Game 1 of the ALCS

Thoughts from the first inning:

If that ground-rule double from Kevin Youkilis takes a different kind of bounce, the Red Sox are up 1-0. That’s baseball.

Does Dice-K intentionally try to stress everyone out with the high-wire walk routine? I think not, but I’ve never seen a pitcher who offends so many fans and media members. Maybe I have a bit of a biased view, but I guess I do enjoy the drama of it all.

Thoughts from the second inning:

Dice-K might have had enough dancing with fire in the first, not to mention in Anaheim. A clean, clean, crisp second.

Thoughts from the third inning:

Shields is looking NASTY. But so was Lackey in the first five innings of Game 1 against the LAA. Speaking of Lackey, he really disgraced himself with some of his comments after the Angels ere eliminated.

Thoughts in the bottom of the fifth:

Matsuzaka went from shaky shaky shaky to some of the most dominant pitching we’ve seen from him all year. He’s just mowing through the order right now

Thoughts from the bottom of the sixth:
Got to love those over-shifts. The one Pedroia was in against Pena kept Dice-K’s no-hitter going for an extra inning.

Thoughts from the bottom of the seventh:
The fact that Manny Delcarmen began the inning warming up in the Boston bullpen leads me to believe that Dice-K — 89 pitches through six — wouldn’t have been able to go the distance, no-hitter or not. A clean hard single by Crawford ended the bid.


I didn’t know about the offending media part.

ah yes, a lot of grumbling in the press box of dice-k because he pushes games longer and makes deadlines tighter!

slow crowd tonight. you guys and gals must be having a life tonight!!!

Dice- has way too many walks( like usual!) 0-0 bottom 4

Sorry I let you down Ian… I thought i was ALL by myself so I took a break..
Dice-K loo good.. you know walking his usual # but cleaning up after himself… I like that in a guy!! lol
He’s got 7 k’s…
Hey Ian…. Why are we being subjected to these “announcers” from TBS The “TERRIBLE BROADCASTING STATION” ?? I know that I’ve complained (incessantly) about McCarver, but I would welocme him with open arms tonight!!! (tomorrow is a different story, lol).
The bats needs to start wearing Shields down and push him to make mistakes…. HOT BATS HOT LEATHER (oooh!! sounds fun!! LOL) just joiking there!!

Ian, PLEASE never shop at the same store as SAGER!!! His lavender (WAY TO GO MARK KOTSAY!) sashay suit just makes me want to swoon (all s’s are thaid with a lithsp)
come on sox!!!!


Whoa! Ellen, you’re being a bit distracting. LOL And just when the bats are coming alive!

Hey guys, can I be alittle tiny bit mean without it coming back on me???

All time worst sports coats………N, Y. Mets announcer Lindsey Nelson!!!

I think they should judt call Iwamura.. AKINORI WHOS-YOUR-MAMA!! It just has a better ring to it… Ok I knkow that was mean… so just hate me!! and those cowbells I wish they would stuff them where when they walked you’d hear them!!!!

I meant the *hot leather* comment, and in a good way! And, with the Dice-K show, we all need some distraction.

Haha!!!!!! Oh we have such a good time here… all thanks to Mr Brown!!!

I can’t believe that Bucky said that the Trop has been a hard place for visitors due to the large noisey crowds! Isn’t this the first sell-out (or pretty close to it)!

Did Chip really just mention that which you do not mention when a pitcher is having one! What an a**!

Nice glove by JD!!!!! Now that was some GOODLeather!!!
Here we go theyre trying to jinx Dice-K’s game by saying what he hasnt done….. I’m not going to say it!!!!


Nice snag and throw by Petey!!!! Way to Go DUSTIN..

Someone needs to go scalp Chippy! He keeps mentioning the unmentionable being performed by Dice-K. Talk about biased announcing!

Nice Job JD!!!

I dont want to hear one word about TEK popping up!!

2 on no outs, no runs. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite the Red Sox.

Amen, Ellen. It sounded like Chippy and Bucky were happier than the Rays with Tek’s out!

Good job by JBAY getting the ball back in quick!

I can’t watch this!!! I’m SKEEEERED!!!

You can look again! It’s Houdini time!

Houdini wriggles out of the locked chains again!!!!!



Thats funny I didnt even see your Houdini remar before I made mine!!! scary!!

RGK I like that name!!! Matsuzini!!! LOL

Okay it’s time for some Petey-Papi-Pop!!!


Thank you Carl Crawford, ooopsI mean thank you YOUKK!!!!

Bigggggg break!!!

I love this guys name… BalFOUR now live up to it!!!

Bye, Bye, Bay be!


