Do the corks get popped tonight?


That is still your magic number as of this posting. It won’t be easy to reduce it either, not with Cliff Lee pitching against the Red Sox and Mike Mussina pitching at Toronto for the Yankees.

But this would be a much more fitting night to clinch than last night. Where last night was dreary and raw, this is a crisp, nice fall night.

I watched J.D. Drew take batting practice today and he was positively obliterating the baseball. If the spasms are nullified by Monday’s epidural, perhaps he will return after all.

Mike Lowell took BP indoors today and should do so on the field by tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mikey is back in there by Thursday or Friday.

The Rays are just about to wrap up a Game 1 victory against those ever-competitive Baltimore Orioles — yes, sarcasm is dripping — which would reduce their magic number for clinching the division to three. I think everyone realizes that the Red Sox will start the playoffs in Anaheim either a week from tomorrow or Thursday.

As for Johnny Pesky‘s number 6 getting retired on Friday, just two words fit the occasion: About Time.




Let’s hope the corks get popped tonight… bloggers are getting restless. I think we’ve been popping our corks on your threads for quite a while now.

Look at that. I’m in the lead-off spot tonight on the new thread. Brian is getting a well deserved rest before the play-offs!!!!! Ha Ha.

I applaud the Red Sox for doing that. HOF or not, he should be honored. Congrats to Johnny.
YOUUK! I can never stop saying that. LOL

It would be a great thing if Drew and Lowell can comeback and stay healthy. With those 2 guys in the lineup and healthy, good things will happen!

Ortiz smoked that one to straight away center, any other park it would have been a H.R. Youk certainly crused that one as well. I can smell the clincher tonight!

Get ready for the Angels!

Johnny Pesky well deserved, you are a CLASS ACT!


I tried leading off tonight but once again I was a tad slow. LOL!

Cliff Lee with a record of 22-2, amazing is the word I would use! Two years in a row from the same team but two different players winning the Cy Young. Has that ever happened? I have my doubts!

That’s okay Brian….I will surely be benched by Tito for my lack of effort with that lead-off attempt. I still think Youkalis should have bunted Ortiz to third!!!!!! Ha Ha!!!!

LOL! Youk bunting Ortiz to 3rd. That might be the funniest thing I have read on here this year. What I don’t understand is if the Red Sox win a close game Francona doesn’t get credit. If the Sox lose a close game, he gets nailed on here. Someone needs too explain that to me. I’m lost on that one.

Pretty pathetic effort by Crisp on that base hit to center. He never even broke into full stride. If his foot hurts, get him out of there. You can’t give up that kind of stuff with a guy like Lee on the mound.

This 5th inning by the Red Sox is looking pretty bad. Wakefield needs to get 5 or 6 outs this inning.

That makes two Crisp owes Wakefield. He should have been out of this inning a while ago with no runs.


Agreed very much!

Whenever the Red Sox clinch, they better win it on the field. None of this waiting for another team to lose.

Crisp needs to make up for his blunders in the field.

I guess it’s back to work against Lee. Brian, I think because Tito is so docile…it makes him an easy target. Like Garry said, hind sight is 20/20. You can either use that hindsight as a tool to learn from your mistakes or let it eat you up. I think if you ask Tito, he can live with 95 percent of his decisions and he’ll let you know when he has made a bonehead move. Like you said….when his decisions work out no one says anything….but let him make one iffy decision and look out!!!!!!

Ellsbury is getting hot at the right time. When he gets on base….. good things happen!

Ellsbury hit a very good pitch. He’s coming around at the right time.

What a brilliant move by Tito to let Ellsbury bat against the lefthander!!!!!

M-V-Pedroia! Good job Petey

The Sox have hit some rockets off Lee tonight.

Sometimes the game doesn’t make sense. Last night they couldn’t hit that young kid. Tonight there facing a guy who has 22 wins and they are hitting him hard!

I was calling for the squeeze…..Tito showed me up by letting Pedroia swing away….way to go Tito!!!!!!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

You have to tip your cap to the class of the Red Sox ownership. Change the G D rules, and let some of the deserving Sox have their numbers retired. Numero Uno is certainly Johnny Pesky. Double applaud for them doing it while JP is still alive and can enjoy the well deserved adulation.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this class act?!?!?!?! Way to go gentlemen!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay big Papi…..square around……

Garry….We’re almost writing the same thing here. A memo to you, don’t think like me. It is never a good thing. LOL!!

