The guy just gets it

How else to explain Dustin Pedroia? Could he have made more money if he had gone year to year and took arbitration for three years and then free agency following the 2012 season? Of course.

But Pedroia didn’t take that into account when he opted to take the six-year, $40.5 million contact that includes an $11 million option for 2015. What he took into account is the fact that he loves Boston, he loves everything that comes with playing in Boston.

Pedroia loves playing under pressure. He loves playing in games that count. He loves losing to manager Terry Francona in cribbage. OK, maybe he wins those battles every now and then. He loves roaming around the clubhouse after a big home run, proclaiming himself as “the strongest 165-pound man in baseball.”

It’s good to know that the little man is set to become a fixture in this town for years going forward. And whenever Jason Varitek leaves the Red Sox or retires, we all know who the next captain is.

Now that Pedroia is in the fold, you wonder if guys like Kevin Youkilis, Jonathan Papelbon and Jon Lester will follow suit with deals that will keep them in a Boston uniform for many years.

Speaking of Pedroia, could this winter get any better for him? A Gold Glove. A Silver Slugger. An MVP. And now, $40.5 million worth of security.


John Hart ( former Tribe g.m. ) was the trendsetter when it came too locking up young talent. A great move by Theo today. I love watching Pedroia play and who doesn’t? Pedroia is the guy you root for. Pedroia is made for Boston! Some guys are cut out for Boston and some players are not. I love the idea of Pedroia in a Boston uniform for years to come. Buchholz has a no hitter because of Pedroia’s great play at second-base. Pedroia took away a hit from Tejeda. It seems like forever ago when Pedroia couldn’t hit back in April of 2007. He came out of the gates slow and Francona stuck by him 100 %.

Well!!! !st he’s MVP, RedSox MVPetey, $ilver $lugger, Gold Glove… he’s all our precious ,etals wrapped up in a 5’6″ body!!!
THANK YOU THEO for getting this one right!!!!!!
Just imagine, we get to watch Petey frow up in front of our eyes, lol!!!

That would be GROW up, not FROW up…

Congratulations to Dustin Pedroia, and to the Red Sox for working out a deal that will keep him in Boston for the next six years. The Sox get a quality player for a reasonable price and Pedroia is set for life. He is also young enough to gain a huge pay day when this contract expires if he keeps producing. In this case, common sense prevails.

It is WONDERFUL that we will have Dusty with us for at least 6 more years! I hope that Youk and the others will follow suit. What a team we would then have for years to come!


This is so cool! He really deserves it. Wow, he’s been busy this offseason!

No more Rat Boy?

Interest in Rangers catchers heating up-T. R. Sullivan:

Kramer: When I’m feeling particularly affectionate only!!!
Wow.. by the end of his extension, I hope his record vs Tito in cribbage is better than it is now!! lol

Hi, I’m from Japan, feeling more and more attached to the Sox, not only because of Daisuke and Okajima but because of so many talented and dedicated players in the team: Pedroia is just fantastic, so are Ellsbury and Lester. You’ll add Junich Tazawa to the family next season, I hope.

Welcome Chako.. Good to gave you on the blog. Its a nice place to chat about our favorite team.!!!

Now Tek needs to take a lesson from Pedroia and forget wanting Posada like contract. I think he will end up back in Boston but should be made to swing 1 ounce lighter bat and only hit right handed. Lowery too, 349 right handed 222 left handed. Now lock in Lester and Youk . Pap is great but life of a closer usually not that long. Not everybody is Mariano Reveria

Red Sox Rumors: Sabathia, Youkilis, Tazawa

I’m ecstatic that Pedroia extended his contract. Pedroia doesn’t need money to buy him happiness (if that made sense). He loves playing in Boston so much, and I love how Theo thinks that he embodies everything about the Red Sox. Thanks for writing the daily articles on, it keeps me sane🙂

I see where Vern Stephens is up for consideration for the Hall of Fame. I hope he is able to get in. While he never received too much press, nor did he receive an MVP, it was a difficult thing for him to achieve such recognition as he was batting behind Ted Williams. It was difficult for Vern, or anyone else for that matter, to compete with Ted. This despite the fact that there was no love lost between the press and Ted.

