Season On The Brink — Again

Here we go again. The Red Sox fighting off elimination. In manager Terry Francona‘s term as manager, the club has faced elimination in eight postseason games and have won seven of them.

If you stretch it back to 2003, the team is 11-2 in those situations. And if you want to go back to 1999, they are 14-3 when they face elimination. If you really want to stretch it out, the Red Sox are 24-11 all-time on nights they could have been eliminated from a postseason series.

In all honesty, that doesn’t help them win tonight’s game. They need to out-execute the Rays to do that. But it does, as Jason Varitek says, create a “sense of belief”.

I would expect a revved-up Fenway crowd for this one. It’s been strange to see the team play so poorly at home, where they are 1-3 thus far in this postseason and the only win came on that fluky botched squeeze by the Angels.

To get to the World Series, the Red Sox need to win three in a row. An optimist would point out that they’ve done that 15 times this season, and twice against the Rays.

Including the postseason, opponents are 0-for-1 against Dice-K with the bases loaded this season, though I’m sure most Sox players and fans would hope he doesn’t try to stretch that stat out tonight.

And after a dreary day, the sky is brightening. It’s a mystery who will throw out the first pitch. I haven’t seen anything on that yet. Any guesses? I’m sure most people are more preoccupied with what Dice-K and Kazmir’s first pitches are going to look like.




I am expecting a good game from Varitek. He hits best from the right side. The “C” is on his jersey for a reason. Show everyone why! I like the idea of Crisp leading off. Ellsbury had all sorts of problems with Kazmir during game #2. Boston has pounded Kazmir this year, they need too continue doing that! Momentum changes quick in the playoffs. We have seen that many many times.

I think Dave Roberts should throw out the first pitch!

If Boston takes the field feeling they have to win 3 games, they will not even win 1 game! I really believe the off day hurt T.B.

I think it might bode well for the sox that bosox brian chimed in first today. i think their winning percentage is very good on those occasions.

Take one game at a time and take every opportunity presented to the Sox. Can’t squander scoring opportunity. Every run counts.

Way to go Brian. When you’re the first poster, all’s well. That’s what I’m talking about, it’s all coming together. We’ve got Dice-K on the mound, no pressure, Joe Madden making managerial moves from hell. It couldn’t go any better than this. Atta boy, Brian!

If the Red Sox fortunes come down too me leading off, this team is in BIG TROUBLE! A slow white guy at the top, never a good thing! LOL!!

The Red Sox should take the field loose….. no reason to be uptight. Perhaps Crisp will have a nice clean/hard slide into second base. Pedro tossed one near Matusi back in 2004. This Sox team needs a spark and bad! They have played lifeless baseball the past 2 games. They can’t blame Zazu anymore, he is long gone.


Your thoughts about the article Ken Rosenthal wrote?

Hi Brian:
I was waiting for you at the starting gate for you to post first. I don’t want to jinx the Sox. lol
If Dice-K can escape first inning or second inning unscathed, he will get stronger. Dice-K said he won’t be going into the exact same game plan as in Game 1. Go Dice-K.


I’m guessing you waited a while for me. I’m not exactly quick out of the gate! lol. Thanks for waiting….patiently would be the word to use.

Dice-K just might be the pitcher too slow down the Red hot Rays. He doesn’t give you anything and he nibbles. T.B. has been wayyyyyy too comfortable in the box.

The bandwagon in St. Pete has no vacancy. It is getting full. lol.

DiceK has to focus on getting that first pitch over and then staying ahead of the batters. He cannot afford to walk anyone. That’s key. When ahead 0-2 instead of flirting around and eventually having the count go to 3-2; he ought to look at putting them away ASAP. He ought to try and keep his pitch count low and he does this by avoiding going 3-2 on every batter. Our bats have to wake up early and get the jump on TB. If DiceK looks like he is faltering Tito should pull him and essentially having everyone ready to come in. Let’s play this game like there is no tomorrow. Ortiz ought to go to the opposite field and bunt as necessary. A single is better than a pop-up or ground ball if he continues to try to pull everything. Tito should play small-ball and have his batters ready to bunt to get players in scoring position. Tito should start managing.

To all,
Thanks for the flowers (a CB term) on the Phillies! Now I want to see an all Red World Series!!!

