Most Valuable Pedroia

A great day for the Red Sox, without a doubt. Two guys in the top three in the MVP voting? Two homegrown products of the organization?

Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis duplicated what Roger Clemens and Jim Rice did way back in ’86, placing first and third in the MVP ballot. Hard to believe no Sox player had won an MVP since Mo Vaughn in 1995.

Not only did Pedroia win, but he won big. Even without Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News so much as listing Pedroia on his MVP ballot, meaning Grant didn’t deem him won of the 10 most valuable players in the AL.

I think Grant was classy with his apology. Nobody is perfect and Evan admitted he probably made a mistake.

Now that awards season is over, it’s time to get back on that burner known as the Hot Stove.

Time to see if the Sox will retain ‘Tek, or make a run at D-Lowe or A.J. Burnett or Ben Sheets.

Everything is so quiet around the Red Sox these days that you have to surmise Theo Epstein must be up to something. It is usual when the crazy rumors aren’t floating around that Epstein is in his bunker contemplating a big move. What will it be?


Ian.. with it being so quiet, does it mean “no news is good news”?

It says an awful lot about the RedSox and the RedSox System as a whole to have 2 of the top 3 vote getters in the MVP voting. I don’t think any of us can 2nd guess the RedSox FO and Execs anymore….

Coco trade to Royals for reliever Ramon Ramirez! Hi Ellen, It’s Greenmonster from fantasy baseball league

I read Evan Grant’s reasoning for not including Pedroia and I thought his thought process was valid although it’s obvious not many think the way he does, nor use the same criteria. We talk a lot about intangibles and other qualities a player like Pedroia brings to the team. We can do that because we see him every day. Evan Grant and other writers probably don’t have the benefit of our proximity to Dustin and the Sox. Like Ian said, he was very classy in his explanation and his first selection was Youk, who would have been mine as well. They both had great years.

Ian, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lowe return to the Sox, but I hope they don’t pursue Sheets or Burnett. Too much money for not enough pitcher. They don’t need to make a huge investment in a starting pitcher.

I think it’s quiet right now because the Sox really don’t have a lot of huge gaps to fill. I think they will look at Teixiera but they won’t break the bank over him. Other than that they have some role player spots to fill and that’s about it. I think Theo is probably quietly working on some deals that might include the likes of Lugo, Crisp, and possibly even Manny Delcarmen. With Masterson now in the bullpen along with Okajima, Delcarmen could become a valuable commodity for trading.

Ramon Ramirez had a good September for the Royals giving just just 1 run for 9.2 innings pitched.

Crisp for Ramirez rumor will be official shortly. Stay tuned!

Mixed feelings with the Crisp trade. Crisp was a solid player but more importantly a “classy player”. Crisp never complained about playing time. Crisp is obviously an everyday player and I am sure he is happy to get that chance again. Kaufmann Stadium has one of the biggest centerfield’s and Crisp will fit in perfectly. I believe Theo made the right move!

It was a tough decision. Between the two Drew would be the outfielder I’d want to trade as a function of his back problems. However, Crisp was the match to get a bullpen reliever.

I really would still hold on to Manny. I think he’s still got the possibility of turning into a Papelbon with time and confidence. No question in my mind about that but Manny has to believe it.

The Sox right now shouldn’t dump money into anyone. Right now they have a great team. The only problem they have next year is catcher and they’re options. I think Theo is basically waiting for nobody to pick up Varitek and then offer a two year 12 million to Jason. He may be a great catcher but Boras would sell you a sinking Titanic and convince you it’s the U.S.S. Enterprise and the morons that are owners of teams buy into the lies. I just hope Manny finds unemployment next year because who ever picks him up may be in for a big surprise.


Brian, I think Crisp wants to be an every day player, but I’m not so sure he is. He’s had some real durability issues during his stint with the Sox. Even this past year, there were several stretches he was unavailable because of pulled muscles or some other minor thing. I agree with you about his being a classy and team player. He was in a tough situation this year and hung tough and played well when called upon. I hope he goes on to have a great career in KC.

