Tim Wakefield‘s knuckleball completely flat-lined tonight. This was about as unpredictable as the way Kazmir was destroyed Monday night.

I never expected this. I figured he’d come out and baffle them tonight.

One thing you don’t want to see when you are making your last stand for the division title is Devern Hansack pitching in the third inning.

If I’m the Red Sox — given the state of their health — I might take the pedal off the accelerator here pretty soon and play for the Wild Card. That is, of course, if they lose this game tonight.

Get all their ducks in a row, get guys like Lowell as much rest as he needs, and get this machine running smoothly for the playoffs. Fact is, if you have Beckett, Lester and Dice-K throwing well, homefield isn’t as huge a factor.



Give up the AL East chase. Instead, line up the pitching staff, rest the injured, and get ready for the playoffs. If the Sox are going to go anywhere, they need all hands on deck.

I am a little concerned about homefield, given the Sox record on the road vs. at Fenway. However, I think the health and rest of the team is a bigger factor than home field, so I’d give up the chase.

The Wild Card plays the team with the best record, right? Which means the Sox vs. the Angels, with the Angels getting home field, right?


Well, I’d love to see the Sox sending K-Rod walking off the mound with his shoulders slumped rather than those nauseating displays of ecstasy.

The way the Sox are playing they don’t deserve to win the Division,–TB does. I would focus on the Wild Card position and line my players up accordingly.If by some stroke of luck that we do win the Division this way- though I doubt it, then so be it. Tito has a lot of sole searching to do because if he manages in the playoffs the way he has done recently, then we will have a short playoff season.There was no excuse to leave Wakefield in as long as he did today,

I’m inclined to agree with Ian, if the Sox don’t win tonight, and depending on what Tampa does over the next couple of games against a Minnesota team that will likely be playing their rear ends off. I’m not totally convinced the Sox are out of this one yet.

The only saving grace today is that it looks like Papi may be getting his swing back. Let’s hope he carries it throughout the rest of the season and through the playoffs.

great point pangelotti. I just typed this very IM to a friend: “you know, it’s more important for this team to have beckett pitching like he did last night and for ortiz to be swinging like he is tonight than to win the division”

Arnie and Roseann are out at the Hilltop Restaurant sipping Champipple (champale and ripple) munching on chicken flautas and fried twinkies!!! No hanky panky you too!!!

By ellenc on September 17, 2008 9:00 PM
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I feel a comeback for Our Sox…. Come on Mark Kotsay.. (haven’t figured out a nickname for him yet!!)

or maybe what I’m feeling is indegestion.

Kotsay came in with a bang, but hasn’t done anything for some time. The Sox really miss Bay.

You guys need some cheering up. here is the latest MASH

Corporal Lugo Klinger walked into Henry Theo Blake’s office and sat down opposite of him. He wore a lavender dress with an aqua skirt and beige hair – dyed of course. He had blush, eye shadow and lipstick with high heals and sanded and painted fingernails.
“What is it this time Lugo?”
“Sir, “said Lugo. “Migrane and I have still not got your approval for our adult films line starting with “The Thrusting headache”.”
Theo sat back and grabbed his head. He said, “Klinger… if I let you do this…won’t be able to keep up with the requests for a frontal lobotomy…starting with myself!”
“Sir…you’re prejudice.”
“No I’m sane…there’s a difference, “snapped Coronal Theo Blake.
“So I take it the answer is no! Is that what you’re saying? No to Migrane’s Muffler!”
Theo just sat there watching the figure in front of him and paused wondering where the suicide pills were.
“Why not just make documentaries?”
“Sir…I tried.”
“You suggested Porn!”
Theo Henry finally recalled that conversation and wondered what sort of idiot he had turned into.
“Klinger Lugo…why would you want to film your relationship with Migrane anyway?”
Klinger Lugo sat down and pondered that idea and came up with an answer.
“We’re unique!”
“You’re disgusting!”
“That’s why we’re unique!”
Henry gritted his teeth and looked away facing another headache.
“Sir, “interjected Radar.”Klinger Lugo is under contract till 2010 for 80 million dollars.”
Theo slammed the table and said, “what idiot approved that venture.”
“The same person who approved Gag-me.”
Henry Theo got up and chewed on a piece of paper before realizing it and tossed it out.
“Boy oh boy Radar…we have our share of idiots around here. “
“You said it sir.”
Theo rolled his eyes and looked at Lugo who had a smile that felt like a third watching of The Exorcist.
“Can I at least get leave sir?”
“Because I’m crazy. Section 8…remember?”
Henry Theo leaned forward and said, “if I did that for everyone we’d have no one at the factory Lugo…be reasonable.”
“If you don’t grant me leave…I’ll tell everyone how you denied that my father died.”
Theo leaned back and then grabbed the computer. He looked up the record of Klinger Lugo.
“OK…leave for…Mamma died on 8/17, Papa died 8/18, Papa pregnant 8/19, mama pregnant 8/20, Klinger Lugo pregnant 8/21, Lugo and Migrane both pregnant 8/23, Rosanne pregnant with Klinger Lugo baby 8/25, Rosanne and Migrane 8/27,…oh here’s an oldie but goodie – Rosanne and Migrane and Lugo pregnant, the rest are just dead 8/29. Lugo aren’t you ashamed of yourself.”
“Yes sir, “snapped Lugo. “I have to go back to Migrane so he can punish me.”
“Ya…well…head over to Magaret Ellen. She’ll have lots of supplies for you.”
“I will sir. Klinger Lugo signing off!”
Henry leaned back against his desk and signed the last document in black.
“We just switched to red. It’s in the memo!”
“So…we have to do all these documents all over again?”
“Yes sir.”
“Why Radar. Why can’t this company just stick to one color!”
“We’ve diversified!”
Henry kicked the chair and decided it was time for lunch. He walked out feeling better already but the worst was yet to come.