I’ve got this feeling also that we’ll see a big hit or two from the captain. I wish he were batting a little higher than the eight slot!

Bosoxb: Thanks for being 1st!!! and Ian, what exactly does that say about when I’m first?? huh?? lol
I’m going to ask one MORE time.. Should I do my I believe mantra or not… PLease chime in!

I think that Schill should throw out the 1st pitch!!

Yeah if you took all the bandwagon jumpers away, you’d have about 35,000 empty seats..

Pregame on TBS in 10 minutes. I wonder who is throwing out the 1st pitch….

I saw Schill in the dugout!!!
His T-shirt reads “WHY NOT US???”
Why the Hell NOT!!!!!!!
I’m pstched, are YOU???????

Well we’ve got the 3 Stooges again tonight (plus Craig Sager)

Let’s go Sox. Let’s get serious!!!

Hey Phil!!! GO REDSOX!!!!

DiceK goes to 3-2 and has to come in with it. When will he learn????

I’m not posting anymore until we get a lead or the end of the game….

Hold them dowm .Give us a chance to get back.


Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. With the games. Not very good start. But they are only down by 2 (so far). So lets not doubt yet

Only thing I know is Upton is way too comfortable in the box!

Fenway Park sounds like a morgue! That 2 run H.R. sucked the life out of the crowd. Crisp at second with 1 out….he is stranded. not good! 2 walks from Kazmir and Boston gets nothing. Ortiz is killing the Red Sox! He should be dropped in the order.

Dice-K is like a cat out there! He snagged that line drive almost nonchalantly. Impressive.

2 out hits put yyou in heaven. If you get out it is disapointment

Okay. Now you can say it is over

Never quit!

Do the Red Sox have a pulse? hmmmmmmmmm. I dunno about that!

I can’t quit… I have loved this team since I was 6… That’s 43 years of my life. I loved them through really ally crappy seasons and I have celebrated them in the great ones. I for one refuse to EVER give up on this team. The BOSTON REDSOX stand for resiliency, hope, faith and LOYALTY. I know I have seen them come back from games where we were down worse. There is still plenty of game left. I know that this is getting old.. but I still have my Rose Colored glasses on and my glass is still half full… and


At least make a game of it. It looks like the Red Sox have quit! Where is the leadership on this baseball team? Every single one of them should be ashamed of themselves, coaches and players! I have seen this team play pretty much every game and this showing is embarassing!! At least go down fighting.

That being said….this T.B. team looks unbeatable! How did Boston even beat them in game #1? That victory seems like it was 10 years ago! lol.

T.B. has a full tank of gas and the Red Sox are on empty! I’m guessing these guys already booked there flights out of Boston.

I think that the fans are embarassing… they don’t show any of their usual fire either… get the fans going and I think the Sox get going… anybody ever heard of the importance of the 10th man???

Another runner stranded in scor. pos.

Brian… can you say something positive, PLEASE?????

Are you telling me that you have absolutely given up????

What do you think would happen if they put Ellsbury in?? Maybe Casey..

The weekend is here! lol.

I have not given up. I think the Red Sox have!

The fans will start pounding the walls and stomping their feet, adrennalin, something……

I think that Buck Martinez and Caray are “bucking” to become the Rays announcers or something. They’d fit right in with Migraine………….

I have NEVER EVER heard such a biased broadcast crew in the 43 years that Ive been watching and listening to Major League Baseball games…. Is there nowhere to complain?? not that it would do any good me being a RedSox fan.

Brian… talk to me, tell me what you think we need to do to turn this around…..

Guess I’m own my own….

I’m on my way to Fenway with some Red Bull. And some prunes. They need to get the lead out and some energy in. I’ll be there soon.


It’s not over until the fat lady sings!! I hear her humming but there is still time

There is plenty of innings left. The Sox know what to do, but it starts with Kazmir and they’ve got to get him out of his rhythm, out of his comfort zone. Cmon Sox!!!

How come Pena will take the bunt single but Papi feels it’s beneath him????

arnie…… YOU’RE HERE!!! THANK GOD!!!!! Let’s get something going here!!!


The Red Sox need to see about 10 priests! lol.

Red Sox Sox are the fat cat and the Rays are hungry for a big meal!