With arrival of Ramirez and the apparent fatigue issues Papelbon seems to develop, I could see the Sox using both Papelbon and Masterson as closers. With Delcarmen, Lopez, Ramirez and Okajima as setup guys, the Sox could have a first rate closer ready to go every night. Either that, or Delcarmen becomes expendable and an enticing piece of trade bait.

Since the Sox have committed to Wakefield, and Buchholz is waiting in the wings, I’m not sure I see the pursuit of Burnett being hot and heavy. The Sox may sign him if they can get a deal, but I can’t imagine they would get in a bidding war with the Yankees over him.

Dave, if Theo could get Tek for $6 million a year, he’d sign him for five years. I think Tek gets $30 – 36 million for three years. The one thing about Tek is that he is in phenomenal shape. I’d be happy if he could hit .250-.260 with 15-20 home runs.

I like the Crisp for Ramirez deal. I believe that the Sox should keep Delcarmen (who is a decent sixth and seventh inning option who could emerge as a solid eighth inning option) and keep Masterson as the main right-handed set-up man. All the Sox need now is a long reliever. That spot could be filled by Dontrelle Willis or Nate Robertson, if one or the other is acquired for Julio Lugo. I really think Boston will sign either Burnett or Lowe. I prefer the latter, but I would rather have Burnett than putting Wakefield at No. 4 and relying on Buchholz or Bowden at No. 5. A rotation of Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Burnett or Lowe and Wakefield would be exceptional. There would be depth with Bowden or Buchholz (I still think one will be traded for a catcher) and Kris Johnson (who reminds me of Kason Gabbard).

Now that Crisp is gone, Ellsbury will be the every day center fielder, and I think he will thrive knowing that he will start every day. I also think this opens the door for Boston signing Rocco Baldelli as the fourth outfielder, which would be a great move for the bench.

It will be interesting to see how the catching situation will transpire, and if the Sox sign Teixeira. If Tex is signed, then the Lowell trade talks will commence. Even if Varitek is resigned, which I think he will be, the Sox will likely still get a young catcher. Then there is the possibility of Burnett or Lowe being signed, and maybe even an additional arm like Brad Penny. Don’t forget the inevitable Lugo trade, as I mentioned above. Personally, I would like to see a three-way deal where Lugo heads to Detroit, Willis or Robertson heads to Texas, Saltalamacchia is sent to Boston and Bowden is shipped to Texas. That way, the Sox would free more salary and get a good young catcher. Detroit would get its shortstop and the Rangers would get the pitching they need.


I like the look of the trade of Ramirez for Coco – the bull-pen was definitely one of the few areas where we clearly needed strengthening.
What’s the situation with Kotsai? Has anyone picked him up?

Hey Greenmonster, how’s everything going… Welcome to our World!!! Everybody here is GREAT…Stick around, it get’s really interesting here!!

Let me concur with Garry: Tek IS in PHENOMENAL shape.. (oh you were talking about being in shape for baseball, huh?? oops my blonde)

I’ll miss Coco. He made no secret of the fact that he wanted to start but never caused trouble over it. He always gave 100%, he’d run right into a wall to make a catch! Now he’ll get a chance to start and the Sox get another Ramirez. Life couldn’t get any better!

I hear Theo has his eye on Cameron Diaz and Mariah Carey for ball-girls. And just for you, Ellen, Sean Casey will re-sign with the Sox and be bat-boy in his special sequined thong that says “Hi Ellen” on the front. For the life of me, I don’t know how Theo does it!

Haha!!! Arnie… I just want to know when it was that MY Sean Casey modeled that thong for YOU?????? Wait, no, don’t answer that.. You will shatter my image of Sean and YOU!!!!
Coco was a class act from day 1 and took a seat last year when he fell into a slump. He did that with as much grace as he did when travelling to run down a fly hit closer to Drew than him!! I wish him luck and great health!!! THANKS COCO!!!!

Yea, Ellen, best not to delve too closely into my personal life. You’d die of boredom.

