottom of the fifth.

Go Ya…………nope can’t bring myself to say it. LOSE DEVILRAYS LOSE!

Never been to Vegas. I could be talked into it.

Message from Lugo — The entire team is behind me. They all want me to take all the time I need — even if it takes five years to get better. What does that tell you about the Red Sox — I’ll tell you — they love me!”

I’ll be here for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I can say GO YANKEES if it helps our cause!!! GO YANKEES GO YANKEES!! Lose you dastardly DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS!!!!

Message from Lugo “they also tell me that it is critical for the team for me to recover in a slow and careful process. They love me folks!”

LOL! Hey Brian, Boof Bonzer strikes again!

Anyone notice that Big Papi is up to .274?

Come on Petey!!

I am keeping my eye on everything tonight…..Twins were ahead of Toronto 5-1….now they are losing 6-5. White Sox losing 4-3. Sox just have to keep winning games. Pretty simple.

Exactly right Craig! Sox need to worry about taking care of their own business. If they do, the rest will take care of itself.

Garry, I hear you about Jacksonville. Not a fan of the city. I do really like St. Augustine, though. One of the most enjoyable towns in the U.S. in my opinion. I like it here in DeLand, which is a half-hour from downtown Orlando and a half-hour from Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Great weather. Close to a lot but a small town setting (DeLand is home to Stetson University, where Lenny Di Nardo attended, and is where Chipper Jones and Luke Scott are from). Great weather, though it does get in the 40s for a few days in January. But the sun usually shines, which is the most important thing. I don’t miss the long, dreary and depressing winters from up north. The dreariness – not the cold – is why I relocated down here while I am still young (at least I think I am young; I just turned 40). Boston is a great town – great sports, great architecture, great history, great restaurants. It’s a great place to visit, which I enjoy doing, but I am content devotedly following the Sox and Celtics from central Florida!


Maybe at the end of this year in the parade, Jason Bay will be holding a sign ……… “Zazu has gone fishing, I’d rather be here!” Sometimes you wonder what makes someone tick. Zazu gave up a chance to do something special …… for what?

Though not related to baseball, I wanted to add that anyone who likes history and is looking for a fun vacation should visit St. Augustine, Charleston (S.C.), Savannah (Ga.) and Chattanooga. I have written several travel features, and those cities – along with New England in general – are my favorite places.


Hey, the Sox have their mimimum wage team on the field. A-Rod makes more in a month than the entire team on the field does in a year.

You got that right about ZAZU. What was he thinking??????? Maybe thinking wasn’t part of the equation.

Jeff, don’t feel bad about bringing up non-baseball subjects: we wander off track here regularly. I’d love to hit Savannah and Charleston.

Just a few days until the Patriots kick off. Anyone care to make a prediction?

Go Steelers!

I doubt there are 2 broadcasters that have more fun than Remy and Orsillo. Those 2 guys have a blast doing the games!! I find them too be very entertaining.

Great news from the wheelchair ramp capital of the world. Also known as St. Pete, Fl. LOL!! Go Yankees!!! Mussina has a great chance to win 20 games. Who in the world would have thought that at the begginning of the year? Garza got rocked by the Yankees tonight.

Patriots 37
Chiefs 13

Any team coached by Herman Edwards has no chance!! He could be the worst coach in the N.F.L.

Dave, actually I needed to do paperwork, and that took me away frim the blog for a little bit. BIG lead for the Red Sox. You can put a W in the Red Sox record. TB is losing today against the Yankees(strangely enough, YES!).


Those are 2 beautiful cities. So much character too them. I wouldn’t want too be in Savannah this week. The eye of the storm could be heading there.

Garry and Brian, what happened to the get-together at the Monday Sox-Rays game at the Trop?

Look at that, Kevin Cash is DH. Never thought I’d see that.

ZAZU is only worried about ZAZU. He rarely thinks outside his own little world. Unlike Pappelbon, ZAZU thinks the name on the back of the jersey is more important than the name on the front.