Thanks Brian I knew I could count on your positivity…

Yea, I’m here Ellen. I’m in my truck driving a shipment of prune to Fenway. Hope I get there in time. The Sox need to get unplugged so they can play in their usual free and easy manner. I’m driving 95 miles per hour along route 84. I’ll be there soon. I’ve got my laptop hooked up to the magneto. It gives me a shock once in a while but it’s worth it.

All the Red Sox need is a t.d. and they win!

You like those little “shocks” huh??

Does Chip Caray want too marry B.J. Upton? I think so.

Yes, Ellen, the electricity goes through my fingers and into my pineal gland giving me insight into the true nature of reality. I’m seeing that the world is a hazy network of swirling energy fields and ……whoops!…. those twirling lights are on top of a state trooper cruiser! Gotta go!!

Well, these announcers now have the rays winning the AL East for the next century or so. All those young players signed up for EVER!

Where’d everybody go??

I think that marriage has nothing to do with it… I think its the “before marriage fun” that keeps them making those blowing, oops I mean glowing statements….

Arnie, did you see my post earlier about the biased broadcast?? Have you ever seen one asbiased as this>??

Now we have TB where we want them. Tito brought in Paps- that will guarantee that we will either tie or go ahead of TB- but we won’t have our closer when we need him. If I were TB I would really worry now.

Hey about the thing with Upton… His name is BJ isnt it???

I couldnt take the tbs team anymore… I’ve got the audio on gameday with RKO… its a little behind the video but it is less grating on my nerves.

Well I guess everyone has turned in…. I’ll hangout for the remainder of the game..

Yes, Ellen I saw your post. These guys love the rays.


I am here…barely. Very disheartning! Does this team ( Red Sox ) have some clubhouse issues or what? They have quit….shown no life…lackluster effort. A horrible display of baseball the last 3 games! Absolutely horrible! Other than that, life is good I guess. LOL!!

I’m not sure who sings that song “changes” but we will see alot of them this winter! No doubt about it! This off-season is going to be very interesting. Perhaps better than the reg. season. lol.

The off day has hurt T.B.—they have only scored 7 runs. LOL!!

Cmon Dustin!
David Bowie sings Changes. “Ch..Ch..Changes, turn and face the strange. ” Appropriate. This is very strange indeed.

I say Crisp, Delcarmen, Timlin ( retires ) Casey ( retires–sorry Ellen ) Byrd, Cash, Cora, Aardsma ( hardly knew ya Aardsma ) perhaps Varitek ( not signed back ) Wakefield…retire???? It will be fun too find out what will happen in the winter. The Hot stove!

Papi!!!!!!! The prunes are working!!!!!! Yahoooo!!!!!

I would love too see Lugo gone as well but what will the Sox get in return besides 3 coffee’s from Dunkin Donuts and 2 jelly donuts. lol.

Ever since I wrote all this bad stuff about the Sox….4 runs for the Sox!

Going down with a fight! That is all I am asking for.


It is all about the prune’s!! lol.

Boston within striking distance. A bloop….blip and a boom!

Are the Rays feeling the pressure? I think so.


What do you think?

These guys are not going down to defeat without a fight!!! Scratching, clawing, buzzing the batter (??) whatever the hell it takes I KNOW THESE GUYS WILL DO IT!!!!!
GO SOX!!!!

Why is Wheeler pitching? Strange move by Maddon!


That is all I ask. At least go down with a fight. Don’t just lay there and take it. Show some fire…..

The Red Sox have all winter too heal and lick there wounds! Keep it up…..goose eggs by Papelbon and then the bats roll.

I believe….I believe….I do….believe…BELIEVE…BELIEVE….

Let’s go Red Sox….Let’s go Red Sox…clap…clap….

Beat the freaking DEVIL RAYS!

I remember when I was younger….4th grade or so…The bully picked a fight with me….I fought back…Youngest of 4, that is all I know. Just don’t take it. Stand up for yourself. Let’s go Red Sox!

Guess what? The bully never returned! He didn’t like it too much when I punched back! I am not saying the Rays are a bully but I think your catching my drift here. Grey goose is going down good! lol.

Time for some baserunners!

Wheeler is not a closer!

