The Race is On

First of all, the Patriots will compete without the great Tom Brady. Will they win the Super Bowl? Most likely not. But this team has won three Super Bowls already in the 21st century and a lot of football teams have never won a single Super Bowl.

What do I know about Matt Cassel? First of all, I’m not even positive my spelling on  his last name is right. OK, I’ve just confirmed that it is. Second of all, I know about as much about him as I knew about Tom Brady the day Drew Bledsoe got hurt, which is — not much.

As Richard Seymour said on the radio this morning in that deep voice of his, “Defense wins championships.”

Now, I’ll stop digressing. There is a buzz in the air at Fenway with the Rays in town. You have to think the Red Sox will win the Division at this point. They are finally healthy. Look for J.D. Drew to be back in the lineup  either Tuesday or Wednesday. With Kazmir going tomorrow, I could see them waiting until Wednesday.

The Sox also announced that top prospect Michael Bowden won’t throw another pitch this season. They are happy with the year he’s had, but have decided it’s best to let him rest up.

Kotsay will lead off tonight and play right. Ellsbury is getting a night off.


Wasn’t Beckett considered injury prone also? And Lester certainly proved himself, but just this year. There is certainly a lot of potential in the young arms of both organizations. How long they take to develop is something we will have to wait and see.

Even with Tom Brady, this year’s version of the Patriots was less formidable than last season’s team. Without Brady, the Pats are a 9-7 or 10-6 team. The AFC is wide open. I’m confident about the Steelers.

I’m glad the Sox shut down Bowden. Let him start preparing for next season, when he will likely join Clay Buchholz in the Pawtucket rotation and give the Sox two future top of the rotation caliber starters. Of course, one or the other could be trade bait if the Sox could somehow pry Jake Peavy from San Diego or Roy Oswalt from Houston, packaging one of them with Coco Crisp, who has value since he is hitting again coupled with the fact he is one of the best defensive center fielders in baseball. I would rather see Boston go after Peavy or Oswalt instead of signing Sabathia (too long of a commitment), Sheets (too injury prone) or Burnett (also too injury prone).,

Drew has definitely redeemed himself this year, but he is not missed because of Crisp and Mark Kotsay. With Crisp, you can put Ellsbury or Kotsay in right. Or you can play Ellsbury in center and Kotsay in right. I would like to see the Sox resign Kotsay as a backup outfielder and first baseman, but I imagine Kotsay still views himself as an everyday player.

The Sox are playing well at the right time. It is amazing they are in this position with all of the injuries they have endured. It will be an amazing feat if they can win the AL East and play deep into October. Of course, now that I’m spoiled, I want to see another World Series title!


Ian or Jeff,
Is there any word yet on who the Red Sox are sending to the AFL or HWL?

With Brady the Pats were clearly the best team in the A.F.C. Without him they fall into the pack. It will be a very tough challenge without Brady and that might be an understatement. Cassell has an oppurtunity that players dream of. If Cassell takes the field and has the deer in headlights look, the Pats are screwed. If Cassell embraces it ( he better ) he’ll do just fine. The Pats still have Moss, Welker to throw too. Also Sammy Morris ( there best runner in my opinion ) Maroney and Faulk always comes up with a big catch it seems. We’ll see what Cassell is made of, real quick. Cassell got alot of reps during the pre-season and that can only help him. Also that D better step it up as well. I think one of the better moves during the off-season was when the Pats got Dom Capers on their staff. A combo of Belichick and Capers on the same sideline sounds like a winning combo.

The Red Sox come home smelling blood. The Rays don’t even have there rotation lined up. Jackson and Sonnastine will pitch 2 of the 3 games. While Boston will have their best 3. Boston should take at least 2 if not all 3. Boston is playing there best baseball of the year while the young Rays have alot of self doubt right now. Jump this T.B. team early tonight and get there heads spinning!!


I say from this time to the end of the reg. season. Cassel throw’s more T.D.’s than Big Ben. What do you say? I think with Brady at the helm, some teams were done before the game even started. Without Brady, teams will have confidence they can beat N.E. I guess Belichick will have to get some camera’s installed. LOL!! He’s gonna need every edge he can get!!


Are the Pats gonna give Gabe Gross ( Rays r.f. ) a tryout tomm. at Foxboro/Foxborough? Gross did q.b. Auburn back in the day.

Culpepper to Moss…….Ha Ha!!!!!! Forget that….we have bigger fish to fry….or DEVIL RAYS to nuke. Pitching and defense….the Sox are beginning to look formidible in both areas at the right time.

Hey to all!! Well Ian didnt comment on our record breaking blogging!! I think we should feel slighted. Anyway, let me get this out of the way:
I hope Jon Lester has a great outing tonight. Bats need to continue to stay hot from 1-9 in the lineup and innings 1-9>.
I think that we are seeing the DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS sweat for the 1st time all year. It is the PERFECT time to take it to them!!! Take advantage of a prime situation!!


I’m with you about Ian not commenting. I guess he takes us for granite.



Teh Sox should be really ready to stop them from stealing…

They are clocking Lester at 96mph!! Smoke em Jon!!

Brian, Cassel could throw more TD passes than Roethlisberger because of the offensive systems of the Patriots and Steelers. Even though the Steelers have solid receivers in Ward, Holmes, Washington and Heath Miller, the running game is their bread and butter, especially since Willie Parker is healthy again and the addition of Rashard Mendenhall. I disagree that the Patriots were clearly the best team in the AFC with Brady. The AFC has an array of good teams, and the Pats were weaker than last year’s team even with a healthy Brady.

I guess we’ll agree to disagree.

I do agree about the Red Sox. I feel very confident about this team right now. Getting Drew back will only make this team more formidable, especially with Crisp and Kotsay playing so well. The bullpen is the only question mark. It has looked better, but you still never know what you’re gonna get from everyone except the reliable Papelbon and Masterson.


Good baserunning by Kotsay AND Papi!


I think there are alot of good teams in the N.F.L. but not great. It makes the season more fun. It is now wide open.

Lopez is solid against lefties but Delcarmen is like a box of chocolates. Boston needs too jump all over Jackson. When things go bad for Jackson he loses confidence real quick. He gets down on himself.

Ortiz smoked that one. The start I am looking for. I really like Kotsay in this lineup. All he does is get on base.


Bay goes deep against Tampa Bay. Love it!!

JB! Homerun!

JBAY-BAAAA-BY!~!! Good job!!!!! Too bad Youk got caught in that run-down!!! 3-0 Looking good to me so far…

Lester looks good and strong tonight.. I’m liking this game so far!!

