Game 7 of the ALCS

Is there really anything else to say?

Let’s get this thing going.


1-0 REDSOX!!!!

Straighten out one Youk!

BoSox Brian — asleep at the switch.

Brian’s at the game!

Ian, I was tapped to lead off tonight!! Brian is at the game….

OH ok, that’s good then.

Let’s go Lester. One ,Two, Three inning!!!

Ian, I dont know if you read it yesterday, but I just miour interview with Colin Cowherd Friday… next time oure going to be on, please let us know if you can!!!! I listen to Colin everyday.
Way to go Jon Lester!!!! 1-2-3!!!

Way to go! One inning at a time. Let’s get some more runs. Keep the pressure on!!!!

I know the rays are feeling the pressure tonight but I have got to say for a young team they show alot of grit. Hopefully the boys from beantown can just put them in a big hole early.

Garza is throwing hard. He is keeping the ball on the outside to Papi and Drew. They should really consider going to the opposite field. They certainly have the power to drive the ball the other way.

Sox have won the game. You heard it hear first. Lester and crew and the hitting are going to get this one done. We are winners and we do believe!


Ellen — my wife thinks I’m ten thousand ideas ready to come out. That’s true.

Let’s go Lester. Another one, two three inning! Keep ahead of the batters.

Let’s keep em off the board again!!! Come On Jon Lester!!!!
Get em out baby!!!!

Wya to go!! One inning at a time!!! Let’s get some runs!!!!

Two innings of no hit ball. Sox are doing well. Don’t expect a high scoring game. This will be one of margins and we will win it.

Lester is throwing lightening.

Come on RedSox…. make Garza pay… hit him where it hurts!!!! Put some runs on the board!!!!!
“Support your Local Pitcher!!!”

Go, Lester! Go, Lester! ONE, TWO, THREE!!!!!!!!!! Get ’em up, GET ‘EM OUT!!!!!

OK Lester, one inning at a time. Keep ahead of the batter Another one, two, three inning. Keep focused!!!

2 things….
1. Thats the 4th time(by my count) that Garza got close, then finally hit a batter.. nearly got Tek right on the knees.. Brushed Youk back pretty high up and then Petey 2 times and finall hit him… NO RETALLIATION!! that will just take everyones focus off the goal!
2. Garza has in earplugs… how does he hear Navarro when he goes to the mound?? I guess he can read lips.. He sure could have read mine!!lol

2 things….
1. Thats the 4th time(by my count) that Garza got close, then finally hit a batter.. nearly got Tek right on the knees.. Brushed Youk back pretty high up and then Petey 2 times and finall hit him… NO RETALLIATION!! that will just take everyones focus off the goal!
2. Garza has in earplugs… how does he hear Navarro when he goes to the mound?? I guess he can read lips.. He sure could have read mine!!lol

Sox will get more runs. I can feel it. Garza can’t keep this up forever. We are winners tonight!

sorry the website said it didnt go to send again… My apologies,,,,

Wat to go!!! C’mon Sox let’s get something going!!!!

Garza is trying to intimidate. Let’s see if it woks. Lester is lights out so far. Sox get into the rays bullpen and it’s over. Gotta go! Busy tonight!

Way to go Jon Lester…. 3 up three down!!!
You’ve got it going tonight!!!
Youk, Drew and Kotsay!!! Let’s go SOX!!! add to it!!!
My pom-poms are getting quite a work out tonight!!!

Sorry, meant Youk, Drew and Bay!!

We are going to win this game. Runs will come once Rays staff tires and it will. This is the Sox game tonight. They will win it. I love the Sox. We are going all the way to the WS. The WS. The WS. We are repeating in the W.S. The Sox will blow through the World Series. This series has tempered and hardened them like sharp knives. I do believe.

Garza is going to make a mistake again soon….
COME ON JON LESTER!!!!! Get ’em out!!!!

Keep it going Lester! One inning at a time; one batter at a time; one pitch at a time!!! Concentrate on getting ahead of the batter. Keep him on the defensive. We are all behind you!!!

Keep it going Dave…. I’m liking this!!!!
ps I cant find chapter 5….. can you resend???

Hang in there Jon. Stay focused.

I think this is the inning that Garza loses focus.


Sometimes the umpires should focus on staying out of the way of the players! Good recovery Jon. Now let’s get something going. Let’s snap out of it and get the ball rolling!!!

We have to get on base any way we can!!!

Stay with it Jon. We have to turn the momentum around. One batter at a time. We’ll get some runs for you the next inning. Hang in there!!!

Cora is looking agitated at position and didnt look like he was even IN that at bat.. I say bring in Lowrie… A rookie looking to make his mark might bode well in this situation!!!
He has come up big inpressure/clutch situations several times this year!!
wooooooooooo-woooooooooooooo, chuggachugga, wooo-
wooooooooooo… chugga chugga.. wooo wooo wooo!!!!

Time to get someone up and warming in the pen…. COME ON JONLESTER!!!!! GET THIS GUY OUT!!!!
things need to settle down NOW!!!!!!!! Come on Tek . direst the rookie!!!

Not Del Carmen. Stick with Oki and Masterson.

We get this right back!

That’s holding them. We need some runs. We have to start something. Let’s look alive.

Nice, stayed away from a potentially big inning

Somewhat out of a jam!!! We’re down by 1… TIME TO COME OUT SWINGING AND SWINGING FREAKING HARD!!!!!!


Good job by Lester to get Iwamura & Upton out & escape with only a run given up. Mostly, the Rays hits have been on tough pitches.
Big inning for Boston’s top of the order


Let’s take advantage of the fact that TB did not move the runners up. That was the break that we needed. Now let’s turn it around.

I’d like to see Papi lay one down.

Nice at-bat from Pedroia

Papi-stop trying to pull outside pitches.

This has to be a 1-2-3 inning…. get right back in there and make this guy throw a mistake….
LET’S GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s hold them down. We have three innings left. We will put something together and get on the board again.

Hey You Guys!!! Please everyone give me an


Hey (Bob) Kramer!!! thanks!!!! get everyone in this game!!!!
comew on guys…. let’s hear it!!!! I DO BELIEVE!!!!!



I DO BELIEVE!!! I DO BELIEVE!! I DO BELIEVE– that we will beat the DEVILRAYS!!!

I DO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GO SOX!!!!!!!


Youk, JD and JBAY…..come on babies!!!! lets get some wood!!!

Graet 5 pitch inning Jon. Let’s get something going. Get that first man on base!!

Runs now!!!

How Drew you do!

Bye, bye Bay be!

We’ve got to take a strike.

I say Kotsay!

Good job JBay!! bat on the ball… Now come on Mark “H”otsay!!!!!! swing that bat sweet!!!!!

The Captain!

Damn, only partial results!

Tito may want to have ELLS lead off the next inning. He may get things going. Meanwhile, Jon hold them down!!

HOLD EM!!!!!!! 1-2-3….

We need to do something NOW< LIKE NOWWWWWW!
I think Jon Lester is done… time for OKI!!!


Aybar- 0and2 and he just couldn’t put him away. Let’s hold them . We will get them back!!!

Jon pitched a good game. Two bad pitches!!! We can’t win without scoring. Let’s wake up. We know we can come from behind.!!! Let’s do it!!


We got a break. Let’s capitalize on it!!

This is what we need… miscues and squirelli hops!!!!

Let’s pray!!!!

I can’t take it anymore…I’m on the blog. I think I am glad he took Garza out. That should have been an out and wasn’t hit that hard. A csae of mistaken identity and Garza is gone. The Rays manager has made some bad moves in this series and I hope this is one of them.

Wheeler in for Garza…. Time to go to school…

Let’s prEy!

I always felt that the Rays would have to do something very special if they were to win Game 7 – Garza has been outstanding. But will those errors prove costly once again? The door has just inched open – time for the top of the order to push at it hard

C’mon Coco we’re down two- take a strike.

Pangelotti….bunt or no? I am lost here.

I think I can hear Brian.

Big time for Big Papi!!!! Come on David!!! Your moms on your shoulder!!!! She’s your angel!!!

Papi- if he pitches you away. Give it a ride to the opposite field-lay into it!!

C’mon Papi…

That was actually a good attempt to hit one to left.

If Coco slides into the base he beats the throw!!!

Come on YOUK!!!!!!!

We are always talking about not being able to give teams extra outs….the Sox are one of those teams you can’t give extra outs to. We need to capatalize on the error. Yook’s time to add his name to Red Sox lore.

Take a strike Youk.

This is JD’s spot. He’s been here a few times since last year!!!!!

DO—— YOU——– BELIEVE??????

We had a chance and couldn’t deliver. But it’s not over yet. Let’s hold them down. We’ve still got three outs.



Regardless of the outcome…Lester pitched a super game.


Here we go Sox fans!!!!

Crunch time in the ninth.

I BELIEVE!!I BELIEVE!! I BELIEVE!! Let’s get something going! It’ not over!!

The Price is wrong!

Hi all! Just walked in the door. Working late. Holy Cow, Garza looks good. ….

Bullpen looks good too. We just blew the 8th. That pitch to J.D. was outside. The ump has dinner reservations.


Uh-oh. Bottom of the lineup.

Kotsay- take a pitch.

Nice at bat J-Bay…..with a little help!!!!!!

wth, that pitch to Kotsay was out

Bad call!!!

Way to go Jason.

Joltin’ Jed!

Just wanted to say I appreciate the company on the blog during the season. You made my first year great and I’ll see you guys and Ellen when the Sox make some off-season moves. You all are the best.


Good game, Tamba Bay. Good luck

One more thing….I can’t wait to wench slap the Rays in the 2009 season.