Wheeler is the son in law of Staats…The t.v. guy with the ugliest perm I have ever seen! Enough said of Wheeler. lol.

Does anyone know what color hair Tito has???… even though he has a shaved head… HIS HAIR MUST BE SHOCK FREAKING WHITE!!!!!!

I’m loving it!

I can’t believe what I am watching. I must be drunk!

I am not sure what color hair I have anymore. LOL! Do I have any? ha……ha…

Wheeler is not a closer!

Once again JD Drew proves me wrong, and once again I aplogize to him…

Bad at bat by Lowrie! He shouldn’t be swinging at 1-0. The rookie should be taken a strike.


So sorry Chip Caray…Upton didn’t make that catch! lol.

Sorry about My Casey at Bat!! But OH YES WE’RE ALL TIED UP!!!!!!!

Crisp with a great at bat. clutch!! but the baserunning was disgusting!

I just got home from work in time to see Coco’s at-bat. One of the best at-bats I’ve seen!!!! Tied up at 7!!! GO SOX. I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!! just when i was giving up!

Let’s hold them !!!!!


Can you believe it?

OK, Masterson gets out of trouble. Time to end this game!!! Let’s GO SOX!!!!!!

Time to pray!!!

Time to prEy!!!

Nice try Papi!!!

OK. Baseball this week end!!!

I’ve seen it all now!!!!!!!!!! JD DREW!!!!! Yaaaahooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in St Pete!!!!



I gave up but more importantly the Red Sox didn’t. I questioned there heart/desire. They proved me DEAD WRONG!

Holy $#!+. Nice batting in last three innings, Red Sox. You guys sure keep it intense and interesting.

We did it!!!! We did it!!!

Hey Guys< you know what????

I will reapeat my 9:26 post:

Well, I never got to finish the prune story. Anyway, the trooper pulls me over and I tell him what my mission is. Turns out, he’s a Sox fan. Look, I say, I gotta get these prunes to Fenway before it’s too late. The guys are all bound up and they aren’t hitting worth a dang. Timmy the trooper says he knows the feeling and offers me an escort! So there I am getting the Mirabelli treatment and we pull into Fenway at the start of the 7th. Whew! I’m thinking it’s too late…..the rays just took a 7 to nothing lead! I ask Tito,”You got a blender in this dugout?” I look around and it’s a pig-sty in there! I got Lugo to clean up a little. Where was I?? Oh yeah, the prunes! I find a blender in the clubhouse and I puree the prunes. Everyone takes a big drink and next thing you know………………..Dustin drives in a run!!!!! I give ’em the prunes and the Sox get some runs!! What a game.

The wounded tiger! I told you the Sox are very dangerous in this situation! The tiger strikes! I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight at all! I can’t believe it!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! What a game, This weekend should be interesting! To think I almost shut it off.
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forewarned TB in my 10:37 post. Thank God we didn’t need our closer in the ninth inning tonite.

Arnie, I guess you made it to Fenway with the Prunes!! Good job, bubba!!!
are you still awake, or alive Arnie??

Mr. Brown,

Can you please pinch me?




1. Does this beat the $15 mil. dollar home run last year?
1a. Will anyone is Red Sox Nation EVER call him Nancy again?

OK Beckett- you got another life. Put them away Saturday so that Lester can bring it home!!! We have the momentum- let’s keep it going!

I am absolutely SO DAMNED PROUD of each and every Boston RedSox player for never giving in and never giving up!!!!! I went for my physical the other day, good thing they’re not taking my blood pressure now!!!! (or my blood alcohol level, lol!!),, THEY ARE THE EPITOME OF THE QUOTE “NEVER..SAY..DIE..
and like the commercial with Mellencamp..
“Thats why I love this town”!!!!
Good night everybody.. dream sweet REDSOX dreams!!!
Talk to y’all tomorrow!!

I’m awake. I’ll be awake for a while. My throat is sore from cheering and yelling at my TV. Seven runs down in the 7th! Are you kidding me? What a game!!!!!

1) When he started hitting last year we stopped calling him Nancy (that’s what I called him and I’ve apologized on about a dozen different times) when he started earning his multimillion dollar paycheck…
2) I really don’t think Ian is into that!!!

