Game 2 of the ALCS — More Problems For Beckett

If you’re concerned, you should be. Josh Beckett has come out and gotten hit hard through three innings. Everyone was hoping his Game 3 start against the Angels was just a fluke of rustiness. While Josh isn’t laboring to that degree, the Rays are making solid contact against him.

I’m not sure it’s realistic to expect Beckett will suddenly put the Red Sox on his back this postseason. Lester will have to keep being that guy.

That said, the Boston bats have done a great job against Kazmir, who threw 87 pitches in the first four innings.

Also, David Ortiz‘s comments were very provocative after Game 1, saying that he saw different faces on the Rays than in the regular season. In other words, they weren’t the same care-free team they were during the regular season. It was extremely interesting to hear Rays manager Joe Maddon back those comments before Game 2:

“I agree, and I did see it,” said Maddon. “That was our first foray into that situation yesterday and I’d like to believe we’re going to come out and be more typical today. But I can’t disagree with him.”

Tonight, we will find out what kind of series this is going to be. Remember, when the Indians beat the Sox in Game 2 of last year’s ALCS, that basically set up a seven-game series.


I think you’re on the money with these observations, Ian. A pitcher of Beckett’s ability & class doesn’t turn in the season he has without some underlying problems. If he’s at his best tonight, it will be a long way back for the Rays.

I was slightly surprised by Papi’s comments, &, in truth, even more surprised at Maddon’s endorsement…except that, from the TV coverage, what they were saying was clearly right. The hang-dog expressions in the Rays dug-out in the late innings was both surprising & revealing.

A small question – do you think Dice-K is the most underrated player in the Sox team at the moment? His season numbers have been excellent, & his post-season performances, especially last night, have been strong. But, as you pointed out last night, everyone grumbles. Fact is, he’s delivered, big-time, &, when everyone was questioning Tito’s wisdom (yet again) in turning to Dice-K for the Game 1 start, it turns out Tito was absolutely right (yet again). Could it be that Dice-K in fact pitches in a completely different way to the vast majority of US pitchers, & we just haven’t quite adjusted to his different modus operandi?

jambo:Isn’t it quite late there already??? Glad to see that you’re hanging in with us and I didnt scare you off!! LOL!! I do think that DiceK is the most under rated pitcher on the staff. But I think it’s not so much that he is under rated but that we all drink alot more and sweat and swear alot more when he’s on the mound because he seems to ALWAYS load the bases and then pull his MATSUZINI, part Matsuzaka and part Houdini(cudo’s to Kramer for that one)!!
Ian, you hit the nail on the head regarding our JOSHUA. But I do think that his head is wrapped ALL around tonight and that he WANTS this win!!! Being the MVP of what was it 01??, with the Marlins, and his inpeccable performance last year, he has what it takes in the POST!!! I pray that he’s been forthcoming about his fitness, which he probably has, so that he can give his all for the RedSox and the RedSox NATION tonight!!! YOU GO JOSH!!!!!!
According to the preview, the big bats this season against Kazmir are Petey, Papi and Coco… Do we have the lineup yet??? I’m willing to bet that Crisp is in there.
Anyway… It’s early yet for my “stuff” so I’ll check back in in a little while..
For Arnie: making chicken fajitas tonight with (packaged, but improved) spanish yellow rice and refried beans (much inproved!!!!)…. got any rice recipes?? YOU need to do a cook book…….

Time for my stuff…

Hey Brian!!! You haven’t been my co-cheerleader in awhile… I think I need some help tonight!!!! Go BRIAN!!!

7 minutes. Let’s go and get a huge 2-0 lead. My annual WOOOOOO!!!!!! is back! (LOL)

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JB! No doubt he doesn’t havany 1st postseason jitters

Got to like the silence! So – how will Josh pitch?

Well, guess that’s my question answered…That looked like a poor pitch, hanging out over the plate…could be a long night – offense needs to give Beckett plenty of cushion

This guy announcing barely has an expression when the sox get a lead and it sounds like he’s in the Rays dugout when they tie it??? That is just stupid. I don’t care if they are the Cinderella team this year, you should have the same expression when each team scores. And when they tie it? Even less. Now that is me criticizing the announcer.

Hey you guys… I’ve got the start of a really nore than classic MIGRANE… can you guys please keep going and my husband is going to read your texts to me!!, PLEASE??!!
I’m going to try to be back before the 9th// but I never now how long these things will last..

No question – the announcers are all for the Rays. When the preposterous Buck (?!) chuckles, he sounds like the baddie in the Perils of Penelope Pitstop…the Hooded Claw, if I recall aright. That must make toupe-boy Dick Dastardly…no, must make him Muttley…heh heh heh!

Hard to compare calls of a two run double with a two run home run!

Papi ought to take a page out of Pina’s book and go to the opposite field. Particularly on Kazmir, who pitches him away.

WOOOO===== petey!!!! way to go BUBBA!!

Well, he did it again with Pedroia’s homerun!

This reminds me of Beckett’s last game. He has nothing on the ball. Tito should have someone warming up and don’t hesitate to pull him.