What a GRRRRRREAAT season, guys! With all of our injuries we still make it to #3. I still BELIEVE!

Now, fellow Sox fans, let’s root these kids on in Tampa. They deserve to be where they are and by God let’s pull for them to represent the AL East well!

I’m worn out. Not from watching, but from work today. You guys have a great night and we’ll do this again next year!!!!

I guess I wasnt such a good cjoice to lead off tonight..
I’m devastated and cryin while I write this… I just cant form put into words that I’m thinking right now…
I just cant…

P.S. Get well Mikey Lowell and Theo, don’t do anything rash!

Lester was very good, Garza was better. Rays got clutch pitching from their bullpen and finish off a magic season with a deserving trip to the series.

Take nothing from the Sox. They played their collective ***** off and have nothing to be ashamed of.

My only criticism of would be of David Ortiz who repeatedly refused to give himself up, take advantage of the shift, and take a ball to the left side when it could have done some damage. Instead, he strikes out on pitches out of the strike zone. It was more than just tonight…… it was a scenario that was repeated over and over for him. I know, he got some big hits, but they were few and far between. That being said, I’m really proud of the our Sox. They didn’t quit and should hold their heads high.

Next up, speculation on the off season.

Hey Ellen ……. the beautiful thing about baseball is that there is always next year. We get to come back and ride the roller coaster again………………….. “THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!!!”

Don’t waste the tears Ellen. We had a great season. Far better than it appeared like it was going to turn out — with all the injuries and such. Geez, I’m tickled we did so well.

Ellen- eeven though we aren’t going to the WS we are still winners and we can be proud of the SOX

It’s been really great hanging out with you guys this season. Dave’s rants, Ellen’s cheers, Arnies home cooking, Brian’s occasional lapse into brilliance …… all of it. So, let’s stay in touch over the winter and inspire to do great things to improve our team.

I wish TB luck- they played a great season and a great playoff series. I will be rooting for them in the WS and I am sure they will represent the AL well.

Congrats to the Rays. That team deserved to win and the way they were able to put 10+ years of failure behind them was gutty. Good luck to the Rays in the series, they should beat Philly handily.

If you would have told me in the middle of Game 5 the Sox would have 3 chances to tie the game in the 9th inning of Game 7 I would have said you were nuts. In my case the 15 years I put up with failure from this team prior to 2004, I am glad I am a Sox fan now because this team will be a force to be reckoned with for the next 5-10 years.

I think it is fair to say that for the next few years these 2 teams are DEFINITELY the class of the AL East and probably the whole AL.

Less than 4 months till pitchers and catchers people🙂

I’ll read all your comments later.

The Sox had a great run, they made the rays sweat right down to the end. But they came up short today, Garza pitched a great game and the TB bullpen held on. The Sox gave it everything they had and they just didn’t have enough tonight. Via con Dios, Red Sox. Job well done, you left nothing on the field.

To my blogging buddies; it’s been a great season—have a great winter. I hope some of you stay here during the hot stove and through the off-season. You all have become like a second family to me, my Sox family. Stay well and stick around. I’ll check in with some recipes.

I agree with garry’s comments entirely. The Sox battled to patch together a very good season in the face of so many hurdles. Plus, we have Game 5, which we’ll never forget.

For the Rays to come back from what they’d been through over the last few days reveals just how much character & talent they’ve got. Tonight, even after PD’s homer in the 1st, & Bartlett’s error late on, they didn’t buckle. Faced by a pretty strong start by Lester, they made some great hits on tough pitches, & just about did enough. On the night, & over the course of the ALCS, they were just that little bit better than the Sox…though it pains me to admit it.

I wonder if the Sox need fine-tuning rather than major overhaul? We certainly need another powerful starting pitcher for the roster (maybe using some of the money freed up from Schilling’s contract?). And, as always, the bull-pen needs strengthening. The main issue is whether guys like Lowell, Wakefield, Byrd…& Ortiz?…& Varitek?… can all remain integral parts of a championship winning team?

But all of that is best left for another day It’s been another great ride, & it remains a joy to support this grand old team

Thanks all!! I know about the No Crying in baseball rule.. doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I do. I know that things could have been a WHOLE lot worse than they were. I’m the one who is always talking about the NFL, the NBA, and College Football because “The Same teams are there every year.” I’ll be okay. Just wounded right now.
Nothing that has happened will EVER change the fact the I LOVE THE REDSOX. Hell, I even got over Stanley not covering 1st for Buckner… I will sport the tag on my truck, my RedSox Nation Decals onthe back windows and my RedSox baseball that hangs from my rearview mirror, and in my computer room WITH TRUE REDSOX PRIDE.. Just wait till next year.. I have an inset in my offce on my long wall that BEGS to have the Monster placed there. My husband and I are working on that now.

Can I say something to each of you??
I really want to thank you for putting up with me.. I know that I am very often overbearing and hard to take, I can be repeatitive and just plain hard to put up with some times…
and I know there were times that each of you wished you could strangle me… or at least tell me to shut up. But I have this absolute LOVE for THE SOX and alot of that comes from my Daddy.. ( a shrink would have a field day and a huge bank account over this one). You all let me profess this love and adoration daily. I’m sorry if I got on anyone’s nerves this season..
Just like in Fever Pitch, you guys are my “Summer Family”.
I feel very close to all of you even though we’ve never met face to face. You know things about me that my friends don’t..(like the fact that I’m a CRAZY person) yeah right.. everybody knows I’m Carzy. But thank all of you, especially Arnie and Dave, for letting me be Crazy about my one true LOVE other than my husband.
I love these Sox.. the tried so hard all season and each game that they played, made me happy;win or lose.. I learned something from every game. I know that they arent happy with what happened tonight. I guess we can look at this as a reality check; something to keep us from the Yankee Syndrome.. you know, the sense of ENTITLEMENT… Hard knocks make you look at the whole picture..
Thank you everyone.. LET’S GET EM NEXT YEAR!!!!


Oh, I forgot one thing!!!!

Ellen, Arnie,everyone,
It was a great ride. I actually feel fortunate to have met such a great family and Ellen — there will be a satire to cheer you up soon so don’t worry.
The Sox got this far without Schilling, Lowell, Beckett (for the most part), Zazu, Ellsbury not hitting, Ortiz battered around, etc. This is a story of obstacles. When the Rays tied it, I didn’t want to admit it but I knew it was over. I just did.
Right now you guys are a family and I know that we’ll keep in touch over the long winter.
Next year the Sox will still have Dice-K, A stronger Lester and a healed Beckett. They will have Byrd and Wakefield. Frankly that’s a lot. They will have Papelbon and Oki and Masterson and Lopez and Delcarman. They will have Lowell back and Ortiz rested, etc. They will be tough to beat next year depending on Varitek. Jason is a desperate part of why the pitching staff is held together so well.

Thanks Dave…. i’ll look forward to the satire!! Is Sean in it?? lol
Thanks for everything my friend!!! I’ll be back tomorrow with my glass 1/2 full again and my still slightly”rose colored”glasses.. NightDave…
Thanks again for all your friendship….

Now we can go back and procrastinate as to what the Sox should do in the off-season and provide our guidance to Theo and Tito as to what they should do- and if they don’t listen we can chastise them because we know more than they do (just kidding- or am I?). Meanwhile, I’d like to see TB cream Philly and bring the WS trophy to the AL.

Ellen, no one on this blog wants to strangle you. You bring unbridled passion and undying love(for the Sox) to this blog. How could we argue with that? Sometimes when the guys are over-analysing and being frustrated, you come in with a cheer and an “I DO BELIEVE” and it lightens the mood. Keep on blogging, girl.

And of course IAN!
You all are the BEST. And don’t feel bad, the Sox have come a long way in recent years and as much as we love to see them win the last game of the year, this isn’t even half the pain we’ve suffered in the past. There’s always a bright side! I’ve had a fabulous time this year. Thanks to all of you. I really do appreciate having you all here to chat Sox baseball with. Even if I wander far off the subject sometimes. I always learn a lot from you all. And if any of you plan to come out to ski, look me up before you head to the high country. You’ll get a warm Red Sox welcome and a good meal.

Hi folks,

I keep popping in to see what’s happening and find too many comments to skip back through and make a contribution and mostly I don’t want to intrude on a family conversation! However, I just wanted to say a couple of things. firstly, for those of you playing the fantasy league, thanks, that was quite good fun and infuriating at the same time! I enjoyed it though, despite my poor result. Thanks again. Secondly, having seen how the Sox have had to struggle with injuries and He Who Shall Not Be Named messing about before going West, getting to game 7 is well beyond where they should have got, at least that’s what I think – almost shades of 2006. The team spirit, Tito’s approach, the FO are inspirational. Although I still feel gutted that they couldn’t string a rally together last night, it is great to be a Nationer and I can’t wait for next season.

I must say that the Rays deserve to get to the WS after the season they have had. At least the Rays’ fans deserve this boost. Still, I wouldn’t have shed a tear if it was 3-1 last night to the Sox🙂

Thanks, Ellen for cheerleading. Keep our spirits up round the hot stove.

2009 will be huge.


Congrats to T.B. They certainly deserved it. In a game 7 it always seems to come down too pitching. Lester was good but Garza pitched great! Sox struck-out way too many times last night! Boston had there chances last night but couldn’t cash in.

