Bay Watch — looking good so far

Jason Bay nervous in his first playoff game? Perhaps not. The left fielder absolutely obliterated an ill-placed heater by Lackey, launching it over the wall in left.

1-0 Angels is now 2-1 Sox. That was Bay and the Sox’s answer to Manny Ramirez‘s ridiculous golf shot at Wrigley earlier today.

Jon Lester competed his butt off tonight — 117 pitches worth. Anyone who thought this guy had the composure to pitch a Game 1 was absolutely right. If not for that Lowrie error, he’d have been unscored on.

And I loved the move by Tito of bringing in Masterson to start the eighth. As he’s done since coming up, Masterson came through. He got some help from Ellsbury (great catch) and Youkilis (nice throw).


Here we are!

Hmmm. 99 pitches=one more inning.

Lester has been outstanding. One more inning, then turn it over to the BP.

Thanks Ian.

Hey how ’bout that Jon Lester!

Doesn’t Mike Scioscia have a basset hound look to him? Very sad looking eyes. He always looks that way even when the Angels are winning.

Kramer, your Phillies did well, eh? Didn’t they win today?

Yes. That’s why Ellen’s boss will be in a good mood!

Time for Ortiz to remind us why he’s in the lineup. Please please please don’t swing on the first pitch.

I smell a score on a wild pitch!

Did it look to you like Lackey said, “If you see Kay?” when he got pulled?


Did Buck Martinez call that last pitch or what? Ortiz has gotta be smarter than that. He’s looking for a fastball that’s never going to come.

Arnie, you are way too kind!!! It just looked like he said WHAT HE REALLY DID SAY… i’m glad that most kids aren’t watching at this hour and didnt see the bad temper! I know that they are frustrated at that point, but whether or not they want it, thay are role models

Jon Lester looks really brilliant at some points. but unsure at others.

I know now why Lowrie made an error earlier — and it I don’t think its good news — I just saw Lugo in the dugout — all suited up! What’s up with that — is he on the roster?

Hey y’all I’ll talk to you in the A.M. .. Dave, I’ll send you some feed back tomorrow. I’m going to watch the rest from the “Cozy Confines of My Bed!”!!! LOVE MY SOX!!!

Lester is coming up HUGE, HUGE!!!! Did I say HUGE??

Boy, that ump blew that third strike call on Anderson. Lester is looking better and better as this game goes on. If I’m the manager, I’m rolling the dice and putting him back in the 8th, then holding him back for Game 5, if necessary (instead of using him in Game 4), or Game 1 against TB/CWS.

Lester in the 8th, Papelbon in the 9th. Lester’s velocity is still great, and he’s really snapped that curveball in the last couple of innings.

Looks like Okie in the 8th. I dunno….

Teixeira’s splits dictate a LHP!

Actually the power splits for Vlad and Hunter also dictate a LHP!

It would be a terrible shame if the bullpen doesn’t deliver a win for Jon Lester. A little shaky in the first inning, but otherwise that’s about as dominating a performance you can ever expect from a pitcher.


Masterson’s giving me a heart attack! Thank God for Vlad and his baserunning.

What a great catch by Jacoby. And Youk snagging that ball at first after it hit the ground. Good defense.

Thought you might enjoy this debate I wrote about American History.

