Funny thing about the weather…

You just can’t outsmart Mother Nature. This is my seventh year covering this team and never was I more sure than tonight that there would not be a baseball game.

But here we are, closing in on 9 o’clock, and is almost the second inning. Go figure.

David Pauley is pitching instead of Dice-K. Sean Casey is playing first base instead of Big Papi. Mike Lowell is getting in some reps before the playoffs.

In a way, it is admirable the way the Red Sox are going at these last 3 games. Do they still have a slight hope of winning the division? Sure. Is it worth sacrificing health or energy next week? Uh. no.

In a sense, the Red Sox are saying that they’re not afraid of the Angels. Nor should they be afraid of any opponent. If you plan on winning the World Series, you best be able to go through the teeth of the league, be it in the Division Series or the ALCS.

At any rate, I’m pleasantly shocked that they are playing baseball tonight.

I would assume Dice-K will pitch tomorrow. I never thought Beckett would pitch this weekend, even though he had been in pencil for Saturday.




Nah Nah, I’m first tonight.. Guess that means I have less of a life than the rest of you!!

Ian, I watched the NESN filler tonight “Champions Again.. The 2007 RedSox” have you seen it?? I swear, when I watch the past few seasons replayed I STILL GET teary.. never mind ISTILL CRY!!! You being the beat writer AND A Sox fan, do you still get choked up watching when you see the replays of the winning seasons??

… and Do you think that the Sox will re-sign Sean Casey next year??

Yes, Champions Again was well done. It’s fun to look back on that stuff. As for Sean Casey, i could see him retiring at the end of the season but stay tuned on that one. He’s a great guy.

BoSox Brian? Are you afraid of the rain? Pathetic audience tonight. Thank God for Ellen!

Ian, I’m just the fan in “Rose Colored Glasses”!!!, with NO LIFE!! Well yeah, I guess I just love the Sox. ps I think I’ll sneak back over to the last thread andtell them to join us!!

Well… i’m still here. Not looking good so far. Looks like the DEVILRAYS are going to clinch today…
It doesn’t matter anyway, even though we face the Angels in ALDS

That’s ok RS015… Give them the impression that they have the advantage. Then we sneak in and STEAL IT AWAY!!!!
GO SAWX!!! We can still pull this out..

This game seems kind of weird… Everything about it seems strange.. We started late, the Yankees are out of the big picture, we have FOG!!! WEIRD!!! It;s sort of like we had the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in Major league baseball this year.. and now we’re down 8-3??? Just plain weird!!

Come on AArd”VARK!!”

Mikey Lowell still looks lie he is in a lot of pain… not good.. I wonder if there is something that they can do to alleviate that through the post season until he WANTS his surgery…

I’m sorry but that mustache of Giambi’s loos REALLY fake now!! ps.. Anyone know if he’s still sporting the Golden Thong??

Well, TB lost, but with the Sox down by 3 field goals, it looks like we can finally put the nail in the “first place” coffin.

Or can we? What happens if tonight’s game is rained out before the 5th inning is complete? Is the game wiped from the books? Do they resume the game tomorrow?

ronkelly, the way I read the rule book, this game would be wiped from the books and started over. It does not meet the requirements for a suspended game due to weather. To be suspended due to weather, the Yankees would have to have tied or taken the lead in their half of the inning without the Sox having a chance to bat. If they get through the fifth inning, the game will become official.

Francona should have pulled a Billy Martin, and started giving intentional walks and changing pitchers in the top of the 5th, to prolong the game until the skies really opened up.

Looks like the Yankees have a coke (yuk yuk)

they’ll probably call the game with the next raindrop now.

They should call the game. It’s out of hand, and at this point, it doesn’t make sense taking a chance on getting someone hurt. The Division race is over and the Sox can now get ready for the Angels. This series with the Yankees means nothing. In fact, if it rains like crazy tomorrow and the game is called, the Sox wouldn’t even have to make it up.

Come on you guys….it’s only 16-5. Anything can happen in a AAA game!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!!!! I think the Angels can smell the clam chowdah coming their way and I’m ready to watch some play-off baseball. Either way you look at it….we probably needed to go through the Angels sooner or later so we take care of the tough work first. Just not sure if we are better off in a 5 game series against them or a 7. Now about this Yankee series….apparently I have a good chance to lose my 12 pack of Snapple bet this year….again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where does the season series stand with these guys? I know it’s close.

Okay okay,
I watched the whole darn game….not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I am loyal to the end….or is it I have no life????? Vegas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you live here but I have an early tee time so off to la la land. Look out Angels…..the Sox are ready to rumble!!!!! No pressure this time…..wild cards aren’t supposed to win are they??????? Well, wild cards have done pretty good since the inception of the whole idea. Leave the door open and the light on….

Hey, I remember a Yankee/Sox game that ended 19-8 a few years back and some very good things happened after that game. Let’s hope history repeats.

I saw the whole thing too!!! Wow, it’s been along time since I’ve been to a minor league game! lol. So it’s official;we’re the wild card. We’ve been in this position before… 2004 rings a bell with me. Time to regroup, rest up the guys that need to be rested this weekend and move forward one inning at a time. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!
I love this time of year!!!

Only one more regular season game left after today. I’m feeling sad, even though I know that we’re going POST… Even with that I feel very sad that another Season of RedSox BaseBall is almost over….
That being said………………..

Ian… where is everyone??

Ian, where are you??
Can you give us (me) an update as to whrn the game might start… Fox loves the NL and it doing much to update the Sox fans…..

I’m here Ellen……just waiting for something to happen so I’m jumping around.

Well, I just found out that New England is going to ne under a possible “hurricane watch” tropical storm/huuricane Ike is on the way…. Good Luck New Englanders!!!

I meant Tropical storm/Hurricane Kyle

Hey, BosoxBrian:

They’re dropping like flies in the college football ratings — Don’t look now, here come the Buckeyes roaring into the Top 10. If they handle Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State and Purdue in the next 4 weeks, look for them in the Top 5. After that, who knows what can happen. We’ve heard it year after year, “its much better to lose early in the season than later!”

It looks like the Rays are selling tix to 2 different ALCS series, depending upon whether they are home to the Sox or away to the Angels. How do they do that? What happens to the tix in the series they don’t play? Rays have ALCS tix under $100, the Sox cheapest bleacher seat for the ALCS is $250 on Quite a difference, and I think that whoever suggested that Sox fans are driving up the price of the tix in Tampa for that series is correct.

So, the big questions for me are: Do the Sox start Beckett in Game 1 (over Jon L.); will Mikey play in the ALDS, and what do they have to do to defeat the Angels, and can they do it? I suspect the answer is “hit Angels pitching” which they have struggled with this year!