I know that we’ve got our ill and infirmed but it just doesnt look like they WANT to win( I know better).. They just look a little deflated.
and IF we DO make it to the Post Season, if our pitching staff looks like this we’ll be out 1st round.

Manny Del.. is he Dr Feelgood or Dr NO tonight???

Manny D has a devastating changeup, and he’s throwing with a lot more confidence and command now. It has made him a much better pitcher. He could be a starter.

He does look intimidating tonight!

sorry, did look good

Theoretically, it is possible that a baseball game could go on forever. It looks like TB might test that theory tonight.

What an utterly brutal effort. Isn’t the PawSox season done now? Might as well substitute the whole team, the current bunch doesn’t seem much interested.

Hi everybody. My night out didn’t go much better than Tim Wakefield’s. What a shame, for both of us.

If you all must know, I went out tonight with Roseanne to give her the bad news(good news for me!!!!) that we can’t be seeing each other anymore. We’re breaking up. God, she started with that awful shrieking like she was getting warmed up to sing!! Yikes!!! Then she started babbling incoherently and I realized she was repeating the scripts from her old shows, playing all the parts. It was horrible.

Sorry about the lack of chowdah Garry. Next game I’ll kill 4 and 20 blue jays and bake them in a pie.

Oooohhh man, bad date(seriously) and I come home and the Sox got crushed by the rays?!?!??!! This is depressing!

Well, Im gonna read Dave’s story now.

Great story/script, Dave. Cheered me right up.

Look at it this way–10 games left for Minnesota, Toronto, New York and Boston. If the Sox lose all 10 games, Minnesota has to go 7-3 just to tie, Toronto and NY have to go 8-2 just to tie. If any of these scenarios come to pass, Sox get home field in the one-game playoff. If they don’t make the playoffs after all that, they surely don’t deserve to be there.

I think they should put Lowell, Ortiz and Drew on the shelf for the rest of the season. Use Papelbon maybe once or twice. Don’t use Wakefield until the playoffs. No starter goes longer than 6 innings. Give Hansack a start or two, wear out Pauley, Smith, Timlin and Aardsma, and then leave them off the playoff roster. Give up the race for first place (who cares?) and get geared up for the playoffs.

Wake is either great or terrible, no in- between. He can’t be trusted in a big game (e.g.ALCS 2007) and once someone gets on base against him, its a sure steal into scoring position, which really hurts, especially when you have as strong a pitching staff as the Angels and Rays do–With Becket, Lester and Dice-K pitching, I really like our chances to get to the ALCS–Once there, I’d put Wake on the shelf and use Byrd or Colon as the 4th starter

Whenever Wakefield is scheduled to pitch, Tito should have a backup ready to go from the start of the game. Based on the last few games it seems that one can predict if Wakefield is on or off- it’s pretty discernable right away. Tito’s mistake is that when he sees that Wakefield has nothing-(if he doesn’t see that he should get another pair of glasses)- that he keeps him in hoping that he turns it around. That just doesn’t happen. As far as the playoffs, I agree Wakefield should be ready only on a contingency basis- if the Sox are behind in an relatively unrecoverable position I would throw Wakefield in and hope that he holds them in the event the Sox can turn it around. He should not be the fourth starter unless someone is hurt.

This type of lopsided loss is much easier to take. Here are my observations of the game:
1. We missed Jason Bay’s bat. Kotsay was hapless at the plate.
2. Joe Maddon has me convinced he is the Manager of the Year. Maddon showed his managerial skills the last two games how to manage a close game and a blowout game. He had the guts to take out Garza after 4 2/3 inning which costed him a win. If Ortiz hit another moon shots the score would be 8-6. Maddon put the team’s interest in winning first and ignored Garza’s demonstrated anger. I doubt Francona in similar situation would do the likewise.
3. I hate to second guess Francona. Did he leave Wake there too long? Hansack in relief of Wake in a pennant race? If I said Francona was outmanaged by Maddon, Brian will jump all over me. But it appears that Francona was.
Luckily Minne have been losing otherwise the Sox would be in a pathetic wc race.

I think this “put in the subs and play out the string” several of you have suggested is a dangerous ploy. You don’t want to get your players rusty, even over 2 weeks. Granted, Mikey L. looks really hurt and should get some significant rest before the play-offs, but Big Papi? The best thing to extend a hitting streak is to keep on hitting. I don’t know that I would stretch the starters to 8 or 9 innings, but I would keep having them make starts. If I had the manager’s hat, I might expand the starting rotation to 6, giving Colon 2 more starts, to see if he, or Wake or Byrd should be the 4th starter in the play-offs. Placing Colon in the rotation correctly should allow Tito to line up his starters, whether he wants to lead off with Lester or Beckett.