Overall a great season. A longggggg season for sure. It all started sometime in mid too late March. Who can ever forget the Red Sox possibly not heading to Japan. It seemed all year long they were battling injuries. Also the Zazu situation as well. That was a dark cloud on that team for a while. Zazu was a malcontent and he needed too be shipped elsewhere. Great job by the front office on that one. Somehow someway they got themselves to a game 7–A.L.C.S. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Certainly changes will be made. I think one of the first things the front office should do is too lock up some of there stars. Youk, Pedroia, Papelbon and Lester. Where would Boston be without those guys? Also another starting pitcher needs to be added as well. Certainly a catcher. Salty from Texas???? Will Varitek be resigned? Boston also needs another bat in that lineup. Texeria? Theo has had interest in him in the past and why not? A switch-hitter in the middle of the lineup with power is a great thing. Sometimes the off-season is better than the reg. season. Lots and lots of talk about Red Sox baseball.

When the Red Sox season ended in the past—the Pats took center stage. What I saw last Sunday night in S.D. I don’t think that is a good thing. lol. Cassel looked bad and the D doesn’t look so good. When does the Celtics season start? LOL!! The green looks like they are going to contend for another title.

When do pitchers and catchers report to Fort Meyers? LOL!!

I’m guessing the Rays win in 7 games. I think Philly wins game 1 though. T.B. will have a Sox hangover in game 1. I think this series is going to a good one!

Hey BosoxBrian:

Like everyone else, I feel the letdown of the Sox not being able to get it done in the clutch. They did have their opportunities to win. In another year, the Sox win that game, 7-3. Their inability to take Garza apart early, and their inability to deliver runs against a raw recruit, is reflective of their entire year. No question, they battled until the end, and like the team we all love, showed a whole lot more class than the “well at least we won one game this time” Angels.

I also hope the Sox begin committing some of their youngsters to longer term deals. Don’t they only have Dice-K for 2 more years, and I suspect they don’t have Beckett for much more than that.

You and I share an enthusiasm for Saltalamacchia as an eventual successor to Tek. I’d like to see the Sox sign Tek for 2-3 more years, eventually moving him to the coaching staff or front office. I’d hate to see him spend any time with any other team, and I am hopeful he will acknowledge his diminished value as a player as negotiations commence. What do you think it would take to pry Salty loose from Texas? I saw a speculation that the Rangers were interested in Clay Buchholz. Would you make that deal…do you think Buchholz is the real deal, or the right deal for Salty?

Initially, I was not sold on the idea of the Sox going after Teixeira. However, the way he played in the ALDS, and with Mikey’s injuries, I’m more and more inclined toward the Sox pursuing him. If they got him, what do you think they would do with Lowell? Could they afford the luxury of holding onto Youk, Lowell and Teixeira? Certainly at that point, Kotsay and Casey would be gone, and the Sox have $10 Mil. going forward from the Manny swap. I didn’t realize that the Sox had initially drafted Teixeira, although he didn’t sign with them.

Also, what do you see in the future for Big Papi? He’ll only be 33 this November. What concerns me is that he had off-season surgery last year, but sustained multiple injuries during the season. Have the Sox seen the best of his contributions, or do you think medical treatment in the off-season can get him back to where he was, particularly if the Sox had someone like Teixeira hitting right behind him?

Do you think the Sox will re-sign Paul Byrd? Which starter(s) do you see them pursuing? Like you, I do hope they lock up both Pap and Jon L for a number of years to come. I recognize that Jon L has only had one incredible year, and I felt the Indians over-committed themselves to Fausto Carmona last off-season in a similar position. I just see a difference between Lester and Carmona. Certainly, injuries can play an unexpected future role…I’m not sure all of us would have been screaming last off-season for the Sox to lock up Lowell had we known how many injuries he would have had to deal with this year. However, Lester has certainly shown an ability to deal with adversity (as has Lowell). It will be an interesting “hot stove” season!!

Bucks at No. 10! This Saturday is the test — Penn State at home. If they win that one, they should move to 7 or so…then win out while the SEC and Big 12 keeps knocking each other off. No. 2 or 3 is not out of the realm of possibility (Certainly, if USC wins out, they would have to be more highly ranked than the Bucks!). Lets see what happens next week-end.

My best satire of the year back to cheer up Ellen (until I write a new one)

John Lackey got up in the morning. He realized this was a great morning. He was going to face the Boston Red Sox for the World Series ? or was it the playoffs or something. He was never sure. He rolled his hands and screamed, ?mom where?s my #$#$ breakfast. I want it now!?
Lackey then walked to the kitchen. His belly hung out to dry.
?Don?t you think you should change your diaper John??
?Mom I have to pitch a game today. Where?s my #$#$ donuts!?
?Right here dear!?
Lackey did what his mom said and removed his diaper. He then sat down and looked at the stove.
?I wish you well tonight dear, ?said his mom.
Lackey turned around and said, ?I?m a God?I don?t need luck!?
Lackey?s mom turned around and said, ?sure dear.?
Lackey put on his uniform. It was custom made. The phone rang. Lackey picked it up.
?Who?s being stupid today!? It was Lackey?s standard comment.
Lackey paused and said, ?oh sorry boss.?
?What! I have to come early to the park. F##$# you!?
Lackey threw the phone across the room and threw his diaper on it before smashing both with his hand. He felt better. You could tell. His smile was less nasty.
?Mom?pick up a new @#$#$ phone or I?ll #$#$ throw my #$#$ temper #$%#$ around!?
?Yes dear.?
Lackey walked outside and waited for his escort. It was due in five minutes. He munched on donuts and burped at the cars on the street.
?Mom?@$# car isn?t @#$@# here!?
?You destroyed the phone?dear and you’re naked!?
Lackey turned around and walked towards the door. He kicked it inside and screamed before falling to the ground and threw a nasty temper tantrum. Fortunately his mom was there to help.
It only took ten minutes for Lackey to sit down at the stop with a brown bag lunch and his sippy cup. He liked drinking orange juice with cool aid. It was his favorite drink. He liked his sippy cup. It never spilled. The limo finally arrived.
?Sorry sir!?
Lackey stepped inside and grabbed his etch-a-sketch.
?Fenway loser park?.NOW!?
The car sped off. Lackey started making prank calls to the Boston Red Sox club house until they took the phone off the hook.
?Ha?they are such #$#$ losers driver. Ha?they are such babies.?
Lackey then grabbed his sippy cup before screaming, ?my sippy cup is empty. Where?s mommy!?
Lackey called home and screamed at his mommy before making the driver fill it with more cool aid. When Lackey got to the ballpark he stepped out. The driver sped off like a bullet. Lackey saw a fan. He ran to the fan. He grabbed the purse out of the woman?s hand and said, ?my autograph now!?
The fan walked away. Maybe it was his squeaky, whiny voice or perhaps the fact that he had cool aid and pop tarts all over his shirt or perhaps the fact that he almost assaulted her. A cop came by.
?What?s the problem.?
?I?m a ballplayer idiot.?
The cop understood and walked away. Lackey loved baseball. No accountability it seemed.
?#$#$ you, you #$#$ #$#$.?
Lackey then went inside the clubhouse. Everyone stood around with smiles until Lackey came in.
?I?m ready you awesome #$#$ team except for #$#$ and #$#$ and @#@#$ and #$#$. You guys are lousy.?
He screamed it so loud that everyone backed away from him.
?Now where?s my new diaper!?
The ball boy handed it to him. Lackey kicked him and be backed off. He then slipped it on.
?Let go get em??
Lackey shoved everyone aside. A reporter grabbed him. Lackey stuck his tongue out and make funny faces saying, ?na, na, na, na, na, I?m better than yooou!?
Lackey went out and waved to the crowds. Lackey bowed and greeted them and then shouted, ?I?m better than all of you!?
Lackey hit the mound. The first Red Sox player came up. Lackey threw the first pitch. It didn?t hit his mark and he jumped up and down on the mound. He screamed and cursed then threw his hat down. That was typical of John Lackey ? a class act.

It was later in the evening when Lackey went into the corner. They had lost the game and Lackey blamed everyone including Abraham Lincoln and Clark Kent. Then he screamed some more until his voice shut down from screaming. He had thrown his batting helmet, his glove, his shoes, his diaper and his sippy cup.
Finally, Lackey saw his mother and she hugged him. Lackey felt better. Mom was always so nice to him and he knew he was an Angel inside. There would be next year. For the California Angels that could wait a long time.


Certainly a letdown but the Red Sox showed alot of heart/desire to comeback from a 3-1 deficit. They also became the first defending champs too win a playoff series since the 2000 Yankees. Most defending champs fade away the following season but not the Red Sox. That speaks volumes of the character on the team—players and coaches. Francona isn’t afraid to lose. Just like Maddon. Some managers are. We have seen that many times over the years, in all sports.

Dice-K is inked thru 2012—Beckett thru 2010 ( club option 2010 ) I read in the Boston Globe yesterday that Derek Lowe would like too comeback and play for the Red Sox. I would love too see him back with the Red Sox. Of course his off the field antics spelled his doom in Boston. Not sure if Theo and company would want Lowe back. There is no way Lowe is back in L.A. You can tell with his comments. Lowe has a rubber arm, never been on the D.L. Great mechanics and genetics as well.

I’m not sure if Kotsay will be gone. I assume Boston loves his versatility. He is not a player you need too have but a nice little player. Then again I assume a guy like Kotsay wants to play everyday. I think Byrd will be someone where else next season. I don’t think you can have Wakefield and Byrd in the same rotation, no way! I have read/heard the same rumors you are hearing about with Buchholz and Salty. If Texas does trade Salty away, they will want pitching…pitching….Nolan Ryan knows a thing or two about pitching. Death,taxes and the Rangers having a horrible pitching staff are things you can count on. LOL!!

