Game 6 of the ALCS

Apologies for my late entry. At least I was here for the start of the game, unlike TBS. I haven’t read the comments section yet, but I imagine you folks were a little, uh, perturbed.

Top of the sixth: What a wild game. Who among you called the Jason Varitek home run after the captain had started the series in an 0-for-14 spell? That error by Jason Bartlett was a killer for the Rays. And David Ortiz, who is finding his rhythm in this series just in time, just poked his bat out there and stuck the ball into right for an RBI single to make it 4-2.

Bottom of the fifth: Beckett looks like he’s laboring now. His velocity is down to 88-90. He gives up game-tying solo homer to  Bartlett, who had hit one home run all year. He reached back and blew a 93-mph heater by Iwamura to get out of the inning.

Top of the fourth: This night has truly been bizarre. First, there’s no TV for the first inning and now it appears home plate umpire Deryl Cousins has bowed out of the game because of a health issue. It might have been a foul tip by Jason Varitek a couple of innings ago. At any rate, we’re in a delay. Delay is over. Here comes Tim McLelland.

Bottom of the third. Beckett still looking sharp, but a backdoor curve
hit the No. 9 hitter, Jason Bartlett with one out. Josh said a couple
of naughty words in a shocker. Huge out by Beckett after falling 3-0 to
Iwamura and Upton looming to get back into the count and get him on a
popup. Great sequence with Upton. Beckett really had him mixed up
between the heat and the soft stuff. Finally got him on a curve, with
Upton tapping weakly back to the box.

Top of the third. Boy, Shields really looked wobbly. He’s up to 69
pitches. The Red Sox were a big hit away from giving themselves a
little breathing room, but couldn’t quite get it.

Bottom of the second inning:Beckett looked much sharper. And his offspeed stuff looks great.

Top of the second inning: Huge for Youk to hit the equalizer there and quiet down the cowbells. Jason Varitek came up in a big spot and you’d have to think he’d get a hit sooner or later in the series, but not that time.

Bottom of the first inning. I think everyone was looking to see a sharp Beckett, so it was a bit of a concern that the ridiculously hot B.J. Upton took him to the C-ring catwalk. But Josh Beckett settled down and Jed Lowrie went into the hole to make the exact 6-4-3 double play that he bobbled in Game 1 against the Angels.

Observations from first inning. Great idea by Coco Crisp to start the game with a bunt, but getting picked off there? Ouch.

OK, back later.


A big second inning for Beckett.

Next time Upton is up…no more fastballs.

Youk goes deep! Good swings by Drew….Bay….Kotsay in the second inning.

Leading off here is a good thing.

The 1st inning that nobody saw. lol.

nice job bosox brian. unlike terry francona, we have a consistent leadoff hitter in this blog!

Glad you’re here BosoxBrian. Beckett looks sharp compared to last time — which is not saying much but I’m starting to feel the pulse of victory tonight. I do believe!

Red Sox have won this game — I declare. It’s our turn to say ‘we can do it too. It’s our turn to say we’re Red Sox fans and humble enough to acknowledge a great team but tenacious enough to get that brass ring.”

I’m here!!! Ian you should have told us you were going to be on “The Herd” Friday morning… I listen to Colin everyday!!!!! I got in the truck just in time to hear him thanking you!

If the Sox take this it will be the biggest upset in ages…and they will. I’m tired of the ‘if’ They are going to win tonight and I am going to celebrate. My wife is a White Sox fan and I’m tired of the ‘choking’ sounds she often gives me when the Sox lose. They are going to win. I do believe Ellen!

C’mom Beckett– no walks!!!

OK- Let’s get some more runs!!

Shut down inning for Beck. Now I am seeing the part I like of him.
Let’s get some runs!

Sox rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way the rays can handle both the PRESSURE and the Sox. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Beckett!

Good job, Brian. There’s no stopping the Sox now! Well done.

If they give balls and strikes to questech, they could go back to that huge balloon protector for the home plate umpire!

What does this do to the momentum that the Sox have built to this point???? Is there a precedent that can be the guideline for this???
Anybody know??

Dave, tell your wife that Yes the team she loves id the
White Sox… but also point out that we ARE THE RIGHT SOX!!!

