Bizarre Game 3 of the ALDS

Wow, this started as a real, sloppy first five innings and has now turned into an epic.

Not sure what Kerwin Danley saw on that 3-2 pitch by K-Rod to Mike Lowell. It appeared to be right down the middle. Oh well, Lowrie took a good rip before lining to right.

Paul Byrd will be next out of the ‘pen unless the Red Sox can walk off with a win before that.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, baseball throws you a curveball. A three-run single? How is this possible?

The Red Sox were  pretty lucky to have those three runs because Josh Beckett was extremely shaky.

It’s just weird, he hasn’t been right for any sustained length of time all year. I think at the end of the year, we might learn of some undisclosed injuries that he had to pitch through. Just a gut feeling. You don’t lose location and velocity like that. I know, he had the elbow inflammation. But I wonder what else might have been going on.

Saunders means business tonight. Could we be back here at Fenway again tomorrow?

Other tidbits: Dustin Pedroia, as of 12:04 p.m., remains 0-for-the series … Hopefully they can find a spot for J.D. Drew in this game … Lowell is also 0-for-the series and it’s going to continue to be an interesting decision for Tito whether to play him … How did the Pats look today? I barely saw it? … Youk just belted one off the wall . Where would this team be without him? Tie ballgame again… And hours after Youk tied it, it’s still tied.

At any rate, chime away!


No way does Beckett go back out there….are you kidding me….must be because of the part of the line-up coming up.

The Angels deserve some credit!

Brian should start another thread. Everytime I try to comment the computer bombs.


Twice Beckett didn’t cover first fast enough. In the first inning Pedroia could have made the play if he got there on time. It cost them a run.

Okay….I’m thinking Beckett is not on tonight….ya think??????? Why leave him out there to struggle….get him some rest before his next start.

Wake up Tito. You’re blowing this game. Beckett should have been pulled when Guerrero got that double- before the first home run.’ Now he gave up another one.

Problem is only 92 mph.

How long does it take yo before you wise up. Forget pitch count or tenacity. Beckettt just doesn’t have it this game.

92 MPH is okay as long as it’s moving……his fastball is flat. He stopped throwing curves too.

You gotta give Napoli credit. He hit two good pitches. He hit a 3-2 breaking pitch and a fastball high and tight out of the strike zone. I had no problem with either of those pitches. Some times you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. The bear got Beckett this time.

There’s nothing wrong with Beckett’s velocity. He’s just putting himself in a position where he has to throw the ball over the fat part of the plate. Walks aren’t helping. Good stuff, no command…… that makes it tough. Actually, this start is good news for Sox fans because while he might be a little rusty, he appears healthy.

Let’s hope the Sox can get something going. I feel sorry for Lowell- he’s trying his best despite the pain. The Sox have to snap out of their daze and get riled up. We were given the three runs. Let’s go out there and earn some.

The fifth was a mistake, nuff said!

Looks like Saunders is out of gas!

i think josh is coming back out for the sixth

Whoops. Saunders OK.

Pedroia should bunt and Papi should go the other way. He keeps swinging for the fences He only needs a single to tie the game.

Saunders is still hitting 94-95,

I agree pangelotti. I don’t know about the bunt, but he should be hitting the ball to the right side to move Ellsbury to third for sure. However, that is all over taken by events with Youk’s clutch hit.

Wow! Youk has become the Sox best.

Lowell will hit here!

It looked like Pedroia tried to go to the right side but it was an inside pitch- which he would normally power- instead hr fouled it off.

Ian….you can’t be serious.

It’s quite possible you are looking at the Angel’s closer for 2009.

I think Lowell is okay turning on the inside pitch but that outside corner has to be painful for him to cover. When he’s healthy he even pulls outside pitches to left.

Looks like we are in for yet another barn burner. Us Sox fans are used to it!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!

Lowell can’t let a pitch that close go by. He like Papi should think about going the other way. They aren’t going to throw to your power. Well, we got another break on Ells’ ball and capitalized on it. Now we’ve got to hold them. Any other team, except the Angels, might have given up — the way we scored our runs– but they are tough. They derve a lot of credit.