Tito, John Lester, David Ortiz, Julio Lugo and Josh Beckett. They were watching the debate between Joe Biden and Sara Palin online before the actual one on Thursday. Tito starting laughing so hard that he shut the set off. Immediate protest flooding the locker room. Tito waved them off.
“Hold on you guys don’t you get it? Sara Palin said she supports the states managing the situation and then said she was a Federalist?”
A long pause swept the room.
“O.K…what is a Federalist?”
A long pause swept the room. John Lester waved his hand.
“Something to do with…”
Tito shook his head and pulled his body up to the front of the class.
“A Federalist is someone who supports central control of a country. A confederacy, which is what we started as, is where state control dominates. We’re sort of a hybrid between the two. That’s what makes the U.S. so unique.”
“Hold it, “said David. “You mean to tell me we were a confederacy?”
“Ya, “said Tito. “The articles of Confederation was the law of the land.”
“Why didn’t it work?” asked John.
“Well, it’s simple. “There were too many sectional interests. The North was industrial and the south was agricultural and the articles demanded unanimity among states for any sort of resolution to occur. It made it next to impossible to pass anything.”
“Wait a minute Tito…so Sara’s a Federalist…so what…oh so you can’t support state control of an issue if you’re a Federalist! That’s what so funny.”
Tito said down.
“Now ya get it. It’s the biggest battle since the country founded itself. Eventually, during the Washington Administration, Hamilton, the secretary of Treasury formed what we now know as the Federal Reserve Bank and government control over the money supply. Thomas Jefferson, secretary of State got scared as a lot of people did. They feared we would go back to English control with a different name but it was more complicated than that. By setting up a Federal Bank, Hamilton was able to manage the financial disasters looming because the government was absolutely broke. Jefferson believed in an almost invisible form of government. He formed the Republican party with James Madison. As a matter of fact, the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was not only being about the dirtiest election of all time but also was a battle between the Federalist Party and the Republican Party. “
David leaned back as if his head was about to explode.
“So what happened to the Federalist party?”
Tito rolled his eyes.
“So what happened to the Federalists?”
Tito sighed.
“Well John Adams.”
“John who?”
“The second President Lugo. “
“What’s a President?”
Tito chose to ignore Lugo’s question.
“John Adams decided it would be a disaster to go to war with France…”
“No, “said David. “Paris helped us during the war.”
“France fell apart after the war. The revolution bankrupted the country and created chaos. They were hungry for revenge when the U.S. vowed neutrality instead of helping the country out and in addition, Hamilton and Washington formed trading ties with England because they needed to build their economy back up. You can imagine how Jefferson felt. “
“Why?” asked John Lester.
“Well, Jefferson was not only a supporter of the French Revolution but aided it in small ways. Only towards the end of his life did he admit the Revolution as wrong. Now Adams chose not to wage war with France – very unpopular. Jefferson actually was asked by Adams to help out the administration with the France situation. He turned it down for political reasons. He wanted to be President…and he not only became our third President, but brought down the Federalist party. “
“Wait…” said David Ortiz. “why didn’t Jefferson help?”
Tito leaned forward, “simple. You help out Adams with France and a peace treaty and Adams gets the credit and you look like you did nothing. The Federalists at the time wanted war with France because of what France did to U.S. shipping. It was warlike. Jefferson of course didn’t want to start a war with France. That was one thing that the two did agree upon. Adams chose not to go against France and the rest is history.”
“What about the alien and sedation act?” asked Mike Lowell?
Tito grunted and said, “it’s the alien and sedition act. That’s another story but it did destroy the Adam’s legacy but that’s too complicated to go into here.
“What about the A,B,C, affair?”
Tito rolled his eyes and said, “it’s the X,Y,Z affair and that of course lead to the Alien and sedition act but it’s too complicated to into here. Check online. “
“Wow, “said John Lester, “how’d you learn all this?”
Tito got up and sighed, “I read.”

All of the history is accurate. Want to mention that while I had Tito say the X,Y,Z affair led to the Alien and Sedition act what I meant to say was that after the X,Y,Z, affair which made Adam’s Presidency look so good, he did a boneheaded thing and setup the Alien and Sedition Act which are indeed stories of themselves. Sox MAY take game 1.

Nice view of Scot Boras!

LOL! I’ve been talking to myself on the other thread for the past hour.

Papelbon’s chance to shine. He just needs to throw strikes and throw to contact. He doesn’t need strikeouts.

Of course, if he’s gonna huck that thing up there at 95+, that’s OK too!

Getting ahead early!

All heat=Toasted Angels!!!

I thought Masterson actually pitched ok, those were some cheapie base hits by the Angels in the 8th. The intelligence of Youkilis’ defensive play was matched only by the stupidity of Vlad’s baserunning. It was almost as if Youk was anticipating and expecting Vlad’s risky baserunning.

I’ve watched about 30 Sox games on TV this year, this is by far the best game I’ve seen them play. They keep this up, and they’ll repeat in 2008.

Masterson pitched well, but I was on the edge of my seat anyway. Actually I was sitting on the floor about 18 inches from the TV. Yelling and clapping, fist-pumping and YAHOOOO-ing. Awesome game!!

