Stability At the Top

On the same day the Red Sox could move into sole possession of the top spot in the American League East for the first time since the All-Star break, it is refreshing to know that there is also great stability at the top of the organization.

Theo Epstein will not need a gorilla suit to exit Fenway Park on Halloween this year. Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe has reported that the GM — who has gone in less than six years from a 28-year-old wonderboy to one of the most respected executives in the game — is on the verge of signing a new contract.

Though owner John W. Henry basically told Shaughnessy the deal was done earlier on Tuesday, Henry backed off slightly on those comments to the rest of the media later in the day while conceding an announcement is imminent.

“I got a little ahead of where we are today in commenting
on what have been refreshingly private negotiations,” wrote Henry. “We are
not done, but we expect to have an announcement in the near future. I have
asked all involved not to comment until this is finalized.”

I wonder what this organization would like right now if Epstein, had, in fact, bolted in ’05. Would they have won it again in ’07?

At any rate, the Red Sox are lucky that upper management (Epstein and his staff) and field management (Terry Francona and his staff) is a big strength of this team. It is one less thing to worry about. Imagine having a Ned Yost-like situation in Milwaukee?

As for tonight’s game, I think it is important both in the short and long term. Obviously Beckett puts them back into first with a win. And if Beckett does that and is dominant in doing so, perhaps it is fair to forecast the ace to go on one of those runs he had late last season.

Though Lester has been a rock, there is something comforting about being able to rely on Beckett as the front man for the staff.


Jason Bay is out of line up to join his pregrant wife in Boston. She is due to give birth anytime according to

thanks for beating me to the punch. i should have mentioned that. but now you saved me the time!

Ian. I beat Brian to the opening gate. lol

I know, it’s a miracle. Taking a nap there, Brian?

It is great that Theo signed an extension.
I hope it goes all right for Bay’s wife and the baby while she is in labor

As far as I can tell this is what Beckett lives for. And it would be appropriate if he can put the Sox back in first.

Good luck to the Bays. I hope and pray all goes well.


Now I know how Sean Casey feels. A tad slow coming out of the gate. lol. 007 is the Ellsbury on this blog tonight.

Congrats to Theo on his contract extension. Much deserved for sure. The Red Sox are winning and developing, a great combination! So many good young players on the current team under Theo. Papelbon, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Lowrie and Masterson. Not too mention others on the way in the coming seasons.

Let’s hope the bats continue too be hot like the Florida sunshine! Boston made Sonnastine look way too good last week. Beckett should be Josh Beckett tonight. Jump T.B. early and gets these young guys thinking!

Dave, you’re Hemingway, Kesey, Twain, Tolkien, Brautigan and Shakespeare rolled into one!! Amazing!


So sorry to inform you, no Migrane and Statts for me. LOL! Just wanted to let you know.

Go Red Sox!! Let’s go Red Sox! It’s been a while since the Red Sox had sole possesion of 1st place.

Brian, YOU WISH you knew how Sean Casey feels!!! lol
I’ve got to get this in before 1st pitch so bear with me…

GoodLuck to Jason Bay and his wife…. Here comes the newest and youngest member of the RedSox Nation!!!!

Come on Joshua!!!! Be there, be great tonight!!!!

I just read the latest installment… there is a sick and demented mind inside of you Dave… You just gotta love it!!!! When do I get to see Donald Casey again; soon???

I wish that the DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS fans with those spoons and cowbells would run with them in their hands, fall and swallow them!!! or stuff them up their, way up there!!

As of right now we have the best fielding percentage in the league. .986….. Good going guys!

Okay. I’m, starting to get an inferiority complex. I show up and everyone leaves!!!

Tek tood two beachballs right down the middle. I don’t know what he was waiting for. Crisp and Kotsay were clueless. Sonnanstine is one of those guys who doesn’t have much, be he manages to get guys looking for something other than what he’s throwing.

Thanks for rubbing it in Brian.

I’ll guess the answer to their trivia question is Dwight Evans. What a play but DP!

Wait, that’s a stupid answer. That’s way before Dwight Evans. It has to be Yaz!

Welcome Evelyn Jane Bay!!!!! Good health and happiness to you all!

9 up 9 down be Beckett so Far.
Welcome, Evilene Jane Bay. The newest member if “The Nation”!

Sorry. Typo. Evelyn

Welcome Evilene ……. now Jason, get your butt back to Tampa! LOL!

