October is here

Here we go, to the very best time of year for a true baseball fan. I think, of all the series that are taking place, Red Sox-Angels is the best. There are a lot of compelling storylines in this series.

Foremost among them? Are the Red Sox too banged up to win? It’s been suggested that the roles are reversed and that the Sox are banged up like the Angels were last year. I’d suggest that doesn’t necessarily mean the Red Sox are going to go down quick like the Angels did.

This is a good Sox team, even with the injuries. One of the most compelling sports teams of my lifetime was the 1987 Celtics. They went into the playoffs with Kevin McHale playing with a stress fracture in his foot. Then Robert Parish severely sprained his ankle. Bill Walton broke his foot — again. Danny Ainge hurt his thigh in Game 7 against Milwaukee. You know what those battered, old Celtics did? They kept winning, until the Lakers finally knocked them out in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Perhaps this Red Sox team — with Mike Lowell banged up, J.D. Drew banged up and Josh Beckett‘s oblique strain — can gut it out just like those Celtics did 21 years ago.

Sure, it hurts that Beckett can’t pitch Game 1. But Jon Lester is no slouch. Pound for pound, he’s been the team’s most consistent starter all year. In case you missed it, his velocity was around 96 or 97 late in the year. And Dice-K for Game 2? Last time I checked, he went 18-3.

If the Red Sox can steal one of these first two games out here in Anaheim, they have a very real shot of winning this series.

I think experience matters this time of year. The Red Sox won’t be fazed by the moment. Odds are that 22 of the 25 players on their roster will come in with playoff experience. Only Jason Bay, Jed Lowrie and Justin Masterson don’t have any. Also, it feels a bit strange to see the Sox on the October stage without Manny being Manny. One can only wonder if this team would have made the playoffs if there was never a trade.

So buckle up. I think this is going to be a tremendous series.

Everyone rest up. You East Coasters are going to be up until close to 2 a.m. watching the game on Wednesday.

Talk to you then.

P.S. — In the meantime, Jacoby Ellsbury will be doing a blog with us this postseason. It launched yesterday.


Finally, the real season is ready to begin. Last time out for Lackey he got shelled by Texas. Lester is ready for the challenge, nothing seems to faze him. A very mature young man. Ellsbury comes in red hot and if he gets on base look out! If Boston splits, L.A. is in big trouble! All the pressure is on L.A. in this series for sure and I think that plays into the Red Sox hands. Who really cares what happened during the reg. season. Last time I checked all teams are 0-0.

Red Sox in 4 games! Shields will serve up a longball or two in this series. Boston seems to hit him.

Announcers for the game tonight will be Chip Caray and Buck Martinez. At least we’ll have some decent one’s tonight/early a.m. on Thursday. That will help me as the evening goes along. Last year Ted Robinson and Steve Stone were awful! lol.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the Rays are in, but my Migrane seems to be dissipating.

It’s all about pitching now and while some parts of the batting order are banged up, the Sox come in with their pitching staff in pretty good shape. If Beckett were ready, I’d say the Sox have a significant edge in the pitching department. Now that he’s quesitonable, I still think the Sox have the edge, but it just isn’t as great. A lot has been made about K-Rod’s 754 saves, but I’d take Pap, even with his recent struggles if you want to call them that, as quickly as I’d take K-Rod to close a game. Over the last month or so, Masterson, Okajima, Lopez and Delcarmen have all been great. The schedule facilitates all of them pitching in every game if the need arises.

You are right about Ellsbury Brian. He is a difference maker for sure. If he and Pedroia have a decent series, so will Papi, Youk and Bay. Certainly the Angels are a formidable opponent, but I really like the matchup. While Lowell and Drew are questionable, the rest of the club comes in healthy and pretty well rested. It should be a good series.

Sox in 4 if Beckett is healthy, if not Sox in 5.

No Timlin, thank god! He’ll be watching like me. lol.

Texeria and Vlad, now I know how the other teams felt when Ortiz and Ramirez were coming up! Boston’s pitching needs to get those 2 guys out!

Beat L.A. Beat L.A. Just doesn’t sound right with the Angels. lol. It sure does with the Celtics against the Lakers.

I thought I saw Lugo playing today…..in a Brewers uni!

Just a fun little skit on Jacobe’s first date and the advice he gets from his teammates.