I think you owe a big thank you to your northern neighbours. We sweep the Rays and soften them up for ya and then a nice Canadian boy-Jason Bay wacks a hr. lol

Go Sox!


Tor. beat down on T.B. this past weekend. T.B. had their biggest win of the season in Tor. back in May. I think on Sat. T.B. had there worst loss of the year. That was a crushing loss. Also T.B. didn’t line up there pitching for this series. Boston certainly did. Boston jumped them early tonight and that is what you are supposed to do to a struggling team. Nice D.P. turned!!

Brian, you’re right about there being several good teams. I don’t count out the Patriots because of their offensive line and weapons like Moss and Welker. I just don’t think the Pats are as good this year as last year (with or without Brady). Ditto for the Colts. Both are definitely formidable, but not exceptional.

Lester is pitching well so far. I really think he has emerged as the ace. I believe he will become like Josh Beckett, a guy with a successful October track record.


Hi everybody. Great start for the Sox tonight. Hope they can pile on some runs. Lester started out looking like he didn’t have his best stuff but he’s dominating now. Good to see.
Hey Jeff, how you doing?

I agree the Saturday loss hurt them; walk off slams have a way of doing that, particulary in September. I think the Rays wish they had a couple of veteran players. They are pressing and another loss or two in a row could put them into a bit of a tail spin.

The Sox can’t let up now!!! Gotta get out and hit em outta there!!!!

GS:: Thank you!! and I will say that until we meet the Jays again…… WE BOW TO THE JAYS!!!! (but just til we meet again! lol

Wow, Coco is really looking good at the plate lately!


They are currently in a tail spin.


Agree very much about Lester. I have always thought a good comparsing too Lester was Andy Pettite. If Lester has a career like Pettite, I will be quite happy. Lester is one these rare pitchers, he gets stronger as the game/season gets deeper. Lester is pitching with so much confidence. Boston will have the best duo in the post-season. Boston also has a great shot at the best record in baseball. The road in the A.L. might go thru Fenway. Boston has a full tank of gas right now and T.B. is playing with the gas light on.

Earlier in the year Lester would have given up 2 runs that inning. Certainly not the case now. Lester has grown leaps and bounds on the mound this year. His confidence grows with every pitch. He tossed the no no against K.C. and has been spectacular ever since. He did get smoked in Tor. but you can’t be great every time you take the ball. Lester will bounce back this weekend against the Jays.

Very surprised too see Jackson on the mound this late in the game. After that 3 run 1st inning. I really thought Jackson would have been done by the 4th. I think the Red Sox let him off the hook.


Tying run to the plate.

I agree with Francona, bring in Papelbon. The save is right now!!

Lester with another solid start.

Papelbon says Good morning….Good afternoon and Good night!!!

YES!!!! Papelbon!!!

YES! (I’m using Harrelson’s line. LOL) Pap strikes out Baldelli to end the inning!

Coco is really coming on! I say let him steal 2nd. Then you have a choice to sacrifice him to third with one out or take three chances to drive him in.

Well, that didn’t work!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOO… Looks like .5 is 3 away for us!!!


There are two teame I hate one is New York the other one is Tampa Bay,GO BOSTON CRUSH THE RAYS.
When the Jays come there for four games I hope we crush the Sox, but the way the Sox are playing I think if we split we will be lucky.Papelbon is a lights out closer for sure.
Lester pitched a whale of a game tonight.

GAME OVAHHHHH!!! The Sox are .5 back!!!!!! 7 games up in the wild card!!!

John Kruk said it best, a 3-0 blowout by the Red Sox. This game was over early. T.B. was never in it. Papelbon throwing gas!!!

Once again the outcome was great but the telecast ( Staats & Migrane ) stunk!! LOL!!

1 game back in the loss column.

Do we EVER have a DULL moment?? I think not!!

Great pitching today from Lester and Papelbon. What a way to send a message to the devilrays and tell them that ALL the pressure is on them!

There were two foul balls hit into the devilrays telecast booth and Osillo called Migrane “Jeff” the first time and then called him “Jack” the 2nd time. Hilarious.

Tomorrow the Sox can even up the loss column and take a half game lead. What a run by the Sox!

Garryguy. Here we call the team from West Florida the DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS because thats what they wer called up until they started being non bad.. superstitious thing you know….


Hey guys,
Just tuned in. Lester threw 119 pitches. That was a hefty count. Francona was not fooling around with this game. It came across as do-or-die. Papelbon threw only fastballs. I’m surprised the Rays didn’t pound him more but I’m grateful they didn’t. I’m really excited. This of course was one of those “one inning decides everything” since Tampa Bay shut down the Sox after that.
Tomorrow is another day but the SOX MUST WIN THESE NEXT TWO GAMES. It is deadly critical because then they face red-hot Toronto and more Tampa Bay. These next games are beyond critical. They will decide the season for the Sox (good thing I’m not worried).
I talked to Migrane after the game. He was drowning in a Shirley Temple.
“It’s horrible. My life is almost over. This is terrible. Rosanne is starting to feel sexy to me. Lugo is starting to look attractive with his cute eyes and beautiful smile. Now I want a bowl of coco puffs with chocolate syrup and chocolate milk with a coca cola with some beer. Ya that’s me now. Just terrible — just terrible.”
You heard it here.

Absolutely PERFECT!!!! Thank you.. when something works you gotta stick with it!!!

John Kruk.. with all the money he makes, you’d think he could buy a tailored suit.. But I guess he like to buy off the rack.. come to think of it the Rack would look better.

Such a BIG, HUGE game this was for the Sox!! They won and brought the division to within .5!!! YOU GO REDSOX GUYS!! Great Job!!!!! Lester threw more than I think he has al season and to just need him and Jon-Bon?? Huge.. rest the unpredictable arms of the Middle relievers.
Did any of y’all see the “Thank you’s” from the players coaching staff and FO?? Well I have one for them.
Thank you RedSox all the way down from Werner, Casey Lucchino and Theo, to Terry, Papi, Cinco-Ocho Tek Timlin and Wake (those four were here when the 456 started) and all the rest… You have given me not just 456 games, but 43 and 1/2 years of WONDERFUL MEMORIES.. I cant say anymore except “THANK YOU REDSOX!!” and hey.. Thank you RedSox Nationers and Brownie Point Bloggers!!
I’ll steal something from the 79 Pirates.