I think Beckett will have to be extra sharp today. The Sox seem to have trouble with Sonnenstine lately, plus they are hungover from last night’s wild party at the bat rack.

NO NO NO devilrays devilrays devilrays BASERUNNERS ever!!!!

Do these 2 pitchers look as sharp on tv as they would seem to be on gameday??

WooooooHoooooo!!! Sox break through. Cmon Sox MORE MORE MORE!! Run fast, throw strikes, hit home runs!!!!

They got a lot of pitches out of Sonnanstine that inning. He shouldn’t be much longer for this game. It is beyond me how the Sox can continually let 88 mph fastballs right down the middle go by. I know he’s throwing a breaking pitch pretty well, but if you go up there thinking fastball, you’re going to get something to hit.

That was a very good play by Josh Beckett ……. absolutely no hesitation on the throw to second and it was perfect. It looked a lot easier than it was. DP turns the best DP in the game…….. man he gets rid of the ball quickly and with a lot on it too!

You think Beckett can go 8? We need some insurance runs. I’m hoping the Sox can get some runs and give Pap some more rest.

This is a big inning…… he gets Pena and the heart of the order. If he gets through this, I’d look for Masterson then Papelbon. If he has a real easy inning, he might come out to start the 8th.

I think Pena will make Beckett throw some pitches. He won’t go down easily.

I know nothing.

UH OH!! Come on Sox lets get em out!!! Don’t let them get the lead!!!

I CANNOT believe that piece of crap fly ball carried out of the park.

Well, Sox better gear up and score some more. These rays just refuse to die. They’re the Rasputins of baseball this year.

beckett went to uncle charlie one too many times

“Watching” on gameday is like……………………well, I’m not sure what it’s like but I can’t get a feel for the game. You think the momentum has shifted to TB or are the Sox still confident? What do you guys/gal think? I can’t stand the suspense!!

Hey guys…
I wouldn’t worry too much about the Sox tonight. If you examine their strengths and weaknesses, you can clearly see they have an exellent shot at the game.

1) Strengths:
Excellent ability to blowout a game early and keep it that way. Need at least a seven run lead for them to feel comfortable.

2) Weaknesses:
Absolutely horrendous at close run games and with runs less than 1 scored by the team in a game the Sox’s chances are usually 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.1

As you can see…they have a great chance at taking first place at last.

Arnie, I don’t think there is any momentum in this game. Neither team is really taking control. Beckett is still throwing very well. The guy hit by the pitch, wasn’t it. The ball hit the knob on the end of the bat. This situation with Iwamura at bat is crucial. This guy has been a thorn for the Sox this year.

I’d like to see that play at second where Ellsbury was called out again. It looked like Iwamura lost the ball. Of course they won’t show it.

Thanks for the update, Garry.

Can someone explain to me why Papi refuses to lay one down third base and get us a baserunner like we need??????? ego?

agenv……. It’s called EGO!

Ortiz hits so much better when he uses the whole field. I don’t know why he continues to try to hit through the shift.

It drives me crazy. We could have the bases loaded now with only one out.

OK have to hold them for two more innings.

I don’t know what Captain Francon is doing, but I’d let Beckett start the 9th. Masterson would be my second choice although his throwing style is conducive to giving Pena a real good look at his pitches. I wouldn’t bring in Papelbon yet.

Here we go?

I don’t believe the Sox are employing this shift. Let’s see, where did he hit his last ball? Oh yeah, to left. Captain Tito, what are you thinking about. Wait, his last two homers against the Sox have been to left. Brilliant strategy…… oh yeah, and Masterson is pitching him outside.

You get paid millions of dollars and you can’t even throw a strike to a guy who was trying to bunt?


EVEN better 0 – 2 and you hit him??


Again I blame Tito for this one.

Oh well, back to work tomorrow night.. That was a waste of good outing by Beckett! WOW!! I am really feeling depressed after this one.

Masterson has nobody to blame but himself. A walk and a hit batter on an 0-2 pitch. Bad pitch selection too! He screws Navarro into the ground with a slider then hangs a fastball right down the middle.

Why would you leave masterless in when he obviously doesn’t have it and you have “A lefty specialist” in Lopez in the pen?

I really don’t know how the Sox pens era’s are as low as they are.

2 in the lose column with 11 to go and have to play the Rays again and then the Jays in Tor.? Not an easy taskl Will need help.