Arnie, that was the BEST!!!! I am however going to go to bed now…. and I can go into my Philly-Phull office tomorrow with my head held high and my REDSOX Jersey on!!!!!
G’night, I’ll try to talk from the office tomorrow if my computer is being nice!! G’NIght Arnie, g’night nationers!!!
Hey I’m SMILING!!!!!!

Well that was pretty amazing. What else is there to say except, hey Arnie, you got any of those prunes left over. Maybe you could swing through Jax on your way back home and drop some off. I relatively sure this game is going to have an adverse affect on my digestive system.

B.J. Upton should have made the catch on Kotsay’s double. However, he started out doing his Cadillac thing and then couldn’t catch up with the ball. That’s the second time that’s happened to him in this series. He covers a lot of ground, but he makes a lot of mistakes out there. I don’t like the way he plays outfield. He seems more concerned about “looking cool” when he catches the ball than he is about securing a sure catch.

The Upton play, the Longoria error, that horrendous throw from right field on Crisp’s single and the bullpen performance showed that maybe the Rays do get the jitters under pressure. We’ll see how Shields comes out on Saturday……. and by the way, Coco Crisp has that whole play, including the bad throw in front of him. His trying to take second was a real bonehead running mistake. Maybe he didn’t get any help from the first base coach.

Boston punched back and look what happened. Finally…there inexperienced showed. Maddon panicked when he brought in Wheeler. He had no bussiness bringing in Wheeler. A very poor move by Merlot Joe. Wheeler felt the pressure. You could see it in his eyes! Wheeler look scared and he was afraid on that hill. A far different look from Papelbon.

I questioned the Red Sox heart/desire. They looked lifeless for 24 innings. Then all of a sudden they came to life. Was it the prunes? Things that make me go hmmmmmmmm.

Youkilis with a great at bat. Just like Crisp in the 8th. The more pitches the hitter sees the better he is. I also thought Gross was playing Drew a tad shallow. Almost daring Drew to hit it over his head.

Playoffs are all about momentum and the Sox have it! It changes quick, doesn’t it?

I really thought the Sox were done like dinner! I really did. I never think like that but tonight I did. I should know better. This is the Red Sox. It is always torture with them. lol.

I think if Beckett can pinpoint his pitches this series could go the Sox’ way. There’s a long way to go but now the pressure is on the rays. They will feel pressure from the Sox reputation and they will feel pressure to close the deal. No team is more dangerous when their backs are to the wall than Tito’s Sox. The rays just got a taste of that.


All the Red Sox needed to do was score 8 runs! LOL!!

Amazing game! Never ever did I think they would win this one. Getting up to work and seeing those Rays fans will be GREAT! Can’t wait to go too work. Never ever thought I would say that! LOL!!

Location….location….will be Beckett’s friend. Not too mention all the momentum Boston has. Score early if you are the Red Sox! Put the pressure on T.B.

Sorry Garry, no prunes for you. I dumped the whole load at Fenway. Maybe some Pepto??

Have you seen a comeback like that? In the playoffs? What a game! 9 outs to go, 7 runs down and the game got away from the rays. Pedroia’s hit, Papi’s homer and boom, I’m thinking this is not over by a long shot! What a game!!! The rays have done that to teams all year, now the Sox do it to them. In a BIG way.

Wow. I’m stunned. I’ve never seen anything like that in by 33 years of watching post-season baseball (I started when I was 7 in the ’75 World Series when Carlton Fisk hit the home run). Will this loss be so demoralizing to the young Rays that they collapse, or will they treat it as one game, just one heartbreaking loss? Hopefully, the Sox bats will stay alive and reach Shields early.



When it was 7-4….Everyone knew the Sox would win. Including the Rays. It is all about momentum in the playoffs! Game 5 is a swing game.


I’m guessing the Sox bats get it going against Shields. Also Beckett throws one tight to Upton. They need to back him off the plate. Boston needs to jump out early on Sat. night! I thought Maddon panicked when he brought in Wheeler. The move made no sense.