Jacobe Ellsbury, that quiet and energetic dynamo of the Boston Red Sox sat aloft in the corner as the wandering Mike Lowell trekked over and sat down.
“You seem to have a problem. “
Jacobe nodded and looked at the paper with a scribbled phone number on it.
Jacobe turned a bit of a shiny red and said, “ah…I have date…and…”
Mike chuckled and said, “congratulations Jacobe…so take her somewhere!”
Jacobe looked up and said, “I was thinking about the new lecture series about genetic markers or maybe a Star trek convention or…”
“Whoa, “said Mike. “Jacobe…you have taken girls out before right?”
“Oh billions…ya billions, “said Jacobe.
“First time hu!”
Jacobe nodded in shame.
David Ortiz walked over and said, “hey Jacobe…take her to a cigar store and show her some big cigars and let her feel the tobacco leaves…you know and then she gets the idea and attacks you…ha! Big Papi knows how to take care of a girl.”
Jacobe looked over his shoulder and said, “what are you talking about?”
David’s classic smile turned into a curse and he walked away.
“Don’t mind him, “said Mike.
Lugo looked over and said, “hey when Migrane and Rosanne and I get together over some corn oil, broomsticks, and canoe paddles…”
“Lugo, “snapped Mike Lowell. “I’ve had enough of the stupid corn oil, broomsticks and canoe paddles. Just…go away. OK.”
Lugo nodded and walked away scampering over to the corner.
Jacobe started to speak before Jason Varitek sat down.
“Let me tell you something Jacobe. A girl is like a drink of sweet honey…filled with sharp cutting blood curdling chards of glass that will slice you up and make you beg for life to end just to take away the pain.”
Jacobe nodded pulling his jaw up from the floor.
“They are like a chain saw. Great for cutting down trees and tearing through limbs an breaking your heart like a large car smashing your house in a rainstorm or a tree crashing into a dolphin just swimming in a pond minding its own business…”
“Jason…this is not helping, “snapped Mike.
Jason nodded before he got up and grabbed a knife and struck it through the playbook. He screamed before setting it on fire and stamping it with his feet shouting “take that!”
“See how you like that,” screamed and shouted Tek before he caught his breath.
“That’s your playbook, “said Jacobe in a whisper.
Jason sighed and then smiled and said, “anyway, try the freedom trail with her and then the North end for dinner. That should work!”
Jason then walked away. Jacobe nodded.
“Been a long season, “said Mike.
“Ya, “said Jacobe.
Terry Francona walked over and said, “hey…a game of shuffleboard and then dinner at the all-you-can-eat at the hospital before sitting down to a rental documentary on cockroaches. That is the way to make a woman love you.”
Mike smiled through the pain in his mouth and Jacobe nodded through it.
“Thanks Tito.”
“Don’t mention it.”
Mike grabbed Jacobe’s shoulder and said, “that’s not a plan.”
“How bout’ dancing at the crossdresser club, “shouted Lugo.
“Lugo…get out of here, “screamed Mike.
Dustin Pedroia walked over.
“Forget those idiots. This is what I do. Taker her to a paintball tournament then ten rounds of tennis, a run around the track for ten kilometers and then a two hour bike ride and then ten laps with the butterfly stroke. She breaks…you leave her in the dust because she’s not worthy of you!”
“Thanks…I think.”
Dustin smiled and went away.
Mike Timlin walked over.
“How about dinner and movie. That’s a classic.”
Mike tapped him on the shoulder and walked off.
Jacobe said, “Ya…I think I’ll do that.”
“Cigars Jacobe. Cigars, “shouted David from the background.
Jacobe packed the number in his pocket and walked out the door. He was convinced his entire clubhouse was nuts.

Read this before and after the game if they lost.

Dave… (and let me know how ya liked it).

Nice to see no trace of the Thundersticks!

Excuse me, I hope that this offends no one, but I’m going to say a prayer:

holy crap, I thought that ball was GONE!!! WHEW!!!

Kramer, were you being fecicious?? Because I’m seeing them everywhere except the body cavity where they should be!!

Nice toupe (NOT) on Sager!!! what a freakin’ DOOFUS!! He and Trump have the same hairdresser!!

Every time they show Tito, he is putting more Dubble Bubble in his mouth… I think he’s gine thriugh an ebtire tub of it tonight… He pays his Dentist in with RedSox Tix!!!

Bring Masterson in NOW!!!!

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