They can’t get a ******* ‘nother run. Of course the bullpen is going to blow it. That’s always what happens.
The Rays are riding a joy ride, while it seems the Red Sox are blowing a win every day!
Sorry, you guys feel that way too. With last week and others. It is frustrating

you can’t blame Tito… If the bats had been bigger and hotter then more runs would have been scored and you’d be calling Tito a genious… Why is that everyone, everytime, blames the manager.. There is only so much a manager can do.. at some point or another, the players (and most of them make more money than Francona does) have to man up and accept that THEY didnt do the job that they are paid PLENTY and then some, to do!!

You know, last night after the game, everyone was espousing such faith and enthusiasm…. We’ll get them tomorrow night. Brownie Points Guys, I’m going to speak here and I hope that I’m not speaking out of turn, or saying something that I shouldn’t….
Look nothing personal, agenv86… (was that supposed to be avenge86?) but you’re pretty new around here… and you come in bashing Francona??.. Look in his jewlery box and look in yours… Do you see the difference?? I can see the difference from here.
He’s got *2* World Series Championship Rings… I would bet my life that you dont have any. As I said this isnt personal. The fan base on this blog tries its hardest to keep a positive outlook, and at times we fail to do so. I respect the fact that you are entitled to write what you want, within the parameters laid out by MLB, but relax,, this is a time when we all need to be loyal and have if not a positive attitude, at least a non-negative one.

These rays are tough to kill. They are the 9th inning comeback kids this year. Anyone ever see the science fiction movie,”the head that wouldn’t die”? The rays are that head. Isn’t it strange, the Sox should have the division to themselves this year and here’s this pesky, overachieving bunch of upstarts.
The Sox just have to play these guys tougher. Tomorrow’s another day.

When that shift is on Papi should bunt anywhere on the third base side of the field. That’s the only way he might force them to deviate somewhat from the shift. Even Pena made a bunting attempt against the shift the Sox had on him. When Papi takes batting practice he should practice both bunting and hitting ground balls that way.Papi , because of his wrist, may be somewhat restricted in powering the ball and he has to compensate by going to the opposite field. Typical Sox scenario- score 13 runs yesterday and can’t get more than 1 today. No consistency.

Arnie, is that like the houseguest that wouldnt leave?? lol

I made the statement yesterday that we needed to leave something in the tank for today!

Arnie, do you know who the poster Agenv86 is??

Ellen, as far as I know agenv86 is a Sox fan new to Ian’s blog. He has every right to complain about the manager. Personally, I don’t agree, but that is not the point.

Dave, can you do a script/story using the Mystery Science Theater 3000 format? I loved that show, it’s just the kind of foolishness I like. It was so campy and I bet you could do campy if you tried. So drop the serious story line for once and write us a comedy, would ya?

I am in total agreement with those who are suggesting that Ortiz bunt to third every time the defense puts the shift on. I don’t understand at all why managers don’t employ this strategy. Look at it this way–if he swings away, he has about a 27% chance of getting a hit (.270 average) and to be generous, maybe about a 10-15% chance of getting an extra-base hit.

If he bunts (properly), he has virtually 100% chance of a base hit single. I’ll take the certain single vs. the unlikely extra base hit every time–with guys like Youkilis, Bay, and Lowell to follow. After a couple of big innings initiated by a bunt single from Ortiz, I’ll bet defenses will stop using the shift in short order.

To me, this strategy is no different than taking second base on defensive indifference. If the defense is gonna give it to you, then take it.

There’s something to be said for that. They don’t use the shift as much with runners on—maybe when there is a runner on first— and if it means that ultimately they stop using the shift it would be worth it, plus any time you can get on base, do it. I know it’s Ortiz’ job to drive in runs, but there comes a time to invest a few at-bats toward the goal of ending the shift.

If ego is preventing Papi from bunting the ball, what would he do if the opposing team just moved EVERYONE over to the right side–including the left fielder? Would he still try to pull the ball over the right field fence? That would be plainly and simply stupid.

So continuing to try and pull the ball to right field when everyone in the infield is shifted to the right side is only slightly less stupid.

The only player who refused to give in to the “Boudreau” shift was Ted Williams. I am sure he could have increased his batting average, but fans came to the game to see him “beat the shift” and “hit the long ball”. As good as Papi is, he (or any other hitter for that matter) can’t in any way compare to Williams. With Ted it was a matter of principle and he played that way to the end of his fantastic career.