Tito didn’t see it last time maybe he should open his eyes this time. Pull Beckett before the game gets out of hand and it’s too late. Bringing Lopez in is a sign of surrender.I’d rather see Byrd. If Byrd gets banged up then it would be time for Timlin .

That did not sound like the double that Longoria hit. It is very obvious. I want Remy and Orsillo if we have to listen to obvious favorites!

I’m going to try the radio with the TV.

Wake up Tito. Try to start managing for a change. How long does it take for you to see what’s happening????

Hmm, looks like the offense might have to pick up slack in this game as it stands. but still a decent amount of innings left to play. Anything can happen, hehe.

Kazmir is not exactly at his best either.

Nice homer, Pedroia.

Sheesh…& still folk come on here to moan about Tito. He knows his ball club inside out. He knows Beckett isn’t quite there yet. Say he brings in Byrd, or whoever, & Sox still lose – what’s gained? But Beckett needs to pitch, most of all. He needs innings under his belt, so he gets that pop back on his fast ball. If he gets a long work out tonight, he might just be able to deliver a strong outing in Game 6, &, even beyond…Still, why not just moan about Tito…

Meanwhile, welcome back Petey

I’m with you Jambo…Tito is trying to pace the team and not wear everyone down when it’s only game 2 of the ALCS. he also know Kazmir is struggling. Go Sox. Jambo….do you live near Felixstowe or Ipswich?

Nice, in the lead!

Sox came to play…..Chip must be PO’d!!!!

Did spend some time in that neck of the woods, mr farnham, but I’m of Scottish descent…so I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Grant Balfour getting his comeuppance! Thank you Jason🙂
Meanwhile, Youk just has so much speed in his hands – that last homer was such a wicked swing
Oh my

I can see Beckett holding the lead now.

I don’t particularly like to rant on Tito. I wish I didn’t have to. I just want to win the ballgame. We can go back to Fenway with two wins. The playoffs is not the time to give Beckett some work. I hate to waste the runs thhat Pedroia, Youk and Bay generated.

WOOOOOOO!! (Told you it would be here, LOL). Now that is what i’m talkin’ about!

H.R. derby in St. Pete. A battle of the bullpens tonight in game #2!

I’d give anything to do some golfing in Scotland!!!!! Looks like the Sox are using Tropicana Field for a driving range in this inning!!!!

Hang in there Pangelotti… looks like it’s going to be one of those out of control games…..

This is classic!

I think it’s time for even the people that are making excuses for Tito te get smart. We are letting a game that we should win slip away from us. If he wants to give Beckett a pitch count let him have the bullpen sit down until he reaches that count. Why waste their strength.

I think Beckett is out of gas….88 MPH fastball is BP. Not his night.

Finally, Tito makes a move. The only reason that this game is getting out of control is because Tito is letting it.

Anything you get out of Beckett for the rest of the post season will be gravy because his velocity and location have not been very good.

It took Tito a long time to realize it’s not his night. He did the same thing his last outing.

It’s nothing to do with making excuses for Tito – it’s about respecting the fact that he’s managed the Red Sox to 2 World Series in 4 years, & coaxed a crocked & disturbed team into the post-season this year.

Now what Pangelotti?????? The lefty on lefty did not work..

cfarnham – no question Beckett is a long way from full fitness. Can he come back, either in this series, or beyond? The real management question for Tito is not whether or not he should have pulled Beckett sooner or later, but how he manages the rotation during the rest of this series.

I agree with Pangelotti….he should have pulled Beckett sooner….but it does no good to be negative on this blog…no one really wants to read it. Tito does things for a reason that none of us will understand….that’s why we all have day jobs. I am still just a fan watching this game not trying to read too much into it and hoping for a comeback.

If you read my prior comment, bringing in Lopez is a disaster. Further, if Tito wanted to bring in the lefty– it should have been against Pena if not sooner. Let’s be honest Tito is doing a miserable job by letting Beckett stay in. If it is true that Beckett needs some more work – and he continues to not perform then I guess I agree that the question is whether Tito should count on Beckett at all. Maybe he should consider his options without Beckett.

At least Pedroia is getting good looks and stringing some consistent at bats together. They need him to be himself to have any chance to advance. Keep it up Petey!!!

Lucky for you it’s not your job.

You’ve got to remember you’re dealing with the ego of your ace also. Beckett will always go a minimum of five innings unless he’s being shelled big time!

Welcome to the mess Kramer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m wondering if Tito wanted to let Beckett get some work for the rest of the series. I mean, he may know that Josh is just a little off and needs some pitches to get right. So, in a game that is not crucial and far from over with the Sox hitting well, he may see this as a chance to get Beckett ready because he knows he’ll need him down the line.
I was as surprised as anyone that Beckett came out again. Did anyone not know he was going to cough up the lead? But Tito has shown time and again he knows his players and knows the game. I have faith.

I agree, that Tito does things that no one can understand. Further, if I had that job. at least today, it would be a different ballgame. And your right, I am lucky- I don’t need that job.

Advancement is expected, not just a chance to! If Pedroia did not step up, someone else would!

Jason Bay!!!! One run game now!!!

I’ve been here all night, just kind of quiet.

As far as today’s game is concerned, if we win- and I hope we do- it will be despite Tito not because of him.