What I miss the most in Mass. was the snowstorms. Wasn’t it great shoveling snow and get your driveway shoveled out. Then some dumb plow driver ( not Joe Morgan ) would pile a whole bunch of snow right in front of the driveway. Those are just great memories. NOT!! I always thought I would kill one of them sometime. That snow in front of the driveway was a pile of rocks!!

Savannah is where my cousins live and where my parents and brothers are from… Beautiful city but I wouldnt want to be there either!!

Jeff, Brian may have some family obligations during that week. He’s trying to find out the details and should know in the next couple of days. I’m up for it though. I’m going to be in your neighborhood starting Sunday night. I’m taking my girlfriend to Disney for her birthday. We’ll be down there Sun – Wed.

Also what I miss most is going to Foxboro/Foxborough ( however there spelling that now ) was watching the Pats play in December and that wind howling in your face. What great memories. LOL!! Now I get too go to games in Tampa and wonder if I should wear any sunblock to the games. LOL!!!

Mr. Write or Jeff, Gsm or Garry,

I will not be in the area for the Red Sox games in St. Pete. I am not flying back until 2 days after the series concludes. Biggest series the Red Sox have ever played at Tropicana Field and I will not be in attendance. That figures. I had always wished too see Bos–T.B. series and have it mean something. It will this year. Boston will need to win 2 in T.B. if they want to win the division. Yankees playing spoiler tonight. Yankees playing spoilier, now that is funny.

Hey Brian, I think Joe Migrane was a snow plow driver before he went into broadcasting, or whatever it is he does down there in Tampa. The used to send him to plow one way dead end streets. There are still several plows sitting at the end of those streets because Joe couldn’t figure out how to get them out.

Hey Dave, it just occurred to me that you are with Jody Foster while I’m out there pitching my tail off for this team. You b-a-s-t-a-r-d!

Garry, I’ll be in Chattanooga on a writing assignment Friday through Sunday. Perhaps we can all get together at ESPN Zone to watch one of the Sox-Rays game (the ones that are next week at Fenway). If your girlfriend is agreeable that, that is! I’m going to the Monday game at the Trop regardless, but I think it would be great if we could all get tickets together. Keep me posted.

LOL!! Garry I love it!!! That was the funniest thing I have ever read on here. The visual is great. I doubt Migrane could be in charge of snow removal in the state of Florida. He would somehow someway screw that all up. Even though there is nothing to be in charge of. I was really hoping he would get stuck in China or somewhere along the way. Imagine sitting next to him on that plane? Talking about a longgggggg plane ride. LOL!!

Is this The Baltimore Orioles v The Pawtucket Redsox or The Orioles v The Boston Redsox Farm Sysytem?? Either way … I’m liking this!!
Here comes Millar.. Man you just cant not like this guy.. I still wish there was a way that he was with us!!!

If you have a bad back I guarantee is is from the wet snow that weighed about 30 pounds per shovel load. Why couldn’t we at least have the nice light snow like Colorado or Utah. I think that snow plow driver traveled though New England like an ice cream truck because that SOB would hide around the corner and wait for me to put my shovel away and then…..whammo!!!!!! That guy hated kids!!!!!


LOL!! New England snow is just rocks and ice. It was great when it cancelled school. It never cancelled work. lol. I love the weather Florida has. Especially the winter. Calling friends and family while sitting on the beach is a great thing. I always make sure they hear the waves and the seagulls in the background. LOL!!

This Orioles team is pathetic. Orioles were once a proud organization, long ago. The Oriole way as they would say. Now it looks like the Devil Rays way. Orioles have no pitching!!

Greatest memory of snow in New England. Jon Smith hits the f.g. Mark Henderson the snowplow driver. Shula hated New England ever since. What a great day in New England.