I think it is great that the Sox had two in the top three of the MVP voting. I read Evan’s reasoning and I have issues with him calling Dustin a “laggard”. The Coco trade I think will be good for all. Coco was a classy player and took his role well. I wish him good luck!

Coco’s attitude in Boston was exceptional and I think it made him his value to other teams looking from the outside in even higher. I knew he had to go yet am sad to see it happen. He deserves and has earned this chance in KC though and I am almost sure he will do great there. No worries about someone on his heels every day and that means he can relax and play ball. He will be an every day player there and with that will come consistency. Thanks Coco for everyhting you brought to Boston and good luck to you in ther future. Welcome Ram Ram……we look forward to your tenure in Boston. It’s only November…..WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Please Theo….stay away from Ben “20 starts a year” Sheets. I may be exagerrating but not by much!!!!!!

even though we have the corner infield positions covered, theo should go all out in the pursuit of teixeira. he is 28 years old, just entering the prime of his career and is a switch power hitter. if he signs tex, terry could start the season with tex at 1st, lowell at 3rd, youk at left, bay at right, and drew at center, with ellsbury as the 4th outfielder and defensive replacement. he could run for either tex or lowell in the late innings and move youk back to the infield. as soon as lowell proves to be healthy, his trade value goes up and he could be traded to a team like the phillies or white sox who are looking for a 3rd baseman.
there is also a chance that lowell plays for the Puerto Rico team in the World Baseball Classic, and if he proves to be healthy, he could be traded in spring training and the overcrowding is solved by itself. we have to keep in mind that lowell and big papi are getting up in age and next year there won’t be a young slugger out there in the market to replace their power. both of them were injured this year, and at their age, it could be a sign of physical decline and their power numbers may never be the same. remember that we don’t have the freak of nature with the bat that is manny ramirez to cover for the lack of production for injured sluggers.
the lineup coild be the following:
1. Drew
2. Pedroia
3. Ortiz
4. Teixeira
5. Youkilis
6. Bay
7. Lowell
8. Lowrie
9. Varitek (or whomever catches)

enriquito: The Sox are a solid team without Teixeira. There’s no way Theo and Tito disrupt the whole team by moving people around to accommodate him. If they do sign him, it is likely Lowell will go. No way does a 25 year old super prospect sit on the bench as a fourth outfielder. The outfield is solid defensively with Bay – Ellsbury – Drew, and the infield is among the best in baseball with Lowell, Lowery, Pedroia and Youk; or Youk, Lowery, Pedroia and Teixeira. Although Youk filled in a few times in left field, he is not an outfielder. Drew is better in right than he is in center, and I don’t think Bay has ever played right field. Ellsbury will likely be the premier center fielder in baseball over the next decade. He still has not made an error in his major league career and he has made a bunch of highlight reel caliber catches. He’s going to play.

i agree that the 2009 Boston Red Sox are a solid team without Teixeira, but I am thinking of the present and future of the team beyond 2009. I also agree that moving people around wouldn’t be the best move and is one I only suggest if Boston signs Teixeira and is not able to trade Lowell because of other teams’ concerns for his health.
I still think it would be wise to sign Teixeira because he is a young slugger and there is an age and health concern with both Ortiz and Lowell. I also think that Big Papi’s offense would greatly increase with a proven power hitter behind him. Also teixeira would easily reach 40 homers playing half the games at fenway park and he would get a lot of pitches to hit with youkilis behind him. With Bay hitting six in the order, the red sox would definitely have the most potent lineup in the bigs, with 4 possible 30hr guys in a row, and drew and pedroia setting the table and both may reach 20 hrs in a season. this allows ellsbury to hit 9th in the order as a second leadoff hitter and it would give plenty of rbi opportunities to drew and pedroia. the red sox pitching is pretty solid and with ramirez’s acquisition we may even put masterson as the 5th starter. Instead of investing money in burnett or lowe as it’s rumored, spend that money on teixeira, trade lugo and lowell, and give the starting shortstop to lowrie. if we trade lugo for either robertson or willis, we could give the 5th spot in the rotation to that guy and keep masterson one more year in the bullpen and our bullpen would be formidable. then sign a guy like rocco baldelli to be the 4th outfielder and right handed bat off the bench as he won’t demand that much as a free agent due to his mitochondrial illness that doesn’t allow him to be an everyday player. then resign cora as insurance at short and second base and the team is complete. it’s easier said than done, but if theo pulls this off the team could become a dynasty and erase all memories of the yankees of the 90’s.
another good point of bringing teixeira is that it would allow theo to sign varitek to a 2 or maybe 3 year deal due to the fact that the team would have plenty of offense and his declining bat wouldn’t be that much of a liability. the intangibles he brings as captain would make this the most complete red sox team in a decade in which we have won 2 world series. dyansty in the making i tell you!