Oh, and my two-cents-worth comment about tonight’s loss. The Red Sox have lost so many games in such heart-breaking fashion this year, that they’re really become much easier to take. As I watched the 9th inning unfold, it was really quite evident they were going to lose. No surprises, thanks very much and good night.

Without pointing finger, the Sox’s inability to win a close game most of the time is alarming. You can’t ask Beckett to pitch better than last night except for 1 bad pitch. Sonnanstin now owns and practically shut out the Sox last night.
We can moan and graon about Dice-K nibbling and high pitch counts. The fact remains that Dice-K is an EF Hutton man this year. When Dice-K pitches (despite his ulceric performance), the Sox win most of the time. As Bill Parcell said, you are as good as the record indicates. The team seems to score more runs when Dice-K is on the hill.

I agree that Francona has to take much of the blame around all of our close game losses. Seems like if we don’t put up 8+ runs, we lose a 1 run game. I could manage the team if we score 8+.

Francona was not to blame for last night’s loss. It was strickly the players who failed to produce. If Jason Bay was in the line up it might make the difference. Kotsay who is in mild slump struck out after Lowell’s leadoff walk could be pivotal. Who knows!

Does anyone know what Wakes record is against The DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS?? I can honestly say I’m more than a little nervous about tonights game. Wake is going to need a TON of run support tonight….

Ellen: Wake pitched against TB twice this season both coincidentally were against M. Garza at TB.
7/1/08 Lost I-3, 7 IP, 1 ER
4/25/08 Lost (Timlin was the LP) 4-5, 6 IP, 3 ER
Wake pitched well, but need run support to win.

O.K. Here is the latest MASH entry paying homage to my favorite segment on the show — Henry and Radar signing forms.

It was the next morning in Coronal Henry Theo Epstein’s office that Radar Dustin Pedroia walked in with a variety of forms for Henry Theo to sign. Henry had been up half the night wondering about Father Tim Wakefield. He knew it was time for a new priest but he hesitated. Father Tim…was so unique.
“What’s this, “was the almost programmed remark of Henry Theo.
“That sir is your approval form for the weekend in Hackinsack New Jersey for Major Margaret Ellen and Major Donald Shaun Casey. “
Coronal Henry Theo looked up and said, “but I signed that yesterday.”
“Yes sir, “said Radar “ but that was yesterday and the company wants to ensure that today you sign what you signed yesterday to make sure that you actually signed it.”
Henry Theo looked up and said, “but…don’t they have the paperwork?”
“You didn’t sign the requisition form to allow them to see the contents of what you signed yesterday and therefore you have to do it again and plus the form you did sign used blue ballpoint ink and official documents are in black.”
Henry Theo leaned back and said, “but you told me to use blue ballpoint ink.”
‘Yes sir, “said Radar, “but the company decided that black was the new blue.”
Henry Theo had learned a long time ago not to question the ‘wisdom’ of up above and signed the paperwork in black.
“What Radar?”
“You have to use a sharpie.”
“Radar…it’s all I have since…as you recall…the company decided that blue was the new black, “snapped Coronal Theo.
“Blue is just so yesterday sir, “said the meek and docile Radar.
Henry leaned back and was handed a pen by Radar.
“Why didn’t you give me this before?”
“You didn’t fill out the form in blue to request the black pen.”
Henry grabbed the pen and signed the paper. “Remember Radar when pink was the in color?”
“You have to sign this too Coronal.”
“Radar…I just approved their orders!”
“That was for yesterday. Today’s a new day. “
“Radar…does any of this make sense to you?”
“Of course sir…and that’s why you’re signing this form that says…”
“This makes sense to you…why did I ask?”
“You can explain that in the memo section sir.”
Henry handed back the orders to Radar who promptly pulled down the next set.
“Now it has to be notorized.”
Henry practically wanted to strangle Radar but then leaned back and said, “well isn’t it a little late for that now?”
“No sir…I’m a notary.”
“When you signed that form their making me one.”
“Oh…said Henry…why didn’t we do that before. Am I that incompetent?”
Radar leaned in and whispered, “Gag-me.”
Henry Theo felt his head spin.
But Henry Theo was interrupted by B.J. Hunnicut’s new replacement in his younger brother.
“Ah…welcome Captain B.S. Brian Hunnicut.”
BSBrian sat down and looked around the office. Henry Theo knew that because he sat down and looked around the office.
“So…what does B.S. stand for?”
“Sir…my older brother gets a lot of jokes on that and so do I…but at least his jokes get him something besides…”
“Right, “sighed Henry. Henry then leaned forward and said, “Brian Simpson…Bart Simpson…Brian Sandra Brian?”
“No sir…but I am a top class woodworker and can…”
“I’m sure you’ll do fine here. Just make yourself at home…Brian Gumbell…ah…Bob Newhart…ah…Bob Barker.”
“Sir…I have some bats to repair. Just want to keep the morale up.”
“Of course…Dick Cheney…ah…George Brent…ah…George Steinbrenner…ah…George Washington…”
B.S. Brian Hunnicut left before Henry Theo had any more ideas.
‘Yes Radar.”
“Stick with signing papers…you do that very well.”
Henry Theo smiled and leaned back and said, “thank you Radar Dustin. “
Radar Dustin seemed to be in a hurry and leave and Henry wasn’t sure why. He leaned back and this time the visit was not so pleasant. It was Klinger Lugo and he looked angry.


