Jason jumps on one — Again

How about Game 2 of Bay Watch? Jason Bay absolutely cranked that pitch
from Santana for a three-run homer and it’s 4-0 before you can even say
“Time for Dice-K to warm up”.

Obviously the Angels have plenty of time to mount a rally, but quite an opening salvo for the Sox here in the OC.

For those who might think that Red Sox manager Terry Francona is overly loyal to his veteran players, it was perhaps interesting to see that Mike Lowell started Game 2 on the bench.

Lowell has had no setbacks with his right hip. It hurts, and it is going to hurt for the rest of the postseason. Sure, Lowell wanted to play tonight. But Francona liked the favorable matchup with Mark Kotsay — 7-for-18 against Santana — and played him at first, with Youkilis moving across the diamond to third.

I also like the move at shortstop, where Alex Cora will make his first psotseason start in a Red Sox uniform in place of the slumping Jed Lowrie.

But what tonight boils down to more than anything is this: Which Dice-K will we get?

The answer is coming shortly.


GOOD JOB JBAY!!! He served up one “on the rocks”!!!!

no doubt. he gave that ball a beating.

Zazu who???? That is ridiculus. Hitting 2 dingers in his first two postseason games

Scott Boras is wearing white tonight!

Ian, jason Bay just looks like he has waned this all his life!!! and I know he’s thanking our former leftfielder!!

who is our former LF? My memory is betraying me.

When you’ve got Mark Kotsay as your third string 1st baseman and 5th outfielder you’ve got a good team. I just thought of that. The Sox have a lot of good players that can step in and play.

These announcers, are they on the Angels Payroll??? If any of the Angels players stop short and unannounced, they are going to have to do MAJOR surgery to get their lips off of the players butts!!!!

I’m surprised Kotsay wasn’t claimed by a team lower than Boston!

Close play at first.Hunter shouldn’t have jumped. He hurt himself. (That’s good for the Red Sox, with the way he’s hit this series! LOL)

…. and the moral of the story is…. Don’t argue the call!!

Ellsbury’s favorite in the year time must be October. Ha ha ha

Matsuzaka looks realy on point tonight!!! KEEP GOING DICE-K!!!

That’s okay I guess, but he NEEDS TO END THIS INNING NOW!! GO DAISUKE!!!!

Come on Houdini, Work your magic, get out of this JAM!! Go Sox!!

YESSSSSS!!!!! Another jam un-jammed!!!! Whew!!!!!!!!

I guess I’m here by myself…. Thats scary with a playoff game on!

You’re not alone! Did you ask for a raise today?

Garry, thanks for the answers. Appreciate it.

Dice-K is driving me crazy tonight!


Ellen, Arnie, Kramer,
I am here…just in time for crisis management…..come Dice-Kbear down….BANZAI…..


It’s those damn Thundersticks!

Hi Cfarn….we need ya!

OK. Still a lead!

How did Dice-K wiggle out of that?

108 pitches. That should be all!

This guy is keeping all the cardiologists of Boston in business!! (and 1 in Fort Lauderdale that I know)…..
We are going to need some more bat support.. 2 runs WILL not hold up against these Angels…..
HIT HIT HIT…. SCORE SCORE SCORE… gosoxgosoxgosoxgo!!

That HAS to be it for Dice-K, right? I don’t think I can take another half-inning like that.

Sox half innings last about 3 minutes, Angels half innings last 30 minutes.

Sixth inning, #66 coming in to pitch…I smell runs again!!!

Nice mistake hit by Varitek. Arnie….What’s on the menu….something soothing I hope….Dice-K is giving me an ulcer!!!!!

Not what I expected from Ellsbury!


quite obvious where Chip Caray’s loyalties lie. Why can’t tbs manage to get more impartial announcers? The guy announcing the TB game this afternoon was practially weeping with joy when the Rays won.

You are right about Chip Caray…….he was for sure thinking Anderson went yard and the hope was in his voice. It would be nice to disappoint him tonight….again!!!!

What happened to that high strike?

I noticed they did not show that pitch on the strike meter.

I just checked it again on Gameday. It did look a little high, but I swear there were at least two others called strikes earlier!!! Squeeze a rookie!!!

I hate the humanity of umpires! Give balls and strikes to Questech!