If I am the Red Sox I would be very concerned about Ortiz. Injuries are piling up on the big man. Not getting any younger is Ortiz. As you said…2 winters in a row with surgery. Mike Lowell’s hip has to be a concern as well. He’ll have hip surgery today. When they open him up, maybe the hip is worse than they thought or it could be better than they thought. A very rare injury ( hip ) for sure in baseball. Who had hip surgery last in baseball? Bo Jackson and he hurt his playing football. Lowell will miss part of the season, I am guessing. Lowell is a gamer as we all know. I also think Boston will look into Matt Holliday ( your guy ) or make a run at Texeria. Yankees will be hot to trot after Texeria as well. Texeria was originally drafted by Boston but had some issues with the front office/scout. I think it was Wayne Britton he had the issue with and Dan Duquette ( surprise ) Not!!! Those folks are long gone. Never a dull moment with the Red Sox, never ever! A soap opera of sorts. LOL!!

I don’t see how Ohio State can climb into the B.C.S. championship game. I don’t see U.S.C. losing another game. The Pac 10 is weak….weak….weak….I think Ohio State will beat Penn State. The big horseshoe is a tough place to play!

Hey, BosoxBrian:

It gets a bit eery as we begin to talk alike, like maybe we are again thinking alike (lol!). It appears as though Kotsay is making $ 8 Mil. That seems a bit pricey for a back-up. I would be more inclined to try to go with Youk, Lowell and Teixeira if the Sox could get him, with Youk swinging across the infield, and/or playing the outfield on those rare occasions when its necessary. Has Teixeira played any outfield? My suspicion is that he has. I presume he is represented by Scott Boras, and that, with several teams interested (Angels have to be one of them), his price has to climb to between $15-20 Mil. per year.

I was sorry Lowe left in the ’04 off-season. Effectively, the Sox “traded” him for Matt Clement. I got the distinct impression the Sox FO was thinking “clearance sale” on Lowe. He is now 35 and his salary is in the Paul Byrd ballpark. I’d be happy to have him back, but as you said, I’m not sure the FO would do the “double-reverse.” Then again, with his post-season exposure, he may be demanding 4 yrs. @ $15 Mil per. That may be a bit rich for the Sox blood. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he wound up with the Yanks? I wonder if the FO would be more inclined if Tito advocated. I wonder what Tito would say about him? He had to have been the one to deal with some of those Lowe-tantrums in 2004, don’t you think? He could also take Timlin’s place in the bullpen. Didn’t he work out o fthe Sox pen in the past?

I do recognize that if Texas and USC get through their respective remaining schedules without any losses, that match-up is likely to be your BCS Championship, especially after the show they put on a couple of years ago. I’m just saying there are a bunch of rocky roads ahead of most of the teams above OSU. I’d love for OSU to get USC again, even if it were in the Rose Bowl. I’d consider it a chance for redemption, though many might consider it a chance for collosal humiliation.

As far as Matt Holliday is concerned, I was trying to give you a holiday on Holliday (lol!). I was thoroughly impressed with Jason Bay, and see him as the Sox future left fielder. I recognize that Holliday might be an alternative bat to Teixeira, but you were somewhat derogatory in your assessment about Holliday’s likelihood of success in the AL, or anywhere but Colorado for that matter. Bay is cheaper as well, although I don’t see him as the clean-up hitter to protect Big Papi.

The nice thing about the Sox, is that with Jon L, Beckett, Dice-K, Pap, Masterson, DelCarmen, Youk, DP, Lowrie, Bay (just turned 30), Ellsbury and CoCo (about to turn 29), the Sox are a club “youthening” right in front of our eyes. If they can find a suitable younger replacement at catcher, their oldest regular players would be @ 3rd (Lowell @ 34) and DH (Big Papi @ 33). That doesn’t even include Michael Bowden, Chris Carter, Jeff Bailey, Chris Smith, any of the other younger players Jeff keeps pointing out, or David Aardsma (about to turn 27). With a few key substitutions, this team is almost as young as the Rays, and the commentators fail to see it. But think about it: they “youthened” themselves significantly by not counting on contributions from Schilling, Zazu or Mike Timlin. At that point, their only other “old hand” is Wake, and at his price, the Sox would be foolish not to re-sign him for another year. To some extent, the injuries they battled through this year could be the key to their future success.


Thinking like me, not good for anyone in this world. LOL!!

Kotsay is defintely a little pricey. I assume someone will give him a chance to play everday. Personally I don’t think he is an everyday player. He is a nice spare part. A versatile guy and he played a heck of a first base.

I doubt the Red Sox want Lowe back but then again stranger things have happened. I personally am all for it. Lowe would be a perfect #4 starter. Lowe has never been on the D.L. in his career…..amazing!!! If someone is looking to sign him to be a top flight starter, they’re looking at the wrong guy! Of course there is always a trade as well. Jake Peavey’s name is around but I doubt he’ll end up in the A.L.

You mentioned Delcarmen. Personally I think it is time for him to go. He is up and down, no consistency whatsoever!

Holliday does put up big numbers in Denver but not comparable on the road. I am o.k. with the Sox interest ( assuming there is ) but I wouldn’t go overboard for him. I don’t think Texeria has ever played the o.f. in the bigs. I am a big fan of Texeria and who isn’t. A switch hitter in the middle of the lineup with power.

It is difficult not to lament over the Game 7 loss. The Sox came within 5 victories from another WS title despite the injuries. The Rays beat two of the Sox’s best pitchers and the hitting disappeared in game 7. The Sox had the chance but were beaten by a team with better clutch pitching and hitting. There is nothing else we can say. It has been really nice blogging with the nice and decent people here and wish everyone has a pleasant cozy winter.


Now that this season has finally come to a sad, sad close, I think it’s time to ask about Jason Varitek. Not to ask him, because he seemed pretty broken up at the idea that Game 7 was his last in a Sox uniform, but to ask you. I think many agree that an expensive, long-term contract to keep Tek behind the dish would be unwise for the club, but he may have a couple more good years in him as the best backstop in the league. With Boras as his agent, it’s gonna require years and money. Do you think there’s any way the Red Sox could structure a deal that would guarantee the money and years, but give the club the flexibility it needs to take Tek off the roster and into a coaching role should his health (knees/shoulder) see a serious decline? For example, the organization gives him a four-year, forty million dollar deal, but if he only catches one more year, the club converts him to a coaching staff position and he takes on a longer term role in the front office, etc.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this.


Peter Douglas

Hi guys, thought that I’d check in and let you know that I’m ok… Zombie-like, but ok…. I did try to stick my head in the oven, but realized it is an electric range.. DAMN lol

Dave, thanks for trying to cheer me up!!!
Everybody here at the office is giving me plant of space and those “poor ellen” smiles… The boss told me he was surprised that I’m in today and that I’m handling it so well.
My Brave Face……
Anyway seems like everyone is OK and were looking forward to the HotStove season…..
and I have to go against everyone and pull for the Phils… I need my job!!! lol


All I want is too watch a “classic World Series”. Obviously the Rays are a great story. Team’s payroll just under 44 million. Money well spent. Rooting for Philly is out of the question! lol.

The Sox’s lack of hitting in game 7 was pathetic. With runners on first and second and none outs in the 8th, the Sox had their No. 2, 3, and 4 batters coming up and yet failed to score even one run. I have nothing else to say.

I’m intrigued by the mood on here today – I’m struck by the lack of recriminations, by the respect for the Rays’ achievement, & by the respect for what the Sox have achieved this year – in the face of adversity. It speaks volumes for where the ball-club is, & how the fans’ mentality has changed. We crave success, but we don’t view it as an entitlement; we abhor losing, but we realise that there are other good teams out there who will occasionally beat us on their day – & that this is no longer a spur for soul-wrenching or “cursing”!
I think most of the views about future fine-tuning of the team are correct. The comments about the way the team is being ‘youthened’, are spot on. With that in mind, I cannot see the management entertaining the notion of the return of DLowe the prodigal – this Club thrives on the ethos it has developed over the last few years, & Lowe will, I expect, be viewed more as a potentially disturbing influence than any sort of solution. On the other hand, I see potential in Delcarmen. No doubt he ain’t the finished article, but he really is young, has good potential, &, to my mind, is showing consistent signs of gradual improvement.
Of all the various sub-plots this season, the one which for me is most revealing is the way in which the relation between Coco Crisp & the ball club has developed. He seemed to me to mature so much as a person, & his play & value to the team grew immeasurably, as the season progressed. This, along with the way in which Bay, Casey, Kotsay, Byrd & Colon all came into the team, & fulfilled the expectations lying behind the thinking which brought them to the Club, are indicative of the absolute effectiveness of how the Sox are currently being managed, & how good the atmosphere & ethos in the Club are.


I think bringing back Varitek for 2 more years is fine by me. At the same time, I would like too see the Sox make a deal for a catcher. Salty ( name is too longgg for me too spell it ) would be someone high on the Red Sox list. Also while the Sox are talking with the Rangers, ask them about Michael Young. I don’t think there is much of a market for Varitek anyway. I am not sure how much interest he would get in the open market. One thing about Theo, he isn’t afraid to make a tough descion. I like that about him. Certainly Varitek would make a great coach when his playing days are over.

As far as Tek is concerned he should probably be offered no more than a two year option. At the same time we should look to acquire someone that would catch a good portion of the season. I don’t know what is available internal to the Sox farm system. I’d hate to see Tek fading into a part-time role though he would be most valuable in a coaching position. The blog members have proven to be good sports- recognizing that the Sox did their best and were quick to congratulate TB. If it were the Yankees, I’m not too sure of the “being good sports” aspect. We’ll see how things progress in the next month or so and we should all feel free to give Theo and Tito some of our “expert” advice. Don’t pull any punches.

Ellen — THIS ONE’s FOR YOU. Cheer up! We love ya here!