DelCarmen– get off your fat a– and cover first. What’s with our pitchers???

Yook is determined to do this on his own!!!!!!!!! Now I know why he stood up to ZAZU this year….completely diferent styles of play….Yook’s is the right way!!!!

Lowel when healthy, takes that pitch to right-center!

That swing by Guerrero would have put me in traction for 6 months!!!!!!

That rock hard surface in Montreal hurt a lot of guys….Ellis Valentine for one!!!!

Nice job by Manny D. He’s got so much stuff!

I remember Vlad had everyone concerned about his back, when he was a FA!

DelCarmen has been efective for a pretty good stretch.

He was pretty heavy back in the day. Too many Montreal Steaks!!!!

Top of the order for the next LAA pitcher!

I hope Drew is able to swing the bat if the occasion arises. He is a good fastball hitter. Let’s hold them down–NO WALKS!!!

Ian ….. Pats started off shaky but then settled down. Matt Cassel aired out a couple to Randy Moss, completed one for a 66 year TD, was intercepted on the other, but at least he got the ball down the field. Defense looked old and slow to start, but then picked it up. They head to San Diego for a big game next week. Gostowski has been lights out kicking the ball. Hit 40 and 49 yarders today.

These clowns are already talking about game 5…..

Napoli doesn’t tie Bob Robertson on this AB.

That was a studio forced promo!

Bob Robertson? Wasn’t he one of those Sunday morning TV preachers?

I don’t like this change…… I’d be keeping Delcarmen in there. He was throwing well.

Let’s hope Oki can hold them. No Walks and no Gopher balls.

Bob Robertson hit 3 homeruns in one playoff game against the SF Giants in 1971.

OK. We need JE on 2B to start!

Oki-(or okay)-let’s get some runs!!!

Nice….Finally Okie keeps inherited runners from scoring. Now we need to dig up a ghost….Dave Hederson…..come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well….maybe it’s a little early for that but I would take it now!!!!

Scioscia has to play this game completely different tahn Tito……it may help us later on if he has to pull out all the stops.

Lets’s go Redsox clap clap clap clap clap….yes I’m back with my clapping again.

Pedroia is due!!!!!! And now the pitcher is pre-occupied with Ellsbury. This could be good.

Were the announcers anti-Yankee during the post season when they were winning all those World Series in the 90’s?

Another time Tito should have had Pedroia bunt and moved Ells over to second. I can’t figure Tito out.

Not that I noticed! Do they sound ant-Sox to you?

Oh NO!

Tough break for Ellsbury. He had that base stolen easily. Well, we need another mash from Youk.

TBS surely wants these LDS to go five games if possible. They paid big $$$ to get them and got burned badly last year! I think they intentionally play to the underdogs!

They seem like they’ve had enough of the Red Sox WS magic……never thought I would say that in my lifetime…I kinda like it. The Cubs fans must be feeling horrible!!!!

This broadcast team is right down there with Migrane and Staats. Martinez doesn’t know a slider from a curve or a fast ball from a change. Wasn’t he a catcher? They are horrible.

Scioscia has to pull out all the stops- there is no tomorrow if he loses. Tito should learn from Scioscia and play to move the runners and play for that one run.

These guys are going to announce the next round too right? If the Sox go to the next round I am going to go buy some tooth picks to shove in to my right eye.

I’d love to see TBS make a big enough profit to hire a Vin Scully or Harry Kallis next year!

Textbook…..Yook amd Okie….well done!!!!

I think Don Orsillo has done a good job in the TB/Chicago series.

Make that Kalas!

OK. I hit post #66. That’s a good sign.

When I watch the games- it’s nerve-racking enough without listening to the terrible announcers who most of the time like to hear themselves talk. I watch the game with the “Mute” on.

I agree, Orsillo with Harold Reynolds makes a good team. The other series seem to be threesomes!

I don’t blame you.

How ’bout this bullpen????????? Now the hitters need to bail them out and take a little weight off their shoulders.

If they get that far, no way does Coco Crisp hit this inning unless Tek has just hit a three run dinger and the Sox are up 3. I’m sending JD Drew to get loosened up.