I don’t know about that pitch… seems kind of improbable that it was intentional but my gut is telling me different….

I’m surprised Matsuzaka started the eighth. Let’s go, Okajima!


and a flash of JD’s glove stops another run!!!! I’m so glad he proved me wrong from last season early,,,, IWAS WRONG IWAS WRONG!!

Go, go, Masterson

Please let Justin be Masterson of the Universe….. Masterful?? Go Justin

Nice, a double play. Way to go bullpen and defense. One more inning!

Hey, everybody!! Great work by the bullpen!! Just how Tito planned it. Get the good hitters out in the 8th so Papelbon has an easier save. Genius.

Big storm moving in over Fort Lauderdale, so I might lose my satellite here quick…. pray for me bloggers!!!

1 DOWN 2 TO GO!!!

2 DOWN 1 TO GO!!!

That’ll dim those Rays a bit!

JOB DONE!!!!!!! Good, NO GREAT pitching all night!!! Good job by JON BON!!!!
The fact that we won this game says alot. It would be oh-so-awesome if we could win tomorrow.



I just heard some reall really heartbreaking news… TBS HAS THIS ENTIRE SERIES… Oh, all the more reason for the REDSOX to win this in short fashion!!!

Goodnight Nationers, see you tomorrow night with the
3 Stooges Bucky,Chippy and Ugly… (Ron Darling is the only good thing in the commentary.. and his commentary is decent too!) idobelieve, idobelieve, ido,ido,ido, idobelieve!!!

Great win for the Sox, takes a lot of pressure off Beckett. He can relax and do his thing. What a job by Dice-K!! The Sox win when he pitches! Sox have taken care of the split, now they can go for the 2-0 lead. I’d love to see a Sox blow-out so my nerves can take a break. These close games are exciting but I could use a break.

Two things the Sox should have done.Kotsay should have bunted andPapi should take the easy single or double by going to the opposite field

That Craig(Chris?) Sagar is something else. He dresses like a colorblind pimp and when he talks his jaw doesn’t move like umm…. who was the guy with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd?? It’ll come to me; I can still see him in the movie with W C Fields, when they ran the circus… ..Garry, a little help!…. Edgar Bergen!!! Now I remember, Candice’s dad. Where I’m going with this I have no idea. …

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate the way the over-shift (for guys like Pena) is achieved. Why have three guys playing out of position? Wouldn’t it be better if the shortstop and second basemen stayed put, and the third basemen moved to short right field? Then only one guy would be playing out of position, and the other two are pretty much playing the guy to pull. Just a thought.

I agree on Sager. Possibly the worst interviewer I’ve ever seen. The other night he mispronounced the names of Mike Lowell and J.D. Drew. And his clothes…My God. He’s a pale imitation of Bud Collins. I now refer to him as Bud Light.

If I here another cow-bell I might kill someone! lol. That was the first time I have seen the Red Sox win in person in a long time. Dice-K was magnificent! He walks the tightrope but never gives in. Pitching…pitching…pitching…All the pressure is all on T.B. now. If Beckett is anywhere near his norm, T.B. is in big trouble!

Bay with a leadoff walk and he comes around to score. What a surprise. not! Leadoff walks usually kill you. Shields 0-2 pitch to Lowrie got too much of the plate. A mistake by Shields and Lowrie pounced on it! Crawford misplayed Youk’s hit and that led to that extra run the Sox needed. The air went out of the Trop. when Boston got that 2nd run. Papelbon was throwing gas! He is one intense guy on the mound.

Boston has hit Kazmir this year. If there is one guy T.B. is worried about it is Kazmir. Personally I would have started Garza tonight. Garza has the best stuff on the staff and is outstanding at home. Garza on the road is so so. Let’s hope Boston goes for the throat in this one tonight! Here’s hoping!

Let’s go Red Sox!! Let’s go Red Sox!! I believe, I believe, oh yes I do!!

Oh by the way, Sager’s jacket is uglier in person. LOL!! Those shoes of his are hideous for sure!

Ellen batting first tonight, that is why the Sox won last night!

Brian: I am as Green with envy as one of Sagers suits!!! You were there?? I figured thats why you werent on the blog tonight…. I’m so sad that The Sox are within a car ride of me I and I cant go!!!! Take it all in and report it for me, ok???? It’s just not in our budget this year… or any year soon for that matter… anyway, I’m happy that you can go…. You aren’t going tonight are you??
I want the Sox to take tonights game in the same confident manner. Back later!!


I will not be there tonight. Boston wins tonight and this series will not go back to St. Pete. That is fine by me.

That workd for me Brian…. How loud are those cowbells there in the stadium??? They are annoying as, well as annoying as Sagers butt-ugly jackets!!!!