Ellen got up that morning swearing to avoid any ideas of contact about baseball. She was done. The phone rang.
?Hello, I?m from the Stingray foundation and we?re here doing the work to protect the Rays. As you know Rays are an important ocean?and our foundation?oh I?m sorry. Hello??
Ellen grabbed the phone and said, ?I have to go now.?
She hung up. She tuned on the radio.
?Good morning fellow faithful Americans. Is the Devil attacking you? Do you seek a Ray of sunshine? Is that ray of love going to fight the Devil to victory? From Tampa Bay to??
Ellen grabbed the Radio and threw it against the wall. She calmed herself then screamed ?cursed Devil Rays!?
She went into the kitchen. That was it. She grabbed the stove and turned it on. It was electric ? it wouldn?t flood the house with gas. No matter! She ran to the car and started it up. The carbon dioxide fumes would take care of it. The radio popped on. ?Are you fighting the Devil in your area? Do you need a Ray of Hope?? She screamed, ?you cursed Rays!?
She rammed the pedal to the floor but no good. She knew why. She said, ?blasted carports!?
Ellen got out of the car and ran to the roof. She decided to jump off. She jumped and fell on the large pile of leaves and trash bags. It cushioned her fall. A large dog went by and barked before licking her.
?Ray come here, ?shouted the owner.
Ellen turned towards the sweet old man.
?Sorry, the old devil here sometimes gets too much lick in him. Oh he gives me a devil of a time you know. Anyway, I?m Ray and this is my dog Ray ? same name ? hey like the team!?
Ellen ran screaming in the opposite direction. She went inside her house hiding in the corner.
?Have to get to work. No point in feeling sorry for myself.?
A light came on.
?Hey Ellen, turn on the lights. Give yourself a ray of hope?oh?bad words. Sorry, I have a Devil of a time?ah?bad?bad.?
Ellen ran screaming down the hall and back into her house. She fell into the cardboard cutout of Jason Bay before tripping over Casey. She took them and slammed them against the wall. She screamed before getting almost electrocuted when she kicked the outlet in and absorbed 110 volts. She fell on the floor.
?Damn?that hurt!?
The phone rang. She picked it up.
?Hello, I?m David Madden. I?m from the stingray foundation. We were cut off earlier. As you know the stingrays like all rays need a ray of hope which is why we call ourselves the Rays Of Hope. Can you??
?Ah? screamed Ellen as she smashed the phone against the wall.
?It?s the devil, ?shouted Ellen before she realized what she was saying.
It was ten minutes later when Ellen arrived at the office. She walked in. She looked frayed and haggled. She was depressed inside.
?Hey anybody want some Devil Dogs!?
Ellen turned around and the person backed down into his cubicle. Ellen grabbed the stapler and had an idea.
?No Ellen, not the stapler. It?s not worth it!?
?I don?t care. I hate this. My Sox lost! Blasted #$#$, #$34, 35#$@3?
?Ellen no! Not the shredding machine.?
Ellen grabbed her hand aiming before somebody stopped her. She grabbed the phone and tried to wrap it around her throat but it was cordless.
?Some days you can?t kill yourself!? she shouted.
?Ellen, let our counselor Matt Garza talk to you or Trever Miller. They?ll give you a ray of hope?oh?I shouldn?t have said that!?
Ellen ran off screaming and tried to crash through the window but bounced back thanks to the new technology that acted like a trampoline. She fell on the floor as a circle of people wrapped themselves around her.
?Ellen, there is always next year!?
Ellen paused and then said, ?ya?next year. I can deal with that!?
Ellen got up and went to her desk. ?I have the blog and friends. I have everything.?
She picked up the phone.
?Hello, I?m Willy Aybar and I support the StingRay foundation?s Ray Of Hope??
Ellen put the phone down. It was going to be a long day.

Mike Lowell had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn tendon in his right hip, and he also had a bone spur removed this morning.

lol. There is crying allowed in baseball. I must admit that I cried tears of joy in 2004 and 2007, and I was in tears after the 2003 ALCS. last night, I sat in the front row in left-center field at the Trop with a group of Red Sox friends. I choked back tears when Lowrie hit into the force play and the Rays stormed the field. It’s a miserable feeling when your team loses and you are surrounded by people celebrating. I’ve felt the same way when I have been on teams that have won championships, and teams that have lost in championship games, in the amateur baseball leagues I have played in.

It’s hard to lose, especially when I am so emotionally invested in the Red Sox. It is such a prominent part of my life, one that I am passionate about. The last two years, I have been invested business-wise as well with Sox and Pinstripes, which continues to dramatically grow. And I will be even more invested next year with the addition of Red Sox Traveler. I don’t think this is as devastating as 2003 because then we still wondered if we would ever see a Red Sox Word Series title in our lifetime. Now, we have two in five years, and we are in position to win every year, though we know that it is impossible to win every year. The expectations are greater, and the Sox have staged so many comebacks that it is now stunning when they don’t fully complete a series comeback.

I am heartsick right now just like I have been when I’ve lost a loved one, a pet or ended a relationship. That might sound extreme to some people, but I have that same pit in my stomach (though I do realize that human life is more important than baseball). Yet life goes on, and I am confident that Theo Epstein will fill the holes that need plugged. Unfortunately, not only do I have to deal with the heartache of the Red Sox losing, but I also have to endure the long off-season. Even though I cover the Hot Stove League, it still seems like an eternity before February arrives and spring training begins. Then it seems like a long time between the start of spring training and the beginning of real baseball.

I am rooting for the Phillies in the World Series. I will never root for a Red Sox rival. Yet I likely won’t watch much of this World Series. My heart is not in it. Fortunately, the Celtics open the season next week. It was a good season for the Sox, especially considering all of the injuries and the Manny divorce. Hopefully the team returns next year strong, deep and healthy. At least we know that the product that John Henry, Epstein and company puts on the field will be a legitimate World Series contender.


Jambo, very insightful post and I think you’re mostly right on. Shortly after your post, Jeff posted his feelings and I think most of us share a lot of his feelings, at least to a certain degree. I was not as sick yesterday as I was after Aaron Boone’s home run, but today there is some emptiness in my belly as I sit here and finally realize there will be no more Red Sox baseball this year. I first have to digest what has happened before I can begin to think about what needs to happen to make the Sox a better team next year. I tip my hat to the Rays. As miraculous as the Sox comeback was in game 5, the Rays ability to hold it together in Game 7 was to me equally miraculous. If there was a momentum shift, Garza quickly stemmed the tide and took control. When Barrett made another error, I thought maybe they were cracking. But they had what it takes to be a champion. We know that, we have seen it.

I went golfing today and wore my Sox hat and polo as I usually do. People asked me a dozen times how I could wear those things after what happened. I guess they just don’t understand what being a Sox fan is. It doesn’t end with a loss and it doesn’t end in October or November, no matter what happens. Like Jeff says, for some of us, it’s a way of life.

Jeff, to be honest, I too cried like a baby when the Sox won in 2004. I was by myself, in my living room, bawling my eyes out…… Can you believe a 56 year old man would do that? I didn’t have the same reaction after 2007 although I was ecstatic. I guess there can only be one “best of anything” in your life, and for sports, it’s going to be tough to beat 2004…… especially the way it happened.

The horizon is bright. The Sox have a gaggle of young players who are only going to get better. We take Youk, Pedroia, and Papelbon for granted and expect great things of them……. but they are just babies. Ellsbury and Lowrie more than held their own this year and are stars in the making. Lowrie had many big hits this year and I think Ellsbury has just shown flashes of what the future offers us with him. He still has yet to make an error in the outfield in his career and he made a bunch of spectacular catches this year. How good is Justin Masterson going to be? Maybe we expected too much, too soon from Clay Buccholz. In my mind, he’s still a top prospect we’ll likely see in the rotation next year. Veterans Josh Beckett and Dice-K haven’t reached 30 yet. This is a good solid team from top to bottom that needs a little fine tuning. It’s not wait til next year……. It’s “WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!”.


Ironically I felt those tears in 2007. I was so in knots in 2004 I was just glad it was over. I still like the 2007 team better. Pedro always rubbed me the wrong way and Papelbon is such a presence in the field. On top of that the Sox win in 2007 was in honor of the 1967 Red Sox anniversary so it seemed so appropriate.
For me, I felt no tears with the Rays series. In a way it was a relief. I couldn’t take the tension. The Sox of 2008 were a scrappy battling team that didn’t have the fluid power and dominance of 2007. They were nailbiters and Dice-K was top of the list. The man would give a patient in a coma ulcers watching him on the mound for six innings. I was also burned out of the lack of clutch hitting when needed and just the idea of the Sox holding a game. Game 6 of this series was their best game. I just felt from out number one they were on top of things. Game 7, I just knew they were going to be a one run game and they would lose without a shutout — call it experience.
I’m happy for the Rays. They certainly earned that title and that tenacity was there.
For next year it’s an open season. Beckett now has a bit more rest to look forward too and should be back strong. Ellsbury will have more experience and Lowrie should be a regular short stop. 2008 was a transition year. The Sox changed the dynamic of the team and it showed. Gone were the power hitters and the stars. This was the most ‘team’ team I have ever seen. No one player dominated. Everyone took turns.
Right now they need health and rest. Lowell, Beckett, Varitek, Papelbon, Oki, Lester, Coco, Drew need to get rest and have a 2009 without drama. I think we might see a very strong team next year. The pressure is off of winning a title. The pressure of the power team is off. The Rays will now be the team in the spotlight. No sir, The Sox are going to have it easy next year (relatively speaking)

Dave!!!!!!! that was truly a masterpiece!!! And, YES it did make me smile and laugh hard!!!! Just what the Author ordered!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Funny thing… In 2003, I was sitting like a kid on the white tiled floor in front of the TV and afterward, I was sobbing uncontrollably because we lost:AAron “f-ing” Boone.
In 2004 same floor, same TV, again, sobbing uncontrollably because they had WON IT ALL!!!!
In 2006 we moved. Ironically, this house has white tile floors too…
2007?? Me on the white tiled floor in front of the TV again, and YES sobbing uncomtrollably AGAIN, They had WON IT ALL!!!
This year I wasnt on the floor but still crying, though not as badly this time.
We will be back, and we will be a force that has to be reckoned with… They better watch out next year, Hell hath no FURY like THE REDSOX DENIED!!!!!!

