Magical Monday?


Nothing else needs to be said tonight.

Chime away.


Some timely hitting, please?

HOw about a passed ball?

Just impossible to bring that runner in from 3rd, huh?

Hi Ron, dontcha think that pitch to Lowrie was a little too close to take? At least try to foul it off.

We just have to pray that Masterson doesn’t melt down again. We still have two more shots at them. However the bottom of the line up needs to get on.

Ellen, yea, Roseanne and I are history. Single again! Should have done it sooner.

Cmon SOX!!!

Why is Kotsay playing over Crisp? Sox are better defensively with Bay/Crisp/Ellsbury, and although Crisp has cooled off lately, he was pretty hot for a while whereas Kotsay as been awful at the plate except for his first week with the team.

Now I know Tito has done an OK job with this team but it is the fundamental things he doesn’t do that drives me crazy. Why Tek is batting left handed in the 8th in beyond me. Use a pinch hitter. And why didn’t Papi Sac bunt last inning with men on first and second with no outs. If he had this game would be tied.

But he pinch hits for Bailey who is hitting 270?

Hmmm. I was going to tell Jake to take the bat off his shoulder, but I guess we’d be better off if he just stood there.

Looks like we are going to need some magic to win this one. 2,3, 4 coming up!!! Otherwise we will need the Blue Jays to clinch it for us. Clev has Lee pitching tomorrow. NOT an easy task.

Papi doesn’t sac bunt because Papi is one of the best hitters in the game, and has no bunting experience. He is more valuable swinging the bat than he is trying to get a bunt down. As far as pinch hitting for Tek, you never pinch hit your catcher. If something happens to the backup, you’re in trouble. (and yes, I know that Ross gives them a 2nd backup)

What a nice inning by Okajima. Sharp!


I disagree. What happens if Pedroia singles here? Papi HAS to bunt him over.

I disagree. If the situation calls for it you lay it down. Especially when it is the 7th inning or later and you are down by 2. You have to get those runners into scoring position. As far as catcher is concerned you have 2 back up catchers for a reason. And since Tek is batting about 200 as a lefty. You need baserunners not outs.

Get set to have your hearts broken.

My kingdom for a clutch hit. Damn!!!

Bases loaded in the 7th with one out, Jed strikes out.

Winning runs in scoring position in the 9th with two out, Jed strikes out.

I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Jed Lowrie 0 for 5 with 3 strikeouts and 6 men left on base. Lets go Jays… Lets go Jays…

Jed is not a clutch hitter.

Again if Papi had SAC bunted in the 7th this games result would be different.

Wouldn’t this be sick: After all of that maudlin final-game-at-Yankee Stadium last night, 7 straight Sox losses and 6 straight Yankee wins, followed by the Yankee’s victory over the Sox in the tie-breaker at Fenway. More games at Yankee Stadium. How embarrassing for them!

And what a horrible thought.

By the way the Sox actually have 3 back up catchers (total of 4) on the active roster now.

Lowrie is an outstanding shortstop and a decent hitter but 63 hits and 62 strikeouts (thats more than 150 strikeouts if he played the whole season), makes me think that he has to go to any instructional league or the Caribbean to play winter ball.
I think that if he were able to hit 30-40 home runs per season, that amount of strikeouts would be normal, but he is not a power hitter.

Should have pinch hit for him, knowing he is having a bad night.

I was thinking he should have been pinch hit for, but I think that can have unintended consequences for a hitter’s confidence. Let him hit (and strike out–again) and get the hitting coach to work with him. Lowrie figures in the Red Sox playoff hopes, so Tito can’t really bail on him now.

I said it a couple of days ago, for some reason I think Lowrie is a much better hitter when he’s hitting behind Lowell. Dunno why that would be, or if it’s just my imagination, or just a coincidence.

I don’t think the Sox are going shortstop hunting this off-season and we will all be PO’d if Lugo comes back so you may be looking at the shortstop of the future for a little while anyway. I agree with Ron… don’t want to take what little confidence this kid might have away from him just yet. Unless the Sox lose 6 and the Yankees win all 7….which even I doubt will happen…..we will need Lowrie to perform in the play-offs. Lowrie is still young and would probably still be in Pawtuckett right now if not for the Lugo injury and I would rather see him get the experience than have him sit behind Cora who has very little future with this team. He is still a pretty slick fielder and occasionally helps the team at the plate. I would still even rather see Lowrie out there than Lugo. I used to get knots in my stomach on anything hit Lugo’s way. Remember that feeling? I am sure I am not the only one who felt that way. I think one of the reasons the Sox started winning series consistently was because the defense was better with Lugo sitting.