OK Jeff, I’ll check with the boss on the ESPN Zone thing. That sounds like fun. I’ll also keep you posted on the Tampa trip.

Vinateri hitting a long f.g. to send the game to O.T. and Vinateri winning it in O.T. The “Tuck Game” The begginning of a dynasty!! Of course a week later they went into Pittsburgh ( sorry Jeff ) and beat down the Steelers. Bledsoe played alot in that A.F.C. Championship game. Brady got hurt.


Always check with the boss. Always. LOL!!


Are you awake?

Another surprising development in this game, Pedroia just got his second hit of the game. Pedrioa you rock!! Hot like the Florida sunshine.

lol. Brian, I remember that game. The Steelers had several AFC Championship Game and playoff disappointments under Bill Cowher until finally winning one for the thumb against Seattle. I was stunned when they lost to the Patriots that year.

With the Sox, Celtics, Steelers and Ohio State Buckeyes, my lifelong sports teams are finally all winning simultaneously.

Orioles are cold….like a camp on Lake Champlain in January!!!!!

If you combined the Jays pitching and the Orioles offense, now that would be a formidable team.

An added bonus is that Minnesota and Chicago lost tonight. I think the Sox will win the AL East, but it’s nice to have a safety valve in the wild card. I would rather get the wild card than no playoffs at all, but I believe the Sox will overtake the Rays.


Everyone was stunned that game except for the Pats and their fans. Any team led by Kordell Stewart will always have problems in the playoffs. One of the greatest stories in sports were the Pats that year. A magical season. I am hoping for at least 1 more if not 2 Super Bowls. You teams are on a roll that is for sure. Steelers will be battling the Browns for the division. Ravens and Bengals have very little chance.

Go Yankees!!! Let’s go Yankees!! I believe in the Yankees!!! I believe in the Yankees!!!

Where are the Yankee fans? They usually pack the dome. What happened? A little bump on the road and they stay home. Yankee fans have stayed away from Tropicana Field.


Boston can sweep T.B. at home. T.B. will leave Boston doubting themselves!! T.B. would be mentally beating themselves up.

If the Yankees beat up on TB this week, the doubting could come even earlier.

A great Day! Everybody is saying that the Red Sox are going to win the AL East, and a few weeks ago you guys were doubting the Sox would make the playoffs


You could be right. Go Yankees!!!

That’s how it is in Red Sox Nation, Red Sox Fan! 162 single-game seasons in a year.

Brian, I’ve learned not to count out the Ravens. I do think the Steelers and Browns will make the playoffs, though.


I don’t think anyone on here doubted the Sox would miss the playoffs. Perhaps the division but not missing the playoffs!!


I am counting out the Ravens. I think they’ll win 5 games. I think it would be great too see the Steelers and Browns battle for the division. I don’t see the Bengals going anywhere, perhaps to jail. lol.

The Bengals are the NFL’s version of the U of Miami Hurricanes. They scour the prisons to find their players!

I for one never really doubted the Red Sox would make the playoffs–as the wildcard. And sometimes they look so powerful (missing Youk, JD, Lowell, and still 20 hits tonight) I find it hard to believe they’re not leading the east. And then other nights they just frustrate the heck out of me–no timely hitting, men left in scoring position with two outs, lousy middle relief. Remember, they’re playing Baltimore right now. Play this way against the Angels and the Jays and the Rays, and I’ll be a bit more hopeful. They looked so weak against the Angels and the Jays at Fenway a couple of weeks back, I just found it hard to believe this team could repeat.

NOW It looks like they’re beginning to peak. But I wanna see a 10 or 11 game win streak now. Get the sweep tomorrow and carry on in Texas! I just can’t get used to seeing TB atop the AL east.

One reason they aren’t leading the East is because while they were putting a strong 18-9 August together the DEVIL RAYS went 21-7. Sox are not giving it away this time like tehy have in the past so far….the DEVIL RAYS are taking it. I can deal with that as long as the Sox stay strong and keep the pressure on. Any way they can get in the play-offs is fine with me.

