And The Envelopes, Please

I must admit, I’m a sucker for awards, be it the Oscars or whatever.

This is baseball awards season, beginning in less than an hour. Red Sox players are involved in some of these races.

Here is a quick look at the AL awards. I simply don’t have time to follow the NL enough to make worthy selections.

AL Rookie of the Year, to be announced Monday: My prediction: Evan Longoria. Imagine if this guy had played the full year? His production numbers were impressive and of course he got even more impressive in the postseason, but that doesn’t count.

Other worthy selections. Alexei Ramirez, White Sox; Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox. Ellsbury had an up and down year offensively but still stole 50 bases and just missed 100 runs.

AL Manager of the Year, to be announced Wednesday: Joe Maddon, Rays. I think jovial Joe wrapped this thing up somewhere around July 4. What a great job. Not enough can be said.

Other worthy selections: Though Maddon by far guided the most dramatic turnaround of any team, some other managers did a very nice job this season. Look at Ron Gardenhire, for instance. When Johan Santana was traded, everyone just assumed the Twins would be non-contenders. Think again. They lasted all the way to a one-game playoff. The guy here in Boston did a pretty nice job in his own right. Terry Francona had injuries to major players at virtually every point in the season. But he found a way to keep his team focused and into the playoffs for the fourth time in his five years as manager. Don’t forget Mike Scioscia. He got 100 wins out of the Angels and they were a juggernaut until the playoffs. But again, the playoffs don’t count in these votes.

AL Cy Young: Cliff Lee, Indians. This one is about as suspenseful as the Maddon choice for manager. Lee completely dominated from start to finish.

Other worthy selections: Roy Halladay. A complete-game machine! This guy is the definition of a throwback. Mike Mussina, Francisco Rodriguez and Jon Lester also belong in the conversation.

AL MVP: Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox. Perhaps you have to be around this guy every day to see just how much he means to his team. Pedroia topped the league, or was near the top, in several major categories, including runs, hits, doubles and batting average. Oh, and he was also a Gold Glove second baseman who hit for power for a little guy — 18 homers — and stole 20 bases.

Other worthy selections: Justin Morneau, Twins. A .300 average and 129 RBIs should get you MVP consideration every year, particularly on a team that didn’t have a lot of other sluggers in the lineup. Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox. If not for Pedroia, he would have gotten a ton more discussion in this debate. Manny was traded, Ortiz wasn’t himself, Lowell was hurt and there was Youk, belting 29 homers and driving in 115. Oh, he also hit .312 and played tremendous defense. Josh Hamilton was the best player for a non-contender, but I just don’t think that can win you an MVP.


Youk is my M.V.P. of the A.L.
Longoria will win R.O.Y.
Lee ( Cy Young ) I still believe Roy Halladay is the best pitcher in the game but Lee had the better season. Maddon for manager of the year. What a job by Joe Maddon. A slam dunk winner is Maddon. Remember Francona edged out Maddon for the Red Sox job.

I guess the bottom-line is the Phillies are the champs and that is all that matters!

On these awards do they ever look at the defensive side of this. Because if they did Langoria would have been third in my voting. 3rd base 121 games 328 total chances 12 errors .963 fielding average, Ramirez 121 2nd. base 575 total chances 11 errors, .981 fielding average, Ellsbury 140 games 336 total chances 0 errors, 1.000 fielding average. Ramirez started out terrible, finished .290 batting average, with half the stikeouts, 61 to Langoria’s 122.
I hope this one was close because, in all around play I think Ramirez should have won it. Problem with him is he was batting .114 on first week in may and he does not walk alot.

Great season for Petey!!! Hope he actually gets the votes!!!
Well Holliday (it seems) is going to Oakland.. There is one off of our blog radar.
I read the article about Jarrod Saltalamacchia (now there is a real mouthful), and he seems genuine in his want to play behind Tek and/or with him. I think that would be a great way to get the new blood in and also have Tek there for guidance.

and Ian, You can see what Pedroia means to the team just by how they react to what he does, he is a catalyst!!!

No question, Cliff Lee is the AL Cy Young.

Maddon should be Manager of the Year, although Tito did a great job under very tough and trying cirumstances.

MVP is a tough call. I tend to agree with Brian to go with Youk although I think Pedroia will get the award, and he certainly deserves it as well. Youk just brings versatility to the Sox infield which in my mind makes him more valuable.

Longoria gets ROY but Ellsbury had a solid year as well. Longoria has power, Ellsbury has speed and is among the best defensive outfielders in the league. He also brings versatility to the Sox as he played all outfield positions equally well. He winds up third.

I think the Sox are in great shape going into the off season. Anything the do will be to fine tune an already solid team. If they do make a major signing such as Teixiera, they could be something special. It will be interesting to watch.