I was thinking the exact same thing. Well, it comes down to the bullpens tonight.

ronkelly, one of the huys annuncing the Sox-Rays game wasDon Orsillo… He’s the NESN RedSox announcer and I’m sorry, but I thought he called the game really imparially… I heard no gleefulness or tears…

I can’t believe Ellsbury is not running off this guys huge leg kick.

Listen to this guy…unbelieveable.

He has called a White Sox a Red Sox twice though!!!

I do totally and whole heartedly agree with you about Skip Caray and BUck BUck>>>

Here comes JON-BON!!! Get it done PAPS!!!


Not sure why the announcer said Boston is in dire straits….we have the lead and took the home field advantage away from the Angels yesterday……seems to me the Angels are in dire straits and this game is not over yet either.

Kramer, yes, I know, and I wish he was calling this one…. He might be the NESN announcer, but I very rarely ever hear any partial commentary by him or Remy.

And the pressure mounts on the Angels.

Okay Sox…..time to disappoint Chip Caray….if you can’t tell I’m rather irritated and he is actually getting the best of me.

That’s it….I have the ESPN guys on the radio and watching TBS.

All Star MVP!!!

This game’s giving me a heart attack. Sox can’t get a clutch hit and the angels are chipping away and now a leadoff triple. I can’t look.

cfarn, I gotta tell ya this, it’s funny. Today I was having a busy day, but normal, until 5:15. Then my little hostess walks up to me and says,” Arnie, there’s a gentleman to see you.” So I go out front and there’s a nicely dressed guy there and I’m thinking it’s a salesman, so I’m ready to send him away—I’m getting ready for dinner hour—– and he says,” I’m here to pick up some food.” And I remember—-I’ve got an order to go for 65 people due to go out at 5:45!!!!! Aw SH/T!!!!!! My heart about jumps out of my chest and I tell him, “Sure I’ve got your food.” And I sprint back to the kitchen yelling for chicken, chile verde, tortillas and so on! It’s like that show Dinner Impossible. I’ve got 30 minutes to feed 65 people!!! Thank God he showed up a half hour early! Well, I did it, he was all packed up with food and paid the bill and out the door in 35 minutes. I was literally jumping up and down with adrenaline after that. Then this game—–JD DREW!!!!!!! YES YES YES !!!!!!!! this game is gonna kill me! If I don’t die of a heart attack today I’ll live long and prosper. JD DREW!!!!!

J.D.! Man, this seems so familar, doesn’t it! JB ith another hit. 3 for 5 this game

You are the man….I would have crapped my pants for that half hour that you made stuff happen.

Must be October, Ellsbury and Drew are hitting!!!! Welcome back to the line-up JD. WE have a line-up full of guys that pick each other up……you never know who it’s going to be and that is good stuff!!!!

YOOOOOOOOOK. What a play!!!!!! Francona was smart…..Lowelll would have went on the DL trying to field that bunt.

Beckett threw 67 pitches in a side session with 0 pain and they say he looked awesome!!!!!

Yoookk…..UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a play.

What a play Wow my mouth is still open

Dire straits my butt!!!!!!!!! This Sox bench is wicked deep. Red Sox win…..THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Red Sox win!!

AL East rules!!!

YES! Now let’s carry the momentum to Boston on Sunday, boys!

Al East is looking good…..Tampa is putting a clinic on against Chicago.

WOW!!!! What a game!!! Sox rule tonight! I don’t think I can sleep tonight. I’m going to go run around the block. GO SOX!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!

It was nice to get the dinger off of K-Rod. May help down the road if he comes in for a save…..get in his head and no lead is safe. Go Sox!!!!!

hey is Buck Martinez from New England? Twice I heard him say, Wicked this, and Wicked that. Ya think???

Did Bernie Carbo die and become reincarnated as J.D. Drew? Man oh man, J.D. has become Mr. October for the Sox. That was unbelievable. Pitchering was a chore tonight (exept for Papelbon), but when the chips were down, Papi and J.D. stepped up to the plate.

One more, then time to even the score with TB. Chippy and the guy with the mike on the field with the lousy toupee have gotta be totally choked. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching that twitchin’ finger pointin’ fist pumpin’ K-Grod take one in the groin. Hahahahah!