Well, let’s hope they handle TB and Toronto the way they handle Baltimore and the White Sox. The upcoming 6 games against TB will tell the story of the playoffs, I predict.

It feels great to be a Sox fan at this time of the year particularly this year. Tell me I am not alone, I enjoy being a chaser for the division title (knowing that the wc is almost a sure thing) rather being chased by the Rays or the damned Yankess. Recall same time last year, how nervous and edgy the Sox were being hotly pursued by the surging Yankees.
The excitment of the team is that the players were able to pick one another up – JD Crew for Ortiz, Jay for Zazu, Lowrie for Lowell, Crisp filled in adequately for JD, etc, not to mention that Pedroia and Youk having exceptional (MVP)year. Beckett had an off year but the rotation was compensated by the brilliant performance of Lester and Dice-K and the acquisition of Byrd.
For those who are interested, Dice-K has the best road records 7 Win, 0 Loss, 4 ND; Lester 4 Wins, 4 Loss, 6 ND; and Beck 6 Win, 5 Loss, 2 ND. I may be off a game. That said, either Beck (depends how healthy is his elbow) or Lester should be the No.1 starter in the post season.
Brian: You’re right, a sweep of the Rays at home is not impossible. The probable pitchers for the series should and will be Lester, Dice-K, and Beckett.
Can’t wait till JD and Lowell return to the lineup and Big Papi power surge, it will be an interesting September and exciting October.

Brian, Looks as if we’re in for another “lovely” weekend here in the “Sunshine State”. Hannah is headed our way, at the very least we will have Tropical Storm/Category 1 hurricane warnings all along the east coast of Florida!!! Button up and stay safe!!

oh and then we have Ike and Josephine behind Hannah….


It looks like you and Garry could get something. Not here on the West coast of Florida. We have been quite fortunate here in the St. Pete area over the years. You can never tell what will happen with hurricanes. A sudden turn at the last moment and their it is right on top of you. A very active season so far and that is not a good thing.

I really hate day games in the middle of the week. I believe this is the last one for the reg. season. Of course Boston could get a day game in the playoffs, I hope not.

Ok, he is my unsolicited read, LOL! — if the Sox are going to win the division they absolutely have to make their move now (sweeping the Os and Rangers) — and Rays have to drop now (Yanks and Toronto have to win their series against the Rays). And then we need to sweep the Rays at home.

Tall order and and probably too many variables that we have no control over. The schedules even out the rest of the way (except for the fact that we have more games at home).

Depending upon Pavona for a win tonite? Ouch — did you read his wikipedia page? And to think the SOX drafted him originally.

Bottom line, to close the season, — the Rays have 8 games away (4 against the Os [one double header] and 4 against Detroit) — while the Sox have 7 at home (4 with Cleveland and 3 with the Yanks, who one way or another will be motivated to for the playoffs [unlikely] or to knock us down a rung or out of the playoffs [unlikely]).

Any opponent looks tougher than the Os right now. So its a wash or a slight edge to the Rays the last 8 games (Os and Detroit away) verses (Clev and Yanks at home)???

Fortunately, none of this really matters, you just play the game.

Speaking of wiki pages, check out:

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from RSN was maintaining these wiki pages — or if not, they sure to sugar coat (which I like — public wiki pages are supposed to be factual).

Opps — let off the word “don’t” which sort of changes my point, LOL. corrected below.

Speaking of wiki pages, check out:

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from RSN was maintaining these wiki pages — or if not, they sure don’t sugar coat (which I like — public wiki pages are supposed to be factual).

Brian, for some reason I thought you werer in the Jacksonville Daytona area…I guess I got you and Garry confused…. OOPS, MY BLONDE!!!

Wow. I never knew that Lugo asaulted his wife. Just something again to get against him. Great start for the Red Sox


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