I have to be honest…I was scared to death the Sox were going to go after Holliday. I am not a big fan of big hitters out of Colorado….they are always suspect but what leaves me scratching my head is why Oakland? This seems to be against everything Billy Ball is about. Who else will he have there? Maybe Chavez will be healthy but they just got rid of Harden. That one really surprised me. If they make no more moves it seems like that one was a waste. I guess Oakland must have a game plan but I don’t see them getting past Anaheim for a while. Guess that’s why I’m here typing and not out there doing!!!!!!! Thanks Theo for not biting on that one!!!!!

The Sox are better off with Bay than with Holliday. Make no mistake, Holliday hitting in Fenway would be fabulous. The Colorado hype is not valid in his case, he can just plain hit, altitude or not. But Bay is better all around—better fielder, better runner and he comes up with clutch hits. I’ll take .280/30/110 every season from Jason Bay over whatever numbers Holliday puts up. Add to that the fact that Holliday carries the attitude “I’m the franchise guy”. Bay is part of the team. Not that Holliday is a bad guy but he wants his ego strokes. There is a lot of shock here in Colorado over this trade. Most Rockies fans feel that they got hosed. And rightly so unless the new guys deliver right off the bat(so to say).

This year more than ever it should be CO-MVP’S, YOUK, PEDROIA.
I cannot imagine if either one went down for extended time what would have happened to the SOX.

Happy Veterans Day! To all of you who have served: Thank You! You are not forgotten.

MVP is a toss-up. I actually would have Youk a little ahead because of his versatility both in the line up and on the field, and greater power numbers this year. Tough decision.

Now we know why Big Papi had a bad ALCS becuase he had inflammation at the end of the season.

Happy Veterans Day!!

Without our vets, I am not talking about Red Sox baseball….among other things I do in life.

I’m sure Craig would agree with me, as would most veterans, when we say it was our pleasure to serve. Of course, between Craig and me, and our nearly 60 years of service, well, that borders on that fine line between dedication and stupidity. I really appreciate that you appreciate and have some understanding of what our men and women in the armed forces are doing for our country. Thanks.

Craig, I think Oakland believes Matt Holliday will bring them wealth beyond what they gave up for him. He could help make them a competitive team, in which case they would keep him for the season and reap the benefits of draft picks when he leaves as a free agent. If they aren’t competitive, he’ll be worth his weight in gold to someone who is come next July. The A’s would probably get a boat load of good prospects for him. In either case, it’s a winning situation for them. In fact, depending on the health of J.D. Drew and David Ortiz at that time, the Sox could be a prime candidate to go after him if they are in the hunt and they don’t sign a big bat in the off season.

The A’s are also interested in signing Furcal to play s.s. and leadoff. The A’s offense has been pathetic in the last few years. I still believe the Angels will win the division and Garry might be dead on when he says the A’s could deal Holliday in late July if Oakland is out of the race. Billy Beane has a plan and more importantly has job security! I’m just glad Beane got wet feet and went back to Oakland and Theo became the g.m. Thank you Billy Beane! lol.

Apparently the Rockies wanted to extend Holliday’s contract and they offered 13 mil and then 18 mil per year, but Boras said no deal. Of course Boras would not say what Holliday wanted, so the Rockies said goodbye.


Boras wants Holliday too be a free agent and he’ll cash in.

Random thought. Why are they called “free” agents???? I don’t think they are free. Are they? LOL!!

Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone….vets and non vets. There were a lot of non military in the factories during WWII putting out tons of aircraft and other military hardware. USO shows brought weary toops entertainment and still do…put on by many non-military. I think Garry will agree….the military needs civilians to complete the mission so I say….thanks to all of you who made it possible to do my job while I served. GO SOX!!!!!!!!

Garry, thanks for the insight on Holliday….I think he will be a hot commodity by the trade deadline. Brace yourselves for friday….I think that is the day free agents can start peddling themselves to the highest bidder.

I Thank all the Veterans and their families for what they gave.. There is a song.. “All gave some, Some gave ALL”.I think that best says it about our Armed Forces. My father was a WWII Veteran (Army Air Corp) my oldest brother is a Viet Nam Vet (AirForce) and I lost an Uncle at Normandy Beach. So I truly appreciate what the guys and girls do!!!
God Bless You All!!! (past and present).
Craig… I am bracing for Friday… How many teams do you think will be ringing Teks phone??? I wish he’d fire Boras and negotiate with The Sox himself, Schill did it last year, Arod did it with the Yanks… I think that Boras is pricing Tek right out of our realistic dreams ($$/years)….