No doubt they will be better next year. With Masterson, Pap back after all of that in the playoffs, Dice back with 2 ML seasons under his belt, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Lowrie with a year of experience, possibly big name, big ticket free agents (Mark Texiera, for instance) Timlin gone (hopefully, LOL) Wake gone (probably) and (hopefully) Tek back behind the plate, Papi after the pain that hurt him so much. Looking at all of those options, there is NO DOUBT that the sox can’t be atleast ONE of the favorites to win the pennant.

Well, it has been fun. This is my last REAL comment this year. I will only talk a bit if Timlin retires, Tek resigns, or Wake retires, and the Sox sign a big name free agent.
See you all in Feb. 09! (Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays!LOL)
Guess that, my last comment of the year is my longest one! LOL

RS015.. Have a great winter!!! see you in the Spring!!! HAPPY DAYS TO YOU!! Take Care of yourself!!

Well, I’m one day removed from all the hurt and I know its going to get easier… You know why?? I’ve got may RS Family!! “WE ARE FAM-I-LY.. I’VE GOT ALL MY BROTHERS WITH ME!!” Good night y’all!!
and thanks for everything!!

Well, there is a little relief tonight as I’m sitting here watching the Patriots take advantage of a pretty inept Denver defense. It’s halftime and 20-0 Patriots. The running game looks pretty good, but Matt Cassel has no business being an NFL quarterback. He has zero vision of the field and no presence in the pocket. The defense looks a little better this week, but there is still a lot of room for improvement there.

Great news for Mike Lowell who had his surgery today. Doctors say the surgery was an overwhelming success and his hip was in much better shape than what they anticipated. They are saying he can begin rehab tomorrow and recovery from this kind of surgery normall takes 3-4 months. However, they are saying Lowell will likely be ready sooner and should be fit and ready to go when spring training rolls around. I’m real happy for Mikey who this year proved to be a real warrior. When he gets healthy, the Sox are already a better team with him at third and Youk getting back to first base. Get well soon Mikey!

THE DREAMS — I had a great idea to cheer you all up. Fun spoof on what the dreams of the Red Sox are.
Josh Beckett walked into the locker room. The team members all bowed down and Jason just stood their in awe.
?Josh, it?s an honor.?
Josh yawned and put on his uniform. When he stepped out into the field, the sold out All Star game crowd roared to attention. Streamers and fireworks boomed overhead. Air Force One flew over the stadium and it is said that the new Mars Explorer was called the ?Beckett? beamed home a signal of acknowledgement of the legend. The Space shuttle flew over Fenway park before crashing into Boston Harbor after taking down most of Logan Airport just to pay honor to Josh Beckett. This was Josh.
Tim McCarver announcing said, ?Welcome to the Saturday game. Josh with his 300 mph fastball, his 100 mph curveball, his 200 mph slider and his 120 mph cutter has become the most feared pitcher in the league and in the history of baseball.?
Josh stepped up to the mound. Zazu stood up first.
Josh yawned on the mound. Zazu went off cursing. The All star game was a big event as feared hitter after feared hitter came up to K?s. Beckett got them on three strikes. He pitched the entire game creating a no-hitter and throwing exactly 72 pitches. He had 24 strikeouts. The last three batters conceded victory ? another insult to Beckett that it took the ninth innings.
Beckett walked off the mound bombarded by reporters.
Reporter: ?How does it feel??
Beckett: ?I?m just a humble?loveable baseball pitcher. Please?just trying to help the team.?
Reporter: ?You?re salary is only ten million a year??
Beckett ?all goes to charity. That?s?just my humble heart!?
Beckett smiled before waking up. He sighed ? it was a long season.
Jacobe stepped up to the plate. Already the opposition was sweating his arrival. The first pitch was a fastball. Jacobe bunted and sent it right next to the catcher. He took off and was on second base. It helped that he could run just about the speed of light.
Dustin Pedroia stepped up to the plate. Jacobe was right on the bag. The first pitch sent Jacobe to home plate. It was a run. The Devil Rays cursed the greatness of Jacobe. Fans ran up to him smothering him and cheering. Jacobe heard the scream of a child. He dashed to the dugout and put on the FLASH uniform. He bulleted through the streets and saved the child, two homeless people and a man about to commit suicide on the San Francisco bridge before heading back to the dugout without altering the space/time continuum. All in a days work for Jacobe. Ya, that was Jacobe and when he woke up from his slumber his knees ached, his body ached. It was a long season.
J.D. Drew
J.D. Drew walked up to the plate. He hit a home run over fenway park. He roared around the bases and high fived the fans. He went back to the dugout. Terry Francona walked up to him. He asked, ?any back pain??
Drew said, ?not in 162 games.?
Drew woke up and said, ?man?I need better dreams!?
Manny walked up to the bag. It was a one run lead for the Sox. Papelbon was crying in the dugout. Manny always got the big game win. Manny had 60 saves and an era of 0.00. He didn?t walk anyone.
He threw the first pitch. It was a hard 98 mph fastball. It was hit towards third. Manny dives and grabs the ball. He rolls over and throws to first ? one out.
Manny gets up. Shocked stares at all the crowd.
Manny threw to the next batter. It was heading towards the outfield. Manny leaps up ten feet and grabs the ball in mid air and throws to first for effect ? two outs.
Manny throws to the next batter. It?s hit so hard that it breaks the jaw of Lugo. Manny runs to second, dives and throws to first to get out the runner. Manny cheers. He?s won the World Series of 2009.

Have a good winter, redsoxfan015. See ya next year!

Garry, this one is for you. I know you like the old New England recipes and this one is from the Original Fannie Farmer 1896 Boston Cooking School Cook Book.

” Boston Baked Beans
Pick over one quart pea beans, cover with cold water, and soak overnight. In the morning, drain, cover with fresh water, heat slowly(keeping water below boiling point), and cook until skins will burst,— which is best determined by taking a few beans on the tip of a spoon and blowing on the, when skins will burst if sufficiently cooked. Beans thus tested must, of course be thrown away. Drain beans, throwing bean water out of doors, not in sink.
Scald rind of one-half pound fat salt pork, scrape, remove one-fourth inch slice and put in bottom of bean-pot. Cut through rind of remaining pork every one-half inch, making cuts one inch deep. Put beans in pot and bury pork in beans, leaving rind exposed. Mix one tablespoon salt, one tablespoon molasses, and three tablespoons sugar; add one cup boiling water, and pour over beans; then add enough more boiling water to cover beans. Cover bean pot, put in oven, and bake slowly six or eight hours, uncovering the last hour of cooking, that rind may become brown and crisp. Add water as needed. Many feel sure that by adding with seasonings one-half teaspoon mustard, the beans are more easily digested.
The fine reputation which Boston Baked Beans have gained has been attributed to the earthen bean pot with small top and bulging sides in which they are supposed to be cooked. Equally good beans have often been eaten where a five pound lard pail was substituted for the broken bean pot.
Yellow-eyed beans are very good when baked. ”

That is word for word from Fannie herself. I might add that you could use a couple strips of bacon in place if salt pork which no one uses anymore. Just put it into the beans raw, you can fish it out after the beans cook if you like. Also, you can bake these beans overnight at about 200 degrees. Use a deep casserole dish(oven proof of course). I also add an onion, sliced. Navy beans work well. Any small white dry bean will do. Enjoy.

Garry, Cassel’s getting on-the-job training at the highest level of competition. If he survives, he may end up being pretty good, not great, but passable(excuse the pun). NE really crushed the Broncos, I like it. The Broncos have cost me a lot of money over the years and when they go deep in the playoffs it costs even more. Go Pats!

The Sox had a great year given the problems and distractions they experienced. Much credit should be accorded to Francona for managing the team to the postseason. A serious doubt was cast whether the Red Sox could even make the playoffs after the Zazu fiasco and injuries sustained to the key players.
However, the field management should put the ALCS in perspective and reflected on what went wrong. What should/could have been done in terms of roster move, lineup change and in-game startegy that was made or didn’t make that could have changed the outcome of the game. The Rays clearly outpitched and outhit the Sox in Game 7. The Sox had the golden opportunities in 8th and 9th inning and let the Rays escape unscathed. This is perhaps meant to be the Rays year.

For your reading pleasure:
MLB Trade Rumors’ Offseason Outlook: Boston Red Sox

DREAMS OF GARY – Gary this is for you.

Gary was sleeping soundly when the phone woke him up. He picked it up.