Great game by the Sox, I think Lester is now your ace. Interesting in that TB has been shut out for 18 innings by two lefties, Purcey and Lester.
So win tommorrow and Wednesday, so you don’t feel too bad if we beat you this weekend. lol

Hello from the great province that gave you Jason Bay (British Columbia, for those who don’t know). First, thanks to the weather gods for raining out the Jays/White Sox–because of that, SportsNet covered the Sox/TB game here in Canada. Great win for the Sox, I might have taken Lester out after 7 innings, but it all worked out in the end anyway.

No Papelbon tomorrow (he’s pitched 2 innings in the past two days) so the rest of the pen better be up to the task. Also, lots of innings to cover in the coming week with the double-header on Saturday. Is Colon ready? Will Hansack start?

Ron, Colon is slated to start one of the doubleheader games. He pitched 7.2 scoreless innings against the Yankees Triple-A affiliate on Sunday and in the previous start allowed a run and four hits over six innings. He appears ready. Hansack is at the back of the bullpen as an extra arm in the event of a blowout. The Sox bullpen is stocked with arms so the doubleheader should not be an issue. Hopefully, Colon can give the Sox at least six strong innings.


I think the Jays have a double-header tomorrow, to make up for today’s rainout. Good. Wear down those arms!


Great point with the Jays having a double-header tomm. night. Of course they’ll have a double-header on Saturday in Boston. Jays are considering starting Halladay Sunday on 3 days rest. Halladay would be one of the pitchers that could do it for sure. He is a horse!! I enjoy watching him pitch but not against Boston. He has owned Boston this year.

Robert Kramer: What I am saying is that the Yanks young arms are untested and unproven including Joba. I will pass the judgment on Joba until he has pitched a whole season either as a starter or as a reliever. Beckett is a universally recognized ace whether injury prone or not he will give you good enough innings for the season. What proof do you need for Lester who won Game 4 of WS and his performance (including that of last night) in 2008 are proof positive that Lester has emerged as an ace type pitcher.
The Rays are slowly disintegrating. If the Yanks have been playing to their capabilities and sustaining a long winning streak, a wc is not out of the question with the Sox winning the division. Maybe last night shoving match will spark a prairie fire. Nah, it is too little to late even if the Yanks win the remaining games.

GS: Thank you Blue Jays for contributing to where the Sox are. Jays have solid pitching I won’t be surprised that the Jays make the playoffs as a wc if the Rays continue the slide. Honorable mention to the Yanks for taking 2 out of 3 from the Rays.

It was good that 3 runs in the first held up. The Sox bad base running caused at least 2 or more runs which was forgotten and forgiven when you won the game.


Quite true about the baserunning and all is forgiven when you win. If Boston lost, totally different story. Winning is a great deodorant as John Madden likes to say.

Yes indeed. Winning forgives all bad base runnings. Scott Kazmir faced the Sox twice this season and lost the game on May 4, 4 IP and 3 ER. Received no decsion on July 2 at TB, 5 IP and 4 ER. So Kazmir good as he is is beatable. With Dice-K on the hill, better have Alka Selzer ready for the agitation. Anyway, the Sox will find a way to win just like his last game against the O’s and Dice -K will always keep the Sox in the game.


I believe that start for Kazmir back in May was his first start of the season. Back in July Boston had alot of good at bats against Kazmir. Usually Kazmir gets the best of Boston. Ortiz has struggled against him over the last few years and Zazu did as well. Dice-K certainly does keep them in the game. He walks the tightrope almost every start. T.B. has had some success against him. I think they beat him twice last year if not 3 times. I doubt Francona and Farrell sleep well before Dice-K takes the hill and I doubt they sleep well when the game is over. He must drive them nuts!! I’m not too sure if Alka Selzer can help when Dice-K is on the hill. lol.

Lester’s start was important in a couple of ways. It starts the series with a win but only Papelbon was used out of the pen last night. Masterson and Okajima are fresh for tonight’s game. Chances are Dice-K will not give the start Lester did last night. Highly unlikely.

In Dice-K’s defense, not that he needs one. Dice-K is a better pitcher than last year. Actually, Dice-K was the pitcher on July 2 at TB. Dice–K pitched 5 innings gave up 1 ER and 5 BBs which was equalized by 5 SOs. With the addition of Bay, Kotsay and Coco continues to be hot, there is no easy outs down the lineup except for Jason not Bay. I can see the Sox score 4 or 5 runs and win the game for Dice-K. As you said, Masterson is available. He will good for 2 innings and Lopez and Okajima for one inning. The Sox can conceivably win without the service of Papelbon.

Funny…Everyone appears consumed with TB, frankly I’m more worried about the upcoming 7 games against Toronto.

If Boston collapses in the reamining 5 games against TB (unlikely), then they don’t get first in the AL east but they still make the playoffs. Thus it seems to me, the only way the Sox don’t make the playoffs at all is if they fall apart against the Jays. And with the Jays starting pitching, that might be a more likely scenario.

I think last night’s Jays/White Sox rainout was huge. Today (Tue) the Jays have Burnett and Litsch scheduled, tomorrow (Wed) Halladay, and Thr they have Marcum scheduled. Thr is an off-day for Boston.

Jays on Friday have Purcey vs. Wakefield. Which means for the Saturday double-header, if they want to start the rotation again with Burnett and Litsch, then both pitchers have to start on 3-days rest. Same for Sunday if they want to start with Halladay. In other words, the Sox might not see Halliday at all this week, and will see perhaps Burnett on 3-days rest on Saturday (along with another starter just brought up from the farm), and then Litsch on 4-days rest on Sunday.

The Red Sox, on the other hand, could choose between Lester (on regular 4-days rest) and Colon and Byrd to start the double-header games on Saturday and the game on Sunday. Then start the rotation over with Dice-K and Beckett on the following Monday and Tuesday in TB.

It’s gonna be interesting to see the pitching matchups when they’re announced.

Oh, a question from last night’s game, bottom of the first. When Youkilis was trying to stretch his single into a double, was he in essence “giving himself up” to ensure that Ortiz didn’t get tagged out at the plate? My sense is that Ortiz was going to score easily, and Youkilis made a bad baserunning decision. The announcers didn’t really address this.

Sox have to be smarter on the basepaths, they lost two runners yesterday due to bad decisions on the basepaths (Youkilis in the 1st, Crisp in the 8th). Potential runs are going to be valuable again TB, notorious for coming back in the 8th and 9th innings.

ronkelly: We will worry about the Jays series after taking care of the Rays first. I do not know about the Jay’s pitching for the Jays/Sox series. But I can tell you, the Sox’s probable pitchers will be Wake, Byrd/Colon (double header), and Lester.