Hey BosoxBrian:

If I’d known you were going to an ALCS game this week-end, it might have persuaded to leave the personal dilemmas I’m dealing with up here in Ohio behind and travel down to Central Florida to help root on the Sox. Maybe our back-and-forth interactions have turned you into a Sox “lucky charm” as well. Dice-K was amazing last night, but Tito’s decision to bring him back to start the 8th surprised me. He’d lost his no-hitter and had to have faced an incredible amount of stressful pitching with all of the un-jamming he did. I recognize that it all worked out for the best. I think the baptism of fire Tito gave Justin M in the ALDS is beginning to pay off…..BIG TIME. That sinkerballer…made…to..order…double-play that he got in the bottom of the 8th with the Rays knowing they’d just been through the heart of their order, and would have Pap facing the bottom half of their order in the 9th, had to be totally deflating. How much of the crowd left after the bottom of the 8th?

Even those Tito non-devotees have to acknowledge what an amazing job he does handling his pitching staff during the post-season…truly amazing. By my count, his Red Sox post-season record is now 26-10…truly amazing.

If the Sox can get themselves into the WS, it sets up interesting match-ups either way — either against Torre, Zazu, Lowe, Nomar and the Dodgers, or against the team that didn’t appreciate Tito’s managerial skills, the Phillies. Along with everyone else, i would like to see them take the next step this evening, by winning Game 2 of the ALCS.

You are absolutely correct (much as it pains me to say that [lol]) if the Sox get a “mostly Beckett” performance tonight, it could do some serious damage to the Rays confidence, particularly knowing they will then face Lester in Fenway in Game 3 after that.

What did you make of Drew getting hit in the 8th, accident or incident?

With Florida facing LSU today, it should cause the Bucks to creep up to 11th in both polls. Then, if they put away Purdue this week, and MSU and PSU in the next two weeks, they could well be 6th or 7th in the nation…with a cake balance of schedule and teams ahead of them playing-off against each other and knocking each other off. I suspect that the pundits this year would rather have an unbeaten BYU play for the title as opposed to a once beaten Buckeye team. However, it could set up an interesting Rose Bowl rematch. If the Bucks won that one, and the winner of the title game had 1 loss, you’d hear a lot of screaming coming out of Columbus, particularly if the loser of the title game lost as badly or worse than the Bucks have done the past 2 years (I know, “hard to do”…thanks for pointing out the obvious [lol]). I know that there are a number of “ifs” in there, but I wouldn’t discount the possibilities entirely.

Are you going again tonight, or was last night the extent of the treat?

Recipe time. Basin Street Eggs. Named after the song Basin Street Blues, written by Spencer Williams and recorded by Louis Armstrong.

2 cans kidney beans; or if you’re adventerous use 1 pound of dry red beans and cook them until just tender.
1 12ounce jar of Italian roasted red peppers, diced
1 can diced tomatoes in juice
1 small can tomato paste
2 tablespoons molasses, start with a little less if you’re unsure how sweet you like things.
4 stalks celery cut into 1/2 inch dice
1 medium onion cut into 1/2 inch dice
2 green bell peppers cut into 1/2 inch dice
2 cloves garlic minced
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoon cayenne
2 teaspoons thyme
2 teaspoons garlic powder
2 teaspoons oregano
1 teaspoon marjoram
1 teaspoon rosemary
2 teaspoons salt–you’ll have to adjust the salt to your taste
1/2 stick butter, unsalted
1/2 pound Andouille sausage cooked and sliced, or more if you like
1 or 2 cups water–use your judgement on how thick you like the sauce
1/2 to 1 teaspoon Tabasco

Saute’ the fresh garlic cloves, onion, bell pepper, and celery in the butter. When the onions are getting clear but not brown add all the other ingredients except the Andouille, and let the whole mess simmer for about a half hour. You want the flavors to blend and the veggies to cook but not turn to mush. Last thing add tha sausage and adjust the seasoning to your taste.

While this is cooking, prepare some grits. We used to serve this dish with soft polenta made with cheddar and roasted green chilies, but you might like grits. Add some cheddar or jack cheese to the grits and a little dash of garlic. I know some people think that grits should not be prepared with anything but salt, pepper and butter, BUT ….

Cook your eggs any way you like them, over easy, scrambled, poached, basted.
Assemble the dish in this order: first the grits, a couple big spoonfuls with a little well in the center for the eggs. Then place your eggs on the grits and cover them with the beans and a sprinkling of fresh chopped parsley. Have some biscuits ready to go. I won’t insult your southern sensibilities with a biscuit recipe.
We served this with fried plantains. Look for ripe plantains, with yellow skins and black spots, split them lengthwise and cut them in half. Fry them in hot butter until they get brown and a little crispy. Have some good strong coffee and enjoy. Get back to me if you have any problems. Remember, this is a guide and you will most likely have to adjust a few things to suit your taste.