Ian and others…

When the Sox win tonight. I will be there tomm. night. So not sure what will happen. lol. Ian has a consisent leadoff hitter and has won no titles. Francona with no consisent leadoff hitter and he has won 2 titles. Perhaps leading off… over-rated. lol.

Actually leading off here with Ian is the highlight of my life. LOL!! I hope my parents don’t read this. They will disown me!

Okay….. whose bank account so we check in the morning??? Whose check finally cleared to get this change…\
How is Mc Lelland with Beckett/Shields???

First of all no t.v. coverage in the first inning and now a delay. What’s next? hmmmmmmm.

My wife says I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight (LOL). All kidding aside, I understand what Francona was saying — no more excuses Beckett. Take this game and win it. It’s his way of being tough and it makes sense. If you don’t win a game like this no point in trying for the World Series.

Sox need to blow this game open. They really need too, it’s time to quiet the cowbells permanently and show the world that we are the Red Sox and not just another team. We are the Sox that can overcome diversity, impossible odds, injuries, sweat and tears and heartwrenching losses and win games. We have been berated and treated as second class citizens and it’s time to show the world that we don’t care about what the public thinks — we care about winning games.

Also want to add that the Sox are going to win tonight — they’ve got what it takes.

7 guys left on base thru 5 innings…not good! Drew sure looks good at the plate.

Hey guys I still believe!!!!!!
We are going to do this…,

Beckett is gutting it out!

Beckett is a guy not with the skillset of 2007 but the guts of an army. Go Beckett.

I think Oki needs to be throwing hard in ther pen now.. not just shadowing Beckett
Let’s Go Josh get out of this inning!!!!

Tek had to come up big sometime. WOO!

Tekker!!! way to go BUBBA!!!!!

Great job running it out by Coco..
Godd Night Mr Shields!!!!

This is weird. Tek was up and I thought cmon Tek yank one out. And he did!! Captain!!

C’mon Oki– no walks and keep putting them away. Let’s hold the lead!!!

This is a game and a nailbiter. Those two runs could go away in a hurry — but they won’t because I do believe. The Sox will own Tampa and Crush Philli and do the impossible dream!
Oki is back, Papelbon and everyone else will win this game. We are the Red Sox — we win games!

Oki like Dice-K relies on nibbling the corners — must be something they work on in Japan.

Let’s go SOX!!! Some more runs.

Good Job by Oki….

Ellen you rock! The Sox Rock and we are going to be in the World Series again!

Sox are keeping the pressure on. We will win!

Hey, I don’t rock, The RedSox Rock!!!! I just believe!!!!!

I can’t wait for the end. I want to see the Sox win this game and I want to see the champaigne just for making it back from the brink. Tomorrow we’ll have a tired but hungry team. We will win. I do believe.

It appears as if they are grasping at straws…. He did change up the order in which he called the bull pen tonight.. didnt Balfour come in 1st from the pen the other night?? Which ever order. Maddon does not look comfortable!!

Great job by Okajima.

I do believe IDB!

Justin is coming in.. let’s give him a ton of support!!!

Justin we love ya. You’re great. Go for it. You are the king!

C’mon Masterson –NO Walks!!!. Let’s get them!

Come on Justin SETTLE DOWN.. DEEP BREATHS…. Just realx and take it easy.. get it DONE BUBBA!!!!

If anyone else gets on- bring in Paps.

No worries Masterson. You’ll take it to Papelbon.

2-0. I’d pull him now. GivePaps some slack!

This is Francona saying ‘we prove ourselves tonight or we don’t go further. He’s forcing everyone to come to the plate so to speak.

In the bag!!!

We will win. We are taking this game. I know it!

I’m really glad it worked out. Now, let’s get some more insurance runs. Give Paps as much of a cushion as we can. Keep the pressure on them.

We go to the 9th and we win it. I do believe and everytime I write it — they win!

Nice bridge tonight.. and I’m feeling utterly ill!! All the adrennalin (and a few beers) I’m sure!!! top nine…

I’m almost crying. It’s so incredible. I do believe!

I would love too see Boston scratch a couple of runs across in the 9th. Breathing room!

Okajima pitches great, yet again! I don’t know what the numbers say but Oki seems to own T.B. this year! Reg. season and the playoffs!

