Crowd in the outfield

Now that J.D. Drew is “available”, the Red Sox have themselves a certified logjam in the outfield.

I think it will be interesting what Terry Francona will do. My guess is that he will mix and match. But in the playoffs, I’d think they’d want a fairly steady lineup.

Obviously Bay is going to play left every day. But where to go after that? Should Coco Crisp be the primary center fielder based on how he has swung the bat of late? Could he do the opposite of what Jacoby Ellsbury did to him last year?

Ellsbury has played wonderful defense all season and is a true spark when he is getting on base, but that just hasn’t happened with any regularity. After two at-bats tonight, he has four hits in his last 24 at-bats.

Meanwhile, Coco is in the midst of what is easily his best hot streak — with the exception of Spring Training 2006 — since joining the team. He has an 11-game hitting streak, during which he’s hit .512. I his last 17 games, he’s hitting .483.

In right field, things also will be interesting. Sure, Drew is the better player. But exactly how healthy is he? Mark Kotsay has been an intense performer who has fit right into the situation here.

I think the outfield will be among the top stories to watch for this team down the stretch.

I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on how the playing time should be divvied up and what you guys and gals would do if you were the manager?




Not a trekkie here. You understand Dave? I find that be quite the accomplishment. LOL!!

The fan did reach over. He is sitting their with his galpal and he didn’t even make the catch. Loser!! I know one thing for sure, he is getting shutout tonight. LOL!!

Ray Borque is sitting behind homeplate with Dennis Drinkwater ( Mr. Giant Glass is Drinkwater ) Perhaps with a Canadien behind the plate, Bay will have a big game!!

Great curve thrown by Beckett to whiff Pena.

Boston needs to take adavantage of that gift given them by Iwamurra. Lowire better be careful. That was awfully close!!

I think Ellsbury should be bunting too get a hit not too sacrafice.

As I was saying Ellsbury should lay down a sac. bunt. LOL!!

Secret weapon Ellsbury is fired. He should have bunted the first pitch, even for a base hit…… period. Not only does he hange Lowrey out to dry, but then hits into a DP. I love the kid, but that was a horrible at bat.

Brian, that was a great curve ball by Beckett. Notice how much more 12-6 his curves are now?

Yeah, I understand Dave perfectly. Scary or what?

Boston is given 4 outs in the inning. They need too cash in!!

M-V-P-edroia! DUSTIN!


Certainly looked like the old Beckett on that curve.

I think that is quite scary for sure. I don’t know what else too say. lol.

Pedroia with the HUGE 2 out hit. I don’t know what the numbers show but Pedroia loves the 2 hole. He should hit in that spot as long as he is breathing.

I agree, he’s the best #2 hitter in baseball right now. I hate to make the comparison, but he’s very Jeter-like when Jeter was at his best.

I agree, he’s the best #2 hitter in baseball right now. I hate to make the comparison, but he’s very Jeter-like when Jeter was at his best.

It just wouldn’t be a Rays telecast if Migrane didn’t butcher Don Orsillo’s name.


If Pedroia is half of what Jeter is, that would be a great thing!! One thing for sure, Pedroia will be playing in October and I hope he plays alot of games in October in his career. Pedroia embraces it all. He plays as if he needs to prove himself every game. He’ll have the “C” on his jersey someday.


I think Migrane does it on purpose. Arnie said the other night that Orisillo called Migrane a couple of different first names the other night during the Sox telecast. You would have liked it Mon. night 2 foul balls went into the booth and hit Migrane. The ball was o.k. Who really cares how Migrane felt. LOL!!

I’m pretty sure DP will get the “C” on his jersey once Varitek (Depending on what happens this winter) retires.
Good job by Beck to strike out the side again. 7 Ks so far…


glad you had a good time. Thanks for all the comments. For those who are not trekkers I’ll do another based on MASH. Everyone is aware of MASH.


I don’t think Varitek will retire after this season. I would assume Varitek will be back for 2 more seasons. Youk and Pedroia will be wearing the “C” !!

I think T.B. got a break there. Youk was safe!!

Part III

Jacobe Ellsbury – the secret weapons most ships can only dream of. He stepped into the transporter room with 007chow – an engineer as well as a weapons officer. Transporter chief Manny Delcarman smiled and nodded. “Got it all set. I can handle the pressure. Send you to a secret location.”
Jacobe felt the classic heart flutter of dealing with Delcarman but passed it by his brow. He looked over at 007chow. Dressed not in the classic Star Fleet uniform but with a black tuxedo and his baretta with steel eyes and a sharp brow, he was not someone to mess with.
Jacobe saw his body torn apart by the transporter and found himself in the Devil Ray’s cube ship. He targeted his phasor. Borg Devil Rays were everywhere walking as if the Enterprise crew meant nothing to them. He found them smug and arrogant.
“I’ll cover you.Ellsbury. Call me Chow…007 Chow.”
Jacobe smiled and took off running at 80 mph speed without stopping. Thanks to the childhood accident of birth his bionic limbs and bionic eye were a lifesaver. He sped through the corridors feeling the wind of the ship blast past him. He made it to engineering. He was ready to destroy the ship…but then.

Captain Francona waited rolling on the floor back and forth. Counselor Rosanne was on the bridge. Already Lugo was feeling much better just below the stomach area but nowhere else. Despite his crossdressing he was desperate for the love of Rosanne. Perhaps it was her vampire fangs or her lack of washing.
“Any word Varitek?”
Varitek crouched down on the floor and starred at the screen.
“All I can do is wet myself.” Francona said nothing and turned away but not before a yellow stain appeared on the ship’s carpet.
“Send for Arnie…”
“No captain, “shouted Ellen. “Have mercy.”
“Mercy…never! Tell him Biryani rice with Sambar shrimp and Masala Dosa filled with coconut chicken, add a little chile and cilantro chutney with cucumber raita. Then some Mango Lassee spiked with Meyer’s Rum. Besan Ladoo for dessert. Tell him to…supersize it.”
The entire crowd went still with panic. Robert Kramer sat down and looked away. The horror if it all.

While Francona was pouring food down his throat, Jacobe was facing an onslaught of a demon. There he was right in front of him. The dredlocks, the grease on his head, the machinery on his face.
“We are DevilRays,”
“No…you’re L.A.!”
“Devil Rays…we live for…Boras.”
Jacobe tried to run but next to him was Taravez Borg. He hit his communications beacon – shaped like two red sox.
“Ellsbury…to…ah…Delcarman…beam me up.”
Jacobe tried to be calm and not panicked.
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“Captain! Da cha de va Koog Kalis,” shouted Ortiz.
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Francona didn’t find the whining fun and when he grabbed another donut and stuffed it in his mouth, he could almost feel the explosion in his stomach.

Tough call at second base. Youk was safe. The ump made the wrong decision. He can’t assume control, he has to see it……. Unless an umpire SEES the out, he must call safe. Not a good job that time. If that call was against the Rays, Staats and Migrane would still be whining about it.

No. I meant if he signed with another team


The umps don’t see alot of stuff out there. Bartlett is one hot hitter!! He also plays a solid s.s.

Big spot in the game here. What happens here will determine who wins this game tonight.

This is a costly inning even if Beckett gets out of it. Too many pitches and probably reduces him by an inning.


Got out of a big spot there against Floyd. Should give them momentum

Boston needs to get there bats going. They also need too give Beckett a much needed rest after a long inning. The Rays squandered a big chance there. It is time for Boston too bust this game wide open!! I can smell something happening big for the Red Sox in the bottom of the 5th.

That is what I am talking about. Way too go Lowrie!! Lugo just said oh shi-. lol.

OK Dave, brilliant writing and a great storyline which has to come to a great conclusion. However, as your technical editor, I have to advise you that on the Enterprise, as on any ship floors are decks, walls are bulkheads, and ceilings are overheads. If you want to make the story truly realistic, you have to use correct terminology….. LOL!

Aw Heck, Hit it TEK!!

Varitek with a horrible at bat!!

We need Papi now!!!!!

Come on Josh…. Get em out 1-2-3!!!

Ortiz will not be Ortiz again until 2009. No power at all. His wrist must be killing him!

…….but we didn’t get him! Hit right into the shift just like all those ego maniac idiots do. I guess he didn’t have much of a choice with where he was being pitched though. OK Papi, you’re forgiven.

Brillian catch by Ellsbury……. he’s rehired!

T.B. has pitched very well against Boston in this series. I thought Boston would have broken out big tonight.

Ellsbury with another great catch!! Nifty snag by Youk as well. T.B. has had some good swings against Beckett this inning. Beckett better be careful to Gross here.

I think it could be time too lift Beckett. Every hit was smoked!! When the outs are loud, time too lift the pitcher!!

I don’t like the way this game is shaping up. Advantage right now is definitely to the Rays (after the sixth).


You took the words out of my mouth. I don’t like where this game is headed as well. Boston’s bats are dead. Sonnastine is getting better as the game gets deeper. Thanks to Dice-K the pen was used last night. This is another reason why Dice-K drives me nuts!

I have faith in Okajima and Masterson and that is it. No Papelbon tonight. Lopez against a lefty and that is it.