Is it “game on” today or not… I REALLY hope so because I would hate to have our Sox end the regular season with that sloppy wey mess of a loss to the Yankees.. Yeah I know that the Yanks beat Pawtucket, but still…. I need as much RedSox baseball as I can get before we are ALL done for the Year!!!!
I know all of you must be tired of my superstitious stuff, but.. SO WHAT!!! lol!!!

Another rain delay… damn…


Help! Do you know when the Sunday Sox-Angels playoff game’s time will be set? It’s the girlfriend’s birthday and I need to figure out when we can go to dinner! I’m not sure how long her patience will hold up, so hopefully the game time will be set early this week?


I feel like singing Eric Carmens song”All by myself, dont wanna be….”

You are never alone. We are just watching the clock/calendar to see what’s going on. Let’s just hope that if today’s games are played that no one gets hurt. Even the most die-hard Yankee fans know that today’s games mean nothing– either way.


I fictionalized what it must be like to answer the question “What is baseball all about” Here are my results.

Terry Francona.
“Baseball is eight months of hotels, arguments, fights, absolute frustration, plane trips and dirty laundry and when you win, it’s all great and when you lose your family seems like a hundred miles away. That’s baseball. That’s all baseball is.”

Dustin Pedroia.
“You play this game to win. What job can give you that type of rush? You compete and you win and you stay healthy. That’s what it’s all about and that’s why I’m playing for the Red Sox. I go out there as if every game is my last game…and that’s not a bad way of thinking about it.

Mike Timlin.
“You play this game since you were two and you play it harder and harder and then you make it. The ballpark seems like it’s an entire continent and the fans and the fame and you’re like – this is great. Then one day you wake up and that fastball can’t shut down a hitter and your body, your body gets old and you ask yourself – what do I do now? Everyone has to face that question that last day and it really scares me because I don’t know. I really don’t.

Julio Lugo
“You sign a contract, they all get excited about you and then you play hard and you work hard and you make a fool of yourself and no matter what you do, you feel stupid out there. It feels horrible inside and you know the fans look down on you. They don’t see all the work you do. They think you’re doing it on purpose. I mean, you do lousy at a job they fire you. You do lousy in baseball you don’t get fired…you get forgotten. I’m not sure what’s worse.

Kevin Youkillis
“Nobody understands a baseball season. You can’t. Unless you’re there, you don’t get it. You don’t know how much you have to do to compete because one day you’re gonna wake up and find your name off the locker and the fans forget everything and you’re nothing to them. Sometimes you ask yourself – why? Why put up with it and then you realize that your entire life is in this game. You have nothing else. It’s scary. It’s really scary.

Jacobe Ellsbury.
“Everybody on the team tells me, this is it. This is the best time of your life but I don’t know. When you can’t hit a baseball and when you get picked off stealing…it’s not fun. You’re up first in the batting order and everyone looks at you like you’re the most important guy on the team. I go up there and if I don’t get a hit…I just want to hit something. It’s so frustrating and fans…they don’t get it. They only see the strikeout. They don’t see how you feel inside and how you worry, really worry how about many strikeouts before a trade…if you’re lucky to get a trade at all.

Mike Lowell
“You play no matter what the pain because you know. You know about that day. I play no matter what because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. The next Mike Lowell is out there and he can hit better than me and he’s cheaper and he’ll steal bases and field better than me. I know that. It’s only a matter of time. Let me tell you…it pushes you. You don’t let a game go by without sweat. Over 162 games and then the playoffs. When I go home…I just sleep for three days and then wake up and forget about baseball. Scary part is, someday baseball’s gonna forget about me.

Tim Wakefield.
“I don’t make the biggest salary and I don’t always win all the games but not making the biggest salary means I’m not up at night worrying about living up to those numbers. I sleep at night. Ya, I’m gonna be forgotten and ya I’m gone someday. I get that. I know the clock is ticking but for the most part, I’ve had the best experience of my life. Nobody can take that away from me. I’ll remember and my family will remember. That’s good enough for me.

Coco Crisp
“With baseball, you swallow your pride and smile. You can’t…you just can’t tell them anything. You do and it comes right back at you. This year…it’s been tough. I don’t talk about it but it’s tough. You’re older, you’re the veteran and some kid comes up and man you’re done. That’s how it is. We all say to Jacobe…this is it. You’re having the best time of your life but he doesn’t get it because now he’s becoming the veteran. Next year…he’ll start the thinking. He will and then he’ll miss this year.

David Ortiz
You just play until you can’t walk anymore. That’s baseball. You play while you can.

J.D. Drew
It’s only here for a little while. It’s an afternoon and the sun doesn’t rise up the next day.

John Masterson
The pressure is incredible and there are times you wonder why you do it. I mean…the media…it’s incredible at first but then one day it’s like – they don’t talk to you anymore. They’ve moved on. You gotta cope with that. You gotta remind yourself you’ve made it and then you gotta remind yourself that one injury, one mistake and you’re done. It’s crazy. I mean it’s really crazy.

This by the way is part I. More to follow.

Please read. It’s a serious drama and I’m really proud of it.


Jason Varitek
“It’s my whole life for 162 games. This is it. I love it so much. I mean nothing better than baseball. Nothing better. You got a guy that goes out, does his 7am – 8pm and comes home for an hour of down time. That would kill me. That would kill me. Nothing is more challenging or more exciting than baseball. I’ll play it as long as I can and no I don’t think about retirement. I’ll coach or manage or whatever it takes. Maybe I’ll be the next Johnny Pesky. Who knows.

Alex Cora.
“There are guys out there…so much better than me. Every time I step out on the field…man, it’s great. It’s something and ya, I’ll be done someday and I won’t see the hall of fame. I know that…but I know there are a lot of guys out there that never made it so I’m…I’m grateful just to be here.

Curt Schilling
“It’s the best game in the world. You do anything and I mean anything to be in that game. Ballplayers, we don’t think last day. We don’t. We just convince ourselves that we can play just one more season. Just one more season. That’s what you do and when you become the spectator…it’s the lowest feeling in the world because you know it’s over. That’s baseball.

J.D. Drew
Imagine you’re just doing your job where you’re at your computer and fifty thousand people are looking over your shoulder. They boo you…they boo you when you make a mistake. The more money you make the louder the boos get. It’s a curse. You scratch your head – what did I do? After a job they question you for half an hour – for what? You get hurt they’re all over you. Media, fans, media fans. You go play at different ballparks and suddenly they boo you if you do something right? It’s nuts. Then the season ends and you’re so into the baseball day, you don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s boring and when the season starts…you’re like – why am I doing this. I mean how do you live like that? You think you’re great, you get humbled real quick in this game.

Josh Beckett
It’s what I tell everyone, shut up, play the game and you’ll be OK. You don’t think about last day because that’s not baseball. Baseball is now. I play in the now.

Mike Timlin
“There will never be a better time in your life and I know it. I know I’m gonna spend the rest of my life trying to make a life that was as good as baseball and I’m gonna fail. That’s baseball.