Boras is unrealistic….unfortunately most of the time he makes it a reality. He doesn’t know what a home town discount is so hopefully Tek will want to keep wearing the “C” and he realizes that staying with the Sox could possibly give him another WS ring in ’09. Like you….I’d like to see him come back. The things you can measure he had a tough time with this year…but he is a leader and just one stare from that guy can keep the younger guys in line. I think if Madagan re-tools his long swing into a short compact strroke he’ll raise his average at leat 35 points and that’s all we really need from him offensively. It’s just so tough to be a catcher at his age. I almost cried when Johnny Bench couldn’t do it anymore. I am hoping Tek has a couple good years left until the Sox can “slide” someone in behind him when he’s ready to hang them up. It’ll be real interesting to see how much Tek weighs in on this whole thing. There’s a lot of folks out there who can’t look past his numbers but I for one feels he deserves the benefit of ‘OUR” doubt and hopefully we can bring him back.

Craig, you have mentioned Tek’s “long swing” on several occasions and I agree, especially from the left side. I know switch hitters have their pride but at this point in his career it might be wise to consider just hitting from the right side where his swing seems much quicker. There have been some great switch hitters over the years, but most are much more proficient from one side than they are from the other. In all honesty, I think the “seeing the ball better” theory is mostly crap. I think that theory is derived primarily from the problems you see left handed hitters have with good left handed pitchers. I believe that problem exists because they just don’t see that many good left handed pitchers. You don’t see those kinds of issues with right handed hitters against right handed pitcher because they see them all the time. It’s tough to know whether even the greatest of switch hitters, like Mantle and Murray might have been better if they hit just from one side. You don’t see the greatest hitter messing around with switch hitting. They just hit …………… period.

You are also right about the civilian support to the military. My mother was an LPN durng WWII and did a lot to take care of injured soldiers/sailors/airmen when they returned home. A big part of our military today is made up of citizen soldiers/sailors/airmen who serve in the reserves and are now leaving their jobs and families to take care of the business of defending our nation. Good on you for brining that up!

I went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra last night here in Jacksonville. If they are coming to a town near you, go see them. It was three hours of music, unbelievable lights and pyrotechnics, and story telling. If you don’t know who they are, you would hear their music if you’ve ever seen the Christmas Miller Lite commercial that has the house with the Christmas lights that dance to the music. That song, Wizards of Winter, is their trademark.

No disagreement on Maddon, getting Manager of the Year.


Last week wrote the Sox should trade for Nick Swisher, if we dont the Yankees will guarantee do it. Today they did it.
Now they sign Sabathia, Burnett, and I am going to go as far as they will trade for Peavy. Signing Swisher freed a lot of money up. He was cheap. Red Sox dragged their feet on this. Theo, Cashman is one up on you. Swisher would have been a good trade for the Sox.

All I can say is Nick Swisher is a young, cheap, and switch hitting 1st baseman with home run power (20+ HRs) and can play outfield as well. It’s a low risk and potential high reward signing for the Yanks.
I have fath in Theo and Francona. I will be very satisfied that the Sox come within 1 game of reaching WS or 1 game winning the WS in 2009.

Hi everyone!!! I havent been posting, but have been reading the few comments coming in. I dont think its such a huge thing that we didnt get Swisher.. If Theo and the other execs thought he was a getter they would have gone after him.. always try to remember that they do this as their livelyhood, its their bread and butter… Dont think for a minute that they are going to do something that will cost them when it comes time for their turn at the raise table..

Tonight I am off to the 50th Anniversary of Homecoming for my high school (STRANAHAN HIGH).. People from my graduating class are coming from all over the USA.. Should be fun…GO DRAGONS!!!!!
See y’all later…
rbsul… dont take it so hard!!! I believe in this club and the men who are at the helm… Chill…

Since I predicted Swisher to the Yankees I will predict their off-season too.
They were going to sign Sabathia anyway, (he has to take contract by union rules if it exceeds 10 million over last offer), now they sign Burnett, Lowe, offer arbitration to Abreu, and with the 20 million they saved on NOT signing Teixeira, they offer Manny Ramirez 4 years 100 million, for being DH.
1) Damon LF
2) Jeter SS
3) Ramirez DH
4) A-Rod 3B
5) Abreu RF
6) Pasada C
7) Swisher 1B
8) Cano 2B
9) Cabrera CF I hate to be starting pitcher against this Line-up
SP Sabathia
SP Wang
SP Burnett
SP Lowe
SP Chamberain

Ellen hope you had fun.

Like to post this story from NEW KID ON THE BLOCK,
I go to many Double AA ballgames lucky live very close to stadium here in New Britain Ct. Now home of the New Britain Rock Cats, (Twins).
They have games during week in summer which are great, they start at noon, and convient for me since I work 3rd shift.
Well in June of 2003, went to one of these games, and where I park, you have to walk through a nice sceneic route. On the way to ballpark, there is a water pollution station, and I see this kid throwing one of those super balls at wall of building in full catchers gear. This amazed me, anyway look at his number and it is one that is not in scorebook yet, just brought up. I go to park and get scorebook, and for some reason, I go back to the kid and started talking to him, and asked if he would sign it. Very very nice young gentleman, I could not believe the size of this guy for catcher.
Anyway his turn to bat in batting practice, unbeivable hitter, line drive after line drive, good gap power. OK, now game begins and I say to myself, lets see what you can do with real pitching. Up 5 times gets 4 hits all nailed, 2 doubles 2 singles. During game his defense was great, Double AA pitchers do not have the best control.
After game made it a point to shake his hand, and he obliged, I said to him I was very impressed with his all around game. We became good friends during that year.
Still stay in contact with him, but since then he has probably become the best catcher in the American League. Joe Mauer
Only one other catcher has impressed me since saw him, this year Matt Weiters.
E-Mailed Joe Mauer and told him you have got competition with this kid, he said they already know about him, sure wish the Red Sox could grab Weiters.

rbsul… What is it I would have been having fun doing??