I am trying not to be a dork….I just have seen this team do things for 49 years and have given up trying to guess why Edie Kasko, Don Zimmer to Grady little or any of the other Sox managers before Tito did what they did. I am just glad Tito took care of business before I took the big dirt nap. I always give him the benefit of the doubt no matter how bad it gets. My biggest weakness I guess. I agree….that job belongs to someone who is tolerant for ulcers.

I find it hard to question a manager in his fifth year with a team. The first or second year are a completely different matter!

Hey everybody! This is a one run game in the 7th. Lots of time yet. Don’t get down. The Sox can come back and I think they will. Delcarmen did his job, let’s go SOX!!!

The Sox will come back!!!

I’m glad that you saw this team for 49 years- but I’ve seen them for at least sixty years. No matter what the time frame- Poor management is still poor management.

I agree….plenty of time…if the Sox can pull this one out the Rays will have to wonder what it takes. That’s the kind of mind-set you need to put them in.

You win. Back to the game for me.

I’m inclined to leave the quality of management to the front office to determine.

Go get ’em, Okaji!

Back to the game. Let’s hope they pull it out!!!

Time to get this youngster out.

Okay Pangelotti,
We are back in the same boat now….I’ll paddle if you’ll steer.

Nice, a ten pitch inning. So far so good with the bullpen.

Sounds good!! Let’s try to bring the ship in.

I think once it’s all over we will find out in the off-season that Ortiz’ wrist needs attention. I hope he strenghthens it over the off season.

Not even close Chip….

Way to steer Pangelotti…

Upton pulled a ZAZU.

JE is due!

First, I am glad I’m in central time and it’s 11:35 where I am despite what the blog clock says.
Second, Beckett and Ortiz have some serious issues as of late. Beckett is throwing like Mike Timlin right now. It’s sad.
Third, I won’t question Tito. I’m not with him and not privy to the situations or the meetings.
Fourth, Beckett cannot continue to start like this. If that continues, Paul Byrd will do a better job. It’s just depressing.
Finally, Can’t the Sox win a non-stress game in the playoffs?

Oh ya,
The Red Sox are like 100 minutes of torture and 1 minute of excitement because you know they won and it’s finally over.
Oh ya,
Next year the Sox need a bullpen, a power hitter or David Ortiz back and Beckett needs to be fixed. They have an incredible team. I do believe.

The playoffs are all about stress!

Dave, I agree…Beckett is having some issues and I think we may hear about them soon. He is not the Beckett we know. It may be time to try another option. That’s the beauty of the Sox this year….there are other options. I sure hope I am wrong about Beckett….I would love for him to make a liar out of me and shut teams down the rest of the post season. Go Sox!!!!

This is going into Extra’s. Papelbon can’t survive forever. We’ll have to see what happens but for me…the morning will be fine.

This is THE inning!

Oh ya — you guys are terrific.

You are up late.

Wheeler has pitched well.

Nothing unusual. I rarely hit the sack before 2:30 AM Eastern!

Your name should be RobertGGamer!!!! Ha Ha!!!


Hey Dave, look on the last thread earlier today. I posted a breakfast idea for your kids.

Dave went to bed….hope he wakes up to some sweet headlines!!!!

Wonder if we’ll see Byrd?

G’night Dave.

Cross your fingers…..

He’s got velocity but his location is scary. He’s catching a lot of the plate.

You can do it, Timlin.

Need a sinker ball.

See you in Boston DEVILRAYS.

Foo! Now we have a best of five series with home field advantage!!!

Well its back to Fenway. I’m sorry that the Sox made some serious comebacks for naught. A game we should have won but we didn’t. Let’s hope their morale doesn’t suffer. They have to go forward. I feel sorry for Timlin- he got a real bad call. I think the umpire wanted to get it over with. He also blew a call on Kotsay. But, that’s water under the bridge. Monday is another day.

Good god Terry. Why Timlin ? This is like Lopez in Game 3 against the Halos. Why not keep Pap out for one more ? Grabbing this game from them was too big to put in Timlin. I do not feel Terry has managed the pitching staff well in the late innings in this postseason. Thus far, I hang the two postseason losses thus far squarely on Francona’s head. Get it together Terry !

Yeah, Timlin got one bad call…a ball that should’ve been a strike. Long story short, they scored a run without a hit ! That’s Timlin’s fault…which is really Terry’s fault.

Every time Timlin comes in he blows it!! Please don’t re-sign him next year as a player, maybe he can be a coach. His tank is all empty. I think they should have taken Beckett right out after they were ahead 6-5 also.

I find that Tito’s management of some of his starting pitchers leaves a lot to be desired. He has a tendency to leave them in too long, particularly if the Sox have the lead, to try and make them qualify for a win with five innings under their belt. He obviously did that with Beckett these last two starts; he continually does it with Wakefield as well as DiceK. DiceK , however,does seem to struggle through those innings but somehow turns it around;, but Becklett and Wakefield only get worse. Too bad, this last game the clutch long ball hitting by Pedroia, Youk and Bay went for naught. The DEVILRAYS now have the momentum that the Sox have to try and to turn around. I still feel that Ortiz should go to the opposite field more often. Pitchers , especially left handers, continue to go to the outside and Papi continues to try and pull the ball. Ellsbury also has to come around. When he gets up he seems to just want to make contact with the ball. Admittedly they are different types, but he may want to check out Pedroia and notice how he takes his cuts–with aggressive conviction. Ells has the power to drive the ball but not the way he is swinging of late. We have to make a come back tomorrow and get things rolling again.We really blew a golden opportunity. We should have come back to Fenway, not only two games up, but the momentum in our favor. Let’s hope Lester can pick us up.