Huge win for the Sox. This game was very important with the quality of the pitchers the Angels will throw the next two games. Lowrie makes a tough error and then comes back and makes some good plays and gets a key hit that leads to a run. Ellsbury with a huge clutch hit to drive in Lowrie, then steals second, gets to third on a heads up play and winds up scoring. Add the spectacular catch and I think you have your gamee MVP, not withstanding Bay’s home run. How tough was Lester. Ian put it perfectly….. he competed his butt off. Great follow-up by Masterson and Pap and put one in the books for the Sox. Oh my God, I must be getting tired, I’m sounding like Hawk Harrelson. Good night folks!

What a series starter!! You say Jason Bay was traded to the Red Sox…for whom????..I don’t seem to remember anyone patrolling left field for the Sox this year other than Bay…unless it was one of his days off when that super fielder Jacoby Ellsbury moved over to left!!

And to think, I was one of those voices in the spring urging the Sox to trade Lester or Masterson or Ellsbury to the Twinkies for Johan Santana. And who did the Twins get instead of Lester or Masterson….And you say both the Twinkies and their trading partner, the Mets are both out of the play-offs and home for the holidays!!! Boy, sounds like they completed a “win-win” deal to me!!!!

Lester just gave the Sox the luxury of insuring that Beckett is ready to pitch, whenever he goes. Imagine a team that has 2 studs in its starting rotation like Lester and Beckett. That team has to be a serious contender for the World Series, especially when they’ve got hitters to go along with it.

I loved the look on Bay’s face just after he connected…”Boy, I got that one pretty good!!!!” He could barely control his boyish enthusiasm. And then when he explained in his interview after the game that jerking a meatball like the one he got was what he gets paid to do…you just have to love the guy.

Not to mention Tito…for all who question Tito’s ability to make moves that count. He included Masterson, not Timlin on the 1st round roster (and yes, the roster can be altered between series)…along with Lowell. I know Lowell got no hits last night, but he hit some rockets that should eventually turn into doubles, made some good plays in the field, and is just a quintessential team leader. I sure hope he can come back from off-season surgery.

Beyond that, Tito decides to hold Beckett back and go with Jon L in Game 1. Imagine how we’d feel if Beckett had been rushed before he was ready, had pitched poorly in Game 1, the Sox had lost and were now standing 0-1 in the series. Momentum will change very quickly and quietly in a short series like this.

Now the Sox only need 2 more victories, and have Lester pitching once more, Dice-K going twice, Beckett likely once, and a starting pitching free-for-all at Fenway (otherwise known as Game 3). You have to give Tito some credit for calmly and quietly putting this together, and recognize that he is now 23-9 (by my count) in play-off games managing the Sox. Pretty impressive to me.

Even though Jon L had already thrown 100 pitches after inning 6, he stayed with his instinct and let him pitch the 7th. Yes, Masterson made things a bit more interesting than most of us wanted, but he got the job done, and got some serious play-off pitching experience under his belt.

And this team keeps getting younger. You have a 23 year old set-up man instead of Mike Timlin, you have a 24 year old shortstop instead of 33 year old Julio Lugo, the Sox second stud pitcher is 24 year old Jon Lester instead of Schill. The Sox cf’r is 25 year old Jacoby Ellsbury, rather than 28-29 year old CoCo (don’t get me wrong, I, like BosoxBrian [gulp…lol.] really glad CoCo is still a member of the Sox and not home for the holidays [there I go again BosoxBrian…using my favorite word…holliday…lol…] as a member of the Twinkies!!..but Ellsbury is once again doing so many things to energize the team!!!). The Sox farm system has been amazing…and if you listen to Jeff long enough, he’ll tell you more help is on the way…like Chris Carter and Jeff Bailey and Mike Bowden and…and….and…AMAZING

I know that one win does not a series make, but it sure was fun staying up until 1:30 am to witness the Sox 2008 play-off coming out party. Looks like more fun to come!!!

HUGE HUGE win for the Sox. It takes a load of pressure off Dice-K who will pitch a gem tonight against a free swinging line up.
Lester is unequivocally the ACE of the staff this year. I seriously doubt tat Beckett could mirror Lester’s performance even if he is healthy. For whatever resaon Beckett is not the same Beckett at least this year. I said it many times the record speaks for itself. Many Sox fans are secretly happy that Beckett wasn’t No.1 starter.
Masterson was saved by Ellsbury’s catch and Guerrero’s bad base running blunder. Masterson was not hit hard that was the good news.
Jason not Veritek hit a HR in his first postseason game. Really happy for Jason.
I just wish that Francona will play more the way the 9th inning was played. Playing small funfamnetal ball can win games too.
Bob Kramer:
What about Phillies RedSox WS?