Oh. The Homecoming Game.. sorry.. Great fun.. My alma mater won.. now they are 7-4 on the year.. but no chance for the dsitrict championship… ATMOSPHERE SO VERY DIFFERENT from when I was in high school about a hundred years ago!!!
Went to a picnic with the Alumni crowd this afternoon and So many Yankee fans there!!! and those who werent Yankee fans were saying (they saw my RedSox tag, and ball hanging from the mirror and my RSN decals on my back window) “HEY, I rooted for the (DEVIL) Rays..” “I said hey thats great the had a terrific season, huh??” But the Bosox Bashing started after that and I just had to be humble.. I did, however ask, how many of them had ever watched a Rays game or knew 2 members of their line up before the Series… It suddenly got EXTREMELY QUIET!!!!

that is a great story about Mauer!!! He seems like a real class act!!

I’ll take 7th game of ALCS, anyday over watching this at home, hoping for next year.
And the best thing is we are only going to get better. I am so excited at some of the kids coming up.
Please Theo dont get rid of Bucholtz, Cy Young in the future.
I must admit there is no rivalry in all of sports, like Red Sox and Yankees. Tell you the truth I like it.
That is what USA is all about.

Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve been sick all week. Did you read today? Tigers talking trade with the Sox for Lugo. I think it’s a great idea for both teams. Both would take chances on the players but this gets Lugo a fresh start and some Tiger pitching a fresh start. I don’t know if it will work but it seems like a no-risk but possible gain clause for the Sox. Who knows?
Yankees are offering C.C. the moon and back. I’m wondering of CC will do the ‘All you can eat buffet’s for the next few months to celebrate. Oh I can see a spoof on that one.
Varitek, as I suspected didn’t get a bite from the Sox. A good move. I think ALL teams need to team up and squash the ego of Scott Boras who is only creating obscene realities for free agents that are not worth it. In these economic times it’s insane. Varitek should get a two year 10 million contract. He’s a great catcher but not for that money.

The partial bit of the story I read on the site today was; Lugo for Willis or Robertson. It also said that the Red Sox would not reject the idea of another reclamation project with Farrel at the helm. Remember he got JB to turnaround (though now the focus is back on him), and the tremendous effort he put into Dice-K. Its not out of the realm of possiblity, but I feel that helping Beckett regain his strength, and keeping Dice-K and Lester on the right track are the foremost priorities. either way it would be a formidable rotation when healthy and mechanically sound, even Wake can have his hot streaks.

I think, in the oddest way, we should send Willis to St.Louis, let Duncan do his magic, and ship him back up to Boston
*roll music*!

On a more serious note, the position players and line-up have stability. The center and right side are secured for the future (let us not forget Lowrie did have a substantial amount of doubles). And the Outfield with Bay, Ellsbury, and Drew has perhaps the most raw talent in years, hearkening back to Evans, Rice, and Lynn.
Pitching wise the bullpen is not in shambles, with Masterson, Lopez and Paps anchoring it the prospects and journeyman should fill the void.
Finally, Its my belif that the Sox should conserve their money in favor of nesscity rather than want, Teixeria stay clear!


I have the same feelings. People like Scott Boras do nothing for the sport but decay it. These outrageous sums explode beyond what any player is worth and accelerates the prices of tickets and offers little return. Detroit and NY are examples. The young blood are the ones that want to play the game. Guys like Sebastia will never achieve the success that NYY will pay for him. That’s just not humanly possible.
Right now the Sox have Papelbon. I hope he doesn’t chose Boras as his agent because right now he’s the golden boy in the closer game. He will someday rival Riveira if he stays healthy.

Any trade that sends Lugo out of Boston, I am all for it! I guess if the Red Sox got D. Willis….I assume Ken Rosenthal ( ) would have too re-write his article about the Red Sox. LOL!! Let’s hope for Willis in Boston. I doubt it will happen! We shall see.