Concur with everyone here said about Coco. Wish him health and luck at KC!
I agree Francona is not going to move players around to accommodate Tex as garry indicated unless there is injuries to the position player.
Enriquito: What make you think Francona will have Ellsbury pinch run in late innings when he did not do it in
the ALCS in a game where there is no tomorrow?
The Sox was nonethless a solid team despite the injuries and the distractions in 2008. Solid and good enough to win the ws but for the reasons known or unbeknown to us.

How I feel,
Baseball is beautiful Team sport, size, strength can be offset, by hardwork, determination, TTA, Total, Team, Attitude. Dustin Pedroia shows this and more.
Congratulations, MVP Dustin Pedroia.

If Rocco Baldelli is not a match made in heaven for Boston, then I do not know what is.

Coco, I really enjoyed you in Boston, thank you for your contributions every year, and for helping Boston to another World Championship. Boston Fans are loyal, even when someone moves on.
Footnote: I remember last year in playoffs, when he crashed into Centerfield wall to make final out in game.

Theo Epstein is smart, did not move Coco last year in case Jacoby Ellsbury, had bad rookie year.

Jocoby Ellsbury is our starting Centerfielder, seen him in Double AA, no problem here. 2005 first round draft pick, made majors in less then 2 years. All his managers throughout his young career cannot be wrong about him.
Had a better first season then Johnny Damon.

Theo was true to his word, got young and dynamic yesterday. Welcome to Boston Ramon Ramirez.
I always think relief pitching should be simple, Throw strikes, and do not give up long ball. Not bad for his innings to walk ratio, excellent ratio on giving up the Home Run.

Jason Varitek, issue will be a while till something is done.

Red Sox are being quiet on somethings, Teixeira and Tazawa, open on others, Burnett, Lowe. I am going with the first, we are going to get Teixeira, and Tazawa. when Theo is quiet things happen. He would be a good poker player.

If deal on Teixeira does not go through, Red Sox will try something in Spring, at 1st. Base with an outfielder. Tito loves flexibility. My choice JD Drew.

Mike Lowell will be starting 3rd base on opening day, if not for the Sox, definetly somwhere. This guy is a Bulldog, with a quiet demeanor, good combination.

Have a Good Day Everyone.


So you like my idea about turning around the Tiger pitcher the Sox get in the trade for Julio Lugo, making him a part of the Salty trade, and limiting the number of prospects the Sox ship to the Rangers to 1. As some have pointed out, at this point, Salty is mostly potential, and someone is going to have to get it out of him. I think Tek can do it, which will make Tek’s market value higher in Boston than anywhere else.

As for MVPetey: way to go. 1st Year — ROY; 2nd Year, Gold Glove, Silver Sluger and MVP; what are you going to do for an encore in your 3rd Year, lead your team to a World Series win?…No…wait….you’ve already done that…tooo!!!!(lol). Oh well, Petey, do it again….Hooorrraaayyy to the little engine that can. Great comparison between DP and Nellie Fox, I liked Fox when he played for the Chisox.