My patience at the starting gate paid off, paying huge dividend. lol
Yesterday’s heros are the Red Sox team as a whole and particularly Pedroia, Big Papi, JD, Kotsay, Coco, and the bulllpen ( – Delcarman).
Now we know why Francona played Kotsay instead of Casey who is completely washed up.
Let us not forget Dice-K. His 18-3 brought us to the postseason. Without Dice-K’s game 1 victory, there would be no game 5. It is a given fact that when Dice-K pitches, the Sox win most of the time. When Dice-K stinks, it is still sweet rosy smelling for the Sox at the end.
Do you believe that Beckett and Lester will pitch 2 stinkers ina row? I don’t.

OMG. I went to bed too early!

I’ve been lurking on the board for awhile. You guys are a hoot! I feel like we’re sitting in the stands at Fenway together — except I was asleep!

Sox fan since 1964 (born into it)

The Rays finally became Devil Rays! LOL!!

Boston needs too score first tomm. night!

How about the job done by Okajima last night! I almost forgot. Of course Papelbon as well.

Crisp stays in the lineup. Ellsbury to the bench. A year ago it was the total opposite! Strange indeed!

I don’t think Delcarmen sees the mound this weekend. Timlin….Delcarmen…..Wakefield….Byrd….should all hit the beautiful beaches on the west coast of Florida this weekend! lol.

Arnie, I can’t recall a more surprising comeback in a playoff game. This was as much of a surprise as what the Sox did after their 19-8 drubbing by the Yankees in 2004. If Don Orsillo was doing the game, he would scream, “Are you kidding me?” (Remember the Rangers 19-17 game)

I had a tough time sleeping last night after the game. I just couldn’t get enough of the highlights on Sportscenter. Then luckily, the cable went out and I finally fell asleep.

I don’t think there’s any particular strategy for Saturday’s game. The Sox have to hit, and Beckett needs to pitch. If both of those things happen, they win. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I guess I wouldn’t make it as an analyst on ESPN. Seriously though, if I have my choice to have Beckett or Shields pitching for me in this situation, I’m taking Beckett every time. I have supreme confidence every time he takes the mound becaue I know he’s not going to beat himself. The Rays will have to swing the bats to beat him, and that may happen, but he won’t beat himself, and he won’t get shaken.

Baseball Rule Quiz: On his game winning hit last night, J. D. Drew hit a line drive which bounced into the bullpen for what should have been a ground rule double. However, he was only credited with a single……. Why?

Oki did a phenomenal job. You have to believe in karma. Maddon and the Rays had bad karma and bad faith. Leading 5 runs and yet the base runners were running wild stealing third and double steal showing up the Sox. Remember Bill Billichek? If Longoria made a good throw to first, Youk wouldl be out and the game probably would remain tied. The Rays still had Miller and Bradford and the Sox had Lopez, Timlin, Byrd in the pen. Just like in 2007, the luck and breaks turn the Sox way starting in game 5.
What about coco’s 10 pitch game tying rbi?


I’m going to say because Drew never touched second base. Robin Ventura hit a walk off grand slam against the Braves but never got credited with a grand slam because he did not touch home. The play is over and I guess that is why.


I don’t think the Rays were showing up the Red Sox. You can never have enough runs, that was proven last night. If Boston is up 5-0 in the 7th, they better be looking too score more runs. Never take the pedal off.

T.B. also had Price and Jackson for long relief as well. Any game that goes deep ( 12th and beyond ) T.B. has a descive edge!

You are exactly right Brian. There are two things that have to happen for Drew to get credit for a double. First, the runner that scored (Youk) has to advance at least two bases. Second, Drew must run all the way to second base and touch the base. Youk did advance two bases, but Drew never made it to second. You are BRILLIANT!

I would agree with you Brian about the Rays not showing up the Sox. Five runs is not a huge lead in Fenway Park, or any other park for that matter. Also, this is post season baseball. You don’t leave anything to chance because losses are huge. If you can score 50 runs, you score them.


Brillant and myself don’t belong together. lol. I thought Gross was a little shallow on Drew’s game winner. Now I know why Gross is a former q.b. at Auburn…That throw was pathetic. Like Bonds’ throw in Atlanta trying to get the slowest guy ever….Sid Bream. Bream and Casey? Who would win that race? Would the race ever end? LOL!!!

I would have loved too see the face of Joe Migrane when the Rays were “choking”. Wheeler looked very scared on that mound! My mother told me he looked like he was very over-whelmed. If my mother can see it…..the Red Sox saw it. Wheeler is not a closer. A good reliever but not a closer.