What more can you say about Jon Lester. He isn’t fazed by anything out there. He has so much confidence on the mound.

Jason Bay was having a very difficult time with Lackey’s off-speed stuff. Why in the world would he get a fastball to hit? Dumb….dumb…..

Ellsbury’s catch against Texeria might have been a game saving catch. Also a big thank you to Vlad. I don’t think Lou Brock in his prime could have made it to 3rd base. lol. Vlad was out by a mile.

I am more and more impressed with Mike Lowell. This guy is a gamer!! It hurts my hip watching him play.

Winning game 1 in a 5 game series is HUGE!

Brian: Don’t blame Vlad for the base running blunder. He would/could be safe at third if not for Youk’s heads up play. A lot of first baseman would just hold on to the ball or let the second basman made the play. If Youk didn’t make that play, there would be runners on first and third with 1 out and the Angels were down by 1 run only.
It beats me why Lackey threw a fast ball up in the zone to Jason not Veritek who has never faced Lackey before. Baseball works in a mysterious way.
Lets see what if Youk didn’t make the play and Jason not Bay didn’t bunt and Ellsbury didn’t make the sliding catch, I can’t imagine and I don’t want to see. Defense won the game.


Heads up play by Youk for sure but still a very dumb descion by Vlad. The 3rd base coach was trying to hold Vlad up at second. I thought that Vlad should have been lifted for a pinch runner anyway.

The Sox are amazing. I can’t believe they gritted out that W.

Santana and Saunders next — its going be really tough — I can’t believe Lester held those guys to 1 run (Anderson, Texiera, Vlad, Hunter) — and Figgins to set the table — that has to be the most difficult 2-5 in baseball right now, with all respect to our guys.

Listening to Francona on the radio (briefly in my car before the game) he may be somewhat of a post season superstar himself. Sounds like he really enjoys the post season and has absolutely no fear of it — really thinks its a lot fun and is a bring it on type guy — maybe that transmits to his players.

Brian: I was thinking the same thing why didn’t pinch run for Vlad. I guess they needed his bat. A fast pinch runner could be safe, may be not, at least would be a close play at third. Unbelievable 9-0 in post season against LAA.
Vince picked Sox in 5 and said whoever wins game 1 wins the series. Hope he is right!


I say Sox in 4 and when you win game 1 in a 5 game series, your looking good. All the pressure is on L.A. and that favors the Red Sox! I just hope Beckett can go on Sun.

I’m really glad Bay got the big hit — get that out of the way, take some pressure off him to come through in the postseason and maybe he is in for a big series. Lester came up huge, and yeah, that was a crucial play when Vlad got thrown out at third — boneheaded, but crucial. Hope the rest of the series goes as well. Go BoSox!

Francona saved his in game managerial skill for the postseason. I don’t believe Francona would let Lester pitch into 7 with 100+ pitches and asked for a sacrifice bunt in a regular season game. Lester was awesome shutting down the Angels line up for 7 innings with no earned run. Simply marvelous!

Sox did amazing work. I honestly expected a sweep — by the Dodgers. However…the problems still exist — unable to hit homeruns and unable to drive guys in. However, we saw both those situations handled in this game — still the Sox had a high LOB and that still proves to be a problem.
I can see why Francona didn’t go with Oki. Oki will be needed as well as everyone else when Dice-K pitches 5000 pitches in 2 innings. Angels will try to be patient with Dice-K and foul off a lot of pitches. If they do that they will wear him down…so I hope they swing at everything with violent obsession.
David Ortiz needs to start hitting and hitting home runs. He’s been horrible. Varitek is forgiven because of his catching/managing ability of the staff. Dustin Pedroia is starting to feel like he’s slumping a bit (at least to me) — call it instinct. Lowell is the Bionic man. How he does it I don’t know.

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson organized what they called the Republican Party and later re-named the Democratic–Republican Party (“DRP”) in opposition to key policies of the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton. DRP was the dominant political party in the United States from 1800 to 1824. In party comflicts ensued and one of the factions became the modern day Democratic Party. That is how we have two major political parties Democrratic and Republican today.