Ellen…with a tongue and cheek feel, I give you:
ELLEN ? The Love Letters.
Dear Ellen,
Shawn Casey here. It?s been the off season and yet you don?t call me anymore. Don?t you remember those pork rind bon fires with ding dings and twinkies and your tender affections. Ellen, I can?t live without you. Please call me. 1 (617) 555-LOVE
Dear Ellen,
Julio Lugo here. All those errors. My greatest was not showing you the love I can show you because I love you. My greatest error was never taking you to McDonalds and buying you a super size of my love with a frosted shake of tenderness and affection. The pie that melts in your mouth?that?s me. Call me. 1 (617) BIG-ERROR
Dear Ellen,
Big Papi needs a mate and you are that mate. I take you to Chicago and sing sweet songs and show you my love. You will be little Papi and I be Big Papi so take my big bat and have fun. Call me. 1 (617) BIG-PAPI.
Dear Ellen,
Mike Lowell here. I?ve been in such pain since we parted ways. Those endless nights where I screamed in all the right places. You were there for me. Please Ellen, call me soon. I?m desperate. I keep getting these prank calls from Zazu. It?s driving me insane. Love Mike. Call me 1 (617) MIK-LOVE
Dear Ellen,
J.D. Drew. I don?t care how much back pain your torture rack causes me. I love you and I love the pain you give me. Yes it did debilitate me half of last season but I don?t care. I can show you Japan again and the wonders of the Drewmachine. Please Ellen?I need you. 1 (617) JDD-DREW
Dear Ellen,
Dustin here. Ya, I?m short in just about everything but you know what?s long in me ? love! I love you Ellen and as you know?I?m an MVP now, batting award, rookie of the year, etc. Haven?t I proven myself to you yet? Please Ellen?call me
Dear Ellen,
Jason Varitek here. Ellen, despite the fact that Scott Boras and I have bonded, doesn?t mean anything. You know what great shape I?m in, in all the places that matter. You know what a pitcher I am with love and tenderness and you know that in full catcher gear ? you can?t resist me when we walk long sunsets in Hawaii while snacking on Mac & cheese. Ellen, take me back.
Dear Ellen,
Theo Epstein ? love machine extraordinaire. You know what I?m all about ? making deals and getting into myself into the right places to get the right output. I love you Ellen. Call me 1 (617) THE-BIGONE.
Dear Ellen,
Jonathan Papelbon. When you need closure, you come to Jonathan Papelbon?the other big Papi. You know what I mean to you?those nights we spent watching The Brady Bunch and shouting ?Marsha?Marsha?marsha.? Come back to me Ellen. I love you.
Dear Ellen,
Johnny Pesky here. I?m Pesky about you and the times we spent together listening to Judy Garland and hearing my stories about the Red Sox. Come back to me Ellen. I?m still Johnny and you?re still Ellen.

Dave, I think you’re living vicariously through Red Sox characters. No doubt about it, you’ve got the hots for Ellen and it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re packing your bags right now to head to Fort Lauderdale. You’d better watch out though, because I hear Ellen (a/k/a Trixie) is a real heart breaker. However, if you could manage to tame that wild woman, just think of all the pleasurable and sultry evenings in South Florida of pina coladas, nachos and Red Sox baseball. Does it get any better?

I believe the Red Sox want too drive up the price for Burnett. I don’t believe Burnett is high on the Sox list, just a hunch of course. I am on record and have been for about a month now…Only pithcer thru free agency the Red Sox should pursure is Derek Lowe and nobody else! Lowe has NEVER been on the D.L. and is the best pitcher money can buy on the open market. I also wrote on here about 3 weeks ago or so, the Sox should look into Brad Penney. Whoever signs Burnett, Sheets and Sabathia will be regretting those signings down the road. Either in 2009 or the next few seasons. Those pitchers are not worth it! Only desperate teams will offer big money too those pitchers! Sabathia will break down in the next few seasons. His knees/shoulder will not hold up. Look no further than Colon. Burnett is always hurt and doesn’t pitch thru pain and Sheets is another one that is always hurt. Pitchers thru free agency over the years just doesn’t seem too work out. Teams should either develop them or trade for them. A pretty simple formula but for some reason teams just want to throw out blank checks and hope for the best!

I predict that CC will sign with one of the west coast NL teams (Giants, LAD) despite the Yanks offer him the moon. Burnett is a BS asking for a 5 yr contract. No way!
Tex will end up with the Nats as reported? Probably, who knows.