I got into the truck this morning and had my radio set on espn radio… I got in just in time to hear Ian Brown being thanked for giving an interview…. I guess our Ian has hit the BIG TIME!!!!
Ian you should have told us that you were going to be on..

I can’t wait to see what IAN’s heading for the next thread says!!!!!!!!! My cardiovascular system was put to it’s limit last night. I had no pulse for the first six innings and then my heart jumped out of my chest for the 7th and 8th and and it did a break dance in the 9th on the coffee table before it went back in my chest and after all that I calmly said” I knew this was going to happen.” We are spending “house” money now and I like it!!!!!!!!! Go Sox!!!

Huge pressure shift to the rays. This next game becomes almost a must win for them. You don’t want to get into a winner take all scenario with the Sox. Especially not in front of the home fans. Too much pressure. I can feel it all the way out here.

Brian, get ready to be the first poster! No one post on Ian’s new thread until Brian breaks the ice!

Didn’t get a chance to read all the posts… Just have one thing to say. Francoma needs to have Beckett on a CLOSE WATCH. Everyone in the world knows he is injured. How could he possibly have left Beckett in the game for a full 8 RUNS in game 2, is incomprehensable. And the worst part, was that the damage was steady and gradual… 2, 0, 2, 1, 3… were the inning totals. A backup starter needs to be ready in the first inning. 3, 4 runs and pull the plug. If that strategy was in place in game 2, we’d be closing it out tonight.


Hey guys. What a great comeback. 7-0 with 7 outs left and they won. Great stuff

All I can say is I am SOOOO glad that there is no game tonight.. I’m too exhausted to cheer!!!

I haven’t heard anyone on this blog commenting on how clever Tito was last night keeping Papi in the third spot and putting Coco in center. And how he had Dice-K on a relatively short leash and didn’t let Delcarmen get himself in too much trouble. Masterful managing in last night’s game letting Madden mismanage. I wonder how it could be that every time the Sox lose by one run it’s Tito’s fault, yet any time they win by one run he gets no credit? Things that make me go hmmmmmmm….

I think the reason that Drew was never credited with a double was that he stopped at first base, turned around, and made sure Youk scored.

I was glad that Papi attempted to lay down that bunt- even though it went foul. TB now has to look out for it. I would have preferred for him to try it on his first strike that may open up the infield more.If they continue to pitch him outside he should definitely go the other way- or at least try to. This may make them try and come inside and you can see what Papi did last night.

Tito managed that last game like he should manage tomorrow- like it may be the last game. Keep all pitchers on a short leash- have someone warming up ready to come in. Pull out all stops. Move runners along- bunt if you have to. Be ready to steal bases and initiate hit and runs. Keep TB on the defensive as much as possible.

Arnies right ~ again…( I know, scary huh??)I think that Tito did another great job~~~ with as much criticism- no, the amount of CRAP he takes here he deserves a really big Attaboy!!!

Hey guys,

Big game tonight. Going to be a tough, tough battle for the Sox. Beckett has to be 2007 Josh because Shields is a nasty arm to face with a tough lineup. I say Go Red Sox because why now! Let them crush these Rays.
Sorry I haven’t written anything. Going through a dry spell on stuff but I’m sure if they lose tonight you can expect a huge laugh to cope with our sadness and if they win (yes) then I say we celebrate. IN a way the Sox won the championship in game 5 because they showed everyone that you never discount the Sox.

Dave, A discount on Sox????? Where?? moneys tight. lol!!!!

… another snart a-s=s remark…
No thats right …You should never discount the Sox…. Keep them at full price!! lol

The Sox will need to have their game faces on tonight. There has been a lot said and written about the Sox come back in the game the other night and the impact it might have on the Rays. Anyone who thinks the Rays are down and won’t be ready to play tonight is seriously mistaking. They have been a resilient team all year long and they will be ready. Contrary to what a lot of people think, they still have the upper hand, they are playing at home where they had the best record in baseball, and they have one of the better pitchers in the game going for them tonight. We will have two teams tonight primed and ready to play their best baseball. It should be a great game to watch.