Hey Garry,
Remember John Lowenstein???? He is my friend’s next door neighbor now….we are going golfing next week. Lucky me!!!!!

Lowell looks pathetic. He has a lot of guts- but he shouldn’t be playing. He’s not helping the team and he’s not helping himself.

I have a vivid memory of Lowenstein. I’ll send it direct later!

What the heck was that…..I liked it but wow.

Masterson struggles against lefties….

Thanks Masterson!!!!!!

Brian, I do remember John Lowensteain, primarily from his Orioles days. That should be fun. Those guys always have a bunch of great stories……. and most of them love to tell them.

Still no Bob Robertson!!!!!! Now let’s end this thing.

C’mon Sox- they are giving us this game. Let’s take advantage if it. A nice walk-off would do it.

I can’t wait but I will not bombard him unless he goes first!!!! He already knows I am a baseball freak and I grew up when he was playing.

Come on Carbo….I mean Drew.

I don’t understand Drew hitting for Tek.

Here we go….

You guys on the East coast getting tired yet????

Sager’s jaw sounds frozen!

Well, we lose Tek’s pitch calling behind the plate…..everything comes from the dugout now.

I’m usually up two more hours!

Nice throw finally!!!!

Too bad no thundersticks in Boston!

Jumping ahead….I think if Lowell comes up you have to pich hit Casey or Kotsay and then move Yook to 3rd.

Remember those cones the popcorn used to come in at Fenway Park? When your popcorn was gone you could use them as a megaphone!!!!!! Garry??????

Papelbon loves pitching in October!

This bullpen has been awesome lately.

Pedroia is due. Now that no one is on base he can focus on taking his cuts. Also, Papi should consider to going the other way. He can easily put it over the wall. Let’s wra it up.

This is for Ellen……


Pedroia has done nothing at the plate in this series. Time for that to change! Right now.

I remember those popcorn days cfarn. When popcorn wasn’t $10.00 LOL!!

Ortiz put one over that wall against the Angels in the play-offs before!!!!!

Mike Lowell is a gamer, but I think both he and Tito have to realize that he is hurting the team. He has no range in the field, is making bad throws because it doesn’t appear he can plant his right foot to pust, and is really struggling with the bat. I just don’t think he can turn on a pitch. This is a lot different from batting practice. You never know, he’s a real veteran and could come through big for you, but I just don’t think he should be playing at this point. If they decide to hit for him, Lowrie could move to third and Cora could go to short. Defensively, that doesn’t hurt at all.

Yay…you are still awake!!!!

They just showed Ortiz hitting a H.R. back in 2004 against the Angels. I think Ortiz has put on 25 lbs. at least. He hasn’t missed any meals! lol. Ortiz’s wrist must be very sore. Another gamer on the Red Sox!

Half of the Nation calls in sick tomorrow!

Nice at bat by Big Papi


I’m always awake when the Sox are playing. I have plenty of sick time built up. lol.


I am in agreement with you about Lowell. He is hurting the team! Not helping at all. He is a total non-factor at the plate.

K-Rod with all those saves but it doesn’t help him now! lol.

Bay had no chance on K-Rod’s breaking ball.

If one drifts inside!

My friend is a huge Angels fan and watches every game….he just e-mailed me and said a ton of K-Rods saves were 2 and 3 run lead saves.

Why would Papelbon even throw a splitter on a 3-2 count …… Why would Cash call for it? Very, very stupid.

Walks will kill you.

F’N walks will absolutely kill you.

I think the pitch calling is coming from the dugout now.

I am going to the bedroom to finish this game……Keep the faith!!!!!!!

I keep walking between rooms. Somethings got to give. All of those alerts that they keep putting up seem to be trying to put the hex on the Sox

Crispy critter!

The penalty for over acting!

Another case for Questech!

Pick your poison!

Right at ’em!

Pedroia seems to be hesitant at the plate. He lost that aggressiveness. That second strike was right down the middle. Admittedly he hit the ball hard but right at the third baseman. Lpez is in. Let’s get the prayer beads out. I guess we are scrapping the bottom now.