The only finger pointin’ K-Rod did tonight was pointing to JD Drew’s monster shot.

And by the way, as much as Chippy and Bucky wanted Coco to be out at second in that pick off play in the top of the 9th, the replay clearly showed that while the throw certainly beat Crisp to the bag, the tag wasn’t applied until Coco’s foot was back on the bag. It was close, but he was clearly safe.

One final thought before bedtime. I notice that Papelbon gets a blown save tonight. I guess that’s what the rule book calls for, but there should be some discretion on the part of the official scorer. I mean, a guy comes in the 8th inning with a 1-run lead and a runner on third and none out. The runner scores on a routine sac fly and you get a blown save? Doesn’t seem fair, especially since Papelbon was as effective as any closer could humanly be in that situation.

Well, at least he gets the win as a consolation. Dice-K sure didn’t deserve it.

Yea, Crisp was safe. The tag clearly missed him. I guess the announcers don’t think the second baseman has to tag the runner. I couldn’t believe they kept going on and on about that, it was so obvious. They have the slo-mo in the booth. Great call by the ump.

The Sox are A-Freakin-Mazin!!!! They have their Gold Glove – caliber, 2007 World Series MVP 3Bman on the bench, and don’t miss a beat. They have their season MVP-challenging, Gold Glove 1Bman playing 3rd base to fill in, and he plays better than most regular 3Bmen. Those 2 plays in the 9th were just phenomenal. JD Drew is showing again this year that he lives for the post-season. The Sox have scored 11 runs in 2 games with little contribution from DP, who has got to get hot at any moment. And Pap, who many of us were worried about during the season, sure seems to have found his stride. Now, the Sox go home for 2 with Beckett and then Lester lined up to take the mound. Golly geeze, I like their chances.

And Tito is only 24-9 with the Red Sox in the post-season. Those of you who like to criticize my birthday buddie, go sit on a tack. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Tito wound up taking Jason Bay into his first World Series to face and manage against Joe Torre and their unnamed left fielder? Would make for interesting theater in Games 1 and 2 in Fenway. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, however. First things first — let’s punch out the Angels on Sunday night, so Beckett can be rested enough to start Game 2 vs the Rays, after Lester beats them in Game 1.

ronkelly unfortunetly like you said, thats the rules in that situation. I remember in Game 5 of the ALCS in 2004 Mo Rivera had a similar outcome for giving up a fly ball to Varitek. There is no bending the rules in that situation but I am glad that the Sox “cowboy’d up” and pulled one out in a hostile environment and now have 2 shots at home to close this series out!!

IMO, these are the “payback playoffs”: We gave out a little payback to the Halos for taking 8 out of 9 this year and with one more win, we then owe the Rays a little payback for their performance against us this year. Then maybe a little payback to Manny in the World Series…. Or I am just hoping?

MANNY WHO???????????????

Well, I didn’t have the laptop last night and I really got frustrated as I watched Dice-K and Masterson walking the ball park. I’d have been ranting and raving in a manner that would have made Dave proud.

All’s well that ends well and a win is a win. The Angels played hard but the Sox showed a lot of character in hanging tough and coming back at the end. Good teams put themselves in a position to win, and the Sox did that.

Arnie, I believe you are right that Crisp was safe at second base on that pickoff play. How he was safe is beyond me, but it looked like the ball clearly beat him there and the tag was never made. Great job by the ump in making the correct call, instead of the obvious call.

DP has had a great year and certainly should receive consideration as the MVP. However, Youk showed again tonight why he would get my vote. Two super plays in the ninth inning at third base. The guy has done everything this year. It’s a tough choice to say the least.

ronkelly, you’re right about the save rules. Papelbon comes into the game with a runner on third and nobody out, and he has one mission and that’s to stop the bleeding and keep his team in the game. He did that so in my mind, rules or not, that’s a huge save for Papelbon. I’ll take that performance from him any night.

Dice-K needs to be more aggressive in going after hitters. He gets ahead and then nibbles until he’s 3-2. In the fifth inning, he was 3-2 on every batter I think. He can’t be throwing 100 pitches in five inning every start. It puts way too much pressure on the bullpen.