Bay make them pay!


I agree with you very much. I saw something down here about Rays playoff tix. I will email that article to you. You were inquiring about that last week.

Great minds think alike Brian!

So we make some guys look like CY Young and then we turn around and make a Cy Young canidate look like Ray Culp or Sonny Siebert.


lol. I am not sure if I am a great mind then again do I have one?

If I am Cliff Lee I wouldn’t have been too happy with that intenional walk. I assume Cliff Lee is thinking I have won 22 games for a reason. Youk did smoke one off of him last time but Lee is a competitor!

Shoppach has some pretty decent numbers but whenever I watch him he doesn’t do anything. He seems to K alot.

I think Lee was left with the old pick your poison option by his manager.

Wakefield should have a shutout right now!

I think if Shoppach plays a full season he will put up some nice numbers for a catcher. Catchers are always a premium in MLB. He’ll be a good one.

cfarn…I agree, either way Lee was screwed!

I can’t believe Don Orsillo gave the Bruins pre-season score. Who cares! I didn’t even know hockey was being played. LOL!! Great sport too see in person but I can never ever watch it on the tube.

Next number to be retired? Jim Rice?

I’m guessing Joe Hesketh’s #55 will be retired soon as well. LOL!!

I’m on board with Jim Rice’s number going up in right field. Right on Brian…..Sox trying to put the wild card to bed and we have to hear about the Bruins!!!!!!!!! Good Lord.

Cfarn…Rice is knocking on the door for Cooperstown. Perhaps this winter he’ll finally get in. Rice is not the nicest guy but the man could hit. How many H.R.’s would he hit if he took some roids/H.G.H.?

It looks like the Indians are leaving Lee in long enough for the Indians to come back and give him the win. The Cy Young may be the only post season award they receive so they are pulling out all the stops for his 23rd win.

No telling but he was a very strong individual. He once broke a golf club on his transition from the backswing to the downswing. The shaft broke in half. Now that’s strong.

T.B. is smelling the division!

Rice once said his teamates were “associates”. Not good!

I don’t know what the numbers say for Delcarmen in the last 3 weeks or so but he is looking really good!

No doubt….Rice was not much of a politician but he played hard and gave the Sox 100%.

Shin-Soo Choo….My favorite new name! Every team should have a name like that. LOL!!

We have Coco Crisp…..

I can’t believe the Islanders won in O.T. I wonder who was in net for the Bruins? LOL!! The Bruins didn’t skate well. lol.

There goes Don with that Bruin crap again!!!!!

Imagine an o.f. of Crisp….Shin-Soo Choo and ????? Help me here.

Tito must be duel hatted as the Bruin Coach.

Andy Moog in net tonight? Reggie Lemelin?

DelCarmen is Dr StrangeLove tonight… not Dr NO or Dr Feelgood!!


The Bruins best goalie is a guy named Empty Net.

Cora just saved a run!!!!!!

No arguments from Nevada with this pitching change.

Great grab by AC…. stopped one from coming in!!!! Thank You Alex….
OKI DOKEY time….
Let Us Pray: Dear God and Oki, Please let us see the same Hideki that we’ve seen the last couple of times. In Johnny Pesky’s name we pray…AMEN. (i hope tha I didnt offend anyone)

dbenjamin, I agree with the Red Sox policy on retiring numbers and I also agree with their decision to waive that policy in Pesky’s case. I was very happy they did it while he’s still here to accept the recognition for his contributions, dedication and loyalty to the Red Sox over the thousand or so years he’s been around. He’s done it all.

Of course, we all know that number 6 is being retired in honor of Bill Buckner, and not Johnny Pesky. While Johnny Pesky is not in the Hall of Fame, a Red Sox Hall of Famer did wear number 6 for the Red Sox. Who was it?