I hope Lowrie starts hitting better too…. but I will give him the benefit of the doubt knowing he was pretty much thrown in there in a pennant race when by all rights he should have had another year or so in Pawtuckett. Wonder what their record has been since he has come up? No he doesn’t get the credit but the defense has been better. He is definitely getting baptised by the fire and he’ll be better off for it.

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a long fall off my soap box!!!!!!!! MEDIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Garry, Did you stay at a Holiday Inn last night????????

Who would have thought that no name Tribe pitcher outpitched Beckett. As a matter of fact, the Sox bullpen (Lopez, Masterful, and Oki) outpitched Beckett. Another tough loss. The Sox lost because of lack of clutch hitting (Lowrie, Lowrie) and bad breaks (3d base umpire). Lowrie and Kotsay are in a terrible slump. Francona is not to blame for this loss. Again let me repeat Francona is not the culprit. However, let me second guess Francona and play Monday morning quarterback. Why Francona did not pinch run for Ortiz in late inning. Youk’s double migh have scored the tying run, maybe not. Why Francona didn’t pinch hit for Lowrie in the 9th? Chris Carter should pinch hit for Lowrie who has been hapless at the plate lately. Francona made the same mistake for not pinching hit for Cora with runners on 2d and 3d last Saturday at Tor.
Let us face it, the whole team is in mild slump to put it mildly. I am very appreciative of the stellar job that Dice-K did on Sunday. 3 runs normally aren’t enough to win against the hard hitting Jays.
Cliff Lee is pitching tonight against Wakefield. Lots of luck to Wake and hope his knuckleball dances.

I guess the Lowrie honeymoon is over. He’s still better than Lugo, but should be hitting ninth now til the end.

Lowrie is wearing down and it is just that simple. A long season, mentally and physically. The longest season he has ever played.

Playing one of the worst teams in the AL, at home, playoffs on the line, Beckett on the mound, winless starter for Cleveland, 5.78 bullpen ERA, and thats what we get? How can we possibly think we can win on the road against both the Angels and Rays?
Perfect example of why Francona is not that great of a manager. He has Lowrie hitting sixth in the line-up. Lowrie is batting .210 in Sept. with 0 HRs. Brilliant. Lose another 1 run game. I wonder if Francona just pulls names out of a hat?

Guys, let us face it if the Sox do not start to hit and Francona fails to manage when it’s time to manage, it’s gonna be a short series against the Angeles. Since when Beckett becomes one bad inning guy? Dice-K gives up walks but not many hits and runs. You are what your record shows.

The talk of Lowrie’s confidence for being pinch hit doesn’t make much sense. Lowrie is a rookie and is expected to be pinch hit and taken out of the lineup any day. Where would Lowrie’s confidence be that he was struck out consecutively at two pivotal at bats. Francona did not pinch hit for Cora either.

I love reading the misery on here. It cracks me up! LOL!! You would think the Sox lost there 50th consecutive game reading what some of you write. Keep it up, your making my day! lol.

I think Theo should bring back Ralph Houk, LOL!! Fire Francona now. It is his fault every time the Red Sox lose a 1 run game! Ax Francona now! LOL!!

Lowrie should not be solely blamed for the loss. You have your ace on the mound against a no win opposing pitcher. Lowrie realized that he had a chance to tie the game and win the game. He knew he swung at a fast ball that was out of the zone. Francona had no intention of pinch hitting for Lowrie for the right reason. I wonder if Youk could score on Bay’s double to the corner that Youk was running with the pitch with 2 outs. If Lowell is in the lineup, Jason Bay would be batting in Lowrie’s spot.

The Sox are one game from clinching a playoff spot and you would think the world has ended around here. First, the biggest defensive play of the night was made by the third base umpire who couldn’t get out of the way of Bailey’s rocket down the third base line. How can that possibly happen? Bay and Tek both score and there are runners on second and third if Klutzo isn’t in the way.

Second, Jed Lowrie has a bunch of clutch hits to his credit. He had a tough night. He’s a kid and he’s played well and has been brilliant at shortstop. Give him a break.

Third, nobody outpitched Beckett. He had one bad inning but otherwise looked pretty good. His bad inning was all on him, and he knows that. The bullpen was good once again.

