Game 1 of ALDS — Sox and Angels

As a sports follower, this is my favorite day of the whole year. Game 1 of the playoffs. Baseball going on all day.

The Phillies won their first postseason game since 1993, I’m sure the fans there are going crazy. The Cubs imploded against the Dodgers. I’m sure the fans there are going crazy in an entirely different kind of way. By the way, I know people don’t want to hear about Manny anymore, but that home run he hit was positively ridiculous. He literally golfed it out of the dirt and put it into the seats.

Now here we are, Game On! Lester against Lackey. Beckett had another good day, throwing long toss. Tomorrow is the big test, as he tries to throw a side session. If he’s unable to throw on the side, I think you can pretty much pencil Wake in for Game 3.

Without further ado, tonight’s starting lineups.

Red Sox
Ellsbury — CF
Pedroia — 2B
Ortiz — DH
Youkilis — 1B
Drew — RF
Bay — LF
Lowell — 3B
Lowrie — SS
Varitek — C

Lester — SP

Figgins — 3B
Anderson — LF
Teixeira — 1B
Guerrero — DH
Hunter — CF
Kendrick — 2B
Napoli — C
Matthews — RF
Aybar — SS

Lackey — SP


Well, here I am again… 1st to comment.. Brain must be hitting the Grey Goose!! lol
Petey almost won the Batting Title, .02 short…. But I’m sure he knows that he has bigger things to think about right now. I’m as nervous as anyone about this series between the RedSox and the Angels. But I AM the “forever optimist” here. So I’ll continue to serve up my mantra each day/night before 1st pitch. I hope they’ve got plenty of ethylchloride (or what ever they use now to numb pain) for Mikey. And I hope that JD has his back troubles “behind” him (pun intended!! lol)
I just saw Zazu beat out an infield hit… I need to see his witchdoctor or whoever cured his knee(s) problem. They really don’t seem to bother him at all now lol! Amazing what getting your way will do for a brats behavior.
I want the best for all our Guys tonight. Put the regular season record behind, and just concentrate, like Terry says, one inning at a time. Ladies (are there any others here) and Gentlemen, light your candles, get your “BullPen Band” stuff together and join me in saying:


Brian, not Brain: maybe I’m hitting the Grey Goose.

2.5 hours and counting! Jacoby Ellsbury hs a blog. If any of you wantto check it out go to http://jacobyellsbury/

Well, anyway, you will see it at LOL

Hey everybody!!! game on in 2 minutes…

I’m really quite surprised (pleasantly) that Mike Timlin is off the roster. Do teams get a chance to adjust their rosters after the first series? I thought Francona would put Mike on the roster “for old time’s sake”, because this is probably Timlin’s last year. I wonder if he can be added for the next series? He can be added if a pitcher gets injured and put on the DL, right?

So the Sox are going with 10 pitchers, 11 would’ve been overkill. But I’m surprised Tito left Timlin off, rather than, say, Masterson. Good move.

Also, nice to see the lineup–first time in a long time Drew and Lowell are in there with the rest of the bunch. If this lineup can stay healthy, I like the Sox chances alot better than if they gotta start with Casey and Kotsay (or David Ross???)

Hey all you easterners–shouldn’t you be in bed by now?

Haha from the west coast (Vancouver, Canada)

Nice to see no trace of the Thundersticks!

Yes, rosters can be changed for the LCS and WS.

Not very good leave a runner on 3rd the first inning.

Good evening boys and girls. Wasted double by Ellsbury. Sox need to score when they get the chance like that.

Ronkelly, here’s how I understand the roster rules. The roster can be changed after the ALDS series. Anyone who was on the 40 man roster on September 1st can be placed on the roster. During the series, an injured player can be put on the DL for the series and replaced. Once he is replaced, he cannot come back for the remainder of the series. The player replacing him must be a similar player. In other words, a pitcher must be replaced by a pitcher and a position player must be replaced by a position player.

Man… That was a BIG jam Lesr got out of. Hopefully that allows him to get in a groove

Thanks for the responses regarding the roster moves. That’s how I understood it as well.

When did Buck Martinez’s hair get so white. He looks like Bob Barker.

Only players on the ML roster on 8/31 are eligable for the post season unless they are an injury replacement.

We EASTERN-ers LOVE our Sox!!!! Time is not an issue!!!!

sorry, Regards to YOU TOO Mr Kelly!!!

Hey, Don’t insult Bob Barker like that !! lol

That’s correct Kramer. The major league roster and 40 man roster are the same for this purpose. That’s why Ross is on the roster and why they brought the likes of Van Every and a couple of others with them.

I remember some grumbling about the early starts in Japan in March!

Lester is a little pumped up and overthrowing a little. He needs to get command of his fast ball.

Unless they have changed the rule, only the 25 man roster on 8/31 is eligable. The expansion to 40 is effective 9/1.

The rules changed for 2007.

Man oh man did Ortiz have a pitch to hit!!!! A looping, hanging curve ball …………. can’t miss those.

Anyone else think that Pedroia’s too predictable on the first pitch? I think he takes the first pitch far too frequently. Pitchers seem to sense this, and essentially throw him a first-pitch marshmallow for strike 1.

He should swing on the first pitch a bit more often, keep pitchers honest.

Both Ross and Van Every were August callups so they fit either way.

This home plate umpire is having a tough time. He has missed some good pitches for both Lester and Lackey.

Where’s Julio Lugo when you need him?

Tough break for Lester with Lowrie’s error. I wonder if the Sox outfielders are having issues seeing the ball. Bay got a horrible jump on the fly ball and the same thing happened to Ellsbury in the first inning on Anderson’s fly ball. I really thought they both had a shot to be caught. Maybe they’re being a little conservative because it’s the playoffs.

Bay is helpless on breaking pitches, especially with two strikes.

Bay and Drew have both looked pretty bad at the plate. Lowell had a couple of nice cuts, but I’m waiting for him to double over in pain.

Actually Drew hit his first ball very hard, but it was on the ground right at second base. Lowell looked horrible during his last at bat striking out on a curve ball.

Who in the hell are these announcers??

OK. I smell a run! 6th inning…Lackey’s 66th pitch…

I think garry is on to something about Bay not picking up the ball very well. I thought he got a late jump on that hit by Teixiera in that inning. He shoulda had that one.

I think Ortiz’s name should be changed from “big papi” to “big poppie” (as in big pop out).

Hi Kramer, How are you?? There may have been grumblings, but I was there for every pitch!!



Like the announcers said, and the name has been changed to protect me: ‘ZAZUWHO???”””

Your boss will be in a good mood tomorrow! So I know you’ll see every pitch tonight!!!

Hey, I just got home from work and first thing, I turn on the TV, and JD strikes out and BAM!!!! Jason Bay! Yahooooo!!!!!!

Great timing Arnie!

to all you night owls, there’s a new thread. move it over there.

I think Lester got a little gift on the third strike call to Matthews. He has pitched well, but is at 100 pitches. Do you bring him out for the 7th? I think so.

What a horrible call on Lowrie for that third strike.

Well, it’s up to the bullpen. They have been doing well lately. Angels have the heart of the order coming up this inning. Let’s see if Masterson can get ahead in the count.

What a freaking catch by Ellsbury!

Great heads up play by Youk. Vlad Guerrero could be slower than me.

I might consider running Crisp for Ortiz at this point.

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