I believe Texeria will end up in Boston. I agree with you about Sabathia, go west young man! Burnett in pinstripes, good luck Yankee fans!

OH MY!!!! All that love for just this one RedSox Fan!!! Too funny Dave!!!
I want to know who told you about me and Johnny Pesky…. ever wonder why they named that piece of the Stadium after him??? Like Brian says… “Things that make you go ‘HMMMM'”!!!!!


Just wondering…How is Pesky’s pole??? LOL!!


I don’t know Garry. Both Ellen and I are quite happily married and I have two kids besides I’m starting to like Nashville — except when it gets minus 1000 degrees Kelvin (e.g. 40 degrees)
Check out soxandpinstripes. My latest is up there! Next week I have a great article about the Cleveland Indians being stuck with a merchandising deal with McDonalds.

Sox A-Advanced affiliate in Salem, VA:
I believe they replace the Lancaster (CA) Jethawks.

I see some speculation that the Sox will sign a fourth outfielder to back up Drew and his back. One name to mention is an old favorite, Gabe Kapler.

I’d like to bring Gabe Kapler back as a 4th outfielder, low risk with potentially high reward and much cheaper than acquiring Rocco.

I think the Red Sox should sign Kevin Romine as the 4th outfielder….If not good old Romine, how about Reid Nichols??? LOL!!

I’m glad to see Coco go… he couldn’t hit for power, average, or on-base.

Brian, from what I hear Bernie Carbo keeps himself in great shape and Carl Everett is taking new medications to quiet the voices in his head. Two more options for 4th OF.

Brian! Reggie Smith just called and said he could still “shag ’em”, whatever that means. And Rick Miller says “Hey, if Reggie can do it, so can I.” Then I got a call from Joe Foy who says that left field is just like 3rd base but 60 feet further away, right? Yea, Joe , whatever. Dalton Jones has a new glove that “would be great out there.” Go Dalton!

So I’m thinking that Theo will have no problem filling the 4th outfield spot.

Here is the full piece by Ian:
Red Sox looking for RH OF

If Reggie comes back it will be with the Dodgers! They will need someone to back up Zazu’s sore knees.

Kramer, everyone thinks he will be with the Yankees, Zazu that is. So Reggie will have to go to New York.


Who says Christmas is Dec. 25th. Great news….great news!!! Our favorite ( very sarcastic on favorite ) analyst Joe “Migrane” Magrane has accepted a job with the M.L.B. Network and no longer will be doing Rays telecasts! Here’s hoping he’ll be replaced by someone that is a little smarter than Mr. Migrane. I am not asking for too much, am I??? LOL!! We shall see.

How about the fact that Magglio Ordonez is now on the trading block. According to the Tiger’s website, they are interested in the idea of trading away one of their big guys to get younger. Since the Sox need a power hitter…why not Maggz?

Ordonez wouldnt be bad, but we cant call him Magz…. We already have one… Dave Magaden is MAGS>>>>

Here I thought I would break the good news to you:
Magrane leaves Rays for MLB Network

Whatever Pesky’s critics might say– you have to give him credit in that his pole is still standing.

Can you give me some info on the eligible Rule 5 Drafts this year. I know 2 on Red Sox Minor League Roster I hate to see be picked up. Jeff Corsaletti, and Bubba Bell.

Thanks, formerly rbsul9


That is my question:
Red Sox cannot keep all the players now at such a High Price without moving someone.

C) Forget Teixeira
D) Youk not going anywhere, especially outfield.

OK lets analyze, Gold Glove 3rd basemen who drives in runs, with GREAT TEAM ATTITUDE IS HARD TO FIND. So forget A…MAYBE.
B) David Ortiz has been CLUTCH throughout his career here, another good team player. Only negative DH…MAYBE.
C) Dont sign Teixeira, work with what you got ( I know I know hard to pass), money not used in this signing is used for pitching. Let’s think of another option, my choice Gary Sheffield, here’s why can play first and outfield, Right Handed DH if needed on days against tough left hander. If Lars Anderson is the real deal, will not hold his future up by signing long term contract to Mark Teixeira. Assuming Anderson is what the scouts make him out to be.
D) The most ridiclous scenario, Youk moving from Gold Glove positions to learn another.