In my book the game MVP is Lester. Holding the Angels to one unearned run was priceless!

Since the Phillies got swept last year, I’m sure Charlie Manuel has them focused on one game at a time as are the Red Sox!

Any report on how Drew and Lowell feel today?

You know your history. How’d you know all about that? I thought I was the only nerd on history in this place. Incidentally, in all the books I read, it was called the Republican party but named the DRP much later in time. PLease correct if I am wrong on this. When I wrote the piece I did it off the top of my head.

Dave: I was a political science major in college. I don’t know exactly when the Republican Party was renamed Democratic Republican Party. As you said it was much later on. Since this is an election year, maybe it’s a good idea to know how the present day major parties originated from. B/w James Madison was a major contributor to writing Federalist Papers.
Back to baseball…………..

You guys are making me puke with this political talk. Last time I checked, the Sox were in the playoffs and won a very important game last night! Obviously I really dislike politics. LOL!!

Kramer, you’re not going to get any argument from me on Lester. I guess trying to choose an MVP for that game would be pretty tough since it really was a team win.

I was really impressed with Masterson. He got behind with a couple of hitters but didn’t give in and didn’t walk anyone. He showed remarkable poise for such a young and inexperienced pitcher.

I’m almost never going to jump on a guy for hustling and that applies to what appeared to be a real blunder last night for Vlad. It took a great play by Youk to get Vlad. He somehow smothered that ball after it hit the ground and got to it very quickly and then made a decent throw. It looked bad because Vlad was out by so much, but if that ball gets a foot away from Youk, Vlad is into third standing up and it’s a heads up baserunning play instead of what happened. Chalk a good bounce up for the Sox on that one.

I thought Ellsbury’s hit to right field misjudged by Matthews should have been a triple. There’s no question that Matthews lost that ball in the lights. I’m thinking the lights there aren’t set very well because it seemed like Bay and Ellsbury had some issues with them too. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

Brian: This is not politics. If we choose Republicans over Democrats or vice versa. That is impermissibly political. What we discussed is history albeit a wrong forum for it. Last time I checked, TB were leading 6-3.

Garry: I agree. Can’t blame Vlad for hustling especially with a bad knee. Youk’s unhesitated heads up play made Vlad look dumb. If Youk hesitated or let the 2d baseman made the play, Vlad could be safe.

I thought Matthews had the ball in his glove and dropped it or he touched the ball. If that’s the case, it’s a 3 base error. If he lost the ball in the lights and never touched the ball. it should be a triple. Glad that Ellsbury was able to drive the hard inside pitch which he could not do earlier.

007chow, the ball went three feet over Matthews head. He definitely lost it.

That should a triple, not a 3 base error.

Lowell is iffy tomorrow. If Lowell can’t play, I’d like to have Kotsay/Casey at first, Youk at third; not Lowrie at 3d and Cora as SS.

(I know it’s a baseball blog, just one last comment)
I love American history during that time but I moved on to other time periods when I learned what I wanted to learn. I found Washington a fascinating character as well as Hamilton, who is my favorite person to read about. Hamilton was extraordinary and underrated. My favorite author was/is Joseph Ellis. I find him extraordinary. We’ll have to email and talk history. I love it. I’ve been spending a great deal of time on the French Revolution and it’s been quite morose and depressing but important to know about — especially since I’m reading Les Miserables and Tale Of Two Cities (finished).
Anyway, Tampa Bay won and I’m depressed about that. Rather have the Sox face the Sox. TB has earned my respect. Now if Manny can have a bad knee problem and end my misery.

This will be my last comment also. Email me if you’d like to discuss American history.
Agree Washington and Alexander Hamilton are fascinating characters. But I found Hamilton’s contributions far exceeded those of Washington. Hamilton was underrated because he was Washington’s Secretary of Treasury but had never been the president.

I was fascinated by the intense conflicts among the Founding Fathers in early days. Notably James Madison allied with Thomas Jefferson and vehemently opposed Hamilton on the issue of federalism. Madison was Jefferson’s Secretary of State during which time the U.S. double its size by virtue of the famous Louisiana Purchase from French territory.
Talking about France, XYZ Affair (or ABC Affair as Ortiz puts it) was really a scandal in which the French refused to conduct diplomatic discussions unless the U.S. paid enormous bribe. This was the beginning of anti French sentiments in the US history. XYZ Affairs partially led to the ascendency of John Marshall, another fascinating character for historians and legal scholars.