Hey everyone… Just thought I’d say hi and say……
sorry…. My transdermal baseball patch seems to be losing strength and the withdrawl from BBALL seems to be winning this fight!!
On January 10th I can buy tickets to see the boys play against the Orioles here in Fort Lauderdale and we are also going to buy tickets to see them play on the Left Coast of Florida.
What is it, 75 days til P’s and C’s??? ARRRRGHHH~~~

Ellen, I am treating my baseball withdrawal with writing about Red Sox history. My latest post reflects on the Butch Hobson managerial years, a three-year period when the Red Sox had losing seasons. Remembering those seasons makes me especially grateful for the current Red Sox organization.

I look forward to spring training, too. At least this week there will be some Hot Stove League action at the winter meetings. I hope to write about the Sox signing Mark Teixeira, Willie Bloomquist and Rocco Baldelli. Please, Theo, DO NOT bring back Jay Payton! Lowe isn’t worth a five-year deal. Three years, but not five.


If the Red Sox do sign Lowe, it would be no more than a 3 yr. deal. If I had to take a guess, Lowe ends up in N.Y.—Yankees or Mets–signing a 4 yr. deal. If it came down too Baldelli or Payton, I would go with Baldelli. Payton already had a cameo in Boston and he seemed too think he was bigger than the team. Leaving on a sour note. Time has healed everything for Payton but Baldelli is the better option. Only negative about Baldelli, he can’t seem too stay healthy. Other than that, Baldelli would be worth the risk. Blomquist would be a nice pick-up by Theo. He would give Francona some options coming off the bench. Versatility is Bloomquist’s strength.

Jeff mentioned Butch Hobson. A former q.b. was Hobson at Bama under legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. Hobson lead Bama to the Orange Bowl. One of Hobson’s team-mates at Alabama was John “Hog” Hannah. One of the best offensive linemen I have ever seen! I doubt anyone could name a better one than Hannah.

I remember when Hobson became manager ( Yikes…great move Lou Gorman–not ) Clemens showed up at Winter Haven for spring training and Hobson approached Clemens when he was running. Clemens gave Hobson the ultimate cold shoulder. Clemens didn’t even take his walkman off. ( I-Pod’s now ) Hobson was treated as if he was a red-headed step child by Clemens. All caught on video tape by the Boston t.v. stations. Hobson was a dead duck right there! The Boston media ran with that story. Lou Gorman’s reason for hiring Hobson at the time was Hobson was a up and coming manager and some other organization was going too hire Hobson. Gorman’s great idea, LOL!!! It was also Lou Gorman that said, what would we do with Wille McGee????? Oakland traded for McGee in 1990. Boston media asked Gorman about McGee and that was Gorman’s quote! What a difference in the Sox g.m. now ( Theo ) to Lou Gorman. As fans we are pretty lucky too have Theo, a guy with a great plan!

Things should be heating up, decisions to be made.
Jason Varitek has until midnight on Sunday to accept arbitration.
If not my sleeper who Sox might trade with, Ronny Paulino of the Pirates.
I think Theo is a great GM, he probably just inquired about Texas catchers, they asked too much and he moved on.
Interesting stat. Salty, last year played 24 games at first base made 9 errors, .960 fielding average. Not sure if you want him to platoon there. Something’s up with this guy, Atlanta’s Bobby Cox is a fine judge of talent, and he’s not there anymore. Teixeira was moved because refused contract extension, Salty was big part of trade, now they want to move him.
Daniel Haigwood was picked up by Pirates, I hope he does well there always liked him. More teams like Pirates and Reds, will be grabing guys from Red Sox Minors, if unprotected. Tells you our minor league operations since Theo took over is getting better.
Pirates are trying to unload all big contracts, Jack Wilson to Tigers was done deal almost except contract. Tigers want Pirates to eat some salary. So moving Julio Lugo this off-season is like trying to move an 18 wheeler parked on a hill.
GM I also like is Billy Beane, Rafeal Furcal was offered 40 million for 4 years,he turned it down, Beane said forget it we will move on. GM’S who have a plan and stick to it are usually the ones that keep bringing contenders. (Sounds like Theo).
Konnichiwa, Junichi Tazawa, I’ll be watching you in Double AA, but lets not make it a habit. I got a good feeling about this kid.
Rule 5 draft Monday I think, hope we dont lose Jeff Corsaletti.
Close with this, read a good atricle other day pitcher for the Brookly Dodgers drafted out of Cincinnatti U, 1955,had a up and down career first 6 years with Dodgers, in fact in 1960 he was 8-13, fans screaming to trade him. Al Campanis GM at the time said no way kid has too much talent. Good thing for Dodgers, because in the next 6 years he was the most dominating pitcher on the planet. Sandy Koufax. That is why you give Clay Bucholz time. He has the tools to be dominating.
Sad fact last year 1966, piching with a sore elbow, Koufax 27-6, 41 games started, 27 complete games, (never hear that stat anymore), 5 Shutouts, 323.0 innings pitch, 241 hits, 74 RUNS, 62 Earned Runs, 19 HRS, 77BB’S, 317K’S, 1.73 ERA. UNBELIEVABLE. Then he retired. Even with bad elbow I wonder what he would be worth as a free agent today.
Bring in the cords of wood, HOT STOVE starts to get going. Take Care.
Trivia Question: Who did Koufax replace on the roster?