Boston should be up by at least 4 runs. So many chances. Tropicana Field seems dead to me.

Kotsay has played a solid first base.

Okay everyone let’s pray!!!!!

IDO, IDO, IDO!!!!!!

We are there. We have won this game. It’s no big deal. We are winners!

We are going to game 7. I do not say this with arrogance but joy. The Sox have taught me that never giving up is what life is all about.

I love everyone on this blog. You’re amazing. ONE OUT TO GO

TBS better have inning one for us tomorrow!

They did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew they could win!!!!! I DO BELIEVE I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

I love what I just saw!!!! man I love this team!!!!
How do you guys feel right now??

They won, they WON, they WON, WON, WON, WON, WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The Sox won! Tito is being a playoff manager. He finally made the team come together and pushed them hard. The more pressure you put on Papelbon the stronger he gets. Beckett came through when we needed him most. Sox are amazing, this team is amazing and this blog is amazing.
MVP of the series — no question: Every single player on that team.

Someone else needs to leadoff tomm. night. I’ll be at the Trop. for a winner takes all. I love it!

Beckett gutted it out. A tough Texan.
Bullpen was BRILLANT!
Varitek….shows everyone why he is the captain. A clutch H.R.
Boston has all the momentum!

Let’s go Red Sox! I Believe….Yes I do.

bosoxbrian — you are so leading this team. We need you

We did it !!!! Way to go SOX!!

Hi All! Brian were you there tonite? The West Texas Nation is tickled about fellow Texan Josh B. pitching tough tonite. I just about cut my hair on a ceiling fan at the pub when Tek hit the long ball. Welcome back J.V!

Terry sure has handled the bullpen well. Tampa doesn’t look too confident.

Wow. I think 2004 and 2007 are looming again!

I have no voice — from yelling so much. Go SOX!

Brian, since youre going to be at the Trop, will you do me a favor?? Take a cow with you so you can tell them to put those bells around her neck instead of where I would tell them to put them!!!
Bri… you’ve got to make an I believe sign!!! PLEASE?????
All your Browinie points brothers and your Brownie Points sister are here wallowing in a sea of envious green.. You have to shout out to us!!!!

…I dont know what my record is leading off, but, if its not bad.. I volunteer to lead off.. If someone else wants it I’ll concede!!


Okay, all y ou big strong men>>>> YOU DID NOT WIMP OUT ON ME HERE DID YOU????
DAVE, ARNIE, BRIAN??? GARRY// Where the hell are you guys???

I’m here, Ellen. A long way off, but here, nonetheless.

Sorry Jim… didnt mean to leave you out here or in the RollCall earlier!!! Great game huh?? Hey Jim tell me…

Jim… Arnie is a “ways further off” than you!! Dave is not close either.. I’m about 450 miles from St Pete.. unfortunately.. the game and/or the trip are not in the budget. I guess I’ll live vicariously through BosoxBrian!!!
It would be so great if he had time to put together a poster for us here.. So how’s the weather in the Lone Star State??? Hope all is well with you! How far are you from Overland> My best friend from High School lives there.

WE BELIEVE. 55 of us screamed our heads off tonite at Brews! People that were coming in realized that they’d stumbled on the Nation and either stuck around or split.

Weather here is drop dead gorgeous. I’m in El Paso. Most folks in Texas don’t admit that we’re part of the State, but whaddaya do?

The wife and I will be in N.E. next week for our 10th anniversary and will visit friends and family and watch the leaves turn. Sadly, we don’t have tickets to Fenway and I’m sure they’re quite expensive. Either way, we will be in Sox country for the World Series.

I certainly hope Brian can put something together and get the attention of the TBS folks. C’Mon Brian, REPRESENT!!! And while you’re at it, give that blue-wigged goofball a kick in the pants!

Man, I don’t know how you guys can sit here and blog all night. I couldn’t tear myself away from the TV. What a courageous effort by Josh Beckett!!!! He must have been hurting because Tito took him out after five when his pitch count was really still pretty low. Upton hit a pretty good pitch and his only mistake was that looping curve ball to Bartlett. He outpitched the Tampa ace….. Well done!