Back to baseball, how about those Dodgers who finished barely above 500 are about to run the Cubs, the best records in NL, out of the playoffs. When will the curse end for the Cubbies?

007 and Dave – I have been reading your history posts with a lot of interest. I’m glad somebody remembers the trials, tribulations and intent of our founding fathers because it would appear today’s leadership (and I use that term lightly) has forgotten. By the way, did either of you watch the HBO miniseries John Adams? It was very well done and one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The intense conflicts mentioned by 007 are very well documented in that series. If you haven’t seen it, you can now get it on DVD and although I watched it, I have the series and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s great to have to pass on to children, because it will never be outdated.

After I retired from the Navy, I took some history courses and was intrigued by it. Good posts guys, even though not baseball related.

Garyy & Dave:
John Adams, another fascinating founding father, was Washington’s VP and second US president. John Adams was frustrated by the intra party (Federalist Party) conflicts against Hamilton. Today conflicts between the Democrats and Republicans actually dated back to those early days. Those days were mainly ideological as opposed today’s struggle for power and greed.
No. I didn’t see the miniseries and I will definitely order the DVD and watch it when there is no Sox game on. Thanks.

007, it’s a seven part series, so get lots of popcorn. Something I learned from the series that besides being the first VP and second POTUS and a whole lot of other things, John Adams was also the attorney who represented the British officers involved in the Boston Massacre, and got them acquitted. That’s one of the amazing sequences of the story and there are many. If you’re a history buff, you’ll really love this. Don’t get me started, I could talk about that all day.

Oh Garry don’t get me started. John Adams reluctantly took the case and got most British soldiers acquitted. Those two or three (?) soldiers who fired directly into the crowd were convicted of manslaughter instead of murder. Adams almost got nothing in return (may be for a few whatever currency they used at that time) for the excellent legal defense work.

Dbenjamin: Can dig into court records to find out how Adams did it, if they keep records as far back as 1770? Lol.

Speaking of baseball: the Cubs are at it again. They’re not showing up for the games. 3 errors last night. Very little hitting. I really feel bad for their fans. Of all the people who could relate, we on this blog are foremost. My sympathies Cubs fans. Hang in there.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Sox beat the Dodgers in the World Series? I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but there are so many connections between the 2. And do you think that a Sox pitcher would throw a fastball at Zazu’s belt buckle in a blowout?? I might. But then maybe I’m an a–hole. After being shown such disrespect, the team might feel it was cathartic. A hit-the-deck pitch would be just what the doctor ordered. Wow, I’m getting WAY ahead of myself!

Red Sox Lineup:
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. J.D. Drew, RF
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. Mark Kotsay, 1B
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Alex Cora, SS

Wow. I don’t like the bottom third of this lineup one bit. I wonder if Lowrie is hurt, or if Francona is going with Cora because Lowrie’s average from the left side is not so hot. Of course, Cora is not much of a hitter period, so it hurts to have his bat in the lineup along with Varitek and Kotsay. Why no Sean Casey? He is proficient on defense, and sprays line drives at the plate. I like his bat better than Kotsay’s. Here’s hoping Dice-K gives the Sox seven strong innings!


Garry, I have a couple scoring and rules questions.
A strike out is a put-out for the catcher, correct? Now, if a batter swings at a ball in the dirt for strike 3 and the catcher does not field it cleanly, the catcher throws out the batter at first base. Is that scored as a strike-out with the first baseman getting the put-out and the catcher an assist?
Also, let’s say there is a runner on third base. The pitcher decides he doesn’t like the baseball, wants a new one, so he tosses it to the catcher. The umpire hands the catcher a new ball and the catcher throws it to the pitcher, but the pitcher goes to catch the ball and it tips off his glove and rolls out to the second baseman. The runner at third base races home. The 2nd baseman throws too late to the plate. Does the run count?
Also, a runner at first takes off for second base as the ball is pitched, the batter swings at the pitch, the catcher who is coming out of his crouch gets hit in the face-mask with the bat on the backswing and cannot make a throw. What’s the ruling? Also, what’s the ruling if the catcher is NOT coming out of his crouch when he gets hit by the bat and can’t make a throw? Thanks

By the time you all read my posts I’ll be working so, “Hi to all” GO SOX!!!!!!!