The bad base running was what Brian and I talking about. It was forgiven because Lester was on the hill and the Sox won. Can’t say for sure if Dice-K was pitching last night.

Unless I’m missing something, we seem to agree. My point on Hughes/Beckett is that the injury prone tag can be overcome. Didn’t I say Lester has proven himself? Yes I did!

I may have misunderstood your statment. Anyway, you are a nice person. We like you. I just had a chance to visit the Bomber Beat blog. There are hardly any traffic regardig last night’s game. I guess the regular bloggers are in a state of depression. At least you can look forward to Alfredo Aceves pitching tonight.

Looking forward to a rookie vs. the Angels? Not really.

This will be Aceves’ first major league start (?) against Ervin Santana who last pitched 8 inning shut out aginst the Yanks. It can be a long (short) night for Alfredo.
The Yanks are coming home for the Rays weekend series. I will be rooting for the Yanks.

Yes, Aceves first start. I’d be happy with six innings and three runs. I hope our offense shows up!
And, if we continue to be spoilers for the Rays, that will be satisfying. We gave them their first consecutive loses at home in a long time!!!

The Yanks are in a sad situation where they can’t even play spoilers any more. The Yanks’ second last series of the season will be against the Jays. The games will be meaningful for either team – a fight for the third place.
If the Angels win coupled with the Tex loss, the Angeles clinches the division and will be celebrating right in front of the Yanks.

Who cares about the Yankees!! Enough about them.


Brian: We have to care about the Yanks who are playing the Rays while the Sox are playing the Jays in the next series. Do you want the division or not? lol. Ok, no more Yankees talk.


If the Red Sox play the way they are capable of, they will win the division. Boston got some much needed help from Tor. and the boys from gotham. Now they don’t need any help. They control their own destiny!! I am focused on the Rays and T.B. only.

I think we are all counting wins before they happen. The Sox are on a streak but how long will it continue. Face it, they have problems.

1) Hitting. They really struggle with off speed material and clutch hits although they are getting better at it. They struggle with getting enough runs to stay in a game although lately it’s been better.
2) Pitching: They have a severe problem in the bullpen. For some reason the pen falls apart when they are losing a game but when they are winning a game they seem — for the most part — to hold their own. I suppose that’s ideal but consider a game where you are losing but catch up to win. You need a bullpen to hold the opposing team down. Look at yesterday. Lester could have easily given in to the bullpen but did he? Why? Francona had a game he had to win and the bullpen is not in the formula.
3) Injuries. They are healthy now but this is the first time this year.
4) Toronto. Toronto can easily mow down the Sox and then with Tampa Bay could finish the deal. Tampa has lost some games but don’t sell them short — they are still potent. Right now only Cleveland presents easy wins for the Sox. No sir, they have a long way to go before we can call them victors.

Tonight’s lineup:
1. Coco Crisp CF
2. Jed Lowrie SS
3. Dustin Pedroia 2B
4. Kevin Youkilis 1B
5. Jason Bay LF
6. Mike Lowell 3B
7. Mark Kotsay RF
8. Jason Varitek C
9. Jeff Bailey DH

Any comments?

Tampa Bay lineup to come.


Ortiz has really struggled against Kazmir. A D.H. hitting 9th, when did that happen before. Very rare for sure!! Pedroia in the 3 hole, filling in for Big Papi is the little guy. Ellsbury with another night off. Ortiz’s big bat looms large late in this game.

Coco is hot I have no problem have him leading off. Switch hittting Lowrie’s batting average against lefties is over 350. Jeff Baily, a DH, batting 9th is weird. But where do you put him? Bailey is the only viable RH batter off the bench. Casey and Papi are available to pinch hit against RHP. Francona is playing righties against a LHP.

Industry sources have confirned that NESN play-by-play man Don Orsillo has agreed to a four-year deal to remain as the Sox’ play-by-play man. The deal runs through 2012.
The deal also allows Orsillo to broadcast for TBS in the post-season.
4 more years!!

What kind of injury did Upton sustain last night?

lol. Dave, I thought you are stuck in the pre-2004 doomsday Red Sox mode. Though it’s true that this team is not perfect, the offense is playing much better (clutch hits are no longer a consistent issue; sometimes you just gotta tip your hat to the opposing pitcher. This is the major leagues, after all). The bullpen is pitching much better. I have confidence in Papelbon, Masterson and Okajima. Delcarmen is still iffy, but he has been pitching better. In the post-season you rely upon a smaller number of relievers anyway. You’re right. This is the first time they have been mostly healthy this season, but that is a testament to the depth of this team. If Ortiz went down, or Drew went down, I would still feel confident because of guys like Kotsay, Crisp and Sean Casey. The Red Sox lineup is well-balanced.

Regarding the Jays, they are no pushover, but they are no threat to overtake the Sox. It is laughable when you say the Jays can easily mow down the Sox. Not in the midst of a pennant race when the Sox are focused. I can see a split at Fenway. Nothing worse for Boston. The Jays are definitely hot right now. Some would say there are right now a better overall team than Tampa Bay, but let’s face, the Jays are not the ’27 Yankees. The Sox pitching is good enough to stop the Jays.

The Red Sox are – to use a cliche – firing on all cylinders at the right time. A month ago, I was concerned that this team would struggle to earn a wild card berth. Now, I would be surprised if they don’t win the AL East and reach the World Series.

While you are right that it is not sure thing, this Red Sox team is arguably the best team in baseball right now – not the same team that struggled against the Jays earlier this year.


Dave, Don’t be so optimistic, huh?? lol We all know what COULD happen, but I thought we were all focusing on the POSITIVES….. I hope that ‘dice K can keep his pitch count down and NOT load up the bases as per his normal M.O.
Everybody keep cheering!!! and remember who that other team is…. DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS!!!!

Dave, I have a recipe for you. It’s called Ellen’s Rose-Colored Cocktail. Let’s make enough for everyone! Take one bottle Grenadine, one bottle Roses Lime juice, 2 liters Skol vodka, 1 liter Tanqueray gin, 3 bottles Patron Silver and one bottle 1800 Reposado. Mix this with 2 quarts orange juice and one ounce fresh mint(crushed). Add one ounce sugar. Pour over cracked ice in a salted glass. Recommended “dose” is one half to one quart per Sox fan. Double for Brian. See ya in detox!!!!

