Enough about Fight Night

During ALCS media hour, the Red Sox were pretty patient with all the different lines of questioning. And believe me, this is an interesting time of year when it comes to questions. You have media people here from all over the place and many of these people haven’t covered much baseball all season.

But the one question that seemed to be getting on the nerves of the players is whether there is any lingering animosity from the fight that took place back in June. You know. The one where Coco Crisp charged James Shields and did his best Muhammad Ali moves. That was so long ago. The Celtics were playing Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Manny Ramirez was still a core member of the Red Sox. In fact, he took a swing at Kevin Youkilis that same night.

Anyway, David Ortiz had the best response to the fight questions.

“Bad blood? This isn’t the WWF. This is a baseball game
bro. Come on. I see them out there, they hug me, I’m hugging them back. It’s a
game. Sometimes you have things happen in the game. It stays on the field. It’s not like you’re going to walk in the parking lot and wait for someone and whup
his [butt]. This is a baseball game, everybody has fun, you play your best and
hope to win the game, that’s about it.”

While Ortiz thought the fight talk was kind of funny, Youkilis is downright tired of it.

“The intensity is always there in the playoffs. I think everyone in the media is trying to look for someone to charge the mound and throw at guys. I don’t think that’s going to happen. That’s more of a media thing. It’s been blown out of proportion. To be honest with you, I think it’s getting kind of old.”

Not much in the way of real news today. Timlin is on the roster. Gil Velazquez — we hardly knew ye — is off.

Youkilis will start at third tomorrow. Mark Kotsay will get the nod at first. Where have you gone, Sean Casey?


I beat Brian again??? Wow..
Ian, I could probably go and look it up, and if you dont answer, I will, But let me ask you this……
Who in the HELL is Gil Valezquez??? Was I under a rock somewhere when he came about???

Ellen it warms my heart that you cook like you do. Hey, we used to make a dish we called Basin Street Eggs, kind of a New Orleans/Southern style breakfast. Very popular. If I can reduce the recipe so that you make food for 4 or 5 instead of 50, would you like that recipe?

No Friday Night Fights?? Am I the only one here who enjoys a good, old-fashioned, bench clearing brawl? Be honest now. Or are you all high-and-mighty, holier-than-thou sports purists?

I would love that recipe, thank you.. and Yes, I like to see a good “throw Zimmer to the ground” punch Arod in the mouth” slug fest!! But to be honest, I don’t want to or like to see it in the post season… I don’t want anyone making excuses!!
I dont know much on how one attains Sainthood. Someone must look into it because the way they KEEP talking and talking and talking about how ZAZU “came into LosAngeles put 24 Dodgers on his back and CARRIED them into the post season” Mother Theresa best look out, because he for sure is the next Saint Cannonized…

If it wouldnt make me so sick, I’d count the number of times they mention Zazu…. I thought the announcers kissed ARods butt… BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! ZAZU shouldnt stop short or major surgery will be required to get the faces out of his…….

I criticized Francona for starting Kotsay in place of Casey the last game. When all was said and done though, Kotsay made a number of nice plays at first, put good wood on the ball and in the process got a hit and scored a run.

That being the case, I can’t go against Tito again, as much as I would rather seeing Casey’s bat it there.

hey, caseys bat isnt all I’d like to see in there!!! lol.. but you gotta go with Tito… The man KNOWS HIS BASEBALL and his players…

Phillies take the lead against Zazu’s Dodgers. Very good.

I really don’t think we’ll see anything that remotely looks like the Friday night fights. Both the Sox and Rays will be doing everything they can do to keep runners off base. Starting that stuff wouldn’t be in the best interest of either team.

I didn’t watch the whole telecast of the Phillies/Dodgers toight, but I did hear Joe Buck make some rather scathing remarks about Zazu. As it turns out, Zazu piled up some pretty impressive numbers this year. He wound up hitting .332 with 35 HR and 121 RBI. Now which knee was it that was hurt?

Bok Kramer:
Congrats on the Phillies win. I did not finish watching the game. The score then was 2-0 Dodgers. Sorry never interested in watching a NL game.