Florida’s payroll last year 22.650 million
Sabathia’s contract offer from Yanks 23.333 million anually
Willis has more upside I feel and we can afford to keep him
0% of Salty coming to Sox according to Peter Gammons, Texas is asking way too much.
My proposal on Varitek, give him ONLY 2 year contract split the difference he wants 13.1 for 4, give him 6.5 2 year, with 2nd year buyout of 3 million dollars.
Varitek had the 5th worst average in the American League, with runners in scoring position with a .179 average, with this offense WAY,WAY too many runs left on pasebaths.
If he doesn’t snap out of this easy way of moving on.
By the way worst average last year in AL Lugo .139
Junichi Tazawa is a good signing, not Major league ready but has the tools.
My Red Sox sleeper for this year Chris Carter…Theo stole him from Arizona, hit everywhere he has been.
Wacthed him at end of year took a swing that was unbelievable, RemDog said it hurt him just watching him. Laughed so much.
RemDog is not only funny, but underated as an analyzer. Very Fair.
Jason Varitek will be next Red Sox manager. Of COURSE down the road.
Next Red Sox Cy Young winner Clay Bucholtz, I bet you thought I say Lester. Saw both in Double AA, believe me Bucholtz is more advanced at this stage. Lester fastball then top out at 89, Bucholtz 96, with a GREAT curveball, and change-up. This kid is special.
Thanks Theo for not trading him to Texas.
Lester will be the most dominant Left Hander for next 5 years, in AL. Sorry CC overweight is going to catch up with you.
Last there is no better second basemen in Baseball then Pedroia, sorry Chase that cursing after WS took you of my list. Also he is a RED SOX!

Hi everyone!!! I guess there is not much in the way of “Sox Talk” other than speculation at this point. I just wanted to stop in and say hi!!!

Hey gang,
Really miss the every day banter on here. This is the slowest off-season ever for me because I can’t wait for the extended family on hrere every night during the season. Well, I just have to let golf get me through the off-season. Hopefully there will be some news on some signings soon to spice this place up!!!!!! I DO BELIEVEI DO BELIEVEI DO BELIEVEI DO BELIEVEI DO BELIEVEI DO BELIEVEI DO BELIEVEI DO BELIEVE/WOOOOO WOOWOOOO WOOOOO

( Thats was for you Ellen!!!!!) The golf comments were for dbenjamin

RBsul, Peter Gammons did not say there is no chance Saltalamacchia will be in Boston. He said that the Rangers want either Buchholz or two of Masterson, Bowden and Hagadone, and Boston is not interested in that. Likely, the teams will work out a deal.

Willis for Lugo is worth the risk because Willis could be used as a long reliever and spot starter. I still think Lowe will be brought back.

I agree with you about Chris Carter. I have written several times on Sox and Pinstripes about him. Unfortunately, since he is poor in the field, his future is as a DH, and with Lars Anderson on the horizon and Ortiz here now, Carter’s future is likely elsewhere, though he could stick as a backup in 2009 (either Carter or Jeff Bailey).

As for Varitek being the next manager, he would likely see time as a minor league manager and then a pitching coach or a bench coach at the big league level before being given a managerial job in the big leagues. I believe that John Farrell will be the next Red Sox manager, unless someone else hires him before Francona retires or is fired. I like Francona, and I think Farrell would make an excellent manager, as would Brad Mills and DeMarlo Hale, who are finalists for the Mariners job.

By the way, I have been in the Red Sox clubhouse on freelance writing assignments, and I can tell you that a high percentage of baseball players curse like a sailor – Pedroia included. Justin Masterson is an exception.

Junichi Tazawa would be a nice signing, especially if the Sox part with Bowden or Buchholz to get a catcher. Of course, Hagadone is on the horizon, as is Stolmy Pimentel and the three highly regarded college pitchers drafted last summer (Kyle Weiland, Stephen Fife and Bryan Price), so a new crop of top prospects will be arriving to Pawtucket within the next two years.

This is a slow time of the year for baseball news, though we are posting daily. The Hot Stove League will heat up as the winter meetings draw closer.


Wow, its quite the communal gathering we’ve got here.
Just spouting off some thoughts from a fans perspective:

With the prospect of Dustin becoming the future AL MVP, I’m sure this will stir some controversy. The analysts will exclaim that his diminutive stature, and lack of outstanding statistics should prove otherwise. In my opinion, and in sports there is a certain expression that has become cliched, that is to say “intangibles”. Besides leadership, clubhouse initiative, and performance in clutch situations (all of which he possesses) the term “baseball player” should be taken into account. This entails a willingness and demeanor that serves the best intentions of the sport. Past MVP’s that come to mind *cough* A-Rod *cough*, should be disregarded. I’m not tying to instigate, but I consider him to be a hired gun, mercenary for hire, and at the core driven by monetary compensation not baseballs ideals. (No doubt society is in part the same) From what I have read on this blog everyone seems to have mutual disdain for Sabiathia. I don’t know if this is resentment from JB’s CY young theft or his look, but, he at least has shown some honest qualities over the last week, enough to exemplify my point. He has ignored the Yankees offer and household recognition in favor of family and teammates. Even the great 2-time MVP Albert Pujols is deserving of such praise.