Sox already have a lead! No need to be gloomy. The Sox are on the rise and they will prevail!

Where’d everybody go?

Robert-this is from the Rays web site

Carl Crawford is out for an undetermined amount of time, Evan Longoria could be back by the end of the weekend, and B.J. Upton’s status is up in the air after leaving Monday night’s loss to the Red Sox with a strained left quadriceps.

A hit bats man scores the 1st run…Come on Dice!!

Uh-oh, we’ve got a Matsuzaka Meltdown in the works. Get out your Rosaries folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride tonight.

Anyone know the number of a good Proctologist? Dice-K needs to get his head out of his you-know-what. This is a pennant race!!!!!!!

Somebody PLEASE tell Matsuzaka that he cannot see the plate to pitch with his head so far up his… but.. lets not get carried away here… WHY NOT???? Get your krap together.. they paid a freaking TON O MONEY for you!!! GET IT SONE NOW!!!!!IDO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, IDO, IDO, IDO, IDO BELIEVE!!!

Sorry gang,
I am usually one of the most positive individuals on this blog but Dave is right in the respect that you can’t get too far ahead of the schedule. Lucky for us the Sox won’t do that. They have already begun to focus on one game at a time. They will not take any games lightly or look ahead to the next series. Start looking too far ahead and disaster is usually the result. Unwarranted expectations can be a dangerous thing and then we all get PO’d when the Sox don’t meet up to our expectations. Now…..with all that said….Let’s Go Red Sox, Clap, Clap….Clap Clap Clap….

That’s enough for Dice-K. Get him out of there before the game is beyond reach. Dice-K has to learn that if he can’t control his pitches–then he doesn’t pitch. Too many excuses for him. Almost every game he pitches – which usually are Lucky if they go six innings– is touch and go. I think that Tito has to lay down the law with him. Again, NO EXCUSES!!!!

I know that strikeouts are an important stat, but they dont seem to be as much a team stat as they are a personal stat. Now is not the time to be thinking personal stats… THIS IS A TEAM… T E A M…… Dice K, please get them to hit it on the ground or pop it up… JUST GET THEM THE LLEH OUT OF THERE!!!!

Ok, all is not lost. The Sox still have time to regroup. They’re only down 2 and they can get to Kazmir, they’ve done it before. Stay positive!!!

Problem here is that Matsuzaka will probably give that run back (and more) before Tito pulls him from the game.

I’d get him out of there right now.

Time for Dice-K to settle down. No more sc/rewing around! You hear me Dice-K??? Don’t make me come over there!!!!
You know, one time when I was a kid in little league I was pitching and couldn’t throw a strike. My catcher walked out to the mound and he says,”Throw a strike or I’ll kill ya.” It worked!

Its time for Tito to put a stop to this and pull matsuzaka OUT of this game!!! He’s going to let it get TOO FAR GONE!!

BIg inning, I’m afraid.

Whether Dice-K comes through this inning or not–he doesn’t belong in there.

Typical Dice-K….you have been watching it all year. Dodging bullets until he either gets yanked or it gets out of hand. Which will it be tonight?

Ok, good, Dice-K put up a zero. Time for the Sox to work some magic.


I’m glad I have only the gameday tonight. Dice-K gives me indigestion sometimes when he pitches.

Terry must have the patience of a Saint and the stomach of a mule…. If it were me there with Dice K… Iwould be cussing him out and down a quart of Pepto Bismol!!!!

I hope the Sox take (and hold) the lead this half inning, if only to get Lopez the win. The way he’s pitched lately, he deserves a “W”.

Typical Dice-K…all over the place, constantly on the brink of disaster, gives up only 3 runs and keeps the Sox in the game. All year he has done that….and he has driven Tito and the rest of us nuts but here we are with a chance.

I should have switched to game day…..Dice-K wore me out watching him live!!!!!!!

well, perhaps the good news is that Kazmir has hit the 100-pitch mark.

Well, time for me to start drinking Ellen’s Rose Colored Cocktail. Maybe I’ll garnish it with a little 151 rum. Then I’ll be in a more positive mood!

I’m ready to see the Sox take a shot at TB’s bullpen. Kazmir is tough as nails.

Lopez should only be a spot pitcher- to lefty batters. After that he should sit down.!!

Please let him be Dr Feelgood tonight!

Okay….Delcarmen is in during a situation where he has some pressure. Let’s see what he can do.

Hey, on my gameday it says Manny Delcarmen replaces Javier Lopez then it says Manny Delcarmen replaces Manny Delcarmen. Then: coaching visit to mound. Farrell probably needs to remind Manny DC to replace himself with the GOOD Manny DC!

No coach visit that I saw……Your game day is smoking crack!!!! And…….Delcarmen throws strikes, gives us a couple scares and keeps the game where it was when he came in… on this one Manny!!!!!!!!! Let’s Go Sox!!!!!!

WOW!!!! Delcarmen did it!!!!

Gameday can be a little weird. Of course, it could be all the drinking I’m doing. I don’t normally drink much. Wow! This drink of Ellen’s is strong! I’m seeing two keyboards!

Maybe you could make a good stiff drink for the DEVILRAYS bullpen!!!!


Now that’s some clutch hitting!

You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is 2 for 19 off this guy….Both hits are HRssssss!

JASON BAY!!!!!!! I told you they could do it! GO SOX!!!

Okie stays in? Can’t use Papelbon.

OK !!! Let’s bring in Paps. We win today, we are in first place!!!Let’s bring it in!!

go sox

this is 3 days in a row, isn’t it?

Papelbon just threw 15 pitches against Texas and 18 last night against the Rays. No reason not to use him tonight. Now tomorrow night is a different story. Hopefully Beckett can give the Sox some innings and Masterson can close.

Yeessh. Jays winning their 10th straight tonight.

The Jays will be cooled off this weekend!



Um, not what we wanted to happen.

Tito loses the lefty-right game against Madden. About time for a blown save.

Back to square one. Let’s hold them.

Keep the faith.

gotta give TB their props. there’s just no quit in this team.

Doesn’t Papelbon have a history when he pitches 3 days in a row? The blown save is bad enough, now you certainly can’t use him tomorrow.

Yes, pitch count was low from the last 2 days, but with short relief, I’ve always thought the act of getting up and throwing was the real grind. After you’ve warmed up and pitched an inning, the damage is done, regardless of whether you’ve thrown 5 pitches or 50 pitches.

No movement on Pap’s pitches. You can’t just throw fastballs. They are too good. Let’s try to hold them and get them back.