After Ellsbury objected to the called strike, he was a goner. That ump was going to call him out on any ball within a foot of the plate.

This game isn’t shaping up well for the Sox now.

Tito should take some lessons from Scocsia


Nice throw by Crisp…… LOL!

There goes the ballgame. Let’s hope Lopez is not with the Sox next year.

Don’t give up!

Two run jack coming up!

It’s tough to jump on Lopez when he gets beat by a seeing – eye ground ball single and a bloop single.

Glad to see someone else knows how to cheer for a champion!

Missed Lowell there!!!
The good news is we do this again tonight!!!

We got all the breaks today and we couldn’t put them away. Let’s hope we turn things around tomorrow.

Looks like we do it again later on. Lester comes back for another shot at glory. See you guys later.

This was an instance of the Sox being handed the game on a silver platter (repeatedly) but they just refused to take it. What a shame. Props to the relief corps, even Lefty Lopez, they pitched extremely well. I’m afraid that pitching Papelbon for two innings tonight was a roll of the dice that came up snake eyes. Will he be available tomorrow? Or a better question is will he be effective?

I’ve never been a fan of putting your closer in the game when the score is tied. That strategy might come back to bite Tito.

So is it Jon Lester starting tonight? Perhaps a complete game shutout is in order.

It was a shame that the Sox lost the game that should have been won. The baseball god handed the game to the Sox who refused to take it. The Angels technically shut out the Sox. Ellsbury’s 3 run “single” was a gift from the baseball god. Ellsbury’s other double was misjudged by the LF, the ball should have been caught.
It was agonizng to see Beckett pitch. Injury or no injury Beckett is a no. 3 starter for the Sox this year. It is irrelevant what he had done in the past. If Beckett was the No.1 for the series, the Sox could be down 1-2.
It will almost be a must win for the Sox tonight. You don’t want to return to LA with Dice-K pitching.

I believe there is something physically wrong with Beckett. You just don’t lose velocity and control all of sudden. We will find out at the end of the season.
This is not meant to criticize Francona. Why not pitch hit for Lowrie in extra innings with bases loaded and with two runners on, maybe just once to win the game? Casey was available.

Sox are in probably the most vulnerable position a team up 2 games to 1 can be. Papelbon is likely not available tonight, Lowell is obviously in no condition to play, and you certainly don’t want to have to go back to Anaheim and pin your hopes on Dice-BB.

Shut Lowell down for the rest of this series as well as the next one (if we make it that far) and perhaps for the rest of the post-season. He’s hurting the team in the field and he’s creating a big hole in a batting order that already has one or two very large gaps (Pedroia, Varitek). If you’re hurt and can’t play, you’re hurt and can’t play. So sit down.

Move Youkilis to third and start Casey at first tonight against the right-hander Lackey. And then hope like heck that Lester has as strong an outing (if not stronger) as he had in Game 1. Pedroia better start hitting and we need another big night from Bay.

And while on the subject of Varitek, I think he should give up the switch-hitting, and stick to batting right all the time. He seems to have much greater confidence from the right side of the plate, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t look any worse against right-handed pitchers if he batted from the right side as he does batting from the left. I’m getting really tired of the left-handed strikeouts and double plays.

I figured we all needed a good laugh so a great MASH episode to cheer you up. Please laugh hysterically for we all need it.