WHEEW!!! Now thats off my chest! I love baseball . . . . . .

Can someone fill me in on Tazawa? Thanks.

Its beginning to look at lot like “Hot Stove Season,” (and Christmas, if you are anywhere near Cleveburg). If the Yanks have announced an offer to Sabathia, but have not announced an offer to Teixeira, does that mean they haven’t made one to him yet? Also, does that mean they won’t if Sabathia accepts their money? It almost looks as though we are going to eventually see dominoes falling. First, one major free agent accepts, then another, and so on and so on.

Are we likely to hear anything preliminary from the Sox on either Teix or D-Lowe? Or are we likely only to hear about the final, accepted contracts in each case?

If the Sox were to get either Robertson or D-Train for Lugo, any likelihood that the Rangers would accept one of them as one of the two pitchers they are demanding for Salty?

I guess I’m not clear why the Sox wouldn’t make the Buchholz for Salty deal straight up. Both players are mostly potential thus far, with Salty being the “every day” player.

I have a terrible feeling about the “D-Train”. I don’t think that the train has slowed down… I think it has been D-Railed. I would rather take a chance with Nate Robertson. Although admittedly, I know nothing about him. I think the Sox need to think long and hard before accepting a Trade with Willis (what you talkin bout Willis) involved… its more than his stats that need to be looked at… d.u.i.(s) domestic problems etc…..

Hi everybody. I miss baseball. I love checking out this site and reading all your comments and visiting with you all. Football just doesn’t cut it. Don’t get me wrong, I like football, but it isn’t the same. To start, they only play once a week. I think they should play every third day. I mean seriously, the players only actually PLAY for about 10 to 15 minutes per game. The rest of the time they are standing on the sidelines while their offensive/defensive counterparts are playing, or they are milling around waiting for everyone to gather themselves or lining up waiting for the quarterback to yell “Hut!”. 15 seconds later they are all milling around again. It’s a travesty!

As far as the hotstove, my wishlist would include Tex, Salty and Lowe. But of course, I don’t want to see Mike Lowell go, I just don’t know if he can come back strong next year. And the Lugo for Dontrell deal: it’d be worth it just to see Lugo go. But not until Dave has a chance to write one more satire. Then we could put Dontrell at Pautucket for insurance. Jed Lowrie is going to be fine at SS and he will end the revolving door problem there. The outfield is set with Coco, Bay, Ellsbury and JD. Is Kotsay gone? If not, re-sign him and then make a decision about Cora. I like him, he’s solid at third, SS and second. The bullpen could use a little tweaking but I don’t know who’s out there. Then we just need to fill in the gaps: batboy, hotdog vendor, ball-girls, etc.

Congratulations! Dustin Pedroia, AL’s MVP!!!

You can see video of Junichi Tazawa and type in Tazawa Junichi

Oh well, Jeremy Affeldt got signed by the Giants, he was on my wish list. I am a sucker for hard throwing left-handers.

I want to thank ebeyone for being so nice to me on this site, hope day is going well. Tomorrow going to be GM for a day, on worst case scenario if Teixeira is not signed.
I know I will get many demerits for this one. But it is well thought out and really makes a lot of sense. Have a good day!!

I can’t believe that Joe Mauer finished 4th. I thought the AL’s MVP should either be Pedroia, Youk, or Mauer.

MV-PETEY, MV-PETEY!!! Congrats to Boston and Baseballs “biggest LIL guy”….
You rock Dustin!!!!!

Congrats to Pedroia. Well deserved. The best part about it, he’ll be a member of the Red Sox for a longgggg time! He’ll have the “C” on his jersey sometime in the future….Youkilis will have that “C” as well. I’m sure Francona has a HUGE smile. Also the Red Sox organization and especially the front office. A player the Red Sox drafted and he wins the M.V.P.

Congratulations to Pedroia. One of the best players in the game. He does it all!

Hey guys,

First congratulations on Dustin. Second, here is my latest satire that I think you’ll scream over.