Wow, Papelbon sure blew a great story for Bay — too bad

Don’t count on our Jays colling off, they’re just getting going. lol

This will be a bad loss which gives TB some mo, back. That is not a good thing. Hopefully the Sox can come back and score in the bottom of the 9th.

What’s going on? Where’s Ellsbury?

My kingdom for a bunt. Thanks for nothing V-tek.

Percival just blew a save against the Jays last time out. This is not the Percival of old.

My grandmother can lay down a bunt.

Shouldn’t depend on Tek to bunt. If yuo want someone to bunt put in Cora.

Is Tito on drugs??? Why would he put Ellsbury in NOW??? Why not when Kotsay first walked?

Tough one….we’ll survive.

Good points. Tito’s chaw must’ve gone to his brain in that half inning. Indeed, why not PR Ellsbury right after the walk? Why not PH Cora (a better bunter).

Yeah, a tough loss but not the end of the world. Sox are in the playoffs, either as a WC or East winner…except for those pesky Jays. We have 7 games against Toronto. And we lead Toronto by 7 games. Hmmm.


Definitely a tough one. I can’t fault Tito for his call in leaving Tek out there to bunt. He has shown himself to be a capable bunter. This one hurts, but still only 1.5 back!

Beckett tomorrow. He’s got to come up huge and shut the devilrays down, show he’s the ace and will not let the Sox falter.

What could otherwise be another heroic comeback night. Dice-K was on the tight rope all night but he kept the game in control for the Sox to come back. The Sox did and your best closer blew it. I have nothing else to say.

Why Francona didn’t pinch run Ellsbury for Kotsay immediatelly is beyond my comprehension. I would love too here his thought process. Then again was there any thought? Ellsbury should have been in right away as a pinch runner. Ellsbury steals second and that would have changed that entire inning.

I know Papelbon’s stats are quite similar to last year but he doesn’t look like the same pitcher to me. Papelbon has been challenged every time he takes the hill this year. Nothing has been easy for him. I would say he had more 1-2-3 innings last year than this year. A year ago he was smoking guys. He had a few games last year where he got hit but he was far more dominant in 2007.

Dice-K shows us again he is nothing more than a #3 or #4 starter. I would have rather have Byrd pitch in a big playoff game than Dice-K. The Red Sox spent over 100 million dollars on Dice-K as of right now money not well spent. He needs to be an ace like Lester. Lester takes the hill with so much confidence and comes right after hitters. Certainly not Dice-K. He had a tough September last year and it looks like he could have another tough September. My confidence in Dice-K is at zero!!

Beckett certainly looked good on Friday in Texas. I expect Beckett to go at least 7 innings tonight. I also expect the Boston bats to knock around Sonnastine. Ellsbury will be at the top and Pedroia ( hits much better in the 2 hole ) back where they belong. Drew will be back as well. Boston needs to pound the baseball tonight!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

Are you rooting for the Patriots now that they have one of your Trojans at the helm? (lol) Don’t forget to wear your Trojan golf shoes on Saturday.

Do you think, over the Winter, there will be any conversation of moving Pap into the rotation and either getting another closer, or say, move Masterson into the closer’s role? I know that’s got to sound like blasphemy, and maybe this is just a (relatively) down year for Pap. But I agree with you, Tito has to be holding his breath each time he sends Pap in. Rivera has those rare occasions when he runs into trouble, but 8 or 9 times out of 10, he just mows them down.

Or could it be that you can’t run Pap in there every night. Perhaps Masterson should have gotten the call last night. I do hope you’re right, that Beckett shines tonight, and my Golden Flash gets stoned. So much for the local hero!


I don’t understand the golf shoes comment. No golfing here. sorry to inform you. I will root for the Pats no matter what. They could have Tommy Hodson or Matt Ramsey under center. LOL!! Then again they could have Tony Eason their as well. Yikes!!

Papelbon was the right call. I’ll take my chances with him every single time. He is one of the best closers in the game!! In 2008 he doesn’t look like the Papelbon of 2007. I know the stats show this and show that.. No Bill James here. Zero conversation of putting Papelbon in the rotation. Another post and no mention of Matt Holliday, hmmmmmm. I wonder why. LOL!!

I hope your Golden Flash of Kent State is gone in a flash!!

U.S.C. 24

Ohio State 13

That is my prediction and that is my final prediction. U.S.C. is the team too beat in college football. Who will they play for all of the marbles, time will tell.

Francona is a great guy, but not necessarily a great baseball manager as evidenced by last night game. He’s great when the Sox are winning. Francona can easily be outmanged by many contending mannagers.
As you said, Dice-K is a No.3 or 4 starter. Pending how Beck pitches tonight, my preferred rotation for the postseason is Becket or Lester, Dice-K, and Byrd.
If there is a culprit for last night’s game, it was the lack of offense in early going and Papelbon and maybe Francona to a lesser degree. Dice-K struggled but he kept the game well in control for the Sox to come back.
This is a heartbreaking loss. I would feel easier if the Dice-K lost by a large margin.
In the next series, the Sox do need help from the Yanks to beat the Rays. It’s unrealistic to expect the Sox to sweep Jays in a 4 game series, 3 out of 4 at best.


A tough loss for sure but this a veteran team and I expect the Sox too come out swinging tonight!! I don’t like too get on the manager too often ( the players need to perform ) but Francona didn’t give his team the best chance to tie or win in the 9th. A manager in little league would have had Ellsbury pinch run when Kotsay walked. I have no clue why Francona didn’t. Did he forget he had Ellsbury available. That being said Papelbon had a 1 run lead in the 9th and couldn’t get it done.

Talking about pinch running, the Sox should have called up Buchholz who is allegedly speedier than Ellsbury. lol Just kidding.
A tough, tough loss. Ellsbury should have pinch run for Kotsay and stole second and moved to third and tied the game for an out. If the game went to extra inning, the Sox had the advantage since Masterson was avialble and Rays had used Percival.


They should have had Steve Avery run. lol.

007chow: 3 of 4 at best vs Toronto? I am seriously worried it could be 1 of 3 — the way Jays have been playing and we have Wakefield, Byrd, Colon, Lester as our pitching lineup. So the last game (Lester) we have a great chance to win. If Byrd stays on, maybe two. Wakefield usually takes a while to get out of streaks either way, and I don’t think he is an on-streak now, so Wake and Colon games may be very tough to win.

Regardless, the next 11 games all with Rays and Jays probably determine our outcome for the season. Who would of thunk???