Tonight the Sox can win the series and I think they will. But these rays are tough to beat. Wake should do well and I think the Sox can get to Garza. At some point the Sox are going to have to beat the rays, either now or in October, might as well start now. GO SOX!!
If you think that Tito was responsible for last night’s loss after the Sox had scored ONE run in nine innings you are delusional. They had nothing at the plate and that was the reason for the loss. Masterson was a good choice out of the bullpen, but he didn’t have it last night. That’s going to happen.


If you can answer this riddle, I’ll give you chapter 1 of my book “Hammer Of Harpel” for your viewing and critique and sent right to your email box. I’ve been writing all six books for a number of years and would be honored with some proof reading and some commentary.

“What is an eleven letter word that is always pronounced incorrectly?”

First one who answers gets an email from me.

Dave, that’s too easy. The 11 letter word that is always pronounced incorrectly, is incorrectly!

Hey Arnie, you are right on. It’s tough for me to believe that after bashing Kazmir around, the Sox had that much trouble with Sonnanstine. I also agreed with Masterson as the choice, but he made a couple of bad pitches. That 0-2 pitch he hit Floyd with, and the strike they took down on Pena when the ball rolled on to the field were critical to his demiase. I wonder if that umpire would have stepped in had Pena hit that pitch out of the park and taken his home run down. Can you imagine the whining from Migrane and Staats.

I had to LMAO last night as I was watching an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. Guess who his special guest was? Yep, Roseanne!!!! All I could think of was you sitting in front of your TV and drooling! LOL! Hey, Roseanne has lost a lot of weight, but trust me, it didn’t help!

Beckett came up big last night, but it wasn’t enough. I still can’t believe Pena’s fly ball carried out of the park. That stadium is a piece of crap band box. Well, now Wake needs to come up big. Garza has had some great outings this year. We’ll see if the Sox can get to him.

Dave, reading your most recent episode of MASH Red Sox and the blue ink, black ink thing made me laugh. So here’s a little trivia for you. A while back, most legal documents, including military requisitions had to be signed in black ink. Why? More recently, almost everyone requires legal documents to be signed in blue. Why the change?

Garry: Do you mind if I answer? In order to tell the difference between the original signature and a photocopied one. It will be difficult to see the difference if signed in black ink.

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, LF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. Mark Kotsay, RF
6. Jed Lowrie, SS
7. Sean Casey, 1B
8. Coco Crisp, CF
9. Kevin Cash, C

Lowell is out of lineup because of hip injury.

Garry,what a nightmare!! To be mentioned in the same sentence with Roseanne over and over; it’s eroding my self-esteem. If I was drooling at the sight of Roseanne it was because of all the psychotropic drugs I have to ingest now just to get out of bed. I’ve been traumatized! I need an intervention with Dr Phil! Where’s Oprah when I need her?????? Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!


The idea of the ink came from an actual incident with my wife. She lost her license because her wallet was stolen from her. She had to spend days getting back her credit because of the theft. She filled out a form for a new license and sure enough she was told “red in not an official government color.” That gave me the inspiration for that.
There is an inside joke as well that nobody would get but me. I used a comment about ‘pink’ being an ink color. That’s because my daughter’s favorite color at one time was pink and she wanted it on everything including the paint on her room to which her too indulgent dad at the time gave her that room color even though the room didn’t need a new paint job. Now that I have two kids, that enthusiasm went away rather quickly — although when it came time to repaint their rooms I did let them chose colors.
This time it was purple for my older daughter and green for my younger daughter.