I did enjoy Buck Martinez’ comments on pitchers last night. He said teams are making a mistake in grooming pitchers to be closers. The best pitchers should be starters every four days and that’s how they should be brought up. You have guys like Papelbon and Delcarmen who have the best arms on the club giving you less than 100 innings a year. That’s not enough productivity for the talent and I agree with that. However, since we are where we are in the sport, having Pap to close games isn’t such a bad thing.

I had a ticket for the Steelers – Jaguars game tomorrow night, but I gave it away. Forty yard line, 2nd row…….. now Beckett better make it worth my while. See you tomorrow.

If Beckett is as healthy as it is being reported, he should have a decent game. He is a big-time post season pitcher even though he is only 10 years old!!!!! I am trying to make you feel better about giving away those tickets…..but Beckett is the real deal during the play-offs so I am not totally out of control here!!!!!! Maybe we should try to get a hold of Beckett and let him know of your personal sacrafice for motivation!!!!

Although Pedroia hasn’t gotten any hits yet in the series, he’s swinging the bat really well. He’s simply been a victim of bad luck–smashing solid grounders directly at fielders, missing a home run by a few feet. It’s just a matter of time before those liners start finding holes for base hits. Watch for Pedroia to have a big game on Sunday night. I’m looking for a 3-hit performance, including one or two for extra bases.

Also, I think Pedroia should think of dropping a bunt a little more frequently, I have a sense that infielders are backing up on him so that they can make a play on those hard smashes he’s so reknown for. If he drops a bunt to keep them honest now and again, that’ll open up some holes for him. Pedroia will never break any land speed records, but he still runs pretty well, he can beat out a well-placed bunt.

Hi, All:

Thought you might be interested in joining the discussion about a column written by AP sports columnist Tim Dahlberg. I wrote a post about it this evening on Sox and Pinstripes. It’s amazing how much bitterness is spewing from anti-Red Sox people, but that is alright because that means the Sox are winning.


By the way, I like the comment about Bernie Carbo reincarnated as J.D. Drew. Carbo did have some clutch post-season hits at a time when I became a Red Sox fan.


I was a 15-yr old Sox fan in 1975 when Bernie Carbo tied game 6 with a 3-run HR in the bottom of the 8th. Everyone remember’s Fisk’s HR in extra innings to win the game, but that momentous event wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Bernie Carbo. Although Bernie merely postponed our eventual agony in Game 7, I remember very clearly going nuts when he hit that HR. Drew’s HR last night was very reminiscent.

National League playoffs are sooooooooo boring. About the only interesting thing about watching the Brewers is waiting for Eric Gagne to fall apart.

Yeah. I am still sad that they traded Carbo to Cleveland so many years ago

I remember that home run of Bernie’s. He became my hero for awhile. For about an hour, in fact, until Fisk’s HR. Then I was jumping up and down with delight. That was the best game I’ve ever seen. Last night’s drama was close but not quite as intense as that 6th game in ’75. Last night was also a product of all the stress I had at work, making the game seem more intense than maybe it was. After all these years I still get a shiver when I think of that 6th game.

Just some crazy senario I thought about.