Texas Rangers buys big!
In what the sports world is calling the brain damaged Texas tea, The Texas Rangers signed Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek, Mark Texeira, and CC Sabatia along with twenty others to ten year contracts each. The total cost was what is called a prudent 680 trillion dollars. Scott Boras has stated that he loves the rational thinking that goes into the game and wishes all teams would be like the Texas Rangers.
A spokesman for the Rangers said, ?It?s a deal that ensures the Rangers go to the World Series next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, with only minor changes to what is left of the organization. We?re really excited about the new team. These players will show the world that in Texas ? we play bankrupt-the-company big.?
Ranger?s fans will have more excitement than ever. While the total cost of the new team is slightly excessive, nothing is expected to change except small changes in prices.
Ball park franks will still be roasting hot and delicious at only a $420.00 a piece using the finest quality throw-away meat and day old bread. If you want ketchup, it?s no problem for an additional $200.00 charge for the first two drops.
Parking fees will still be only $500.00 a piece for the first twenty minutes and only $100 after that but you can pay $1000 and have unlimited parking for an hour!
Finally, kids can really enjoy a day at the park. All children under 20 can enjoy an additional 20 cents off the ticket price. Fans can expect a minor 600,000% increase in prices for tickets which is still within the realm of somebody out there. Box seats will only be $1 million a piece for half an hour but bleacher seats will still sell for $400,000 a piece for the first fifteen minutes. Many Rangers fans representatives remind fans that a trip to Ranger stadium is no more the cost of selling everything you have and living on the street.
?This is your chance to see the best players in the game all in one arena. We?ve just been buying every player we can get. We even sold our minor league team and dumped the players just to get the free agents. Our team will be 100% free agents and 100% dominate. Look how well the Yankees and Tigers did this year with that thinking! Scott Boras has shown us the way!?
The Ranger?s management failed to comment since most were either fired or the position closed. The Rangers are excited about the new ?lean and mean? machine. In addition to the Rangers CEO and general manager, the Rangers have one secretary who will also serve as full time: janitor, coffee maker, computer IT person, ticket person, phone person, public relations person and marketing person. The new office is located in Starbucks across the street from the stadium.
?Nervous breakdowns should be minimal since we have nobody left anyway?
Night games will still happen. ?We made a deal with the death row inmates and lifers of Texas prisons. They just pedal away to keep the lights going. That will really save electricity and if they slack off, we just cattle prod them. You gotta love Texas.? Ranger?s management says fans may see more of a flashing, uneven lighting effect but on the positive note, that adds to the mood of the game.
The Rangers are also excited about additional events. ?We will see concerts, rodeos, football games, soccer games, car racing, horse racing, Olympic games, car shows, boat shows, army missile exercises, circuses and whatever else we can do to have the stadium working 365/24/7 and if a show and a baseball game are at the same time ? no problem. We?ll do them simultaneously. With those special moves we should be able to sleep at night once in a while. ?
While some argue that the ?Texas Rangers have literally lost their minds? other fans such as Scott Boras argued that ?since I won?t be attending games, it really won?t affect my life other than the small fortune I just made.?

Players also had mixed reactions. Manny Ramirez had this to say: ?They say I have to show up for all the games. Ya, if I don?t feel like playing left field, I have it in my contract I can sun bathe in a lazy boy with a big screen TV and internet access and that sorta helps but I worry about a fly ball damaging the plasma TV with surround sound. I keep telling them to give me an air conditioned room with a swimming pool with an osprey landing pad but as usual they?re promising a lot but that?s it. I love the Ranger fans but the management just doesn?t care about treating me with respect. I just hope they keep their promise on the Aston Martin I can drag race during the games on my special elevated track just above the seats, but you know those people just don?t seem to care about anything. How am I supposed to unwind? How can I hit without my swimming pool in left field? What about the Manny Ramirez left field amusement park so I can have a family outing during the game and then take a dip in the pool afterwards before I race around the track. I need to talk to Scott Boras. I hate the Rangers. ?

CC Sebatia also complained. ?You called Emerald a personal chef? What about Rachel Ray. I have my needs too. This isn?t Manny?s stadium! How can I pitch when I have to walk to the dugout just to get a meal! Why can?t the grill and kitchen be on the mound! Rangers just don?t care about my needs and what about the noise from Manny?s race car driving! Did they put dampeners and sound suppression fields in the stadium? Management just uses you and never respects you and Manny is getting ten trillion dollars than me! It?s insulting. ?

The once humble Jason Varitek had this to say: ?I busted my tail off with the Red Sox and all I?m asking for is a personal assistant, masseur, and some live entertainment and it?s like?Sebastia gets his kitchen on the mound and Manny gets his race track but they still are having a problem with putting on Broadway shows and concerts for me to watch during the game? Is this the way to treat an elite catcher? I mean Sebastia can have a personal catcher if he wants the ball thrown back at him. I can?t watch Chorus Line and catch the game and I need this considering my meager $2 trillion dollar contract. I just hope things change. ?

Then there was Mark Texeira. ?They worry about my monster truck rallies and I tell them they won?t interfere with the game ? but as usual, Jason gets his live shows, Sebastia gets his chef, Manny gets anything he wants but they give me five new F-150?s when I asked for five hundred. It?s insulting. How can they live with themselves with this type of attitude! It?s so frustrating!

Things came to a head when all the free agents walked off the field and decided not to come back until they all got movie contracts to star in their own personal action movies. Texas management has not commented since they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Julio Lugo said, “hey I want to play for Texas.”

Arnie, here it is and I emailed it to you too!