I went too a game last summer in St. Pete and Boston bombed Sonnastine. Certainly not the case tonight.

Let’s go Red Sox!! Let’s go Red Sox!! clap….clap…clap…Runs and more runs!! This is Andy Sonnastine for crying out loud.

Ellsbury longball?

I don’t like the Crisp for Varitek substitution. Too early.

Swing the bat! All K’s were looking! Not good.

Can’t hit the long ball if you don’t swing at a pitch right down the middle. What was he thinking about?

Admiral Garry just took Chief Petty Officer Ellsbury to Admiral’s mast and reduced to him to Seaman!

Ellsbury takes too many called third strikes. He needs to protect the plate on close pitches. He certainly can’t rely on umpires to make the right calls.

Ellsbury is young player that has very little confidence at the plate right now. I have no clue what he was thinking about or looking for. That pitch was right there.

A leadoff double is never a good thing. Lowrie did have a leadoff double but got stranded.

Masterson is in, time too get a ground ball. I think T.B. should bunt.

Damn,you guys are burning up the blog tonight… I guess I’m not feeling my best. I’m gonna take a shot here anyway..
This T E A M has worked TOO damned hard to give it up now!!!!! GO-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO REDSOX!!!!!
and yes, in case any of you are wondering>>>>>
LET’S GO REDSOX, LET’S GO!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don’t think it’s a matter of confidence with Ellsbury. He’s had some good swings tonight and had a good swing in his last at bat. He’s actually pulling the ball more and hitting the ball harder.

Need a HUGE outing from Masterson.

We don’t have the bullpen this year — its going to be tough.

I might consider putting Perez on and looking for the double play.

You got your wish Garry. A d.p. thrown by Masterson certainly could happen.

Gotta have strikes!

Masterson is hasn’t thrown a strike yet. That strike too Perez was a gift from the ump.

Nasty nasty pitch by Masterson!

This guy Gross scares me. He has come up with some big hits this year.

What a freaking great job by Masterson. He’s been pitching 100 years to have that much composure.

All the mo in the world is with the Red Sox!! Who is going deep this inning? I can smell it from here.

Lester and Masterson are very mature young men. Buchholz needs too grow up!

Thank you!!!!! Out of a VERRRY big jam. We can’t afford to get into another one like that. The odds will be against us.. that’s what, 2 bases loaded innings tonight??

Masterful job by Masterson. COME ON!

The crowd is really into this game…. the 10th man is absolutely invaluable!!!!

In season’s past I would say Ortiz would at least get a double. Right now, I would not say that.

For the people of Lowell, Ma, congrats to the Spinners. They made it all the way to the playoffs. And they were the best team in the franchises history. They got eliminated tonight, though. Congrats to them

Youk too come up big.

Way too go Lowell Spinners. Now the players can get the heck out of Lowell. That is reason too celebrate!! LOL!!

Wheeler is the son in law of Dewayne Staats. Come on Bay, make that Staats/Wheeler household cry!!

Every additional inning we have to depend on our pen, the chances of a win decreases. Sad but true.

Halladay getting drubbed tonight. Jays win streak ends at 10 tonight.

How can Masterson do such a great job and then come out and walk the leadoff hitter? I don’t understand!

A leadoff walk is never a good thing.

Let’s walk another.

Nice job by Cash and by Lowery.

Iwamurra should have been bunting. Teams don’t like too bunt anymore for some crazy reason. Bunt late when the game is tied. Very simple formula.

You’re absolutely right Brian. It’s a whole different game.

Just like the old radio jingles: Masterfullllll W S O X!!!!!

Masterson has some nasty stuff!!

The hard throwing Aussie is in the game!!


I don’t understand it. That was the situation too bunt but for some reason Merlot Joe didn’t have Iwamurra bunt. Gotta love the Maddon glasses, Drew Carey anyone? LOL!

I agree with the bunt strategy, except when teams try to bunt a guy from second to third, especially when there’s already one out. Unless it’s the NL and a pitcher at the plate, that strategy is stupid. I’d rather have two chances to single in a guy from second, than one chance to single in a guy from third.

Maddon reminds me of a character from “Get Smart”.


I’m with you when the runner is on second as well. Teams don’t like too bunt and when they do bunt it is not the situation.

A leadoff walk too Lowell. Bal(l)four. Great name for baseball.


This is one reason I didn’t like the Crisp substitution earlier. Now is when you want Crisp.

Kotsay should lay one down!


I’m with you about Crisp but remember it was Cash who threw out Bartlett. I’m not saying Varitek wouldn’t but Cash did.

Kotsay should have bunted. Why not? Why swing away? Moneyball—you can shove that where the sun don’t shine!!

Billy Beane is moneyball. What the hey has he ever done?

Do whatever Kotsay! LEEETS go!

You’re probably right Brian, and I thought about that. Kotsay should definitely have been bunting.

Red Sox don’t get pinch hits. It’s a baseball fact.


Once again that was the ideal situation too bunt. Get the potential winning run to scor. pos. If the bunt is successfull you have 2 chances too score the winning run. Very simple. That situtation has been played like that for years and years but for some reason not anymore.

Way too go Cartah or Carter. lol.

Ego. Real men don’t bunt. They hit high fly balls.

I have officially lost patience with Jacoby Ellsbury. As of tomorrow, he gets a permanent spot on the bench.

That was awfully close at first. Aybar should have went to second. He got lucky. His throw I thought was a little lazy.

Sox have the day off. I’d let Masterson go another inning.

That is one of the worst calls in this kind of circumstance in my life. Horrible, horrible

Ellsbury was safe. Aybar would have beaten Cora to third. Aybar didn’t know the situation!

Uh oh…Delcarmen. Will it be good Manny D.? Bad Manny D.? He is a faucet.

Is it DR Feelgood or DR No???? I SAY DR FEELGOOD… GET EM OUT IImanny

That was real close at first, in fact, I thought he was safe. I don’t like the Manny D thing.

Staats and Migrane can’t whine about umpiring any more. The Rays have gotten the best of two bad calls tonight. C’mon Manny, make a fool of me…… blow them away!

What a scoop by Delcarmen.

Nice play by Manny D.

I hate to say it, but Migrane is right on. That was an excellent play by DC. That’s a very difficult play. LOL! I would have fallen down and killed the base runner.


Your right about Migrane and Staats–Mr. Perm. Ellsbury was safe and Youk was safe at second base.

The good Manny D. has showed up!

Good job Zazu Jr.

Let’s get a walk-em-off the field here!

Boston has the right guy coming up, Pedroia. Time to win this one right now!!

Garry—Agreeing with Migrane, wow!! Are you bonding with him tonight? LOL!

DP double. Come on Youk!

Pedroia comes up big! Again! Time for Youk too win it. Pick your poison T.B.

The way Ortiz has been hitting, I’d almost be tempted to pitch to him and walk Youkilis.

I would have been bunting Youk. WTF is wrong with Capt. Francona?

That didn’t work. Come on JB!

They’d walk Bay intentionally.

Your killing me Youk!! My oh my. Ouch!!

A great Canadien is looking on ( Borque behind the plate ) Time for Bay too come up clutch!! LaBatt’s for everyone!!

You’ve got Bay and Kotsay to follow to get a run home. This really ticks me off. Well, let’s see if Bay can do something.

I think Boston just lost the game!! A leadoff double by Pedroia and they don’t score. Not good at all. Time for me too have some LaBatt’s. lol.

Tito should have had Youk bunt. Bad call!!

That’s just bad baseball, and Francona is totally to blame.

I can understand Youk not bunting. If he did, they’d just walk Bay to load the bases and pitch to Cora, a good DP man.

All in all, a butt-ugly inning.

Youk leads the team in R.B.I.’s. He is on the team to drive in runs and that was the situtation and Youk failed to do so.

Lowrie with a great play!! That kid Perez is very fast. Lowrie looking like Mike Lowell.

Manny thanks!

Who is this Manny D.? Wow. I am convinced he is bi-polar. I am no shrink but it is very easy too figure out. LOL!

Lowery was 20 feet off the line. What are the Sox thinking about? Is there a coach or a manager on that team tonight?

This strike zone is beyond bizarre. I have never, ever, ever, in my life seen a strike zone that has literally shifted 8 inches to the right. The players themselves are laughing. It really is impossible to hit a pitch 8 inches outside. No wonder it’s 1-1 in the 11th. Making a mockery of the game.

I don’t know how much longer this Sox pen can put zero’s. They need to score now!! One freaking run.

Well Brian, you have Timlin and Lopez out there. That should answer your question and validate your statement about scoring a run.

You forgot about Smith ( He is good for 5 runs ) Pauley, enough said. Where is Charlie Zink when you need him? LOL! Garry, are you available too pitch tonight? Your well rested. I don’t think Disney World ran you too hard, did they?

I remember a game last July in Boston. Howell started and he didn’t even get out of the 1st inning. Boston crushed him. This year he has been solid out of that solid T.B. pen.

Howell throws like Lovey Howell out there or Mr. Howell. Gilligan’s Island fame. LOL!!