Mile Lowell
If I didn’t have the fans, it would be hard. If I didn’t have the media, it wouldn’t be crazy and if I didn’t have this team and this manager…I don’t know what I’d do. Team gets you through a lot and when a player focuses on himself and sacrifices the team – that’s low. That’s just as low as you can get. Baseball is sometimes like that.

Kevin Youk.
We lost a big, big part of our team this year. He made us look bad and he made baseball look bad. Those who know this game…you don’t make excuses you move on but when you play this hard and someone comes along and thinks he’s better than anyone else…you have no idea how lousy that feels inside.

Jason Varitek
One player can bring down a game and bring it right back up. You have a lot of power as a player and you know it. It’s a responsibility and it’s a life lesson. If everyone really understood baseball and followed its rules…better world. Maybe that’s baseball. Who knows.

Jason Bay
The difference between a team that wins and a team that loses is salary, motivation and how much you can take. This team takes it. You win, you pay a price…a big one. I’m sure they all wonder if its worth it. I don’t because I’ve lived my life on that team. I’m willing to pay that price. Maybe next year…maybe it won’t be so much fun. Guys who win a lot – it’s a relief. Guys who don’t – it’s a miracle. All perspective.

Shaun Casey
Fan mail, love letters, media, lots of money to be made if you can do it, injuries, bench time, rules…crazy rules…crazy umpires and lots of leather and wood. That’s baseball…now can someone explain it to me!

Jon Lester
You want that moment in the sun so badly. You’d do anything. I got so much attention and it’s great. I mean it’s really exciting but it’s weird. I mean…who am I? I’m just a pitcher for the Red Sox and then I think about that and say – ya, I get it now. Now I get it.

Clay Buchhotz
“You look in the mirror and see everything ahead of you. You see a career and promises and say, I made it. Then you blink and it’s like it’s over and you wonder what happened? You look back and count your mistakes and you can’t count that high. I hate it. I just want to make it. That’s baseball. That’s all baseball is.

Kevin Cash
Every fifth day I think about Doug Mirabelli. Ya, I’m there now but when am I going to be the next Doug? I’m just a backup catcher. I’ll never have the talent to make it no matter how hard I try. Do you have any idea how that feels and don’t tell me you do…because you don’t. You got a guy who has all the talent in the world and he walks around like you’re nothing to him. I hate him for that because if I had that talent and that ability…jee…don’t you get it? Half the team wants what you have and you treat us like #$#$. I just don’t get it. Nobody understands how precious this time is – nobody.

Kason Gabbard
“Every time I get back to Boston, Terry is there to say hello. The guys amazing. I mean…when I was traded…I thought the world was over. I worked so hard to make it and I put up with a lot of injuries and now I’m in Texas. It’s been lousy. It’s been really lousy. I can’t compete and I know I may not make it. I hate baseball right now and I love it. I just want to make it you know. I just want to make it.

Jerry Remy
The hardest thing is to give it up. You spend you entire retirement…and you’ve got to have a job you know…and you try to get that back in your life and you can’t. I still, I still want to play on that field. I still and that’s baseball.

Bill Lee
Maybe that’s what heaven is about. God sets up the ultimate baseball team and you’re on it. Hell is the same thing…but you can’t throw a strike no matter how hard you tried.

Johnny Pesky
I”ll always be part of the Red Sox. I’ll die in a Red Sox uniform. That’s just my life. Maybe that’s baseball. I don’t know. I played in a different time and a different age. Back then you didn’t retire on baseball, you retired from baseball and worried about getting a job.

Dice-K (translated)
Can I tell you something? Can I say it without the world knowing it. When you have the talent, it’s not enough. It’s just the start and you’ve never good enough. Once you feel you have…they wonder why you can’t continue to do it. What’s wrong with you they say? That’s baseball.

Terry Francona
I have the pleasure of watching all these guys and forming a lot of close connections and let me tell you. They’re my family. They really are and like all families…you really want to call a time out on some of them but that’s baseball.

Carlton Fisk
I tell everyone I meet that when you’re in baseball, you’re going to have three things that are going to happen– You made it, you get hurt, and then you’re forgotten…but if you’re that handful, at least you know when you’ve retired…you’re still remembered and let me tell you…being retired and not forgotten…it’s better…but it’s still retirement. Retirement…bad word. That’s baseball.

Doug Mirabelli
When I look out there and see the lights and see the ball come at me and the pitcher wanting the next pitch – depending on me to make that decision for him…I love it…but I promised myself that I wouldn’t let it ruin me when my time came. I feel I’ve done that and that makes those times special to me but I tell you…I still want it back. That should answer your question because baseball is that incredible. That’s baseball.

Carlton Fisk
It’s all about moments. I hit that home run…game 6…that was an incredible moment. Game 7 and Yaz flying out. That was hard. There was no game 8. Guys who got that ring – one moment I’ll never know.

Fred Lynn
Rookie of the year and MVP. I’m not in the hall of fame. I never will be. Oh well…you move on. All you can do but ya, you miss it. Who wouldn’t? That’s baseball.

Louis Tiant. (rewritten a bit from actual comments -> Bill Lee documentary, and the book MoneyBall)
I think Bill Lee will be playing baseball till he’s 90 and good for him. For me, my family is everything. Baseball is just a game and it’s your family that makes life worthwhile. Baseball gave me my family. That’s baseball.

Just to clarify, Luis Tiant’s salary was able to afford getting his family out of Cuba and to America.

It’s been a great season guys and I have had incredible fun. See you in the post season (e.g. tomorrow).

Well. It’s about time you guys showed up!!

O.K. Ellen. How’d you like Chapter 4 – ug, gross, fantastic. Also read the story I sent up. It rocks! Love you guys

Dave. That was wonderful!!! and it sounds just like what each of them would say!!! You really need to do a novel about a fictional RedSox team…
I just heard the interview with Pesky, Orsillo and Remy.. What a class act Johnny is.. It is very hard to believe that he is a year older than my mother and the difference in their sharpness astounds me… I guess inactivity does that..

Oh no Ellen. I’ll take it chapter 4 didn’t grab you. Give me some feedback from email and it’s appreciated since I know it’s a lot of work. Thanks…


Remy and Orsillo were saying that the only 2 errors Lowrie has made this year were at 3rd base. He’s been playing SS for a while now. I hope they stick with this kid next year. He has 40+ RBI’s. I think I could take a full season with him getting 70+ RBI’s and playing a solid SS.

Sox do not have the team this year to go past the Angels. I can feel it. Hitting not there, pitching not there and consistency not there. However, making the playoffs considering is an incredible accomplishment for this team.

I havent read 4 yet…. I’m sorry. I’ll get to it 1st thing tomorrow morning with my 1st glass of tea. Sorry Dave.