I am concerned about Wake and Colon games also. If the Sox can take one of these games, the Sox will be in good shape. Doc Halliday is pitching tonight so that he may not be available for the Sox series. Gaston could bring Doc to pitch on 3 days rest on Sunday depends on whether the Jays have a real shot at the wc.
I am an eternal optimist. I do believe that the Sox will split the series at worst and hope for 3 out of 4.

O.K. guys. A new idea. A Star Trek episode using characters from the blog and Red Sox players. Check it out. It’s multiple parts so you’ll have to keep up. Enjoy!

“Captain’s log, star date 8780.3. Captain Francona reporting. We have been patrolling the Eastern division of the alpha quadrant with a rather routine and benign patrol…but I feel uneasy. The Borg Devil Rays have had reported sightings and the Enterprise suffered severe battle damage after our last encounter. I try hard not to blame chief weapons officer Papelbon but his targeting abilities have steadily degraded over time along with his eyesight. Perhaps his sessions with Counselor Ellen will have a positive effect on him. “
A small beep on the door. Francona swings in his seat and says, “Come.”
“First officer Varitek with the damage report.”
Francona picks it up and scans the words dreading the outcome. He needs little time to ascertain the present condition and leans back in his seat. Another ring comes.
“Arnie…it’s about time. Did you bring the…”
“Captain no worries. Chicken lama with the special Picard sauce as well as chocolate soufflé…but permission to speak freely.”
Chief Arnie, who stood at seven four with bulging muscles and a handsome chiseled face with hair of gold and eyes like Safire smiled at the tired captain.
“Granted Arnie.”
“Captain, “sighed Arnie. “I’m concerned about your weight. These…seventeen meals a day…and the wobble in your walk…”
“That’s enough, “snapped first officer Varitek before cleaning his nose and sniffling.
“Don’t you sleep first officer?”
“No sir. I’ve had several colds but the stimulants are keeping me going as well as the forty five cups of coffee a day but between all my duties…”
“Have you had time with counselor Ellen?”
‘Yes sir, “said Jason. “But she’s been busy with Lieutenant Casey and seems to spend all the time with him. “
Captain Francona got up after devouring the entire meal. He had a large wobble to his walk as his belly rolled like a bowl full of jelly. He smiled but then felt the pressure of his heart force him down in the chair.
“Ah…I’ll talk to Ellen but for now you all have your duties. “
This was a minor excuse. Captain Francona felt his stomach in knots. Only the endless supply of food kept his sanity. Francona grabbed the plates and threw them across the room. Arnie was right – he was getting fat but was 424 pounds that fat? He wasn’t sure. He hit the intercom.
“Bones here.”
“Dr. Youk…my heart.”
“Dammit Francona. You’ve turned into half a ton of pig fat. What’s your problem! If you’re not careful I’ll be shouting ‘he’s dead Varitek’ to your first officer. “
Francona leaned back in his chair but the weight snapped it and sent Francona to the floor almost crushing his back.
“Dammit Francona, “cried Youk who slammed his fist on the control. “I told you chef Arnie is dangerous. I told you.”
Francona rolled over. Was Arnie the DevilRays spy? Was he relaying information to Captain Migrane of the Borg ship? He wasn’t sure. Was it cross dressing nurse Lugo? Yes he delivered babies but was it more than that? He needed to talk to Klingon security officer Ortiz but he was out with a broken wrist and a knee problem. He forced himself up and fell into the chair. Once again Arnie had seduced him with food.
A beep on the console.
“Admiral Gary. What’s wrong?”
“Plenty Francona. Reports of the Devil Ray Borg are in your area. Go to battle alert and…captain…you’ve been controlling your weight right?”
Francona smiled and said, “this isn’t the time.”
Francona got up and closed the monitor. He pushed a button on the console and shouted, “red alert.”


Captain Francona seemed to forget the secret arsenal of chief petty officer Ellsbury before 2 rounds of clashes with the Borg Devil Rays. The food chef arnie prepared must have gotten into Captain Francona’s head.

LOL 007chow. I haven’t introduced him yet. He’s the secret weapon but more surprises follow!

424 pounds, huh? Must be all the ghee I use in Francona’s meals. I’ll have to stop that. But just one last time: I’ll be feeding Francona some Biryani rice with Sambar shrimp and Masala Dosa filled with coconut chicken, add a little chile/cilantro chutney and cucumber raita. Mango Lassee spiked with Meyer’s Rum. Besan Ladoo for dessert. Don’t worry, I’ve hired a forklift to haul Tito onto the field. He’ll be ready!!

Thanks for that on Upton.

Arnie & CF04,
I always have Gameday on and that self replacing pitcher tag happens at least 50% of the time!

Took my girlfriend to Disney for a few days so I’ve missed the excitement. I did see some highlights of the games and it looks like the Sox should have won both games. The biggest thing I see heading into tonight is that Papelbon is like not availabe after working a couple of tough outings in a row. That could be a factor. Sox need to get the bats rolling early in this one.

Really tough break for Tom Brady. However, Matt Cassel has been his understudy for three years and understands the way the Pats do business very well. He obviously is not going to be Tom Brady, but he certainly has the physical attributes and knowledge to be better than anyone else the Pats could bring in at this point, and probably to do a pretty good job. It doesn’t hurt that he’s playing for one of the best coaches in the history of the sport, has a couple of all world receivers to throw to, and a running game that could be very, very good with Morris and Maroney. They likely won’t score 600 points this year, or go 16-0 through the regular season, but any team would be ill advised to take them for granted. I see the Pats at 11-5, winning the East, and possibly getting to the Conference championship. Even without Brady, neither the Steelers nor the Jaguars are as good. Of course, I tend to take the positive view of things, but we’ll see what happens. I also think Brady takes an active role in mentoring Cassel, which won’t hurt things a bit.

Thanks Kramer.
It was funny since we talk here so much about which Delcarmen will show up.

Admiral Garry here! I had a chat with Captain Francona. I misunderstood my orders concerning his diet. I put him on a Seafood Diet. He thought I meant See-food diet and 250 pound later, the rest is history. Chef Arnie, ensure the Captain gets plenty of fish.

Here’s tonight’s lineup.

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Mark Kotsay, RF
8. Jed Lowrie, SS
9. Jason Varitek, C
— Josh Beckett, SP

Note, still no J.D. Drew. Crisp has been hot. I wonder if he would have been a better choice over Kotsay tonight?