I wonder when we’ll hear from our illustrious leader, Ian??
Whatcha up to Ian????

Hey I just realized I got it right as to who would throw out the 1st pitch the other night…. Yea me!!!

Personally, I expect the rays to give the game to the Sox. Anything less would be uncivilised. After all, what’s more exciting than a 7 game ALCS? So look for a Sox win and the rays making all kinds of errors and foolish mistakes.

What Josh Beckett shows up? If it is the Beckett we have seen the last 2 starts, Boston better have there bats with them tonight! Beckett is well rested, he hasn’t pitched in a week. Last Sat. night he only hit 93 m.p.h. on the radar gun. Normally we see Beckett at 96 or 97 m.p.h. If Beckett doesn’t have life on his fastball. He will have too rely on his secondary pitches. Also Beckett’s change-up isn’t effective when he is only throwing 93 m.p.h. Something tells me Beckett will be ready to go! I also believe he’ll throw one inside to Upton. Upton is very comfortable in that box! As Garry said…this should be a great game too watch! The Rays have been very resillent all season long, especially at Tropicana Field. The Sox better win….I have tix for tomm. night’s game!

Let’s go Red Sox….Let’s go Red Sox….Let’s go Red Sox…..I BELIEVE….I BELIEVE….Oh yes I do…..

Yeah, the sox probably already won with the 5th game. But winning both of the games at STUPIDcana field will be as double sweet. LET’S GO RED SOX!

I just said that because I want to make a mockery of Tropicana field. LOL


Sorry if that offended anyone’s sensabilities… Just a very feeble attempt at a little jocularity!!!

On a more serious note:

Please let these men achieve the goals that they have set for themselves and let them play to the absolute best of the abilities that they have been given and worked so hard to retain. Let these players stay safe and free from harm.

Sorry if this offends anyone…

RS015 regarding your statement about the 5th game.. We won the 5th game Thursday night… or am I counting wrong?? I thought that this game tonight is the 6th…

I guess Ian is waiting til the absolute last minute to add the new thread… Keeping us in suspense!!! I’m going on with my usual..


Hey guys… Are we all here??? Roll call!!!
Rayman….. ………..
Ellen…. HERE!!!!


I am here. Waiting for Ian too put up a new thread. Ian must be busy, I’m not sure why he would be. Not much going on tonight. LOL!

1st of all sorry for my rambling.. I guess I’m just a TINY BIT nervous! If I could bottle the feeling I have now and had at the end of Thursday nights game…. I would be a freaking gazillionaire!!! Better living made possible through the REDSOX!!!!

and hey Brian.. no matter what please try to stay positive!!!! (sorry about the other night… forgiven??)

Yeah, I messed the 5th game thing up

Something is wrong on TBS (other than the Broadcast Crew)
The game should be on and they are running TV Bloopers..
What the hell is going on

sorry I thought I was wrong…

Now they are having “technical difficulties”// this is SOME KIND OF PROFESSIONAL BROADCAST OF MLB… That ought to kill their chances to get it back again next year….


I think I have seen it all! Thank you T.B.S.


Hello all,

I’m not getting anything on TBS either, they’re just playing a sitcom right now… listening to the radio broadcast in the meantime until they fix this…

FYI this is my first post here, however I’ve been reading this blog and reading all of your comments for a couple of years now, and I have to say you’ve all been my Red Sox home away from New England, and thanks for that!

Sounds like Crisp is getting us off to a good start…

Go to Gameday and at least follwow pitch-by-pitch. FYI Crisp led off with a bunt single but was then picked off. Pedroia popped out and Papi struck out.

Crap. Upton with a homer

Please let this not be ’06/’08 Beckett tonight

I’m working but will check in from time to time, Ellen.

Looks like TBS is finally back…

Not being able to see the game, if Beckett looks off Tito should have somepone warming up. He can’t afford to wait.

Hey Arnie… mapquest a route for me and I’ll make The “Prune Run”!!!!

Looks like the bats are working!

I’m listening to the rko radio broadcast… Castiglione is SOOO much better to listen to than the Stooges at the Keystone Cops Network….


Brian… that should be DUMB DUMBER DUMBEST!!!!

I’m here. New Thread so BosoxBrian — get it started.

Ok, fresh entry. who is going to be first?

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