Thanks Ellen. You’re a great person to do this for me. It means a lot. You know…I just realized I forgot to add Bill Buckner to that list.
Have to do that now and upload.


Hey Dave… are you the President of the Optimist Club?? lol
I can only think in positives right now…. WE CAN DO THIS.. because.. WE BELIEVE………….

Billy B.. and did I miss him or did you forget Trot??? (we all know he’s my Dirt Dawg.. )

Ellen — me negative. Surely you read my writings and know how positive I am (LOL)

I say just call this game.. I’m scared someone is going to get hurt!!

Angels are good no doubt…..but they are not unbeatable. Lackey has a Jeckyl and Hyde mode going on right now. They have lost some confidence in Weaver. Add that to the fact that EVERYONE in MLB expects them to go all the way…..that could be what kills them. That is a huge burden to haul around. We’ll see what happens. That’s why they play the games.

Wow….looks like the Mets are starting to put their fans through what the Sox fans used to get a dose of year after year. We certainly can’t complain lately but the Mets fans have to be besides themselves!!!!!! Ouch.

Let’s see if I get to have this one actually get posted… the weather here SUCKS and I wrote this really nice post and the weather “x’d” it out for me…. This is only a test!!

This weather really fits my mood right now. Dark and rainy. I guess I’m really bummed because I can’t see tonights game. Please, please someone be my color man and analyst (Yeah I know I really need one of those!!) you know like Red Barber, or Garagiola and Kubek, or Scooter, Don and Jerry. Because of this weather, I will have watched only 158 games this season, I will listen tonight or watch gameday..
This season has been a little strange right from opening day in… JAPAN. I remember waking up at 5:45 in the A.M. to watch those games.. Then we had the outbreak of the flu when they got to Oakland/L.A. Things quited down for a while but through it all Our Sox have quietly plodded right along. This has been a Season fraught with injuries, illness and contreversy. We are still feeling the backlash of the injuries, have conquered the illness and have kicked the contreversy to the Left Coast. I wonder when our Zazu goes into the Hall, what cap he will wear. Will he go in as A RedStocking or will he go “Clemens” on us.. I don’t really have a feeling on this.. Well I do but that’s a whole new book!! I wonder what Schilling is feeling right about now?? and the guys that we traded and/or sent down. How is Buchholz taking this now that we’re going to the Post?? What will it be like if we come up against Zazu in the end??
There is so much that I wonder about.
I think about our coaching staff. And I think we have the Best coaching staff in All of baseball. Tito, Mills, Mags, Demarlo and Luis Alicea. This year they have more than had their habds full with injuries, ego’s and maturation pitfalls. They have handled it all quite nicely. Our ownership and Li’l Theo… I think that they have done a BRILLIANT job. They havent turned The RedSox into a “chop shop” or announced a fire sale. None of them has become a “shop-aholic”. I do haveto say something about JD Drew.. Everyone knows he’s not my favorite Sox… but I really applaud him for steeping up when we had the illness and injuries and he’s coming back now… thanks JD.
THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE REDSOX FOR MAKING MY 2008 regular season a great one full of fun, ups and downs amd gray hairs (for me).
Enough of my stuff… \
Game getting ready to start..

Sox are up 1-0 in the bottom of the 3rd. And guess what…..Cora just got a base hit!!!!!!!!!!! Now they’ll have to keep him around next year. So far Wakefield is pitching good.

I’m glad you read it because nobody is around to read my last piece and I really like it. Wakefield is extraordinary today. I’m blown away. He’s just sailing through the lineup.

When Tim is pitching a shut out — he’s not pitching good. He’s pitching great…oh ya, read my writing if you get the chance (no pressure of course) LOL

Okay…..Wakefield has thrown 5 innings of shut out baseball…..Sox ahead 1-0 heading into the bottom of the 5th.

I hope the Sox can hit better in the playoffs than they have here. I find it funny in a lineup where the analysis INCLUDES Lugo’s loss as a weakness but doesn’t mention Mike Lowell. Right now the Sox bats have to get hot and they are NOT. Bullpen has to be hard on the Angels. Big positives are Dustin Pedroia and the return of Oki. If Beckett is on fire the Sox have a great shot…if he’s not, we have 2009.

I’ve been reading all your masterpieces. I can’t see why Tom Clancy is not shaking in his boots!!!!!! You need to help give Ellen a description of this game. Seems like Wakefield has pretty good control so far. Giambi has looked pretty bad in both games so far but he only needs one good swing to make things bad!!!!

I do have dreams of publishing and am working on a book now. You’re more than welcome to sample a chapter. Just give the word.

I’m sure Terry Francona is thinking “no tie game. I don’t care what it takes but we play nine innings tonight!”

Cash is a pretty good third baseman. That was a nice running play he made.

Just wanted to say that you guys have been great. I’ve really enjoyed the season where I went from ranter to BSMGSM (or whatever it was) employee to lineup writer to story writer. It’s been a great evolution and a lot of fun. You guys are the greatest and Ellen — you’re the best.
Let’s stick with it against the Angels. I’m sure I have a gem or two coming up.

Thanks guys, I tried listening on WRKO but they just STINK, and I mean REALLY SMELL!@ I just SO wanted to be able to watch the last game this season,,, Last year I was in the hospital.. and the year before I had to work and not see Trots last at bat for the Sox…. Dave…. are you going to include him in your “what is baseball” thoughts??

I think Cash may have more 3rd base AB’s in the future than he does Tek back up with Kotterras coming up.. although he does catch Wake really well.

….>>and I think we really need to plan a “Brownie Points” get together this coming spring in Tampa… ALL of us.. IAN INCLUDED!! Spring training game, wings, beers and good dialogue!! All of you have made my season REALLY GREAT… and ps.. 6 weeks ago I was in last place in the fantasy league.. tonight I am about to become the WINNER of the Consolation bracket… (I finish 1 spot below JEFF!!!!)


Hey where is our Chef “every D’jour”?? Arnie are you ok??

You know….Timlin still throws hard but his location kills him. He’s been throwing between 91 and 93. His nasty sinker isn’t what it used to be though. He is getting old but he still brings the heat!!!!

I’d love to see Timlin get out of this!!!!

Way to go Mike…..some old magic still left!!!!!! Ellen…..1-1 bottom of the 8th. Dave….how do I go about sampling a chapter of your work?

Did Mikey T get out of it!???? I still love MIkey T.. (I’m old bear with me!!)

Daves writing is great cfarn!! I’m enjoying it immensly!!! Its different from the “bon-bon, do your nails ” novels I usually read.. He really makes you think and stretch, good reading!!

Sean Casey just hit a 2-run single with two outs in the 8th!!!!!!!!! Your man came through!!!!

From one of your posts way back when that I remember I think you and I are the same age so I must be old too!!!!!

I guess David Ardsma is going to try for the save……

Lead-off single and here comes Damon to pinch hit… are booing the heck out of him.