(Career batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage against Ervin Santana in parentheses.)

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF (.000, .000, .000, 3 at-bats)
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B (.000, .000, .000, 3 ab)
3. David Ortiz, DH (.556, .636, 1.111, 9 ab)
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B (.500, .667, .500, 2 ab)
5. J.D. Drew, RF (.286, .286, .429, 7 ab)
6. Jason Bay, LF (Has never faced Santana)
7. Mark Kotsay, 1B (.389, .450, .500, 18 ab)
8. Jason Varitek, C (.000, .111, .000), 8 ab)
9. Alex Cora, SS (.667, .750, 1.667. 3 ab)

WSox up 2-0 on Kazmir and the DEVILRAYSDEVILRAYSDEVILRAYS……..

Don Orsillo is calling the game… Wish he was doing our Broadcast…

Just realized I can’t email you — don’t know your address. You can email me …or anyone else from the blog (just be nice)
I own the Adams DVD. Well done and goes into material that often is overlooked such as Adam’s defense of the British soldiers after the so-called Boston Massacre. There are some nice examinations of Jefferson showing more of his dark and back stabbing side as well. The mood is great as well. Adams with rotting teeth and the entire landscape dreary and dark. It’s far more accurate than the pastel colors we often associate with that time period. I was impressed. History is a bit inaccurate at parts but part of that is taking letters and translating them into dialogue. Jefferson and Adams never had some of those conversations but it’s more visually interesting than letters being passed back and forth.

p.s. hope for the best tonight. Not an inspiring lineup. Lowrie made one mistake and is being grounded — but that’s a guess. What is Francona’s motivation?

Want to add, I pride myself at getting through Page Smith’s biography of John Adams. That was at points unbearable in its magnitude and tedium but I learned a lot.

Track Red Sox prospects playing in Fall/Winter leagues:

OOOOHHHH Dave if you get anonymous heavy breathing e-mails, uh, it wasn’t me!! lol

Now Class, American History Lesson is over for the night… We have baseball to think about… Young men and Ladies, Where Are Your Priorities!!!! haha…
It looks like The DEVILRAYSDEVILRAYSDEVILRAYS are going up 2 games to zip…. Chicago just couldnt get it sone tonight. Buerhle didnt have a bad game, but the Wsox Offense couldnt get it going…. They sure look un-bad. Yep, they have another W under their belts…

……….LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ARE YOU READY TO RUUUMMMMBBLLLE?????? RedSox-Angels coming up really really soon. I really wish we had Remy and Orsillo calling this.
I was listening to XM radio ’60’s tonight and every Friday they take a Radio station from somewhere in the US that was taped in the 60’s… Is this an omen??? todays broadcast?? FROM WRKO BOSTON!!!! Talking about Tony C and Yaz… Lonborg…. wow, I didnt realize it was from Boston at 1st, and then I heard them talking about Tony C?? GOOOOOSE BUMPS… Me, the non superstitious fan?? I think it is an omen!! On that note, I’ll let y’all have it now….


Who in the hell is this guy Sager who is on this broadcast???, and where does he buy his clothes?? OH MY GOD>>>>> Tonight his “jacket” is either sky blue or mint green, with a lavender, yellow and pink tie!!!! THROW UP TIME!!!


The catcher receives the put out on a strikeout. If the third strike is dropped and the catcher throws the batter out at first, the catcher receives an assist and the first baseman the putout.

When it pitcher asks to exchange a ball, he is acutally asking for time out and the ball is dead. The ball is not alive again until the home plate umpire puts the ball in play be either saying “play ball” or signaling the pitcher to pitch. This usually occurs when the pitcher takes the rubber. So if the catcher throws the ball past the pitcher, it is a dead ball situation and the runner cannot advance.

In your third scenario when the catcher is being hit on the backswing with the bat, the umpire must make a judgement call whether or not the contact interfered with the catcher’s play to make a throw to second. If he rules there is interference, the runner going to second would be ruled out. In the second part of this scenario with the catcher not coming out of the crouch, the umpire would have to determine that contact prevented his coming out of the crouch to rule interference.

GOOD JOB JBAY!!! He served up one “on the rocks”!!!!

new thread. game 1 is old news

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