The night air was stale in the Boston Hotel Room. Game 2 was over and an exhausted crew slept in bed. A scream rattled the calm in Tito’s room. Tito Francona ran in his Winnie the poo pajamas into the hallway. Jacobe Ellsbury was holding onto the wall huffing and sweating. Others joined him. Terry knew those moments – the panic stricken air that fills a room when the Sox are in a playoff bout.
“Are you all right?”
David spoke first. “All of us…having a bad night. Just hard. “
Tito looked towards David and said “David…have you been watching the 40 year old virgin again?”
David squinted and looked down at the carpet and said, “maybe.”
Mike Lowell looked at David. “It’s really not a big thing. Everyone is proud of your virginity.”
David wept and then went back to his room.
“I saw it Tito. I saw it.”
Tito rolled his eyes. “You need to stop watching Hostel Jacobe. There will not be places where that happens…except maybe in Boris’s head. ”
Jacobe sighed and looked down and said, “ya…just a movie…I hate Zazu!”
“What’s going on, “asked Julio walking out in a wonder woman costume swinging his rope. He had red boots and a wig.
Tito rolled his eyes stroking Winnie The Poo and said, “Am I the only sane one around here!”
Another door opened. It was Jason Bay. He starred at everyone.
“Ya, “snapped Tito!
Jason looked towards the ground and said, “ah…I’m going back to my room now…quickly.”
“Wait, “shouted Lugo. “Wonder Lugo wants too know if you are telling the truth.”
Jason ran back to his room and fell into bed. The door was locked despite Lugo’s attempts at kicking the door in.
Just at that moment, Josh Beckett walked out in a lab coat.
“Will you all be quiet! How am I supposed to turn a lawnmower engine into a Tyrannosaurus Rex if you guys keep disturbing me! You guys are acting like psychos!”
Josh held in his hand a book that said, “How to make a T-Rex from a lawnmower.”
The door closed. Tito knocked on the door. Beckett was inside with an entire lawnmower torn apart on the bed. There were posters of aliens and random equations written in crayon and marker.
“You’re not going to blow up the hotel room again or electrocute yourself again are you?”
“no, everything’s fine, “said Josh in a calm manner.
“OK, “said Tito walking out the door.
Tito rubbed Winnie the Poo again and calmed himself down. He looked around. Lugo was running towards him shouting, “Wonder Lugo…fighing the force of evil with Migrane by my side.”
Drew came out wearing and starred at Lugo. Lugo backed off.
“I’m Batman, “whispered in a harsh tone. Lugo backed away as Drew ran down the hallway wearing a blanket wrapped around his neck.
“Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da….BatDrew!”
Lugo then ran into his room and came out as Robin. He said, “golly Batman…let’s get the Joker!”
Just at that moment a large police force came into the hall and said, “ah…sorry…whatever you are…ah…go to bed!”
The crew languished and trotted off to bed.
Two cops came together and said, “tough time of year isn’t it?”
“Ya…remember when Zazu used to run around with a diaper?”
“Ya, “said the other cop. Glad when the World series is over.

The game just ended, so I want to say this. At the beginning of the playoffs, who thought that the Dodgers would SWEEP the Cubs??? I certainly didn’t. I guess they are under a new curse, the Error curse. LOL

If the Cubs are the best the National League had to offer this year, then the only way the AL will lose the World Series is if by some strange twist of fate the White Sox manage to come back against TB and then beat the Red Sox in the ALCS.

What a total disappointment the Cubs were in the NLDS, in particular Soriano and A. Ramirez. I feel so sorry for Lou Piniella. He must feel like a grade 2 teacher who spent the entire season getting his class to perform a play perfectly, but when the curtain went up and the whole world was watching, the class imploded and the play turned out to be a total disaster.

And so begins the second century since the last Cubs World Series.

And what gives with the Man-child hustling in from 3rd and actually sliding into home to score the Dodger’s second run? And then later tagging up and advancing first to second on a deep flyball out? I NEVER saw this sort of hustle when the Man-child was in Boston. He’s so obviously campaigning for his next contract.

I bet he can’t wait for the ink to dry, so he can go back to being a moody tempermental self-centered egotist who doesn’t like to get his uniform dirty or get his greasy stringy hair cut.

Does anyone think that, depending upon the outcome of this series, that Scioscia’s job in is real jeopardy?? I wonder..


Interesting consideration…They have not won for a while, and cannot seem to get over the “Red Sox” hump, even though the front office went out and got him both Torii Hunter and Mark Teixeira. I’ll tell you this…he seems to be so highly regarded that while his position with the Angels might in jeopardy, his job won’t. If he was terminated, I would suspect he’d have another job offer in about 5 minutes. If her were available, I’d like to think that Cleveburg would think about depositing “Wedgie” and going after Scioscia…but who knows.


I tried to sign up into your website to participate in your “hot stove” blog discussion, but seem to be having problems with completing the sign-up. Can you help?? Let me know at dmbenjatty@yahoo.com.

I don’t think anyone would question Zazu’s hitting ability but his sudden hustle shows one that he can do it when the $$$ associated with free agency is involved. However, he also demonstrated how his dogging his last couple of weeks with the Sox truly let his teammates down. Good hitter- no question. Good teammate- let his next team find out after his contract is signed.