I agree with the Sox policy because I believe it is a very special honor, maybe even more special than the Hall of Fame. Those are people who should be remembered forever for what they accomplished with the Sox. I truly don’t believe Carlton Fisk should be up there. He certainly had a fine career with the Sox, and is a Hall of Famer, but will be remembered in Chicago where he played longer and accomplished more. His number being retired just doesn’t sit right with me. I think it is up there more for a single act than his long term contributions to the Sox. Guys like Jim Rice, Jimmy Fox, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens and many others are at least as deserving. But you can’t compare them with the likes of Williams and Yaz.

……one more thing about the retired number policy. Nobody knows this policy better than Johnny Pesky. How special do you think this makes him feel? Makes me wanna cry.

Ian I think your going to get wet tonight. lol.

Great job by Oki.

Clutch by Oki. He did not give in and kept throwing strikes. This bullpen is important if they are going to go anywhere. The play-offs are a lot of squeaky games with few laughers.

My favorite # 6 was Petrocelli. Yes…I am an old man.

We need some insurance runs. I don’t have that much faith in the pen tonight.

Did Andre Dawson wear # 6???

Come on J Bay!!!

Alot of the playoff games are decided from the 7th inning and beyond. Bullpens are very important in October!

Craig, I remember Rico very well. He really had some pop and he was a slick fielding shortstop and thrid baseman. He still holds the record for most homers by a Red Sox shortstop with 40 in 1969, the year I graduated from high school, signed with the Seattle Pilots, and first joined the Naval Reserve. There were other things that year too, but they aren’t suitable for discussion in mixed company. In any case, 1969 was quite a year for Rico, and for me!

Bryan Adams had a song ” Summer Of 69″ lol.

Andre Dawson wore #10.

I can’t believe it, the 69th post was ” Summer of 69″ Things that make me go hmmmmmmm. LOL!!

Was Tommy Harper on the Pilot team the year you signed? He was my favorite player when he signed with the Red Sox.

It’s all “SMOKE” and mirrors!!

Masterson is plain old nasty against righties!

Yes he did Brian…… I get a little tingle every time I hear it. LOL!

I don’t drink anything but Bud Light, but if we make it past LA… I’ll be drinking a toast from the bottle of Perrier Jouet that I’ve been saving!!….


LOL!! Tingle? I never thought I would ever read that word on here. lol.

Even when Tommy Harper coached, he was still one of the fastest guys on the Red Sox. lol.


Expensive stuff. You wrote “if” How about when the Red Sox get past L.A. Be positive Ellen, you can do it, lol……

Tingle: A “G” rated” “R” word.

This is absurd…. We should have been out of this inning 2 batters ago!!! GET THIS THE HELL OVER WITH….

My fo-pah, mistake.. didnt even realize that I had written that… ?Freudian Slip??? I think NOT!!!!

Tingle has a weird ring to it. lol. Does anyone know if Bob Joyce played for the Bruins tonight? Charlie Simmer? LOL!!

Actually I think the word I was trying to use is spelled
faux pa. Dave, do you know what I was trying to use???

Summer of ’69….first year the Montreal Expos played in a little place called Jarry Park (Parc Jarry). My dad took us up there at least 6 times that first year. AWESOME!!!!!!! That park only held 28,000 and you felt like you were right there on the field. Saw Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks and a whloe lot of others that just send chiulls up my spine…..then and now. Great year unless you were Nam.

Let’s go Red Sox!! Let’s go Red Sox!! clap…clap…clap…Let’s go Red Sox!!

Time for Papelbon to be Papelbon. Slam the door shut!

1 pitch….1 out.

I loved listening to the Expos on the french channel back in the day. lol. They had the best hats!

I am confident enough to go out and look for some special edition Mountain Dew to drink.

I will gulp down a Sam Adams for sure then again I do that anyway. lol.

Hard to believe the Indians were up 3-1 in the A.L.C.S. a year ago. Beckett won game 5 and the rest is history.

They had awesome hats but for the longest time I thought the emblem was a JB instead of an M!!!!!!!! My brother straightened me out on that one when I was stupid enough to finally ask what the JB stood for.

Cfarn…Your not alone on that Expos hat. LOL!!

Wow, this place got BUSY in a HURRY!!!
Come on

I had no idea that Donnelly was pitching this year.