Score a single run, sox!

Ross is boss!!

Ross looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and swings like him too!

Staats said Ross doesn’t run well. This just in, he doesn’t swing well. LOL!!

Dress for less at Ross. lol.

Ross’ bat has alot of holes in it. lol.

Howell throws more junk!! Nothing straight.

How many baserunners has Ellsbury stranded tonight? Way too many.

This inning should be it. They score or we score. I like our chances with Pedroia leading off.

How many at bats will Jacoby need before he actually does something?

Next spring, I think Jacoby should be sitting next to Clay in the Pawtucket dugout for a month or two. In answer to the question at the top of this blog, Coco is my FT center fielder for the rest of the season and postseason. Ellsbury has lost the job, and Crisp has more than earned it.

Lopez is in. Looks like we are scraping the barrel. Everyone, begin to pray.


I wouldn’t disagree with you about Crisp in c.f. He is hitting right now and Ellsbury isn’t. It is that simple. They are equal in c.f. They both cover alot of ground. You have to go with the guy that is hitting better. This year it is Crisp, last year it was Ellsbury. It is not rocket science.

Who are these guys coming out of the pen? Lopez looked fantastic! I bash them when they stink. I need to give them props when they pitch well. Way to go Lopez.

One freaking run!

Pedroia leading off. I don’t know who is going to hit the longball to win this game but someone will.

Ray Borque still at the game. He wants too see a winner!

Ray Borque? Lace ’em up and get ‘im out there!

Ortiz with the bunt. I like it. Ortiz going thru the Minnesota system, that is where he learned. Youkkkkkkkk to win it.

Holey smokes. Ortiz bunting. Way to go David!


Papi bunting, good! But what a terrible bunt. He could have run all day if he gets it down the third base line.

Atta boy Papi. Youk should have done that before.

Ortiz bunting? Now THAT is funny

I gotta say regardless of what happens, the sight of Ortiz bunting has to inspire this team. That’s the most unselfish thing I have seen in baseball all year. Kudos to Papi.

Bay to beat Tampa Bay!

Come on JB! Just a single is all needed

There is no way Bay will go 0 of 6. No way…no way!!

Alot of “0s” in the Hit column tonight. Big goose egg next to J Bay.

The stiffs in the pen are lurking!!

If Timlin comes in, that’s the sign that Tito is tired and wants to go home.

What a crazy game. Nobody can get a hit with a runner in scor. pos. Alot of white knuckles at the plate!

Tom Burgmeir should be in. Tony Fossas, Mike Myers or Joe Price. LOL! Mark Clear anyone? lol. Mike Smithson perhaps.

Toby Borland is warming up. LOL!!

Wes Gardner seen driving down the Mass. Pike. LOL!!

Farrell is out too talk to Lopez or pitch himself. Rays should bunt!

When’s the last time the Sox have turned a triple play?

That is why you should bunt. These 2 managers tonight are taking some serious stupid pills!!

OK Lopez. Now, no wild pitch.

Gene Mauch is turning over in his grave.

Does anyone want too win this game? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? LOL!! Nobody can hit with guys on base.

Can’t believe TB didn’t bunt. What a break for the Sox. Does anyone want to wn this game?

Mauch was notorious for playing “small ball” (“miniscule ball”, even). When he was managing the Expos many years ago, I swear he’d call a sacrifice with a man on first and two out. He would sacrific when ahead by 10 runs or behind by 10 runs.

Sox are losing their “day off” advantadge tomorrow.

advantage (apologies to my grade 2 spelling teacher)


Mauch also wrote the book on how to lose big games!! Go the opposite of him and you’ll do just fine!! LOL!!

Did Gene Mauch ever have a big game? Wasn’t he the “loosingest” manager in the history of the game? I think he won a pennant with the Phils in the mid 60s, and that was it. Expos did nothing but lose with Mauch, and then after that he led the California Angels to nowhere for a few years.

Well, let’s look at the bright side. Jacoby comes up with the bases empty to start the bottom of the 14th. NOW he’ll get a hit!

I admire everyone who is still awake and commenting. You guys and gals rock.

I’m really surprised Tito hasn’t thrown Timlin to the lions yet. It’s obvious that Francona REALLY wants to win this game.

Uh oh! It’s Beachball Mike Timlin. Well, let’s see a spark of his old veteran self. He should be loose. He’s been warming up for two hours. LOL!

Angels 1986, look no further. He managed the Angels that year. Those were some big games, last time I checked. He lost of course, no surprise. LOL!!

It’s past Timlin’s bed time. LOL!

I have always had to suffer my Red Sox in isolation out here on the west coast, so I really like this blog. And if I ever find my way out east, I expect you people to line up a ticket for me at Fenway.


Your awake? I thought you would have fallen asleep at the lap top by now. Dreaming of fishing with your kid.

OK Timlin- no gopher balls.

Ray Borque refuses too leave!! Way to go! Most of those types would have left by now.

ha ha. i’m here to the bitter or unbitter end.

Iwamura should be running on the first pitch.

Chris Smith is warming up. Oh no!! ugh!! He is the only reliever I know that could allow 2 or 3 runs while warming in the pen. LOL!!

“this is the end…beau-teeful friend…”

Timlin, now is the time to bear down. No more meatballs!!


With Timlin on the hill, it could be unbitter for sure. He should have retired right after the parade in Boston. He got his 1000 appearance last year. Why comeback for 1 more season? Why did Boston bring him back? He was a very good pitcher. Was….

No surprise Timlin gave it up!!

Two outs, nobody on ………… BOOM!

The oldest fan got the ball. I think the guy that got the gopher ball was about 100 years old. LOL!! In other words, Timlin’s age. lol.

I just don’t understand it. The only thing Timlin is good for is cleaning up–when you’re 10 runs up or 10 runs down. In a close game, if you bring him in, you’re basically conceding the game. Francona has basically said, “this has gone on long enough, I’m ending this right now so I can go home and get some sleep.”

I simply do not have any more defense for Mikey T. any longer…. There is nothing that I can say that can erase the 3 runs he just gave up.. Sorry Mikey T.!!!!

Time for Timlin to call it a career. He ought to leave right after the game. He just has nothing left. Too bad.

Good guy Pena goes deep. What a great moment for him when he hit that walk off H.R. when he was with Boston ( extra innings ) against Brandon McCarthy and the White Sox. Sept. of 2006 was the year. Local guy does good. He was drafted by the Rangers to take over for Palmeiro. Not many if any baseball players come out of Northeastern. I guess if anyone does hit it, I am glad it is Pena.

Timlin is TERRIBLE!!

I feel so sad for Mike. Take him out, for pity’s sake. He was such a great pitcher in his day. He was unhittable for the Jays, and he was crucial to the Sox 2004 WS. But his time has come…

Today’s trivia: Who was the starting pitcher in this game for the Red Sox?


I wonder if Tito will have Timlin on the playoff roster. LOL!! This team of course has too get to the playoffs. They should of course. T.B. goes into Boston and takes 2 out of 3. Monday night it looked like Boston would take 2 for sure if not all 3. Lester with the only win.

I can’t believe Tito didn’t put in Mark Clear. Clear was well rested. LOL!!

100% certainty. Ellsbury gets a hit now.



I know that trivia question, John Tudor? Frank Viola? Mike Smithson? John Dopson? Isn’t Carlos Quintana gonna pinch hit? LOL!!

Randy Kutcher is gonna pinch run.

I thought Timlin is old. My god, Percival is pitching like he is 95 years old. lol.

A grand slam and Timlin gets the win. How funny would that be?

I wuz just thinking the same thing.

Percival looks like Rick Reuschel out there. Big Daddy.

I come home and check the game and it’s top of 14th!! Disaster!
Did Bobby Ojeda start this game?
I can’t look.

Percival says he is o.k. Coach I am o.k. I can’t throw strikes but I am fine. LOL!!

If Percival blows this save, both teams should get a loss.

Get Jim Willoughby throwing in the bullpen.

The Devil Rays have gone into their pen. Hamel is a freaking Devil Ray!!

Youuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk pretend it is the Devil Rays your playing. If you do, GRANNY TIME!!

Maddon: Hey blue, Percival is injured!
Percival: I’m OK skip, honest.
Maddon: No Troy, it looks to me like you’re hurt. Trust me on this one.
Percival: Blue, tell Skip I’m OK.
Maddon: He’s not only hurt, he’s delirious. He’s on the disabled list effective right now.


I think that is how it came down. You might be right on that one.

Bay missed that pitch by a foot. He’s clueless tonight.

Is Drew available to PH?

That is the second time this year Percival was taken out against the Red Sox. The other time was down in St. Pete.

Could Bay do it twice against the same team but in different uniforms?

Bay has no chance.

Hamel could hang one right here.

PR for Ortiz?


Your dead on there. Bay couldn’t hit that with an oar!

Ian too pinch run.

Captain Francona is sleeping. Isn’t there someone on the bench faster than Papi?

These last two games…championship teams don’t lose games this way.

Thank you Mike Timlin!!

Also the Red Sox bats went silent. Some great pitching from T.B. Catching the Rays will be very difficult.