But you have to keep winning games, man! I recognize the Sox have lost the ability to control their own destiny about the division, but the Rays have 4 more tough games against the Twinkies without a break. If they go 2-2 and the Sox go 3-0 vs. the Jays, the Sox are back within 1 game of the division lead, with their last 7 games at home, 4 vs. Cleveburg. Meanwhile, the Rays play their last 8 games on the road, 4 at Baltimore and 4 in Detroit. Both of those teams can be dangerous, and the Rays don’t play well on the road. I say, the Sox concentrate first on securing their spot in the play-offs ASAP, then continue to play to see what happens. Tito has rested people throughout the year, and I would expect him to continue to do the same in the last 2 weeks. However, to put your starters on the bench and play the rookies to me, is a recipe for play-off disaster!!!

dbenjamin: I agree. You’re an early bird like I am. We are in the same profession literally.
I like to see Byrd as a No.4 starter. Byrd is predictable. You give Byrd 3-4 runs, he will likely win the game. Can’t say it for Wake. It’s all or nothing.
Let’s hope the Sox will have a good series at Toronto.

The Red Sox can officially think wild card. There division hopes are slim and none.

Getting there rotation set up for the playoffs is top priority. Beckett game#1….Lester game #2 and Dice-K game#3.

There are 3 positives that came out of this 3 game series with T.B. (1) Josh Beckett looks healthy. (2) David Ortiz with 3 H.R.’s in the series and the third positive the Red Sox only have too go back to Tropicana Field if they get to the A.L.C.S. Boston got there lunch handed to them down at the dome during the reg. season.

Ortiz should continue to play. It looks like his H.R. stroke is there!

What happened to Bay?


Bay’s wife is given birth! I assume Bay will join the team in Toronto. Bay might have made a difference on Tues. night but not last night.

Brian & Rayman:
Did you guys read the story that Francona received nasty emails from fans questioning the wisdom of letting Bay off, since the new born daughter is not Bay’s first child. lol
Yes, Bay might have made a difference on Tuesday’s result. Just hate to lose a game that Beckett pitched so well.

Those are the types of managerial decisions that make or break a season. Having Bay in the lineup would have greatly improved our chances of winning the division. Letting him go hurt us in the short run… but lets see if somehow being a “people person” leads to a happier team and more wins in the long run. I believe the momentum from that loss extended into yesterday and essentially ended our division run. Big chance by Francona… so far its a bust. Maybe Bay should name the kid… “You’re the reason we lost the division”?


Fans that would give Francona nasty emails about Bay’s situation are total losers! Get a lifer’s as I would call them.

Rayman, you’re a little tough on Francona. I am critical of some of Francona’s moves he made or didn’t make. I have no problem letting Jason off for a couple of days to be with his wife. Who know, it may do Bay good at the plate during the stretch run. I think Jason’s new daughter’s name is Evelyn?

dbenjamin, I agree with you. I don’t think the Sox should give up the ghost yet. Tampa has played well against the Sox, but not so well against anyone else lately. They could lose three of four to Minnesota and the Sox could find themselves right back in this thing. I also think players have to play to stay sharp. If after this weekend they are still two or three back, then you plan out the rotation and the rest of the season. By the way, the Sox may as well be three back, because they lose the tie breaker to the Rays.

During my time in the Navy, I was with a lot of sailors at sea while wives were having babies at home. It was a tough situation for them, but that’s part of serving in the military. I can honestly say, and I know Craig will back me up on this, that if there was a way we could have gotten those folks back home to be with their wives, we would have. Major league baseball is not the military. Jason Bay should have been with his wife for the arrival of his child, period. Had he not been there, I would have lost respect for him and had the club not allowed him to be there, I would no longer be a Sox fan. Baseball is a game. Francona is a family guy, and a players’ manager. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hate to say it, but Tim Wakefield should not be a post season starter. Knuckleball pitchers cannot be relied upon in must win games, but even more than that, it takes Tek’s bat out of the lineup. It’s too big a risk, and to big a price to pay.

If the Sox do decide to get things ready for the post season, and not go all out for the division, I think Papi needs to get some time at first base. If they get to the series, he’s going to have to do it. Might as well start now when it doesn’t mean much.

Arnie, I’m very sorry to hear about you and Roseanne. I know you’re heartbroken and I wish there was something we here on the blog could do to make you feel better. Don’t worry my friend, time heals all wounds…….. even those left by Roseanne……. LOL!

Quote from the presumptive AL Manager of the Year:
“It isn’t about Garza’s won-loss record,” Maddon told reporters after the game. “It’s about the Rays’ won-loss record.”
That’s one of the reasons why TB is in first place.


Byrd should be the 4th starter for the Red Sox. I am in agreement with you about Wakefield. Wakefield should be used as a long reliever and that is it. I don’t see T.B. losing 3 out of 4 to Minn. T.B. has been playing well at home all year. There playing there last 4 home games of the year and they want too finish there home schedule up strong! Boston’s chances of over-taken T.B. for the division is quite slim. Boston is 3 back in the loss column and technically 4 back in the loss column because if they finish with the same record T.B. takes the div. A big mountain too climb with so few games left. I guess stranger things have happened but I wouldn’t bet on it!


I don’t think Maddon outmanaged Francona. What did Maddon do that was on a genious level? What did he do that made Francona baffled? Nothing out of the oridinary from where I watched. Maddon had Garza and then Balfour right after that. Francona lifted Wakfefield and who/where could he turn to? If your taken your starter out of the game in the 3rd inning of a big game like that. As a manager you are in big trouble!! Wakefield’s knuckleball sat on a platter and said hit me and hit me far, that is not Francona’s fault. Wed. night’s game was a butt whipping!!!