Beckett got shelled and that is a BIG concern. Francona definetly left Beckett in too long, that is very clear to me. Having Timlin on the roster was a foolish move, said it before the series started. Timlin should only pitch when the Sox are up big or down big. Byrd should have been pitching. Then again Boston was screwed either way I think. Boston did what they wanted to do, split against the Rays. Now they turn to there ace. After a tough loss, who else would the Red Sox want on the hill. None other than Lester. He has been dynamite in the playoffs. During the season, Lester owned the Rays. I expect Lester to pitch great yet again. Garza has troubles on the road. He fights himself on the mound. A lack of maturity for sure. Garza has the best stuff on the staff but lacks experience. Fenway on Monday might be too much for Garza.

What happened to Ellsbury? Did the layoff hurt Ellsbury? Pedroia…..Youkilis….Bay…Drew and Crisp are the only guys I have confidence in when they are up at the plate! Ortiz is really hurting out there and is swinging at pitches that aren’t even in the strike-zone!

Thank heaven the game will get over at a decent hour on Monday.

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I thought Dave was our crazy guy on here. I think the torch might have been passed from Nashville to the Denver area.
I have tried pressing the buttons but nothing seems to help me. LOL! I could be beyond help anyway. I will keep trying and hope for the best!

What button would best fit Timlin? Is there a number for pitchers that should be retired but still continue to pitch? lol.

I think Timlin might be delusional. That would be #7. Sorry, Mike.

Don’t give me too much credit, Brian, my sister sent me that.

Not yet everyone. I saw a really dumb horror film last night…and came up with another spoof. This is multiple parts.

?Rest Stop?

Terry Francona felt it was best to offer a bus ride camping trip to the entire group after the disaster that was the ALCS. It was setup by Boras and everything was going great. The old school bus while having problems was running great and the driver, a bit psychotic John Lackey seemed to be over the playoffs.
?John, are we lost??
John said nothing but flickered a smile at Terry. They drove to a remote rest stop with a dingy mobile home, a ranger station and a remote outdoor toilet.
?Restroom break, ?said Lackey.
Ellsbury went up and said, ?out here??
?Lackey?s right. Hey, I?m the manager and I have never steered you guys wrong. Everyone out, hit the restrooms.?
Groans followed. Lackey?s smiled grew in size. They stepped out. The grass was overgrown and the wind howled.
?Nice place, ?said David Ortiz sardonically to Terry.
Terry looked around and said the Jacobe, ?this feels wrong.?
Jacobe said, ?I say that every time Timlin takes the mound.?
Terry ignored the statement and soon the entire crowd walked away from the bus and formed a line to the restroom. Nobody seemed to notice the fact that the bus took off.
Terry went inside. He noticed graphic writing such as ?everyone who enters dies? or ?I will kill you all.? The dingy place and drips of blood everywhere. He did his business and went outside.
?Looks OK guys. I a little grimy but you can trust me.?
Jacobe nodded and said, ?you say that every time Timlin takes the mound.?
One after one went inside exiting with glassy eyes and frightened expressions.
?Terry, ?screamed Coco Crisp. ?Where?s Kevin Cash. He?s gone?but I found a bloody phone and it?s his.?
Terry nodded. ?OK, let?s find the driver. He?ll know what to do.?
Everyone looked around. The wind howled and the light moved down into the trees.
?The bus is gone, ?screamed Terry.
?Ya, I was wondering when someone was going to notice that, ?said Josh Beckett.
?It?s a trap, ?said Lugo. ?That?s what all the writing was about in the restroom. Why didn?t I figure it out??
?Lugo, you think you?re a good ball player, ?asked Dustin Pedroia.
?Ya, ?said Lugo.
?That?s why you couldn?t figure that out, ?replied Dustin.
?OK, ?shouted Francona. What about that bulletin board over there??
They all walked over single file to the bulletin board. Hundreds of posters of missing baseball players littered the frame pinned up with missing pins.
Terry looked at it and said,?why is this happening to us??
Jacobe looked at Terry and said,?and yet you continue to put Timlin back on the mound again.?
Terry ignored the comment.
?The next rest stop is 60 miles away and all our cell phones are out of range, ?shouted Youk!
?It?s like a bad horror film, ?said Terry.
He waved his hands and decided to walk to the ranger station. Terry noticed the door was locked.
?Terry, ?said Jason Bay. ?That abandoned camper has a strobe light flashing on and off. Could that be danger??
Terry looked and said, ?I?m sure it?s just a broken T.V. Nothing to worry about.?
?Nothing to worry about. Isn?t that what you said??
?Shut up Jacobe!?
Terry struck the window with his fist before letting David Ortiz do it.
?Ow?I broke my wrist!?
J.D. Drew said, ?I can put my back into it!?
?Please don?t, ? snapped Terry Francona.
The walked into the station. Terry nursed his arm after opening it up but forgetting about the large chards of glass against the door frame. They saw a bottle of wine.
Terry looked around and said, ?this is creepy.?
?You say that every time after Timlin gives up three runs without giving up an out, ?said Jacobe.
A large yellow truck drove into the parking lot and then drove off again. Terry looked at the truck. Something was terribly wrong.