Donnelly didn’t know as well. lol.

Craig, you remember Jarry Park. Do you remember what the name of the field the Seattle Pilots played in? It was a horrible place.

Nobody answering the question on the Red Sox Hall of Famer to wear #6? OK, here’s a clue. This person is already recognized with a retired number by the Red Sox. Ah, the heck with it. That makes it too easy. It was Joe Cronin.

A hit and run with Cash. Not in favor of that.

You know, We’ve got AC (Alex Cora) BC Bartolo CoClon, CC (CocoCrisp) KC (Kevin Cash)then we have Casey, Kotsay… I hate it when I think about things like that… totally useless.. makes me go “hmmmmm”

Hey Craig, why were the Expos called the Expos?

sorry BC is Colon (isnt that a body part? haha!!)

I think it was Sick’s field….now-a-days that would have never happened. They never expanded it according to plan as far as I know. It was doomed from the start!!!!

Who will be the 1st official poster of we clinch (after its official)??? I say ME….

Expos were named after Expo 67 (1967) which was in Montreal.

Makes us all go “hmmmmmmm” Trixie!

I think it was because of the Expo of ’68 in Montreal. I actually attended that event!!!!!!

two more.

Hello October baseball……….I love it!

You are correct ronkelly. It was the World’s Fair. Do we even have a World’s Fair any more?

Ron is right….it was ’67….year of the Cardiac Kids!!!!

it was ’67 wasn’t it? I was 7 yrs old at the time.


one more

You are also correct Craig, except it was Expo 67. I was also there to ride on the brand new Montreal subway, which ran very quietly on rubber tires. It was amazing.

now I can relax (for a week).

Does anyone else have goose bumps right now????? man I do and it feels great!!!!

WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! Heading to the postseason bay-bee!

Remember when Petrocelli caught that ball against the Twins in ’67 to move on to the WS? That was what Cora just looked like!!!!!!

The bullpen needs to continue. They have settled down and now Tito has a game plan with Delcarmen, Masterson, Okie Dokie, Pappelbon and Lopez. I have confidence in that bullpen right now!!!!

Did you go to Expo ’67? Looks like a few of us toddlers on this blog were there!!!! I was 8 years old and remember my sister was 6 and she did not do well with all the walking.

Yes Craig, one of the great moments of my childhood.

Great effort by the Sox tonight, and really all season. They really battled this season and had to fill a lot of holes. Tito was very creative with his lineups and the organization put a lot of faith into young players like Ellsbury, Pedroia, Lowery, Masterson and Lester to make the whole thing work. I think Pedroia and Tek are the only every day players that remained healthy all year. Everyone else missed at least a couple of weeks and Lowell, Papi, Crisp, Drew missed a lot more than that and Zazu is gone. I think Lester is the only starting pitcher who didn’t miss any time. Beckett has been up and down, Buchholz is gone, Schilling never got out of the box, Wake missed some starts and Dice-K was out for a while. Delcarmen and Papelbon are the only members of the bullpen crew that have been avaialbe all year. When you think about it, the Sox have been through a lot.

Good job Tito!

God Night Nationers, American League Playoff Nationers!!!
See y’all tomorrow…

By the way, the Pilots played in Sicks Stadium in Seattle. See you all tomorrow night.

So far this year has been marked by people filling holes and keeping the light on while the regulars were re-habbing. Heck, that is still going on…and Tito guided the boat through the fog and docked it into Pier #1. A couple more Pier’s to go for Tito but I’m on his crew ready to go.

Dave, time for a story about the USS Minnow that came out of the storm landed upright.


unfortunately didn’t make it to expo 67, born and raised in western canada. that was a big year in this country though, 100th anniversary of confederaton (1867), so I remember much of the hoopla. Expos didn’t come around until 1969 though. I vaguely remember their first game, I believe they beat the Mets.

It was a terrible shame that Montreal lost the Expos. The Expos biggest year was 1994, they were on the way to the pennant…and then everyone went on strike. The season was lost, and the Expos never recovered.

Terrible shame. I miss the Expos, they were my favorite NL team.

Rusty Staub forever. Mack Jones. John Bocabella.