I would have to concede Manager of the Year to Maddon. He has kept that club motivated and playing hard all year long. They don’t have nearly the talent of the Red Sox, especially on offense, but they have outplayed the Sox. Tito has done an excellent job keepting the Sox competitive through a lot of injuries and some trying times with Zazu. Certainly, he should get strong consideration too!

Speaking of Zazu, the Extra Bases blog at Boston.com has some interesting stuff about him today. There is one article titled “The Genius of You Know Who” that talks about Zazu as a hitter and puts him in the class of Mays, Aaron and Frank Robinson. As a hitter, he’s probably there …….. as a player and teammate, not even close. Also on the blog, Schilling really blasts Zazu again, along with former players Lou Merloni and Brian Daubach. It’s pretty good reading and an indicator as to why Zazu may not get what he’s looking for next year.

The more I think about it Brian, the more I think the Sox should heal the wounded and line up the rotation for the post season. I still think they should play to win, but giving Youk, DP and Tek a couple of days off between now and the end of the season could pay dividends. Get Lowell and Drew healed as much as possible so maybe they’ll be ready to go. If things go well and Tampa falters some, then they can go after it at the end. If not, so be it. In reality, they are going to have to face the Angels at some point, so they might as well get it out of the way. Maybe the White Sox or Twins get lucky and beat the Rays in the ALDS and the Sox have the home field for the ALCS if they get by the Angels.


That is how I feel as well. Boston will have too face the Angels eventually and L.A. would have home field advantage anyway. Also I would rather play them in a shorter series ( 5 games ) Beckett, Lester and Dice-K–nobody can match that trio! I have my doubts about Drew. I think he could be lost for the year. That guy is always banged up. If it wasn’t his back it would have been some other injury anyway. Drew can’t stay healthy for a full season, another reason why Theo should have never signed him to that big $$$ deal. It made no sense at the time and it makes no sense now!

Zazu has played in every single game with the Dodgers. I guess the water in L.A. must have the fountain of youth in it. LOL! I lost alot of respect for Zazu. More importantly alot of the Red Sox players/coaches lost alot of respect for him as well. Zazu will get some dumb g.m. to give him a big $$$ contract. Boras always gets the $$$ for his client. All it takes is one team and he gets the deal. I am guessing a 4 yr. deal—60 million. Just to throw out a number. Mets? Nats? Phillies? Dodgers?

Maddon is the slam dunk winner for manager of the year. Cliff Lee for Cy Young and the M.V.P. should go to nobody. lol.


I agree Francona should get some considertation for sure. It has been a very long and trying season. I think Francona has aged about 10 years this season. Francona is the right guy for the Red Sox. This could be his best mangerial job yet.

Hansen has a 7+ ERA in Pitt. I guess it wasn’t just the pressure in Boston. Maybe he just stinks.

Here’s Hansen’s line from today’s game. How many times did we see this?

Hansen (L, 2-7) 0.1 0 1 1 3 1 0 6.22

Here’s a kid with great stuff who has no clue once he gets to the mound.

I still think that ZAZU will come back to haunt us wearing Pinstripes and being Arods new best buddy!

… and I don’t see him staying in the N.L. He’ll have to be a position player there… why work more than he HAS to.. he’ll come back to the A.L., rest his knee’s and be a D.H.

I doubt you’ll see ZAZU in pinstripes ever. The new stadium will still favor left-handed batters and there are more than enough candidates!

Kramer: I understand that line of thinking but we all know how the Yankees LOVE (and I mean LOVE) to spend money on ex-Sox players. Also I think that they will do anything to put our BVD”S/panties/under-roo’s in a twist!!

WOW, except for Kramer and me this place is a ghost town tonight… well let me lift the spirits of the ones reading….
THE DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS DEVILRAYS L** O**S**T********************!!!!!!!!
Just like the musical group from the 60’s. The Monkees,
I’ll go to sleep tonight just a little bit happier a RedSox Nationer because of those Twinkies!!!
G’Night guys…. se you tomorrow..
Same Sox time, Same Sox Channel!!

Kramer, under normal circumstances I would agree with you on the right handed batter theory, but Zazu has great power to the opposite field and Yankee Stadium, new or old, suits him very well. However, it’s possible the Yankees have learned a lesson with high priced free agents. They’ll be ridding themselves of nearly $100 million after this season. I really think teams are starting to see that you can be very competitive with young developing players at a tenth of the cost. Minnesota, Oakland and Florida have been doing it for years…………. and look what the Red Sox are doing with youth.

The Rays lost to Minnesota tonight when the bullpen self destructed in the ninth inning. I think the Twins are going to give the Rays all they can handle as they compete for the Central Division Title. The Twins are only a game and a half behind the White Sox who lost to the Yankees tonight. I think they would love to head home after this series to meet the White Sox at least tied for the lead. They will be playing hard.

So the Sox have a decision to make about how they are going to approach the rest of the season. I think no matter what happens, I would start Colon sometime before Beckett’s next start. Then Beckett can make his final start of the season and be ready to go for the first game of the playoffs. If that doesn’t happen, Beckett’s turn would fall on the next to last game of the season. If the Sox elect to keep the rotation in tact, I might let Beckett throw three innings that day and he’s still be ready for the first game since there are two off days before the playoffs start. Lester and Dice-K would get adequate rest in normal rotational starts. However, in their final starts, I’d be thinking about a reduced pitch count for both of them.