Julio Lugo?s baseball video:

?Hey kids, I?m Julio Lugo and I want you in the big leagues! Well, with my new video, you?ll get that one in a billion chance?
Hey kids, join Julio Lugo in learning the fundamentals of baseball: hitting, throwing, bunting, running from what many call ?the best shortstop in the game????? From Julio, you?ll learn how to hit like the pros.
?It?s like I say, when you see the ball come at you, swing away from it and make sure you swing hard and then you?ll hit like me.?
Julio shows you how to hit a curveball, fastball, slider, knuckleball, cutter, sinker, two seamer, or whatever you face.
?All pitches must be hit the same way with the same swing and the same location. Eventually you?ll get a hit if you do it and if it takes 200 at bats, that?s OK because sometimes it takes me an entire season to get a hit out of the infield.?
But that?s not all. Learn advanced fielding techniques from Lugo on how to be that all star short stop.
?The basic thing is, when you see the ball come at you, try to dance left and right, move back or forward and if you don?t get near that ball, that?s called a fielder?s choice. It?s when you actually make contact with the ball that it?s an error and if you have my talent, you?re guaranteed an error. Believe me on that one. ?
In addition, Lugo teaches you his award winning throwing advice.
?If you grab the ball, throw it as fast as you can. I never bother looking at who or where I?m throwing the ball and hey…that’s maybe that’s why I make so many errors throwing to first base. ?
Most of all Lugo teaches you the double play ball.
?The double play ball is the most fundamental skill you can learn as a shortstop and when I figure it out, I?ll pass on those tips to you ? my number one fans.?
Lugo also teaches you how to bunt.
?The bat?it?s sort of like a snow shovel?ah?I don?t know what I?m talking about but just stick it out there and make sure you have a helmet and jock strap on. I find bunting works really well because it gives me a better chance of getting a hit. Luck for me works better than talent because I ain?t got any. ?
That?s right but that?s not all. You?ll also learn running techniques that will wow your fans and your friends.
?Running is really important because when you blow the game the team congratulates you by throwing batting helmets at you. ?
Ready to play in the big leagues. Julio Lugo has got the talent and the drive to get you there. Learn baseball from the best.
?And that?s not all!?
That?s right. If you act now, you?ll get the Julio Lugo blooper video.
?Here you?ll watch every single play I made from the 2007 season. We were going to call it the Best Of Julio Lugo but when we saw them all, we realized it was better named a blooper real. Hey, lots of laughs.?
The Julio Lugo blooper real is the perfect drinking game. Every time Lugo makes an error you take a drink. It?s guaranteed to laugh your way to liver failure in just one sitting.
?All of that for just $19.95?but that?s not all! ?
That?s right. If you order in the next ten minutes you?ll get the Julio Lugo dart board target.
?It?s the same ones that everyone has in the Red Sox clubhouse but it?s your free if you act now.?
Just call 1 800 ? me idiot and you?ll get the video, the blooper tape and the dart board all for just $19.95. Hurry while supplies last.
?Learn how to play in the big leagues or your money back?hey I?m not gonna sell any if I say that?oh my error! If you buy my video and make it to the big leagues, you get your money back! Whew, glad we got that settled. Hey is this being recorded??

I’m with bosoxbrian – warmest congratulations to Petey & Youk, both of whom have played their hearts out for the Red Sox this year – outstanding players, who dedicate their talent to the cause of their team.
Also, they represent the future – along with Ellsbury, Lowrie, Masterson, Lester, Buchholz et al (& Delcarmen!). It’s very special when the team you root for commits to investing in, & developing, its own talent – over time, I believe it will contribute to the breeding of an even stronger ethos & will to win within the Club.
For now – one of my special memories of these 2 special guys is the series of photos of Youk’s face as he completes his in-the-park home run last year – they tell every story that needs to be told!

Pedroia’s selection as MVP tempers the disappointment of not getting to the World Series. He had a great year and is very deserving. It’s too bad there isn’t some way to recognize Youk who I think contributed as much as Pedroia did. Also, a happy birthday to David Ortiz who is 33 today, and to Mickey Mouse, who is 80.

Garry, is Micky Mouse older than Johnny Pesky?

I think the Sox ought to try and acquire Texiera, Sabatia, Burnett, and Peavy. It doesn’t matter how much it will cost. At the end of the baseball season, if the Sox can’t make the payroll. they will ask the Federal Gov’t for bailout $$$. Since the Gov’t is handing it out why should the Sox be shortchanged. There is plenty of $$$ to go around.

Congrats to Pedroia- he deserved i.t

Congrats on the MVP Dustin…shows you what a lot of heart and hard work can accomplish at the highest level of competition. Makes you glad Tito stuck with him when he was having a rough go of it at the beginning of ’07. I think Ellsbury and Lowrie have the same work ethic and potential. I am proud of the Red Sox farm system and all those un named folks who make it happen. Jeff probably knows everyone and the coaches in the farm system but my guess is he is a minority. I’m thinking the Sox have some great guys hiding out in the system who can make these young guys shine. Go Sox and Go Sox farm system!!!!

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