Finally, there is only one situation where I think Papi should be bunting. Ninth inning, runners on first and second, the runner on second is the winning run, and nobody out. In that case, he bunts, which keeps him out of the double play, moves the winning run to third, and gives the guys behind him two chances to get the run in from third to win the game. Other than that, he should be swining away. Ruth, Williams, and Gehrig are the only hitters I wouldn’t have bunting in that situation. It’s not about a cleanup hitter, or a great hitter. It’s about scoring the winning run. The best hitter is going to get a base hit one in three times and that’s not always going to score the run from second. Getting that guy to third with less than two outs creates the best odds of getting him across the plate.

How about the 7th inning, Ortiz was up with Ellsbury and Pedroia on 2d and 1st. Ortiz hit into a fielder’s choice, Pedroia out at 2d, runners on first and third. Youk hit a double scoring Ellsbury and Ortiz went to third. A pinch runner may have scored at first. Bay was intentionally walked..and the rest is history,

What a great day it will be this weekend when the Red Sox retire Johnny Pesky’s #6. Pesky is one of the nicest guy’s you will ever meet! If you haven’t met him, go out and meet him. When you talk too him, it’s like you have known him your entire life! Thank you to John Henry and Tom Werner, way too go!

Are the Red Sox in such dire straits where we are squabling over whether Ortiz should be bunting or not? Last time he put one down no one expected it and he got a perfect pitch and he barely got it down….although it worked. If he doesn’t get the first one down forget it……they’ll definitely throw him something he won’t have such an “easy” time with… and then when he fails….woe to Francona because 1/2 the bloggers on here will ask why the Sox are paying Ortiz $60 million dollars so that he can lay one down. The Sox are in position to make the post season….again….so hopefully we won’t be asking Big Papi to bunt a whole lot and maybe he’ll hit one in the gap instead.

Those two WS definitely spoiled us!!!!!!

Brian is right…..if I read this blog without looking at the standings I’d swear we were 2 games in back of the Orioles. Go Sox!!!!!!!!

Thank God, Coco and Casey are in and Kotsay out of the lineup tonight. Tonight is the night to clinch for the Sox to return the favor to Tribe.

Does it seem to you like the season is grinding to a halt with no real pennant race to speak of and the wild card pretty much a foregone conclusion? Kind of like a Woody Allen movie that goes on for too long and puts you to sleep? For all that the Sox have gone through this year, I was hoping for an exciting finish with the Sox overtaking the stupid rays at the end. Instead it looks as if they’ll bumble their way into the playoffs. OH, HOW SPOILED I AM NOW!!!! I love it!!!!!! Hahaha! Thank God for 2004 and 2007.

Garry, Great thoughts!!! You know as RedSox fans we could have it a WHOLE LOT worse!!!!!The Sox could have done what Marlins and the Mets did…..
And Arnie, How about this…. How about if the Sox were to “bumble and stumble” their way right past the DevilRaysDevilRaysDevilRays to the Division title??? How sweet would that be?!!!!

I’m just sitting here looking at Remy and Orsillo. Those two have to have the biggest receding hairlines (or for those men who are in denial, “high foreheads”) that I have ever seen!!

I hope Wake clinches the playoff spot. That would be nice for him. And then we can look to the division.

Go Wake!!!!

The Sox need to give Wake a ton of Run support tonight.

We need some Old “Bay” Seasoning!!

007Chow, no way am I having Ortiz bunt in the 7th inning, nor am I pinch running for him at that point. The only time Ortiz is bunting is the scenario I posted above, when you are in the ninth and need one run. Hind sight is always 20/20 and it’s easy to say after the fact that had Ortiz bunted two runs would have score on Youk’s double. It’s also easy to say they may have walked Youk to load the bases and Bay may have hit into a double play.

Jason Bay is clueless when he gets a 2 strike breaking pitch. I haven’t seen him hit a loud foul on a 2 strike breaking pitch since he got here.

I think it’s a great day for Red Sox fans everywhere to know that Johnny Pesky’s number 6 will be retired. If there is anyone whose number should be up there, it is Pesky’s. I’m not sure there is anyone who has done more for, or been more dedicated to the Red Sox than Johnny Pesky. He has done it all. It is particularly great that they are doing it while he is still here to be recognized for his service and contributions to the organization. Well done Red Sox!!!!!

What a horrible call by the first base umpire. HE HAS GOT TO ASK FOR HELP from the home plate umpire on that play. It’s the home plate umpire’s job to watch the feet and bag at first base. He’s got the perfect view. Absolutely horrible.

…….another comment about that play at first……… Tito has to ask the umpire to ask for help. It is the first base umpire’s call, but he can certainly get some help if he can’t see it, and he was inside the bag so he couldn’t see Casey’s foot making contact……… damn that ticks me off.

New thread….

Keystone Cops anyone???

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