Damon walks….two on no one out….Cabrera to the plate.

Cabrera with a bunt hit….bases loaded no one out. SAC fly Red Sox ahead 3-2 one out. First and Third one out.

Come on AARDVARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He struck out Gardner….called strike 3!!!!!!! 2 down…first and third and Cano is up.

One more AARDVARK!!!!!!

Base hit for Cano….3-3. This is the end of my short play by play career. What a mess.

cfarn: thanks you did a great job!!

A lead-off triple by none other than……..ALex Cora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Yankees are showing some pride here….IBB to both Bailey and Casey. It’s nice they aren’t giving up even thoght it’s over for them after this game.

THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA RED SOX WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 IDO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, IDO, IDO, IDO.. IDO SOOO BELIEVE!!!! IDO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, IDO, IDO, IDO.. IDO SOOO BELIEVE!!!! IDO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, IDO, IDO, IDO.. IDO SOOO BELIEVE!!!! Look out Angels…’s clam chowdah time!!!!!!

No sweep… way to go Jonatham VanE!!! good job way tp hang in there!! The Sox end the regular season on a WIN!!!
GO SOX!!!!

Thanks Craig!! I can go to sleep a Happy Nationer!! thanks so much!!!!!
Good Night Nationers, see y’all tomorrow.. I know, NO game but we can still project and predict!!! Ilove our REDSOX!!!
ps sorry Petey didnt get the Batting title… LOVE YOU DUSTIN!!!

Ellen you flatter me. Thanks!
cfarnhamo4 — if your email is valid in this blog, I can email you chapter 1. Let me know.


My concerns for the playoffs:
1. Health of JD Drew, Mike Lowell, & Beckett. Baseball works in a mysterious way. If the season record speaks for itself, Beckett is a No. 3 starter. I am not saying Beck deserves to be a No. 3 starter. My preferred rotation is Beckn (if he is healthy), Dice-K, and Lester. All those tedious debates now become moot. Luckily, the Sox top 3 SPs can start game 1.
2. Whether the middle relief will hold and bridge to Paplebon. Paplebon is a concern also.
3. Francona’s managerial style/approach.
Aardsma should not be in the roster under any circumstance.
That said, whoever wins the Angel/Sox series will win the WS.

Hey there all! Getting ready to head out to the office. Thought I’d pop in and say Go Sox!! 1st game Wednesday night 10:00 …. well at least it’s not an afternoon game where I have to fake the flu!! lol. See y’all later..
Dave, I started reading this a.m. will finish on my lunch break.

To be honest, I didn’t watch any of the games yesterday. I really didn’t have any interest in watching the benches play in the rain. It’s time to get ready for the playoffs and as 007 says, health is a concern for the Sox. My biggest concern is Beckett, who has now been moved back to Game 3. If his oblique issue happend on Friday, and there was residual pain on Saturday/Sunday, that’s a real bad sign. The Sox three front line starters match up with anyone in baseball, but if you have to go to Byrd or Wakefield in a playoff game, that could present issues. The great thing is the schedule because Lester could come back on Sunday if absolutely necessary. I’m a little surprised the Angels took the schedule they did.

As far as Drew and Lowell are concerned, the Sox have been doing well without them and playing them if they can’t go 100 percent could do more harm than good. Moving Youk to third with Casey at first isn’t all that bad, although it does hurt defense some. Playing Crisp or Kotsay in the outfield is OK too. Maybe Drew and Lowell could be available for pinch hitting duties which would be great for late inning situations.

I like the Sox chances with the Angels. The Sox played well on the road in the last part of the season so the home field thing doesn’t bother me. It should be a good series.

Last year at this time the Red Sox were healthy and ready to go. Certainly not the case this year. Who even knows if Beckett takes the hill for game #3. A toss up for sure. Also watching Mike Lowell try to run down the line on Friday night was very painful. I have my doubts if he’ll be able to go in the 1st rd. of the playoffs. Lowell could barely run down to fist base. Not a good sign. Drew did get in the lineup yesterday. I assume Drew will play against the Angels. It was going to be tough with those guys healthy. All that means is time for other guys to play and step it up! Every team is 0-0! All the pressure is on L.A. and I think that favors the Red Sox. If Boston splits in Anaheim, the Red Sox will be looking good!

(this came out of my head. I have no idea but it’s part comedy and part drama. It’s a bit strange but I’d thought it’s a great read too.)

Kevin Youkillis, one of the greatest first basemen the Sox ever had sat inside the office of Terry Francona. The last game of the season expired, the lights went out and Youk, as he was known to the Boston fateful sat, shoulders slumped, head down and face sagging.
“Kevin…you’re starting to worry me. You…OK?”
“Sure, “said Youk. The light from his head was shining into Terry’s face.
“You…sure…I mean…we all know how the last game of the season gets you down but this is new!”
Youk sighed and said, “oh ya. Everything’s great.”
Terry nodded.
”Can I go now Mr. Francona?”
”Youk, I’m not the principle of Red Sox high school. Call me Terry.“
Kevin came up and sighed again. He wobbled to the door, sighed, and walked out. The guys in the locker room were cheering. He grabbed his book, the book that had changed his life and walked out the door.
“Hey Kevin…”
“No thanks Mikey.”
“Kevin…everything OK.”
“Oh ya, everything is fine. I’m…I’m going out to eat with my wife. Everything’s fine. Ya.”
Mikey nodded and gave that half wave as Kevin walked out.
“Kevin…ah…don’t you want to put some clothes on…besides your underwear?”
Kevin looked back and said, “oh ya…that’s a good idea of course why bother…with life so depressing.”
Kevin said the last word with extra emphasis and grit.
It was later at the restaurant that Kevin’s beautiful wife slammed her purse on the table. Kevin had a golf shirt, tweed pants, cowboy boots and a tie that even Bozo would reject.
“Kevin…were you or were you not at the children’s hospital today.”
“You weren’t wearing that were you?”
“NO…I just picked this up from the used clothing store. Like it?”
“Sure…ya…what’s not to like about…it?”
Kevin sighed.
“Kevin…did you not meet with thirty sick children who love your every move?”
“Did you not read them a poem?”
The wife waved her arm and pulled out the paper.
“When life sits on the beach,
When life hits the waves
When life gets drowned by the waves
When life is snuffed out and crushed to become a fossil
When life is pointless and meaningless
When life…”
She paused and said, “we’ll you get the idea.”
Kevin’s wife put the paper down on the table.
“Kevin…there is a ward of children contemplating the meaning of life and singing “there were two men down and the season lost when the pitcher died and they laid his spikes on the pitchers mound and his uniform was torn…etc.’”
“Kevin they formed a band and are rehearsing it for the senior citizens and plan to go on tour to the nursing homes!”
Kevin looked up and said, “oh honey, that’s such a great song by Paul Simon. They lyrics really sat with them.”
Kevin’s wife seemed to roll her eyes.
“This morning…you were asked…for our charity…to read the FAA instructions to the crew. “
“Kevin…why did you tell them that a water landing was just a big government lie for a crash landing in the water and then asked them if they ever saw CastAway.”
Kevin’s wife rolled her eyes.
“Kevin…it’s OK to say a water landing. It really is.”
Kevin’s wife sat down. She pulled her hair back.
“Kevin…what’s the name of the book you’ve been reading?”
Kevin squirted his eyes under the table.
“Kevin…have you been reading Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s book? Is this what this is all about?”
“Kevin just because you have a bruised shoulder doesn’t mean you’re not going to die and you’ll be OK…and I love you.”
Those words shifted his thinking. Kevin smiled. He winked.
“Then I’m OK?”
She held his hand.
”Kevin, you’re the most beloved Red Sox player on the team. Everyone shouts ‘Youk, youk, ‘ when you do anything on the field. They cheer for you and the charity and the good work. You’re just a wonderful role model.”
Kevin looked at himself.
“This entire outfit is just so stupid isn’t it?”
She nodded and said, “oh ya.”
“I’m OK aren’t I?”
”I need to stop reading depressing end-of-world books right?”
“Kevin…I promise you that Skynet is made up and Sara Conners is pretend.”
”OK…you got me there but there but the reality is that as a family…we’ll get through it together.”
Kevin sighed and looked around.
“Life is good isn’t it?”
“Yes Kevin…it’s really good.”
Kevin got up and jumped in the air. He shouted to the restaurant.
“I love life!”
They all got up and shouted “Youk, Youk, Youk”
Kevin smilled. They didn’t even notice the crazy outfit.
Kevin threw the book to the side but his wife grabbed it.
”I’ll read it and show you that life is worth living Kevin.”
The next morning, Kevin got up. He was dressed in a fancy suit for the Red Sox rally today. He smiled. His wife was still in bed.
“There were two men down, and the season lost when the pitcher died…”
Kevin looked at her. She was at the last page. He grabbed the book and tossed it to the side.
“Curse you…book!”
His wife got up and said, “just kidding!”
She smiled and hugged him. “I never even read it.”
He hugged her realizing that he had the best life in the world and the best was yet to come.