Ellen — did you get chapter 3 in email. Arnie did you get Chapter 1

First, the Sox did it in style. Still problems with pitching but they had clutch hitting and did it in style. I don’t see a lot of potential for the post season. Making it to the playoffs is one thing but winning it is another. The Sox don’t have the hard pitching they had last year. Schilling is gone, Beckett is unpredictable and Lester can get blown away as well. Dice-K for all we say about him is their ace. He comes in and wins games and then gives it to the bullpen. Nobody, but nobody has been more reliable than Dice-K.

Finally, I know I haven’t put out a story to you guys but my brain is dry of ideas. I will come up with something and you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime there is a lot of stuff up there to read. Ya…we won!

Dave, I haven’t gotten anything yet. Keep trying. Take a break from the stories, rest up for the playoffs. We’ll need you to be sharp.

Great to see Wakefield get the Sox to the playoffs. He’s a classy guy. I have a dvd that shows him in ’03 sitting dejectedly in the clubhouse and his teamates were coming up to him telling him it was not his fault. Then, of course, in ’04 he went out to the mound in Yankee stadium and just stood there soaking in the taste of victory. I’m happy for him.

I think we’ll see a different Beckett in the playoffs. The old playoff Beckett.

The Minnow was the Gilligan’s Island boat? Dave, think about a Ginger/Mary Ann story while you are resting.

Now we can relax for a whole week before the ALDS starts. Lowrie’s struggle continues and will be shut down for the week.
Both aces lost the game were not an aberration but the continuation of the regular season trend. Cliff Lee’s ERA excluding last night’s game at Fenway was above 5. Beckett had a losing records against the Indians in the regular season although 2-0 in the post season.
Francona should have regularly managed a game like last night. Francona made a right move removing Masterful but wrong move by inserting Lopez with 2outs in the home 8th. Lopez would be the right person in the 6 or 7 inning. Thank God Lopez issued just a walk not a hit. Imagine if the game was tied and Delcarmen, Oki, and Masterson were already used…. Tremendous efforts by the bull pen. Thank you Delcarmen, Oki, Masterson, and Paplebon.

Brian: I agree it’s not a good idea to hit and run with Cash at the plate. Francona should have done that with Coco and Ellsbury on Monday night’s game.

Garry: I didn’t mean that Papi should bunt in the 7th. No way. I reluctantly agree that Papi should bunt in the 9th. I am not comfortable asking Papi to bunt which could likely result in a DP. I meant that Papi should be pinch run for in the home 7 (not earlier) at least to get the game tied.

By the way, I paid only half hearted compliment to Delcarmen. Delcarman’s day was saved by Cora, Ellsbury and Oki. The real heros of the bullpen last night were Oki and Palebon.

The Red Sox won a 1 run game. Obviously they did it in spite of having Francona in the dugout. lol.

Is this Francona’s best job yet? I think so, regardless of the outcome.

Le Grande Orange (Rusty Staub) was a good ballplayer. Bill Stoneman was the ace and a pretty good one too. I loved it when the announcer introduced John Boccabella. It took him forever to say his last name and then he added his spice to it. Awesome!!!!! I miss them too. They were only a 1 1/2 hour drive from our house in Vermont. When Larry Biittner played for them we used to get free tickets as he was a close friend of our family. Bobby Wine and Ron Hunt were pretty decent too. Ron Hunt got HBP 50 times one year with them!!!!! Awesome times.


I agree with you about other non-HoF’rs being deserving of having their numbers retired. I do believe that Jim Rice will get into the HoF this year, even though he hit fewer than 400 HR’s. Then I expect that his name will be retired. Eventually, I do think the current ownership will look at other non-HoF’rs who are deserving. I believe the numero uno candidate is Dewey Evans, who actually hit more HR’s than Rice. I suspect the problem with him is that last year he spent with the Orioles after the Sox released him. I suspect that will be a sticking point with many candidates considered. I suspect it might diminish the chances Pedro’s number will be retired. As for Jimmy Foxx, he hit fewer HR’s for the Sox in fewer seasons than Zazu, and I really think it would be a long while before the Sox would consider putting “24” up in right field.