I don’t think Zazu will be in pinstripes because Cashman wants nothing to do with him. Yankees have handed out contracts to older players and it hasn’t worked out. Zazu can hit in any ballpark, he is one of the best hitters ever! I think the big bat N.Y. could sign is Texeria. I think the Mets will sign Zazu, Minaya has craved him for years and years!! If Zazu does sign with the Mets, he’ll be at Fenway next year. What a crazy scene that will be.

Rays lose to everyone in September except to Boston. Explain that one? lol. Red Sox killer Burnett takes the hill. Byrd makes another start against the Jays. I think the more you see Byrd, the better it is for a hitter! Boston hit Burnett well in Toronto.

Enjoy. This should cheer you up.

The warm weather broke and a slight snap of cold air hit the 4077th Louisville Slugger plant. A late night poker game was generated with Lugo, Migraine, Margaret Ellen, Coronal Theo Henry, Hawkeye Gary and Radar Dustin. It was late.
“O.K. the game is five card stud, nine’s are wild, “said Henry Theo.
“You said Stud, ‘chuckled the muffled voice of Lugo.
Henry Theo rolled his eyes and said, “Lugo, get your head out of Migrane…now!”
Lugo rose to the table and smiled with sweat dripping down his face.
“Ha…Devil Rays are hot and the Sox are not. Ha!” snapped Migrane who looked utterly elated and wearing nothing but a Devil Rays T-Shirt, Devil rays Short and Devil Rays hat with a Devil Rays false nose and Devil Rays horns.
“Shut up you two” snapped Margaret Ellen who practically threw a knife in Lugo’s face.
“Lugo…head above the table, “snapped Hawkeye Gary who apparently wondered why Henry Theo invited them anyway.
“Sorry sir but with Rosanne…”
“I don’t need to know anything more about Rosanne or anything else Lugo so let’s just play poker, “shouted Henry Theo.
Radar tossed out two cards and got two new more.
Magaret Ellen got two more as well. Henry just smiled.
“Lugo…if you can’t play cards get out !” snapped Margaret Ellen watching Lugo get a large round object out and aiming it at Migrane.
“Anyone here about Father Tim?”
“He’s doing better. Got a new kidney, a prosthetic arm…”
“Go fish!” shouted Migrane.
Henry Theo slammed his cards on the table and said, “Lugo…please keep your mouth closed and your face on the table. “
“Lugo, “said Hawkeye Gary. “everyone at this table would appreciate if you and Migrane would go play with the 27 inch planer. We just got new blades for it too!”
Everybody looked upward when Yogi Berra walked in and sat down at the table. The scratchy legend of the New York Yankees was welcomed with open arms…except for Lugo and Migrane who were playing go-fish under the table.
“So…did you all here about Jason Bay…new baby in the family…and those same Boston fans who welcomed him with open arms…”
“Heard about it, “ said Henry Theo. “Death threats and everything.”
Migrane shouted from under the table and screamed as if he was gargling with mouthwash, “devil rays.”
“Winning isn’t everything right Ellen!” said Yogi.
Ellen dealt her hand and said, “fold.”
“I tell you, “said Radar…that’s when you know who your friends are…when you lose and they still support you.”
Everyone paused a bit and gave a slight nod.
“You know…we all wanted to win on the Yankees. We really did but in the end…we lived. We had families and lives and everyone understood that…course I’m just an old piece of leather but if you ask me…enjoy each game…even if they lose because the fun is the game…not the outcome.”
“Devil Rays, “shouted Migrane from under the table.
“You know, “said Hawkeye Gary. “I remember my first game. Sox lost and I was down all the way home. I had seen Fenway Park for the first time, seen the players live and I was down. You know…I missed out.”
“Lugo…I love you!”
Everyone paused at that and started a new hand. Yogi tossed in a five and the game got higher from there.
“You know sir…I find if the Sox try…maybe that makes it all worth while…right?”
Yogi smiled and tapped Radar on the shoulder. “That’s the spirit.”
“Can I join!”
Yogi seemed to be confused until B.S. Hunnicut sat down and joined in.
“The B.S. stands for Bo Sox. “
Everyone smiled in sighing relief.
“Oh sweet dreams in life at last I found you, “sang both Lugo and Migrane from under the table.
“You know…I’ve been a Sox fan since I was a kid…and we watched em’ even if they lost but it hurt you know but I suppose you guys are right.”
“You’ve been overhearing us?”
Everyone smirked.
“Well…it ain’t over till it’s over, “said Yogi with a grin. “You know winning is fun…and I know the players still feel the same way…but when they lose…do you think they don’t know it? They do and it’s up to the fans to cheer them up and support them…and welcome their babies.”
“baby I love you. Baby I love you…Baby I love, love, love you, “sang Lugo and Migrane.
“Those two have been all over each other since I gave them “The complete Liberace.”
“Well sir…I think the Sox…no matter what happens…should be commended on how hard they worked even though each player makes more than an average city budget.”
“You make me feel like a natural woman, “sang Lugo and Migrane.”
“Well…no matter what happens, I’m going to turn over a new leaf Yogi, “said Henry Theo, “From now on, I’m going to love life to the fullest.”
“That’s the spirit.”
“I’m going to spend more time with my Peg and Aaron, “said Bo Sox Brian Hunnicut.
“I’m going to see my mom more often, “said Radar.
Ellen then said, “I’m going to enjoy the time I’m with Donald Casy instead of complaining of the time we don’t have time together.”
“Puberty…puberty love…puberty, puberty love, “sang Lugo and Migrane in the key of e flat.
“I’m going to play golf, do talk shows and enjoy my family.”
“To family, “said everyone getting up.
The smiles filled the room.
“I woke up with Migrane this morning…I woke up with Lugo this morning. Went to sleep with Rosanne on my mind, “sang Lugo and Migrane.
“Well on that note, “said Henry. Let’s call it a night. Sox are playing in ten minutes and I want to check it out.”
“hm…, “said Yogi. “That should be a good game…but I’ve got a full house.”
“No, “everyone screamed as Yogi grabbed the cash on the table and dragged it to his chest.
“Winning is everything.”
“Hey, “said Radar Dustin, “you said winning wasn’t everything!”
Yogi laughed and said, “hey I didn’t say I didn’t like to win.”
“Lugo…life’s sweetest reward. Migrane…life’s sweetest reward. Love…sweeter than a…”
“Shut up you two, “screamed Henry.
“So what is it, “asked Radar. “I mean sirs…is winning everything or is it the game?”
Everyone paused at the table unable to answer that question.
“Game is seven card stud, aces are wild, “said Yogi. Everyone put in their hand unable to answer that question. The night was young.