?Gary?it?s Tito. Got a problem?ah??
?Look Tito. I told you. Only do the shift when needed. Ortiz needs to go to the opposite field and once again, don?t do Wakefield because you need Tek in there. ?
?Thanks Gary. Just don?t tell anyone who is managing the team OK!?
?Fine, good night.?
Gary smiles and falls asleep. Another call hits. It?s Tek
?Tek I told you. For hitters one, three and four, have Beckett go offspeed with a heavy amount of cutters on the outside of the plate. These guys hate the outside and can?t get their arms extended. Watch out for cleanup. He?ll try the lower inside. That?s his hot zone.?
?Gary?thanks again. Don?t tell Tito who?s really managing the catcher OK!?
Gary smiles and hangs up the phone.
The phone rings.
?I told you to get Byrd and get rid of Zazu what else do you?oh ya?I would play Lowrie next year but force a few games from Lugo. See what he needs but don?t go out for a catcher. I already emailed you a long list of details.?
?Thanks and don?t tell anyone who is the Front office of the team. If Tito finds out I?ll look like a fool.?
?No problem.?
Gary hangs up.
The phone rings again. It?s David Ortiz.
?David?we already talked about this. There is nothing shameful about Viagra at your age. Just keep a low profile and you?ll be OK.?
?Thanks Gary. You?re the best.?
Gary hangs up the phone. It rings again.
?Look McCain. You don?t follow any of my advice and neither does Obama. I?m tired of you both. Why do you keep bothering me??
Gary listens then sighs.
?John I know this financial crisis is complex but I don?t have time to discuss it with you. I offered you my economic plan that just won the nobel prize by the way and did you listen to me ? no! I?m done.?
?Gary please?I need you.?
Gary hangs up.
The phone rings again, he picks it up.
Gary calms down.
?Gary it?s Gwen Paltrow. I need you!?
?Gwen, it?s two in the morning. I have half the models in the world after me. You?re wonderful of course but?oh I have Tony Blair on the line. I?ve got to let you go. ?
?Gary?I love you.?
?Ya, ya they all do Gwen but I need my sleep.?
Gary sighs and picks up the phone.
?I know Tony. Midlife crisis. I can help.?

For your reading pleasure:
The Boston Globe: A roster of issues.

LOL! You are a classic Dave! I just need to find out who it was that told you those people called me. They were supposed to keep it hush hush. Now I’m going to get blamed for losing Game 7 and the pending stock market crash. Can’t trust anyone.

Arnie, I know Cassel is learning the hard way. I guess Tom Brady has spoiled me rotten. Cassel has no vision of the field. If he can’t get his first receiver, he’s toast and I don’t see that improving. Of course, if the Patriots can run like they did last night, it won’t need to.

Go Rays!!!! What do you mean I don’t have permission to comment on this blog. Lights out BOSTON!


I agree with you about Cassel. I was watching the game against S.D. The Pats were at the S.D. 1 yard line and he had Watson wide open for an easy touchdown and never saw him. That being said, there isn’t one great team in the N.F.L. Alot of very good teams but nobody really sticks out. Parity has arrived! Overall I think that is a good thing! Whoever has counted out N.E. is a fool for sure! lol.

Great season sox, considering all the distractions and injuries and what reality we were one healthy Beckett from advancing to the series. Congrats to those pesky Rays..although I cant help but say something about those called third strikes late in game know, the ones that were 6-7 inches off the plate…to Drew in particular with the bases juiced…It’s all water under the bridge, but was I the only one who noticed those brutal called third strikes?..If that would to have happened in game 5 there wouldnt have been a comeback..I just cant help but feel we were robbed by that ump! Sorry to whine here, but im still pissy about it! Kotsay’s too, I could strike out a hitter with that wide azzz zone! Go Phillies!!!!!!

Arnie, thanks for the recipe. I’ve cut and pasted and I’m giving it to my girlfriend (yeah, 57 year old guys can have a girlfriend too, even if we’re of no use to them any more….. LOL!). She’ll whip me up a batch. I’m thinking I might make a trip to Denver to spend a week at your dinner table. As you get older, priorities in life change. Eating is what I do best and enjoy most….. LOL!

Garry, you’re welcome here any time.
Must be nice to have your own personal chef! Haha.
You like New England boiled dinner? I used to make a version of that for the old folks I worked for when I was between restaurants. If I can just shrink the recipe and get a handle on the subtle nuances. Give me a few days. That’s one I always cooked more by “feel” than by any measurement. But it came out really good. I’ll check my notes, and see if I can make some sense out of it that would translate to a cook 2000 miles away.

New England Boiled Dinner? Are you kidding me? There’s nothing better on a cold winter night. It was 51 here in Jax this morning, that’s cold enough. If you dig up the recipe, can you email it to me?

You’re right! I’m the only person I know around here with my own personal chef. For a guy who loves to eat, it doesn’t get much better than that. You’d better knock it off though. You’re going to come out one morning and find me camped on your doorstep! LOL!

I heard today that the Toronto Blue Jays are interested in talking with Zazu. However, they did say that their first order of business is getting Burnett resigned.

ARNIE sat on the bed. It was 11:00 pm. He was exhausted and fell into the bed. The phone rang.
It was Ellen. She said, ?Arnie. I can?t take it anymore. I?m going to kill myself! The Red Sox lost!?
?Ellen, what about the southern bean pot??
?With pork fries, lizard gills, sour cream, baked ribeye steak and southern fried pork and bean chips.?
?Ya, that?s the one all right, ?said Arnie. ?I?ll fly over there and be there in a few hours. I?ll take care of you!?
?Arnie, you?re the best friend anyone ever had! My stomach is already on fire.?
Arnie said to himself ?if it isn?t, it will be.?
Arnie sat down in bed. He felt good about Ellen. After making her four days of meals he felt it was time to go home. The phone rang.
?David Ortiz. What?s wrong??
?Arnie?I O.D. on some bad stuff. It?s been four hours.?
Arnie got up and groaned. ?I told you to be careful on Viagra. I?ll be over with some toxic fish soup. That should numb the body up and calm your?Big Poppy?thing?ah?anyway, I?ll be down.?
David shouted and said, ?hurry Arnie!?
Arnie said to himself, ?that man will never learn. ?
Arnie finally fell asleep before the phone rang. He opened his eyes. He was so exhausted.
?Arnie, it?s me. Julio!?
Arnie groaned.
?Talk to Migrane.?
?Arnie, Migrane left me for Sara Palin. Don?t you understand? ?
Arnie got up and groaned. He said, ?nobody with a sane mind would understand Lugo.?
Lugo said, ?OK, what do I do??
?Well go over to McDonalds and Supersize everything. Get a double order of everything and then head home and eat twelve dozen twinkles with relish, pork rinds and sun dried shrimp. ?
Lugo said, ?but that?ll put me in the hospital.?
Arnie smiled and said, ?Lugo. I?m a cook. Don?t worry.?
Lugo said, ?Well, I?m a reasonably intelligent person. You?re right. We?re talking comfort food not a stomach pumping!?
Arnie smiled and said, ?of course. Good night.
Arnie was woken up again by John McCain.
John said, ?Arnie I know it?s taken me a long time but I just realized I?m an idiot.?
Arnie sighed and said, ?OK I?ll be over and make you that ketchup and cottage cheese recipe you so like.?
John ?thanks.?
Arnie woke up again by Obama.
Obama said, ?Arnie I know it?s taken me a long time but I just realized I?m an idiot.?
Arnie sighed and said, ?OK, I?ll be over and make you that ketchup and cottage cheese recipe you so like.?
Obama said, ?thanks.?
The phone rang again and Arnie picked it up.
?Arnie, can you make me that chicken soup you?re so good at. My stomach??
Arnie sighed and said, ?OK Tito. It?s been a long season. If anyone deserves a break?it?s you.?
The phone rang. Arnie took the phone and threw it across the room. He never found out who it was.
Arnie said, ?and on day 7, Arnie rested.?

Hi Dave..Arnie, Garry..
Dave, you’re starting to scare me. Does you mind ever quit?? Mine almost never does.
I am much better thanks to you guys, but mostly your story of me and the cordless phone..!! My husband read that to all his buddies at work.. Needless to say at the Federal Credit union they think I’m neurotic!!! I like that!
When they talk about how we lost it still drops a knife through the center of my heart, but I’m feeling better.
Hey, I am getting a raise, goifull time and WITH a PROMOTION!!! OFFICE “MANAGER” now. I guess they figured if I could go 8 months with a Philly Phan for a boss, I desreved it!! LOL.
I have noticed that Ian is conspicuolusly absent… Spending time with his family I suspect…. I saw picture sof his oys last year and they are cute…. I hope he gets to spend a ton of time with them and that someday they sit back and recall all the good times with DAD>>> I know I do.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you again Dave,,, and Arnie.. I;ll take that NE Boiled dinner recipe too, if you don’t mind..
Dave I’m read y for chapter 5 (I think thats where I left off).
take care guys… talk soon….

Wow….I miss everyone already. I always dread the end of the Sox season. No more baseball for me….I really lose a lot of interest when the Sox are not playing. I am a huge baseball fan but it has to include the Red Sox. I’ll check in on the series from time to time but no avid watching for me. I really had fun with it this year on the blog. Like you Garry, I wear my Red Sox garb all year-round and I enjoy the needling. I don’t get 2nd looks at the golf course anymore because that is what everyone there expects. Wouldn’t you know it….the golf pro at our course is a Rays fan. We’ve been going at it all summer!!! I’M READY FOR CATCHERS AND PITCHERS TO REPORT!!!!!!!! Well, I’ll be checking in on you all from time to time….thanks for the camaraderie this summer!!!!

Thank you, too, Craig!! Have a good winter!


Are you kidding. If my ideas stopped I’d be dead. The blogs writing has really been great fine tuning for me. I’ll email you Chapter 5 tonight or tomorrow.
Incidentally, what scares me is that when I came up with the cordless phone idea, I just imagined you at your desk and tried to think of something absurd for you to kill yourself with. I thought of the phone and the realized what if it was cordless? It literally came out that quick!
Also I read a book on comedy and they said — don’t make it funny — just know the character and exaggerate the pain of the scene. Believe it or not comedy is truth and pain and nothing else. I found the statement ironic but it’s true.