How about Okajima. Here’s a guy who has struggled and been chastised most of the year and for the last month he’s been lights out again, and is proving to be a big time post season pitcher.

One of the reasons I don’t post during these games is because I’d drive you all crazy. Masterson hitting the leadoff hitter……. drives me freaking crazy. I have so little patience with that kind of thing. I’d never make it as a manager. He came back strong though to get the top of the order. Pap is looking very strong. I don’t put a lot of credence in the radar guns at ball parks. You can’t make me believe he was only 2-3 mph faster than Okajima. I wonder at what point during the flight of the ball the radar guns actually take their reading. I’m betting it varies from park to park. A baseball loses considerable speed in the distance between the point of release and the time it crosses the plate.

Nice game by Coco Crisp. He and Ellsbury have really picked each other up. I’m glad to see him do well. He has been a superb professional all season long in a very difficult situation.

Can’t help but be happy for the Captain.

Well, time to try to get some sleep. See you guys tomorrow night.

Here I am, Ellen. It takes me about a half hour to get home. Then I read all the posts.

What a game tonight! I kinda had a feeling about Tek just before he hit that HR. We were busy early and I didn’t get a chance to sneak into the office and see Josh pitch, but he did a great job by all accounts. You have to like the Sox chances tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to be one of those rays, all the pressure is on them now. HUGE pressure.

Jim, a couple of my staff travel through El Paso when they take vacations. They’re from Chihuahua(sp) and Durango. Never been myself.

Gotta love this blog. People here are from all over the place, getting together to talk Sox baseball. What could be better?

Brian, have fun at the Trop tomorrow! Ellen, you’re leading off. No one post till Ellen opens the new thread with a cheer or two. Ellen, I think you have the most seniority here, no?

Good Night Nationers!!!
We’re in a Very Good Place right now…
Go Sox…. I BELIEVE!!!

I think the Sox are going to come out swinging Sunday and blow TB away. They haven’t had a blowout yet and they are overdue.

It definetly feels like October baseball in St. Pete. A crisp ( not Coco Crisp) in the air. Temps. around 65.

I think Ellen will have too leadoff. I am guessing but Arnie is probably dead on. Ellen has the most seniority on this blog. Her cheers will fill the leadoff spot quite well. The best leadoff hitter in my lifetime is Rickey Henderson. Something tells me, Ellen will be better than him. lol.

Momentum sure changes quick in these series! Boston takes the field with so much added energy tonight while T.B. has to be questioning themselves. Crawford said after the game 5 loss….He used the word devastating.

I am expecting Lester too bounce back tonight. I am expecting him to go at least 7 innings! Okajima has been unbelieveable the last 2 games. Without Oki there is no game #7. Papelbon looks like nobody will reach base when he is on the hill. He is the ultimate weapon for the Red Sox! It should be fun and I would love too see Boston score some runs early. If they do, T.B. is in big trouble. Garza has the best stuff on the staff, it will be tough for sure!

I BELIEVE…..I BELIEVE….I BELIEVE….Let’s go Red Sox….Let’s go Red Sox….clap…clap….

I’m guessing the only lineup change will be Cora at s.s. tonight instead of Lowrie. Francona plays Cora when a hard thrower is on the hill. Garza is that guy.

The Red Sox win if Lester pitches like the Lester that we know lately and the Sox hit. There is NO REASON that they can’t win if that happens


Hi, All:

I’ll be at the game tonight. If anyone on this blog will be there, too, let me know and perhaps we can meet before the game at Ferg’s. I’ll be there with a couple friends about 6:15. If you want to meet there, e-mail me from the e-mail tab on Sox and Pinstripes. I do hope Cora starts tonight over Lowrie. Lowrie has not looked too good against right-handers. An amazing performance last night by Beckett, and an equally amazing performance the last two games by the bullpen.


I graciously accept the leadoff spot.. Brian, I’ll try to make you proud!! Are you able to make a sign with a Shout out??? We’ll look for you.. where are your seats?? Let’s see… you should be easy to pick out. You’ll have on a RedSox shirt/jersey and a RedSox hat??? easy, lol!!!