SOS! No thanks!

dbenjamin is spot on…if the Angels are crazy enough to let Scioscia go….it won’t be long before teams are lining up for his services. For the most part his teams are fundamentally sound and play tough baseball. He doesn’t take any crap from his players that don’t want to hustle…aka Jose Guillen who he sat during the playoffs even though this guy was one of his better power hitters that year. Seems like a guy by the name of Joe Torre was in a similiar predicament last year when the Yankees were ousted in Round 1 a couple of years in a row. Now look what he’s done with the Dodgers. Amazing what a great starting pitching staff and effective bullpen will do for your team. Scioscia and Rob Gardenhire are two of the best managers in the game.

Agree very much with Dbenjamin, yikes! lol. If the Angels did fire Sciossia ( I don’t think he will get fired ) he’ll get a job very quick. As Cfarn said he is one of the best managers in the game! He just can’t figure out the Red Sox. Then again most people don’t in October.

Looking forward too seeing how healthy Beckett is. I expect Beckett to go at least 6 0r 7 innings. I think Saunders will give Boston some problems tonight. He seems to pitch well against Boston. I’m also hoping Pedroia finds his stroke tonight in Boston. He hasn’t done anything at the plate in this series. He is one of those lefties that will not be intimidated at Fenway. Let’s hope Boston can get the sweep and get some of the injured guys some more rest!

Let’s go Red Sox!! Let’s go Red Sox!! Let’s go Red Sox! clap….clap….clap…..Loving October baseball.

Nice reflection of recent history!


I say Phillies in 6 games! Hamels will be the M.V.P. of the N.L.C.S. Perhaps Davey Lopes ( R.I. native ) will suit up for the Dodgers. Of course he is a coach with the Phillies. Lopes was quite the little player.

I’m not sure the Phillies have enough pitching (Moyer #3?)
but I hope so. Also, I know nothing about the LAD staff beyond Broxton, Lowe, and Saito!

Yes, Lopes did produce a lot without an abundance of natural talent!

My concern for the Phillies would be there bullpen before Lidge. Lowe pitches his best in October. Lowe is also a free agent at season’s end. The better he pitches in Oct. the more $$$ he’ll get. I always wished Lowe stayed in Boston but he liked the nightlife. Lowe has a rubber arm. Signing him to a big $$$ deal would make alot of sense. He never goes on the D.L.

Beckett might have some issues early but he’ll find his groove!

Groove found!!!

How many pitches does Josh have tonight?

I think with the Dodgers combination of starting pitching and bullpen, they have a shot to beat the Phillies. They are dangerous. They also had some timely hitting against the Cubs. A nice recipe for October. Pedroia saved a run right there!!!!!!!!

Smart play!

Hmmm. No Garry. I’d guess a pitch count of 90!

Not sure what you mean Kramer.

Youk commits the cardinal first baseman sin by trying for that ground ball which he was never going to get to. First baseman gets one step to his right. If the ball isn’t there, he heads for the bag.


I don’t think Beckett has found his groove yet. I am hoping he will.

Beckett broke late!

30 pitches ouch! Garry, I’m thinking 90 pitches max.


I felt the same way about Youkilis at first. He stays home, inning is over without any runs allowed. Angels didn’t take advantage, they only get 1 run. I think Saunders is one of the best lefties out there. I am expecting him to pitch well tonight.

Could have been a lot worse. Let’s see how the young Angels pitcher deals with post season jitters.

The website rejected my entry earlier….

Way to take one for the team Pedroia…..now make them pay.

I thought you were PO’d because they plunked Petey.

Kramer, I don’t think Beckett will have a strict pitch count tonight. This is the post season and as long as he’s feeling OK, they’ll let him go. If he has 100 in the 5th, I wouldn’t expect him to go much beyond that though.

Beckett seems to be throwing nice and easy and doesn’t appear to have any issues with his oblique.

I am not sure Lowell is going to be around if the Sox go to the next round. The Sox can play around that if necessary.

Heads up play by Youk on that little dribbler.

Smart play by Yook. He has really made a difference in this series so far. Helps to atone for his first inning judgement play.

Beckett has a chance for an easy inning and goes 3-0 on Figgins. Four or five unnecessary pitches.

What’s up with Mikey and the throws? He never makes bad throws.