007chow, you are correct about why today’s documents are signed in blue and not in black. Technology has had a say in the whole process. Up until about 10 or so years ago, you could tell an original signature because everything was signed with a ball point pen, so you could feel the indentation left by the pen. In those days, copier, telecopier, and fax technology would not pick up blue ink, so you couldn’t make copies of or send documents signed in blue because the signature would not show up. Today, many people use gel or other soft pens which do not leave any indentation, so as 007chow says, important documents are signed in blue so you can see it’s an original document. Additionally, improvements in technology now allow copying, scanning and faxing documents signed in blue…… and there you have it, straight from Garry’s encyclopedia of useless information. However, if you have to sign something important, unless directed otherwise, always sign in blue.

Forgery 101 begins promptly at 7:30 PM.

I will miss tonight’s game. Keep me informed with your posts and in-depth analysis. Thanks.

Hey Arnie, you serving Devilray chowdah tonight? I promise, if you serve Devilray chowdah, and it’s really good, no more Roseanne stuff and you’ll be able to wean yourself off those drugs if there’s been no permanent damage.

I think Lowell will have good days and bad days, but against his will, I could see them shutting him down. I have more admiration for him than ever. There folks, is a baseball player.

The answer to the 1st ? by Dave is “incorrectly”…
I’d like to answer the 2nd part of the 2nd ?.. You aresupposed to sign in blue for leagal documents because that’s how you can tell an original from a photocopy.

Arbie, Do you have a Hot Date with Roseann tonihgt??? WOOOO!!!

Arbie is aroast beef sandwich… Arnie is our buddy!! lol

yeah, you know that Mikey would never bench himself… unlike some other player who used to grace us with his presence occasionally.. and also, unlike that other guy Mikey can tell you which side of his hip is hurt… Zazu Schmazu…..

Once again, I have run everyone off!!! I show up and the place goes dark!!!
Well… here it goes, my pregame ritual:


Prayer to the RedSox Gods: Please, please. please, please let Wake have a GREAT GREAT night!!!!!

Way to go PAPI!!!! Its the September Stroke!!!!

Wakefield slow to cover. He’s got to get off the mound faster. Error of omission leads to a stolen base–what’s new. Let’s hope he holds the lead he was given. Doesn’t look good right now.

Let Wakefield finish the inning -if someone gets on in the second inning pull him. I would have someone warming up now. It looks like he is going to have one of those days that when someone gets on- it’s an automatic that he steals. Wakefield cannot stop him. His knuckle ball seems like a meatball. They are just sitting back and waiting to knock it around. If we had given Beckett the two runs in the first inning we would have been in first place.

Sad bottom half of the first for the Sox. Where was Wakefield’s head? What kind of a throw was that from Crisp in shallow center field? My sister throws better than that, and so does Roseanne.

They better get someone up in the PEN NOW!!!

This is going in the crapper pretty quickly.

What’s Tito waiting for? How many times must he get hit over the head? He has to learn how to better manage his pitchers. When they don’t have it any given day he shold pull them. Don’t wait until the game is effectively over. All he does is stumble around the dugout.

Sox look listless tonight.

This is awful……. what the hell was that Hansack?

Looks like Captain Francona wants to win this game. He’s managing situations in the third inning. I do think the Sox will hit Garza, so they aren’t out of this game, but they need to get out of this inning and pick up a couple of runs pretty quickly.

Arnie must be goofing off with Roseanne. I don’t have my Devilray chowdah yet.

Un – freaking – believable. This is ugly.

Hello, has anyone seen Sean Casey around first base. Is he playing over there tonight? Where was he on that popup?

This has gotten absolutely grotesque!!! as I say this Papi launches another one, and then nothing!@!!

Can we pleeeeeeeze, just win a game at the Cowbell Coliseum????

Arnie and Roseann are out at the Hilltop Restaurant sipping Champipple (champale and ripple) munching on chicken flautas and fried twinkies!!! No hanky panky you too!!!

The Sox have been doing a bit of damage lately with 2 outs… Let’s hope that they can put a real dent in the score tonight!!!! LET’S GO SOX!!!!


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