Hey folks, haven’t posted much. I guess I’ve just been too engrossed in the games as they are being played and by the time they are over, I need to get some rest. You know how it is for us old guys.

I thought there were a couple of keys to game 2. Obviously, we did not get from Beckett what we needed. On the bright side of the pitching situation, the bullpen was excellent. In the long run, the Rays pitching staff just outlasted the Sox.

I thought another key was zero production from Ellsbury. If he gets on a couple of times the Sox probably win. He also left some runners in scoring position.

Ortiz has to give it up and start thinking about using the whole park. He can’t let that shift continue to beat him. He has to bang a couple down the left field line to get on base, and make the defense honest. He’s killing the Sox in the middle of the lineup. He, like Howard for the Phillies, and Pena for the Rays are very capable of hitting long balls to the opposite field. I hate to say it, but Buck Martinez was right on about Papi when he said he was too pull conscious.

Drew’s throw from right field acted very strangely when it hit the artificial turf. I thought it was a good throw but when it hit the turf, it just died. I couldn’t believe it, the play wasn’t even close. That was weird.

Back in action today. See you later this afternoon.

Hey guys, I’m back from the brink of what felt like death!!! This was the Mother of ALL MIGRAINES!!!! I didnt move or look out my bedroom door yesterday..
I’m at work and on the common computer as mine in still a piece of ……. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back so I’ll do this now… Hope nobody minds, and if you do???? Oh well!!!,get over it!!! lol
(this part you havent seen in a while!!!)
Later, Ellen!!!

Dave, I wont read that one til later because of the 1st line…. We arent DONE with the ALCS yet!!!!!!
But I’m not superstitious or anything… Hey who let that black cat out in my office????? and get that ladder out of here!

It is Lester’s time to shine!

Ellsbury needs to get on base and Ortiz needs to at least try to go the other way. Ortiz—-swing at strikes!

Glad to have you back! I guess there will be a break as you drive home!

We discovered a new candidate for elder statesman on Staturday, it’s Pangelotti! Say’s he’s been watching the Sox for over 60 years!

Great 1st 5 pitch inning for Lester – but what a great 1st pitch – 96 mph searing in over the plate. It’s just what we came to expect from Beckett! It’s also given the Sox batters the chance to change the momentum, just like that.

Fair enough listening to Beckett & the management claiming it was all a matter of location…but the difference with Lester is “striking” – it’s all about the pop on the fast ball

Is this Pedroia or Jimmy Foxx??????


I’m feeling very young on here! I am liking it! I just got out of high school 3 days ago. LOL!!

Pedroia is on fire! When he is hot….. nobody can get him out!


I agree with you totally. Power pitchers win this time of year!

Just don’t look in a mirror! That’s the only time I feel old!!!

That pitch looked out:/


Quite true…Very true. Just a number.

Let’s go Youk…time to drive in a run…2 out damage has been the theme for the Red Sox in the playoffs.


He’s saving the run for later

Something about Aybar scares me!

lol, what do you mean?

Scares me when he is up at the plate. Those type of guys usually come thru in the playoffs. While the big stars fade away!

Tonight, I think 1 big inning is crucial – I think we can get to Garza, but if we allow him to settle in, we could be in trouble. But, 1 big inning, & I think Lester looks good enough to hold it…other hand…Papi still looks a shadow of his usual post-season self

2nd game in a row where the strike-zone seems to be favouring those pesky Rays when crucial pitches are thrown – shocking calls to Papi & Tek

Runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out, Tek can’t be taking a pitch that close. If anyone should know the strike zone of this umpire, it should be him.

Walks will kill you. Lester gives one up to lead off the inning and it comes back to haunt him. Tek’s passed ball another killer as Navarro’s ground ball would have been an easy double play.

Rays are a good team. They do all the little things right and do the big things pretty good too. The Sox will have to play their best to win this series.

At least Chip Caray is happy….

Oh yeah, I forgot, the Sox never win an ALCS until they are down 3 games to 1. This is pretty routine….. LOL!


Here we go with the announcers again….I don’t think anyone penciled in automatic wins with Lester on the mound…especially in the playoofs. And it’s stilll early in this game for this Sox rooter. 3rd inning and Chip Caray already has the Rays up 2 games to 1. Come on Sox…..ruin his day.

The sox are in 5-0 hole…..maybe he is right

Let’s hope the Sox can turn it around. I’m wondering if Tito still thinks it was a good idea to have kept Beckett in last night to give him some work. It would have been a big difference to have come back to Boston two game up. We have to try and turn around the momentum that he gave them. It seems that the Sox morale took a hit after last night. Can’t blame them. However, it’s not over until it’s over.