The Angels needed to do something there because Beckett has a history of settling down if you don’t take advantage of him when he has no command early in the game. We’ll see……It just adds to the pressure of them getting timely hits.

lowell is favoring the one side and over compensating when he throws… I don’t see him lasting the entire 9 that way..

I think Lowell’s hip is bothering him and the Sox need to think about getting him out of there. They have enough of a bench to replace him and not further his injury or hurt the team.

Beckett’s problem tonight is rust. Hasn’t been on the mound in a while. I expected him too struggle early but eventually find his groove/rhythm. If Beckett wants to go deep in this game, he needs to get some easy outs in the next 2 innings. His pitch count is over 50 after 2 innings.

Come on JBAY!!!! Let’s see on go!!! and go, and go!!!

Craig, I’m glad y’all couldnt hear what I yelled when they nailed our MVPetey!!! I made truckers and sailors blush!!! Don’t mess with our little BIG guy!!

Beckett is already likely beyond going deep in this game. If he sees the sixth, he’ll be lucky.

I thought I heard something rather nasty…..must have been you Ellen. That’s okay!!!!!! Way to be selective Jed.

Lotta nasty in Vegas!

It’d be nice to see Tek get it started!! Go TEK!!

I haven’t seen Tek scorch one like that in a WHILE!!

At least the Sox are getting some pitches out of Saunders this inning.

Let’s go Crisp! Francona seems to make the right move in October. This could be one of them. Inserting Crisp in the lineup.

JE looks so cool!



That is not characteristic of the Angels…..the Sox are definitely deep in their heads…..the DAVE HENERSON curse is alive and well.

Hunter needs to be the q.b. out there. Crisp hustling all the way. Angels can get 2 outs but the 3rd out is very tough!

A 3-run single???????????

Man, if I’m pitching that game, I’m punching someone’s lights out! OK, the Sox score three on Ellsbury’s screaming single up the middle. Now let’s see if Beckett can settle down. This is a huge inning for him.

I meant HENDERSON!!!!!! Most of you knew that already!!!

Yeah Craig, a 3-run single. By the way, nice job by the Sox baserunners to be hustling on that pop-up. How many times have we seen players jogging around the bases on those kinds of plays.

This is not the Red Sox team we knew when ZAZU was the ring leader. These guys are focused and will worry about their contracts AFTER the season is over.

Tek is really trying to get Beckett through this game.

Well, I just ducked into the office in time to see Ellsbury’s three run single. Was that a hit or error, I have the volume off? Angels are jinxed against the Sox.

It was a hit Arnie.

Untouched hit!

If need be, I know they are talking about Byrd going afew innings or longer if need be. How many innings could Masterson go? I am a little scared of Byrd in a tight one. Could just be me though but it seems he gives up 3 or 4 every game and keeps you in it but that would not be the scenario now.

Could the announcer be a little more enthusiastic please…

Beckett is really battling out there but just doesn’t have it tonight. He certainly hasn’t had his best stuff. A case of being rusty.

Howie Kendrick is having a horrible series!

That was only one misplaced curve ball!

If Beckett can get thru 5 innings I am guessing Delcarmen will be the first reliever out of the pen. Francona will play match-ups after that.

We need another 3-run single!!!!!


Misplaced for sure. Beckett has never found his groove. He is battling himself tonight. I expected Beckett too struggle the early but I thought around the 3rd inning or so he would find his rhythm. Not gonna happen.

If that happens again, Scioscia will explode!!!

The best thing to do now is make this guy work hard.

No phrase-ology describes these announcers like “lipsonbutts”. My God…. Carey has always been like this… and Sagers toop, is a great use for a barf bag… when he gets tired of hearing himself spout crap, he can throw up in it!!

I agree Kramer….definitely not Scioscia baseball.

Go get ’em Ellen….nice rant!!!!!!!

Mike Lowell is a non-factor at the plate.

Craig, I think the game situation will determine who comes out of the pen. If Beckett has to come out next inning it would likely be because he’s in trouble. In that case, I think you’d likely see Byrd. Tito will hope Byrd can keep the Sox within striking distance but won’t wear out the bullpen tonight knowing they might have to come back tomorrow night. Masterson could easily give you a couple of innings, maybe even three, but that would make him unavailable for tomorrow night. This isn’t a do or die situation for the Sox, so I don’t think Tito will treat it that way. However, if the Sox get up by a couple, I think Tito pulls out all the stops.