Isn’t Grady Little available?


Drew, Casey and Bailey were there.

Don’t thank Timlin, and don’t thank Ellsbury……. thank Francona for this one. He totally mismanaged this game both situationally, and with the roster. He’s got the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Whiffle Ball Cash doing the catching, and hitting, after wasting Crisp running for Tek in a two out situation in the seventh. He blows at least two opportunities where he should have directed bunt to set up second and third with one out. Since he’s already wasted Crisp, he has only Cora, who isn’t very fast, to run for Lowell which I see as another wasted move. He managed the Sox right out of this game.

Of course, there were ample opportunities for the Sox run producers to produce, and they didn’t.

You forgot to mention keeping Drew and Casey on the bench while Cora made the last out…

Garry is right. I rather like Francona, and I know any manager is always set up for second guessing. But these last two games, especially this one, Tito just wasn’t giving his team the best chance to win. There is a definite difference between strategic managers (Torre, Sciosia) and guys who seem to manage on hunches and intuitions. To me, managing is really not all that difficult. You simply learn the strategy, and then ALWAYS play the odds. Any one time you may lose, but over the long run you’ll win. In a 162 game schedule, you’ll maximize your return if you always just play the odds.

Even in that last inning. You pinch run for Ortiz on first (the potential tying run) and you use either Drew or Casey (both LH hitters) as a pinch hitter. You may still lose, but at least you’ve given the team the best chance (according to the odds) of winning–a better lefty hitter than Cora, a faster runner than Ortiz. I could see this on “Gameday”, couldn’t he see it from the dugout? Either he’s blind & stupid, or he’s managing on “hunches”. Either way, not too flattering for Tito.

Or maybe Drew and Casey were just not feeling up to the task.


Brian, Garry, & Everyone:
Another heart breaking loss, or use Jeff’s word gutwrenching loss. I said it yesterday Francona is a great guy but not a great manager. Brian, you’re right saying that the players have to perform. But last 2 losses I blamed solely on Captain Francona.
Garry. you’re right Tito totally mismanaged last night’s game. The Sox should have won the game at the bottom of 9th at least.
Here are the plays (inning) that turned my stomach up side down. Lowrie’s leadoff double in the 4th or 5th, the Sox failed to score, not so much the fault of Francona. Jason not Bay failed to advance the runner. 1 run would be huge when Beck is on the hill. There would ne no bottom of the 9th.
Bottom of 7th, Jason not Bay had a two outs hit. Crisp pinch ran for Jason not Bay. What was the intended purpose? Crisp didn’t attempt to steal or do anything. Francona effectively wasted Crisp and Jason not Bay for his catching.
Bottom of 9th, Cora pinch ran for Lowell’s leadoff walk. Right move (ideally Crisp should be pinch running if not for the dumb move in the 7th). Was Francona thinking of a big inning to have Kotsasy swinging away instead of advancing Cora to 2d. Chris Carter’s pinch hit would/could have won the game. Francona mismanaged 2 games that could possibly cost the Sox the division. A great manager will make good moves to win the game especailly the team as a whole is not hitting. Francona failed the test.
The Sox ‘s wc lead is down to 5 games.
The only consolation is that beckett pitched well and Masterson was masterful, honorable mention to Lopez and Delcarman.
Timlin? Why not David Pauley or Chris Smith? I know that was second guessing.


Did Francona make mistakes in last night’s game, for sure. The bottom line in that game, the Red Sox couldn’t hit with men on base. No clutch hitting! It is that simple. They also made Sonnastine look like Don Drysdale. Sonnanstine is a #4 starter at best!!


Ortiz, Youkilis, Bay, Lowell went 1 for 17 with 5 walks. How is that Francona’s fault? Look no further than those 4 guys!! That is your meat of the order and those guys need too come up with the big hit and they failed to do so!! It is that simple!!

You’re right Brian, there was a real lack of clutch hitting last night, but I think the point everyone is making is that if you have the opportunity to have runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out, you take that opportunity, especially in a game that is shaping up as a pitching duel. Francona had that opportunity with Ellsbury in one inning, and Youk in another and didn’t take it. Instead, they both ground into double plays. To me, that’s just poor situational management. Running for Tek in the seventh with two outs was a horrible decision. First, Tek actually runs pretty well. Second, unless you have Crisp stealing, what’s the point? Finally, you take Tek’s bat, which has been pretty good lately, out of the lineup. That’s not even final. You’ve wasted a potential right handed pinch hitter, defensive replacement, and the best pinch runner available by throwing Crisp out there in that situation.

While Francona is a brilliant big picture manager, he doesn’t see situations very well. I just feel like he makes a lot of substitutions and pitching changes at the wrong time. Another example ……. Lopez was great last night. He was getting hitters out on both the left and right sides. He didn’t appear to be tiring. I would not have brought Timlin in at that point. One out, nobody on ……. why do that? He’s got Brad Mills and Farrell in the dugout to help? Do either of them have brains? What is their role in this whole thing?


Francona looked past his troops while smothering his face with Arnie’s donuts. He needed to think and his belly was empty. He needed donuts.
Papelbon rose up and said, “hit em’ hard with fastball photon torpedoes.”
Francona almost choked on his donut. Varitek shook his head and put on a mask and said, “ya we all know how that works!”
Papelbon kicked the chair and stormed out before saying, “how about…harder fastball photon torpedoes!”
Francona rolled his eyes and crashed into the seat. He remembered the last time that happened. He remembered the fight with the Romulans where out of fifteen ships, only two made it back alive and Papelbon was still screaming “hardest fastball photon torpedoes yet.” That is why Papelbon went from Captain to waterboy.
A beep came on the console. It was Admiral Gary…again.
“Blast it Francona. Fire the quantum Torpedoes. You’re letting Migrane rule the game! Stop him at all costs. These are the Boris Migraine Borg we’re talking here!”
Francona got up as his shirt split open. He grabbed ice moose and poured it down his throat. He fell on the floor as the eruption of his stomach sprayed food everywhere sending fried eggplant with cilantro, chicken curry with a dash of oregano, baked potato with parsley, stuffed bell peppers, Persian vegetables and bean curd home style all over the ship covering everyone. Francona had a major stomach ache but breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time Delcarman came in wearing a large diaper and pacifier.
“Can someone take care of me!”
Francona moaned. Manny was acting out again and turning into Manny Baby – the greatest terror in the alpha quadrant. Dice-K fired his phaser aiming for Delcarman and killed Rosanne instead since his aim was only about four feet off. For Dice-K that was a strike.
Francona nodded and said, “at least she won’t be singing the national anthem anymore.”
Lugo didn’t find it funny. He didn’t find this funny at all. Boiling with anger and filled with whaling tears he fired his weapon at Dice-K shouting “this is for Rosanne…my love!”
Unfortunately Lugo forgot the weapon was turned the wrong way. When he fired the beam it smashed right into his body knocking him unconscious.
“And you expect me to defeat the Devil Rays with a crew like this!” shouted Francona.
“Captain…communications are out, “shouted Eric Gagne before getting up and smashing his head against the ceiling. Gagne screamed in pain before slipping on the chocolate moose and falling on the floor. Then came in Looney Lopez and fell on Gagne like a large lump of clay.
“Dammit Lopez…what are you doing!” shouted Gagne.
“I kill left handed Devil Rays…what are you doing!”
“Youk…we have injured, “shouted Francona.
“I’m a doctor not a baseball player, “shouted Youk.
“Youk!” screamed Francona.
“What…oh ya…I am a doctor. I forgot, “screamed Dr. Youk overacting his part.
“Transporter chief please beam over Delcarman and Lopez and Gagne immediately!”
The beams blasted the three off the bridge and sent them two centimeters from their present position. Admiral Gary and Francona both had curse words.
“Mission accomplished, “shouted Transporter Buchholz through the microphone.
“How is that possible to have such incompetence on the ship!” shouted Francona who smashed the counsole and cursed. “Why am I managing this team of idiots!”
“Somebody call me, “shouted Lugo who woke up and walked across the floor. Delcarman started chasing him assuming he was his mother.
“I feel it. I do believe.”
Francona turned and said, “will you two keep your hands to yourselves!”
Casey and Ellen ignored the comment.
Francona felt discouraged. His shiny fat of a belly rolled around before smashing into the crouched Varitek breaking his jaw with the warm glob of fat.
“Riddle me this, “shouted Gary through the loudspeaker. “How is it possible I root for a team that is this incompetent!”
Francona said nothing. Another blast from the Borg Devil Rays ship told him that Migrane was growing impatient.
“Mr. Ortiz. Fire the quantum torpedoes and blast that ship out of the sky!”
Everyone paused.
“It took you ten minutes to figure that out Francona! “
Francona turned to Admiral Gary and said, “I have an officer who is a crossdresser running away from my transporter chief who think it’s his mommy. I have a counselor who is going way past first base with Casey. I have weapons officers who cannot fire a phasor and…”
“Forget it. I understand and am signing out, “said Gary who apparently had enough of the ship for one day.
Now all everyone could do is wait and see the outcome.