Something tells me Ortiz goes deep at Tropicana Field tonight. His swing is coming around. Drew sure looks locked in at the plate. I have always stated I am not a big fan of his signing ( 70 million 5 yrs. ) but I have eaten my words for sure! When he is healthy he is one tough out! It seems to me the game of baseball is almost too easy for him. A natural is J.D. Drew. He had the grand slam last year in game #6 against the Tribe. Game winning H.R. against the Angels. Huge H.R. against T.B. the other night. He has come up with alot of big hits—clutch! I also think Crisp is a good match-up against Garza. Crisp likes the fastball!

Bullpen is well rested and raring to go.

I think Paul Byrd has the best job in baseball. He stands near the bullpen catcher, just too make sure no warm-up tosses go in the field of play. I wonder if I can get that job. LOL!! Where do you apply? lol.


3rd deck….5 rows up…..Red Sox side of course…Above 3rd base! Far far far away from the “Cowbell Kid”…..Amen!!! I would rather sit near Joe Migrane than “Cowbell Kid”….Then again, maybe not. LOL!!

With Ellen atop the leadoff spot, we certainly get a little faster and certainly someone with some spunk and fire! Gotta love it.


I totally agree with you. If Lester pitches the way he is capable of, Boston wins! If T.B. doesn’t get too him early. We all know Lester gets stronger as the game gets deeper! A sign of an ace.

I called Jason Varitek’s home run. I just knew, I don’t know how, but I did. I had absolutely no doubt in my mind.
^This was probably a useless comment since you’re probably never going to read it unless you are just super anxious seven hours before a game, like I am.

Welcome, Elizabeth! Everyone here has Red Sox Syndrome. You’ll fit right in.

The last thing the rays want is a locked in Ortiz, Crisp getting on base, Drew with his timing back, Bay coming up with runners on, Lester on a mission. That’s what they’re looking at. Scary for them. If Tek gets a little bit hot the rays are cooked. There’s no room for them to move. No one they can pitch around.

Had company all weeekend. That happens when you live in Vegas!!! Anyways, it seems like it was good luck for the Sox when I wasn’t able to blog during the game so I’ll not be blogging again tonight. I’ll sacrifice everyone’s camarderie tonight for a Sox win. Tough choice but I want to watch more Sox baseball after tonight. I hope Brian brings a sling shot to the game and nails the Cow Ball Clown right btween the eyes!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!! I DO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, IDO BELIEVE, I DO BELIEVE, Let’s Go Red Sox….Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap.

Hey Craig… Does what happens in Vegas, REALLY stay in Vegas?? lol
We did miss you last nightop in tonight, we need all the support and “BELIEVEING” we can get!!!
Elizabeth, hang around here tonight.. this blog get really interesting…..

At my age whatever I do in Vegas could be on CNN and not be a problem!!!!! Ha Ha….Most of my company is family and they are as reserved as I am so I guess you’d really have to do something crazy to test the “waht happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” theory!!!! The biggest risks I take from Vegas is opening my big yapper on this blog!!!! I always take a risk when I back up Tito but you know what…..Tito has done everything right lately…you just haven’t heard much about his success here. He has been brilliant going to the bullpen at the right time to get this series to a 7th game. The bullpen may be a bit tired….hope they have one more in them tonight!!!!!! Regardless, this team has a lot to be proud of and it’s good to be a Red Sox fan. Go Sox….Go Tito!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for tonight..
Arnie, thought I’d trell you what we’re having tonight!!
We’re grilling pork spare ribs and I’m making potato salad (southern, with egg and mustard, fresh celery and sweet pickles)
some store bought baked beans and corn on the cob!!!
How does that sound???

Sounds great, Ellen! We serve ribs here. We steam them a little with salt, pepper and garlic then simmer them with tomatoes, jalapenos, cumin and oregano. Refried beans and roasted potatoes finish them off. Sooo good. Spicy.


One hour 33 minutes untill first pitch. 2 hours untill tbs picks up the game?

Hey guys, I been busy with college but Im back at a right time. Lets go Sox! I beleive! We Beleive! We can do this. Lets go Lester! Lets go Sox!

TBS what is their tag line….”VERY FUNNY”, that’s appropriate because they are a HUGE joke!!!!
Good to read you chman!!!… You are here just in time…
Go Sox!!!
I’m off to the showers and then into uniform…. you know, gotta get my pompoms ready!!!! I can’t wait to lead off tonight!!!!
Se you in a bit….