Francona said Timlin was added now because there’s a chance the Sox will need an 11th pitcher in a potential seven-game series with the Rays. ?Mike?s very deserving,” Francona said. “He?s been doing this for a long time. I don?t know when he?ll pitch or how he?ll be used, but I know there was a comfort level putting him on the roster.? Are you kidding me? The comfortable level is either the Sox is up or down 10 runs. I prefer staying with Gil Velazquez or add a righthanded batter to the roster.

There is that name again… Gil Valazquez… What’s the big deal about him 007Chow…??
I’m sure as the day goes on, the blog will become more and more active, at least I hope so…
I’m getting anxious for these playoffs to start. Best of 7, I believe (there’s that phrase) that theBoston REDSOX will prevail.

Ellen, Gil Velazquez is a rookie who played 11 years in the minor leagues. He made his major league debut and got his first major league hit this year. By the way, that hit is still his only major league hit. He played 3 games and had 8 at bats at the end of the season.

The Kotsay over Casey selection is an interesting one. For sure, Kotsay runs better and has a little more pop, but Casey is going to hit better. Defensively, I think Casey is probably better although Kotsay has made some nice plays at first. I think Casey is a great weapon coming off the bench.

As much as anything, Timlin adds a veteran presence to the bullpen. I think he’ll do a lot in ensuring those youngsters out there are ready, mentally as much as physically, when they come into games. I like that move by Tito.


Last I heard Gil Velazquez was living next door to Ed Jurak. LOL!!

I would have added Jeff Bailey to the mix.

We know Francona is not going to use Timlin in a close game. As Garry said, Timlin’s presence is just to stablize a young bullpen. To me it’s a waste of a roster spot. I would either keep Gil Vel to pinch run in late inning or add a righthanded batter such as Jeff Biley as Brian suggested.


I agree with you about Timlin. Timlin has had a great career but he has been awful this year! If Boston is up big or down big, bring Timlin in. I do not want too see Timlin pitching in a close game! Usually when Timlin pitches in a close game it suddenly isn’t a close game anymore! lol.

I think we all agree that Zazu is a great hitter. He is performing exceptionally well now that his free agency is approaching and the $$$ signs become more pronounced. But the one thing he lacks is being a team player, putting the team first. Should the Dodgers win the National League Series, I look forward to playing against them. Ironically, there will be a few players that we have seen before and that have played significant roles in Sox history e.g., Garciaparra and Lowe. It would almost feel like a reunion. Then, hopefully, we will kick their butt. But,for now, let’s focus on taking care of the DEVILRAYS.

Unless Timlin shows remarkable resurgence, I believe Tito will use him if the score differential is large. He can fill that role and pitch as long as the difference exists thereby sparring one of our other pitchers for another time. Who knows, maybe the post season environment will provide a rejuvenating effect and he emerges as a semblance of his former self. We all know what he contributed in the past and such a resurgence couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

The one thing the Sox did not have in their bullpen was someone to serve as cannon fodder. Timlin and Byrd can come in and eat some innings if the need arises without tiring out the key pitchers out there. The Sox don’t have the luxury of the weird schedule they had in the ALDS with the Angels. The need to use Delcarmen and Masterson three games in a row is very real and the last thing they need is to be out there for the purpose of eating up meaningless innings. I like the Timlin move, and like I said, he brings some intangibles to the bullpen.

Howver, Bailey would not be a bad choice either because the Sox lack a right handed hitter coming off the bench.

Donde estas Julio Lugo? Has there ever been a player projected to be a starter and an integral part of a team that has been missed less than Julio Lugo? (besides Drew Bledsoe?)

With the way the A.L.C.S. is set-up an extra pitcher is not needed. 2

Did anyone notice that ZAZU played every game with LA without a day off when he was traded? What a slave driver Joe Torre is!!!! Ha Ha. I think I am going to move to LA. If the climate can fix his ailing knee….if he ever figured out which knee it was that he hurt….it should do wonders for my back and shoulder!!!!!!