The worst part about how this is shaping up is that the Sox will have Wakefield going tomorrow ….. not exactly the ace.

We need a six inning pickett fence!

You never know….the two guys you are counting on get roughed up and then guys you are not sure of buckle down. I am not pacing the halls yet…..but I have my shoes in the doorway!!!!!!

This umpire’s strike zone sux, lol

Someone ought to tell Papi to try and go the opposite way. He should have been doing it from the beginning. Hitting against that shift, with pitchers throwing him outside pitches and him trying to pull that ball is dumb. Only Williams did reasonably well against a shift, though he might have had even better numbers if he had gone the other way. Papi is no way even in the same class as Ted. Same thing with Ells, get up and take your cuts- just trying to meet the ball is not working. Watch Pedroia swing.

mr pangelotti – meet mr dead horse – flog away…. ….
Rays are showing what a good team they are…Sox batters now have to show some production…

Not beating a dead horse. Just like to see the Tito supporters realize what bad judgement he had and own up to it. Not Monday mornig quarterbacking. I agree TB is a good team and the Sox have to turn things around. Let;’s hope they get something going.

oh no. here it goes.

first beckett (twice), now lester?
It’s over. let’s hope for a very productive off season
so wecan beatthe yanks and the rays next year.

Papi will be looking at some serious wrist rehab in the off-season…this is not the Papi we all know and love. It’s obvious he is playing with discomfort. This team is beat up but they have persevered. I am proud of this squad. Now…where can we put in a mail order for 7 more Pedroias????? I’ll order 8 if one of them can pitch!!!!!!! Ha Ha….Go Sox!!!

Torthox…..turn off your set.

At least you are semi-positive now….I will wear you down!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha! Don’t make me sick Ellen on you.

I don’t know all of the factors in Francona’s decision to leave Beckett in. Does anyone, besides Francona?

This may sound crazy but maybe Papi needs a day off and let Casey grab a game in.

There’s nothing wrong with Papi’s wrist. What’s wrong with Papi is in his head………….. The other thing that’s wrong with Papi is that he doesn’t have Zazu hitting behind him any more. As good as Youk has been, he doesn’t command the same respect Zazu does and Papi is paying for that.

The Rays manager stayed with Kazmir way too long too. I am wondering if the two managers were reluctant to wear the bullpen out that early in the series. Despite today so far….this could be a long series.

I guess I may have responded to some of the bloggers that indicated that Tito left Beckett stay in to get some work. They must have the inside track. Check with them.

I understand that on Sunday Papi kept peppering the wall. It doesn’t seem that way today. Even that outside pitch (the bad call strike) was a ball he could have easily driven the other way.

By the way, there is no one on the blog that wants the Sox to win more than I do.Maybe that’s why I rant when I see some bonehead action take place.
But, give me a break. Don’t sick Ellen on me.

I’ll spare you the Ellen treatment. I can’t see why Papi all of a sudden stopped using the monster this year. I don’t recall him using it at all this year and he used to wear it out. I wish he’d at least give it a shot.

Okay, I dont care whats happened up until this moment… But the crap stops noe, I’m home, in uniform, beer in hand..
Oh, Hi everyone!!!!!

Nice play by Cora…

It’s about time Ellen….Get your butt in gear and say something to make the world right!!!!!

Pretty soon the Sox will be just where they like it in LCS; down 3 games to 1. Then they’ll come out swinging and throwing strikes. In the mean time we suffer. Thinking positive here. GO SOX.

My TV is upstairs and my computer is downstairs, so talk to you later.

thank you Upton for taking the wind out of their 5th inning sails!!! good job…

hey, I think I broke all land speed records, I left the office at 4 til 6 and I was home, indressed, dressed and on the blog by 16 after!!!!!

Good thing I have an baseball loving boss!!!!

From over here (!), it looks like Papi’s timing is all out (for whatever reasons – wrist or head) – there’s just no confidence or pop in his swing…& the same thing could be said of Beckett.
Pangelotti-of course we all want to see the Sox win. I just find your sniping about Tito both tiresome & ill-informed. You judge him on the basis of a decision (in this case, allowing Beckett to pitch on…btw were you one of the one moaning about him for taking Lester out of the game against the Angels?)
But the thing is, which your kind of blinkered view ignores, Terry Francona has guided the Sox to 2 World Series victories (that’ll be 2 more than you saw in the rest of your 60 years of Sox support…but doubtless you’ll come out with the ‘in spite of…’ line), & nursed a team, suffering major injuries & the destabilising effect of Zazu’s nonsense, into the post-season. But hell, that all goes on ‘behind the scenes, & all counts for nothing when compared to a certain decision in a certain game…whereas we smart guys, who do none of the preparation, none of the hard day-to-day work, just keep on getting it right with our perfect calls in every game.
Francona has been an integral – if not _the_ integral – part in the outstanding success achieved by this team over the last 5 years – more success than we’ve seen, literally, in livin memory. And the Management & Players know this better this better than anyone…

…btw – top play by Youk – could that give us a foot in the door of this game?