Good News and Bad News…

Good news is that with the TB loss, we pick up a half game in the AL East.

Bad news is that NY, Toronto and of course Minnesota (beat TB) all won, so we’re no further ahead in the wild card.

Sox keep knocking at the door (first place) but nobody’s lettin’ them in. Now they’re facing Burnett and Halladay in the Skydome, and I don’t like their chances in the next 2 games.

I’m unclear why some of the bloggers on this site are concerned with the “Return of the Zazu.” The Sox management made a conscious decision to cut ties with him, and I believe it was a logical decision. Whether they face Zazu, Mark Teixeira or my favorite Matt Holliday (I can hear BosoxBrian chuckling now!), they will deal with good hitters, even some who are former Sox players (like Hanley Ramirez, Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon, Gary Payton or perhaps Brandon Moss someday). In each case, the Sox made a conscious decision that their future was on a different path than the player’s and frankly, I think that in virtually every case, (except Orlando Cabrera), and the Sox management was correct.

Zazu is a 36 year old ballplayer with some good baseball in front of him, not unlike the situation the Sox faced when deciding what to do with Pedro, Damon or Derek Lowe. He will land somewhere, and I suspect will ultimately hit in excess of 600 career HR’s. I think BosoxBrian in correct (gag…[lol]) that Omar Minaya will make a strong pitch for him, and I could see the Yanks going after him as well…big drawing card for a new ballpark…left fielder with both Damon and Matsui struggling…big bat to replace the beadie-eyed Giambi. Putting him either in front of, or behind A-Rod in the batting order would create the same sort of situation as his hitting behind Big Papi. And there are not a lot of teams who will find the sort of money that Zazu will demand.

If it happens, it happens. The Sox have found a nice, affordable substitute in left field in Jason Bay. The one issue that remains to be seen is how well Jason Bay performs in the crucible of play-off baseball pressure…Zazu seemed to always raise his performance in that situation. But whatever his performance, whether outstanding or “Cecil Cooper”-like I think the Sox are ready for the future.

A few more wins and the play-offs are before them. Go Sox!!!

ronkelly, the news is more good than bad. Two concerns, Minnesota and Chicago play each other next week so the wild card will not come from the Central Division. Either the Yankees or Jays will be done after their series next week in Toronto. If the Sox win two of their remaining games, the only way either the Jays or Yankees could catch them would be to sweep the series in Toronto and then sweep their series with the Sox. That’s a lot to ask for.

As far as the pitching matchups this weekend, Burnett should obviously be the favorite over Byrd, Lester and Halladay are a wash, and Dice-K should be favored to win Sunday against Richmond.

It is because it was an off day that the bloggers are concerned about the Return of Zazu. I personally do not care where Zazu ends up, be it with the Yankees or Mets. Let‘s see if Zazu can hit Beckett, Lester and Dice-K. I believe it is easier to an out on Zazu than those young pesky hitters from the Rays. The Sox’s immediate concern is how to win on the road against good pitching. The hitters have to learn how to lay down a bunt or advance runner(s) when it is required. Francona has to live up to his reputation and manage when it is time to manage.

Garry…Yeah, I know I know, I worry perhaps unneedlessly. But as of this morning, Baseball Prospectus has the Sox at 99.91876% chance of making the playoffs:


As a loyal Sox fan for 40 years and seeing what I have over the years, I won’t rest until the Jays, Yankees and Sox/Twins are totally eliminated.


I am very happy to read Matt Holliday was mentioned in your blog. lol.

Good point on Zazu’s opposite field power, but I feel the Yankees will spend most of their money this winter on pitching and first base. The RSox should primarily be looking for a good young catcher as Tek’s understudy.

Red Sox Lineup:
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. Sean Casey, 1B
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. Mark Kotsay, RF
8. Jed Lowrie, SS
9. Jason Varitek, C

Welcome back, Jason!

Mike Lowell is out of lineup until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Colon is on AWOL so to speak, not happy with the club.

Mike Lowell’s injury concerns me not only for this year but next year as well. I read where recovery time for that injury is 4 to 6 months. Of course that is if everything goes well. We all know how that can turn out. Lowell is very worried as well. He made a comment the other day saying that he doesn’t want a hip replacement down the road. Obviously when his career is over, he would like too walk with the hip he was born with. I agree with Mike Lowell 100%!