I think there are others that will be discussed but for whom there will be serious misgivings — Wade Boggs and Luis Tiant both come to mind, as they were the respective faces of their Sox eras when they played and made huge differences with their performances. However, neither finished with the Sox, and both subsequently played for the Yanks to make matters even worse (even though Luis T. continues a current affiliation with the team). Given everything that has happened, his unwillingness to accept the current ownership’s invitation to return as a Sox, and his current predicament, I don’t think that the Sox will consider retiring the Rocket’s number. For that reason, I also don’t think they will consider retiring Cy Young’s number (as Young and Rocket are tied for most career Sox pitching victories with 192). For that reason, I also think the Sox will continue to bring back Wake, who with last night’s “W”, now has 164, leaving him only 29 shy of surpassing the Rocket’s Red Sox number. Barring major injuries, I think he could do it in the next 3 or 4 seasons.

I also think, once he retires, Wake will be a prime candidate to have his number retired. He’s meant so much to the Sox, and done everything they have asked of him. He is a quintessential Sox team member, going wherever and doing whatever. Besides, his number “49” is not likely to be in high demand.

I understand what you say about Carlton Fisk. However, the moment will live on forever in Sox history. He was a New Englander, having grown up in New Hampshire, then going on to play on his boyhood favorite team, and only some disagreement with former adminstration caused him to leave the Sox. I understand the exception there.

I will give you my two prime candidates, other than Tiant (who I grew up with and adored) or Dewey: Tony C, and Bob Stanley. Like Fisk, Tony C was a New Englander through and through, having grown up in Swampscott, MA. He was heralded as the next great HR hitter, amassing his 1st 100 by the time he was 22(?). And then that defining moment (in the Year of the Impossible Dream) happened. While he played elsewhere for a year, he came back in 1975 (of course) to give it one more good ole’ college try.

And then there’s Bob Stanley who started when asked, and who relieved when asked, and who holds the record for Sox career saves (which Pap will probably break next year). However, having given up the “Billie Buckner” “hit” to Mookie Wilson in Game 6 of the ’86 WS, I’m not sure you can expect him to get serious consideration.

Upon reflection, I think my best, most likely candidates have to be Tony C and Wake. However, I think it will be quite a while before the management looks around at doing this for someone else, and deservedly so. Johnny P. deserves a long moment in the sun, given all he has meant to the team.


Bob Stanley? No way!

O.K. Crazy ideas once again come about. I wanted to write a spoof of all the injuries. Here is what came out of my mind.