Hello from Canada! It’s great to see that Dustin is staying, and that he and Kelli are happy to be staying. Says a lot for the management there too! I definately agree that Dustin is going to be the next captain. If Tek stays or goes, we know there will still be leadership on the team.

mrwrite What about Kevin Millar. He can fill in at first and both corners in outfield, still crushes the Yankees. Besides Bloomquist has no pop what so ever. Baldelli needs to be signed also along with resigning Cora to spell Pedroia. If they can’t move lugo right away he probably will platoon with Lowery. I would like to see Tex. but Lowell will be hard to move also. I don’t like the idea of Lowe. I believe the american league east will pound him hard. I also think Tek will most likely be back. If he was smart he would do whatever he can on HIS PART to resign with us Because nobody out ther is going to sign him for what he wants. This will complete our position players and baench. Bullpen is filled out also, We just need to find one starter.What about Brad Penny for One year with alot of incentives. Or Ben sheets pending a physical ?

Brad Penney isnt going to sign a one year contract in my opinion… That would be like Burnett doing that…. I dont see that happening either.
Isnt tonight the arbitration deadline??
Tek.. Come out come out where ever you are…. Tell us what we already know.
Really REALLY slow weekend, what with limited College Fball action and nothing really going on here..

ps:)> its only a little over 0 days till P’s and C’s report…

Ellen, Brad Penny could sign a one-year deal because he had shoulder issues last season and teams might require him to prove that he is healthy. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Boston as insurance, much like Bartolo Colon last season. Soxandsons, I recognize that Bloomquist has no pop (just as Cora does not have pop); however, unlike Cora, Bloomquist plays the infield and the outfield, and he has speed and can serve as a pinch-runner, which is something the Red Sox will need now that Coco Crisp is in Kansas City. Theo Epstein loves versatile players. Bloomquist is about as versatile as it gets. Regarding Millar, he can no longer play the outfield. Even when he could, he was average at best in the field. I’ve read reports where Pittsburgh is interested in Millar. He could also end up back in Baltimore. I’m glad the winter meetings are here. One step closer to opening day!


Rule 5 draft is Thursday this week.
Jason Varitek I think is done with Sox. Intrested in seeing how he is going to get good offer out there this year. From what I have been reading not many teams willing to pay a lot for Multiple years, plus lose a first round draft pick for some. (Remember first 15 picks are protected, if he signs with one of them Sox awarded 2nd rounder and Supplemental).
Theo rolled the dice with Byrd and looks like he rolled a 7.
Gerald Laird catcher for Texas was traded last night to Detroit, so now they will want more for younger catchers. I see that as dead deal.
Texas GM is very shrewd, he is doing a lot of right things, they have young talent in Minors in Pitching, but he is trying to pick up some from other teams now. I read where he is trying to trade Blaylock to S.F. for there good young pitcher Cain.
I read more on Teagarden, and I think he is going to be OK as a catcher, he had Tommy John Surgery a couple of years ago, so you never know about arm.
Theo wont be backed in a corner to trade for him though. I believe they will want at least Bowden and Haggadone at this point. Could be others but, they will want a lot now, because of the Laird trade.
Bloomquist is a go with me. I like versatility and speed.
Eric Bedard I hear might be available, he pitched for Tech. School in Norwalk, Ct. he beat a big school here CCSU, pitched a great game. Won 3-2, struck out 14, he could throw smoke. He hurt himself this year, but Theo does projects like this.
Keep the Stove Warm,
And trust Theo Epstein.

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