NO NO NO Gary Sheffield…. We just got rid of one HUGE ego, no need to replace it with another!!!!!! Check out hoe may teams he’s been with and then read the articles about his “personality clashes”… i.e. Marlins, Yankees, Tigers.. And so on, and so on….. The RedSox work very hard to win on the field and in the clubhouse.

Rbsul/rooster: I guess that you and I dont agree on much, huh?? Thats not a bad thing… At least we both (and everyone else here) wasnt the best for the REDSOX..Well, I think that we should just agree to disagree…
I don’t ever think that Sheffield would be a fit here.. Plus the man is getting up there (just turned 40 last week) AND on top of that he is injury prone… if my memory serves me right he has spent his share of time on the DL…
NO NO NO!!!!

Gary Sheffield??? I would say yes if we could turn the clock back about 3 or 4 years ago. Certainly no way in 2009 and beyond!!

RB/Rooster (Is that your favorite player emerging?)

I’m no expert on the Rule 5 (one reason I’m in awe of any MLB GM) and I invite correction by Garry or Jeff, but Both Bell and Corsaletti were signed in 2005 (out of College) and won’t be eligible until next year.

Teixeira may be a bigger bat as needed behind Ortiz in the four slot. Anderson needs to conquer AAA and will likely spend a few more months at AA so may not be ML ready until 2011. In any case, an excess of that kind of talent should prove easily tradable.

Ellen and Brian, I know you are probably right about Sheffield, my point was just trying to bounce things out there. I guess by signing Teixeira, is a nice problem to have. But, I cannot see Theo keeping that much money on the payroll, especially trying to platoon all these guys, so they get enough at bats. I would think hard on Tito. Hate to lose Lowell or Ortiz.
RobertG Obviously Daniel Bard, and Micheal Bowden
But guys I liked, Jeff Corsaletti, Real sweet swing very focused, I liked Bubba Bell too as centerfielder. I like watching minor leaguers when they are focused. Lars Anderson and Josh Reddick came up later did not get to see them down here in New Britain. Will make it a point next year.
Pitcher who I think is sleeper, Kris Johnson, one can only dream but reminds me of Cole Hamel. Over the Top Lefty with good change-up. I thinks he throws a little harder. Also liked Hunter Jones. Zach Daeges did good but when I saw him, struck out in critical times. Aaron Bates was the 1st basemen, I liked him too, but needs to add more power for BIG MAN.
Here is my sleeper, Jorge Jimenez 3B, do not listen he is not good fielder, I think very good fielder. Just came up from Single A when I saw him, was batting around .170 ended season at .270. Very nice swing. Jeff Corsaletti I really liked,
hope he keeps improving in Pawtucket. Definetly best hitter on team when I saw him. Late July. Last time Portland was down here. By the way used to be Red Sox farm, first Bristol, seen, Rice Lynn, Rooster, Fisk, Cecil Cooper, Boggs. Then was New Briatin RedSox, saw Clemens pitch the clinching game for NB SOX, after winning college World Series. This place was packed. The Sox left and New Britain Rock Cats took over (Twins). Tells you a little how old I am.
Hope to hear from everyone. Take Care.

My Q was about your name change and if it reflected one of your favorite former players as I see mentioned later in your last post!

Sorry RobertG,
It is the Polish in me…..I laughed just now at myself. Maybe I should chnage it from Rooster to DUH.
Absolutley, it killed me when Rick Burleson, left our beloved Sox.

Didn’t Sheffield used to room with Carl Everett? They’re from the Jimmy Piersall school of outfielders. And Jose Offerman was their mentor. I don’t think the Sox need to go down that road.