Henry Theo Blake sat against his desk. The playoffs began and work was becoming as scarce as a trilobite?whatever that meant since Henry had no idea what a Trilobite was.
?More documents sir to sign, ?said Radar Dustin Pedroia.
Henry leaned forward then put down his pen. He shook with nerves.
?Oh sir. Today?s color is red on blue.?
?What? I have to fill it out twice!?
?Yes sir, Army efficiency.?
Henry gritted his teeth and filled out the document as prescribed then handed it to Radar. Radar Pedroia took it and tore it up handing Henry the same document.
?Yes sir.?
?Why did you tear up twenty minutes worth of work??
Radar Pedroia smiled meekly and said, ?well sir. You have to fill it all the documents in blue first to show you first filled out the documents in blue first. They then have to be notarized by me in green and sent off to be signed by the General in orange before he sends them back at you where I sign them that the General signed them in orange and I have to use a purple ink and then you can sign them in red.?
Henry leaned back. His temper sizzling like fried bacon over an open coal fire in a pickup truck exploding from a gas leak from an burning gas station in the mid day sun.
?And you were going to tell me this when??
?I couldn?t tell you that until you filled out the document in blue and red first because I have to prove that it was you. Part of new security procedures.?
Henry leaned forward and said, ?and why would having me waste all my time doing stupid things prove that it was me??
Radar leaned away and said, ?that?s how I can tell. ?
Henry smiled with grit and started to fill out the form in blue. He filled it out to the end and then nervously handed it to Radar. Radar tore it up.
?What now!? shouted Henry.
?Well sir?you have to fill it out in pencil first before you ink it. ?
Henry leaned back and said, ?why Radar Pedroia??
?Well sir?that I forgot to tell you. It?s really hard to remember all of this you know.?
Henry filled it out in pencil. He paused and then filled it out in pen. Radar took it and tore it up. Henry Theo stood their in shock.
?You forgot to erase the pencil first.?
?And you couldn?t let me do that because??
?Security procedures sir. That would be forgery of pencil erasing.?
Henry pulled his face and smashed it against the desk. He picked up another form. He filled it out in pencil then inked it in and erased the pencil. Radar then took the paper and tore it up.
?Sorry sir?you have to use an H pencil not a B.?
Henry took it again and wrote it in. Cramps were creating awful pain in his hands. He was leaning it against the desk. He wrote it and then inked it and then erased it. Radar took it and tore it up.
?Why Radar. Why are you doing this to me??
?Sorry sir but I have to notarize it and you were leaning so close to the paperwork I couldn?t tell what you were writing. ?
?You could look at all the other ones I filled out!?
Henry didn?t wait for a response. He grabbed another paper. Tears were rolling down his eyes. He penciled it and then inked it in. He put it in Radar?s hands who then grabbed it and tore it up.
?What is it this time sir??
?How?d you know??
Henry headache come on again and said, ?lucky guess.?
?It?s past 10:00 am and the new regulations kick in. Now you have to pencil it using a B pencil and then ink it in marker. Then you can hand it in. Better hurry though you have ten minutes.?
Henry blasted through the paperwork penciling and then inking in the paper. He then handed it to Radar and closed his eyes.
?It?s fine sir.?
Radar then tore it up.
Henry couldn?t believe it.
?Sorry sir but new regulations came in. Now you have to??
?Stop?I?m done. No more. I can?t take it.?
?That?s good sir because the new regulations say you don?t have to fill out the paperwork today. ?
Henry watched Radar leave.
?What Lugo Klinger whatever you are??
?Sir?I request time off.?
?Fine. The baseball season is almost over and the Red Sox lost.?
?Devil Rays, ?shouted Lugo.
?Get out of here Lugo and don?t come back till spring. I?m sick to my stomach right now.?
Henry felt that headache come on. He grabbed his aspirin before Radar walked in.
?You have to fill out paperwork to get the aspirin sir.?
Henry took the aspirin and tossed it in the trash can kicking and smashing it before setting it on fire. He threw the trashcan against the wall and then fell on the desk.
?What?s that!?
?Damage report sir for the busted trash can and a report requesting you explain why you needed aspirin.?
Henry looked at Radar and said, ?I can?t Radar.?
He handed Henry another paper.
?Then fill out this form to explain why you can?t. Don?t forget a number H pencil, erase and then ink in blue every other line and ink in pink on the last line and ink in red all the other lines that weren?t inked in blue and pink before you sign it in orange. You have ten minutes sir. Hurry.?
Henry felt his eyes burn with confusion. He just looked in confusion.
?here sir. Just fill this out to explain your nervous breakdown.?
?Ya Radar…I can do that.?

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
5. J.D. Drew, RF
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. Mark Kotsay, 1B
8. Jed Lowrie, SS
9. Jason Varitek, C
— Jon Lester, SP

Thank God , no Lowell.


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