I got a call from Tito- he said that he tried to call Arnie but the phone was off the hook. He wanted Arnie to tell him what should he do about Lugo??
Try to get in touch with Arnie and pass along the msg and have him call Tito.

Hey Ellen, glad you’re feeling better and congratulations on your promotion and pay raise. That’s great news.

Craig, you don’t have to go anywhere. We’ll be here all winter talking about the Sox, speculating what they’re going to do to improve and following Jeff’s coverage of off season activities around baseball. It’s really pretty good stuff and we continue to have a blast with all of this. So drop in once in a while.

Dave, you are a certified nut case. I think that pretty much covers it for you.

Oh Garry, after all this time and you finally figured it out (LOL) I’ll be here all winter as well. I’m looking forward to 2009. I feel no pain for the Sox losses. Nobody repeats and next year will be tough for everyone — the Sox are back!

Can anyone say why Alicea isn’t being brought back? It may be a daft question but I thought that all of them would be back and am not sure why he isn’t.


Luis Alicea isnt coming back?? I didnt know that…

The others are but he isn’t. It is in one of the announcements but gives no reasons.

Tito’s been trying to call me but I won’t answer. He wants the recipe for chicken soup. But I’m already behind. I’ve got three recipes to type up.
Ellen what’s your email address? I will send you the boiled dinner recipe when I type it up for Garry.
Dave, you’re a wildman! Stick around for the winter. We’ll need your advice for the hot stove league. We make all the decisions here, Theo and Tito and Henry get the credit. It’s awesome!


From what I read online ( Bos. Globe ) Alicea was very surprised he was let go. Alicea was in charge of the infield defense and obviously did pretty well with that. I also read where Jed Lowrie was playing with a wrist injury. It seemed everyone on that team was battling an injury. Even Francona with his ailing back. Francona has known since May he needed back surgery. Imagine that. He has a bad back. His star ( Zazu ) can’t play because of an alleged knee injury. lol. Zazu never missed a game in L.A. Francona also stated the last 2 months of the season was the most fun he has had. That speaks volumes right there. I can read between the lines. I hope Francona gets well. His leadership is much needed, he is the ideal manager for the Red Sox!


Is Tito calling you from his hospital bed? Has Boras called yet? Boras loves talking on the phone. LOL!

Hey guys,
I will indeed be around for the winter with more insane satires. Arnie — give Tito the recipe for the chicken soup. He needs love. Zazu gave him a hard time this season.

This one is for you Arnie!

TITO was now on his 50th spoonful of Arnie?s to-die-for chicken soup. He was lying in bed in the hospital. Arnie was feeding him. Tito was still not recovered yet from his back surgery.
?You?re my best friend in the world Arnie?especially with the ah??
Arnie smiled. ?Don?t worry. Baked beans are on the way.?
Lugo, dressed in a nurse outfit runs in and said, ?code blue?next door. Hurry Arnie!?
Arnie rises in his bed and sighs. He runs down the hall. Mike Lowell is in the room.
?Relax Mike. The blueberry milkshakes are here.?
Mike drinks them down in huge gulps and sighs.
?Arnie, you?re my best friend in the whole world?especially with the ah??
Arnie smiled. ?Don?t worry. The Boston Cream pie is on its way!?
Arnie, ?said Mike. What would I do without you??
Lugo runs in and shouts ?Arnie, code green!?
Arnie sighs and grabs his medical bag. He runs to David Ortiz?s room.
?David, ?shouted Arnie. ?No wonder you broke your wrist. You are your stupid Viagra! No wonder they call you Bigger Poppy now!?
David sighs and grabs the green ceasar salad with Arnie?s special basil and rosemary dressing. He devours it with his good working hand.
David sighs. ?Arnie, my best friend in the world?especially with the ah??
Arnie pulls out the three layer chocolate cake with cherry icing.
?I have to go. ?
Arnie grabs the pills from David! David lets out some curses then winces in pain from the muscle strains in his body. Arnie runs to the next room.
?Here?s your banana mango smoothie with Arnie?s protein powder. Now get that back fixed.
Drew says, ?Arnie. You?re my best friend in the world especially with the ah??
Arnie slams the pineapple upside down cake on the table. ?here?s your stupid cake. Now go!?
Arnie sighs and then turns back.
?Sorry J.D.?
Drew is too busy eating the cake to care. Arnie moves to the next room.
Jed. Here?s your chicken soup with wild rice!?
Jed smiles. He says, ?Arnie you?re my best friend??
Arnie snaps back and says, ?ya ya?here?s your stupid #$#$ roasted #$#$ chicken with #$#4 parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Remember me as one who cooks for you. ?
Arnie then leaves the room. He hits the wall before a loud ?ARNIE? is heard. He walks down the hall. Beckett is nursing his leg.
?Here?s the pork rinds with fried tempeh in lemon sauce. ?
?Arnie, you?re my best friend in the whole world especially with the??
?Ya they all say you?re their friend but all you guys care about are your stupid fat stomachs. I haven?t had a day off in a month and you guys seem to find more and more ailments to keep me in here cooking for you.
Arnie then leaves but moves back and hands Beckett a chocolate bar.
?Here?s the French chocolate you requested. ?
?Love you Arnie, ?shouts Beckett.
Arnie then moves to the next room. He sits down. ?I hate off season.?
Arnie rolls his eyes. Jason Varitek is in bed nursing a strained back, groin muscle and a busted thumb that, according to Jason happened while he was working on his car.
?Arnie, you?re my best friend in the whole world especially with the??
Arnie sighs. He walks towards Jason. ?Just say it!?
Jason starts to sob in his bed. ?I?m sorry. ?
Arnie rolls his eyes and hands Jason the peanut butter and fried lemon sandwich with red peppers and jello.
?Arnie, you?re??
?Whatever Jason. ?
Arnie walks out of the room. He here?s David Ortiz screaming. Arnie runs into his room and grabs Lugo.
?Lugo stop it. Have you lost your mind!?
?I can?t Arnie. This is what I?ve been waiting for my entire life.?
?You and the rest of the psycho freak world. Now get a hold of yourself !?
Lugo can?t be calmed down as Arnie hit him in the stomach before slamming him against the wall. It knocked him out.
?Arnie, ?cries David. ?Poppy really hurts now!?
Arnie hits his head against the wall. ?Stupid Viagra! I?ll be back with the ice cream sundae David.?
David smiles and says, ?you are the best friend in the whole world.?
Arnie nods and walks out. If the blog only knew.?

Dave, you’re a madman!

Here’s the banana “corn dog” recipe: You’ll need to get a candy thermometer so you can tell when the oil is hot. Also, use a big, deep pan for the frying. I discovered this is slightly dangerous at home, the oil boils up when the banana hits it. The danger is that the oil may boil over and catch fire when it hits the burner. So use a pan with plenty of room and you’ll be fine. Keep your girls out from under the stove just in case. Get yourself a metal slotted spoon.
This is what you’ll do, it’s pretty easy. Start by heating your oil. I use canola oil, about a half gallon. It has to be deep enough to cover the entire banana. Put the heat on medium and clip the candy thermometer on the side of the pan with about an inch or so in the oil. Now mix your batter. Get some good pancake mix and follow the directions except make the batter a little dryer than normal. You want the batter to coat the banana with approximately 1/8th inch all around. Test it, if it runs right off then add more mix, if it so dry that it won’t spread then add some water. It’s not rocket science, you just have to play with it a little. Next peel your bananas, oh by the way, get bananas that are slightly under-ripe. You want them a little green and firm, but not rock hard. Ok, peel the bananas and cut them in half across not lengthwise. Roll them in a little flour so that the batter will stick.This should be a very thin layer of flour, wipe off any excess flour. Now check the oil temperature, it should be 350 degrees. If it is, then roll the bananas one piece at a time in the batter. VERY carefully place it in the oil. The oil will boil up then subside after a few seconds. Wait one minute and if the banana is stuck to the bottom, pry it loose with your slotted spoon. Now you’re having fun!! When your banana is golden brown take it out of the oil and put it on a paper towel to drain. Wait a little bit before you feed these to your kids they’ll stay hot inside for quite a while . I made these last night and they came out great. Crispy, and delicious with the banana getting a little soft, like custard inside. They’re great with maple syrup! After a little practice you can cook them 2 at a time. More than that may cool down the oil too much and they’ll be greasy. The kids are going to love these!

I can’t decide whether to cheer for the Phillies to beat the upstart rays or root for the rays. After all, the kids are good. It would be our AL East defeating the NL East. Hmmm… I’m not usually so wishy-washy but on this I can’t decide. I don’t think I’m wishy-washy, but maybe I am. I can’t tell. I’ll have to get back to you when I decide if I’m decisive or not. I just can’t make up my mind.

Arnie, A favourite banana recipe in my house is bananas Foster – much more an adults pudding, though.

I am rooting for the Rays, not by a huge margin but still want to see them come out on top. I went to a Rays game a couple of years ago. SK was pitching, did well (about 10 or 11 Ks) but picked up the loss. However, that’s an aside because there was a family of Rays fans more-or-less in front of us with a couple of pre-teen kids and an elderly couple to the side. It was the first time the elderly couple had been to a ball game and it was the old chap’s birthday. One of the kids in the family got a game ball and when he realised it was the old guy’s birthday, he handed it over and said Happy Birthday. That was an act of simple kindness that moved both the elderly couple. I know this sort of story happens in every club virtually every game, but I found that quite heartening and I guess that is one reason for me hoping for a Rays win.


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