Seems to me last year the scenario with the Angels/Sox was reversed — Angels were all banged up — and we banged them out of the playoffs easily. We may have to take some of our own medicine this year.

Let’s see -Schilling, -Ramirez, -Lowell (80% at best), -Beckett(80% at best), -Drew(hasn’t really played in how many weeks), and Ortiz(probably still 80%), and lets not forget -Lugo(100%) (well maybe that should be a + factor).

If this teams does repeat, it will be amazing. If they don’t we shouldn’t be disappointed. That is an awful lot of minus factors to overcome.

Still, with our lineup, it only takes two dominate pitchers to win a series. Dice-K is supposed to be big game pitcher. We could still do it — if Lester + (Dice/Wake/Byrd) = 2.


Great point with last year’s Angels being banged up when entering the playoffs. Very similar situation. Anderson was playing that series with 1 eye closed or 1 eye open. Also others were banged up as well. All the pressure is on the Angels and I think that is a great thing! Francona is 6-0 against Sciossia in October.

We know for sure that Hansack, Pauley, Smith, and Aardsma won’t be on the roster.

Hey, everybody. I haven’t been able to get on here lately. First of all: Congratulations to the Sox for getting into the post season this year!! It was a tough road for them. I have no expectations for the playoffs. It will be difficult to say the least, but Tito sometimes gets more from his players in the playoffs than you’d expect. So I think it might be a wash, could go either way. A lot of times the games don’t turn out the way they should on paper. You’d think with all the injuries the Sox would lose, but they might dig deep and find the “Pete Rose” in themselves and play above their collective ability. I hope so. GO SOX!!!!

Dave, I enjoyed chapter one of your book. Great job. I’ve just been too busy and stressed to get here and comment.

Got your glasses Ellen? The rose ones?

Arnie, thanks. It meant a lot. If you’d like I can send you chapter 2 to read at your leisure. Aw heck, I’ll do it anyway. It inspires me to keep the publishing dream alive.

Hey Dave, after yesterday’s stock market activity and taking a look at my retirement fund, I felt a lot like Youk in your story above. But then I got up this morning, walked out the door, and looked down at the grass and thought ………… “It’s a good day if you’re looking down at the grass, and not up.”

The Rays have sort of been looked at as destiny’s team this year. But I think the Sox have a destiny of their own. They are so deep and so many players have stepped up and contributed, that I think what they have accomplished is pretty amazing. If at the beginning of the year you thought Zazu would be gone, Schilling would be gone, Papi – Drew – and Lugo would be out a good part of the season, Beckett would be up and down, Lowell would be sub par or missing the last half of the season, and most of your bullpen has turned over …….. how much of a chance would you have given the Sox to be in the post season?

The difference between this year’s Sox and last year’s Angels is that last year’s Angels limped into the playoffs. The Sox are coming in playing pretty good baseball with the players they have. While Beckett is questionable, Lester has proven to be a horse who can carry the load, and Dice-K can dominate any team on a given day. If worse comes to worse, Paul Byrd is an experienced veteran and while he won’t dominate, he’ll keep the Sox in the game. I like it and I think it’s exciting. Of course, I’ll have to take a nap Wednesday so I can stay up to watch the game.


Any team with a payroll of nearly 134 million will never be known as a team of destiny. There road to the playoffs was difficult at times. Trading away you know who and all the injuries they have had. The Red Sox have certainly percervered ( mispelled for sure ) lol.

10:00 p.m. start, I hate it!!!

The challenge if you are Tito — is who do you go with in a short series (especially if Beckett is not 100%)? I am pretty sure that pitching definitely wins round 1.

Lester has to be #1, given Beckett’s status. Dice-K through all his craziness hardly gave up more than 1 or 2 runs per his usual six innings until — lets see (was that Sunday — his last game? not good). Wakefield and Byrd can pitch lights out or give up 4 or 5 (and Wake can give up 7 or 8 on an off night).

Bryd was great in last year’s playoff — and you know Wakefield would love to get in their and contribute seriously — which he really hasn’t done in the post season since the 2003 series vs the Yanks, which we lost in the infamous Grady Little moment.

I think I would go Lester, Dice-K, Wake, Bryd. Lester has to win 2, the rest 1. Then who ever is hot, move them up in the rotation (if rest days permit). I have a bad feeling that Beckett (not 100%) is a mistake, and probably less than the others at (100%).

Has anyone every managed a series like an All Star game? Perhaps your rotation is: Lester, DiceK, Beckett/Wake, Bryd/Masterson?