Okay Ian…. I’m ready whenever you are!!!!

I think that if there is anyone out there who is not as nervous as I am about tonights game, then they must be Yankee fans…. because I know that EVERY RedSox and Nationer is having a feeling that’s sort of a cross between your 1st day of Jr High and an exploratory dentist visit…
All I know is I have butterflies in my stomach the size of water buffaloes. man they are big, lol.

Pre game on in 13 minutes!!! or will we see TV’s Funniest Bloopers and The Steve Harvey Show???? Wow… that sure fills in for the Sox, HUH??? lol

Don’t be nervous. The Sox are going to take this game. it is a foregone conclusion. Tito may be a lot of things but he knows how to win BIG games. Lester and Varitek I’m sure are having a lot of heart to hearts and staying within the groove. Like Masterson said “just do your thing and you’ll be fine…one pitch at a time. ”
Once the Sox take this game we can look forward to the World Series. Momentum is on our side and I will not watch the Sox go down in flames. This is our year. I do believe another flag will shine on Fenway’s green.

Ellen I’m also going for my six month checkup tomorrow at the dentist — please no more about dentists.
“Did you know that dentistry is the only field still practicing the techniques first perfected during the Spanish Inquisition?”
“What is the difference between a Dentist and a Sadist — newer magazines.”
O.K. Tito is at his best tonight. He drinks the bloodwine of pressure and celebrates the Klingon victory. He is a true warrior as any Klingon is. We will succeed. I do believe, I do believe.


Ellen right now I’d have raw squid, frog brain and pig liver if that would win us tonight’s game — as well as a large supply of stomach relief (LOL)

Thanks Dave…. I like your way of thinking….
I’m going to go with what “brung us here”…

Hail Mary, full of Graze, Please let our REDSOX whip the Rays!!! (DEVILRAYSDEVILRAYSDEVILRAYS)…
and the ever so popular~~
hail Mary, up in Heaven, PLEASE let OUR REDSOX WIN GAME 7!!!!!
Really, I pray that these Men are allowed to complete this part of the goal that they set for themselves after the 2007 Series… Getiing back there. PLease let them stay safe, healthy and able to pla yto the best of their abilities.

Signing off for now. This is it folks. This is more exciting than the Klingon/ Federation peace treaty. More exciting than the Superman/Batman crossover. More exciting than the discovery of water on mars. More exciting than realizing that Zazu goes home early. This is it folks. This is it.

HAHA!! Dave how does your wife keep up with you!! You are the proverbial “trip”!!!! and no, I did not forget the MOST important part…. My mantra!!!



I have just called to have emegency oxyegen and difibrillators standing by tonight, 2 of each… 1 for me and 1 for the husband..

Let’s go Sox. Beat the DEVILRAYS. Get to them early and continue to BEAT THEM! BEAT THEM! BEAT THEM!!!!!

OKay, Roll Call:
(Brian is excused tonight being that he is at the Trop to see the REDSOX beat the DEVILRAYSDEVILRAYSDEVILRAYS!!!)
ellen~ here!!!! ready to go!!!
4 minutes til 1st pitch!!!! LET’S GO SOX!!!!!!!

Let’s have a fast start and quiet those cow bells!

You forgot me!

Kramer… IM SO SORRY!!!!

You bet!

Okay NOW.. LET’S ROCK!!!!

No line up? Where is 007?

I have alot of faith in Mr John Lester tonight. He may be feeling some pressure but for sure not the biggest pressure he has faced. Being in Florida I have listened to the rays radio crew on a couple of occasions and have heard them say on at least three occasions that our players are the biggest whiners in the league. I certainly hope I can enjoy listening to this broadcast crew whining by the end of this game. LETS GO RED SOX!

I have the game on TBS but the audio (gameday audio)is RKO from Boston with Castiglione!!! much better than the Stooges!!

Pressure! Pressure! Pressure!

That’s one!


I am here but I am quiet for luck….it’s working!!!!!

new thread!!!! comeon let’s go !!!

How did game 7 go? I didn’t catch the ending. Comebacks? are we talking about comebecks? Hey pink Stockings nation………….Let me know how that comeback went?

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