Crisp or no Crisp. Sonnastine shouldn’t get past the 5th inning. Beckett should at least go 6 innings and hopefully into the 7th. Let’s hope Beckett has some low pitch counts early in the game. I don’t think the Red Sox will allow Beckett too throw more than 100 pitches tonight.

If Boston wants to win this division, they better win tonight!! Personally I think Boston blows them out tonight!! One more night of Migrane and Staats. Any close pitch those guys cry like babies. They think M.L.B. is controlling the umps too make sure Boston wins. Those 2 clowns think there is some sort of conspiracy going on.LOL!! In a next life, I really hope those two are not doing baseball games. Perhaps Staats will cut perms for a living and Migrane will be the president of Greenland. Some place far far far away from me!! LOL!!

Fish it is, Admiral!
Well, I have to go out tonight (sob, sob) so I won’t be able to watch the game.
Sox will win tonight! I feel good about it.

hey there everyone!!Sorry I wasnt able to chat with y’all today but my computer (at work) is coming down with the flu I think!! Everytime I go onto a website(any website) it says an error has occured and kicks me out. So the Boss will look at it tomorrow. On to much more important things.
We hit a bump in the Roas to the Post Season last night, but I think it was just that, a bump. If Josh has a good effective 6- 6 2/3 tonight I think things should get back on track. No walks, no hit batsmen etc. NO FREAKIN FREE PASSES PERIOD!!!! Lady Luck let the bats be hot tonight!!!! We need to BEAT THOSE STINKING DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS!!!!!

Brian, I think Staats is a woman. No real man has hair like that. LOL! I have been loading up on the Motrin all day today in preparation for the big Migrane tonight. Tonight’s game is a big one for sure. Another factor has come into play with the Sox recent good play and that is they are in contention for best overall record. They have a lot to play hard for and this is a good time of the year to be peaking.

Arnie, have a great time out tonight… I will root enough for the both of us (and probably 2-3 more people as well!!lol)!!

TO BE CONTINUED – PART II Part Two is here!

Francona felt the blast strike the ship like an axe striking a hard piece of maple. He felt his body slam against the wall as if the entire ship tilted on its axis. The blood dripped slowly from his injured head. He pushed past the automatic door against the chaos of the bridge. Everyone was screaming and shouting orders. Weapons officer Dice-K was admirably firing into empty space unable to hit the large 1 Megaton ship just 1 meter off the ship’s bow.
Security Klingon officer Ortiz shouted “Ka bla. Coma Chu.’
“Stop talking Klingon,”shouted Francona as he fell into his seat. Counselor Ellen was next to him consoling engineer Casey who had just gotten to first base with Ellen sat next to her.
“I sense great anger and frustration in the crew…”
“Du, “shouted Francona, “aware of Ellen’s obvious telepathic abilities. Casey was now rubbing her toes and singing Latin love songs to her.
Another blast struck the ship. Fires blasted the floor. BosoxBrian, science officer grabbed the fire extinguisher but it was pulled away by Dice-K who blasted the ceiling unable to find the fire. Cross dresser Lugo came through the doors.
“You have wounded Captain?”
“Yes, “said Francona. Lugo, dressed in a lemon yellow Shirley Temple dress with high heels fell on the floor and smashed into Casey who dislocated his shoulder from the fall.
“More wounded, “muttered BosoxBrian and Varitek.
“Casey…somebody help him!” shouted Ellen. “He’s not a second baseman.”
Francona ignored Ellen’s pleas and went to the console. He fired but to no avail. The photon baseball torpedoes just bounced off the ship and into foul territory.
“They stopped firing, “shouted Dr. Youk who broke into the bridge. Francona saw the smoke and fire as the viewscreen came on. He looked up rolling his belly into view.
“Migrane, “whispered Francona.
“That’s right Francona. That’s always right. I’ve defeated you. Dice-K couldn’t hit the glass of a four story window if he stood right in front of it. Resistance is futile.”
Francona turned away and fell to the floor. The whining talk was killing his ears. He then looked back in dramatic fashion with tears from the raw onions he was eating.
“You have two hours to decide. After that…we blow up your ship.”
Francona saw the viewscreen fade to black. He looked around. Lugo was searching for his bonnet and Casey was screaming in pain as Bones Youk gave him a sedative. Klingon Ortiz grinded his teeth together then smashed his hand into the wall breaking it. BosoxBrian got up and starred at the console.
“Decks 4, 5, 6 have hull breaches. Force fields are in place. Engineering reports phasors and photon baseballs will be operational in fifteen minutes. Chief Engineer Pedroia along with engineer 007chow says we’re not having a good day. Casualties mounting. Science officer Beckett reports his back is broken and Science officer Drew reports his back is broken. We’re in trouble Captain.”
“I sense great sadness…”
“Shut up, “shouted Francona at Ellen. He turned around and starred at the screen. They were all looking at him with great admiration and prayer. He sighed and said, “we’re not done yet. Contact our secret weapon. Send Ellsbury to the bridge.”
The entire crew hushed in silence. They waited and waited until Ellsbury arrived on the bridge. Ellsbury said, “Secret weapon Ellsbury reporting for duty.”
Francona smiled. He was ready.

I wonder if that Staats has any relatives here in Fort Lauderdale… my 1st “teenage” boyfriend had the same last name and it is a pretty unusal name.


LOL!! Staats a female. You could be right about that one.

Beckett with a great 1st inning. Got the side in order and threw less than 10 pitches. I think Sonnastine is gonna have a rough night at Fenway tonight!!


LMFAO! You’re crazy Dave! I love it.


Who here besides me is a Trekkie and understands Dave?

Very efficient first inning for Beckett. He needs another right now.

Dave, You are CRAZY!! Latin love songs huh?? Couldnt he sing Tessie or Dirty Water to me?? Those 2 REALLY get to me!! lol.

I wouldnt consider myself a Trekkie, but I’ve seen enough Star Trek to get the jist of it… All I could picture with Lug o dressed with way was Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H….

That was a nasty change of direction on that hit by Floyd…
That OTHER team scores 1st…..


Very poor outfield play by Kotsay. A good relay and Floyd is easily out at home.

I think they made the right call on Lowell’s fly ball, and it was catchable, but there’s no way Johnson catches that thing the way he was approaching it.

New thred by Mr. Ian.


Jacoby Ellsbury has now hit in his 14th consecutive game, led the American league with more steals than Ichiro, raised his batting average to .274 and played errorless defense all season in the outfield. Do you think some of the criticism he took for a midyear lapse will now begin to fade?

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