If Beckett truly has oblique strain, it is doubtful that he can pitch Game 3. It takes time to heal the oblique strain. If Becket is able to pitch without pain, his injury is lesser of a oblique strain. We shall see.

Believe me when I saw my children’s stock market portfolio that we setup for their college education I almost literally cried. It was doing very well in value and then the crash. Yes we also have a trust fund setup for them as well and this is a small number but it’s bone crushing. Also our retirement fund is bleeding money.

As far as the playoffs, the Red Sox (compared to last year) really have a much weaker team. Pitching is lacking, bullpen is suffering and hitting is terrible. If the Sox want to win they have to change their game and play White Sox baseball — bunting, stealing bases, hit and run, etc. because they have no power hitters that will drive home runs on a regular basis anymore (David Ortiz is just not hitting anymore and Jason Bay is not a home run hitter). They are going to have to earn those runs and hold a lead. I’d be honestly stunned if they made it past the L.A. I unfortunately see them collapsing — but you know me — I always try to look on the bright side of things.
I see a lot of LOB. Lester is terrible on the road with a 5 – 5 record. Papelbon can’t throw a splitter and that means all fastballs. No Schilling, No Zazu, no Ortiz to speak of, no Lowell, no Drew and no Beckett. They are going to try their hearts out but let’s face it, they don’t have the team this year.
Next year they need better health and a power hitter to back of David Ortiz. They also need a better arm in the bullpen. Ardvark has great stuff but no ability, Manny Delcarman is Mr. Inconsistent and Timlin will retire.
Whew…glad I’m not depressed about the world.

Francona has to utilize more of NL type of managing. The Sox have to be more aggressive but not reckless on base path. The usual no bunt, no pinch hit, no hit and run and layback type of attitude will not fare well against the LAA which appear to be more powerful in all aspects.

With the play-offs series the Sox are in for the ALDS, I suspect that they intend to bring the Game 1 starter back in Game 4, and the Game 2 starter back in Game 5. Assuming that’s Jon L and Dice-K, then the question becomes, who do you start in Game 3? It would seem to me that if the Sox lose Games 1 and 2, they have to seriously consider starting Beckett unless he is unhealthy. If they split, then I think they have the latitude of deciding whether Beckett’s healthy-enough to start game 3, or go with some combination of Byrd, Wake and/or Masterson. If they sweep Games 1 and 2 (I recognize this is not a likely scenario), then I suspect they hold Beckett out of Game 3 unless he is completely healthy, pitch whomever, and then decide whether to start him in Game 4 or 5, or hold him until they get to the ALCS (with the big assumption that means).

Hey BosoxBrian: I only caught a little of yesterday’s Tigers/White Sox game. Freddy Garcia looked pretty good until he left in the 6th with shoulder stiffness. What’s his long-term relationship with the Tigers, and would you take a sniff at him in the off-season if you were Theo? Also, given his performance in “Mannywood”, where do you think Zazu ends up? After the disappointment of the past 2 seasons, is Omar Minaya hungry-enough for the post-season that he will seriously over-pay Zazu and Scott Boras?

Also, what do you think the Sox will do about JD Drew and Mike Lowell? Their injuries seem pretty serious. I recognize that they each have 2 more years on their respective contracts, but can the Sox rely on them to recover over the off-season and be ready to go in the Spring, or must back-up be secured?

Additionally, do you think there will be any discussion at all about Schill trying a comeback in 2009? Come on Sox, win the World Series as quickly as possible, so “hot stove” season can begin!!


I’m sure the Red Sox will look into Garcia and why wouldn’t they. Of course it all depends on the $$$. Perhaps a Colon contract, Wade Miller type of deal. High reward and low risk. Just think if Colon didn’t take off to the islands. Perhaps the “hefty” righty would have had a start in October. Zero chance Masterson takes the mound to start a game. That would make no sense to me. I think Zazu will end with the Mets. Minaya has craved him for years. I think Boston will be players for Texeria, Yankees and Mets as well. Even if Drew stayed healthy the entire season ( a big if of course ) you still need a back-up plan for the fragile Drew. I think Crisp stays in Boston because of Drew’s history. He isn’t cut out for the long haul. The contract made no sense when it was signed and still doesn’t to this day. I’m concerned for Lowell now and into next season. We’re talking about his hip. Not an easy injury to comeback from. Lowell is certainly one tough S.O.B. no doubt. Lowell is a gamer and I have alot of respect for him and who doesn’t? I think Schilling could join a team sometime in 2009. All Star break? If I had to bet I would say Schilling retires. Why comeback, he has nothing to prove. Then again easy for me to say. Schilling loves the game/competition and loves the spotlight on him. Sometimes the hot stove is better than the season. Of course recent years that hasn’t been the case. When I was growing up it certainly was quite true! Some lean years! lol.

I’m pretty much in agreement with others here regarding the comparison between the Sox of 2007 and the 2008 version, and their chances in the forthcoming series against the Angels. Starting pitching and middle relief, hitting, injuries…the comparison is not favorable for the Sox. On the balance, the Sox look to lose this series in 3 or 4, I’m afraid.

I think the only way they can win is if Lester throws two “career type” games in Games 1 and 4 (both for wins) and Youkilis or Bay go on a bit of a hitting tear (.400+ and 3 or 4 home runs). If that happens, the rest of the team might be able to eke out one more win.

But then there’s the Rays (followed by the Cubs). Sox needs a healthy Beckett, Lowell and Drew to have a chance. Their chances of getting by the Angels, Rays and Cubs WITH this healthy trio aren’t terribly great–so their chances WITHOUT them are that much poorer.

Eleven more wins. Go Sox!

I needed a good laugh. The news around the world is bad so this is my cheer up — Enjoy.

Did you guys hear the interview with Dustin Pedroia. I wrote it down just for you.