…btbtw – sorry to be so grumpy

Have to give Pena credit. He bunted against the shift and got his easy single. Maybe someone else will see the light. Nice , heads-up play by Youk. C’mon Sox, let’s wake up and get something going!!!


For another day.

If you top age 67yrs and two months you are the elder statesman!

Papi’s timing looks way off from over here too!!!!!! Imagine that!!!! Ha Ha!!!

I have a really superstitious idea… anybody who can get YOUTUBE, at the inning break start playing Sweet Caroline, or Tessie, or DirtyWater in between innings!!!! I’m starting now……………….

Kramer-I don’t know for sure but I would say that it is close- very close. However, you can still be the elder statesman.

The Byrdman is here.

Lester wasn’t his best but he settled down after the 3-run jack and saved a couple innings from the bullpen.

OK my birthday is August 16, 1941. And yours?

Okay Paul, give ’em the BYRD!!!!

You are beginning to look like a youngster on the blog now….

March 15, 1933. But I don’t recall when I became a Sox fan. I was born and raised in NYC and my family and friends were all Yankee fans. I don’t know the age that I rebelled and started rooting for the Sox. Therefor, I still feel that you should remain the elder statesman.

We have to stop calling Papi “Papi” cause all he’s doing is Papi’ing them up to the infielders!!!

I can see you rebelling and saying screw the Yankees…I am a Sox fan!!! Ha Ha


Who is this poster “torthox’??? While I appreciate everyones right to say what they feel..
Hey, Bud… This is THEEE RedSox Brownie Points…. Think positive!! (i’m just now able to read a little of the earlier posts).

jambo- I realize that there are some who will defend Tito no matter what he does. Their cop out is that Tito probably knows more that we do which is something that people cannot refute. But regardless of what Tito knows- at least in the eyes of a discerning fan, we can only judge him by the actions that he takes and some of them make no sense. The one thing about the blog is that if you don’t like what someone says you know what you can do about it.

Hey Phil!!! I’ll give you immunity today!! lol

Nice 7th.

Thanks Ellen. But this game is still not over. Let’s wake up and beat the DEVILRAYS.

That’s one!! and its time to get more..GO PETEY!!!!!

D.P. grounds into a D.P. not good.

I stepped in for you when torthox made his post and told him to turn off his TV set. Hope you approve……

As a fan, I feel unqualified to judge Francona?s performance, only to question what I disagree with.

Good way to put it in perspective….and BTW…this Rays team is a good ballclub. They have ripped two of our best starters so the Sox will have to FIND ways to win. Either out hit these guys or find a way to pitch to these guys because they really want to win and they are executing.

pangelotti – I’m sure there are indeed many who would be prepared to defend Tito, whatever he does…but I haven’t done so – I’ve just tried to undermine your own iterative sniping about Tito, during which, you seem to be absolutely unwilling to acknowledge what Tito has achieved with this team.
Management is more about managing people than managing situations.
Personally, I believe people’s opinions tend to be more respected the more they themselves show respect.
…from over here, would I be right in saying that Fenway has been flat, more or less from the 1st pitch? Certainly, the Sox offense has been flat, despite Youk’s play, & Tek’s wonderfully brave play from Petey’s throw at home


I still NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!

Maybe the entire Red Sox team should stay at a Holiday Inn Express tonight!!!!!!!! Just trying to lighten it up…You guys and gals (Ellen) all are a fun bunch.

The Sox have scored eight in two innings before!

No lead is safe at Fenway!

I’ll be watching till the last out.

That Ray fan in the Monster seats has a parachute!

My hunch here is that Wake is going to be wicked in Game 4

But then, I’d take Casey for Papi at DH right now, so what do I know!!!!

Respect to the Rays – they’ve come back from a tough loss in Game 1, & shown what a good ball club they are this season.

Huge ask for the Red Sox to come back – in fact, a real test of Tito’s management !!! I’m sort of believing… !

jambo- I believe that I know at least as much as you profess you do about Tito and what he has accomplished. However, in the playoffs, it’s one game at a time and what he has done in the past has nothing to do with the game that’s underway. If he does something that I perceive is wrong, I will state my opinion. If you don’t like it, as I said before you know what you can do about it and yes you ar right, the Sox did look flat from the first pitch.

Kotsay is stinging the ball….hope he keeps it up during this series….which is far from over.

At least the Sox stopped me from having to clean my grill today for a while….now it’s out back and grill cleaning time. See you guys later. Once it’s 3 games to 1 we’ll have them right where we want them…Ha Ha!!!! I don’t think it will get there though….the Sox will come back!!!!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!!

Come from behind in the ALCS? Sure, no sweat!!!

Wakefireld may surprise us all and pitch like, at times, he has pitched before.We can only hope the Sox respond by coming out with their hitting shoes an and get a big jump on the Devilrays.. Toworrow is another day.

I agree…Wakefield may surprise us one way or the other. If he is pitching good he can be very tough. I think the Sox’ defense has been good when they’ve had a chance to field the ball so who knows????? I am just glad I get to watch the Sox past the 162 game season.

I’m rooting for Wakefield.