Dave, maybe you could make your daughters PB&J Montecristos for breakfast. Get some good white bread, not the thin kind like Pepperidge farm, you want a thicker slice. Make PB&J sandwiches and cut the crusts off. Then cut them on a bias into little triangles. Take French toast batter—-3 eggs, a cup of milk, a dash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon and numeg and 2 teaspoons sugar. Soak the sandwiches in the batter and cook them over medium low heat in butter until they are brown. Great with maple syrup.
Do your girls like bananas? I have an idea for a banana corn-dog made with thick pancake batter but I have to work out the details. Let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks Arnie, I have company coming in the 2nd week of Nov. (my best friend from high school) so I think I’ll try it out on her, she’s sure to love it!!! I think that I’ll make both the polenta and the grits.. (i like polenta and David LOVESLOVES grits, me not so much… It sounds like a REAL winner.

I have just hit upon something that could make us all money!!! We can teach people how to comment on blogs… I just read Pena’s blog…. I cant believe they can only garner 7 comments!!!! WOW!!
Hey Ian You are the KING O’ THE BLOGS!!!!

So Craig Sager = Mortimer Snerd! I love it!
And here’s something we all can laugh at:

I’m just recovering from last night’s game. My rear end is still sore from sitting on the edge of my seat for the whole game. I could hardly sleep.

I watched the first inning and I was curing like an old retired Sailor as I watched Dice-K walk the bases loaded. I couldn’t believe he escaped unscathed but I guess he’s been doing that all year. I never thought he’d get through seven innings. He sure made some great pitches when he had to which leads me to ask why he can’t make great pitches when he doesn’t have to?

Both teams had lots of scoring opportunities and were unable to capitalize. I guess you have to attribute that to a couple of pitchers who were just superb.

There were only two situations where I might have done something different than the way Tito did them. When Kotsay came up with two on and nobody out, I thought he should have been bunting. If he’s successful, it changes the whole perspective of Lowrie’s at bat and puts a ton more pressure on the Rays’ defense. Another run would have made a huge difference at that point. The other thing is that I would not have allowed Dice-K to come out for the 8th inning. I would have had Delcarmen or Okajima starting the 8th.

Boneheads of the night: Longoria and Pena swinging at 3-0 pitches. You swing at a 3-0 pitch if you get a pitch within a predetermined zone which is very small. Longoria pops out to right on a foul ball (must have been a good pitch he was right on) and Pena hits a lazy fly ball off the end of the bat on a marginal strike after Okajima’s first three pitches aren’t even close. To me, there’s no excuse for either of those.

Although the big shift kept Dice-K’s no hitter in tact for an extra inning on a nice play by Pedroia, I still hate that defensive set. This is the post season folk and guys like Pena and Ortiz ought to start looking down the third base line for easy hits and to make the defenses honest. This time of year is about winning, nothing else matters. The crazy thing is that Papi is a much better hitter if he uses the whole field. He is as likely to homer to left as he is to right. He certainly has enough power, as does Pena. What is wrong with these guys?

Big game for a big game pitcher tonight. Time for Josh Beckett to step up and be the ace we know he can be. I think Kazmir is vulnerable and the Sox could get him for a few runs. I never get too overconfident and the Rays have proven all year long that they are a resilient team. It would be foolish for anyone to think they won’t come to the park tonight ready to grind it out again.

At bats of the night: In the first inning with two strikes, Youk gets a ground rule double after fighting off some tough pitches. Lowrie’s sacrifice fly on an 0-2 pitch was great and Youk does it again, hitting a knuckler to left that evades Crawford after fighting back from an 0-2 count.

While not much was made of it, I really thought Balfour threw at J.D. Drew. I absolutely thought it was intentional and flagrant. From a pitching perspective, putting Drew on to load the bases hurts nothing with the right handed Bay to follow. I also watched Balfour’s reactions which were not real consistent with a pitcher who thought he just made a mistake. It was BS and the fact that it was close to his head makes it even worse. Farrell knew it ….. he was pissed.

One final agonizing note. After the game I was flipping through the channels and came across FSN Florida where Migrane and Staats were mumbling about something. I didn’t stay on that channle long enough to even know what they were talking about, but has anyone got some Motrin?

Kramer, that t-shirt is funny. But when you consider that the Rays have never done anything I can understand their enthusiasm. The conquering stuff is a bit over the top though.

What will the rays do with them WHEN THEY LOSE?


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