First, it’s been a great albeit tough year for the Sox. 2007, with the exception of Gag-me was a ride up year. 2008 was a nail biter year. It’s unfortunate that the other teams (LAD and the LAA) seem to look down at the Sox as if they’re not worthy. That’s unfair. They are very worthy to be there.
Finally, the stock market is keeping me up at night. I feel devastated at how much money we’ve lost. It’s just bone crushing. Our daughter’s education is tied up in funds that have tanked. Our retirement is gone. I pray we’ll fix this problem in ten years or so because I don’t see it being fixed anytime soon. It’s just too complex and too world ravishing.
Anyway — Go Sox tonight. We need them to win more than ever.

Dave, I understand your uneasiness about the stock market and the economy. I, myself, have lost a couple PR and writing clients in recent weeks, and I know that a lot of small business people like myself are having to cut back and on expenses and work feverishly to bring in new clients. That said, remember the stock market is a marathon and not a sprint. The money will come back eventually for those who exercise patience. I know that doesn’t help right now, but that is pretty much a fact based on what has happened in previous downturns.

As for the Sox, I feel confident that they will take this in six games. I would rather see Gil Velazquez on the ALCS roster because of his defensive versatility. I don’t Timlin has much left to offer, but hopefully he is not needed. I’m glad Game One is here. I got a taste of early baseball withdrawal.


Jeff, that’s great advice. If your time line is more than 5 years or so, you should be fine. The market will rebound. And if everything goes to hell, your 401k is the LAST thing you’ll be worried about. You have to have a little bit of resolve to get through this. Actually, this is a great buying opportunity if anyone has a little cash laying around. Although I’d be careful about what I buy in today’s market.

I think the Sox will win, but they will need all their resources to do it. The rays won’t lay down and somehow they’ve caught lightening in a bottle(an old Grey Goose bottle of Brian’s) this year, so they’ll be a tough opponent. But Tito and the Sox are a force in the playoffs. GO SOX!!!!!

Ellen. I’m working on that recipe for you. I may have it tomorrow.

I thinkits good that Timlin is in the bull pen. Someone metioned earlier that he could be a stabalizing force mentally for the younger guys. God knows its tough enough to be a
Rookie Sox, never mind a rookie in the Big Show’s ALCS!!
Its a bit early yet for my pre-game mantra, so I’ll check back in a bit!!!
Arnie, thanks, I appreciate the effort for the recipe.. My Chicken and gravy last night was better than my moms was!!!!

you’re right of course but I’ve never seen it this bad in my 44 years of living. Even the Savings and Loan fiasco looked easy. However, you are right about one thing — we have to be patient.
Hope you’re enjoying my book. I’d like that recipe as well and if you have any great kid-friendly breakfast recipes, I’d be grateful. (Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, french toast, pancakes and smoothies) have completely run their course.
Zazu is really frustrating me. I need to write a satire on him but I haven’t come up with the right angle yet.

lol. Perhaps Arnie and I can co-author a baseball-themed cookbook for children and their parents. I have teamed with my writing and design friend who designed Sox and Pinstripes to co-author a Red Sox-themed travel guidebook that will include a corresponding web site to debut in time for spring training. We have a literary agent, who is also interested in other niche books, of which I have several ideas but must prioritize. I do think that a baseball-themed cookbook, especially one for families, would interest a publisher.


hey Dave how about fruit cups (in season fruit) or a home made egg mc stuffin…

OK Jeff, you’re on. I’ll email you from the Soxandpinstripes site. Give me something to do in the winter when it’s cold here.

Dave, I am enjoying your book. And I’ll get back to you about kid’s food later. Right now I’m just sooo busy. Hope the Sox can win without me tonight.

Arnie… the Sox ALWAYS have a Tough Time winning when you’re not here… Don’t tell me, you’ve given Roseann another chance????


ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT!!! These TBS (so-called) announcers old Bucky and what-ever his name is are so pulling for the DEVILRAYSDEVILRAYSDEVILRAYS!!!! I thought that the national announcers were supposed to keep themselves “objective”…. NOT SO HERE!!

I think if Martinez and Co. keep this crap up I’ll switch to the Spanish broadcast, and I don’t even speak Spanish!!!

Is anyone else here???

Gotta be more than you and me!

I’m here. Matsuzaka walks bases loaded in first and leaves unscathed. I love him, hehe.

new thread. who is going to be first? my money is on Ellen.

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