I don’t think you have your #4 hitter lay down a bunt. Youk came up with runners on first and second and nobody out. Youk is your team leader in R.BI. He is their too drive in runs not too bunt. I think Ellsbury should have been up there to bunt but for a hit. He tried once and was unsuccessful. One move that Francona made was foolish was Crisp running for Varitek with 2 outs. That game last night came down to no clutch hitting at all. There were other situations I thought that Francona and Maddon should have bunted but they didn’t. Kotsay was up and I said then he should have bunted, few moments later a lazy fly to center. Francona certainly didn’t manage a great game but the players need too take responsiblity for last night’s disaster with guys on base. Bay went 0 for 7 last night and he looked totally lost at the plate! If the Red Sox continue too flounder at the plate, I will put the blame on the players!! These guys are veterans and last night I thought there were too much white knuckles at the plate. Bases loaded last night and nobody out and they score 1 run against Jason Hamel. I thought Casey should have hit for Cora at the end but didn’t. Still alot of baseball too be played. The division is still within reach but the Red Sox are making it more difficult. Would we want it any other way? LOL!!

It is not the manager’s fault that the team is not hitting let alone clutch hitting. But it is the manager’s job to manufacture a run here and there. Play ABC ball. The Sox wasted at least 2 runs. Chris Carter’s pinch hit was wasted. What a triumphant night would be for Jason Bay and Chris Carter! Argh………..!!


If Ortiz, Youkilis, Lowell and Bay go 1 for 17 with 5 B.B. they will lose most if not all the time!!

What you said is not wrong. When your big guys are not hitting against a no. 4 starter, you don’t win period. However, knowing your guys are hapless, you should seize upon any opportunuity when it presents itself in late inning. Carter’s pinch hit would have scored Cora if Kotsay somehow someway advanced Cora to 2d.


I said then Kotsay should have bunted. That being said Cora wouldn’t have scored from second. That ball was hit sharp by Carter and that wouldn’t have gotten the job done. Cora has average speed. I think Ellsbury would have been the only guy that would have scored on that hit.


No Wells Sat. night in L.A. Buckeyes were going down anyway. LOL!! Perhaps Ohio State will get Matt Holliday to be there running back. LOL!!!

Unfortunately (or maybe I should say fortunately) I missed most of the game last night, and the 9th inning on.

I can see I would have gone bonkers. I really have come to respect how Francona prepares a team for the entire season and into the post season, and we all seem to realize his strategic genius. And also fortunately, his management in the post season has been pretty good as well — or maybe the team has just risen to the occasion in the post season, and the game management gremlins have not shown themselves in the post season.

But his game management as it gets deeper into the season, has really bothered (most of us) it seems. It seems to be he gets worse towards the end of the season and peak in September. I remember last year when we lost 4 games going down the stretch with Gagne (and I was sure his decision on two of those games, that were in the bag, and them we lost, cost us the title last year, but somehow we pulled it out by 2 games). Trouble is that in most of the games, you could see it coming a mile away.

So to put a positive spin on this, I will propose that Francona just has more guts than any of us realize. That he has the nerve to test and probe the guys he is planning to ride and/or trying to determine who and will continue to put them into the very fires and situations the postseason is sure to bring, and in that way prepare those very players he needs or feels needs postseason preparation, for October.

The options are so obvious that he passes on, that he must have other reasons.

About Bay, Youk, Ortiz, Lowell going 1 for 17. The one difference I have noticed between Bay and ZaZu — is that Bay does look worse when he strikes out. I think he produces close to same in over all numbers, but I think he strikes out more than Manny, and does look like he can’t hit the ball when he does, and then boom, he goes yard. And remember, Manny wasn’t hitting all that well this year (consistently) until he left town.

But regardless, I am concerned about someone staying hot. We use to count on a combination of Ortiz / Manny for this. But Ortiz has been off all year (we all know why) and its not going to be him. He doesn’t even have confidence or happiness in his face any more. I almost wonder if we would be better off with someone else in the lineup (as crazy as that sounds), although he has come up with a few doubles and one yard lately. But mostly its his expression in his face that concerns me.

Youk, Pedroia, even Drew have shown the ability to get and stay hot for a while, but then all have cooled off for periods as well. No one else as hit consistency all year, maybe Coco is finally heating up.

If we don’t find some combination a few guys to consistently hit, we will be in trouble as would any team. This year marks the first in a while, where I think we are not going to score with RISP, where in previous years, I always thought we would.

Producing in RISP is the difference this year. Ortiz/Ramirez chemistry gone (can’t look back now) and really Ortiz probably at 50% (i bet) — at least two more plays have to replace that element and consistency this year — and its not going to be Papi.

Well, it’s September 11th folks. Since there is no game today, perhaps you’ll forgive my preaching. But on this day I always say a silent thank you to all the servicemen who have defended my freedom and my safety. I know it’s terribly cliche’ but freedom isn’t free and our safety, that we take as a birthright, isn’t free. Those are bought and paid for by the likes of Garry and Cfarnham, and by my uncle who was shot down over Germany in WWII. And my cousin Bobby who was in the Marines and my other cousin’s son who is on a sub. And countless others. Don’t forget those people and don’t EVER take what we have here for granted! Garry, Cfarn, I want to personally thank you for your service. Any other vets or servicemen/women perusing this blog, thank you!

Strange juxtaposition but here is the last blog entry for the Star Trek Story.

“Captain’s log. Stardate…disaster. The Devil Rays have taken over the alpha quadrant and I am at a loss as to what to do. Their devilish ways and insane tactics have cost me the division. The Federation must fall back and stay in the preverbial cellar. Perhaps most of all I look towards my own incompetence. I cannot use food as an escape nor should I have allowed the antics of ridiculous to rule the palace. When a member of StarFleet cannot hit a Borg ship just a meter off the bow, it’s time for him to resign. When I have a crossdressing member of the crew…it’s time for them to go. It has cost me greatly. Admiral Gary is boiling mad and I don’t blame him. If anything, I admire his honestly. Now all that is left to do is retire and let someone else take over. Most of the crew has been reassigned. Manny Delcarman is now in an insane asylum and Jonathan Papelbon is hunting squirrels on earth. I can do is wonder what could have been.”
Captain Francona starred out the glass into the regions of space. The black coal color of the outside abyss did little to cheer his spirits up nor did it alleviate his depression. A competent crew and excellent strategy would have defeated the Devil Rays but instead he would wash the defeat down with tea – Earl Gray – hot and allow that to quell the bitter herbs of defeat.
“Captain Julio Lugo…reporting for duty!”
Lugo looked up. He smiled with his lip gloss and his satin dress with pink pearls and a delightful cream colored bonnet with spring time flowers.
“I see head Admiral Epstein is once again creating a great future for the Enterprise. Captain Francona accepts your post and designates the ship to you.”
Francona got up. Thanks to elective surgery he was back to his fit self again. He looked over at Lugo. He walked onto the bridge. There was Johnny Damon in a beautiful silk dress and beads with high heals and a beautiful neckless of gold.
“You know, Lugo’s great once you get to know him and I don’t mind wearing bras.”
Francona nodded and walked out into the sunset hoping for next year. That was it – wait till next year.

Dave, don’t be so discouraged! Francona has shown that he can mis-manage a game with the best of them and STILL win the world series. The Sox will have some things to say before October is done, so keep your head up and keep the faith!!!

And since you mention Earl Grey tea, here’s a recipe for masala chai that you may enjoy:
16 ounces of water.
Fresh ginger grated, about 2 to 3 ounces, or after grating it should at least fill a cup and a half to 2 cups. This will make it spicy!
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom.
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon.
1/8 teaspoon ground clove.
Bring this almost to a boil, then add a cup and a half of milk. Bring almost to a boil again. Strain and add sugar to taste. I usually add about 4 tablespoons sugar.

I think it was a very bad sign for the Red Sox that they blew these last 2 games. Tampa’s roster is a joke compared to the Red Sox right now and they took 2 of 3 in Boston with first place on the line.

Arnie, your thoughts will never be cliche to me and I echo them wholeheartedly. It was a pleasure and an honor for me to serve, and I know Craig would say the same thing. I appreciate your kind thought very much, not because you mentioned my name, but because you have not forgotten what happened seven years ago today, and because you have not forgotten that we have men and women in harm’s way to preserve what many of us take for granted. Thanks Arnie, you’re the best.

Brian, under normal circumstances I would agree with you on the Youkilis situation. But in this case there are a couple of reasons I disagree with you, and with Captain Francona. First, the Sox needed one run. Youk comes up with two on and nobody out. If he sacrifices the runner to third, you have two chances to get him scored. This becomes more pertinent because Youk isn’t your sterotypical cleanup hitter. He’s not Zazu and he’s a good fundamental ball player that could likely have gotten the bunt down. If it was early in the game, I would agree with you, but it wasn’t. It was a one run situation and I believe the best way to score one run in that situation was to get runners to second and third with one out. Even Papi recognized that when he laid down the bunt. It’s just good baseball.