Are we watching the same game? If that were true, the Angels would have six! You’re too quick with excuses!!!

Put up with my ignorance for minute please… If Mikey is having trouble with his hip (labrum) how is he able to turn on the ball at the plate??? You all know I love Mikey.. but wouldnt it be better if Kotsay were at 1st with JD in right and Youk at 1st??

If Carey gets any worse….on with the radio and mute the TV. Hate to do it but it might save my sanity.

And everybody else comes in to cover you up, nice!

My wife jst go off the computer. That was amazing. A 3-run single. Too bad it tied 3-3


No excuses here! Apparently you have me confused with someone else. My opinions and my opinions only.

Ellen….I agree, I love Lowell to death but there comes a point when you have to sacrafice your playing time for the good of the team. But he is a gamer and won’t come out unless Francona takes him out. I’d love for him to make a liar out of me before the night is over though!!!!!!!


If what was true? You lost me there.

I agree with you Brian. Beckett has not found it tonight. Normally, Beckett has a strike to ball ratio of 3-1 or 4-1. He pounds the strike zone. He’s not doing that tonight. Like any pitcher, he gets behind and has to throw something over the plate which is hittable. That’s what we’re seeing tonight.

I swear if Beckett was throwing more strikes I’d get him mixed up with Byrd tonight!!!!!!!!! Hang in there Josh.

My question is how did Lowell hurt his hip? Lifting weights? Doing squats? I don’t think he hurt it on the diamond. Never heard of anyone with a torn labrum in the hip while playing baseball. I could be wrong for sure.

Yes, I noticed the difference with you in here!

Beckett has to come out before it’s too late.

OK. My bad. Back to baseball!

This is turning in to a sloppy game with fundamentals going by the wayside for both teams.

Beckett looked bad on that play from Youk, but that is a very, very tough play for a pitcher. He had to get to the bag and then turn almost all the way around to get the toss from Youk. That’s is very tough.


Do you think Beckett has had his best stuff? Did he bring his “A” stuff to the hill tonight? I certainly don’t think so. Beckett in 2006 would have given up 6 runs to go along with 3 longballs but he has matured since then.


Your dead on when you say Beckett usually pounds the strike zone. As you say when you fall behind hitter after hitter, you’ll pay for it eventually. Napoli cashed in. Personally the Angels should have delivered the knockout punch by now. I am surprised they haven’t.

This will be a short night for Beckett….he has to will himself through this inning. Save him for his next start.

I would look to get Beckett out of this game before it gets out of hand. Bases load, Hunter up …….. this is a very dangerous situation.


What are you drinking? What is in that water in the Philly area? You notice the difference with you in here? Explain, don’t understand that one. I am a vokda guy, LOL!!

Angels can’t come up with the big hit. No knockout punch delivered yet.

91, that probably was his last.

Call it a night for Beckett and let Josh off the hook. He just usn’t the Beckett we know tonight. We pressed our luck far enough. On the other side of the coin…..the Angels are really letting the Sox off the hook as their hitting problems continue to compound.

M-V-Pedroia made a great lay to keep it played

Thanks. 3 run single, who’d a thunk.
Josh hasn’t got much tonight but it looks like he’s getting the most out of it and keeping the Sox in the game. I hope MDC has a good night and the Sox can pound out some runs. Gotta go.

Beckett has been against the ropes the entire game but hasn’t given in. He has competed his tail off tonight!

Lowrie getting on base in this series.

Man, my computer isn’t getting any words in.
Leadoff hit, get a run

Come on TEKKER rip another one!!!


New thread Sox fans.

Looks like Ian JUST put a new thread in

Okay, We need to have the Sox be STRONG and hold these guys this inning…. I think if we get through this 1/2 we hit big next at bat.. GO-OOOOOOOOOO REDSOX!!!

GOSOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!! Help me Obeywan Jacoby!!! You;re thonly one who can help!!!

I think they need some familiar words….
“Down by the banks of the RiverCharles… I love that dirty water… Oh Oh BOSTON YOU’RE MY HOME!!!”

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