“OK, “said Terry Francona. “As all of you know, this is it – we are going to the playoffs!”
Francona enjoyed that statement and tasted it like honey on a winter day. The long horrific season was over and now the future lay ahead. He starred at the crowd of players that had guided him through the season. It was sweat and toil and luster but the shine was there.
“We are going to win! “ shouted Dustin Pedroia. The words sunk in and suddenly a slow murmur of cheers trickled through the clubhouse as if everyone lost their voice in a slow a deliberate fashion.
“Right, “said Terry. “Now the important thing is we keep celebrating. David…come on up.”
David Ortiz was hugged and cheered. He waved his hands up then winced in pain from his wrist that send him screeching like a little girl before his knee forced him down to his chair. Everyone paused and Terry seemed beside himself.
“Ah…ya…let’s here it for David…ya…go…David. Now…I know that we’ve suffered an injury or two …but we’re OK right Mike!”
Mike lifted his body and leaned against the crutches. Tears welted in his eyes but he forced a smile through the pain. The empty silence of the room made Terry run over and gently put him down.
“I can OW!”
“That’s OK Drew…you just rest that back!”
Francona suddenly began to understand the situation but smiled and waved to the crowd.
Jason came on up. Fearful stares rippled through the room. Everyone backed away from Jason for fear of damaging him in any way.
“Hey guys…relax…you look like a curse is spreading through the team—I don’t believe in curses. I’m fine…really…I’m fine. I mean I’ve been skydiving for ten years without a problem. We’re cool. Now I just want to say what an honor it is being on this team. I mean nobody expected it. I mean they’re still nailing balloons to the walls. Here we are!”
Everyone cheered and clapped as Jason sat back down.
“Ow…you idiot!”
Jason screamed as a large nail went through his hand from a stray nail gun held by one of the workers putting up some balloons.
“Sorry Mr. Bay…oh crap…it’s on automatic…everyone duck! “
The gun kept going off spraying nails through the room but everyone ducked and dodged twisting ankles and tearing ligaments to avoid the deadly spray of nails. A cry of pain rippled through the room.
“I can reload the gun if you’d like!”
Terry went up to the worker and sent his fist into his jaw sending him to the ground. He looked around at the team rolling on the ground from pain. No matter…these were the Red Sox. It was going to be OK. How could it get any worse?
It was opening day of the playoffs and the Red Sox were walking down the line hearing their names called up. It was a proud moment for Terry. 2008 might be the year to repeat after all.
“Batting first and playing center field – Jacobe Ellsbury.”
Jacobe hobbled down the line as nails still stuck to his chest and arms. They get most of them out but when a nail gun set off two hundred nails…it was not a pretty sight.
“Batting second and playing second base…Dustin Pedroia.”
Dustin walked out with a cast on his left arm from smashing the nail gun. He was still all smiles despite the loss of eyesight but a seeing eye dog was always a welcome sight.
“Batting third and your D.H David Ortiz”
For David it was a special moment. The artificial arm from leaping up and absorbing most of the nails to protect Mike Lowell wasn’t a big deal. He could still hit with the best of them.
“Batting cleanup and playing first base…Kevin Youkillis.”
Kevin never should have taken the guys up but the idea of using that one hundred ton crane but what could go wrong was a great photo op for his charity and a childhood dream…until the crane came tumbling down when one of the cables snapped from a nail gun that went wild. Accidents can happen to the best of them. Doctors said he’ll be fine…with time. Kevin knew he was ready even if he needed some more ‘minor’ surgery to correct some ‘minor’ damage.
“Batting fifth and playing left field…Jason Bay.”
Jason Bay’s portrait was carried out and nailed to the dirt. He was such a leader on the team and doing that last minute sky diving to celebrate was so great…until the parachute came apart from a stray nail gun used by the plane to repair damage from a meteor that struck the plane.
“Batting sixth and playing right field…Coco Crisp.”
Coco walked out with body guards and armor plating surrounding his body. He remains the only uninjured red sox player still alive and curled his body up. Planes flew overhead to celebrate and fans cheered. Unfortunately the weight of the apparatus caused Coco a massive heart attack.
“Ah…Batting seventh and catching…Jason Varitek.”
Jason came out showing the world that four prosthetic parts were now possible. He started his new lobby called “SPNGMO” or the society for the prevention of nail guns and the murder of its operators.”
“Batting eight and playing short stop Jed Lowrie”
Jed had just purchased five cobras to celebrate his win. An avid snake fan and a loving neighbor Jed never understood what a quad amputation was like until now.
“Batting ninth and playing 3rd base…Mike Lowell.”
Mike walked out with agony in his leg but no other injury and the Red Sox fans cheered realizing that he was the healthiest player on the Red Sox right now – go Mike.
Terry Francona looked on and thought…“Oh no…a nail gun!”
It was in the crowd but it was already too late. One operator and one chance but as the poster was nailed up…everyone felt OK. Jason shouted “SPNGMO…you remember those letters”
Terry looked at the nailer and realized the cause. All the accidents were from the “B.S. nail gun service. He understood now and swore he would have a talk after the game.”
Nobody said anything in the clubhouse until the umpire walked up and said, “ah…you sure you’re team is ready to…ah…play?”
Terry looked up and said, “ah…sure…ya…”
“You don’t have a left fielder.”
Terry nodded and said, “ya…Jim Rice…Center field.”
The umpire wrote it down and said, “Ah…you know this could have been prevented if Boston avoided the Bob Stanley Nail gun service. Anyhow…let’s talk about the rest of the positions.

I agree with the Expos comment, my favorite nl team too!
Always losing thier best players for contracts they couldnt afford, yet always played competetive ball. They brought us Dawson, Raines, Larry Walker, Grissom, Pedro too. Steve Rogers was great, and the space man played a few seasons up there. I think Reardon started closing games in Montreal.
Im a canadian, loved the expos, still hate the Blue

Whats up with Tbay, everyone on that team having career years all at the same time?..Man im sick of seeing them win all the time. Looks like we will have to deal with the angels, rays, and who????…cubs??