The Sox hit some rockets around Fenway last night but they all found a glove. They also were the victims of a couple of bad calls. I guess you just have to chalk that one up to destiny but I just feel Francona could have given the Sox more opportunities to win the game since a dozen or so obviously wasn’t enough…… LOL!

Arnie, Great thoughts like that are never cliche. I had some og the same thoughts today but my computer at work was feeling flu-ish again. Thanks for voicing them when I couldnt. Thanks to all the men and women across this big world who allow us to sleep peacefully each night..

and Arnie, I have my rose colored glasses on along with my blinders!!! Its going to have to be explicitly written out for me before I will count these guys out because…. They are THE REDSOX!!!! (i’ll spare all of you my usual repetoire of support today. Only today)

Dave, I forgot the tea in that recipe!!! haha. Add three tablespoons Red Label Tea(available at Indian import stores) Or use a good quality Assam tea.

Dave, it’s me, Admiral Garry. I have disapproved Captain Francona[‘s request for retirement. Engineering has reported warp engines will be online and repairs completed on the Enterprise by tomorrow. I have ordered Captain Francona to call in the crew and prepare to defend the Fens against the invaders from Toronto. He will have all weapons at his disposal, except crossdressing Lugo who is still trying for a Section 8 discharge. Chef Arnie has been ordered to feed Captain Francona twice a day with a can of Slim Fast in between. There will be no bon bons on the menu. Counselor Ellen has already reported back and has promised to keep the Captain’s mind off of food. By this time tomorrow, The Bosox Enterprise will be completely retrofitted, able to bunt, and ready for action. Unfortunately, Seaman Timlin has been relegated to garbage duty and will not likely be seen for a while.

Today’s Trivia: From where does Fenway Park get its name? (No looking it up)

Isn’t Fenway park built in the area of Boston known as the Fens? It was a low lying area to my knowledge.

Fenway got it’s name because of the place it is in. And it is called Fenway

You are both correct. The Fens were initially a salt water marshland that was isolated from the ocean. A park, called the Fens was built there as part of a series of parks and became the Kenmore-Fenway area. Hence, the name Fenway Park. There’s a lot of history there as there is in most of Boston and the surrounding area. What a great city!

No game: How about a little trivia?

Pitching feats: Derek Lowe is one of three pitchers to throw a complete game no hitter and also record a 40 save season. Who are the other two.

Derek Lowe’s no hitter was a 10-0 win against Tampa at Fenway Park in 2002. Who was the last pitcher to throw a no hitter at Fenway prior to Lowe?

The following are all outstanding pitchers in their own right. List them in order, by who had the greatest number of complete games as of today (no cheating): Tom Glavine – Greg Maddux – Roger Clemens – Frank Tanana – Babe Ruth

OK, if you’ve figured that all out, then list those same pitchers in order by who had the most seasons with 20 wins or more.

I appreciate the comments as did Garry. I went to ground zero this year and could not imagine the chaos and heartache all those CIVILIANS went through while I was stationed here in Nevada. I have a lot of respect for the civilians out there who protect our rights by doing the many things they do that go primarily un-noticed because they are civilians and not military. I work with a lot of civilians who have never been in the military that are making huge contributions to the warfighter over in Iraq and they don’t get a lot of fanfare outside our little community but certainly deserve it. Garry will tell you, civilians are the backbone of the military and together….civilians and military…we make one hell of a team and keep this great country free. Thanks to all you bloggers for supporting the military.

Now about those Sox….how many lead-off doubles did they have last night that did not advance to third because the next batter did not give themselves up and go the other way to get the guy to third. That hurt as much as the bunts that did not happen. I have not seen a Red Sox batter give themselves up in a lonnnnng time. I kept waiting for that to happen followed by a SAC fly but it did not happen. New team in town…..we need to play smart. Go Sox!!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

Just make sure you’ve got your Trojans on(lol). That will give you something to cheer about!

Sorry you have to admit the fact that Captain Francona totally mismanaged last 2 games. One freaking run would win the game especially playing at home. Capt F is a great guy and a good manager at best. But he can easily be out managed by his counterparts of the contending teams. He can easily be outmaneuvered by Maddon, Gaston, and Scioscia. That said, I am not advocating for Francona’s ouster. A Francona apologist you are just accept the fact that Francona messed up these 2 games which has completely changed the landscape of the AL East pennant race.
Just a reminder the Jays are only 6.5 games out and have 7 games to play head to head. The Jays are charging into Fenway and the Sox, veteran players they are, have these 2 tough losses lingering in their heads.

Bob Kramer:
The Phillies are only 3 games out of NLE and the wildcard. 3 more games to play with the Brewers at home. Go Phillies and beat the Mets and Brewers.


What did Maddon do on Wed. night that outmanevered Francona? I’m no Francona apologist, he doesn’t need me that is for sure. I said the other night Kotsay should have bunted but he didn’t. How does that me a Francona apologist? He has won 2 titles without me! This just in, I think he is alot better than what you are giving him credit for!! Is he the best manager unlikely then again who is the best? Pinella is a smart guy now when he has Zambrano, Dempster and Harden in his rotation. Not very smart when he had a bunch of nothing for T.B. I guess he is a genuis now! Managers decide very few games during a season. Less than 10.


With your reply, this just in I think you even know Ohio State is not going too win on Sat. night in L.A. No Matt Holliday mentioned, why is that? LOL!!

Hey Brian:
Don’t get me wrong. I still want Francona to be the manager. I believe he is great for the Sox. I am just criticizing his managerial moves for the last 2 games only. If Francona were playing for 1 run in late or extra inning, the Sox should have won both games. Maybe Francona did make the right call and the players failed to execute. Who knows. It’s no use dwelling on the heartbreaking losses. Just hope that the negativism won’t carry over to the surging Jays series.


Francona didn’t lose the Tues. night game ( Papelpon did ) Boston had a 1 run lead in the 9th. We can go back and forth on here, I have my opinion and you have yours. This just in, that is all it is. Opinion!

Papelbon lost the game. The Sox had the opportunity at least to tie in bottom 9. Ellsbury should have pinch run for Kotsay immediately after the leadoff walk, not after some 2 outs later. Masterson was available in extra innings and Percival was already used. Of course it did not mean that Sox would have won if Ellsbury was used properly. Francona did not give the Sox the chance when the opportunity presented itself. That hurts.


I said it the other night that Ellsbury should have been the pinch runner right away, just like everyone else. It seems any close game the Red Sox lose, you blame Francona. What happens if the Red Sox win a close game. I don’t see you writing anything on here that Francona managed a great game. You seem too pick and choose when it comes to those type of games.

The Jay’s pitching rotaion will be Purvey, AJ Burnet/Litsch, and Halliday on 3 days rest. The Jays are in serious pursuit of the wild card.

I see none of you cowards have elected to try the trivia!

I still think Tito had some blunders the other night and I still don’t think he sees a lot of situations very well and exercises some bad gametime judgement. However, he is the best “big picture” manager in baseball and knows how to manage a team for the long haul. So which is more important. If Ellsbury, Ortiz, Youk, or Bay got just one timely hit and knocked in a run, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. There were ample opportunities for the Sox to win that game despite Tito’s errors, including the last inning when Cora gets jammed up on a 2-0 pitch to end the game.

The Sox had a great opportunity to be in first place today. They blew it, as a team, plain and simple. Bad calls, lack of timely hitting, failure to play basic baseball, bad pitches all contributed. It’s time to recharge the weapons systems and go after the Jays. If we do well this weekend, there will be another shot at Tampa next week.


I do agree that Francona had some blunders on Wed. night. I am sure he has second guessed himself on them. We certainly have. Crisp running for Varitek with 2 outs. Not having Kotsay bunt. I have said this many times here. If Ortiz,Lowell,Youkilis and Bay go for a combined 1 for 17 with 5 B.B. they will lose every single time! I agree with you very much when you said they had a great chance to be in 1st place and blew it. That loss on Tues. night was their worst of the season! Boston had there biggest hit of the season ( Bay’s 2 run H.R. ) and Papelbon couldn’t nail it down moments later. Casey should have pinch hit for Cora. Let’s face it, Cora is a non factor at the plate. Then again bases loaded and nobody out and Youk flies to r.f. and Bay strikes out. In that situation, they need too come up big and they failed to do so!! Hamel was on the mound, in other words B.P.!! LOL.

I think tonight’s game is very important for Boston. Not a must win but a very important win too start the weekend against a team that has given them trouble over the last few seasons!! Wakefield needs too come up big and of course the bats need too wake up!! The Rays pitching shut them down and that doesn’t happen at Fenway very often.

My 2 cents worth. I believe managing is much more than just employing the proper strategy at the appropriate time. It’s basically the other “intangibles” that makes Francona a very good manager, I believe. Things like demonstrating leadership, trust, dedication, generating cohesiveness, etc. Think, for example, how he has handled Pedroia and Drew in the last 2 years. He trusted and was patient with these guys, and it paid off. Think how he has handled the “ego” of Ramirez over the past couple of years. He managed to basically keep it under control.

So when it comes to these intangibles, I am totally confident in Francona, and I think he’s essentially an excellent manager.