We lost this 1 but what’s the old saying?? “It aint over (NO NOT THE YOGI VERSION) til the fat lady sings”..?? Well, I have yet to begin to EVEN warm up!!!!!!
Be honest, this was a terrible loss, but we have been beaten before AND we’ve been beaten worse, by better… Does the score 19-8 mean anything to anyone??? We have had our backs against higher, stronger walls than this. I have a feeling that there will be a players only meeting tomorrow. The chemistry is here. I’m so tired of hearing that we NEVER should have traded (I’m going to say his name, I beg immunity) Manny Ramirez ,that it was then that things deteriorated.. MY AS++S. This team and this club has more resiliency than another team ever in existence. And the fans???? What can you say except 86 years of steadfast loyalty.
We will live to see another day!!!!

We thought that Beckett and Lester would be our big guys this go round… Matsuzaka won so maybe Wake will give us a great one!!! I thought that except for the home run, Byrd did good… I guess thats like saying except for the planes bombing Pearl Harbor……
Well.. Like Scarlett Ohara said.. “TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY”……. I’ll check back…
Hey to anyone I night have offended… I’m sorry.. I just LOVE OUR SOX!!! and OUR NATION!

I can’t believe that I’m the last comment tonight…
Things are not looking good for a SOLID REDSOX NATION!!!!

Let’s hope that Wakefield can perform his magic. When he is getting ahead of the batters and his knuckleball is working he can be devestating on the batter. When we win tomorrow we can go with DiceK on Thurs and Beckett on Saturday. That should then wrap it up. If for some unexpected reason we go into Sunday all tied up, then we will come back with Lester. Go Sox.

That’s the spirit Pangelotti. Lot’s can and will happen in the few days.

Give me something I can hang my hat on….

Hey Phil!!!! That’s the way!!!! Oh my glory… Phil is REALLY back!! lol// How’ve you been Phil??? I still have the email you sent me of the Big Ships!! beautiful!!
We Can do it!!!!

G’night ALL!! See you tomorrow.. I have a (yuk) physical in the A.M. At least they know mt blood is RedSoxRED!!!! BYE!!

Hope your physical turns out well. Take care of yourself.Goodnight.

Game 3 is the loss I can take with ease.
I blame the Game 2 loss completely on Francona. How could a team score 8 runs and lost? I said it emphatically that Beck is not the Beck of 2007. He is at best a No. 3 starter in 2008 for whatever reason. For the first time in my life I watched Beck pitched like he was Buchholtz. You gave him 2 runs lead, he gave 2 runs back in the next inning. The team came back for the lead, he repeatedly gave it right back. Why the heck stayed with him so long? People still refused to believe that Beck is not an ace this year even if he pitches a shut out in his next outing. Listen to Francona’s explanation. Yoiu will get a kick of it. No pinch run for the hapless Ortiz in late inning among other things?
Oki and Masterson bailed out Dice-K and Francona is Game 1. My hats off to Dice-k who pitched a game of his life. A lot of people didn’t give him a chance in Game 1.
Thankfully, the Sox could be dwon 3-0.

IF there is a Game 6, I would pitch Lester on 3 days rest. But I know it won’t happen.


When there is a game 6….Lester could pitch on normal rest. Game 6 is on Saturday.

Certainly Francona stayed with Beckett too long on Sat. night. When the Sox got the lead back, Beckett should have never gone to the mound. If Beckett did go to the hill, he should have been lifted when Longoria came to the plate.

Who was going to run for Ortiz late in the game? There were no other options at that point.

Lester felt the pressure yesterday. He wasn’t the same pitcher. Game 2 was a momentum builder and T.B. rolled it into Boston. Somehow someway, Boston needs to grab momentum back! Scoring early will certainly help. Ellsbury and Ortiz need to get there act together and quick!

I have alot of confidence in Wakefield. I really think he is going to come up big tonight. Also Cash can’t do any worse than Varitek. Varitek is the most frustrated hitter I have ever seen!

Then Lester definitely should start game 6. Can’t take a chance with Beckett any more. But I am sure Francona
and Farell will.
Cora could pinch run for Ortiz or any one avilable on the bench for Ortiz who is a waste at bat. That is why Gil Val should remains instead of Timlin.
As long as the Sox lefties don’t start to hit, the manager has to step in to make things happen and play little balls.
I expect Wake to pitch a great tonight and he has to. Period.

Francona was dead wrong in staying with Beckett. Francona’s move was worse than that of Grady Little. At least Pedro pitched a strong game whereas Beckett was throwing batting practice. Should there be enough sign when Beckett surrendered long balls to righties? We all agreed that Timlin should not be used in a close game. When Timlin came in a tie game. we all know that the game is lost before he throws a first pitch. Francona can get away in regular season game. His mistake will be magnified in a playoffs game.


I also think Lester should start on Sat. as well.

I don’t think Cora would have made a difference. I think I could run faster than him. lol. Agree very much about Velazquez over Timlin. Bailey as well. Timlin is a total waste of a roster spot. Boston doesn’t have a long man in there bullpen. Byrd showed everyone what he can do out of the bullpen. Wake as you said has to come up big tonight. At least 6 innings.

The Boston bats need to wake up tonight! Crisp should be playing c.f. tonight.

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