“Dustin, you’ve experienced what appears to be a blow in Josh Beckett.”
Dustin, sitting down with a beard and shaking hands looked up like a puppy dog but then smiled and said, “you know, Josh is great and all but we have Lester and Dice-K and they are a really good combination. Josh likes to do oblique strain strip poker with Bill Lee and well…game got out of hand …ah…I don’t think I should have said that. ”
The reporters point six more microphones at Dustin. Dustin smells the hunger of the leopards.
“What about J.D. Drew?”
“Well, you know, Drew likes mud wrestling charging African rhinos and you know…that actually isn’t a good idea is it? I mean, he’ll probably be unavailable but we can hope…some.”
The reporters seem relentless. Dustin is filled with sweat and rubs his elbows.
“Mike Lowell.”
“That’s a tough one. Mike though is a trooper. I mean…sometimes he likes to pretend he’s Steve Austin…you know I drive my car up to 80 mph and Mikey just jumps right over it…mostly. I…well anyway, I mean he was hobbling around the other day…we just say to Mike…hit a home run…ha, ha,…..ha…ya that’s what we say.”
The reporters blast lights in Dustin’s eyes.
“What about David Ortiz?”
“Well, you know…David was refurbishing his house and there was a sculpture of [Zazu] and he just…he just ran his hand through the wall. Guess he didn’t know it was concrete…ah…David’s a funny guy. Well…you know…we’re…ah…worried…not worried. We’re not worried.”
Dustin pauses and looks up. It feels boiling hot.
“What about Lugo?”
Dustin smiles and says, “ah…he’ll be fine. You know Lugo…actually I don’t but…ya.”
Dustin finds himself more and more confused and dizzy from the questions.
“What about Jason’s [Varitek] hitting?”
”Oh Jason…little…slump.”
“He hasn’t hit all year.”
“Ya…I thought about that. Maybe it’s been a less little…slump but Jason’s gonna turn around…oh we are so dead…ah…next question?”
Dustin couldn’t believe how the questions were digging at him.
“What about Mike Timlin?”
”Ah…ya…Mike. Well you know…we love Mike. Ya…that’s what you can say about him…nice guy. He probably won’t be in the playoffs.”
“Curt Schilling?”
Dustin felt his teeth grind and said, “oh he won’t be in the playoffs…ya…that’s bad isn’t it?”
”How does all this affect your team?”
Dustin smiled…it was forced…and then looked at his watch.
“How does this affect your team?”
“Ha, “laughed Dustin. “Whow, it is so late…ya…really late tonight. Whew…gotta go?”
“What about Jason Bay’s cranberry accident?”
Dustin looked up and said, “a what. What are you talking about?”
“He visited Ocean Spray cranberry bog with a bunch of children as part of his charity and got his legs…well…machines can be big.”
Dustin felt his heart skip a beat. He just got up and walked down the hall mumbling to himself the words, “we can still win…oh man I’m sick.”

We know what to expect from Lester in game one, but which Matsusaka will pitch in game two, the nibbler or the challenger? That will be key!

Hey, it looks like my e-mail isn’t listed anymore as my info. Interesting.

Now back on topic, I’ve been super busy transitioning from Glastonbury, CT up to Lowell, MA. Now that I’m pretty much close to done, I’d like to say a few things for a playoffs and then head to my overtime shift at work:

Let’s go Red Sox! Show those Angels how real playoff teams play!

Also, gotta love how we’ll get Don (everybody’s favorite “Announcer Boy”) calling Red Sox games (at least I think so if I’m correct); it’ll feel like NESN in a way.🙂

FINANCIAL WOES. I needed a laugh after looking at my stocks today — ug!

Terry Francona wasn’t a meeting person and he found it a rather dull and antiquated way of managing a team but this was different. He called everyone into the locker room smelling fresh from the sweat of the last game. Everyone expected a pep talk but all Tito did was walk to the front of the room.
“All of you in this team are paid more than most people get in ten years. We have all invested in banking funds and it’s paid us incredibly well. We put our savings, mortgaged our homes and sold our child’s college funds to reap the benefits. We even took out a second mortgage and sold our cars. It was worth it. It was all the idea of Boras and it is a smart one…but for some reason…each and every one of you are doing some strange things and I’ve had it!”
Tito turned around. He turned on the T.V. He had not listened to or checked a newspaper in two weeks. He was unaware of the financial collapse because baseball was his life. The television showed the image of David Ortiz in a golf uniform putting down the putting iron and walking to the camera.
“Hello, I’m David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox. If you get that monthly not-so-fresh feeling like I often do, Big Papi can help you. He understands your sticky problem and will offer you a solution. Don’t worry…”
Terry shut the T.V. off and turned towards David.
“David…the menstrual cycle…aren’t you ashamed of yourself.”
David nodded but said nothing and looked the other way. Dustin wanted to say something but backed down.
“We have all our money in J.P. Morgan. We’ll be fine…but no!”
Terry put the TV back on. Titles for a film came on. The opening scene showed a woman dressed for a party as the doorbell rang. At the door was Jason Varitek with a toolbelt and nothing else winking his eye hard and leaning against the door waved a cordless drill around.
“I’m here to fix your toilet.”
Jason turned on the drill and aimed it at the girl. The girl forced a smile. Saxaphone music poured out and violins drenched the screen with music and obscene close-ups followed Jason from head to toe.
“I don’t have a toilet but I have a problem in the bedroom.”
Jason winked as the drill smashed into his face. He winced in pain. The drum rolls stopped. Jason cursed at the scene then kicked the door sending his foot through it.
Terry shut off the TV and turned towards Jason.
“Of all the dumb things! Tek, don’t you have any dignity? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself!”
Jason nodded and turned away.
“Oh…but it gets better!”
Tito turned on the T.V. again and an image of Mike Lowell came on the screen. The announcer came overhead.
“Mike Lowell, third baseman of the Boston Red Sox will attempt a jump over grand canyon using a huffy bicycle powered by a turbine engine fueled by nitro glycerin and dynamite. Watch out as Mike does the impossible.
Tito shut off the TV. He looked over at Mike. A full body cast was covering his body with a small straw for breathing and talking.
“Did it work Mike?”
“Ah…no sir, “said Mike in a squeaky voice.
“But I got ten thousand dollars.”
Tito said nothing but shook his head.
“Oh but here is my favorite.”
He turned on the T.V. J.D. Drew in makeup to make him look 80 with a squeaky grandpa voice.
“Do you have problems with your bowels? “Oops I have a problem” can help. I’ve been using it for over forty years and it really helped with the stink in the house. ‘Oops I have a problem’ is your answer for those embarrassing moments. Love raisins, you’ll love ‘Oops I made a mistake” Love Prune juice with rotted fish. “Oops I made a mistake’ along with ‘Oops my stomach is going to explode’ is your one-two combination of drugs to get you back on your wheelchair. Lost your eyesight…we can’t help you there but we have “Oops I need a lobotomy” that can fix those ills…or at least damage your brain enough to forget about it. So join me, John Drew Drew….
“I can’t take it. Drew…what were you thinking!”
Drew just shook his head.
“They paid me a lot of money.”
Tito screamed out, “no more stupid money making schemes.”
Dustin waved his hand up.
“J.P. Morgan is out of business.”
Tito looked stonefaced at the crowd.
He said in soft tones, “Oops…I made a mistake.”

Hi Dave, I got through part of 4 (verrry graphic!) but got cut short with an office emergency…. I just atopped in for a minute, then back to bed, I think I’m fighting some kind of flu, YUK>>>>
Mauer beat out Petey by .02 percentage points!!! That sucks!!!
I’ll be here tomorrow night prior to game time, see y’all then!


Ya it’s almost the most graphic chapter too. Now the plot begins. I’ll send you chapter 5 when you’re ready.


Want to add Ellen that there is a big twist towards the end of the book as a function of that chapter — not all is as it seems.

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