Colon can stay at D.R. and eat his life away. Who wants him around anyway. Red Sox gave him a chance this year and he acts like this? Good luck down on the island Colon, I hope you have a grand time! lol.

ronkelly: we might not be any further aheadm but we are also NO further back!! and they aren’t any closer!
(I guess I’m a “glass half full”person and you are a “glass half empty” person!!)

I almost forgot (and I’m sure some of you wish I had)::

Whats up with Bartolo?? Did someone steal his lunch??? I must have missed something.


Colon isn’t happy with his role with the team. I guess he thinks he should be in the rotation. His role with the Red Sox is coming out of the bullpen or as a spot starter. I was guessing he was going to start on Tues. against the Tribe but not going to happen now. I hope he enjoys the D.R. because I know I would. LOL!

I hope you guys are not having a BYRD over this.lol.

This isn’t good so far

Has Jacoby been taking baserunning 101 from ZAZU??



Now that is better!

These Jays’ broadcasters whine almost as much as Migrane and Staats. When I first saw Youk’s check swing, I didn’t think it was close. When the showed the other view, which isn’t a good one by the way, I still though he checked with plenty to spare. Whaaaaaaah! Someone get the Whaaaaaaaambulence!

Good heads up base running by Lowrie. Good hustle.

Wow, just watching Mikey in the dugout when that ball went screaming in there, you can tell he really doesnt feel good!

Well, I will say it again IDOBELIEVE!!!!

They just showed Mike Lowell in the dugout and he was moving very slow. He looked like he was hurting for certain. Not a good sign.

How did Ellsbury get picked off? Poor baserunning!! He cost the Red Sox a run!

These Jays announcers are pretty bad for sure. Boring would be a word to describe these 2 guys.

Sox pen for the 7th and beyond. This is where it gets very interesting. Another solid start for Byrd. He should be in the playoff rotation!

T.B. with a big lead. Boston needs to keep pace with a win.

What was Ortiz doing? Did he bet on the Blue Jays? How does a player lose track of how many outs there are? The first base coach tells him the situation and there are scoreboards everywhere that tell you how many outs there are. DUMB!! DUMB!! I guess Ortiz must have spoken to Zazu today. LOL!! Perhaps Ortiz was wishing he was with Colon back in the D.R. lol.

I wish we could clone Pedroia and Youkilis.

Pedroia with a great play at second. Give him the gold glove right now!

What a play by DP! Wow. I have “The greatest games at Fenway” DVD, and I saw the game on 4/22/08, and he was super small compared to how big he is now. And I bet nobody cared about him. Pphhhpp!

Last year Lopez got hit hard by lefties and this year he has done very well against lefties. Someone please explain that one? lol.

Sorry, 4/22/07

That was an amazing play by Pedroia. I don’t know how he got enough on that throw to complete the play.

Ortiz was taking a snooze. Youk needs to learn to yell in Spanish. Between that and Ellsbury’s blunder, the Sox are running themselves out of a chance to win this game.

I’ve noticed Lopez in his last few outings has come up a little to get some extra zip in his fastball. He’s been looking good. Now…… no walks.

Delcarmen has looked good as of late. Will we see good Manny? Bad Manny? 1 pitch….1 out…..Good Manny so far! lol.

Time for Boston to win this one!

Red Sox in a tight game late, this usually doesn’t work out in favor of the Red Sox.

Burnett pitched a pretty good game tonight but I have to tell you, he’s not a 4 year $60 million pitcher, not even close. He, by far, is having his best year as far as wins are concerned, but I don’t see where he’s been anything really special before this year. He’s been good, but in my opinion would not fall in the category of an ace. On the Sox staff, he’d likely be a three or four guy right now.


The DevilJays are having to go pretty far into their pen tonight… That’s a damn good thing!!!


I’m with you about Burnett. In Boston he would be a #4 starter. I wouldn’t give Burnett a long term deal, no way! Boston should focus there attention in the off-season in getting another bat, a back-up catcher and some relief help. If Boston does add another starter it should be thru a trade. I wouldn’t give Sabathia, Burnett or Sheets a big $$$$ deal. No way! Whoever does will regret that deal in less than 2 years.

Dave, once you finish MASH, I have your new storyline….
CADDYSHACK.. yes? no??

When I say a back-up catcher I mean a catcher of the future. Varitek can groom him.

Camp was horrible with the Devil Rays. Camp is a Devil Ray, enough said. LOL!!

Let’s go Varitek!! Usually Varitek comes up empty with the bases loaded. Not this time. Camp is a Devil Ray. LOL!

Come on Jason…. TEKKER!! GO DEEP… or just drive one in, your choice!

Y E S!!!!!!! I know its not what he was trying to do but it works for me!!!!!

Varitek does the job! Nothing to be proud of but he does get the run home. Way to go Captain!


If guys like Camp are in the big leagues. I’m guessing your making your comeback very soon. lol. This guy Camp is horrible!!

Is it John Parrish or Robert Parrish? LOL!! Chief…..

uh… he can be proud that he drove the go ahead run in, don’t you think?
Sorry Brian, you and I just seem to be on opposite ends, so to speak tonight… but with the same objective

You cant take that away from the centerfielder, nice catch.

Wells with a great snag in c.f.

Time for this pen too finally come thru on the road in a tight game! Win a close game, please!!