Sometimes though, it appears he misses obvious strategic moves (not calling for a bunt, not pinch hitting or pinch running, changing a pitcher when not really indicated), and sometimes he seems overly persistent and stubborn (Gagne, Timlin). I agree, Sox hitters blew far too many chances to win the other night. Nevertheless, I think poor strategic decisions on behalf of Francona did not optimize the number of chances the Sox might have had. Sure, had he left Lopez in, TB might have scored 10 runs anyway; had he bunted runners over, they might not have scored anyway. In other words, even had me made the correct strategic decisions at various points in the game, the Sox might have lost anyway. But to me, over the course of a long season, you’ll come out ahead if you employ the correct strategy. Guys like Sparky Anderson, Tony LaRussa and Lou Pinella understand this. Also, when you employ the correct strategy and lose anyway, somehow the loss is easier to take. If bunting/pinch running/pinch hitting happened when indicated, and if Lopez was left in the game (after pitching 2+ effective innings) and then gave up 3 runs in the 14th, I wouldn’t feel so bad about the loss; but when you take Lopez out for no good reason, and put Timlin in knowing full well he has simply fallen apart in such situations, then the loss leaves a bad taste in your mouth for days. That was DUMB DUMB strategically. (and this is not a retrospective thing–if you look back on this blog, I half-jokingly commented BEFORE Timlin came into the game that if he was called in, the game would be lost).

Francona is a very good manager, but he made some very stupid decisions that probably (not certainly, but probably) cost the game.

Oh, and a comment for BosoxBrian. I disagree slightly with your comment: “If Ortiz,Lowell,Youkilis and Bay go for a combined 1 for 17 with 5 B.B. they will lose every single time!”

I agree that they would lose MOST of these hypothetical games, but not ALL of them. If you play strategic “small ball” (bunting runners over, smart pinch hitting and pinch running) you may win a few of these games–especially the ones where your pitchers are effectively shutting out the other team, as what happened the other night (1-1 after 13 innings).

Plain and simple…The Sox managed 1 flippin’ run in 13 innings. Some of that is on Francona and a lot of it is on the team. Therre were a ton of times in that game where they could have scored runs without tito lifting one finger or burning one brain cell and the TEAM did not evecute. The series is over and we have another one ahead. Hopefully the Sox don’t dwell on it.

It is consensus that Francona is a good players’ manager. But some of his strategic moves or lack thereof leave you head scratching. I guess over the season all things even out. The Sox did win some close games because of the dumb moves of the opposing manager.


If those guys go 1 for 17, you better hope Lester or Beckett is pitching a no hitter!


When the game entered the 14th inning. Francona was left with nobody. Timlin, Smith, those guys give up runs when warming up in the pen!! LOL. Who should have been pitching the 14th? The Red Sox were screwed when that game got that deep. I said it then, perhaps not in those words.

Why can’t people accept the fact and say T.B. outpitched the Red Sox. It is that simple! As Garry said, time too focus on the weekend series with Tor. and then you have another shot at T.B. for 3 more games. When that series is over, we’ll see if the Sox are playing for the div. or the W.C.

To me, all managers have their particular strengths and weaknesses and also their own reasons for making or not making a certain move. There are many, many factors that we as fans simply can’t/don’t know.

Thanks for the Phillies support! I thoroughly enjoyed last nights game and am looking for more of the same.

Give Cito Gutston credit for starting 3 starters on short rest. Gaston is here to pilfer the wild card. Francona beware!


Your dead on there. The Jays are a desperate team this weekend. They need to win 3 of 4 in Boston. Personally I think they will split. If they do indeed split. the Jays gained nothing and there chances of making the playoffs will be slim and none! I wish Boston was finished with the Jays. I wish Balt. was still on the schedule. Then again don’t we all. Boston better get there bats rolling this weekend!! The Jays are sending out an inexperienced pitcher too start the series while Boston has Wakefield going. Wakefield is coming off his worst outing as a member of the Red Sox. I expect Wakefield too bounce back and pitch into the 7th inning.

The Jays can make the wc race interesting ONLY even if they can take 3 out of 4 and pick up 2 games. The Jays are sending out their no. 5 pitcher and again weren’t we saying the same thing about Sonnenshine. The Sox can do no worse than a split.

You would actually prefer to finish with the third place Jays than the fourth place Yankees?

With only 17 games to go, the Jays are 7 games back in the loss column to the Sox. If the Sox only win 3 of those 7 games, the Jays will be 6 games back in the loss column, with only 10 games to go, and they still have 3 more remaining vs. the Yanks. How is that serious pursuit, unless the Sox just absolutely collapse?

As for Francona, BosoxBrian may not acknowledge himself to be a Tito-apologist, but I freely admit that I am…make no mistake, I think he is far and away the best player’s manager in the business, and is the best manager in the business, bar none. I only think its a shame that he has never been recognized as “Manager of the Year” because those “in the know” believe he possesses a far more talented team than others (i. e., Joe Madden in TB). However, the Rays lose 2 of their players for a short time and people freak-out, they lose their closer for awhile, and people consider Madden to be an absolute genius to cope with it.

However, lets consider the hand Francona has had to play this year — he has lost both the 2008 All-Star Game MVP and the 2007 WS MVP for significant periods, the 2007 WS MVP for 2 separate periods, and has not missed a beat. His most productive pitcher, wins-wise (Dice-K), barely has enough innings to qualify for ERA-title consideration because of his time on the DL, the Sox stud-starter who should have won the Cy Young last year has been on the DL twice, and the No. 4-5 starter (Wake) has made a trip there. With I’m sure Francona’s suggestion, the club acquired Paul Byrd, and Francona has made wonderful use of him, as well as figuring out who to bring up from the minors (Masterson and Bowden) to produce pitching wins in the pinch. Contrary to my preference, Tito and the team went without the services of Justin M. for awhile to convert him from starter to reliever, as they determined his value is greater there, causing many of you to drool over Masterson’s value as a reliever.

The Sox have been without their starting ss for how long now, and their infield has not missed a beat, not to mention the games which one of the main candidates for this year’s MVP (Youk) has missed, and still the team goes on, chugging along toward a play-off spot. I know many of you don’t respect Lugo, but imagine where some of the other play-off contenders would be if their starting ss went down…Not to mention that the Sox had their Mr. Clutch, a guy who has finished 2nd in the MVP voting what, the last 3 years??? start the year hitting less than .100, and then go on the DL for 6 weeks. He tolerates his starting catcher hitting less than his weight for much of the Summer, apparently pre-occupied with some personal problems, and handles him well enough that Tek at least has shown some signs of snapping out of it at the right time! On top of that, the team, I suspect with Tito’s considered advice and support do the unthinkable, in ridding themselves of a 1st ballot HoF’r, who has been a clutch RBI machine, and they pick up a replacement who causes them not to miss a beat! Yes, yes, some of this goes to the credit of Theo and the front office, but much of it has to reflect on Tito.

And where are they now? 3rd best record in AL, 4th best record in the majors…9th best team ERA in the majors (despite a bullpen most of you decry, and all those days on the DL by the starters), 1st in the majors in Team BA, 3rd in the majors in runs scored and 3rd in the majors in RBI’s!…And we’re going to criticize Tito because, on Tuesday night…after his Manny-acquisition hits a 2 run home run to put the Sox up in the bottom of the 8th, Tito brings in the team’s All-Star closer in the 9th (a “by the book” move if ever there was one) and he gives up 2 runs? (Do we really expect the Yanks manager to be criticized on those very rare occasions when Rivera blows a save?) Or, on Wednesday night, after Tito gets 6 1/3 masterful shut-out innings out of his use of his bullpen, and the Sox score no runs despite having runners in scoring position in what, the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th?…Timlin gives up a 3 run shot? I agree that Timlin’s performance made me uncomfortable, but who would you have brought in…David Pauley?…Pap? (who had already pitched 3 nights in a row and showed some indication of fatigue the night before), and then, if the Sox didn’t score in the bottom of the 14th, who would you have brought in in the 15th…Wake?

I’m sorry, I think a bunch of you are way too demanding and way too critical. For my money, I’ll take my birthday buddy Tito over any and every other manager in the business, and frankly, I think those who micro-manage his games either expect him to have a “what’s in the future crystal ball”, or just flat have unreasonable and outlandish expectations of him. Sorry to offend some, but that’s just the way I see it.

Hey BosoxBrian: I hear your clucking in Ohio all the way from Florida. Just remember, the Bucks rarely lose during the regular season…and I love to say I told you so. As far as Matt Holliday goes, your hearing less out of me about him recently has little to do with the Bucks, and much to do with the fact that I am becoming a devoted “Bay-Watcher.”

With the potential “logjam” of outfielders, I would sit Pappy and start thinking about trading him in the off season (get Murphy back or a catcher prospect). For as long as I could remember, Frank Howard, Boog Powell, Greg Luzinski, Dave Parker, C. Fields, etc. the big men go from hero to zero rapidly. The only exception I can think of is Big Frank.
2nd, Ellsbury would sit and fill in as a pitch runner. JD would DH. If he can’t cut it, Pappy should be well rested, move him back to DH. But still look for a “positive” trade. (Does Theo understand this concept?)
Kotsay is as good or better an outfielder as JD.