…..and Gary Carter. Steve Rogers was great but he will never forget the 2 outs, 2 run HR he surrendered to Rick Monday on Monday. Steve Rogers was never the same pitcher after that HR.

Good news! JD Drew will start tonight!!!!!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

I think your reaction proves my point about Bob Stanley. However, I do think he’s worthy of consideration for the Sox Hall of Fame (not Shame). Second all-time in saves (after Pap passes him) I believe gets him there.


Red Sox H.O.F. maybe.

One thing I don’t get about tonight’s game. Why is Fausto Carmona starting? He has a 6 game suspension to serve, Cleveburg is out of it, and could start fresh next Spring. Why not serve it now when nothing matters for Cleveburg, and start over from Day 1 in 2009? Is that just too logical for Eric Wedge and the boys — maybe they have been consuming too much Lake Erie water? I hate to talk like this about my geographical mates, but come on!?!?


I was wondering the same thing. Yikes….I am thinking like you. LOL!! Serve it now and get it out of the way! I guess that would be too logical.

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. J.D. Drew, RF
6. Mark Kotsay, 1B
7. Jason Varitek, C
8. Chris Carter, LF
9. Alex Cora, SS
— Paul Byrd, SP

It’s about time Francona gave Lowrie the night off. Lowrie is wearing down and needs to miss a game here and there! I like the idea of Carter in the lineup, from what I have seen he can hit.

Carter can undoubtedly hit. Look at his minor league numbers. They’re impressive. He has just been stuck behind Conor Jackson in the Arizona organization and now Big Papi, Youkilis and Ramirez and Bay in Boston. He might make the team out of spring training next year if Sean Casey isn’t resigned. He will be good insurance next season at first base, in left field and at DH. It would be a shame to see him traded without giving him a chance, so I hope he makes the most of his playing time in the remaining games.


Why not give Pedroia and Ellsbury a night off? How about Youk? Come on Francona they need a break too!

Francona will give at least one regular player a night off. But not all regulars at same night.

Hey BosoxBrian:

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but when I went to see Buchholz pitch his first game for the Pawsox in May, I watched Chris Carter yank one out. The guy can hit — you are correct. Between him, Jeff Bailey and David Pauley, maybe the Sox can generate some trade bait to acquire my second favorite non-Red Sox — Salty! (No, I won’t mention Matt Holliday, oops, I think I just did! [lol]).

Awesome deal, retiring Johnny P’s number!!! Not only a Great PLayer but a RedSox FIXTURE forever!!! It’s a shame that MLB says he can’t be in the dugout anymore, that probably tore his heartout!!!
I’m still psyched about returning to the playoffs!!! I hope we win tonight and make it an early one!!!! I don’t know about y’all but this Sox Fan is tired. Hey, Do you think Tito would give me the night off?? No never mind, I can do it… I’m A Sox Fan… a member of the Nation… THE GREATEST BASEBALL FANS IN THE WORLD!!!!! HELL IN THE ENITIRE UNIVERSE!!
Dave I got the latest and it was GOOD, it’s really pulling me in.

Two things:
1) Did anyone read me spoof on the injuries:
2) Who should be the cast of Gilligan’s Island. here is what I see so far:

1) Gilligan – Julio Lugo
2) Skipper – ??
3) Mr. Howell – Zazu
4) Mrs. Howell – ???
5) Ginger — Ellen
6) Mary Ann — ??
7) Professor — Gary or Jason Varitek
Help me out here.


Have you guys seen the Tampa Bay 2009 schedule? Could they have it any easier? The Sox would kill for a schedule like that? Sox get a burst of Toronto and New York and Tampa Bay and LAA, etc while Tampa Bay gets Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle, etc and tons of home games. It just makes me sick.

Dave I read it and it was a HOOT!!!!
I think Lugo should be Mary ann

I think the Skipper should be either Casey or Youk…
and about Lugo, He’d look great in PigTails!!!

Ellen, thanks for the compliments. Did you get Chapter 3???

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