It got the run home and I guess that is what counts. Bases loaded and 1 out and they only get 1 run across.

Good Manny D. is in Toronto tonight. He has pitched well as of late. You just never know with him.

Better one than none!!

Ellsbury was robbed. He had a good swing.

LOL! Did you see that woman who didn’t get that little foul ball? LOL! How’d you like to go home to that every night?

I hate this move. Delcarmen is throwing very well and Oki has no advantage with left handed hitters. This makes no sense to me.

Is it to late to take the BYRD joke back.

… and If he was the second out, Ellsbury didnt do as mech as he did…


Francona is playing the percentages. Lefties are hitting .190 against Oki.

Two things:

1) Did anyone read my latest MASH entry. I think it’s pretty good.
2) Why do we have Oki Chokie up when we can use Delcarman for another inning? I hate this. Another game lost while Tampa Bay is eleven runs ahead in their game. Another loss for the Sox. Now we are 2.5 games back of TB.

Why is everyone down on Oki? I don’t understand why. He is one of the few arms out of the pen that is reliable.

Papelbon for the 9th! Let’s get it done Papelbon.

Bosoxbrian, Oki has had some pretty disasterous outings and that always leaves a bad reputation. In fairness he has greatly improved as of late but right now Delcarman has been the number one pitcher from the bullpen.

Let’s go Red sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m not sure what Oki you have been watching. He got off to a rough start but in the last 2 months or so he has pitched well. He is a very reliable arm in the pen. Delcarmen has had some disaster outings as well. Delcarmen is hot or cold, no other way too describe him.

Another blown save by Papelbon for unless some miracle happens we are once again looking at another heart breaking loss.

I think I have seen it all. lol. Papelbon with a horrible throw to first, my oh my! Pedroia would have made the play at second but Papelbon doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head. His instinct is to make the play but what a pathetic throw!! Papelbon should have Chico Bail Bonds on his uniform. lol.

Pap has nothing. They are right on his fast ball.


Your optimism is great. lol.

Papi will lose this game. Another loss for the Sox making it three in a row. Three losses in a row. let’s hope they do better tomorrow.

Is that Papelbon or Craig Hansen or Tavarez??

It’s actually Zazu with makeup.

I’m waiting for the two run homer or the two consecutive doubles. Come on Papelbon…show me wrong.

Warm Garry up….

Right now Lugo looks pretty good.


I agree, bring in Garry. Garry will use some “old” wisdom and the Jays will not even know what to do. LOL!!

Bring in Rosanne dressed at Catwoman. Let’s scare the Blue Jays away.

Three fouls in a row. Can you say home run GRRR

I’m almost ready!

Signing off for now. Please someone read the latest MASH. It’s good.


How long does it take you to loosen up? A young buck like you, come on now. LOL!!

I’d be busting a slider down and in, but I don’t think Pap has that pitch…….. I’m almost there.

When was the last time you pitched? Want to make sure you’ve been rested….you know how it is with today’s standards!!!!!

Almost there? What? lol. A year ago Papelbon would have blown a fastball right by him!

Another 20-30 pitches and I’ll be there. Tek, go out and see Pap, give me some time.

20 or 30 more pitches? Are you kidding me? Will you need a wheelchair to the mound? LOL!!

Let’s see, I think it was in the Rangers’ series at Fenway.

Have you mastered the Red Sox bullpen band moves yet?

OK, I’m ready. Put me in Tito!

THEEEEE SOX WIN!!!!! whew!!!

This is Paps last batter Garry….it’s either Sox win or you are in.

Welcome to the big league’s Snider. Papelbon with some high heat and he looked like the Papelbon of last year. That fastball under his hands was untouchable. Boston wins a close one on the road. What is going too happen next in the world? Garry wasn’t needed, perhaps tomm. lol.

You ended up with what is known as the “dry hump” for a relief pitcher. They got you up but you did not go in.

Sox pen with 3 scoreless innings! Way too go Lopez, Delcarmen, Okajima and Papelbon.

Yeah, that sucks Brian. I was ready to bail Pap out. OK, now someone wheel me to the clubhouse……. good win for the Sox. Magic number to clinch wild card is now 2 for the Yankees and Twins. They could wrap it up tomorrow.

Good Dave good!!

Brian, YOU are calling Dave on HIS optimism???? omg!!! that’s the pot calling the kettle black!! You haven’t exactly been Mr. Optimist yourself tonight and I called you on it earlier…………..

Dave, I LOVED your last installment. Did you see my suggestion for your next story line?? Caddyshack.. or maybe Top Gun??

Thanks Ellen. I still have one to two more installments for MASH before I consider another story line. I’m still having fun with them.


Hi gang!! Wow, what a night at the shop! It was sooo busy, like a rock concert!

Great win tonight. You’ve got to love a comeback victory. And it looks like our friend Byrd kept them in the game again. Gotta love it.
Hey, what’s with Colon? Doesn’t want to pitch out of the bullpen? Are you kidding me????? What a dumba$$! He could be pitching in the big leagues, traveling with the team, maybe if he pitched well, be in the playoffs, making a nice paycheck. I don’t get it.

Dave, your mash episode is great.

Carlos Pena is having a year to remember for the Rays. I hope the Sox can spoil his playoff fun.


Are you the Police on here? LOL!

Well, I wont be able to se the game today. Please keep me posted… Sgt. Ellen signing off for a while…

oh… 1 more thing before I go….

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