No logjam

< Back to Front Page Text size – + Red Sox-Blue Jays lineups
Link|Comments (0) Posted by Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Globe Staff September 12, 2008 04:25 PM
Here are the lineups for tonight’s game at Fenway Park:
Line up:

Red Sox
1. Coco Crisp CF
2. Dustin Pedroia 2B
3. David Ortiz DH
4. Kevin Youkilis 1B
5. Jason Bay LF
6. Mike Lowell 3B
7. Mark Kotsay RF
8. Jed Lowrie SS
9. Kevin Cash C
Starting pitcher – Tim Wakefield


1. Marco Scutaro 2B
2. Brad Wilkerson LF
3. Alex Rios RF
4. Vernon Wells CF
5. Lyle Overbay 1B
6. Kevin Mench DH
7. Rod Barajas C
8. Scott Rolen 3B
9. John McDonald SS
Starting pitcher – David Purcey


Just too let you know, U.S.C. under Pete Carroll are the best home team in the land! I am guessing that U.S.C. will win by at least 2 touchdowns. I will not be able too watch it but no reason too watch it anyway. The results will be quite predictable. LOL!! The first time in a while where Holliday was mentioned. I thought you forgot how too spell his name.

I agree with you ( YIKES ) with your opinion on Francona. Your for sure a Francona apologist. I call it the way I see it. Francona’s descion not too bunt Kotsay the other night was baffling and having Crisp run for Varitek was puzzling. Overall obviously he is as solid as anyone. He has faced Sciossia twice in the playoffs and hasn’t even lost a game too him in October. He must do something right. I always get a kick out of some people when they call someone an apologist. How could I even be a Francona apologist? I am a fan many miles away!! Never met the man. I would like too call them Francona bashers. When the Red Sox lose a close game, it is Francona’s fault. If they win a close game, the other manager goofed up. What??? Someone needs too explain that one too me????

I don’t buy that Francona is a great manager. Our Run Differential vs. our record is horrendous.

Angels are +65 run differential, 89 wins
Red Sox are +155, 85 wins

Simple translation, we can’t consistently win close games. How well does he have to manage in our blow outs? Whoop de doo.

We also lead the league by far in men left on base. How about a squeeze bunt once in a while?

The Sox’s season records against TB, Tor, and LAA are horrendous. They compiled a total 12 wins and 23 losses with an average of 3.8 runs. The Sox obviously cannot hit good pitching. Hopefully things will turn around in post season.


What is it? Is it the Red Sox don’t hit good pitching as you say. Or is Francona getting outmaneuvered as you wrote earlier? I don’t think it can be both can it? Things that make me go hmmmmmmm. LOL!! Then again that is why they call it good pitching, right?


Who is the best manager in baseball today? Give me your top 5 in baseball today? I would love too know. Only thing I do know about Francona is he has won 2 titles ( that must count for something ) and is the perfect manager for the Red Sox. Does he make head scratching moves? Of course he does but you can’t argue with results can you? Then again maybe you can and will.

Calm down. The Sox has had problem hitting good pitching all season. The Sox lost last 2 games because they were out pitched, out hit, AND the Francona did not make the right moves. I would feel more easier if it were just the case of being out pitched and out hit. Let’s not dwell on the past. The game starts in about 1 1/2 hrs. Enjoy the game!

I’m calm, I just had my 5th vodka ( grey goose vodka ) with cranberry. Life is good in Florida. LOL!!
I just pose the question, that is all I do. Most teams do have problems hitting good pitching. That is why it is called good pitching!!

I’ve seen so often that regular season results mean nothing in the playoffs. I certainly would not pick the Angels over the Red Sox!

Does Grey Goose actually taste better? My favorite was always Smirnoff Silver (100 proof.)

This Francona argument comes up every year. Because, guess what?, he makes mistakes just like every other manager who has or will manage. On this blog we watch so closely that if he sneezes extra loud we get concerned. Earl Weaver, who was a damn good manager in his own right, said he never won a game for the O’s but he would lose 5 or 6 a year. The run differential points more to the bullpen which has lost a lot of our close games for us. At one point there was only Papelbon who was pitching reliably.
I for one am grateful Tito is manager.

Technically speaking vodka is tasteless. It’s the smoothness factor and the ingredients that make the upscale vodkas upscale.

Well Sox fans we are going to see some of the best baseball we have seen all year.As a Blue Jay fan I wish you luck but not to much

I can see that I have my reading (and referee-ing) cut out for me. I’ll get to the reading (the rest of it, I did read a snippet or 2) later but will stand up and say to 007… Francona didnt lose that game, Paps didnt lose that gameand on and on and on!! If The RedSox win it is a TEAM WIN if The RedSox lose, it is a TEAM loss. its like this, if they had more of a lead than they did, Jon-Bon may not have given up the lead….. Do you see where I’m going with this?? It’s a buch of little things done (or NOT done)by a group of guys. It is never an individual effort in a win or a loss.

Brian.. Let an expert tell you something…. Never waste a Grey Goose, Belvedere or VanGoh vodka by mixing it with anything flavored.. You should drink the REALLY good ones either with soda or on the rocks.. Smirnoff, Absolute and Stoli are the ones to use mixers with…. Mixing grey goose…. an almost unforgivable sin!! lol


I like my grey goose. Absolute is absolutely great as well.


I can only drink vodka with O.J.–Cranberry Juice or Pineapple Juice. No soda and no chance on the rocks. My vodka will be either be a straight shot or what I wrote above. Will you forgive me? Please. LOL!!

Run differential is the most over-rated stat in baseball!!

007, I guess you’ll be 1st choice to be tapped to take Terry Francona’s place should they ever decided that he is being out manuevered. I think he knows what he’s doing… He’s got the 2 rings to prove it. It’s funny, everytime something goes wrong there is someone on here just waiting to pounce on Tito, but when things go right its either a player that gets the credit or Theo is the Wunderkind Braintrust.. It’s tough to be Tito, but he does a damned good job of it!!

That stat is for the Bill James of this world!

I will this time.. My drink of choice used to be Bevedere Vodka, splash of club soda and teeny slice of lime or lemon.. USED to be,, until I liked it too much… Now Only a crisp cold BUDLIGHT will cross these lips.

Rain delay in Boston. It seems when the Red Sox are home on a Friday night there is always rain.

Rain Delay at Fenway… Trying to get it going by 7:45.. I don’t see how they would be able to play back2back daynighters if they postpone this one till Sunday….. There is no other time we could make it up is there??

The one thing this blog does not need right now is a rain delay!!!!!! At least when a game is going on all you arm chair managers agree together. OK….so we fire Tito…which I would not do……Who, that’s AVAILABLE, would you hire as a replacement? I have seen some great managers make some bonehead moves because they went with their gut feeling and I’ve seen some genius moves because they went with a gut feeling. We have no idea what is going on in the dugout and who is feeling how just like we had no idea what kind of turmoil that ZAZU was causing behingd the scenes. We can guess but we don’t know. Tito takes more than numbers in account when he makes a move. I’m with Tito and i trust him to get us to the post season. he has worked some miracles this year but I haven’t heard much of that until dbenjamin’s post. Good on ya Dbenjamin. BRIAN….If you need help backing up Tito I’m with you.


LOL!! Arm chair bloggers could be the better word. I think most on here think Francona does an excellent job. Obvioulsy there are a couple of folks on here that think otherwise. If they lose a 1 run game, they blame Francona. If they win a 1 run game they say the other manager did something dumb too lose. Those types will always be miserable. I call it the way I see it and from where I sit, Francona does a great job!! I don’t agree with most of his moves but overall you can’t argue with success can you? Will the Red Sox win it all this year? I don’t know and neither does anyone else. I do know one thing, it is very difficult too repeat as champs. Then again Boston is the only team that can accomplish that feat!! Let’s get this game started!!!

Let’s go Red Sox!! Let’s go Red Sox!!! Let’s go Red Sox!!! clap….clap….clap…clap…!!

Almost forgot..


Does anyone else think that Petey should still be behind Papi?? He seemed to be so comfortable in that spot…

No rain and that one was gone, no??


I like Pedroia hitting in the 2 spot. Right in front of Ortiz.

59 m.p.h. curve to Overbay to strike him out. Nasty stuff by Wakefield. Nasty!!

nice catch by JBAY

new thread Ellen

Okay… We REALLy need to get the bats HOT (and dry) I’M BEGGING YOU GUYS PLEEEEASSSE!!! GO REDSOX GOREDSOX… (doin the happy dance with that one!!) Hey Garry, when are you going to return my cheerleading skirt and pom poms????

OH!!! That one will make the blooper reel!

Now turn that into something GOOD!!!! Wake is having a good night in spite of the rain, so lets give him some runs!!!


Great timing by Cash!!! CASH IN!!!!!

Maybe we ought to to play in the rain more often!!

Dr. Feelgood, paging Dr. Feelgood!!


Good job!!!! really glad this is over!!!

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