Rooster7, I went to the Waterbury Giants games when I was a kid sometimes. Saw Bobby(that’s right, Bobby) Bonds play there when he was in AA. All the buzz was that he was the next Willie Mays. I was very excited about that because I used to follow Willie’s accomplishments every day. When Willie hit his 600th home run I was blown away, it seemed like he had done the impossible. Then here comes Hank Aaron and blows by Willie like he’s standing still and winds up with 755. But THOSE guys earned their home runs, unlike the phonies of the late ’90’s. Anyway, those AA games were great, I went with my dad to the bars where the guys hung out after the games and I was in awe of them. My father would try to introduce me but I was dumbstruck and never said a word to any of them. It was just too much for a little kid.

But Hey Arnie.. Dont forget that Ted and the rest went to war and Hank didn’t.. somthing about a fallen arch or something, and if thats the case how xould he play ball?? Brian.. more things that make you go HMMMMM>>>…. if Ted hadnt gone to war, what would the record books show… guess we’ll never know.. (brrrrr,,, i just felt the chill of my dad come through me there… I wondered where that came from!!)

Found out some info on this year eligible Rule 5 for Red Sox,
Jeff Corsaletti, Bubba Bell, and Mickey Hall are eligible this year. site I looked on was
There are interesting rules about this for example:
Johann Santana was a Rule 5, not protected by Houston, on their 40 man roster, Florida Marlins grabbed him, then traded him away to Twins. Twins kept him on 25 man roster all year in 2000, then had the right to option him down next year so he could develop. Rest is history.
Twins never ceases to amaze me the way they run their organization. Red Sox put a Single A guy on their 40 man roster, Theo must have good impressions of him. Felix Dubront, not many teams protect Single A guys.
The Red Sox roster as of now stands at 37, Free Agents? Maybe he has someone targeted in the Rule 5 Draft.
Keep putting on the logs, for this year’s Hot Stove!

22 year old Junichi Tazawa pitched a complete game shutout in the quarterfinals of Japan’s corporate league other day. Giving up 4 hits walking none, striking out 10. According to Japan’s newspapers Boston has been scouting him for a year. Hope he talks to Dice-K, so Dice-K can tell him about our delicious New England Clam Chowdah.

In the awards that the Red Sox gives out to their players (at a banquet in early January), their “amateur scout”, McLeod, will be getting the Unsung Hero Award since people like Pedroia, Youkilis, Lester, Ellsbury, etc. are all homegrown products.
The Sox have come close to winning the MVP, like Pedro, Nomar, Papi, and Manny (don’t you find it crazy that Manny has never been an MVP??). I’m anxious to know that the Sox are going to do with Tek..

Rooster, you are absolutely right about Ted W. He would have hit 600 HR’s or close to that if he didn’t spend 4 seasons in the wars. What makes that even more remarkable in my mind is the fact that Ted Williams was not primarily a home run hitter. He was a HITTER first and a HR guy second. His stats are eye-popping. Especially the strike outs, or lack thereof. It’s remarkable. Today’s hitters sacrifice their OBP and average for power. Look at all the strike outs today. Not Ted, he seldom struck out but was able to hit for power. The strike out issue is a pet peeve of mine; that and not hustling all the time. Is it too much to ask to hit the baseball and run hard??? I mean, for millions a year, RUN! Make contact!!! That’s my lecture for today.

Today the Boston Red Sox formally offered Junichi Tazawa, a 6 million dollar contract. Hopes he accepts, it is not known if it is a major league contract. Things are getting warmer.

I love the Polish, literally. My wife was a Godlewski!

If anyone wants to read a Great baseball book, it is MY TURN AT BAT By Ted Williams well written feel like he is next to you the whole time. Gives his thoughts on his how everything got started, from being in San Diego as a child, to his final at bat. If you get a chance look at this man’s stats.
Incredible. My father absolutley adored this man, so did my mother! Pop’s never stopped talking about the 46 series when Enos Slaughter scored the winning run, for the Cards.
Too bad he did not get 1 World Series.
According to reports Junichi Tazawa will be signing a contract offered by the Red Sox. Reports also say it is much cheaper than was reported. 3 yr 3 million. He will be starting in Double AA. I will be seeing him if he comes down to New Briatin. Theo is a smart GM. Take Care.

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